My precious girl she is actually a bodasch she’s half Boston terrier and half mini daschound she’s my best friend, she’s very playful, and lovable the sweetest little girl
Muddy is a sweet boy!… He loves his squeak toys and loves being outside….loves to eat vegetables, too!!
Hi I'm Dietra Bear, I'm very smart and can do tricks and I can jump very far,my favorite foods are popcorn and eggs. If my favorite human leaves I can hardly eat or drink till she gets back! I hope you vote for me!
Hi I'm Cece I like to sleep and eat!😄
Akuma is a big beautiful male Siberian husky. He is loving toy skunks and his sisters Cece and Jasmyne and his doggy mom Killua
Laina is a very photogenic lab puppy with a big heart and very happy! She would love your vote to get her more toys and coats!
Birdie is our grieving gift after I lost my dad in November. She has certainly helped to heal our hearts
She love to stand on her 2 back paw
This is Remy and he loves to hop around like a bunny and eat your hair 😂
Gia is a very sweet springer that loves to run and destroy new toys. She really loves kisses, really slobbery ones!!
You're so lovable and very smart he's my best friend things to remember and sons they love him and he loves me
The sweetest man you’ll ever meet, he has to hug everyone he sees! & He loves his big plush bunny ❤️
Athena Mae Sattler
I am a German Shepard Hybrid born in Apple Valley California ive been with my mommy since I was 4 weeks old I love my family running and playing outside and learned that I dont much like snow I am very smart and like to speak my mind at all times this is my first contest so thank you for all who votes
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is the absolute sweetest dog, so loving and loves to cuddle. We had no clue we were buying a toddler, but we love her dearly.
She is a 6month old puppy that love to play with her toys and learn new tricks.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how beautiful and smart Lashi is. Content to curl up on the count with a good book.
Get along little dogie 😁. Sheriff Lexi can be found herding cats or chasing down wanted tennis balls 🤠
Hi, my name is Riley and my pawrents say that I’m a gentle Giant that loves to play with tennis balls. I love to eat and play fetch.
He is everones buddy. Loves to go for a swim in the river .
I’m a crazy little booger with lots of energy 😉
Short and sassy with an attitude! Lover of all things that you can eat😀
He is a wild dog at heart loves to play with other dogs and run free.
With Diesel, play time is at all times! He loves walks and chasing squirrels! A silly and loyal pup; true to his breed.
He love to play Lamb chop. Playing outside running with the kids.
Bella Jo
Bella Jo is an ESA dog. She's very loveable and silly dog
she loves her dog training she started at 6 year old she won many first places she act like puppy still she 13 she like play with my mom miniature schnauzers she give me alot hugs and kisses she helped me out when my family members and friends passed a way
Aspen is my best friend and loves camping and hiking, especially in the winter.
Stella is the baby of the family she’s a big lover and cuddler! She loves to play and meet new people she’s very friendly and rarely ever barks .
LaKoda loves the outdoor she loves going for rides. LaKoda also loves people of all ages. For some reason she thinks she is a cow dog but her favorite thing is being a 65 pound lap dog.
Simba loves his humans.
As a terrier, Daisy likes to give us "sass"
Basil is 5 years old and her best friend is a cat
Cuddles is 13 years old and loves to steal food
River is a 10 month old pomeranian
Inky is a 10 month old pomeranian
Our Mandy Lynn is 6 years old! She’s a hug love bug! She loves treats and laying in the sun! She is needing a acl surgery we are in need of the 2000$
She’s an indoor dog but loves to run n fetch her tennis 🎾 outside n loves her puppuchinos from Starbucks, she can’t get enough from being in the water like pools or the beach
This little princess loves snuggles & cuddles 🥰
Lily is 2 yrs 5 months old and she is a Mini Whoodle She is fun loving and a great Antler Hunter since she was a pup. She loves car rides and loves her sister.
Elly is a border collie who is 1 years old. She absolutely loves everyone she meets
Hello my name is piper and I’m a sweet girl,My breed is Morkie and I love all my toys.I love to run and play.I’m not afraid of a stranger.I steal hearts everywhere I go.
Devers absolutely LOVES his yellow ball! He picks it out, no matter how many yellow balls you put in front of him, he ALWAYS picks the same one! ❤️🥰
Luna is a 7 month old mini Berne doodle, she loves to play and is very happy and energetic
Harley is the such a energetic & playful pup! Only 6 months old & already massive. He loves his cuddles
Dinah is 9 years old. She likes to eat carrots, turkey breast, chicken, scrambled eggs. She loves snacks. She doesn't like going out in cars. He likes to travel by plane since he was 6 months old. She likes to walk on the beach and sunbathe. . and loves sleeping in my bed.
Charlie is a 3 month old Olde English Bulldogge who is full of personality and loves to be around people, other dogs and cats. He goes from a wound up goofball to cuddle bug with the flip of a switch! We are positive he has no idea he is a dog!
Zeus is a lake, ball, family loving dog. He always bring joy to his kids and family.
He is one of eight brothers 3 chocolate and 5 silver! Loves to play