Money is husky and chow chow. He is very lovable and playful whom loves to be around friends and family. He is very special and tends to put a smile on anyone having a bad day
Phoebe loves her family, she loves chasing squirrels and anything she sees out the window.
Goldie is full of personality. She gets along with dogs all sizes and cats. She loves to go wheeling and camping. Goldie is a snuggle bug and loves her stuff animals.
My name is Captain Barrett Foster. I work for my dad as his psychiatric service dog . I love fetch and playing with my pigs
Lieutenant Mac
Lt is such a cuddly and loving little guy! He's going to grow up to be a service dog.
My name is Finlee am a very energetic dog who loves to play! I love giving kisses and hugs and I love to cuddle!
Willow is a bird dog and loves to go hunting for ducks. She loves to play and gives the best kisses!
Shadow was a force; full of unconditional love and loved to show his affection by sitting quietly next to you with part of his body pressing on your foot or leg. His only vice was his ability to silently counter surf (usually for his grandmom's jewish apple cake). When he was done the food, he would discipline himself by just going to his crate. We would always know something food related was missing if he saw himself to his crate haha.
Her big ears is what most people mention first about her. I say Dumbo had big ears and everyone loved him. She's very expressive with her ears as well as she's very vocal.
She is a 3 year old Yorkie poo.she is so sweet everyone says she is so cute
Luna is shy but super sweet when she gets to know you! And she loves to be petted and never wants you to stop
Hello my name is Tyson I’m just 10 weeks old and I love sleeping with my mom and dad. I am still learning to do tricks but I love the snow I try to catch snowflakes. I go everywhere with my mom cause I’m her emotional support buddy I get treats and attention which I love. I love kids and playing with them.
My name is Oscar I’m a 2 year old farm dog and my breed is 3 things I’m lab, beagle,And blue heeler. I love to chase my cattle in and out every day. I love making sure my cows are in line as I run back and forth barking. My cats are my favorite I like to bully them even tho mom gets mad. I love my farm even tho I’m the boss please vote for me because my mom says I’m too cute. And to add my favorite thing I love to do is tractor rides to each farm it gives me the wiggles.
Doobie is such a loveable & affectionate dog! He loves to cuddle & play with his toys! His most favorite thing is to go bye byes! He loves grocery shopping & going everywhere i go! Hes the best thing that ever happened to me with the exception of my children!
Well behaved for the most part. Very protective of me and his home. Runs very fast to fetch the ball or Kong. Kong with a rope is his favorite toy out side and light up ball or stuffed toy that looks like Mister Bill and says ohh no when squeezed.
Just a big baby. Loves to snuggle and give love. Spends time chewing on all of his toys.
He's a great dog he's sweet an goofy loves to give wet sloppy kisses
he’s just too cool for school 😎
Bella is a 13-year-old shih tzu and dachshund mix.
Buckshot Aka Bucky
Playing in the snow is my favorite! I love playing with a good ball and running after it in the forest with my parents and my sister. I like to throw the ball up in the air and chase it myself if my human won’t do it for me. When it’s hot I love playing and splashing in the water to cool off. Playing tug of war with a nice rope and my sister is also one of my top pass times! My humans think mom is a Shepard mix and my dad is an American bulldog mix, but they haven’t done the actual dna test. They say they love us regardless
She loves playing fetch, spending times with her other fur friends and loves to eat!
He prays, smiles, trained for alerting to deer and hogs. Great all around companion. Travels with me loves camping loves life off leash
Bear loves to be outdoors and thinks he’s bigger than all other dogs. Although he is tiny, he is mighty!
She is a very smart dog Gotty is the dog with her Peanut is only a one person dog but gats along with the other dogs I have 4
Rue... such a good little boy, very cute, funny, happy, sweet and loving. He "roos"everytime he barks, like a little wolf. He has one brown eye, one whitish/blue eye. He is considered a blue merle chihuahua / pomeranian mix , possibly with a bit of corgi . Vote for Rue .
