Baby Stories - 79


Max loves toys and running outside.
I’m Luna! Born April 20th, 2020. While my dad was a Lab, my mom was a mini aussie! I enjoy chasing my soccer ball, playing with my big sister Lucy, and taking naps anywhere cold! I love going for car rides and chasing other dogs at the park. My favorite toys are squeaky balls and any toy I can play tug with.
Hello world, I’m blaze! I’m a 3 year old pit mix with tons of cuddles to give! I absolutely love my bone and my kong toy that I can’t seem to destroy just yet! I love being around my human mommy, daddy and sister! I’ll give you a bunch of kisses and hugs. My favorite part of the day is nap time especially when my humans are there to snuggle into. Vote for me for the cutest doggie! I mean come on look at me🥰
Clementine is a 3 month old lab/border collie cutie! She has serious puppy vibes and will lick your face off with the adorable puppy breath we all love. She loves to snuggle and pounce on her toys! She also just played in her first snow fall! Clem was rescued from a high kill shelter and was separated from her siblings :-( so she is experiencing a bit of separation anxiety from mamma. But she’s a fiesty one and is an absolute QT. Sleeps ALL the time, and is very much spoiled and surrounded by hugs and kisses!
Tonka George
He is the most affectionate dog, and is very caring! Loves everyone he meets! Is our furbaby doorbell! Lol He loves to eat whatever ur eating, and sleep wherever u r sleeping! He is my furry shadow!
Bonnie is a true Diva Dog. She loves to stay clean & pretty. LOVES meeting new people, getting compliments & head rubs. She loves to be cozy and snuggle, and speaks her mind 😂 Her favorite toy is her lamb chop. She is great with kids and loves babies, whenever they are around she stands guard like they are her own.
Tita is a 6 month old teacup chihuahua beautiful and tiny loves attention and treats spoiled and has her own personality 🌻
Teddys favorite toys are his Baby blue donut & baby blue bone. He loves to play tug of war & chase his girlfriend Bonnie 🤣 he can open doors on his own, & loves pot pie treats. Teddy loves kids & loves to sleep next to them to protect them during nap time 🤍
She is loving and loves everybody she was found when she was 5 weeks old with her brother they are God's Blessings .
River is a true inspiration. Every morning he wakes me up for work. River loves to play with his toys
An amazing dog with a great personality and always making us laugh.
She’s such a silly pup and loves treats! She’s (mostly) energetic and cheers us up 24/7! We rescued her and she’s one of the best things that has happened to us. She’s 9 but that doesn’t affect how much she loves to be outside!
Gibbs is a 6 month puppy who was my foster fail. He loves being outdoors, and loves to chew on cardboard. He’s a loving sweet boy
Gomez is a bulldog with a lot of attitude, but knows how to give the best hugs. He loves walks, tearing toys apart, cuddling, playing in the snow, especially eating it. He would do anything for a duck foot 😂.
Brady is literally my best friend, we are inseparable and when we are apart both of us get severe anxiety! He is literally the best “dog” I’ve ever had, but he’s more then just a “dog” to me. Brady is definitely a family member to not just me, but also to my daughter! I recently was hospitalized and was placed into a doctor induced coma for over a week due to Covid19, when I woke up and they removed the tube to help me breathe I called home cause I had no clue what was going on, after making everyone cry cause it was touch and go for a while, my mom & daughter told me how depressed Brady was cause I wasn’t home, I felt horrible! Well I’ve been home now for 3 weeks,(I still feel really tired and have some serious hurdles to jump through) & during the past 3 weeks Brady hadn’t left my side! He holds me in his paws at night time and it’s like he understands not to touch my stomach and chest area because he isn’t walking upright like he usually does prior to me getting sick and when he hugs me he’s very Henri and careful! Dogs are not just man’s best friend but also a gals best friend too! It’s amazing how truly intelligent and intuitive canines truly are! I love my boy and I’m eternally grateful to still be here with my entire family canine Fur-baby in all! So please vote for my other half because together he and I are one Dynamic Duo. And if you happen to be a frontline worker, THANK YOU for ALL of your hard work, dedication, and ability to do what you do, because without you I would not still be alive! So thank you to the paramedics and emergency personnel the helicopter pilot and airmedics that take care of people who are really sick like I was, and to call of the LNA’s, Nurses, Doctors, & all other medical workers who are sacrificing their lives to save others. You ALL are truly HEROES!😇 God Bless and stay safe and healthy everyone!
