Baby Stories - 98


Pieper is a 4 month old English cream golden retriever. She was born in Kansas City, Missouri. She loves to play with her toys and nap with her mom and dad!
Bailey is sweet and rambunctious! She will play ball for hours with you. She loves people and all dogs!
dakota is a miniature american eskimo. loves her toys, treats, walks and of course car rides. has a silly personality as well😁
Millie loves to lick strangers legs, hates going for walks, but loves fetching balls. Vote for her if you would let her lick your leg.
Jax is a playful happy little splot ( when they lay down with there legs behind them) Jax is very expensive so if you vote for home it will really help
A world without love is a world without Nala. What keeps Nala happy and healthy is the love and attention from her family and a day with multiple hugs is a day well spent! You will never met a dog so lovable and sweet until you meet Nala!
Doug may be little, but he’s got a huge heart! He enjoys his daily walks, treats, naps and his cat brother Simon.
Kane is a 7 month old bulldog. He loves to play with his brother rocky
Rémy is a rescue pet that blessed our home in May 2020. He is playful, loves to cuddle and likes hiding in the closet for his afternoon naps. He loves car rides and has already flown on an airplane twice. He does very well traveling. He is super friendly especially with kids.
Lancaster is a crazy 1 year old Groenendael. He loves doing zommies and play and always have a toy in his mouth.
Bella is a very sweet and bouncy 10 year old sheltie. She loves to play, eat, and cuddle.
Bailey is a fun and silly 10 year old sheltie. She is a medical alert dog that loves to help her mommy.
Penelope is sweet, loving and protective. She follows me everywhere and loves hugs and kisses. She is a great swimmer, she will sit by the pool ladder waiting for us to help her in. She has lots of “babies”, her favorite are the ones that squeak. Penelope will work and work until she tears the squeaker out of every toy. She also has a rope she loves to throw to her self, she will pick it up throw it as far as she can then run and go get it. She has a great personality and loves to cuddle!
Hi ,this is Sophie. She has a sister and a brother. She loves to cuddle and loves attention. She is also a mother to 4. She is a mix of Husky,Pit and Black lab. She loves us with all her heart.
Sylvie is the sweetest and most loyal dog I’ve ever owned. She’s so protective of her new baby brother!
Marilyn is a 6 year old Chihuahua mix. She loves cuddling, playing fetch, and getting bark boxes (she thinks every package that comes is for her). She is a sweet-tempered, loving girl💗
Lady is a maltese shih tzu. She loves to bark and play fetch. She likes to cuddle and sleeps with her minnie mouse every night.
Sage is a shihpoo mix , he is 2 months old and his personality is growing more daily super intelligent and he looks like a teddy bear 🥰
Apollo is very energetic, loving, sweet, well behaved, well trained, overall he just loves everyone and also loves giving tons of kisses.
Zeus is a pitchow hybrid. He is 12 weeks old and extremely active. He loves playing with other dogs, especially his big sister, a 10 year old Olde English Bulldogge
Hi, I’m Kaiser. I’m a lazy lil pup who likes to sleep almost all day & lay in the warm sun. I’m a good boy, at least my family says so! Please give me a vote! ❤️
Canela is the sweetest girl. My baby is only 10 months, still my tiny puppy (even though she’s huge now). She loves car rides and playing in her pool. Canela also loves treats, especially frozen ones! She loves to run around the yard and cuddle! Canela also enjoys peanut butter mixed with chicken meatball treats!
My name is Zeus , I love to sleep eat and repeat I’m playful but for only an hour and that’s all you get from me 🥰 I’m cute and love to be cuddled. I also LOVE pizza can you tell? 🍕
Blue loves to meet us at the door with all the rugs, blankets, and area mats in his mouth as to say “ Welcome home here’s a gift for you 😊”
🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸Bailey is a very smart dog, she loves to eat and play ball, if you can balance an object on her nose, she will leave it on until you tell her it ok! She has left items in her nose for so long that she can lower her nose to a laying position on the floor and still have the item balances on her nose!!! She is amazing!!!
Ball obsessed, countertop snack stealing, smartest cults I’ve ever met.
