Coopers the best ranch dog a time could have. He loves going for a swim in the river, gator rides and going for his pup cup 🐶
Sadie is the most friendly dog in the world if you have a ball your her new best friend she has 3 cats she heards around at home also fastest dog at the dog park. A vote for Sadie would be greatly appreciated
Layla was a goft to me from my mom who passed away. She was a pound puppie, that was abandoned. She was liveing on the street. I saw her picture online and feel in love with her.
She loves to play and run around outside with other dogs and loves to give lots of kiss and likes to sleep in bed with me and loves being around people and loves her toys
Django is a 90lb toddler that thinks he is human more than dog. He loves to play with his 2 yr old niece and gets in trouble just like her!
Zero is a full blooded boxer, his favorite thing is to hug his mom and to kill all of the stuffed animals that cross his path.
Cash is a fun loving little ball of energy with unique characteristics that makes him one of a kind. He's got a great personality with the best bright white smile.
Dime is my big lover boy, loves cuddles with me, his dad. And loves to play outside, he runs and runs and runs. He will play fetch when he wants to but usually tries to play keep away or tug of war. Very soft hearted baby boy.
Rex is my spazz, he loves to eat EVERYTHING! Love his booty pats and tummy rubs. And when my mom give him treats.
Paisley loves to play, eat, and nap! Paisley struggles with allergies and she is the most loyal dog! She loves to bark!
Gadget is a chihuahua/min pin mix. He is 3 years old and he is a total mamas boy. His best friend is our cat Zara. He is a rambunctious little guy who loves to play and wrestle. I call him my little Brutus because he is pretty stalky.
Gizmo is a 5 year old chihuahua/silky terrier mix. He is a goof ball but he is so sweet. He always wants to say hi and give kisses to everybody. He loves to cuddle and he can be so funny at times.
Goose is a very unique dog, loves to act like a cat at times. Very smart; and super loving. He talks a lot; and if you don’t give him attention he will get louder lol! His favorite toy is a red ball we had gotten for him; and he absolutely loves his sister Sadie and brother gizmo
Venus is a happy, loving, and protecting baby. She loves car rides and hikes on the bluffs. She definitely rescued me <33
Gus Gus
Gus Gus is a senior rescue dog that I adopted. He has no teeth and his little tongue hangs out the side of his mouth. Gus Gus loves naps and belly rubs!!!! He requires that you rub his belly all day & night. He also wakes himself up when he barks in his sleep during doggie dreaming. He’s a very special soul❤️🐾
This is hazel she is a husky/Great Dane. She’s 7 months old and she loves car rides, toys, babies, and loves to run.
Layla is a very playful and sweet dog! She loves to run around the yard and jumps like a kangaroo ♥️She’s so special to me! We also share the same Birthday 🧡💜🖤
Hi I’m Milton, I’m one. I am most energetic, water loving boy. My parents just got me a little sister Gracie May that I love dearly. 🐾💙
Asher is such a outgoing dog! Seriously! I have never owned a dog with such personality!! He’s sassy as can be and will tell you what he wants you to know. He loves his momma, daddy, Mae Mae, paw, and his best friend Sadie! When he wants to play he lets you know, he uses his nose to his advantage. He will boop anyone or any dog that isn’t interested in playing with him until they cave in! And usually he gets his way. His momma (Me) spoils his rotten self too much ( that’s what dad says) but I think there’s no such thing. Sweetest baby ever!! Definitely deserves a vote❤️
Charlie is very silly and crazy. He loves his toys and he loves his treats. He is the best boy ever.
Midnight a full German shepherd didnt have enough $$ to send her to get trained to become my service dog so we trained her ourself. Protects her family lets my husband know if im having an attack. Born on Christmas eve
Zuma is a short haired pointer ! He’s such a crazy loveable dog ! Sweetest dog ever please take a min to vote for our Zuma boy
Jackson is a Pomeranian dog and he is two years old. He is a very playful dog, affectionate and has a lot of energy, he loves to have his belly rubbed. He likes to be combed and loves to eat his snacks... He likes to go for walks and play in the park.
Our crazy fun loving pup ! Sadie ! She’s such a loving dog blessed to have her apart of the fam bam please take a moment and vote for our Sadie girl
Cinnamon is such a loving and caring puppy she loves her mama dearly and also many people thats around her,like her family and her little puppy friends.when shes around you she lights up the room whenever i feel sad she’s my spirit lifter.her anxiety is so precious she doesn’t like to be without her mama she follows mommy everywhere and this is why i love her so much.after God shes like my little guardian angel and shes also the joy in my life,my happiness and my bestfriend!!!
Nike is a German Shepard mix Lab. Nike will be your shotgun rider for life, snuggle buddy. He’s over protected of his sister Bailey. Loves to go on car rides, and walks. Guard dog for his grandma.
Corbin is so amazing he loves everyone loves to swim and play fetch he also makes a great cuddle buddy
Pepper is the life of the party! Most lovable and precious dog you’ll ever meet! Loves to give lots of kisses and lots of snuggles!
Cinnamon is the most kindest , friendliest dog anyone can ever met . She loves to play with kids and she’ll always put a smile on your face 😊!!
He is the sweetest most loving playful baby you ever met
My sweet boy needs a vote 🐶🤎
Remi Skye
Beautiful sweet girl. Loves to play with sisters and brother! Loves to chew on ropes! A great snuggle Buddy!
I am a fun loving and playful boy! I love playing fetch with my red ball! I love to give lots of kisses and loves!
Vote for my RemRem 🐶♥️
I love my human siblings even going a night without seeing them. I go nuts when I see them in the morning. I’m still learning how not to bite my humans when I get excited. My big dog sister Sasha use to be scared of me. But she has come around and she is now my best friend.
Hello, My name is Penny. I am very loveable and love my humans actually all humans. I love squeaky toys and love to howel. Please vote for me so Mom and Dad buy me new toys.
Sofia is the sweetest little girl. She helps her mommy with anxiety and loves to play in the water. She loves fresh cooked chicken.
Scout loves walks, playing fetch & cuddling! We recently rescued/ adopted Scout from Richland county dog shelter! He has such a big personality and he's such a big baby! ❤️🐾🐕
I love to go for walks splash in puddles and chew on all my toys
Ash is an amazing puppy friendly, playful, loving. Loves his brothers and to show them how to dig and enjoys chasing squirrels with them.
Jasper loves to play fetch and loves to cuddle. Jasper needs some more toys to play with and he wants a sister. This money will be used to get jasper a sister🐶
chief loves jeep rides, and loves to fetch and most of all he loves cuddling with his family !
She loves chicken and is sooo sweet and playful
Marley is a playful, adventurous and sleepy pup! 🤍
So much energy and happy such a good little pup
Sleepyhead doesn’t bark always spoiled