Rhea is a very loving and cuddling Pomeranian. She loves her brother and protects him, but when it comes to mom's attention she does not like sharing. Loves car rides and walks.
Hi my name is Chapo Guapo Luis Soto, I love car rides and sticking my big ole head out the window! Don’t even get me started on balls, my tennis ball and popped basketball are my favorite ones to practice my amazing soccer skills with. I also love bottles, fidgeting with sticks and chasing leaves blowing in the wind ! I’ll always do tricks if it involves my favorite foods; Carrots, Pumpkin, watermelon, apples and blueberries to name a few. P.S when I go to the vet and be a good boy, I GET A PUP CUP!!!!
Meet Marshmellow the heart-stealing Pomeranian whose fluffy white coat resembles a cloud from a dreamy fairytale. With a twinkle in his eyes and a grin spreading infectious joy, Marshmellow captures the essence of happiness in every paw step. Adorned with a teal collar that mirrors his lively spirit, he’s not just a pet; he’s a joyful journey wrapped in fur. Marshmellow is more than a companion; he's a fluffy bundle of love, brightening days with his playful antics and boundless affection
Nigel was rescued from the pound after running the streets and highway in Castle Rock. He loves chasing his soccer ball, and chewing on his squeaky bear.
Hector loves to play all the time! He is the coolest frug around 😎 He loves sunbathing and cuddling. I just love this little guy so much.
April is a very friendly dog and loves to exercise. She loves play fetch and being outside.
St John
St John is a great family member. He plays all day, but then he likes to chill. What I love about him is when we go up the 3 floors everyday. He stays at each landing to wait for me. He also loves to smile and talk alot.
Ross loves to go outside with his mom and play fetch.
Baxter loves to play fetch with his ball and loves to be with his family.
Ranger is a 2yr old fun loving goofball who's main goal is to get constant lovings. He's my best friend always by my side or nearby. My emotional support friend. Ranger loves to catch mice and rats, and loves to chase chipmunks and squirrels. Only barks to alert you of stranger or some other animal he can't get. Winnings would be used to pay for his food, toys, treats, and to get him a vet visit.
Bruno is fun loving mini golden doodle. He will give the best cuddles and love you could ever imagine.
Nutmeg is a Retriever puppy (we think) and loves to play!!!!!!!
I have had Sasha since she was 5 weeks old she is such a lover all she wasn’t is rubs all day now can’t do much playing cause she is getting older but she try’s such a good girl and she loves her mommy
Roxy is a sweet 2 year old Chug. She likes playing with her toys but loves playing with water bottle caps.
Oakley loves playing outside
We rescued Choppo from a family who did not realize how big he would get (250 lbs). He's a big couch potato and love plays ball. He loves to cuddle amd block me from leaving the house. And drool we won't go there.
Meet Mojo, the delightful 16-year-old Valentine Day Shih Tzu who fills each day with joy. With a penchant for naps, treats, and the adorable habit of poking his tongue out during slumber, he brings a smile to everyone's face. Despite facing challenges with sight and hearing, Mojo's resilience shines through as he gracefully navigates his world. Since puppyhood, he's been my cherished companion, a loyal friend who holds a special place in my heart.
Luna loves people. She loves to play tug-o-war and fetch (but not always give/return). She likes to travel 🧳
Kona is a very energetic husky retriever mix. She is extremely loyal to her human brothers, and will protect them at all costs. Kona came into our lives when she was just 12 weeks old and she has been the light of our lives.
Daisy is a ChiShi. Part chihuahua and part shitzu. She loves to play and makes little noises like a cat purring. Shes very loveable and adorable. Daisy loves all animals and loves to snuggle. Im so glad shes mine! ♥
Gussy is a sweetie 💕 Most loveable and laid back dog in the world! 😇 The most sweetest dog! 💗 Look at those big cute eyes! 👀
Hello Trina Here I’m A seagull Beagle Chihuahua I’m A sweet Loving Fur Baby I Love Treats, Attention,Food But Most Of All I Love To Lay In Bed All Day Right Under My Mommy I Have A Real Mommy Issue But You Can Blame My Cuteness Mommy Spoils Me She Picked Me Up At A Shelter I Had A Contest This Other Furry Name Tandy Tried To Take My Mom I Had To Tell Her Off In Bark Style After That I Had To Give My Mom The Best Dog Show So She Would Pick Me Over Tandy I Just Struck A Few Puppy Poses And Let My Cuteness Do The Rest I Know A Few Tricks But Only For My Mommy And Boyy My Mommy Fell In Love Every Since Then It’s Been A Fur Baby Dream 🐕‍🦺❤️🎉
Jinjer is sweet girl, she is my angel, she has been there helping me through some tough days. She's addicted to her ball! She is a great pryenees/pit mixed. She loves wearing my tank top, her security top. Jinjer has been in 4 calendar's so far!
