Baby Stories - 95


Ralph is a Chihuahua/Corgi mix. I adopted him 1 year ago and he loves sleeping, cuddling, and playing with his favorite toys! He has a white heart on the top of his head and is the sweetest boy around💕
Sawyer is a Pomsky that has us wrapped around his 🐾. He is so loving and playful. He is very spoiled...I make dinner for him every night and he loves vanilla ice cream 🍦 for dessert. He loves hiking, car ride adventures, camping and playing in the snow. He knows he’s loved which is why he is so loving towards anyone he meets. 💙
Duke is 1 year & 3 months old! He is very sweet and playful! He showed me unconditional love ever since I rescued him! Duke was found in Puerto Rico under a house whining for help. When they brought him to New Jersey, I went to go meet him! He was only 3 months when I got him. The day I walked into the kennel he was playing and I played with him, then the next day I went back to go get him, he kept his eyes on me through the kennel gate, and was whining in excitement because he knew he was coming home with me! Duke I love you, and I hope you win so I can spoil you even more! Vote for Duke !!!
Holly is as lovable as she looks. Wakes up happy and eager to play. Loves to snuggle and give puppy kisses.
Rudy is the most outgoing dog and loves all other dogs! Rudy’s favorite things are going to the dog park, eating chips, skyline crackers, and hanging out with his parents!
I adopted Otye on December 7th, 2019. He has been my best friend since. He loves to be spoiled with treats and toys. Chick-fil-A is our absolute favorite. He loves when I am home. He hates to be away from me.
Meet Coconut! 🥥 She is 1 years old and loves to play💓. She is a beautiful pure breed Bichon Frise who deserves a vote. Coco loves chicken and pumpkin. 😋It would mean the world to be the cutest puppy ever 🐶
Hi!! My name is Aurora, but everyone calls me Rory. I’m a crazy little puppy who LOVES anyone who can give me attention. I love wrestling with my siblings and playing with toys. I’m also very curious about all this white stuff on the ground when I go potty, it’s so cold and fun to eat!!
I love to go on hikes with my parents, and pickup sticks along the way. I learned, early on, how to walk off leash. I can smell food like no other!! I really love to eat. My parents adopted me in October and have taken good care of me. Please vote for me!
Niko LOVES cuddles, any person & animal, he’s just a lovey boy. He absolutely loves treats and giving us high fives, he loves to run at the dog park and hangout with his friends who live in the same apartment complex as him.
Bear is a snuggling little girl. Her tongue is always hanging out. She loves food and sleeping with her momma.
Rocky loves being outside(sunbathing ☀️), playing with his toys, and doing zoomies in the backyard 🐕 He loves giving hugs and kisses andddd YOU must give scratches 😂
Luna was a rescue dog who i rescued in the beginning of the pandemic. She is sweet loving and just full of personality!
Stella is our tiny ball of fluff. She has the biggest personality and she loves to run and play with her squeaky toys!
Diesel Lohse
Diesel is a gentle & sweet soul. He loves to snuggle & play with is sister Willow when he's not napping. He seems to be super loyal & protective of his people
Willow Lane Vanderpool
Willow is a pitsky puppy that brings joy to everyone she meets. She likes to cuddle & give kisses. Willow likes to explore & loves playing with her brother Diesel when she's not sleeping.
Mason is the #1 stunna Vote for him!
Hi, I’m Apollo! I’m an 8 week old huskador (husky/lab mix)!
She’s the cutest smollest grumpy griff in da world :3
Ares is a tough guy but does not like the hot concrete on his feet so took it on himself to find a table!
Viper is learning all new tricks but he cant go anywhere without his hedgehog!
Roxy is a 6 year old Chihuahua that is the most loving little doggie ever. She love hugs and cuddles and of course play time. She is well behaved and potty trained. She know many other commands. She enjoys hanging and relaxing around the house.
Raven loves to go on walks and play in the snow! She love to give kisses and cuddle.
Hennessey Is a1 year old American Bully, she's always super excited and loves to play. She is potty trained and is learning new things every day. She knows sit, paw, laydown, out. and a few others. She has chihuahua siblings at home that she absolutely loves to play with but there a little frightened of her playfulness.
Roxy is a 1 y/o saint bernard who loves to cuddle and go on walks!!
This is my gorgeous 6 month old Dachshund/Australian Mix puppy! My Nash is playful and sweet but also stubborn! Id say he has the best of both breeds 🤗
Jasper Jax
Jasper Jax (a Havanese) is full of love! He is just so happy to be near me and love me! Sweet, sweet little boy. He is also very smart!
I’m a good boy. I like running in the park and cuddling
Ruby is our 4 year old Olde English Bulldogge. She loves long walks on the beach, cheese, and going to camp with her bestie, Lincoln!
Maximus is a 6 month Olde English Bulldogge. The most recent addition to our little pack. Will do anything for chicken. He is the sweetest!! He’ll curl up in anyone’s lap for a cuddle.
Hi i’m ghost and i’m 9 months! I love playing tug, and being outside digging in the yard. I’m a big baby and love to cuddle too🥰🐾
Starlight is sweet and sassy. She loves giving kisses. She loves playing and is an escape artist.
I love cuddles, belly rubs, and walks with my human 🙂
Dallas is a long hair miniature dachshund, love to snuggle play with toys and to pose for the camera
Trigger was a little over a year old and loved his mom and dad! We lost him unexpectedly this year. He loved water and playing fetch. He was super sweet and loved attention. He was the light of the family and we’re so sad to see him go.
Millie Mae
Millie Mae is just the sweetest pup! She loves to play and cuddle. She is also a foodie and loves meeting new people.
Hooch is surprisingly a pound puppy. He is a gentle giant and a great big brother.
She loves rough housing! Fiesty little Luna! She wrestles with her brothers, Two Pomeranians.
Ivy loves to swim, run, chew on stuffed animals and go for long rides.
Riley just turned 2! She loves her mom and dad! She loves to play outside and relax inside. She is super sweet and will lick you to death! She thinks she’s a lap dog and loves attention! If you don’t pet her she gets really sad like the picture of her sitting on the couch! She had her first litter of pups in November and is the sweetest mama there is!!
Ranger is a very smart but mischievous little boy. His favorite food, by far, is peanut butter. He is a dog of many traits. He is calm and collected around cats, crazy and playful with other dogs, and persistent and loyal to his humans. His favorite tricks so far are “stand” (which he has learned to balance on his back legs quite well), speak, and spin. I mean how could you not love Ranger?
Mia is sweet, happy and loves everyone! She is an amazing dog! She loves playing catch with her German Shepherd! She loves being around people! She brightens up everyone’s day!
Jersey is a 5 year old golden retriever and loves walks, swimming, and playing in the snow! She is a total snuggle bug and has quite a personality! She is the sweetest pup and has a strong love for treats!
Sugar is very playful and energetic dog. Sometimes, she just loves to take a nap.
Hi! I’m a very good dog and love playing tag and chase!
Isabelle is a SASSY maltipoo who always thinks she’s a queen. Oh and also SHES A MODEL!!
Vader is a Black Russian Terrier. He is a guard dog but a big teddy bear to his family. He loves playing fetch and hanging out on the trampoline
My name is Toby! I’m a Shitzu Poodle mix and I love to go on adventures everyday!