Khloe is a little diva. She goes everywhere with me work, shopping, grocery store and Walmart people want to know is she real. And I say yes she’s a 7 pound little Princess. She loves treats and her favorite is sweet potato with chicken wrapped around them.
Hi I’m Hunni! My humans call me their Hunni Bunny! I am 2 years old! i love to play with all my favorite toys, and getting belly rubs. I have a guinea pig brother that I love to play with too. My favorite thing to do is to cuddle with my mom, dad & my sister! Oh & I love love looveeeee car rides.
Hi! My name is Moose, but my human mommy calls me Moosey! I love running around with my older brother Finnegan and playing outside with my parents. I love going on walks and snuggling with my mommy. I also must be held since you know I’m just a small baby.
Hi! My name is Finnegan and I’m toy Aussie/Corgi mix! I love playing tug-of-war with my little brother Moose and running around outside with him. I love chewing on water bottles and anything else I can find.
Ellie Mae
Our princess Ellie Mae is one spunky, hard-headed, and spoiled beauty! She loves car rides, going to work with mommy, belly rubs and treats!
Hi! My name is Rynata! I love going on long walks and playing outside, car rides, and eating ice cream.
Buck is a full blooded pitbull with baby blue eyes and little touch of brown… he also has 2 older sister and an old brother…. Buck loves to be outside and LOVES playing basketball 🏀… He’s sweet and so loving…
Oreo is 2 years old! She has so much energy in her she always just wants to play! No matter how many toys are in her basket she must get them all out because she never can decide on which one she wants. Oreo loves to cuddle and put her whole body on top of yours she got used to that when she was just a baby. Oreo didn’t come from a home that loved her, so I’m very grateful she was brought to me 💖 Her name used to be Princess but I started to throw random names out there and when I said “Oreo”, she came running to me so it just stuck with her even though her nickname is Sausage. Oreo has so much love to give and she’s extremely intelligent she watches tv, interacts on facetime calls, she loves to listen to animal sounds as well. If you’re ever in a bad mood this is the dog to cheer you up instantly!
Meet Millie, a 6 month old English Cream Retriever. Millie loves cuddling with her mama or bullying her dad. She loves anyone and everyone, so if you don’t say ho to her while on a walk, she will sit there and give you the puppy dog eyes.
Blaze is 4 yrs old and loves to chase squirrels and play with cats!! He enjoys going for walks and is a very loving dog. He loves his treats and his humans!! He sits pretty for treats and gives high fives. He also shakes hands and paw. Lol.
Lily loves to swim, sleep & play ball
Bella is a shy momma/daddy’s girl who loves to play with her big (but little) chiweenie brother.
She loves playing and running around the yard
Bodie is a 10 week old golden retriever puppy. Things he loves: Car meets, cuddles, playing with his favorite squeaky nugget toy, Loves naps and he’s a mamas boy ❤️. He’s also a fast learner
I’m Leo, my dad is a Yorkie and my mom is Shih Tzu! My biological mom is human. I can’t sleep without being skin to skin with my mommy. I love barking at trees and invisible people outside.
Hailey is a fun loving girl who loves people ,belly rubs , and most of all everyone playing ball with her…she brightens up anyone’s day!
Meet Niko. A 120lb GIANT who loves nothing more in this world than riding in the truck. He has no idea where we're going but he can't WAIT to get there. If you accidentally say the R-I-D-E word, get the hell out of his way and hope your doors are opened because they're about to be busted down. He also enjoys being social and befriending just about anyone, including a couple skunks. No discrimination here. Every once and again he'll enjoy a night on the town and go say hello to our neighbors, maybe even hang out in their garage for a few hours, but he's mostly a homebody. All around a pretty great fella.
She loves to go swimming and also loves to spray everyone with the hose when she runs around.
Pocket Size American Bully 3yrs young full of personality of my own. With my cuteness how can you not like me?? anyone who meets me LOVES me... Seriously how could not!? From multiple entertaining zoomies a day WITH BUNNY HOPS or full conversation with my mommy I love being outside in the sun. Hanging out with boys outside is the best.
Beau is very special puppy. On Easter weekend I went to my moms, and he needed a home they were going to take him to the shelter so I decided to take him! They found him in a ditch. He’s so strong. I saved him and he saved me. He loves his toys!!! God truly knew what he was doing giving me Beau. 🐶🐾
Back in 2019, we welcomed Molly into our family as a little puppy from the local county animal shelter. She's the most adorable mix of Mountain Feist and Chihuahua. Molly absolutely loves going on hikes and taking a dip in the river. She's a wonderful helper in the garden and is always eager to be my little farmhand. Anything outdoors is right up her alley!
