Baby Stories - 83


Jax is the goofiest little dog you'd ever see! He loves running around with his toy house slipper, hiding toys under the bed, and he loves to run in circles out of nowhere. He's kind of a "spaz," but he's 100% hilarious. We all love him!
Maverick is a gentle pup who is the BEST cuddler. He loves to lie down by his human in their arms. He's a little timid when first meeting people, but when he gets to know them, he cuddles them as well.
Harley is very comical and is a very personable guy. He loves to jump on my lap grab my plastic water bottle and run. He gives bug hugs too
Ember loves to be a snuggle bunny and pounce on her brother when he tries to interfere with that cuddle time.
Diesel loves eating sticks and playing fetch but his favorite thing to do is torment his sister by stealing whatever toy she has.
Willow is a beautiful little girl she sweet loves her Daddy. She very bossy and doesn’t share well with her brother.
Zeus is a sweet boy he’s very handsome and playful and he’s very lovable love playing and snuggling.
She’s just so perfect
Xena is a rescue dog but that doesn’t make her any less of a total (warrior) princess! She loves having her mom to herself and playing keep away with her tennis ball. Squirrels and other critters beware when Xena is outside. She lives for the chase!
He’s a very loving dog. Loves being lazy and eating food. He especially loves his mama.
Capone M
He is a very special to me because my mother pass 10-20-20-and Capone is helping me Coping with and dealing with my mother passing and I love ❤️ him and appreciate Capone love 💗 for me !
Hi! My name is Twinkie and I am a 5 month old English Bulldog. I love snuggles and chewing on my favorite bone!
Logan loves running circles around the coffee table and playing with his sister
Chocolate Laroe
My Sweet chocolate is 5weeks old now I got Precious chocolate mama she so sweet and adorable 🥰 I love my new pups she smart her eyes omg really got me 😂 😂 😂
Carly is a 3 year old maltipoo. She is my protector, helper, emotional support and companion to her dog brother. She loves to be Rocky’s mom and discipline him. However gives him whatever he wants even if it is hers. Carly loves dresses, hair colored, nails painted, shopping, toys and her picture taken. Perfect for her mom that has two boys. She loves to cuddle, be rocked and loved service dog training but had to stop because of needing knee replacements. She is the calmest, most loving and sweet dog I have ever owned.
Rocky is a 2 year old Morkie that is very loving, playful and tremendously spoiled(I mean loved). Loves his dog sister Carly, believes she is his mom and listens to her. He can not do anything without her. Loves his picture taken, to wear outfits including his sisters. He will take her outfits off of her. Named Rocky because is a little fighter to get which he believes s his.
Heda is like a toddler hearing the word no. If I say no she will start biting the couch while looking at me like what are you going to do. She is so smart, which we knew about her breed before we got her, but we were not prepared for just how smart she would be. My daughter her to silent bark. It is so funny. She is very protective and is a daddy’s girl.
He is a husky/pitbull with lots of energy. He's a very smart cookie.
Kujo is a energetic loving pitbull Australian Shepard mix. Biggest sweetheart and has a great spirit
Georgia is a sweet 11 year old Golden. She enjoys carrots and loves to go for long walks in the sunshine. I guess you could say she's living her GOLDEN years to the fullest
Molly likes playing tug a war with her sister and loves fetching her ball out of the pool. Molly would love for you to vote for her.
This is Esa, a rescue from the Animal Humane Society. She was relinquished from her previous family since they didnt have enough room for her. She spent 10 to 12 hours in a kennel every day. Once she came home to us we have taken her on many adventures and this girl is all go and no stopping in sight. She's a strong but very shy dog. Doesn't leave your side and loves butt rubs. Esa has been such a pleasure to have and I cant wait to go on the next adventure with her.
Oakley is very smart, hyper and a loving dog. She has a unique sense of humor.
