Baby Stories - 91


Zander is a one year old Great Dane who loves to adventure! He will try anything (as long as his moms around!) and enjoys swimming, hiking, going on boats, and romping with his dog friends! Although big, he’s a sensitive soul who is actually pretty shy at first until he warms up, then he’s stuck to you like glue!
Scrappy was born in 2012 he is a deer head chihuahua.. He is great to kids and other dogs. He loves to be held and kept warm.. Vote for scrappy please
Remmy is very friendly and absolutely adorable. She loves her family. She loves human food and going bye bye as long as she doesn’t have to get out of the car. She is part golden retriever part Airedale terrier. She loves to lay in the sun.
He loves the beach! People tell him he is the cutest dog. His friend is his little puppy toy. He loves it so much
He is really playful and loves to cuddle
loves playtime and belly rubs
Brownie is a snuggle bug, when she isn’t cuddled up against my legs under the covers, she’s out playing around with her dad , also a Boxer, who my brother has! You can see in one of the pictures below, she is cuddled with a teddy bear. I’ve had that since she was just born, and she snuggles with it every night 🤍
Honey is a blue eyed Australian shepherd. She’s a year old! She loves car rides, cuddles, walks, and snow! Loads of personality 😍
If you imagine the most energetic, loving, and funniest personalities in a dog, this is your girl!!
Macy was the most loving little girl. We had to help her cross the rainbow bridge on Dec 8 of 2020. She had lymphoma and had been getting chemo since Sept. She was truly an amazing little girl that we love(d) dearly. She was your typical little velcro dog.
Riley is a very active dog. She is a Yorkie/Bichon mix. She loves to play fetch and will run after a ball all day long! However, her favorite toy is a cat toy!
Macy is a 11 year old Pomeranian/American Eskimo mix who loves to pose for pictures!
Zeus is a husky who loves to play, he is just growing so fast and loves his toy named buddy! He is so fluffy and cuddles all the time!
Hi I’m Nyla! I’m a cuddle bug and cheese fanatic! My Mama is my best friend :)
Luna is a 4 month old mini bernese mountain dog ! She is mixed with Cavalier King Charles and a small poodle too. She loves playing in the snow, belly rubs, and nibbling on fingers sometimes lol!! She is the sweetest and most lovable-greeting everyone she meets with endless kisses !
Nova is a 5 year old male Alaskan Husky. He loves bones, chew toys, treats, squeaky toys, and more toys. But he LOVES walks. He LOVES getting and giving huge cuddles. Please vote for me!! Love you! Have a nice day!
Clyde is a very happy loving dog.He has very long eyelashes! he has a lot of energy and he loves the water and walks and car rides. He loves people and is Very friendly with other dogs.
Charlee is a male German Shepherd-Australian Shepherd mix. He loves attention, walks, treats, and did I mention attention? Please vote for me!! Love you!! Have a nice day!!
My name is Jack. I am a 2 year old blonde Beagador (half Beagle, half Labrador). My favorite things to do are bark at squirrels, hiking, play tug-of-war, and cuddle with my humans! I also love playing with loud squeaky toys and chasing my cat around the yard. Please vote for me! 🐶
My name is Bella and I am 4 year old German Shepherd! I love playing with the ball, going for walks and did I mention the ball? Vote for me!
She is an Angel 😇
Ekko is an American Eskimo, Pomeranian mix. She loves to play almost as much as she loves to cuddle. Her favorite hobbies are chewing, licking mommies face, and laying upside down. She’s got lots of sass, and lots of love to match ❤️. She prefers not to be in her kennel, and will make sure you know it.
He's 2 years old, and loves people, he's a little monster sometimes, but loves to have fun. He runs around all the time and loves toys. He also loves going for walks and being outside.
Atlas is the biggest, floppiest, happiest boy around! He loves to spend time cleaning and cuddling his brother, Tucker. Atlas is a gentle giant who loves his family!
Barley is an 11 week old English Cream Golden Retriever. Name is from Disney for any Disney lovers out there! He knows sit, down, stay and place so far! Favorite toy is a kong raccoon and loves to play with his doggy siblings! You can follow him on Instagram @barley_thegoldenboy for more pictures and videos 🐶
This good boy loves to spend time cuddling his family, even his cats! He is the sweetest and smartest boy out there! Tucker has early onset Hip Dysplasia and would love to win to help with physical therapy!
This is blaze my golden retriever puppy! He loves belly rubs,eating, and playing!! It would keen so much if you voted for him! If you want to check him out his tiktok and instagram is blaze_levine
Blaze is a golden retriever puppy who is very playful and kind! It would mean so much if you would vote for him! If you want to check him out go look at his tiktok and instagram blaze_levine
Shandy is by far the sweetest pup out there once she trusts you. We joke that she has no spine since you can put her in any position and she will just stay like that.
Our buddy Zeus is a rescue from the cleveland county pound and he is a joy to have in our lives.
Sassy is a 3 year Great Dane She loves going for rides, playing ball or rope outside, going for walks and playing with toys inside. Sassy loves playing in the snow
Hello my name is Goose! I’m a crazy boy sometimes. I’m bread to heard cattle so I have a lot of energy. I love playing frisbee, swimming, and taking naps. Ice cubes are my favorite snack. As my parents say, I’m a lovable boy ❤️
Allie was born and rescued from Puerto Rico! We finally got the option to take her in and I couldn’t be more happy to enjoy the cuddles and support she gives to each and every person that walks in :)
Jade Ann
Jade is a feisty 2 year old rescue who does her best to protect her mom - she takes her job seriously. A dog DNA test shows she is a mix of German Shepard, lab, beagle, border collie, collie, and chihuahua! She loves playing in the snow and going for walks in the dark.
Harley Mace
He's a mama's boy, loves watching out the window as much as possible & of course naps. His favorite toys are anything that's not a toy. Empty water bottles, plastic buckets, containers & empty cat food cans lol
Rudy was adopted from SCPA three years ago. When we first got him, he was very timid and scared and NOW he is just a vibrant dog, he is the protector of the family and my husbands loyal companion.
Kilo is a very playful pup with her brother copper and the children she never gets bored of her life
Phoenix is in training to be my service dog!
Bear is a funny great boy, he enjoys life zooming around the yard and house. His favorite hobby to pass time is playing in the snow when it falls :) he loves attention and making funny faces. He’s the best boy to have around :)
Copper is 7 years old he has a big family of kids that love this big boy he is a big baby and lives playing and going on walks and getting a beef bone surprise every week 🥰
Peepers was supervising work being done on the truck.
Max is a lover and snuggler. He loves to play with stuffed animals and loves to play with other dogs and cats. Great with people too. Awesome watchdog.
Millie is the most energetic, most people loving, most playful puppy you could ever meet. She loves her squeaky ball, chasing squirrels, and catching frisbees. She can jump almost 12 feet away from a stand still, and loves to pose in the sun while looking out the window.
hi, im bentley. i love going for rides in the car, the beach and definitely bacon!
Daisy is a loving pup who enjoys playing in the lake cuddling with blankets,and taking naps with mommy! She is 3 years old and can be a bit mischievous; she is known to climb a tree or two! She is the best girl and would love your vote!
Hudson is a spoiled German Shepherd mix! He turns 3 months old on Jan 12th. He had two loving mommies!