Baby Stories - 88


Henrietta is one of a kind shes silly loves to play and jumps in the pool swimming a couple laps before getting out. She also likes snuggling up right next to you when all the fun is done. 💜
The names Bubba i am five 1/2 years of age! The hooman who calls himself "masta" what a joke hahah but i love him because he rescued me when i was 3 years old. I, bubba enjoy everything the "masta" does because its fun and i love doing it with him! I enjoy long car rides around town and sticking my tongue out the window. I like walking in the lake (not swim in the lake) walk to just cool off
Azalea is a sassy, smart girl that loves to dress up.
Terrier chihuahua mix living in NY with my mommy. I love other dogs and people, playing and running around. Mommy says I’m handsome ! Please vote for me!
Stella is our one eyed beauty. The day we brought her home my sons cat who loves dogs didnt like Stella sniffing his tail so he raised his claws and took her eye. She was 4 months old. She doesnt let it stop her one bit. She is a rescue who rescued us!
Oreo is the sweetest cuddlebug. She loves running with other dogs, enjoys long walks in the beach, and loves making friends. She is smart, small, and very athletic. Perfect dog for any family.
Leo just turned one. He’s the friendliest dog ever. He loves going to the park, making new friends. Always up for a snack and to cuddle with his blanket.
Bear came from a bad home. When we got him he was infested with fleas. Bears neck and ears were covered in scabs and his nails were long and ears were so filthy. My boyfriend and I are in the process of deworming him and getting him back to being healthy as he should be. He’s a tough little pup. He loves snuggles, close is never close enough with him. He’s a chewer too! Toes, fingers, clothes, shoes, you name it he will chew it. He’s a picky fella when it comes to treats but Bear looooooves his peanut putter! Despite being neglected as young as he is, he has already broken out of his shell and we love seeing his personality blossom each day!
Nova is the newest addition to my little family. She’s mixed with boxer, pitbull, and border collie! She’s a huge baby who loves cuddles and her favorite, belly rubs. She’s got energy that lights up the room. And she’s a klutz just like me😅
The Dolly llama mama! The meatiest meatball you’d ever see! Loves EVERYONE and likes to flop on her back and scoot on the floor. She was a stray found in Camden, NJ. she is such a sweet girl that deserves all good in life. I saw her little face and body in a kennel in December. I fostered her then and officially adopted her in January 2020. My babe adopted me. ❤️
Bella is cute, cuddly and playful. She loves plastic bottles.
Bane is a 98lb(and still growing), 11 month old German Shepherd who is full of light and energy! He loves to chew things up even if they aren’t his chew toys.😂 Bane is such a character, it’s hard to be sad when he’s around! He loves all the attention he can get! And don’t let his big bark scare you, he’s still a kid at heart and just wants to play☺️💖
Meeko is a spunky little dog. He loves to play, go for car rides, sunbathe, and cuddle.
I love to play with bouncy balls, basketballs, lay out on the balcony and taking baths
This is my sassy Willow! She loves oatmeal for breakfast and snuggling at night! She is 7 months old!! She a Mini Long Haired Dachshund
My sweet girl is so playful and always wanting to go outside and adventure! She’s the sweetest and gives the best cuddles !
We just got this Boxer, Lab mix! He’s so fully of energy and always ready to play! He’s 6 weeks old and already telling us when he has to go potty !
Very friendly, loves toys, and loves pictures
AKA known as Defecto Dino Doggy; loves chasing frogs, and swimming in the ocean.
Harley is a special needs girl due to her fontanel not closing. Harley has been traveling (momma drives a semi) our country since the tender age of 6mths she has been to 38 of the lower 48, she loves the outdoors so long as there is no bodies of water involved, Harley is very much a princess and knows she rules the roost. Weighing in at 2 1/2 lbs @ 7 yrs young she knows that sometime you just gotta stop and smell the flowers. Today (8/21 ) is my birthday I’m 7 yrs young!!
Sadie was put down this august so please show her some love, she was a month or two from 13 and lived an amazing and healthy life ❤️💛
Pendleton is going on 4 months old he can sit shake fetch tattles on his siblings if there doing something he doesn't like. His favorite is when he can destroy my living room if I'm not paying attention to him and loves it when my daughter bring her dog brandy over to play
She is the sweetest puppy and loves cuddles! She will bring you her leash when she wants to go out and play! She is the best dog I ever had!
