Our little puppy!
The goofiest boy you’ll ever meet!
She is always smiling!
Lancer is 12 years old! Loves belly rubs and sleeps like a cat!
Annabelle is a very spontaneous Saint Bernard . She loves to drag her loved ones inside the house by grabbing onto the leash after she potties. She loves to hang out with her family and play tug of war.
Marley is a pit bull terrier mix. He likes to go on walks with his 2 year old, and hold her hand. (Quite literally he will gently place his mouth on her hand and walk with her). He loves bubbles and all things play! I adopted him from Big bone canines, and interestingly enough he was rescued out of Oklahoma and brought to Colorado, I am also originally from Oklahoma and relocated to Colorado ! (We didn’t know this little fun fact until after we adopted him!
Jade is 7 weeks old, loves to chew shoes and have her belly rubbed. Soft and snuggly. Just the best daughter i could've ever imagined ❤ Blessed!
Seamus is a very cuddly and sweet boy. He loves blowing bubbles in the bath with his nose and zooming around the dog park making new friends. He's currently learning how to use a skateboard like his dad.
Harvey is super friendly and outgoing! He loves peanut butter, running in the park, greys anatomy and Harry Potter! 😝
Meet Hank; a 4 month old German ShortHaired Pointer(GSP). Full of energy & eager to get in the field! He loves to meet new people or new fur friends! He's very smart & very curious. Puppy with a bright future!
Bella is a feisty 11 week old Basset Hound who loves to play. She already knows those sad eyes can get her whatever she wants.
DIEGO is a very energetic fun loving pup. He loves exploring Arizona, and making new friends everywhere he goes.
Lemmy Lu
Lemmy Lu is the sweetest, most caring girl ever, who loves snuggling with mommy!🐶🥰🐾
He’s a total spark of life ! So so sweet , gentle and adorably loveable . He’s so smart and learning commands and tricks .
Sophie is my shadow. She follows me everywhere, even into the bathroom with me. She loves snoring real loud, especially when she’s comfy in her big bed with big blankets. Sophie will never let you stop petting and scratching her left ear. She may be 12, but she runs as fast some young pups.
My name is Grizzly. Im 7 years old. Im part Golden Retriever/Great Dane. I love playing 24/7. I especially love cuddles on the sofa. Im somewhat goofy but very loveable.
Versace is a purebred pomeranian who is very family-oriented, he loves to smother you in kisses as well as follow you around the house. He is loyal to his hearts content. Very energetic, his favorite things to do are car rides and going swimming at the doggy beach.
Brooklyn "Brooke" love to be with her mom and dad! She goes everywhere we go including work. She loves to play with other dogs and eat. She’s only 5 lbs but eats all the time. She loves her dresses and riding in the car. She’s so sweet and loves to learn new things. She’s our pride and joy as we do not have kids at this time.
Kyler is an Australian shepherd/blue heeler mix. Don't let her breed fool you, she loves to just lay around. She is a big cuddler!
He likes to chew on socks 🤦🏻‍♀️ He likes to play with water bottles 🤷‍♀️ When I first adopted him I had no clue what to name him one day we were in the yard playing and I look at him and he's chasing his shadow lol 😆 So I thought perfect name lol
Samuel Joshua
Samuel Joshua is a very special guy. He will be 7 this year. He’s so caring and loves his mom and big brother Chris. When mommy doesn’t feel well he brings her his special favorite teddy bear. Whenever she has a headache he lays his head next to like he’s trying to take the pain and he’s most precious when he covers mommy up with a blanket when she’s sleeping. Samuel has his own Facebook page with lots of people who loves him. He deserves to win
Gizmo enjoy cuddles, car rides and the occasional zoomies!
She loves swimming
Betty is almost a 1 year old mutt she is very playful and loving she was born and raised in our home. We love her to death and think she is very pretty. It takes Betty a bit to warm up to other dogs other than that she is full of energy.
