Baby Stories - 80


Tate is a rainbow dog! We had a beautiful chihuahua named Coco and she passed and then came Tate, he has angel wings on his back! He is training to be a fabulous therapy animal for me and for others! He’s sweet, never leaves your side when you’re having a bad day or just need a friend to sit and keep you company! He gives the best lil kisses too!!!!
Hi my name is George, but you can call me Georgie Porgie. I like sticks, car rides and barking at everyone who walks past my house.
Cooper loves to snuggle and play with his toys. He loves walks and playing in the water.
Boaz And Keggers
Boaz is an American Bulldog and Keggers is an English bulldog. Both love playing all day and rough housing. Both can be very commical, but love their picture taken. BOAZ loves his lil brother.
Hi! Gumbo loves playing with his big siblings Toby and Shiner, playing with puzzle toys, and taking long naps.
Bailey is such a sweet dog!! All she wants to do is cuddle and give kisses!! Lots of kisses!! ❤️🐾
I love my piggy and my lamb chop. I really hate being alone and I’m spoiled rotten already!
Hi I’m Chico the Red Tick. I’m 12 weeks old and love naps and stuffed animals!!
I'm a very active fluffy frenchie!! My favorite words in the whole world are "treat treat"!!! I live for all the treats!
Ricki is a foster from Charlottesville SPCA. She is mentally challenged but very lovable. She is missing most of her teeth but she can gum you. Ricki is searching for her brain it is in left field and she doesn't know where that is. She has been at SPCA 3 years. She was returned several times due to her uniqueness. I have had her 3 months and she is not planning on leaving. Vote for Ricki she needs dental work and dentures. "If she only had a brain". Lovin Ricki.
Max is a miracle dog. He is an adventure seeker when he is not hiding behind me from strangers. He dislikes men and strangers. He LOVES hiking, chasing bunnies, looking for food, begging, play ball, scratches under the chin, hates the water but loves the sand and is just the sweetest boy who just wants to have fun and all the attention on him.
Rocko loves to take photos, gentle with everyone, very behaved and good manner. Enjoy walking & love Hi-Five to friends
Captain is a 9yr old Cockapoo who has lived in NYC, LA, Seoul and Ann Arbor! He will still fetch for hours at a time and loves to nap under the bed or the couch when he needs his own space. He is afraid of fart noises and thunder and loves apples and turkey slices!
Lover of people, car rides, chewing mom and dads shoes and puppuccino’s 🥰
Loui is a spunky baby with a lot of heart and a lot to learn. He loves the beach and snuggling with his fur siblings! He loves meeting new People and other dogs!
Bruce Wayne is a black lab and hound mix with a lot of energy and a lot of love! His favorite hobbies are chasing the cats around and fetch.
He is a big boy. Loves to play fetch, tug of war, tag with the new pup and keep away!😂 Daily walks around the neighborhood. Must meet every stranger and dog, because he knows they will want to play!
She is a mini aussie. She loves to pose for the camera and play fetch with her ball.
Kali is an 11 year old Yorkie 💜 her favorite things are snuggles with her humans, playing with her sister Pippa, & going bye bye! 🐾 her favorite snacks are pup cups, blueberries, and sweet potatoes! 🫐🦴🍠
Gilly is as sweet as the day! Her “addiction “ is of course THE BALL where she has no limit too as well as her desire for food 🤣 Loyalty is the job for her which is so precious……this little girls manners and devoted love surpasses any human ❤️❤️❤️❤️ She’s my “bug” my “love bun” our best friend.
Chewy is one of a kind Frenchmen he knows no limit, he is very lovable when he wants too!!and can be hands full when he wants but through it all I love him unconditionally!!! Please vote for him❤️❤️❤️❤️
Mighty Thor
My Mighty Thor is a Shar-pull a hybrid dog. He’s so very smart at such a young age. He can complete the following commands already!! Come, Sit, Stay, Shake with either paw, High 5, Speak and his newest achievement is fetching and dropping the toy/ ball at my feet—at 10 weeks old. He loves to play in the grass and help me weed out my flower garden-EXCEPT he wants to eat the flowers instead! He is such a ham bone! He is a very good snuggle bug although he’s tripled in size in just 4 weeks! He is definitely the center of attention good or bad.. we’re still working on the potty’s. He’s crated at night time and uses training pads inside. The boys always seem to miss!! Haha! He has to be with me all the time. I love that trait! He is already protective of me with every little noise. He is courageous and never backs down. He loves to use his voice, sometimes it sounds like he’s saying mama! He’s stolen my heart! I love this little man to pieces!!!
