He local American bulldog. He loves cuddling
Maya is 8 weeks old and full of life. She loves to play tug of war and chews on everything she can get ahold of.
Ocho is the sweetest dog and loves to interact with people. She loves to play catch with her toys and smoother you with kisses.
Fun loving, loves to give hugs, and play with her toys
Kane is the best friend u can ever ask for and he is blind and very sweet and very kind and he will always love you even when you don’t know what he wants or what he needs and he will never let you down or anything like that just because you don’t want him in the way he is not in your face
Daimond is the sweetest dog in the whole wide world I love her so much and she has such an adorable personality and she has the most beautiful face ever and she has so many beautiful puppies and you will always love her so very much and she will appreciate you and your family
Biscuit is a loving and playful dog she never sees a bad day always happy 😁 she loves her squishy
She was born on 4/20. When she was born there was a heart shape on her back. She is amazing happy loveable but very independent..she has the sweetest training to be emotional support dog
Milo is a 5 moth old Pit Bull who came into my life at a time I was at my darkest! He has taught me love and joy, but most importantly, he has taught me patience. I love him so very much
Toad, was a Rescue from the LHS. She is the most loving girl in the world. The minute i saw she i knew she had to be mine. She was a life saver. I had to put down my 2 fur babies, one in January, and the other in September. One was 10, the other was 17, i had them both from puppies. It killed me. So whenshe can up. I knew she was the right one for me. She loves love and affection. And i love giving it to her. She is very smart. An listens very well... everyone loves her.
He loves to be near me! He has one favorite stuffed toy! He is special!
Sassafras rules our household — she is 6 pounds of unadulterated entertainment! She loves antagonizing her brother (Pickles), chasing wildlife in the neighborhood, and must be attached to one of her humans as much as possible (she’s definitely a Velcro pup)! She brings joy to everyone she meets — and must be the center of attention AT ALL TIMES!
She's sweet and dramatic she knows how to get what she wants she's absolutely spoiled rotten
Garrus is the sweetest, most gentle dog, and can be very protective. Loves to play with Tali, Scarlett, and Rocky♥️♥️♥️♥️ Love him with all my heart ❤️
This is gypsy she is a 1 year old blue heeler, mini aussie and cocker spaniel mix. She is non stop with energy and excitement. She loves meeting new people and going new places. She also enjoys watching movies and barking at the animals on tv. In August of 2023 she got to visit the Oregon cost for the first time and loved it.
This is Bronco he is a mix of red heeler, Shepard, and husky. We had adopted him from a rescue in utah when he was just 12 weeks old, he is now 7 years old. He loves the oudoors and is always up for a snack. He loves our yearly trips to the Oregon cost where he loves to lay in the sand and watch the waves.
Mandy is the leader of the pack! She is our diva dog who keeps her two Corgi brothers in line…or she tries! She is definitely the Alfa dog & makes sure the boys know who the boss is! She is a major cuddle bug and is not afraid to let you know when she wants more scratchies!!! She is such a fun Corgi & we can’t imagine our lives without her!
This crazy pup is addicted to socks! He loves to steal any sock he can get ahold of, so you're always finding surprise sock drops throughout the house (he'll take them out of baskets too!) He loves nothing better than to play in the snow and pull the sled around!
Xander is the service dog for post-traumatic stress high sugar alert
Priceless joy is what this crazy, goofy, loving and incredibly intuitive 4-legged kid brings to our lives. At approx 110 lbs, his obsession is tree frogs and his stealth-like stalking skills are a sight to see…but given the choice, I believe he’d choose sitting in papa’s lap over anything else! Please vote for our boy!!!
Nala is a 11 week old border collie. Filled with LOTS of energy and always has something to say! She is a crazy little bug. Fluffy as can be and so adorable. Sweetest little puppy ever. She loves her toy duck and pig so much, carries them around the house. She also really loves other puppers! Such a people lover too, always wanting to say hi to everyone she sees!
Shorty More
Shorty is a sweet loving baby and like to cuddle and snuggle and playing with his parents and very strong and smart! English Bulldog puppy
Cash Money
Cash money is a big cudly pitbull. Loves to snuggle, thinks hes human, and almost 8 years old. Loves to go bye bye.Cash is very loveable. But dont let it fool ya, he's very loyal and protective of his family!
