Baby Stories - 96


Hi I’m Dallas, I am a 3 year old miniature long hair dachshund. I love playing with my toys and pulling them all out of my toy box. My favorite thing is to cuddle with my . I hate when she has her hair up so I always pull it out! I think I’m pretty handsome and I love the camera . Please go vote for me
Vote for Willow! She is adorable and so fun!
Bobbi is not even 8 weeks old but is a fiesty little girl that loves to play with her 70 lb big brother.
Baxter loves to play. He loves to run around with food in his mouth while he is chewing. He is 13 weeks old and 4lbs.
Linka is a spunky 1 year old service dog in training that came to visit me for a few months for training and to comfort me from my Wolfgang puppy’s passing. 😭 She is very talented, sweet, and cuddly. She often accompanied me to therapist appointments, pharmacies, and the grocery store and was always on her best behavior. She will make a wonderful service dog for her mommy when she is through training.
This precious puppy was my baby, and my heart and soul 💔I raised him from a puppy and he passed away unexpectedly last year taking my heart with him. He was trained in German, opened doors for his mommy like a gentlemen, and loved to sing with me! I miss you my love and will never forget you.
He is the happiest three legged dog I ever met! My family found him stranded and took care of him for a few weeks until we could get him to the perry animal rescue where he is currently recovering and waiting for a forever family.
Dierks is a year old GSP with a love for toys and cuddles. Hes hyper, sweet, and gets a little excited sometimes but his pawrents love him 💜
Lola loves to play, loves her pink pig and loves everyone around her
Colt loves to run zoomies in the yard! Never wanders far from mom and dad. He LOVES his rabbit brother. The most gentle soul! He loves nursing on his mom’s ankles at night through the blanket. Love our puppy!
Rebel keeps us laughing everyday, with his senagigans he is always stealing something whether a pillow, a shoe, etc. He is just too cute.
This is our 3 year old golden retriever named Wesley. He loves hogging the bed every night and loves sleeping just as much. He is the most friendly little nugget you ever could meet.
Owen is 10months old! He was given up by his owner at 5 months old due to some trouble his owner got in. I took Owen home to foster home, and just could not let him go. He has been such a great addition to our family! He sits, shakes, gives hugs, and loves to cuddle!
Mack is most sweet natured, friendly, and lovable personal heater during this frigid winter! Mack stands 35" high at the shoulder and is 170lbs. Mack loves to lean and give love to everyone! His gorgeous markings make him an eye catcher for sure, let's see if he catches yours!💙
Rocky is almost 5 month old yorkie. He is full of life and very affectionate. He loves his big sister Bailey who is a golden retriever and they are best of friends.
Winston is a mischevious little man who loves to snuggle his parents. He likes to play fetch and enjoy peanut butter treats.
Wild Willie at aprox 13 mths old was given to my hubby but became mine. My first experience with a Heeler & living up to his name it has been a wild ride. Finding a free obedience class a savior! We learned about one another, gained respect, trust and formed that all important bond. That was in 2015 and we still attend those classes! Some days he is so calm and obedient others it is controlled chaos. We push him in class trying new things... testing him. It makes me realize just how far he has come and gives class newbies hope.
Nash is a Great Dane puppy. He is the sweetest boy! He loves to snuggle and is a total couch potato. His favorite toys are his gorilla and “moo cow”, he can’t get enough treats and loves to follow mom wherever she goes!
Lilo is my grandpup. She loves human interaction above all and very energetic!! She loves taking your belongings and running with it, dog movies, treats and lots of belly rubs!! She's silly, even goofy at times but loves everyone
Kermit is a Shetland Sheepdog (aka Sheltie) and was a gift to my husband from a friend. He is a small little guy about 15lbs but full of big dog attitude. He loves playing with Willie our ACD and his gal pal Aileen one of our many cats. Very smart he had us trained in 8 weeks and he has been house broke ever since!! He makes our day & helps keep hubby active, laughing and smiling. He is our little dose of joy daily.
