Baby Stories - 97


Bentley is such a sweet, loving, smart Chocolate Lab. He loves chasing squirrels, playing fetch, and is so obedient. When he wants something, he will wait either sit in front of you or rest his head on your lap with the intense stare saying read my mind 🤣 until you respond. He is so gentle with our cats and children that visit. This picture was taken when he was just 10 weeks old, now he is 3.5 years, my best friend. Whenever I have a bad day or just any day his presence makes it complete. Perfect addition to our family 🐾
My name is Summer aka Sumbum and I am a 1/2 Great Dane and 1/2 mastiff! I suffer from separation anxiety and love playing with kids and my brother Choncho who is also a mastidane!
My name is Choncho and I am 1/4 Great Dane and 3/4 mastiff! I love toys. water and carrots!
Tucker just turned 8 yrs old however he still has the heart of a puppy as well as the spirit. He loves to go “bye-by” & no matter where he goes or who he meets, Tucker steals the show! playful with lots of personality, he’s the “neighborhood dog” who makes his daily rounds to say hello to everyone. He’s the most loyal dog I’ve ever known never leaving his mommas side & always looking after his little brother “Puppy Luv” Tucker is the epitome of “mans best friend” ❤️
Kash is 3.5 years old. Kash is a very athletic active boy that enjoys being outside with his family playing hide n seek, swimming in his pond, playing football, chasing squirrels and hanging with his best friend khloe. Kash loves to learn new things and work. Please click on the like button and vote for my bud.
Dylan is the most loving and caring pup ever. He warms everyone’s heart with a snuggle and plenty of kisses. Plus, he’s my baby and he knows it, too
Hi friends! My name is Nova and my momma spoils me with treats! I love to roll around in my puppy pool! I live with 2 things that are just like me! Lily and Roman. They like to chase me for some reason!! Good Luck 4-legged friends!
Lucy Lou
She weigh 12 pounds and thinks she can run with the big dogs she shows our big goldens She gonna prove to them she’s as tuff and as big as them. Please vote for this little girl who try’s to be a grown up dog but is just a little sweetheart
Chloe came to me weighing less than a pound at 7 weeks old. She was sold as a dachshund. The moment I got her home, she melted both my and my husbands heart even though we knew right away we had been duped. She is quite a character! And fiesty from day one! She rules this roost! 😂
Please click the like button down below 🐶 Diesel is an alaskan malamute and such a love bug. He loves everyone he meets and wins there heart over. If you want to follow him on YouTube his channel is Mountain Ridge Malamutes.
Kuzy Byrd
Hi, I am Kuzy I am a very loving playful 10 month old Silver Labrador. I do have a heart defect but that doesn’t hold me back any.
Oreo Da Frenchie
Hi…I’m Oreo a blue pied french bulldog. I’m from New York. I was born during COVID and lucky to go to a loving home, where I have three little human brothers that I play with a lot. I also have loving parents that spoil me everyday. I’m a loving, playful boy that can’t get enough attention from others. Check out my pawsome life on Instagram @Oreo_da_frenchie. Please vote for me
Munchkin came and saved me at a very difficult and emotionally fragile time in my life. It was a daily struggle to even get outta bed. Munchkin gave me purpose and reason to pick myself back up and start living again.
Milo was from a rescue. Hes a bengal mix. Mili loves to play outside chasing balls, exploring in the long grass, hiding, but most of all he loves to snuggle close.
Just a big fluffy pup who has love to share with everyone!
Dixie Belle
Dixie Belle is the sweetest and the most stubborn dog we’ve ever owned. She’s also our perfect rainbow puppy after losing a family friend last year! ❤️
Prince is a pitbull husky , he loves people he’s the sweetest ❤️
Aspen is a one year old Alaskan Husky. She is so full of life and spunk! Her favorite things are playing, going on adventures, pup cups from Dutch Brothers and wrestling her big sister! She is a little ray of sunshine wherever she goes! ✨
Azariyah Hope
Azariyah is amazing and loving 1 year old pug.. She loves everyone.. She is very spunky... She turned 1 on April 22 2021.. She has had many adventures first being a cross country drive with her new mamawhen she was 9 1/2 weeks old to her forever home... Azariyah (Azie for short) is very much a social butterfly and loves everyone... She loves to go bye-bye especially to her favorite Coffee place where all the Barista's have to love on her...and know her by name.. Her favorite things are to Play with it is with older sister Lola or her Kitty Sabora.. or with her Amazing toys.. She just got q new toy last week that is 2x as big as she is but its her new favorite at the moment.. but she loves her toys.. also love her chew sticks daddy just recently got her a bully stick.. and boy was that exciting.. it was gone in 4 days.. She loves he snuggle time with both mama and daddy.. Azariyah brings so much Joy to her family and always is doing something that makes them laugh.
Lola Abigail
Lola is a sweet Eeyore like pug.. she is so loving... and Compassionate Lola Just turned 13 on June 5th 2021..She loss her older sister May 2020.. and Got her new sister June 2020. She is still unsusre about this.. Lola' favorite things to do is cuddle with mama or lay in her nice soft bed or sit outside in the sunshine.. or go bye-bye and go for a ride in her Princess mobile...And of course Eat..
