Baby Stories - 93


He loves to play with all of his brothers and sisters! Most importantly, he enjoys being with his momma (me)
Zena loves all her toys equally. She also loves to play with her kitty sisters!!!
Hi My name is Hero I’m 7 month old Shiba. I’m playful and happy I also love to make friends and love food
Chow is an adorable spunky Morkie ☺️ He loves other dogs, loves playing and running around outside! Of course he’s loves eating as well hehe. Don’t let his little size be fooled he can have a bark loud as a bigger dog!! He likes taking naps too but most of all he’s just a sweet loving doggie 💙💚💙
He’s the most loving dog ever
Hi! I'm Tsuki! I am a 9 month old pomeranian. I am a little bossy, but my husband Wolfie doesn't mind. My name means moon in Japanese, so we are the moon and the wolf!
Tooter also answers to KoKo lol she likes everything but Burger King fries & pickles!! She loves playing fetch & frisbee!!!
Vanna is a energetic and loving pup! She loves to go on walks and also chew on things she's not supposed to 😜 she is very playful and is super social.
He likes air conditioning, eats anything other than the entire pet smart toy collection I’ve bought for him, but loves people. A vote for him is a vote for my sanity :)
Sweet floppy mess little is our Ash
She's a great girl who loves everyone
Karma is 1 year old and full of energy and wonder! She loves finding & chewing on sticks. She is always on the go!
CHUBZ is a Merle English bulldog .. champion bloodline . He loves to play, jump and has to be sitting right next to you or on your feet 😂 He can fall asleep anywhere ! CHUBZ is the best loving dog 🐶
Leia Marie
Leia is a lovable , silly , has a whole personality she loves belly rubs and cuddles and loves watching tv she will melt your heart with her big blue eyes!!
Photos by China Christian Breen Maze loves carrots and peanut butter.
Gaston is the most cuddly biggest thinks his a small dog, dog. He loves to swim. He is trained in water rescue. Gaston plays hard, eats me out of house and home, but at the end of the day. He’s always the one on the couch by my side snuggling.
Meechie love to play with the kids, he also loves getting his bully box in every month. He is the biggest baby you will ever meet.
Mingo has been thru alot. He's 8 and didn't have his Parvo shot when he was a puppy. I didn't know what it was, well he got it. But here he is, survided it. My Baby Mingo
Karma is a playful happy very well trained rottweiler. We have had her since she was 4 weeks old and she is the center of our world. She loves meeting new people and other animals. Karma is very gentle and wouldn't hurt a fly. Her toung is too long for her mouth so we usually see her with it hanging to the side or stuck out at us.
Maggie thinks she is a human, as you can see from this picture. She is a very sweet, loving Golden with the softest fur ever! She loves to snuggle!
Twylah is a 13 month old cane corso. She loves her family, loves to play fetch and anything else ball related..
Fancy Bella May
Fancy is a sweet and fiesty puppy who loves playing dress up with the kids and chasing them through the yard. She puts a smile on the face of everyone she meets and loves to greet you with a happy dance and kisses.
Roxy is a Russian boxer. She’ll be 5 in July! She’s the most loyal dog ever and loves her treats. The most protective over her mama. She’s the best companion anyone can ask for!
Otto is 6 months old he loves his plushie Lion and Dino! He’s always got the “zoomies” and he loves to jump all over mom and dad!
Newborns were born on March 10th and 11th, 8pmish she first gave labor to 3 pupps 2 black and 1 white with blk spot on tail, then about 3am she went into labor again she had 2 more sad part was the pup she was trying hard pushing it out, it wasnt in its sac he passed away inside i think it front paw came out first it was white with blk spots around eyes and tail. Then she had 1 black one, 1 boy 3 girls. Mommy cali loves them and all they do is eat eat sleep sleep. Rest in peace BABY May 29th 2021
Bells Leigh
Bells is a 3 year old Shih Tzu that is so laid back! She once laid her head in the food bowl just to eat while laying down! She’s super goofy, such a sweetheart, and absolutely loves sleeping especially with her sister, Arial May!!! I wouldn’t know what to do without her! She’s my world!!! 💖
Teagan is actually half Corgi, half miniature Australian Shepherd. The option of Auggie just isn’t available! He loves to run, chase, herd, and act 10 times his actual size. He is an incredibly fast learner, a great cuddle-buddy and when he tilts his head with those baby blue eyes and nose freckles he melts every heart in the room!
