Baby Stories - 93


Gizzie Mae is 4 year old Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix. She loves being outside and playing around. She also loves to take long naps!! She is just my sweet baby! :)
Sadie is pure bred. She loves to run and play with her dog friends. She also loves to irritate her brother by incouraging him to play while he ia trying to nap. Sadie is a bundle of energy that keeps her family active.
Alphie is a rescue from a local shelter that loves to sleep next to his sister, eat, and play with his sqeeky pig. Alphie is mixed with English Mastiff and is an 105lb cuddle bug.
Oaklyn loves to eat anything! She is very playful and really sweet! She is a full blooded AKC registered lab.
Heyyy my name is Tikka! I’m a Aussiedor. My mom is an Australian Shepard and my dad is an Chocolate Lab!
Max is an amazing dog. Loving protective and loyal. He loves his squeaky toys!!
Li U
Li’u loves going to the park and the beach with her bestie. She enjoys running, playing fetch, swimming and doing tricks!
Millie loves everyone!!!! Millie loves to eat freeze dried chicken and play with her best friends, Charlie, Bow, and Quincy. Millie also loves to chill out and cuddle with her family!
Hi my name is Olive Ray. I am a 8 week frenchie,I love to play and cuddle
Sevyn is our new grandpup! She is so sweet and loving!🐾
Beau is very energetic! He loves anybody and everybody. He absolutely loves his chest rubbed and has to put his paws on you. He loves cuddles and get jealous of his sister Ruby. He loves to play fetch and learn new tricks. He likes to stick blankets in his mouth and drool on them. All around an amazing dog!🥰
Ruby loves to play and cuddle! She likes to hide under the covers and growls when she’s excited! She’s protective of family and HAS to sleep on the bed cause she’s spoiled.💛🥰
Oscar is the fulffiest, nicest, and cutest golden retriever out there! He loves pets, walks, and treats! He is especially awesome at posing for photos at anytime!
Hi, I’m Takoda! I was born on a farm. I was raised with my two best friends, Shake and Bake, who are piggies! My mom, Dolly, is a Yellow Lab and my dad, Big Worm, is an unknown mix as he was found on an Indian reservation! I look most like my dad. I love giving hugs and learning new tricks! I’m only 5 months old and have lots more growing to do. Vote for me and I’ll give you all the kisses!
My names Diesel and I’m a basset hound!! I love snuggling with my cat brothers and sister and enjoy sleeping all day!
Quinny is a funny, fun loving, chow chow mix from outside of DC! He loves to pose for photos in golden hour, play dead, and sleep.
Atlas was born in August 2020 in Texas. My boyfriend and I rescues him from SNARR Northeast in Brewster, NY in November 2020. Was told he was a lab/husky mix but we recently did a DNA test and showed he was pit/husky/chow/ Boston terrier and Newfoundland. He is adjusting well and loves to bug his sister Josie. He loves being outside, sticks and do anything for treats. We would love to win so we can put the winnings toward SNARR Northeast rescue center to help Atlas friends out. Thank you!
puppo is a 2 almost 3 year old chocolate lab who absolutely loves sleeping and attention!
2 Sweet baby girls... Mom is Chihuahua. Dad is Jack Russell wiener mix.
LouAnn is extraordinary smart, unique, playful, Loves her toys, treats, very loving, She's momma big spoiled baby... Her pictures is also feature in "Cute Pet" magizines, Please Vote for my fur baby
LouAnn is extraordinary smart, unique, playful, Loves her toys, treats, very loving, She's momma big spoiled baby... Her pictures is also feature in "Cute Pet" magizines, Please Vote for my fur baby
Koda is a teacup yorkie poo she loves to play outside and loves kids
Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow is the sweetest little big boy in the world. Loves all his stuffed animals and snuggling with his mom & dad. Never meets a stranger. Can’t hold his 👅 licker!
Hank strives to use his smile to make other people smile. Turning 13 in just a couple weeks, he’s kept his physique by running 5 miles daily. When he’s not busy being his moms company mascot, he enjoys hiking, going on trail runs, and taking long walks on the beach. In addition he likes to cuddle up on his moms chest to take naps!
