Snoopy loves to go in vacations with his family. He is almost 14 and thinks our daughter is a princess and bows to her. They used to have tea parties when they were younger and he was so graceful drinking from a child’s tea cup. His black spots on his back look like Mickey Mouse
Buddy is a boxer terrier mix and is 1.5 years old. He loves everything and everybody, especially biking with me, swimming, playing at the dog park and of course playing ball. Best companion a guy could ever ask for! He is happy go lucky all day everyday.
Rocky is just the sweetest,most friendliest fluffy puppy. He loves naps, treats and lots of squishy toys.
Harlym loves people, one of his favorite things to do is go to Scooters for pup cups with his Nana, he enjoys going doordashing and likes just being out. Harlym is also very loving and sweet with a funny personality.
She loves to be out side in the snow and love to play tuck awar. With her rope and uyou should vote for her because. She is the sweet dog. And she. Makes people smile and laught. And. She on TikTok and she will melt your heart so plz. Vote for her
Avi is Yorkiepoo that loves to dress up and eat. Favorite thing is to run outside.
She is just a ball of fur,loves to cuddle and loves to play. Shes 4months old
Expressive she loves to speak whenever and wherever she is
If chop ain’t welcome don’t invite me 🚶🏿‍♂️
Calvin is full of energy and loves to cuddle. He just learned how to swim this summer and loves new adventures!
Cleo is the queen of the house but has a bad habit of chasing skunks which never ends well.
JOEY Loves to play and cuddle,hes very friendly and loved by all who meet him or even see him💙🐾 hes very smart and spoiled also💙
Odin is a rambunctious GSP who loves running and playing outside. Some of his favorite hobbies include playing with chickens watching the moo cows and cuddling with his two favorite people…his mama and Dad. He enjoys crunchin on ice cubes and popcorn. He’s a sweet pup that deserves the attention. Vote for Odin!
Xylia Rugrat Rodriguez
She a 1yr old rugrat. She can be a hand full but is the sweetest dog ever. She just like her sister Bella. Has a human kid personality. Loves her toys, loves to work my nerves lol n my cats nerves. She spoiled just like her sister. She loves crunchy munchy moo moo aka food too. She love to play an work her sister Bella nerves too. Has her own drawer just like her sister with her own shirts n toys. She also loves maken new friends human friends. Always thinks someone has a treat for her because she thinks she cute enough for one to anyone she meets 😂 no lie
Ruby is a very special dog,I rescued her from an abusive home and she been with me since.I have severe anxiety and she's always by my side loving me and comforting me.Shes playful,funny,smart,silly,loveable just a good girl always,I'm so glad I rescued her ,she's my baby and she won't ever be abused again.
Bear is the sweetest boy around! He loves to play with his sisters and enjoys a good belly rub when offered! He can’t go a day without cuddles, or showing affection to his human owner ❤️
Baxter is a very loyal, a picky eater, a lover of naps & not a fan of rain!! He has been by my side for a few years now-since health declined!! He always makes sure I’m safe, and within eye site!! Without training-he’s truly a bulldog angel on earth!! ❤️🐾
Bella Marie Rodriguez
She is a 9yr ol lady… with still a kid personality. She loves crunchy munchy moo moo aka food. She love different animals she wants to play with all of em but can’t because they are smaller than her and she doesn’t realize the breed difference which is cute because she wines like a kid not getting there way when I have to tell her no no Ull kill em. Because she a dog n they are either birds,hamsters, gecko etc. she thinks they are all her friends. She loves cuddles. Nap and playing with her sister xylia. She is literally a kid in a dog body. She has her own drawer with shirts n toys
Kota is very fun, loving, energetic and loyal dog.. He loves playing with his toys and enjoys being outdoors with his family. Kota always manages to put a smile on your face with his crazy upbeat personality.
She loves the snow. She eats the snow. She’s a good dog. Comes when she wants to lol that’s how huskies are. She had glaucoma and recently had eye surgery Back in April this year. She’s doing so good! We rescued her from an abusive owner. She listens to sit, paw, roll over, speak etc…
He is super playful and loving he loves to play fetch
Lacy is a mommy's girl. She is a miniature yorkie and weighs 4 pounds. She loves bacon treats and loves to cuddle. She was a rescue dog and is absolutely adored by her family.
