Jake is a 118 lb rescue dog with quite the personality. Big baby who hogs the bed. He’s a good dog and likes to go for a walk everyday
He’s has a very strong personality, loves changing butterflies. He’ll cuddle all night long and loves giving kisses.
This’s my baby Goliath 💛 he was a rescued found in a horrible condition with only 45 lbs
Daisy is the sweetest dog I have ever met in my life. She is so full of love and would do anything for food and a tennis ball💗 she appreciates all the support!
Zoey is a six year old Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix who loves playing frisbee and out running her three brothers and sisters😉 She is the most loving and affection showing dog you’ll ever meet and of course she’ll do just about anything for some belly rubs!! 🤍
Annie is my sweet “pound puppy” she is about 4 years old and has been in and out of shelters her whole life, until now 🥰 Annie appreciates all the votes❤️
Paisley is a Catahoula Rottweiler mix. She is only 7 weeks old and a very playful and energetic puppy. She is also very big on cuddles! We couldn’t ask for a more perfect pup💕
Clover is an energetic little puppy! She is a pitbull, blue heeler, jack russell terrier mix breed. She loves to play in creeks and lakes. As well as play with her lamb chops.
Abby is born Dec 20 2021 she is still little puppy ,she is cockapoo ,she is so sweet she loves people ,especial kids , she loves to play and cuddle ,she also enjoy kisses 😘🥰😍
Doby is a playful most loving dog. He’ll play with you all day and end the day with the sweetest hugs and kisses and end the night with some cuddles.
Look at that perfect little face! Stevie is very smart, playful, and loves fetch! This sweet boy has brought us so much joy! Couldn’t ask for a more perfect pup! ❤️
Buttercup loves to run and play and stick her head out the window and bark at birds
Zhini's a sweetheart, she loves to carry her babies (her stuffed animals) around in her mouth, come up for kisses & hugs. Her teefs are the super cute & spazzy thing you always notice with her big goofy smile while she sits on the couch upright like a human & her eyebrows noticeablely move & you can tell her expression changes 😂💙 She's very loyal & a constant source of happiness whenever you see her face.
This lil girl loves to play and chew everything lol. She is very vocal and loves cats
This handsome boys name is Diesel. He has lots of energy and loves cuddles. He loves playing in the snow as well as mud.
Bambi is a Labrador retriever! Bambi loves mud and loves to swim and play fetch! She loves food and will eat anything (literally everything)
Priscilla Hazel Dashiells
Priscilla is such a happy and loving girl! She loves being with her people! Her favorite game is catch with her pink ball! She loves to go on walks and loves to cuddle! And of course she loves her car rides! She is a warm weather kind of girl! Terrified of the wind does not like the rain at all just love sitting and watching the birds on a warm sunny day! She is the best girl we love her so very much! ❤️🐾🦴
loves going for car rides no matter where it is. He loves to cuddle and play with his toys and give lots of kisses
She is the calmest 8 week old puppy I have ever had and she is so sweet. She is great Dane mix, super smart, and lovable. She loves her toys and thinks she has made a great victory when she steals them back from kaia.
Archie is the most loving dog. He doesn’t care who or what you are he will kiss you and wants all the loves. He is a big goof and always makes everyone laugh. He loves snuggling under the blankets and adores his squeaker toys! Vote for Archie!
Tank loves the outdoors..very playful and friendly and loves to eat....He loves to chew on his toys and play in creeks...not afraid of water and always energetic. Tank mom was Dogo Argentino and his Dad was Pitbull mix..
Romeo Koda Capone
Romeo is an Albino Yorkshire Terrier born to a Merle mom. He is highly sensitive to sunlight because he has no pigment and he wears sunglasses to protect his baby blue eyes. He is our special boy and we adore him.
Ziggy likes to be the head honcho even though shes a girl
My name is Oogie, but I also go by Oog, ooga boog, Oogie boogie. I’m a Cane Corso, Bullmastiff, and Great Dane mix! My parents wanted a big goofy lovin dog and that’s me! I love playin wif snow, and sticks. Oohh sticks are my fav. I also love my teddy bear Chocolate milk! Oh and I can forget that my favorite thing to do is lay on mom and crush her.
