Baby Stories - 8


Daisy is a ball of energy and so loving ! One of the best dogs ever ! Love her♥️
Shes 1 and a half years old and also a rescue dog. She loves to go for walks n also love to cuddle up on the couch
Maizie is a Golden Shepard. She loves peanut butter, bell peppers and carrots!! She also loves cuddling and playtime preferably tug of war!! Her personality is so unique. Shes lazy and crazy!!
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Koda is a bordoodle (border collie/poodle mix). He loves doing tricks, talking, playing fetch, and bringing leaves home to his momma
Porthos is named after the Porthos from Star Trek ;) He loves cheese and the occasional bit of milk. He loves chasing his laser light and getting his monthly barkbox. He might just be a cat in disguise. He loves cuddling with his cousin Daisy and he loves to rough house with his cousin Enzo.
He loves to duck hunt, swim, ride the boat and lay around. He thinks he’s a lap dog, and loves to be in the house!
He’s a wild one, and so so smart!! He loves toys! Especially the ones that squeak. He loves to go for car rides and chase the cows! He’s the sweetest boy and loves us so much❣️
Loves salmon, snow dives, and afraid of ghosts.
My Luna is an amazing little companion. She loves cuddles and hops like a little bunny when she runs it’s too cute! At only 8 weeks she is fully potty trained and knows how to sit, stay, and give paw. She’s a smart little gal.
Bank is an out going spunky little boy... he’s very adventurous and curious about a lot of things. He likes to play with squeaky toys and when he naps he has the cutest snores ever!
Whisper is just a pup that loves to run and play with her 6 human brothers and sisters. She will be a service animal eventually.
King Ramses
King Ramses loves his early morning and late night scratches, he loves “killing” his stuffies, and learning new tricks for treats! He’s half Husky and half German Shepherd but 100% spoiled (as he should be). Mommy hasn’t told him yet that he’s in a coloring book bc she doesn’t want it to go to his head 🤣🤣
Copper is a emotional support animal who loves his parents especially his mama! He is a pit bull mix with dwarfism and he is about to turn 3 years old. He also loves to play all day with his toys and his dog brother Bubba .
chloe is a feisty girl!! she loves to sun bathe and loves to play fetch!! her and lucy are so playful with each other and loves to play together!!
Lucy is a wild young pup, and loves to run around!! we just got her 3 months ago and she is such a good dog!! always keeping me on my feet and playing fetch!!
Griff is such a good boy! His favorite activities are hiking then taking a nap afterward. He loves going to the dog park and always gets compliments on how he has the softest puppy fur.
Watson is the second fur child to our family and has a confident little personality. He is a 14 week old St.Berdoodle and already 30lbs! Keep growing little dude!
Crazy old fur baby loves to run and bark. Cuddles with daddy are is fav.
Rocco is a pitbull/pharo hound..he loves to play and run .he is super smart and the most loving dog..he has lots of energy and is a joy to be around.. he's funny when at play and very handsome..he is a quick learner and has the best attitude for a dog..he has sympathy when someone is sad or hurt ..he is an amazing dog..he stole my heart with his beautiful soul..
This little guy is a rock collector and trades them out for treats. He learned early on that I will trade them so that he won’t eat them😂
Extremely smart Understands commands Is lovable with me. I get a facial all the time. Extremely active. Loves outside and looks like he gallops and jumps over stones plants anything in his way
Rusty loves dressing up and getting his photo taken. He loves taking his humans for a walk. He loves running in the backyard and saying hi to his neighbors on either side. He loves car rides. He loves cuddling with his humans.
We saved our lil Remi and she is ou lil pistol. She has her little quirks and makes us smile every day. She is our snuggle bug as you can see. 💕♥️
This is floyd. He is a male boxer. He is one year old right now but will be two in april 2021. He loves to play and cuddle with people!
Mama’s boy. Loves cuddling, going for rides and pup cups.
She is so rotten. She has an older brother and sisiter. She thinks they should be a hyper as her. Lol She loves the snow and chasing leaves. Also sleeping in bed with Mom.
Loves to cuddle is always by your side, but never in the way. Best buddy.
Pumpkin loves to go for walks he loves to sit when I give him treats he loves to cuddle with me he also likes it when he lays on his back for me to rub his belly he is the best puppy ever he loves taking baths and also loves to play catch
Dior is an amazing full of energy little creature !he loves spending time with his favorite ppl and mostof all playing
Peaches Marie
Peaches Marie is a long haired chihuahua. She has perfect cream colored angel wings on her back. She is going to be 14 years old on April 7th of this year.
Hi im colubus and im as cuddly as a newborn my favorite activities include playing outside with my sister puppy in mud puddles and laying in my mommies lap even though im bigger than her as well as chasing my kitty brother around the house and playing boop tag
Hi im winnie and im as sweet as pie i love to hug and kiss my mommy and daddy and play with my puppy and kitty brothers as well as cuddleing up to them and napping
Blaise is popular for his RBF , all though if he could speak I’m sure he’d have a lot more to say , he’s the my cuddle baby . Cant say his dad picked the best name , he’s more of a Ferdinand to me .
Going on a year old shuri is the life of our household and keeps us on our toes , certainly keeping up with her name , marvelously named after one of my favorite characters , can you guess which one ??
Mortimer is 7 months old and has spina bifida. He has to wear a diaper forever but otherwise hes 100% puppy! The prize money sure would buy alot of diapers!
Bacon Wilbur
Bacon is just over 4 months old and found by his momma at a rescue. He is growing like wildfire right before our eyes and gets smarter every minute. His favorite things to do include taking hikes with his mom, splashing in the water, sunbathing, but most of all, BELLY RUBS! Send some love our way and give Bacon a vote, he surely deserves it. 🙂
Sunday Rain
💕 ☀️GIVING ADVANCES TO BE RETURNED END OF JULY💕☀️Let us know if you’d like some 💕💕 💕☀️Thank you!
Rubee is a dog who appreciates the human lifestyle.. she loves to exercise, hike, splash through puddles and fart during nap time. Rubee the rottie is a fashionista with a kind heart and huge passion for her family. A % of earnings for Rubee will go towards collars & accessories for larger breeds 🖖🏽❤️
Pumpkin is a spunky little girl that loves her human kids and mommy and daddy she was the runt of her liter but super smart this girl can detect her mommies seizures and keep her safe during one she loves any of every one she meets including other dogs she is very energetic and just loves to play frisbee and fetch she could do it all day of she was able without getting sleepy
Tinkerbell Elizabeth
Tinkerbell Elizabeth is 9 years old. She loves sunshine on her face and kisses on her neck.. she loves her soulmate mommy and gives her constant cuddles.
Very loving pup, loves to go on walks and play with my precious cat, she loves playing with her chew toys and tug of war. And as you can tell by her pictures she LOVESSSS to nap! Very precious pup!
Tater Tot
Tater tot is a bundle of joy! She loves everyone and every dog! Her only requirement is belly rubs when you first meet her! Please vote, she deserves the world!
Otis (aka SCOOBY) is 1 years old and still growing in size. He’s a sweetheart, a goofball, mans best friend and the best thing to happen to me. He knows shake very well. Not surprised. Otis especially likes to talk with his paws and is very energetic! What is there not to love!
Prince Charlie
Prince Charlie is my Service Animal. He loves to run, cuddle, dance, and give kisses.