Baby Stories - 9


This is Cowboy the not so much of a Jeep dog! Ball is life, and food makes me happy. Good luck trying to run down this Energizer Bunny, he’ll keep going and going and going !
Apollo is a German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Husky mix! He is a ball of energy and likes to bunny hop when he’s really excited!
Barkley is a big loveable lazy baby that is only 6 months old. I call him my Barkley Boo Bear. When he walks he reminds me of a bear 🐻 ❤️🐶
hi my names karma n i like to eat everything n bother my parents :)
Finleigh is very affectionate and loves everyone. She loves being outside and having play dates.
Bandit loves to smile at absolutely everyone!!
Bailey Loves to snuggle, play with the cats, go on walks, and play with her toys!
Curly is a squirrel chasing tree climbing spitfire
Snoopy loves to play with his “babies”, balls, and sticks! He also loves getting his treats and cuddling his momma. He also thinks every animal and person is his friend.
Ella loves to hunt and go for walks! She knows so many tricks like dance, speak, stay, heal, and play dead!
my dog owner recently lost her , dog .. she was looking for days then here i came my names maddix , i love toys .. and sleeping on peoples necks . . i love sleeping any time of the day
Everybody that met her can tell you she is the best hunter ever !!!! She bring me life she minds she hunts and she loves to travel best dog I ever had**Rip** ....Chelsea Horne hit me up on Facebook more pics
She loves belly rubs, stealing shoes and going on long walks at the park. She’s a great guard dog.
I love to dress up and ware blingey things
Mocha was born on January 19th! She loves to play, cuddle, and run! If you don’t hear her squeaking her toy, chances are she’s sleeping 😂
Baxter is a rare blue Chinese Crested Chihuahua with red hair! He demands lots of attention! He loves to get dressed and pose for his pictures.
Chloe Lynn
My name is Chloe! I love to terrorize my sister, I love watching tv, I hate baths, I love barking all night, and fighting with mommy and daddy! I love to be outside in the sun and most of all I love my blueberry yogurt treats!
Coco loves to be cuddled under his favorite blanket and loves to give mom hugs too. He is always to sweet to lower himself onto his elbows then very sweetly bends his heads to place his forehead on my shoulder. He has done this since he was a puppy. When we brought him home he weighed only 4oz. After almost losing him twice the attachment between us grew stronger everyday. Now at almost 5 yrs old and only 3 pounds,his love has definitely become his personality. We couldn’t ask for a better baby.
Sky is a husky she is the most friendliest dog she loves kids loves animals she can be a diva she loves the snow and cold weather
4 months old Loves playing and running around with her furry sisters and taking pics
A beautiful, blue eyed pit bull. He loves playing with his toys and going on trips. He is super smart. When he was born his umbilical cord was wrapped around his tail which is why its a little shorter than normal. It makes him unique and we couldnt ask for a better pet to make our family feel whole.
Vote for fatback
Spot is my disabled sisters dog. She is so loving and a goofball. When she sees me she will howl momma and its so cute.
14 week old ball of energy!! She loves her bunny toy, super smart, and boy does she have an attitude. 😂 she is so stubborn it’s hilarious. But then she looks at you with her big blue eyes and nothing else really matters 💙
Tessa is a lover girl, loves children especially, very well behaved for 3 years old She loves loves loves to swim, and long walks, loves out door activities Playing fetch is another favorite She’s the most sensitive girl and has the sweetest heart, never had a dog with such a big heart ❤️
Mika is a feisty little pomsky! She loves food, her toys, and playing with her two older kitty sisters!
Ropyr Mays
Ropyr Mays is a lover of squeaky toys, swimming, and playing soccer. He is apart of the American Kennel Club! With his unique red coat, he attracts a lot of attention when we go on walks in public, but his sweet, adorable face helps with that too! He loves snuggling up on the couch with Momma, and exploring the woods with her too.
Kyng is very energetic and playful. Loves belly runs & gives mommy lots of kisses. He is very sweet & loving, he would fall asleep right on my chest. He’s determined to tell you when he’s hungry, with a very high pitched scream. Prances around all day like he is the boss, until my 1 yr old Pitbull terrier reminds him she’s still boss.
Im Louie.
We've had her 5 years and shes my sons emotional support animal...very protective but playful
She came to us as a daughter has trained her to sit,speak,shake,lay down and trained her to assist if she falls....shes a beautiful dog with a beautiful personality
Finn LOVES playing fetch with anything and everything. Always down to play and run around or cuddle up and hang out.
Cali just had newborns 4 out of 5 puppies stayed, but she's happy as she was with her first pregnancy of 3 babies back in 2018. Cali is such an smart girl, she loves running,eating, taking naps while sunbathing, she love giving huges and kisses but most of all she love cuddling in bed right inbetween my husband and i. Shes my everything
Tank is an energetic, loving pup. He loves helping take care of his brother, playing fetch, and lots of belly scratches. He may be big but he still likes to be a lap dog and cuddle. ❤️
Buster B. Goode
Buster is a burgeoning little personality with soulful, kohl-rimmed eyes and a proudly chunky bod. Already doing some part-time modeling for the American Kennel Club, Petsafe, and Benebone thanks to Champion lines (gramps was top national stud!) and a uniquely wavy, golden coat. Loves trying to cuddle his geriatric Tonkinese brother Dino and chase wild turkeys around our wilderness-adjacent home in Northern California.
He loves stuffed animals that squeak. Also being outdoors and playing with his friend Nash.
This is meadow!! She a cuddly spirt dog! Loves to lay with you and give you kisses! Love going on walks and playing with her sister! She’ll be 1 years old in may!!♥️😊🥰
This is beauty! She’s a sweet calm and loving girl! She love to be out side and playing with toys and eating her bones!! Her and her sister love to play together at the park! Her birthday is in may she’ll be 1 years old!!♥️🥰
Hey everyone! My name is Bella, I am about 3 months old. Everyday I explore & learn something new, it is so exciting! My favorite spot to be so far is outside, I love the smells & noises discover each day. My favorite toy so far has been this unicorn mom & dad bought me. Mom makes me learn something new each week, so far I have mastered sit, shake-with my left & right paw, lay down, easy, & wait. I’m currently working on “sit pretty” oh these crazy humans. Last but not least, mom showed me the little waterfall/brook next to our home, it LOVE IT, I can’t until mom lets me play in the water!
Ivy is a mixed breed of a Catahoula Leopard/Boxer Mix. Vote for this pretty bright blue eyed baby😍💙. She’s the sweetest girl, and loves to nap but only with the blanket over her head.
He definitely has his open personality.
King Cooper loves treats, and naps. He is old sole!
He love his momma, riding, treats, and going to see his Christine for snacks!
Glenn is a 9 month old Akita very friendly and very happy dog he loves belly rubs and he loves to meet new people
Khaleesi is the sweetest baby! She loves people so much and enjoys playing fetch and her favorite snack is peanut butter!
Maggie is an old soul. A little old lady who loves to get belly rubs, putting her head out the car window, barking at all the squirrels, and cuddling up on the couch. She is the sweetest pittie you will ever meet!