Jax loves playing with his toys & running he loves the outdoors/Dog park……he also loves cuddling 💙💙💙
Blue is quite the charmer with those eyes and love's to play and want's to be friends with everyone. Great cuddler too!!
Chug is a chihuahua/pug mix. He loves snuggles and puppuccinos from Starbucks.
Esse LOVES to run, he’s super friendly and loves to meet everyone in 100mile radius of him😭 (Esse has recently left this earth but I wanted to enter him one last time Rest In Peace little one🕊
She can be a pain but I love her❤️ I got her mom then found out she was pregnant. She was the only one that survived. She’s my little warrior. She loves to sleep and to eat stuff she’s not suppose to 🙃
Joe Mama
Ummm hes a sog and not mine so yeah
Bella is a teacup chihuahua, who is currently 16 weeks old. Her favorite toy is a cap off a mtn. Dew bottle.
This is my sweet baby Delilah. I rescued her from the Tupelo human society. Theyfound her in a box on the side of the road. I got her when she was four weeks old.She’s a mamas baby. She rambunctious and sweet and loves to play In water. She’s about 60lbs and she thinks she’s a lap dog. This baby saved my life just like I saved hers. 💕
Gustav is a very spunky 14 year old dog, he LOVES car rides and getting pup cups. his favorite thing to do is roll everywhere and sleep as much as he can. he hates long grass because he can’t walk well through it, and he LOVES the snow!
the sweetest most loving boy ever, he loves cuddling and chewing on his bones and literally anything he finds❤️
A dog is a man’s best friend, but truth is Luna is more than a bff. Luna brought sunshine into our lives at just 8 weeks old. Luna enjoys beach trips as much as she enjoys puppachinos. Her favorite hobbies include chasing lizards and barking at the wind. After losing our previous 15 year old dog, Luna knew how to comfort us when we needed her precious personality the most. Please vote for Luna!
Bruno is the most amazing pup. His personality is out there. He knows how to sit, stay, heal, come, shake. He has so much energy and loves to play with his brother.
Jack is the sweetest shih tzu you’ll ever meet. He loves to play and he loves kids❤️ He loves playing ball at the park. He’s so soft and cuddly. He is the best 1 year old anyone can have and We got so lucky to have him😊
Geo is a true best friend. He likes long walks, barking at nothing, and begging for food.
He loves to play ball and snuggle with mom and dad.
Jackson is a good boy who loves his tiny hooman. He also like to box and will slap at you if you ask him to throw paws
Sophie is an American Beagle. American Eskimo/ beagle. She is the sassiest little pup ever. Rain? Nope. Baths? Nope. Wet towels? Heck yes. She will find every single wet or damp towel in the house and roll in it 🤣🤣 she has done this since she was so little! She loves her momma, and sleeps under the covers with her mom & dad! 💕 she loves to sleep, play with towels, play ball, and get belly rubs daily.
Lily is a Chocolate Sable Frenchie. She has yellow hazel eyes and is my little lovebug. She loves playing with her big brother Rocco and Big sister Pebbles. Vote for my beautiful girl
Dunkin is the sweetest boy! Raised as a trucker dog he’s his mommas best friend! He’s since gone to be a family dog with 3 kids to play with!
Rhaki is a pit bull mix. He was rescued a few years ago & we couldn’t even get him into the car because he was so scared. But man oh man, with time & love has this boy thrived! He loves playing tug a war & loves running outside! My favorite word is treat & i know how to shake!
Ryleigh loves her toys and her family. She loves to run and play outside and you can always find her with a ball. Very protective and loyal to her family!
Tucker is 9 years old. Will consider daily exchanges.
Foxy is actually a HuskyDoodle. Only female out of 10. The only one that looks Husky. She is a trucker dog and does very well with being one. She loves to nose boop us when she needs something. All the attitude of a Husky. She loves squeaky toys and tall grass. Super smart and very funny. If you vote for her she will get all the squeeks her little heart desires.
Cammy is a cat. She loves to sleep on blankets. She also loves to sleep curled up like crosont.
Hazel is my 20 month old miniature dapple dachshund. Hazel loves to play fetch the most, but she also enjoys laying in the sun and taking LONG naps. Hazel is the best snuggler and follows me everywhere trying to give kisses.
Bubba is my big baby, he’s the best dog ever
Zoey is a sweet dog that has a big heart and is the cutest dog in the world, loves to play in the water and go on atv rides
Spumoni was adopted from a no kill shelter, she went through 7 homes who mistreated her. Now she is spoiled, loves watching scooby doo and eating pup cups, and loves cuddles
Diesel saved my broken heart. We had to put our beagle down in January of 2021, and little Diesel came into our lives in February of 2021. I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s my little baby. He loves playing with squeaky balls, and loves being right beside his mommy (me).
Mia loves to go on walks and to lay on b3d with her people and watch tv
Rex came from a bad home drove 4 hrs to get him his fur was so matted up and now hes the bestest boy and so fluffy he loves rides and to go to new places and hiking
Ruby loves car rides and to run
Kaine is daddy to many loves to watch over all the dogs and go for car rides
She is so loving and very beautiful. She loves kids and she's a great mother
Charles Barkley is a long haired VERY STUBBORN dauchand! He’s the bestest little boy and is learning new things every day! Although he test his limits he makes up with it by giving you all the lovins’ at bedtime💗
I am a Rescue Pitsky and I live in the Caribean Island of Puerto Rico and i am 2.5 yrs...i love to take pics and play ... i love ropes...and love to model ... and beach playing...hope you give some votes mom is proud of my few talents... hope to conquer a smile...Paw Love 🐶🐾
Sophie is a 4 yr old Maltipoo. She loves going on walks. Loves to run around playing with my grands, and loves giving kisses. She’s my little pride and joy!!
Daisy just turned 2.She loves green beans,and playing with her toys!She sleeps with her nose covered. She is the light of our life,spoiled by everyone.
Baby Ginger
My handsome grandson picked this puppy out for me and named her because I lost my baby I had for 10 years and he was tired of seeing me 😭
Riley is a 3 month old Australian Shepard lab mix . She is very sweet and loves to play and cuddle !!
King Kong
IAM King Kong the biggest out of all my siblings!!! IAM only 13 weeks old!! LOOK AT MY BIG PAWS 🐾
Oni likes to watch the birds, squirrels and bunnies in the back yard!
Oatmeal is almost 10 weeks old! He’s aussie and lab, oatmeal loves to swim and cuddle!
My names Roscoe! I’m 7 months young and I love walks, stealing socks and playing with my favorite toy Mr. Lambchop.
Georgia is an absolute love bug, agree loves her mommy and daddy and her BALL!
Kahlia is very affectionate and loves everyone she meets!!!
Torch is a handsome Papillon and an amazing family member. He's very lovable, energetic, loves to play ball, and loves his sister Tiki, who's a cat. He never meets a stranger. He's enjoys to be petted, and loves children.
I am a 6 week old pitbull.