Jaxson is a 2 year old heeler from the Central Valley. He enjoys spending his time with his mom or being a terror to anything or anybody. He loves to play with his cat brother huero and big sister jersey.
Scooby is a goofy dog who loves playing with his toddler and getting all up in ur business when ur crying going threw a break up hell know about it all loves supernatural and his auntie Bailey and uncle Devin loves his nana and loves to play with the cats his favorite food is mangos
Otis is amazing hes my DPS service dog! My constant comfort he does so much for me i could never repay him hes given life love and hope! Hes adorable and he loves to love!!
Hi I’m Pablo I’m a Maltese Poodle I’m Very Spoil I Like My Way Most Of All I Love To Bark At Cars I’m Treat Crazy And Love Lots Of Attention I Even Like To Steal My Big Sister Attention But I Mean Well She’s My Only Fur Friend I Enter The Contest Because I’m A Cute Fur Baby Can’t You Tell From My Little Puppy Eyes 🥺
She loves my son unconditional. She wakes him up every morning to take my grandson to school
Rogue is just the best boy out there just look at his face
This is my Beautiful, Black, Silver Sable Bloodline... Germen Shephard. She is very intelligent, high spirited and full of energy. An amazing companion.
Boo Boo Powell
We got Boo from Florida we drove all night from South Carolina..we love him so much.he is a daddy's baby..he loves to play outside. He was 8 weeks old when we got him and now he is 5 months old.
She loves shredding paper,goes bananas about plastic bottles 💕
Ash is a 4 month old catalouha leopard breed pitbull mix leopard he’s got the best cuddles and loves to play and especially eat! He’s definitely a people dog! He absolutely loves meeting new people and loves to say hi to every person he sees! He especially loves his mommas! Ash should be voted on cause he’s the best decision we’ve ever made! And I just want to show the world how cute he is!!
My name is KoKo. I am a 36 pounds and still a baby, I’m friendly to everyone but mommy is the one I adore. I am goofy, a little clumsy, and my smile melts people’s heart. I love toys I can destroy , cuddles, kisses and belly rubs from mom and dad. I love going for car rides with mom and visiting different dog parks. I love treats but if you give me peanut butter , I will be your new best friend. Can you spread the love and vote for me 🥰
Roof just learned fetch. It used to be keep away. But since he got a wife and a kids, he learned to give the balls back. Still a terror tug of war champion
Phoenix is such a good boy. So gentle and loveable. Loves attention but dont get much because people see him and get scared so it breaks my heart when i have to pull him to come because they are scared. He also was born with hip displacia diagnosed at 2mnths old. He loves little kids and babies. Also loves playing with his toys.
She love to play outside & chase her ball. She's a loving n caring
Loki is our Big Baby Boy! He is full of energy and we have tons of fun with him daily! He loves to play pass the balloon with us and enjoys popping bubbles too! Loki also enjoys going for walks and trips to the dog park however he isn’t too fond about meeting new humans! He’s very shy and timid around strangers.
She love's to play with lighters and she love's the attention. And the sweetest.And money
Shar pie 11 weeks 18 lbs . Handsome boy !
11 weeks 15 lbs . Sweet boy ! Shar pie mix
Hi, I'm Luna! I'm a deaf Dalmatian who loves life! I understand hand signals and adore chasing tennis balls and running on the beach. Life's a joyous adventure with every wag of my tail!
Loki is an Aussie/Pit mix. She just turned 9 weeks old. She is very smart and loves everyone. Loki will be starting her obedience classes in a few weeks.
She a loving little girl just like a baby
This is Auggie, he is about to turn 1 in a month. Auggie loves playing outside but what he likes most of all is sun bathing and taking pictures of his beautiful brindle coat.
My name is Bookie! I love to cuddle and snuggle 🥰 I just got a new little sister Roxi and we love to play together. I love going for walks!!