Wags is the sweetest boy I ever met. He has a heart of gold. He is very unique in his own way..he has a bark of a hound dog, boy of a dahound, fur of a terrier and love bigger than the world. Loves to cuddle and loves his little treats.😀
Baylee is a great Pyrenees and golden retriever(aka a horse) shes only a year and 6 months old and shes the life of the party ❤
Axel is winking in this picture 😉
Blaze is a husky Akita mix who is very playful and very cuddly but he loves to me verbal.
The Great Calzini-cali
Hi! I’m The Great Calzini… But my humans call me Cali. Calzini means socks in Italian and as you can see I have little socks on my paws. Thankfully my humans were clever and picked an original name instead of just going with the name socks. Not that that’s a bad name or anything…I’m just way too extra for a name like that. 😉 I’m just living the dream… chewing on bones, getting lots of belly rubs, and making my humans do whatever I want. Vote for me so that I can get extra lovings and scratches from my humans. It will make me the star of the family…not those human kids I have to play second fiddle to. Thanks. Ruff. Ruff.
What isn’t there to say about Sage, I mean just look at that face! Sage is from a multi generation of Champion titled gun dogs! Sage is 12 weeks old now and is showing very promising characteristics of following her family’s footsteps. She is a very quick learner and has a huge drive to please! She will have lots of success as my hunting partner!
Louise is an absolute ray of sunshine!! She’s a wild free spirit! She loves her gains by running around and playing fetch and running around with her brothers.
Bella is sweet, intelligent and lovable! She loves to play and go for walks and most of all loves attention from others.
Tanner is a poochin, he a small cute Loving dog. He loves cuddling and loves to play sometimes.
Lacy is the sweetest pup that takes up all the air conditioning that she can. If you can’t find her, she is probably laying on an air vent. She is very playful, but also loves her nap time. She also loves car rides and sticking her head out the window. She learns really quick and has already mastered several tricks/commands. Please vote for her!
Buddy is a sweet, intelligent, lovable baby that loves to run outside in the grass and play with his human brothers. He loves treats and napping with his daddy.
Bella likes long walks, drinking from the tap, and playing guard dog.
Bear loves playing tug of war and giving people big puppy eyes 🐶 Trust me, he already loves you!
Riley is a sweet dog. He’s a Poodle mixed with a Japanese Chin which are called Poochins. He loves to cuddle, go on walks and his humans. He enjoys playing with his siblings and running around the yard.
Copper loves smiling. He thinks he a lap dog. He loves to run in the woods. He loves snuggling.
Maggie Mae
Cute, adorable bundle of Love
Luna is 6 months old and has a loving and spunky personality. She loves playing with all her squeaky toys and cuddling at night with her Snuggle Puppy. She is a sweet pup.
Millie is a very sweet dog, she loves car rides and walked (she will bring her leashe to you for a walk). She listens when you first tell her something. She loves cuddles and when it’s storming will go all the way under the blanket and hide. She’s overall a dog you could wish for!
Daisy is the sweetest pup around! She loves getting belly rubs. She loves her brother and sister very much. She loves barking at everything. She loves jumping in our laps and wanting to be a lap dog. She loves playing with her toy duck.
Chase is the BEST boy! He loves running around outside and going logging with dad! His favorite food is cheese and he loves snacks. Chase is the biggest love bug!
Shelly is the sweetest pup, she loves puppies and car rides more than life itself. She has the purest soul and genuinely loves everyone with all her heart. She’s got the cutest smile I’ve ever seen, I couldn’t ask for a better dog to come into my life.
mcrae is a one year old black lab pup who loves being outside and will ALWAYS adore anyone willing to take time to throw a ball or stick for her :)
He very lovable and playful and is happy puppy.
