Bode is an incredibly loving pup A Momma's Boy for sure. He loves to cuddle. He sleeps on my head and will only eat homemade dog food. Just a little spoiled lol. He is so friendly and just loves people. He favorite thing to do is go for rides in the car..
In this picture Phinny is about 3 years old… someone was very mean to him so we took Phinny into our family….his favorite snack is potato chips with chip dip
Mary Jane
She's a husky what more can I say anyone who's ever had one knows they are hilarious and will tell you exactly what they're thinking in a very loud way
Heyy, My is Oreo I am a 10 week old Black Lab. Please vote me so my mommy can buy me a lot more toys, I love toy😁😁
Meet Jewels aka babygirl aka momma. I work overnights at Walmart and someone had left her in a shopping cart outside with a note saying they could no longer take care of her. When we found her she was scared and wouldn’t let anyone touch her, I couldn’t leave her outside, so I called my mother and son to come and get her to take here back to my house till I could take her to the SPCA or find her a good home. That was almost a year ago. I couldn’t let her just go with anyone a the more I looked the more I fell in love with her. She is now and will forever be my baby girl.
This is my little buddy he 5 months old
Cash is a one year old frenchie that absolutely loves naps and cuddles . He loves to play fetch with his toys and go after lizards . He can eat berries everyday as those are his fav
Basil loves to play, snuggle, and go for walks.
Pheonix Michael
Pheonix is an 8 month old brindle pitbull. Who is e treamly friendly..very lovable. Lives toys and lots of attention..his mom and furbaby sister are his most favorite people..he thinks his name is poo 💩 poo boy. Lol . Poves snuggles and milk bones!!
Omgosh my silly Lola girl!!! This little one here makes me laugh ALL THE TIME!!! She is so quirky, as you can tell by her picture!!! And yes, that is her bean bag chair, she loves it!!!😁…when she is outside, and it’s time to come, but she isn’t ready, she will literally try and hide from me, behind a tree, and peek around, or sit low in the chair and peek over. I have to tell her, LOLA GIRL, I see you hiding, come on time to come in…she is the absolute sweetest baby EVER though….she however does fuss at me the whole time I’m giving her a bath lol
My Piper girl, given to me when she was 2. They no longer had time for her. She will soon be 12. I couldn’t imagine her not being here these past 10 years. She is the momma, the queen, the ruler!!! What Piper wants, Piper gets….she keeps everyone in check. She definitely has my son wrapped around her paw. If he goes to eat somewhere he HAS to bring her, or save her some fries.HIS WORDS!!! 😁 oh, and his queen size bed, HERS, not his…but she loves to be with us wherever we are, and we her with us…
Lyla is a german shepard-husky. She loves cuddles, playing fetch, and going on walks. She fits perfect in this crazy family. 🤎
Ginger is one of my rescue babies. She was abandoned on an eerie road with a box of chicken. Took hours to rescue her. She was so scared, especially of males. We have had her about 3 years now. She has TOTALLY come out of her shell, she loves to parcore(I believe that’s the word) off of the furniture, walls, even you if you will let her😁…we let her be her, because we don’t know what kind of abuse she indured before…we just love her so much, and she does love to snuggle once her energy runs out!!! She also knows when you’ve had a rough day, she will come and just lay her head on your chest, she just knows…
Zeus is a mommas boy!!!! If he likes you, he likes you, if he don’t, he don’t!!! Don’t let his sweet face fool you, he can stand under our German shepherd, while she looks intimidating, he is the one you have to worry about trying to come into our house 😁….he loves to snuggle, and does love his ppl!!!
Hello my name is Lulu I’m is very adventurous like my Dad Daniel. I love to go for a joyride and hiking with Daniel. My personality is very outgoing I like to go for run in the field or dog park and I love to go for hiking too.
He is the happiest gsd I've ever seen! He loves to go on car rides and tells everybody! (Barking)
Diamond is a spoiled girl who loves digging in the dirt playing ball and laying in the sun. She watches tv like a person sitting in some strange positions. She lives in a country setting where the deer are easily seen and loves to watch them but can’t catch one but would love to play with one,personally I think she thinks she one of them. Loves her momma like crazy and would be with her all the time but gets car sick so not crazy about going bye bye.
Hi, i’m Emeri! 12 weeks old Malshi baby girl from Long Beach❤️ I love to chew my toys, spend time with my mommy and daddy and sleep all day long. Please vote for me 😊
Charlie is an amazing pup my husband is a disabled veteran very difficult for him to stand & walk. Charlie has had no formal training yet he instinctively reacts when he hears or sees my husband stand and/or walks. Charlie's immediate reaction to stand right up next to my husband as if to support him or just be there in case he begins to fall..
