Baby Stories - 9


Bailey is a happy pup. Only 6 months old. Very smart and loving! She knows about 12 tricks and continues to learn! She loves playing fetch and enjoys being around people, specially when she gets belly rubs.
Josie is a ball full of energy! Her nickname is JoJo and she loves to play. I swear, it is hard to get her to calm down at times. She loves to meet new people and hog all the toys at home. She likes to play fetch and get treats as well. She is the sweetest, most weird and funny dog there is. Her personality really shines!
Sophie is the best dog ever she is so loving and she is very loving with my kids
Beau has his own water sprinkler that he loves to run thru and he makes up his own patterns as well he plays in it for hours
Hank is an avid swimmer! He gets in our swimming pool everyday!He dives in and swims and climbs out when he’s done , he also rides on the pool floats
Bailey loves making people smile! She just wants to cuddle everyone and spread love around during these challenging times!
This adorable face and those paws....such a cuddler this cutie is!!
Jenny loves eating socks, enjoying belly rubs, and playing with all her squeaky toys extra loudly!
Zora is a very laid back she like to cuddle and love going everywhere i go she also like to get in my bed and go under the cover and sleep by my feet she is my daughter i love her and her energy
Baxter boy is a wanna be cat who is loyal and always wants to cuddle. He will catch all the lizards and sticks that the world can offer him. If he fits he sits is his motto
She is a spoiled little girl who loves playing with her toys, loves cuddling with mommy, and going on adventurous walks!!
Zinnia’s tell us to endure the hardest of times and find JOY in it... My Zinnia, brings the upmost pure joy into my life and others! My sunshine 💗🌈✨
Diesel is a little puppy very playful and loves to sleep, a big chiefs fan and loves sun bathing in the window :)
Snoopy is a baby and very talented he has so much talent vote snoopy for pageant. He is very hyper plays a lot and very nice for a baby.
Bella is a model. She is very fancy. Vote for Bella pageant of 2020.
Ella is one of the sweetest, most energetic, and comforting dog we’ve ever had. Ella loves spending her time napping, running, playing with her three built in friends (we have 3 more dogs), eating things she’s not supposed to, and stealing your food when you’re not looking. She’s a fun loving four year old puppy with a heart of gold. She knows when you’re upset and will comfort you and ensure you get a smile back on your face. It’s hard to be mad at her. 💛(I included some puppy pictures as well. She was adorable)
Our sweet Luna! She is the shy one, but she loves people! She enjoys playing fetch! She is very scared of the dark though, and thunder, so you must comfort her. She is a very big scaredy cat. Thanks for meeting our precious girl.
Delylah is our sweet boxer mix! She is a psycho girl sometimes but she is very sweet and gentle! Her favorite thing to do is play tug of war with her owners! She also loves sleeping in people’s beds, just don’t get too close!
Coco she's very sweet and she loves to play with her Toys especially her stuffed Piggy. She loves getting her belly rubbed and likes lots of cuddles and she likes doing tricks so that way she can get lots of treats!
Hello, my names Nash and I love to cuddle and watch Disney movies!! I also really enjoy that game when throw the ball for me and I bring it back ! ( I forgot what’s it’s called)
Carmel is a high energy dog and has a kitten sister who loves to cuddle and play together. She loves everyone she meets and does her little Shiba scream when she's excited. Carmel is a character!
Juju is a 2.5 year old handsome male. Loves giving lots of kisses and cuddling.
Elvis is my handsome shadow! He was rescued from the Middle East :) he is a very funny boy,loves to be around everyone and won’t leave your side even when trying to sleep he has to have a paw touching you .
Paquita is a 5 year old lab-pit mix that was rescued from an eviction from which she was left behind. She survived on old pizza for five days until the neighbors found her. She is now thriving in her new home, being a good girl, sitting for treats and protecting her little brother
Radar is a 10 month old pup pup. His left ear sticks up slightly cocked like a radar, hence his name! My 11 year old wanted to name him Hearty because of the white heart in his forehead.
