Flex has so much personality. He really loves his sqeeky ball and playing in the snow
Bourbon is a mini Australian shepherd blue heeler he loves to ride dirt bikes with his dad he’ll want up and he’ll just sit there and hold on it’s the cutest thing ever. He’s almost a year old at 3 months he learned dance for a treat and it’s the cutest thing ever but don’t get me started on his bark he think he’s a big dog so he tries to bark but it comes out weird at first then he thinks his bark is mean but it’s not. He’s really a sweet heart and loves to have his photo taken as if you can see
Whiskey is a pure bread registered chocolate lab she loves to play and sleep, she is extremely high energy and if you don’t play with her she will bark at you in tell you give her attention or play she is such a fun loving puppy
Boomer is almost 3 years old. He is a people pleaser and lover. He is extremely smart and super obedient. He loves to play fetch, and tug a war. He loves to give hugs and kisses.
A lover dog! Loves to be held and she's very sweet.
Jace is a 1yr old Alaskan Malamute. He loves running around outside chasing lizards and squirrels all day. He’s the sweetest boy and always wants you to hold his paw.
Cisco is my goofball, full of spunk and big daredevil.
Snickers is my ride or die companion, she always knows when your not feeling well and never leaves your side
Annie girl is an amazing companion, very loyal to her human and watches over everyone and he sister and brother
Rigel is a rescue. He is the most sweetest boy ever. We named him after a star in our solar system from the Orion constallation. He is a daddy’s boy!
River is a pit-boxer mix, he loves to play outside, he loves his bath time, and loves his snacks!
Ruby is a fun loving Lab with a slight addiction to Pup Cups from Starbucks! 😆 That photo of her is after she got whip cream eyebrows!
Molly is a very talkative and loves everybody
Finn is an Aussie retriever, he loves going on walks and running around with his stuffed cow.
Sadie is a rescue dog , she is a old girl and has had a hard past and she likes my mom and car rides , Sadie is a very complicated girl with her own love issues
Scout is a wild 7 month old pitbull mix with a BIG personality! She loves bounding through the snow, chasing her twin cat brothers around, going on dog park adventures, and snuggling in bed with her family. But her favorite snuggle buddy is her stuffed dinosaur that she can’t go to sleep without. Scout will steal your heart and probably your shoes too. Thanks for voting!
Lottie is very sweet ,loves to lick you and cuddle, she has a underbite and snores a lot, loves to play tug o war
Whiskey loves to chew on socks! 🧦 An cuddles with his daddy! He is a Boxer-Pit Mix😍
Nova is a 2 year old Rottweiler with a very strong personality! She loves playing outside and especially with a frisbee!
Mazikeen is very hyper and extremely sweet. She loves to play and She loves her mommy!!!
Max came to me a rescue all matted and needing his forever home. Once he made his way here he found his forever home and is filled with love. He is a sweet loving protective boy that makes my home a home.
Zeus is a 6 year old lover boy. He loves ALL animals from reptiles, rodents, birds, horses, cows, pigs, cats, and dogs. He is an old soul and loves exploring, hiking, and swimming with mom, dad and his brother loki (Labrador). He has his own pet. A kitten he raised also ❤
Hi, my name is Axel . Love to play fetch and run the hills . I am extra good when I get a treat . Throw your hand up for a high five and I’ll give you one 🐾
Just the sweetest dog ever ! So gentle and wonderful disposition. Best dog ever ! She a beauty !
Gino is a parti-colored maltipoo. He is 1/2 Maltese and 1/2 Poodle & absolutely loves stealing socks out of laundry baskets and lap-time naps 💙
Blossom Louise
Blossom was a rescue and really enjoys sleeping, eating, and playing babies.
Gunner Wayne
Gunner loves to be center of attention. He loves to ride the tractor with daddy and Loves to play ball and snuggles with momma! Also, loves to go shopping at Tractor Suppy to get lots of loving from locals and to choose his toys and treats.
Ranger loves playing fetch!
