Midnight is our 9week old German shepherd/pit mix . Very loveable and smart.
Buster Beans
Buster Beans is a recue, then became a service dog for my husband who has diabetes. Beany is getting up in years, cataracts in both eyes. He loves long walks and deep conversations. Upon moving from Wyoming to Idaho in the country he was very displeased as he was a city dog. So one morning with a tune in his head ( Johnny Cashes "🎵 I'm going to Jackson I'm gonna fool around🎶🎶🎶) he unfortunately went the wrong direction and went into Driggs Id. He now has a crimnal record as he left without his service vest an id and ended up with a mug shot in the local pup jail. 🐶 😁I do have his mug shots.
Kujo is a small Yorkie with a big personality. He lives up to his name. He's spoiled and loves kraft cheese on his food.
Tucker loves car rides and hanging out the window!
Emma is a playful dog. She loves her belly rub, loves running. One thing she does not like to do is to bite. Emma hates the taste of human.
Tytus is a 1 1/2 pit and white lab mix. He is bilingual, and understands English and Spanish commands. Tytus lives to play soccer and could probably go pro if they would let him try out! When he's not playing soccer or tug of war he loves chasing and catching flies... It's very entertaining to watch! Tytus is very sweet, ,smart, loyal, and funny. He loves his family very much especially his kitties!! Since the day Tytus came to my life at 4 weeks old he's made me a better person.and the my world a happier place! ❣️
He likes to fetching sticks. Cuddling. Chasing luna the cat. Who is his sitting pretty for pictures.
walter loves to destroy toys! He listens to all commands and also likes to talk back.He loves to snuggle and likes all the attention! His favorite is to go camping, on car rides, and loves to go for walks! Hes a very photogenic pup who can't wait for game day to wear his jersey. Best dog ever!
Max is a love bug. He loves terrorizing his big brother and stealing his toys. Max is almost 3 years old and thinks he is an actual baby.
Zeus loves car rides and treats!!! He loves to cuddle and go on walks. He has an old man soul for a 5 year old.
Johnny Cash
Johnny "Cash" is very loyal. He was given to my husband for fathers day but he chose me and goes everywhere with me.
June Carter Cash
June is the most love and sweet little girl. She never meets a stranger. My mom passed away before I got her, but June makes it a point to visit my Dad every morning and check on him.
I adopted 4 yr. old Vinnie last yr, from a Rescue Group. He was physically abused & locked in crate 12 hours a day. He's now thriving as a non-fearful, fun, goofy, lazy & happy boy. Love him to pieces. No matter if he wins any contest, he'll always be my winner wiener dog.
Daphne is a rescue. Was very timid and we were not even able to pet her when we first adopted her. Dont even want to know what she has been thru before us. Now she is the most loveable, friendly dog that we've ever owned. And at the same time very protective of us.
Call him wiggle but because he wiggles his stubby tail when walking. Everyone loves his two different eye color too
Mavericks a 1yr old goody Great Dane who loves walks and playing with the kids. He’s such an amazing sweet pup
This sweet boy loves to cuddle after hours of “zooming” through the house ! He loves copying bigger dogs, not quite aware of his size. And will shower you with kisses and love
Fallon is so sassy and full of personality. She loves to nap and play. She loves exploring and going to work with me.
The picture says it all that she's vocal! She loves attention and she'll talk to you to get it. She loves to greet you at the door and bark until you pet her. She loves to go for car rides and go to the park and Chase ducks. She loves to spin on her head after she eats some really good food
Lucy is everyone's friend, Lucy the friendly Pibble,even skunks when they spray her,I rescued her 6 yrs ago,she was a backyard breeder and she was abused,no more babies or abuse for this baby she is spoiled and is a Princess,my Chihuahua is the Queen 😀❤️
Tiki the bossy Chi...not only bossy,but quite the Diva 😍
Jazzy loves to play ball. She catches it in her mouth. Great soccer dog.
She is my " emotional support " buddy. She loves to lick, give kisses, go on car rides, and to eat 😋
We rescued Dixie Belle from a dismal shelter in Oklahoma based off a photo of her sweet face. We got halfway home and realized she was a Mal!! She has the energy of a T-Rex and a heart of gold. She is super smart, loves to cuddle and hold hands and loves to eat!! She also loves to go to bed early and will bark at you if you are still talking after lights out!!
