Baby Stories - 82


Remmy was an owner surrender and she’s the sweetest baby ever, such a happy smiling girl
Strider is a sweet cuddle bunny who can be quite the goober. Hobbies include eating drywall, swimming, and playing with his sister.
Rider is my puggle. If she could speak she would tell ya she is the most ferocious pup to ever guard her neighborhood! But really she melts in anyones lap for a snuggle or a treat..just don’t tell her I said that! 🤫 🥰 She wouldn’t dare lose her top dog status at ensuring the intruding bunnies, leaves & vehicles stay away!
Zoey is a 10 yr old puggle. She has been with me since she was 9 weeks old. She loves playing with her toys and a laser. I truly couldnt asked for a better pup.
My name is Strider! I come with lots of kisses and loves! I love to be a part of everything you do. I will follow you around and act silly to make you laugh. Vote for me, Strider!
Iris is a hyper but sweet blue heeler pup! She is living her best life with her 3 dog sisters and human family! She loves to play with ice cubes.
Hi! I’m Helios! I am almost 7 months and still growing, I have learned quite a few tricks and I have a sister and a older brother. I love to roll in the grass and I loved the snow when it was here. I learn new things everyday and my parents love me very much!
Hi My name is DaVinci. I am a two year old brindle Shichon. I’m very unique and my mom calls me a work of art. I was born with eyes that include all the colors of my fur. My brindle coloring is in the shape of wings and a heart on my back. I am a cuddly wuddly bear. My favorite thing to do is look out the window allllllllll day and watch people and cars go by. Please send me love with your votes.
He is the cutest ever and he loves me and guards me all night while I sleep. He doesn’t even sleep until the following day!
Wendi is going to be 3 this month (July 2021). She’s been with us since she was 8 weeks old and has been my emotional support pup through and through. She’s very loving, never barks (we actually thought she couldn’t bark because she didn’t until after she was 2), she takes on a caretaker role to our 3 young kiddos and is so very patient.
Vader Star
I'm am 11 week old Morkie who's a ball of energy that loves to terrorize my sister Onyx (go vote for her too), but I love her and my family all the same.
Artimes And Diamond
Our names are diamond(white pup)and Artemis(black and tan pup) we love to go on long walks, we love treats, and naps.
Colt is all about those summer vibes. When he’s not chasing his friends around the ranch, or out running errands with mom, you can find him lounging in the pool. He’s living his best life out here in sunny California! 😎🐩
He loves swimming at the beach . Also loves going to Chick-fil-A for nuggets an fries 💕
Moose is the sleepiest dog there is! He loves his momma, his stuffies, and ice cubes! If he’s not asleep on the couch, he’s asleep in our bed!
Nova Blue
Nova Blue is a tiny boxer, with a big personality. She loves to play and snuggle. 💕
Eli is a blue bully and is the sweetest old man you’d ever meet. He’s around 8 years old and still the most lively, playful dog. He absolutely loves playing tug of war and especially getting cuddles. One of his unique tricks he can do is say “mama” and “i love you” <3
Sasha is sweet loving and fierce! Loves to cuddle and get belly rubs! Sometimes shy but love people
Malibu is a goofy girl who loves napping, chasing birds, and playing with her little brother.
Bones loves to snuggle up with mom and be the happiest puppy he can be! He loves to go to the beach and be very active with mom!
🔴We all fell in love with her grinch toes and sideways feet 🐾
I would love your vote! I am a fun-loving, sweet and hard-working girl. My main job is to retrieve ducks. My second job is to love my family which I do dearly! I am working towards my Master gundog title. I also love training to find deer antler sheds in my spare time.( not to brag but I'm pretty good too, woof woof! )
Rocky is a fun loving fur baby! He loves playing fetch and meeting new friends!
welcome dawgs! my name is Bluemoon, Blue for short. I am a Bluetick coonhound. I love the water, long walks, and taking naps whenever I want. I will be 4years old in July :) good luck to all my furry friends
Nala Honey
Nala Honey is one of the world's best cuddlers. Having a bad day? A dose of Honey will make it go away🍯🍯
Daisy is a sassy, spunky, and energetic Great Dane. She has a lot of personality and loves to play with her big brothers.
