Bella in a lab.she is 3 years old and will be 4 on march 16th.Bella was our first dog she loves cuddles as she think shes a tiny puppy still and walks she cant get enough of them.While I was going to school and working I noticed bella would want to play with my cats but as she gor bigger it became harder and harder so I started the search for another companion for her and well then i got Bella and Pincess The Duo Team.Bella it the oldest but the biggest baby i love them so much
She likes to cuddle and swim in the pool and play with her toys
Dugan is an Irish Wolfhound, a real party boy! He is soon to be 7 years old. Show our Wolfhound some love by giving him Votes for his Birthday <3
Izzie LOVES to play outside, she’s such a goofball and gets along with all the other dogs and she loves people. Izzie is such a smart puppy and loves the attention.
Jay Jay
Jay Jay is so lovable and when i come home at the end of the day from work he greets me with a smile. He can give high five for a treat. He is such a great companion
She’s a fun loving dog that has the lap dog mentality. Has such a silly personality and is extremely loyal
Avery loves his mama and follows her everywhere she goes. Loves his brother Sanford.
Frank loves snacks, naps, and kids. He is probably the worlds worst catcher and treats usually bounce off his face. He snores like a lumberjack and thinks he’s a lapdog. He enjoys paw massages and hates processed deli meat.
Kobe is a 4 month of Siberian Husky. This little ball of fluff has so much energy, no one can keep up with him! Currently, his new obsession is the ice maker and digging in the trash for wet napkins. He's a character!
Luna is the most friendly pup you'll ever meet! She loves belly rubs and gets super excited when she hears the word "walk". Even at 2 years old, she still acts like a big baby. She is super protective and super smart. She's got a an attitude of her own which makes her a sassy little one. She has filled so many people's hearts with happiness!
Giatta is a spunky pup, that will chew just about everything. Her, bark is loud enough to scare off intruders. She loves to cuddle, and have someone to play with. She loves going on walks, but hates the drive to get to the park. She is quirky and sassy, and is overall a wonderful puppy.
You can't buy love, but you can rescue it and join the dark side! We have slobber, treats, and cuddles. Vader was a stray picked up on the streets of Sacramento as a young pup. Now he is living the FABULOUS Las Vegas life! He loves trips to the dog park, star wars, his specially cooked weekend dinners, his avocado toy, and to educate and advocate for unique breeds like the shar pei! You can also follow his adventures on Instagram @vegasvaderthelandhippo !!!
Luna Marie
Luna is always ready and excited for what’s next and very loyal to her owners. She is always near by and tries to protect her people. She loves and is very gentle with kids, adores playing with other dogs, and she even likes cats.
When the world around me is going crazy, I look at my dog to know that good still exists.💛🐶
Charlie is one wild & rambunctious fur baby! But we wouldn't have him any other way(now)!! He loves playing fetch, water, hiking, frisbees, & slides...🥰He loves attention from anyone as long as they dont get around "his" car & is always ready for a ride no matter whr!🤩
I adopted my Min Pin a year and a half ago. She became my 6 year olds cuddy buddy and guardian at night. She loves going on car rides and is ready to go every chance she can get! Her dedication to us is unreal for being a older furbaby. She brings joy to our family. ❤️
I love to run and play with my sisters, Chyna and Ruby
I am very lovable, gentle, I love attention!!
Hi!! I’m Ruby. I love cuddles, long walks, and taking rides in my doggy stroller. I’m very energetic and I love attention!!! I love taking naps and playing with my best cat friend, Oliver.
Jax is a Jack Rat Terrier. He became out furever baby on April 28th. My son lost his beloved chihuahua Chloe of 12 years to cancer. Jax has came into our lives a month later and brought happiness back into our home. He now fills that missing piece to the puzzle we lost and we are complete once again. 💗🌹❤️
Sativa Ann
Sativa Ann born May 27, 2020 has been a site to watch since birth. Shes just as beautiful as she is smart. The way she holds her ears shows her personality, goofy (: She enjoys cuddles and watching anything I watch on tv, here recently thats been Charlotte's Web (: she has a friendship with a bunny named Stone Cold who she runs to see everyday during feeding time. She loves her treats just as much as she loves her Mama.
Tibolt Von Griffin
Tibolt is a service dog. He has hopes of making a better life for his mom. He helps her if she falls and keeps her on her feet. He loves his Mom and is very devoted as well as protective. He opens lower cupboards the refrigerated house doors, turns on light switches. and guides his mom up and down the stairs, elevators. and goes everywhere she goes. He comforts her stress and keeps her mobility stable. He is truly a hero.