Scrappy Doodles
Doodles is two years old very sweet loving loves to be a cuddle bug loves to play and he loves to go on walks
Teddy is a rescue from Michigan, as he was a stray for quite some time. Teddy loves snuggles, laying in the sun, and treats!
He is very sweet boy. He likes you to chase after him in the yard. He loves going riding in the vechile. He loves his chicken nuggets from Wendy's and he also loves his scrabble eggs from waffle house.he loves to sleep with his head on a pillow and his body under the sheets
Blue is my best friend. He is hard of hearing which makes him extra special to me because i was born deaf in my left ear. He loves to jump and do zoomies! Nobody can be sad with Blue around! He loves sweet potato treats and peanut butter. He even gets dressed up some days. I love my Blue!
Scout is a sweet, feisty, cuddly 11 week old little girl.
Felony is one of the most awesome pit bulls you could ever meet. He loves playing his games where he sniffs out his treats! He never meets a stranger and always always wants to be right with me. He loves riding and going to get icecream! And loves sweet Tea. He sits at his table and eats his food. What he likes most is being with me everywhere i go. Hes my best friend.
Sandy May
She loves to go bye bye, she has to have attention 24/7, she's our "Lil Diva"
Rosie is the most loving caring dog. She loves fishing and kayaking and anything outdoors with her human parents. She truly has a one of a kind personality
Taz earned his name! He can be a bit of a devil but like his cartoon counterpart he always asks for forgiveness. He protects his home and family with a fierce heart. His favorite toy is a rainbow butterfly unicorn stuffy. He’s always ready to go even when he may not like the ride! He’s definitely a ride or die companion.
Nella is a shy little girl at first she loves her favorite toy and love snack time
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton is a little savage that loves his swag…blame it on his momma. He loves evening stroller rides and he loves to car seat pimp in his momma’s jeep!
She loves everyone very lovable she my rescue shes gives lots of loving to all , love hugging n giving kissing
Savannah is the black dog I tried to edit but couldn't figure out. They are both cute but Savannah is the black dog. Thank you
Zeus is a rescued German Shepard who loves to play and work. He knows many fun tricks and still learning more. Zeus is very loving once he gets comfortable with you and poses if he sees a camera!
Kenda is a sweet girl, loves kisses, her toys, and her hoomans 🤍🤍
Bear is a dare devil. He is also water obsessed. But also a Cuddler and affectionate. He’s just awesome!
Hii! I’m Clipper I am a rescue dog from Mississippi. I have a loving family already, sorry lol. I absolutely love the beach but the water still freaks me out. I absolutely Iove balls especially if they are the squeaky ball ones. I love running in my backyard. I only like car rides but I have to sit in the passenger seat.
Yeti is a little drama boy who loves zoomies with anyone who will join, children, and peanut butter flavored anything ❤
Hi my name is Popkorn… I’m my mommy’s and daddy’s second baby. My older sister Bella just passed away last weekend on the 3rd… my daddy got me for mommy to help and love. Oh boy did I! I love my mommy and daddy. I get cuddles from mommy and I get to play hard with daddy. Please vote for me. I love to make my family smile and I got my name due to my jumps look more like pops than jumps. My mommy calls me her water potamus and daddy calls me his tiny assassin
Meet my 1 year old fur baby pup! Mazzy is a full blooded pit! He loves rabbits, butterflies, bones, and of course lots and lots of snuggles! He loves kids! Very protective over mom and dad! And loves playing tug a war with big brother! Weighing around 82lbs.. Mazzy still thinks he is a lap dog. He’s such a sweetheart!
Brie loves to chew!!! She is very hyper and full of energy!! She loves to chase squirrels!! Brie is extremely loveable, especially to her daddy and mama!! She is a mixed breed; consisting of Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), Boxer, Husky and Lab!!
How could you resist a face like that? He loves walks chasing the cats Kabob treats and cuddling.
Kye is very active. She loves to play by chasing you around. She is a very lovable dog.