She’s very energetic and never fails to put a smile on your face.
Donatello is a cute sweet puppy. He is a shorkie (half shih tzu and half yorkie). He loves playing fetch, tug of war and chase.
Jeaux Jo
Most photogenic!
Branch is our goldendoodle puppy who rules the house... he enjoys sitting out on the patio on a hot day on the furniture and if someone takes his seat he paws at them until they move. He sleeps in the bedroom with his roommate big human brother Max and leaving the ceiling fan on all night is a must or he will cry until you turn it on.. but hey who doesn’t sleep like to sleep with the ceiling fan on.. he knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to ask for it but he also gives the best hugs and kisses and is the best Friend you could ask for!
Pretty Penny was born right before the big ice storm hit Tx. She was bottledfed and survived all odds. She’s super playful and has no sense of personal space. She’ll run right up to your nose and just start licking it before you even know it’s happening.
Meet Mr. Pickles. He smiles on command and thinks he’s a cat.
Axel is a go getter he is non stop on the go especially for his ball
Im the big mamas boy and father of 10 children 🐶💜currently 1 years old . I am a full black Belgian shepherd stud 🖤I know commands like sit, stay, and climb on my hoomans back. I also enjoywalking on a leash and going to the beach with my family 🤍🦋🤍
Hi I’m Milo I’m 4 years old and was a rescue adopted by a wonderful family. About 5 months ago I lost my arm 🐾 due to an accident. But quite frankly sometimes I forget that Im missing a limb Please give me your vote. . Hola, soy Milo, tengo 4 años y fui un adoptado por una familia maravillosa. Hace unos 5 meses perdí mi brazo 🐾 debido a un accidente. Pero, francamente, a veces olvido que me falta una extremidad , REGALAME TU VOTO ME HARÍAS MUY FELIZ 🐶💜 @jandcfit
Beni is a very charismatic little fellow. He loves hugs and lots of attention. Beni is small with a very big personality. Beni was born and raised in Hungary, before making it too his forever home in New Jersey.
Lillie loves to cuddle, play with her toys, and play with her kitten sister! Her most favorite activity is swimming in the creek with grandpaw!
Milo loves to sunbathe. No matter if it’s inside or outside. If he’s not trying to get some food from you, then he’s definitely sunbathing. Milo is so loving he loves to give kisses!
King is my big boy (even though he is tiny is size). He loves to chase bugs outside, loves to steal my bigger dog’s bones and loves to bury himself in clothes that come out the dryer!!!
Joy is such a loving dog. He is friendly to everyone and of course loves to play ⚽️
After being many years without animals we got Macaroni. He has been the best!! Always calm and loving. Such a kind face. He never tears anything up and very rarely even barks. He’s a very deserving soul. Follow him on IG. #macaronimint
Art3mis is a sweetheart, will run & play no matter the weather.
Angel Rose
Angel Rose is a 5 month old beautiful but,rare chocolate/blonde parti yorkie I got from my breeder that likes to get dressed up & pose as you can see in her pictures..She reminds me of a little white lamb..She loves to play & Is a typical puppy which means she's very active through out the day,takes frequent naps,& loves to cuddle & sleep with her human mama..She loves all humans & dogs & cats alike & She is the sweetest as they come!! ❣️
Princess Sweetie
Please Remember Like👍 ❤ LIKE SHARE ❤ 👑Princess Sweetie God Bless her Heart 💖 My Special Girl ' BORN DEAF With 1 Ice Blue watch Eye" Pure Satin White Furcoat Golden 🤎 Shape Patch on her Back! Shes Risen above hard times. Now 4 yrs old Still Maturing Simply Beautiful "Am Staff" My Pibble's Life's Matter 👑Princess Sweetie Votes from the Heart 🤎 PLEAS REMEMBER TO LIKE👍SHARE HER PAGE
Belle Rose
She’s most sweet little princess. She’s name belle for beauty 🌹
Dozer is the sweetest boy ever. He love his treats and snuggle time. He is the most loving baby ever. We love him so much.