Beautiful 2 year old. Her name meaning is protector of family and home, which she does very well. She loves treats and toys and going cor long walks.
Lucifer is a two year old pit Bull black lab. He loves toys treats and snuggles.
It saddens me to say but my Murphy suddenly passed away Tuesday March 1st 2022. He always was a good boy and very loyal. He was a Mama's Boy- loved to go for rides in the truck and walks in the country. Loved his new little sister Ruby as well - he was her protector and trainer ❤️🐾❤️. Everyone loved him as well and commented on what a smart and handsome boy he was 🐾❤️ My heart feels empty but i know he's in no more pain. RIP My Sweet Boy Murphy ❤🐾
Moose is a 17 week old cocker spaniel full of energy! He loves his pit big brother and snuggles!
Luggz is a rescue. He was homeless the first year of his precious little life. We were made aware of his existence while Daddy was on a job site working. It is a guess that Luggz appeared in late 2019. He is a handsome loving boy who’s goals in life include herding any kind of animals, (deer are his preference) napping as often as possible, and loving his humans. His hobbies include playing with his purple gorilla (baby) fetching tennis balls 🎾, annoying his cat brother, and playing run from the bath. He is a loyal, loving, best friend to momma and daddy.
My Bella is 1 years old ,she is a sweetheart and loves giving kisses , looking in her eyes just makes you love her even more my beautiful girl loves her squeaky toys a lot lol , shes so funny a big goofball shes aways being a smile to my face, 😊
I have a beautiful red colored coat, I'm active with adventures and exploring new things and I'm active on my Instagram account all the time! I'm also very nice to everyone, even if they're a complete stranger to me.
Daisy dances on hind legs for treats. She gives the best hugs with her paws around your neck. Daisy is a rescue dog. Rescued at 6 months old, and is 2 years old today.
Little Bit
Little bit is a full blooded Staffordshire bully who is literally a big baby, she is the sweetest girl you will meet and she LOVES belly rubs and treats and she adores car rides! Vote for littles!
Giuseppe is a Black Mouth Mountain Cur and Beagle mix. He is incredibly smart and loyal. He’s a laid back kinda guy who just wants to get along with everyone. He loves to play with his friends in the neighborhood. He enjoys chewing on sticks when he thinks that his dad isn’t looking and thinks that fetch is the best game ever. He also loves chewing on bones, walks and de-stuffing stuffed animals and shredding them into rags. He also enjoys a quiet evening at home cuddling and watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
Bear is the most laid back Pomeranian ever. He is super chill & just loves attention.
Loki is a 10 month old pitskie and he is a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle so much that he hogs the bed and steals the covers at night. He is a sweet baby with his own funny personality.
He loves playing fetch and just playing with other dogs. Loves to protect his little humans
Look at this cutie who wouldn’t wanna vote for gunner
Woof woof! My name is gunner, I love to go on rides in the gator and run like I’m in the wild. I have pretty blue eyes and I love to play and get treats.
Shes very loving and a sweetheart.
Woof Woof! My name is Paisley, I am a 2 year old German shepherd! I enjoy adventures, going on rides in moms Jeep as well as chasing birds and squirrels. I love any toys that squeak but especially my squeaky tennis balls! My favorite place to go is the waterfall and pet smart! I love to eat anything i’m given but my favorite food is Ham! If I win this pageant my mom will donate the money to help other animals that are in need! Woof! Thank you in advance! Woof! Woof!
Teddy loves to sit in the backyard on nice sunny warm days with his toys. He absolutely loves going for car rides and going to starbucks to get a Pup cup every once and awhile. When Teddy isn't in the backyard playing or going for a car ride he likes to nap on the chair by the window and bark if he senses any movement (even if its nothing).
Blu is a Blue Nose Pitbull, he was rescued and instantly became our sweet boy!!🖤 He loves car rides and being outside. He hates when mom and dad arent together, hates the word Kennel 😂 He loves to roll over and lay down on his back and pretend he cant hear you when your telling him to go do something he doesnt want to do!😂 hes the sweetest happiest and caring boy!!🥰
Remington is the house clown and keeps you laughing no matter what. He has saved me from many bad days. He was a rescue, but truly he has rescued me!
