Baby Stories - 81


Penny Ann Hufflepuff
I adopted Penny after fostering her! She’s full of spunk, sasses back, and loves cuddling 🥰 She’s a Great Dane/German Shepherd mix with a bit of Mastiff and Malamute! She’s quirky too, hides all of her bones and treats in the sofa cushions until she goes outside and buries them!
This is mommas lil baby. She is full of energy and is a walking garbage disposal LOL. She loves giving kisses and going to the park to play.
This little cutie loves to eat his wet food cuddle up to his sister Bella and rough house. He’s such a sweet little dude!!
Stella is a 9 year old dachshund beagle mix. Her birthday is June 14th. I adopted her from Great Plains SPCA when she was 3. She came from a hoarding situation, and had awful territorial issues. Now she's a chill girl who loves kids and other animals, just don't let her near rabbits. Rabbits are her enemy. Above all else she's not just a dog, she's my daughter💜
He is a joy, very loving, family friendly doggy loves the park, very loyal and attentive, loves car rides its his favorite thing to do.....
I inherited Clyde when my son passed away. Clyde is the best dog ever. He is silly with rolling in grass. Gets hyper when smelling snow. He is smart. When I don’t get out of bed when the alarm rings, he barks and when I get up he jumps in the bed rolling around in my spot then lays down. I so love this dog. I son did a great job when he adopted him.
A little alpha princess!!! Eyes to die for. Fearless.
Ollie is more human than dog. He has to have a few drops of coffee in his food in the morning or he'll talk to you (whine, bark, or howl) until he gets his way. When he's happy he folds his ears like a bow tie on the top of his head. He is such a spoiled little boy.
May Bea
May Bea is a tripawd! We think she's a Mauzer, a Maltese + Schnauzer, she's just adorable!
Ms. Ellsworth
An abandoned, mange & scabies, heart worm positive, emaciated rescue, turned therapy certified and the biggest snuggle-buggle! “Ellie” or “Boobah-Bear” for short.
This little girl was found on the streets of Mexico before being brought to California for rescue. She loves to hide her bones, take long naps and has never met a stranger.
My favorite thing to do is give everyone kisses! I love treats and hikes!
Chewie (AKA Chewbug) enjoys playing in his pool on the deck, running around with his fur siblings, and sleeping as his daddy’s pillow every night.
Cooper is super photogenic. He loves to play with his toys & get treats! He is very well behaved & is an awesome best friend. We love him so much ❤️ Please give him a vote!
Fendi Felhaber
Fendi loves her long days on the ranch and her relaxing swims around the pond and pool. Attention is something that she loves and has no fill
Bamboo is a very playful boy!
He is a sweetheart most of the time.He loves people and other dogs and loves to play fetch with his stuffed animals one in particular.After a bath he gets crazy and runs from room to room..its really cute though.
Rocky Road
Rocky Road (RoRo) loves everyone including our cats who he tries to lick. People make judgements because he’s a pit mix but honestly I’ve never met a sweeter dog.
Puppy Luv
Meet “Puppy Luv,” this chihuahua/mini pit mix-breed gentleman just loves love. He’s A true ladies man who cuddles & gives you his full attention. He may be small but can outrun any animal in our neighborhood & never leaves the house without wearing one of his cute bowties. “Puppy Luv” is one of a kind! ❤️
Loves to do dance and play!
Oliver is the sweetest boy, he enjoys playing with his brother Mochi. He loves cuddling, and meeting new people - he will run right up to say hello! He LOVES a good bone and hiding his toys!
Mochi loves to eat, cuddle and sleep! He’s a supper friendly Cattle dog/Chihuahua mix!
Sophie loves to be cuddled and loved on. Sweet personality and disposition.
Tucker gives unconditional love to everyone he meets. He loves peanut butter crackers and bananas! Sweet boy and adorable personality 🐶
Sophie goes out of her way, first thing in the morning to give us a 😘kiss when she wakes up💞
Mari is a registered service dog she is 4 yrs old toy poodle
SissCee is a registered service dog Toy Poodle
Luka is a sweet baby that is naughty as can be. He loves chasing bunnies and birds and playing with every toy he sees. At the end of the day he loves to cuddle up in bed on his pillow. He is spoiled rotten.