Ally Sanders
Ally is a lovable cuddly 2 year old pit mix. She loves chasing balls around the backyard, biting at the water hose as we water the plants, and cuddle times in the bed with us. Nevada can get pretty HOT in the summer but she loves to lay out and sunbathe in it. Vote for Ally!
Katie likes to chew her bones and cuddle
Howdy my name is Boomer I am a bit shy but if you vote I will come out of my shell I am only 3mnths old I just got adopted today by my new daddy
Brinkley is 10 weeks old, he loves to play and go on adventures. He loves taking naps and his favorite thing is the cold! He always takes naps on ice packs and loves ice cubes!
Herro! My name is Sebastian Louis, but I prefer to go by Bash or B Man. It's also easier for my parents to say when they are trying to call me inside. I love to protect my mom and dad from those little furry things that hop around my yard all day! Mom and dad tell me to not to chase after them but I can't help it! They are so cute and fluffy and I just want to say hi, but my parents say NO SIR. I love to go on walks/runs with my mom and dad. One of my favorite ways to spend the day is meeting new friends in our community and making them smile. I just wish hoomans knew how much they make me smile! My parents tell me I'm hilarious.. I know I'm cute but funny too!? Come on mom and dad.. let's see what the people have to say about it! Anywho thank you for taking time to read about me and If I ever get to meet you I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER, cuddles and kisses. Have a great day friends. B Man, Over and out.
Babes is only 10 weeks old. She loves to play fetch and loves going on walks!! She’s full of personality and absolutely lovable!
Luna is the cutest happiest puppy. She is playful and love to cuddle to mommy at nights. She will jump to you when she meets you for the first time. She loves starbucks puppuccino and demands it every time mummy gets a coffee.
Hi I’m Redick! I’m an 8 month old AKC Rottweiler! I love the water and love to play with mom and dad. Vote for me! 🐾
Miss Marleigh Mae turns 2 on August 22nd. She is such a lovable, spunky bully-pitty mixed.
Athena is a loving one year old girl! She has blue eyes and loves her big sister Harley. She enjoys running around her big backyard and playing with her toys
I love walks and people, I love to exercise and nap with my human, I enjoy watching 101 Dalmatians and playing with my toys.
Hey my name is Tucker I’m 12 weeks old and I love cuddle, play outside and take lots of naps. Please vote for me 💙
Hey there! My name is Taz and I LOVE to dig in the dirt with my tiny human (he’s 4 years old and my bestest friend in the whole wide world😉), I love to play fetch with sticks that are way too big to play fetch with and I love getting hugs and kisses from my family.
Mila loves to go everywhere and do everything we do. Biking, hiking, kayaking, cutting and baling hay... She is my serotonin.
Hi there, my name is Peach! When I was just a few days old, someone dumped my mama, four siblings, and I at a city shelter. We were so lucky to have been saved from there by an awesome rescue, who set us up in a comfy foster home! I after a few more weeks with my Mama, brother's and sisters, I got ADOPTED!! Now I have a new mama AND a new big sister named Rita! I love squeaky toys, peanut butter treats, and snuggling with my mama in her bed. She thinks I'm the prettiest pup in the world, and I can't say I disagree. What do you think?
Rambo is a shih tzu Pomeranian mix. He has quite the personality and enjoys swimming, playing, and talking. He is a busy body who enjoys getting dirty!
Mimosa Blossom
Mimosa, also known as Momo is the smallest of her siblings, but she doesn't let that stop her from wrestling with her sisters and brother. She loves to be cuddled, and her favorite treats are peanut butter churros from dream bone.
Slugworth "Sluggy" O. is a sweet, playful Sharpeagle (sharpei/beagle hybrid) who loves toys, sleeping and treats! His favorite hooman is his poppa!
Indigo is a loving , playful and sweet dog that love to chase balls and go on car rides. Her favorite place to go is the park where she loves to go on walks! Please vote for her!!
Charlie is a sweetest most rare apricot miniature poodle you will ever meet. He enjoys people watching, giving kisses and sleeping! He loves watching movies and is usually glued to the tv. He’s curious and loves to play but best of all, loves to cuddle!