Baby Stories - 92


Gracie is our newest rescue. We’ve had her for two weeks now and we just love her to pieces. She’s so full of personality and spunk. She’s about 10 weeks old. She plays hard and sleeps harder.
Supet sweet, energetic, loves belly rubs, and out of all the toys her favorite is a plastic bottle lol
Princess Mia
Princess Mia is a Tea cup silver Poodle. She is 6 months old born in South Korea. We call her Happy Feet because when she’s happy she walks flapping her little legs. She loves to cuddle and run around freely, while being chased by her parents, in the backyard. Loves to play with her many toys. Is not a fan of clothes, bows or leash 🙂.
She’s the sweeetest cuddle buddy every 🥺❤️ She keeps my energy to 100 everyday
Foxy is a diva she thinks she owns everything even my bed lol but has the biggest heart in the world finally learned how to be a dog again in this photo
Inmate Monroe
Inmate Monroe was just released from the Monroe County "shelter" after a year-long stint. You see he thinks it's okay to take food from other people he's even bit someone over a puppy's food He now identifies has a female as you can tell from the photo. That feral dog that birthed him should have been spayed. But that's what you get when you have irresponsible owners. He is a complete loser who we hope can be reformed
•Dezzie is a lovely teddy bear • Dezzie is the perfect cuddle buddy • she is a very chill and laid back • she is extremely loving and caring • loves car ride and relaxing 😌 in the sun
Sarah is such a beautiful and sweet dog who loves to cuddle. She does a happy dance when it’s time for food, loves having a bone collection, and is always doing what her breed is known for: pointing. She is very friendly and loves other dogs and children. Sometimes she’ll get so excited, she’ll literally jump real high in the air with all paws leaving the ground. :)
Cooper is a very loyal boy who despite his older age loves going on long walks, playing with his toys, running and whenever he’s tired, finding a nice big pillow to lay his head on. The beagle in him goes ecstatic whenever any other dog (or person) howls and becomes determined to do it the longest and loudest. He was adopted from the shelter years ago and still gets to see his sister from time to time at the park which he enjoys very much. :)
Oreo was a stray puppy on the street. Starved, scared and sick, we took her in and saved her. She’s grown into such a beautiful healthy big puppy and is super playful and has one of the biggest personalities I’ve ever seen on a dog. She has favorite songs, favorite foods, she’s super sassy and sometimes argumentative, has an insanely strong tail that sounds like a drum beating when she’s happy to see you. :)
Yuki is hyper, loving, stylish, and beautiful.
He loves playing with toys and kids. He likes chasing you,playing fetch.
Ever seen a corgi Like Gizmo?😍 Gizmo is an active corgi that knows over 48 tricks + commands! His owner is also into photography🥰
Miss Bella
She was alone on the streets for several months and my Husband found her online! We jumped in the car, called the place where she was being held and adopted her at first sight! She is well trained and so loving. She protects our home and minds very well. We are so Blessed to have her and she brings us so much joy and laughter. She found her people! We are loving her!
Hello, my name is Mosa. I am a German Shepherd/Mastiff Mix. I am one and a half years old and am very playful. I know how to sit, shake (both hands), lay down, and am learning how to play fetch. I love to run outside and enjoy protecting my family. My parents adopted me when I was only 5 weeks old and I have been a part of the family ever since. I hope to win your vote so my mom can redo my bedroom and buy me cool new toys🐶
I rescued Jockamo Bear 10 years ago from the animal clinic I worked at. He was hit by a car and had a broken pelvis and his owners weren’t interested in paying the bill. He was such a shy and scared dog when I got him, it took over a year to get him cozy with me and now he wouldn’t leave my side! I couldn’t imagine life without this boy. He loves sitting pretty for treats, getting butt rubs, and being my shadow.
Bronwyn is a new breed! A fun-loving mix of Akita, Tibetan Mastiff and Caucasian Shepherd known as the Noble Asian Bear dog! She's sweet and loves to play in the snow. Her intelligence is high and she learns new commands very quickly.
Nova Lynn
Nova is 8 months old, she loves to play with anything that squeaks! Piggy is her favorite squeaky toy. Bully sticks are her favorite snack. Chic fil lay nuggets are her favorite treat. Going for a ride is probably her favorite thing to do, she always has to know where her family is & loves to snuggle at night with her Mom & Dad. She is full of energy & mischief! But she melts our hearts with her big brown eyes & that smile. Thank you for reading about our girl & your vote!!!
