Baby Stories - 83


Kash is that little firework that you need to spark up the sky! 🤍
Hi I am chocolate. I love meat, toys, and good long walks.
Gracie thinks she's a lap dog. She loves to cuddle! She's just a big ole goofball who loves her daddy🥰 Her dad passed away last week. So she is now staying with me😭
Chase Scooby Phillips
Chase is a fun, loving and spirited puppy. He loves to play, learn new tricks and act like a security dog 😁😎.
A Darth for treats . Especially when daddys away
Joey is a rascal who loves playing with his sister Annie. They love walking down to the ocean every day.
He loves to eat, sleep, and chew everything in sight! He is 60lbs now and still believes he is just as small as his jack Russell brother! Hopefully he puts a smile on your face like he does to me everyday
Mali is a ball player.. an athlete.. but a girly girl. She is very loyal and takes her job seriously to look out for her two fur baby sisters.
Mocha Latte
Our little moakie joined us about a year ago,a special chocolate pug that has her own personality shes a special girl.loves playing with her brother and sisters playing tug of war
Dixie is our little peanut 💕She was left in the Florida woods at 4 weeks old and was thankfully found by a runner. She is now a very happy girl. Chasing farm animals, swimming are her favorite activities. 💕
Salvador is a hot mess! We adopted him about a year and a half ago from a rescue and our lives haven’t been the same. He has so much energy, spunk, attitude, love and GAS. He wins hearts and makes friends everywhere he goes.
Mila is such a sweetheart she loves to play with her squiky toy alot and loves to cuddle shes a little voluptuous chihuahua 😊
He is my best friend
Doesnt she have the cutest nose you've ever seen.
Bella is a very smart dog. She is 10 weeks old and love playing fetch. She loves to play on the farm with the sheep and goats. Bella loves to ride the four wheeler with me!
Allis is my sweet barn dog❤️ She loves to play with her sister Holland. She is a border collie lab mix and has a heart of gold. Allis is so sweet she will let you do anything to her and never complain❤️ You might already be able to see that though!🤠
Chip is a 11 month old miniature long haired Dachshund. He is goofball who absolutely loves his stuffed animal fox. He sleeps with it every night. He has a sister named Layla, she is a Scottie/Australian Shepard mix. They are inseparable. Chip loves being around his humans and thoroughly enjoys getting into mischief. But is such a good boy. We love our Chip man.
Zoey is a wild spirited bundle of affection. She loves to snuggle under the covers and even considers heraelf part "cat" as she loves to sleep on the back of the couch while being able to watch cars drive by through the window. You will never hear her make a peep, unless there is fog or snow outside. Then she will howl at the wind ❤
Atlas likes to play tug-of-war and play chase with his peer friends (cats). Atlas also likes to lay in front of the fan after a long day. Atlas enjoys traveling to work with his caretaker and keeping the elderly company.
Angel is a very loving and smart furbaby. She has been very sick this past year and had been thru alot. She has a collapsed trachea and has to take thyroid meds for the rest of her life. Despite all this she is still strong and let's nothing hold her back. She is my world and I'd be lost without her.
Deebo is a blue tick coonhound and German Shepard mix, he is currently 15 weeks. He likes chilling outside and playing fetch. Also, he is a big fan of his tennis balls. He likes playing with his pals. Deebo is very loving and friendly.
Lillie And Whiskey
Lovers at first sight ❤️
Winnie my Pooh. Is only 6 months but she can sit, roll over, lay down, shake, High five, her up and down and, is eagerly learning more everyday.
Journey is an amazing dog and enjoys being around her family as well as being around kids. Please vote for journey !!!
Goose is a spunky Basset Hound who loves his chicken treats, long walks, and cuddling!
Paisley is a super smart, sassy, lovable corgi! She likes to do tricks, run super fast, play, and nap with her momma! She helps out with her mom's seizures too, she alerts others before it happens gets help when needed and is trying her hardest to get under her mom's head during a storm! She's a good girl!
