Baby Stories - 85


Skye is a Rhodesian ridgeback aka the Lion hunter. She and her siblings were rescued from a junk yard. When we saw her we knew she was the missing piece to our family. She is the sweetest girl that can make any bad day better. She was diagnosed with valley fever a little over a year ago and we have been battling it daily. Most days you would never know there was anything wrong with her.
Sally Mae
Sally Mae is the sweetest dog!! She loves to lick cuddle and play fetch !! She is also very protective and lets us when someone is around
Alfie is a fun loving little guy! He loves to cuddle and get ALL the pets! He stole our heart the moment we saw him!
She's adventurous and loves meeting new animal friends!
Millie Mae
Meet Miss Millie Mae, Millie for short. Millie is a seven month old, black lab mix and is the sweetest little lady. She adores her Momma, her Daddy and her big brother Joe (the cat). Millie loves to go on walks, and be with her humans!! Millie hopes to be a therapy dog for children one day ❤️
She is a sweet loving girl. Loves to play with other dogs and kids. Gives lots of kisses. She can be extra snugly. I was fortunate to find her 6 months after I had to put my 1st Rottie Deja down. She has been my saving grace. Because of them I'm able to live a life of comfort and safety. Couldn't ask for a better baby girl. She loves kids and other fur babies. She is my gentle giant. Her heart is full of love and happiness. She is my shoulder when Im sad. She is my favorite hello and hardest goodbye.
💙Alpha puppy 💙Big personality 💙Expert Marker
Comet loves to dig and jump fences.
Hi I’m remi, I am the little girl I just love to cuddle and give kisses. I love to roll over my back for lovings on my tummy and I just get along with everyone and anything. More pictures below to get to know me
Hi I’m ru and I’m tell you a little about me. I love my mommy and daddy more than anything, ill go to war for them . I’m very intelligent yet so goofy all in one and I’m also like a grandpa if I’m not sleeping im taking things way to serious . I’ll be posting more pics down below for you to understand his personality more .
Love my family and friends! I love walks on the beach and around my house. Also, I love to play with new toys and have treats!
Gabe The Babe
Gracie loves to snuggle and stays right by my side. She’s a true companion! She loves wearing clothes and going places. She’s very sweet and brings our family so much joy ♥️
Prince is a very energetic 2.05lbs boy. He loves his toys & food but when he sees anyone putting pants on the leave he tries to take them away and hide them under the bed. He’s very loyal everywhere his owner goes he’s right behind her at all times.
Boo Bear
Just a bottle fed baby.... Born on September 5th 2020..... His mommy Bella Bea Passed away after give c-section.... 😢 he loves to suck on his blanket n babies and he love to play with his daddy Mojo..!! 🐾🐾🐾
Cashew; cash for short born Christmas day, Besides a natural born pup model, cashew is an extreme athlete who is relentless in the game of catch. He is a beast, And a baby. Like his mama lol. And his favorite food of all time is pepperoni pizza.
Hi, my name is Bella and I love to go on walks, and I love to play with ice cubes and chase birds.
Hennessy is loving, playful puppy, that loves to play fetch already ( at 8 weeks old ). He does nothing but show you how much he loves you. He loves to cuddle. Please vote for Hennessy so everyone else other me can see how loving he is… As you see some of the pictures he’s being a cuddle buddy/love bug
Princess is the most affectionate cuddle bug ever!! She loves eating and can never sleep without a blanket over her whole body nor can she sleep without her favorite hoomans cuddling her:) the best thing she’s known for is growling when she’s excited
Cooper is a 6 month old lab/Shepard mix. He loves to eat the couches and loves his mommy!!! He's hitting 80 lbs at 6 months old! He loves his stuffed animals and his gf Toaster. And we love this giant baby!!!
Kaia is a pug/Chihuahua mix. She always wants to be close to someone and loves to cuddle with us and our 5 month old daughter.
I’m Charlie I’m a crazy boy that loves running around , chewing up all my toys and playing with friends! 🐶
Brooklyn loves to play, he’s very affectionate. He loves to stand on his two feet, he’s such a great addition to the family, we all love him so much
Nellie Rain
Nellie Rain is just another beautiful pup from my home town Cordova, AK. She is a silver lab and is as sweet as she is cute! Her personality is the best! She has never met a stranger and is such a spunky goofy girl. We love her.