Millicent love's her big brothers and running around.
He loves to cuddle watching TV and drinking coffee! He is so sweet and caring and he is always there for hugs! With a few treats I will take a few pictures for my mom. ☺️Also love taking walks to new places and discovering new smells with mom and dad 😀
Bear (oso) is a family dog who is very active, loves to run and specially eat. Has been with our family for 4 years:). please vote for our little baby, we all appreciate it <3
Gus is a sweet kindhearted dog he is always friendly to all animals an his bff is our cat timmy. He thinks he is human he always wants to wear clothes . He is the best dog anyone could ever want!
Bonnie is my daughters in training ESA puppy. She is a full blooded golden retriever. She loves to cuddle and play.
Howdy the name’s Coors! I may be a cattle dog buuut I’m actually lazy as hell. 😅😂you’ll usually find me on the couch. Oh did I mention that I’m so very very clingy to mom! 😅 I may be cute but if you don’t give me enough attention I’ll do something naughty in order to have your undivided attention 😘 I’m a little spoiled🤷🏻‍♀️
Wea is a female German shepherd and pittbull she is 1and a half old she loves playing tug war with her best friend lili. She loves playing outside she listens very well she knows how to sit and listen she'll learn more💕
Callie is the sweetest pup. She loves all dogs, babies and people. Her favorite toy is ANY tennis ball!
Milo Grey
Milo is the most adorable little pup! He loves to play with other animals and his large bucket of toys. He will give you lots of kisses!
Jasmine Marie
Jasmine is the sweetest girl. She loves snuggling with her humans, playing fetch until your arm falls off, and going on Starbucks runs!
Big, goofy, cuddly. Loves to run and play n go on car rides
Wailen is a very happy Peke! His favorite things include hoarding balls from his brother, his baby (A sloth toy) and sneezing in your face.
Hey my name is biscuit I’m 7weeks old I love to ran and play with my brother and I love sleeping on daddy and mommy chest please vote for me ❤️
He’s a spunky, fun loving Dogue de Bordeaux that is so absolutely adorable. He likes to bite on feet & his stuffed doggie.
He is a wild pom pom! Loves being held! Is a fast eater! Never stops getting into everything!❤️
beau is 3 years old and loves to sleep! beau could literally sleep anywhere
Arley is 1 year old. She loves her older brother Rex. She’s very hyper and loves water. She’s a red Husky with a big attitude, and she always wants the attention on her.
Peanut is a mini<3 He js cuddly and a mommas boy. Very playful
Rocky loves being outside(sunbathing ☀️), playing with his toys, and doing zoomies in the backyard 🐕 He loves giving hugs and kisses andddd YOU must give scratches 😂
Katie is a bishapo, she is a sweetheart, easy to train, loves to play and loves kids. Please vote
Logan loves his human family , walks and playing in the park with his husky friends . His favorite thing is destroying 🧸 toys . He is smart and stubborn and full of energy.
Merlin is a super happy hyper old man. Cute as can be as you can see! His favorite activity is jumping on the trampoline!
Ella is a maltipoo puppy! She has the most wonderful personality, everyone she meets agrees! Her favorite thing to do is treasure hunt! She brings mama all of her treasures (ie. sticks, mulch, grass, etc.)
Pooka will be 10 in less than a month! He’s an adorable, spunky, old man. He just got a baby sister and he is in love with her. Pooka likes to dance around the house all day following mama.... of course expecting treats!
Willow is a Medical Alert Service Dog. She can perform many tasks and is an Angel for her Daddy!
Buster Brown Chinatown
Buster is the cutest English Bulldog you will see!
Bella Mary
Bella Mary, My BOSS LADY!!
Lola is a 3 year old lab mix. She’s the best at making people smile and laugh. She’s awesome at knowing when you need her most. She’s good at most tricks; high five, spin (both ways), sit pretty, shake etc... if you have carrots or blueberries you’ve made you’re self a beautiful best friend!
My name is Henry! I LOVE swimming, playing in the snow, & cuddling with my family. My sister Harper is my best friend!
We adopted trooper when he was 3 months old after living under a house and eating garbage. he is now a playful, energetic, cuddly and loving dog who completes our family. he loves being around people and is currently in training to be a service dog. thanks for your votes :)