Bourbon is a 3 month old Chocolate Heeler. She is so full of energy, loves her family and her sister (by another mister and misses) Luna (blue heeler). Loves to be outside playing with her sister and her best dude friend Bugsy Beagle.
Nova Nicole
Nova girl is the silliest girl you’ll ever meet. She loves her big back yard and going to the park with her mom
Sonny loves his sister Cher (who is a black kitty with 7 claws on all paws and all black) i love my race track in my backyard and i love to dance and i do many tricks for my treats .oh and i forgot i Love treats.
Wren loves all people and dogs, she especially loves her blankets. She can be a crazy dog with a lot of zoomies throughout the day. She is a lover of the outdoors and loves her car rides 💗
Ben is a pretty laid-back puppy he was also born on Christmas we have him and his sister Bailey they are full blood German shepherds very loving dogs
Lil Bit
Little bit was one of six puppies that our dog had she was so adorable we kept her she was actually sold and my daughter threw such a fit the lady was nice enough to bring her back and take a different pup
Annabelle is a fun loving, young, and spicy Bichon. She loves cuddles and will never leave you sad if you’re crying or down. Her favorite thing would probably be her cookies and treats as she is a bit overweight. A vote for Boo is a vote for you!
We rescued Knucklehead from a local shelter He was only 4 months old and he was badley abused by his previous owner requiring his back right leg to be amputated...We brought him home and he took to us Immediately...He loves our 3 grandkids and is a True Joy to the entire family...He loves to take naos and watch Andy Griffith lol...we wouldnt take a Million dollars for Knucklehead lol
this is milo my almost 1 year old border collie/ choc lab mix. he thinks he’s a lap dog and is so vocal and affection. he smiles for my pictures, says hello, guards our livestock occasionally. he is the best baby i have ever met. he is truly my angel<333
Zoe is 3 months old from Alabama.She loves to play with other dogs and taking long naps.
Bejamin is a sweet, happy and loving dog. Benjamin loves to be outdoors, but when he's not outside you can find him sleeping. Benjamin loves playing, sleeping, going on car rides, taking photos, and specially giving kisses. Benjamin is my four legged best friend. When you're crying he makes sure you are okay and cares for you. Benjamin really loves eating cookies. Lastly, Thank you for viewing/reading/voting it means alot to me.
Dean is an energetic pup that likes to Hurd our ducks and geese in the pond, most times he is in the water with them
Finn is a 14 week mini Australian shepherd with gorgeous blue eyes. He is a loving, smart puppy that is growing into the perfect best friend. He’s learning new tricks every week and loves to weave between my legs.
Tank is an overgrown puppy basically. He never really grew out of that stage. He might be seven, almost eight, but he still has a lot of puppy spirit left in him. He’s super overprotective of his humans, especially the kids. Tank loves to play tug of war with his four foot snake. He loves any type of treat.
My name is Dixie I am almost 1 years old and I have 2 brothers and 1 sister we have so much fun together! we love to go swimming in our pond and creek we like to get all muddy and then go jump all over mom ! I love to bring her surprises like moles a lot of random things I find and also my siblings and I brought mom a dead deer before not to sure where we found it but mom wasn’t to happy with us I don’t know why oh well !
Axil is one crazy pup! He loves stealing all the socks and taking up all the room on the couch! His favorite toy is his duck and loves peanut butter during bath time.
He’s a loveable, spunky, funny dog. He likes barking and squeak his toy most..
Bailey was born on Christmas of this year she's a purebred German Shepherd with a great personality we actually have two we got brother and sister they are just great dogs
Merlin is the newest member to our family. He loves to play with with his aussie brother. Currently his favorite toy is the grill cover, as he loves to drag it inside the house with a big smile on his face.
Shes by far the best dog ive had
Sadie Ann
Sadie is a sweet fur baby she loves to play ball and nap with her cat friends she will salute play ded say love you and hates green beans she goes to nursing homes 3 times a week to hand with her pals
Holtby loved his family, enjoyed running in the woods, camping, long rides, loved the sunshine.
