Remy isa sweet 12 week old pup that loves to play with kittys and love watter bottles.
Rex loves big sticks, eating bugs, and playin in mud❤️
Kurumi is a 8 week old puppy that just wants to chill and play with anyone or anything.
Mr. Bacon is a handsom and hyper boy. Just a few months old and is the sweetest ever!
Coyote is real layed back and lazy....she likes to play keep away with the other dogs....she is a cuddler and lovey.
He likes his bone and he loves ❤ 😍 food he loves his doggie brother too.
Kona is A Rambunctious loveable pup who loves everyone. He's very friendly and enjoys going outdoors in nature. He also enjoys his time with our chickens. He's only A baby and already shows a wonderful personality. 😁💕💕💕
Hi my name is Hoss! You maybe wondering how I got this awesome name! Well its not just cause my paws are ginormous or because of how tall and muscular I am lol but its because I got the honor to carry the basketball name of my mommas uncle who passed away back in December 2021 he spelled it Haus though, He was a cop for the Chandler police department in Arizona (Officer Jeremy Wilkins)🖤💙 I was rescued from a terrible situation just a few months after he passed, perfect timing as my momma needed me just as much as i needed her. I was just 5 months old and very underweight and a bit shy and nervous but now I'm a very outgoing definitely not shy 8 month old pup, I weigh 110lbs now! I am a super smart, very loving, and extremely lazy as I'm still growing, and just the happiest pup ever! I know a bunch of tricks but only by sign language as I was born deaf. I love my whole family especially my mom and dad! I love playing, go for walks and car rides, eat lots of treats, I really like getting spoiled, I love to snuggle, and my favorite thing to do is annoy my older but smaller Boston terrier Chihuahua brother petey! I'm a big gentle giant that loves everyone, I do think I'm a small dog and dont really know my own size cause apparently I'm "not a lap dog" but I'll prove everyone who says that wrong as I will always want to be on your lap and will force myself on your lap to be held whether you like it or not lol so that's me Hoss! Nice to meet you all😁
Rex is an Australian Shepherd Corgi mix. He’s chunky, loves to play ball, and likes miniature toys (cat toys specifically). He has a cat brother Toby and a human sister Violet arriving any day now.
Athena is a pit bull she’s 6 months old and she enjoys playing in water, giving attitude, and loving others. Athena also enjoys the big outdoors she likes camping, hiking, and getting into things she’s not supposed to. Since we have gotten her we realized she was going to be a handful but we wouldn’t change it for the world.
Wyatt is lab terrier mix, we got him when he was around 10 weeks. He is our family dog and he absolutely loves kids! He wants to play all day long with anyone and everyone he meets! He’s also a cuddle bug!💕
I enjoy playing outside with sticks and visiting my mom’s daycare to play with the kids. “Nap hard, play hard” is my motto.
Hi I’m Bo from Bulgaria🇧🇬 I flew alllll the way across the world to be with my loving family 🥰 I have 3 older paw siblings 🐾🐾🐕‍🦺Warlock, Storm, and Ike 🐶🐶🐶 I love them soooo much ❤️ I absolutely love doing speedys and making mom and dad chase me 🏎💨
Dozer is so sweet and loving! He loves to cuddle and play!
Sophia is sweet little baby girl who loves all the attention everyone has to give her and to play!
Goldie is a shelter rescue who was adopted about a year ago and she was supposed to be my emotional support animal but I somehow have turned into her emotional support human she is a little quirky and she runs sideways due to being in a car accident with her previous owners but she’s perfect no matter what
Ivy Rose
Ivy Rose loves to play with her teenage girl! She loves to jump and catch her frisbees Ivy Rose came from Texas as a rescue pup. We adopted her when she was 9 weeks old. She is 15 months old now.
Thor is a very happy and loving puppy! He loves to do tricks for treats...he spins and dances!! He loves playing on the trampoline with children!!!
This little guy is absolutely the best! He is such a lover and always loves getting belly rubs! His personality is the best! He’s always wagging his tail and sometimes it looks like a helicopter. He has so many different expressions! I love him more than life and am so grateful he chose me. We are inseparable and I would t have it any other way! He is my little man, deer feet, chihuahua face, Pomeranian fur, helicopter tail, radar ears, turkey legs dog! 😂 yes that’s what I call him!
