Violet is smart, spunky, sweet and full of energy! She learns so quickly and loves treats! She is super active and loves challenges. She may be a little pirahna sometimes but she's definitely a cute one haha.
Buck is the biggest teddy bear. He loves playing fetch and running around with chickens.
Prince loves to be warm and snuggle whoever is in the mood!
Millie is a relaxed, playful, Energentic, puppy that likes to sleep all day. Millie is 9 weeks old, a Chiweenie. The cutest pup ever:)
He loves to snuggle and be held like a baby. His favorite things to do are play fetch with his donut and chase my girls around the house.
Loves belly rubs more feminine than his mommy want all the attention he can get
Misty May
Loves her pic taken loves belly rubs waits for the sound my car sitting on steps waiting on me to come in just to get on my lap
Navi is a sweet lovable baby. She loves to play fetch with balls and sticks and loves to do laps around the house and chase bugs. She loves taking baths. And soaking up the rays.
Luna is 6 1/2 months she is a rescue from a shelter. She loves to play with our 2 other dogs we have. She is learning how not to bit lol and full of energy. She loves to go see the residents I take care of and they love her.
Stella is a sweet loving dog! She loves long walks and snuggles! ❤️❤️
Hi, I’m Yoshi and I love having fun! My favorite thing to do is to fetch a ball. I love hugs and being around my family. I follow them everywhere so they won’t be lonely. In the summer I chase butterflies and my human thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. I also love the winter and catching snowflakes. I really love kids, especially my human kids. I’m very food motivated so I’m always ready for a treat. They’re all my favorite!
Bow is a very sweet out going pup. He is a hearing dog in training. He loves to play with is yorkie mix sister and bully his other yorkie mixed big brother. Bow is 5 months old. He loves all his toys and will howl well you play guitar and loves his kisses and cuddles .
Sassy is a 7 week old Cane Corso, Pit bull mixed!!! She has a cute little attitude and that’s how I came up with her name!!!
Buster is a 2yr. old Jack Russell mix! He loves playing and spending all his time with his family. He is a best friend to his chihuahua sister and St. Bernard brother!
I’m my mommy world I love chewys and tiny squeak toys I am almost 2 years old My biggest fear is the garbage truck My favorite place is The dog park
Lucille Ball
Lucille likes to mimic her big brother (Play Mate) She has learned a trait only Zeus does that i ever seen...She now rubs her face on the couch after eating or drinking this is Unique
Jordy is an 83 pound lap dog who absolutely loves cuddling. He's sweet and loves to say hi to all the humans at the dog park
Lucy is a pretty laid-back dog who likes to play fetch and chase butterflies. Is always down for a good belly rub.
Bella is a very energetic pup that likes to play tug of war with her sister and give lots of kisses.
Opal is a fun lazy dog! Who loves sausage biscuits and cheese!
Nala is a lazy but lovable dog! She loves greeting people when going on walks and loves kisses!!
Kiko loves to play and sleep with his belly and legs up, he loves everyone and everything he has more clothes then i do 💗vote for kiko💗
Snoopy is a fun and loving dog! He absolutely loves to play tug-o-war and loves to give kisses! He’s such a cuddle boy and enjoys chasing ducks around the lake!
Ivan is a daddy's boy he loves being by his daddy's side working he loves the woods and he loves to swim. He loves meeting new people and other animals.
She is one loveable pup. She loves to run and play. Her favorite toy is all of my shoes lol. She doesn't chew them up she just tries her best to get the shoestrings out of them. This pup is God sent.
Hoss is a dachshund mix breed and is super lovable, he loves to play and he loves to eat... him is a growing baby and loves new adventures..
Sage just loves to play soccer ball with her older border collie sisters. She’s a cattle dog mix who is very sweet
Lila is a rescue from Pasco County animal shelter in Tampa Florida. She is 4 years old! She loves the golf cart, and her two dog sisters. She is the sweetest girl ever !!
He is a big teddy bear and my ultimate protector! Him is such a good boy! He likes to watch for anything moving outside and let mama know!
I’ve entered my dog Bailey in a contest for the cutest, could my friends vote for her??? I think it’s once a day, thank you
I am a very silly girl that likes to get out a lot but we always say “ Hey it’s a Husky thing” I was named after Lagertha from the show Vikings. My mom and dad love me so much and I say I love you all the time. I am quite the lover.
Cody is a great pup. Loves playing on the beach friendly with other dogs, he lives with 5 adult cats who he loves. favorite toys are his ball and his stuffy, favorite snack is bully sticks. Loves to smile at people but most people get scared cause of his size he is very intelligent we got him at 10 weeks old by time he was 12 weeks old he knew his name, sit, paw and up vote for Cody ♡
Pumba is a amazing dog. His breed fascinating. We recently had his DNA tested and it came back that he is white Australian Shepherd, Pitbull, and boxer. He I have a lot of energy. Loves to run and play with any toys that you can give him. Who's best friend is a cat named Luna. He loves to go to doggy daycare and meet new friends.
Bruiser likes to play and jump. He loves to play tug of war and never gives up until he wins!
Hera Aurora
Hera Aurora is a rescue girl. She has been through a lot in her 2 short years on this earth. She is blind and handicapable of doing the same thing as every other dog. I do want to bring awareness to rescue dogs and the rescue that she came from which is Furgotten dog rescue. For more information on the rescue please go to this link
Alice is an 11 month old Irish doodle who loves all humans, making new friends and playing. She’s got the sweetest personality and brings much joy
Aroara is a fun loving 4 month old texas healer puppy who loves to play and cuddle with her brother
Lady Diamond
She is a very cheerful fun active sassy little baby! My beautiful girl has one blue eye and one greenish brown eye! She’s still teething so she loves to chomp on your fingers to get you going to make sure you play with her! She loves playing with toys fetching the ball and being around all kinds of people at all times!
Bella Rose
Bella Rose is truly lives up to her Bulldog breed shes bossy stubborn hard headed but very loyal and loveable. She loves her mommy an daddy and is super spunky. Scratch herbelly shes your forever friend. She loves to boss her Big Brother Elliott around but him being a cat he really dont like her but hey when you weigh around 7 pounds and your so called Lil Sister weighs almost 60 itmakes it hard to get along.
Hi Im Bandit, i just turned 2years old. I am a catahoula leopard dog that love to chase everything , dig holes for grandmas trees and cuddle at the end of the night.
Loves to play
MudBud is the biggest drama queen. Being part husky he is not afraid to share his voice. His favorite toys are tiny puppy toys he carry’s them around like their his babies
Smoky is a hunter he loves to hunt he is all around good dog
Max loves to eat vanalla ice cream 🍦. He gets a brain freeze 🥶 some times and it's so funny 🤣!!
Chip is a very energetic and loving Beagle mix. He loves playing with his stuffed sloth
Hi I’m Duke, my nicknames are dukey dukeybutt & handsome man❤️ I was a rescue mom and dad saved me half a year ago! I’m living my absolute best life now😎🥰 my favorite thing to do is play tuga war, Play fight with my big sister Stella but most of all cuddle mom and dad!! I cannot sleep with out half my body laying in between the both of them. Some people seem afraid to pet me and most dogs don’t like me because I’m very hyper and energetic guess some dogs can’t handle me cause I’m the coolest🤷‍♂️ Anyways vote for me!😄😄