Benelli is such a sweet soul. She loves to run and play with all her friends at daycare! Her favorite food has got to be all natural duck stripes (she also has a thing for stealing my whip cream from drinks 😉)
Remy man is a small beagle/husky with a big dorky personality! Hence the photo haha. He loves spending his days having heated conversations with squirrels as they pass by through the living room window. Remy wouldn’t have it any other way!
Hi! My name is Kodiak, I am 1 years old and I love to run and play outside! I’m very loving and energetic and love making new friends!
She’s a 3 month old Aussie with lots of personality. She likes to play in the snow, cuddle and car rides to Dutch bros to get her puppachinos!
piper loves walks, swimming, naps, playing with her toys, snow, and so much more. she is so good and precious
Koda is a Great Pyrenees and a German Shepherd mix. He loves to rip the fuzz off of tennis balls. After eating he loves to take lots of naps.
woof! my names Nala! I’m a 13 week old goldendoodle. you can catch me always by my mom’s side or out playing in the snow.
Mahomie is a very affectionate little guy who is happiest snuggled up in your lap, he loves looking out the window and ripping apart stuffed toys as well as things he shouldn’t be.
Tootsie is a very spunky little gal who loves to play in the snow, go for walks, play with her ball and go for rides in the car.
Sweetest dog ever, very lovable.
Rosey is a Pit Bull Terrier mix, shes 5 years old and loves to play ball outside. She's so smart and lovable.
My name is Romeo! I like long walks with my mom and dad. I also enjoy chasing anything that moves. Please vote for me so mommy and daddy and buy me more treats ❤️🐶
Winnie was born at the dog shelter, she has 2 brothers. I rescued her from the local rescue, we have no idea what breed her dad was but mom is a Terrier mix
Gracie girl loves being outside looking for sticks, going for car rides, and cuddles!
Lil Girl
This is the most loving dog I ever met…she will literally run up to you and hug you! She wraps her neck around yours with her paws and hugs you!
Sadie is a very playful little puppy full of energy and loves to play with kids, she is a husky pit mix.
She loves car rides she loves going places she loves playing ball she loves playing with the other dogs at the house
Mercury is a 5 month old Bloodhound/Red bone coonhound mix! He’s super active and never meets a stranger! He loves daycare and the dog park.
Mars is a year old German shepherd/Husky/Lab mix. He loves to play and play and play, his best friend is his mom🥰 He absolutely LOVES daycare and meeting new friends!
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae is a 2 year old dachshund, she loves to run and play! She also loves her naps!
Nova is a very loving and sweet girl! She loves the outside! and tug of war! Her hyperactive ness always has her ready to play n on the go! She loves to give bunch of kisses!😘 Thinks she’s a lap dog as well🤣 Her personality will melt your heart away!🥰 She knows how to shake with both paws, sit, lay down, and stand pretty on command already! Brings laughter and entertainment your way! She prefer her ice cubes over a treat! literally goes crazy over ice cubes it’s funny and adorable! She loves her other doggy roommates! Thinks she’s some sort of race car driver by running from one end of the house to the other!
Elli-moon is my service dog! She is always by my side. Loves hiking never walks more than 10 ft in front of me without looking back and me saying I’m ok , go ahead Elli baby… she always is watching me and keeping me safe! I love her more than anything and I believe she feels the same ❤️
Molly is a rescue. She’s a beagle blue tick mix. Loves people she gets so excited she wiggles her whole body. She loves treats and toys.
Hoosier is a 7 month old, spunky pup. He loves being outdoors, chasing squirrels, cuddles, and following his momma wherever she goes!
Butters is very rambunctious and loving. She is very mischievous. She is more human than dog. 😂😂. Spoiled rotten. Butters filled the whole in our hearts when we lost our 17 year old English bulldog. She helped to take the pain away. ❤️❤️
Pudgington is a very distinguished gentleman. He enjoys tripping over his ears and howling at everything in sight. Very sophisticated and Royal indeed
Max loves to cuddle. He will lay on the top of the couch and watch traffic. He loves to sunbathe outside.
Tsavo is a very energetic, loving, incredibly intelligent little boy. He loves swimming, dock diving, boat rides, and adventures with his mama.
Skippy’s nickname is “Stubby”. His paws turn out and he looks like a seal when he sits! Skippy loves to play in the snow and gets the zoomies every time.
Peanut Butter
Peanut is the cutest and naughtiest puppy ever! She loves to find (and eat) sticks. She is a super-cuddly girl. Pug and American bulldog mix: “pugabull”!
Rylee Jean
6 year old boston terrier boxer pit mix rescue. She is way too smart, and gets into trouble sometimes. She loves snuggling up in bkankets.
Scout is very special to us. He was found in a dumpster at 3 weeks old and was saved by a foster home. We were so lucky to adopt him!
Ginger was a stray dog, n she ended up becoming the most smartest, loyalist dog ever, she’s so beautiful.
Miss Maggie is a Blue Heeler full of love and spunk!
Kyrie Skye Coensgen
I love spending all my time with my momma. Like watching tv, movies, eating my favorite yummy treats, napping, running outside and playing with all my toys. 🥰
Athena is a 9 week old beabull, which is a beagle, bull dog mix. She is energetic and such a mush. She loves to jump all over her sister.
Kingston Ivory Coensgen
Mommas best friend. I love playing with my toys, eating my favorite yummy treats, watching tv and movies with momma. And enjoy my naps! I love to run in my back yard, dog parks, love being outside! I love hanging with my step mommy Emily, she’s my favorite human. Ever. ❤️‍🔥
“Lucy is a human” we always say. She snorts like a piggy and will make little moans and groans to talk to you. She will have full conversations. Lucy loves her stuffed animals. And loves kids.
Aris is a very protective dog over her family she loves playing in the snow and loves taking pictures her favorite toy is a raccoon with a squeaker in it she is very lovable and always wants attention. She also loves going on walks and shes very curious about everything.
Delta Dawn
The sweetest little baby in the world, loves cuddles, and snow😁
Loving Dog 🐕
Cash is a 10 pound Yorkie Cavachon mix. He loves everyone, including animals. Cash brings so much love and laughter to anyone in his presence. He loves toys that squeek , especially toys that he can play with his best friend ,Also known as his Father. Cash also loves to cuddle up with his Mom at the end of a long day. He makes some funny noises while he sleeps. Sometimes even "talks" while dreaming. I'm hoping to win some $$$ so I can have the much needed,embilical cord surgery taken care of before he has any complications. Thank you for taking the time to read about my favorite living Creation ❤️
Shes so sweet
He is a handsome old man and he loves the heat and going swimming in the summer.
Reese is a purebred German Shepherd. Reese is very active all the time, but she won’t hesitate to jump up on the couch and take a nap with me! She will love on you even if she just met you!
Charlie is a funny engliah bulldog. He loves his attention. He will sit and pretty much have a conversation with you. And if you dont chat he will keep tapping you until you do.