Baby Stories - 92


Gracie loves to play outside, she loves to cuddle and give kisses, and likes to do tricks for treats
Charlie is a ‘ people dog’ 100%! He goes everywhere and loves being with his mama & dada! He even sleeps in a drawer while we work in the office!! 😆 super cute!
Coal is the best boy we know! He loves snacks, walks, toys, playing with friends at daycare and snuggle time. He hates birds and hopes to catch a squirrel some day soon!
Cookie is living her best life now. She was rescued from a owner who left her outside all day and night in a cage. She was hit by a car and had a broken foot when we rescued her. She now lives indoors with a loving family who spoils her. She loving and energetic dog. You would never believe she was older. We just love our Cookie ❤️😊
She LOVES french fries and pizza and laying on the couch with her blankie watching tv and snoozing. When her buddy Cosmo...our 20 year old cat....isn't feeling good, she'll whine because she knows he's not doing good and she's worried about him.
He is suck a sweetie. He loves his car rides and walks. His favorite snack is dog beef jerky and his favorite toy is bun bun🐕‍🦺🤍
Romeo Long
A handsome Dogo Argentino who loves long walks around the neighborhood, and making new friends. Born Jan 15th, 2021 - Watch me grow into a beast. Follow me on Instagram: @lilromeo_thedogo ran my mom and dad!
Bubbles is our sweet baby girl. She enjoys blankets, collecting rocks, and playing with her toys. Her favorite food is chicken and she LOVES unicorns.
I’m an off leash trained Tamaskan. If you don’t know what my breed is google me and I bet you will want one! ❤️
Lucky is perfectly the goodest boy. He is a cocker spaniel.
Zelda is full of personality and loves attention. She is quite a ham as you can see. Her nickname is Bug because she is a jealous bug. She loves her big sister Rhett and they are two peas in a pod. She loves to play outside, dig (though her mama hates this), snuggle and get treats.
Scoop is playful and lovable and he loves playing with squeaky toys
Zeus is 10 weeks old an loves to have treats
Smiling’s my favorite
Champ is a Alaskan Husky, he loves the outdoors. He is full of energy and loves to play.
Professor Nigel
Professor Nigel is like a sour patch kid. He is crazy, but such a sweet heart. He loves to chase shadows, birds, and squirrels.
Guinevere is a 1 year old Shorkie, a mixed breed of a Shih-Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier. She enjoys getting her belly rubbed and running around with her sister. Please vote for her!!
My name is Cricket. I am a one year old Mini Aussie and I love to run. Run the house, run the yard, and run around my big brothers. I love belly rubs and watching TV with my mom. I also love my Lambchop Squeaker-Squeak-Squeakin toy.
This is Charlie, he is a jack russell terrior, he loves outside and he's very hyper, he's a super picky eater and he loves tummy rubs...he's also scared of his baby brother Stitch who is a miniature Chug 🤣💗
Stitch is a Miniature Chug 💗 he loves cuddles, he'll give you kisses if you ask, he loves being mean to his big brother Charlie who is a jack Russell twice his size 🤣 he's a very sweet pup!
Hi! I’m Olive! I’m a beautiful little Keeshond (Wolf Spitz) not a very popular dog. Some would say I’m considered ✨RARE✨ I am a little spitfire who loves to have fun, play in the water and with my human siblings and my Sphynx cat siblings too! My most favorite things are peanut butter treats, squeaker toys and car rides. I love to bark when I’m running around having fun or when my mom gets out of my line of site. I’m a super duper fast puppy and can jump high too. I often get mistaken for a Husky, Eurasier or German Shepard. I’m a medium sized long double coated breed and I won’t get my entire full coat until I’m 18 months to 2 years old, If you look on a search engine of pictures of full grown Keeshonden you’ll fall even more in love with me and my breed. I hope I made your day and put a smile on your face 😊.
Hi I’m Nilla Wafer!! Like the cookie because of my cookie like color and cause am so sweet. But don’t forget that I’m the boss in my house, when I say it’s time for something you better listen!! But I love cuddles and long naps with my mommy!
Hi! My name is Piper. I am four years old and just want everyone to love me. I will eat anything you give me and then Will love you forever. Now it’s time for a nap! 💤
Maxie is loving, playful, and loves to chew shoes! He’s a full blooded chocolate lab. His favorite thing to do is play with his toy ball.
Rocco, aka “nene bean”, enjoys naps, walks through nature, and boat rides in northern Michigan. His favorite snacks are goldfish crackers and ice cream. 😋
Kona Bear is our 3.5 year old loving, fun, out of control, very talkative, big personality, wild, beautiful, and oh so playful Siberian Husky. She’s definitely loved by everyone that meets her everywhere we go.
