Duke loves to play with his cousins and enjoys being outdoors! Also loves to cuddle up next to you in bed! He hates loud noises and is pretty scared of everything!
He came into my life and I new right off he was the puppy for me he loves my grandkids and he very smart
Daisy is full of energy and love to chew!!
Hello everyone! 👋🏼 My name is Brixie and I am from El Paso, Texas. I was adopted by my humans during the pandemic at 7 weeks. I am almost 2 now and I’m a ball full of energy! I like to torture my older brother & chase my cats around. I have a favorite stuffed crab named Curtis, I love playing fetch & snuggling with my mommy’s. I love being outside running along the fence chasing people and passing cars with my brother. This is my first pageant, please vote for me.
Hi! I’m Rhea and I love being out in the sun and running around all day:)
Joules is a sweet girl, she loves to be cuddled and pet. But she can be crazy and full of energy: causing her to be named Joules the unit of energy.
My name is Hazel & I love to spend my parents money :)
Stella is very outgoing and LOVES to play 🐶 She is very gentle, and loves people! ❤️
Ashe loves to go for rides in our 18 wheeler. We don’t call it the man cave. We call it the Ashe cave. He loves to snuggle in the blankets and pillows that we have on the bed. Ashe loves traveling to new and exciting places. He is also very outspoken and let’s you know about it.
Bleu is a rescue from Texas, she came to maryland with her 10 brothers and sisters. I saw her on a website and knew she was for me. At the time I adopted she rescued me from a real bad place.
Daisy is a ball of fun that loves playing fetch and laying outside on the porch watching critters
Meika is crazy wild hair pup that loves walks daycare and all her toys especially her lamb chops
#RiverBrat #BabiesBestfriend #Protector #ChessieSmiles
Hi my name is Joey and I’m 7yrs old. My mom passed away when I was 3 and now I’m living with my sissy. I’m a purebred Shih Tzu and I LOVE to play ball! All day 24/7😊 I’m very loveable and loyal to my human. I love to meet new people, car rides, exploring the world and visiting papa’s house. My best friend is sassy the cat.
Hi im Grizzly! Im a Saint Mastiff mix. But dad says I'm a pure bred good boy! I love giving hugs and kisses and playing in the snow. You should vote for me because ill be big one day and I'll remember if you didnt!!! Jk 😜
Sassy is a 9 yr old Boston terrier pug mix.... She's very hyper and super loving. She always has time for some TLC... Couldnt ask for a better pupper....
Demo is the best Rotti ever .loves ball and swimming pool. Plays with her friends and and he’s sisters
She loves love and likes to lick a lot lol
Ace is all Jack Russell. He will have you running with the wind to catch him. He is 5 years old. Very loving dog. Vote for this handsome man.
Coco is a 8 month old Aussie who is very loving and playful. She does a great job herding us humans and my other dog. She is well trained and very obedient. Vote for this beauty.
Jax is the sweetest - yet fierce little guy! He loves walks, but he mostly loves cuddling!
This is Oreo! He’s 2 years old loves the snow playing with his people and snoring super loud!
She is from my momma dog that got hit and killed a week after she was born.
Nyla is a mix of German Shepard and Lab. She is almost 4 years old. Nyla loves to look for squirrels and flys! Nyla is a big cuddle bug and loves extra toasty cheez it’s.
Katy is a sweetheart. She is one of our many rescues. She loves snuggles and gets jealous easily. She has to be the star of the show. She is well behaved but loves to escape every now and then to run out her zoomies in the empty field behind us.
Tara is 3.5lbs and runs the house over our 3 pitbull mixes. She 'tara'rizes them and is always ready to play.
Odin is a long haired German Shepard that is almost 2 years old! Both of his parents are imports from Germany. Odin loves to take his human brother to the bus stop and bark at the bus until it drives off! Odin is a mamas boy who just loves pickles and is very much loved by his family.
Hi my name is waylon im a great dane puppy, i am a harley quinn and love to get muddy and play with my siblings im a very good boy and would love your votes
Argo is a hunting and competition dog by day and best friend in his off time. He goes everywhere with me and when hes not taking his job to serious he like to have his picture taken.
