Baby Stories - 87


Kuro is a 9 year old rescue! He is a Pomeranian/Terrier mix. Kuro enjoys stealing the cat toys and creating chaos everywhere he goes 😂 He also loves cuddles and kisses 💕Kuro is extremely photogenic… if you can’t tell haha!
Boston is a 4 year old boxer! Loves to snuggle and follow his humans wherever they go. Boston loves treats, playing with ropes, car rides and sleeping in his human’s bed!
Louie is adventurous with a sassy personality! She is an avid boater, 100% playful, loves car rides, loves going out to eat at her favorite restaurant, Red Dog Bar & Grill. She is very loved at our local Pottery Barn store and is very welcomed around our community.
Saint Mila
She came into my structured household and caused the best, most incredible chaos and i wouldn't have it any other way.
Shinobi loves to play, eat, sploot and sleep!
He lovesss chewing on Pine Cones (funny, right?), they are his favorite thing! He is also very photogenic, he is the focus of most of my pictures. Makes an adorable focal point, though!
My name in Russian is Ptichka. I’m Momma’s bubala and an emotional support gremlin to an EMT. 💙🚑🇷🇺😄
For some reason he thinks he’s a lap dog, so he loves to cuddle. Just a playful loving beast 🥰
Baxter is a Havapoo, He is the sweetest Boy 💙He has the cutest personality, just like his picture. He always looks like a teddy bear. And always wants to be snuggled. He also loves to go for walks, loves camping, loves his hair perfect and loves napping 🐾
Bailey is a Cockapoo, She loves her family her five grandkids more than anything💞 She loves to swim and play fetch for hours she will snuggle if that’s what you want instead she is a the sweetest and prettiest girl 💞
Jada is an American Bully. Very sweet and loving pup. She is a week shy of being 5 months old.
Very energetic and loveable ... Loves his chew toys...
My parents named me Atlas, I love going to the pet store with my parents to pick out my own toys, I hate baths although ironically like being wet just only outside. I also love meeting new hoomans that give me free belly rubs. My parents are new to the puppy game and are overprotective but also spoil me a lot so I can’t complain
Harley is the most loving and affectionate dog. She is sweet and too smart for her own good. She definitely keeps us smiling everyday!
Blue is a big, lovable, playful puppy 🐶. We have had him from since he was about 2 months old. So he has been around my growing kids, which they are growing together. He has just had his own first pups as well.
Thunder is my Sweetie boy... he likes to climb into bed with me, put his paws on my chest and beg for love, all while breathing that horrible fish breath in my face!! I Love him to pieces and he has the sweetest temperament with the people he loves!!
I’m a big baby! My name is Saban, because I have a big white A on my neck. They say I weigh a lot, but I think I’m a lap dog. I love to Zoom around my fenced in backyard and hop like the rabbits I chase outside the fence. I have 3 fur brothers and 2 fur sisters. Our family spoils us all rotten. I love when the grandkids come over to play. They run and I tackle them! We all laugh and play till we fall out. At night mommy tucks us all in with are personal blankets. All 5 of us pile in the bed with mom and dad. It’s a tight fit with 5 dogs and 2 adults. They love us so much and understand how much we want to be with them too! We are all rescues😍 I love my furever family 🥰🐶❤️
I love to play fetch and I love treats I also like to play with my cousin Gracie
Dutch is a f1b Irishdoodle that loves snacks, cuddles, and roaming around outside. He’s still a puppy, but is a big one! He is a registered emotional support animal and majority of the support comes from how cute he is!
Embra is an 11 week old Rottweiler / Husky (possibly Heeler?) mix puppy, rescued from a shelter in Colorado Springs. Her mom is a professional animal photographer, so she's going to be in front of the camera A LOT! She is a sweet natured girl with a goofy personality, and enjoys peanut butter & chasing her brother in the back yard! When she's tired, she loves to crawl into your lap, curl up, and take a snooze.
Drago is named after Ivan Drago from Rocky IV!! He is not Russian like his namesake but he is the best boy a girl could ask for ❤️ Loyal, protective, smart, and the biggest drool machine. Even if he doesn’t win I wanted to show off his handsomeness!