She is very independent
Kash is an adorable French Bulldog that loves attention ! lol. He is such a character and makes the funniest faces when he’s mad at you. He is my emotional support animal and I hope you love him just as much as I do ! ❤️
Peyton is a beautiful loving dog that when u meet her you will love her . She loves everyone and deserves to win .
Loves to be loved and is a very caring dog . If you are upset she will not let you be she will do anything so make you happy . Loves to be in the water and also loves to just chill and be loved on . She's truly a girls best friend .
Love to play play play with everyone and everything . Goofy personality if you can't already see he can't go no where without his toys .
Roux is a Four Month old Cockapoo. He loves playing with all of his toys and being outside. He is a very loving pup especially to his momma.
Sherman is just about 6 months old and loves people. He loves to play with other fur friends and gets the zoomies often. He loves to dump his toy box as often as possible! Sherman loves to eat and will let you know if his bowl is empty even if he just finished it. He loves to get his pup cup on hot days. He hates being outside unless thats where his family and friends are.
Too hyper to control, so he controls us🤭😂
Roxie loves to play and cuddle. She is such a lover
Little Bit
Little Bit is 16 and thriving! He loves to go on car rides, go shopping and takes lots of naps. 😊
Bear is a 1year old Labrador Retriever/German Shepard mix.Bear loves his furr friends and people.Bear loves to swim, and play in the hose.Always has to be playing with three different toys at the same time.Loves to go on walks and play fetch! He is such cuddle bug, silly, loving, playful furr baby.
Kayce Otis
Hi my name is Kayce but when I’m in trouble mommy calls me Kayce Otis 😊 I big love bug, I still think I’m a lapdog but mommy says I’m just a little too big. I love playing fetch, belly rubs, and doggy treats. I love to give big ole slobbery kisses too. Thanks for voting for me 😊💕
Bayla is the happiest puppy who loves cuddles and walks. She was born with floating knee caps and before she turned 2 she already had a serious surgery to help her walk comfortably. She is doing great and is healthy now. ❤️
Mookie AKA Moobacca loves all humans, snacks, cuddles and walks. He has a blankie that he loves more than anything (not more than his dad tho) he carries it around the house and shows all of our guests that come in the door. Mookie is a big baby at heart and steals the hearts of anyone who comes through the front door or garage door 🤣💙
Teddy Bear Prince
Teddy bear prince is 7 months old he is my 8 yr old service dog didn't have to train him he already new what to do ..he loves everyone and every fur baby ...he loves water cuddles and helping carrying his little human meds ..he is so sweet
Daisy loves to make people and me laugh! She has a very bubbly personality! She is also very smart and considerate! When she goes for walks with my mom who uses a walker, she doesn’t pull or do anything that would cause her to fall! She is my world, and she’s always there for me! Plus she’s always willing to give kisses! She loves playing with her toys, especially Lambchop!
Beretta Lane
Beretta Lane is a 2.5 year old pitbull who loves to play and loves getting tons of attention from family and friends
Pebbles is a very small dog she loves to play with her toys also known so many different tricks and is well behaved
Jerry is a big lover, he loves his toys probably more than he loves me!! He loves people and squeaks whenever people come over that he hasn’t seen for awhile, I even get squeaks when I get home from work!!
My dog sonny is one of a kind , he loves my son so much he is his protector. Sonny loves treats, he loves to play fetch, he loves to take walks with his human brother my son. Sonny waits for my son to get home off the bus everyday at the fence .Sonny loves to play basketball with my son.Sonny would be a great fit to win,.he is all around the best dog anyone could ask for. Please vote for Sonny thank you
Hi my name is papa I love to run outside in circles really fast my nick name is speedy. I also enjoy salmon and cuddling with my teddy.
Emeril is a big cuddle bug. Loves to right under you all the timr.
Hi my name is apolo I love playing with my chewy toys and run and jump around the house but I’m also very good at napping with my mom❤️
Cody is a 4 month old Great Pyrenees & Golden Retriever mix! Cody loves people and playing! His favorite toys are his tire and Kong, and he love having peanut butter put inside of them! He's sweet, cuddly, and the perfect best friend 💙
Friendly loverboy, very playful ☺️
Hi my names Neeko and let me start by saying frisbee is life! I love to run and jump over fences to get my beloved toys. Then a lil splash in my pool. A day couldn’t get better unless I go for a car ride and get a pup cup from Dairy Queen. Me and mom do everything together we are besties she says. Vote for me!
He loves his stuffed animals, blankets and having all the attention!!! He is the sweetest thing u will ever meet he love hugs and to play!! He is four months old. He’s our little bestie 💙.