Brizzo is the baby of the family. The spoiled girl. He likes catching fallen table food, sliding across the hard kitchen floors as if it were a sport. Belly rubs are almost demanded, or he will talk his way into one. Full of the attitude and back talk, haha! When night time comes around, he’ll let you know when it’s bed time! Crawling under the blanket for warmth is his specialty.
Nala Jay
Nala Jay loves to be surrounded by her toys, especially her blue dinosaur. She is a absolute wild child when it comes to mud puddles, and playing in the water hose. Her best trait is being the family dog she is and keeping her grandma and grandpa entertained and spoiling her rotten. Aside from that, her favorite places to be are laying in her daddy’s lap, or chasing sticks on her daily dog park visits!
Bruce Willis
Bruce is the funniest dog. He loves hiding under beds, sofas, really anything. He’s not just a Dachshund he is also mixed with Pomeranian but he is the sweetest dog and loves to play.
Hi, my name is Reina. My name means queen in spanish and my name truly fits my personality. I really enjoy taking long naps and taking walks with me parents. They give me delicious treats and buy me beautiful dresses. I would love for you to vote for me. Loves and kisses from the Mrs.
Angel was found in a box in the middle of the road. She was only about 3 weeks when 1st got her. She loves her kids, loves to run, and play all day long and with anyone that is willing to
Hello my name is Bombon and I love my momma. I really love belly rubs abd running all around the house. I think I am a big dog but I am only a 9lb baby. My favorite thing to do is play with my sister Reina, even if I have to continuously jump over her to make her play. Please vote for me. Lots of love and licks.
My favorite time of the month is when I get my toys & Treats from Barkbox. I am almost 5mths old I love to eat, play, sleep & poop 😖. If I win the money will be used for the lawyer to get custody of my hooman cousin he is in danger & I want to meet him & play with him he is 2 years old, you can read his story searching in the gofundme website the name is: Bring Home Baby Carter help us 🙏🏼🙏🏼 God Bless you all
Chanel is a spunky little girl, loves to be vocal and loves to cuddle!
This handsome fella loves to snuggle! He will turn into a donut so that you can scratch his booty! He is a happy boy with a vibrant personality!!
Hello my name is Lola and I am 1 years old. I was born in a shelter but my parents adopted me! I love to go outside run around and get chased. I also like to go to the dog park and meet all my friends and play!
Riley is a very smart and active furbaby. He loves squeaky toys and will play for hours. He is just the cutest Lil guy. Mommy's lil prince.
Hello! I’m timber! I am 1 years old. i love to play with soccer balls and play fetch! I also love going to the creek! Chasing bunnies at my house are my favorite. You should vote for me and i would love you forever!! That’s a promise :) Woof Woof, Timber 🐶 💕
Hi!! I’m harley! I am 8 years young! I have a younger brother who’s annoying but i still love him! Some things i like to do are sit outside on my driveway in the sun or go on walks. I love playing tug-of-war! I love cuddling and getting lots of treats! You should vote for me and you will definitely get a lot of cuddles!!! Love, Harley 🐶 ❤️
Moose D.
He is such a big goober, he thinks he is a lap dog (and we love it). Moose is also very emotional, he is great at telling you what he wants lol he and my 7 year old Weston are best friends! As you can see he lets him do anything lol he loves dress up!
She is a sassy little pup 🐶
this is chloe. she is a miniature labradoodle and she is 3 years old. she loves playing with the neighborhood dogs and going on walks and car rides! she is such a sweet dog and loves people and kids so much! vote chloe!!!
Tyson is our best pal. He loves everyone but a little upset that the Bruins lost tonight!
My baby boy is 8 months old, he loves going swimming and chewing up mommy’s stuff! He loves to cuddle. He’s a big old baby! He loves his little sister cami, she’s 7 months old 💜 his favorite thing to do is eat! Badger got his name from the way his color and design is! I love my big baby so much!
Chantelle is a very active puppy she loves being outside but sometimes she’s really lazy and we sleep a lot 😌she’s the cutes 💓
This is Augie! He’s a playful little puppy who loves naps, treats, car rides, and using his mamas hands as a chew toy even though she got him so many cool toys! Augie is a chocolate Lab with the cutest green eyes that will just melt your heart! Vote for this little baby boy💙