Patches is a crazy little boy who loves everyone from people to his feline brother Smokey, but Smokey doesn’t like him too much because he bites his tail all the time. Patches loves toys and biting everyone’s shoelaces and fingers. He’s a baby at just 9 weeks old but thinks he’s much older and can do anything because he has no fear.
Tank Nebrowski
Tank loves to go on hikes and play with friends his favorite show to watch is spongebob. His favorite food is pumpkin and stale and he lives his mamma
Love to play! Love his big brother Sampson! Has a great temperament before being a dog I found in the woods wondering by himself!
Katie is a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky who is cute sweet and very playful!
Bully is a 10 week old puppy that is full of energy and a little cuddle bug when he is done being energetic for many hours. First he’s sour then he’s sweet🦋❤️
Ollie is the sweetest pup. He loves his 3 human siblings and enjoys herding.
King is 1 year old and loves to cuddle, play outside and give big kisses. he is the sweetest boy and loves everyone he meets. he especially loves playing with all of his toys and when his momma gives him treats. he is such a good boy
Such a big goof with his little stuffed bucket. I adopted this boy a year ago. He is the best lap dog ever. And he's quite the bed hog. He loves everyone ond everything
Stella Jane
Stella Jane is a Catahoula/Pitt mix and is the friendliest dog you will ever meet! She enjoys playing with her 2 little brothers (whom are both bigger than her) and letting them know that she is the queen of the castle. She also enjoys car rides and seeing all of her human friends at the local bar. She is the best bar dog and greets everyone with a wiggly behind 🥰
We call her football bc she likes to eat, she is a sweet puppy who loves her 5 siblings who she plays with. She loves to play ball and play with her toys
I love to be outside running around, playing with my basketball, or chewing on sticks. I love for someone to show me attention all the time. I love to ride around with my head out the window. I also like when I get to go get pup-cups, those are my favorite. Please vote for me.
Ronnie loves to play ….
The loveable brute. Who’s the best dishwasher no water needed! 150+lb foot warmer, who also likes to walk through your legs and lift like he’s playing his own game of buckaroo.
hello , i’m paisley i just turned one years old , im outgoing and loving. i also have lots of collars and clothes 😊 i’m my mommy’s world and i’m super photogenic! vote me (:
Hi, my name is Lily! I’m a fluffy Scottish terrier 😘!! I LOVE to go to the beach and play! I also love to play with my kitty Sisters! My favorite food is chicken 🍗 😋🤤 Sometimes I steal it off of mommy’s plate 🥷😏🤣! I would love to win the contest but I also want to help other pups have a chance at winning 🏆😊 please vote for me😉 ❤️Thx everyone!!!💖
The lovable goofball. The model dog. Can cheer you up with the slightest grin. The solo tug of war champion. And world champion bug slayer and disposal unit.
Will give bolt a run for his money. The spoilt one and a daddy’s girl. The best alarm system anyone would need. But the most caring yet grumpy dog you’ll ever meet
A little explorer who likes to keep you on your toes. Supersonic hearing for the slightest wrapper noise and will be there instantly to help you with your snacks. Once she gets some snacks she goes WWF on you and will Spider-Man jump at you from any height. The loveable baby hippo
My name is Sweetie and My best friend is Bailee Mae. Please LIKE and Share us on Facebook.
Hi my name is Apollo Im a Gerbian Shepsky.. Im almost 2 years old.. My Mom is my favorite person, i dont like when someone bothers her when shes sleeping i will lay my whole body on top of her so no one can touch her .. My mom says Im her little boy and I love her more then anyone else well i love my pups. I love to jump over things including our fence Mom gets so frustrated and when she gets like that i cover her face with kisses because she cant be mad at this face long ♥️ Vote for me and help me give my Mom a great Bday on the 23rd
My name is Nanook Im 11 weeks old Im 100% Gerberian Shepsky ( GSD and Siberian Husky mix) I cant wait for my ears to stand up Mommie already calls me handsome but shes says Im gonna be stunning .. Gunner is my Brother also in the competition .. I can sit, stay and high five .. Mommie says my brother and I are smarter then our parents and Grandparents who are also in the competition.. i love new people but perfer to stay close to my family .. please vote for me
He loves to play during the day, and cuddles at night. He keeps us on our toes!
