Baby Stories - 87


I love to play with my brother Meeko, who also is registered for this competition. I also love to go to the beach, & learn new tricks for yummy peanut butter treats. Cuddling Mom & Dad are also one of my favorite things to do. Please vote for me so Mom and Dad can get me a girlfriend with the prize money ❣️
Yoni Yoni Papa
Yonni Yonni Papá is one spoiled fur baby. Both his human parents love him deeply. He was born in Cuba and came to the U.S with his mom right before the pandemic hit. Since living in the states, he has discovered he enjoys long walks in the grass and playing fetch with his mom. He loves long cuddles with mom and jumping in dads laps to watch tv. Yonni Yonni Papa is smart and likes when his mom sings to him. His fully bilingual too! He doesn’t shy from adventures and loves to sniff everything/everyone.
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is a fun loving AKC Australian Retriever who enjoys being outside, playing with her dads, meeting new hoomans and giving big warm hugs. Her perfect date is described as April 25th, because it’s not too hot not too cold all she needs is a light jacket!
Sasha is a 2 year old Siberian husky, she loves the the snow and squeaky balls though they’re life span is about 5 minutes.
Saber is Siberian husky mix, he loves people more then dogs! He’s also a 80 lb lap dog who will love you forever if you give him any amount of table food
Justus is a precious boy who loves my husband, kids and me ♥️ He has been a pretty amazing emotional support dog and companion for my husband and a fun loving playmate for my kids. He loves to play but will snuggle with us when it’s time to calm down. He is a miniature American Eskimo/Japanese Spitz but he thinks he’s a big doggo. Great watch dog who is protective yet welcoming! He’ll be 1 year old on Valentines Day 2021 ♥️🥰
Luna is the youngest in her litter as well as the smallest of her siblings. She loves to eat and loves to sleep. She is a very playful and loving pup and enjoys all the interaction between her siblings and other family members <3
Whitney is a four month old Cane Corso. She loves playing fetch and snuggling up for a movie
Diva is a AKC Long-Haired Miniature Dachshund living in a small town in California. Diva loves playing catch and spending time with her most favorite hoomans. She’s very playful, joyful and overall full of energy.
Blue loves to run in the snow and talk to anyone that will listen...even when shes just talking back. 🤣 She LOVES squeaky toys and wishes she didn’t break them all so fast! But she has also been to many different homes in her short three years with all different owners now here with us she has found her forever family which we could be happier about!
Nalah is 4 years old and loves to eat🦴, play, and sleep 💤🐶
Gator doesn’t care if he wins, he just wants someone to tell him he’s still handsome in his old age.
Zoey is a mini golden doodle who loves to go on walks, cuddle and most importantly eat everything. Her favorite snacks are turkey and puppacinos.
Titan is a mixed breed,he’s protective,and he loves his walks❤️
Thor loves chasing squirrels is a major snuggle bug and loves all people ❤️
Diesel is a little over a year old and he is the most loyal and caring dog ever... Diesel loves being outside and playing with his toys especially his ball.
Max is a Mini Jack Russell Terrier who just loves his humans. He enjoys 24/7 cuddles, going for walks, and chasing rubber balls around the yard that are bigger than him before eventually popping them. He truly is spoiled rotten, as he should. From the amount of treats he gets a day and just all the love in the world.
Hi! I’m Benson. I’m an 8 month old mini poodle. I love to cuddle with my mom, play fetch, learn new tricks, and my favorite thing to do is play on the beach! Vote for me! 🐾
Kairo is a 1 year old French bulldog full of personality.🤪 He loves to dig holes, eat table scraps, fight with his cousin and acts tough in front of strangers. 💪🏼💪🏼 The thing Kairo loves most is to play with his cousin Prince.
Sadie is a sweet spunky little pup. She loves to eat, play outside, go for long walks and snuggle in bed with mommy and daddy. She loves everyone she meets and greets them with lots of kisses
Fun, a big teddy bear, lovable, and very out going. Loves chancing squirrels for fun.
Baby was given to me by a friend that knew id always wanted a min pin. She came all the way to Colorado from a breeder in Texas. Baby isn't your normal min pin, I've is the even like most normal dogs. Baby has 2 sexual organs making her a hermaphrodite. Baby is all girl and only when she goes to the vet do the sometimes notice.
