Hi, my name is Cash I’m a bluetick/ German Shepard. I’m 4 years old!! I will be 5 on January 29th. I’m a good boy who loves cuddling, playing with my bones, and going on car rides. I love to play in the snow and dig holes through mommy’s front yard. I’m a runner, I’m a track star :)
Aries loves to play catch and is very very protective of my family and is also a great support dog
Nala Marie
Hello I am Nala. I’m 10 months old and I love to play with my toys and take naps with my mommy and daddy.
Layla loves playing with her toys and taking pictures as you can see 🥰
Maisie Moo
Our dopey girl. Maisie is Great Dane, mastiff and st Bernard mix. We call her Crazy Maisie, and that’s exactly what she is. Full of energy and sass! But I wouldn’t change it at all. She constantly has hiccups and super vivid dreams that make her bark and run in her sleep. Her best friend is our little chihuahua, Luna. And Maisie loves to hog the middle of the bed. She’s the light of our life and the cutest doggo in our eyes. 🥹🤍
Macy is a big sister to my other dog asher. She is a lab, husky, german sheperd mix. She is over weight i know but so snuggly with the best personality. She is a romer so we have to watch .she knows the whole town.everyone loves her.shes had 10 pups so still trying to get rid of the baby weight.she has been a amazing part of our family for over 20 years.she deserves some votes .
Very loving and has great personality and is very happy and handsome
Ruger loves his momma and treats. He’s a Dalmatian blue heeler mix
This is Murray, he is a rescue that stole my heart when he was just 2yrs old💛 He loves car rides and chasing the ball, we have individual names for every stuffed toy and he knows them all by heart! But most of all he loves anything that involves his momma, he is my little shadow no matter if we’re out and about or just lounging at home❤️
smoke is 8 months old and he is full of energy. loves getting the squeaker out of all his toys and tackling you to get your attention. please vote for my sweet boy!
I like to chew bottles and be cute mostly. I also play with my fur siblings(two cats) as well.
Bailey is going on 6 months old , she a little land shark .
She is a fun loving bunny hoping dog who loves cuddles
Vixey is the sweetest most caring pup I have ever had. She will make you smile whether good or bad day!
retrieve ducks, and loves to swim
Hello I am Oakley. I’m 2 years old and I love playing and taking naps and I also love chicken nuggets
Millie is the definition of a golden. She’s such a sweet girl that loves everyone she comes into contact with. She loves swimming and playing fetch. 💕
Ryker is a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix and he is 5 years old! He loves dressing up and playing outside! Please vote for my sweet boy ❤️❤️
Athena is the sweetest puppy with the biggest heart. She goes with her mom to the barn and plays with all the barn cats. She loves watching movies with her mom and stealing her moms food!
Millie is the sweetest girl with the biggest attitude. She loves cuddling up with her mom and dad to watch movies with us and loves playing with her siblings all day long. She is 12 weeks old and is the most social puppy, she loves making new friends when she comes to work with her mom.
She loves to run free ☺️ and play fetch with sticks!
Emma’s a princess 👑 Emma loves to go to work everyday with her mom! She just turned 5 November 26th, she has an older brother Bo and he is 10 years old! She loves to cuddle, watch tv and sleep!
Delilah is a sweet crazy super fun 4 month old pup. She hasn’t met a person or animal that she didn’t love and try to be besties with. She loves pickles. She’s very determined to always get her way. She tells us all about ourselves until she does. I just love her to pieces.💕
Hi Everyone! I am a 2 year old Puggle from NJ! My mom is a Veterinary Technician who loves her job! I love any kind of toys that I can destroy and playing with my 2 sisters Shiloh & Chloe! I just started running Fast Cat Races which I love!!
Auz is a total cuddle bug. He loves playing fetch and is a heck of a soccer goalie. He loves snacks and treats. Loves his momma and his dad. 💕
Barley loves to get dressed up in bandanas. She loves long car rides and pup cups. She’s a big morning cuddle bug and loves getting kisses!
he is super loving, and outgoing!!❤️
Dakota is a mamas boy. He likes cheese and lil scraps of chicken. He’s the sweetest baby out there
King Browning
King loves to chase his tail and loves to play with your feet and loves playing in the grass with the leaves
Cruzz is an Aussie, he goes to work each morning and provides greetings and love to all who enter our shop. By the pictures below you can see how hard he works!
Dozer loves to be outdoors! He loves to run and play. But he also love’s attention and lots of snuggles! He loves his bear, drags it around with him everywhere!🥰
Cute little puppy who loves toys and treats.
Ruger is a 3 1/2 months old Labrador retriever, loves to play fetch, drink water, get into stuff he’s not supposed to😂, cuddle mom & dad, give us hugs when we don’t feel good, and eat bones & treats! He’s such a sweetheart!
Little Lulu
Little LuLu is a beautiful pit pointer. She is one of a kind and more than a best friend.
Asher is my best friend. He truly is one of a kind. From is spunky attitude to his playful spirit . He protects our kids and our house.he has a heart of gold. He truly is the best dog i ever had. Hes a two year old shar-pei/ pittbull mix.he is a cool looking 1 of a kind dog who would love your vote .
Mollee is a 3 year old American pitbull. She loves to play tug of war with her corgi sister and has to be touching her people when she is comfy. When you pet her you can feel the love inside this girl! Please vote for the most understood breed, a pitbull.
Buddy is a beagle mixed with basset hound and he truly is a silly puppy. He is 2 months old and is already lazy like a basset but continues to play with his stuffed lion and cow. He has to be touching someone when he is sleeping but he doesn’t like you to move, or he grunts. Buddy loves any and everyone he comes in contact with! If he wins this he will be getting more toys and treats!
She loves jumping on mama and dad in the mornings! She’s spoiled and loves walks please show my baby some love!
Loves the snow! and Rocks lol! just loves being outside in general!
She loves to play tug of war with her duck! and like belly rubs
Dream is a loveable, small, cute and smart puppy 🥰we just adore her!
Lil Man
Hi 👋 my name is lil man… I love baths and laying with my piggy. I like to go run with the cows on my free time and when I’m able to go inside I take the whole bed up and leave no room for my mom and dad
She is a 1 yr old Newfoundland and absolutely loves to play with frisbees and stuffies. She is a cuddle bug and loves people!
Lynk loves his treats and going on walks. He also loves to protect his new born baby. He gets along with all kids.
Kayleigh truly is the missing piece to our family. She loves camping and playing fetch with us. We call her our human dog!
Tucker is the most loving energetic playful dog he loves his attention and running around
Chief is a rescue dog from Alabama who loves to play, get belly scratches and rip his toys apart. He is a bright addition to our family and he is loved sooo much!
hi everyone my name is millie! i turned six weeks old on tuesday. my absolute favorite thing to do is follow mom around and cuddle with my favorite toy.