Willow is a shih-poo puppy. she is a poodle mixed with shih-tzu. She loves to play with her cousin isadora and likes to cuddle with her mama. she can be very moody when woken up at the wrong time.
Isadora is a female morkie dog. She loves her toy cow and alligator, and LOVES to play with her cousin willow. She is a very preppy, sassy baby.
He is a sweet loving boy who likes to wash his little sister Porsche’s ears, shares his toys and treats
Our Gracie is the sweetest girl who loves to give kisses and hugs! She’s full of energy and loves exploring and meeting new people!
She a rescue dog therapy for family stress she can talk a few words loved to get a treats at night and she can tell time know when it's treat time all out loving and fun dog to be with
Merle is a 9 week old Catahoula + Lab! He’s smart but still has his puppy brain! He thinks he can jump off tall places. He loves his brother, his toy, his mom, and going outside.
Thor is 2 months old and loves to cuddle ! He’s way bigger then he thinks sometimes. He is a family protector and loves his older brother Oakley! Please vote for him
Hank is the most hyper, intelligent, smart, and sometimes funny dachshund i’ve ever had! He’s so sweet to everyone and i’ll always love his family no matter what!
Lucy is 7 Months old puppy.She is so friendly loves people.Loves giving kisses!She very active loves to play alot!She truly is the best dog We are blessed to have her.We love her dearly.💖
Django is a 4 year old full blooded German Shepherd. He eats, sleeps, breaths basketball.. He’s a daddy’s boy and mommas protection. We love our DJango DeShane Baller 💕
Little Girl
Little Girl loves her family ,loves cuddles, and snuggle time with her daddy,she loves playing outdoors fetching sticks and running,she is very loving and playful and gets silly at times. she looks after her family and home. she is Rommel's mommy. I like to read your about stories and some have my heart and need a little more <3 and i give you votes. I can do vote exchanges.
Mizz Jada
Hello everyone my name is Mizz Jada My and my mother are very sassy and have an attitude but are also very loving and sweet. Our favorite activity is to NAP 😴 I have Alopecia but my spots make me unique and beautiful 😍
Cinda is our very gorgeous baby
Out going rottie puppy Lilly is loving and loves to play
One of Cash's favorite things to do is sit on top of the picnic table, and survey the backyard
Stinky Louie
Lou loves a good neck rub and cuddling up on his people. He dislikes walks on a leash and car rides. He’s actually a people in a doggy disguise.
Rogue is about 7 months old and she’s a Husky mix! We found her in the woods when she was about 15 weeks old and she was very sick. After a few weeks at the vet, she was nursed back to health and has been living her best life! She loves going on adventures and going to doggie daycare! ❤️
Forest is a 10 week old Golden Retriever. Likes: Long Walks in my backyard, licking toes, and terrorizing my cat brothers. Dislikes: When my owner doesn’t let me eat wood (seen in this photo), when my owner is gone for 5 minutes, and clean houses.
My name is teddy I love water bottles digging holes in the yard I love cuddling my daddy and playing with all my toys
This was Spooky having fun at daycare!! Hes as sweet as he looks. He loves cuddles, and catching birds outside, and meeting new friends!
Half Doxie Half Beagle and the Bestest Boy Ever
Boogs is a German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever mix. He's 1 years old, has a very rambunctious personality, and is a certified sass master. Boog loves long walks on the beach and is quite the water bug. He is very smart and learns tricks very quickly (when he wants to 🙄). Boogs favorite games include; hide and seek, fetch, keep away(his default), catch (and eat) the snowball, and "Find the toy". Boogs also loves to play with his puppy friends and make new ones, but hooman friends beware! Boogs a bit scared you might eat him, so he stands on guard in hopes that it will intimidate you into NOT eating him 👍😄 (he's really a softy don't let him fool you 😉) I hope these pictures do my good boy justice and make your day 🥰
Fun loving lil love bug!!!
