Baby Stories - 99


Dezzie is a spunky little 21 pound girl who’s best friend is a large 8 month old Great Dane. You won’t catch her without a toy or a slipper in her mouth. She loves to cuddle and give kisses!
Luna is a sweet and curious girl she enjoys hugs and kisses from us and loves going outside. Please vote for us thank you so much.
Extremely talkative, super loyal, loves belly rubs and dog treats!
Bailey is almost 8 months old and 70lbs. He's a big boy, yet acts like a little puppy. He thinks he's a lap dog and doesn't realize how big he really is. He's so sweet and loving and will do all the tricks for a treat, even if you haven't said the command yet he knows it's coming. He loves car rides, tearing up his toys, walks ,and Dairy queen. They give him free ice cream and he knows where we are and what he's about to get!😊 He really is the sweetest boy!
Loves toys and cuddles! @pitbull_ophelia on Instagram
Lilo is the happiest little dog I’ve ever met. She’s never in a bad mood, and is her most excited around new humans. She loves playing aaaall day long with her big brother Stitch, and then curling up on you for some sloppy kisses & love. Lilo’s favorite food is anything edible, including ants. 🐜🥴🙄 She’s just the sweetest, spunkiest handful at only 5 months old. 🌸 - Current tricks that she knows are sit, lay down, stand up, turn around, stay, and leave it. 🤓🎓
Gracie is a 3 year old mini Australian Shepard! She loves to chase birds and squirrels throughout the backyard! Gracie loves people more than other dogs! She will go to dog day camp and only hang out with people!
She's a super sweet girl
Jessie is a mini golden doodle, and is 12 weeks old. She is a very hyper and crazy little girl that loves to fetch. Another thing that is so special about Jessie is she is so loving and can brighten anyone’s mood.
Shelby Gt
My little Shelby is such a good dog. She’s mixed with Shar pei and german shepherd. She is such a good dog and with this money if we won, we would take her to the vet cause she has a uti and it’s awful watching her pee. 💕
Draven is a 7 month old Siberian Husky who was born blind, but doesn't let his disability stop him from exploring his world! He loves bananas, his lambchop toy, and pulling his very own sled! Draven has become the 'neighborhood dog' by greeting everyone with a smile and happy tail wag.
Miller LOVES to swim and go on the boat with his human friends. He also enjoys going to Yappy Hour at Wonderbar!
I’m a 5 year old rescued miniature dachshund who happens to be the princess of the family. My favorite things include my green toy, cuddles, fuzzy blankets, and my family!
I like long walks to my food bowl and PSU football! 💙
Muddy is a Blue Tri Merle who Loves to play and spend time with his twin sister Mia.
Benji loves going outside to run, he enjoys playing with his sister Maya! Loves toys and cuddles💙
I'm cuddly, fun and loving!!!
I love to cuddle and talk!!!
Hello there! My name is Kyarra. I’m a three legged German Shepard who loves to play and is very protective of my family. I would love for your vote🖤
She would say your crazy calling her a dog! She is but a small child. Very loving little girl. Octavia LOVES all her toys and she has a bunch!! She is the most lovable little girl and her hugs will melt your soul.
Stitch is a wiggle butt master, he enjoys being picky about his food and bringing you his favorite toy. He’s also a huge cuddle bug, and loves to lean against you. He has passed puppy levels 1&2 for dog training, and he loooves salmon jerky. 🐟
Moose is a cuddly, ice cream loving pup. He spends his time in bed with his mom. He loves car rides and going to see his mimi.
Bleu is my sweet lil baby, loves to play, and has the most beautiful eyes
Our little bundle of energy loves to play with his toys, run around in the backyard with his kids, jump on the trampoline, and cuddle at the end of a long day.
Harley loves nothing more than being an annoying little brother to his brother and sister. That includes sitting on them, taking their toys, and licking them in the face. With his humans Harley is a 90 pound lap dog that loves to be cuddles and hugged.
Eli is a sweet rescue dog. He is very shy with everyone but his mom. Eli likes to have stuffed animals to cuddle and loves to play with his sister.
Gemma is a rescue dog with middle child syndrome. She constantly has to play referee between her brothers, even when they sit on her. Gemma loves to lay in her kids laps and get belly rubs.
He loves to swim and cuddle at night and he love being goofy
Diesel loves to run, and play with his 3 little humans... loves to protect his family. Such a sweet baby
Champ was rescued at 5 weeks old. He always carries a blanket with him like Linus. He is the biggest baby ever.... breed gets a bad wrap... lets show some love to the dog few would ever adopt..........
Oso is 3 years old loves to run around loves the outdoors loves to play and is very friendly last year oso got ran over by a car but fought for his life and is back and better than ever (oso’s instagram @oso.thepuppie )
Chela loves rolling in the grass, sleeping on her back, and chewing on crocs. Chela's dream is to become a mayor in her town.
She is a crazy dog and has the energy like the energizer bunny. But she will not leave your side for nothing❤️
She is a cuddle bug and has a heart bigger than here head 😍❤️
Hi my name is Romeo. I love to play with leaves and pine cones. I also love to chase butterflies. My favorite hobby is to eat peanut butter and nap. I am also an Irish doodle. My mom was an Irish setter and my dad was a doodle.
Scooby is a very friendly, caring and joyful dog. He is the definition of a mans best friend. He’s been full of energy ever since the day he was brought into this world. He loves to play with his toys and he LOVES to eat, he could never get enough.
Meet Nemo! She is a three legged Great Dane who LOVES meeting new people! Her favorite treat weird enough is ice! She loves her toys and to snuggle with mom and dad!
Kane is a fun loving AmStaff. His favorite things to do are go for car rides, hike, and cuddle. Kane is around 4 years old and a certified ESA animal.
Sweetest Blue Nose Pitbull you will ever know 🥰
Raven is a spunky, funny smart little girl. Very affectionate and loves daycare, car rides and vacations.
Zoey is 12 years old. She loves napping and eating!
Kenoby is almost two years old and is literally mans bestfriend he has protected me from someone trying to jump me...and has saved my life once when i had a allergic reaction.....hes by far one of the most hard headed dogs ive ever had life with him is like having a toddler who intentionally pushes your buttons but life would be boring if he was a easy dog 🐕 😉 i love my handsome boy
Paisley Is A 5 Weeks Old & Very Tiny. Despite Her Size & Age She Already Has A Super Feisty Personality. She LOVES Her Chew Toy Which Is A Plush Bear Thats The Same Size As Her
Smokey is 6 months and is a miniature Australian german shepard.Smokey is such a beautiful little pup. He is full of energy and he helps 2 wonderful young boys in his home that have disabilities. He is such a cute lovable pup.
Zahava is basically a baby kangaroo she hops everywhere and is full of love and energy. She’s also very sassy and howls at the moon :)