We have fun with our Higgins. Makes me smile AMD laugh everyday. Helps doing chores, hearding goats, hanging out with the horses. His best horse friend is Santi, A 16.2 hd. QH/Paint. He retrieves/carries the newspaper over 100 yards from down the driveway back up. All the while playing with other dogs without loosening the newspaper. Higgins carries the empty water 5gallon jugs back to the water Spicket. He’ll bring my slippers to me wherever I am. He goes in a bike cart for 5-20 miles bike ride. He rides and I peddle! He is my boy.
Zoey Lynn
Hi everyone! My name is Zoey Lynn. I am 3 years old and I am from Hawaii 🌴 I am very sweet and also very sassy 👑 I love my hedgehog toys and I love my kibble. I am my mamas whole world ❤️ Vote for me 🐾
Maggie May
Maggie May is an 11 week old Mini Aussie and loves to play but be careful she’s a talker
Hi I’m Wren and I am as cute as I am sweet! I love going to the dog park and meeting new friends. I am a true mini schnauzer. I am the life of the party. I enjoy being around my humans, begging for treats and attention.
Whoever said Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend…. Never owned a Cavalier! 🐶
Chloe is not only adorable but she is a cuddle buddy and shre loves to play. Chloe loves people as well as their company.
Energetic miniature weenie. Emotional support. Loves car rides, gives tons of kisses, loves cuddles and play with her squeaky toy
Brooklyn is a Dog Diva. She love to dance and enjoys boogie boarding.
Josie is hardworking, fun loving and enjoys life. She like late night walks on the beach and day time trips around the mountain. She is comfortable in any situation, a one of a kind girl!
Opal Rose
Opal Rose is a silly and dwerpy 7 month old girl who is still learning to managed her long lean legs. She loves to jump and prance like a gazelle. We named her Opal because of the combination of her eye colors. Opal is training for Toss and Fetch and her sis is a great teacher. She is a bit of a "land pirahna" chewing bath mats (3), pillows (2) her sister bed (2) outdoor chairs (1) carpet corners, chair legs and WALLS! No matter what WE ADORE HER and her grunting noises when she doesnt want to sit and when she gets petted and snugles under her hooman mom neck, see ? she is sweet dwerp!
Ruby Savannah
Ruby Savannah is actually a SPROLLIE! She is an English Springrer Spaniel + Border Collie Mix from an unwanted litter in Amish Country OH. She is the perfect angel of a dog unless you say the word "B I R D S" or "SQUIRREL" Those critter better stay away from her lawn! She is a mad lady for red freesbes and tennis balls and competes in Toss and Fetch jumping over 6 ft. in the air. She loves to slepp on the bed with her little hooman and its a DIVA to wake up in the morning before 8am. She is smart, devoted, fierce and a sweet big sister to her 7 month k9 sis. Ah! She loves long walk in the park and pup-a-chinos after dark ;)
She loves her big brother Sammy who is her best friend ❤️
She loves being held and cuddled. Likes to sleep with her mommy and daddy. Very active lobes to play with everyone. She also loves to meet new people and have them love on her. All hugs welcome with Mochi.
Harper is 9 months old and 62lbs. She thinks she is a lap dog and will try to climb up if she can! Harper can open every door in the house (lever handle) and loves to play keep away (from us)!
Blue Ivory Miller
Blue is a very friendly and happy dog...She enjoys walks and playing with the kids
Roxy loves to play with toys loves going on car rides and going to the carnival she also love to be dressed up in her own clothes and loves going on walks
Gigi is a sweetheart. She’s smart, sassy, and so loving.
Star is a beagle bassett mix. She loves to get on my lap and then put her head over my shoulder like a baby. She is such a loving little puppy.
Hi my name is Tucker. I did not have the easiest life till my mommy and daddy adopted me when I was 5 months old. I am scared of practically everything. I recently discovered camping. I absolutely rule the house (daddy thinks he does). I mean come on who could resist my pretty face. I’m not sure where I get my handsome good looks from. I know I get my bark from the Yorkie in me and my bull headedness from the schnauzer side. Give me a tennis ball and I’ll be your best friend.
Nyx is cute as a button He's very affectionate..He loves to play and fetch his tennis ball..He also loves shoes🙂 Nyx is 4 monthes old and he's 3 pounds..He adores his owner (me)
Lily is a 9 year old Morkie that I rescued from the shelter at 4 months old. She is my playful fur baby.
Harley is a beagle, Australian cattle dog. He loves to play fetch & tug of war. He loves to go on walks. He is a very smart, loyal, protective dog. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. He is a picky eater but loves his treats. He also loves to do tricks.
Ginger is a great pet, she loves to cuddle and enjoys belly rubs…. She requires lots of love….