Baby Stories - 81


Bam Bam
Bam Bam is 14 weeks old. We rescued him from Kingman AZ. He loves nipping on mom ,zoomies in the backyard, his kitty sister,Ming, peanut butter, and his toys. Hes currently in puppy school to learn to be a well mannered good dog Hes super smart and healthy. Love this little guy
Paquito is a teacup chihuahua, he’s just 2 month old, he’s the tiniest pup I have ever seeen. He loves to cuddle in your lap. He enjoys running and licking your face ❤️
Leia is the boss she does what she wants when she wants to. I have health issues and when I’m not doing well she will come and lay with me and give me kisses until I feel better. She loves me so much and tries to take care of me she is the most imperfect, perfect dog
Shadow came in to my life when I needed him the most, he is the most loyal dog ever. He is always right there when I need him. We are still going through the terrible twos but hopefully the puppy chewing will stop soon
Hild is a spoiled rescue! When my boyfriend got her she was so skinny and very timid. Her and shadow are best buds
My name is Stella. I’m only 8 weeks old and found my forever home in CT. I’m still learning but love to play with the boys in the house, they take good care of me and spoil me rotten. This is me in my new dad’s 1974 red Bronco!
We rescued Huckleberry, a.k.a. Huck, just this week! He is just a pup but full of so much personality and so smart. Unfortunately his momma didn’t handle being a momma well so he was weaned early but he is doing great and very healthy. Gotta love those green eyes!
Hi my name is Remington! I am 4.5 months old, I LOVE food, toys, people, dogs and pretty much anything fun! I am cuddly and extra fluffy. My human sister Callie is my favorite person ever! Hope you all get to know me and don’t forget, if you think I’m cute give me a vote! 😁
Cupcake was A rescue she was also abused by men she has got a lot better she came from GEORGIA on the streets
She is the most well behaved 9 month old puppy. She loves to be outside. She loves to run and swim and playing with her sister. She is a mommy and daddys girl.
Our little bundle of energy loves to play with his toys, run around in the backyard with his kids, jump on the trampoline, and cuddle at the end of a long day.
Webster is a 2 year old Newfoundland/lab mix! He is a big baby & loves his mom&Dad and his cat brother Theo! Webster enjoys playing ball at the park & going swimming & most importantly going bye bye in the car!
Diamond loves to play, snuggle and go for walks 🐶 , loves playing with other dogs!
Vivian is the sweetest and happiest puppy! She loves to snuggle, make new friends, run around and treats!
9 week old Pit & Mastiff Mix Loves chew toys , hopping like a bunny And snuggling like a baby! I am wild fun and cute !
She is sooo over quarantine!!!
Dodge Robertson
My name is Dodge,I like running,chasing this bright ball when my humans throw it and I love chasing my cat brother around the house as a daily adventure, I love to sleep with mom and dad and I love treats and a lot of belly rubs and attention all day every day and I support my mom when she needs me,I love both of my humans unconditionally.
Finn and his 9 siblings came to me when they were 3 days old as their fur mama had died. He has been the most gentle well behaved puppy and super easy to train. I almost lost him when he was 5 days old but lots of love and tons of time invested in him he showed the will to live and livea it def to the fullest.
Maxwell was the only survivor of a litter f 5. He’s been demanding attention since day 1. He’s the heart of our family! Couch potato who didn’t miss Sharing your snacks, just not his! Tried to make him a outdoors “kayak” dog but you can see from his look he wasn’t into the confirmation!
Ellie is an American dingo mix! She’s a rescue too! She loves to play and loves chew toys!
Tito is a 10 year old 4.5 pound chihuahua. He’s not your typical feisty chihuahua. Tito is extremely friendly and loves attention. He’s the happiest doggy if he can take car rides, long naps and an occasional butt rub!
She is a lovable 5lb Pomeranian! She loves to play with her older 2 older sisters and her one older brother! She loves to howl and roll around on the bed! Vote for her so she can continue to get toys to tear apart!
Piper is 13 and a half years old. Shes the most loving animal i have ever encountered. She is extremely smart and has a way of telling me when she wants something. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about 3 years ago and each day since then has been a blessing. She loves to sleep alot but only if she can see me lol.
Jar Jar Binks
Jar jar binks is a red nose American bull dog, hes full of love. He loves to cuddle , swim , and dance. He loves to give kisses. And sleeping under the blanket. He lost his best friend moose last year , but hes doing very well .
Zoey is going to be 5 years old in September. She loves her pepperoni sticks and going for long walks
I am a lazy puppy but I love water. I am very dopey and love people.
Minniejames is a sweet dog that will never let you down. MinnieJ is dependable, you can always depend on her to be happy when you get home from the mini mart. Minnie is protective, she once got in a fight with a rotweiler, because she thought my brother and I were in danger. Even though she is afraid of fireworks, she wasn't afraid to take on a rotweiler to save my brother and I. She's very sweet, has never once bitten anybody, even little kids who like to hit her, shes never snapped. Thats why MinnieJ should get your votes!
I am a husky pit bull wolf mix. I am every energetic and most cant handle me. I am very protective and love people.
Cas is a beagle bully mix. Bully body with a beagle bark. He is scared of loud noises and squeaky toys. He is funny and loves to get dressed up.
Jethro is a fiesty, cute little puppy. He loves his puppy friends, and he also loves his owner(:
Maui is energetic, fun, happy , and a sweet boy 💚 he loves to play fetch with his stick but most of all loves playing with his toy octopus and his brother Koa
Henry is my cuddle bug. He takes care of what he needs to (since he is the older brother) and when it is sleep time or he can sense when I may need cuddles he just knows what I need. He loves messing with all the other bigger s. He needs to show his macho little guy inside
Princess is a mix of blue pit terrier, Labrador and Great Dane. She is both stubborn and sweet. The heart of an old soul and the eyes of an angel. She is a federally registered emotional support dog.
Playful and loving rescue I saved from an abusive family
I’m a hole digging, mud loving, chick fil a eating good boy!
Amarok is an little dog with a huge heart. He loves play and collect rocks. He loves the attention and he greets everyone on his way!
Scooby is a one year old Great Dane. Scooby loves milk bones, his mom/dad, chew toys, walks, and children. He's super playful, loving, and goofy!
Dino is my husbands service buddy. He keeps a very good watch of surrounding and keeps daddy safe. He is a big ball of love and is very quick to show his happiness every second available. Dino has changed all of our lives and we are so grateful!
Bella Rose
Bella loves to play in water she likes to watch cartoons she’s so goofy and loves to run she likes to play with bigger dogs
Tanny is our baby of the bunch and he sure does take advantage of it! He is brilliant and very goofy. He also loves stealing his daddy’s side of the bed.
Grayson is a 25 pound dog full of crazy! He always makes life interesting with is sweet, but hyper personality!
Penny is the laziest, sweetest dog ever. She’s always there when I need her, she’s the sweetest. <3
Charlotte is the goofiest dog you’ll ever meet, she’s the sweetest dog ever as well. She loves people and other animals more then anything!
Arnold loves to play with his favorite toy which is a ghost. adorables his 4 sisters, loves to ride in his Jeep on the way to work where he is an employee at Bark Avenue Dog Wash.
Snickers is the princess of the house! Loves attention and cuddles! She’ll kiss you to death. She loves dressing up and going in car rides. Anywhere mom goes she wants to go. Loves going to grandparents house for treats.
Stella is full of energy and love. She is always ready with a big kiss and snuggles
this is roper... he doesnt play fetch.. he always begs for attention. he is also 7 years old and we got him as a puppy.