Foxxee is a super fun loveable girl! She loves to play, give kisses, go check her flower pots every morning, shes super photogenic and extremely loveable.
Very wild crazy girl! Loves to run the yard, play with kiddos and other animals ❤🐕
My name is Axel, my favorite activities consist of sleeping, chewing on my teether toys, howling and yipping at my owners, attempting to play with my older cat brother, and following them everywhere. I love to nibble on fingers and love those belly rubs.
Magic is a year and a half old. He is sweet, sensitive and loves to run, play and swim! He loves people and is always up to meeting new friends at the dog park! He is the best playmate to my 2 children and he is truly my husbands best friend! He loves peanut butter snacks and cuddles at the end of the day. We are so lucky he is part of our family!
She passed on 8:9/21 best dog ever she loved life and people.
Curry Jordan
Loves sports, loves walks, loves peanut butter milk bones, eats pedigree. Also a service dog.
Nyley loves to keep his lips pressed against yours for as long as possible! He gets excited when he hears certain words such as "Bubbly". Such a unique lover boy!
Mia is my sweet little Pomeranian. Her favorite toys are hedgie (hedgehog) and gray fuzzy. She has to fall asleep holding one of her favorite toys in her mouth.
Miller is a 1.5 year old English Lab that loves making friends with everyone, people and animals alike. He is a smiley boy and mommy’s shadow. He loves to swim and eat all the snackies he can.
His name basically describes him, he is the most mellow dog ever! He’s kinda like a cat but in a dog body because he purrs
Patron is very outgoing and playful! Loves treats and going outside! He’s just a little cutie that always catches someone’s eye!!
Mollie Mae
Hi my name is Mollie Mae or Molls as my mom calls me. I am a red border collie who loves toy, water, and being with my people. I would love it if you would vote for me.
Hi my name is Ginger 💜 I’m a chunky girl who likes snacks and loves to take naps!
I have been a therapy dog for men and women who are in jail and prison. I was rescued by my owner and best friend. I have retired to a farm and enjoy living in the country with my brothers and sisters.
Havoc will be 3 years old in November. He loves to go for walks, and he enjoys showing off all of his tricks when he gets company. His favorite treats are pup cups from the Dairy Queen and steak. He always loves when his nanny and pap come to visit which makes him get the zoomies. Havoc is a lovable boy and he loves to make New friends.
Anni likes slow walks in the woods,riding motorcycles and riding with her mom on carousels. She is a service dog in training for ptsd and diabetic alert. Her mom loves her cuddles the most.
Hello, I am Anubis, the 4 year old, door opening fluff ball. I love to go on trips, hiking, and I even have my own Red Kayak.
Luna is a sassy husky puppy who is missing half of her tongue, but it doesn’t bother her at all. She loves to chew on shoes that still have feet inside them, digging in her water bowl, and sitting down to people watch when she is outside.
This is Maybell, a 10 month old English Setter (I couldn’t find her correct breed in the list). She is a rescue and was found wandering the streets starving. We got her about 2 months ago. She is a major weirdo and she loves cuddles.
Hi! I’m Sloan. I’m 6 months old, and looooove my family. My favorite things to do are zoomies, chase balls and sticks, and lick my 3 year old human sisters face! I am the goodest boy my momma says, and that means a lot cause I have 3 other dog siblings!
Xena is a princess in her own right and she is the absolute sweetest dog to anyone who comes in contact with her. I love her to pieces until she starts cleaning her toes, blech!
One ear up. 💜🤣 Boomer was rescued after being dumped on the side of the road. He now lives with us and gets to go to work every day with his dog groomer mama. Boomer is very playful and loves other dogs and children the most. He is the best boi!! 💜💜
Zeus is a very outgoing pup with tons of personality! He’s a 5 month old pit bull, boxer, mastiff mix. Zeus loves going on car rides, walks, and snuggles with mom and dad. He also loves to get zoomies after bath time. We rescued him from an abusive home when he was just 5 weeks old, and he is the light of our lives!
He was a resued only loves two people that saved him very loving gives us hugs