Baby Stories - 87


Murphy is a 3 month old puppy who loves to run and play tug of war. His favorite activity is running with us side by side outside!
Kona is a 5 month old blue eyed Catahoula mix puppy who loves to go on adventures like hiking and boating. She loves to take long naps and her favorite games include tug of war, find it, and fetch!
Shelbs loves to make everyone happy. You will never meet a sweeter pup💜🐾
Kalina is a very smart 2 year old pit bull. She loves to run and play tug of war with her rope. Loves to have company and snuggles.
Kirrä Mahal
I never thought in my life I would own a dog! Kirrä and I rescued each other while I was on my year long pilgrimage in the Philippine Islands. I found her tied onto a pole in the forest for months on end, until one day the light bulb came on, and I knew in my heart that we belonged together. She is my life, and I am grateful for our relationship. She has truly taught me the true essence of what it means to be awakened, aware, patient and loving. Kirrä makes my world at peace. So I thank you her everyday.
Queen Nebula
She is a very energetic 8 week old puppy. Loves to be snuggled and lots of attention.
Leo was a rescue after being returned 3 times by previous owners. He has epilepsy, anxiety, and OCD. He takes several medications per day and this little bonnet on his head was after another dog bit his ear open and he had stitches. We love him SO much and think he’s the cutest. ❤️
I love the outdoors, especially going swimming!
Cricket is a sassy and energetic shollie. Loves to get belly scratches and play with her squeaky duck! She is always cocking her head in curiosity and all about adventures.
Clementine is a German Australian Shepherd mix who loves to play in water and meet new people, and her coat is like microfiber so she dries in ten minutes! Her favorite colors are army green and lavender, and her favorite band is Radiohead.
Lucy was my foster baby. I got her when she was 4 weeks old and under one pound. I fell totally in love with her and of course I adopted her, though I’m quite sure she rescued me. She is undoubtedly my best friend. She is very verbal, loves wrestling with her brother Prince and playing with all her pink squeaky toys.
Storm is just a ball of fluff waiting for cuddles and love ALL THE TIME! Nothing better than a Golden smile!
He's a Blue heeler Border Collie mix 10 months old
Charlie likes to make everyone think she’s really tough but in reality she’s just a big lap dog. She’s been a big emotional support to her mom and loves her older Aussie brother! Favorite thing to do is go for long walks on the beach with her mom.
Chico is energetic, loving and obedient. At 5 months old he is leash trained, knows how to sit, shake and lay down and house/crate trained. He’s very vocal but barely barks. Sounds like he’s growling but he’s just enjoying the loving from his humans.
Andy, or otherwise Andromache. I am fiercely sassy and have no trouble conquering squeaky toys. Sometimes I like to chase the geckos on our patio and I love to lay on my mom’s flowers.
Leo is a 2.5 year old mini bernedoodle. He may be short in stature but he's got so much personality. His hobbies include protecting his mommy, holding shoes, and playing ball.
I am a lilac and tan merle french bulldog full of personality and class. I never gobble my food, I save it for later, I walk myself, and I am my moms service pup and take my job very serious. I am a milk addict and loove to play with miscellaneous things such as bottles, rocks and other fun things. My pawrents call me Yoda Man because I act more like a human than anything. Hope you like my pictures! Follow my adventures IG @yodamanfrenchie. Much Love!
A fun, loving, cuddling spirit. She likes to chew hair ties until they pop, she loves cuddles and attention. Best emotional support animal. Her eyes tell unspoken stories.
Tigger loves playing with his family, chasing toys and playing in the water!
Milo is a year old husky beagle mix, given that he is a rescue were not sure what else he could possible be mixed with. Regardless he is a sweet loving dog that enjoys going on walks, car rides, and playing with his sister!
Tulip is a little princess who was the last of the litter. She has loads of personality and is always smiling.
Scarlett is a Christmas puppy. She is terrified of pillows and hoses, and loves ice cubes! She is such a cuddle bug and loves her gamecock jersey!
Blaze is my Co-Driver. He gets so excited to go trucking. He loves to play catch and spend time with my grandsons
Lily came from an abusive home and before that I was told she came from a fighting ring, I believe to have puppies. She is so sweet, and innocent, and loving. She loves to play, she loves to snuggle, and she absolutely loves attention. She Very slowly will make her way in my lap Just to simply be loved. Everywhere I go, she follows. She gives me that look as if she is saying “thank you for rescuing and loving me”. Before I got her, she didn’t know how to do anything, she didn’t know how to be a dog. I’ve had her for 2 months and she has learned to shake, wait, play with humans and other dogs, and she’s learned to walk on a leash. For my first dog I got pretty lucky.
I love my chew toys more than I love treats! I love playing my two sisters, who are cats!
