Baby Stories - 86


Hi I’m Reign! I am an energetic, excitable, and outdoors loving kinda gal! I love playing fetch with a stick or my favorite tennis ball! I love to play with my older brother Thor and go play in the creek! I don’t mind getting down and dirty!
My name is Luna, I am almost 2 years old. I adopted my parents August of 2020. Since then we have been to many places I have never seen before, with a bunch of new smells to smell.. I love my sniffs. I am also my Dad's service dog, I love to help him anyway I can! I am a Great Pyrenees with a beautiful white coat, that I love to get dirty so I can go to the CatWalk Spa and get pampered! Did I mention I LOVE to LOVE? Thank you for taking your time to read a little bit about me, and for voting! Love you all!!
Born Texan, turned city slicker, big bark soft bite, and just overall one lovable guy.
Winston Chewy
Winston is a long haired chihuahua! He loves anyone and everyone! He is the sweetest, most loving chihuahua. He loves to eat, sleep and play a lot! He is super spoiled.
I rescued my baby Lacey from a breeder that left her behind with others for 2 weeks with no food or water . She is a sweet girl with a loud bark. She loves her toys and has a favorite ! She is a true lap dog and loves you even though she had a hard beginning to her life .
Lincoln is 6 mths old boxer & is a very good puppy! He knows how to sit, fetch, give his toys back to ya, lay down & give paws. Working on giving hugs. My favorite toy is my Kong toy & I like to lay with him. Please vote for me !
Duke is an 8 year old Great Dane who was a foster failure after being missing for 13 days.
Scooby is the sweetest and goofiest dog we have ever owned with so much personality. He loves to pose for pictures, open presents, give kisses, snuggle and steal his sisters toys so that she will play with him by trying to get it back. We adopted Scooby when he was 1 yr old so that he wouldn't be taken to a shelter. He has been the best addition to our family!
Lilith considers herself the queen of the castle and she is not wrong! She is relentless in the pursuit of her purple ball and demands excellence from the humans she owns. Lilith dreams of ending pup hunger, and that no dog should be left behind. Vote for Lilith. All the cool kids are doing it!
Im a big bear. I love laying in front of the fireplace n eatting My lil sister a!10 month pug drives me crazy
Dexter is one heck of a smart and quiet friend. he is jumbo size lol he is your best feiend and always stays by your side.
Trudy was a rescue from another family. She is smart and fast and loves to snuggle.
Hudson loves to play with his toys (he especially loves to catch his toys) and sleep in his bed. We got Hudson from the Joplin Humane Society about 2 years ago.
Rosie the most energetic pug ever❤️
Millie is a snuggle bug, when we first got her she needed to fall asleep nuzzled up in our laps. She is an energetic fun, loving, goofy gal who is just starting to get some awesome coordination and speed down!
Mabel is the sweetest puppy ever. He’s favorite things to do are tearing toys apart, long walks while chasing birds, and cuddling with mom and dad🤍
King Kovu
Kovu is a very well behaved, smart, loving boy. He loves the outdoors & playing with kids. He has a look that can’t be ignored with his beautiful coat! Just now 5months
He is the best partner, his name is Bambi after the deer since he runs and jumps just like him! haha
Bubba was rescued from a hoarding situation with around 40 of his siblings. He is very shy and gets nervous around lots of people but if you have chicken he’ll love you right away!! I have been his momma since April 2020 and we saved each other<3
He loves to be lazy in the sun and he won't let you get away without giving him some belly rubs. He talks with his eye brows and will find any crumb you drop 😆
Xena is a very happy dog 😆 She loves making new friends and she loves cuddles and kisses 😘
Roxy Grace
Roxy is a 3 mo old beagle/boston terrier mix. She is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle. Very playful and loves to play with bottles and her squeaky toys.
jackpot is the sweetest, bossiest dog around. He’s my fur coat
This is Briley, she hogs our king size bed, loves to go on walks, enjoys taunting her siblings, and loves to steal our food. She’s a sweet little girl with a mouth full of shark teeth.
She’s a spitfire, but a genuine sweetheart. She loves fetch, and hikes through the forest.
