Baby Stories - 8


He loves to eat dog treats and human snacks too! He’s fun, loving and Adorable. Loves to cuddle on the bed with his mom and watch tv. He got hit by a car and lived with one eye since he was six months old. He’s a really trooper and also our hero! We love him!!!
COWBERRY IS a xl American bully show dog and loved family pet she is a gorgeous girl with so much personality 🤩
Axel is a standard american bully show dog and family pet also being trained to be a service dog for his human
She is A american bully show dog family pet youtube start also she has her very own book coming out soon
Dawson is a pointer collie mix. His favorite things is tug of war with any object and having a conversation with you.
Oh boy what to say about this boy!! He is a rhodesian ridgeback with the biggest heart and best kisses in town! He loves his grandma and loves to be loved!!
Cassie likes to play hide and seek
Hello my name is Dior I love going on walks with my mom and eating ice cream I am very adventurous and love the outdoors I love playing fetch and playing with my squeaky toy I am 10 months old as of November and my birthday is December 2. You should vote for me because I’m very cute cuddly Adorable and friendly
Beemer loves cuddling Beemer loves waiting for dad to Come home. Beemer loves to play with other dogs Beemer loves FASHION Beemer loves children Beemer is obsessed with grandma
She was born 8/15/20 I posted pics from when she was a little baby to now she’s about to be 3months! She’s a cane corso her name is Bella it means beautiful in Italian if you know what kinda breed she is then you know why I had to give her the best name I love my baby girl. She loves adventures she loves to play she loves to cuddle she’s a great dog & very loved 💕
Anamais' is a Big lap dog, he's very spoiled and loves any kind of treats He loves chewing up boxes and barking at anything walking by!
Loves to play ball!! He'll bring you the ball when he's ready to play. He's gentle and easy with my son who he loves!!
Black lab, loves his big sisters, loves to cuddle, has a good heart:)
Bear Allen
Bear is a very loving baby . And an amazing guard dog I recused him at 6 weeks old he will be 4 nov 17th
Tahzi Is a three legged GSP. She was adopted by my boyfriend and I after being surrendered to a shelter and spending only 20 minutes there. We knew we had a long road ahead of us, but we wouldn't have done it any other way. Believe it or not, miss Tahzi had four legs once upon a time. She was born with Ectrodactyly (split-hand or lobster claw deformity), which is a rare hereditary genic mutation! Tahsiya had surgery to correct her deformity and to amputate a toe at four months old, which became a momentarily success. Growing fast, Tahzi's paw couldn't keep up with her weight. Her wrist began to rotate outwards, making it impossible and extremely painful to use. In March of 2020 we had a long talk with Orthopedic surgeons of Denver, CO. We were informed that there was absolutely nothing we could to to help correct the rotation. She would either lose her leg now, or later. We made the devastating decision to amputate her leg. right then and there, at 7 months old... Tahsiya is recovered and doing well after fighting a 4 month long infection. She is way spoiled and is awe-inspiring in our eyes. She is a warrior . . . a dog who got a second chance.!
Boston Knight! Is a knight and shinning armor. He’s a love bug. Boston enjoys treat and marking his territory.
Jack is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix who is spoiled rotten. He is a rescue that we got when he was just barely 8 weeks old and only 3 pounds. He loves to play and lets us know when anyone is within 20 miles of our house lol. He gets excited when his delivery box comes from Chewy because he knows there's a new toy and treats.His little quirks are charming but he has too many to list!! He is an awesome dog, companion and family member.
Rocky is a very sweet, very active and has a HUGE PERSONALITY!!
