Baby Stories - 86


Hi I’m Luna!! I love everyone and love to play!! I am an emotional support dog and love to smile!!
Chloe is a loving and very outgoing and playful she is a personal protection K-9 she loves working she loves chewing on her favorite Kong toy
Bodie is a 10 Week old long hair American Akita. He is such a good boy. He spends his time playing in the water, snuggling with his daddy or over the road in semi!!
He is a Sheperness.A little love bug.
Im full of energy, love playing outside and i love cuddles.
Tucker is 8wks. Old and full of puppy energy. He loves cuddles and already learned how to sit.
I’m very loving and playful I love to play with other dogs.
Abigail is a year and a half and she loves her people! She also likes going hiking, swimming and riding. But, she wants to be where mom and dad are. No matter what we are doing. Her favorite place to sleep is right in between us, on her back with legs in the air! I don't know what we would do without our clingy adventure buddy!!
Hi I’m Stormi 🥰!! I love to play with my toys and take long naps please vote for me
Ram Bam
Ram Bam is one energetic puppy who loves to play, he is very lovable. I think you should vote for him cause he's one amazing puppy.
Ziva Mae
Ziva is a very good girl. She knows shes a spoiled little princess. She loves belly rubs and laying in the sun! She refuses to play fetch, but she loves to wrestle with her brother! She loves attention and is a huge jumper!
Kylo Maverick
Kylo loves to wrestle with his sister Ziva, he lives to chew on his rubber toys, and likes to run laps after he takes a poop lol He loves treats and to smell daddys farts hahaha
Maple is a sweet girl who loves to swim, play frisbee, chase squirrels and chase our chickens around 🙂 She enjoys being around people and other dogs 🐾
Nellie likes to eat pumpkins and play volleyball
Sky loves chasing sticks and cuddling in warm blankets
Gracie Lou
“Little Lou” as we call her is a year and a half old Husky mix. She is a goofy girl, loves her people, loves new people, and is definitely a foodie. She loves her toys. And her blankies. When she wants to be a monster her name is Lucifer. Haha. She’s a sweet girl 98% of the time
Zoey loves to play outside! Also loves to cuddle and take selfies with me 💕
Luna might be small but very protective..she is very smart and love to play fetch
Baby is 4 years old yorkichon ,she loves to play,cuddle and she loves to give a lot of kisses.
Carmello was a refugee from puerto rico after one of the hurricanes ravaged the island. His owners left him at a laundry-mat and he has graced mine and my mothers life for nearly 2 years now ♡ he loves pizza crust and tbone cookies. He loves playing fetch and tag with his brothers ♡
lola is the goofiest, most loving pup. She is super loyal, loves to play with the family and snuggle
Mally is short for mallard. He is a very good boy and loves to hunt with his dad.
Zander is 4 months old his is a wild and happiest puppy I have ever had in my life
Cody is the happiest, most loving dog. He loves to play with his ball, swim, snuggle, and spend time with his family.
Copper is a lovable and goofy guy who loves to eat, sleep, and snuggle. In other words, perfect. He and his two sisters were rescued from Texas as newborns when they were found deserted in a box. Transported up to Buffalo where he became the rescuer and rescued me! A vote for Cop is a vote for happiness, love, and treats! All photo cred to Iburi Photography!
Buddy is my boyfriend’s dog and he was a rescue. I’ve only known buddy since March when I moved in with my boyfriend. Buddy has become very attached to me out of nowhere. He doesn’t leave my side, if I am in the bathroom taking a shower he is sleeping in front of the shower. When Johnny, my boyfriend, and I just get home he will run right passed Johnny to greet me. I hate how Pitbull’s have a bad reputation cause there isn’t a mean bone in his body. I just love him so much.
She is a 5.5 month old ChiPit. She is the funniest mist ditsy dog i have ever met!
Layla loves to play with her kitty Lucy. She still has a lot of energy despite her age and loves nothing more than to squeak her sheepy and hop around the yard like a jack rabbit 🐇 best cuddle buddy ever ❤
Faline is my crazy spunky lab catahoula mix girl! She loves playing with her tennis balls and tackling her twin sister and older brother. She loves giving kisses to anyone and when she isn’t running around she’s cuddled up next to me rolled over for a belly rub!
Apollo is a Pit Bull/Doberman, he is 3 years old and full of energy! He loves to run and play! He’s lovable and very protective!
Harley is a very playful puppy. She is about 9 months old and huge already. She loves to run and play outside. She also like to catch bugs and it’s quite comical! She is the cutest little girl ever!!
Sabe’s favorite things are chewing bones, squeaker toys, stealing wet cat food, eating grass, eating bugs, and playing with his brothers Ash and Ace! Sabe also likes cuddling, going on car rides to grandma’s, and is the most food driven dog I’ve ever met! ❤️😊
Ozzy is a fun loving, goof ball. At 8 months old he is still exploring his world.
Nasa is a great dane lab mix . He is huge. Such a love. He love to wrestle with the other dogs. He is only 3 months in this picture
Gypsy Rose
Gypsy is Gods gift to me. She’s the most beautiful girl in the world and she loves her mommy so much. Gypsy is also epileptic but doesn’t allow that to stop her from being my service animal. She knows if I’m having a tough time and makes sure I am ok at all times. I do the same for her. She is my best friend, my daughter and an Angel straight from Heaven. Even her spots are hearts when she sits or lays down. My life is a better place because she’s in it.
Ceaser was the most loving and gentlest Doberman I have ever had. He never barked unless he needed to go outside. He never growled or snaped. He would always watch over the grand babies and his way of protecting any child was to stand between the child and the danger.
Captain America
Cap is the sweetest German Shepherd you’ll ever meet. He helps his mom with Rehabilitating the behaviors of other dogs by bringing his fun and uplifting yet calm energy to the table. His best friends are Taz the long haired German Shepherd & Rosie, his moms tortoise. Captain is great with his moms niece and loves all his people.
Millie is 1 years old, she’s a beagle/Australian Sheppard mix, she is very playful, she loves cuddles and people, she also has a sister name Cali (calico kitty) they love each other, please vote for millie 😊
Long walks , sleeping in , cuddling with dad and 🐿
Milo is a very energetic puppy, he loves chewing on shoes and digging in the dirt.
Sammie can sit, dance, lay down, speak, and whisper. This little girl has to be the center of attention. She’s spoiled rotten!
Nala is a three month old miniature schnauzer puppy. She loves dogs and peoples. She is working towards being a therapy dog 🐕
Duke is the greatest dog I love Him so much!! He is a miniature labradoodle. He is 12 years old and so he is getting a lot of old age problems and it’s sad but this makes me love him more and more everyday even though he can be grouchy.❤️🥰
Tucker is a very independent boy. He loves to go swimming, chasing his ball and playing with his best friend Hank.
Onyx is a beautiful puppy that is 7 months old and full of energy. He catches the eye of every person who sees him with his dashing good looks and friendly personality. You should vote for him because he would greatly appreciate it and its never a waste to have faith and hope into such a beautiful well taught puppy
Luna is a sassy, spunky, couch potato who loves to argue with her mum and cuddle with her dad!! She loves getting a bath , going for rides, and going on walks. Overall, she is the most loveable creature on Earth!!