Lexi is a 8 week old Shorkie. She loves playing with her plush toys and following Mommy around. Vote for Lexi! She aspires to be America’s Top Model. Follow her on Instagram @lexi.pupp
Togo loves to do zoomies in the backyard. Hes loving and outgoing. Togo makes you feel so loved every time you walk into the house by displaying his infectious excitement happy dance. He is the greatest member of our family and we love him tons!
About Millie ❤️ She has to have a toy or sock in her mouth if she gets excited She loves to lay down with her butt up in the air She has to sleep with a toy or sock under her face She loves almonds, cashews and Cheerios She barks at everything but is the friendliest dog in the world She is 8lbs 2ounces She loves to cuddle She has to be wrapped up in a blanket to sleep no matter how hot it is She refuses to get out of bed until 10-11am When we got her the vet didn't think she was going to survive. She had bites all over her was foaming and having seizures and was scared of the world. She was barely 2lbs and in a 6 month time she only gained 2lbs so the vet thought her growth was stunted and then she just went up to 8lbs
Jolene is self entertained and plays chase all by herself with her sticks. She enjoys throwing sticks in the air and running around before they hit the ground. She enjoys sleeping in daddy’s recliner and hopes she will have her own one day! She loves to snuggle with her kiddos and barking at them to move over. Please vote for our beautiful girl!
Hi I’m Venus! I’m a beagle & Siberian husky mix :) I am 2 months old and I love to bite, play, explore, eat and sleep a lotttt. Vote for me if you think I’m cute🥰
Panthar loves running, playing with his rope or chew toy, and loves his people 💜
Philly has won most handsome boy last year at a contest we took him to. He has such a smart but stubborn personality. He is a labradoodle
Hello ladies. I’m Jax, and I’m here to steal your heart. I’m not the best cuddler, but I’ll always be loyal to you. I love long walks around the park and sleeping in.
Snowball was a Miniature American Eskimo who lived for 16 years before she passed. She lived with us for all 16 years and loved playing with us. She hated storms and never left my mom's side with it did storm
Stella is a dachshund and pit bull terrier mix. She’s super smart and is super helpful when it comes to my anxiety. She’s even a registered service animal. All she loves to do is sleep and cuddle. ❤️
Zano likes learning and playing with his toys and love watching and playing with kids. Zano loves playing fetch and Zano enjoys a good nap after a good meal .
Coffee is only a puppy , but he has a lot of personality. He just learned how to go down the stairs and now he’s all over the house. He’s very sweet and loves to be outdoors, chasing him around the house is a game to him so we get our workout everyday lol. The squeaky frog is his favorite toy and Ives to be with my daughter who he is very protective of.
Jojo Anne
Jojo Anne is a sweet southern belle who came from a high kill shelter in Tennessee. She now lives in the suburbs of St. Louis with a feline brother and sister. Jojo Anne loves belly rubs and nummies. Her favorite toy is a stuffed rat she got while visiting Georgia.
Hi, Im named after a character off of Starwars, FN2187 otherwise known as Fin! I am a mix between Mini Aussie and Chihuahua. I am 6lbs at 4 months. I love to run around and play with all of my toys. I have ADHD and will play with every toy possible at the same time. I find the smallest things to play with including moms bras and undies. I like to watch and chase birds. I also love to learn new tricks and eat treats! I love my momma but daddy is my best friend! I cuddle when im sleepy and run around like a crazy dog when im not.
Chrisopher Robins
He is sassy, lovable, crazy, little spit fire. He never Meets a stranger and is consider the welcome wagon of the family. Loves long walks, peeing on things and tearing up little pieces of paper. Snuggling under a blanket or basking out in the sun is his favorite thing a to do. Vote for him because he better than any President that you could vote for😂
My name is Valentino. I’m almost a 11 years old but still feel like a baby pup. My favorite thing to do is get into anything I know my mom doesn’t want me to get into. I love going to see my grandma because she gives me anything I want. I have a baby sister who is a chihuahua who drives me crazy as you can guess. I love taking pictures most of the time because I think I’m pretty handsome. So vote for me!!!
I am so over dramatic and needy and might throw my head around when you try and tell me no 🙄 but I will always wiggle my butt when you come through that door from a long day of work! I am your world ❤️ Mom!
My name is prada im a 4 month old black pug. I love to play with my toys and play with my mommy and daddy. My big human sister ava is my best friend. I am a playful funny puppy. I am fearful and not afraid of anything.
My father loved animals raccoons, horses, skunks to cats and dogs anything you name it.
Remi is the kindest and most loving dog out of any I’ve ever met. He is so goofy and has such a bubbly personality. His dad is a red Bloodhound and his mom is a white German Shepard. Remi also loves seeing how far he can get with taking things right after I sit them down. *hint the pizza*
Tucker was born on the streets and lived in the pound for 2 months. He was rescued by my boyfriend and I about two weeks ago. He’s such a goofy loving pup who deserves the world