Baby Stories - 83


Luna is so much fun, and always has the most energy! She loves jumping in the pool and very long walks but just not in the dark because she always needs her night light!
Rue The Vizsla
Rue is an AKC registered Hungarian Vizsla. He loves to point at all the wrong birds and to take long walks in the park. He loves his people and his squeaky ball. All other toys will be destroyed. His day job is Psychiatric Service Dog. His night job is snuggler-in-chief.
Finn is very energetic. He loves running after his doggy friends at the park and laying on the couch while looking out the window. He’s very friendly and loves everyone he meets!
Sadie Mae
A Diva with an attitude !
70 lbs of whoopass!
My beautiful little hellhound 💚
Millie is such a lover. She will give you hugs as soon as you walk in the door and she let's you know you were missed! She loves pup cups, walks, the dog park, making new friends and her 3 other fur siblings.
Hello Everyone! I am a German Shepard/ Husky mix. I have the German Shepard coloring with one blue eye and the Husky attitude! Sweet as can be, love everyone I meet! My favorite treat is bully sticks! If you were to give me a filet mignon I would turn my nose to it, but I love my small bites of salad!
CeCe is the Sweetest puppy! She loves to cuddle and she’s the best dog! Isn’t she beautiful?
Isla just had her 1st birthday and is a lovable and super spunky little girl! She is the true definition of tiny but mighty!! Her favorite things are playing and wrestling with her brothers and family and snuggling!
Iggy is a wonderful dog! A bright and sunny edition to our family! We consider him a rescue dog because he wasn't happy with being where he was at So we took him We call him the neighborhood Watch Dog he is standing up on his hind legs in his pictures he stands up on his hind legs and looks around the neighborhood it is so cute to watch! He does this the whole time he's outside I have never seen a dog stand on his hind legs like this he has a wonderful temperament and very loving!! Please vote for him!!!
Paris is a very energetic dog 🐶 she love food lol and love outdoor hikes with mom and dad and love the pool and beach 🏖 she love to kiss and cuddle she just a lovable dog all around the bored she’s also a tripod dog my little fur baby is living her best life happy.
Denali is our rescue pup and is part American Pitbull, part Siberian Husky. She's such a sweetheart, cuddle bug, and loves playing with her sister and gets the most adorable zoomies when shes excited or when it gets cold outside! She's 2.5 years old and 53lbs of love ❤ Vote for Denali!
Finn has helped to heal my broken heart after loosing my Chip who was my ESA. He's such a sweetheart and loves deeply.
Xena is a hyper, loving, funny, pup! She loves her cookies, loves to go swimming and play in the water. She fights with the vacuum cleaner and broom on a daily bases making cleaning the house a chore. Car rides are her #1 favorite.💜
Einstein is a full blooded 3 coat wolf sable Pomeranian. My moms friend rescued him about 5 years ago they took him to the vet right away where they figured out his age and exact breed. If you know anyone who is wanting to breed with this handsome fella shoot me a message on Facebook! Not looking for anything in return just one of the puppies! Hope you love my puppy as much as I do!
Any votes help. Romeo is a big mommies boy he loves to be where I am he also loves being center of attention. He loves going on walks and loves the farm where he can be with all the farm animals his best friend is a cat. Him and the cat can be found running in the cattle feild together and if you ever feel low Romeo knows how to spark up the day with his kisses.
Like any other dog, she likes the word, TREATS!!!
Odie is an 1 year old Shih tzu puppy🐶 He loves to play, try new things, learn new tricks and spend time with his family🐾
Karma is a love bug. She loves to cuddle and will sleep right in your arms with you. She is a friendly baby
Mack is my PTSD buddy. He has some training, but he is showing great traits so far. He is a little lover and loves to cuddle.
Coco is a very smart and a loveable English Bulldog 🤎🤍 So precious and all baby!! She is barking at her boxers to play with her! They think Coco is their baby and they play so soft with her!! She barks with a sassy to it like she's bossing them around! So darn adorable! She is a doll but a messy one!
