Baby Stories - 83


Wea is a female German shepherd and pittbull she is 1and a half old she loves playing tug war with her best friend lili. She loves playing outside she listens very well she knows how to sit and listen she'll learn more💕
Callie is the sweetest pup. She loves all dogs, babies and people. Her favorite toy is ANY tennis ball!
Milo Grey
Milo is the most adorable little pup! He loves to play with other animals and his large bucket of toys. He will give you lots of kisses!
Jasmine Marie
Jasmine is the sweetest girl. She loves snuggling with her humans, playing fetch until your arm falls off, and going on Starbucks runs!
Big, goofy, cuddly. Loves to run and play n go on car rides
Wailen is a very happy Peke! His favorite things include hoarding balls from his brother, his baby (A sloth toy) and sneezing in your face.
Hey my name is biscuit I’m 7weeks old I love to ran and play with my brother and I love sleeping on daddy and mommy chest please vote for me ❤️
He’s a spunky, fun loving Dogue de Bordeaux that is so absolutely adorable. He likes to bite on feet & his stuffed doggie.
He is a wild pom pom! Loves being held! Is a fast eater! Never stops getting into everything!❤️
beau is 3 years old and loves to sleep! beau could literally sleep anywhere
Arley is 1 year old. She loves her older brother Rex. She’s very hyper and loves water. She’s a red Husky with a big attitude, and she always wants the attention on her.
Peanut is a mini<3 He js cuddly and a mommas boy. Very playful
Rocky loves being outside(sunbathing ☀️), playing with his toys, and doing zoomies in the backyard 🐕 He loves giving hugs and kisses andddd YOU must give scratches 😂
Katie is a bishapo, she is a sweetheart, easy to train, loves to play and loves kids. Please vote
Logan loves his human family , walks and playing in the park with his husky friends . His favorite thing is destroying 🧸 toys . He is smart and stubborn and full of energy.
Merlin is a super happy hyper old man. Cute as can be as you can see! His favorite activity is jumping on the trampoline!
Ella is a maltipoo puppy! She has the most wonderful personality, everyone she meets agrees! Her favorite thing to do is treasure hunt! She brings mama all of her treasures (ie. sticks, mulch, grass, etc.)
Pooka will be 10 in less than a month! He’s an adorable, spunky, old man. He just got a baby sister and he is in love with her. Pooka likes to dance around the house all day following mama.... of course expecting treats!
Willow is a Medical Alert Service Dog. She can perform many tasks and is an Angel for her Daddy!
Buster Brown Chinatown
Buster is the cutest English Bulldog you will see!
Bella Mary
Bella Mary, My BOSS LADY!!
Lola is a 3 year old lab mix. She’s the best at making people smile and laugh. She’s awesome at knowing when you need her most. She’s good at most tricks; high five, spin (both ways), sit pretty, shake etc... if you have carrots or blueberries you’ve made you’re self a beautiful best friend!
My name is Henry! I LOVE swimming, playing in the snow, & cuddling with my family. My sister Harper is my best friend!
We adopted trooper when he was 3 months old after living under a house and eating garbage. he is now a playful, energetic, cuddly and loving dog who completes our family. he loves being around people and is currently in training to be a service dog. thanks for your votes :)
Nova Hope
Nova hope is a moral one year old female pitbull terrier she is friendly kind and listens she loves to sit give you paw and to stand also Love’s getting the ball but not bringing it back. (I just wanna win onec for my pupper and her bread please and thank you)
Hey! My name is Kimber. I am a Alaskan Klee Kai (also know as miniature husky). I am 1 year old and weigh 12 pounds. I can say I love you. I love to turn my head to the side when you speak to me. I am full of energy and very playful especially playing fetch. I love to chew on squeaky toys and also destroy toys. I love to talk back to my owner and fuss at them when they do something wrong. I am a sweet boy when I want to be.
Harley Ann
Harley is the sweetest most tender hearted one year old. Her golden eyes are enchanting. Harley loves having her belly scratched, and will curl up in your lap to get some lovin’ but she doesn’t give out a ton of kisses. She loves to run fast and play super hard when her twin brother.
I adopted Aimsley from Fairfax County Animal Shelter on August 26, 2017. She was a senior at 7 years old when I got her, and she is a cool 10 now! She is a mix breed of poodle, pom, beagle, chihuahua, and some others. Aimsley is a playful little scamp who loves to run around with kids and explore the great outdoors. She has even once saved me from a fire in my apartment complex a couple years ago! She is the sweetest dog I ever could have dreamed of and I am so lucky to have her in my life. :)
Sweetest little lug you are ever going to see
Tiko is the sweetest, cutest little boy!!! I am 6 months old! I love my mommy and daddy! I am a spoiled little boy! ❤️Patches little brother!!
Mia is a sassy little 9 month old Yorkie who loves her family and toys. She is playful and sweet.
Thor is a very sweet dog. He loves everyone human, dogs... he is very friendly. He has a great personality!
The only mom I know is a human. I am told every day that I am beautiful regardless of my scar! I may look different but I will still grow up to be a strong, smart, and pretty German Shepherd. The skin on the side of my face died and fell off and now I will live with a permanent scar, crooked nose, a tear duct that does not work, and teeth that do not line up. Thank you for accepting those who are different.
Mila lives in Cape Cod, MA. She loves walks on the beach and boat rides!
Diesel is an 8 week old Rottweiler puppy and is such a good boy! He's doing awesome with potty training (we've only had him for a week) and loves to snuggle with his fur brothers.
Arya is an energetic 7 month old Doberman who is spoiled rotten. She loves her cat brother, but hasn’t realized she is as big as she is.
We rescued Jovie a little over one year ago. We decided to name her Jovie because she's always so jovial! However, she was diagnosed with cancer the day after Thanksgiving and underwent surgery the day before Christmas. We are enjoying every minute that we have left with her but it would be really amazing if she were to win, even while being a breed that's normally discriminated against. We just love her so much and hope you all will as well!
Lobo is a full breed blue heeler. He’s about 8 weeks old & loves to chew on everything!!
King Luis
King Luis is King of the thrown. 👑 On his free time he likes to enjoy a causual swing at the park, no biggy. And you best not try to take him out until he is done ☝
All Roxxana ever wants is attention & love. Dont you dare give her loves to anyone else. ❤
Loves people! Loves to go for Rides on car...Hates windshield wipers. Lol. Hates my vacuum cleaner. She's Very protective! Quite the Lover. Blue is a Mini She weighs 25 lbs. We love her alot
Hello everyone, my name is Bella! I love playing with my Kong Woobi, zooming in circles outside, and eating treats and anything with peanut butter. I also enjoy going for car rides, hikes, playing ball on the beach, and laying on my raft in the pool. Vote for me to help me get the surgery I need to remove some lumps.
Hi my name is Louie and I love playing with toys, jumping on your chair at the dinner table once your done and sitting like a human. I enjoy long naps and snoring!!
Winston is 67lbs at 4.5 months. He's the biggest baby and such a good cuddler. Protector of his human sister. They have such a strong bond and he is so gentle with her.
Presley (Yes just like Elvis Presley) 😊 she was the runt of the litter , she loves snuggling in bed , and also has quite the vocabulary . Her mother was a Lab / Blue Heeler mix and her father was a Border Collie