Obi-juan Kenobi
He is a wild child in disguise! Energetic but a cuddle buddy at will. The Force is strong with this one.
Chico is fun loving boy who is loved so very much He is 3 years old
Izzy loves car rides and playing tug of war! She really loves cuddles and sleeping next to her dad. Never ever barks or growl’s and chicken breast is her favorite treat!
Hampton survived distemper when he was just a pup and has a neurological twitch and balance issues but he’s full of love
Rose loves to eat slim Jim's , she is very protective and she loves to run free and she is a explorer
She is the absolute best .loved very much. She is sassy and loves everyone . She is almost 6 months old . She loves dad the best
She loves to dress up and shes a real sweetheart
Rocky loves getting his snuggles with "his" cat Butterscotch. He is a very loving dog.
This little guy loves his toys but loves to snuggle even more!
I am a vet tech & Arya came into my work full of hookworms & had a terrible case of pyometra. She had to have an emergency hysterectomy to save her life. Once her previous humans realized she could no longer produce puppies they wanted to euthanize her . I convinced them to surrender her to me instead of putting her down. Since then she has been living her best life with my kids & I. She comes to work with me everyday & loves to ride on the console of my car to look around while I'm driving. She makes us laugh every evening when she has her zoomies. Our family is definitely complete with our Arya!!
Tuffy loves his walks, with his girlfriend Gabby, I use the stroller to keep them safe❤️
Georgia is a rescue from Georgia who came into our lives a year ago. She is friendly, kind and caring and is always looking for an adventure. From taking boat rides to Martha’s Vineyard to walking the steeets of Salem MA to weekly trips to the max to see her favorite employees. She captures the hearts of everyone and has a gentle approach to everyone. In every picture you see of Georgia she is always smiling.
He is a lovable protective dog of his mommy and kid brother. He was a rescue who was abused, but came to a great home. He loves posing for pictures and family time.
Echo is a Beautiful 8 Month old Sable German Shepherd who is very energetic and LOVES to play ball With her Tiny Little Human Siblings and Tug Of War with her Great Pyrenees Brother Chase. She thinks she is a Lap Dog qs weel and will cuddle with you on the couch after a long day of running and Playing. She Lives indoors qnd thinks she rules the house (Dont tell her but she actually does lol) She Sleeps qt the foot of Mommy and Daddy's Bed and is the first to get up if she hears a noise.
Chase is a 10 month old Great Pyrenees who LOVES to think he is a lap dog. He Loves his tiny little human siblings and his German Shepherd Sister Echo. He is a good boy who lives indoors and protects his family.
Harlee Daniels Patterson
Harlee loves her family and always wants to cuddle and give kisses! She loves to run and play with her brother, Ruger (cat). She can be a little weirdo but her weird matches our weird and we were meant for each other!! ❤️
Oreo is 20 weeks old border collie/husky mix. He loves to watch tv and play with his favorite toy. He very energetic and a fun puppy to play with
Bella is a Frenchton, Her favorite thing to do is play with hers toys and loves to dress up. She’s also the best snuggler there is the close she is to you the better. One of the sweetest ever.
Sadie Mae
Sadie is 3 years old. She is very loveable. She loves to snuggle. She loves her lambchop toy.
Pixie Stix
Pixie is an adorable, blanket loving, needy butt. She loves being on my lap under covers. She loves to kiss me when I’m having a panic attack or crying to help me feel better.
Miss Marleigh Sue
Our patriarch mom,who has had a full 18 years of love for us and her 12 offspring.She eats,sleeps and goes everywhere we do. She has now retired and said,let me love ALL of you,as you have loved me!!!
Cooper is a 7 year old maltiopoo he is a sweet boy and is loved by one and all
He's our baby boy! He loves walks, and hanging out with his human parents! Especially loves to go bye, bye! He loves to pose for pictures too!