Gigi The Wonderpup
GiGi came to me from a roadside breeder. I volunteer at my local Animal Welfare League and when she arrived at 3 months old, I took one look at her and instantly fell in love. She had some hard times ahead (the vets didnt give her much of a chance - she was failing to thrive) but with a few weeks of TLC from vets and the amazing foster, she DID thrive and she was able to come home to my pack. She is just the LIGHT of my life and I cant imagine my life without her. She is friendly, funny and goofy - and well, TOTALLY adorable at only 3lbs - she thinks she is a 90 lb rottweiler (in her mind). Sorry for the sideways picture - cant seem to fix it! Either way - she is THE CUTEST LITTLE girl - ever - just ask her - she will tell you!!!
Likes to play with the fur his brother Louie, tug of war & long walks. Hidden cuddler, professional stalker & snorer.
He loves to run outside. Steal socks off te floor. Chase hus tail. Sleep most of the day. He loves car rides. Can't help himself with begging for people's food. He loves everyone that comes to visit. He's a very active puppy. Gets super excited when he sees his best friends. (Mostly my brother). Overall he is a very good puppy!!
Sushi is a sassy little Princess! She loves to play and snuggle. Sushi is a sweet girl. She loves snuggles and running around the yard chasing her twin brother Mochi. Her favorite toy is her Nylabone. 🐶💕 Sushi is only 3 months old and will grow to be 80-90 lbs. ☺️
Mochi is a big teddy bear. He loves to snuggle and will stay at your side no matter what. He likes to sunbathe and his newest trick is giving fistbumbs. Mochi is only 3 months old and will grow to be 100-125lbs. He’s a good boy who loves his Mommy and Daddy. His favorite toys are from Bullymake. 🐶🤎😊
Meet Remington, he’s currently just over a year old weighing in at about 130! He loves his two mommies and his baby kitten.
He is the sweetest most down to earth dog you could ever have! He’s such a mamas boy! He’s my best friend and my protector all in one. God couldn’t have given me a better pup🥺❤️🐶
Mister Boog is the sweetest, happiest, cuddly guy around!! He loves lettuce, sauerkraut, and ice cubes. He saved me in my darkest days when I was 18 and really made me turn my life around. He has a little sister named Rambo and is getting a little brother in November! Catch him cooling down his belly in a sploot on our patio most days, tripping my dad in the kitchen or hanging his head out the sliding glass door just watching the world turn around him. This big dude will steal your heart within seconds just like he did mine 6 years ago. His favorite baseball player is Ken Griffey jr. and loves watching old highlights with mama! He thinks he’s still a lap dog but at 95lbs, he is not LOL vote for my little buddy and make us the happiest lil fam around!
Bear is a German Shepard Pit mix 💕
Little Dan
Little Dan is a fun travel buddy who loves exploring California.
Charlie Girl
Charlie girl is a Aussiedoodle who is a very active puppy that is super smart girl.
Hi I’m “Bubbas” I am very clingy! I love to cuddle play and go for walks! Fresh food is my favorite! Follow my Instagram! @Brasibubbas
Winston is the goodest boy who loves cuddles, treats, and after 11 years is still the biggest fan of toys 💕
Hi, this is Bella she is 10 weeks old. Bella is an Australian shepard/Husky mix and is full of energy. She loves to run around with all her toys and make a mess. 😀
Kodak is a rescue dog that was found with rocks in his tummy when he was just a pup! Now we likes to hang out with his friends at the dog park, lay in the sun, and beg for human food! Kodaks silly awkward personality shines through the camera 📸 His special talent is howling with the ambulance/ fire trucks 🚒
Mya Lynn
Mya is a spoiled princess who loves to snuggle and loves to play with her super chewer bark box toys🥰 She loves pillows and blankets and her two moms 🌈
Penny is super spoiled little princess. She loves taking showers and having her bows changed. She loves her pink blanket and carries it everywhere with her.
Hi, my name is Rosie. I love my human most of all! But, I also love car rides; sitting on my mommy’s shoulders, grocery shopping while sitting in the cart being a good girl, going out on the pontoon and kayaks, going to Petsmart and I really enjoy napping under my moms blanket! I LOVE kids too! And my favorite treats are duck treats! I don’t need a leash, I follow my mom wherever she goes and I am trained on voice command! Pick me, I deserve this and my mom promised me that if I win, we will go on a road trip to a special place!
Oliver Marie
We call Oliver a “cop” because he patrols our home and is always aware of everything going on.
Hemi is a sweet boy who loves absolutely everything and everyone. He’s a playful boy who is happy to be a pup! If it squeaks you have his attention!💕
Daisy is our beautiful baby.She is 1 yr old,loves treats,and walks.Knows tricks,and just overall a precious girl.We love her so much!!