Thunder loves his treats, ice cream, loves to play catch and loves his squeaker toys, loves to give licks and lots of lovins❤❤
Ryan Michael Knox Webb “Knox” was born September 25,2020. He came home to his forever home and is completely in love with his family. His Momma and Daddy don’t have 2 legged babies but but their hearts are SO full with their 4 legged baby Knox.. Knox loves his Parents so much he’s spoiled rotten, Knox loves his Moosey and Ducky, Knox loves peanut butter chicken and salmon treats. But his favorite is sleeping/cuddling with his Momma Daddy. Just show us some love on our beautiful son! We love you and God Bless
Shadow Baby
Shadow Baby is a spoiled mamas boy. He literally is my shadow. I cant go anywhere without him. He loves to go shopping and checking the mail. He is my best friend next to my husband😘😁
Captain Edward
Captain is a sweet dog and he loves to lay down and watch tv and spend time with his sisters and run and play and he loves alpine twist treats and loves his mommy so much.
Peaches is dice an energetic and happy puppy. She is super toy motivated and loves long walks💖 peaches also love to play with all types of new people!!
Hi I'm Marshall, I'm a very energetic pup! My mom love to call me the monster under the bed because I like to hide under the bed and when she calls me I come out pouncing on her! I love to play with my grandpa's boxer pup Kiki!
Hi I'm shabba just a happy guy Every days a new adventure with my human. We play and play and play some more till I slump out on the couch. I was sick when I was little now I'm all better and strong please vote for me so I can have new toys I like to destroy them...
Nala May
Our Nala girl was taken from her mom at 2 weeks old by her first owner. Her second owner wanted to take her to a kill shelter and she was only 8 months old. We took the baby girl in and she’s doing much better! She’s a sweet full breed pit terrier. She loves her bark boxes and sticks! She goes logging with her grandpa Scoot and picks up his sticks for him😁 we know it’s late but we’re here now Nala says! Dad and his friends call me the Target dog😂
Echo is a bit "bossy" and lives to play fetch and cuddle with Buddy
Hewo hoomans! My nwame is Nala! I love to plway with my hoomans, and my unicorn! I luv pictures, and bows! I am a German Shepard Lab mwix! I weelly wanna win thwis! pweese heelp me win!! Thwank youuuu!🐾
Something about pepper is she’s very sweet and intuitive she’s been going to dog training classes and she absolutely loves them she loves other dogs and people she loves her toys especially her right now and her favorite thing to do is go on walkies peppers nickname is pepperoni 🤪 and I hope you vote for my cute baby!!
She is an older dog she loves to eat and go outside to go potty and play
Grumpy Leamer
Grumpy is a playful growing pup who craves attention and yells for mama when she leaves the room without him.
This is Mabel, she is a little 6 pound puppy and loves snuggles! She loves attention and love from humans! We are so greatful for every vote!!! With the money, we will spoil Mabel with her favorite treats...socks!!🙈💞
Mitzi loves to play with her 2 sisters, she’s really little but she is the boss. She will be 2 years old December 25.
phoebe is only 12 weeks old, so she loves to sleep, but when she’s not sleeping she is crazy and loves to play. she’s my little princess ❤️❤️
Elvis is a lovable, smart, sociable pointer puppy who loves cuddles with mama and playing with new friends!
Vanilla Bean
I love taking naps and playing with my chew toys , love sitting with my hooman and watching Disney
Bonnie loves her stuffed toy Mr. Turtle, cuddling, chasing rabbits and squirrels, baked potatoes, and lots of attention
Bentley is a unique, very smart dog. He loves to go on walks and swim. He never meets a stranger and loves everyone.
my mom calls me bug, i love her :) i'm crazy and loveeeeeee people!!!
my mom and dad call me weewee , i loveeeee to eat, and i'm a weirdo :)
Patches is sweet and loving and absolutely loves to cuddle🥰
He’s loves his squeaky toys.. playing with kids.. and napping!!
Black Jack
I rescued him a year ago he very loving he very smart i am giving him his forever home i have had him a year the 24th of november same day as mybB-day pleaes vote my son my best friend ty
ScrappyDoo is a super silly and smart pup he loves playing and his favorite thing is to cuddle in bed.
Nayia is the sweetest most loving dog ever she will always give you kisses when your happy, down, or angry. She is also very playful in her own little way