Rowdy is a good boy, he loves to give kisses and high fives!!! He loves to play in the yard with the balls and always try's to walk him self. His personality is so bubbly!!
Charlie Jr
Charlie loves to play and sing the I love you song and he loves a Oscar Mayer all beef hot dog
Chloe has her own personality, she lets me cuddle with her and she is fierce for her size
Maggie Mae
Rescued from our local shelter after being brought in as a stray this girl is the most playful pup weve ever had. She loves her toys, going for walks and learning new tricks. She has been through good manners training classes and thrives with the mental stimulation of learning new things. So much fun and laughter she brings to our family!
He’s a husky Lab loves water 💧
Diamond Chavira
She loves playing ,so energetic ,very sweet dog she loves being eubbed on her belly very spoiled
Sabaka is now going on 15 years but when he was younger his favorite pastime was swimming digging and retrieving! One of the best all-around companions I’ve ever had. Over the years I’ve had many dogs he truly is one of the special ones.
Hello my name is Hazel. I am a farm dog. My favorite thing to do is play with the two chickens at the farm. I also like to run around making sure all the farm animals are good.
Hi my name is Floki. I like to play with soccer balls. I like to go camping with my family and swimming.
Nova is a crazy puppersss that loves belly rubs, her toys, and of course her lovely family. She people watches in her free time. She also hates haircuts!
Martin is our 7 year old miniature schnauzer, his birthday is coming up on the 14th. He is our little human dog. He loves to play, he loves green beans as treats & he is anyone’s best friend.
Woof Woof, I’m Jig..I’m the Coolest & Most Chill Dog You’ll Ever Meet!! 😎 I Love Relaxing & Being On Paw Patrol.. 🐾 FurBaby 💙 Teddy Bear 🧸
She’s a very good companion alerts me when I’m going to have a seizure. Keeps me calm and tries to keep my anxiety down.
I'm very smart, paper trained at 9 wks old, I answer with a bark when asked am I hungry. I love my sister MeMe very much ❤️.
Ruby is a 4 month German shepherd who loves her people and loves to chew on toys. She’s had a rough start to her life, but you would never when looking at that sweet face of hers!
Professional zoomies master
Mater is a very good boy, who likes to play with his toys and perch on my shoulder. He loves his special needs boy and his best bud (my grandson) . He loves to be outside .
Samantha was a rescue, we got her at 1 year old. Had a lot of bad habits, took her through training and continued working with her, now she is so awesome abd spoiled
Oolong Blue
She is one of a kind..mix bread...
I'm a 5 month Shih Tzu and I hate a bath, I will whine the entire time. I'm paper trained since 9 wks old, I know what go to bed means. I love my brother YoYo very much 💓.
Smokey Joe
My gorgeous boy
Oliver is so funny and very smart. He likes human hugs and thinks he is bigger than he is. Oliver loves other fur babies and is a social butterfly! He will steal your ❤️!
Blu is one sassy boy! He loves chicken and playing with his sister Hazel! He loved cuddles at night and will throw a fit if he doesn’t get what he wants
Keylyn is the best dog I’ve ever had she goes everywhere I go… lol
Roxi is such an amazing dog! We have had her now 4 months and she’s been the best sister to her siblings! We so happy to have her in our lives!
This beautiful girl is 3 years old & weighs 80 pounds. She could spend all day playing fetch if you let her. She loves her tennis balls! She loves to give hugs. She will put her paws on your shoulders as you are sitting down & press her head against yours for a long time. It is so precious ❤️
Rocky Balboa
He sets he gives paws he's very friendly he can lay lay down and he loves pig ears
Castle is 2 years old & weighs 100 pounds. He is very sweet & loveable. His passion is guarding our property. He will stay outside at his “post” & just sit or lay down watching up & down the street & scanning the field across the road making sure everything is ok. He sleeps in front of our bedroom door every night. We love this boy so much!
shadows my ptsd therapy dog she isn’t registered but I trained her for what I need at home she doesn’t like treats she will only take a tennis ball and she a big cuddle bug.
Elsa And Anna
These two are the sweetest little dogs I’ve ever had in my life they play with each other. Of course they fight with each other. They’re both related and they make a smile. Please vote for my babies.
Hi,I'm cash. I like playing with my brothers and sisters all day, as long as we can. I like going to work with mom and visiting seniors.They spoil me and play with me and let me sit on their laps.They sneak me food under the table at dinner, mom knows, she doesn't care. I mind my manners and be a good boy while I'm there.
Coco is the sweetest animal I have ever met! He is NOT a German Shepherd. I just clicked on that by mistake. Anyway Coco does not ever play with toys — I know, it's not thinkable! He loves other dogs and people. He passed away last year. I miss him very much!
She loves to play ball and cuddle with people
Dax is very lovable. He loves to cuddle. He loves to run and play.
Nala is the sweetest guard dog. She protects all her siblings and is really a kids dog. She loves to run around with the kiddos and play ball. We adopted her 5 years ago but she really adopted us.
Shadow is the most curious pup. She is easily scared and let’s her big sister do all the barking for her. Anytime I leave the room she cries, such a big hearted golden.
Wynter is extremely obedient and the most calm dog you will ever encounter. Ever since I brought her home as a puppy she has been this way. Easily trained and well behaved.
Arlo is a paw patrol watch dog who love walks, kisses and making friends at the dog park!
George had a huge heart !!! He would sit and let the cats drink from his water bowl before he would drink any. He'd let the cats lay with him on his pillow. I lost George 1 year ago he was 16. Everybody LOVED George!!!
Sarge is out biggest youngest boy! He is not even a year old yet and gets in all the trouble. He is the sweetest and most protective pup we got. He loves to chew on everything and run around the back yard! He is learning to hunt as well!
Bama is my 13 year old little man! He might be the oldest but he is definitely mommy’s baby! He is blind but still runs around best he can! He loves cuddles and baths!
He is a 9 year old big baby! He will eat anything and steal food off the table if no one is watching! He loves to lay around outside and sun bathe!
Gus is a sweet cuddle bug! He loves to run around and beat up on his brothers even though he is the smallest one! His favorite thing to do is chew on everything and cuddle!
This is Hemi 🖤 He is a ball of energy and always down to put a smile on your face! He’s the one that made us dog parents! He loves food, and I mean jumping at my feet when he knows it’s dinner time. He also hops like a bunny when he chases a ball or toy 🫶
Storm lives up to her name she's like a little storm through my house. But I wouldn't change it for anything 🐾❤️
This is Chevy boy 🤎 His favorite thing to do is to play fetch and loves to find socks and hide them in the couch! We got him through a friend, who couldn’t take care of him anymore so we took him in and he’s been the best addition to our family and his brother Hemi loves him and his ears! ❤️
Honey Bun
Honey Bun likes to ride,eat,sleep,and catch squirrels. he’s a very friendly boy, vote for bun!