This dog is something else!! He is a Chug part Chihuahua and part Pug.He is very food driven and loves treats! He is very spoiled and rotten!!
Aurora Storm
Aurora is an amazing soul!!! Shes sweet, sassy, loving and tons of fun!!!! She LOVES cheese and you should vote for her because she can put a smile on ANYONES face!!!!
Melania is the fluffiest bear you will ever meet. She loves treats and playing with her cousins ❤️
We named him Rorschach because of all the things you can find in his markings, he has I 🧡 on one side, and what looks like oggie boogie on the other. He has 1 blue eye, and hes gorgeous. Hes such a sweetheart, loves attention and gives me pupper hugs .I Love him bunches!!
Shadow is a 9 week old puppy. She has taken to her name, she can sit and sit pretty already. Shes so super smart, super loving an all around adorable dog!! Ps... she likes toes!!!
Bullet is the sweetest dog! He loves his 4 little people, his mommy and daddy, and chewing on anything he can.
Huxley is 8 weeks old. He’s my registered service animal! He’s so sweet he’s a cuddle bug
Frank is a lovebug. Always in my shadow, waiting for his tender nuggets of goodness. He's patient with his furry cat and dog siblings playing sweetly with all. Embraces adventures and LOVES water. Bathtime is a funtime. Hes a ray of sunshine that just keeps on giving.
Shes the most lovable dog ever n loves her cuddles
Zoey marches to the beat of her own drum. She loves attention and believes she is truly a princess.
He is so loving he gives kisses all the time. He loves to ride in a car, sticks his head out the window. Loves all people.
He loves to cuddle and play. He’s protective of his older sissy. He is a hunting breed so he loves to scope out what’s around him.
Bodi is my firey handsome ball of fun. Defender of his big little brother Frank and keeper of all things small, round and chewy. Always up for a good squirrel chase and never turns down the meaty treats.
He’s our little teddy bear. He likes chew his bones and play with brother
Bentley loves car rides, snuggles, and playing ball!
A word about Layla, a crazy girl! She loves to play with her cat sister Lana. Her favorite food is bananas and her favorite color is pink! She also loves kisses!😘
Dixie is mama princess since day one! She always knows how to make her mama happy and she is mama snuggle baby! She loves riding and playing outside with her sisters!
Lucy is one spoiled princess! She thinks she runs the household. She loves snuggling with her mama and her ears twirled! She loves riding in the car!
Ladybugg is one loving sweet girl! She loves playing with her sisters outside. She loves socks, blankets and dryer sheets! She loves her belly rubbed!
Piper is known throughout the city as the dog that carries her leash. She loves to do this. She will wiggle her butt, waging her tail, as she walks right next to me. She also has been the best sister to a rescue dog named Kona. Kona suffers from Addison’s disease. Piper will give Kona kisses hello and goodbye. Piper really has bright joy to Kona even with her illness. She is the best friend to my sons. Just a great great furfriend❤️❤️
My voodoo is just the best lil guy all the way around when I'm sad he seems to no it and quickly tries to cheer me up he's my best friend he loves cuddles and chocolate chip cookies he loves to sing haha yes he sings he loves bath time I rescued him from the pound it was love at first sight and I've spoiled him stinky since. Well he spoils me to just look at all the love in that face and his fav thing is belly rubs
I'm not a Professional Puppy Model, I just look like one.
He loves slim jims loves protecting his other furry friends when dads at work hes such a great dog
Storm is a 3 month old Maltipoo mixed with yorkie. He is very well behaved, and loves fruits & vegetables for treats. He loves to cuddle with his mommy for car rides and look out the window while sitting on her lap. He also loves playing with his toys and zooming around all day.
Scout is a loveable, playful cockapoo whose family loves him dearly.
Honey is almost 5 weeks old and loves sticking her tongue out at u.. she is a loving little baby with an attitude!! She's looking for a new loving home.. rehoming fee
Winston is 2 yrs old and belongs to my daughter.. they play hide & seek when she gets home from school almost everyday.. they absolutely LOVE each other! Hes such a Blessing to have joined our little Family!!
