Baby Stories - 98


Pepper likes playing with chew toys and sleeping and chasing squirrels and eating treats and she is a miniature schnauzer
Copper is a 3yr old Golden Retriever! He is the sweetest boy. Nothing makes him happier than playing fetch with his favorite orange chuck-it ball. We hope you think he is as cute as we do!
My name is Sasha. I'm 10 years old. I'm a mix between whippet / American Blue Heeler. I love to go on long walks & playing with other dogs. I have alot of energy I love to run. I'm a great watch dog .
Hi my name is Loki! I am very mischievous, loving, playful and so full of personality! I'm mama's baby and dad's buddy! I love playing rough when dad gets home from work and when mom takes me to starbucks drive thru! I love my brother and sister too and I'm protective over them!
Rocco is a fun loving chihuahua who enjoys playing with his cat sisters and brother. He is a very loveable dog who enjoys playing. He loves to bring me toys so he can play tug of war. This little boy brought big love to my life. We appreciate all votes he gets.
Hey! My name is Knox Lee and I am filled with Ive and energy! I’m always on the go and LOVE doing tricks to impress my humans. I love to learn (only when treats are involved). I enjoy going on runs, hiking, fetching and swimming. I am scared of loud noises, especially the fire alarm! I bark every time a hear a door bell. I love waking my parents up in the morning.
Finnley Fae
Finnley is a joyful one year old has a mind of her own and is always down for a photo shoot!
Sir Prince Party
Sir Prince is very social! He loves meeting people! He gets sassy when I dress him!
She’s the cutest, most cuddly, silly Rottweiler pup. Always has to be around family and the quickest learner. She loves her treats and family. She’s going to be a big girl!
The Mother of Dragons, The lady of Dragon Stone, The Unburnt. Lol, GOT! But honestly the sweetest, very loyal and very loving.
Bear loves to play in snow! He likes to chew everything in site!! He loves to give kisses and cuddle with you!
Dozer is a Thanksgiving miracle. We call him Nan because he has always been a loaf and our little baby. ❤️ He loves to snuggle, suntan and play outside with his basketball!🏀 Most of the time inside he plays with his favorite squeaker toy pizza and his tennis balls! 🎾 Dozer loves going for walks, butt scratches, swimming in the lake, rides with his mama and begging for table scraps! 🍖
Hi, my names Jake! My mama calls me “Jakey”. I’m 2 years old and I’m the goodest boy around. My mama is my favorite person. I love treats and my toys. My favorite thing to do is sleep and when mama gets home from work we cuddle!
Kouger Rascon
Kouger is a 13 year old Deer Chihuahua. He’s losing his vision and hearing. He is very outgoing and fun to be around, very playful.
Emmie is a playful British lab with LOTS of personality! She loves water, her babies (toys), chasing geese, and HER DADDY. She loves to be cuddled and is absolutely terrified of the vacuum. She was raised with 2 mini Weiner doggos so she thinks she is also a tiny pup. Vote for Emmie :)
Oona loves staring out the window and dining on any fabric in reach. She also loves to put her outstretched paws on people as if she's about to share some gossip or begging you not to leave.
Jed enjoys metal music. His favorite bands are slayer and Metallica. He enjoys horror movies, especially 80s zombie flicks such as Return of the Living Dead. Jed would rather play ball then eat, but he realizes he needs to eat to play ball.
This sweet little girl came into my life after my JRT suddenly passed away. She brings joy to anyone she meets and one day will make a wonderful service dog! She's rambunctious, sneaky, and always fierce. She's a typical younger sister to her brother Oliver but he loves her still! Sloane means warrior and this girl is all that and more!
I am a rescue. I love to be held and sleep under blankets. My favorite part of a toy is the squeaker. I love car rides and going on adventures. I love playing dress up. I love having my hair brushed and showing off my hairbows.
I love my human friends and I love meeting new furry friends. I love exploring and taking walks. I hate the water because it messed up my hair. I love new squeaky toys so I can give my mom alot to clean up. I love car rides and the smell of fresh air. I love dressing up especially when the ladies love on me. I love cheese and cheese doodles.
