Baby Stories - 94


Duke is a mixed breed puppy that we rescued!! He loves belly rubs and long walks. His favorite treats are bananas and peanut butter!
Mugsy Bo is our Sour Patch dog. A little sweet, a little sour! But we fall in love with that beautiful face every day!
Hello, my name is Nylah Reece. I love going for rides, walks and having a bath! My favorite food is chips. Yes, I eat human food all the time! I am about to be 1 on January 27th! One thing that i’ve enjoyed is all my snuggles with mommy. She’s the best!
Derby is a total love bug. He loves to cuddle and play. He can't wait to get to work and see his Aunt Dee Dee and his other friends. He also knows that he completely controls his mommy.
He was abused and left at the shelter and I rescued him.
Hi everyone, my name is Bella and I love cuddles and playing with friends. :)
Stormy Lynn
Stormy is part Australian Cattle Dog part Poodle. AKA Cadoodle. She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned. She is very affectionate and well mannered. Her favorite things to do is play with my grandchildren and annoy her older brother Nash. She is a master of distraction. She will get Nash’s attention then sneak in when he is not looking and steal his bone. She is a bandit in disguise.
Nova is always smiling, loves everything and everybody wouldn’t hurt a fly ❤️
Luther is a 3 year old Pitbull mixed with German Shepherd.He is such a sweet pup, loves his sister Nova,cuddles,food and to take nice walks.
Gumbo is talkative, friendly and mischievous. Besides making homemade fence “doors” and being a connoisseur of inedible treats, he's a really good boy. @gumbo_thegsp
Dusty is my boy. He came to me shortly after my lab of 15 years passed away. Without him, my life felt incomplete. He loves to push my buttons, snuggle, and lay on the couch.
Tuxedo here! I'm 2 years old, coming from an abusive home, before getting rescued by my 2 humans. I love my tennis balls and giant sticks I find out on walks. I look like a tough guy and sometimes act like it towards new people, but I'm a giant cuddle bear. Im learning the vacuum, mixer, and other loud noises aren't as scary as I think, but I still like to run backwards down the hallway away from them. I love meeting new doggy friends, and going for walks with them. I'm usially really clumsy and dopey, but when I like to throw my humans off by getting the zoomies and running around in circles like a nut, while trying to still look adorable.
Hi I am Scooby and I do not realize that I am a large dog. I have two miniature pincher siblings and I think I’m about the same size as them. I try and squeeze on the couch when there’s only a few inches of room left. I like to sleep with my humans on the bed of course. I like to stretch out my legs and hit mom in the face while she’s sleeping. I am the best lap dog and my favorite lap is my 4year old human, lately when I sit on her she gets lost under me.
Maggie is a cute little mixed breed pup! She was adopted from the local shelter! She enjoys going to the park and playing with her friends and chewing on deer antlers!
She loves to steal our socks. She will bury them in between sheets, as well as some of her treats.
Lily Greene
Hi I’m lily and I love tanning in the sun and rolling around in grass
Hi im Leda, I'm 1 1/2 yrs old. I love long walks in the park and chasing squirrels. I also like jumping fences, im an excellent ascape artist :) my pet humans recently had a baby and her dirty diapers are a phenomenal French delicacy to me. I would like to win this pageant to purchase new toys to replace the ones I've stole & chewed from my little human brother & some toys fur me :) I also think all parks should be leash-less! We would love to exchange votes and advance votes :)
Not only the king of our hearts but the king of our household!
Bandit is loveable. He loves everything and everyone. He help me his mommy with ptsd and alerts me before my attacks he is such a good boy. He very hard working.
Raven is 2 years old going on 3 in april, i got her when she was just about 4 months. The people i have got her from were unsure of her breed, so i’m still not too sure. She’s the most playful and loving little girl ❤️
Maple is the belle of the block here in DC/Capitol Hill! Our walks our mostly Meet & Greets - she loves the attention and getting to meet everyone. She is a feisty lil redhead with lots of kisses to share, especially if you have a cookie!
Porter was named after the Johnny Cash song “Hey Porter” & he loves his Johnny Cash music! Porter is a BIG love bug & enjoys fetching tennis balls but hasn’t quite mastered bringing the ball back. He carries his “babies” (toys) everywhere with him & he loved having his picture taken.
Happy lives by her name. Though she's going to be turning 9, she still has tons of energy, and loves to herd anything she can....squirrels, other dogs, her family members. She loves playing with her companion dog, Grumpy, and is extremely cuddly.
Grumpy is a Catahoula Leopard Dog/Pitbull mix. He's 2 years old, but has more and more energy as he gets older. He loves to hike in the mountains, and play with his companion dog, Happy. He is extremely food motivated, and has some great catching and fetching skills.
