He loves to cuddle and play fetch with his blue ball.
Lou Lou
Lou Lou is high energy and loves to play chase. Eager to learn, currently teaching her simple commands in German
Halo is always smiling. Her favorite activities including snuggling, catching the Frisbee and playing with the cats
He is very calm he loves pepperoni treats and he likes to cover himself up with his blanket
Sadie is the sweetest girl who loves to cuddle next to everyone. Some of her favorite foods are chicken and Christmas cookies. Sadie loves to sleep on the deck by the pool in the summer and she loves to play with Madison and Maci all day.
She is my world and she is the best she loves cats and even nursed one back to health and they know who each other are. I will be sad to see her cross the rainbow bridge.
He is playful with our dogs and cats. Whines all the time. Loves his humans
A very loven,loves to communicate with others loves her toys,cats, she love to have her outfits on.Genesis is just full of joy n she is my best she loves people..ohh and the most important thing is she needs your votes so please vote for Genesis God bless you all!!!!
Luna loves to play fetch and is starting out hunting!! She also loves to play with her big pony brothers out in the paddock. She also loves to give everyone as many kisses as possible!
Schnitzel is a Miniature Dachshund Puppy born on Cinco De Mayo! 🌮🌯 He loves to play fetch, tug of war and take walks with his owner.
Joe Joe
He gets a soda/beer from refrigerator and shuts the door. He lets himself in the house and shuts the door. He knows sign language! He loves float trips on a tube. He's AMAZING 💯
Finnegan is a very spunky pom. He likes to run with the big dog, and his attitude and charm is what makes him able to keep up with them. He's a lover and incredibly playful.
Penny’s favorite foods are Goldfish, chicken, and beef. Penny is scared of spray bottles. Sometimes she gets too excited, then she goes crazy. She is 2 years old.
Aura is a pitahoula who loves to play but also loves to be lazy and lay around. She loves her family and shows love up in your face. If you’re not giving her proper attention, you’ll know!
Peaches is so warm and friendly. She loves cuddles and hugs. She loves to make everyone smile. She is a Peach🍊
Marvin is the sweetest guy you'll ever meet. He's great with people and he loves his kitties. He's an excellent watch dog and very protective of his friends. Loves to take walks and meet new friends. He really is a great dog. My best Buddy!
He very gentle he always babysits puppies if around will protect children can not hit a child he will not let you he has aways got to get all the living from everyone he is so big he dont realize how big he is i just love him
My sweet girl. Kala means “Proud” in Pohnpei & she is indeed the proudest girl ever. She is friendly, gives the best cuddles, & a big eater. Please vote for me ❤️
Maggie Mae
Maggie is the sweetest little dog ever ever, I got her from my job because while she was boarding there her owner sadly passed away, as soon as I heard the news that she needed a new home I knew I had to take her. Since then we’ve been inseparable, she goes to work with me everyday and I take her everywhere with me. I hope her dad knew that we were going to take great care of her! Maggie LOVES opening gifts and I love to see how happy she gets to open them! She’s really a blessing to me!
Ringo is a 10 year old mixed breed puppy mill rescue. He now lives his days in his furever home patrolling the fence, barking at squirrels and playing with his dog brother and cat sisters. He’s a funny little guy who has no clue he is 15lbs. If we win anything it will go right into feeding the four indoor pets and four outside TnR kitties. 🐾
Sulo was found in the middle of a fierce storm in Puerto Rico, alone and frightened. Thankfully, a kind-hearted animal rescue worker found her and brought her to safety. From there, she was taken to a shelter, where she was given the love and care she needed to heal from her ordeal. After a few months of recovery, Sulo was adopted into a loving home. She was embraced by her new family with open arms, and she quickly settled into her new home. She was showered with love and affection every single day. Sulo is now a happy and healthy pup. She loves playing with her family and going on long walks with her owners. She is always full of energy and enthusiasm. She is also very social and loves meeting new people. Sulo has come a long way since she was rescued during that storm. She is now in a safe and loving home, surrounded by people who care about her and give her all the love and attention she needs.
She is my life saver ❤️.
Cairo is as sweet as he looks. Cairo had a rough start in the beginning of his life. He came to us at 9 months old. His days were spent in a crate or locked in a bathroom 10-12 hours a day. Now he lives a life of freedom ( no crate never) with lots of love, toys and treats. He loves his family. One of his buddies is Violet, my one year old granddaughter. Who shares her snacks with him. Every night like clockwork, he thanks us with zoomies. His way of saying he’s happy!🐶🌪️❤️
Gizzy is rambunctious and loves his toys. He loves to snuggle with Daddy. He is smart,and loves to play all day with neighbors dogs.