Hi I'm Kylo! :) I'm a four month old Keeshond pup 🐶 who loves to play and run around at the park 🌳, chasing butterflies 🦋, and lots of belly rubs! 🤍My favorite treats to eat are strawberries 🍓with yogurt and honey 🍯 and all the shoes I can find! 👟
Lexi is a sweet heart who loves to snuggle on my lap ❤️💕
Lola loves her toys 🧸 she has such a kind heart & will love you in a split of a second ❤️ Lola is no typical pup, she gets fed better than us lol 🐾 She also loves playing with her big brother Dusty a German Shepherd ❤️
Just a big ole lovey mess 😂
Enzo Maze
💙vote for my baby if you know us you know hes such a character! he’s the most brave little pup who loves his mommies and acts like a whole human , has a love hate relationship with his clothing but will leave it on to make mommy happy 🥰 loves grandmas treats (weenies from the fridge) his pupachinos 🍦and his toys🎾🍩
Lucy is a long, short, and buff doggo. She enjoys cuddles under a blanket with her mama and car rides to the store.
His sleep is very important to him. He can find a bed anywhere any time. Loves his belly rubs and is always ready for a fun trip.
John Wayne
John Wayne is a happy go lucky dog, loves to sleep right between mom and dad, loves to be outside and never turns down a treat.
Dog of thunder nothing major my paws have nicknames left paw mommy named Des and my right paw mommy names troy because when I put them together they destroy (or so she says) I'm definitely worthy of your vote and I'm always in a gaming mood
Sammy is a unique mix- he’s great dane, australian shepherd and black lab. We adopted from an orphanage, only to find out he has a great personality and loves sliced cheese 🥰
Laylah is an overachiever and very intuitive and she will do anything for threats
Woody has such a funny personality. He is so loving and playful.
Precious Laroe
My Precious is a sweet heart she’s my daughter she sleep in our middle in the bed she go with us in work she’s construction 🐕 😂 she’s sweet not perfect dog but she act like human cause I never treat her like dog always talk to her like human so she think she’s human not dog ilove my Precious so bad she good baby girl.
Rocky is a cuddler. He loves to take walks, chew bones, and sleep under the covers.
Motley is a little butterball. As of right now all she cares about in life is eating playing with big brother kiedis and running to her mama when she's had enough because she knows ill hold her and let her nap.
Apache Rose
Apache is the kind of dog you get once in a blue moon. She starts out real shy but once she gets used to being around you you cant get her to stop getting in your lap for pettings or giving affection. She is very treat motivated. She loves peanut butter and her daddy and thats all.
Kiedis is the most fun-loving boy. Every second that he is awake he is running crazy and bringing me toys to throw for him. He loves to smile and give loves to every one he comes across. He loves to meet new people in hopes that he will have a friend to play fetch with.
My name is Eos, 6 years old, people call me wishbone due have a same spot like that TV show. Love to cuddle and play -- mainly be the boss
Pickle was found in the snow as a 8 week old puppy when we came for here rescue. She is a pup with a lot of personality, she is super playful and sweet all at the same time. She also loves to be matching in sweaters with her brother
Onyx Star
Onyx Star is a feisty but very sweet and loving Shih Tzu. She is 7 months old and loves her treats. She has a little brother name Vader Star and she loves bossing him around. She is the Queen B of the house and has everyone wrapped around her paws. You should vote for Onyx Star because she gives the best kisses in the world.
Cuddle bug. Love to cuddle up with kids
Ragnar, my mini horse/Great Dane or whatever 🤷🏻‍♀️ He LOVES squeaky toys, hates rain and the water hose. He loves playing with his sister Bella and he gets the zoommies like any other dog except he can tackle you like a line backer😂
Cayman Jack
Cayman is a Shepnees, (Great Pyrenees/German Shepard mix).
Hi, I’m Duke! The sweetest most well behaved 1 year old black lab mix! I am a emotional support dog to the best mom in the world! When the vests on, so is the job! There’s nothing I love more than a good task. I love it almost as much as chasing the birds and squirrels in my back yard. If it were up to my mom I’d be #1 in the whole state!
Gold loves food and will chase you for your last chicken wing! Super friendly and loves other pets. He loves the park and all his toys.