🇺🇦💛WE STAND WITH UKRAINE💙🇺🇦This is Beaux! He loves his treats, to cuddle and is very protective of his baby human sister and his human family! We love him and he loves us very much!
He's six still looks like a puppy he loves his mamma more then anything goes everywhere with her he is truly the Rocco baby he's the cutest bestest well behaved dog I know.
He loves to play outside and be with his paw paw
She loves to play with my other 3 dogs, she is so sweet.
He was a rescue puppy he’s lab and beagle mix! Love bacon and eggs! His favorite toys are his balls and bones and anything with a squeaky! Love going for walks! Loves attention and thinks he’s the boss and is spoiled rotten!!!
She loves to nap when on the road,loves to play and run
Axel is a big boy and he loves his daddy. He loves his rice and chicken at supper time and he loves his chest and belly rubbed. Axel has the best personality and loves to be loved on.
Duke is a great dog! He’s loving, caring loves attention and is a great snuggle buddy. He loves walks and car rides! Very playful!!
Oliver loves people, toys, and chewing on things he’s not supposed to.
We rescued Max,he crazy loves playing and eating, loves Belly rubs
Bella is a 1 1/2 year old boxer, she is very playful and loves her toys, attention from everyone and has to be the center of attention!! She loves getting into mischief, one of my favorite things about her is she has a little bit of an overbite and when her mouth is closed she looks like she is pouting…
He loves playing with his toys and our 3 cats.
First off Thank you to everyone for the votes😊So about karma she is 4 months old I got her at 6 weeks karma is going to be a service dog to Detect seizures she is so sweet, loving, mellow and listen very well for her age all winning’s will go to her training to become a Seizure detection dog
He loves protecting his family and playing with his big sister Xena. He will be your cuddle bear and your best friend.
She is lovable,amazing and very protective she is very faithful to her family
We rescued Odin from a very sad situation. He was starving and in poor health. He is now a loyal loving handsome boy! He speeds love to everyone so meets him!❤️❤️
Arlo is full of love and spends his time in between taking naps and getting into mischief.
She's very playful, a super loving pup she snuggles with me every day and night she's definitely not a fan of cats but most dogs aren't. She's a great service dog for me and my autistic son JJ . She's terrified of screaming and yelling but she stays by my n my son's side all the time. She's extremely friendly but hates when people are wearing hats n she's a great guard dog too. Ahana love walks n being outside
Sissy loves everyone . She loves to eat different kinds of treats. Sissy loves to run and play with her toys. Sissy loves it when you take her outside . And everyday she is waiting for us to get home for work she will meet us at the door all excited and she has to be picked up and loved on when you come in . Sissy is spoiled rotten and she has her daddy wrapped around her little paw.
Meatball is our first dog for my wife and I! He had been such a joy and so playful. He is our little buddy. Talk about loyal dogs- huskies are it! His personality is so unique, and I feel like he communicates with us through his own husky language. And he's just a big fluffy, furry Meatball of love 🥰
She is a big cuddle bug. Loves to be close to her humans. Loves to play tug of war and fetch with her squeaky balls.
Ruby is such a joy to our house!! She is so energentic and loving!! She is a snuggler and is great with the kids! Also- she has the cutest puppy eyebrows🥰🥰
His favorite toy is a set of Deer antlers he found in the woods when he was 9 weeks old. He is extremely smart and very protective already. He sleeps in the bed with me and he holds my hand in his mouth till he falls asleep at night.
She is very hyper. Midnight loves to run around in the backyard chases her sister around. She loves to sleep under the blanket
Harley Queen
She loves to chew on her bones and loves to play with her little sister. She is very hyper and she loves to play outside
Atlas loves crackers and he loves his girls! ❤️ Mommy is his favorite person.
Roo Roo
Roo is a Datsun mix, she’s almost 2 years old and just had her puppies 2 weeks ago! Roo is my emotional support dog and she knows how to do her job! She’s one of the best dogs I’ve ever had!
