Baby Stories - 88


Sam is a 9 week old British Cream Golden Retriever. He loves to play and snuggle. He’s a good guy and loves everyone. He loves to play with tennis balls and roll in mud puddles, but loves a bath❤️ We love Sam so much!
he likes to play
She’s super loving, very playful, loves her loud toys, loves fresh fruit, stubborn, cat living pooch. Her dad is chocolate lab, and her mom is Yorktown and chihuahua. So she won’t get any bigger . She’s basically a miniature lab.
Eleanor Rigby Austin
Eleanor Rigby or as I like to call her Ellie Is one of the sweetest dog you will meet ☺️ She lives spring games puzzles and she absolutely adores belly rubs those are her favorite. And whenever you’re a little bit sad Ellie will give you kisses and luvin and she is just such a sweet dog and she loves to play with her brother Maxwell but we call him Max and her mama Abby She is a sweet energetic dog who is always up for a little bit of playtime
Zuri a mini pin and yorkie she has the best personality loves to play ,she can talk she says
Toby is very energetic and loves to play with his toys and loves meeting new people. He is 7 months old and enjoys cuddling with his family and taking long hikes.
Loves many things but most of all he loves to sleep! His very clingy to mama, but also loves his space haha. He loves to play hide and seek such a good seeker. Sweet and playful best friend to his humans !
Howdy! My name is Rosie and I made the trip from Alabama to Pennsylvania to come into my forever home! I was a rescue found as a stray at only three months old all by myself but you could never tell because I’m sweet as can be. My hobbies include stealing mom’s socks, eating things I’m not supposed to, and napping in silly positions!
Diablo definitely does not live up to his feared name or breed. He is a big cuddle bug and loves to cuddle with his 5lb stuffed dinosaur. He inspects his treats at an FBI level before deciding they are good enough for his very extensive pallet that consists of whatever falls on the floor.
Diesel is such a lovable dog, he’s so protective over his family, he loves treats, and toys ❤️ And don’t forget hugs & kisses 🐶💋he’s a big baby by the way haha! He’s a sweetheart though😇🤞🏽 everyone give diesel boy some votes ✨
Bo is a 4 month old Boxer Dogo Argentino who loves to play with his treats before he eats them. He loves to chew up his toys (and everyone's shoes). He doesn't meet a stranger, will kill you with kisses, and is very smart. He's already learned to sit and stay; though he still sometimes forgets when others are around.
Hi everybody my name is Killa I am a MinChi which is a mix between a Miniature Pinscher and a Chihuahua. I have separation anxiety and cannot be left alone at home. I am my mama's shadow she cant do anything without me.
Benz is a sweet little Mini Aussiepoo. He is a rescue who loves to run and play outside. He loves to cuddle and play with other dogs. He is a dog who rarely barks and loves all people too!
Nova is an amazing dog! I haven’t been blessed with a baby yet so she is my daughter. She has her own toy box and her own little outfits. She is a big personality lol she always makes me and others smile. She is the friendliest dog ever she just wants pets from everybody everyone is her friend. She loves car rides, going to the park, playing with all her toys, and her favorite things are treats! She loves her mom, dad, grandma, and auntie, but her best friend is my little kitten sheeva they play all the time together.
Bebe is a extremely happy and friendly and joyful Chihuahua she loves cuddles and especially with her mom Dezzie . She is certainly the life of the party. She loves to play with her toys and run back in for like little little crazy puppy.😍
Chester is a German shepherd doberman mix who loves to be outside and chew on sticks.
Wallie is a lab pit mix who loves his brother dearly, gives lots of kisses and his favorite treat is apples!
Dixie is 7 years old and she is part pitbull, French bulldog and pug. We adopted her at 8 weeks old from Out Of The Pits. She loves everyone she meets and gives unconditional kisses and cuddles. She’s also super playful and has the energy of a puppy.
Daisy is an 8 month old Rottie who loves play time and wrestling with her cat brother!
Ace Axle Stafford
Ace Axle Stafford is loving, cures, and kind. He is always into something no matter what. But he likes to talk back and get mouthy with you but all kids are like that am I right. He would love for y'all to vote for him.
Blu was a rescue from a breeder that said “he isn’t worth anything” because he has extra toes on his hind paws. He is 1/2 German Shepard and 1/2 Gotti pit bull. Blu’s hobbies include laying on mom, eating every stick in the yard (including ripping news ones off the trees), and playing with his best friend Zena. He is literally the biggest baby, and when he’s in trouble he runs for moms lap.
