Bella is a sweet girl that still has that cute puppy charm. She loves the outdoors and exploring but isn't a fan of cold or wet. She's curious and very alert (makes for the best alarm system ever) and overall a great best friend.
Max loves to give kisses to his dad. He loves to bark and going for walks and rides in the car. He does allot of tricks to get his treats!
You ever say to yourself “ I’ll never have a dog that chases her tail and lazer dots” ? We’ll I did and now I do. Not a mean bone in her body but will bully you into throwing a ball, toy, heck even a piece of string. Anything she can bring you back. An attention hog, bed hog, covers and pillow hog, she is awsome…
6 months, crazy 🤪, lovable, spoiled pup. This lil guy is my heart. Born at home from his momma who is in the pictures with him
Lucy is a very sweet loving girl. She loves to snuggle up with her grandma during the day. Almost every morning she wakes her momma up with kisses. She loves to snuggle at night in the bed with her momma and poppa! Lucy! Has an attitude!!!! Can you tell?
Benny is a high energy snorting loving pup! He loves to play and is mastering his zoomies! He’s a mama’s boy and loves car rides, snacks, and blueberries!
Hi my name is Beiya! I am an 8 year old Chiweenie and my mom is my soulmate! I love to cuddle, explore parks, kayaking, and the beach! Where ever mom goes! I also play a big part with emotional support and of course her fur best friend! Vote for me!
Three words to describe Cleo? Lazy goofy and so so so sweet. All great qualities of an amazing girl! She loves any and everyone and can never get enough lovings. She’s really the biggest goofball you’ll ever know. Your vote would be greatly appreciated- owner
I was definitely ready to find my perfect pup but I have to say Dream picked me, she has loved me, when I’m sad she has been right by my side to cheer me up. She loves me for who I am, I can honestly say she is the sweetest, but has a goofy personality as well. She is so little but has so much love to give, she always puts a smile on my face. I tell her “ Dream smile” and she smiles it’s like if she knows exactly what a smile is. Her smile brightens my day. I’d also like to share that me and her also share the same birthday, it’s like she’s been waiting for me to become my bestfriend.
He’s is half a year old and he is a big cuddle-bug. He is a very silly baby who loves seeing the world. He loves his family and is a very good boy. You should vote for him because it will put a big ol’ smile on his goofy face 🤗😃
Bear loves to play, especially ball. He can never get enough TLC. He’s the BEST cuddle bug.
Goku is the most, stubborn, talkative, beautiful Husky; he loves car rides (he loves riding shotgun) he loves watching soccer, hiking, bikejoring, playing in the water and carne azada!
The sweetest baby ever was born with a tattoo on her belly even b4 she turned 18.. lol well behaved lil mamas
Looks scary but its all Hes a great dog so full of energy loves to play loves treats ❤️ loves to jump! Cuddles n belly rubs from gma are his favorite
Saskya is German for “protector of all mankind” sweetest boy and very loyal.
Zuki is a beauty female Husky; she loves to play at the dog park, walks around the house, and bikejoring with her brother Goku.
Crazy n wild child like her momma s0 spoiled runt of the litter .. dads favorite
The sweetest pittie you will ever meet loves cuddles and belly rubs looks exactly like his poppa
Big Cuddle Bug! Loves all his siblings very much hes the 3rd boy from the litter.
Sweet baby angel, gentle and smart. Can perform a multitude of tricks on demand.
Sadie knows when mom pulls out the camera, having one of many facial expressions. She is the sweetest, most loving dog. Loves to run an play with the chicken's and pigs on our little farm
Kingsly is a soft cuddle bug who loves to snuggle in blankets and play in the snow!
Java Bean
Java is a princess with character. Java loves to play with socks, car rides, cuddles and kisses. Where you go, she goes. She may be little but she’s a protector.
He is very protective. He is only 8 months and big. He is very silly.
Kiara is a very awesome girl. She is friendly loves kids and other dogs. She is a lap dog and loves to run and play outside. Kiara is very smart and love her bows and shirts
Biggie is an adventurous 18 months old English Bulldog! He loves toys and the holidays!
Alex is just the sweetest old boy who loves people more than dogs…
Marshall likes to visit the fire hall and bring joy to the firemen and women that sacrifices themselves for their community. Marshall brings smiles to the faces of some of the strongest people in our community.
Hector's a 3 year old gentle giant. Born 11/3/19. He loves open fields and his brother's Bob (a golden retriever) and Philly ( a morkie).