Soon to be hunting dog! More spoiled than anything
Dug joined our family as my surprise wedding gift in October of 2018 after being adopted from the Humane Society. Being only 3 months old, we were his fourth home. He was love at first sight and we knew he was the puppy for us. Dug loves playing with other animals, hiking, swimming, chasing reflections, loving on Mom and Dad, and most of all being a couch potato. Dug is the happiest dog no matter what and always has a contagious smile. His sweet smile and funny personality has brought joy to so many people around the community. People always tell me how they look forward to see what kind of mischief Dug has gotten into and how his smile brightens their day. Dug is a dog loved by many. He is definitely living his greatest adventure!
Hi I’m Silas! I’m a parvo survivor! I love To play fetch and go on walks in the woods!
Thea enjoys long walks in the park, chasing butterflies, enjoys the occasionally beer at Pup friendly breweries and making new pup and human friends around town. Vote Thea!
We took Rayo in not knowing he was gonna be our Puppy, but he convinced us and we stayed with him. Later on we found out Rayo was abused by his previous owner.He is charming, funny he is a really nervous dog but we love Rayo even with his craziness.
Tazer is Chihuahua mixed with Yorkie. He is 3 mos. currently. Tazer is funny, playful and charming.
My name is Callie and I’m 2 years old. I love to run outside and chase my siblings. I am easily scared but as long as I have my parents around me I’m okay!
I’m Macy and I absolutely love cuddles. I love my mom and dad. I love to run outside and play with my brother Bentley.
I’m 7 years old, and my name is Bentley. I like to Mosley sleep through the days but I get so excited everyone I see my mom. I helped her get through one of the toughest times of her life, and that’s why I like to make her happy.
Hi I’m almost 4 years old and I love to cuddle. I like hanging out with my mom because her cuddles are the best. I like playing in the backyard but I don’t like swimming. Water is scary.
My name is Ben but everyone calls be benny. I am almost a year old. I love chewing on toy bones that my mom and dad get me. I like swimming with my brother goose and I like going to my grandma and grandpas house.
I am 4 months old and I love chewing on cords, and I really like the taste of mom and dads food when they aren’t looking. I like playing with my older brother Benny, we’re like the best of friends. We love swimming at the lake, and I like going to my grandmas house to.
You can’t buy happiness but you can buy bourbon and that’s basically the same thing! Meet Bourbon the pure bred Golden Retriever. Aged 10 weeks. Well-balanced. Sweet with a bit of spice. Truly the goodest dog!
Jack is a 10 years old rescue and acts like a puppy. He is obsessed with the frisbee or anything else you will throw for him. He is on the move constantly and sits on the yard waiting for cars to come up the road so that he can bark at them.
Katana just turned a year old. She loves running on the beach, walks and car rides!
Penny Ann Hufflepuff
I adopted Penny after fostering her! She’s full of spunk, sasses back, and loves cuddling 🥰 She’s a Great Dane/German Shepherd mix with a bit of Mastiff and Malamute! She’s quirky too, hides all of her bones and treats in the sofa cushions until she goes outside and buries them!
This is mommas lil baby. She is full of energy and is a walking garbage disposal LOL. She loves giving kisses and going to the park to play.
This little cutie loves to eat his wet food cuddle up to his sister Bella and rough house. He’s such a sweet little dude!!
Stella is a 9 year old dachshund beagle mix. Her birthday is June 14th. I adopted her from Great Plains SPCA when she was 3. She came from a hoarding situation, and had awful territorial issues. Now she's a chill girl who loves kids and other animals, just don't let her near rabbits. Rabbits are her enemy. Above all else she's not just a dog, she's my daughter💜
He is a joy, very loving, family friendly doggy loves the park, very loyal and attentive, loves car rides its his favorite thing to do.....
I inherited Clyde when my son passed away. Clyde is the best dog ever. He is silly with rolling in grass. Gets hyper when smelling snow. He is smart. When I don’t get out of bed when the alarm rings, he barks and when I get up he jumps in the bed rolling around in my spot then lays down. I so love this dog. I son did a great job when he adopted him.
A little alpha princess!!! Eyes to die for. Fearless.
Ollie is more human than dog. He has to have a few drops of coffee in his food in the morning or he'll talk to you (whine, bark, or howl) until he gets his way. When he's happy he folds his ears like a bow tie on the top of his head. He is such a spoiled little boy.
May Bea
May Bea is a tripawd! We think she's a Mauzer, a Maltese + Schnauzer, she's just adorable!
Ms. Ellsworth
An abandoned, mange & scabies, heart worm positive, emaciated rescue, turned therapy certified and the biggest snuggle-buggle! “Ellie” or “Boobah-Bear” for short.
This little girl was found on the streets of Mexico before being brought to California for rescue. She loves to hide her bones, take long naps and has never met a stranger.