Larry…. A name that was given to him by a 5 year old the day he was picked up. He is the biggest lover and at 14 still acts like he is 2.
Shes very loving, hyper, you might think shes a different breed but shes part chieawa. She can sit pretty and she knocks on the door when she wants back inside.
This is Dexter! The best boy there is. He is a 1.5 year old Beagle mix. He loves 4 things- sleep, squeaky toys, food, and his momma!
Gunther is a big baby but he is also very protective over his mom and dad. He loves to swim, play catch with a ball or frisbee and does tons of different tricks for treats. He’s super independent but loves his cuddle time too!
Aurora is a 2 year old pittie mix that we fostered and then adopted. She came to us at 6 days old after being abandoned in a box on the side of a road. Carrots are her favorite food. She loves splashing in her kiddie pool and playing keep away with the tennis ball.
Kido is a lover not a fighter, he loves cuddles, walks, rides in his daddy’s truck and treats! He doesn’t like veggies but will eat almost everything else.
Zoe is 2 months old and we just adopted her this week. She's a joy to watch her explore her new world. Zoe loves playing with her big sister, especially tug-of-war.
Ranger is the sweetest boy! He loves to cuddle and always is well behaved. Always stays right by my side
Spot is Baxter's son and he loves belly rubs and sitting on the back of dad's truck ❤️
Isabella Blue
I get random energy boosts and love to run around the house. I love to play and can barely stay still-
A rambunctious little bernadoodle! He is a happy little guy who loves to play and give run by grazes at the food bowl!
He is a very good dog but please we need all the votes we can get 🥺🐕‍🦺
This is Riley! She is 7 weeks old, she likes to chew on EVERYTHING lol. She enjoys being outside and playing with her big brother Sam. She is such a sweet girl, she has a big personality!
Roscoe is Baxter's son he also has the same features as Baxter loves to chase the RC car ❤️
Violet is Baxter's daughter she loves all the attention she can get ❤️
Teddy is a cuddle bug, he’s very sweet but protective, he loves car rides
Mojave was adopted at 3 months and is now 4 years old. Embark says he’s a husky/pit mix. He’s extremely smart but hard headed all the way. My big boy loves creeks, hiking, parks, and protecting his family. I thought I was saving him but he saved me.. couldn’t do life without his beautiful self ❤️
Baxter is a beagle/rottweiler he likes to play with rc cars. He loves all the attention he can get. ❤️❤️
Harvey is almost 2 years old in October. He is a such a sweet well tempered dog, a few of his favorite things are ice cubes, napping in sun spots, toys, and cuddling.
Nala is the best of both worlds!! She loves to run and play:) she loves chasing things but she knows not to hurt it but the girl loves to run💕 but then she’s also a snuggle bug who will lay in bed with you all day:) she’s my angel child so her and her sister balance each other out but she also helps me keep the little one in line too when she can tell I’m getting stressed💕 if I could make a million copies of her I would in a heart beat💕
Zara is my 8 month of boxer/American bully mix who was a surprise for me but it was a very special gift to me:) my dad passed away in December of last year and I just so happened to get a month exactly after he passed when I wasn’t doing the best and she gave me something to love and nurture again and I’m so thankful for her but she’s also a little menace when she wants to be so she’s helped me gain patience for when I get in my sad irritated moods to where I don’t get as mad or angry so I don’t mind it💕
Loki-god Of Mischief
LOKI is my heart dog. He lives up to his name everyday if you know who “Loki” the marvel character is. Loki is with me 24/7, he recently became my service dog as a few things has happened in his mom’s life and Loki has been there for me. Loki loves rides, go to the beach, take walks, play frisbee, catch, snuggles and belly rubs. He especially loves watermelon and ice cream. There is so much more I could tell you about Loki, but there is not enough space here and time. We are both lucky to have each other.
Brutus is 7 years old and is my old man. he was my first baby that i’ve ever loved more than life. Brutus is a sleepy fat man. he loves but scratches and spankings lol. he has cute little baby teeth that poke out! and he snores like a potbelly pig!