Twiggy is a 2-1/2 lb Yorkie who has served her community as a Therapy dog for 11 years. She is retired now but is totally in love with people anywhere she goes.
Augustus McCrae Boyd is the sweetest pup! He had a rough start, we think we was a Christmas puppy that was left on the streets when he got too big. He was going house-to-house in the Hamilton, TX area when he eventually landed with us! He now lives a spoiled life with my husband & I! He loves taking naps, watching Scooby Doo, & dressing up (he chooses his own bandanas to wear!). Gus has also stolen the show at our wedding in December 2020 as he walked the groom down the aisle!
Gracie May
She can tell time she never poops or pees in the house she is my bestie I love this little girl with all my heart
Don’t let this Bio fool you for vote to count you must select the above VOTE button under pic!! Bauer is 9 weeks old and weighs 19lbs and is completely potty trained, sits, comes, touches, rings bells, lays down, paw, rolls over, leaves it and stays on command! Learning to pick up toys and put away! Bauer loves the Vermont snow and playing fetch and can’t get enough love and attention and gives it all right back to you!! He loves to snuggle and give kisses and would love for you to show your love and support by placing a vote! You can keep voting! Thanks Hoomans! Please select the VOTE button above under pic!
Luna is the best pup.. she watches over us and she gives the best hugs, she seems to know when we need them the most..
Hi, my name is Oakley! I love to snuggle, play with other doggies (especially my new sister), I loooovvveeeee snacks, but most of all, I love my mommy! My mommy plans on donating, if she were to win, to a shelter or an animal fundraiser! How cool is that?! Please vote for me, so she can help other cute animals in need just like she did for me!
Diesel is 12 years old and still as cute as can be. He is the best-behaved dog and enjoying his new sister, Gia.
Arlo is a young Labrador who loves to play in the snow with his new 6 year old human girl best friend and Chew on his favorite toys, while rocking his little vests :p
Hi, my name is Nevaeh! I absolutely love to cuddle with my mom or with my kitty friends. I am a super sweet and loyal puppy. Please vote for me! 🐶
Vote for the best little ankle biter ever, who has never thought of biting an ankle. The most loyal, lovable furbaby, who lives for his cuddles and playing ball
Hello my name is max im a silver lab and is the sweetest pup. Love to play fetch, snuggles. I know my basic commands like sit, stay
This is Jasper! He is 12 weeks old! Jasper loves walking off the leash, being an independent boy! He loves playing fetch and getting treats. He has two sibling kitty cats and lots of new paw buddies! He loves naps but doesn’t like to cuddle. He is such an amazing pup and wish he would stay tiny furever
Sadly, Camo has passed away.... (9-22-2020) 😭💜🙏🏼 Camo was a super fun, energetic, and loving dog. She loved to race, sunbathe, explore the farm with her sister, play with the cats we have outside, and most of all loved attention and her family. (I made the painting)
Luna is the goofiest, sweetest pup! I’ve never had such a loyal loving dog!
She is a very energetic 6 month old border collie, she loves playing fetch, learning new tricks and snuggling.
Sami is the sweetest girl, she enjoys running everywhere and chasing the 4-wheeler she loves the browns, taking long naps and cuddles everyone.
Hi my name is rocky but everyone calls me baby or bubba, I weight about 88 pounds and I’m the biggest cuddle bug and baby you’ll ever meet. I love to cuddle with my mom and dad, sleep, play outside in my big yard and eating is my favorite hobby! I’m also a service dog and love to help my momma! I’m almost a year and a half and I love to be held like a baby!
Ace is 2 years old. His momma is his person. He loves to play cuddle, get treats, watch his favorite movies which are The Secret life of pets and he also loves Air Bud. He loves to go for rides on rhe golf cart and Ace is spoiled rotten by his mom 💙💙💙
Gia is 10 week pit bull terrier mix rescue. She is driving her 12 year old brother nuts. She loves to run, chew and cuddle.
Cami is 1 year and 5 months old. She’s a very energetic girl who enjoys swimming and fetching! We got cami when she was about 3 months old and we instantly fell in love. She enjoys playing with other dogs and loves playing around with her dad and brother! She also enjoys eating very much. Please vote for our cami girl! She’ll give you lots of kisses!!! You won’t regret it! :)
Kash is a goofy boy who loves to play fetch and tug a war with his sister . He loves cuddles with his auntie and is always putting a smile on people’s faces. He is one special boy!
Finnegan is the most precious 2 year old mix! He is German Shepherd, Husky, Lab, Rottweiler & Golden Retriever & all of this makes the sweetest little boy you will ever meet! He enjoys walks, playing with his friends, eating ice cubes, and snuggling!
Tofu Pudding
Tofu Pudding is a 2.5 month old creamy white pomsky with a big personality and a whole lot of drama. He loves giving hoomans kisses and is very popular with the ladies!