My name is jack. i absolutely love eating things i’m not supposed to and following around my favorite humans. i’m a baby blue nose pitbull and my sister is my bestest friend.
My name is jack. i absolutely love eating things i’m not supposed to and following around my favorite humans. i’m a baby blue nose pitbull and my sister is my bestest friend.
He is the most lovable loyal Funny dog ever! He sings too!!!!!
I am a Chihuahua I am 8 weeks old I am really my mom and dad's Christmas gift. I love my whole family.
Cali loves adventures her first trip was to California 🌴
Hi! I'm Odin. I am a Beagle/Australian Shepherd mix. I was born with a double merle gene which is why I am completely deaf and blind in one eye. I am currently 1 year old and I LOVE my mommy and daddy ever since they rescued me from the shelter they volunteer at. My favorite part of my day is seeing them. My favorite treats are whipped cream and Cheez its and my favorite activity is digging, which my mom and dad hate.
She is very lovable when we first got her she was very sick it took a lot of vet visits but she is now doing better we call her cuddles cause she loves to cuddle
Arlo is a 3 “ish” year old blue heeler. I found him just east of town a couple winters ago eating from a dumpster and half froze to death. I adopted him into my home to live with my wife and myself, our 2 kids, and my pitbull Zayis. The two of us have been through a lot together. He was there when I lost my kids, and went through a divorce. He was there when I got out of jail, and was in a roll over accident that should have killed us both (unscathed). And he was there when we buried his brother Zayis. His 2 favorite things in the world; Being the center of attention, and giving cattle hell. He has a tiktok page @blue_arlo where you can see him working with livestock and playing with some of his best friends. I promise you’ll never find a cuter blue with a kinder soul for as long as you live.
Hammer is the Boss dog of four. He always keeps his siblings in check. He also takes it upon himself to do a property perimeter check to make sure everything is safe and secure. Lol
Frankie is absolutely the greatest his personality is so wonderful he is very vocal loves naps with my and my kid hes all around just a wonderful guy
Astraeus Tre Bornman
Hello my name is Tre, i am a service dog for a war veteran. I work hard but i play just as hard. I love to run fast at the dog park to see if anyone can keep up. My brother can keep up sometimes. My favorite work is deep pressure therapy.
Tucker Roo
Hello friends, I am Tucker Roo! My family would tell you I am quite the mischievous furbaby but I am still rather a good boy. I enjoy eating snacks more so than normal pups, I enjoy meeting new friends,playing outside, taking naps, and last but surely not least I absolutely love love to annoy my older fur sister. Don't let my looks scare you, mom says "I'm just a I'm still learning."
Hello! My name Zeus! My favorite things to do are dig in my yard, go for walks at the park, and play with my toys (especially my stuffed bear) and nap. Anytime I hear the word bone I go absolutely mental. I want pets from everyone. If someone doesn’t pet me I cry when they walk away. I love my humans more than anything.
Milo is an Australian Shepard Poodle mix with so much personality! He is an escape artist, an avid sleeper and he loves loves loved cuddles and people. He’d rather play with people than dogs at the dog park!
Checkers is the cutest little guy ever. He is a rescue from Texas and he was the runt of the litter and the last one to be adopted...all because he had floppy ears instead of the pointy shepherd ears.
Sadie Lou
Sadie is a 7 year old service dog who has saved my life numerous times❤️ she was a rescue that I adopted in 2021 and has been the best service dog and hero to me :)
Pearl is a 10 year old rescue. She loves to greet you when you get home with a plushy and loves to run and play :). She is the sweetest and silliest girl ❤️
Lucky is a absolute ball of energy loves people and is a absolute fur bal. He can be oddly annoying sometimes but hes a sweet boy and behaves decently well hes a big boy and weighs about 70ish pounds eats alot🤣 He came into this world due too 2 other dogs we own unexpectedly so now we have him and his siblings and his mom and dad<3
Coco is such a loving & affectionate puppy. She loves playing & being energetic. She loves children and others. She’s precious.
Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown is a loving, funny and loyal addition to our family! He loves snuggling, treats and playing frisbee!
Kitty is 3.5 lbs and has cheated death 3 times ,I fostered her and she became mine and is my heart
Tearza Jade
Tearza Jade is the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. She’s so full of love. She loves going for rides in the car and for hikes with her family. Tearza has been a big part of our family since we got her as a puppy.