Killer was rescued from a flea market as a tiny puppy. He is one of a kind! He's sweet and loving to people and his furry siblings but he's a terror to birds, squirrels, moles, voles and any other creature who comes in his yard. He loves to dig holes and sit in them! Maybe he was infantry in a former life. Lol. He also has his own Facebook page, Killer the talking Chihuahua. He does videos giving his take on various life situations.
This guy is definitely all character for only 8 months old he is very smart loves his harley rides and all the attention that comes with it
Beebs is a rescue from. A friend of mine. She was living in a cage in the heat outside. With another puppy. My husband passed away in June and my friend rescued this little sweetie and brought her to me she is very small she doesn't be like to left alone. She is always by my side. I am so happy to have her in my life. ❤️
Nocciola is a funny girl with a big heart. She loves to have a good time and can never get enough of attention. She’s a big fan of running, her energy is abundant. Nocciola also loves to cuddle and lay underneath blankets during her free time when she’s not busy playing or chewing on her bones. She’s a busy girl that likes to get out for car rides and join along outdoor or indoor activities with other people.
Blackeye loves playing with her toys, being loved on and getting treats!
Duece is1 year old platinum Isabella frenchie who loves to go for car rides , play at the dog park with other puppies , loves go Homegoods to get new toys ! He is Very playful , loving & cuddling frenchie with good looks and features such as his eyes which is always the compliment he gets ! Love to take pics & dress up !
Loves sticks, she's a sweetheart, protective expecialy over me she's a border Collie mix
Monna Lissa
Monna is a gentle giant, she thinks she is a lap dog, and she so knows people, she is about a year and a half and she is so getting her to do simple command, up on her back legs is something that she wont do, she will just sit and look at me .. she will stay near the house without having her tied down.. and she listens so well..
She loves to cuddle and to be loved on.
Zoe Reese
Zoe is loves everyone - she loves giving puppy kisses and cuddling- and running and playing with my son . She is only 13 pounds -but when you ask if she wants to go shopping , she jumps in the car. She loves to shop because every time we go shopping she gets lots of extra love and hugs from other people and she gets to give even more people - her cute puppy kisses. I love her so much and I am so happy she can spread joy to others - by just being her cute Zoe self
Indigo loves to play outside with her frisbee and her siblings. She loves lots of attention and of course treats. She’s definitely a character and is very spoiled
She is a Pitbull and Blue Heeler Mix. BEAUTIFUL spirit. So sweet and loving. Loves belly rubs and hugs.
Hi there! My names Petunia. My hobbies are, eating, sleeping, and spending time with my mommy & daddy.
Aka my Sweet Potato. Autumn is a rescue and she is living her best life in her fur-ever home. She is a sweetheart who loves to cuddle and play with her toys
He is a very intelligent young man,
I am a service animal to my disabled veteran mom .my sister's name is Cher she is a cat .I love doing tricks for my treats like roll over play dead high five turn in circles and sit pretty ..Im hoping you vote for me because I believe im representing a highly loyal service animal ..I go everywhere.even midnight mass on Christmas and received body of Christ ( thanks to mom) ( she's the best ) ..oh and I'm a very good protector too .so please vote as I would love to win and to keep on making my mom and sister proud.
He is a goofball loves everybody. Loves to run fast as he can at you just to turn off right before gets to you. And he loves his buddy bear .
She loves water and very protective
Introducing Jack, an affectionate 7-year-old dog Argentino who radiates love wherever he goes. This sweet and gentle soul adores being surrounded by people effortlessly becoming their loyal companion and bringing endless joy. Jack's favorite daily ritual involves being showered with affectionate pets, reveling in the warmth of human touch. His incredible intuition allows him to offer love and comfort to anyone in need, making him a true blessing. As the Cutest Dog Contest commences, Jack hopes to win the hearts of all, spreading his contagious happiness and reminding us of the profound bond between humans and their beloved pets. Please help him win.
Little Bit
Little bit is a 1 and loves playing with cats and is a ladies man he is cuddle bug and his mama is his favorite person
Baby D
He has the cutest over bite. And pretty green eyes. He loves his mamas boy sweater.
She always knows when some body needs cheered up. She liked to cuddle and she loves her moma and great around kids and babies she also talks and say moma she's a very sweet loving puppy
Rancher has persistent pupillary membrane which means his pupils do not dilate and contract. As a result, he has developed cataracts in both eyes. Winning the contest, would help to defray the costs of the surgery associated with the surgery needed to help restore his vision. Please consider voting for Rancher! Please and thanks. 🐾🐾🐾 Tracey