Korra is the sweetest pup who was rescued from the animal shelter. I saw a picture of her on FB and just had to bring her home. She loves racing around the backyard, playing with her sister Bella, and getting as close to you as possible to soak up the love.
😭 Pete passed away😭, he was 13 1/2 years old.... I thought he’d live till 23 or more but I think he got Covid cause it came on so fast and vet said he had Pneumonia I don’t see how he can get a pneumonia in the summer!😭 He was a Porky also called Yoranian our yorkiePom I miss him SO MUCH and cant find a breeder near me😢
Willow is a sweet, loving puppy who loves giving kisses and snuggles!💕 She loves treats, playing outside, an chasing her furever family around the yard. She also enjoys learning new tricks like giving paw, sitting, fetching, and we’re working on so much more!🐾
Tucker is a toy fox terrier , he is 10 weeks old and weighs only 1.8 pounds we enrolled him in the contest becasue we saw the money prize and we really hope he can win so we can use the money for his older brothers leg tumor surgery
Pepper thinks she is a little person.. Loves her Momma, and whines we she is gone. Loves to be dressed up and have her picture taken! Thinks she is this biggest guard dog around but would not hurt a soul! She won over all our hearts in this household!
Tyson Ramsay Fury
Tyson likes to play he has many other dog friends he is 6 months old and super excited to meet others! You can always find him at the dog park!
Gus is a 3 year old Cone Corso. He is just a Big love bug. He can't get enough of his baby sister. He loves belly rubs. Napping and playing are his favorite activities.
Winifred Rave
She is 5 month old blue merle Australia Shepherd. She loves to play and herd her brother and sister. She is a snuggle bug. Loves everyone she meets.
He loves his daddy and his cat brothers! They are always snuggling or playing! He loves to roll around on the grass, on his back with all legs in the air! He is our little man, he thinks he is human sometimes, he likes to eat dinner with us! We are very lucky
Ellie is super sweet but super mischievous. She loves the kitchen towels and messing with her brothers cat toys instead of playing with her own!
Simba Loves Treats and to play dress up. But he likes to sleep and he smiles and he loves to be petted and says I want one clear as day ..
Mishka is a 5 month old Aussie Catahulua mix pup. She is a love able girl who loves to cuddle and play with her basket full of toys when she is outside she enjoys playing in her pool.
Poe is 3 years old and LOVES all of her stuffed animal toys but especially loves her pink elephant ellie that shes had since she was a baby! She loves to play with her older brother mojo and soon to be new little brother in a few weeks!
11 year old shiba named Echo. Nickname "fatty" . She loves snacks and head scratches. She had surgery not too long ago due to her eye becoming filled with blood/fluid and is also blind her eye right eye. But shes recovered quickly and doesnt let that stop her from going on long walks and living her best life ❤
Denala Ealy
denala like to play ball she also likes to lick and cuddle. But most importantly she loves being a mom
The sweetest, happiest pup in the world. He’s the big brother to a little cat named Ollie! Finn is a good boy & is the most friendly dog around! 🦴 🐶
Cooper is 3 months old, he has already learned so much,he is fully potty trained and rings the bells on the door when he needs to go out.he sleeps all night in his bed, and he loves playing Hut Hut which is his football, and he loves riding to pick his sissy up from school.. he is such a smart, loving little thing, and he has brought so much love into our family. Please vote for my Cooper
She was abused before we got her.she needed a $2,000 plus surgery that I paid at the age of 18 and still currently paying off.She honestly is the sweetest dog and I later found out her and I share a birthday so it became even cooler. I love her and how far shes come in learning how to be a dog.
We got Buddy in Nov. 2019 at 14 weeks old. the poor thing was scared of his own shadow, he hated everything and everyone. it took me a while for him to trust me. now he loves playing at the dog part loves to go for rides every day with mommy. he most loves going to the mountains and jumping in the water...
Pebbles is a 6 month old Beabull. Shes is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She gets so excited to see you that she will wiggle from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail then she will attack you with kisses!! She loves to be loved and thinks thst everyone is her friend and wants to love her!