Sancho is very smart he loves to play with squeaky toys and balls they're his favorite.He is a year and 7 months old he knows how to speak when I ask him if he needs to go to the bathroom. He knows how to give me high fives and kisses. He knows how to sit and lay down, he also knows to go to his cage if I tell him to do so. Sancho is a great family dog and i truly appreciate having him as a part of my family he loves children and people. He actually thinks he's a lap dog needless to say that's not the case he's very heavy lol. Sancho says hello everyone he would love to have your vote. Thank you
This is blu he loves playing with his daddy an watching spongebob
About Charlie, very caring & intelligent without any training Charlie instinctively reacts to support my husband (disabled veteran) when he walks due to his instability.
Nori like to run around with her sister Bora and eat things she probably shouldn’t.
Lucius is 3 1/2 month old pit bull terrier, he very energetic, stubborn, an such a lover when he wants to be.
Very ambitious puppy who’s loves to play tug of war ; eat shoes and can’t forget about all the cuddles she loves 🐶
I just a baby!! When I jump up on the bed only my front half makes it up there because I think I’m little!! 👶🏻
Me: Shorty I am doing laundry. Shorty: Then I shall become the laundry.
Rescue puppy that loves to play, be spoiled like a little prince, and most importantly strut around like he’s the cutest puppy he knows.
Chase Blue
Chase Blue is a biker dog since he was 5 weeks old he is 11 now he will go to the drawer and start begging to put his outfit on he love to set on a a Boogie board in the pool and lake we call him out Boggie board dog he also is Asthma service dog also he is a Chihuahua / toy poodle
Ziggy is a very smart tribute colored pit bull who loves to cuddle with his family and also loves to protect when he needs to.
Sugarbear is a majestic tree hound/pitbull mix. She’s a very happy and playful puppy. She loves meeting new people. She will always greet you with lots of licks! When she goes on walks she loves to explore. She loves nature a lot. A fun fact about Sugarbear is she becomes calm when music is played in the car. She is an adorable puppy that deserves lots of votes! 💕
Crosby found his way to us thanks to the kind people at the Regional Animal Services of King County in Kent, Washington… having been abandoned and living on the street for some time… he has overcome a laundry list of health issues in the past year and most importantly has learned to swim… which he loves to do whenever possible. He is a sweetheart and I don’t know what we would do without him.
Mom is the most sweetes and loveable little dog ever. She is my companion and loves to lick people all the time.
Roc is so loving, caring, and protective. Just look at his face. 🖤🤎🖤
Hello I’m Aspen and I had a rough start to life as I had parvo. But thankfully my momma took care of me and I’m all better now! I’m learning what the big world has to offer, sometimes it can be a little scary though. I love to go on adventures with my siblings or go to work with my momma.
Hello I’m Delilah or lilah for short and I love my momma. I had a rough start to life so I don’t really trust anyone but her. I also love my siblings, Oakley more than Aspen. I love to chase and tackle my brother when he is chasing squirrels, it makes him angry and I think it is a fun game!
Hello I’m Oakley and my favorite things are squirrels, I really love those, people and swimming. I also love to take naps with mom.
Doobie is a rambunctious little guy with a big personality. He’s a drama king & loves attention. Doobie the Goobie is one of a kind! ❤️
Ellee Anne
Ellee is a playful, smart dog! She loves to walk with her dad and play with cats and her doggie sisters. She knows multiple tricks and loves to dance and give high fives to everyone!
Queenie is a very quiet dog but will bark if there’s danger, she is very different from her sister lady.
Milo is almost 2 years old. He is very active and loves to play with his toys. He loves running around outside with our other dog and play outside. He loves attention and car rides n snuggles. He also loves to be covered in a blanket.
Zena is alittle over 4 years old. She is the sweetest German Shepherd I could ask for. She loves to play with our black lab in the backyard and in the house. Love car rides and snuggles.
Roxie Nyla
She walks without her leash she knows how to give high fives & give pounds she was trained how to do that when someone walks by the door for her to bark she knows how to demand food especially from my husband she knows how to bat her eyes when i wants food and I loves to smile and I loved to be on my mommy shoulder when she is driving and when it bed time im not only my mommy baby but im her service dog as well
Lee loves to play fetch with socks and enjoys running around with his brothers and sisters!
Molly is small but has a huge personality. She loves to do 360’s around my coffee table & play with her best friend Ruby. They chase each other & roll around. She is also a thief so I have to watch her or she will steal anything. She likes to be the center of attention & wear her many outfits. She plays with her babies & has claimed 4 doggie beds leaving 1 for my other fur baby. On occasion she will take over his bed as well.
Lady is very sweet and active dog. She loves attention and is very loving.
Aspen Grace is a 1 year old Lab who loves the outdoors, and her kids. She’s a spunky out going hunk of love that brought a light into our family in a sad time. She loves hiking, playing ball, and spending time with her humans.