Lauren is on the Left … she is definitely a lap dog and the sweetest. I wish I could post both of my chihuahuas but I couldn’t. I have Lauren and MJ who are sisters ❤️❤️
Toby is only a little over a month old and is possibly pitbull/pointer mix. He loves to play and he loves his treats!!
Mickey is a rescue dog and is the best of the best. She’s smart, loving, and the greatest addition to our family. She LOVES other dogs and especially people.
Don't you think I'm handsome?
I am the best behaved when cheese is involved💕I am huge cuddle bug and love to lay on top of my people!
i love sitting pretty in my dresses! ❤️👗
Trooper is the most loving and playful Labrador retriever and loves all the attention.
Buddy is an outgoing little dude that loves to play and be your buddy. He never leaves your side and loves to give kisses.
Chester was a dog fighting survivor from Houston Texas who now gives the worlds best cuddles
leaves are my favorite!🍂
Sky is new to the family. Her personality is so funny and amazing.
Zeke is such a cuddle bug and loves to play fetch! He is very friendly and also a very curious pup 🐶
She is the best dog we love her so much she is so great with our grandbabies
Freya is the newest addition to our pack! She loves wrestling with her sisters, taking grass out of the ground, rolling on bird poop, and running through sprinkler systems on her daily walks 🐾
Felix is the best boy and loves going on hikes, playing fetch, and sitting on his balcony watching the neighbors and the mountains until mommy gets home. He’s very smart and knows the names of all his toys! Felix is excited to be hiking his first 14er soon!
Fun, loving lap dog
Hershey is new to our family so we’re still learning each other! But I can’t wait to make a a lifetime of memories with him! 🐶🤎
Bella is a spunky 3 year old who dosent let anyone tell her what to do. She loves to run and loves her squeaky toys
Charlie is my almost 4 year old husky and he is the biggest good ball out there. He loves to run, dig, and create a slip n slide in my kitchen after he’s done getting a drink lol. He’s a very entergenic sweet boy and I wouldnt trade him for the world.
Halo loves to play on his skateboard
Una is a husky/wolf dog. She loves running, eating raw foods, protecting her family, and playing with her sister sage. She is a very sweet girl. Always wanting to snuggle and thinking she's a lap dog (although she is the size of her hoomans). Una especially loves her cat siblings, she will play for hours with them! Every morning Una makes sure the neighbors are awake with her. A word from Una : ahhwwoooooooo 🐺
She's The Most Loyal.. Protective..And Intuitive Dog..She Protects Us All...
This our Roxy. She is full of Spunk and loves people and all the attention. Roxy is a 4 year old English springer spaniel with the best goofy personality any fur baby parent could ask for.
This is Sadie. She is the most loving dog I've ever met. She is my support dog and she has saved my life. She knows how to hug everyone she meets. She loves to run in the backyard and has the cutest smile. She looks like a fox when she sleeps. She is brave, caring, and over all a great beautiful dog. I would be lost without her.
Roscoe was adopted from a shelter when he was 6 months. He is now a year old. We wanted to give him the best life he could have. He is such a spoiled little boy. He loves to play with his squeaky and crinkle toys. He gets the zoomies and goes around the house in a circle through rooms. He loves to be the center of attention. He also loves walks and car rides.
Shelby is a 4 year old Shorkie. I brought her home weighing 1.9 lbs. She responds to anything involving a treat😄
My name is Cyrus, and I am 10 yrs. old Pitbull favorite thing to do is go for Car Rides, Walks, and Sleep on the bed with my owners, My favorite food varies, but my most favorite is Chicken
Oaklee is so much fun. He is also very smart.i think you should vote for Oaklee because he is such a little gentleman.
Luke is a 3 month old Siberian husky that is full of spunk and loves to run and play fetch when he is not catching a snooze 😴
She’s a very good house security, bark 🐕😁friendly love dog .🐶 and fast learner with some tricks, loves to chase the birds like a wind.
His name said it all but he is still mama and daddy’s sweetheart, when he gets in trouble he will show up with gifts and love to make you forget🥰🐶🐾
Sergeant is an 8 year old labrador mix, and the best boy. He is a service dog, and he goes all over the place with me, allowing plenty of opportunities for interesting photos!
Rocco is a 2 year old norwegian mix who loves sleeping and playing outside. He knows a few tricks like sit, paw, lay down, and speak. He loves going everywhere with his family.
Onyx Grace
Onyx is 2 years old, she loves running in tall grass and she loves cuddling her kittys
Working english cocker who loves the water, agility, and birds. Affectionate, sweet, charming personality. Is a fan of pup cups, blueberry treats, and any toy that squeaks.
Zues is a very smart boy. He loves to talk and say I ❤️ YOU. And dances in circles.
Mowgli is a black English Lab, he absolutely LOVES toys! He will drop anything he is doing for food and he thinks he’s a lap dog… even though he will be 90+ pounds when he’s all grown up!
Puppy is the love of my life ..she is the sweetest baby that loves to play with her toys .. She make me smile when im down..i love my little girl..puppy is almost 3 and she is my world.. best baby ever
Hi everyone! My name is Memphis Blue. I was born in December of 2021. I love going on adventures with my parents, I especially love being on and in the water. I cant swim that good so I have to wear my life jacket since I’m a sinker! My other favorite things are playing with my Kong bone, cuddles, running circles around the yard for exercise and loving on my Bully brother, Muffin. I’m very kind hearted and love people as much as I love other dogs 🐶 Please vote for me! 🫶🏼
Duke was adopted in Las Vegas, NV & has traveled across the country to live in NY. Duke loves hiking, naps, his toys, cuddles & just recently took up swimming. He’s such a good & sweet loving boy!
Baby likes to play a lot he is very intelligent he likes to jump and miss all kinds of objects in front of him he likes to fetch the ball he likes to play basketball and he's very very passionate he likes to not receive kisses but he likes to not give them either
Scobby Do
Scobby is a service dog to my daughter who's non verbal. He is such a chill loving puppy he absolutely loves my daughter and my other kids.
Presley Marie
Presley is my Senior shih tzu & my spirit animal. She'll be 15 soon and I see time has taken its toll but shed never admit it lol and she has definitely been spoiled. She argues with herself if she has to get up for water, potty, or anything.Shes always mumbling something under her breath.We have been thru et together.Shes my true,as they say "ride or die". shes been right by my side and honestly there is no better dog. My girl cant hear very good or see as well anymore. She moves a lil slower and stays closer to the ground but shes never shown pain or weakness, not even once. She is in a world all her own. I cant think of when she leaves me or i have to make that decision. Shes been glued to my side from 6 weeks old. Shes hateful, she is stubborn as a mule BUT shes perfect for me ! Most of all, shes mine and i am hers. Presley Marie is my very special lil girl. I dont think we could ever deserve the love our dogs. She is so unique, if she were a human she'd be a tomboy. She HATES to get pretty & would hate this too haha.
Shiva is a medical alert and response service dog! We love going new places and she loves helping her mom! Please vote for us!! 🥰🥰
Emmy is one and a half years old & full of life!!! All winnings are going to Em's agility training!!!!
Hi, my name is Mia but my mom often calls me Moo. I am a 18 year old Golden Retriever. Life as a retired therapy dog has been pretty sweet. Im enjoying my retirement.
Most spoiled Dog I have ever owned. But also one of the best. <3