He loves car rides or go bye bye He is always happy when i come home , he also loves to cuddle, he loves to get a bath and loves slim jims and new squeaky toys..he also loves to wear doggy outfits ❤️ 💕
Coco is a 1 year old Goldendoodle puppy that loves anything that squeaks and kids. She's the most calm dog that loves my Granddaughter, Harmony always has her doing something as you can tell from the pictures.
Ahsoka is a very sassy and independent 4yr old girl. She LOVES to go for walks. She can catch a frisbee like a champ! She is the best!
Zeke is always happy and always smiling. He loves to play fetch with the tennis ball and frisbee.
Kobe is my longest relationship, I have had him going on 10 years now! He is the light of my life; smarter and better behaved than some children! Im pretty sure he thinks he is a human and only wants to be included! Kobe is seriously the best dog, my true companion in this crazy world! 😀💜🐕
She likes to go outside and run around. When she wants a treat or some attention she will stand on her hind legs and walk around and when she gets a treat while she's standing up she will raise her front paws and move her paws like she is saying thank you.
Fifi is the leader of the pack! Out of her 3 siblings, she is the oldest, at being 12 years old! She loves anything that has chicken in it!
Levi is a LOVEBUG! He has 3 sisters that he takes care of no matter what. His favorite snack are biscuits and most of all, PUPUCHINOS!
Leila just turned a year old on January 10th! She LOVES cuddles and is overall super active. Her favorite snack are buttermilk biscuits.
I’m Conrad and I came from the shelter world after being abandoned in a box with my brothers and sisters. I can be very sensitive to new things and when I love, I love hard! I love squeaky toys and yelling at squirrels 🐿️ when I see them! I love the beach and the feel of sand between my toes! I’m known as Momo in the streets and am known to be the biggest woofer on the block (I take pride in this!) Vote for me today!!
This dog does almost everything like a human, I mean look at the way he’s sitting 😂 . He’s a fearless pup and thinks he’s a big dog !
Colt is such a lovi g and funny dog. Ge is very protective but loves to play and snuggle
Rhage is a cuddler he loves his squeaky toys and milkbone dog biscuits, he’s very sweet and loves to play tug-o-war and chase his tail for hours, this puppy does talks to me, literally I just can’t understand what he says and that frustrates him but he loves me anyway. Rhage is amazingly cute, sappy, loving and very sweet and caring puppy, oh and very smart, so here’s a squeak for Rhage my own wonder dog!
Hi! My name is Willow! I love adventuring in my big yard and eating sticks… and pepperoni! My hoomans love when I do tricks! Please vote for me so I can have more pepperoni!🍕
Hello! My name is chase but my nickname is chasers or puppet. Im a very energetic, friendly, loving puppet. I love playing with my toys and wrestling with my human i also really love my treats.
Rescued Charlie from local shelter.He loves his squeaky snakes and belly rubs.Best buddy I could ever ask for
This is Blue! He is a Blue Merle Miniature Australian Shepard. Blue is still a puppy at 16weeks old. He is a gentle sole and the sweetest little boy momma could ask for. He absolutely loves meeting new people, playing fetch, long car rides, and posing for photo ops. Blue is training to be a service dog and is already so smart! He learned sit, lay down, and shake by 14 weeks. One smart cookie!
Selene just turned 5 months old. Even though she may be little, her huge personality makes up for that. This goofy girl loves playing with her brother, running around outside, and digging under the fence into the neighbors yard whenever I turn my back ;) Selene can’t and won’t sleep if she’s not getting cuddles but that’s ok because mom loves nothing more than cuddling her
Apollo is a beautiful one year old American XL Bully rescue who acts just like a baby! He loves to go on car rides, play with his toys and most importantly he loves to sleep! He is one of the most loyal and loving dogs you’ll ever meet!
He loves to cuddle and sometimes he will smile and it is the cutest smile ever. His eyes are a pretty color of black,grey, brown and a little hint of dark blue and when he stares at you it's usually a sign that he likes you. We got his name from The Wizard of Oz. When he sees me or my mom coming to the screen door of our house he will push on the screen door and open it for us. He loves to bark a lot. And when I take a picture with him, he will look at the camera and be picture perfect ready.
Tito is a growing, handsome, young man! He loves fetch, snow, and tortilla chips 😋 Tito is getting thicker by the day and loves to show off his big booty!!
Hootie is a little goofball full of love and energy. There’s nothing he loves more than when his dad plays fetch or tug with him. He loves other animals of all kinds. Best dog anyone could ever ask for!
Shes a amazing dog who is loveable and my world
Rescued from a puppy mill she is just a big lovable goof ball that wants to play and cuddle all day and is in training to be a service dog.
Willows first Christmas she was the official cookie taster favorite things are playing Ball and spending time with Dad spoiled rotten
June Carter Cash
Hello my name is june. I am a 11 year old pit/ boxer mix. I just recently had surgery and gave my mommy a scare. But i love my toys and my little sister Elizabeth!
