Baby Stories - 92


Lupo loves his bacon and cheese kong and biting the ankles of the ones he loves!
Loves to cuddle, sleep/snore, treats and food and play with toys! Loves all humans and even thinks he is human! Best dog any one could ask for!!!
Shes a lil princess
Colt is a young loving Australian Shepherd mix and has the strongest personality. He has the stubborn, hard headedness of his Aussy side and the sweet and loyalty from his Pitty side. He has all the energy from his puppy years and LOVES to wrestle and play fetch. But when it’s time to be calm and gentle he does great with his 2 weeks old little cat brother. For every vote for Colt he gets a treat! Please vote for Colt (he’d really appreciate it)!
Water lover!!
Gus is a American bulldog he loves to take naps and eat. His best friend is a pit bull named Ome.
She is a beautiful clumsy loving Daniff, will be heard she will make sure of that!
Hi I’m Cain, I’m 11 months old and I weigh 115 lbs! I love to play fetch and enjoy going on walks in the park. I’m a big cuddly fella that likes to play with the other Cane Corsos in the neighborhood!
Apple Jax
Hi! My name is Apple Jax! I am 2 years old and full of energy. I love zoomies and squeaky toys (even though neither of them last long). I want to be everyone’s friend so please be mine!
Hello My name is Spike, I'm a miniature pinscher who likes to play a lot, love going after squirrels just for fun .
Kushyy Ooshy Ramaroo
He loves to get the zoomies and run around with his butt tucked. He absolutely loves kids even more than his toys! His favorite snack is Hot Cheetos! He loves to sunbathe on the patio! He however will eat any squeaker that he finds! He’s very silly but also very sweet. He loves to cuddle and smile! 💕
Abby is a pure bread German Rottweiler who loves swimming. Abby is a fireball with a soft heart.
Finn loves to swim and play fetch! He also loves to sleep with his “Dino” He’s a little over three months old and growing like a weed ❤️
Randy Boomer
My spontaneous little redhead furbaby is super photogenic. He loves being around people and playing with everything. There is never a dull moment with him! He loves ice and figuring out his way around things. He always eats with one paw up 😅
coco is a fun and playful puppy, he loves to run at the park , he likes to play with his toys, and he loves his batman shirt
Hi, My name is Banks. I have a brother and i love him.
Penelope loves to eat her fruits like watermelon and blueberries. She has one blue eye and one brown eye. She’s considered a terror by her older sister but she makes it up with lots of puppy kisses 🐶
Alexi Mae
Alexi is a sweet baby who just wants to love people and be loved. She is a rescue who had a hard life. She loves treats! Loves them! She says she would love for people to vote for her so she can spend money on more treats and a spa day !
Noodles is best known for her long tongue and fun personality! She’s a rescue doggy by don’t let any of her disabilities fool you. She’s just like any regular dog who loves runs, toys and lots of snuggles.
My Gorgeous girl!❤️ She loves being outside sun bathing and chasing after her big brother! Don't let her big ferocious bark fool you though, shes really just a big cuddle bug!😊
Rose is 6 years old. She has an amazingly loving spirit and only wants to be a good girl.
Penny is a shelter rescue. When I brought her home she screamed any time I left the room. I’ve had her for a few weeks now and she is much more secure, but she wants her human nearby at all times! She a great dog and really smart.
Hodor is a dream. He’s the funniest, most adorable, athletic, very smart sweet angel English Bulldog.
Brooks is a seven pound AKC Yorkshire terrier with the cutest face & best personality. Although I am bias, I believe Brooks is the perfect model dog with a growing instagram account to prove it. With a constant camera in his face since birth, Brooks has gotten very used to photos and is extremely accommodating. Brooks is very intelligent and trained well with knowledge of commands. He allows me to put him in many positions that he will hold for a long period of time and never refuses to wear clothing.
Arabella’s a rescue. And this photo was taken at her Gotcha Day Birthday just a few weeks ago, as we celebrated the anniversary of me finding her along the side of the interstate two years ago. She is truly a gift. I rescued her. But she’s rescued me in a lot of ways. We’ve rescued each other! 💗
My happy boy! Loves to swim, hike, travel, and cuddle. Adopted him on February 20, 2020 and it was the best decision! He is our happiness ❤️
Chachi loves to run, play with toys, chew slippers, belly rubs, her cooling pad, and snuggles. She loves people and other dogs too!!
Eevee Bambina
This is my Beautiful Beena baby she loves toys and cuddling and gives the best kisses she is one in a million ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hi I’m Sampson Drew. I love cuddles with mommy and playing with dad. And I especially love swimming and hiking. My favorite toy is my minion. We call him George. I sleep on my back and snore super loud. I love baths and being brushed. I’m a happy happy boy. Please vote for me!
Hi, I’m dexter. I like to hop like a rabbit and talk to my humans sounding like a cow sometimes. I love my little sister, Emma, she’s a husky too. Even though I’m big I still like to be held like a baby and I’ll smile at you the whole time :)
Hi! I’m Emma. I like to talk. A lot. I love my big brother,dexter, whose also a husky. For a husky I’m pretty calm. I just want endless cuddles and a piece of your food sometimes. I’m also a trained service dog which makes me an extra good doggo :)
Weston loves his days at doggy daycare and the follow his big sisters around. His favorite toys are the crinkle ones and he finds cats very interesting to play with
Skunk is a one year old American Eskimo Australian Shepherd mix who loves to play with rope toys and snuggle with his mommy 💕
Bentley is my beautiful australian cattle dog. He loves playing fetch & picking on his little brother Tucker. He enjoys company! & loves the outside💙
Intelligent, friendly, and affectionate. Harper loves a good day at the park and meeting new people.
I’m a feisty black miniature Schnauzie with as much spunk and attitude as Scrappy Doo! I love taking long naps in my turtleneck and being the center of attention. Thanks for checking out my page!
Gizmo is a sweet boy and he loves to give kisses to anyone he meets.
Starr is a small diva. She is so boujee and believes she’s human lol. She loves playing with her toys and getting attention. She’s very spoiled.
Vote for her or else🧎🏌️‍♀️ 😽💅
Bella Grace
She’s a diva and has a sassy attitude. Loves clothes and treats.
Though she may be little she is fierce.
Luna is a free spirit. 🌙 she loves playing, sleeping, eating and drinking water. She never meets a stranger & has the cutest yawns.
Vice came into my life a couple of weeks after I found out I had cancer, and he has been by my side everyday caring for me and letting me now I’m not alone while I struggle on. I couldn’t have done this without him!
Saphire (pronounced just like Sapphire). She is an Australian Shepard/ pit mix. She is very energetic; loves her tennis ball: play fetch; she is very outdoorsy. Loves to be in the “personal space” but also a great cuddle buddy. And when she’s nervous- be held
Hi I'm Maggie! I'm a pure bred great Dane and I just turned 4 last month. I weigh 155 pounds but I am a big softy and love to cuddle. I like to watch TV with my family. I bark at everyone that walks by my house, some of them bring me treats and I get very excited to see them. My older sister is a beagle so she is much smaller than me but we play all the time. My family is the greatest, we get lots of treats and love.