Cyrus is as chilled & laid back as they come. He likes to secure the perimeters of the back yard. He also enjoys barking at everything or nothing at all....
Ellie Jae
Ellie Jae is full of energy, a ball of chaos, and is a big goofy baby. One thing is for sure, she is 100% loveable!
My nickname is nimb and I love walks on the beach and chasing the birds.. my favorite snack is carrots and I love to cuddle
Zipp is a lovable dog who wants to be by your side always! He loves cheese and bully sticks but he especially loves his momma the best! ❤️
Theo absolutely loves to do soft chews on his baby’s and car rides to get pup cups, he really enjoys getting the zoomies.
Grace has a strong personality. She is one brave little dog. She began having seizures at 1 year of age and is still going strong after 9 years of them! She's simply just precious!
Super friendly and loves to ride. He loves his treats and will stand for minutes to get one
Nala is a bully pit, she is energetic and loves kids. She also loves playing with other pups 💕
Baby is 8yrs old. She is a Boskimo(Boston terrier and American Eskimo) She loves to go for car rides and meet new people.
Bella was a little dog on a farm running with livestock. I heard a friend talking about getting rid of her and she came home with me. She is 10 years old and the sweetest buddy a girl could want. Love her with all my heart!
I’m five months old and my paw-rents rescued me! I love the ice machine, playing with my boba tea toy, and napping in the sun!
Pika is a border collie blue heeler mix. She was rescued in 2015 and went on the road traveling for a year and a half with her new mom. After spending her whole life in a kennel 13 hours a day, she had the best time ever! Now Pika lives in Colorado with her mom and kitty sister. She is obsessed with fetch, you can tell by the way she’s looking at the camera… There was a ball in my hand above it.
Walker frequently gets the zoomies, sits like an old man, is a seasoned escape artist, and really enjoys licking people’s ears! He loves to husky talk and stretch out on the cold hardwood floor but he will take you up on snuggles anyway! Watch out though, he’s known for getting as close to your face as he possibly can!
Millie girl loves fluffy toys and her favorite pastime is removing the squeakers! She loves Cheez-it’s and goldfish crackers and will guilt you into giving her almost anything. She is queen of the house and loves to snuggle!
"Ray Ray" is our 4 month old rescue pup! He is the sweetest, most chill puppy! We are so blessed by the cute boy!
We rescued Wendy 3 weeks ago and she’s the sweetest, most beautiful girl.
Copper is a rescue and he is the sweetest boy ever! He loves his stuffed animal babies and his doggie treats! He loves his tummy rubbed! We would love your votes for this ole boy!
After 18 Months of all kinds of therapy and a wheelchair , Claudette had her leg amputated . She is the most beautiful , loving dog I have ever known . She is actually a Pbgv. A petit bassett griffon vendeem . She is dressed in her Christmas finery . Her toy Lambie is also dressed for the occasion . I’d vote for her even if I didnt own her !!
Rigley loves the outdoors, loves swimming with our lab and is very loving.
Oakley loves playing with all of his toys. His favorite toy is his Lamb Chop. He also loves playing in the water. He does have an attitude when he doesn’t get his way it gets in trouble but he is a good boy and definitely cute 🙌
Lexi Mae
Lexi Mae is a cuddle bug but loves to play too!
Loves to ride and her pup cup from Starbucks and her human siblings.
Sammy is certainly a fire rocket she has the most drive power stamina and I can tell when she grows up she will be the best at dog sports!
Lexa is 5months old, she loves going to the creek and lake. She always has to be were everyone is and the center of everyone's attention.
Sativa is 3months old. She loves playing with her big sister and most definitely runs the house. She enjoys meeting new furry friends and going on car rides.
Every sport we try he does amazing at all of them he has been my best friend since I was 11 years old I am now 14! We have done so many sports together I’ve learned so many new things and he’s been the best companion I’ve ever asked for!