Rosy is a F1 bb standard golden doodle. She loves to play and cuddle with her family.
Fe Fe
Fe Fe is a sweet girl! Loves to lick on you every chance she gets!! She loves attention from anyone that’s willing to give it to her!! Vote for Fe Fe
My HoneyBun was adopted out of Taylor county animal shelter when she was about to be euthanized due to not being adopted and being there for a while I fell in love with ms honey the moment I layed eyes on her she’s my big ol baby she’s sweet as can be she loves to run and play with kids she loves treats loves her toy pig she also enjoys cuddling and being nosey lol she’s my babygirl
Bella Mae
Bella Mae is a 1 year old pit mix. She a very happy doggy. She is a rescue and she is very grateful for it. She is very smart and loves people
Apollo is an Australian shepherd German shepherd mix, he was born July 2022, he loves to play, run and chase our other dogs outside, loves to snuggle with mom.
Bailey is verey handsome loves cuddles and kisses and loves to run and play with his brother and sister he polite and gives you his paw when hes aking for something lol
Max is Bishon Frise with Mini Poodle, He loves to steal the socks from the laundry!! He is generally sweet, affectionate, lively, and playful!!!
Chester is 8 months old he loves playing with his tennis ball and any type stuffed bones , when he gets lazy he only wants to watch looney tunes.
Cooper is a rescue from Aruba. He loves playing with his friends, squirrels and chicken. He is very smart and handsome.
Whiskey is a Mini Maltipoo (only 2 pounds 🥹). He’s very clumsy, extremely sweet, and loves to prounce around! I can’t wait to see how he grows!
Leonardo Dicorgio
Leo is the goodest boy ever and is super excited for his SECOND Christmas! Also a huge fan of the fun apparel that comes with this holiday season ❤️
Milo is a husky pit Bull puppy and he’s so full of energy and love he can’t wait for Christmas 🎄
Fozzie was adopted from the Humane Society when he was 8 weeks old. He is very friendly & loves everyone 🐾💙
Deja May
Deja may is a 2 yr old verey sweet cuddley little girl she loves her humans verey loveable and loyal and loves to play with her brothers
Hi I’m Mia. Im smart and love to learn. I love to play with my siblings. I love a good cuddle sesh. I love treats and toys. My owner spoiles me every chance she gets, I’m so lucky and loved.
Dallas is such a sweet pup and a fun addition to our family this year for Christmas! She has brought non stop joy to our home (minus potty training lol) Shes chill, but energetic, smart, and has the best personality. 😊🐾
Daisy is a super cutieee who loves to play and run around. She still thinks she's a tiny puppy which is hilarious since she's as big as my queen size bed! Lol
ACCEPTING AND SEEKING ADVANCED VOTES, CAN RETURN AT ANY TIME! I do all votes myself so please let me know if I missed you and I will makeup all votes!! I’m a timid 10 month old husky/German Shepherd mix that had a tough upbringing, but now I’m in a new home with a new family and I’m happy as can be, I refuse to leave moms side!
Walter is the most loyal and loving friend and cuddler there is. He loves being outside even in rain or snow and will never pass up a treat!
Chubbs is 12 yrs old she's amazing,full of energy and very spoiled she can actually talks! (Swear to ya).
Rudolph is a pure bread red nose pit he is a cuddle baby and he loves to eat and play he loves to give kisses and his favorite toy right now is his rope
Ezekiel Aka Zeke
Zeke is the happiest best friend i ever had in my life!! Our connection and bond is unbelievably strong tge strongest i ever expirenced with any other pet! He is alwaysready for and adventure and doesnt have a mean bone in his body. He stays by my side threw thick and thin and can not imagine what life would be Ike if he hadn't saved my soul!!! Love you my boy!!!! Xoxoxo
Lucy is a lover!!!
Annabelle is a 3 year old red tick Beagle, she recently found us in September and it was love at first sight for all❤️ She chose us! Annabelle loves belly rubs, playing ball, chasing stray kittys off our porch and trucking with her humans in the semi 5 days a week. She loves giving and getting loves!
Zion is a hyperactive lil boy who loves to run around and cuddle up with his dad.