Toby is an Australian shepherd hound mix and the biggest softy youll ever meet.
Tucker is a rambunctious little guy. Loves to play outside and with his rabbit toy!! 🐇
Sakra is a 2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier/Siberian Husky mix. She has very distinct markings with lighter colored paws and a dark stripe down the center of her back and tail. She also has complete heterochromia with one blue and one brown eye. She is goofy, affectionate, crazy and lovable. Definitely one-of-a kind.
Patunia is a Juliana pigglet she is sweet like my own child
Fudge is a playful, sweet boy who loves to play outside. He is as cuddly as he is cute! He has the most adorable puppy dog eyes.
Tsunami loves to run and play but doesn’t like you to mess with momma!
Apollo is 5yrs old miniature dachshund he loves to burrow under the covers and sits up for treats!
Buddy is a purbred yellow lab & is full of energy & love!!!
She is such a loving puppy. After everything she's went through
Big love bug, he thinks hes a lap dog and loves to run and play
Hello everyone! Meet Loki he is a four year old Bichon Frise. Recently we found out that he has IMT. IMT Is a autoimmune disease that attacks his platelets, platelets are what make the blood clot when getting a cut so with low platelets his blood cannot clot and he bleeds for a long time. Winning the money will help with Loki’s medical expenses.
Finley is a 10 month old Welsh Terrier who’s always down for an adventure. Hiking, fishing, fetching are some of her favorite activities.
Hi, I’m Rex! My bff, Malachi says I’m cuddly, soft, and sometimes stinky. :) p.s. vote for me so I can have ALL the chew toys!
He loves playing fetch, chillin in the sun, he loves cuddles and going for rides and walks. He such a great puppy! We are so blessed to have him in our lives!!! Vote for bear Bc he’s so stinkin cute!!! ❤️
Vixey was abandoned on the side of the road. She is such a cuddler and lover. She loves to sleep in bed, smile, and be near you.
Aspen Rose
Aspen is a force to be reckoned with. Small but mighty. She's very lovable and very protective.
Q-tip snuggling with her daddy.
She was a rescue and needed surgery after she was hit by car before I got her she is so sweet
If you say “that isn’t a dog” you’re transphobic if she wants to be a dog she can be a dog. Period.
This boy is like the bully version of Eeyore. Full of nothing but cuddles and love! Sweetest boy out there hands down 🙌🏽
I love being around my little non-fur sister. I'm getting another non-fur sibling in less than a month and i'll be their protector as well! I'm in love with being outdoors and chewing sticks or chasing my squeaky toys when they are thrown. Please vote for me, it will be pawtastic! 🐾
Yoko is an outgoing, energetic, and all out crazy loving pup! Always game for cuddles and kisses, or always ready for a sprint and some fetch!
Just a fun loving pup that likes to follow you around everywhere and chase balls you throw for him..
He is a little chocolate lab loves to play with toys and going on walks and loves to help fish and getting in the water. He loves his treats and playing outside but he loves most is his naps.
Lenard Benard Skynard, also known as Lennie, is a 2 year old australian cattle dog mix. he loves his sister, his mama, and food. his favorite activity is playing tug a war
Comit is a Labbe mixed between Begal/Lab. He was giving to us from a family member. He is currently being trained as a service dog he is 3 months old. He play fetch, he sits. He goes to work with me everyday on Uber. He loves to hang out the window on rides, he loves doggie parks when we are not working , he loves toys, he very social and playful. Full of energy. He loves his chair, blanket, and sleeping in the between myself and my husband. We just got him a playmate. She is 8 week old Great Dane.
Sarge is a medical alert dog. When he was only 6 months old he woke me up about 4am. I got out of bed and knew something was wrong with me. Being diabetic, I took my glucose and it was down to 40. This has not happened just once and he was not trained for this. He just has a natural instinct. He loves playing with toys and likes when I do laundry as he snatches up a sock so that I'll chase him. He's very much loved.
Ruger loves his family. He is a 90 lb lap dog. He is the best snuggling parter you could find. He watches out for the baby chicks and if one falls in the water he picks them up and brings them to mom so she can dry them off and he supervises.
Cleo is a bunny hunting, people loving, dramatic, and mischievous miniature pincher mix. She is food driven and knows absolutely nothing about personal space.
Sheba is her mom’s best buddy. She is a service dog who is always there and watching out for her mom. She loves her grand babies and follows them everywhere.
Bear was dropped off 6months ago and joined our happy family. For a 18 month old King Shepard he is a gentle giant. His best buddy is our 3 lb kitty.
Mozzi's comical antics keep us laughing all the time! And I think he likes the sound of our laughter.🤣 Also... look at that face!! Cutest puppy dog in the world!!!!!!!!!!😍🥰💗
Zeus is a lover man very cuddly ... loves naps and cuddles ... very vocal ,sweet and kind
Leroy is Black Lab & Blue Heeler mixed. He is such a sweetheart! Loves to snuggle, go on adventures and he even has his own section of the couch he claimed. He has a pillow that says "Reserved For The Dog ".
Ginger Snap Dogus
She is full of energy
Buddy is my service dog Brain Anerysum Survivor, he is super sweet, friendly, attentive, funny loves other animals , has a Extremely Sweet & Funny personality..
Honey eyes 🤎Hank is a big mommas boy ! He loves all furry friends that he meets!
So very very playful and such a sweet little boy loves playing with other animals. Loves his mom and dad so much! Full of energy and loves to meet new people:)
Kilo is a duel papered show and breeding dog he has sired 27 pups that have been 🔥 clones of himself kilo loves to play fetch and love treats
Chivo is the biggest teddy bear ever! He loves to cuddle and play💙 he loves to take naps in the bathtub! My baby boy will be 2years old on the 24th 🥰
Gabe loves to fetch and play with his 15 toys he plays with each toy at least once he absolutely loves toys
Rain is a bouncy and a happy puppy, with lots of energy. She loves playing ball and she even brings it back. She loves to dance and loves to cuddle. She loves treats and who can say no with those blue and green eyes. In the picture she's watching mommy cook.
Zeus is a 5 year old German Shepherd who is the biggest mommas boy that ever was! He absolutely loves swimming and going on walks. His favorite activity is to play fetch. He may be 115 pounds but he sure doesn’t act like it!
Pete loves tennis balls, rides in his daddys truck, but most of all he loves Laying in the recliner watching tv, with his favorite treats
Hello, My name is Gus! But people call me Mr. Goose, Gustopher or Goose Goose! No matter what you call me I will always come to you with a big smile on my face and tail wagging a million miles a minute! I am a good lap warmer, protector of my family and amazing sibling! I love the outdoors, water and LARGE STICKS! You will always find me enjoying a car ride or sharing your food. #goodestboi 🐾💯
Kasey likes to bark at everyone and everything , she loves car rides , toys and she loves her big brothers Kasey also enjoys going to my son’s house and play with thier dogs she is just so lovable, and very energetic always on the go!!!
Hi there! My name is Shiloh. My hobbies include sleeping, singing and EATING anything I can get my paws on! I like chasing my wildlife friends and redecorating my hoomans house with things I find in the trash can! Overall I am a sweet and lovable baby… at least that’s what my mom calls me! ❤️🐾