Jaxon is a 2 year old labrador retriever. He loves swimming, chewing sticks, and cuddling his mommy. He would love to have your vote !💙
My name is Jax but my mommy calls me Jaxxy! I am 2 years old. I enjoy sleeping, playing with my sister and going on adventures with my family! I’m the baby of the family and boy do I know it ❤️ Thank you for taking your time to vote for me woof ya later 👋
Annie is a little pistol that loves her big sister. She loves kisses and treats and lots of pets!
Millie is a very smart, sweet and lovable girl that loves treats and swimming!
She is small but eats anything. And what I mean by anything…collars, couches, shoes, clothing, pillows, tarps, paper, cardboard, carpet, blankets….
Kaiser loves to play with his toys and also eat snacks. He loves to cuddle with his mom and dad. He also loves to protect his sister when she is playing on the floor.
Hershey Kisses
Hershey coming home started out rough! Hershey Kisses was our only 2 days when he got really sick. The vet couldn’t figure out why but started him on an IV because his sugar had dropped and he was dehydrated. He weighed 2.3 lbs and was on the brink. A day later we took him back and they figured out it was a bacteria in his stomach that he had had and 3 of his siblings died. Basically they gave him enough meds to last the weekend and told us if he lived bring him Monday. I took him home with an IV port and a bag of fluid. They hadn’t given me the connection but I didn’t know til I got home to hook him up and couldn’t. We all cried. So I bought needles and syringes for diabetics and every hour on the hour even through the nights I got up and gave him 2 syringes full slowly in his port. I had a vet assistant niece who told me to try putting a drop of kayro syrup in his mouth or if he’d lick my finger try that. We made it back to the vet Monday morning and boy were they surprised! They fixed up another bag of fluid and he took it there and they gave him more medicine. During the time, Hershey went with us to church, work, the restroom and anywhere because he had to have meds every hour. He was so good! Not a peep in church and stayed right in the bag next to me. He finally began getting up and walking and finally playing! During those first few weeks he was like one of us. He knows exactly what we’re saying I’m pretty sure because he will do things before I get up. We love our little Hershey Kisses! He loves freeze dried treats and loves to fetch! He looks at you when you’re talking and especially if it’s about him. He listens and turns his head constantly. When it’s something he likes or is excited about he wags his tail.
Ranger is a very social pup he will be 2 in Aug. He loves to give kisses and hugs and loves snuggle up and make you feel better when your sick or down. He loves his kong and playing at the dog park.
I love being outside and rolling in the grass I love chasing feet and attacking toes. I have to sleep on my momma head at night. I love to give big hugs
Milo is loving and loves to be cuddled. He's smart and has quite a personality
Rican Hinton
Rican loves to cuddle and give kisses. He know his basic commands like sit, stay, he is learning paw now, Rican also knows what bed means he does not get caged. This little guy loves to play with his brother who is a 14 month old German Shepard.
Marley loves to be the center of attention. He is so sweet has a fun personality, he loves to do tricks for treats!
She is a fun loving puppy likes the outside...playful or sleeping a mixture of both...she is 2 months old and was a great passenger in our 450 mile journey home...she is now starting you use her voice...we love each other more each day...she had 3 brothers and 2 sisters
Gus is the best dog. He loves everyone and is very popular at the Italian American post in East Boston. He is 4 years old and loves treats and hanging out with his mom. Vote for Gus not only because he is adorable but because he is loves by all!!
Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist, killer of Thanos, better known as Iron Man.
Banjo loves his toys!! He will play all day if you let him! He looks slow, but wait until you get him into the water, or throw his toy! He loves to cuddle with you, as long as you throw his toy! Sassy, but classy, except when his toys get covered in slobber! Turning 7 this year, he still loves his toys!
Bandit is Sheltie/Pomeranian mix (Poshie), & is a little tornado of happy energy! He is only 8 pounds- the runt of the litter.
Scrappy Doo
Scrappy Doo is a momma's boy and I love it. He loves to cuddle and play and run through the woods. His favorite thing is to grab his leash in his mouth and take me for a walk. He is by far my best and cutest friend ❤️ from the moment he was born he had my heart, he's just a sweet lover, playful, and friendliest fella ever 😊