Hi, I m Skye, im a 12 yr old Shepherd/Timber Wolf. I love to go on long runs . My bff is a Jinx, hes the coolest black cat. We always compete with each other when it come to those treats mom gives us. I saved my mom's life a few years ago. She taught me what to do in an emergency.
Kona’s favorite thing to do it roll around in the snow! He loves to nuzzle under it and hide! He is the sweetest boy you will ever see!
Hello my name is Tobias I'm a four-year-old Pitbull I enjoy car rides hiking going to the park, then to Wendy's for chicken nuggets. I'm a big bed hog and I have to curl up in a ball with your blanket to get comfortable. Mom says I'm to spoiled..
Kai is a very energetic loving puppy. He likes most spending time with his momma and playing hide and seek!
Lily LOVES people! She loves meeting new people! She’s never met a person she didn’t like. Did I mention she LOVES to sleep??❤️❤️
Dolly is a sweet loving adorable english lab who loves playing with her brother bear taking pictures and following around her momma
Copper is a friendly boy who loves all the attention, snacks, and constant reassurance that he is the handsomest boy!
Lily LOVES sleeping!!!! She loves meeting new people and seeing tons of people! She loves her pets and treats.
My Sadiebear staying warm for the cold in her gray sweater!!!
Max has high energy but also is very loving he loves treats and partner
He likes to play with other dogs. He loves taking walks and playing tug-a-war with anyone.
Mono is a very friendly pet he likes to play with anyone who he sees.
Pizza is a Cheagle. He’s a ball full of energy. He’s working on potty training and is doing a great job so far! He has a sweet nature to him!
Toby is a cockapoo shitzu who is about 14 years old. He is really the best dog.
🧡💋 Gucci Lulu 💋🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🧡💜💙🐾Oliver🐾💙💜💙💜🌸Steelie 🌸💜🧡💙💜💙🧡💜➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Oliver is 8 pounds of pure trouble! He spends his time chasing the cat, chewing on anything and everything, and creating complete chaous! He is enjoying being a puppy to the fullest! Oliver is also 8 pounds of pure joy🐾❤
This is Copper. The most jerkiest of all jerks whether it’s stealing my dads shoes or sleeping with socks.
He loves me! He needs to be with me! He’s whole soul is Happy when he can go every where I go! He is my ride or die dog!!!!
Chewbacca was given to me two years ago when I got him he was scared and did not trust anybody today. He is loving gives hugs and kisses. Chewbacca loves to watch TV. Chewbacca loves to play with toys.
Finn loves to spend time with family and play with his plush toys 🧸
This guy is a crazy, loving pup. So clumsy, and flips every time he runs. Loves the leaves, snow, and his favorite toy a squeaky hot chocolate!
He is a cuddle bug he loves treats and is very well behaved and very smart
Raven loves to play with sticks, she absolutely loves the snow.❄️ She just turned one on November 10th and she’s a hoot.
Cooper ❤️s 🍿, naps, and playing with his two brothers and sister. At 15 weeks old, he’s pretty sharp, already knows how to sit and gives belly!
Hi I’m Macie! I love to play with my corgi sister Ellie, Take naps, chase the chickens look cute and eat snacks! Please go vote for me❤️
Georgia Julia
Georgia is a sweet loving soul that is always so happy and her playfulness and curiosity keep us entertained and smiling
pepper is about 8 weeks old and hasn’t barked yet. she’s a quiet little guy who’s legs are too big for her body.
lily is a monster from another world. she’s just puppy right now but i think she will always be a puppy at heart.
She loves to play ball
diesel is a big guy but at heart he’s just a little boy.
xena is an old women with doggie dementia.
This is Nash, he’s a one year old red nosed pit. He’s from a small town in AL where he loves spending his days playing outside and chasing squirrels and rabbits through the woods. He loves his brothers and sister, he is the youngest of the four fur babies, so yes he’s spoiled! He knows how to sit, shake, high five and loves to talk ALL the time. He loves kisses and loves cuddling ( under the blanket ). He LOVES playing in water and catching water out of the hose pipe! Nash also loves to go riding in the car. He is such an amazing dog and keeps our family on our toes.
molly is your favorite fat little dog! she’s making progress on weight loss but for now she’s a little big-boned!
bella is the silliest dog you’ll ever meet.
Hardy is 10 weeks old! And loves to play with his little duck stuffed animal
Marí loves her beauty rest and family. Her favorite time is blankie time😍
Ryder Steve
Goldador (Golden Retriever, chocolate lab). Prides himself as a golf course guardian.
Jeffery is such a sweet boy who loves to cuddle and spend time with his humans
Sweetest girl! Goofy and loves her treats! Anxiety doesn’t get her down!💕
he's very playful, loves playing with his toys and eating treats
Mazzie Mae
Mazzie Mae is a playful, crazy, wild, sweet, and a loving dog. She loves cuddles, and playing fetch. She is a year old and so loved. Please vote for her!🥰
This is Ghost he is a Merle French Bulldog he loves the outside and is very outgoing loves greeting new people 🤗. And loves an adventure
Gauge is the sweetest, most loving, hardworking, and smartest dogs you’ll ever meet. He knows left from right, retrieves birds, tracks deer, and will even turn the lights off for you. We almost lost him at the beginning of the year to being hit by a car but he’s fought his way back against all odds and doubts and has made a full recovery
Rocky loves to play, cuddle, and go hunting. He loves to please and is a very clean boy. He loves to run and play.
Hi my name is Chapito I am a Fluffy Frenchie I have blue eyes and love to play outside I’m very spoiled and love cuddling 🥰. I love getting massage and I love love going everywhere with my parents ❤️
Hello, this is Zoey “Zoeeeah”Thompson. She is a two year old purebred boxer and we absolutely love her. She’s hyper and loves going on adventures, treats, nap time, and of course her momma. 💕
Mia is the sweetest girl! She’s a 1yr old shepsky and loves playing outside, watching tv, digging holes in the backyard, chewing her bones, and playing with our toddlers. We adopted her several months ago and she has been the best addition to our family!
My name is baby I am a super energetic whip cream loving yorkie
This is my beautiful baby girl that,so sadly, did not get to live to make it to her first birthday. But now she is my pretty little Angel!