Trixy is going on 15 years old. Shes a CHIHUAHUA with LOTS of SASS & Does Trix for Treats. If Trixy WINS this contest the $ would be used to help us get into a Apartment that allows dogs & also go to help pay for Trixy's Dental work to be done she desperately needs!! Since Trixy is in her Senior years of life she must have her teeth pulled asap to stop the infection from spreading and could eventually become deadly if not taken care of soon. PLEASE SHARE & Continue to VOTE EVERY DAY to Help Trixy with her Dental care. 🦋😇⚘♥️🐾
Loves water! Very friendly and likes to talk back, only 5 months old, loves to play outside and chase the cats
Trucker is a lover. He loves to make people smile. He loves to give hugs and the tiniest kisses. His favorite thing to do is go for a walk and shake his booty so everyone can tell him how handsome he is. He is my best friend.
She’s the sweetest dog and loves cuddles
Hunter Allan
Hunter is a 1 1/2 year old yellow lab. He likes long walks, car rides, and playing with all his toys. If he don’t have any toys to play with he’s sad. He loves other dogs, and most of all he loves cuddles and attention.
Luna is the sweetest little Devil you will ever meet! So sweet at times and others a pure Devil! Loves to play and wrestle with her sister, brothers and cousin Gator. Loves kisses and snuggles on her terms. Sleeps in the cutest silly way. Loves her deer antler to chew on. Just Absolutely Adorable and full of character..
Gabby is just a chunky girl that loves living by the beach.
Theodore is a mix breed of a Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Schnauzer, aka Schnocker. He just loves to meet and get belly rubs from anyone who crosses his path. He is living his best life running through any tall grass or bush and chasing birds and squirrels! Everyday he sings us a song with his squeaker toys.
Bailey is very sweet, he love to play balls and he love catching balls like a pro. He loves snuggles from mommy and daddy.
She loves to cuddle and gives high five
Scout is such a smart dog and obeys so good. She loves to go to lakes and swim she loves her treats and always does tricks to get one. She loves her balls and will catch when you throw them up in the air.
Riggs is a lovable great dane. He loves playing outside with neighborhood dogs. He 8 months old about 120 lbs very energetic. He loves tug of wars and playing catch. He loves sleeping on his back and snores like a grown man lol.
Loki love's running and playing with his cat brother Diesel. He likes talking to us and telling us how puppy daycare when he goes.
She loves to cuddle with her mom and dad, playing outside and watching her favorite movies, or even watching her dad when he plays the game. ♥️
Pippin is a loyal dog she will always stay by my side wherever i go and i mean wherever. Along side her brother they get into many shenanigans 🤣
He loves his mommy and daddy He is absolutely amazing with kids He love his chew tows and playing tug Loves to swim. All around he loves loves loves to cuddle
Lou Lou
She is young well behaved she has such an adventurous personality she loves people. And she loves getting her manicures
Marley Mae
Marley Mae loves cuddles and golf cart rides! She is a social butterfly!!!
Lola is the biggest bundle of joy you’ll ever meet. she is sassy, sweet, energetic, and has a huge personality. I rescued Lola from a shelter 3 weeks ago and it was the best decision i’ve ever made
My name is Wrangler I love chewing, playing fetch, running with other dogs and taking walks with my mom and dad.
He is so hyper he loves running around but his favorite thing is water he loves his water very loving and playful
Barry Sanders
Barry Sanders is the sweetest boy i’ve ever met. He is named after the retired football player on the Lions Team, Barry Sanders. He loves the beach more than he loves any human, and he feels very proud of himself whenever he can make his toy squeak. He loves attention and meeting new people, he will take pets from anyone who will give them to him.
About Bear: He’s a 2 year old Black Lab. He loves to jump on mommy and daddy, loves playing with the water hose and catching balls. He’s the sweetest pup anyone could own!
Kia is a beautiful two eyed beauty with a heart of gold, love and is a fierce protector of her humans. She is very talkative and loves to go on walks. She gives hugs and has fur soft as a rabbit. She loves her new adopted baby Bella 💕
Bella is sweet as pie and saucy! She loves her human momma and her doggie momma Kia. She is the final addition to our pack. She loves to run, play and eat! She is super smart and already potty trained at 8 weeks. 💕💕💕