Hello, I’m Azula, I’m almost 2 years old & everyday is a new adventure with me! I wake up ready to give all my love, to anyone & everyone I see, not a second goes by that I’m not absolutely excited & acting like a silly goose about something! My favorite things to do are, chewing on my bones, playing with ALL my toys, running & rolling down the hills at the park, car rides, & wearing the cutest clothes! At the end of my days all I wanna do is snuggle up with my mommy & daddy in bed, getting lots of kisses!
Buddy is a six months Great Pyresse" Resuced @ Six weeks old. Thank God for the Blessed Vets. Buddy Loves to play catch outside and Help with outside jobs. He sleeps during the day. Rolls over on his back with his head back about 3ft. from his body. At night Buddy hired his self on the Job. He guards the family while they are alsleep in the Semi Truck. Often times, Buddy is caught every Hour changing Post from the Driver seat to the passenger seat " just watching the Traffic go by. During his Walking and Rest Breaks, Buddy loves to Lead any where else other than the truck. He's pretty big for his age, so he lay flat over his bowl eating and Drinking. O 3 things Buddy will run you over for: His squecky toys, food and water is not to be played with. But he is very Loving and playful.
Willow Joy
Joyful BabyPAW!
Sassy & playful
Hey guys ! My name is Diesel. I enjoy playing outside and hanging out with mom and dad. Car rides are the best , only when I get to sit up front with mom. My favorite toy is my pink piggy. I’m a 3 year old Black Lab. Vote for me please so I can get more piggy’s !
Chet has the longest eyelashes ive ever seen on a dog. And in this photo his tongue shows how much love he gives!
Maya is a 6 month old Pomeranian - toy poodle mix, only weighing 3 pounds! She loves to be held and her favorite thing to do is lick
Beau is 7 months old ! He loves to play with his stuffies and kong ball, playing fetch and tug of war!!!! he loves cuddling with his human mama daddy brothers and sister! He also loves all of his kitties he has at home as well!!! He is the sweetest boy ever. He is a mommies boy forsure! He is my lil pop belly pitty!
Butterball loves to be center of attention she loves going outside more than anything and loves riding and sitting up on her back feet watching where she's going she's a wonderful dog she's my baby
Koba is a 3 month old South African Bourbel who comes from a very strong family line. Koba is very playful and high energetic dog who loves to run around. Koba loves walks and snuggles.
Letty loves her toys. Her favorite toy is sock🧦
Hard Timez
His favorite toy is a drink bottle lives to take selfies n really believe he a real boy
My mom went to the shelter looking for a male Pitt mix, but she came home with me instead! She brought me home and now I have an older sister that was also a shelter rescue, just like me! My favorite things to do are chew on my older sister and my mom’s favorite shoes.
Scooter Butt
Scooter was rescued from a shelter by a friend. They let us adopt him a year or so later as my fiancé wanted a dog and knew he’d have a fabulous life, which he has. Everyone who’s ever met him loves and wants him! Now 9, this little dog runs so fast when he and my daughters dog plays “catch me”. He’s a wonderful warning dog and he gets along with my 16 cats. When he hears two cats growling, all I have to say is, “Scooter , go break em up!”. Though many, many grey hairs speckle his muzzle, he still acts like a pup. He is so loved.
She is very friendly and she love’s people her favorite food is bacon 🤣🥰she love’s too sleep and watch cocomelon 🥰
Boss Bossie
Hi, my name is Bossie and I like to play in my pool, taking walks on the beach and going on car ride's. But what I LOVE most is making my mommy and daddy chase me around the house. ☺️ My favorite time of day is when daddy gets home from work so I can steal his stinky smelly socks. But the best part is when he takes me on our adventurous walks.
Riley is a beautiful 6 month old Lab that loves everything about life! Always enjoying puppy play dates at the park and hanging out with the cats at home!
Kobe is a 4 month old, full of life, Golden Retriever! He Loves to jump in the lake, splash in puddles, carry sticks, and play ball! He never misses a treat and gives the best snuggles ❤️
This is my ChloeBell. I adopted this sweet girl the 1st week of April. She is six and was used as a back yard puppy mill breeder until she aged out and they got rid of her. She is now very healthy & happy, loves her home and her new mom. She does the "ChloeBell Roll" when she wants to play, likes to go to Walmart and other places for love (she is always sweet), she is protective and is learning to wear bows. She loves her adopted little brother, Mr. Ferb (you can vote for him too) until her tries to take her food or "momma love" and jumps up and runs to the door when she hears her daddies pulling in.
Sadie Mae
Sadie Mae is a mixed pup with Jack Russell. Shes about a year old. She is very playful and lovable. She loves to give kisses. I rescued her from being thrown in the river in garbage bags with her brother. I took them both and gave the brother to a friend. Sadie Mae saved me as well as i saved her. We love her with everything in us. Winning this pageant will show others that even a stray animal can be loved and can win anything. I would be lost without her.
Lilah is daughter to my little Harley. She is very lovable and follows me everywhere. Love her so much. ♥️
Who knew that we needed another family member🤷🏽‍♀️ Lily is truly amazing. Eager to learn new tricks and commands. So far she has sit, stay, paw, other paw, down, drop and twirl. Her love is pure and I’m blessed to be the one she gives it to. My love for her is ENDLESS♥️♥️
Loki enjoys cuddles and love … he’s full of energy and loves all animals and people loki is a wonderful little boy has a one of a kind personality I was blessed to become his mommy ❤️
Hi I’m Rukkas! My parents got me as a puppy and saved my life. My sister Rinnee,the white girl,she’s my best dog friend. I love swimming,snuggling, running,being in the woods,but playing with kids is my favorite. Im even good with cats! My moms say I’m a gentleman.