Remi is a very energetic dog when he wants to be and for being 3 years old he loves sleeping but also enjoys eating. He also enjoys barking and running free at the dog park
Lizzie is a very energetic loving caring dog she loves kids and her toy that came with her from the shelter and she enjoys running free at the dog park.
Hi, my name's Zeus & I'm a Pembroke/Cardigan Welsh Corgi. I'm 8 months old & have so much to learn & explore. I love snuggles, the outside, playing with my toys, & car rides! I'm definitely full of spunky energy, can be quite mischievous & quite the little terror but, in the end, I'm a little lover!
This is coon .. he loves the play ball! Such a water boy! He’s has crazy zoomies! He’s a loving boy!
Bruno loves the water. And to play with his best friend. Very dorky n crazy boy. He’s a love bug❣️
North is a Great Pyrenees and Italian Shepherd mixed. She loves to cuddle and play with puppies. She is 9 months old.
She originally belonged to my niece she named her after watching the little rascal show she told me to keep her for a week 8 years later I'm still loving this dog💯❤
Hi I’m remi and I’m a rescue! I just turned a year old and have a huge loving family! I’m the sweetest little girl who loves to fetch and belly rubs! I’m a medium sized girl but it doesn’t slow me down!
Please vote for my fur baby she loves to sleep with me under the covers. She is an awesome dog she helped me through my breast cancer and treatments was by my side every step of the way!! She’s all loves to play with her food when she eats it tosses it up in the air swats it across the room!! I don’t think I could’ve made it through my cancer without my fur baby!! Please vote for my Tiny!!😊😊
Patrick replaces wife's original dog named Patrick. Same breed & coloring. He is 4 months old, still finding his feet at times.
Scruffy he’s just the cutest, he’s was the runt out of 8 puppies and he was a mamas boy, he loved his mama but she passed away on Christmas this year. But he loves to play ball and being outside.
Blitz is a Husky & PitBull mix. A Pitsky. He was rescued at 3 weeks old. He is now almost 4 months old. Loves to cuddle, run around & eat.
Stormie will be 3 on March 17🎂❤️. She is one of the sweetest pups you’ll ever meet. She gives the most love and the way she acts always will put a smile to anybody’s face. She’s very rambunctious but we love it and you would too. She’s so playful and full of life she’s surely just one happy pup in a good home ❤️❤️
WOOF!!! I would like to thank everyone who voted for me, sent me amazing gifts, and offered so much kind advice and help!!!!! You know who you are.... but please now KNOW that you are AWEWSOME!!!! I'm excited to continue on to this next round, and Momma has been busy cooking up some new photos and stories to share. (I suspect she's having fun with this too). I do know that if not for all of you and you help, Momma would have quit a long time ago! I would love to meet you all and give you sweet, gentle Boerboel Kisses, but Momma says gas prices are too high, and besides - I don't know how to drive a stick-shift transmission car yet. I look forward to many more contests here!!!! Now -- if you will please excuse me --- I must go to my bed and turn circles several times and fluff it. I have no idea why, ..... but I MUST. Thank You and Good Luck to all of you!!!!
Lilo is a derp but she is also a loving little fur ball that loves attention from anyone that will give it to her.
Stitch is a very loud, and sassy boy, he loves cuddles and love from mom and dad.
I love to run and bounce everywhere I go😋my sister is faster than me so I try to catch up but I beat her in photography! I’m definitely more photogenic😏every angle is my angle😎
She loves to nap all day no matter what the time is. Rosie has anxiety and stays by my side constantly. We’re two peas in a pod.
A spunky, momma loving, teddy bear! 🐶
Patches likes to bite.
Sky is very hyper and loud! eyes are gorgeous! She’s a vacuum in and out of the house and gets the zoomies at least 3 times a day. Loves licking and nibbling peoples faces
Bailey is 4 years old and a very good and handsome boy :) ALWAYS HAS THAT HUGE SMILE ON HIS FACE!!!
Winston is a 1 year old purebred basset hound. He loved other dogs and children! He loves all attention and gets a lot of it!
Coco like treats, and going outside and she is always hungry. She is very demanding. She will full of sass and very dramatic.
Bandit is a 12 week old blue healer.he likes playing. running.going bye bye.healing his daddy loves all of his toys and loves his buddy kusco