Louie loves to sleep in because his mom works as a bartender late at night, he loves the dog park and loves meeting new pups. He also loves when we sing together at the house we usually have karaoke parties. He plays along while his " Pma" who is his grandma plays the guitar and his "pop pop" who is his grandpa plays the bongos. He is almost 2 years old coming this June and he is an absolute joy to everyone. He's so smart, he also knows a lot of Spanish.
Mama’s little Dutch Boy 🥰 3 year old boerboel that doesn’t understand personal space and loves his lamb chop.
Jake is an older dog, a mixed German Shepherd. He likes walks, and tries his best to still move around. He’s loved by our whole family, and is extremely photogenic (besides the drool)
Toby is a hyper, loving, freindly Jack Russell who enjoys running around our yard and playing fetch with our kids.
Hi my name Coco! I am a one year old German shepherd! I love helping my humans work around our farm. My favorite thing to do is play in the creek and ride in the back of my dad truck!
Post Malone
Post M. LIKES Needed 👍👍👍
Chickadee is a lover she is very gentle with smaller animals she is a momma dog even though she never has had any pups. She tends to baby chicks, baby goats, lambs, calves etc. she should get votes because she is the most awesome family member. This young lady has been taught to be a service dog as well.
Diamond is a pure breed American Bully, she is about 8 months old and as I would like to say my big baby. Diamond is a super big family dog, we take her almost everywhere we go. As if sometimes we even have a choice because when it’s time to leave she’s grabbing her leash and pulling it towards us to hint she wants to come. She is probably one of the funniest animals I have ever had, she definitely brings enjoyments and laughter into the house. My favorite thing personally about Diamond is those ears of hers, most the time they are both sticking straight up but if not her left one will always remain up. If you love her as much as I (we) do give her a vote! As Diamond would really appreciate it!!
Milo bear is a ball of snuggles! He likes ice, walks, and playing with his friends at the park. He also loves his brother Otis!
River loves the river and any water in general. If you try to take a shower, she hops in with you. And a rainy day is her favorite day!
Ruger loves to chase birds and outrun the four wheeler.
Macie just turn 1 years old !!! She’s a very lovely puppy that loves to play and being outdoors she’s a shihu yorki poo mix
Dexter is a Silver Lab who likes to play fetch and loves to cuddle. The sweetest boy you’d ever meet!
Hey humans! My name is Charlie Mac and I am 11 weeks old! My favorite things to do are play with my best friend banx, play with my toys and snuggle with momma and dad! I am so loved and would love to have your votes so I can get some more cool toys!!
Aka Gus, Gussy Wussy, Bugga Boy. Gus is my soul dog. He is a snuggle monster, super needy, and such a good boy. He loves playing with Indigo, even though she can be such an annoying little sister. He loves going outside, he’s a big fan of walkies, and he’ll do just about anything for a snack.
Hi ! I am winter ! I am a 5 month old golden doodle! I love to run around on my dads farm , and Cuddle with mommy! Please vote for me so my mommy can buy me all the toys !
Indigo is the spunkiest dog I’ve ever known. She is super sassy and bold. She loves looking out the window, people-watching, going for walkies, and chasing literally anything that moves outside. My other dog, Gus, is her absolute bestie.
Cash is a 7 month old Red Merle Australian Shepard. He loves to be outside, play with his Aussie sister Ellie, watch Animal Planet, and being snuggled up to his pawrents 🤍🐾
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is a one year old Blue Merle Australian Shepard. She loves her Aussie brother Cash, her pink bacon flavored bone, and being with her parents. She’s the sweetest girl who loves all the snuggles! 🐾🦴
Shadow is a toy poodle. I got him from a local rescue. He keeps us laughing. He is so spoiled.
Miley thinks she’s a queen bee in the house hahah, loves loves to play outside with kids and run around the yard to play fetch with a ball or rope. She loves to play with her sister Stella all the time and her favorite thing is taking up my whole bed to herself.
Stella loves kids and love to explore when she’s outside with the family. Very lovable when it comes to snuggling and loves to play with her sister Miley!
Grayton, AKA Gray. This fluff has an obsession with any form of ball. He can sniff one out like a hound dog on a path. He will play for hours and if you ignore him he will find a way to play with himself. He’s also the sweetest boy and boy who loves to cuddle. He’s very smart and listens very well, most of the time😆 He loves any and everybody, and has been the best addition to my family❤️
Pepper is such a lovable dog. He just knows when your not feeling bad and always comes to cuddle. He shows emotions when we are sad and happy. He is genuinely my baby.
I love you
Playful , she likes to eat the wind when she rides in the car. She loves cuddles when she naps, kisses, and peanut butter.
Allow me to introduce you to Apollo he is one of the sweetest kindest loving dogs He loves belly rubs and lots of hugs and kisses and likes to nibble on fingers and toes sometimes but a small dog with a big heart
Zeus loves squeaky toys, food and ppl in general. He loves taking car rides. All you have to say is bye bye and he’s ready to go.
Dax is very energetic, loves to eat his food/treats and play with other dogs
Small pup with a big heart
Roxie she is my oldest & she is my lil sweety, she loves here dog treats & she loves her sister patch. Roxie she is blind out of both her eyes but she can still see just by a little bit & she gets along real well with other dogs & loves pple & she is just my little shihtzu girl that I love alot 😊❤❤
Nova Rose
Nova is a Pit mix. She loves to cuddle! She is my emotional support animal and my best friend ❤️
Toby’s obsession is bread 🍞. You may think you can hide it from him, but he always finds a way to demolish an entire loaf to himself. Nowhere is safe— the boy’s got hops!
Friendly little girl... all labs are!
Best all around dog! Livestock guardian, emotional support, cat lover and rat hunter. Loves everyone he meets.
Winston is very vocal. When I’m gone and I come home he gets so excited he talks to me.
Well lets see Patch she is a mix breed of a shihtzu & terrier if I do believe see is still young so she loves to play still she's hyper everytime she comes in from nasty weather she loves her sister roxie Patch loves her treats to & also my lil sweetheart she loves pple & other dogs she is a big protector & both my girls likes goin for walks when there is nice weather
Stella loves all animals and cuddling. She plays 24/7 and wants nothing but love. She is the sweetest girl💜
Snuffy is my little wild man. loves to chew on me. i call him piranha
Axel is a very happy dog with alot of get up and go. When he wags his tail, his whole body wiggles with him.
Galen is sweet and just as dopey. He sits on the couch like a human. With his butt on the couch and feet on the ground.
Diesel loves to play with his antlers and LOVES chewing on everything. He is a big snuggle bug and is such a sweetheart!
she’s very sweet and loving. she really likes peanut butter and stealing my pillow 🥺😂
Bo Colt
My name is Bo Colt and I’m a red heeler and german shepherd mix. I’m a loving and caring puppy. I love my mama and playing with my bull toy.
She loves to cuddle, she’s super friendly and loves kids. She’s a daddy’s girl, she can do tricks, she’s a very good girl.
hes fat. and kinda mean. but hes cute so
He loves his kitties, and his bones. Loves his buddy Kilo.
I’m like bird watching and going on hikes to find water to play in. I enjoy chasing my brother around the yard and once I’m done with that I love coming inside to lay down for five minutes and then whine until my mom lets me right back outside to cause more trouble.