Cooper is a fun loving and very handsome 2 year old Golden retriever. He loves to dig holes in the yard and eat ice cubes
Dillion came into our lives unexpectedly and when we needed him most. We had just lost our sweet Archie and our of the blue a rescue reached out asking if we would tske in a 4 month old Saint with possible behavior issues. I saw his photo and said YES! He has been a challenge and has crazy energy, complete opposite of our last Saint, but Dillion is super smart, loves people, and has personality for days. He loves his peanut butter and puppy ice cream. We love him to pieces!
Meet Briggs! He's my birthday twin, the dog I never really wanted (quite literally, I paid for a different puppy and received him). I now would never trade him for a different dog! He's a great listener! He's two years old this year and by far the best dog that I have had the pleasure of owning! He's the biggest goofball you'll ever meet! Briggs loves to play fetch! You know he's truely happy when he smiles. He's 80 pounds of pure loving dog!
Enzo loves cuddles he loves to play with his toys and he loves his human kids so much he’s just perfect cute little face
Hello my name is Ruger. I am a pure breed German Shepard. I was born with a large hernia and no one wanted me, But Daddy and Mommy saved me. I have a big sister Wren(Cat). I love to play the game where I fit her whole head in my mouth! Mommy doesn’t think it’s as funny as I do. I love walks and bacon. My favorite toy is my antler. Please show me some love and vote for me.
Experiment 626 is a fun loving curious little pup with the biggest heart! He is fully aware of his unbelievable cute self and you just can’t help but love him💕
Hi my names Louis and I'm a sheepadoodle that loves to cuddle ❤️
Jasper is a very smart puppy that has fit in so nicely with our family. We can't imagine life without our little spunk!
Hi everyone! My name is Bailey and I am a doberman lab mix rescue who loves to play! I especially love playing keep away from my older brother Baxter although I don’t think he likes it that I always win. I can be shy but once I smell you I am very sweet and love to give kisses and cuddles! My parents tell me I’m very smart since I know many commands and tricks ( really I just want the treat!). I pride myself in spotting a bug and pounce on it like a cat to protect my family. Anyways I hope you like me !! Love - Bailey
He loves cuddling under the blankets with anyone. Love the snow and playing with his brother and sisters.
Tiny is a love bug she loves cuddling up beside anyone and she loves playing with her brothers and sister.
Angel Of Hope Von Griffin
Angel is on Maternity leave from her job as a service dog. It pays well and she loves all the attention she is getting with her babies. Such a proud Mommy
Hi, I’m Dax! My parents rescued me from the pound when I had ear and eye infections, and was covered in fleas and ticks. But look at me now! I’m the sweetest, softest, laziest puppy there ever was! I am obsessed with naps (sometimes I lay kinda funny) and don’t say the word “outside” around me if you don’t mean it, I take it VERY seriously. I love my parents, I’ve never had an accident in their home or broken anything (except my own toys). I also love to talk when I play, or when my parents get home from work, or pretty much anytime😆
Sophia was adopted 3 years ago from an adoption center that I volunteer at. She loves walks, to play with her toys, sleep and eat. She is very energetic.
Kiki is 2 years old. She is very playful and has tons of energy. She loves kids and always wants to be around us. She is very smart and is always alert looking out for us.
Willow loves her food and swimming, in that order! She is always happy and the light of my life.
Theo the handsome hunk. Just 10 months old Jumpy most energetic little pup ever! Loves all the attention will do anything to get your attention only on him.
His name is diesel he is 8 weeks old , he loves to be with us all the time super sweet . He loves to play with the kids .he is very smart already knows how to sit and give a paw .
Marley is a sweetheart 2yrs old. Loves to snuggle and gives out lots of kisses!!
Piper is a very energetic puppy. She loves running and playing with her 2 brothers and sister. She is very lovable she will lick you to death.
Maverick And Goose
Maverick and Goose are sweet brother's that love to cuddle up with each other as well as their human family. They are the loves of my life!
Aspen, after a rough start to life, being a sickly and weak puppy, overcame and prevailed over all the her difficulties, and became stalwart and strong like the tree she was named after. Aspen LOVES her toys and her five siblings! Both Canine and Feline. She adores boat rides, ATV rides, cuddles, and kisses. Her favorite snacks are bananas and watermelon! She enjoys giving high fives, and wants to be everyone’s best friend. She is the first to make new canine friends at the dog park, and is a true, joyful soul. She loves the outdoors, and hiking with Mom and Dad. She is a huge advocate for living your best life, and living life to its fullest! As a Sheltie, she is a bit of an oddball, with her non-standard markings and eyes. This doesn’t deter her from standing out in a crowd however! She loves all the attention she gets wherever she goes! ❤️🐾
Mr bunny is the most strongest pup to have lived! Born in 2006, Bunny has been around our entire lives becoming our first pet. He almost passed away last year due to a bladder stone surgery, but he managed to pull through for us. Bunny was in a lot of pain during that time, but he was courageous and fought back. He loves hogging attention while also begging for food. He loves going on walks and most of all SLEEPING. He is the type of dog you can snuggle up with on a cold winter day. Bunny turned 14 years old in May but still looks like a baby.
