Athena is a lover. She loves playing and teasing her brother with the toys. She loves running out side all over the yard. She also loves car rides, and always wanting to go. She is so gentle and loves to give kisses. She is also my rescue pup, and was a stray. I got here at three months old. Now we just turned two on September 12.
Mary Jane
Well where do I start with this little girl. She’s a very playful and loves adventures. When we go on road trips we have to bring her favorite toy every time.( it’s a rag):D She’s a cardigan welsh corgi/ blue heeler mix, her eyes and a mix of colors and honestly look like human eyes. We got here name from Spider-Man
Malakai is what we call a special unplanned gift at about 12weeks old the owner of Malakai didn't want him because he wasn't a fit to the dogs they had so Malakai didn't get the love he deserved but once we got him home he has become the spark plug of energy with so much love in that little big heart.
Harley is a puppy we found at the pound and fell absolutely in love with her. She is very energetic and loves kiddos and to play with other dogs. Give her some loves❤️
Gunnar will be 4 months old on the 27th He is a Vizsla He loves to play, sun bathe, calm and gentle Enjoys walks, sleeping, eating and snuggles Loves chasing his outside cat sister and brothers
Athos is the most friendly dog around! He loves going to the beach, taking swims and playing with his frisbee! He loves his 3 cat siblings and little 8 month old sister!
Toby is a love bug, he loves to cuddle and wouldn't know what id do without him.
I love to run around in fields of grass and play fetch with my mommy and daddy! I also like to sneak into their bed with them at night to get in some cuddle time!💓
I got puggly from a friend in Ashville,she was so small and adorable,and she was sweet and me and my boyfriend loved her so we got her and brouht her home and spoiled her.
Nala is a beautiful Thai ridgeback she loves to play run and is very family oriented loves kids
Robin has so much sass and personality.
Ezekiel Aka Zeke
He’s not a dog he’s the cutest thing ever and truly believes he’s human!!! He is now a proud puppy dad of 7blk pug puppies & one fawn pug puppy
Zeus Phillips
Hi im zeus i love to chew. And love to love on my mommy and daddy. I also love to play with other dogs.
Blaize is a blue heeler/chihuahua mix. He enjoys playing outside & belly rubs. He was my “sonshine” after the storm. He has always been a very sweet boy even as a small pup.
This lil guy is full of love and loves to play all the time lol when I was down I had got him for my birthday and I’m so happy that I did I love this lil man
Hazel is my loving pittie he’s my rescue pup, he was rescued at 3 months and arrived as a stray. He’s now 2 years old this month and he’s the neatest boy ever and absolutely loves everyone and of course his treats.
Max loves playing outside with our other dogs. Barking is his favorite thing to do. He's very playful and really loving
Hi! Meet my baby boy his name is Chapo Wooskie. He is a 9 year old Chihuahua that I’ve had since a puppy when I was 15 years old soon to be 25. We have been through everything together including traveling across the country. He licks my face when I cry, cuddles me at night, and gives me hugs to show his love. Thanks for taking the time to read about my handsome man.
Axel is about 8 months old, getting his fluffiness finally. Loves sitting with mommy and going to papas house to run with his friends. He smiles in car rides but his favorite place is mommys bed
Frosty Copper
Best shelter dog ever
June is almost 3 months old. She is an Olde English Bulldogge. She is very sassy carries her attitude very well LOL. She's a rescue dog. She loves to snuggle and give tons of kisses.
Cash is an Olde English Bulldogge. He is 4 months old. He is a rescue dog. He is a protector and loves to snuggle. He brings us such Joy.
Axel is almost 8 weeks old he is a rescue dog he is an Old English bulldog and he brings us such Joy.
Lola is a super energized dog. She has been my baby for about 7-8 years now. She loves to follow me everywhere I go!
Arloe is a Sharpei and American bulldog mix! He is 7 months old and is in training to be a service dog. He loves to play with pine cones and loves going for car rides. He’s not a fan of the bath but he loves the rain!
