Vinny is a character. FULL of energy and a ball of excitement. He loves everything. Life, people, other dogs, bugs, leaves, trees. You name it. He is 1 year old now but he sure was a stud as a puppy. He likes to sit on the top of the couch and stare out the window. People watching is his thing indoors. Outside he loves to play fetch get zoomies and jump by himself on the trampoline.
Penelope AKA Nelly, AKA Nelly P, is the goodest girl you have ever met. Starting as a Pandemic Puppy, she has grown into a strong and adventurous young lady who loves to go on hikes with her dad, snuggle with her mom, and is a great new big sister to her kitty sister Mabel. As a Pisces, Nelly can be quite dreamy and intuitive. Also mischievous, loving to steal any water bottles or socks she can get her mouth on.
We just rescued our pup Nala! She’s the most energetic, loving, spunky little ball of fur. She’s obsessed with peanut butter and basically loves anything you leave out for her to get into. We think our dog is the cutest dog to ever exist if you think so too give us a vote!
I waited in a nice kennel for a long time. Puppy friends kept leaving. (I’m not perfect.) When mum came I knew she belonged to me. She tells me I’m so beautiful. I love to run and dance, go round & round, and snuggle. I chase Frisbee. Sometimes I bring it back ;)
We got Zeva when she was 5 weeks old she was so tiny and so cute. Zeva had it very hard at first when she was born with stones in her bladder . Zeva had to go back and forth to the vets office she had to take several antibiotics until we found one that would work. We had to change her food to a special diet. Zeva is doing great now very energetic, loves playing fetch and playing with her big sister. Zeva has definitely made our family complete.
Rigby goes by many names. Riggs, Riggyboy, Riggysmalls, Lieutenant Riggs, Ririggs, littlegoodboys etc. Hes 5 years old and he enjoys laying around the house in weird positions, Fetch, chasing cats and sticks. He also loves going on hikes/walks and going swimming.
She is sassy, and so energetic. She is pretty entertaining too. She is fiercely loyal. She loves, and is so very loved. She completes our family.
Kaia loves to be outside and spending time with her people and other pup friends
Spot is a loving dog to anyone he meets! Especially children!! He loves to play catch and just cuddle up ☺️ His little brother Scooby is with him too 🥰
Hey i’m maggie, but they call me mags. this is me as a puppy i don’t look like this now but i’ll show y’all what i look like once i hit 100 votes. i am very playful i love my mom soooo much. i am the sweetest dog you will ever meet. i go to the groomers every other tuesday with my good ole fiend colton. i like to howl like a hound dog when my family gets home and they think it’s so funny. oh ya and i have the biggest and best personality. hope you vote for me:)
Khloe is such a smart loveable girl . After losing our other 2 GSP's this little lady has definitely filled a huge hole in our hearts .
Kuma is the most lovable sweet boy!! Has so much energy, he keeps his brother (winter) and sister (Luna) on there toes. Loves getting in trouble,chasing the cats and playing with Luna and winter. Would never trade him for anything, bestest boy ever💕🐾
Winter is the best boy I could ever ask for.. he’s loves to cuddle, and never gets in trouble (my husband would say he’s perfect in every way). Loves playing with water and toys with his sister (Luna) and brother (Kuma). Wouldn’t trade him for anything, most amazing boy💕🐾
Luna is my sassy and beautiful girl!! Luna loves belly rubs, cuddles and fighting with her brothers Winter and Kuma. She’s a girl so she causes the most trouble and the loudest of the bunch. Wouldn’t trade her for anything, she’s my baby girl💕🐾
Juno is a 5 year old Staffy Mix. She was rescued by Misfit Angels Rescue from Detroit Animal Control. Juno was heartworm positive and had a pretty bad leg injury. She toughed her way through heartworm treatment and front leg amputation. Juno LOVES to visit Taco Bell Drive Thru for her cinnamon twist from her favorite Taco Bell crew. She loves visiting her friend ATM(Adam). Check out more photos below that capture some of the best Juno moments
Pepper is a rescue from a breeder mill. When we got her she did not play, run, or eat. She now is running, playing, and loves to eat! She is a 6 year old dog getting the loving home she finally deserves.
Otis is a great boy. He loves playing. He got parvo at 8 weeks old and I saved his life at home with the help of the vet. Otis loves to chase balls and chew. If you think he is the cutest give him a vote!
Acadia Bear
Acadia Bear, is very laid back and loves to lay and sleep on his back, give bear hugs and play and bravely protect his five brothers and one sister.
This is Hershey. Family dog that loves to swim and run in open fields. He has 2 little people that he treats as his own.
