Drake is a Rottweiler blue heeler mix, he loves playing fetch, getting treats and going on adventures but loves his nap time also!
Bella absolutely loves the sun! She also enjoys the beach, long walks & spending time together 🤗
Charlie Apple
Charlie Apple absolutely loves the fun! Tiktok, Water, Car Rides ,Tag.. You name it he loves it! He also live to cuddle and is so cute 💗
Swayze is a rescue mutt who loves to give kisses and play. He was rescued from the south through DogStar Rescue in CT. He was abandoned as a puppy and found as a stray. We're not sure what breed he is or exactly how old he is but he's perfect in every way. We're so lucky to have him in our family❤️
Still Thinking On Name
Loves to cuddle!!
She loves adventures specially trail rides.
Bear is a 2 year old Golden Retriever mix, he loves to fetch, tug of war and going to daycare with his friends!
Chance is approx. 10 yrs old and we resued him from a shelter just over 4 years ago. He was referred to as a junkyard dog as his owners just left him out in all elements with a big chain and collar. That did damage to his trachea. He was removed from their home. He then was adopted by us and became king of our home & gets lots of love. He is special needs as he suffers from seperation anxiety so badly that he alway has to stay close. He has so much love to give despite all the abuse he had gone thru before he was rescued. He loves kids and all people actually ♥️ He is just so amazing & such a handsome boy🙂🐾
Zues is a 2 yr old German Shepard. Born with some disabilities. One being a Cataract in one eye?
Brody Jax
Brody Jax is a 12 week old Labrador who loves to fetch and will do anything for a treat.
He is 9 weeks old today. He is amazing ,sweet ,smart lil guy .He loves sticks and was very proud to bring this stick home to papa. <3
Lexi Anna
Lexi is an almost 13 year old schnoodle who is sweet and crazy at the same time!
Sada is the sweetest most cuddling baby ever! She loves to have kisses from her momma and play around with the big dog
Hes a good dog
Ella Be Bee
She is such an amazing dog her personality is so big and she's so friendly like she has to say hello to everybody and she thinks everybody wants to talk to her. she loves to play Frisbee and bring the ball. but she don't want to give it back to you when she comes back like she plays keep away.that's her favorite game its hilarious
Lemmy is such a gentle giant. He absolutely loves kids and knows to be extra calm around them even though he is a high energy husky.
Gizmo loves to play fetch with his "moji".
Mommas Mia is a female Scnoodle. Who loves her family. Mia just became a brand new mom. She is the best mother I have ever seen.
Lily is my ESA, and is the sweetest love bug! ❤ She loves swimming and playing ball in the back yard. She will be 12 in July this year, but don't tell her she still thinks she is just a puppy. She is a "Pocket Bully" so she is like a mini bully. Everyone thinks she is a puppy. She will kill ya with licks when she meets ya, she is so friendly. I love my Baby Girl.
Princess Fiona
She is my rescue. The family that got her as a pup kids put rubber bands on her ears. They killed her ear and could not afford the surgery. So they gave her up thank god. So she has a Shrek ear hense her name. She is a Chi-poo with a loving and spunky personality after everything she was through. Takes a bit for her to warm up to you but when she does she fills your heart with love.
Boede is a six year old pure bred yellow lab. He loves to drag around his blankets, play ball, snuggle, and lick the tooth paste off your chin.
Casper is 11 weeks old and is such a loving boy🥰 I got him at 5 weeks, he is also a pit, husky, lab mix❤️He loves car rides and LOVES being outside, the sweetest boy🥰
Gemma loves her sister Reese our 13 year old Puggle. She loves here toys and her snuggles with her humans. Her antics are funny. She is so smart for such a small dog. Vote for our snowball, snuggle bug Gemma
Hyper and loveable. Loves to dig holes
Toby loves to sing along with his squeaky dinosaur toy. He loves snuggles and walks in the neighborhood. He absolutely loves attention of any kind and if he’s not getting enough he will definitely let you know by pulling your hand or arm to make you rub him! He’s so loving and a very good protector of his family! ❤️
Mocha is a 9 month old puppy just living her best life. She likes to play and cuddle. Definitely spoiled. She is a very sweet puppy and she is one of the most adorable puppies too. So vote for her!
DeLuca is a 9 month old Bichonpoo. Luca also travels back and forth from Jersey to Indiana County, Pennsylvania as his mom is a student at IUP. DeLuca has many campus friends and has many nicknames. His favorite animal is a cow, as thats his favorite toy, and his favorite thing to do is sleep.
Kilo is full of energy. She loves to in run circles and cuddle. Her favorite snack is a ham sandwich.
Drax is cute chonky boi that loves to sleep, watch TV and eat treats
Ruger is ball crazy, super loving, and super silly. She’s the funniest thing ever.
Scout loves to watch cartoons everyday while mom and dad are at work. He also loves eating his peanut butter crackers, opening his monthly bark box, playing in the snow, and going for rides in the truck with dad.
tyson is about 2 years old and is such silly dog. he loves going outside and going on car rides and also loves cuddles
Willie is almost 2 years old and “loves” his sweaters❤️ He loves his Mr Chicken toy and cuddling the most
Loves to chew on things but truly is the sweetest!
Reggie is a little 7 pound rascal who loves lettuce and going on walks until his little legs get tired ( which is like 10 min 😂). He spends most of his days snoring and playing with his favorite toy that changes everyday.
Luca is 9 mos old and has been going to work with me in an assisted living home since 8 weeks. The residents love him. One of our ladies recently told him she’d marry him! All residents have dementia and Luca is gentle with them and knows not to get in their way so they don’t trip. He’s very considerate but did once steal a residents wig and run!
Baby is 3 years old. We rescued Baby from an abusive home. When we brought her home she was friendly but very skittish. After a few days of us giving her the love and affection that she deserved she started to relax and realized that she was safe. She has been with us now for over a year and has turned into a crazy, loving, and protective dog. She loves her squeaky toys, going for car rides & walks, giving slobbery kisses, and cuddling
Bane is a 2 yrs old Border collie , Heeler mix. He overly energetic and loves to play frisbee. But will fetch just about anything you throw . He also loves to load up and go for a ride., Whether around the block or to go see gramma. Bane also loves to cuddle on a lap like a little dog. We have a chorkie so he thinks he is a small dog as well. He is very loving and very protective.
Olaf is a high energy fluffball!! He loves eating snow and ice cubes. My first GSD - currently 🧡 11 months old 🧡
Tony is a 2 yrs old Chorkie, Chihuahua/Yorkie mix. He loves to go for car rides and to go see his Gramma. Tony is also a very sneaky little fellow. He will hide all the toys from his big brother under our couch so know one can get them. He steals off of our coffee table anything he thinks is interesting. He also just loves to cuddle with up in your lap and just love on you. He loves to give kisses.
Cruella was born 12-28-2021 and is very smart. She is a poochi ( miniature poodle and chihuahua mix) and is the only puppy i have ever seen with her markings. She looks like a true cruella.
Finlee Mae
she is super loving and very playful , she loves car rides
Izzy is a beautiful blue nose pit bull who loves her mommy. She loves to play around outside.
Kernel is a full bred Yorkshire Terrier, 12 years of age & loves to stick his tongue out.
vote for oliver because he’s super cute and loving!
Rosa Sue
Rosa is my energetic 3 year old Rottweiler. She enjoys morning cuddles, talking, and playing with her two doggie sisters.