Everyone meet Brutus! He loves to play and nap!
Pepper is 8 month old energetic sweetheart!! She loves kids, cuddles, and snow especially playing queen of the mountain.
Otto is a Blue Fawn American Bully. He’ll be 2 in May. He’s a sweet, gentle, lover boy. He’s very attached to and loves his human momma the most. He also likes chewing Bully Sticks, but his favorite thing to do is just spending time with his family and friends 💙
Baby Girl
She is loveing she loves cuddle and playing with her toys she can walk on her leg straight up front and backwards she loves to give kisses
Nash is a 1 year old goldendoodle! He loves raw chicken wings, green peppers, apples, and strawberries. His favorite thing to do is to retrieve toys and run!
Levi Wiles
I am a 1 year old dapple dauschound. I love to give hugs and kisses. Im very spoiled and love my best friend camron the cat. I eat, sleep and love my human parents. I love chewing up toys within 5 minutes.
Black beauty full of spunk and loves everyone
Trigger is a 16 month old dog. He loves playing outside, taking rides, playing ball, and spending time with his mom & dad! His favorite treat is pig ears or Pup-peroni. His favorite toy is his three kong balls. 🥰
Loretta Lynn
She thinks shes a lap dog. Loves her toys and cuddles.
My name is Brandi Lou! I have long ears that drag the ground when I do anything! My droopy eyes are good for long naps with my Momma! Vote for me please!
Luna is a rescue who was tied up on a chain for most of her life. When we got her she weighed only 35 pounds. Now she’s a 50 pound big ball of precious. She enjoys napping and cuddling up to me and her dad. We call her old lady because she acts like one. She’s very gentle and very smart. Luna is a kind and loving friend unlike most dogs put in her situation could be. Luckily even though she was neglected once she had faith in humans.
Rosie is a trouble maker who loves to pick play fights with her sisters. She is a jealous dog who needs a lot of attention. Though she is a trouble maker she has a lot of love to give. Rosie is a very affectionate friend, she is also a very hyper one to be. She loves to run and run. She likes treats and words like outside. She loves her daddy the most, her daddy saved her from being without a home when a friend wasn’t allowed to have her anymore. Ever since then Rosie has been in love with him. She was for me BUT she picked her side. She is a very wild and ambitious little lady who is rebellious. She loves to play with her squeaky toy and as well hide it. She is a redbone coonhound with a great sniffer, she found a guys phone and brought it to us so we could give back. She loves the snow and eating ice. Overall she is a very loving, protective, courageous, and Mischievous furry friend.
Hi my name is Max, I am 2 years old! I love playing outside, playing catch and going on walks!
He just turn 3 on Valentine’s Day❤️❤️ He’s a very sweet dog.
Piper is a very sweet and genuine friend. When your sad she’s right next to you loving on you. When your happy she’s there wagging her tail celebrating with you. She loves to lay in bed all day and going on walks. She listens to every word and acts like she is in the conversation you are in. In all piper is a woman’s bestest friend and I couldn’t ask for any better.
Dwight Yoakam
Dwight is a handsome Great Dane who loves to play with his shitzu buddies! Thinks he is human! Sweetest guy ever
Dixie is a rescue dog and loves being a lap dog.
Mocha is a good dog. Her favorite thing to do is play with her best friend dog & walks. She love to cuddles. She also like to run around at the park. Please give her your vote,like,share
Kimber is a strong sassy 10 month old Frenchie who has already underwent two major surgeries but hasn't let that slow her down. Her favorite thing is to harass her bubbies.
Ella likes riding in stroller and going walks with my granddaughter and family she asweet little 13 year old dog
Dogs have a Way of finding the people who need them, And filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had! -Thom Jones. Hi my name is Temari and I’m 8 months old! I love my mom, dad and, sister but my brothers my best friend! I love playing with my toys and the parks my favorite! I’m so lucky I found my forever home and my parents say their very thankful too have me!
Silo is a 4 month old great dane puppy! She loves bath time and playing with her brothers. Silo also enjoys cuddling in bed and watching tv with her parents. She is very goofy and likes to go everywhere mom and dad go. But overall she is the sweetest girl ever!
Kai loves his chew toys, bones, playing fetch, and having conversations 😂
Reggie is an 8 month old crazy energetic dog who loves family and being outside. He loves squeaky toys and his ropes. He also goes crazy for t-bone treats. He also loves to dig holes and get in trouble 😂
Layla has a big dog family in the country. She loves to be outside does not mind well yet on coming back in. She will be 2 in August. Pitsky. Mamma was husky, daddy a pitbull. Good with kids and other animals.
Stella is a loving dog💕 she loves playing fetch and will throw her toy at you if you ignore her!! She loves to run and to pose for pictures! She is the ultimate best friend you could have!
Hi! My name is Tito and I’m a little sunshine mixed with a lotta hurricane! I’m definitely a big dog in a little dog body! I love going for rides in the car with my dad, shopping with my mom, annihilating toys, and spending time driving my Nan nuts!
Meera Jane is spunky, sweet & extremely loving. She has an odd obsession with toys that are twice her size & she’s unbelievably smart! Vote for our sweet girl!
2 months old and a cutie likes to chew and a good girl
This picture was taken after we had our first snow of the year. She was playing and eating the snow. We told her to come and take a picture she came sat like that let us take the picture and then went back to playing.. LoL 🤣
Capone is 8 weeks old and love to play. He is a terrier mix and is very energetic
Kolbey is a fun, smiling, energetic puppy. She loves playing with her big cousins Cane and Piper. She loves to go for walks and loves to give paw for some treats.
Eva Gabor
Eva is a sweet and sasy girl. She loves to cuddle and play
We brought Marley home back in September after learning that he was at a very bad home that didn't love or care for him he was not being cared for properly so we saved him and brought him to our family now he is a very spoiled and loved dog and he knows it he's a favorite human is Mom he loves his siblings/kids and so thankful that this good boy was saved and brought into our family!
Lela just celebrated her 10th Birthday on February 15th! She is incredibly smart and has such a great personality. She loves food, belly rubs, and squeaky balls.
My name is Ollie, I’m 8 weeks old. I love run, jump, cuddle and play with my chew toys.
Layla Lou
My name is Layla. Im German Sheppard and Collie Mixed. I love everyone and I am a BIG pet! I love running behind my masters fourwheeler and hike in the Appalachian Mnts of Eastern Kentucky. I love laying my head in your lap. If u give me attention, and acknowledge me, I will forever love you!
Menace is such a happy boy. He loves meeting new people, playing ball, and car rides!
River is our new baby. She’s full of energy and loves to play fetch. I swear she never gets tired. Lol River also loves our granddaughters. She’s so sweet and gentle with them. She has her moments of crazy but she’s just a puppy and she’s learning.
Oreo is the sweetest, best boy!
Lila is a loving most caring dog ever. She’s so good with my kids. She loves to go swimming, play in the snow, and loves cuddles.
Snoopy loves snoozing on the couch during the day and snuggling his momma at night. He is the sweetest boy and loves going hiking.
I'm 9 weeks old so I like to chew on literally everything but I'm a big snuggler.
She is loving and she likes to play in run
Hi my name is Jordan! I’m a border collie mix who loves playing tackle football with my brother, being outside, and eating cookies! Even tho dad is my hero I enjoy early morning cuddles with mom on the weekend.
She has the biggest heart! Super cuddly and very good with kids! She is my daughters best friend