Pockets is a Golden Retriever/ Spinger Spanial Mix. He loves BIG toys, he loves to run with his brother. He loves to play with the cows next door. He loves to play in his pool and "dive" for the rocks at the bottom of it. And he loves to cuddle with his mom and dad. And loves to get ALL the sniffs in the car rides
Tiger was a stray puppy abandoned by his own parents before we rescued him. My kids seen him roaming around our trash cans one day and decided to try to get him to come to them. The kids exceeded into having the puppy trust them. Toger then was shivering cold wet we put him under a blanket kept him warm. Tiger got along well with my 5 year old put mix, so we decided we were going to continue to love on him and care for him. Puppys are not cheap we have maintained his medical expenses and he is now doing very well here.
A big Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees puppy mix! He is a bit dopy but loves people and dogs! What he loves most is food and will eat anything (literally anything 😵‍💫)
Bella Donna Cook
Bella is a King German Shepard that loves the snow, playing ball, and going for rides in the car! Please vote for Bella!
Kona is a very playful puppy. That loves ducks and loves food..
Luna is German Shepherd, Blue Heeler, and Pit-bull mix. She loves to play with her toy’s, she loves to give kisses and little love bites too, she is definitely a little cuddle bug, and she is very loved by all of her family! 🫶🏼♥️
Sparty loves to Party! He loves to play fetch, train commands, eat kibbles, and be a good boy!
Indica is always smiling and the goofiest girl you will ever meet. She is a senior doggie and loves to hike, walk, run, and eat everything in sight!
Hi everyone, My name is Nash I live in Pennsylvania, and I love the snow. I love going for walks, car rides, and love to run run run. I visited the beach one time and I wasn’t a huge fan, but enjoyed the ice cream I got to eat. Well I hope everybody has a great day!
He loves to run and play very happy out gng he loves to follow his owner around all day
Scout is a clumsy spitfire that loves her humans, she greets her baby sister at her crib every morning, and rides to school every day to pick up her brother. Every person she meets is her new best friend, I couldn’t ask for a sweeter dog.
Scooby is a 3 year old pit mix he is a 1 of a kind you will never find one like him the truth is we saved each other i took him out of A abusive home Without all the details it was really bad form but now you can never tell and return he helps me with my depression my seizures my physical disabilities never a lick of training he just knows hes hyper loving and he loves to give kisses he is amazing with ALL animals kids and well every one he is the best thing in my life
Oakley loves to be outside and just run free. His favorite it the snow. He will just run and jump in the snow all day if you would let him!
Oakley is a 7 month old yellow lab loves all the cuddles, playing in the woods, swimming, riding the kayak and car rides, loving on his sisters and best friend Zeus everyone needs an Oakley in their life
Hazel is a sweet, loving, playful dog.
Hi, I'm Ruger I love going on car rides, playing with my brother Remi, roaming around on the farm and meeting new people and pups.I also love to post content on my Instagram and Facebook.
Stormy is a Siberian Husky she is a great dog she listens well and is very smart and she loves to play and go on runs and walks.
She the most sweetest little thang❤️ She never meets a stranger she loves making friends her favorite hangout and everybody knows her there every Friday she goes tractor supply she visits her friends there and meet new ones and off to the toy isile and she loves her golf cart loves riding in the cattle fields in the evening with her daddy❤️
Storm is a Siberian husky she is very playful , loves car rides , loves to eat all day if she could lol loves swimming but not baths storm loves running around in the snow and loves people very friendly with kids and other pets
beast is a husky pit, very playful and loves hugs and blueberries 🫐
Hi, I’m Roman! I’m a very happy, loving, sweet boy & also very protective! I love being outside, chasing squirrels, having yummy treats & being with Mom! I hope you think I’m as cool as my mom does! She just thinks I’m the best 🥰
He is a toy addict. He LOVES to run in the back yard with his brother. He loves to chase bees no matter how much his pawrents tell him its not smart or safe. His all time favorite thing is fetch though. And his all time favorite toys are his tire his had since a puppy and a squeeky banana his grandma got him for Christmas. And cuddling with mom and dad
Waylon Jennings
Waylon is a very protective dog. He loves his people.
Tonka loves to play with water bottles. He likes to play a game called “where’s Tonka” where he hides and I find him. He is very much loved and loves me back. He has a big bed but sleeps on mine but most of all, he loves my son and misses him a lot. They grew up together and were never apart until my son joined the Marines. He waits for him everyday but it’s been a long time.