Baby Stories - 93


Hi. I am Bear a Labradoodle almost 2 years old 🎈I LOVE to cuddle, I am the best lap dog in the hobbies include Trips to the Dog Park,playing fetch with Favorite people in the world “my Humans”.I am most Famous for giving BEAR HUGS. I am the most lovable, love road trips, adventurous little (big) teddy bear ever! I am bad to the bone. 🤪
Bentley is a Pitt Terrier, he is full of energy. Loves walking and going for rides
Bagheera is an 14 week old Daniff. He’s the biggest goof ball. He loves his kids and is always down for a snuggle.
Otis is a high energized French Bulldog that loves going on walks. He knows how to make a frown turn upside down. He loves chewing on rubber toys. He’s the most sweetest out going pup you’ll ever meet
Daisy is an English bulldog that loves to eat, give kisses, cuddle and sleep! She has a perfect heart on the left side of her face and is spoiled rotten! Our family loves her so much!
Spark is a little beagle puppy who loves to explore and play. He can sit, stay, and spin in a circle when we ask, "who is the goodest boy?" Two paws up!
Remy Blue is a rescue from Virginia. She is a mix of American Staffordshire/ Russel Terrier mix according to Wisdom but who really knows. She loves to play in the rain and do her daily stretches.
Koda is almost 2 months old. He is a aussiedoodle breed. Koda is very loving, and the most loyal friend you could ask for.
Milo is an Aussiedoodle - Australian Shepard and poodle mix! He’s 3 months old with the cutest gray face. He loves walks, especially when people stop to say hi to him 🥰
Cash like to run around a lot, play fetch, and eat treats!
Dr. Leo Marvin
I am a 2 year old fun loving, energetic but full of attitude pup😂 I am named after a character in the movie"What About Bob?" I love people and my little cat brother Dax❤️
Rocky Is a 7 month old pure breaded German Rottweiler with the cutest little white patch of fur on his chest which is not too common in their breed. He’s the sweetest most photogenic puppy ever!
Celine’s nicks name is baby beluga
Patches is cute puppy! She enjoys stealing socks and playing. Shes a very energetic pup!
Bites toes, likes to be held like a baby and snuggle with her mamas ❤️
Hi guys I’m Bella! I’m an 11 month old Husky, love to take take naps throughout the day and then run around.
Ande Rae
Ande is a Cane Corso. She is a cuddle bug. Loves her stuffed monkey and giraffe, and pounces around like a panther. She has quite the personality.
Zara Olivia
Miss Zara was born on May 27th. She was and still is the smallest out of her litter. What she lacks in size she makes up for in cuddles, kisses, and smarts. She is very intelligent and extremely protective over her 4 human brother and sisters. Anytime someone walks in the house just past the yard she sits beside the kids and watches. She doesn’t care if she wins, she wants to give love and be loved.
Cookie likes playing and running
I love chicken, hiking and swimming. I love to play with other doggos big or small. Don’t forget to vote for me 🐕
Khloe is an AKC lab. She is eight weeks old and she loves to be outside and play! She also likes to sleep!
Bailey is a 7 month old Morkie that loves to play with her sisters🤍
Zoey...we adopted her less than a year ago but I couldn’t imagine life without this special dog. She has bonded to me so strongly and I adore her. All we know is that her previous family had to give her up and when we met her she was so sad and scared. But now she is full of life and love. A very resilient, special dog who absolutely loves food! If she likes the food she is eating her whole face will be covered in it.
Lola is a sweet little baby who loves belly rubs, tug of war and going on walks 🐶
Teagen is a very lovably dog always wants attention and a great companion. She’s a great listener and loves to run!
Callie Sea
50% German Shepard 50% Siberian Husky Callie is a 5 month old pup full of sass. She loves to play in the ocean or lake and is always finding a stick to chew on and take home. She’s one adventurous pup whos always on the move
Pauly D
Hello everybody, I’m Pauly D! I’m a 8 year old Tweenie who loves food and cuddles. Long walks along the beach is also nice because I get to dig and that’s my favorite hobby. My pawrents call me Fat guy but you can just call me Puppy D
Bear is a spunky, fun loving, energetic, 7 month old puppy who loves everyone he meets (once he gets used to you). He loves any animal shaped toy with a squeaker. He loves walks with his Koala Bear and cuddling on the couch.
The sweetest little snuggle bug you will ever meet
Ozzie Boy
Ozzie is definitely a mammas boy. He loves to play catch, cuddle, follow his pet humans around.
Zoey is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had. She loves to run and have other dogs chase her. Her favorite game is “you can’t catch me!” She loves to swim! She knows how to sit , stay , lay , spin , jump , give me paw , and high five! She is my best friend! Couldn’t imagine life without my baby ❤️
Maverick was a stray I adopt and he has been my sidekick for 6 years now. He is sassy and thinks he is much bigger than 11lbs! He howls like a husky and has more spunk than our puppy!
Cinch is a standard size Australian Shepherd. He loves playing outside and watching the cows and sheep. He is the happiest and most playful puppy.
We rescued Harley last year. She is the sweetest girl ever! Loves to play with her toys and get belly rubs. Harley is happiest when she is with her humans.
I am 9 weeks old. I love to play and sleep under the couch
Baxter is a 4 month old great dane.
I’m Jack! I’m a mix of German shepherd and pit bull! I love other dogs, But I mostly love anyone that will give me pets and snuggles! The dog park or going camping are my favorite activities! ❤️
Kyra is a Mini Aussiedoodle!! She’s super hyper and extremely adventurous
8 week old labradoodle! Cutest little baby ever! Look at that Teddy Bear face❤️
Loves his mama and dad, loves naps, food, treats, and all the snuggles!
Hi I’m lily I love to play and cuddle I’m almost 2 years old my owner is using money to get presents for our family
Hatties as in Hatties the Greek god we don’t k ow is age he is a Siberian husky