He love play with toys and run in grass.and love treat .
She is a very smart little girl. When I come home from being out, she brings my slippers and tells me how her day went!!!! She is my heart forever! When my mom passed away recently, she stayed by my side. She is very protective of me.
Shadow is an energetic boy, who likes to hang out with his favorite people. He's big into feeling cozy and cuddling, when he is not chasing this curled tail. 🐾
Thor is a very loving and sweet pupperoni that just likes to be rubbed and loved on! He loves his family and he loves playing outside and enjoying nature! 🐶❤️
Gypsy loves to run and play. She is a big babydoll. She is so loveable, adorable, and loves kids.
Lil' Bear
Lil' Bear is A Very Energetic Loving 💕 Dog, who loves to go for car rides, & will do anything for a treat.
Bentley is the most energetic and loving! He loves cuddles with his giraffe and playing with all of his fur-friends!
Bane is the goodest of good boys! He loves snuggles and sleeping under the blanket at night with his humans. He is such a good big bro to his 1 year old human baby sister (as well as to his doggo and 2 kitty siblings♥️) Bane LOVES to go on car rides and could play tug of war all day long (when he’s not napping on the couch😅)
Vixen is very loving 🥰 she love all her toys even her brother and sister toys , she’s a very happy fur baby, I Love her very much 😍💕spending time with her siblings is the best !
Damian is a Rottweiler and blue tick hound mix, he loves water and loves his family so much ❤️
Beethoven loves to play in the spray of a hose, chewing the water! He loves his toys, and going for Jeep rides. He loves all his family and gives lots of kisses 🥰 He is a rare Boston Bluetick Cross, and also a rescue ❤️❤️❤️ He is my vet husband’s companion and is the only boy of his litter 🥰
Jazzy Joy
Jazzy Joy is so cuddly and loving 🥰 she love playing with her siblings spending time outside and playing with her toys she’s so sweet, I Love her 😍💕
Koe Dale
Koe loves his toys and treats! He is spoiled rotten and loves his grandma! Koe loves to slobber all over us! And loves tomato’s and almost anything else! He loves taking off with you socks and chewing them up and especially trash!
Cooper Loves to cuddle, and give lots of lovins! He’s such a great companion animal ❤️ He loves his toy box full of bones and toys, he’s so good he knows that’s where they go, and will get them out of there to play with! Cooper is a rescue, who adoption didn’t work out, he wasn't himself when we brought him back home. To see him blossom into such a lover is super sweet!❤️
Bo is a very sweet boy he enjoys nothing more then food he loves to play and is always trying to jump up on people and box with them like a kangaroo he loves when you act like you’re boxing with him and give him lots of stretches he is always very hyper and full of energy he is rarely staying still he loves to go into the woods and bring back sticks or anything else he can find as a chew toy
Roxy is two years old only 6 pounds very loving
Hello my name is Tankford I love coffee milk in the morning with dad and to sunbathe mid day with mom after work! I love to wear sweaters because I always shake it keeps me calm. I have a sister named Teanah she’s pretty cool! We love Halloween and take pictures! Thank you for stopping by and good lucky fur buddies!
My Khaos is energetic, full of life and gives the best hugs and kisses ever❤️❤️❤️
Sweet and lovable golden ❤️
He’s a very loving dog who saved my life
Tweety Bird
Tweety bird is only a couple months old. We got her full of worms, now she’s healthy & crazy 🥹💜
Baxter is a crazy 9 month old who loves playing and eating everything in site
Doug loves going on walks, eating bones, playing with Ella (his sister) and going on drives. He does not like getting kisses only giving them and is such a picky eater he also doesn’t like for strangers to try and touch him, but is never mean. Douglas waits at the window every night for his people to get home then after gets the zoomies and bolts around the house for about 15 min lol. Over all Douglas is a big white teddy bear giving cuddles to us all ❤️
Tater Tot
Tater Tot is almost 2 years old!! & the bestest boy 💜
Mr. Bean loves cuddles and to play. He is super active and loves to run around. Bean and my golden retriever are best friends and love to play with each other.❤
This is my baby moon 🥰she loves to go outside and go for runs around the yard. She loves playing catch and she also loves her belly getting rubbed. And loves to give you hugs. She is my baby and shes the sweetest girl ever. ❤
Daisy May
Mini chihauhauhau loves to play very hipper has lots of love
Zane is very special! He is my service dog! Zane is a gentle giant who is still a pup who loves his toys 🧸!
Gucci is very energetic, spoiled loves to be outside and Loves to cuddle and has his very own unique style…He is not your average dog, Love watching cartoons and playing out in the rain and is such a sweetheart!! He loves socks and anything colorful
Brandy is a sweet 10 year old rescue that loves unconditionally ❤️
Gauge is a 6 year old yellow lab he loves to play fetch and go for walks
The Prince of our castle win is a little spitfire who is the baby of 6 and he knows it
My dog girly like the play with dog toys every day she like the go for walks out side, she like the eat chicken, chicken is her favorite food, I’m had girly all of her life since she was 8 months old and now she is 10 years old going on 11 years old in the month of October, girly love people and people love her, she makes all human people feel welcome around her
Fiesty is a healthy happy and very sweet puppy. She loves to romp around with her sister nonstop. Always fun to watch!!
Layla Loves her Toys and her people. Everyday when we come home, she will greet you with a toy as a gift. She loves to play ball and get the Zoomies. She is a very personal Dog and loves to be Touched
Grayson aka chewy. He like to play rough with brother, he’s adventurous dog that goes out of his way to figure things out on his own. He’s also a mommas boy
Bruno aka Brunocakes. He like to run and play with children. He’s very lovable dog that likes to protect his family.
Lucy loves kids , she enjoys rides in the Jeep & swimming at the Lake , however she believes she is a lap dog coming in at 80 pounds vey loving dog ! Lucy also snores really loud when she has had a long day outside 🥰
Onyx is a Catahoula Leopard/ pit bull mix. She loves to cuddles and play with her brother!
All she loves to do is cuddle
Darla Rose
Darla Rose is the most gentle, loving Rottie on the planet. She’s all about love and compassion, things the world needs more of.♥️Her favorite toy is her chuck-it ball, and her favorite relaxing time is snuggling with momma.♥️
Leo is lovable and cute and loves to wrestle with his siblings
Vayda is playful 2 month old i have had the honer of callimg mine since the day she came into the world. Vay is the daughter of my other dog Rusty. She is Malamute/Pitt Bull/Rottweiler mix. She is the star of the five dog pack . She is supper smart and learning is a breez for her. Watching her grow is quit the experiance.
Lucky is the sweetest! He loves to cuddle and always be on top of us. He is 76lbs but thinks he is a 5lb lap dog!! He loves car rides and going for long walks. Oh and he loves his ball!
Cooper is 16 weeks old. He is a mix between a boxer, border collie, and Austrian Sheppard. He LOVES car rides, food, and any toy imaginable. He has a fun spunky personality.