Grimm is an Australian Shepherd/German Wirehaired Pointer mix. He’s the most energetic, chews anything in sight, non cuddly, adorable puppy ever !
Kodak is a pit Bull husky mix with a big personality! He is our model for our dog kennel.
Draco is a 7 month old puppy! He is absolutely playful and mischievous. His favorite things are his greenies and his squeaky toys and sunbathing. He is the biggest cuddle bug!
Waylynn is a full breed Australian Shepherd, he is 8 weeks old, and enjoys lots of naps and playing in the snow.
Oliver is a weimerainer, German shorthair pointer mix. Oliver is extremely energetic, snuggly dog who loves hunting, running, carrying his bowl in hopes for another meal and traveling the United States with his humans! 20 states down 30 more to go. 💗
Lucky to be alive! I love my Rescue Dog Mom, and follow her everywhere. Half Corgi half Beagle, my ears are always floppy. I love getting to find a home and relaxing into a soft bed instead of an alley.
Catahoula / Australian cattle dog mix.
He loves to play and sleep he only 5 mo old
Yuuka is a Shikoku Ken who loves spending her days on the trails!
Macy is a lover shes the happiest when shes being held or riding in her sling on your side.
Freya was named after the Norse goddess because she embodies all her traits! She's truly one of a kind and a total character!
Taquilla likes to swim and play ball she's a kisser and a cuddler.
Stella is a definite momma’s girl. Loves to give kisses and do tricks for treats. She loves attention from her 12 year old human brother and knocks on his bedroom door every morning for him to let her in to see him. She loves to meet new friends and enjoys friends come over for her to snuggle up with.
Sir Ecco
Ecco we got as rescue 4 ?ths old had lyme desease and shoulder we rescue him now he is 5 living the life he deserved
Gracie is 1 year old pomsky and is the most loving sweet girl. She is very energetic and hyper. She loves car rides and anyone she can get to pay attention to her. lol she's cute and she definitely uses it to her advantage.
Bella is such a good girl.. very sweet cuddly andloving but also protective.She my best friend.
I love to play and take trips with my mom and dad. Bring everyone happiness who I see!
Milo likes going for car rides and looking out the window. He’s only 9 weeks old, but his personality is big as ever. He is a Boerboel puppy which makes him unique and he loves snuggles, but only if he’s not hungry or not in a playful mood!
Dexter is a Havanese. He loves to fetch, dance and chew on his mom’s left shoe only
Hudson is a fun and energetic dog. He loves people and he loves me and my family. I got Hudson for my birthday and everywhere I go he is right behind me. Plz vote for Hudson and I will vote for you! Hudson is 2 years old and he loves to play at the dog park and he loves toys. Hudson is very friendly and he loves to meet new people. Hudson’s Birthday is February 16th and if I win I will use that money for him.
LunaBelle is a ChiWeenie. She loves playing and taking short walks. Her favorite thing is to nap and snack.
When Dumpling first came to us, her medical needs had been severely neglected. Double her healthy weight, she could barely walk. She couldn't get on the couch or walk up the stairs. Those big eyes you see were full of sadness. 30 pounds and the right diagnosis later and Dumpling unlocked a whole new personality. With the weight she lost, she grew into the most loving, snuggly, cheerful pup. Vote for Dumpling to prove that every dog, no matter how they seem at first, has angel within them.
Poppy is such a fun, smary sweet pup. She loves to run around and play in the snow. When I'm putting on my make-up, she comes up and asks for some, (I just dab my highlighter brush with nothing on it to her face.) She uses her front paws like hands (example, when I'm scrolling on fb, she will use her paw on my screen and help.) She gives high 5s! She is very affectionate, she can tell when someone is feeling down and will come snuggle. My hubby and I are so grateful for her!
Cooper is 11 year old. The breeder we bought him from sold him for really cheap. Found out he had a bad heart murmur. I Believe the cardio he got all these years of catching freebies, hiking, running and chasing squirrels has made the murmur practically go away! He loves everyone- people and animals!
Gus Gus
Gus loves to follow his brother, case bunny’s, eat treats, and cuddle with his mom.