Nilla loves to play out side with his best friend Kullen they are so inseparable with each other one is lost without the other. Nilla loves to give kisses and go for long walks and playing with his sister Rylie he loves doing tricks and running around the dog park
He's a one of a kind dog with a big heart, with a serious dislike for pesky loud neighbors,thunderstorms and fireworks. Born in NH. He's one of a kind and I'm happy to call him my mojo. He's a great cuddle bug, and he's a great big brother.
This is Nala. She is a 100% AKC registered chocolate lab. She loves spending time with people, playing fetch, swimming and taking rides in the truck or side by side. She will be 1 on 9/20/22
My tiny little brave girl. She has the biggest heart and she is my joy and my courage. She loves to run in the grass, she loves napping, and she does stuff for chicken lol, she loves people and she makes everyone she meets love her. I LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!
Buster is a 6lb Yorkie who loves to go for car rides, loves new clothes and toys, loves his humans and the biggest love bug you will ever meet! He’s full of personality loves to go on adventures with his dad (kayaking, skateboarding, loves to play ball and go for long walks
💥💥BELLA IS NOT PARTICIPATING UNTIL OCTOBER 💥💥 WE WILL BE FINISHING UP ANY OWED VOTES FOR CURRENT CONTESTS AND WILL DO ADVANCES FOR A RETURN IN OCTOBER 💥💥 Can and will do honest vote exchanges. Will accept advances for future contests as well. Bella, aka Bellaphant is about to be 3 years old. She loves her toys 🧸 and her humans! She is a very special , loyal, smart , loving snuggle buddy who’s big dopey smile makes anyone who meets her melt.
Marley is a huge bundle of joy! He is very loving and has an amazing, unique personality!
Gummy Worm
Wormy loves to sun bath, play with his bones, snuggle under the covers with his mama and papa, and absolutely loves car rides! ESA certified and the best ham bone around!
Puma absolutely hates having his picture taken. I was so thrilled when I captured this adorable photo of him.
Capone is about 9 months old. And my best friend. He has soooo much energy. We have a good time together
Bailey is so loving and very active she loves to play fetch and bring back the ball to you. She is very protective about my grandchildren. She is just a loving puppy.
Puma is a American Pit bull terrier who loves to play and cuddle. His favorite thing to do is go on walks and play with his big sister. Right now he’s in the process to be trained to be my emotional support dog.
My Senior dog....11 years old despite his health issue with seizures he has always been there He loves walks for dressing up
My wild child
Hello my name is Zeus!! Im a pure bread Staffordshire Pitbull. I love playing with my kong toys, running around outside, taking walks, and spending time with my loving family. I am also very very smart and I know lots of cool tricks! I am always such a sweet and loving smiley boy!♥️ Winning this contest would help my mom and dad out tremendously!!
hi my name is jace! i’m a catahoula leopard dog, and i just turned 1! i enjoy car rides, walks through the country, and playing fetch! i’m very smart and the most loving boy ever!💙🐶
Buddah is a 3yr old 3.7lb Yorkie who is obsessed with her mommy and loves to grin at you when she does something she is not supposed to do . She loves her 6 fur siblings and her 3 human siblings but Don’t want them by her mom. She loves going out side to sunbathe and to bark at the birds . She loves car rides and snuggling to her kitty sibling. Her favorite snack is pepperonis and her favorite food is moms home made chicken and carrot casserole … her older sibling Lottie is her mentor and she does everything Lottie tells her to …. She is an amazing companion and a great little sister ….
Lottie is an 8 year old babydoll who loves attention, Car rides, Socks and her 6 other siblings, She was a rescue who had a very rough life that she fought 6 months to keep and Now has a home to call her forever. She has 6 fur siblings and 3 human siblings she will protect no matter what . She is the most loyal companion and without any training has became a seizure alert for her human mother all on her own… she is the perfect pet and would do anything she is able to show you what you mean to her …
Lolo has a character thats all him. He loves ribeyes lol. And he loves his mommy
Cain is an all white maltese. He loves to play and likes to cuddle.. He is always full of energy & likes to get into things.. He’s a very loving dog..
Karly is an all white maltese. She likes to play sometimes, but she mostly loves to be held and cuddle.. She’s an amazing and loving dog..
Ivory is a very good girls she love kids and loves to cuddle
He’s very playful and loving! Loves to give kisses🐶❤️