Amelia is the offspring of my pet dog, Maui. She is sweet & close to her mother. She can perform many tricks that bring joy to our entire family . She is a bit timid and gets scared when left alone, so she always stay by my side and is very affectionate.
Doodle Ballin
Doodle enjoys going on long walks. If doodle wins he plans on donating his prize to the local shelter
Nova absolutely loves to play fetch, Nova loves cuddling! Nova is such an intelligent dog, she is fully trained already! She loves her peanut butter treats.
She has to be center of attention constantly she is unique having a heart on top of her head and back legs
Gizmo is almost 10 months old and loves to wrestle and play with his brother. He loves his toys, bones and smiling. He also loves his treats when he comes in from going potty.
Hi I’m Bexley! I love to play with toys, and I’ll roll over for a treat! I am 3 years old and I have 2 other pup siblings!
Ira is 8 months old and very happy and friendly. He loves chew toys and kids. He loves dogs and cats. Loves water of all kinds. Smart and beautiful.
Milo is almost 10 months old, he is one of a kind... loves laying or sleeping on his back. Loves to wrestle with his brother and play and have his belly rubbed.
Cuddles is a 6 lb. Bundle of joy. He loves to play fetch. He goes everywhere we go except restaurants.
Duke is 6 weeks old and a German Shepherd / Pitbull mix.. he is the absolute sweetest
Kountry is spunky smart puppy. Beautiful coat. Smart and playful.
Couch potato by heart and a major cuddle bug loves antagonizing her brother though.
Teenager in his raptor phase crazy little man with a major huskytude
My name is Sadie and I’m the sweetest girl! I was adopted by my two humans from the shelter about a month and a half ago, I love to cuddle and play! My favorite toys are squeakers and any toy that’s bigger than me! I’m a lab mix so I love to dig, I have a curly tail and mom says it’s the cutest!
Oreo is a very fun and playful dog. He loves his snacks and like going outside to run around with the kids. Oreo lets me get him dress when he’s going out in public.
6 month old husky rescue puppy.
Vote for me, Kia. I am the most loyal, loveable GSD ever. I love to play with everyone. Specially kids and they love me! I love to go for rides with my hoomans, they even took me to Florida. I loved the sand but not overly fond of the ocean! This picture is me at Pensacola Beach! Thank you fur your votes!! Woofs and Hugs!
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano is rescue from a local rescue center that is loaded with many other large breed animals that need a home. I would love to help Ahsoka win this money to continue to help her with her training and to also donate back to the rescue center to help other othee large breed animals get the vetting they need. So, please help Ahsoka Tano win it all for the ones who feel unloved. ❤
Vote for me, Chloe-girl! I am in the process of being trained and becoming an emotional service dog! I am going to go all over with my parents and visit end of life patients to cheer them up! I am a super chill pup (my dad says I’m lazy 🙄😅) but I LOVE getting tummy rubs!!
Koda is a bernedoodle and the most sweet dog to be rescued. Very smart, learns new tricks daily. He is definitely a mama's boy! I'm so glad I rescued him from being put down, as he has brought so much joy to my life
Olive is a Cojack. Jack Russel and corgi mix. She is 2 years old and full of life. Loves to play ball and cuddle.
BRUNO is a great friend and never leaves my side and is a great service dog,but I can't afford it vest,harness for him
Chief was born when the KC Cheifs won there 2nd super bowl. So thats where his name came from. He is still puppy like very fun dog to play with he is always game!
Iggy loves to chew on his toys and cuddle with mom and dad
Cesar is the sweetest dog, very sociable whit humans and other dogs he loves to explore anywhere he goes he’s a momma boy, he’s smart, obedient and lovely dog.
Luna is my best friend she is always glad to see me and she loves to go anywhere i go
Dakota is a sweet girl and she loves to play and cuddle!! She is a great dog.💕
He is the protective of the family and the house. We call him head of security. He is so sweet when he cuddles and just hanging out.
Linus Van Pelt was born around 3 months ago and I got him from facebook. He is a big cuddle bug with anyone. He loves to chew and cuddle his blankets. His favorite toy is one that sounds like a water bottle. Lenny has a fur best friend that is a kitten names BK. Since his best friend is a cat he has behaviors like a cat, such as pushing his back feet up when playing and other tendencies of cats. Linus was such a blessing to come into my life💓
Ace keeps the family bonded and active,
She talks to us & we can understand her completely. She's sassy & sweet. She loves to play but most importantly she loves to cuddle..!
Bonnie was adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society February of 2023. She loves car rides, belly rubs, and chasing birds! Bonnie is most well known in her community by her many costumes and her loving personality.
My name is Gucci and I am very photogenic little 7 week old American cocker spaniel whom my original parents are in the Champion line which I think is awesome. . I am Very hyper active and chews on everything.I am very soft lovable and warm and I love to be spoiled by my mom and people.
Loves most to snuggle in the recliner with me. Also loves toys, car rides
Kira is shy and gentle. She loves to play with her brother Riley and Pinto! One of her favorite activities is playing fetch and trying to steal the ball from her brother. She loves spending time with her momma and papa.
When Remi goes for his hair cut he shows me that he is mad
Ollie is the sweetest little guy. He's rambunctious and full of energy. He loves people, especially children. His snuggles and kisses are the best. He's small weighing only 3lbs but he is definitely mighty. Ollie loves the outdoors and his favorite toys are his lamb chop stuffed animals. He brightens my days and I truly love him.
Buddy Is the rock star of the neighborhood. He is friendly and so adorable. There’s no one he doesn’t know or gets himself a nice long pat. The sweetest Golden Retriever Ever! Very needy I mean very needy. We can’t walk around the block without him getting a hello from a lawyer next door or just a stranger walking around. Need that well known in the neighborhood. Just lovable and really sweet puppy. Yeah he’s still a big puppy…
Nala is a fun loving, 3 month old puppy! She enjoys treats and her toys, along with her big brother, Bear
Remy loves to play, he loves everyone. He tries to act like a lap dog. Loves to lay out in the sun.
Blue Allen
“I’m Blue, I love long walks on the beach and peanut butter!”
She was the first the fourth puppy born her brother and two sisters were born way before her 45 minutes before her actually she was the last one born and I didn't think her mother was going to have any more puppies but her mother waited 45 minutes to have her and she's something else boy she cries like a little teeny tiny baby and she spoiled rotten she is so spoiled She lays on her back and kicks up her feet and she just she's so cute and she's made my day and she's made my future I guarantee it I love that little girl to death I love her mom I still have her mama and one of her sisters and they're my babies they have a sense of humor of Their Own
Bentley is a dorkie. He is 2 yrs old and love me,his human, more than life itself. Anyone who's been around him falls in love. Def something to do with his personality. He is absolutely amazing and couldn't picture life without him!
Tank is my baby Chihuahua he's almost 10 weeks he's goes w me every where n loves big dogs... He has 1 brother n 4 sisters in his household.,. N loves to be outside
She loves singing, and sneaking kisses!
Loves belly rubs and sitting around. Has hip problems so cant do a whole lot but has a blast when he's awake
Well ducky is a character to say the least with daily belly rubs that she requires she is the sweetest dog i know her sister lexi is her best friend where one is the other is sure to be not far behind.