Baby Stories - 96


Leo is a Rescue dog I’ve had about 4 year. He is like a big teddy bear. He has a heart of gold and loves children. He loves running around playing with his toys playing in his pool. He is one amazing dog.
Whiskey is the biggest teddy bear ever ! he loves treats and giving hugs !
Jazmyn Amaretta Romano
Very playful energetic pup with boujee tastes. Picky eater favorite flavor is filet mignon
Loves terrorizing his older brother Titan
Beauregard is precious and kind fifty pound baby.
Mr. Felix Double Helix is a super good boi. He likes to shred sticks and chase ball. Him gives me cuddles every morning. He can roll over like a rotisserie.
He’s the biggest baby of all time I miss every day I can’t be with him 💕
Charles Lee Jenkins
Hi my name is Charles Lee Jenkins but i go by Charlie 🐶. I'm a Jack Russell/wiener dog mix. I like belly rubs, squeaky toys, and most of all sleeping💤 . My favorite squeaky toy is my squirrel🐿 from my grandma Evangelina. Vote for Me!
Baby Briar
This is my little dog Briar when he was 4 months old! He is a CHORKIE & he rules the roost!
Dunne loves his job and is one of the smartest dogs ive ever owned
Hi my name is Beatrice. I love to play with my my brother who is a silver lab. My mommy loves to take me for walks to see the horses and I love playing with the chickens also.
Rocco is a teacup Pomeranian with blue/green eyes. Whom is full of energy fun loving and loves to dress up everyday and model his outfits. He at times stares at himself In the mirror since he can’t get enough of his pawfect wardrobe looks. Always on the go and ready to travel, Rocco is one pup whom lives a pawfect lite 🦴🐾
Hey guys! My name is Frito. I LOVE playing. I'm always trying to play with you and if you're busy I'll just go find my friend to play with. I love taking walks to the park with Mom, Dad, and my friend Ruffles. Ruffles likes playing fetch but i just like chasing her.
Coppers 7 months old. He’s a very good and handsome boy! He loves being outside and running around. LOVES kids and people. He’s very loving puppy! Please vote for my boy 🤍🖤
Buddy is a Red nose pitbull, he is very playful, listens and is learning how to give paw five. He loves to play in the pool with his brother Rocky.
He is a total ham...and looks like he ate one. He’s our little butterball, he hasn’t missed a meal!
Revan is playful, loves playing with children, his favorite toy is a stuff rabbit, and lovesssss to eat😉
Pooh And Rona
They are brother and sister and love each other so much. They play hard and rule the neighborhood. The pair are always up to no good shenanigans and are inseparable. We call them Pooh-pa-Ronies
Stanley is about to graduate from Puppy class!! He loves to cuddle, and give kisses, and will do tricks as long as you have his favorite treat ready!! ❤️❤️
Abby likes to watch for the bunny rabbits to appear in our backyard in the early morning hours.
Captain Atlas is always up for a new adventure. He loves kayaking, swimming, running EVERYWHERE, and even playing in the snow when mom and dad go snowboarding! He loves attention and manages to find it wherever he goes!
Lola is funny, active, and loves to play with everyone! She loves her toys and loves belly rubs!
Milchka Donna Karella
Hi. My owners call me Mila. I’m 11 years old and my favorite activity is sleeping. I have younger sister who always annoys me. I’m all the way from Moscow. I’m a little loud. My owner like to say that I love belly rubs and back scratch. It’s the best thing. My owner envies me because I live like I’m on vacation 24/7. Sleep, massage and food. I also enjoy treats way too much and steal my sister’s treats as well.
Izabella Alexandria Fleur
Hi my name is Iza. I’m barely 7 months old. My favorite thing is to sleep on my owner’s pillow, to be more particular on her head. I traveled a long distance to find my forever home. I’m all the way from Moscow, just like my older sister Mila, who hates me, because I ppl like to jump on her out of nowhere. I have very sweet personality, like to greet both people and dogs. I’m trying to start modeling career.
It's bey short for Beyonce! She is a true diva full of attitude. She is very smart and knows how to get her way. She loves to stalk me every moment of the day when she isn’t sleeping or biting something she isn’t supposed to.
Murphy is a chihuahua mix. He loves belly scratches, his lamb toy, and cuddling on the couch.
Maverick is a little over a year old. He loves to be outside! He is a very loving energetic dog. He’s a sweet boy!❤️ Show him some love!!
Rio Mccullough
I’m a lab mix with pointer. Love to play in my backyard chasing the birds and with my family. I’m very loving, caring, and smart.
Charlie Muscles
Charlie Muscles is 13 years young. He likes to dance for treats and loves puppachinos from Starbucks. He still asks like a puppy and is my best friend.
Hi my name is Toby, and I was adopted a bit over a month ago. I love sneaking wood chips and rocks inside without my mom knowing. I love hugs, and know how to do 7 tricks already!
Ollie is the sweetest, snuggliest, silliest little bear and he brings joy to everyone he meets! :)
My handsome pup Kodi loves everybody falls asleep on laps, loves pupperoni, spins like a circus dog when he is happy and is a adult puppy that will never get bigger than 5lbs unless my mom tries to fatten him up. Please vote for Kodibear!!
Nub was born without a tail. She is the Sweetest Girl in the whole wide world!
Armani is a cuddly beautiful boy. He loves giving hugs and kisses. He is very kind and smart. He loves to do agility courses, he loves working his mind. Hopefully he puts a smile to your face🤍
Delta Dawn
Delta Dawn is a total Diva and loves to get a bath and Dressed up so she can get her picture taken. She is my little Fashionista
My names daisy, I love my toys and to play with my sister Darla and my kitties.
Dallas loves her bones! She chews on them all day! She spends most of her day laying around or chasing the mail lady! She's a happy dog that loves to jump and run!
Katana is a 6 month old Cane Corso!! She loves to play in the sprinkler and also loves to play with her little sister who is a Chihuahua.
Doobie is a mixed breed between a Queensland heeler and pit bull. He is a super spunky pup who loves to play and cuddle in the blankets. He loves treats and walks and trips.
My pup is super unique! His breed was not on the list to choose from. He is a fila de sao Miguel, they come from Portugal 🇵🇹. He is very loyal and a loving dog. He loves to chew on big sticks and play fetch! He loves treats, beggin strips are his favorite!
Moonshine she is so loving and always wants attention. She loves spending time with my daughter and loves playing with other dogs.
Mochi is very loving and can never get enough human and doggy cuddles. She enjoys playing in her swimming pool and with her snake toy. She loves children especially my granddaughter Andrea.
Sugar Bear
Sugar Bear is sweet and loving. He enjoys playing with his 2 sisters and belly rubs. He's gentle and loves to cuddle 💕
Marty is brand new to the world! As a young puppy he loves spending time outside in the sun chasing leaves. His favorite treats include strawberries, carrots, and cheese. He is extremely gregarious and loves interacting with other people and other dogs!
Indo is a cuddlebug who loves everyone. His favorite time is getting new toys and trying to play with everyone including the cats. Catching falling snow is a favorite too!
Coco is a 3 month old chorkie, his mom is a yorkie and dad is a chiwawa!! He loves sitting on my shoulder as if it’s a perch!!! He loves to play and eat!! He has quite the personality and talks quite a bit!! All the ladies go loco for coco!! ❤️🤗
Dotty Mae
Dotty is 5 years old and she is a registered service dog who loves car rides and the beach. She is very calm and loving and also loves her mom and dads bed.