Loki Joe
Loki Joe likes to talk back and pull all his toys out of his toy box as soon as mom cleans the house. He steals food off the counter any chance he can get and likes to chase his tail for hours!
Gracie likes a lazy Sunday morning
Hey Hey
Hey Hey is a very special guy. He showed up to our home and would not leave. Unfortunately he had been abused prior to finding us. The vet said he is blind and deaf on his left side caused by blunt force trauma. His hips were also fractured. Since he became a part of our family he has brightened our lives so much, he has the best personality. He loves getting cuddles and playing, he also dances around when he is happy which is the cutest thing ever! We are so happy he chose us!
Crimson is a blue heeler from texas he is a full blooded heeler. He was the runt of the litter I got him at 4 weeks old. He is now 3 years old. When I first got him he only weighed 3lbs and it took him a while to get bigger but now he’s huge.But this is crimson he plays with toys but we call them his babies because he carries them around with his blanket and he is just such a sweet pup. He loves to go outside and just run.
diesel is a mastiff/great dane mix who is 9 months old. he loves playing tug of war, giving nose boops, and taking naps. he loves treats and his family🥺
Cooper is my daughters emotional support doggo…but if you asked him he’d say ball if life!
Onna is very crazy and loves anybody that will give her attention! She is very sassy and if she doesn't want to do something she will let you know by talking back! Her favorite things are car rides and new toys!
Molly is five months old and she has won a UKC best in show she loves playing with her buddies and she loves sleeping but also playing most of all, she loves treats
Snoopy is 14yrs old he’s my service dog. If and when I have a seizure he and Lucy my baby girl dog come to my rescue. Snoopy is very protective of his surroundings and of us. He’s now dealing with congestive heart and has to be treated with medication everyday twice a day. He’s my first baby and even tho he’s the oldest of my 4 he’s still my baby. He deserves this more than anyone he’s a great furbaby. Thank you for your time. Hugs 🤗
She is sweet, smart and sassy! Such a good girl! She can launch off the couch like no other!
Biscuit is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, He is 2 months old and loves cuddles ❤️
Rufus is a sweet 1 yr old miniature schnauzer. He loves to talk back when you are talking to him. He will not poop in the yard he has to go into the woods.
Hi, I’m Red and I love doing anything outdoors with my humans! I love playing fetch, jumping on the trampoline with my little humans, and chasing the laser light.
Beans is a very fun loving six months old puppy who loves to play with her toys and she loves balls she love the snow ❄️ and she deserves all your votes place vote
He loves to steal his daddy's spot everytime his daddy leaves for work or gets up and just goes to the other room...He loves sleeping like a human by laying on his back with legs up..
Miss Marney May is the sweetest bagel ever. She loves attention and treats! Her nose tends to get her in trouble though.
Daisy loves hugs and snuggles and she loves to chew fingers 🤣🤣
Playful, talkative and a motorcycle riding gal.
Dude is actually a “Pomchi”, but there was no selection available. He is part chihuahua/Pomeranian. Dude loves squirrels, and kitties, and thinks all kitties loves him too. He dislikes baths, and strange dogs, he will be cautious of strangers but love you to death if you’re family. Especially if you’re a cat.
This cuddly but crazy puppy loves playing and dressing in his favorite Christmas attire would love to have your vote
Willow is a big cuddle bug She’s the laziest dog you’ll ever meet She is the biggest treat lover
Blossom is a big oaf She loves love and thinks she’s a lap dog
Ollie is a level 6 clinger!! He loves cuddles and loves He is a big prankster lol
Axel is definitely a daddy's boy. He enjoys laying on me any way he can to watch tv and see out the window. He loves car rides and fresh made popcorn without the kernel. Axel also loves to go walk around outside the stores when it's nice out to greet people as come and leave the stores.
This boy right here ( the black lab) is so full of energy he is always up for a walk or a little ball throwing. This boy loves the pool and will jump in for hours. The sweet love he has for us and his playfulness keeps us on our toes.
Cooper should have been a hound dog LOL he is so happy, relaxed, and loves to cuddle. He is the Golden Lab by the way - he's lazy at all the right times and just loves to be loved on. Give him a pillow and he's happy and give him a ball to chase and he is happiest :)
Beamer is such a playful fun dog! He loves to cuddle, play fetch and go hiking! He very smart and knows how to do lots of tricks!
Lil Cc
She is a smart little puppy who been easy to train. She loves cuddles and thinks she is a big dog already!!
Sandy is a very sweet rescue dog. She looks just like the dog I had growing up. She's my baby!
She knows she is loved OOH SOOO much!! You can see it on her entire stance !
Chevelle is super sweet and very people shy, she has severe anxiety but once she gets to know you she loves to play fetch with her toy...
Jax was welcomed into our family as a puppy. He is so loving, smart and loyal. His favorite thing to do is cuddle with mom and when he's not doing that, he's outside playing with dad and his younger brother Odin. Jax is one spoiled German Shepherd but what can I say he's a mommy's boy!
Chiko is the biggest baby and the best cuddler. He loves to chew on his peanut butter filled bone and his beef leg bone.
Please vote for me I’m a mini pin my mommy rescued me 💕
Just got Callie she is a great Dane/bassist hound. She very active and she loves everyone and everything. She just the cutest.
Diego is a spunky but very loveable pup. He likes to be held like a baby and loves to snuggle
Oakley is a 3yr old blue nose pit, she is the best cuddler loves giving hugs and kisses, she’s a sucker for chicken nuggets or PB whichever she can get her paws on. Most importantly is my daughter’s personal protector and she loves her so much.
Sassie Durden
Sassie is very sweet and playful, she is new to our family and is loved so much.
Saddie is a very loving dog loves to cuddle and enjoy walks and going places
Lil Bit
She’s very playful but very quiet
He has so much love to give loves to watch tv. And loves to help his sister try to escape. Love them my world
He loves to play with his friend Lexi who is gonna be 9months he very loving sweet and is dog well with the training classes hopefully will be a good device dog
Papa Bear
The sweetest boy!
Hi, my name is Wilbur and I am 7 years old. Wilbur loves waiting for mom to come home for his morning walks. After that he is ready for some cuddles with mom and his older brother Donnie ( the cat). He always greets you at the door with a different toy in his mouth. He loves to get sweater or shirt on to see his favorite person that he loves more then mom, is his grandma.