She love to smile and she so patient also she have asthma and sometimes seizure but i take care of my own. She have baby ouppy
He is a tree walking coonhound so he loves to be outside walking and sniffing. He loves his special treats and play time with his squeaky toys. He snores like a human when he is really tired.
Canelo loves squeaky toys,walks,playing fetch,swimming in our pool,and cuddles. He is friendly with other dogs and loves when you pet him.
Sam is a Chiwinnie (AKA) Choxie. He loves going for rides. Sam also love people he can tell if your feeling bad and will come sit with you. Sam love his treats, toys and napping. He will also be in the 2023 Praise My Pet Calendar. Vote SAM👍
Amenadiel is a fun loving Autism service dog in training. He loves to play and of course keep track of his 8 year old little boy he helps.
Meet Oscar, he’s a EngAm bulldog with a cleft lip. Doesn’t bother him tho. His fav pastime is a)eating snacks b)rooting around in dirt and c)eating snacks. He’s about 5 months old, he loves his sweaters, his brothers and his food.
Max is such a sweet dog who loves everyone he meets. Max is such a smart boy!! His favorite day would include riding on the back of our golf cart through the neighborhood so he could say hi to everyone we see. He also enjoys running the private beach we have here in our community while being able to run and play in the river with his buddies. Max loves being outside and just being sociable with you. He is a very athletic boy and will outrun most,lol...he loves playing with balls and playing fetch (even though sometimes he wont give it back,lol...its almost like he wants us to chase him).He is always so gentle and loves to play with children. He grew up with our 3 girls and never left there side when they were playing in the yard.He is such a amazing dog and we are so thankful we were chosen by this sweet boy to be family. Please vote for our beautiful boy!!
Sweetie and loves spiral bully sticks
Mazikeen Lilith
Mazikeen is 80lbs of pure joy and she’s been as full and love as when she was 8lbs! She is almost 2 years old. She loves her people so much! She loves her baby dolls, ice and pickles! She eats off silverware or chopsticks better than some people. She talks to you and you can understand what she’s trying to say! She is all of our family’s emotional support animal! She makes everyone feel better if they are sad or sick and is a vital part of this family!
Gauge Cash
Gauge is the sweetest baby boy! He is 6 months old. He is so full of love and personality, it’s hard to remember he’s a dog! He loves to eat carrots! They are his favorite chew toy! He loves to cuddle!
Hunter is a Chocolate & Tan Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
Sully is my Angel puppy- goes by Mr. Sullivan when he is looking very distinguished!
Jerry is a tea cup frenchie brindle and fluffy mix he is 8 months old and loves to play..jerry was pronounce dead 3 times everyone didn't think he would survive a month i got him at 3 months old weigh-in 3 pound and he is healthy and is 8 months miracle pup
Muzzy turned out to be our house/farm dog she is great with all live stock and any rescue dogs we brought home to adopt out. She was like a momma to them:) she minds great and loves car rides. She is the best fur baby ever :)
My little shadow, and mole hunter! She loves the outdoors, and chasing squirrels, they love playing with her in the trees, because she is so tiny :) she Carrys around a bear bigger than her which is the cutest thing ever! She gets along with all animals, and is very brave :) but don’t let a blade of grass hit her in the but lol. She will jump sky high 😂 Willow loves to go bye bye, and when it come to night time she tells me when it’s bed time 😴🤗.
Hi I’m Casey. I love to run, dig, and play. I like to talk and tell you that I love you. Sometimes when I howl I sound like a rooster. My favorite toy is a stuffed moose that I’ve had since I was a baby. Mom tells me “I’m just a baby”all the time “I don’t know why though”. As you can see I love to lay and sit under the Christmas tree but sometimes when I’m feeling naughty I like to sneak an ornament off the tree. My great grandma likes to call me sneaky Pete. Please vote for me if I win mom and dad said I can go to the store and get ALL the toys. I love you guys. Thank you. 🐶🤎
Peaches is a Chihuahua and Pug mix, affectionately called a 'Chug'. A service dog to be, Peaches loves terrorizing her moms and her older brother.
She a loving, friendly, lazy baby just the cutest thing you will ever meet
Elvis was gifted to me after my mothers passing. So we felt it was only prudent to name him after her favorite singer, Elvis Presley. Although he was named after an amazing singer, and does poses the howling vocal cords, Elvis is REALLY and truly a soccer player at heart. He will chase a ball for as long as he reaches out of breath. He is 10 years old and can be a little grouchy just like any old little man that age( in dog years of course)😉. But he will lick your face and cuddle with you if you let him. He is the King of the Neighborhood, as everyone always stops to say hello while he takes his walks.