Riley Finn
Riley is a bloodhound husky mix and full of love for life. He’s always so happy and loves people and playing with children. He deserves the attention for sure! Please vote !
Hank is Mattie's BIG baby. She got him when he was wiened from his mom. He is very protective of her and his whole family. Hank loves going where you go, even if he has to tag along for a ride on the 4-wheeler. We all love him like any other family member. Please vote for Hank and his owner Mattie. She is registered in Little Miss Beauty. Ty
Lady Victoria
She is living and curious and excited about life! From a puppy till now she gets excited when playing she hops like a bunny. She is so full of love it explodes off of her. She is a cuddle muffin. Can’t image like without her
I'm a playful puppy who loves to sneak into the bathroom and steal my mom's socks.
Hello my name is yogi. im 11 years old.i love to take walks , cuddle & hangout with my mom . Im friendly , very quiet & i love people especially children. I hate the cold weather so i always wear my sweatshirts. I love the summer time the best. I always want to be with my parents. I dont like to be alone, i get anxiety when they leave in the house alone
Tito is a loving 10 month old 50 lb lap dog who is full of energy but also loves to cuddle. We rescued him and he is the best thing to ever happen to us💙
love to play fetch in the lake and can’t get enough cuddles or attention
Brownie likes to sleep all day and cuddle with her siblings. She has the cutest sleep twitches and cries. She’s two weeks old and ready to run.
I am the biggest sweetheart, i loves playing tag with my big brother and cuddling with my momma & big brother when going to bed 🤍 also I can’t forget I LOVE treats!!!
I’m my mommas first boy, I’m a big brother as well! I love the water, the outdoors and jumping in my moms showers because I love the water so much & of course protecting and playing with my little brother!!
My first puppy with my husband. She loves sticks and running around off leash. Her favorite thing to eat is snow and she likes getting sprayed in the face with water.
Presley is a 1 year old Golden Doodle and he is laid back during the daytime and full of energy at night. He loves to play fetch, go for a walk and give hugs. He is such a good dog!
Cockapoo with lots of energy and love to give 🥰
Tiffany was a bit rough around the edges when we met. She was so sick, scared, angry and tough as nails for a little snowball. But I knew she was a sweetheart under all that and slowly she proved me right. We got her healthy and happy and she went from a scared aggressive girl to the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet! Loves to be pet and held and will always make you laugh when your down! This goofball started from the bottom, now we’re here 😉
Jack loves to sleep and loves Velveeta Cheese...can you tell?
Sir Remington
Hello! My name is Remington but I go by Remi!!! I’m 3 months old. I love sticks and runs at the puppy park. I love making new friends and my favorite is my pup cups! I have a favorite stuffed animal that I have to sleep with and take on car rides! Did I also mention I’m my mommies pride and joy!!
Boomer is a feisty boy who loves cookies and snuggles.
Nash loves to play with his brother sharpie! Loves sticks and playing! He is just a sweet boy who loves to give kisses 😘
Olive is a rescue from Texas. She is a Boxer/hound mix. Olive is loving and timid. She barks ALOT but hates loud noises lol 🤗🐾🦴❤️🥰💕
Baci was a lady! She treated every pet we brought in the house as her baby ❤️ She was gentle & beautiful. She passed on 8/15/20. She is missed very much 🐾🐾🦴🥺😊🥰🤗
Bear is not only a loyal dog hes my best friend
Hi! I’m Boone! My nicknames are Boonifred, Booney, Bubs, get back here, and stop that. I love to play with my ball and my stuffed moose and my favorite thing in the world is ice!
Hi my name is Appa. I’m the princess around here 💓my hobbies including cuddling and watching human eat.
Teddy is a 2 year old boy.He loves to run,and play tug of war.He also loves his piggy!He is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.❤ (If we win any sort of money we are donating half of it to our local animal shelter)
He is an 8 week old corgi who is so full of energy and is too cute. He loves his squeeking pig.