Baby Stories - 89


Bailey Gene Smith
Bailey is a lover, she is very playful, and loves to give kisses, and cuddle. I found her at a pet store near us, and I just feel in love. She is very alert, and lets us know when she thinks danger is near. I wouldn't give her up for the world. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She sits pretty, and smiles upon command.
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel (coco for short) is a daddy’s girl for sure but still loves mommy. She’s very playful ! Will even entertain herself with her toys! She loves any type of toys and she enjoys her variety of outfits it shows her personality :)
Jax is my rescue baby!! He loves his momma, daddy and sissies!!! He loves to play ball and have his belly rubbed.
Hondo Deacon
He's a sweetheart and being trained for my Service Dog! His favorite thing is to play ball!
Biscuit my shrubbery walrus , he’s not real smart but he sure is cute 🥰
I rescued Jojo! 😊 I found him outside of a friends house, he has over a 1,000 shares on Facebook and I checked his microchip for a address and even went to the address but his owners no longer live there. So now he has us😊
Axel(left in pic) is going to be 3 this year. He came from a litter of 10. He loves to run and bark. A big cuddle bug after you get through his bark!
Frankie is a 2 year old English Bulldog who’s hobbies include sleeping with his brother, and chasing chickens. He has the biggest personality and would love you to give him a vote☺️❤️
Cassie is a sweet, chunky, 12wk old red lab who loves to play!
Hes 9months old he loves to play and is very smart. Blue nose blue brindle pitbull💚
Dasher was a early Christmas gift he was only 9 weeks old when we got him. He is now 16weeks and in training to be a good puppy and support dog
Mae the mutt is a three month old blue heeler...and maybe terrier(?!) mix who is loves romping in the snow and then eating my boots afterwards.
Hi my name is Elvira, Mistress of the Bark. My mom and dad got married on Halloween and the next day I came into their lives. I love to run out in the cold and my favorite toy is a empty bottle.
Harley is 5 weeks old loves cuddles and treats 💙she is named after my friend who passed away he loves harley bikes
I’m luna a white Siberian husky I love pets attention and play time. My mom is a big cuddler so I guess I tolerate her hahah.
Indica And Sativa
These are my babies & yes litter mates. They love outside, they love people! Especially kids, vote for my crazy girls!!
Wrigley was a rescue dog as a pup. We fell in love with his eyes and his sweet temperament. He is the “middle” child in our dog family. He’s very unassuming and just wants to be part of the action. He loves to lay outside on the deck or near the pool to protect the house.
Hello Friends my name is Bentley! I am very timid around a lot of people. I enjoy my treats and my best friend is Reese. I used to be with a breeder and that’s all they used me for. I am so happy my mom took me in she is my favorite person! I love to go bye bye sometimes if I’m extra good I may even get some French fries!
Hello! I am Freya! I am full of energy and love to play! I haven’t had the best life someone branded me before and I was tossed around home to home until I met my mom. She likes when I give her kisses so I try to quite often! I am still learning new things! I enjoy going on walks as long as we don’t pass any bicycles then I have to run.
Hello my name is Reese! I love everyone I meet! I enjoy car rides and walks in the park with my mom! Cheese is my favorite treat! I am getting older older so my walks are getting hard but I still love to go! Nothing holds me back!
Tucker is a pit bull and a german shepherd mix! He is very energetic and loving. He is 9 months old and loves playing outside!
Kali is the sweetest and most cuddly dog! She loves to play fetch and eat treats ❤️
Zelda is a very happy and goofy puppy! She loves playing with her friends, toys, and loves nap time!
Hello I am king! My best friend is my 3 year old brother. My mom works with the only local bully rescue in our area. We save lots of lives, my mom is always pulling other dogs from kill shelters and getting them into foster homes. Whatever I win will go straight to the rescue to save more pups like me! Woof woof
Oakley is an 8 month old pure black Labrador. He’s a huge mommas boy and he loves to go on adventures. His favorite things are to go hiking, the river and to play at the dog park with his bffs.