Westlyn loves to be the center of attention. She’ll make sure you see her. She’s sweet and spice and EVERYTHING NICE.
This is Nick. She is so sweet. She is my mom's dog. She is 3 years old and loves getting dressed up. She is also allergic to bird meat and grains. She can only have fish and grains free. Which sucks because peanut butter and chicken are her favorite things.
She is a loyal dog. Always greets me with a slw
Pepper is very hyper and loving. She wants to play all day long so she keeps me pretty busy.
Oakley Flynn
Oakley loves to play and is super smart and is super friendly and loves his aunts and his grandma’s, he loves his mommas friends and his brother Axl and hims dad, but he is such a mommas boy. Him learns new tricks everyday and is well behaved and is overall the best dog ever. Oakley is a German Shepard collie lab mix. Oakley is a fire dog, him rode in the fire truck for a few parades when he was just a baby, him loves to lay on daddy’s fire coat.
Kanga is my 8yr old shadow. A daschund beagle mix. I adopted her after someone threw her on the side of the road leaving her to fend for herself at a year old. She is the most wonderful, loyal and bossy little girl.
Snoopy is an 8yr old beagle/ basset i adopted 7yrs ago. Absolute snuggle bug that loves everyone. His bark is definitely one of interest not beagle not basset. He will always be my puppy.
Bailey is a Cockapoo.He loves everybody and thinks he deserves all the attention! He is full of energy and loves to play! He loves his walks outside, and is curious about everything!
Chessie Bear
Chess is jussa goodest boy..he really did save me so my village came together to help save him..he likes to hog the bed and enjoys excellent adventures on the roads with daddy and spending as much time as possible with his Nangie..💙🐕💙
I just got Diamond and oh boy she’s got a personality, and she absolutely loves long grass and prancing around. She’s the easiest 7 1/2week old ever😍
Oso is the sweetest guy ever, he loves every animal, dogs, cats, rabbits and even his house mates Sugar Gliders. He was born in a farm so he plays hard to get with people, but once you are in his circle of love he’ll take care of you and always greet you with a smile. He’s a total nomás boy. And doesn’t ever leave my side. He comes to work with me too!!! He’s is super mellow and calm, he comes to kickboxing classes and sleeps in between the bags while the students are punching and kicking right next to him. He is not a kisser but he loves to tell secrets, he’ll find your ears and will gently tell you a secret. He’s the best and my life would be so empty without him. 🥰
Hi my name's Diddle but mommy's family calls me Sid because they say I look like Sid the sloth. I'm 18. My mom rescued me in February 2019 from a very bad situation. I've come a long way since then and my mommy is very proud of me and my accomplishments. I love my mom but my grandma is my favorite person. I love sleeping with my duck and eating chicken. I also love attention from everyone.
Nova Raine
Nova raine is a female bully XL. She is our newest edition to the family. We had to put our 16 year old pittie to sleep due to old age and cancer. She is helping us to smoothly transition from life with him to life without him. She loves to steal socks and put them in her crate lol lol
Boone loves his daddy. Extremely affectionate, playful, obedient. Loves to eat and sometimes playfully clumsy.
Queen White Trout
Queen and White Trout is very playful, they love kids and full of energy. Queen is the brown 1 and she has a heart on her back. The white 1 is White Trout, they are sisters and they love each other
Nahla's a 5 year old very sweet loving dog! I rescued her a few months ago before she went to the pound as her human daddy passed away from the COVID virus. She is the most loving dog that I've ever met She is also very protective of me if someone comes up to me that she doesn't know. Once I tell her it's ok; she stands down.
This is Grant, he came in as a stray at The Bowie Animal Shelter and this sweet boy is always smiling. We are hoping to find him a new loving home that will not abandon him. He is a very sweet loving boy.
She's so smart she likes to play with the kids an eat food
Frankie is a love bug he enjoys snuggles, chasing balls playing in the water and car rides.
Been my little man for 12 years and we have gone through every bad time as well as good he will always be my little buddy.