Coco is a sweet 12 week old baby chihuahua who loves to play and cuddle. She loves her sister and is attached to her as her best friend.
Whats scratchin yall! The names Beaux! I love chasing bees, and butterflies, loving up to my mama, playing tug of war and fetch with my dad, and giving favorite things to do, are chillaxin under my umbrella on a nice sunny day, playing with my kong toys, my flossy ropes, wrestling with my pup Sasha, and looking after my pawsome tiny human Little Miss Addyson Drew, and I also really enjoy bright colors! My favorite treats are Snaps, and beef canine carry outs! Im very loyal and super protective, my family is my world and I am theirs. Please vote for me! Two paws up for Beaux Jangles!
Hey, y’all! My name is Honey! 🍯😊 I’m a Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Husky, Rottweiler mix 🐶 I love exploring at the park, playing in the water, belly scratches, and my squeaky toy unicorn! 🍯🦄😊💁🏼‍♀️ It would be pawsome to have your vote in this contest! 😊 Vote for Honey so that we can go on a puppy shopping spree! 🍯🐶🛍😊
Hi guys!! I’m Chloe ❤️ Momma calls me Chloe Jane and piglet!! Something about I grunt like a pig 🐷 who knows hers silly! Toys are my favorite they all squeak and explode white stuff omg it’s soooo fluffy!! Okay well Kurt is my best Fran he’s a cat! But I like my ball and loading up! Family time is the best ❤️ I zoom at 6 am and my tail is strong 💪 I lounge at the patio when mom is closing up shop! Just really loving them and life! Ah the pup life ❤️
I LOVE to play! Some of my favorite pastimes are playing with my toys, stealing socks, chasing tennis balls and enjoying the sun on my balcony where I “talk” to my neighbors & work hard as honorary neighborhood watch dog. After a hard day’s work, I’m always ready to snuggle like a champ! 💕
Sadie Woo
Sadie loves to nap, eat, and lounge around with her daddy ❤️ Sadie is 7 years old, and we got her for my dad for a Father’s Day present in 2014. She’s brought so much joy & light into our lives ever since. She’s got two dog siblings & two cat siblings who she adores. Her fav snacks are anything from the table 😅 She loves all her toys & insists on taking them ALL to bed with her every night.
Rammer is a fun loving & very playful boy. He is a mommas boy 100% he loves to float in the pool & play fetch
Hello, my name is Hoss and I’m a Labrador Retriever. I get into trouble a lot, bc I’m still just a puppy trying to learn the rules. I love playing with my sister, Eating, and of course tearing things up, but my FAVORITE thing to do is, run around outside and playing in water and mud puddles.
Helloooo, my name is Max and I’m an English Bulldog with a personality like no other. I love bugging my mom, playing with my tennis balls, chasing my brother, and scratch my butt on anything and everything. Oh and one more thing, I LOVE PIZZA!!!
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown was named after a classic series! His favorite treats are freeze dried snacks and his favorite toy is his Squirmy the Worm!
Brax loves to sleep. He snores!!! He has a purple squeaky toy that he loves to chase.
Manny is an amazing dog! He’s crazy, very friendly, and has a great personality. He loves people and belly rubs! 🐶 🐾
Metallica is 8 years old loves all dogs and children he loves to be cuddled especially by mommy and daddy
Max is 2 year’s old loves playing on the trampoline and to cuddle with his humans. He loves sticks and goldfish!
Coco is a female Morkie. She loves playing “fetch”, riding in the car and snuggling up with her mom and her BFF, her big sister Pumpkin!
Rosie Mae
Rosie Mae is a 10 month old mini English bulldog and so feisty we got her when she was 8 weeks. She loves playing with her green ball in the yard. And doing zoomies
Laela is a sweet baby, she is a rescue puppy she was really abused and has a hard time trusting women. She has a patch in the shape of a heart on her forehead. She’s so loveable. And loves McDonald’s hamburgers
Khloe is a fiesty puppy. She loves McDonald’s hamburgers, and is a total mommas girl!
Cooper is A VERY animated character! 😂 From running into walls to talking back and having conversations. He is very smart knows all his commands. Cooper is turning 1 years old in July 8th.
Arlo is an energetic miniature poodle! He loves to run around and show just about anyone some love, he's for sure a sweetheart who loves kiddos. Arlo loves taking long hikes and even just a car ride will make him happy. This little one is very intelligent and knows how to ring his door bell to go potty! Arlo is always full of love, he loves attention and enjoys getting pet by anyone!