Baby Stories - 90


Loki loves too run around and play in his doggy pool. He has gotten significantly bigger in just a short 7 months! He is a playful and loving boy.
Brinlie is a beautiful 3 year old girl who is incredibly food motivated and loves green beans fresh from the garden (also the neighbors tomatoes). She’s even been known to pick apples from low hanging branches. She is truly a food connoisseur.
She loves the lion king
This is Dally but we call her Dally Dally. She’s a sweetheart. Loves picking on the smaller dogs sometimes. If you’re sitting down she thinks she’s a lap dog and has to jump up in it. She’s a brat sometimes but can be a cute show of also.
Bolt is for sure all boy! He loves hanging with the big dogs and trying to keep up. Loves sleeping in bed at night up by my head. And for sure likes playing in the sand. Bolty boy is just a pure love bug
Stella is very friendly with all people and loves to run, play with her toys and watch tv
he loves to chase birds. pick on chicken. pesters his older sister. and eats trash.
Trigger loves to play; his favorite is to be chased by all his other dog friends & siblings. Trigger also likes tator tot hot dish…he’s pretty sneaky when it comes to those tots!
Walter Beans
walter beans likes to sleep. she hates baths. and loves bacon. she was homeless for 3 years before we took her in. we didn't think we were going to keep her. so we gave her a stupid name. and it stuck. like her
Spoiled rotten and so loves. I meN look at that beautiful face. She gives the sweetest puppy kisses and is a snuggler at night.
she loves to chew on deer antlers and play with our cats. she lays down when she eats. and she scooches her back feet when she walks. she is named after my grandpa that passed away from cancer a few years ago.
We adopted Bruiser from a humane society in Missouri when he was 6 weeks old. Him & his siblings were found, dumped in a trash bag. Bruiser peed on my boyfriends leg when we were playing with the puppies and we knew he was the one. He is the biggest baby, sweetest dog & he loves to cuddle ♥️
Nina just joined our family in May. She is the most kindness gentlest puppy ever! We rescued her from a family that was moving to Florida and couldn’t take her along with her. We won the lottery of best dog ever when Nina join our family!
Jupiter aka Jupi is the sweetest girl ever! She loves her family so much. Mom is her person she follows her around everywhere and loves her the most. Dad gives her lots of cookies and snuggles so he’s a close second. Sister Jordyn is the best for a long walk and lots of snuggles and brother Justin is the best play mate ever. Jupi was an only pup for many years but just recently a new sister Pup came along. It’s been tough for Jupi to share the attention but is starting to warm up to her new sister Nina.
Trinity Grace
She is a ball of fluff and energy . Cuteness overload !!!!
This is Razelia Claire. She is our almost 2 year old Beagle/Boxer mix. She's a special needs [seizures] pupper who is also a wonderful ESA and absolutely LOVES her little brother Salem.
You might've seen me on 101 Dalmatians! Just kidding. My name is Diesel and I'm super obnoxious, well only when I meet new people. I love treats, belly rubs and attention. My mom says I'm unique because I have Heterochromia. You should vote for me because I love meeting new people and getting all the attention :) You should vote for my other three on here too...Penny, Fat Girl and Copper!
You might’ve seen me before on 101 Dalmatians! Just kidding. My name is Copper and I’m new to the pack. I have officially completed my human family being their 4th Dalmatian. I might look a little different and that’s because I am a Liver Dalmatian! I have many spots. I love cuddles, kisses and naps. Vote for me, but you can also vote for my other three on here...Penny, Fat Girl and Diesel!
Fat Girl
You might've seen me before on 101 Dalmatians! Just kidding. I'm Fat Girl, yes silly name...thanks mom! I'm a mamas girl. I love cuddles, kisses, my bone and belly rubs. I love to play fetch too! You should vote for me because I'm sweet, sassy and love meeting new people :) You can also vote on here for my other three... Penny, Diesel and Copper!
You might’ve seen me on 101 Dalmatians! Just Kidding. My name is Penny! I might be deaf but I am smarter then you think. I listen to commands better than the other 3 in the house. You should vote for them too (Diesel, Copper & Fat Girl)! I’m a daddy’s girl and spoiled rotten. I love treats, cuddles, kisses and being anywhere my daddy goes. You should vote for me because I’m special, well behaved and cute (:
He has such a personality and is so smart ...but does love to whine when he doesnt get his way
We got Niko when he was just four weeks old, his mom stopped feeding the liter, he was bottle fed, he is an extradionary dog, he loves going on walk’s, playing with kids, and most of all loves playing with his niece Jemini!
