Baby Stories - 91


Hunni Blunt
Hunni.B is full of life, fluff and personality. She is sweet and sassy and so lovable. She loves kisses and tug of war. She's a geek for treats. She has the sweetest smiles and can run for miles.
Sweet and sassy half German Shepard half Labrador.
Please vote for me a generous amount will be donated to help! Welcome to Brownie's page! I love my mommy so so much ❤️ Here’s a photo of me when I was younger! I love chicken & I’m a big boy, I might be small but I’m a feisty one! 🐶🐾 I’m very smart and I’m a good boy! 🥺💗
Hello! I’m Barlee :) I love to play in the water with my bestfriend rosie! Steal bones from rosie, and ask for a lot of treats!
“mom works hard so i don’t have to wear the same outfit everyday” — Biscuit
Dutch is happy as he looks, taking life as it comes. 🙏🏻😌
Loves running around and playing with his dog brother and sister. Loves cuddles, water and when dad gives him snacks! He is 13 weeks old and learning all new stuff daily!
Eddie is a huge goober, he was rescued from texas at foothills animal shelter where we picked this gentleman up about two months ago. Eddie is great with everyone and honestly loves chasing his tail and will even wrestle with it!
As any German shepherd she sees with her mouth, everything goes in it. She loves to chase the cats and sits pretty for treats. She’ll take a belly rub at any point and if there’s a stick in a 30 ft radius she’s eating it. Super sweet girl 🖤🖤🖤
Lexi,is a 1yr old loving sweet yorkie..who loves taking walks in the park,taking rides with mommy..and eating eggs on the weekend for breakfast❤
Molly is 1 years old and she thinks she is human. She’s a little more energetic than her aunt Chloe but I don’t think she minds.
Chloe is a 3 yr old Cocker Spaniel Pit Bull mix. She is such a good girl and loves kids. She loves to play with balls that is her favorite thing to do other than running around in the backyard.
Baxter is a 4 year old dachshund. He loves playing outside and taking naps with his mom. Baxter is the most gentle dog and he absolutely loves everyone he meets!
Ellie LOVES to cuddle! She recently found she enjoys swimming at the river. She’s happiest when we’re all together.
I am a 4 year old rescue and Mommy and I saved each other’s hearts. I love to cuddle and my favorite thing to do is chase my ball.
Boomer is a very active baby boy! He loves fetching! His tennis balls are his favorite. He is a very smart and loyal doggie! We love our “Boo”!
Ari's a lovable girl that has provided tons of love and cuddles from day one!
Cocoa is our little diva! She is the youngest out of our 4 but she thinks she rules them all! She is spunky and will let you know when she is upset at the other dogs or you! She has a grade 3 heart murmur but that does not stop her from being the most playful out of the bunch!
Brody is my special boy! His birthday is actually the day after mine! He is the one that always knows my mood and just how to make me feel better! He loves to cuddle, play with his sisters, but he loves his dad the most! He will never leave his side and always has his eye on him to make sure he never leaves him! He is one spoiled pup.
Zoey Marie
Zoey Marie was a rescue at birth. Her mother was a full blooded white boxer and her dad was a golden poodle with more I’m sure. She is as smart as they come and she looks through your soul and when she barks your soul jumps straight out your body it’s so loud lol. She’s very special and the only one to live out of seven. I love my girl. 💕
Stormy is our wild child! She loves sticks, running around the yard, but she loves her little sister the most! They are the best of friends and will run around the yard while carrying a stick at the same time! It’s the cutest thing ever!
JoJo had an old soul but is the sweetest dog ever! He is so photogenic and just loves to be loved on!
Charlie is a mini Australian shepherd! He is considered a mismark due to his unusual markings, but that’s what makes his him so special!! 🖤🤍
Link is the bestest boy in the entire world. He’s the nicest friendliest dog you will ever meet, always greeting people, and other dogs with a smile and a wagging tail. Links favorite hobby is hiking all the Connecticut hiking locations as a summer adventure with mom and dad❤️
I love rocks, sticks, the dog park and I’m hooked on pupchinos !
Loves to play outside and believes human. 5 years old
Lolabug is a shepherd-husky mix and is a playful pup who loves pup cups and destroying squeaky toys. She is playful and sweet. Please give her a vote!
Mia Mash Potato (middle name), is a 2 year old Pug/chihuahua mix who loves nothing more than to play and cuddle with her loved ones! She is sweet, playful, and keeps us on our toes!
She is one rambunctious corgi. Nothing stops her and she loves her family. She loves to squeak toys right in your face and talk back when you speak to her.
Shylo is the best dog I could ask for. He loves walks and doing figure eights around the yard and he loves his momma.
He’s a happy rescue puppy with lots of energy and loves to nap!
Indy is a playful cavapoo who loves to cuddle close and chase after her favorite ball
Nalla is my service dog and my best friend.
Bartholomew loves going to the dog park to socialize with all the dogs, & has to say Hi to everyone he meets. Loves playing fetch and tossing it in the air. He will keep you safe from anyone and all noises. He’s just a great big loveable boy!
Kiki likes to take long walks, play with Mr.Sloth, and eat frosty paws & chicky nuggies 💕
Sierra was a pound rescue. She had been in there the longest they have ever kept a dog. almost a year. She is a pit brindle, we think she may have some boxer in her as well. loves to ride in cars and is great with other dogs. Outside of the house she is great with people. lets them pet and talk to her. Though she is very protective of the house and us.
We adopted Sandy when she was 8 weeks old. We foster and work with this rescue and are always fostering and helping dogs find their forever homes. Sandy, was our first fail! Since she has come into our lives from day one she has been nothing but sweet, loving, playful and just so easy to work with as she learns things super quickly. She is now 10 months old (and growing still in both age and size!). She has truly been a blessing in our lives!
Sarge is an energetic and loving dog. He serves as my service dog for my PTSD and has improved my life more than I can explain. He can be a goofball at times but is very well-behaved and loves playing with my son and husband. Sarge will chase the ball until he passes out and is the most social dog at the dog park. What we win from this contest will be donated to the Rocky Mountain Service Dog Project.
Sailor “I’m Smooth Sailing” is an 8 week old AKC Golden Retriever being trained as a therapy dog ❤️
Rocket Mephisto🐾. Loves water and biting at my calves instead of playing with his toys😂
Hi my name is Zander. I am a fun loving Morkie. I enjoy playing with my human brother and sister, sitting out on the patio barking at other dogs as they pass by and enjoying the outside view from my playpen at times. Please help my mom win.
Ginger is a very sweet and adorable dog. I have had her for 8 years. She has been through the good, the bad, and the ugly times with me. Ginger is very smart, funny, and social.
Flynn Ryder
Ryder is a 6 month old blue nose, he loves going on walks and playing with his friends. He’s a super sweet boy who just loves to cuddle with his mama. He’s getting his trading down like the smart boy he is.
Our baby girl was named after our favorite city in Italy.
Linus loves sneaking into the chicken coop and eating eggs while we’re gone. He loves going on walks and runs, and is the protector of the house.
Dante is a very sassy boy that loves being outside. He likes going on hikes, zooming around in the snow, and playing with his toys! He’s definitely a character that makes life exciting!
Bocephus loves going on rides in the car, he loves going on walks, and he also loves getting his ears rubbed.
Roe loves car rides and the wind in his hair... He also loves socks and laying in the grass. He even smiles when he is happy which is usually during the car rides.