She is a loving little dog, loves to meet new people. It dont take alot to make her happy, just a few tennis balls and shes content.
Gus Pretsch
Gus is 3 months old. He loves to cuddle and fall asleep in my arms. He loves to play with his toys and be outside. He's a purebred German Shepherd. He was born on March 27, 2022.
Radar, is a very outgoing guy since I’ve gotten the privilege of having him in my family he has brought a ton of excitement into my life. Radar loves people and is very protective of myself as well as kids, even if he’s just met the kid he automatically loves and protects them, he also loves peanut butter dog treats more than any other treat.
Dax is a 15 week old Cane Corso meatball! He loves chewing sticks, plopping on the ground like a potato, and drinking water.
Sully is very much a Mommy's Boy. He is very friendly and loveable. Please vote for this baby boy.
Poppy loves giving kisses and cuddling! She loves exploring new places and going on adventures with mom and dad!
Buddy is a 5 month old Golden Retriever. He’s super sweet and smart. He can sit, shake, and lay down. Buddy loves to cuddle and give kisses. His favorite toy is his stuffed lambie pie and he loves to play fetch.
Lila loves playing outdoors and playing with her tug rope, and loves people, and cuddles
Kinley LOVES to swim. She also loves to play with her favorite donut squeaky toy, and cuddle with my cat(tank).
Rica is a very lucky bulldog, when she was almost 9 weeks old she almost lost a eye do to getting is a fight with the cat. I know that none of you have probably met her, but I know she and her brother Wilson would Really appreciate some new toys and your votes. Thank you
Dolly us the sweetest baby girl and spoiled is an understatement. I would do anything to make her happy as she is the love of my
Charlie is a sweet puppy with such a good heart.
This is Niko! He’s 10 months old! He’s a DADDYS boy! He’s super lovable as well as energetic! He’s typically a quiet boy 🥰
Gus Gus
Gus Gus is a 3 month year old puppy from Georgia. He loves to play with all toys, especially his new squeaky stingray! Gus Gus is a LITTER BOX trained puppy🤪
This is Charlie! She has the biggest personality! She loves playing with her big sister and loves to hide her treats! As a young puppy she is learning so many new things every day! Charlie would love your vote!
Finn loves playing outside with golf balls and people! Enjoys winter more then the hot summers. Always willing to give smooches to whoever will let him.
Ruby is full of playful fun. She loves running around, stealing daddies socks when he's in the shower, and especially loves bed time so she can get all the snuggles.
Mia is my cuddle bug given to me by my 21 year old son when he left for the Navy❤️🤍💙because he said I would miss him so much and would need something to occupy my time😂She just turned 3 and she’s the best girl who loves to cuddle! Her favorite thing is treats, treats and more treats😂🦴🐶
Buddy is an absolute sweetheart!! He loves to play with his big brother and he loves cuddles. He may speak English, that is how smart he is.
Josie is a sweet girl! She likes to play chase with her kitty brother & chew on everything she can get her paws on🥰
Zeke just realized that the window on a car ride isn’t all that bad ❤️ Our baby of 3 will be 3 on July 26th, he’s our sweet, crazy and handsome youngster ❤️
She loves to sit on her sister she is a big baby
Our Olde English Bulldoggee! He is 13 weeks old already weighting in at 32 pounds!
Milo Junior
Milo Junior (MJ) just turned one years old this month. He absolutely loves every animal he encounters and is so friendly. His favorite treats include peanut butter and a variety of meats.
Duke is a 6 yr old mountain Curry Lab mix. He is extremely loyal to his family. Duke likes to play with his other doggy friends. He loves to swim ( thinking he’s saving you from drowning) Duke loves all furry animals and loves taking long naps on the porch.
Roo is a very playful 5 yr old Chihuahua. He loves playing with cats and makes friends with any dog he meets. Roo’s big brown watery eyes steals the heart of anyone who knows him. He loves car rides and loves to sit in his mom’s purse.
Riley is the most loving pit bull I have ever owned. She loves outdoors and going on car rides. She is so gentle when it comes to babies and kids. Something that will never get out of her way is that she’ll always protect her family no matter what.
Bingo is a shy and loveable 6 yr old German Shepherd. Bingo is a daddy and mommy’s boy. He is always following us around anywhere we go and loves cuddle time in bed. Bingo gets along with all animals and spends most his time napping.
Claireese Norris
Claireese goes by Claire Bear...She loves her family and she loves her bandanies she wears around her neck, she picks them out her own self everytime♥️
When Skye was a puppy she was only 9 weeks old and had pravo, most that know about parvo knows that a puppy that small barely survive. The lady that had her was just going to let her die!!! So my wife and I took her and so much time and money went into treatment now she's is a survivor and very spoiled. Please vote for my little princess.
Rosey is more shy she loves her sister and when people comes around she wants to hide she likes to play when it's just me and my husband
Little Ann
Little Ann is a momma's girl she's under my heels 24/7 and when I go to work she is upset and when I come home she is waiting for me as soon as I open the door she's right under my feet. She is over protective of me and she's like a guard dog. But most importantly she's my baby her and her sister both is.
Balthazar is Beyond sweet! He is so loving and one crazy boy! ❤️🐾
This is rena.My rescue i rescued from a town in kentucky that got destroyed by a tornado and she lost her family unfortunately.She has been the best and well behaved and so loving and affectionate. Rescueing her had been a blessing to me and my family
He loves going on car rides and tearing apart squeaky toys!
Elle Mae Jones
Elle Mae loves her family especially her Daddy♥️She is a very curious 1 yr.old..Wish her a Happy Birthday 6-21-2022
He is an amazing child of god
Bentley is a super playful and outgoing pup, he’s always finding something new to put his nose in. He likes digging in dirt, playing with squeaky toys and his other furry friends that live with him. Very sweet and energetic puppy I’d say.
This is Cane, I got him in January after someone i knew abandoned him. He’s very active and loves to go on walks. He’s loves to snuggle and watch tv with me.
Rusty is 5 months old. He is a crazy pupper, who loves running, napping and playing with his stuffed animals!
I just got Diablo recently we got him from a shelter Barely Used Pets in Urbana Ohio. He is 2 months old. We have had him a week and he is potty trained already. He’s learning and loves my grandkids . Very playful…. We love him so much… he loves to play tug a war and learning how to fetch…. He brings us much happiness….His mother was a Blue Healer and his dad we are not sure… We were thinking lab/pit mix…. He’s just gorgeous to me…..
Penny Lane Harding
Penny Lane Harding is a 5yr.old Chawawa and Mini Pen mixed Doggie..She loves being the baby and goes as far as using her purple pacy herself!! Too cute♥️ Penny Lane is loved!!
Baxter is a 12 week old puppy! He loves to bite my fingers and toes, play with toys, go on walks, beat up his older brother Gunner (silver lab) and his older sister Josey (jack russell), and dig holes in the backyard. He is the most loving and funny puppy, he is lowkey a little lazy!!
Pumpkin is the sweetest little girl. Currently, she loves stealing our shoes and runs up to give kisses to everyone she meets.
Moose likes to play and run around. Always on the go. Always needs to have something in his mouth. He will be your friend for life !!
Zip loves water, toys and riding on the mower. He is a pure breed blue heller and feens for cows to chase. He is super playful and will ware you out before you know it.
Gus is a funny little fellow with a giant personality and a ton of wild hair. We got him when he was just over a year old and he's blossomed into an incredible personality with tons of love to share.
Fenrir loves to be loved and be played with by kids! He is the sweetest little guy and very smart. He also loves to take naps with a blanket over him 😴