Oakleigh is a kind and loving dog . She’s a dog that you could play with all day and she’ll be under your blankets snuggled up in the night . Oakleigh loves to play with other dogs , go on walks , and car rides . She don’t like to be alone so someone always with her .
Tiny is a deaf, spunky, amazing pup. He knows how to sit and shake as well as come, heal and stay. Tiny loves children and also loves to run run run until he cant no longer. He is the best cuddler.
Butter is a 1 1/2 year old beautiful pittie/boxer! she is so fun and so loving. she is such a sucker for her dad! She is super energetic, super wild and full of adventure! she was mine and my husbands first rescue together and dang we are sure glad we saved her!
Harley Quinn
Harley is the most loveable pup in the world .she loves to be petted and brushed. And she wrestle with her daughter...
Tucker is our 9 month old Blue Heeler pup. He recently only has three legs due to a farm accident back in June but that doesn’t seem to keep him down as he is still very energetic and happy. Absolutely loves his human babies as well.
Roger love to be out and meeting people loves long walks and also loves playing with kids !
Abel is absolutely the most caring and loving dog ever!! He loves his car rides with his mommy and daddy 😊 also he will Lick you 24/7 if you let him🤣
Bo is almost 5 months old, he likes playing with his big brother Scar
He’s the newest member of our family he’ll be 3 months old on the 8th I do believe that the spirit of his sister peanut sent him to us she was a red dachshund and she passed away 2 days after he was born peanut didn’t want me to be sad for very long she was 11 years old so she sent him to me he’s a loving little boy that loves to play and and just like he’s sisters loves he’s walk’s he thinks he’s a big boy he has to be on the road walking too instead of me carrying him anymore
Oliver Steele
9 week old Texas heeler!
Kobe is a 2 1/2 year old pittie that loves playing in the water and with his favorite toys. He also enjoys napping and snuggling with his momma and daddy under the covers. His favorite treat is broccoli, he whines when he is ready for bed, and loves making his parents pick his toys up that he drops off the couch on purpose🤣
Bella is full of energy, super goofy and allll puppy! She loves playing with cats and other dogs and every leaf off the tree is fair game. She loves sticks and zooming around the house like a nut. When she wears herself out she comes and lays up with mama for some cuddles 🥰
Samantha is our oldest she’s just like her sister and brother she loves her walks in the evening around the neighborhood and every once in a while she will play with her little brother
Cherokee absolutely loves to snuggle. She goes to the Nursing home where I work and touches the lives of everyone she meets. She loves ice cream and playing fetch and lots of belly rubs!
Lucy Lu is our wild child she likes to do her own thing she loves playing with her toys she loves it when we all go for our walk in the evening
Maci is a sweet puppy she loves walks and laying on the couch she loves kids and other dogs
Mina is a toy aussiepoo who likes to run and play, she love being tickled and has child-like energy. Mina loves adventures and after a long day she adores being groomed to sleep
Ace is little corgi with a big booty and he loves to act like security around the house🫶
Buddy will be 1 year old in August! He loves playing with squeaking toys, running in the backyard, and meeting new friends everyday!
Geno is funloving baby and loves to eat tortillas
He loves to play, he loves to go anywhere with mommy. When mommy goes to Starbucks he has to go with her to get a pup cup. He is very good at commands. His favorite toy is tug a war ring! I am 7 months old!
Lucy takes after her namesake, Lucille Ball, in that she is funny, has a quick comeback and knows how to put on a show. She needs all the votes because she just got out of the animal hospital because she had acute pancreatitis. The bill is enormous and Lucy's bank account is not healthy enough for that huge amount. We love her dearly and the sun rises in her eyes and sets when she snuggles up. Thanks
Dodge aka Dodgey Boy is our sweet loveable teddy bear. He is a border collie, German Shepherd mix. He just turned 7 in July! He loves his walks, bones and popsicles. He's pretty spoiled😍