Kora is a Pitbull bull dog mix. She is 4 months old and the cutest little chunk . She is all love and cuddles
My name is Ranger. I am a Border Collie Great Pyrenees mix. Me and my brother Lobo are the only brindle pups out of our litter. I love being outside. My favorite color is orange and I eat everything.
Buffy is about 18 she’s a maltipoo and she loves sleeping. When she’s happy she will skip when she’s running.
Rubix is a Shih tzu corgi mix and he has a crazy personality.
Day-Z has since passed, she was about 9. She passed from oral cancer. But she had best personality that a dog could have.
Yoda is a little stinker everyday I find something different in my bed from a chewed up plastic kids toy to a whole Weiner. I love her to death. She is my first dog and I am 71. She is a 1 1/2 year old Chipoo.
Togo Earl Garrett
Togo likes to play with cow ears, chase birds and to run on the beach! He enjoys playing outside hiking with his owner but can be sassy when he gives head tilts a lot!
Scooby has a charming and sweet personality and can win over anyone's heart in a heartbeat. He's a licker and loves to share his toys and love.
Tucker loves to play outside with his golden family and go camping with his mom and dad. I'm still a baby but I'm very well behaved
He is a cuddler, and loves to play and take your shoes. He brightens up anyones day who comes across him.
Named after wrestler Rhea Ripley, canine Ripley is a rescue who makes every day an adventure. She wrestles with our cat, she sits like a human toddler, she's super well behaved, and has so much love to give. Ripley quickly became my bedtime snuggle buddy and my hiking companion. She gets to visit her human grandparents, and she's even the reason they're looking for a little doggo to adopt! She's likely a Chihuahua/Fox Terrier mix, and I'M IN LOVE!
Just an amazing dog,loves to cuddle even though he is 90 pounds but hes a social butterfly he wouldn't hurt family and friends adore him.
She will make you love her hints the name
She is a dog I save from being euthanized
He loves to play with toy's he loves bath time n he loves kisses he loves to snuggle after he comes out of his seizures
Pebble was born with a double hairlip. We decided to keep her because of her unique face. She actually has less breathing issues because of it. She is the most active bulldog I have ever seen in my life. She love swimming. She took my husband for a swim in a little creek (not meant for swimming) he was so worried and she was just fine enjoying every minute of it and came out in her own time like nothing at all. It was about waist deep so his fear was well founded.
Pitbull terrier loves to play hides his nose under blankets and pillows
Shoe loving bed hog
He loves his squeaky toys and he loves humans..he is a cuddler and thinks he is a lap dog. He is also a great protector.
Buddy loves getting new tennis balls. He also loves going for car rides.
Nugget is just a handsome comical guy full of love
Hi! My name is Bixby and I am a Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle Mix). I am originally from Canada, and my parents flew from Phoenix, Arizona, to pick me up. I enjoy long walks, running, doing tricks, morning cuddles, naps, and of course my hoomans.
Hi is sweet hi like to much all people Xaid like walk and play with favorite ball his sleep witn favorite 🐻 his is love the all dogs hi is verry sweetheart 🫶💕🥰🙏
Sonny is a fearless friend. He has saved me number times from wild pigs. He is so mischievous and funny. He literally smiles all the time and keeps us laughing
Nova Morton
Sweetest lil Yorkie Poo on earth! Everybody falls in love with Nova!
She is a Staffordshire mix...brindle color...she was hit by a car when she was about 6 months old so she had surgery to put a plate in her hip. She loves to play tug of war and likes her squeaky toys. She cuddles up with me at night and lays her head on my stomach. She is so lovable and sweet.
Despite his threatening appearance and large size, Dutchie is the sweetest, gentlest dog I’ve ever met. He loves playing with kids and taking naps, and he greets everyone by licking then from head to toe!
Playful, energetic, loving puppy who enjoys making the funniest faces
Dutch is a pitt mix. He is a shelter rescue and just the sweetest boy. He loves to play and his best friend is the family cat. He is a gentle and ywnder bany that literally jumps when the cat hisses.
Marley Grace loves playing with her sisters and jumping whenever she gets the chance. She absolutely loves belly rubs. Marley likes to play in the yard and she does not like the cold. She is such an angel at times. However, she loves to chew and get into stuff and be mischievous. She is a very good dog and has such a unique personality.
Penny is an adventurous girl who loves people and pups! She was born in a farm and loves people and animals of all shapes and sizes. Penny’s motto is “play hard sleep hard” and is a cuddle bug when she wants to be.
He's 6 years old he's a shitzu dachshund and Chihuahua mix he likes to play with his toys he likes to go outside go for long walks he likes to play with the cat and eat lots of treats
Toby Keith
He's a sweet heart loves to be rubbed and likes squiky toys and likes to sit on his but and play
Khloe Madeline is in many ways a human. She has such a concept of emotions. She is always there for everyone when they have a bad day. She loves laying down and cuddling with people. She has the biggest doggie heart. She is my best friend. She loves running around and playing in the yard. Khloe loves treats and always has such a beautiful “smile” on her face.
Lil Bear
Lil bear loves to play with his toys and cuddle with his family!
Flyers a pup now but he’s demonstrating great dog qualities and will grow to be a great companion for someone.
Mocha always has a toy in her mouth. She loves exploring and playing with her sisters. She was the smallest puppy in the litter. She loves looking at herself in the mirror and growling and whimpering because she doesn’t understand that’s her in the mirror. She has the sweetest bark. She broke her leg bone in 2 places within a couple weeks of getting her and even with a cast and cone on she never stopped “smiling” and playing. She is such a sweet soul.
He is my little monkey he likes to crawl up on my chest and lay there
Karma is a loving dog that loves to watch tv and sits like a human all the time and is very loving and a cuddlebug. Karma loves all the attention. Favorite tv shows she likes is watching other animals. She loves to be in her pool in the summer. I love her and hope you will also
Noah And Hugo
Noah and Hugo are brothers. Hugo is the sweetest and Noah is the smartest. They both like to go hiking and loves to cuddle with us. Please vote for them so they could get trained.
She is not easily impressed, she loves to screams at the groomer’s like a normal husky.
He is a big goofball, very active and loves to chase balls, especially soccer balls. He loves to get his lips stuck on his teefs
Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell is a spunky 14 pound Frenchie that turns 5 in February. She loves to play dress up, play ball, and sleep.
Hello! My name is Neyland. I am a 9 week old Golden Retriever. I am such a good boy. (Well most of the time!) I love to chew my toys and cuddle with mom. I am such a happy boy. I love making new friends.
Bo Quinn
Bo loves love he is a smart dog he listens very well. He loves his family and is a happy dog!
He’s an amazing emotional support animal. He knows when I need love or just someone to be with me
Bandit loves to run and play, loves lots of attention. He loves to travel on vacations with our family and other dog.
Maxwell Zeus
He doesnt stop. He has so much love. Then as soon as you make him get ot of tour bubble he either barks uncontrollably, or goes up stair and ruins my beddin. He digs through every layer comfter sheets! Hes aslo an escape artists. It takes several people to catch him. He is a rescue Hes come along way.