Hi this is my beautiful big kuma baby. She loves people. She thinks she’s still a lap dog even though she’s extremely big and tall. She love’s sleeping and taking naps all day long. Her favorite toy is her Rope, she loves to play with it and shake it all a round.
Brie is a total snack! The most adorable mini husky ever! She loves to play & cuddle! She is so smart - already knows sit, down and come.
Skye is a two-year old miniature pinscher terrier mix who was rescued at 3 months old and is full of energy. She loves laying in the sun, zoomies, and treats. She may be small, but has a BIG bark. She also likes to snuggle and grab our socks when we're not looking ;)
Charge is our amazing German Shepherd. He loves nothing more then cuddling up the kids or running around the yard with them!
Luke is a lab hound mix, 4 years young. Hes has three brothers, 2 dogs 1 cat. Hes the sweetest big boy you will ever met. He loves treats & belly rubs ❤🐶
Likes to run and play but it’s always ready to snuggle and take a good nap 💤
Our sweet Gracie! She is 2 years old and just a doll! Loves to cuddle and run and play. She is Alittle love bug ❤️ She is a great paraneese and golden mixed. Just a beauty she was adopted very sensitive! But also very loving. We love her
Gunner loves the outside he loves hunting and also loves getting belly rubs ❤️
Baxter Theodore Chubbs
Baxter Theodore Chubbs is a spunky, energetic, sausage dog! He lights up every room he is in with his beautiful smile and tail wiggles. He is an outstandingly talented ball catcher and he brings them back. He is also a certified ESA!
Winifred Irene
Winifred is a Standard Sheepadoodle who is full of personality! She loves to play ball, play tug, go on adventures, and cuddle.
Matthias is 1 years old and he is a big boy. He is the tallest and slenderest in our pack. He is the most vocal one we chat with us (mom and dad). He still has yet to learn eat slow. And to listen better but he does love to have his sides rubbed.
Chloe Rey is 1 years old and is the runt/smallest in our husky pack. She is a shy girl and is cautious of her surroundings. She loves to give kisses and to pick a fight with the others.
Hi! This little guy is Trego and he has been my copilot for almost 5 and a half years now! He’s got all the smarts of a typical border collie but matches it with just as much sass. He grew up with retrieves so fetch is his favorite pass time! Trego has also been to more places than most people have, we are always hiking and camping!
Gracie Laya is 5 years old she is the only one that is papered. She is the Alfa in our house. So loves squicky toys and she love to wake mom up 3 or 3 time in the morning. She is not a cuddler whatsoever. But likes attention.
Kaizer is 3 yrs old, he like to cuddle with mom and dad. And his is a champ at zoomies.
Annie is a playful, wild pup. She LOVES to be outside, especially when there’s snow on the ground. Her favorite thing to do is play with her older boxer siblings and drive them crazy.
Pacino is a crazy, fun lovable pup at the age of 12 years old. He has been with us since 8weeks old and our home has never felt so completed!
Mama is a 3 and a half year old pit bull. She is the most lovable dog ever! She loves children and cats. She's a great support system for people that are feeling depressed ,etc.
Lucca is an energetic, loving and cuddling standard poodle named after Lucca, Italy - a small town where where my grandfather grew up. He loves sticks, squirrels 🐿, the beach, long naps and especially Starbucks Pupachinos! Lucca came into our lives at a time when we didn’t know how much we needed him. His unconditional love has completely stolen our hearts as well as the hearts of everyone he meets. Catch up with his daily adventures on Instagram @luccalovin Thank you in advance for any votes! We appreciate it - you all are Pawfect! 🐾 ❤️
Sadie’s favorite snack is marshmallows. She loves to play fetch, more like keep away, with her parents. She’s an eight year old German Shepherd who is a puppy at heart ❤️
Bandit is one of the most loyalists puppies I’ve ever met she is the sweetest lil girl ever she is currently not leaving my side because she knows her momma Is very sick right now:(