Vote for My Rocky doodle. He will be 5 on 12/28. Give him the best Birthday present ever.
I love to eat sleep
ADDie got her name from her adorable Attention Deficit Dog behavior. She’s easily distracted from just about anything, except her food!
He loves loves Ice cream and he walks backwards. We think cause his tail is back there lol just a live to have this fir baby to cuddle up to in the morning
Jzae is a loveable puppy he loves kids toy’s definitely socks and toilet paper and he also love me and I move he move he loves me the most
Deuce is a lover boy , hes very playful and gentle with kids , and loves to cuddle
Lily has been such a good companion for my Mom and I. You see, my Mom recently retired and was getting lonely. I am a recovering alcoholic and she had been so good for my mental health. She makes us laugh every day with her "zoomies" and walking on her hind legs.
Midnight is a solid black German Shepherd she is 6 months old
Rocky Burrito
Rocky is fearless little boy with heart of gold and my best friend and cuttle buddy ❤️
Roo is a spunky, sassy, goofball, lover, best snuggler!! She is a unique mix, but most can't guess it!! She is the queen of stealing socks!! She's fearless!! So playful! She sounds like she is howling with her tiny bark 😆
Aunt ReRe Loves you Stormie. Vote for your cousin Rocky, 🥰😂
Chloe is a Chillier a Chihuahua and king charles spanial mix. Nick name frog face. Acts like a clown smallest of all the dogs and the BOSS.
Conan is a two-year-old Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier mix. He is the most spunky, outgoing, and caring dog I've ever met. My daughter trained him well and he's always by her side and out hiking, climbing the rocks and marking his territory. Conan has always been excited to meet new dogs, and I have never seen him have a truly mean bone in his little fluffy body.
Baby Red
My Mom Says “Im Fuckin Cuteeee.” I Love Cuddling And Being The Center Of Attention. Head Rubs Are My Fav. I Love Playing With Balls, My Nuk & My Nylon Bones Are My Favorite Things When Im Not Napping . I Think I Should Go Everywhere With my Parents, I Don’t Like Being Home Without Them.
(T.T.) Tebow yes tim Tebow is my baby !! He wakes up ready to fetch his ball doesn't stop until it's bedtime .He loves ball .we bonded day 1 .He really understands me and i can look at him and know what he's thinking he's one of a kind .loves life full of energy and gives hugs and loves to be affectionate.i can look at him and it's awesome to know he depends on me and I know he will never be with anyone but me .he learns things on a Dailey basis .he tries to hide ball just so we look for it and hr .and he knows he hid it .he for sure has my vote !!!
Brutus is a 5 year old, golden retreiver/german shepherd mix.He is our son's best friend.He's a very sweet and super soft boy.He loves to play with his treats.He has the cutest run also.He loves to be outside soaking in the sun.
Gazelle-like creature aka “Black Beauty”sometimes gets a case of the zoomies, but always down to snuggle.
Chiquita is a 10yr old rescued Mixed Deer Chihuahua/ Malinois Shepherd who loves the outdoors. My Son found her laying in the gutter at 1mo. old. My Son than left to the Army and I raised her from than on. She is my Baby who I spoil very much. She is very smart loves to play with her balled up sock, loves to train and loves to cuddle with her Mommy (Me 😊) Chiquita mostly loves running at the beach, she gets so excited when we are a mile away from the beach. I Love My Little Chiquita 🥰
Lucky Lou
My lucky Lou, she’s such a good dog she is so smart and a good listener, she loves putting her pretty one on every morning (her clothes) and also loves being outside camping, hiking and her favorite fishing! Literally, she loves when I throw my pole out she’s right there jumping like she’s the one throwing it out lol and likes when I catch a fish always has to investigate it. She loves any adventure even if we just go on a car ride!
Remington is a 5 year old earless Chihuahua Dachshund mix. His favorite things are his big sister Keena, eating, his mom, and cuddling. He came to me from a puppy mill and has had countless health problems, his ears being a big problem from day one. After two years of countless vet visits, medications, ER visits, and lots of pain for him we opted to have his ears removed and he has been the happiest and healthiest boy since.
Casper is a white Pit bull with a pink nose the most smartest & happy dog in our family, he is very happy and likes to run around my backyard very fast.he’s so cute & adorable, we love him very much . Casper make us happy every time he had a big smile on his face.
He is a fun and entertaining dog. Loves to play with His fellow dogs at the dog park and His favorite Friend is My Son Dallin.
Gracie runs, romps, talks way too much and plays daily
Patches is the new love of my life after loosing my soul dog in June of 2022, she was only 7 weeks when she was given to me, patches must of know I had a broken heart because she immediately started hugging, kissing, and cuddling with me. She keeps me laughing all day, she is a furry comedian.