Luna is the sweetest little therapy dog in training ever! She’s super smart and comes to work three days a week to help hoomans through their trauma, anxiety and depression struggles.
Liberty is playful and cute and jealous doby
I’m Zooey and I am so spoiled by my humans! I’m what you would call a “quarantine puppy.” My humans got me back in April and I got to spend every moment of my puppy life with my momma! I live in Syracuse, NY and I am the goodest girl even though I need some help sometimes. I love humans and doggos of all sizes and just love to give lots of kisses.
I'm poppy and I was dumped in the desert before my mom's adopted me. I chase shadows, kick my legs out and drag myself around, love my belly rubbed, when I yawn I make squeaky noises and am OBSESSED with tennis balls, I absolutely love the pumpkin my mamas give me for my tummy and wag my tail FIERCELY in my sleep!! #twomomsarebetterthanone #voteformeplease #pitbulllove
LANZA "SUGARBEAR LANDSHARK" is our little social butterfly. She is very vocal, she can bark " i love you" and she loves to sing with her dad while he plays the harmonica. She also loves playing with her other doggy friends, chewing on wood, and destroying her stuffed animal toys! Help us show Lanza just how pretty she is by voting for our little girl!
I like laying on feet, chasing golf balls & running from birds.
Molly is 11 years old and is a spitz mix, she is a very loving girl who loves to cuddle
Stella is one cool pup!!
Hii fwends! I love the beach and my Hoomom says I bite like a baby shark 🦈
Vader is a Sith Lord.
Clutch is an incredible Boxer, who has the classic clown personality. We purchased him for our 7 year old son, and even with all of that energy, he is always gentle with my son. He reminds us how beautiful life is and how important it is to not waste a day or take things too seriously. Live life to the fullest. His expressions are priceless and this picture made us think of the phrase “forget about it.”
Mr. Waffles
Mr. Waffles enjoys playing at the park, cuddling with mommy. Running and playing with Diego a pup pal, in the backyard. No one is a stranger, everyone is a friend! Especially, if they have a treat; or gives belly rubs.
Winston came into my life at a difficult time. He has been my life vest. He always has an eye on me and knows when a hug is necessary. He is simply the best dog in the world. I especially love it when he smiles you see his little teeth and lips he literally smiles! There will never be another Winston.
unix is fat and likes eating food
Meet sassy sally! She is a bundle of personality and energy! She likes to have full blown conversations with you and loves to “dig” in her blankets as she talks to you. If it squeaks it’s by her side :) sally loves her mommy very much! Miss sally loves her older sister Brooklyn a 12 yr old pitbull and her 2 other dog siblings Bella and Wesson! As well as her best friend looney Luna (cat)
Kiwi likes to take long naps on the couch and an occasional zoomie to end the day.
Zera like long runs at the doggie park. She wants to be everyones friend. She knows how to give hugs. And her favorite pass time is nose booping your leg for attention.
This is Axel! He is 7 months & he looooves to be outside on breezy days! He’s super playful & gets along with just about anyone & any pet lol When he’s not playing around with his brother and sisters he’s across our street running back and forth with a donkey lol We’d really appreciated it if you give our handsome Axel a vote ❤️👍🏽
Amma loves belly rubs and chasing ankles. Only 3 mo. Old and those ears are as big as her personality.
Sprinkles loves to snuggle beside you wherever you go. Even in the car she will sleep on your lap and loves new people. She also does not bite :)
Hi I’m Mija and I love my humans so much. I love to play and snuggle all the time. I also demand attention in any situation possible!
Stella Rosa
Hi hooman friends my name is Stella Rosa💗 I am the happiest pupper you ever did see! Ima su-PAW-star when it comes to cuddles and opening doors🐶 Life is not ruff when you are around me because my first trick was kisses💋My hoomans said they will buy me as many treats and tennis balls as I want if I win, so please help me win❤️ Have a PAWfect day!
I’m am a 12 year old dog. LOVE my family been here. with my fam since day one I was with my mom and dad when my moms daughter was born