Baby Stories - 89


MOLLY IS A TRUE MAMA'S GIRL. My shadow for thw past 13 years. She's a sweet big sister to a Beagle puppy and a kitty brother. Vote her because she'll be 14 soon and deserves alot of extea love.
Daisy Lou
Daisy personality is one in a million. She is smart, silly, sweet and loves hard. She is 2yrs old mix poodle, terrior Australia Shepard. She loves the camera.
L ひ C K Y 🍀 mischief maker. nap connoisseur. little stinker. 💩 IG: @happygoluckystaffy
MJ loves attention! She’s always happy to crawl into your lap and let you show her some. She’s also a big fan of going for walks. Once the leash is attached, she’s quick to grab hold and take care of all the hard work herself
Hi, im Appa named after appa from avatar. My favorite toy is a carrot!
Stella is a happy, athletic, and energetic dog. Who acts and knows she is a princess. She loves to run and heard animals. She is very elegant in her own way. She will let you know she is in charge.
Poppy is actually a 6mth old Saint Berdoodle.. she is honestly the best puppy ever... she is lovable.. listens most of the time.... lol.. and such a snuggle bug.. she currently weights approximately 55lbs..
Rio is a fun loving pup with never ending energy. Her favorites are playing fetch with her ball and digging rocks out of the river. If she had the choice of eating or playing, she would choose playing.
A crazy, fun-loving husky that loves to back talk😂
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi is a two year old red heeler corgi mix commonly known as a cowboy corgi. He loves the outdoors and his monkey, but he also loves to steal pillows and socks whenever he can! Obi loves to cuddle and shake his corgi butt when he is happy. He sees everyone as a friend and is always up for a wrestling match. 😌
My incredibly handsome F1 Pomsky Felon! He is such a mommas boy and gets whatever he wants with those gorgeous blue eyes!
Leba is a crazy energetic clumsy derp of a dog. She has cutest little wiggle butt you'll ever see! She has never met a human that she didn't love.
Tracker is our 3 month old puppy. He loves playing with his little humans, snuggles and his toys. He was named Tracker by his littiest humans cause he is going to be a deer shed tracking and duck hunting dog.
Nala is a Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab mix. She’s a 5ish week pup, who loves to eat, play, and sleep. Her energy never runs out, no matter how much you play with her. Her two favorite things are her lamb blankie and playing with peoples feet, she’s got a foot fetish.
Mochi is the most sweetest and playful Mini Schnauzer! He spends most of his time running around the house and outside as well. He also has a little friend he lives with and plays with daily.
Occupation: neighborhood watch all day, everyday. Love to scope out the beaches and chase tail. Sunny days and sun bathes.
Dalton is new to our family. He is now 8 weeks old. Play, sleep, eat.. repeat. ❤️
The spunkiest wiener around 💞
Hello my name is Emmy and I love walks, my toys and chewing on my bones. I am a big baby and love my two moms.
Li Li
Li Li is a very special girl, angel sent! After losing my only child my son at 20 years of age we moved to Big Island of Hawaii from Florida, for a new beginning to survive the tragedy. We were in the middle of clearing land when Li Li walked down our muddy trail for a visit, spent the day with us, then again the next day. She was malnurished and full of worms, found out she needed a home so we took her in. She has been such a blessing for me emotionally, she wakes me from bad dreams from my PTSD, she was sent by an Angel and her personality is absolutely amazing !
Scout was rescued by my husband and I at just 8 weeks old from a kill shelter 🥺. He’s our first puppy and does everything with us! He’s grown up into a smart, handsome and funny pup. Scout loves hikes, treats and zoomies with his fur brother Gunner. Vote for this tremendous Good Boy!!
Eleanor LOVES peanut butter and loves people, she's mellow but playful when you her to be. She's only 3 months old and knows the basic commands and is doing great with potty training! She's a very smart girl and loves her momma! She also loves to play in her kiddie pool and loves her stuffed animals!
Karma loves opening her monthly bark box and her favorite holiday is Christmas (not for the presents, but for opening the presents and ripping wrapping paper) She spends most of her day snoring on the floor, waiting for food to drop in front of her.
Lucky loves sleeping on his back, cuddling with family, picking on his bulldog sister, and howling at doors. He also loves long walks on the leash.
