He loves to swim, he learned to sit, shake, cover and play dead. He is a great guard dog, but loves to snuggle with people and pillows!🥰
Nala is a very active sweet girl!!!
Angel loves water, snow all outside time. She very devoted to her humans and extremely smart
I love taken Sleeps Eating & I toot a lot 🤭 Love too play with my big brothers and sisters and meet new friends follow me on my adventures on INSTAGRAM @the.rue.gram
Here's a Dutch hound and he's a sweetest little man you ever seen the sweetest dog he loves people
Leo is friendly, playful, lovable, smart & obedient. It's impossible not to love him.
Bell is the sweetheart she loves to play catch with her ropes and ball pluse she loves to snuggle and she loves to play with cats and she loves to go on walks and go for car rides
My Love
Her name is My Love because she's has a black heart on her chest
Molly is a rescue from a home in Iowa. She was very underweight, had round worm and a skin issue plus ear infection! We have had her for almost three months and she has turned out to be the most grateful, playful, happy puppy! She loves the snow and our daily walks! She has rescued me as much as I rescued her!
Sweetest devoted happiest puppy🥰
3 mos. Old and AMAZING
Figaro enjoys long walks, being chased around by friends at the dog park and stealing socks!
Drako is an amazing and adorable pup! He is very intelligent and knows so many tricks. He is my baby
He loves to cuddle and be clingy towards anyone he gets to know.
I have beat cancer three times she has been my rock through the whole time stayed by my side through it all
Coco loves to go for walks, runs, loves to play with balls n rides on are side by side. Very smart dog, and like u can see loves peanut butter, ofcourse after him going into the pantry to get a new big bottle of peanut butter, we had him trained not to step into the pantry. Lol. We love him n he has just a great personality n loves everyone. Very well behave, after some training, ofcourse.
Quilla is a fun loving baby girl. She’s very protective and caring towards her family. She also has an obsession with balls and sticks. She desperately needs hip surgery, so all votes count!!!
Link will give you pretty eyes when I say give pretty eyes. He'll squint his eyes so cute.
Best little dog ever, well behaved, smart and cute!
This lil trooper has made it through a solid week of parvo and being stolen from our backyard. Hes as tough as he is adorable. He loves hair-ties and socks so much he'll very nicely take them off your wrist or foot lol
She loves hugs,playing with her human brothers and sister and loves her stuff animals.
Waylon is a 5 month old beagle who is full of love to give! He has his special place in moms bed that he loves. He is the first one ready to go cuddle around a fire outside. His favorite thing ever is when Dad cooks steaks on the grill! (of course he gets a little bit of his own and definitely the bones!)
He’s a fun loving very playful dog. He does all kinds of tricks. Sunny has been thaught to wipe his paws when he comes into the house. He sucks on a stuffed animal and falls asleep like a baby with a pacifier.
Hi my name is Dixie. I love to play, sleep and eat everything in sight. My mommy is my best friend. I like my older two sisters. I love going to the park and playing with other dogs. Please vote for me.
Mocha is a less than 1 year old shih tzu and yorkshire mix breed.. she likes chewing on her christmas hedgehog and getting cuddles and pets.
Daisy Mae
Daisy May is a siberian Husky. Very loving girl.
Kate likes jogging alongside with me on my recumbant Trike at night. Good exercise, and so fun!
Demon is a Labsky. Most loving dog and so full of energy
Scout loves to growl at a foitball dog toy that he received from a friend. Seems to b his favorite
Buddha The Ol Man Dog
This here dog has been threw it all has been lost ran away with his life long partner mocha who was a blue red nose pit which has passed away in late December as mochas mother my kids mom passed away early Dec. So anyways them two dogs have ran away to many times to count been threw the quills of the porquiepines I've watched them two dogs fight against other animals and we're very good together the ol man dog has been hit by plow truck some years ago he was stolen he has helped me threw the downs In life like no other I do believe he is the last alive of his little which the ol man dog is a rotty Russel terrier I call him my hienz 57 dog idk what I'll do when this 16 year old ol man dog passes away may best odds with the Buddha dog and he may win good luck to all
Little Bit
Little bit was a rescue dog. And everyday I am thankful I rescued her.
Vote for my beloved pup, Bandit, in the Pageant Dog competition! He is the most loving, hilarious, and mischievous pup around and he deserves to win! His sweet personality and playful nature make him the perfect candidate for the competition. Show your support and cast your vote for Bandit today! Bandit is an incredibly sweet and lovable pup who loves nothing more than spending time with his family. He loves to follow you around the house, bringing his favorite toys to play with. When he's outside, he loves to run around in circles. He's always up for a game of fetch or tug-of-war, and he loves to snuggle up for a nap after a long day of play. Bandit is truly a joy to have around!
He’s a big goofy teddy bear who loves his family!!
Blu-Willie loves ❤️ to give Kisses especially "wet-willies". He also loves to watch TV 📺 and cuddle with you.
Toby boy is a beagle chihuahua full of spunk and energy loves to play with kids and his fur brothers!!!
Gus is an American bully who is 11 weeks old…the little guy has a stage three heart murmur but is a happy strong little guy !
Lily is the cutest little puppy ever. Please vote for her! She deserves the votes!
Smokie is a husky chow mix he is full of enegry and loves to be very vocal when he wants to play or go outside. He is going to be 2 years old at the end of May this year 2023. Give our boy some love and give him a vote 😊
We adopted him in April. He was 3 months old. He was born on 1/8/2022 He's SO spoiled. He loves to fetch and play with his toys. He also loves his homemade treats!!
Luna is very friendly.She like to snuggle.Very protective .She is lay back.
Sweet loving little girl
This is Roxy she loves everyone and loves rope toys. Very smart and playful!
He's very smart and beautiful ❤️
Moose is a 7 year old german shepard mix. Hes a big loveable playful yet very lazy dog as to where he gets his name moose. We have had him since birth due to we owned his mother sadly she passed away at the young age of 7 but her son here is going strong 💪 give the big ol boy some spoiled love like we always do and give him a vote we would love that thanks for stopping by to look at moose have a wonderful day 😃😃
Lupo is a gentle loving dog. Loves to swim, run and play with his sister Luna. He is a big protector of his bones and loves to be the center of attention. He brings lots of joy to our family.
He likes to be petted get all the scratches knows how to give his paw and sit very loving and sweet also very protective
He loves to play . And loves giving kisses. He is only 3 months old he is very sweet .and loves people