Baby Stories - 94


Callie Sea
50% German Shepard 50% Siberian Husky Callie is a 5 month old pup full of sass. She loves to play in the ocean or lake and is always finding a stick to chew on and take home. She’s one adventurous pup whos always on the move
Pauly D
Hello everybody, I’m Pauly D! I’m a 8 year old Tweenie who loves food and cuddles. Long walks along the beach is also nice because I get to dig and that’s my favorite hobby. My pawrents call me Fat guy but you can just call me Puppy D
Bear is a spunky, fun loving, energetic, 7 month old puppy who loves everyone he meets (once he gets used to you). He loves any animal shaped toy with a squeaker. He loves walks with his Koala Bear and cuddling on the couch.
The sweetest little snuggle bug you will ever meet
Ozzie Boy
Ozzie is definitely a mammas boy. He loves to play catch, cuddle, follow his pet humans around.
Zoey is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. She loves to run and have other dogs chase her. Her favorite game is “you can’t catch me!” She loves to swim! She knows how to sit , stay , lay , spin , jump , give me paw , and high five! She is my best friend! Couldn’t imagine life without my baby ❤️
Maverick was a stray I adopt and he has been my sidekick for 6 years now. He is sassy and thinks he is much bigger than 11lbs! He howls like a husky and has more spunk than our puppy!
Cinch is a standard size Australian Shepherd. He loves playing outside and watching the cows and sheep. He is the happiest and most playful puppy.
We rescued Harley last year. She is the sweetest girl ever! Loves to play with her toys and get belly rubs. Harley is happiest when she is with her humans.
I am 9 weeks old. I love to play and sleep under the couch
Baxter is a 4 month old great dane.
I’m Jack! I’m a mix of German shepherd and pit bull! I love other dogs, But I mostly love anyone that will give me pets and snuggles! The dog park or going camping are my favorite activities! ❤️
Kyra is a Mini Aussiedoodle!! She’s super hyper and extremely adventurous
8 week old labradoodle! Cutest little baby ever! Look at that Teddy Bear face❤️
Loves his mama and dad, loves naps, food, treats, and all the snuggles!
Hi I’m lily I love to play and cuddle I’m almost 2 years old my owner is using money to get presents for our family
Hatties as in Hatties the Greek god we don’t k ow is age he is a Siberian husky
She Obsessed with her mama and socks
Our handsome boy loves to run around and play in the backyard, he’s a cuddle buddy when it comes to sleeping and he LOVES to play with his toys ❤️
Im 9 months old. I love playing with my sheltie friend when im not playing with my human friends. I love chasing the laser and any rabbits that enter my yard.
75%Frenchie 25% Boston, Palmer is quite the social butterfly. Whether you have four legs or two, he will be sure to give you lots of kisses!
Hi, my name is coca. I love my mum and I follow her everywhere. I Also love everyone else, and love to make people smile. I love the beach but I don’t mess around with water. 🐶
My name is Beau and I am a Corgi / German Shepherd mix . I am 4 years old and I love going to the beach and going on hikes! My mom calls me the biggest social butterfly on this planet.
Bingo is a 6 month of German Shephard mix.. He has fought and overcome Parvo. He loves attention and butt pats. His favorite thing to do is snuggle his mama.
Rocky is a 2 month old Blue Nose Pitty who is full of energy. He snores when he sleeps.. loves to snuggle around your neck. His favorite thing to do is chance the kittens around the house and yard.
It is Magellan's goal in life to meet every dog and person in the world! If ya don't like him, he's gonna make you like him! He's a sweet, intelligent, and extremely social boy! A red-tri mini aussie who will steal your heart and literally stops traffic 😂 Some other hobbies include swimming, hiking, and chasing ice cubes and plastic cups across the floor.❤️🤎🤍
I am a five pound, two year old Yorkie that loves all the attention from everyone. I like to think I'm the guard dog of the house and protect everyone inside. I was born with a pre-existing condition called avascular necrosis that makes it sometimes hard for me to keep up with my older brother Tanoshii. In my free time you'll find me playing with my favorite squeaky toy.
Canelo is 4 month Labrador Retriever who loves to play with his brother Max, go out for wood trail walks and bite on his stuffy toys.
I am a 3 year old Shiba Inu that LOVES to go on walks. I also like to think I'm an escape artist like Houdini. I have a two year old little brother named Toto. In my free time you'll find me lying out in the sun or chasing some squirrels
My name is Sadie. I am a year and 9 months. I am a human lover and super playful. I have a white paw and thats what makes me unique.
I am a four month old yellow lab💛 I love yummy treats & fun toys🐾 I love giving kisses & getting belly rubs💗💗
Loves to fetch and watch tv. Willing to exchange votes and accepting advance votes.
Lil Petey
Just an awesome little dude living his best life 🙌🏼. Instagram: @pawesomepetey
This lovebug is a pit mix and loves ropes and her bed. She loves apples, strawberries, blueberries.. if it's safe for dogs and a fruit or berry she will eagerly eat it and beg for more. Ice cubes are a new favorite as well!
Korben Dallas Multipass
Hi I’m snowball, I’m an Aussie mix and I’m full of energy. I’m new to the Auclair family and they love me very much. I’m a rescue from Texas. I love playing with my toys and going for walks! 🐶
I’m a 3 year old Weimaraner full of energy!! I have 2 year old sister kitty 🐈 named Oreo. I was born in Puerto Rico but now live with my human parents in Rockville, MD. I snore while I sleep, play for hours with my favorite toy 🏈 and love to go for long walks.
Oliver is a German Shepard Labrador Mix. He is very Loving, Friendly and Playful. When he goes for walks he loves to make new friends. He was saved from a bad place and brought into a loving home.
Hi I’m Rex! Please vote for me so I can get all duh treatz monies can buy!! I’m a hekkin good boy and loves everyone!
Sheyera is an all around love bug. She loves to hang outside and go for a walks.
Teddy is a yorkie, mini poodle, shih tzu mix and he is 9 months old. He loves to play with other dogs and he loves his belly rubs!
Toast loves her dunkin donuts bark box toy! She also loves to sleep, and cuddle!!
Tilly is a Chiweenie, which is a fairly new, recognized breed that is a cross between a chihuahua and a dachshund. This adorable dog has the best of both breeds with her cute ears and happy smile, who could ever say no!
Cynda Lou
Cynda Lou is my best friend, she is funny, full of love, loves to cuddle and loves to lay in momma's lap. She shows compassion when someone in the family is having a hard day and trys to cheer them up. Her favorite thing is being with me because she chooses to love me endlessly.
Chief LOVES to cuddle, he’s a huge lap dog! His other hobbies include getting into the kitchen trash while we are not home and stealing toys from his sisters! He the most lovable, car ride loving, adventurous little (big) teddy bear ever!
Chloe is a pitbull who loves to play she is great with our kid and loves messing up the bed so she can lay like this