Riley is a sweet adorable puppy she loves to be cuddled
Booboo Perry
Booboo is a very sweet and friendly fur baby. He's just lazy. If he didn't have to get up to eat or go to the bathroom he wouldn't. He's just a laid back furbaby.
Kobe is a gentle giant he loves everybody he loves to eat whipped cream he makes everybody laugh all the time
Tysons father is a pit Akita and Shepard mix and his mother is a purebread black lab he's a very well behaved pup with tons of energy when it comes to meeting new people loves making friends
Even though she’s a mini, she’s still a champ when it comes to backpacking trips, swimming through rivers, bouldering and everything in between❤️ She also goes by freckle face ;)
Sparky is a momma boy , He is a beagle so nothing he loves more then be outdoor . But when I get out his sight and starts barking with this cry bark i call it and its so cute
Neva Ann
The most sweetest, compassionate furbaby
Dozer is like dog I have ever had before , so sweet and a truly loving dog . He will for no reason come up and love on you . He act more like a toddler than a dog . Dozer just turned 2 years old 2 days ago on Dec .26th 2022.
Delta is the most sweetest girl I could ever had she stole my heart since I adopted her she loves to play with speakers and play tug war
Caesar Rippee
Caesar is a service animal. He found himself homeless along with his owner he was in foster care through Kansas City Pet Project he's in the Kansas City Star paper on the front page. His owner and found a apartment they've been living there a year and they're very happy and all of the residents in the apartment complex love him he's got a personality that's unmatched.
The sweet sweet stoeger. He is a Pure Bred English Setter. Amazing companion and one heck of a hunter. He enjoys napping with his legs straight out or cuddling when he isnt busy doing laps around the house or hunting. Most handsome dog on the planet.
She loves being outside and going to the woods. Loves giving hugs and walking between your legs. 4 months old. ABSOLUTELY loves to help mommy clean while I chase the broom and vacuum and mop.
Mabel is a ten week old purebred bloodhound. She is a sweet and sassy pup. Her favorite toy is her squeaky broccoli
Rocky's favorite thing is food. If you give him food he will be your friend for life. He will also remember how to get to your home. I was living in a senior apartment building and the maintenance man was living in an apartment reserved for staff. Well... he had put some gas (in the appropriate containers) in the storage shed for me. I needed them to get to an appointment the following day. He had just made a sandwich when I knocked on his door. He asked if he could give Rocky a piece of ham. I said he could. He gave Rocky 2 pieces of ham and then we went out and got the gas cans to put gas in my car. We then went back inside. Later on that evening, Rocky started pacing and whimpering. I figured he wanted to go outside. Once out of my door he went to the right- towards the main entrance which is where the elevator is. I usually took him out the back door as it was right by the apartment door. Get to the elevator and (I don't remember how we ended up going to the floor the maintenance guy was on) but we went to the 3rd floor. We get off the elevator and Rocky headed RIGHT to the maintenance guy's apartment! He wanted some more ham!!! (Even better: there were about 4 other people who gave him food or treats on this particular floor and Rocky knew where all of them lived. He wanted ham!!)
Philly enjoys walk and singing. She loves to chase squirrels. She is a wonderful farm dog. Thank you
He is very inteligente and so sweet.
Bogart is a true lover, and so dramatic. He had been abused as a pup and has some "kiddish" issues but when it comes to "protecting Momma.. he doesn't back away from anything
Chewy is my angel and devil all wrapped up in one. He is so lovable and gives kisses to anyone who will let him. On the other hand he likes to chew everything in sight. It has taken a year to Chewy proof the house. :)
Ferdinand is our friendly dog! He may look like a big bull but is loving and goofy!!!
im an only child, i love coming to work with my mommy and my favorite snack is peanut butter.
Odin is a pitt bull and micro bully mixed! He’s full of energy and always on the go.
Wednesday is the craziest and energetic dog that we own. Love’s dogs bigger then her loves her clothes and cat toys!!!
Very smart in learning new tricks
Rosko is my second puppy and while my first was very laid back from the start he is just a ball of fire and plays hard all night, ALLLLL NIGHT! He loves to snuggle up and go to sleep when it’s time for me to get up but is always right behind me!
He is the most fun loving dog I’ve owned !! He gets along great with other dogs . Plays all the time , wears us out lol
Nali has been with me for 5 years and is my rock! She’s adapted to my crazy life and loves snuggling and going on rides to see grandpaw!