I love to give hugs and kisses. Im convinced my human brother is pure evil so I must bark at him anytime I see him! (Unless he has ice cubes)
One thing about Sophie she doesn’t like bathes to much but as soon as she gets out she will run around the house she will be all happy she runs like a rabbit 😂❤️
Tilly thinks she is a tiny baby. She loves to swim and play fetch and also she loves her naps. She’s a sweet girl.
Tanks favorite thing is to drink water and play tug of war!❤️🐾
My name is Luna I am a Pembroke welsh corgi and I am a very lazy dog. I always play with my sister yuffie and I like squeak toys but I also like sleeping on the bed with mom and dad I don't do much I'm just really lazy.
Wes is a mini Aussie-Poodle mix. He loves playing fetch and going swimming. He’s a sweet little boy who loves to go wherever I go. His full name is Wesley Jay. He’s a good boy. :)
My little charm is so full of back talking ! She is a little sassy pants . Always makes you smile with her personality.
Salem is a little sweetheart. She is also a Velcro dog has to be touching you at all times .
This is Lilly she loves playing in the grass and playing in her pool she also loves ❤️ people .
Ember is a teacup chihuahua and she is the sweetest dog ever, shes so playful and fun. She is my best friend ♥️
Hank is a big old cuddle bug. He loves snuggles and riding in the Jeep (as you can tell from the picture). He’s always smiling and is an amazing companion
Red loves to be center of attention, running and swimming are his favorite hobbies.
Nessie likes sticking her feet in water to cool off in the heat. She loves snuggle time with mom which involves hogging the bed. She loves car rides and playing with other doggos big or small
Harley came to us and saved our hearts at the perfect time, right after my dad passed. Hes fiesty and anxious but will protect us if he needs to! Hes a catahoula leopard dog and lab mix - aka a labahoula!
I just celebrated my 1st birthday and am a great big sister to 4 month old Chloe, 2 feline sisters and my 5 year old human sister. My favorite place to be other than snuggling with daddy is running wild at the dog park. On nice days we go on long drives and I love the wind in my fur!
I'm 4 months old and the baby of the house! I have a year old shepherd mix sister, 2 feline sisters and a human sister. I love running around like a maniac to get all my energy out before passing out in my parents lap. Tug-a-rope is my favorite game. On nice days we go on long drives and I love the wind in my fur!
We found Ajax for my 21 year old son who was in a car accident in January, 2022 and severed his spinal cord. He chose Ajax to be trained as his service companion. Sadly, my son passed away on Mother's day. If it weren't for Ajax I probably wouldn't get out of bed every day.
Tank is 9 weeks old and loves to cuddle, play and howl at night!!
Ruger loves going ice fishing and going for rides. He enjoys his pup cups from Dunkin’ Donuts and the occasional ice cream. He knows how to sit, give paw and lay down with the right treat.
Ginja loves people and her rubber squeekie bone!
Hi I’m Rocco and I like watching movies on my ipad
Baron loves relaxing in his pool!
Freya is a Norwegian elkhound she had lots of energy and loves to play!
Leah loves to spend her day cuddling with her humans and fetching her favorite toys. She is full of affection and energy and will share it with everyone she meets.
She is different from any dog I've ever had she's very picky and is very personal. She's also quiet and obeys may very well you should just keep you because she was a very obedient young lady
King Peppy
King Peppy is a Biewer Terrier ❗️ With a very bubbly and outgoing personality that will Illuminate your day❗️❗️🤩 He Loves Toys , Rope Tugs and Treats!!!
Louvel (aka LuLu) is a year old teacup Pomeranian. She is an adventurous, spunky little pup. She loved to spend her time outside in her pool, sun bathing, chasing the chickens, going for walks, hiking, the beach, etc. But most of all she loves attention!
Daisy May
Daisy May is a tennis ball lovin’, squirrel chasing baby who loves belly scratches and kisses on her forehead.
Ace loves to ice fish, sun bathe, and enjoys his treats.
Kingston is like a toddler always wanting attention but sneaking off and up to no good… he loves his toys and has his own toys box… has been known to get on the couch and throw his own toy out of his mouth to leap across the room and chase lol!!!
Rascal aka nugs is one of the sweetest dogs you will meet. He’s a spunky little ball of energy that loves to play. He also loves snuggles from anyone that will give them to him. He LOVES cucumbers and watermelon there his favorite little snacks!
Cash Man is a squirrel chasing, picture taking, people and water loving boy! He is the sweetest and simply the best pup ever!!!
She is a very playful dog. She loves to play with different toys. Loves her treats, she doesn’t like to be alone and is very jealous of me showing affection to another animal so she is a mommy’s girl.
Jaxson loves belly rubs, playing in the mud, and using his voice.
Teddy Bear
Teddy is the smartest little fur baby who loves to take long walks and hang with his kitty friends
Gusgus is very ornery. He loves playing catch and he loves to swim but his favorite of all is simply being around his moms.
Bells as I call her AKA Bella has only been with us a short time and wow I never knew how smart and energetic her bread was until we got her , she loves to play and her zoomy time is a great work out for the whole family as she always picks and chooses the person she wants to play with or couple of ppl.. Recently we just learned she loves to run up the play ground equipment and slide down over and over again I wish I could put the video up lol ... she's just 6 months old and thriving and learning all to quickly and as you can tell in the pictures I added my daughter learned shoes aren't a great play toy basketballs work much better lol .. honestly I accidentally signed her up so why not show ppl what a crazy, smart and sweet dog we have welcomed into our already crazy life's but she's just the right fit and we wouldn't have it any other way !!! we thank our family we got her from for all the fun and joy she's brought into our lives oh and the craziness as well 🤣🫶🤗😘❤️😍
XENA(WARRIOR PRINCESS)is a year old and full of love!!She is a big cuddler and loves to play tug of war and chase a ball around!!This big girl is so smart and so goofy 🤪..She has the best personality and loves her human sister my 6 year old little girl...She has very much taken the roles of my daughters protector and cuddling playmate!!!We love her...My big fur baby has bad allergies though which is common with her breed...If she wins it will help with going to medications to help her from itching to death!!!She is a great dog!!!Please vote for her!!!
Cici is and old girl about 13 years old.She has been a loyal companion.She is a big cuddle bug,and loves to chase her little ball..She has a tumor on her side in old age..So if she wins,the money will be to help her get it taken off!!!
Now that Jack has officially finished his man training, he is ready to face the world. His first goal as a level 6 man, is to crowned the cutest dog in the nation. Jackson loves long walks down the driveway and playing fetch.
An abused rescue dog living his best life now. Loves food, golf cart rides, food, me, walks, food.
She loves everyone and everything. Sleep, kids, dogs, cats, car rides.
Hi, I’m Cora! I am a 2 year-old husky mix. I was rescued by my forever paw-rents in October 2021. I love to chew bones and play with my best fur-end, Diamond. I also have heterochromia (one blue eye and one brown eye!)
Buddy is a very lovable dog. He loves to run around the yard and play. He loves small children and babies. He also likes to lick peoples faces 😂. If I win I would give the money to my mom to help with bills.
Achilles is 4 months. He is my daughter's best friend. Early in the morning after going outside he comes to her bed and gently licks her hand or foot.
Ella May Rose
Ella May rose is a beautiful tender hearted soul Who loves to swim and spend time with her mommy!!!!