Harley she is a pitbull part greater swiss mountain dog. She is adorable she good with kids and loves them. I love her to death she my best friend and I love her so much
I'm a purebred golden who loves playing, hugs, kisses, and holding paws. I believe in sharing and making dreams come true!
This big girl loves her sister (Sammy - Ferret). Nova loves to play, eat, and snuggle!
Zoey is a very smart dog she loves going places with my husband and I.Zoey knows who's car is who's .She loves going with us fishing
Max is a lay back and he is very friendly and love being scratched. He likes to play.
Brandon is 5 months redbone coonhound. loves to play and watch tv and also love to cuddle.he is a rescue to go to the park and run around.he very lovable.
Maple is a cute loving puppy who loves treats and food!
Ceasar is Two years old, mixed breed, loves to cuddle and got to petsmart to shop.
Hi there, I’m Teemo! I’m a one year old Shih Tzu/Pomeranian mix. I’m cute as a button and small, but mighty! I’m named after a character in the game League of Legends. If you are familiar with the game, you won’t be surprised by how fierce I can be in my play arena…on the living room rug.
Montei is a 4/yo cocker spaniel.his love for his tennis balls is out of this world he's the happiest boy ever. And he love to cuddle
Rosie is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met! She’s so loving and cuddly! She has the softest fur I’ve ever felt on a dog! She loves every new person she meets! Whenever we are at home she loves to nap and play with her toys! But she also loves to go on walks!
Gigi was rescued from an abusive home and has now found her forever home with a mom and dad who love her more than anything! She’ll do anything for a belly rub and to be tucked in tight under the covers
Noella is an absolute sweetheart. She loves sitting in the back seat and resting her paw on my shoulder while in the car. She loves squeaky toys and dragging mom through the sprinklers😂❤️🌵
Im such a very spoiled rotten young man!!! I love the water, barh time. If it rains I love to play in it.
Kallie loves to give sugers i mean she cant get enough.. And she loves to catch for kallie she would appreciate it
Poppy is a chocolate Shorkie. She is almost 6 months old and has an absolutely love for life. Poppy is named after her Pop Pop who passed away in March. She has his fiery personality and overall joy for life. She loves snuggles, playing with the cat and pulling out EVERY toy in her toy box. She also loves her big brother Murphy. He’s a Great Dane and so thankful she’s moving out of the teething stage.
Thor is a loving dog who suffers from Ptsd. He is very smart and loves his sister so much.
Luna is full of love and energy and shines bright like the moon!❤️
Charlie is always the center of attention when we’re out in public and he eats it right up! He’s obsessed with finding the best sticks and collects them in a pile right outside our front door. At home, he is an absolute mama’s boy and a protective brother to his lil’ human. By far one of the happiest, most spoiled pups ever!!!
She is a rescue dog that was almost put down and me and my husband saved her
When harley was adopted we took him to petco and immediately he grabbed a mallard duck toy and proceeded to carry it around the store when we took it back from him to pay he decided he wasnt taking no for an answer and grabbed another one fyi we still bought him the duck its his favorite
Mimi has a birth defect and can't walk. She's pampered and loved by everyone she meets.
Gracie Mae
Gracie Mae is our silly goofy golden retriever. She loves to play with her toys and chase squirrels out of the yard. She has been raised with small dog siblings so often thinks she is also small like a lap dog:) She is amazing with kids and loves attention.
Buster is our dachshund/Boston terrier mix. He has the gentlest soul and loves to play with his pet siblings, go for car rides, and loves to sit on his two hind legs! He is a true cuddle bug lover.
Reese is our handsome dachshund that loves to play with his pet siblings and runs like a rabbit at times skipping through the yard.
Mr Buttons
Mr. Buttons is a spitfire and a cuddle bug. He loves his toys, ball, car rides, his big brother Romeo.Mr. Buttons likes to sit on my shoulder when i work and supervise.
Romeo is a huge bundle of love bug. He thinks hes the size of mr buttons, loves everyone, and wants to sit in your lap.Romeo's little brother mr buttons rules the roost. They love to ride in the car and romeo keeps his head out the sun roof, and buttons the drivers side window. We get lots of stares and laughs with them together.
Keeva loves to give hugs. If I get down on the floor and hold my arms out to her, she will sit back on her haunches and put out her front legs and paws to reach out to me. She also steals socks and is never very sorry at getting caught. She even tries to take socks right off my feet. One of her favorite toys is an old athletic sock that I stuffed with cotton and tied off at the top. Keeva is so sweet & beautiful with her expressive eyes & her white wavy fur. She loves everyone she meets & is very smart as she taught herself to shake hands & knows many commands. I'm also planning to train her as a therapy dog as she has the gentle temperment for it & she's very perceptive to how people are feeling. Additionally the job that therapy dogs do is very dear to my heart as I believe they perform a much needed service & my goal is to bring more attention to their cause.
Millie is a cute friendly puppy who loves food and belly scratches!
A sweet 3 year old weenie who loves her momma🌭 She loves playing with her toys, and sleeping under blankets. She usually smells like Fritos, and always loves to smile.🌸🥰
He’s so adorable loves to cuddle
Beau is such an amazing pup, he dont meet a stranger and loves to play
Wolfie was born deaf. He loves going for walks and never leaves his human’s side.
Fiona was born blind but, that doesn’t keep her from bossing her big brother, Wolfie, around!
Luna Rose
Luna Rose is a sweetheart. She loves to as we say go fast fast. Absolutely adores playing stick and giving kisses
Aries is a fun loving lil boy. He Loves to give kisses and cuddles. He likes to play tug of war and jump with daddy.
My little land hippo, Isis enjoys chewing anything she can get in her mouth. Loves being outside playing with her puppy pal friends, hiking to see the nearest waterfall and getting loved up from anyone that passes by. Don’t forget the long naps, she snores louder than anyone in the house.
Coco is a 15 year old chocolate female pit who’s full of energy she’s a joy to have as a family pet she’s great with other dogs people ect she loves to go on walks bye rides swimming ect she’s the most sweet loving girl ! She loves to run and play with a cat laser light at night she’s so fun !
Bolo is a 5 year old miniature Australian shepherd who has a bundle of energy hes a joy to have around he loves attention he’s a sweet boy who loves to run ,play with his pupper friends ,tug o war with ropes go on walks go for bye rides loves barking at cats and squirrels he loves to snuggle he’s a sweet loving boy
Jewels is a mommies girl who loves to go walking on her own by my side and will go to see everyone and say hi but she Snorts like a little pig so sometimes people think she's silly and she loves to get kisses and give kisses love's her belly rubbed she is a sweetheart
Lil Desilu was named after Desi and Lucy’s production company! She’s a bundle of energy and loves attention, playing fetch and giving lots of kisses! She’s the start to our beautiful family and she fills our world with soooo much love and affection!
Lilith is a 6 month old ball of sass. She loves Jeep rides, pools, swimming, playing with her pupper friends, her best friend is Oliver our raccoon, and any kind of food honestly. She talks back, has no fear, has never met a stranger. I love how inquisitive she is. She is a pack up and hit any kind of adventure Pooch. Always down for fun.
Najee has an amazing personality. His family always comes first when I need him he's always there and he's very charming but his #1 is Definitely always happy and makes other people smile and he's definitely photogenic.
A beautiful soul