Baby Stories - 80


She is a long hair chihuahua and has become a great companion since i am unable to have kids. She is caring and loves to be around the sick to help them get better
His a Labradoodle his favorite thing to do is play and take walks also selfies. He loves hugs his such a sweet boy.
Hi, my name is peanut i am an indoors dog and I’ve been with my owners for six years. My owners found me and kept me, I love the sun and playing with my bestfriend jade
My name is jade I’m a Dutch German Shepard and an indoors dog, I’m always full of energy and I’m almost turning 1. My best-friend is peanut we like to chase each other around and sleep with our owner
Harley is our newest addition to the family she is about 9 months old she is so sweet and cuddly but can sometimes be a little crazy but we all love her
Riley or AKA Stink-pot is a boarder collie/Jack Rusell mix who I adopted from Help the Animals animal shelter in Richmond, IN after him and his brothers were dropped off in a box on the side of a country road. Stinker has 2 doggy brothers at home that he adores! He is a super hyper pup and LOVES to cuddle
7 month old chihuahua named daisy. and loves to go down the stairs, loves to play with our cats!
Hi I’m Kazoo. I’m a Blue Shar Pei. You can follow me on Instagram @littlekazoo
Junior loves going outside for walks , He also loves to have fun around the house and chase us as a joke 😂. And then he sleeps the whole day. He’ll be grumpy if we wake him up. 😄
Roxy is a female Beagle. She likes running, and sometime gets in the trash.
Easton is a 10 week old English Labrador Retriever! He is named after the Easton ghost bat! My daughter hit a home-run over the fence. She made a bet with her Dad and he told her if you hit it over the fence mom and I will buy you a puppy! And now we have this sweet boy!
Ollie is the most playful puppy ever!! He loves giving kisses and already knows a few tricks despite him being only 3 months old!
Rio is the most loving lab ... He loves the snow and he’s toys ❤️
Theo is a 5 month old Maltese/Yorkie. He loves going on long walks, chasing his toys and treats!
I’m Cleo and I love playing and running outside!
remy is very entertaining and energetic! she is 5 years old and she LOVES treats and toys!
maggie is very crazy, she is actually a shih tzu bichon
Gracie is a 2 year old shihtzu with a funny, unique, smart personality. She loves food with all her heart and she is my world. She can high-five, spin, sit, lay, bark, and can even do what I call, “bang bang.” She is so sweet and loves everyone. She goes NUTS after a a bath and it’s the cutest thing ever!
Hannah is very energetic! she is so sweet! She LOVES running around the backyard!
Hi! I’m Baylee And I’m a corgi mix with a big heart! I have anxiety but that’s ok because if you just give me some snacks everything is good! I like to chase balls and have fun and play in the snow! Please vote for me to get to the top of Illinois! Paw on!
He loves to cuddle and play with other dogs.
Lucy is a pomsky. Full of energy and loves her squeaky toys
Hi! I’m a French bulldog pit bull mix! I love to meet new people!
Hello! I’m just a dog who loves Tennis balls 🎾 There my favorite thing!
Lily is the most sassiest yet sweetest dog! she also loves her toys!! she has bunches of energy! She is a Chihuahua bulldog mix
Hi! I’m Wrangler and I’m 3 and a half years old! I love chasing my 2 sisters around the fields and at the end of the day I like to curl up in my daddy’s lap and sleep it off. Mama bought me as a gift for my dad when they first started dating because daddy always wanted a chocolate lab! My hobbies include running, swimming, camping with dad and barking at things that aren’t really there and chasing birds ! I’m over all a good boy other than I like to go off on adventures without permission sometimes 🤷🏼 Please vote for me because I’m a good boy 😁
Grayson loves to run in the woods, play in the water (it doesn’t matter how cold), his ball is his favorite toy and it goes everywhere with him! He loves all people and other dogs and never meets a stranger! He looks out for his big Shiz Tzu sister Bella and his big brother, Raven the cat! He likes to clean them both lol. He also thinks he is a scarf and loves to drape himself across his Mom’s shoulders! It’s his safe place!
