Baby Stories - 85


This sweet little girl is a boxer-pitbull mix that wants to give hugs and kisses to everyone she meets. Everyone says she should be a dog model so here we go😊
Grizzly is a 3 1/2 year old puppers he was born June 17 2017 he love to catch snow balls, be outside, snuggle his baby (a kitten), and come see aunty Jacy!
This bundle of cuteness is such a sweet heart! Her instincts lead her to beg beg beg, eat eat eat, and bark bark bark, but at the end of the day, she is a huge cuddle bug and wants to show her love! <3
Ollie loves his sisters and snuggles! He loves riding on the farm with dad!!
Clio loves to share whatever you are eating and she loves to snuggle up to watch TV. Her favorite activity is getting into trouble then trying to deny it was her.
Layla loves to tear up everything that’s in her path!! Loves treats and being around her people!💘💘
Ruger is an adorable, energetic, fun loving 4 month old puppy who is soooo full of life and loves every human that enters his life❤🐾❤🐾
Blue is my Spanish sweetheart. She understands both English and Spanish, is my ESA, loves squeaky tennis balls, and is the world's best outdoor adventure buddy. 💙🐾 🇪🇦🇺🇲
My name is Koda, I’m a fierce, fabulous black Labrador Retriever. I don’t do much retrieving, except for sticks, of course treats and sometimes my frisbee, but never a ball. I enjoy watching mom throw a toy and have no reaction... Including the frisbee I was just playing with, joke’s on Mom! I was named after the Disney movie character from Brother Bear, but I’m a girl! AKA Koda Bear, I have several nicknames and answer to them all, toot, tooty root,Koda girl, bear bear: I have a lot of names. Mom and the family have named all furry friends after Disney characters. They should have named me Kween Koda just for my sassy attitude and pawfect camera face. I’m SMART, I know a lot of tricks and learn new ones in record speed. As long as there’s treats, I’m the teachers “pet”. Whoever said, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, clearly didn’t meet me! I was born in Michigan, but now I’m a city dog in Chicago. I love the city, but my favorite place is Northern Michigan. I love the lake, taking my signature Koda dip around the ladder whenever I feel necessary, jumping off the dock and sun doggin on my own beach towel! I have a lot of toys, but my most prized possession is Hedgie (hedgehog stuffed animal, that mom has had to buy several replacements and I still don’t know that). The latest one was from Whole Foods and not a dog toy. Although I’m not a puppy, finer things take time,like George Clooney! My grey hairs are just glitter that make me sparkle!
Sadie loves running around! She loves playing with other dogs! She also loves cuddles! She is such a sweetie!
Hey guys! My name is Ophelia Rose, I am a great pyrenees/border collie mix. 🐶 I am almost 6 months old and i’m getting huge! My favorite human food is about anything momma eats. 🥕 My biggest fear is definitely the vacuum or any loud noises❌ My favorite thing to do is play outside ❤️ My favorite toy is anything i can chew up really or moms socks and her water bottles! 🧦 What I hate most is when mom leaves me to go to work 🥺 I like to sleep on the floor under the window because i’m a chunky girl and overheat easily hehe. 🪟 Welcome to my life! :) 🐶🥰
Hey this is legacy , he’s just a puppy but acts like he’s grown lol. He’s mixed with Pit & German Shepherd, He’s doing very well learning new things. Knows where to poop and pee . He’s very hyper active and he loves to play and is friendly .
Pongo loves his sister who is also a dalamation and cuddling with dad. Pongo also likes when i forget loaves of bread on the counter so he can eat it.
Grizz is a just a puppy yet- He is ambitious and very smart, when he gets cold he has already learned to go by the furnace ducts to stay warm.. Today he learned we have a wood pile and oh boy does he think all that wood is sticks. Cant wait to see what else he amazes him.
Honey was the nicest dog ever, she loved everyone. Her favorite snacks were asparagus, cheese, and basically every type of food.
Winnie was loving, cool, and playful. Her favorite toy was anything that would squeak. Her favorite snacks were captain crunch berries and cheese.
He was Stately, playful, and loving. His favorite toy was any kind of stuffed animal. His favorite snacks were apples, bananas, banana peels, and popcorn.
Im very energetic i love to run and love chewing on stick or wood. My owner is 14 and she is my world except when she puts me in cage and leaves me for school. I cry whine and howl for her. I have seperation anxiety but the older i get im learning how to cope with it. Hope you think im cute and vote for me.
Bane is a Pomsky. He is very agile and he gets the “zoomies” and runs crazy a few times per day. He likes to try and be protective of his sister although she can usually take care of herself. Lol! Bane is also very loving and snuggly. He loves to give kisses 😘
Moja is a tri-color Lilac border collie, so she is very rare!
Olive Oyl
She sassy has her own personality loveable
This is Roscoe the Catahoula leopard dog and he’s 4 months old. He was dumped and a stray, until taken in by a kill shelter in Texas! I was able to rescue this sweet baby, and he’s now the happiest most spoiled baby in the world, he loves playing with his 50000 toys and SNOW is his favorite !!
