Bear is half shih tzu and half pomeranian!! He is the best boy with an amazing personality!! He just wants to love everyone and enjoys playing in the yard and going for drives!
Alpha Rose
Alpha Rose loves to cuddle more than anything, she also loves playing outside with sticks. She is good with other animals as well.
Vinny is a 6 month pit bull/chihuahua. Vinny is full of so much energy and he is very funny, there is not a moment where he doesn’t like to smile with his teeth or even to just be goofy.
He loves to play with his human boys and his fur sister. He protects the family and provides us with emotional support.
Lucy is such a sweet girl, she’s playful and loves her toys.
Sam is such a loving boy, after being rehomed 4 times by the time he was 4 months old, he found his forever home and has grown so much! He loves bones, his brother and also drinking water from the bathtub
Thor is the most affectionate happy boy, he will roll all over you for cuddles and greet you with his favorite toy: his stuffed hedgehog.
Sky is a rescue dog that we fostered and decided to adopt, she loves belly rubs, playing in her pool, her favorite toys are socks and hair ties!
Koda is a very energetic, loving German shepherd, he loves playing fetch, his brother, scratches, and drinking water from the bathtub
Faith just turned 16 years old and she's a sweet loving furbaby. She most likely won't be with us much longer. She has just lost her strength in her back legs and isn't able to walk comfortably anymore. It's so hard to make the decision to put her down, but I know the time is near. Will you please vote for her to let her know how special her life has been? We appreciate it so much! She's been so loyal and loving and has had a fun wonderful life. We're going to miss her when that day arrives. She's the best girl in the world to us. We love her! ❤
Lucy is a Goldenoodle who loves chasing after the ball.
Millie May
Millie loves car rides, playing outside in the dirt! She loves morning snuggles and rounding up steers late in the evenings!
Pituli is a beautiful pit bul but don’t tell her that. She thinks she is a human princess. She sings and talks and loves to watch birds. Next we’re going for American idol dog addition!
Ollly is a borderdoddle puppy he loves to play fetch, and he loves to get his hair brushed. He is a very silly boy and will put a smile on your face if you are having a bad day. He also is very smart for his age he was born February 23,2022 and he never meets a stranger. I think he deserves your vote cause he could use the winning to go to school to become a service dog for people with health issues and also be a support dog for people with mental health issues so please vote for ollly 🐶
She loves cuddles!!!
Peanut Buddy Leclere
Peanut is a rescue from michigan. His previous situation left him 14 lbs underweight as a puppy. He has been with our family 7yrs and hes matured and trained and the best addition to our family. We are lucky to have him.
Hossy Boy
Hoss is the type of dog that always cheers you up. Looking at his adorable face will light up your day and he has a personality that matches. He was the last to be chosen from his litter but I believe it was only because he was waiting for me.
Despite her size towards her sister Izzy, she can do just about anything a mini girl can do. She will cuddle you until she gets to puppied out and falls asleep.
Petey is a 14 week Olde English bulldog. He is sassy but so loving. Petey absolutely loves car rides!
Isabella Or Izzy
Izzy is a handful! But she loves to wrestle and play with her sister. She will melt your heart with her beautiful eyes and her size.
Loves swimming, jet skiing, playing fetch and cuddles! Always smiling!
Lucy is a very happy loving dog. Absolutely sweet with cats & other dogs. Shes a Princess & diva wrapped up in one & loves all the attention.
Hello my name is kali and I love to play and people to say that I’m pretty ❤️ I love to snuggle 🥰
Handsome is a very loving rescue dog that we have had for eight years. He has his own cute personality that brings life to our family. We absolutely adore & love him!
He is very smart ,loves to play, thinks he can talk lol.loves to play outside.loves to hide when he sees me comin he run as fast he can and bounce on like he gonna beat me up.He so funny. But what the funniest he does not like anyone touching his toys LOl he my baby I love him so much!!!
Opie is sweet goofy boy. He loves to go for walks and loves to run through the fields.