Hi, I’m Khaleesi! I’m just over a year old and I love to play with my big brother! We chase each other all day! He may be bigger than me but I give him a run for his money 😂 I also like chewing on things I’m not suppose to and chasing squirrels and birds! Maybe one day I’ll get to chase down some ducks like my Dad! He was featured on the Arkansas stamp as a champion hunter! So I come from a champion blood line 😊 please vote for me and I promise not to chew up anymore house shoes 😁
Hi I’m Rose! I’m a rescue baby and love my mama more than any person in the world! She and I have been through a lot together. I spent my whole life bouncing around from different shelters up until I was 1 year old. Then, she came a long and gave me a loving home and now I’m spoiled rotten! I love to run, play and chase my younger brother and sister in our pasture! Please vote for me!
Chaos is, well, chaotic! He is an old fart now, but still has the energy of a puppy. I mean, those puppy eyes, right??? He loves his naps and curling up on top of someone's lap. He has 2 human siblings who torture his life, but he loves them dearly. He is a mixed breed; Yorkshire Terrier, Rat Terrier, Chihuahua and only the lord above knows what else. He is our little stinky head and a true lover at heart <3
Woohoo!! vote for my Chip! He’s so darn cute and studdly!!! 😉 he enjoys running on the beach, long walks and going to Disney 🥰 He is so smart and also works as a 🐕‍🦺 service dog Vote below for my boy!! 🙏
Bud Light Madison
Bud is a golden lab, he is a Dudley lab. I love this dog a lot, please vote for him.
Kobe loves his family, playing, and eating everything in sight
Ember is an 8 week old puppy who loves to cuddle and play.
Candy Bear
What a SWEET BABY GIRL . She loves car rides & is a funny bunny. She loves her lamb chops toy. I do this in her honor.
Buddy is a rescue dog from Oklahoma! He has over come a lot in his life and to win this would be his dream come true
Pete likes to look deep into your eyes to prove he’s paying attention. His absolute favorite thing is (we can’t say it out loud or he demands immediate play time B A L L). He’s a little bit finicky with eating, but it’s ok ... it’s part of his charm. This is his first pageant. He’s a beautiful 9 years old (or so his Vet thinks!)
Hi! I am Remi! And i love to be outside and play BALL!
Hi im Paisley! I am 1 year and 7 month Cockapoo from PA, Now living on cape cod with my German Shepherd brother Remi! I just had ACL surgery two weeks ago and could really use this $2,000 VOTE FOR ME!
Tillman is a rescue, who was found laying in the road barely alive. The rescue put 10 pounds on him, I have had him 9 months and he is the love of my life. I am the love of his life. Those beautiful eyes show his love!
Roman is a spunky little man, he jumps like a tiny rabbit and spins around like tiny tornado when playing. His favorite thing to do is to attack shoes and people's toes with his super tiny ferocious teeth.
Layla is a mix breed.. She is a husky m8xed with german shepard. She is a fun loving puppy. She loves playing outside, and loves getting dressed up and going out shopping for puppy toys... She loves attention... She is womans best friend....
I love to play out side in any kind of weather! I get zoomies every time I go on walks! Tennis balls, I dream about them 🥺
Zelda is a pup full of energy! She loves to watch her parents fish on the weekends and loves to play ball all day every day. No really, we’re not kidding. If Zelda could have the ball thrown 24/7, she would!
Snickerdoodle loves his treats so much, he knows how to give us the puppy dog eyes!
Cleo is truly a velcro dog! She would stay by my side 24/7 if she could! Her favorite past times are eating a lot, playing with her german shepherd friends, hogging half the bed, and snoring as loud as possible. This baby has been a godsend after losing my koda bear and she makes my heart so full. She deserves all the votes in the world. Also, if you vote for cleo she promises to get rid of taxes and will up the next stimulus check to 10,000 dollars.
Hi my name is Tonka! I’m extremely spoiled and even rule the house over my 115 lb German Shepherd roomie! I tend to be a little pushy at bedtime and will go under the covers when I’ve had enough of the day! Mom says I healed her heart when she found me and no matter what......she’s the WINNER! ❤️