Bubba loves and follows in his big brother,Bane, footsteps. His favorite human is daddy. He likes to play fetch ALOT and balls are his favorite along with mommy’s socks. If we got a chance to win we would buy lots of toys and even share with big brother too ❤️ VOTE FOR US ✨
Boone is a silly, Wonderful hound. Drool for days. Doesn't mind at all
Bentley loves to play or lounge around on the couch or in his doggy bed.
PLEASE READ ⚠️‼️ LISEZ S'IL VOUS PLAÎT ⚠️‼️ DOING ADVANCE VOTES, TO BE RETURNED MID-LATE FEBRUARY. Indie & Remi's hooman daddy gets exhausted with voting when we exchange, so we have to give him a break 💜🙏🏼💜 ⛔️⛔️FAIRE DES VOTES PAR AVANCE, À RETOURNER MI-FIN FÉVRIER. Le papa hooman d'Indie & Remi est épuisé à force de voter lorsque nous échangeons, il faut donc lui laisser une pause 💜🙏🏼💜
She's a beautiful little belly rub monster She can't get enough, sometimes when you stop she'll move her paws to say I need more 😂 💕
He's a handsome little devil 😈 who is starting to get grouchy in his old age 😂
She's a beautiful little girl who's full of sass, we bought her a sweater that says Diva on it, and it fits her perfectly
Riley loves his soft blankets and his rope toys. He's a wonderful companion he also loves to kick, bark, howl, and wag his tail in his sleep he can be a funny dog when he wants to play. He also loves to get your attention by whacking you with his butt so you can scratch it.
Hi I’m skyla but people often call me skye and I love to talk and play dress up. Oh and go to the park! I have 2 cat sisters and I’m really spoiled 🤭 I’m pawfect 🫶🏼
JD is an angel from above and has been a blessing for me and so many others. We are therapy dog for cainies for Christ and just recently published a book called “lessons and blessing through the lens of our eyes” . He has such a beautiful soul.
Chico's contest runs FROM JAN 7 (9pm ET) TO JAN 22 🐾 If you are interested in exchanging vote for vote during that time, or giving me advance votes (300max)or bonus votes let me know. Any votes without an agreement in place will be considered a gift. Thanks and good luck to all! 🍀 ------------------------------------ Chico is the sweetest little dog. He will soon be 4 yrs old, on Jan. 29, 2024. He is playful, loves attention and loves to be around people, especially children. He loves to cuddle, and is most loving, companion, definitely a Momma's boy. Poor guy has had some issues going on with fluid building up in his little brain, making him dizzy and throwing his balance off, walking with a head tilt, but thankfully he seems to be stable now. Thanks to help of a neurologist vet and medication (prednisone)that he is now on. But thank goodness through it all, he never lost his sweet disposition and playfulness. We just love him to the moon and back ❤️
Luca loves to prance on his back legs for his mommy. He also will say please with his paws!
Laney was rescued as a pup with her sister on side of road. Laney has come a long way in 5 yrs. She’s worked hard. Very happy little girl. Loves to play & loves to show off. She’s also a Service Dog, been in costume contest, find & search books for animals, she just made the Christmas edition cover on find & search book. Loves to meet and greet will tell you goodbye when leaving. VOTE for LANEY
Helios just recently turned 5 months old. He’s a calm boy but he has a playful side for sure. He loves playing with his sister, dinner time, and sleeping. Every day he waits for his dad to get home from work and greets him at the door with the cutest little hops. Plus if we ever need a hug, he’s basically an even more lovable teddy bear.
Harley is the gentlest Dog you will ever meet he wouldn't hurt a fly in fact he afraid of flies loves to play tug of war will stand on his hind leggs when he wants a treat. HE GIVES SO MUNCH LOVE AND HE LOVES TO CUDDLE WAGS HIS TAIL WHEN HE IS HAPPY HE LOVES PUMPKIN TREATS AND BEETS, HE IS SUCH A GREAT PART OF OUR FAMILY He sings with my wife.loves to howl.
Buddy Emerson
Buddy is a very friendly doggy. Hes loves to play ball. Ball is life
𝘿𝙖𝙞𝙨𝙮 𝙞𝙨 𝙖 𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮 𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙚 𝙜𝙞𝙧𝙡 ❤️. Finding her FUREVER home has blessed us both! Daisy has legally become my ESA. She never leaves my side. She loves getting treats with Deli turkey meat being her favorite. Loves riding n our VW Beetle!! Nite time is relaxing time with popcorn…another treat of hers…while watching cartoons together. Never can I say no to Daisy when she puts on her sad eyes. LOL! …
Puggy Girl
Puggy girl, is a. Loveable and caring fur baby. She is fun to be around and loves her her toys and most of all plays with her best friend her cat.
Della Ray
Della has a unique one of a kind personality, that you would only understand if you met her in person, she is sweet, caring, mischievous, crazy, secret food stealer, drama queen, baby. She definitely came in my life in a time of need and i couldnt imagine it without her or ever making it through. 💗
He loves to play and eat and he is friendly most of the time and he is a good watch dog he doesn't bark a lot he is a funny dog keep me laughing