Hi! My name is Hondo James. I love to cuddle and love up on my mommy and daddy. I like to think I’m the boss around the house. I love pup cups from Starbucks , I love to go on walks and I love to play with my 2 older dog sisters Mia Mae and Nala Rae.
Sophie is a 3yr old beautiful black pug, shes very energetic, she loves people, especially kids, her favorite toy is any tennis ball, and she loves treats
Bella N Shiesty
Bella is a Pomsky, Shiesty is her boyfriend his an Aussiepom they love each other. Bella does everything Shiesty does as she’s 2 and Shi is 3 all the neighbors love them since they are just full of joy and want to play with everyone and every pup. They are definitely the most magical thing in my life ❤️
River is a 9 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She loves to be outside and play around. And there’s nothing she loves more than her mom and dad
Jaina is a love bug. She was a rescue on her last look because she needed some encouragement not to be so scared. She is best friends with my 5 yr old daughter and brings her toys to her so she can play with her. She is my service dog and has a lot of love to give and is the prettiest girl!
Loki loves to play fetch and will bring anything you throw back to you. He's a master of mischief as his name suggests! Loves to be up on you as close as he can get and loves to chase water from the hose. He's 3 months old and already sits, stays and lays down on command and is learning how to be a service animal!
Zeus is a laid back pup. He enjoys sleeping playing fetch and humping pillows.
Choco is an 8-month-old pitadoor. He is one of 13 and the only brindle male. He is a fantastic farm dog that loves the out doors. Choco is a super cuddler that snores like a old man. He is a well behaved boy that has no mean bones. His markings are So beautiful. He is just starting to fill out and looking more handsome by the day.. This boy is going to be a head turner for sure
Sadie is the sweetest thing who loves to smile! She loves swimming and getting dirty.
Diesel is the best Dog he loves his humans his a goofball loves to cuddle loves his toys his most favorite human bother is Jonathan loves walks loves car rides.
Coco And Cleo
These two are hilarious! They are very different as far as personalities go….but quickly bonded and became the best of friends and sisters…both of them are from different rescues, but everyone thinks they are from the same litter! They are so well behaved and loving….we really couldn’t ask for a better duo! We are very lucky….Coco is a great big sister to Cleo, and she definitely showed her the ropes when she came to us…we love these girls and they love their family just as much!
Jax is a cuddle bug that loves his toys and loves his treats Bacon is his all time favorite.
Coco is the sweetest pitbull/lab y mix who is full of personality like her sister Cleo! She’s loving and sweet….and can’t get enough snuggles with her family which includes her big sister- Cleo (another pitbull mix) and her human mom and dad and three human sisters as well! We love Miss Coco!
Cleo is the sweetest little pitbull/houdy mix who is full of personality! Shes happy and funny and just loves to play….when she’s not playing g she’s snuggling with her family which includes her big sister- Coco (another pitbull mix) and her human mom and dad and three human sisters as well! We love Miss Cleo!
I DO NOT HAVE ANY AVAILABILITY ON PAGEANT DOG, KINGPET FRENCH, KINGPET OR MISS PRINCESSE. I do these contests to buy food for all my personal and rescue dogs. I have 19 total. If you do not plan to exchange, please do not accept. Baby is the sweetest and gentlest fur baby I have. She was 4 June 28th. She is a reverse brindle. She loves to play with squeaky toys, ropes and puppies. She loves to ride in the car and go out for ice cream treats. She absolutely loves children and people but hates other dominant female dogs. So often this breed is misunderstood. Let’s show Baby Girl the love she deserves.
Prince is a 9 week old Pomeranian he is spunky likes to zoom around the house, he’s getting to know new sounds. His favorite thing to do is chew on peoples hair especially if it’s long. He enjoys cuddling and car rides. He enjoys meeting new dogs and love his soft chewy treats.
Milli is such a fun hearted and sweet pup! She loves her daddy and her brother and sister, but she loves treats just as much! She loves to shred toys with her puppy teefs and loves to snuggle with her daddy before bed time. 🐶💗
Whiskey Raine
Whiskey Raine is our pride and joy, she's the keeper of all our secrets and our youngest "child". Whiskey loves to come to the nursing facility and hang out with the residents snd she loves to give hugs to her Mom and Dad.