Big Daddy D
Big Daddy D the D stands for Diesel
Hi I’m Wylie! I like to smile, take my teddy bear for walks, and snuggle with my mommy.
This is Chelsea ❤️ Her nickname is Gordita, she is an 11 month old pit bull, she was rescued from the shelter, she she was two months old. She loves food, sleeping 💤, and shaking her booty when she’s excited. She loves everyone and she’ll loves you 💕💕
***My fur babies and I all got into reallly really bad attack/accident and I lost my Molly, lost my Alayna and Sheeba lost her leg and more, I lost half of my hands/fingers. (And recently lost my kitty cato boy to liver failure as well). I'm still in the ER. I can not make voting for a while. I'm badly hurt. Please forgive me!!*** This was my sweet baby Molly. She was the most adorable little rescued girl ever. Sadly this is to honor her now. We were badly attacked, I can't even use my hands right now, they are completely shredded. I miss her terribly!! We loved each other very much! From the moment I recused her, she became completely attached to my hip at all times. She loved to play and to give me sweet kisses and cuddles. She also snored and grunted and loved her food so I called her my Piggles. Forever in my heart!!
This is Penny she is a 3 yr old Pitbull, American staffy, lab mix.... Penny is obsessed with her brother Duke, where ever Duke goes she goes... They are pretty much inseprable!!! Penny also loves to run and be her goofy self, she is the most silly girl there is and always puts a smile on our face!!
Winnie is a little ball of sunshine who came into my life at exactly the right time, she’s an excellent emotional support dog and loves everyone.
Benji is a papastzu and is only 2 pounds. He enjoys running in circles and playing in leaves. He is a huge love bug and will give you all of the kisses. 💗
Jazzy is the sweetest little girl. She has never met a person she doesn't like. She loves giving kisses and she makes everyone she meets fall in love with her. She loves to dress up but hates bows and only barks to protest when we leave the house. She's the best doghter ever and if you don't believe me, she has a blanket that says so.
Bronx is so loving he loves to give kisses, loves people and other dogs. He loves hoodies.
Hi! My name is Zora. I really like to cuddle with my mom and playing fetch. I also like to annoy my big sister, Daisy, and chase my pig brother, Kevin, around the yard.
🐕🐾Rocky🐕🐾is a Labre doodle, he is 5 years old. He happily lives with six people in his family. He enjoys walks, bones, naps by the fire, spending time with his family, and playing with his toys. Rocky also graduated puppy school when he was a puppy!🐾🐾 Now a message from Rocky: Please vote for me!!!
Koz is definitely all about the ball!! She is so sweet and gentle 🐾♥️
hi i’m oakley! i love to play all day and cuddle all night. my favorite person in the world is my mom, and i love playing with the new cat!
Ellie is our rescue baby! Named by our nephew, Jaxon, because she has big ears like an elephant! She is the sweetest, most playful puppy. She loves to play fetch in the yard, she loves eggs, but most of all she loves spending time with her moms!😊♥️
Jax loves xhasing after leaves and snuggling under the blankets with someone and hes very sweet if ur xrying or upset he will literally kiss u til u smile or laugh he is such a good pet
***I’m a genuine chupacabra** Hi my name is Dante, I am 4 months old and training to be a psychiatric service dog for my mom. I am learning very very well, though I still act like a toddler from time to time. I know I can do what she needs of me. I love music, treats, and definitely shoes. If you toss a crunchy water bottle my way oh boy that gets me going! I am a self starting cardboard deconstruction artist. My favorite thing I have learned is dancing, it helps my mom focus and keeps her happy which is all I want to do for her. I really love making her smile. Thank you for voting for me~ I see many cousins on here that deserve a round of applause too.
He loves to play but most of all loves to snuggle
Despite my little legs I zoom! I love car rides and I’m quite Mischievous 🤫
Hi my name is Athena and I am a 10 week old Great Dane. I love rawhides, laying on my people and eating!
Blaze is often compared to Wilbur and it is the most adorable nickname for my chunky boy
Chloe likes to eat, sleep, and cuddle.
This is her favorite toy! Yes, it’s missing it’s tail, and an ear!