Sakari’s name means “sweet” so her nickname is Sweet Pea ❤️ She is very playful but loves attention and gets very excited and stands on her hind legs and ‘Patty cakes’ when people walk up to her. She is a Pomsky.
Remy is a rescue from Arkansas. He loves to play with his two older brothers and loves to snuggle.
Belle is a rescue pup that loves people, playtime, and cuddles! She is a Husky and Lab mix, and I think she is one cute pup!
Leo is a rescue but he is the one that rescued me. He love all kinds of toys! He really really like the noisy ones😍 He enjoy naps and he really like when his mom cuddles up to him. Butttt he really loves when it is food time!!! That’s his favorite time of day! Mommas best friend❤️
Lilah is my rescue pup where I saved her from abuse. Now, Lilah rescues me whenever I am having a hard day. Her spunky personality keeps me busy! She loves to sniff, pounce around, and stay out of the rain. Her favorite thing is when her Grammy and Grampie, aunties, uncle, and cousins come to visit her!
This is Bellini! She is my rescue. She loves to herd cattle and ride horses with me! She’s an energetic loving ball of fur. She also loves to sleep/snuggle on cold days. She is essentially a humans best friend!
Ghost is a white husky, she’s the most aloof floof. A cloud decent among the direwolves of olde
Nova is a very energetic dog very wild and can be sassy she loves playing in the snow and being outside but she does love taking naps and can be very cuddly at times she loves everyone she sees!! She is only is 7 months old! Nova is not like other husky’s she dosnt have the mask around her face which makes her unique but we still love her so very much.
Magnolia “Maggie” is a beagle puppy who at just 5 months old loves to play tug of war, eat lots of treats and eat the fresh snowflakes that fall from the sky!
Woof! My name is Remington, and I LOVE food! My momma describes me as a "Labrador labra-doing labra-dog things" You can always find me near the water, or playing with my toys and the other family dogs. My absolute favorite thing is to find sad hoomans and make them happy again! I am currently in puppy grade, and am a straight A student, this makes my momma and daddy very proud and I get lots of cookies for it! Please vote for me, Ms. Remington. *Woofing out*
Pixie is a very energetic pup!! She is so sweet, loves to cuddle, and loves treats! She also knows a few a few tricks.. loves to shake and catch flying treats! ❤️
Princess Jewels
Princess Jewels is a toy dog breed mix (Chihuahua/Teacup Poodle). She is 8 weeks old. Her dog parents fell in love and had puppies. She enjoys playing with her small (cat toys) balls with bells. She has recently learned the joys of a using a touch screen amazon echo. Her favorite pass time is playing and watching puppy cartoons..
Sir Theodore
Sir Theodore is a curious, playful Maltese and Poodle Mix who would LOVE your vote! In March of 2020, he was rescued from a breeder who surrendered him, due to a heart murmur. A local rescue organization came to his side, and brought him to the vet, who eventually fell in love, and adopted him. As soon as he came home, he immediately fitted in to the family, expressing his free loving spirit within hours. And as the warm weather came along, Theo didn't hesitate to show his athletic side, which came as a pleasant surprise to his heart condition. He now lives in Ambler, PA as an only child pup, going to the vet clinic everyday with his mama to see other dogs. He has two human sisters, and two parents. Some of Theo's favorite activities include running around in the backyard, playing with his squeaky toys, and most of all...FOOD. His favorite snacks are mango, apple, and chicken. A spoiled, yet lovable pup, he never fails to bring a smile to our face whenever we see him, so please...VOTE! Sir Theodore would appreciate it very much!
Kratos loves to play, if he is not napping he is running around trying to get your attention. He loves to give kisses
Ruko • 4.5years. Enjoys hiking, napping, snacks, and neighbor watching. I love playing in the snow in the winter & rolling in the grass in the summer. On the weekends you can either catch me at home or out hiking and exploring the river.
Loves to play fetch and listens amazing. One of the best cuddling dogs has a great personality she is well mannered and a great hunting dog.
Rogue is a 2 year old UKC American Pitbull Terrier who is training to become a service dog for her owner with Scout's Legacy Service Dogs. She LOVES to play fetch and is eager to please. Her tail never stops wagging. She's always a happy go lucky girl.
Roscoe is a big baby in a big dog's body. He loves to nap, but not alone, he will let us know when he is ready and whines till we join him. Love to jump and play with almost anything. Love this dog and glad we adopted him.
Coco loves to steal our slippers and hide under our sofa! She loves to dig and run. She cuddles when she wants to and howls so uniquely its as though she speaks. We love her!
Scarlett is a very loving and friendly dog. Her favorite hobbies are hanging out with her favorite people and going to dog parks. She also loves her squeaky toys and playing with her brother💓
Winston loves to run and play
Willow is a Diva, she’s the matriarch of the family and the sweetest girl you’d ever want to meet.
Freya never goes anywhere without her ball. Morning, noon or night!
Oakley is a 5 month old German Shepherd. He loves to play in the snow and chew on cardboard ;) Oakley is a fun loving dog with sooo much energy