Marley came into my life after my sweet Finley passed. Marley is a German shepherd husky mix she’s a loving girl who is my best friend.
Cisko is so loving , he is a frenchie and has the most beautiful blue eyes he loves his toys and loves his family , he gets excited to meet new people and loves to sleep !
This Christmas Cuties Loooves He’s Christmas Stuffies From Santa and he wishes for more Treats (votes) 🎄♥️🎄
Piper is the sweetest girl. We got her after we lost our 16 year old chi. She has been an amazing fit with the family. She’s a whopping 3.5 pounds and full of love!
Creed loves playing with kids, he loves other animals. He loves the snow. He is a very lovable and sweet. He loves playing with toys. He loves cuddling l.
8 months old, smart , hungry, loving, playful, hungry. Ball of energy.
Oliver is deaf
She is a big daddy's girl she attacks blankets and pillows when it is her bed time loves to cuddle
Blue min pin
Brady is a shorkie. He loves to go on walks and play with his toys. He is also a very good cuddle buddy.
Hi! I’m Sawyer! I’m a 2 year old pup who loves everyone and every dog I meet. I have loads of energy and I’m super smart! I love to cuddle and I’m a good watch dog, but don’t worry, I’m more bark than bite😊
This is Stretchy and he loves String Cheese!
SweetPea is foster dog in a rescue group. She had 3 owners in 7 days before her current foster who has now had her 6 weeks. Super sweet Min pin who is such a loving girl. She would love if you would show her love with a vote.
Kyro loves to gives hugs and kisses, he’s surprised me with how good he listens and how fast he learns. His favorite toy is a banana 🍌 and he loves to play.
Yuki (a shiba inu / Japanese breed) stands for happiness and snow in Japanese! She loves running outside when it snows and whenever it hit 5 degrees today all she wanted to do was go outside. Other than loving snow as you can tell, she really enjoys sleeping no matter where she’s at. I hope you all enjoy this beautiful picture of her falling asleep on the bed lol! Merry Christmas everyone!
Kliff is a rescue he loves to chew up toys and greets me with his mousie
He’s very energetic and loves to play, he loves everyone he see’s and loves his pup cups from starbies!
Joker is almost 5years old. Joker well hes just a doofus 🤣 hes just a big ol puppy at heart he loves playing with our other dog dymond he love sleeping and cuddling and covers. He will still your covers from u 🤣🤣 hes very strong and big he right now weighs 120 lbs and when he’s sitting down hes about 2 1/2 feet tall maybe he just a gentle giant ans he legit loves everyone lmfao like he just wants all the love
Delorian Lee young is very spoiled and loves attention a people. He is very friendly and always wants other’s attention. He should be the winner. He is the official cookie taster Lolol
Hi I’m Teddie, I am a husky/pitbull mix. I loves to surprise momma with presents like leaves and sticks especially from the park!
Pumpkin is a 3 month a old pit. She wakes up every morning and chooses to wake me and my husband up with a crap ton of kisses and nibbles. Sometimes she chooses Violence lol and wants to rough house with our pants leg. She loves everyone and especially her fox toy she love playing and hiding it she also loves playing fetch with her ball. Shes such a joy to be around she talks to you shes an awesome pup
Delorian Lee Young
Delorian Lee young. Loves people and every where we go he just craves for attention. He loves to snuggle right next to me every night and he should be the winner
My koda is 12 and a real big baby get ready to have your feet sat on when you visit
Remi is 3 she is a real sweetheart ,love to play ball
Kona is very special to my family, she is always the one who can find remotes first, weird they always come back all chewed up....same with slippers and shoes.
I am Indiana an American bully mixed that is 5 months old. Often my breed get a lot of controversy. However I am the most affectionate puppy ever. I love being active. Rather it’s running around in the park off leash or messing with my toys. I have a slight obsession with feet. I enjoy frenzies, my play pal goose at the park and my family.
Rusty always has a burst of energy and is the most lovable dog you will ever meet! And loves to give kisses🐶❤️
Lucy is 4 years old, she LOVES people! She was given to us 4 Christmases ago.
Rosie is a American staffordshire terrier , lab mix , her favorite color is yellow and pink , she loves squeaky balls and hates the rain .
Freddie is the goodest boy you will ever meet! He enjoys kisses and laying on the couch with his people!
Rosie is a 7 month old German Shephard/ Boxer mix. She is a smart, sweet and rambunctious girl. She loves her humans and treatos!
Miss Jade is a 13 week old full bred boxer who is all sass! She is the princess of the family! Loves ALL of the attention! She is part of the Wiggle Butt club with her twin brother Jax! She too MUST sleep on or near her brother! She loves giving kisses and playing fetch!
Jax is a 13 week old full bred boxer! He is a smuggler, loves to howl & wiggle his butt when he is happy! He pounces on his “babies” when playing! He MUST lay on or near his twin sister Jade when sleeping! He loves people…especially Grammy & Grampy!
Bella is the sweetest, smart, intelligent, loyal, obedient dog you will ever meet. She likes people and other animals. Seeing pictures of her doesn’t quite explain the beauty this dog possesses. She is an amazing companion.
shitzu mixed with poodle girl had 5 puppies she’s a great mom great watch dog she protects me and there’s babies vote for mamas
Only boy out of a 5 pup liter that came out with multi colors brown & black he’s mixed small toy breed his mom is shihpoo all black curly & dad is brown small chihuahua Taco Bell dog. Just a ball of joy🤩
I just lost my brother, Dior, so I am the man of the house…I hope I look the part. I miss my Dior so much. Love to all and peace on earth❤️
Jaeger is a redbone coon hound . He likes to sniff around all day and chase bunnies
Ozzy Pawsbourne
Ozzy is the absolute goodest boy ever
Koko is a sweet mini chiweenie, she loves cuddles and kisses but her favorite thing to do is play with her two human siblings 🥰
Loves chicken jerky and belly rubs and loves the outdoors especially watching cars go by . He's a wonderful emotional support dog not only mine but picks up easily on others emotions easily and wastes no time raising their spirits. He's definitely My Hero ☺️
Penelope was born with a cleft lip .they said so she wasn't gonna make it.i had to tube feed her.shes as fighter and her personality is so full.
The goodest 2 month old American Bully! Loves to cuddle with warm blankets and watch tv❤️
Gunner Waylon Jennings
Amazing and loyal good boy!
Bella is a sweet 3 year old German shepherd who loves the water snow and Lazer lights her most fav chasing her toy balls.
She is so loving if your having a bad day shes always there to comfort you loves going for rides and loves her treats
Cocoa is such a sweet dog! She is smart, funny, and a very good dog! She Loves people and anyone that will give it to her!
Sunny is a 3 year old staffordshire bull terrier. She is a ball of energy but a kind heart. She loves to play with toys and her sibling but most of all she loves to sleep in the bed with mom and dad. Going for rides in the truck is a close 2nd place. She never meets a stranger and loves everyone including other dog. Show her some love as she is alway wiling to give some back.