We named him dahmer like Jeffrey dahmer because he loves to chew on people he’s Character full of energy and attitude
Ty is a golden doodle he’s a male and he been my best friend ever since I got him he loves playing fetch and he loves wearing pink he has a pink bow tie that he wears all the time and he loves to be petted and he can even carry two balls at once sometimes and he enjoys making new friends and he’s very good to eat meals with we love to eat meals together He always like sitting by me every time we eat together and he’s going to calm me down when I have anxiety because sometimes I would get panic attacks and he would help me calm down and ty loves being outside all the time and eating treats
Sunday Rain
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When you get out of work after a hard Day. That face is the happiest and sometimes the only one that's excited I'm home
She's a pain in my bum but I absolutely love her 💕 lol
Daisy likes playing outside her favorite toy is a stuffed rabbit she hales and it’s funny
Bella Velour
🐾💕BLESSED BECAUSE OF BELLA 🐾💕 FOSTER FAILURE HERE!! I adopted Bella in May of 2021 and now have become the luckiest momma out here because of! Belly girl has personality like no dog i’ve ever seen before! In fact, most times I swear she’s anything BUT, a dog. She is loyal, protective, hilarious and loves more than and better than anything or anyone I know! I didn’t save her, she absolutely saved me!!
Max saved my life!!To me he ,hes a hero ,Max means the world to me!!Hes so sweet he doesnt know a strangerand neither does his puppies!He goes every where with me!!If i leave him he crys just like a real baby!!He thinks hes a person!!
We’ll he’s 4 just lost his big sister he sad but still a happy pup very spoiled
Chevy is such a good boy that loves EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. He is a total lover! His favorite human is his Avery girl and he loves his little fur brother Gus. Chevy is the biggest cuddle bug and so playful. Chevy is always looking for a good adventure he loves to go on car rides. When at home his favorite spot is in front of the window laying on the air vents. He is just the happiest silliest boy ever and life wouldn’t be the same with out our goofy Chevy boy!!
Jethro we took in from a backyard breeder. He was skidish when we first brought him home along with his sister and hes since come a long way. Hes great with kids. His favorite pass time i bet you can guess is wating hence the name Jethro.
Pearl was a beautiful, cared, loving dog. She loved her dad, loved to snuggle, loved to be goofy and more. She was a american pitbull with american bulldog in her. She also loved car rides, almost like every other dog. :)
My beautiful champagne Pit Bull Charlie. She is a big sweet baby. She knocks everything with her head all day long. She’s a joy to my life.
Peanut The Road Dog Barker
Peanut was a 16 year old pit mix who enjoyed being a over the road truck drivers dog. She had seen all 48 Continental states loved barking at moo moos and bridges. She also loved her pup patties from In-N-Out Burger. She passed over to rainbow bridge on 06/27/2022 and my heart is broken every day since.
Harley is a very busy pup she loves her family and keeps us all laughing. She is a protector and fur baby all in one.
Lucky is a Rottweiler/Boxer mix I have both parents the day she was born we almost lost her. She had to be bottle fed till she could hold her own to her siblings. She is my lifeline always there when I need her.
She’s extremely loving and playful. She can eat anything you throw at her. She requires no leash. She doesn’t run away and will walk besides you when you walk her. Everyone in the neighborhood comes to visit her.
Leia is a sweet 3 year old Boston Terrier. She loves all people and other animals. Has a happy, playful personality!!
Jazmine is whirlwind of energy. She’s all pup. She has the best smiles and makes us laugh all day long.
Ivy is a lovable precious girl. She has an outstanding attitude. Ivy likes to chase her little person around the house. She likes to cuddle with pit bulls
Diego is a sweet, gentle and playful pup. He’s a 2.5 year old German shepherd that was born on Thanksgiving Day. Diego loves to play with his little, older brother Rico (Yorkipoo) and his new baby sister, Princess Skyye. He’s his mama’s “goodest big boy” and has brought so much joy to his family!