Dinky Andrew Allen Alexander, shih tzu - Dog Photo Contest
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Dinky Andrew Allen Alexander

Shih Tzu · Cumberland

Currently winning:
$300 + 1000 votes
4th World and 1st Maryland ranking in the Dog’s contest which ended 2 days ago.
Prizes won: $300 + 1000 votes
636 €

Dinky is the best 13 year old Chizu dog you could ever ask for he loves ❤ walks with GiGi. He enjoys barking at my neighbors dogs and laying on the porch watching and barking at people. Dinky loves getting attention and his back rubbed. He is currently registered as my emotional support dog I miss h...



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Agnes M.
Agnes M. hi dinky I put you some votes you come to my house also put me stp?Wow
Agnes M.
Agnes M. +5 votes offerts du 14/01/22 de Wow
Laure Chantal R.
Laure Chantal R. +3 votes du 14/01/22 de Wow
Agnes M.
Agnes M. +10 votes cadeaux du 15/01/22 pour cet beauté de Wow
Laure Chantal R.
Laure Chantal R. + 10 votes🎁 du 15/01/22
Agnes M.
Agnes M. +10 votes cadeaux du 16/01/22
Tiffany R.
Tiffany R. Hello, would you like to exchange daily votes? Vote for Felix Felix
Christiane L. M.
Christiane L. M. Echange10 avec Rudy .lady
Luke B.
Luke B. Go Dinky 🐾
Judyza W.
Judyza W. Congratulations precious fur baby! 💕✨ Judyza
Iana Dard
Iana Dard Hello, would you like to exchange votes daily with Charlotte ?
Hollywood S.
Hollywood S. he is precious i love seniors ❤️
Dinky E.
Dinky E. Isnt he a cute
Agnes M.
Agnes M. j'adore ! i love it
Olivia S.
Olivia S. Exchange votes? ❤️
Katy C.
Katy C. Canela
Dinky E.
Dinky E. My bff