Moo is the perfect dog. He plays a little sleeps a little and protects the house. He loves his toys never destroys them.He is the sweetest dog.
Stitch And Lilo
Stitch and Lilo are silver labs (can’t really tell in the picture) and are identical twins. They love spending time together and with there doggie friends. There favorite game is tug-of-war go vote for them and help them win
Leah is the most gentle giant her and my nephew grow up together if you could get video on here I would send a video of her singing happy birthday and saying I love you
Bentley is a rescue puppy, absolutely our family loves him! He loves soccer ⚽️ balls. Playful and very energetic border collie.
Kylo Ren
Hi I am Kylo Ren, chaser of squirrels, licker of faces. When I am not staring out the front window barking at other doggies that walk by I am usually napping on my mom or dad. I like running and boating and eating hair.
Hershey loves attention and to be the center of all attention.....He's a lover and thinks he's a little dog....which is hilarious.....He thinks he's human also....he's always trying to do stuff with his hands like we do....He's a true pleasure...
Daisy loves to play with her tennis balls and cuddle with her paw-rents!
She loves people.. very friendly.
Kipsy is a rescue from SoHumane. This picture is from the first day I brought her home. She was clearly abused before I got her, still shows signs of it. I love her so much, all she wants is to be petted and treats.
Buster knows he’s adorable! He is the star of the family, he gains admirers anywhere he goes!
Vella is a spunky girl that loves her toys. The frist dog of mine that cuddles at night when its bedtime and when she's napping. She bounces when she runs and chases her toys.
Izzy is already in training to be a therapy dog. She attends the Autism Center that my husband and I own, the first ever in Michigan. All the kiddos adore her!
Zizzy loves to chase butterflies in the back yard.
Franko is a fun and very active puppy he loves his toys running outside and enjoying family. he is very loving and caring and playful.
Dozer is a Australian shepherd and black lab mix. He has been with us for a little over 3 years, he comes from a very abusive home. He is the most sweetest smartest little boy that i have ever seen. He is very protective of his family but once he sees that you mean us no harm he will lick you to death. He loves to get kisses and scratches and would get them all day if he could.
Rosco Romeo Gallagher
Hey guys, I am Rosco and I love playing with everyone. Before my forever home I was in a shelter and now I am living my best life. I would love your vote so I can show everyone that love can be found for everyone! Please help me out and in the meantime ima play with my squirrel.
Gizmo loves toys , playing, chewing , outdoors, tormenting his older sister & Going anywhere he's not supposed to!!
Kota is a very ambitous dog who loves to play, and recieve belly rubs. His favorite toy is "Mr. Lamb" aka the Lamb Chopp toy; in which he snuggles with. He also enjoys watching TV with his parents- his favorite series being Pokémon
She loves cuddling under blankets all the time and loves cuddling wit momma and dad. She is the friendliest pit bull u will ever meet.
Nariko Kai
Nariko hasnt met a person or animal she doesn't consider friend. She loves riding in our jeep and loves camping.
Cocoa Puff
Hes very loving,loves to nap,loves walks,loves treats
Chance loves naps and going on car rides and his favorite snack is cheese.
Hi I am Pepper, I am an angel. I am always there to cheer you up. Loves food and cuddles. Sometimes I steal a little from the kitchen. Yum!!
Hi My name is Sweetpea. I’m a Schnoodle. I weigh less than 3lbs and Is only 8 weeks old. I love to follow my owner and my human brothers around the house. I’m just a puppy and is learning new things everyday. I love to snuggle and be held most of the day.
Zefra is new to our family. She's super smart and learning all sorts of new stuff. She loves playing in the leaves even though it's HOT here in TX, so the pool is always getting played in!
Ava is a First generation Maltipoo, born in Miami, Florida she now lives in Philadelphia, PA. Ava is super sweet and smart. She’s loves her best buddy, Mommy and her sister Mia and most people she meets she always has a kiss for. Loves to give kisses. Especially on the lips.🐾💗🐾
Hi! My name is Lucky I am my mommy's emotional support animal. My job is to snuggle everday to keep mommy relaxed. I also love playing with Daddy and my two human brothers. My favorite treat is duck jerky and love all my barkbox toys. I just moved to the beach and nothing is better then rolling around in the sand 😀
What’s up guys I’m Carter, I like long naps and food. My favorite food is tomato’s. I love cuddling with my mom & my teddy bear is my most favorite thing. I snore really loud but my mom doesn’t mind to much.
Hi I am Rikki, I am small but mighty. Most people think I’m a girl but I’m definitely a boy. I LOVE toys with squeakers in them. My favorite food is beef jerky.
Maisy is a lovable mountain cur who loves exploring and adventures. Shes an absolute beauty!
He loves people and playing in the water in his kiddy pool.
Yelena is as sassy as I’ll get out, she may seems shy but she is crazy and full of life. She loves all her people and is sure to show it.
Fifi is a very energetic puppy. She is 4 months old and loves to run, and play with other dogs
Hi, i’m Jasmine! I enjoy naps, squeaker toys & annoying my brother!
Bailey is an amazing dog. He’s not only an amazing pet but an amazing friend. I don’t know what I’d do without him he is my rock. He helps me on a day to day basis he is one of the best dogs in the world. He’s given me my independence back and I couldn’t be more thankful. He loves going to the lake with me and his dad to go fishing and swimming. He also loves going to the movies especially when we go to see children’s movies with families. Kids are his weak spot! So he loves when he get to get pets from the kiddos when he’s on break time!
If it’s plastic he will eat it or rip it to shreds Love attention and giving kisses He’s a total sweet heart. He loves playing with his sister and his brothers who are cats
Hi, i’m Percy! I’m a one year old aussie who LOVES all things tennis balls, mud & WATER!
Harley is a 3 year old Aussie/Corgi mix. She loves her cuddles and lives for attention. She is very loving, sweet, and energetic. She’ll greet you at the door with her cute little wiggle butt, ready to give you a hug when you bend down to say hi. She’s the best part of my day, everyday, and I have no idea what I would do without her.
SiSu is a fun loveable puppy German shepherd & boxer mix! She loves to chase leafs and loves to play ball . She also loves to snuggle all the time
Zack is a Boxer German Shepard mix, he’s the most lovable big brother to his two little humans! He’s constantly by their side and the best protector we could ask for! 🤍
Ariel is a very loving and compassionate dog. She is my service dog so she gets to adventure with me and our favorite thing to do together is go hiking!
She’s a 9 week old menace!!
Luly's is the perfect dog to have! she is loveable to everyone that comes to the house, and loves to eat, sleep and play.
Alina Skye
Skye loves to be in front of the camera. She’s an angel who loves everyone and everything.
She’s an energetic mix of border collie Catahoula and heeler. A rare photo of her laying still.
Copper loves hunting, riding 4 wheelers, and the lawn mower. Boy loves the outdoors, and cuddling.
Binky loves to hang out with the family.
Grizzly love to play chase with his family.