Salsa is the cutest dog ever!!! She is sweet and loves her family!! Please vote!!
Tiny hes silly always got the zoomies always wants to be around mommy or his kittys loves everybody
Pepper is a Blue Texas healer,she is so loving,very smart,loves all other animals also especially loves people.
Miley is super sweet and a cuddle bug 🥰 she loves playing with her kitty siblings and she’s sassy
Cute and super friendly. Loves playing tug of war and catching his ball
Oreo has a great loving heart. He enjoys playing and his favorite past time is doggie t.v.
Remy Martin
Remy Martin is an 18 wk old puppy and a surviver . He had a kidney removed and is fun loving , playful, talkative and loves people and car rides
Waffle is her name because of her color hairs. She is 10 yrs old, very sweet, most funny to show me of her silly looks. Waffle have an IMHA (Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia). She is keep fighting with her blood cells. Waffle is so awful smart service dog for me as I am Deaf.
13 months old, fun loving and full and full of energy rescue smart boy he is just the best
He loves robbing cookies and hiding them in his bed.
She loves to snuggle with her Momma. Doesn't like to be alone. She is the sweetest girl in the world.
Big teddy bear. Thinks he is a lap dog and always has to be next to mom no matter what. Loves playing with his toys and he carries around his favorite toy of the day everyday.
Riley was adopted when he was 2 years old. He's 10 now. He's a Shepard Mix breed. Although he copes with Anxiety, he is a sweet fun loving Dog who loves to play outside!
Vote for me im Jolene im a year old im the sweetest most loving girl i love giving kisses
Tillie Millie May
Tillie Millie is approximately 2 years old Blue Heeler. She loves to run and play with her siblings. She is very skittish and has always been that way. But one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet.
She loves to play with her lazer she is a fox terror/beagle she is so fast its crazy. Her personality is so human like it shots everyone.
Leo is a blue merle pomeranian. He lives in the home with his mommy and daddy. Dont let his little size fool you though, he is a pittbull trapped in a pomeranians body. Leo loves to run and play with his siblings. He loves to Bark, at everyhting. Even the air. He is very shy around people he doesn't know but once he gets to know you, everything changes. He is the smallest of all our dogs. He loves to play tuggle war and loves toys.
He is a very fun loveing almost 7 month old boy so he is just a puppy still he loves to play fetch loves to chase the kids and loves chaseing after other dogs and literally hates cats for some reason but over all he is a pertective house pup and he is allso a american service dog for me for my post partum deppresson anxiety my allergies and diabetic so he really helps me out along with my heart issues i have so he is still in training but he dose really well though and over all a very well behaved pup
Luna is the mama to all our dogs. She may be one of the msallest of 7, but she is fierce. She loves to bark! At anything. She loves her mama unless daddy is home then mommy doesnt exist.
Pedro is a one of a kind. We got him thru a rescue group and he was mistreated the first year of his life. When we adopted him he was very agressive toward people and didnt have any trust. He had a permanent leg injury from his previous owners neglect but now.... He is my sweet boy. He is still very distrusting of people he doesnt know but he loves all of us and his siblings like crazy. He has strived so much sonce we adopted him. He loves to watch television. He actually will sit back on his butt in a recliner and watch tv. I swear he was human in his past life.
Kane is a rescue dog, 8-10 weeks old. Loves to cuddle and run around in the yard. Already knows how to sit and shake!
Blue River
Blue River is my teenage daughters bestfriend. They are pretty much inseparable. He will do anything she asks him to do. From rising horses in the saddle with her, to boogie boarding behind a boat with her. You name it he does it for her. He is very protectove of her in every way.
Scarlet Jean
Scarlet Jean is a sweet puppy. We found her on the side of the road as a puppy. We have had her since June 2023. We arent sure on what breeds she is or how big hse will become. She loves to play with all her siblings. Her favorite thing is to find sticks in the yard nad chew them up.
Loves his babies opens his Christmas with everyone. Will play for hours on end with his babies loves to be praised and loved..