Hi I’m Milo! I love going to the park, toys and walks. I’m a parvovirus survivor so I am a big tough boy, at least that’s what mom tells me.
Hey! My name is max i got my name off the cartoon max and ruby. Im 15 years old. I have no teeth thats why my tongue hangs out.
Lilly Mae
Lilly mae is a yorkie &mini schnauzer. She loves to lay in front of the window and watch birds. She is a momma girl.
Ruby here… can’t get much past me. Love to have fun and play all day long with my family. Mom and Dad try to keep me out of trouble but somehow I’ll find something to get into… much love 💕
Bella is a 13 yr old poodle with lots of style and spunk. Very lovable and plays tirelessly loving all the attention.
LAB 8 week old
Luna is a German Shepherd/ Golden Retriever mix. She has 3 human boys that she loves and protects. She enjoys going to the park and going down the slides with her (human) kids. Luna is a very fast learner. Luna loves to smile, she’s a big cuddly fur baby. 💜
Macey Mae
Energetic , loves my children, can be stubborn but loves getting wet and running
Niko is my rescue. He was in a shelter in NC going to be euthanized until a rescue took him out. I’m sure he has a story to be told, you can see it in his face. He is a very sweet, lovable and a cuddly boy. He loves to walk, play with his toys and learn new things everyday. He’s very happy boy.
Running Bull
Running Bull is so laid-back and not a care in the world. He loves his mommy he thinks he can sleep on her and sit on her. He loves running around in the backyard chasing everybody and everything. And he loves his Quinn Quinn.
Zoey is my energetic yet cuddly little love. She came into my life shortly after losing my chihuahua of 16yrs, and has helped me through that grief of losing her. I love her unique coloring and that cute little face! 🥰
Spud is a people-loving boy! He loves cuddles and chicken, and he’s such a good boy 🥹
Paco is the sweetest dog. He loves to play and always supportive whem i am down or not feeling well. He is very energetic in the mornings. When paco goes to training or grooming appointments everyone loves him and want to hang out with him all day.
Lola is a loving and playful puppy who will steal your heart every time! Please vote for Lola! 💕
Maggie is almost 15 and loves to go to work with her Mom everyday at Scrapbooks By The Sea. She takes her job as store greater very seriously. She is loved by many. Her favorite past times are long naps and exploring our property. Oh and belly rubs too. Picture credit La petite Paws Groomer.
Jill is always full of love she would rather lay in your lap and soak up the attention then she would play. Lazy and loveable is what this beautiful dog is all about
Dottie is full of love and energy. She has her own blanket she packs around with her. She just a goofy fun loving pup
Jackie loves to play ball. She will play as long as you can hold up with her. Very fun loving and definitely loves her mom
Pooh is an all around type of fur baby, he is actually a shih poo and the oldest of 3. He runs with his 2 siblings who for some odd reason are much smaller than him. We like to call Pooh the super pup. He enjoys laying back, relaxing until a leaf, a person, a cat, or even the wind passes by. In his past time he enjoys cleaning windows and howling.
Winnie is the sister of 2 brothers that keep her well exercised! She is the ultimate princess as Some will say. She refuses to sit or sleep on the floor. Major lap baby and was voted most argumentative by her close family and friends. She loves to cuddle and keep her paws as clean as possible!
Mogley is Mr. Romeo. He loves to love. He's also a Dr. Of therapy. If he senses your in pain, he will lick the area that hurts trying to heal you as quickly as possible! He is a very lucky fur baby, but we are even luckier to have him! He was born dead and has a real zeal for life!!!
Misty is a very sweet and friendly dog..she loves to play and take rides
My dad named him hercules and he was a birthday present to my daughter for her 9th birthday
Roslyn loves to go on walks, duck hunting, and biting your ankles, she’s such a goofball, she also loves the water, she’s a chocolate lab, and is in the training to be a hunting dog 🤍
Addie Piglet Sparks
She’s the most loyal pupper I’ve ever had
Rebel is 2 years old, German Shepherd & Pit bull mix. She is so full of kisses & loves to cuddle.