Baby Stories - 90


Thunder has always been a fiery pup haha . From the first bark to talk back to him singing to Closer by Chainsmokers ! He’s a great pup !
Koda is a Rottsky (Rottweiler and Husky) . I got him from this horrible puppy mill at 3 weeks old . They gave me the impression his was of age to take home until I saw him and how he was treated along with his brothers and sisters . I chose mine and got friends and family to pick the rest up . Even if they couldn’t keep them we knew we’d clean them up and give them to good homes . Koda has been by my side since 3 weeks old ❤️
Hi, I’m Kuz. & I am the worlds biggest mommas boy. And not because I have 2 moms 😜
Shorti Doo Wop
Shorti Doo Wop has been in my life since he was 8 weeks old he is now almost 11 years old. 🤓 He is my bf. He loves the outdoors. He loves to hangout and do road trips with me. Shorti Doo Wop loves kids. He is very protective of kids also. He does enjoy playing with his toys and sharing. 🤓 Shorti Doo Wop watches action movies with me and he loves Dora. Sometimes I swear he understands Spanish when I don't lol.🤓 He came in my life when I truly needed him. He has been a special friend and a gift from God. He is totally my family.🐾💜
June is a adventurous dog nothing like a lazy pug, she loves to run play and give a million kisses!
Frost is a Shetland Sheepdog and a Momma’s boy. He loves to snuggle on his own terms. He knows when you are hurting emotionally and sticks to you like glue!
Cajun Boogie
Cajun is a fun loving Border collie with huge personality! He loves to play and swim in water, and his very best friend is our cat, Royal.
Wishbone may have reincarnated into this little Haddington Bear, or Joanna the Goanna... We’re not sure but we’re sure she’s cute!
Glacey is a resuce pup. When we got her from the shelter she was very shy and scared, today she is a completely different dog. She just turned one and we think she is a lab greyhound mix.
Handsome boy!❤️ He loves to chew on anything he can find outside! And if you dont pet him he just howls at you!😂 He's one fat smiley cuddle pug!😊
I adopted Winnie when she was 3mos old at an event called My Furry Valentine in February, 2017. When I adopted her they told me she was a German Shepard & Texas Heeler mix! Winnie is a sweet and loving girl, everyone loves her when they meet her.
Phoebe is a sweet, playful pup! She loves cuddling, sunbathing and playing frisbee!
Please do not fear me by my name, my mom named me after a goddess! It must be because I’m so pretty! I love to play tug of war and play outside. I’m very clingy with my hooman but that’s because I love her so much. I also have anxiety and bark at everything!
Maddie is a sweet and playful old lady with a beautiful smile! She loves eating carrots and going for wagon rides!
Winchester Maye
Full of energy and loves attention. Her nick name is definitely fitting ( Winnie the Pooh) she has already learned to sit and shake also is pretty much potty trained. Knows her name completely. Loves to sit and watch tv with the kids:)
Hi, I’m Anubis, I am a purebred English Mastiff and I weigh 185lbs and I am always hungry!! I love a good bone and belly rub. I’m very lazy and laying on my Hooman Is my favorite thing to do...well after eating
Hi I’m Luna! I am a black lab German Shepard mix with a very distinct blonde stripe on my back leg. When I want to be walked I grab the leash and pull it over to my owner. I am a survivor of Parvo, Bordetella , and valley fever and I am only 5 months old.
Douglas, also known as Professor Pug, is a very intelligent young man! With a personality as big as the milky way, Douglas captivates everyone he meets. From the big sloppy kisses, to the sweet nighttime snuggles, he is the best friend anyone could ask for.
Elsie Mae Rose
Elsie Mae Rose is almost 11 months old and has the biggest personality! She loves everyone she meets and is always up for an adventure! Her favorite people are her human god brother (who has the same exact birthday as her) and her doggy cousin, Merida Eve. Whether she’s snuggling or doing zoomies, she always keeps her parents on their toes!
Paisley is a Golden puppy! She is super smart and has learned so many tricks and the ways of the world! She growing unbelievably fast and is such a sweetheart!
For more cute pics of Arlo & Rusty on Instagram @Rusty_and_Arlo
Finely is very active loves to cuddles and loves to swim he’s one big love bug
Taka is a 10 yr old Shiba Inu. He was severely burned in a house fire in 2018. His family left him on the back porch tied up as they fled the home. The floor burned and Taka fell through and was able to run to a neighbors house. He was brought in to my Veterinary Hospital and received intensive care for many months. He had 2 skin grafts and is now doing wonderful! I have officially adopted him and he is so very loved!! We think he is gorgeous! Taka loves to play ball and spend time with his family.
Chaos is a mommy’s boy who loves going everywhere! He has his leash in his mouth as soon as he hears his moms keys rattle! He loves going to the pond and playing with his poodle cousins! Chaos is a one of a kind ❤️ He has to do everything his mom does! If she’s in a boat he’s in the boat if she’s on a four wheeler he’s gotta be riding it too!
We got Zoey at a shelter. She is a mixed breed. She loves to cuddle with you. She thinks she is a small dog. She likes playing ball.