Duke is a 3 years old full blood red nose pitbull who's full of energy, loves outdoor adventures like camping and swimming, such a sweet loving boy, good with kids and over all in the best dog. Follow him @Duke on Tiktok
Shes a big baby and loves nothing better than cuddling on the couch!! Shes already showing signs of hip dysplasia but still outruns her brother on 3 legs! She loves stealing socks or doggy blankets and carrying them around the house!
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear is a 19mth old Black lab. He is currently in training to be a service dog for seizure. He is a extremely friendly and loving boy.
Little Bit
Do you think I am smart or what.
Blu is handsome, sweet, flirty, confident, silly, brave and cautious. He is also mommy’s velcro dog and it warms my heart he chose me to be his mom.
emmy is very funny and smart dog. she always knows when someone is sad because she will always go and cuddle with you.
Bear is a happy go lucky guy, who is always up for an adventure he is powerful but poised. He would play ball all day and night if he could. He loves his family and is the sweetest dog. He is protective and sometimes comes across as scary but is a gentle giant.
Lulu is a small dog with a huge personality. Her favorite pastime is watching TV. She loves to growl and talk every time she sees other animals or fireworks.
Apollo is a sweet boy who loves playing fetch and being outside. Apollo loves to be loved and loves to give as many kisses as possible to his mommy and daddy. He is the best boy! He doesn’t know a stranger ❤️
Meet Winston, the lively lilac platinum Frenchie who adores family, embraces life, and has a knack for playful toots! 🐾
Teddy is short for Theodore, he is a 6 month old Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. He is energetic and knows no strangers! His favorite thing in the world is his giant Lambchop plush and playing with other dogs.
Loves food loves swimming loves kids and loves me.
Milo is very energetic! He loves kisses and cuddles and he loves to play with his pig!
Grunt is fun loving and playful. He's quite the talker and has distinct sounds for potty time, poopy time, thirsty, playtime and bedtime. He can be wary of new people because of the abuse from his former owners and his hearing isnt the best from a home ear cropping done badly but he responds well to hand gestures and once he gets to know you, he'll jump to make you smile when youre down or to just be present when youre lonely. He's a ham and a blessing.
An amazing mobility dog to help with my parkinsons
Diva, prissy and loves attention! She is loving, spunky and loves kisses!
Rabbit is the best dog 🐶 for me she enjoys eating, food toys 🧸 everything she feels like she snores beautifully when she sleeps I’ve recorded her sleeping she has no friends because she’s a fighter maybe that’s because of me well she has no friends She’s one and only for me she loves Mc Donald’s
Hi I'm Max! I am a black mouth Curr. I'm loved by so many people, my mom and dad are super cool and love me the most ☺️ I talk ALLL day (I yell at you all day) and I make just the cutest little faces Vote for me !!
Mr Gotti
Mr Gotti is so smart he loves people . He is a very neat boy. He plays with his brother and sister, and always happy
Chance is the sweetest boy you will ever meet! He loves to cuddle and nap with you but also loves playing ball, swimming, going for walks/runs. This guy is the best medicine when you’re sick and will snuggle you until he’s sure you’re feeling better. He loves to bring gifts when you get home and will find the closest item and bring it to you. He loves to talk and tell you all about his day by throwing his head back and howling/barking.
Nova is a ball of energy pup! I rehomed her from a family that could no longer care for her on December 22, 2023. She loves her squeaky toys and her favorite food is chicken! She is a total love bug and will cover you with kisses.
Bella Little Dog released from abuse, who enters the Competition to help feed cats taken off the Street
Nova is a fluffy snuggly girl. She loves to meet everyone who gives her a glance. she has a spunky personality that can win anyone’s heart. Adopted her at a shelter I volunteer at. If she’s not playing at the dog park with her friends or eating pup cups she loves naps and treats :)
Mac is a emotional service pet to my daughter. Hes trained in emotional support and recognition. Hes been a member of our family for 5 wonderful years. Mac is not my dog! Hes my friend and my family.