Bella is extremely sassy and treat motivated. She only wants to do things on her own time. Shes such a cuddle bug and will always be there💗
Charlie is part Chihuahua and Yorkie mix and he's very lovable, friendly and loves playing with small children. He loves pulling all his toys out of his basket when kids are around him. He loves peanut butter and Cheetos!! Most of all he loves taking naps and such a good boy when giving him a bath. Charlie is special in so many ways. We are truly Blessed to have him with our Family!!! 💙💙
Kyzer is a one eyed Shih tzu. He is really old and has lived a great life with our family. He loves to relax and sleep as much as possible.
Rosco J
2 year old Rosco J was sent to us by our angel Daisy Mae. Rosco J loves playing in the dirt and mud. What little boy don't. His very favorite place to go is camp and riding on the golf cart . He plays with his brother and 2 sisters He loves to play with the screaming chicken which is his favorite toy. He love to give his love to everyone his very loving.
Loui is a fun and outgoing puppy. He loves to give kisses, play fetch and eat whip cream. Cuddles is his favorite and he also loves tummy rubs
Cash got into my husband's empty dr pepper box in his own and couldn't get out, this is him trying to get out of the same hole he went into
Kai Kai
Total velcro dog. Thinks he's the boss of 5pups. Loves ❤️ truck rides, playing with his toy's and gives the best dog kisses 💋 ever!!! He is very energetic and very clever. Nothing gets past him.
Bubba is just a little over a year old now. He's definitely a mamas boy. He is a miniature pincher and his personality definitely fits lol. Hes the biggest goof ball out of the pack but loves his siblings.
Goji is a clumsy lil guy that loves to chase rabbits!
He loves playing ball, I mean he really loves playing ball. He constantly has to have one of his many different balls with him at all times. He literally eats,dreams and lives just to play ball. I truly don't know what I would do without him, he's my emotional support animal and I love him so very much with all of my ❤️
Cooper is a Bishpoo and he is cuddle bug and rambunctious. He loves his toys and playing with mom and dad. He is still unsure of cats and the sweeper. Although, he was rescued from the Amish and is all new to him. We have had him one week and put his first collar on and put him on grass for the first time. He took my heart as soon as I picked him up and didn’t even get him to me before he was kissing my face.
Miss Willow Of Ridgewood
She is always so excited to see me every time I come home. She is so excited that she will pee a little bit whenever I pet her like she cannot contain her excitement.
My name is Bentley ! I am a Labradoodle. I love to follow my HOOMANS everywhere they go. My favorite toys are anything that I can chew but most importantly my tennis balls. My favorite place to go play is the lake where I get the zoomies. I LOVE when my mommy & daddy gives me peanut butter treats, can you tell that I love peanut butter ? Last but surely not least, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to travel to go see my grandparents !! They Are My FAVORITE, sorry mommy & daddy.. (I love you guys too) ❤️
Princess Bella
princess bella is the sweetest lil girl and she loves to give love i want you to vote for her because she deserves it she's the best little dog anybody could ever have
We rescued Chimmi four years ago he was abused. He is in such a loving home. he had a sister named Pearl. They were best friends she just went over the rainbow 🌈 bridge five weeks ago. Chimmi is very much grieving right now. It’s so sad but he’s getting all the love and attention that he’s so well deserves he will be 9 years old November 12. He’s forever our fur baby gives lots of loves, and we give him back in return❤️ He’s so cute and sweet!
Koko is a 3 month old puppy that is very energetic and loving. Koko loves playing outside and playing with her puppy friends.
Nala the Boston 👿 is a small dog with biiiiiigggg energy
Malcolm’s hobbies include barking at non existent things, playing with his sisters Roxy and Rue, and sleeping. He loves eating ice and car rides!
He is my best friend he takes care of me he always no when something is wrong he is my world I found him at a park alone and scared he lifted me out of my darkest times
She is a spunky little girl. Always wants to be the center of attention. Once she calms down she loves to cuddle. Loves people.