Loki is a 3 year old Merle Pomernaian. He is definitely a mama's boy. He loves to run and play, but his favorite things is napping in moms lap.
She is small and mighty! Zoomies for days.
Hi! My name is Blue. I’m a Great Dane but I’m still just a little baby. I have a sister and a brother & I love playing with them and cuddling. I am super shy until I get to know you and then you’ll be my favorite cuddle buddy💙
Nino only understand Spanish and American sign language. He is certified therapy dog and has been the best for my clients at work. He was a rescue otherwise the owner was going to put him on the street. Has had a hard life before I took him in But now he is spoiled at home and my work. As you can see as he sits in the swing.
Outgoing and playful,sweet,kind,loves cuddles,naps
She likes being in a car she likes to be with her family like standing on two legs
Onyx is such a sweet boy, and he loves playing with his toys..When we go outside if he doesn't want to come in, he will playfully run around the yard,from me..🥰
Please LIKE AND SHARE 💕Show this pup some love 💕 It is very appreciated! ⭐🌟⭐ Jäeger is a rambunctious 1 year old German Shepherd/Lab/Britney Doodle mix, Jäeger was adopted by our family as the last puppy available, he loves to play with our 5 children and is very spoiled by his dad (me), he has a very outgoing personality and is always giving hugs, he enjoys being outside and is very well mannered. He is very vocal when his aunties and cousins come over..Our family is so blessed to have him as the newest member. Your vote would be very appreciated!
Sir Winston
He will try to fit in any size bowl if it has water in it lol
He is the grandson of Buster and he totally copies him. He was the biggest one and still is.
Tiger was adopted last year, now he belongs to a lovely family. He loves barking and eating chicken. He’s a cutest dog ever ♥️ His name makes him a unique doggie.
Princess loves her toys, I named some and when I say the name she knows which one I mean, she is so smart,and I taught her some different tricks..🥰
Chloe loves people. She’s funny & sweet , very loving. She loves seeing and trying new things Loves to meet new people and new fur babies. She’s beautiful inside & out. Not afraid to get her paws dirty and she a awesome little girl.
He is an awesome boy, he's a born rescue,he understands English!
Cowyboy Loves spending his time right where I am, in the kitchen , in the bathroom and as my co pilot working as a service dog. Occaaionally cowboy gets the zoomies and lands these big smiles
Frankie is loving and calm dog . He loves to run and climb on things and loves food . Everyone’s food . He’s my support dog .
I adopted Navi in February 2023 and she has been the highlight of my life. She is 4 years old and still has so much energy. Navi loves playing fetch, cuddling and chewing on her favorite toys. She was very skiddish in the first couple months after adopting her, but as we got to know each other and bonded, she started to light up every room she entered!
Stella is an adorable puppy that is energetic and cuddly and sweet. She just joined our family but fits in so well. She is working on being house trained and is picking it up very quickly. She loves playing with her stuffed duck and chasing mom around the house and exploring her new home.
Leah loves treats!
We rescued Tito from the Humane Society when he was 8 mo old. He loves walks, playing with a ball & toys, going for a drive, cuddling and treats! He recently was attacked by 2 Akita dogs and survived ❤️ so that makes him a fighter too!
Calypso (Caly Girl) has just joined our family. She is learning to be a farm girl and loves playing with the chickens, cows, goats, pigs, ducks and turkeys. She enjoys jumping, running and swimming. She is a very happy girl with an exciting life ahead of her on White Dove Homestead.
Bear Michael
Bear will be 10 years old on January 20th. Everyone always says my sweet baby boy only has two brain cells, he loves his mama and he loves his cuddles! He’s not the brightest.. but he’s the biggest lover ever! His favorite stuffie is obviously his sharkie, if he can’t cuddle mom or get attention from dad Sharkie it is!
Luna LOVES wearing sweaters! When I hold up her sweaters she comes running and puts her head in and tries to put it on. Then she gets very upset when I try to take it off of her. Haha