Cleo is super energetic! She loves going to the race track with her parents, running around, playing with her toys. She also loves peanut butter, and car rides.
Rex is the cutest little hotdog who loves to cuddle
Snuggles is a 12 year old toy poodle. She loves to run and play.
Delilah loves being playful, walks, and is very funny!
Hi! Im jones i loooveeee watching Scooby doo and playing with my toy tire!
Maxima is super sweet. Loves her people and sleep ❤️ She loves to hang out with her pet bunny
Opened a box from fedex and found him inside, decided to keep him in the end.
Sadie didn’t know how to feel when she turned 7. We tried to celebrate but she felt a little old.
Willow loves cuddles, her toys, and people.
Oakley loves to snuggle. She is the biggest cuddle bug ever! When she’s not snuggled up on the couch taking a nap or playing with her favorite toys, she enjoys going for Jeep rides with mom & dad. We joke that we should have named her Shadow because she follows us wherever we go. Oakley loves everyone she meets and brings sunshine to every single day
Opus is a Jack Russell/ Lab mix that is living his best life after being rescued at 5 months old.
She loves to run and play. She is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.
Quinn loves outside, mommy and daddy, her sister Zoey and brother Smokey. She also loves pup cups, bye bye and her friend Coco!
Zoey loves, pup cups, going bye bye and loving her pup friends and hoomans!
Hi, I’m Riggs! I’m almost 7 months old and the cutest dude around! I love to play with all my furry friends at daycare, love to play with my 10000 toys, and I’m a treat-aholic. My mom and dad say I’m the most handsome and special boy. Please vote for me so I can buy more toys 😝
Lily is the sweetest, very lovable. Loves to play ball.
Roscoe Jenkins
Mr. Roscoe is a happy go lucky pupperino that has more love to share than he could possibly contain💖 if he's not spinning in circles to show his excitment he'll be bounding all over the sofa to look out the window🌠 in his downtime he likes to lay spread eagle on his tummy and lay in the grass💖🌱
bandanas and walks are my favorite!
Hi I am Piper! I am still a puppy but am so smart! I love camping and riding in the car! My favorite thing to do is chase our chickens around the yard!
We were blessed w/Suki at the age of 7 months. She was a pit bull/pointer mix. Ms. Suki was diagnosed w/lymphoma at the age of 1. She was a beautiful playful soul that fought the good fight for a year while on chemo. We showered her with love and made sure to give her the BEST life. Suki lived a lifetime in her 2 years of life. She will forever be a part of our family & hearts.❤️
He loves people general and may get a little crazy
Nala was the coolest dog ever, sweetest, loving, most affectionate dog. She love to go jetsking, boating, bike riding, hiking with us. She like to cuddle with us. She followed us every where we went never left our side. She brought us so much joy to our lives. She will always have our hearts. Please vote for Nala she pass away not to long ago, it broke my heart when the vet told me she was gona make it few more years after surgery and she didn’t make it. Yet we didn’t know she also had tumors besides pometra. Surgery recover didn’t go well. She pass away a week after. I lost my dog 😢. she was cutes sweetest dog ever. We love you Nala .💕💕💕R.I.P. In the memory Of Nala vote for Nala . Cutest dog photo. ❤️
Gentle and sweet baby boy
DaeDae is a big 123lb baby. He loves his children. But will protect them with his life. DaeDae is not just a dog he's family ♡
Jade loves to play hide and seek with her parents. She especially loves cuddles. She also loves people, everyone and anyone she can see in her sights.
George is 6 months old he can help take out garbage and puts himself to bed at night
Rex loves to talk back, chase a squeaky ball, and cuddle up on the couch with anyone who gives him attention.
Khloe is the sweetest girl. She loves to play in her backyard and run around then come inside and take a nap. She is such a cuddle baby ❤
Cindy is the sweetest little dog around. She isn’t happy unless she’s giving us kisses or laying on or next to us! She is a true lap dog and is the epitome of unconditional love ❤️
Hi, my name is Moose! I am a Pitbull/chihuahua mix. I love traveling all over the US with my mom and dad, almost as much as I love lounging on the couch! I have a spunky personality, and my mom thinks I am a human trapped in a 30 lb dog’s body! I had a hard life as a puppy, being in a hoarding house in TX, but my mom and dad adopted me when I was 6 months old and I have been loving life ever since!
She loves food and she cutie like a button she likes to do it sleep and go outside to lay in the flower bed and she likes to meet new people
Canelo is a wonderful campanion even though my babie has lost his vision and can’t see he is so smart lovable and loves wearing clothes sine he was 2 months and a half and loves wearing them .
My princess is such a diva I love her so much she was a gift and the best gift my student gave me she’s the oldest from my 3 babies she’s lovable smart beautiful and diva
We got Bailey when she was only 3 weeks old, she is now almost 7 years old. She love to lay in the sun, Eat treat and go for runs, she like to be okay tug a rope. We really could ask for a better dog. If Bailey win the money will go to get Bailey new toys and a raised bed. Unfortunately Bailey got Lyme disease during Covid seeing the vet where only take emergency she could get her booster some days are hard for her to get off the floor bed in the winters.
Rory holds a very special place in my heart ❤️ my best had past away and the next day his dog had puppies. He was such animal lovely he would have just ate her up. She is 6weeks old loves to be outside, she love to play. She super smart for being so little.
Rufus loves car rides, the beach and shopping and outdoor dining.
Hi! I'm Pepper! I love long walks and hiking with my dads! My brother and I love to play and get into a lot of trouble together! I love going places and meeting new people too!
Finley is my beautiful little baby with a lot of energy, loves to play, and is very photogenic! She loves to play with her human siblings and absolutely loves chasing her laser mouse all over the house.
Hi! I'm Mika! Im just a goofy boy who loves playing in the river and exploring hiking paths! I love playing with my sister, Pepper, and we have so much fun getting into trouble together!
Brandi loves to go fishing and she loves to take naps also she loves to go camping and she is 2 years old and she has a big brother named snickers
She loves car rides , going on hikes , being the momma around the house and snuggling with all her family members
Hi my name is Buddy! I am a 1 year old golden retriever. I live with my mom and dad in a very roomy apartment. I absolutely love to play with my favorite rope toys. I love to cuddle with mom and dad. I love everybody and every dog that I see.
He’s the cutest little mini Aussie ❤️ He loves to play with my son ❤️
Flex is a love-able pocket bully, he likes to do a happy dance that has given him the name happy feet!!