This is Dollar and he loves playing outside! He is a tennis ball lover and has even learned to throw the ball to himself which is the cutest! He is a BIG cuddler! Dollar LOVES cuddling with his human parents but loves his human daddy must of all, they truly are best friends! Dollar is a very friendly, sweet and handsome pup who is VERY loved by his human family! 🥰
He is the greatest sweetest dog I’ve ever owned! He is my best friend and protector ! He is my support dog and I couldn’t live with out him!
She is spunky, mouthy and full of attitude but you can’t find a more sweetest pup! She is Tobias new best friend !
Lincoln loves his walks along the shores of Lake Michigan with the Chicago skyline in his background
"He wears the (fluffy) pants in our house!"
Blake is such a free spirit with tons of energy. He was adopted at 1 1/2 years old from Washington D.C. and brought to his new home in Sacramento CA. As a husky it’s a little warmer for him, but he sure does love his new family 😍
Hello Im Rayne, I am five years old this Feb. MY favorite thing in the world is my ball, i can count, and speak some human words. My Humans love me very much and have spent countless days training me to be the best i can be! So vote for me Rayne Dog!
Oakley May
Oakley May “Oakie” is a four month old Golden Retriever. Her favorite thing to do is chew on her toys & of course, eat. She’s very mischievous at times, but also a cuddle bug. Oakley loves her big brother, Wrangler, and plays fetch with him. To know Oakley, is to love Oakley. 🥹💗
Willie Holt
Willie is Layla’s younger brother. He is wild and loves to play with all his toys. His favorite is the long rope with knots that he will swing back and forth, hitting anyone or anything in his way. He is a very loving baby. He comes every morning and lays his head on me to let me know it’s time to go potty.
Layla Holt
Layla is a very sweet and well mannered baby. I adopted her when she was 6 months. She has PTSD so she likes to be under the bed by me or in her crate covered up. She loves to play outside. She acts like a horse sometimes the way she jumps up and she has a very pretty prancing walk.
This is safari! He’s the most sweet and kind doggy you will ever meet!
Drax the Destroyer earned his name by destroying every toy he could get his mouth on... Including 3 pairs of Mom's shoes!!
Margo is a loving mini Australian shepherd. She is 7 months old and LOVES to play.
Khloe is a sweetheart who loves to herd sheep. She announces her tummy clock has chimed by coming up to mom and wiggling her butt and yipping and singing and barking until you either tell her to go lie down (it's too early) or you feed her. She had a tumor in her rectum that we are hoping was removed entirely so it can't spread. She is a doll of a dog and everyone loves her.
Sweetie loves walking and the outdoors. She loves flowers and trees.
Hi guys! I’m Rose 🌹 my birthday is April 1st 2020 some of my most favorite things to do is take late night swims in pool and then give mom a great big hug! And when I’m not doing that, I love playing with all of the squeaky toys and running through the house on turbo mode😂
This is dodger the beagle my birthday is August 21, 2016. And some of my favorite things to do is go for walks on the beach and stick my head out the window on car rides but my most favorite thing to do is cuddle up in my blanket and take a nap😄 whenever I’m not sleeping I’m usually looking for a snack or a squirrel to chase😋
Im a 5month old German Shepherd Lab mix. With My handsome looks Romeo just fit. Loves to snuggle with his Mama.
Nevaeh is a micro mini pocket pit. Tri color lilac very lovable, very fun full of energy, loves your attention constantly. loves to cuddle she is the little spoon.
Big Baby
Big baby is loving and calm she doesn’t wake up early. She doesn’t chew up your shoes. She licks your tears when you’re sad and brings a smile to your face daily. She’s been a wonderful pet American bulldogs are the way to go.
Darby is playful, especially when running with squeaky balls. She is fun-loving and the pride and joy as our newest family member. She loves posing for the camera.
Rocky is a very special dog. He is full of life and very loving. He is also a very well behaved. And he knows how to make us smile and he brings alot of joy to us