Prince enjoys chilling with his family and long car rides that involves lots of snacks preferably ritz crackers and a bone.
Baxter was a rescue from Amish country. He is a Jack Russell/morgue mix. He’s the craziest, sillier dog ever. I’ve even caught him on the roof before! He’s cunning and sneaky, but such a mamas boy who waits by the window for me to come home.
MOLLY IS A TRUE MAMA'S GIRL. My shadow for thw past 13 years. She's a sweet big sister to a Beagle puppy and a kitty brother. Vote her because she'll be 14 soon and deserves alot of extea love.
Daisy Lou
Daisy personality is one in a million. She is smart, silly, sweet and loves hard. She is 2yrs old mix poodle, terrior Australia Shepard. She loves the camera.
L ひ C K Y 🍀 mischief maker. nap connoisseur. little stinker. 💩 IG: @happygoluckystaffy
MJ loves attention! She’s always happy to crawl into your lap and let you show her some. She’s also a big fan of going for walks. Once the leash is attached, she’s quick to grab hold and take care of all the hard work herself
Hi, im Appa named after appa from avatar. My favorite toy is a carrot!
Stella is a happy, athletic, and energetic dog. Who acts and knows she is a princess. She loves to run and heard animals. She is very elegant in her own way. She will let you know she is in charge.
Poppy is actually a 6mth old Saint Berdoodle.. she is honestly the best puppy ever... she is lovable.. listens most of the time.... lol.. and such a snuggle bug.. she currently weights approximately 55lbs..
Rio is a fun loving pup with never ending energy. Her favorites are playing fetch with her ball and digging rocks out of the river. If she had the choice of eating or playing, she would choose playing.
A crazy, fun-loving husky that loves to back talk😂
Obi Wan Kenobi
Obi Wan Kenobi is a two year old red heeler corgi mix commonly known as a cowboy corgi. He loves the outdoors and his monkey, but he also loves to steal pillows and socks whenever he can! Obi loves to cuddle and shake his corgi butt when he is happy. He sees everyone as a friend and is always up for a wrestling match. 😌
My incredibly handsome F1 Pomsky Felon! He is such a mommas boy and gets whatever he wants with those gorgeous blue eyes!
Leba is a crazy energetic clumsy derp of a dog. She has cutest little wiggle butt you'll ever see! She has never met a human that she didn't love.
Tracker is our 3 month old puppy. He loves playing with his little humans, snuggles and his toys. He was named Tracker by his littiest humans cause he is going to be a deer shed tracking and duck hunting dog.
Nala is a Rhodesian Ridgeback Lab mix. She’s a 5ish week pup, who loves to eat, play, and sleep. Her energy never runs out, no matter how much you play with her. Her two favorite things are her lamb blankie and playing with peoples feet, she’s got a foot fetish.
Mochi is the most sweetest and playful Mini Schnauzer! He spends most of his time running around the house and outside as well. He also has a little friend he lives with and plays with daily.
Occupation: neighborhood watch all day, everyday. Love to scope out the beaches and chase tail. Sunny days and sun bathes.
Dalton is new to our family. He is now 8 weeks old. Play, sleep, eat.. repeat. ❤️
The spunkiest wiener around 💞
Hello my name is Emmy and I love walks, my toys and chewing on my bones. I am a big baby and love my two moms.
Li Li
Li Li is a very special girl, angel sent! After losing my only child my son at 20 years of age we moved to Big Island of Hawaii from Florida, for a new beginning to survive the tragedy. We were in the middle of clearing land when Li Li walked down our muddy trail for a visit, spent the day with us, then again the next day. She was malnurished and full of worms, found out she needed a home so we took her in. She has been such a blessing for me emotionally, she wakes me from bad dreams from my PTSD, she was sent by an Angel and her personality is absolutely amazing !
Scout was rescued by my husband and I at just 8 weeks old from a kill shelter 🥺. He’s our first puppy and does everything with us! He’s grown up into a smart, handsome and funny pup. Scout loves hikes, treats and zoomies with his fur brother Gunner. Vote for this tremendous Good Boy!!