Hi my names Mia and i love laying in bed and giving hugs to my human and i luv going for car rides we are the best of bffs and if you think im cute plz vote for me!!!
millie is a very smart curious girl who always has the zoomies!! she loves car rides and walks and trips to starbucks for pup cups ❤️
I inherited Sandy when my Dad passed so she is my little sis! 🐾 Sandy is super smart!! If Sandy Lou Who leaves a toy on the stairs, all I have to say is ‘Sandy! Come get this toy!!’ and here she comes running- grabs it in her teeth, and takes it downstairs!! Her best friends are my brother’s dogs, Addy and Toby and she LOVES visiting them AND her brothers. ♥️
Hi I’m Ziggy! I love treats and stealing socks from my mom 🧦
Hi my name is Tutter! I love cuddles and to roll on my back and get tummy rubs! I also love kissing faces no matter who you are!❤️
she loves her walks and treats shes getting so so smart!
My name is Klaus and I love to play fetch with my dad in the pool or river. I also love to climb in the lap of anyone willing to secure all the head scratches.
Bellamia is 5 months old and is a purebred Biewer Yorkshire Terrier. She is a friendly and playful little girl. Loves walks and is learning commands such as sit, stay, come, jump.
Maeve loves making new friends with people or pets. She has lots of siblings at home she plays with. Our kitten even loves playing with her and Maeve is very gentle. She loves sleeping a lot especially on her back it's so cute. I just got a niece and Maeve loves her she was a bit rough at first since she's still a puppy but, she learned fast and is very gentle and caring.
He is cute a wild boy, he loves his toys and loves affectionate. He follows you everywhere
Trouper means, "Service without complaint," volunteering his time to visit a nursing home on biweekly basis. Residents call him, "Super Trouper." Trouper never goes anywhere without his teady bear.
Maverick Payton
He is a Merle American Bully Puppy. He is 10 months old. He is the Pocket a Size American Bully. He barks at his Giant Tennis Ball when it goes near stuff like the couch and he barks at his bowls to. He likes playing and going on long walks. He was born September 10th 2021. I also think my puppy Maverick can see Spirits and he is very obedient too. I painted the picture next to Maverick it is Maverick in in the painting.
She loves her coffee and is very spoiled. She thinks she has to go every where i go. . Loves playing wit her squeaky toy and giraffe rattle. She was raised with blue pits and she thinks she is as big as they are.
He is a blue pit. He is very loving. He thinks he is a lapdog. Very playful and protective. He is 19 inches across his chest and weighs 150 pounds. He is just a big baby. Lves playing fetch and tug a war. Loves the water
Ringo is not just our pet he can also let me know when my husband is going to have a seizure. He is awesome.
My sweet Ryder is 16 years old
Marlee is a Pekingese pug mixed she is loveable very smart she loves car rides camping and hanging out the window hen she wants or needs something she will look at whatever she wants she loves belly rubs and playing with her toys she is the best little dog there is
She loves to give hugs and loves to try and chase those pesky rabbits out of the yard. Her and her sister along with other siblings are all New Years fur babies! Oh and forgot to mention Denali is a champion with the AKC!
We named him Chewy for short for Chewbacca but it fits him because he loves to chew🤣 Chewy loves to run and play and be snuggled. He is a gentle giant who loves kids ♥️ Chewy loves the water and his pool. His fav toy is his ball. He follows the kids everywhere and loves to sit and watch them play. At night he is good at sneaking into our bed quietly to lay and snuggle ♥️.
Lincoln is a very smart dog. He knows how to speak when you tell him, he knows how to come and stay, shake, high five. He likes to chase bunnies and birds and squirrels. He loves to run. If he got the chance to run 1 mile it would be done in 3 minutes. He’s very cute. Likes to cuddle and play. He’s a good dog for a family and i really think you should vote for him. This money will go towards stuff lincoln needs, like food, toys, leashes, and his shots and vet check ups. Thank you.