Dante loves to come on early morning trail runs, long hot summer hikes and night time strolls down the road. He loves his family and always tries to act tougher than he is hahaha
He is 4.5 months. Very energetic. Loves his rawhide and squeaky toys. Loves going on the trails and jumps into the lake.
Hi my name is Finn I love to run and play and LOVE my mommy ! I also love adventures and going pretty much everywhere lol my mom got me when I was a baby because I was born with a bad heart condition and needed a lot of care my mom works for a vet so I will always have the care I need I have had heart surgery when the doctors said I was ready and it was a very good success and I’m doing great now! I still have to be constantly monitored and on my meds for my heart but I am living my best life ever ! And love every minute of it! There isn’t a person, dog or cat I that I don’t want to make friends with ! ♥️ I hope you love my pics and my story and I will be uploading new adventures as I go ! ♥️🐾
Jozee is a God send! We all have had a rough year like many others and this sweet girl has provided so much love and healing in this hard year! She is a beautiful soul!😍
Ragnar is a 5month old Great Dane, American Pitbull terrier mix. He’s about 28-30in tall and pushing 50lbs already. He loves anything that involves him getting attention or more importantly snacks.
Hi my name is mamash I am a bichon mix with Maltese I like to play with toys and I also enjoy going on walks
Brutus is a loving available puppy! At 5 1/2 weeks old he is more than ready to play and offer love to someone special a home full of lovings! He has not yet ventured on the ground but loves playing with toys and getting his belly rubbed! This cute guy is the last male available in our tri bully litter.
Buddy The Beast Palmer
Buddy love his ball and his sister Sadie Grace.
Remi loves to play in the water and snuggle with her people. She also loves playing with her sisters!
Oh fenrir! Fenweird , Eskimo baby , etc...
Maggie is about 10 years old. We found her in January 30, 2014. She showed up when our family needed her most and when she needed us most. We adopted her March 11 that year. In March 2016, she was hit by a truck but after a few months made a full recovery. She loves meeting new people and eating food.
Akia loves the water/beach and playing with other dogs! She can do many tricks and will do anything for a carrot ☺️
I love to follow my owner around and take care of my baby girl. I’m a pug, shih tzu, pitbull mix. I love to play tug of war and run through the house like a maniac. My favorite thing to do is run wild in our field.
My Ball is My binky I carry it everywhere!!!
I’m just like my daddy and like to run around crazy while playing with the cats. I’m a pug, shih tzu, pitbull, beagle, hound mix also known as a mutt. My favorite thing to do is cuddle with my dad and the cats.
Nyx is my shadow, my fetch freak, and water dog. We are working towards doing dog sports together. 💓
Rocket is such a cuddle bug. He loves playing fetch and meeting new people!
Dora was a stray feral dog who I have fostered for 4 months. She is now a part of our family. She is smart, curious very active and at times still feral. She is very sweet but doesn’t like changes at all. She has a great personality. Thanks to Union Parish Humane Society she was rescued and given a chance to live her best life. She is amazing even though she will always be a little feral. ❤️🐾🐾❤️
Dakota loves to play ball and RUN!! He is very sweet and really wants to be friends with the wild deer that frequent the back of our property. He loves treats and hugs 🤗!!
Bentley is a fun loving Frenchie who loves his sleep time just as much as his playtime. I am 4 months old and the most lovable pup ever.
Copper is going to be 13 years old on Sept 19th. He loves to ride on my 4 wheeler and go to grandmas for treats. He is my shadow
Harley is an energetic boy with a spunky personality! He enjoys walks by the beach, playing tug of war with his ropes and being chased around the house. His favorite treats are peanut butter biscuits. He loves to cuddle and be right by your side!
Lincoln is a playful, loving and smart puppy. His favorite activity is playing fetch with sticks and we love chewing ice cubes. He loves his older pitbull sister. At night he just wants to cuddle and stares at the TV like he’s watching it.