Remington aka “Remi” was the ONE of a litter of six that survived the treacherous weather on the ranch. She was found under a truck and nursed back to health. She got her name Remi which is short for Remington after being found on a hunting ranch.
ghost is a 4 month old purebred german shepherd. he is a personal protection prospect along with dock diving and disc. ghost knows all of his obedience in german. the tricks he knows are center, speak, leg weaves and speak. ghost is an extremely advanced puppy. his favorite toy is his ball. ghost was rescued from a bad situation with his dad. his dad bit his brother on his head and ghost woke up to his dead brother. vote for ghost so i can get him some new toys and collars :)
Licia is a spoiled baby. She has some years on her but is still very playful and loves to cuddle.
-she loves to give kisses! -she loves to cuddle up at night, especially when it’s raining. -Bindi loves to play in the snow! -she will chase her tiny little tail. -will bring her water/food bowl to you when empty. -when your upset she will lick the tears off your face. -playing tussle with her toys is her favorite. -Bindi is SASSY! the word “no” causes her to cuss at your with her squeaky bark. -loves car rides -gives plenty of smiles and laughs to people -loves to play run around with kids
Martini is 15 years old and I’ve had her since I was 9 and I’m 23 now , martini is a spunky girl and she is my emotional support dog, she knows me inside and out 💖
Timber is almost 7 months old. He loves to snuggle with mom and dad in their bed. His most favorite toy is a stick from the yard and loves swimming in the Patuxent River!
Ellie May
Ellie May has brought soo much joy into our home after dealing with soo much loss.We finally have some love and light back as she rescued us💕💕💕
Nova is the biggest cuddle bug in the morning and before bedtime. She absolutely loves playing with her red frisbee and going for swims in the creek by our house. This Love bug goes by nova and babbies ❤️
Bella just had puppies and is an amazing mommy. She’s the sweetest dog I have ever met and that’s not me just being bias.
Bosco is 3 years old! He was the runt of his liter and now he’s a gentle giant!! He loves kids, cuddles at night, walks, treats & his kitty friends!
Oakley is a German shepherd mixed with Husky! She just turned 2 and might be expecting😁😁 she loves to play with anything that has a squeaker. Loves being outdoors chasing squirrels and bunnies❤️❤️
Rodney Joe
Rodney Joe is a seizure service dog in training. He loves playing with other doggo friends at the dog park, eating “nanners” AKA bananas, and cuddling with his lamby!
Hershey is a very good dog. He has his little quirks like most dogs do. He loves going to the park with his dog buddies and he loves his little human grandkids..please vote for him!
Names Rex, and he’s a 12 year old Pitbull/Doberman. He’s silly, vocal, loves baths, and loves chest scratches. His favorite food is tuna and he loves to go on walks and play with other dogs. He’s a huge empathetic dog who’ll cheer you up if you’re feeling down. The best boyo you’ll ever meet.
Karma Michelle Coensgen
Hello my name is Karma Michelle Coensgen. I love my momma, she’s my best friend. I have 2 brothers named Kingston and Sawyer. I have a daughter, Kyrie Skye. I love being with my family. I love playing with my brothers and my daughter. I love watching tv, it is one of my favorite things to do. I also enjoy playing with all my toys, eating my favorite yummy treats. I have a huge back yard I love to run in. I enjoy napping with my momma, watching movies with momma. I am kinda new at these contests, but I would really love to see all the votes I could receive! Thank you all for taking the time to read about me! I’m going to watch movie with momma now. Don’t forget to vote! Momma said you can vote every 10 minutes for me ❤️
Very playful energetic 10 month old pitbull. He thinks whatever is yours is his too, Blanket absolutely hates bath time and its more like a challenge to keep him in the tub!! He is an extremely excellent cuddle bug and very sweet boy, don't forget protective also.
Allie is very energetic 4 year old boston terrier/jack Russell mix. She loves cuddles and playing tug a war!!
This is My dog Odie he fixing to be a 1 year old soon. He is Husky & Golden Retriever Mix. He is playful and very well behaved. Very good dog. He likes to play outside but is a inside kinda dog. He loves Pig Ears as his snack of choice. He also knows he's rotten and totally a handsome boy. He is the best gift I ever bought for myself. He's my shadow and my pal.