Elvis is a American Eskimo Spitz. He love going for car rides, walks and cuddles.
Maverick love to take naps, play with his froggy toy, tennis balls and he loves to run and lay in the grass. He knows the word eat and the commands and hand signals for sit, down, and come.
Proton is a 2 year old fawn Doberman Pinscher who loves to play fetch and hide n seek. Ever since he was a puppy he’s loved chasing or being chased. He also loves going hiking, swimming, camping, and anything outdoorsy. He enjoys his apples and yogurt treats and chewing on his blankets. He is a true sweetheart who is full of energy, but is also willing to nap with you as long as you cuddle him. He looks forward to being tucked in every night and sleeping in because he’s not much of a morning doggo. He's very photogenic and talkative, he knows how to ask for things like a snack, go outside, go to the park, or for a sweater if he’s cold - amongst other tricks lol. He has a very unique personality that has blossomed in a loving home that allows him to be himself. He’s a sweet dog who we love profoundly. 💕
Blu Bama
We adopted Blu last November from a rescue based in Alabama. His eyes and his small stature make him quite a popular guy in public and trust me he loves every second of the attention. He’s a friendly loving pup who just wants to be everyone’s friend!
Fiesty, loving, friendly puppy. She is a Papillion/poodle mix. She greets everyone with cuddles and kisses.
Echo loves new toys ,he loves to go on walks,he loves to go out on the boat..he loves everybody
Oscar was a rescue. He is only 2 and has already had to have multiple surgeries. He is spunky, full of life, and full of personality. He loves toys and always greets you with one!
Charlie Anne
Charlie Anne is 7 years old. She was rescued after being hit by a car on the interstate. She was pregnant, positive for demodex mange and heartworms, and she has had to have several hip surgeries due to being hit by the car. Although she had a rough start, Charlie is the best companion and has so much personality. She loves treats and country living!
Rylie loves to smile and play ball shes still trying to figure out the frizbee. She is a comfort pal for myself and my son and is beyond loved and spoiled.
Luna’s definition of cuddling is resting her head on your shoulder or laying down right on your head. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Luna loves to smile and wag her stubby tail. When she sleeps she sticks her tongue out at you and crawls into a little ball . I named her Luna but she looks like Bambi with her silky smooth coat and white spots running down her back. Luna knows she’s so spoiled and she always gives kisses. Luna’s cardio is chasing squirrels up the trees and zoomies around the coffee table. She loves to be outside even just to sit and stare at a bird flying by or a leaf falling from a tree. She keeps herself occupied when I’m not home and loves to hangout under the bed. Luna is the princess and instead of a crown she wears a diaper ! Puppy diapers are not her friend. She bites and tugs at it until she tires herself out.
Whippet lab mix - I love tennis balls and bananas! My nickname is Princess Frankenstein.
Incredibly smart and happy German Shepherd. She was a rescue who Is just a about to turn one year old! She loves toys, and going for walks!
Bootz-marley Peach
Bootz is classy sassy bougie woofsHappening! Anyone that sees her mistakes her for a stuffed animal, she’s that cute. Loves her stuffed animal Lambchop and her favorite meal is chicken feet 🦶
We adopted Avalanche from a rescue when he was 4 months old. He has brought such joy and laughter to our home. He insists he is a lapdog and uses his sister as a chew toy. Such a goof
Bosa is 7months old. He’s a monster pup, already bigger than most full grown German Shepard’s- and still growing! He’s brilliant, obedient, funny, gentle and will grow into the best protector for our future kiddos. We’re completely obsessed with him!
Tyson is a rescue pitbull that was found at my families door step. He was super sick and only a couple months old. He lived with 3 cats and a hearding dog they were all BEST of friends. Once the dog died he lost his spirit. After awhile he grew a strong bond with everyone... well except squirrels. He is a loveable joyful dog. On august 17th 2020 he had to go and get his eye removed it swelled up and he couldn't see.
Extremely playful, yet lazy. Very smart. Hates taking a bath but he loves to be clean! Spoiled with toys, still loves empty water bottles.
bo is our handsome 9.5 month old labrador retriever! he loves to play with his shed horns, ropes, and golf balls. he’s the sweetest boy in the world, and everyone he meets adores him!
Maya is a spunky 15 week old Labrador. She lives for her toys and anytime she is able to play in the water. Her goal is to train for Field Trials. But right now, pointing at birds and flushing out squirrels in the back yard will have to suffice.
Emma is a very unique breed, she is a beautiful Treeing Walker Coonhound. Emma was rescued from the shelter by her current owners 2 years ago after bouncing through several homes. Emma loves playing with her dog toys, sleeping the day away, and howling along to songs. She enjoys cuddling on the couch and chasing the neighborhood squirrels during her daily walks. Emma is also a fantastic hugger. We love Emma and we know you will too!
Blue is our little cuddle bug, LOVES attention and being on your lap!
Tucker is a loveable boy, loves chasing after squirrels around the house and following us when we go on horseback rides. So lucky to have this sweetie in our lives.
Peppa loves to sit in your lap, run with your shoes, nibble at your toes and she love her treats🥰