Nova has such a personality. We always joke that she isn't just a dog; she has balance like a cat (she likes to walk on the back of a chair even though it is rocking recliner she still manages to balance) she also trots like a horse around the house. You will never meet a dog like her. She is so unique!
Even though my Chy is getting grey, she is still a puppy at heart. If she has a ball around you can bet she finds it, except for the one right next to her, but the one she was playing with rolled under the couch.
Bubba is one of the sweetest dogs you could meet. He loves to cuddle and thinks he is a lap dog even though he is a big dog.
Ortega is a ten month old goldendoodle that my daughter gave me for my birthday. He is a beautiful red color and has the softess fur of any dog I've ever seen. Ortega is a momma's boy, he loves his treats, being outside running and digging in the dirt but his favorite thing is his morning brushing.
Loves to watch animals on TV. A great cuddler.
Trinity Grace
I love walks and being outdoors I'm a sweetheart and a big goof
Our sweet girl Willow is such a fun energetic pup. She loves to cuddle play with her sister and just be a crazy girl.
My Furchild is the Most Loving Sweetest Companion I Could Have❤️ Love My Baby Beyond Measure
Jiggie is 13 year old Maltese who likes to be in the garden smelling fresh flowers and produce, he is the ultimate cuddle buddy
This is Lucy! She’s a Beagle & BassetHound mix. She’s very cutesss if you couldn’t tell!🥹
Gaston, loves to go out side and get messy he loves his little squeaky duck toy
Hidie is a wonderful and beautiful blue Wimeraner, she loves to run and snuggle. She is about 2 years old and has 3 other dog siblings
Odie is a shorty Jack Russell terrier he is full grown. Odie loves to play slobber ball , he loves to go for walks. He is a year old he loves kids and anyone who will play with him. He loves other dogs and playing with them. He loves his cat Cry baby ❤️
Kenny is the sweetest boy ever . He absolutely loves everyone . He loves to run around and play and gets along with every doggy he meets
Neko just turn 12 is our bby boy growing with us it was a blessing taking care and been by our side that all i would ask hes a big boy..
Luna is a Blue healer she will be 2 years old July 4th she loves playing ball,loves working with her mom & dad
Ellie is the best companion, who recently had a very unfortunate surgery we did not expect. In recovery now, she is such an amazing, energetic, ball of love!
Coco is an amazing friendly and joyful girl shes so friendly and caregivers to other person and annimal. She loves to play and run like a horse 🤣we love her
Lady Bird
Lady birds is a Majestic Tree Hound, she loves tennis balls and to play fetch. She loves to play with her ducks and kitten, she is very smart and likes to climb trees. Lady Bird is 2 years old and is 120 pounds, she loves to cuddle and to be pet she is such a big sweetie!!
Greta loves swimming, playing with fetch & car rides. She was abandoned and is now spoiled to death❤️
He's my best friend he's a good boy he don't eat no stranger he loves everybody and his awesome dog he's my best friend my service dog my everything it went for that baby boy I wouldn't be here today you save my life no times
My Rockie is a combination of sweetness and feistiness. He loves to bathe in the Sun and steal your shoes when you are not looking lol ;).
Ty Hill
Ty is a lovable and very energetic. He loves going gor ride in the car, he loves going to the park and enjoys his toys and snacks. Also loves to cuddle up😁❤️
Draco kicked out of his original owner's home along with his mom and siblings. His mom and siblings were ran over and killed. He was the only dog left. Someone brought him to my fiancé job and he brought him home to me. Draco is a loving puppy. He loves to eat Gravy Train and drink plenty of water. He loves to chew on plastic bottles for fun. He loves being outdoors and exploring the yard. He love being around me. He loved sleeping on my chest when he was smaller and we would take naps together.
Bear is such a good and big boy as you can see🥹He likes chewing on human hands that are just trying to pet him and his puppy breath is to die for!!!
Midnight is a very energetic border collie/corgi who loves to run and act crazy. She has a personality that makes people either love or hate her mainly love and she loves cuddles.