Boston loves playing ball, and when he's not chasing butterflies he loves to snuggle. He might be clumsy with his long ears but he's very smart and observant!
I'm the goodest boy my mama says! I love the dog park and new friends, hoomans and pups!!
She loves to play with her squeaky toy non stop, loves cuddles! And herds our cattle !!
Maxwell Armstrong
Maxwell is a puppy Pug who loves long drives in Mommy's arms, loves to bite toes and loves sleeping on his back. He is the sweetest most playful puppy I know.
Callie Mae
Callie is two years old. She is a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrior. She loves to wear clothes, play with her toys, and run around in the backyard with her daddy. Vote for Callie!
I love to roll on any flat surface. Not by choice but because I’m a klutz! When I run my belly drags and unlike my older brother I CAN swim 😂
He’s a boat dog!
Click on picture to get the true cuteness of waffles. He is a handsome goofy pup who loves swimming and BALLS!
Nova is a pure bred English Bulldog, fun loving great with kids and just an all around cuddly funny personality , and she snorts 😘😍
Tucker is a very smart and playful pup. He knows how to shake, speak, lay down, hi five, and hi five with both hands. He loves to go on walks and car rides and he LOVES treats. He’s a also such a sweet heart and will cuddle with you and time of the day.
I’m super goofy & outgoing. My mom says I’m pretty whiny but a real trooper when it comes to keeping her company! I’ll always let you know when I need something! I love meeting new people & wrestling with dad when he gets home! A share & a vote would be so cool!
Max is very lovable and caring to his mumma... he is an smart kidooo
Aries 2 different eye color is exactly like her personality, absolutely beautiful filled with trouble maker!
"Pannie" is our almost 4 year old dachshund! She loves walks, looking for squirrels and lizards and her 2 sibling sisters! When she is ready for bed at night, she climbs into her bed and pulls her blanket over her head!
She is always a good girl, she is a white golden doodle and hasn’t done something bad in a while
My baxter is so sweet he loves to sleep beside me, he love to play around specially hide and seek he loves to eat scrumble eggs and steak my life is morecolorful because of him and I can’t imagine life without him love him so much❤️
Nala is 6 months old. She loves her naps, chasing bugs, anything that squeaks, and water. She is the sweetest girl but LOVES to play.
Duke is our other fur baby in the house, he was the chunkiest little guy there was. He adores the river and playing tug of war. He’s very humble and loves any and all attention!
Harley is our newest addition to the family, she’s a spunky, smart, sweetie! She picked us that’s for sure, and she’s such a blessing.
Tucker is an eight week old boxer puppy with lots of spunk! He has a very loving family and is very smart.
Chloe is our river baby, she is actually a therapy dog who was born on my great grandmas birthday whom passed away many years ago. She’s a perfect grizzly baby!
Hi my name is Chevy, I’m a Siberian husky mixed with a red nose pitbull. I’m a super friendly pupper I’m a lazy boy so I’m often taking naps with my brother and my parents, I love them very much. Also I love the occasional trails especially if I can go thru muddy puddles so momma has to wash me afterwords and she loves when I do that. I’m a Lover not a fighter ☺️ Something unique about me is that I have blue eyes but one of my eyes is partially brown and blue, they have been this way since I was a small pupper and it has made me unique.
My humans adopted me from a rescue. I am an Australian shepherd mix. I love cuddles and belly rubs! I am small but I'm still the boss. I'm very vocal and will not hesitate to tell you how I'm feeling. My parents named me Loki because I can be a bit mischievous.
Mr Barkley
Mr Barkley is a rescue from a horrible back yard breeding situation. They were trying to make designer dogs. He is 1/2 Beagle and 1/2 Bassett Hound. I rescued him almost 8 years ago. He loves car rides, his cookies, walks, his Aunt Maggy, loves loves LOVES to cuddle with you! He recently was diagnosed with Addisons Disease. Any money raised will go toWards my vet bills ... I love my Dads theyre the best!