Sage is 5 months old and just joined the family after we adopted her from the Animal Shelter. She the most sweetest girl! We believe she is a German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix! She loves to cuddle and be outside. Love her treats and her toys!
Buck a very shy and cute puppy. Who loves to play fetch and also bite peoples toes on the occasion.
Heaven is very fiesty...she wants all the attention...she is very playful and you can see...they wear themselves out...Heaven is on Left and Cage is on the Right....Brother and Sister ❤️!!
Cage is very active...he was running around in the dirt with his sister...He is fun loving and very attentive...he loves kids!
Ella June
Ella June is a sassy and sweet 1 year old Sheltie. She weighs in at a whopping 12.7 lbs and is the smallest Sheltie I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. She absolutely loves car rides and playing with the cats. She is very talkative, like a Husky, and it’s quite funny listening to her change tones and draw out her barks and growls like she’s trying to form words. She’s pint size with a punch of attitude and spunk 😁She brings so much sunshine to my days and is my precious angel that came into my life when I needed her the most. We would love and appreciate a vote from you. Thank you!
Sonny loves to play outside! You should vote for him because he is the cutest, cuddliest, playful dog ever! Sonny loves to run, catch his ball, and spend time with family. Sonny the sweetheart deserves your vote!
13 years old, and still full of life. Loves running around the yard and soaking up the sun during the summer. Won't eat her food until she levels it out first, if she doesn't succeed she'll tip it over and walk away. Such a silly pup.
Bear is a 6 month old Mini Aussie mix. I rescued bear (and his sister Bella) when he was only 5 weeks old and he’s been my baby bear ever since. He’s so friendly and playful, full of energy and love. He loves cuddles and kisses, and he’s amazing with kids. He lost his sister to parvo shortly after we got them but this little guy made it through, he’s definitely a tough boy.
6 year old lab. Enjoys cuddles and being center of attention.
Buddy Boo
Buddy is actually a beaglador body of a beagle all the marking a lab. He found me, he was a stray, i tell everyone he went from the street to the sheets. Yes, he actually does sleep this way. We will donate the winnings to stray rescue so please help us help other fur babies like my buddy.
Penny loves snuggles ❤️
NuNu so far loves her dog treats & her brother Jadon. She is learning quick to sit on demand. She’s very playful an loves outside running and playing.
Our little guy just turned 8 weeks old. So much personality already! He’s a sweet cuddler and ornery as ever when he wakes up from naps. Proud to be his momma.
Mack ia 6 weeks old and he is a mix of Great Pyrenees and Catahoula. Mack loves to be held and falls asleeps in your arms. He loves to sleep on his back . He is thr sweetest pup ever.
Tank is 6 weeks old is a mix of Great Pyrenees snd Catahoula. He loves his belly rubbed and enjoys his toys. He is the sweetest pup.
She is fun, kind, smart and the best puppy we have ever had. She's training to be a seizure dog for my disabled husband. She works hard and plays harder!!!
Zeus may look big but he’s a big teddy bear. In Zeus’s free time he enjoys long walks with his owners, cuddling with all people, and playing with his toys.
Jax loves to travel, his favorite place is New York City because of all of the delicious smells and all the places to pee. His favorite meal is spaghetti and he has to have sauce, no plain noodles.
A Biewer Yorkie and is very ornery!! But a cuddle bug ❤❤ he is 9 mths old weighing a whopping 3.8 lbs
Hemi is only 7 moths old.... He is such an adorable little guy... Very protective... I like to call him Bubbles sometimes. Because he has a very bubbly nature. And is very energetic... He is very loving... He loves to fetch tennis balls. And loves to chew on a lot of things... LOL
Bella is very playful and outgoing she likes going for walks, and playing with her toys and playing with the cats.
Alita is a 4 month chiweenie she loves to spend her time terrorizing her toys and napping on our laps. Shes a very sassy little one and will give you a look if you annoy her