Hi everyone! I’m Louie and i’m 9 months old! I have a brother and sister, both cats; They are my best friends. My mom and dad adopted me when I was a month old and I am the luckiest pup ever 🐾💙
This is the French Potato, Zeus! He’s the happiest boy when snuggling on the couch. He also loves talking walks to the park and chilling under the pavilion.
Charlee Girl
Charlee loves people, almost alil too much😜 she loves helping her momma study for nursing school. she enjoys long walks and going to grandmas house to get spoiled🤩
Vlade Divac
Vlade showed up at my door years ago, skinny, scared, and covered in mange. It is amazing how much a little love can do. His name is Vlade, pronounced “Vlaw-Dee”, and he likes to party!
Hi! I am a friendly humans best friend! I love saying hi to everyone, taking naps with my grandpa, and playing with my stuffed highland cow!
Moonlight is such a loving dog. He’s friendly with adults, and kids! His favorite thing to do is dance to earn his treats ❤️ He also loves to chase his tail around, ha ha!
Bear is a loving and energetic puppy! She’s 5 months old and growing like crazy, we got her when she was 6 weeks old and now she loves car rides, peanut butter, and ice cream! She’s a golden retriever and husky mix❤️
This is 11 month old Rocky. He is a Cavapoo puppy and loves play time and cuddles. He loves the outdoors and meeting/playing with other pups. Rocky is as cute as he is cuddly.
Morpheus is a rescue dog that had a pretty rough start to life. Once he finally got adopted he discovered his love for family, dogs, and sleep. Morpheus is super laid back and will fall asleep with his head in your hands if you let him.
The doctor will see you now!
Binx is a lovable, playful, 5.5 pound 2 year old Yorkie poo. He is taking behavior classes and has won a game of musical chairs while in class! (Because he intimidated the bigger dogs!) What he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality!
Gizmo is like my baby!! He used to go everywhere with me. He always knows when I need comfort. He's one of my best friends!
Little Miss Eevee loves to play and give lots of wet kisses!
Myia is an Alaskan Malamute , she loves running and playing with her friend Max our quarter horse. Please vote for this sweet lady and give her a like 👍 down below please 😘😘😘
She’s playful she loves her dog toys she loves running and playing with loved ones
Atom loves walks, food, and snuggles. He is a huge couch potato with a big heart! He also loves his sister 💕
Reece is a service dog in training; he’s so smart and loves learning agility as well as hanging with his mom and following her every move!
When Pinto was a tiny puppy he was brown and white and looked like a little pinto bean! He’s a very friendly little guy who gets into so much mischief, and I let him!
Fidget is a nice and loving puppy who loves running around and barking. He is happy to greet people in the morning and he loves naps. He is very hyper and he is a verrry cute puppy
Stella Sue
Stella is a 3 year old rescue pug! She has some adorable quirks and loves to explore and snuggle with her big brother!
She loves to run, she loves to hop in the shower with me. She loves to play with her siblings, and loves to give kisses
Lucille Aqua Tofana
Lucy was born from a neglected mother who was rescued by Grandma. Mom had three pups and Lucy chose us from the beginning, following my oldest around.
Biscuit loves to sleep,eat,lay in the sun and get all the attention he can❤️
Hemlo Friends! My name is Pohaku. I am from the beautiful island of Oahu. My name in the Hawaiian language means "Rock". I was given this name because since I was small, I have been strong and solid. My nickname is "Po" for short. I was born in March of this year. I love people! I enjoy playing and getting pets from everyone. My favorite pastime is attempting to steal my mom and dad's food, and forcing them to chase me around the house to get whatever I shouldn't have in my mouth out of it. 😂 I am a little mischievous but a total sweetheart. I am a little potat with a big spirit. Please vote for me!
Bullet is a good natured, active pup who loves people and other dogs. He loves to be outside especially with his humans. His hobbies include cuddling, chewing on sticks, running around the yard, and playing in the dirt.