Damien is the funnest dog I’ve ever seen !! Loves to lay upside down and smile ! He’s 110 pounds of fluffy , loveable love
Rosé broke her leg on thanksgiving and had to have surgery to correct the break at the beginning of December! She is doing really good and should have a full recovery by March time! Just like her name she is sweet bubbly and sassy in every way. She loves to snug and wants nothing more than to make you happy! Vote for Rosé and make her month a little better!
Iris is a 9 month puppy full of loving energy. she may be shy at first but the moment she warms up to you she wont stop loving you
She's so loving and keeps us laughing! She adores her daddy and will cry like a baby if daddy is not with her ALL THE TIME or PLAYING FETCH! Her other favorite thing to do is rolling over for belly rubs! She's our heart!
Bentley loves to swim and play!
buck: trash panda, butt pet addict, creator of fuzzballs, shredder
niko: ball of energy, obsessed with frisbees, thief, cause of mass destruction
Xena is everyone’s bestfriend! She’s the biggest lover and will give you all of the love you want and need❤️ She has saved me from some of my saddest times and been with me through my happiest. She is my soulmate in a dog🐶
Colby is a chewer & digger! He loves to hide his toys and bones! Also, loves being snuggled up in the warm blankets!
Akiya is my new service dog and she is so amazing how she does her job .
Jake loves everyone, he loved to play and snuggle. He also loved to give hugs. He’s a big hugger to everyone.
Gracie Allen
Gracie is a very sweet, very beautiful, very loving little Shih tzu. From the very first day I had with her I knew that this little girl was special. Gracie just had a litter of little Shih Tzu's. She had 3 boys and a little girl that happens to look exactly like her. I couldn't ask for a better PawMama. She is so attentive and like Mother Hen with them. Constantly clearing them and always making sure they had enough to eat. I love them so much. My heart belongs to Gracie, Georgie, Mocha, Snowden, Stormy, and Blizzy.
Remy is a playful pup who likes to give cuddles
Dacey is very cute lovable.sge loves to play.Dacey enjoys meal time with her mom and dad And we love our family walks.
Onyx is a sweet, affectionate dog who loves everyone! She loves to play outdoors and loves her "children" even more. She especially loves to open presents!
Shes the sweetest and loves to go riding!
Jack is almost 2 years old Husky/Great Pyrenees mix! He’s the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet but he can be a drama queen sometimes! He loves being outside and snuggling up to you at night when it’s time for bed. He’ll melt your heart with the sweetest puppy dog eyes.
Cash is a very lovable dog and is 5 years old. He loves car rides and treats from the bank. He likes to explore, and escapes the backyard more than he should.
To get attention, he will step up on this chair and he also barks during the night for us to ‘make his bed’ if he messes it up.
Tallulah, my sweet baby girl was abandoned as a puppy. She was only 6 to 9 months old when she came into our life after fending for herself for food & shelter as a baby. She is the sweetest, happiest, most loving little cuddle bug ever !! This picture was taken after a bath. 💕
Cutest puppy in the west side. loves to cuddle and gives the best smooches! Still not old enough to roam the streets but when he is, he will terrorize all the ladies! <3
Zoey is a fun loving crazy joy! She has tons of energy and makes everyone around her laugh. She loves hikes and any kind of walk really lol
Zoey’s a fun, loving, loud little girl. Her barks sound more like a bork, and she’ll “bork” at any time she feels❤️ she’s the biggest sweetheart, and shows a lot of affection… A. Lot. She’s a very loyal dog with heart and compassion, I love her more then life itself❤️
Khloe Dennis
Khloe is a 2 year old Belgian Shepherd Malinois. She was rescued at 6 months old and has lived the stylish life ever since. When she isn't on car rides she loves to take long naps on the couch or in one of her humans beds. She loves to play outside even when it is -32 degrees, and she loves to chew on one of her many bones. Despite being 80 pounds she is very afraid of small animals such as mice, and will not go near them.