Bailey loves playing with her siblings, running around and barking for a toy her brother has. She loves cuddles with her sister Lola and her mom and dad at night.
Scooter is a strong little boy full of energy he loves playing with his toys and his brother red
Fun loving and full of energy, he loves the beach and enjoys getting ready for the shows.
He loves too play fetch and talk a lot of shit 😂😘
Ace is an energetic, loving, smart companion to his family of 5! He loves his mommy (me) but his 2 brothers aged 6 and 8 months old (humans) and his daddy are definitely a close 2nd! He recently had a new brother (kitten) who was rescued as well! He was rescued from a shelter 7 years ago and has been my best friend since! He loves chasing ANYTHING that runs from him but if he catches ya he just licks you or whatever it is! He loves tennis balls and loves catching flies mid air!
Red is a pitbull full of energy loves playing with his toys and following me around the house he also enjoys watching animal planet
Jack is truly a smile to our hearts..he loves to cuddle and leeps us on our toys, our motto is, ITS JACKS WORLD, WE JUST LIVE IN IT....VOTE for Jack bc he is truly special and loves to make others genuinely happy, loved, and special...
Milo is a troublemaker. He loves to play, eat and sleep.
Rosie is the sweetest dog. She takes care of his human sister Elena
Miah joined our family after we lost our Yorkie Rex in February. She's playful and very curious puppy.
Daisy Mae
Daisy is a english bulldog,loves cuddles and getting the zoomies at 3am
Oreo is a energetic happy dog. Loves hanging out with other dogs and any type of animal. He loves running and taking naps.
Sam has got to watch every single move and even make every move momma makes lol hes just to sweet . He absolutely loves his dad
Baxter is a labradoodle, absolutely cute, and more so in this picture. He is only 5 weeks old.
Ariel's in one and a half year old female Doberman Pinscher with papers very active loves children plays with pop bottles to make nosie loves to bug the cat Kibbles and Bits dog food is her faver lovesvlaing in bed an pushy everything that is one off play runs around the yard like a dummy very energetic. When comes to walking her is jumps has she walks lol
Hi I’m Tyson 💙 I am a Pitbull , I love to run all over the house , play with all my toys , lots of zummies jumping on the couch, I love being center of attention 😜 & cuddles with my mama 🥰 I love to watch everything outside that’s moving & play with all my friends ❤️ Ohhh also I love tug o war with my dad & sleep !!! 💙
Teddy loves playing with his squeaky toys and going on walks with his mom and dad. He is a silly, sweet boy who tries to do never do anything wrong. Sometimes he eats things he’s not supposed to and feels bad when mom and dad catch him. He loves when the whole family is home together, even his sister Phoebe, the calico cat.
The best rescue pup around. I love sticks a lot and playing with my mommies
Hi, i’m idgy . I’m one year old , i love my butt scratched and i love playing fetch !
Sadie loves going for rides in the car and loves watching for birds and deer out the window. We rescued her 4 years ago and she has warmed our hearts from day 1. 💕❤️
Nyx is a lovable 2 year old lab mix. She is the sweetest most loyal dog you will ever meet! She loves chicken, doing tricks & being outside! There is NEVER a dull moment with Nyxie butt ♥️♥️
Remington “Remi” for short loves sticks, cuddles, and to go exploring! She is a one of a kind shepherd with a heart of gold!
I adopted Bella from parke county she has been in the shelter since she was born until I got her let me tell ya she is a handful but I love her to death
Sasha loves to play fetch in her backyard. She's a little bit of a ball hog though.
Oakley is almost 4 years old. He is high energy and loves to go swimming. He also really likes sleeping in and playing with his brother cat.
Peanut loves to roll in stuff outside which leads to plenty of baths. She weighs 7 pounds, so bath time is easy. Peanut was born with severe megaesophagus and cannot swallow food or water. After every meal or drink, we hold her upright in our arms and gently jiggle her until all the food and water drains into her stomach. It seems like we have a baby that never grows up. Peanut is four years old now and has exceeded the life expectancy given to us by the vet when she was a puppy.
Rufus, a beautiful Chocolate lab, German shepherd, pit bull mix, is the biggest people lover who also loves to play with other dogs and go fishing
Ryder loves to play with his rope 🪢 and loves to cuddle up next to you! But he really love just going outside and running around and playing with the sticks 💕
Timber is a very unique pup that definitely has her own vibrant personality! When she gets excited she tends to walk like a fish! She loves tummy rubs and loves to eat kitty food as well!
Blue loves to play outside with his sister. He loves to chew any stick within a mile radius of him. Blue loves to meet everyone and give them kisses. He will play with any dog big or small, even if they don’t wanna play with him back! He’s a crazy energetic ball of 30 pounds.
Hi, I’m Dixie! I am a Mini Aussie! I live in FL & LOVE bananas and strawberries as a snack!! I am 4 months old & LOVE to play outside in the sun!
Roghan is a 6 year old partially blind lovable playful pup.
The pup with A lot of dramatic facial expressions, very friendly loves to play and chew her bones
Bella likes play time with snickers
Snickers like play time with bella
Josie is a pure bred Australian shepherd that we brought when she was 8 weeks old. She was potty trained and able to shake left and right by the time she was 3 months old. She's smart funny and the cutest thing you'll ever see. She loves to play, snuggle, and go for car rides.
Sophie loves winter, playing with her ball, running around the yard, and snuggling close to her humans. She’s just as sassy as she is sweet and has earned the nickname “wiggle butts” due to how wiggly she gets when excited/happy!
Scar is gonna be 3 months old on the 14th!! He’s very hyper and very smart! Loves to play & he is a husky, pit bull and German Shepard mix!
Khloe loves people and other pets, she’s so sweet and loves running and never getting tired, loves attention and loves chewing absolutely everything but for just 4, she’s allowed to be just cute 🥹😍❤️
Banana Rama
Banana is a 11 week old rambunctious chocolate lab and Rottweiler mix. She sits, lays down, shakes, and gives high fives!
Gunner is 2 months old, loves watching cars drive by outside, has to sleep with his cow stuffed animal and when he sees grass his first thought is to start hopping like a bunny through it
Maizy loves her sister Jazzy and playing fetch!
Rosco is a Great Dane/pit mix and a big teddy bear
Nova is a Great Dane/pit mix she beat Parvo and loves water
Chopper loves to play fetch and get pup cups from different drive thrus.
I love meeting new humans and dogs! Im a big, happy, lovable teddy bear but im scared of alot of things like the ceiling fan on our back porch. My favorite food is Bananas.
Maya is a 2 year old lab mix rescue. She loves to play ball and frisbee. She also loves toys, treats and snuggles! She enjoys summers at the beach and spending time with her family!❤️🐕‍🦺🐾