Hi I’m Crowley. I’m a 7 month old German shepherd. My best friend is a little girl named Macey. I like running, swimming, eating, and playing with my squeaky pig
Hey I’m Dixie I’m 14 years old I’m deaf but I still play around like I’m a puppy I am a country girl I love to just run around and play with my sisters big girl,letty and my brother axle
Roxie The Doxie
Roxie is a rescue. She found us in the Bradshaw Shelter. She was abused, has scars that indicate this
CoCo is a Shih Tzu Poodle who recently lost the use of her back legs, but is slowly gaining back use! The sweetest dog that licks away your tears and will nudge you for love or food, whichever she wants more. Show her some love!
😊 🐶🐾 A house is not a home without a dog. I am a very special little girl who loves everything including my mommy who is my very best friend. 😇🐶🐾💕💖😇🐶🐾💕💖
Actually Axle
Hey my name is axle I’m 4 years old I love everyone I get to meet I’m a big cuddle bug I’m the big man of the house I protect my family with my life I love my family
Missy is a complete snuggle bug. She loves to chase the cat and run laps around the house
alfie is the goofiest guy you’ll ever meet. his favorite things include digging in the sand, giving kisses and playing with his best friends.
Ginger was a rescue and she is eight months old she loves being outside and she loves to run and play her favorite treats are Carrots and milk bones she loves carrots the most they can be cooked,steamed,raw,frozen she loves them either way
Rudy is a rescue dog. He was terribly abused by his previous owner & still has a problem with strangers - particularly men. He loves to walk to the park on the river. He thinks he's a Bloodhound & gets a little stubborn. He stops & won't move until he sniffs up & down an entire leaf of grass. He also loves the Smyrna Dunes Dog Park at Ponce De Leon Inlet. Rudy & I will celebrate our "5th anniversary" on Saturday January 30th.
Theo is 7 years old. We adopted him from a rescue centre. He is very shy at first, but he is a little teddy bear and loves to be our little shadow. Please vote for Theo 🐾
Bugzy Boy the 4month old german shepherd from Catalina Island!
Shakes both paws lays down great for cuddles and will sleep all day with you super playful!
Sunnie is a loving, playful & precious part of our family. We rescued him when he was just 8 weeks old when he turned up on our doorstep crying in the rain. We should say he rescued us! He just had his first birthday and is hoping for your vote 🐾 He loves his treats, playing with his little brother as a chew toy and most importantly loves to snuggle. We hope you love our big bear as much as we do! Please vote for Sunnie 🐾
Otis loves to heard his brothers and sisters and loves to cuddle mommy and daddy ❤️🐶
He's the smartest and most handsome boy
Enzo just turned 9 years old! I snached him up when he was 2 year's old and it was the best decision of my life. He is the best adventure partner and only gets sweeter with age. He walks with a toy in his mouth wherever we go, and he loves to make people laugh. ♡♡
Lacy is a very playful and fun puppy! She was rescued in Mexico and is a Mini Labrador puppy!
Hello voters!!! My name is Cannoli!! Im a 4 month old Shih Pom. I weigh only 41/2 lbs! I am a city dog from Chicago! My favorite places to walk is downtown on the Mag mile because I have TONS of people to say hi too and see lots of huge buildings!!!! I am NOT shy!!! Walks are my ultimate favorite thing to do! But mom keeps talking about taking me to Grandmas to go swimming. Don’t know what that is yet but it sounds great!!! So, Please vote for me and I’ll always be extremely grateful!!!
Dante is an 8 month old Great Dane and is one of the funniest puppies ever! His favorite thing to do is go to the dog park and play with his friends!
Winston also goes by Winnie, after Winnie da Pooh. He loves to play with his toys, friends and snow! He also likes swimming and hiking! He is an overall sweet dog!
Nova is a total princess! She’s only 4 months old, and she knows she’s the H.B.I.C haha. She’s also kinda tik tok famous! Vote vote vote!
Letty is 5 years old she is 4.5 pounds she loves to cuddle up with mommy and play with her brother Axel and sisters big girl,Dixie she has a big attitude for such a small dog 🐶
Born on Valentine’s Day of 2020, Hiram is a Golden/Shepard mix with a extraordinarily goofy personality. Loves meeting new furry friends, chasing birds and swimming! Although athletic, Hiram spends a lot of his time lounging on the couch and frequently napping throughout the day.
Nora is such a sweet girl that had a rough start to her young life. Having a heart surgery already behind her, she is healed and makes our lives brighter ❤️