Hi I’m Norella, a chocolate Labrador. I’m 12 weeks old. I love snuggling, playing with my toys, eating snow and going for car rides.
Athena Zamarripa
Athena was saved from a kill shelter 3 months ago we adopted her she's a 3 year old terrier mix brindle she's very obedient she loves to take pictures likes the outdoors and especially those long drives on the highway she is very very very smart I wouldn't know what to do without her she's a blessing
Piper is training to be my service dog due to my sigars dropping low. So far she is amazing.
Hazel is very smart and has a very unusual personality. She is the sweetest pup and is making the most out of her puppy months.
Bucky Barnes
Hey there! My names Bucky Barnes and o love to play fetch, cuddle, and hangout with my brother Tchalla. I’m super happy to be participating in this contest with all you awesome pups! Good luck everybody!
Hi there!! My name is Tchalla (like the amazing Black Panther! RIP) I am so happy to be participating in this contest with all you cool pups! Good luck everybody 🐾
Dozer Daniel is a 97lbs chocolate lab!!! He loves going for rides, playing with his ducky, chic-fil-a vanilla milkshakes, and sleeping between mom and dad everynight. He is a big lover and spoiled rotten<3
Chloe is a bright, loving, gental sweetheart who loves ducky squeeky toys. She can play for hours and loves attition. She is a very good listener and an even better cuddlier. She just lost her best friend as we had to say goodbye to her brother Zinkers 😞 He will always be missed! We love our babies ❤
Moose loves running around and playing he loves chewing on his bones and also likes to cuddle when he feels like it but he never stops moving
Dakota loves to cuddle and she is very gentle also likes to eat ever sort of food that you have and the mostly thing that she likes is to sleep
Pierce is a energetic dog who loves to cuddle and loves having her tummy rubbed she is the sweetest Dalmatian ever
Sedona is fun, loyal, playful girl that really enjoys her sqeaky toys. She can't resist a fuzzy squeaky toy!!
Rocky is a big baby he likes to play an he likes to play with balls
Shillow is 4 months old and super playful! She loves talking to anyone she meets! Shillow loves her big brother Bo (she also likes to bite his ankles). Shillow is a huge advocate for cuddles! She loves to give high fives, shake your hand, look at herself in the mirror!
Sadie Nicole
Sadie is a sweet chiwennie with a very funny personality. She reminds me of a human sometime. She is very sweet and loves her lamb chop toy!
My people think they rescued me..but really I rescued them! I even taught them how to relax and smile! Thanks for the likes…🐾
Ruger is a fun loving dog that loves to snuggle. He likes adventuring out side and going for hikes. He loves pets, toys and meeting new people. He does not like car rides he has to be snuggled on someone’s lap the hole time with his nose on the window. He’s not really a swimming dog but but he loves to float on his inflatable mattress.
Ripley is named after the famous movie Alien. She is a Aussie Shep/ lab mix. She loves the run in the yard and chew her toys. She’s had a sweet heart and loves to give kisses.
Otis is an escape artist
Ravin is a 6 month old black lab, she absolutely loves to be with kids, in the water, playing ball. She is a very smart puppy & a very loving pup!
Very playful loves yellow small squeak tennis balls. Loves to play catch. She lets it bouce once then jumps up and catches it in the air. Loves Kids. My Shadow because i smoke outside follows me everywhere till i got outside to smoke and play ball with her. Very lovable too. Her best friend is our cat. They the same age. I have 3 alot older dogs but rathers the cat other dogs arent playful enough for her. But she challenges them.
He is a big old baby
Moose is a goofy pup that doesn't realize his size. He is super smart and confident. He is a huge lover and enjoys his cuddle time with his mom and dad. Moose loves to play and just be a lazy couch potato. His favorite toys are his blue moose and monkey. Moose also enjoys walks and a run around the pasture to do his daily check up on the ponies!!! We love and adore this boy to pieces and are glad to have him in our family!!💕🐾
Sophie Mae
Sophie is almost 2 years old. She loves to cuddle and take walks.