Seraphina is a three-legged (tri-pod) rescue Husky/Lab/German Shepherd! She was surrendered to the rescue we adopted her from after she was purposefully shot in the leg while living outside tied to a tree, resulting in the amputation of her left rear leg. Seraphina also was found out to be pregnant and had 7 puppies at not even a year old. Now, Sera is living a happy life with her new family and goes on many adventures, finally able to have the “puppy-hood” she never had.
Mylo is a Chorkie, a chihuahua yorkie mix. He loves his dachshund brother Ryder. Vote for my little chork-monster! 🐕
Sadie is the toughest little girl. She thinks she is a Rottweiler but she is also scared of the vacuum. 😂
My Dunkie boy loves to play and loves to steal toys from his Sadie. He is a complete momma boy and I love him to pieces. 💕❤️
She loves everyone ! She is a really sweet loving puppy. My covid 19 dog . She been a blessing in our home . We love her so much
Dante is the sweetest boy around! He loves the snow and he is a crazy sleeper. He cannot sleep without his unicorn 🦄 pillow, loves to go to the dog park and can’t forget his treats. He is very friendly and and a gentleman, he shakes your hand 🤚.
Loves his sister daisy whose the same age as him! He loves to cuddle n give kisses hes so spoiled! He loves the farm life.
Pepper is very rambunctious puppy. She's very sweet, loves her toys & is trying really hard to learn how to do pee pee outside. Her breed is considered a teddy bear (shitzu & bichon)
Hi! I'm Juniper. I am a sassy miniature blue merle daschund. I love playing with my mom especially when she takes me for walks outside. I have one blue eye and one brown eye, I'd like to think it makes me unique. I love my toys with all my heart and my treats.
Ginnie love her little outfits. She loves to pose for pictures too!!! Shes our little rescue dog!
Grace is a Pomeranian Husky mix who likes to talk back and tell you who is in charge. Quite the sassy little lady.
Nino is an AmStaff Rottweiler mix and is one hyper bundle of joy who when calm enjoys his cuddles and spends his days playing with his dog brother Dante.
Dante is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog mix who loves his naps and will take up the couch or the bed to do so!
German Shepard Husky mix. Loves going to the dog park and playing with her friends.
Maggie Mae
Maggie is a very smart and lovable girl. She will do anything to get your attention, even sit pretty. With just one belly roob , she will be your furever friend. How can you not say yes to that cute face?! 🐕🐾💗
Whiskey is a brand new addition to our life, he is a rescue and perfect in every way! Whiskey loves toys and has already developed a bit of an obsession with stuffies, his favorite food is peanut butter, and his hobbies include sun bathing, table surfing, and chasing his human brother and sister!
Eleanor is a friendly, exuberant cuddle muffin. She enjoys a nice comfy blanket and pillow for those long, rainy days. In her free time, she likes to go on hikes with her mom. Eleanor’s favorite treats are homemade kongs filled with peanut butter, pumpkin, bananas, and oats. If Eleanor wins her beauty pageant, she will go to Fur Babies Resort & Spa and get a pedicure with purple nail polish.
I love to play with my brother Meeko, who also is registered for this competition. I also love to go to the beach, & learn new tricks for yummy peanut butter treats. Cuddling Mom & Dad are also one of my favorite things to do. Please vote for me so Mom and Dad can get me a girlfriend with the prize money ❣️
Yoni Yoni Papa
Yonni Yonni Papá is one spoiled fur baby. Both his human parents love him deeply. He was born in Cuba and came to the U.S with his mom right before the pandemic hit. Since living in the states, he has discovered he enjoys long walks in the grass and playing fetch with his mom. He loves long cuddles with mom and jumping in dads laps to watch tv. Yonni Yonni Papa is smart and likes when his mom sings to him. His fully bilingual too! He doesn’t shy from adventures and loves to sniff everything/everyone.
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is a fun loving AKC Australian Retriever who enjoys being outside, playing with her dads, meeting new hoomans and giving big warm hugs. Her perfect date is described as April 25th, because it’s not too hot not too cold all she needs is a light jacket!
Sasha is a 2 year old Siberian husky, she loves the the snow and squeaky balls though they’re life span is about 5 minutes.
Saber is Siberian husky mix, he loves people more then dogs! He’s also a 80 lb lap dog who will love you forever if you give him any amount of table food