Just like his name Teddy loves to be loved and loves snuggles, kisses and hugs. He is full of energy and love. He really enjoys going to the dog park and day care so he can play and run along with all his friends. He enjoys longs walks, playing ball and frisbee. Teddy is a very social dog , who likes to travel everywhere. He loves peanutbutter and chasing birds. He is clumsy and smart but most important loves everyone he comes into contact with.
Harley Quinn
Harley is an energetic talkative goofball. She loves bugging her older brother Scooby doo and mouthing his face trying to get him to play with her. She can be a complete diva with a mean streak when it comes to food and momma.
Hi my name is Penelope! I have been told I look like stitch from “lilo and stitch” My mom and dad tell me I’m the goodest girl. I’m 12 weeks young. I’m not scared of one thing and my favorite thing to do is have the “zoomies”, hop like a bunny and run super fast chasing my cat brothers through the house. My baby teeth’s are growing in so I like to chew everything I’m not supposed to. I’m a smart girl and at 8 weeks I learned how to sit, lay down and speak . My momma thinks I saved her, but really she saved me! Vote for me because I promise I can make anyone smile and I’m little but fierce!
Lana is a 3 month old Frenchie who loves playing, being cuddled, and meeting new people! She is a quick learner and Is almost fully potty trained! Best part? She’s bilingual and does all her tricks in Spanish 😄 We appreciate every single vote we may get! Thank you!
Gemma is a mini german shephard, shes 3yo. Shes mixed with border collie and chow. She had her own personality. Takes toys that squeek and looks like animals on as her own cubs lol.
Carter is a high energy, high on life kind of pupper! His likes include the dog park, the lake, and being as close as possible to mom! His dislikes include tummy aches, slick floors, and being more than 5 feet away from his mom.
Leia is the sweetest pupper in all the lands! She loves her ball more than words can explain, she is always happy and smiling. Loves to love her people and loves kids even more! (She also trades kisses for pets and ice cream)
Kirby was a sweet but homeless 2 year old pitbull when I met him, a couple weeks ago. He’s had a rough start to his life but he surely knows how to make anyone’s day better!
I love running like a wild animal, and playing with every dog I see. I love when my humans throw sticks in the water and I have to swim to get it
Sapphire loves to play! She is very rolly and cubby which she gets it from her also cubby and wrinkly mom.
Nyx is a very loving dog! She loves to cuddle up next to you, play with her toys and try to beat up her sister Athena who is bigger!!! She may be little but she is a scrapper!! She is 10 weeks!
Athena is a very free spirited dog and is very protective of her sister!! She knows how to sit, sit pretty, lay and give paw!! She’s 10 weeks old
Hi Friends! My name is Cocoa. My mommy and brother calls me “Bean”. I’m half Yorkshire Terrier and half Beiwer Terrier. I’m only a year old but I’m a very smart puppy. I love to do tricks that my mommy and brother taught me. Like sit, high five, turn, down. I know how to go to my cage by command. I’m still a puppy, so I’m very playful. I love to play fetch! That’s my favorite game to play ☺️ My mommy said that if I win, my winnings will be donated to a charity to help the animals in California that have lost their homes due to the Fires 🔥. California is my home!
future support dog. Goodest of the good boys 11/10
My mom said I’d get a treat if I struck this pose. Did I do it right?
Gabby is 4 years old, we think she is chihuahua/jack russell but we aren’t quiet sure!! Gabby loves to cuddle and sleep! When we go on walks, she will only walk 4 houses down until she wants to turn around and go back home! She has the biggest personality and makes everyone happy!!
Bella J.
Bella is a Chihuahua mixed Yorkie. Bella loves to play, her favorite toys are her numerous teddy’s. Bella is beyond spoiled && loves all the attention on her.
He loves his ball and kisses
3 year old Rescue that loves his toys!
Olive Mae
Olive Mae an Aquarius that loves cuddles, watermelon, and salmon treats. She loves short walks on the beach and a sucker for rom-com movies. Shes a future bikini model and loves dressing up. She a travel pro and shes only 6 months old. Vote for Olive! ❣🐾
Jasper is 9 mo catahula mix he loves to play at the local dog park with all his buddies. Once home it’s all about his blankets. He is the most snuggling pup you could have.