He is very smart and rambunctious. He loves playing with his toys, jumping in his swimming pool, or running in the water at the ocean. He acts like a cat. He loves sleeping and riding with us.
Daisy Mae
Hi! Daisy is a Great Pyrenees with a touch of Samoyed (2.87%), almost 6 months old. She is one of the sweetest pups my boyfriend and I could’ve ever asked for. Daisy doesn’t know a stranger, she will great you at the door with a big smile. Her favorite toy is her deer horns and stuffed hotdog. We thank you for voting for our sweet Daisy🐾
Peanut is a inbred rescue he loves to pick on his older Chihuahua brother. He wakes up every morning happy that it's a new day and so spunky. Peanut weighs a whopping 5 lb
Moe is goofy, loyal, smart. She loves car rides and ice cream & her rooster toy!
Riley Is A Lovely Overprotective Dog ❤️ Riley Love Playing With Her Toys. Riley The Only Kid 💕 Riley Is Very Spoiled.
Tony Bubby
Tony Bubby loves everyone especially children. The neighborhood children where we used to live stopped daily to play with him. Even the 1 and 2 year olds. His bigger than them but stands still while the little ones pet him. And gives kisses. He greets me with a toy in his mouth when I come home. He's loving to kittens and cats. I love him so. I'm thankful we are together. We are a little family.
Chance is very loving, and energetic. He loves to sit look out the window while the sun is shining. He also likes to be outside.
He’s a big sweetheart that loves to cuddle. He loves sunbathing and meeting new people.
A very happy, loyal, and passionate dog! She is very sweet and smart!
ollie is a full bread cocker spaniel that we rescued! he’s the funniest and the absolute sweetest dog ever. he’s a little over 1 years old and rambunctious as ever!! his nickname is also ollieball 🤣
Merlin is the brother to Doc. They even came from the same litter. He is part Pit, part Hound.
Cora is Cora 😂
My name is Hank which I am the Brown/Tan 8-week-old Pit, Husky, Rotti and Shepard mix.... I love to chase my sister and Big Brother around and play with my toys
My name is Hank which I am the Brown/Tan 12-week-old Pit, Husky, Rotti and Shepard mix.... I love to chase my sister and Big Brother around and play with my toys
Hi everyone this is Red Red is a mommy loves children is a good family dog super overprotective over the children but very good as a guard dog she's a super loveable some people might think she's scary but really she has a huge heart she's playful and loves to go swimming so she see the pool she's diving in super active and loves to go out on car rides
Hi this is Tesla she loves the play loves water very friendly and super talkative always looking her best
Zane is our sweet and loving rescue pup that loves his treats, playing with his ball in the yard and sleeping !
Hes a sweet man, and he is always there for me.
Daisy is ten years old and loves long walks, dog treats and the a/c on hot summer days. She has a smile that will instantly cheer you up no matter how bad you day has been.
Handsome loving family dog Loves to play fetch, cuddle, car rides
Miko is a Shih- Tzu poodle mix. He is full of energy, super friendly, loves to cuddle and get all the attention! We are always going on hikes (which is where this picture was taken) also his favorite toy is anything with a squeaker !!
Daisey Mae
Daisey Mae is genuinely kind and helpful. I’ve became disable and she is my back bone each day. Loving, playful, and so smart!
Kya Bleu
My name is Kya Bleu and I'm 8 weeks old. I was adopted 7 days ago and my mom says I'm an absolute sweetheart. I love to cuddle, sleep laying my head on your neck, and playing with my toys. I weigh almost 2 pounds. I am learning how to sit, give paw, lay down, and stay. Potty trsining is going good. I always wake my mom up in the middle of the night (she never wants to play at 4:00 a.m. tho). I just love my new family!!!
This is Kash a toy Australian shepherd. He is 4 1/2 mo old and loving learning new things every day. He is a happy easy going little guy And loves his big brother Teddy and following his every move.
Hemi is a playful 9 week old puppy. He loves his humans and running around outside. Well behaved and curious little guy.
Cutest dog contest I thought this was the ugliest dog contest
Lunah is my first baby I got her almost 4 years ago she is a rescue when I first got her she was malnourished and the owners were very rude about her but she is officially mine chipped to me and everything it’s the best feeling she is very spoiled I never walk out of petco or PetSmart under 150$ 🤦🏽‍♀️ Lol she has her own personal closet and everything shes very well trained gets along with cats and dogs and loves attention I don’t consider her a pet she’s my princess she gets treated like royalty with me that’s just my baby ❤️
she is playful and loving, she is abt 2 years old and she is our baby.
Declan Junior
DJ is a one of a kind bull! He is a fun fearless puppy who isn’t scared to take challenges from his brother and sisters!