Half wolf half husky
Diesel is very smart. He is is a Catahoula Leopard Dog. At this moment he is in training to guard. He has passed the training part to guard between your legs on command. We are still in training for him to proceed to the next level. This is why he loves.
I adopted Kobe on my 31st birthday, it was love at first sight. Since having him he has brightened up my life, he’s been amazing. Kobe is the sweetest little guy ever. He’s so smart & affectionate and loves to cuddle. When he’s not cuddling he loves to run around and play with his squeaky toys. His favorite is his squirrel.
Portia is a big baby who loves to eat and steal your seat! She’s loves playing tug of war and giving lots of kisses! ❤️🐾
Romeo likes to run outside and nap with his mama!
Ozzi loves to play ball. He’s super energetic, if your toes are under a blanket you BETTER hide them!
Leorio is a mixed breed with chihuahua and wiener dog he recently celebrated his second birthday last month. He loves to play outside and he especially loves to just go outside and enjoy the sun :D
Oneida is a mid content Wolfdog who is training to be an ambassador for his breed. Oneida has also been helping socialize other rescue Wolfdogs I take in teaching them how to trust people again. He is a big love bug who loves giving kisses and trying to sit on my lap all 120lbs of him
She is a therapy dog for her mom whom is in a wheelchair. She loves kids. She is smart and loves to high five. She loves going places and meeting new people.
Raven is a 3 year old black lab mixed with Chow, Rottweiler and Pitbull. Very spoiled and lots of energy!
Scooby is a pit mix he loves going for walks ,rolling around in the grass very playful
Blue Vincent
Blue Vincent is an 8lb part Minpin part Chihuahua. He is very spunky and full of energy. He love to play with his 3 kids. Loves walks, barking at squirrels, long car ride (well any car rides). Most of all he has the most difficult time choosing which one of his kids he will sleep with at night he loves them all so he visits everyone. Very busy pup he is.
Harley is about 15 years old. He is truely a mans best friend. He has been my rock every sence we saved him! He was or first rescue puppy now we have 3 rescue pittys! He inspired us to continue to rescue! He sure loves his sister humans and takes good care if them and proctects them. He doesnt let them get to far. He is such a sweet boy with a kind and careing soul. We sure love our boy!
He is the most educated Boy, when he wants to go for his needs, he always look for me or his Mom and with his leg against our knees and he goes out with us and then after #2 he go straight with me to the bathroom to get clean with a wipe, he likes to be clean all the time….. we adore him.❤️
Fat Boy Freddy
Freddy is obsessed with giving and receiving love and attention from the time he wakes up till bedtime and when it’s time to wake up he gets up on the side of our bed and sniffs and snorts till we get up. He greets his dad at the door every day before and after work. The sweetest boy ever!
Georgia is a mini daschund. She is an Isabella/tan, which is a grey with tan markings. She was born with an extra toe on each front paw. She has a diva personality. Her favorite things are her stuffed toys and cookies. She is the true baby of the house.
He is a mixed breed, looks like a Saint Bernard mostly now. This was taken as a pup, when we adopted him from humane society. He loves outdoors, and thinks he is a big baby and such a cuddle.
Lil' Girl
I just recently got her from the Humane society she's a year and a half old and she's very energetic she's smart stubborn she's got this crazy personality I'm just learning her she is me she loves to meet people and children found out she eats anything she's in training she knows how to shake and she loves fishing the ball. She gets very excitable meeting other four-legged furries and people think she's mean but she's just over excitable same with people she's going to be an awesome awesome girl she's just got the sweetest personality ever and she's just lovey
This little girl does not eat vegetables she'll sniff it out to make sure what is in it. I was there right after she was born. She has been ran over twice the second time fillet open and a lot of damage. She was attacked by a swarm of bees. She was in my dog fights than she ever been in her life the last 3 years. I hit a tree in which the airbags blew. She went through a dog vestibular disease after that. Then kidney disease took her I'm sorry to say this year in May. She would get so excited in the car when we get to a destination. She was my emotional support animal. She was my daughter too. She could sing. And you had to acknowledge her or she wouldn't stop talking. People would always say she acts like she's human you treat her like a child that is true she did not like being videotaped or pictures she would get you she would let you know she was very expressive with her eyes. She had the deepest growl and bark that scare people but she never bit nobody. And she was super soft. And she was very assistive anything I was doing she'd be right there to help she was just miraculously smart loving funny loyal protective but sweet she wanted people to love her and I just wanted people to know and I'm sure we'll be disqualified for her and baby girl. I would not be living today if it wasn't for my fur babies my daughters 💔💚💋🐾
Reign is a 6 month service Animal in training he’s been an amazing companion he learns very quickly he’s extremely affectionate he’s the best fur baby I’ve owned.
She loves the vegetables jalapeno poppers and desserts with me. She does not tear up her toys she listens very well. And she would watch TV with me laying in bed animal planet stuff like that amazing 💚💋🐾
Cookie loves playing with her toys and sun bathing
Dexter is about 8 months old. His original owner, my brother, passed away a month ago. Dexter now lives with his new mommy(me) and new daddy(my husband). Dexter contracted parvo the day his original owner was buried. $1400+ and a excellent vet and vet tech he’s home and doing good.