Kyary is a very lively, lovable Chihuahua mix. She loves her toys and her family! ❤️
Lucy is our beautiful (rescued) Redbone Coon Hound. She only hunts for her next treat and LOVES car rides!! Any time you ask her if she wants to go, she'll be sure to reply with her "Roo roo roooo!!" voice! Other than that, she's all about the love. ❤ Pets and cuddles will get you everywhere!! She's definitely a spoiled girl now - as she's the only daughter we have, lol.
Piper is a pocket beagle and her favorites are a soft bed and her big brother Flynn
He loves when you kiss his face. He gets so excited to see us when we get home. He also loves car rides and his little human Michelle and really loves treats
Yoyo is a chihuahua that saved my life. When I was at my lowest, she gave me joy. Now that she is getting old, I hope to return the favor.
Daisy is such a loving little gal. She loves playing tug a war and fetch with her hippo. She loves treats and pig ears!
Goose is a Catahoula leopard dog and he loves the dog park!
Kooka is an Australian shepherd who is a little shy but very sweet! She loves to play fetch, tug-o-war, and run around outside!
Rex is the biggest baby ever!!
He loves to play with toys and go for walks with him mommy
Pugsly is a great friend to everyone he meets, he was rescued from the middle of a 4 lane highway. We are so lucky he has joined our family. We love this boy so much
Loves swim. Go for walks, likes cuddle with you
Chuy is a fun, loving & super smart blue pit who loves people, goin on walks & his Christmas present which is his kitty cat, who adores him as much as i do. Hes just a true champion.
Gemma is the most fun loving dog loves every one she meets loves to play with her toys and get into things she shouldn’t lol and she loves to give hugs and snuggle
Daisy is a well known service pet she know how to help people with autism and people with depression or anxiety she is very friendly has loads of friends she loves walks or cuddling up on the bed with her blanket Daisy would be a good choice because she would do anything to protect those she loves rather it’s people or other animals she a personality of love.
Bobo has many great pics, but this is where he loves best, in the car and in the carseat! He loves to hunt for mice and vermin. Not your typical lap dog, but is full of love! For those who know Bobo, please vote for him!
Presley is the most precious Pomeranian I've ever had. The most well behaved dog. Loves everybody that comes into my home. And she loves her belly rubs.
This is Arlo! He loves tennis balls 🎾 and chasing birds . He’s like a piece of velcro as he’s by my side 24/7. He’s so sweet and the biggest cuddle big ever!
Groot loves to cuddle, play with his chew toys. He loves to talk to us.. he’s a seeet boy!
Kebo is an almost 2 year old Bluenosed American Pit Bull Terrier who was born in North Carolina. Kebo now lives in Maine with his two moms. He loves long walks on the beach, butcher bones, hiking, swimming with his life vest (safety first!), and playing with other dogs. Kebo has a very gentle nature to him and is eager to earn cookies from doing tricks he has learned. Kebo recently discovered squeaky balls and enjoys serenading his family late at night with them. Kebo excels at naps and has a category 5 snore. 🦴 🐾
She is playful and loves ytea
Benji is super intelligent and very loyal .
Gunner is a very lovable dog, he loves to outside and he loves playing around. Gunner will lay down and cuddle with you and give you lovins like crazy. Sometimes he will have a conversation with you. He is just the best dog i’ve ever had. Gunner has the most big beautiful blue eyes ever.
Piper is a short leg Jack Russell loves to play frisbee
Medusa is the sweetest, outgoing, loving puppy. Any time we go anywhere people always fall in love with her which she loves. Medusa is the youngest out of her siblings which are callie (1) and nelly (1) callie and nelly are both cats and have taught medusa their ways🙃 Medusa loves her kitty siblings and thinks she is one of them, she lovesssss playing with them and when around other puppies she gets confused when they try to play with her because she is use to “slapping” lol
Lani is my precious baby girl, she's an eternal infant. She is very protective over her Mommy (me) and she Loves toys, soft blankets and pillows. She's my baby❣️
Remi loves chin scratches! he loves playing outside! he loves his toys and bones! he loves watching out the front door and windows! he loves car rides!
My beautiful girl safe love to watch tv with me and play
Daisy is so sweet and loves to play with her big sister Ellie. She loves to snuggle up to the family and fall asleep while they hold her. She eats like a little pig but she is doing good with housebreaking. Nothing like a good stinky sock to chew on. Please vote for me 🫶. I will gladly return your votes so let’s make a deal and remember, the money is nice but our pets are a member of the family.
Kalani is sweet and loyal, he saved my life, literally... Kalani loves food, his ball and any of his sister's toys, and He absolutely Loves his Nana
Duke aka Dookie is an 8 week old tri-color Sheltie. Duke is working on becoming an emotional support animal for his human brother Kash who has been battling cancer.
He is a six week mixed breed. He loves to play with anything he can get ahold of. Definitely like having a terrible two year old in the house b
Dottie loves to be a goofball! And she is a little diva! She is happiest playing dress-up and giving puppy kisses. Her nickname is Dot Dot. She loves zoomy time. Her favorite toy is her stuffed sqeaky, crunchy, fuzzy cow. All in all she is just our little babygirl!!
Tank has his own way of looking at the world he loves every one/thing! He truly is a perfect fur baby
Connor is a sweetheart he is so loving and warm to everybody he is my heart I could not love him anymore if he was human
Buddy loves to run and play in the yard!! Loves to chase leaves blowing around!!
daisy is a pit pull lab mix! she was born on October 21st 2022. she loves to run and play in the snow! she loves her chew toys and people! she’s a big fan of tug of war and fetch!
Maggie Mae
Maggie is a Sweet loving Girl who loves her people.
Roxy loves to play with rope toys, definitely is a truck dog, loves adventures and is very curious and loving towards everyone.
Beans most favorite thing todo is run around and chase his doggy friends. Bean is super cuddly and absolutely loves to give kisses , even when he shouldn’t. Bean has the most happiest look on his face when I come home to him every single day.
Wallen is a pretty rowdy boy but the greatest pup ever. He loves to be up in your face all the time and he loves his toys
Rocko I found him about a year inside a cage tied up by his paws he has come a long way if there is any veterinarian in Orlando Florida willing to see him text me your number I don't have any papers on him to help me out he's an old dog face is there anybody that will not help us thank you
Lola Adams
Lola loves every human and animal! Children are her favorite because they share the same enthusiastic energy! She gets the zoomies when you tell her no and will make anyone laugh!
Zeke is a Rat Terrier. He very skittish. He has some very funny ways. He has an unusual personality. He is a loner sometimes. He loves to build a tent around himself. He can run very fast and loves it. I have thought in many ways he was a little challenged, but his sister Ivory is the Alpha and he pretty much does what she says. He don't mess with her either. He can roll himself up in a cloth until all you can see is his head, if..he wants you too. He has been with me for 10 years. He uses the bathroom very strangely. He behind legs are up but his bottom does not touch the ground. Great dog. Moma loves you Zeke
Sadie loves to play fetch with her rope, loves people, and cats. She can sit, shake, dance, and pray. She had a video go viral several years ago under a guilty dogs compilation. She doesn't like it when I say bad words and if I'm driving and she's in my lap and I say one? She gives me a look that looks like Paul McCartney in shock, then she does a goat faint, and then she licks my nose. She doesn't like it when I crinkle the chip bag. She barks loud and shakes her rope! She can cheer with her rope as pom poms. At the end of the day she curls up on my chest and rolls over and wants me to scratch her tummy and then she will push my hand away with her paws as if to say "I want to love on you now" and then she loves me. Precious. She's my best friend and she still has all of her teeth, thanks to that rope.