Baby Stories - 97


Fancy is a spoiled little princess and she thinks she is the Boss! She's full of energy and she's my best friend.
Hi my name is Lila, I am a feisty girl who likes to play with her brother Briggs. I like to chase squirrels and get into trouble.
Hi I’m Ellie! I love playing with my friends, getting belly rubs and playing with my Badger toys. Sometimes I think I’m barking but it sounds like a howl and it makes my pawrents giggle.
Achilles loves to play outside especially with his brother Adonis. They love snow ❄️ He loves to go for car rides, playing fetch even though sometimes he doesn’t bring the stick back lol
Teddy is a fun, cuddly, playful little guy who is good at letting you know how he feels. He smiles the biggest, goofiest smile when he’s excited/happy, and is a big scaredy cat 🙀 He is extremely loving and tolerant with the kids, happily lets my 2 yr old play Dr. and “make him all better”, and he really has just been a great addition to our family.
Chessika Chew Chew
Chessika is a hoarder, anything she can find she will carry it to her bed or bury it in the ground. When's she's ready, she will return it.
Vyper Mae
She is loving, loyals, protective, but also a goofy girl as well. If your not paying attention to her she will nip you and let you know.
She doesn't like lemon at pregnant and she thinks she can eat everything I eat and she always laid on my stomach.
Ivy is almost one year old, turning 1 on January 15 of 2021. We picked her up on March 13, 2020, which was the exact day that a lot of the country closed down due to COVID-19. She has enjoyed her time with her human family at home, and still manages to keep us busy for play time.
Hello Hooman's! My name is MELO, I'm 9 weeks old Golden Retriever. My family just brought me home & my hooman youngster loves me & plays football with me but instead of taking the ball back to him I run to the lake😊 because I love swimming 🐶🐾🐶 🐶HELP ME WIN🐶
Nova is a rescue. She was dumped with her sister in a field in Oklahoma where she was found not long after she had been weaned and taken to the animal shelter in Tulsa. She had a check up and was sent to CA along with 60 other dogs from Tulsa. She arrived with a small case of kennel cough and worms. Both were treated. She still needs to be watched for heartworm as she's from an area with a high instance of them. She's been through a lot. When we applied for her over 100 other families also applied. We were lucky to be chosen for her. Currently she has started official training and catches on very quickly. She's a smarty for sure! She has settled in nicely with our family and seems to really love us and the feeling is mutual! :)
Newton (Newt) is a 10 month old Skye terrier. Skyes are a vulnerable breed, with only 3-4,000 left in the world. Skyes are considered a “dwarf” breed because of their short little legs. Newt is just a big dog on short legs and it’s hard telling him that he can’t do some things that the other dogs can. Newt is my good luck charm, born on St. Patty’s day and was Mr. Green in his litter 💚
Ellie is a very smart, energetic and happy Pomsky! She loves long car rides, belly rubs, snuggling and most of all other dogs!! Her favorite superhero is the Flash.. she frequestly trys to top his highest speed as she zooms through the house!! Watch out Flash she is coming for you!!
Ollie is a Shepadoodle (GSD and doodle) who loves the water and playing ball all the time! Hes a big boy but such a love bug :)
I got so lucky with Riggs. He’s loyal, caring and funny! He loves snow, but thankfully loves me more ❤️
Piper was born to shine! She loves being the center of attention. She does so many tricks and is learning agility (walking in her grandpa's footsteps). She brings the whole family so much joy (and sass!❤️❤️)!
My name is Boomer, I'm sweet and fluffy. My gorgeous blue eyes will melt your heart. Let's go have a beer.
Shy is exactly what her name is. She is Shy and loves to be outside playing in water and loves her bed and toys.
Brody loves socks, treats, cuddles, toilet paper, and tummy rubs!
Zoey opens doors, collects sticks, has an ice fetish, buries treasures, and has the cutest ways of communicating!
Bailey loves to play fetch, cuddle, go on boat rides and swimming!
Hi! My name is Kira, and I'm an incredibly sweet and energetic girl. My mom rescued me in November 2019- I came from some bad conditions in Tennessee and was brought to Michigan on the HSHV Love Train! My mom says it was love at first sight, and I was so happy to find my furever home. After a DNA test, my mom found out I have the genetics of approximately 9 dogs, but the most prominent are Catahoula Leopard Dog and Great Pyrenees. I enjoy playing and snuggling, and some of my favorite activities are barking and digging (although they are not my moms favorites.) I'm incredibly loveable, and always have to be by my mom and my little boys side. I'm smart too- I can open drawers to get treats when my mom says no! My moms thinks I'm the greatest, and I hope you can see that too! Happy voting!
He is a great family member, very quiet and friendly to all who visit. Hes gentle and loving, loves playing.
Ralphie loves to take pictures and to cuddle with his stuffed toy dinosaur he is so sweet and gives kisses each morning
Hi! I’m Waylon! I’m 4 months old and a big snuggles fan! I love my 3 little human siblings as well as my dog and cat siblings! I can do several tricks and I’m most motivated when string cheese is involved!