Fun, loving, and energetic puppy!! He’s 6 months old, he loves to be outside, playing with his uncle Jax and being with mom and dad..💕
Willow May
Willow May was born May 13th, the same birthday of myself. She is a full blood blue nose pit. Loves car rides to watch Amish buggies and walks.
Sadie Girl
Sadie is a 8 week old Husky mix, she has beautiful blue grey eyes and absolutely loves to play!!
Duke is 6 months old He is a pitbull/canecorso/silverlab His favorite toy since the day we brought him home is his sloth. He loves cheese and steals any paper he can get ahold of, especially paper towels and receipts. He sleeps in bed with us, usually on our heads or on the entire pillow. Duke is a ball of energy and loves being outside no matter the weather.
Mia is so sweat and calm. She lives to play and run. She gets excited when anyone in my family comes home. Her favorite toys she keeps in her mouth at all times. She waits until I say Okay for her to eat. She is the best dog I could ever ask for!
Bon Jovi
Names zuzu but my mom calls me non jovi and I seem to like it makes me seem like a prince . I’m 1 out of 4 fur siblings. My 2 moms and sister adopted me from a gas station I just turned a year old . I know how to sit and shake I even do high fives . I like to smile and show my vampire vanges when my mom kisses me to much . My mommy tells her to stop but I’m just that cute . I cry when my mommy leaves ima mommy’s boy . If you open the door I’m going to run like a track star any chance I get . The only way I will come back is if you open my car door and that means I get to go bye bye . When I’m in the car I like to sit on the middle console paws 🐾 down and head and my tail feathers up in the air . The ladies love me . I love to bark even when mom tells me to stop . I’m a boy with a lot of words . Sometimes I like to talk back . I also don’t do being behind closed doors I will dig until the carpet is damaged . Without being said vote for me so my moms can smile because the carpet damage is gunna be a pretty penny
Bruiser is a sweet and loving boy. He is so smart. He loves catching the ball, and chasing sticks in the water. Not to mention the best snuggle buddy ever. And as you can see very photogenic.
Kane is a mastweiller (mom is full Rottweiler and dad is full mastiff). Kane is very lazy and loves sleeping 💙
Nakita is my wild child!! She’s lucky she’s so pretty😍😍
Sky is a lovable baby she loves to play and snuggle with the other animals and our kids and us! She loves swimming in the lake!
Pep loves laying in the sun and watching Puppy Dog Pals🐾💕
Zoey is a border collie she is verry helpful and helps my aunt when she has her spells she loves to lay in her big comfy chair and is a big baby thank you for the votes 💕
She is a great pup smart already working on birds
Alaska is very sassy and smart as a whip also the first to tell ya I love you every morning!!
Dixie loves snow and loves to run all around and is around the cattle horses and all other animals
Sunny D
Sunny d is the most joyful day you will ever meet love’s kids and will let them jump all over her
Romeo loves his green ball. He sleeps and plays with it . He lives up to his name, he is a lover!! He will give kisses 24/ 7 if he could. Belly rubs makes him happy❤🐾
Samson is a 9 month old rescue I adopted a month ago, he was close to being put to sleep in the shelter with his dad and sister and he is the sweetest little man and brings so much joy into my life. He loves his toys and food and kisses
Bauer loves to snuggle and he is one of Penn State’s biggest fans. We are!
Snowball was 15 years old, she was the most playful dog, always energetic, excited to see family and new people. Always wanted attention. About a couple years ago she started to lose her sight and started to lose hearing as well also had tumors that were cancer. She lived a long life and faught so hard. We recently in December of 2021 had to make the hard decision of putting her to sleep. It was the hardest and saddest day. But we know that she is in a better plave and not in pain anymore. She was my fur baby and i will never forget her.
She is a catahoula cur she is very sweet and loving she is very playful and loves kids