Sierra was just 4 months old when I first got her. She is now 16 years old. She loves her treats, cuddle time, and just lounging or laying in the sun. She's a little sugar and spice. A momma's girl..
Jazper is the perfect gentleman! He’s a 16 year old Yorkshire with charm, charisma & class!! We travel together; where we go, we go together!!
Loves her toys and family
Meet JUNE Mae Ball this little princess of ours is a daddy’s girl for sure !!! She love playing and ruff housing with her daddy when he comes home from work…hee and her brother Johnny love to get in trouble and tear up mom and dads fence !!!!but we shouldn’t have hee any other way
Deuce is finally free and with wide open space for him to play ball! His favorite game! He is a snuggle bug too!
Sasha is a smart beautiful 5 month old German shepherd. Full of energy and always into something
Freki will be training to be a service dog and loves playing with her older brother Bo.
Herbie was a Ladies Man..... All ladies! He was so much a Mama's boy! He was my shadow. He was a trucker puppy for the first 3yrs of his life, so he has been everywhere. His favorite place to go was Miami, he loved going there! He absolutely hated getting a bath or putting clothes on. Herbie passed away 6-1-22 day before my birthday, at the age of 18. I really miss him a lot. We all do.
He loves his toys...and he's very friendly with everyone he meets..
Bear has been through so much since he was a puppy,he was poisoned by a landlord we used to live and had to have a very major surgery done ,they had to open him up and take part of his stomach and clean all the poisen out and had to spend 3 weeks being transported back and forth between a day veterinary and a night time veterinary for observation and 4500.00 later you can see we didn't give up on him and he made it through with possible complications through out his life they told us but one thing of many about Bear he does not give up just like we didn't give up on him and stayed by his side and then 7 months ago he ended up with problems and couldn't pee ,we took him back to the veterinary hospital and he was diagnosed with a swollen prostate on which he ended up getting neutered and put on meds to help with the prostate,but as you can see in this pic Bear is going strong and we celebrated his 4th birthday on December,19,2022 and we tell everyone he is our miracle Fur Baby,we love him so much ♥️
Marley is my best friend and seriously has saved my life in all aspects.He found me just after my dad passed away and helped me to pull my head out of a dark place and gave me a reason to smile. Im the luckiest human ever!
Journey Ray
Journey is 10 weeks and very active and loving. She is helping me with my anxiety. Its been a very stressful year. Journey is an all black Yorkie
Gypsy came to us as a rescue making her breeding a mystery...but her personality is one in a million..intelligent,beautiful with a heart of gold And an amazing sense of humor. Lifes never boring with Gypsy in it! She keeps you on your toes for sure!
Shes lives to cuddle
Spaz loves to go on walks and she loves to dig a hole when I let her , she don't chew on anything in the house and loves tug of war , she was so excited that day as you can see in the picture the picture captures pure joy and excitement. She's my best friend
Zoë is a 1.5 year old pitbull, boxer lab mix! Shes super friendly LOVES to play with her toys and of course treats! Ice and peanut butter are her favorite treats! Shes the perfect fit to our family and keeps a smile on my 95 year old grandmothers face everyday ♥️
Sage is a 14 1/2 year old teacup apple heard chihuahua. She has been with me since 6week old. Sage has always been a good girl and I love to spoil her. She loved chicken steak fries and whatever else I was eating that she wanted.
Ceasar is my heart. He is my soulmate. I call him my soul dog. He and I have been through a lot together and have always protected each other. He has saved my life, literally. I don’t know what I will do without him.
Amy is a shitzu/pug mix. She is the funniest dog I’ve ever seen. The most cuddly and loving and sweet dog of all the cuddly, loving, sweet dogs out there, and I know there are lots! She has a bull mastiff/German shepherd brother who lets her do whatever she wants.
Nala is a Lab/Pit.Shes super smart and such a good girl!Shes my best friend ❤️She is a total attention hog.She loves her little people (my granddaughters)
Grizzly And Ash
Grizzly and Ash grew up in Boulder, Colorado where their mom adopted them from the humane society. Ash loves playing, hiking, swimming and pretty much anything outdoors with his parents. Grizzly would prefer to be snuggled up on the couch with his mom while she reads. They bring so much joy to everyone they meet and love to get rubs and cookies! They hope you’ll consider voting for them since their family sure thinks they are the cutest!
Digger is American bulldog Lab mix. He loves his mt.dew chew toy. He loves to sit on his butt in chair. He thinks he's still a pup and human.
Willow is a 6 month old husky mix. We think she might have some german shepard in her ! She has one beautiful blue eye and one brown. She has the silliest and sweetest personality ever. Thanks for voting for Willow !
Very sassy, loves the snow and my slippers!