Loki is a shepherd/pointer mix . Very energetic puppy and he is 5 mos old. Loves to play outside and go for walks
This is Rex but we call him Rexi. He has such an awesome personality. He loves anything that flys + playing in the snow + long cuddles + of course belly rubs! He has been such a great addition to our family! We love him dearly ❤️
Mumford is a cuddle bug and loves his fur brothers and human siblings soo much!! Sweetest pup
Cooper loves to play with any kind of squeaky toy and gets so excited when he gets new ones! He will tilt his head to answer yes when we ask him a question.
My name is Fenway (aka: Fen, Fenny, Mr. Way) and I am a Yorky/Corgi. I don't care for long walks on the beach, but I do enjoy the occasional walk near my house. I love all of my toys! Usually if it squeaks, I'll play with it the most because then mom and dad will wanna play too! Very lovable, charming, outgoing, and protective. I may be small, but I have a huge heart.
Hi, my name is Pudge, but mommy likes to call me Pudgey Wudgey and daddy calls me fatso! My birthday is July 24, 2020. I love my sister, Twix, except when she hides from me on her cat tower. She’s a cat and can jump really high! I also love cuddling next to my hoomans for bedtime. Mommy cuddles me too hard sometimes and she gives me too many kisses. BLEH! My hoomans tell me (sarcastically) that I have such a hard life. It is! My legs are short! How am i suppose to run around fast enough with my friends at the dog park?? Huh! Mommy is calling, gotta go! Bye!!!
Rowdy is a 3 month-old Border-Aussie. He is very energetic, outgoing, and loves his family to be together. His favorite toy is a purple squeaker binky or his hotdog!
My name is Danny! I’m 12 years old but I still act like a puppy. I love to heard and I love mud. I love spending time with my kid and her friends, they are so fun! My mom says that I can’t heard or play with the chickens and ducks because I love on them to much. But they like to be dirty like me. She tell me to stick with the cows and horses. But they aren’t as fun, that’s just work.
Noodles was named noodles because of how hyper and insanely energetic she gets. Sheis a crazy fun, goofy and mischievous doggy. She is 4 years old. She loves making messes and messing with her uncle Rico (dog).
He lives at 35709 Evanston Avenue.He love to play.gently temper such a joy.
Dresden is a smart 9 month old Sable German Shepherd. He loves playing fetch with any toy you will throw for him. He is a super cuddlebug and enjoys playing in the leaves, water and with all his puppy friends at the dog park.
He has the energy to fill a thousand hearts. ❤️
Hello!!! My name is Ariat! I am only 2 months old ALMOST 3 months old! I am a Blue Heeler & have soo soo soo much energy! I know how to sit and sometimes I’ll tell my Mom’s I have to go outside. I am super loving, and a big goof!! I love playing tug of war, and sleeping on my moms!
Bella Boo
Bella is the sweetest dog ever and she will only get 3 more pounds she is my babby and no one will ever change that
Prince is a 5 pound Long Hair Chihuahua, who has become the light and hope for many humans. He is a Therapy Dog. He gives joy and love to our Veterans who suffer from PTSD. He is the most loving, caring little Dog anyone has ever met with a beautiful Soul. I believe he was put in this world to help heal many humans broken souls . ♡ He is loved back 101% over by us( the owners ) and by every person who crosses his path, even from those humans who don't care much about dogs. What can i say 🤷‍♀️ he has that effect on people.🥰
Rambo is the most loving puppy there is ... he lives Lammy the lamb it’s his favorite toy .. he lives to play with the kids and he listens to them very well ... everybody is Rambos friend
Dozer is one of the most loving dogs I have ever had. Dozer looks like an old man but he just turned a year old. He loves to go for rides and play tug a war! And of course pick on the cat. He is literally my best friend
Rico is a 5 yr old lazy brat. He loves to go on car rides and walk. Hell fall asleep anywhere. He loves to destroy his toys. He is the most loveing big ass lap dog ever. He is the cutest dog in the world to me!!
Oh, Smash. Smash is stubborn but so sweet. He has never met a stranger, always loving to everyone he mets. He’ll do absolutely anything we ask of him, especially if there’s a treat involved. Smash loves being the center of attention, loves meeting new people, loves going new places. Smash is completely and utterly fearless. He tolerates what he doesn’t like - staying up past 9pm with heavy sighs. All he wants out of life is a good snuggle, a tasty snack, and a nice, long nap preferably outside, in the sun, on his back.
Rescued Romey is a shih-pop mutt that loves to cuddle, play with toys, & hangout with friends🐾🤍
She is a momma dog who recently gave birth to 11 puppies and was then abandoned and found near a rural lake, cold, scared and defeated! But now Lola has been rescued! Let’s show Lola the love she deserves and vote for her photo for a chance to win $2,000 to help spoil Lola the way she deserves to be spoiled!
Knox is the very best dog!! He love toys expically ones that squeak & ones he can tear up! He loves treats, anything duck flavored!! Something funny about Knox is when he passes gas it scares him!!