Faithful and adventurous, Miss Molly is always up for anything, she just absolutely loves hopping into the car to go wherever, whenever. I love that about her, she’s a real fly by the seat of your pants kind a gal. I adopted Molly from my mom’s work. My mom is a nurse and works at an assisted living care facility and that is where Molly lived until her owner was unable to care for her any longer. Sadly, Molly’s first companion had developed a brain tumor and the time had come for Molly to move on and find a new best friend. Eventhough the circumstances that lead up to Molly coming into my life were difficult, the two of us were very fortunate to find one another. Molly and I had an instant connection right from the start and I knew then, like I always have, that everything happens for a reason. Not only did she need someone to take care of her but I also needed her to take care of me. We are inseparable and I am so grateful and excited for her to be in a dog pageant, how much fun will this be? Just another excuse for me to take more pictures of my little princess.👸🏻
Vote for my dogter Sandy. She loves to lay in her dog pool and play fetch with her tennis ball. She is very lovable.
Hi I’m Louie!! I love to play with my Brothers Finley and Tucker, I like to cuddle and sleep with mom and swim in my kitty pool ( but only my kitty pool) I like to chase all the big dogs but can’t really keep up! I like to go for walks and chew on bones, I’m not as active as my brothers! I’m going to be 2 in December!
Hi I’m Finley!! I love to chase my dad on his dirt bike, cuddle in bed with mom & play ball with my brothers, Louie & Tucker(actually my son) I’ll be 4 in December! And I’m the biggest baby and cuddle bug
Hi I’m Tucker! I love to play with my brothers, Louie and Finley(who’s Actually my dad), chase the ball and go swimming. I’m going to be 3 in October!!
Pecan loves her toys and to play, play, PLAY! She jumps around like a baby goat when she’s excited. And her favorite place to nap is wherever the coolest spot in the house is!
Ellie is all about her humans. She is the definition of a Velcro dog and never leaves my side. Truly the most loyal and comforting companion!
Jayce is a Siberian Husky who was adopted in 2018 and is approximately 7 years young. He obviously loves the snow but even more than that he loves people!
Gigi is a free spirit girl who loves big! She is always happy (except when I have work) and is pretty and she knows it! She has the biggest personality!
Shadow is a sweet loving girl! Who loves giving kisses and receiving cuddles, she enjoys long walks and playing with her other puppy friends! Most times calm but when she sees a kid she’s always at their side wanting to play or give them kisses.
Benny is an energetic, lovable puppy. He loves meeting new people and loves giving kisses. He also loves hanging out with his brother, George.
Red is a silly pup, learning the ranch life. Being a pup. Running chases leaves. And destroys ever blankets and cushions possible. Full of life.
Zena is a lover… she loves running in the yard and playing with her brother.. and loves to hide in my flowers as u can see.. lol.. she is definitely a sweet heart!!! She is way more then just a dog in r house!!
Leyla is a fun, loving, family dog. She loves affection and attention! She has to snuggle up under the covers at night to sleep and thinks she's a lap dog! 😂 she is a lover and protector and would never hurt a fly. She is by far, the most loving and compassionate dog i have ever owned! She will keep you on your toes for sure!! Lol everytime we walk in from work, leyla jumps up on us and gives hugs!! 🥰
Diesel Hart
He’s adorable and when he was even younger before he grow a 100 times bigger everyone was amazed of how adorable he is!
Oakley is very sweet and patient. He gets a loo to happy when people come over and he’s so big
Luna is a spunky pup who loves to lounge around. She is a family oriented dog who loves my little guy who is 2. They play together and drag each other around. She’s full of love and loves to think she’s a lap dog, when she’s definitely not. She is about 5’2” on her hind legs and about 80 pounds 😮. We have welcomed her with open arms and cannot wait to watch her grow and protect our little guy 🧡
Winston is too smart, he loves to play (especially if you are chasing him), and gives hugs and cuddles. He’s a fast little man, who loves sleeping in the sun, and begging. He’s mouthy if he doesn’t get what he wants but he’s a little heart breaker !
My name is Lobo. My nickname is El Gordo. My hobbies include watching “Pup Academy” on Netflix, eating, destroying, and sleeping. I'm not too fond of any physical activities. My owner also talks a lot, and that gets on my nerves. I'm not trying to flex but I know Spanish and English. Let’s be friends?
Diesel loves his family loves playing with his sister and brother he has helped me through everything he is completely my savior he is the best dog in the hole world and the sweetest doesn’t have a mean bone in his body
Snow is very lovable Maltese. She likes playing with her toys and she loves sleeping and sometimes she even snore softly. She cries whenever anyone in my family is going out of the house and even when a visitor is leaving.. She always sit beside us and watch tv in the living room with us
Paisley is the sweetest little love of my life. She’s 14 years old (don’t tell her, she doesn’t know) but she doesn’t act like it. Her favorite thing to do is chase grasshoppers in our backyard. It’s the funniest thing to watch.
Marley is the sweetest dog ever!! She loves to go on walks at the beach and see her squirrel friends. She is a snuggle bug and loves her family and friends. Marley thinks all humans are here to pet and love on her.
Emma Sue
This is my Emma Sue. We have had her the longest! She has lots of seizures but continues to play all the time. She is literally like a baby to me. Very spoiled! 😊. She is a full blooded toy shih tzu!
We just got Willow! She is a full blooded pit. She was the only blue one they had so we took her right away and she has been an amazing addition to our family!!