Cash is an adorable little guy who’s always looking for something to get in trouble with 🤣
Collier is a sweet boy who loves to wrestle with his brother and torment his sisters 😜
Morgan is a pug-zu who loves to explore! She’s a sweetheart and loves everyone 🥰
McKenna is a pug-zu who is queen of the castle! She’s happiest in a lap giving kisses and getting tummy rubs 🥰
Shes the sweetest Boston Terrier with the most wonderful personality. She always is full of energy and brings a smile to everyones face.
BizziE Gibbons is a service dog..not only did I save him but he saved me😊❤️ He loves to travel,goes everywhere with me!! He absolutely loves to join us for dinner and he has a collection of stuffed animals 😁
Ala Girl
She is a very loving and caring , she’s a people person and loves to dance. She’s always up to an Adventure🤙
Ava is a Rat Terrier Shih Tzu mix and a loving mother to Ruca. She’s quite the little adventurer….she LOVES to go kayaking and especially loves standing out on the tip of the boat and feel the wind in her hair. Perfect little travel buddy who’s ventured cross country with us.
Im a very sweet loving dog that is filled with anxiety and scared of everything. I also suffer from sezuires. I really hope I can get peoples votes.
Koda is a 9 week old husky/Australian shepherd mix
She absolutely loves to give kisses to everyone! She loves to snuggle with mommy
Domino is 2 months old. Full of energy. Loves to play with her toys and try to walk herself.
Indigo Emmanuel Butler
Indigo loves to give kisses and snuggle. He is such a joy to have and we are blessed to have him in our lives.
Dixie is about to be 1 year old. She’s so hyper but also very sweet and smart. She is my best friend.
Tipper was my dog growing up and an amazing friend especially in my worst moments. When I got out of a bad situation sadly she only made it out temporarily. I want to share her story and show everyone she loved and lived until the end.
This is my Whiteboy, he passed away February 7th this year and he was only 8 months old, this dog was the best tracking puppy i ever had he was everything to me and I couldn't keep him safe while i was gone one night i never expected my ex to harm a dog but it showed me a lesson to only trust certain people around your dogs i miss him so much that it truly does hurt,he was a Hound every hunter would've loved to have and been proud of,i miss my baby daily and if i could bring him back to life i would. Please Vote for us.
Moe is our beloved family dog and when he’s not rolling around in the dirt, he’s frog legging on the deck trying to sun bathe
Zoey is my miracle after losing my other dog in 2019 and she travels everywhere with me in her little pet backpack. She’s got the personality of a golden retriever and the biggest heart in the world, but most of all she means the world to me
HIYA! My name is Fenrir or well as mama calls me Fenny, I'm a Country dog working on becoming a hunting dog, i live around the sheep,pigs an chickens i patrol the pasture to keep everything safe. Come on by an comment and say hI
Elsie is a Farm Dog who lives with all types of animals, her mama and one of her brothers passed before they could see her grow up. She's a Country dog and working on becoming a herding dog for our sheep.
Our crazy Cinco de Mayo pup. Chuco is a Red Nose pit who is a loving father to Ruca. He’s a goofy boy who still thinks he’s a lapdog. Super loyal and a great listener and honestly a big ole cry baby.
Athena Sky
HI IM ATHENA SKY, I was named after my lost big brother Skylar. He got out our backfence.. the neighbors decided to play god and take his life, but he brought me home before he collapsed in the yard. I’m now a service animal who loves to climb trees & play fetch.
Everyone thinks she looks like scrappy off of scooby doo💕 Hazel loves being outside and adventuring. She's a very outgoing 2 year old pup that will bring a smile to anyone's face young or old! She's a absolute sweetheart, but don't under estimate her she loves greeting everyone with her bone or a sock lol! She loves cuddling and giving everyone kisses.
Louie English
We drove to pick up Louie in Ohio, he is a very loving bug, he's Boston bull terrier and pug, he loves the pool, only when it's covered because he uses it like a trampoline! He loves going for car rides and he has 3 sister's so he's King!!😁
she’s my 13 year old best friend <3 she has this really ugly yellow toy she loves and she loves laying in the sun lol (‘:
Ruca is a very interesting mix. She is a Red Nose Pit mix with a Shih Tzu Rat Terrier mix. She is a ball of energy that loves to be cuddled and babied. She is never camera shy and loves posing for pics. We are blessed to have her in our lives.
Atlas loves to go for walks, chew on things, and cuddle. He doesn’t like peanut butter, but he loves pup cups!
Tiny is so loving and Protective when it comes to her family for being so small she has a big bark and a big silly personality she knows how to bring out laughs and smiles with her cute lil face.
Royal loves to play with other dogs. He enjoys cuddles and love.
Thunder Jo Lightning
Thunder jo lightnibg is one of a kind. He so adorable and loves to cuddle and give lots of love.
this fun loving girl will argue with you for hours if the topic is interesting enough for her lol. i like to call her my little furricane because it describes her best!!
Rubble is a kelpador! half Labrador and half Australian kelpie. He LOVES to run and ride, gives paw and lives for belly rubs!
Lilly was born with a cleft pallet and a hair lip. She had to be bottle fed because she could not latch onto Mom. She has undergone three surgeries to correct her birth defects so she can live a long and healthy life.
Smokey is a bernedoodle who loves to cuddle
Even though Bella is 10years old she still has the energy of a puppy. She loves being outside playing in the snow, chasing squirrels, and finding rabbits. Her favorite snacks are carrots and popcorn. She loves to clean the dishes in the dishwasher. This is something she has done since she was just a few months old.she loves people and will be anyones friend.
Radek is a dog that will love you forever. He protects everyone, even if he doesn’t know you.
Theo loves to swim and cuddle! He is super affectionate and is very loyal.
We rescued Bandit from a shelter. the scars on him are from his owners putting him in dog fights. he is the sweetest boy. bandit and my five month old, Waylon are best friends
He is very smart / loves to play with beer pong balls like he is a cat. Listens very well. ♥️❤️
Sid is short for Insidious. I am almost 10 weeks old. My mom LOVES when I get the zoomies… She compares me to a crazed lunatic. ❤️
Hugo has many names for his many personalities. Hugo is the first and only chihuahua that has never tried biting at my heels. Hugo is also a very fun loving dog. He is 5 years old and loves little kids. His favorite thing to do is eat whatever his nose can smell, sleep and poop. He loves car rides and belly scratches. He is one of my favorite little buddies. He knows exactly when someone is in need of cuddles always. His favorite thing to eat is underwear. His favorite place to sleep is anywhere that has a comfy blanket. And his favorite place to poop is in one spot in the living room when know one is home or just got home. Please vote for Hugo because he is one of the prettiest of his breed. He deserves to be recognized.
Gizmo loves everyone. Tail always wagging and giving the best love! ❤️
About Mousey, his favorite thing to do is nap, play, and chase squirrels!!
Loves to go outside and play
Adam loves to sleep and he loves food
Chance Owen
Chance is a pitty/lab mix who is the biggest baby around. He loves hiking, playing with his mounds of toys, swimming (and baths) and going on ice cream car rides in the summertime ❤️