Zena was rescued at just a year old, and very pregnant. After having 9 puppies (and finding good homes) Zena became the best part of my life. As my ESA, she is trained to deal with anxiety attacks and loves cuddling. She’s spoiled a “spoiled rotten Princess” as her other hooman likes to refer to her as. Even though a Princess though, she LOVES her mud and playing with the other dogs.
Riley is a corgi that actually LOVES to play fetch (who would’ve thought)
He’s such a overwhelming large BABY ALWAYS LOOKING TO GREET EVERYONE
Jade is the best friend any person could ever have! She isn’t just a dog to me she is my life! I am so lucky I get to wake up everyday to her. She brings so much joy to not only my life to many peoples lives.
Eevee loves her treats like any other lab! She is loved by everyone especially when she puts her paw up for a treat. She is a fast learner and at 8 weeks she was potty trained! She rings the bell to go potty outside, and she will sit when she is told. She loves to play and is full of energy. And forgot to mention she is photogenic.
Ellie May
Hi guys I’m Ellie May, I’m a pit box mix ,I love my chew toys that I destroy in minutes after getting them , I love to play and run, I’m super sweet and hyper , I love to sleep with fuzzy blankets.
Nefarious loves to play and chew up his toys. He loves walks and cuddles too.
Ace is a German Shepherd boxer. He is very smart and loveable. He is full of joy and tail wags.
Rocco is a Rottie that Loves to sleep and chill. He loves being outside and rolling around in the grass and dirt.
he likes his blue bone and mickey
Hello my name is Oakley! I am a very playful and a outgoing pup! I love to play outdoors and run where my snout takes me. I am a very generous pup. I’ll even share my treats with you. I love the color pink and I love to dance and play to music. My favorite song is “all we got” by robin schulz and kiddo. I am hoping to win this 2,000 to help my mommy and daddy buy a big back yard for me! I would be so happy if you dropped a like to make me the worlds cutest pup as I am!
Luna Moon
Our gorgeous rescue girl Luna Moon aka Lunatic. This crazy pup has been with us since she was just 5 weeks old and she has completely changed our life. She has so much love to give and brings so much life to our house. Luna Moon is a coonhound/Lab mix who loves fetch, snuggles, din dins and treatos. We simply adore her and hope you do too!
Zeus is the cutest boy, he loves cuddling and playing with his toys.
Little Laura was abandoned with her 3 siblings in a box and dropped off at a kill shelter. Luckily I was able to take them in and foster until they are strong enough to find furever homes
Luna is a spunky, goofy, playful, lovable boxador(lab boxer x) who will be a year old February 2nd of 2021. She is super silly, always making us laugh with her super dopey personality. I believe she thinks she’s a cat sometimes! She loves her family and to play tug of war 24/7(if she could have it her way!)
Loki is a Mountain Cur mix. He smiles when you come home. He loves laing in bed with his head on a pillow. Loves treats. Loki is often found gazing out tge window
This is Penelope, Penny for short! She is a Shelti/dash hound mix She loves being outside and enjoys playing fetch as well as tug of war. She loves spending time with her kitty brothers staring out the window at the birds. She likes to sleep right next to her mommy at night and is by her side all day! She loves people and always welcomes them with kisses. One of her favorite things to do is go swimming at the crick or go for rides to the pet store, or basically anywhere! She also loves going on visits to see our Grandma!
Ollie is the sweetest. He loves to cuddle, play with his toys, and of course loves his treats.
Max is a 5 year old Husky/Shepard mix! He loves to play with little tiny squeak toys and his bestie Penny. He enjoys car rides to Mcdonald’s and Starbucks! He loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy and when it’s time for bed he snuggles right up with us and keeps us warm!
Daisy is a nearly 2 year old whirlwind! She loves to play all day and cuddle all night! Her favorite today’s are anything she can rip the stuffing out of and her blanket that she carries around everywhere!
Daisy is the best and she loves people!
Gracie is whippet and lab mix, she loves to snuggle and play all day. She loves squeaking toys and bones. Her two favorite things to do is go for car rides and playing outside.
Meet my Remi 🙂 she's 14 weeks old and loves naps, playing with her toys,rides in the truck, watching tv and playing fetch.
Rudy is a miniature dachshund. Curious and full of cuteness!
Gigi Richardson
Gigi is a sweet fiery yorkie full of love and energy. She loves to play with her brother, snuggle with Dad and play with her toys with Mom. We love her to the moon!