handsome boy & he knows it, loves to sleep, cuddle, play with his toys and chase his dad on a dirtbike 🫶🏻
Boxer/bully mix😤 - Lover of chicken & long naps -10/10 will kiss your babies
Harley Quinn
She loves to chew on everything and is super jealous
Vote for the most loving sweet boy around!!!!
Lilly is a purple noise pit who is 7 weeks old in the picture is her an her sister she is very playful an loves cuddles she's a big daddy girl
Snowball loves to play with his toys and bark at squirrels. Likes to relax with a few pieces of popcorn and apples loves snuggles and cuddles
Boondock is amazing, he saved me and he gives me a reason to live every day!!!!
Bud is very energetic and loves going on walks. He is also very obsessed with tennis balls and when ever he gets upset he suckles. Hes a huge mamas boy.
He loves to play and take walks with his family
Bruno is the happiest and sleepiest baby boy. ❤️
Jax is a Husky / German Shepherd mix. He is the sweetest, most affectionate dog in the world. Jax is a talker (like all good Huskies), and we have conversations all the time...he really believes I understand him! In this photo, Jax can be seen leaning up against me as I lay on the couch, having been sick for 7 weeks. He tended to me every day, coming to give me kisses and make sure I was ok. You can see his concern for me in his eyes.
Gwen is an Australian shepherd. She is 10 months old. She is very spunky little girl full of energy! I traveled 11 hours to pick her up. She is very protective of the house and farm.
Louie loves going for car rides, short walks, and anywhere that he gets treats especially his favorite place Tractor Supply!!
Hi everyone, my name is Willow and I am almost 1 years old. I love my parents and enjoy howling, playing with my toys and sunbathing! Please help me win this competition so I can have a happy pawlidays 🐾🎄
Athena is a brindle pit-bull. She loves hugs and she loves to get cuddles whenever she can. She thinks she is a lap dog and will try to sit in your lap even if she does not fit. She loves to chase squirrels around and play with the other dogs.
Cookie is a chihuahua-Shih Tzu mix. She is an active dog and she is very “talkative. “ As soon a someone walks into the door, she likes to greet them with her kisses and howls.
Luna is a chihuahua-Shih Tzu mix. She loves to play with her dog sisters cookie and Athena. Luna is an active dog and she loves to jump around on two feet.
Peanut is an adopted puppy, she is very playful, loves people, other dogs, and she loves to cuddle. She is my little peanut raptor....because when she yawns, she makes this sound like a raptor.
Alexander loves to lay in the sun
Coco loves to lay in the pool and receive attention!
Romeo is very energetic and playful
Bentley is a year old he is turning 2 in May. Bentley loves to play with toys, he loves running around outside and he absolutely loves swimming and being in water more than anything in this world!
DJ is sweet and gentle, he loves to play
She’s a curious little dog who loves her bones!
just a good ole bloopy boy
She’s a former rescue, the most lovable dog and she loves cookies
She is such a caring and playful dog she loves her toys and bones and she loves everyone she sees she love to snuggle a lot and more then all she love to eat 🖤🤍
Ava is a sweet , lovable boxer . She loves her treats and playing outside .
Riley is such a loving dog she loves to play and loves attention she knows when you are upset and will come cuddle you and lick your tears she loves other dog and people when she gets to know them she love grilled cheese sandwiches she just turned 3🖤💛
Viper loves to play in the leafs and run around outside he is a sweet smart dog
Angel is a 1 year and 8 month old Gerbarian Shepsky that loves to play and wrestle. She loves going for car rides and spending time with mom and other pups. She has been in a 2022 calendar and also an adult and kids trivia book. Can also follow her on her Instagram page angel040621
Cooper loves going for walks and playing games. He’s smart and goofy. He loves to end the day cuddled up right next to you.💕
Millie is a spunky little girl who is very photogenic!
She's a loving playful dog, she loves to be around kids and play with them and she just overall a very good dog and I'm glad I have her🐶❤️
Dixie is a spunky and leaf chasing pup who is addicted to redecorating the rugs throughout the house and loves a good ball to play with! Vote for her love!
Clove is such a sweetie, she lives long car rides, and HATES the rain
Hi, my name is Opal and I am a sweet and sassy little girl. I love to play with my human siblings and fur sisters. I love going on new adventures with my mom and trying to eat everything I can find! Momma says I can’t do that, but I can’t help it, I’m just a baby!☺️🐾
Dallas is a 4 year old german shepherd who loves going outside. She loves to chase after rabbits. She’s the sweetest girl.
Barbie is so sweet and loves to snuggle! Her favorite treat is salmon.🍽️ She loves her older sibling/brother Kito💖 She loves to be outside and go to the dog park!🐕‍🦺
Willie is a chihuahua mix with wiener dog. He is the most upbeat, loving dog. He loves to jump like a jumping bean and play fetch. Cuddling is his specialty and he loves warmth and to be deep into blankets.
Tilly is a pit/retriever mix and she is one years old. She is the Celtics BIGGEST FAN!!! She loves to cuddle, and play with her toys. She also loves to hide her toys around the house so she can go and find them later on in the day.
Buddy is a Pit Bull mix. He is one of the sweetest dogs I own. His favorite thing to do is nap on the couch! He also loves the laser light!
Drako is my sweetest baby, he may take you by surprise first looking at him, but he is a cuddle bug❤️ He loves his food and has his best time playing with his stuffed animals. Drako’s most favorite toy is his sloth or his red Kong ball. He has an attitude like a human, but most of all he loves his momma🥰
He is a very playful active 6 month old puppy. He loves his snacks and being outside. Dont let his look fool you he is the biggest baby of all.
Boone Dox
Boone Dox is a 2year old Squirrel Hound. He is the life of the party and goes everywhere with his mom. He enjoys long walks with his horse friends out in the trails. He is also a great companion to shelter animals who are learning how to act around new and unfamiliar dogs.
Bentley is a very energetic dog. He loves to play with other dogs. Also playing fetch and tug-a-war with the rope! He is a very cuddly dog and loves lots of attention and affection. I would never want to trade him for anything else!
Paizley is a very active 5 month old German shepherd and pitbull mix-breed puppy. Her favorite activities are to be outside and to play with her big sister Sadie ❤️