Luna is a big dog but her little sister; a Basenji is the boss. She is a big bully but she makes me laugh. She is a character.
Abby was a rescue! She is welcoming to those she knows! A bit harsh with new comers but comes around!
Thai loves playing tug of war giving snuggles and getting pup cups from Starbucks his favorite trick is walking and spinning on his back legs.
Happy is a loving dog he is such a good boy he loves people and is very playful
He love to play outside he also love to play with my other dogs he wont sleep no where else beside my bed he my boy i love him so much.he make me so happy when i come home
Thunder Rosie'S Pup
He was the 1st of 4 that survived from a litter of 11 sad tragedy but very sweet boy loves to smile as you see
Taylee Mae Williams
Taylee is a rescued doggie that has brought nothing but love and protection to her family. Taylee loves belly rubs and chicken gizzards. Nothing is better to Taylee than crashing on the outside covered patio furniture despite what her mom says.
Brantley Joe
Brantley is a 4 yr. Old English Labrador Retriever. He is fun, loving smart and a absolute joy to be around!!!
He is a 5 yr. Old rescue from Kuwait. DNA says Yorkie, Pom, Jindo with grandparents Pekinese. He was abandoned and now is a US citizen. His demeanor is amazing and is my other half ❤️
Navi is very friendly and does not know a stranger. When she wags her tail, her whole body wags. She loves pizza bones (the crust).
I was bought to be a protection dog, but as you can see I sleep most of the time. My only friend is the cat because when I go to the park either the dogs are scared of me or I get beat up by the really small poodles.
Hi my name is Rex and I am a purebred golden retriever. I am the goodest boy in all of Missouri. I LOVE playing with my favorite toys, cuddling, and giving hugs. I may not look like a lap dog but my motto is even if I don’t fits, i sits!
Bonnie loves to play and run. She loves to snuggle. She is definitely my best friend I would not trade her for anything.
Gilligan is part Chihuahua and beagle. He is a happy go lucky kind of soy. Love all the attention he can get. Loves kids and very playful with them.
My Bestie forever!!!
Spoiled, loving, loves to ride, including a 4 wheeler. Always wants to be with mom, and daddy. Has a rooster 🐓 as a friend also.
Barney is our cute rescue pup who likes to carry nearly everything from the house outside through the doggie door including pineapples, a 12-pack of Pepsi, and 18 cans of dog foods. He also attempted to take couch cushions outside. He only knocked the Christmas tree over two times this year. We found the yard decorated with Christmas ornaments. No matter what, we love him!
Her name is Mia and she is a rescue from TN. She loves to eat and isn’t a fussy eater. Loves her fruits and vegetables. Has lots of boyfriends at the park where we walk her daily. She’s a love bug with everyone except her sister cat.
This is Minnie she’s will be 10 this summer. She still has all the energy as a puppy so don’t let her age fool you
This is Doug. He is a one year old golden retriever. He loves adventure, but his main goal is to chase as many balls as he can! He never meets a stranger. He is very photogenic and is quick to strike a pose whenever the camera comes out!
He loves to fetch, eat and sleep. He is also an epilepsy alert dog who loves people and going on trips.
I lost ginger 4/23 to heart failure. I wanted to honor her memory. I loved her so much. She was the best dog ever.
Marlin Joseph Lancaster
Marlin is emotionally support certified and goes everywhere with his owner Kalin Lancaster due to her health issues. You can read more about it in Kalin’s Book: His Miracles My Story. Despite his certification, Marlin LOVES people and enjoys attention.
Dustin Lynn
Her name is Dustie she loves squeaky toys and loves to take walks. She loves to play chase in the house.
Adler is a 1 y.o. White Swiss Shepherd who has 4 loving kitty siblings. He's a sweet goofball that LOVES any toy that squeaks! He loves the camera, can't you tell? 😉
Ruby Rose Sunshine
Ruby Rose Sunshine was adopted as a rehome after we lost our boy, Nash 13 yrs old, to lymphoma in April 2023. Ruby is a purebred, long hair/coat, AKC registered, Sable, German Shepherd!! She is ALL puppy! She loves to play with anything she can get her snout on or in!! She's 11 months old and has helped heal our hearts! She is so loved!!
Bears is 10 years old snd is so sweet and loving. He loves to ride anything and he loves his momma.
My name is Dino I’m 5 and a half months old full of energy loves car rides and going on walks and playing with my tennis balls in the yard but my favorite toy is my squeaky dog. I love cuddles and attention
Bingo is a 4 year old Corgi, Red Healer who has the markings of a giraffe. He is smart, loving, playful and sensitive.
Hi my name is Drako ! I am a 11 week old Cane Corso, and I love being outside. My favorite toys are my squishy duck and my tug-a-war ball. I talk back a lot and I love to eat apples with my mom. You should vote for me so I can steal your heart just like I stole my moms ❤️
Ruger likes his duck ducks,his Blankeys,Loves his family Chasing his dreams of winning!
Teddy is a one year old Irish Doodle from Willoughby, OH. He is a rescue dog adopted from Buckeye’s Mission in Brunswick, OH.
My lil boy is 1yr old and i saved him from being my lil guy is deaf. So that makes him more special to me ♥️
Khaleesi Bowie
My mama says I’m a unicorn 🦄 Khaleesi is extremely loyal, loves her friends, loves getting into mischief. Stealing is her favorite pastime
Reya is a very sweet dog I adopted her from a home that could not take care of her she was very skinny and scared now she is very playful loves to chase items/people loves food and loves to run around she is nothing but positive energy i love my baby🫶🏾
She loves her momma. I got out of the truck for a moment and she had to watch until I got back in. She loves her toys and treats. Loves everyone she sees.
Sky loves to make people laugh as she was just diagnosed with cancer in October, and she still love to meet people that doesn’t matter how she feels she just loves people. She is one of the sweetest dogs there ever has been
gizmo was a surprise puppy , maybe no older then 6 weeks old when he was found after tornado warnings and major storms in our area last year in january . he is the youngest of our fur pack and the smallest that thinks he is the biggest . a sweeter dennis the mennace you would ever want
She loves my son and and talks Beautifully. Permanent Mascara around her eyes. She soooo soft n fluffy, very loveable. By the way my son who is 10 named her Princess and her middle name is Sparkle.
Karma Storm is a Labrador Retriever/Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever Mix. She is so smart and moms best friend.
Oliver is playful, affectionate, headstrong, loyal and farts A LOT! He’s a “chilled out” comedian by nature that thrives on the love of food.
Knowledge Jane
knowledge Jane is almost a year old... She has a uncontrollable need to meet new people and loves EVERYONE!!! .Her motto *if you walk and talk you must do that with me. " She loves to smile and play with her tire swing. P
Minnie is a friendly loving pet!
Takis is a very playful puppy . Loves to play, sniff smelly socks or dig his whole face in the shoe .
Joshua is my velcro baby. He loves his sister and momma very much and is very protective of both of us. He loves a good bone and loves to chase his sister with her ball. 🎉💗
Hannah Shepeard
She is loyal, loving and protective of me, her momma 💗
Murphy is the baby of our Corgi Crew! He is rambunctious, crazy, & super smart! He keeps his big brother & sister on their toes! He is the perfect addition to complete our crew!