Sullivan loves long walks, land “sharking”, borrowing food from the table, and making new friends!
Scruffers believes he is human
Bocki Ann
Bocki Ann is one sweet sweet baby she makes my world complete. She loves me the most!!!
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae is definitly an attention getter. She loves everybody, as well as they do her. Shes my therapy dog as she stuck by me as i battled cancer and liver disease, and i stuck by her when she had parvo. We fought for eachother!! To me shes my saving angel. She loves to run laps around the yard, and her favorite toy is a tug a war rope!!
She's a hugger and loves everyone
She loves going in the car and she loves her treats and playing with her cat sister
Jersey was born with cerebelum hypoplaysia it affects her motor skills. So she is a little wobbly. But one of the smartest happiest dogs I’ve ever had. She loves her toys and playing and likes to bring her food bowl to you when she wants more. Jersey loves running around and is a cuddle bug.she also likes to line up her toys around her on a blanket and play with them. She is a special little girl.💖
Lola May
I’m 12 years old very bossy and prissy I always get my way!
Loves fetch! Sticks are his favorite!! Loves being in front of the camera
Ollie loves to pal around with his 5 year old brother Loki. He has a huge personality, lots of spunk and loves to snuggle.
Jerry is a spunky 4 month old loves his toys and naps
Luna Lupua
Luna and Lupua are sisters, they’re the most lovable, and energetic puppies you’ll ever meet!! also very good hunting dogs. they are also very compassionate❤️
Very playful and cute
Paige Page Page... She's a Chihuahua X , she is 1yr old . She's got 2 big brothers, Diesel (Rottweiler) and Brooks (GDane) a big sister (Lyza Lou Rott) . She has the best personality, she absolutely loves people. Her passion is to play fetch. Paige loves to eat chicken or pretty much whatever I have.
Brutis is part German Shepard and part American pitbull.just fluffy.
Hi my name is Athena Im a Gerberian Shepsky and almost 2 .. I love games my favorite is jumping the fence and me snd Mom play chase .. Dont tell her I let her win everytime ! Mom tells me how beautiful Iam everyday . My mom is the leader of our Pack of 6 including me we keep her on her toes .. Lets give Mom a great bday and Vote for me or one of our pack .. She puts up eith alot and she deserves it
Jasmine is part German Shepard and part American pitbull.very loving and playful.
Willie loves to hang out with his mama and daddy! He also loves to dig at the beach and play with his dog friends! He is stage sweetest boy and will give you snuggles all night.
Bear is a sweetheart.loves to be loved on.
Very loving and playful.
Hi my name is Bo. Im the oldest outta of 6 furbabies in my Moms pack .. I just turned 5 in Feb 23 exactly 1 month before my Mommies ... She calls me her shadow I have to be where ever Mom goes I have to protect her .. Im also a Dad and Grandpa and i love playing with my Grandbabies.. My pack wants yo give Mommie a great bday present Vote for me
Jameson is a year and 6 months old German short-haired pointer. She loves her tennis balls & toys. She's beginning to be a snugly pup.
She's playful and loving
Scooby is our rescue, he came from Georgia and has melted our hearts. When you talk to him he turns his head from side to side as he listens wants to talk back. He loves watching TV
Meet Bailey! She will be 3 yrs old in April. She loves running around outside, cuddling, seeing how fast she can destroy any toy she gets and chewing socks 🤦🏼‍♀️ She has one blue eye and one brown, shes beautiful, loving, and protective.
Bailey loves terrorizing her older cat sister and older dog brother. She is full of spunk and her big personality shines through. She loves running around and playing, pouncing all over the house and yard.
Reese is the most loving pup there is. He loves his cat big sister and dog little sister and is very protective of his parents. He enjoys snuggles, walks, and chicken.