Bella Mae Starr
Bella is one of the nicest friend you would ever meet! She loves her human parents and her baby brother Lab, Dusty.
Bell loves to play with her sister and cuddle with her mommy, she is currently still in training but she's doing very well and is already leash and house trained. She is my newest baby and so far loves all the other pets💜
Smokey is 6 months and is a miniature Australian german shepard.Smokey is such a beautiful little pup. He is full of energy and he helps 2 wonderful young boys in his home that have disabilities. He is such a cute lovable pup.
Kasia is a therapy dog in training. She is currently working on socialization and listening. She'll be working with children, hospice patients, and first responders.
Pax is a handsome English Lab. He’s the goodest boy. “Ball is life!” Is his motto. He loves to give hugs. When you greet him you say “gimme some paw Pax” and he’ll shake your hand.
Dr Henry Jekylls
Meet Dr. Henry Jekyll! Jackle is the perfect mix of a momma Chihuahua named Bella & a daddy Dachshund named Peanut. Dr. Henry Jekyll is nearing his first Birthday on March 13th! This Chiweenie puppy is in constant need of ALL the attentions. His favorite pastimes consist of playing with his brother Mickey, giving his family lots of kisses & cuddling with his two dads. He follows both of his daddies around everywhere they go & absolutely loves going for rides in the car. Jackle hates to ever being left alone! This puppy may be spoiled rotten but he is the sweetest little guy that anybody could ever ask for.
Zoey Lu
Our little Zoey is a rescue. We became her foster family after a rough start in life. However, we are proud to say we foster failed. She is a daddy’s girl and wants to be with him 24/7. She loves car rides, walks, her big brother Zeus and the sprinklers....oh yes, and the duster 😂
Zeus Aka Scooby Doo
Zeus is a big lovable lap dog with attitude. He came to me when I was in a dark place and has been by my side giving unconditional love. I can’t imagine life without him.
I’m a 5 year old husky corgi mix! I was rescued my mom and dad when I was about 4 months old. I am a super hyper dog and love to run around the house and yard. I am very loving but can be shy at first but warm up to you if you just let me sniff a lot. I love giving kissing and getting pets
I just got him today hes so sweet
Joey is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix who was rescued from an animal hoarders home. Joey’s favorite things are going to work with Mommy, eating Nilla wafers, taking long naps, spying on the neighbors from the back of the couch, picking out the peas from his food and most importantly, watching documentaries on TV. Joey is very vocal - he often snores in his sleep, grunts like a pig and will howl, but only at chicken noises. Joey loves to play with his brothers and sisters and enjoys making sure everyone has a clean face.
Carlos loves boxes. Hes like a cat with his behavior. Hes loving but will show you attitude if you mess with his hoomans!
Gizmo Lee
He’s very playful and loves spending time with his mommy. He a handful and is always in something 🥰
She is very smart, trying to find someone to trainer her now for diabetes. She absolutely loves to please people
Maggie is a mini red Merle Aussie who is such a drama queen!!! She’s literally a kitten!!! She loves tummy rubs and her food!!!
Rocky is an amazing little blue eyed boy!!! He thinks he’s a tiny little thing! He’s got the chumpiest little paws ever and loves to play! He’s only 8weeks old and full of entertainment and energy!
Chachi Dog
Chachi is an 18 year old chihuahua. He is very sweet, when he wants to be 🙂. He loves naps and sunshine!
Lucy Lou
Lucy is a sweet, energetic 9 month old puppy! She is a black lab and Chow chow mix.
Maverick is a 4 month old playful boy that loves to play with his sister and squeaky toys. He also loves to dig holes and his muddy paws leave prints on the hearts of everyone he meets
Sammie Girl
She’s a typical sweet, over playful German Shepard breed. She loves her toys, thinks she can catch a bird, and loves her family (
Thor is very needy dog lol he is scared of his own shadow haha. He is very protective of his little person and loves car rides.
She's extremely shy and timid but shes sucha a love bug when she gets to know you!! She loves to run around and play with her toys, sometimes she'll even throw around her toy herself!! Shes a very good listener and listens to commands!!
Leo is my sunshine ☀️ he is such a happy and loving lil guy and he knows just how cute he is. He loves to fetch and hike and his favorite food is Starbucks puppuccino’s!
Chevelle is a fun, loving, and loyal puppy whose eyes truly pull you in. she loves kisses, hugs, walks, and snoring!!
Odin is half German Shepard and half Golden Retriever. His downy soft fur makes him look like a teddy bear 🧸 Odin loves his Hoomans. Especially the little ones!