There is no filter on this picture. She is a royal and loyal Japanese Akita, people take pictures of her out of the blue, she is adorable. She is very calm and shakes her butt when she walks. When she runs, she hops like a bunny.
Momo is 3 months old!! He is such a happy, outgoing, and energetic little man!! He lovesss the snow, and playing with his kitty brother Jax!
He’s the biggest baby an loves constant attention, loves to chase the snow an try to catch it in his mouth loves kids. Sleeps in the most weirdest positions he’s amazing
My name is Beta. I love going for walks and ripping apart toys. I hate getting my picture taken and love making new friends!
Franky is a "Big Dog" trapped in a little dog body! He loves going to the dog park and meeting new friends and has never met a dog he didn't want to play with! His hobbies include: - chewing on toilet brushes and mom's make up brushes - playing in the bathtub - hiding his bones all around the house
Brooke is a almost 3 year old Golden Retriever. She has SO much energy, but most importantly, so much love to give. She is the most loyal dog in the world. She has such a pure soul and she’s stunning! Please vote for Brooke!
Bruce is a almost 3 year old Saint Bernard. He is the most loyal, protective and loving boy ever. He’s particularly lazy because of his size, but is convinced he’s a lap dog. I think he has an identity crisis😂 Please vote for Bruce!
Frank is our 9 month old mischief maker. He loves to snort and reak havoc on us. He’s a big snuggle bug and gives lots of kisses. Please vote for Agent F! ❤️
Molly is a lazy Bulldog, she loves to play with water bottles and hates balls- She was overbred by her last owners and im so glad I have her now.
Jade, was a rescue one of 13 puppies dumped at a rest stop. Jade came to me as a foster with her litter at 3 days old.She is Mommas girl! my Darlin very talkative! loves to play soccer, and is a drama queen! There is a teen age girl locked inside my Jade! we are sure of it. I love my darlin we have a very close bond
Tyton was dumped on a farm in South Carolina . He was 10 months old when we adopted him He is the most loving good boy youd ever meet! Tyton has been battling cancer for 3 years now hes 11..
Buddy was a rescue who had been abused. He is 4 years old LOVES his toys LOVES HIS DADDY! and loves to run run run..
FoxyAnn was rescued from a hoarding case at 10months old. She only weighed 3 pounds and had to learn everything from drinking water from a bowl to going outdoors. She has become the baby of the house and LOVES to model LOVES her dresses.. Loves her pack mates!! although they are quite the mixture
Posie was thrown from a moving car as a pup, she was our foster baby # 2.. She fell in love the minute I placed her in my husbands arms so we foster failed.. Posie is sweet girl very loving and loves to ride! Imagine that..
Lucy loves to be loved. She is a happy go lucky gal that gives hugs and snuggles all day if you would let her.
Remi is 10 months old. She is mixed with Belgian Malinois, boxer, heeler and miniature pincher. She is very spunky and outgoing. She loves having company come over. She loves other dogs and kids. Remi is full of energy. She never leaves my side ! She is the smartest dog I swear she knows exactly what I’m saying.
Milo is extremely playful loves kids and has no idea what stranger danger is lol
Follow me on Instagram @Ajtheminiaussie Hi! I'm a cool doggo with a bunch of toys and treatooos! The hoomans call me A.J. (ACE JR) all the time, so I guess that's my name. My mom says "ahht no" a lot, so that must be my nickname. Mom said she named me after my big brother, who I never met. Apparently he lives in doggo heaven now and mom misses him lot. Mom tells me I'm so much like him, that it's weird. I'm very smart. I know lots of things, like how to sit, jump, lay down, roll over, say please and love you, dance(spin) and bang(play dead). My most furrravorite thing is being with my mom! She's my emotional support Hooman because I get terrible anxiety when she leaves me. I like to run with big dogs at the dog park, chew bones, do tricks for treatoooos and get bellyrubs. My favorite motto IS, "Throw me to the wolves, and I'll return leading the pack!" Okay, gotta go!! My hooman just yelled, "wana treat?".
She likes chasing cows and running along the snowmobile
Milo is a rescue dog. When we got him he was so scared and now he is the most loving, outgoing, happy go lucky dog you will ever meet. His favorite thing to do is look out the window and wink at people. He love to play and go on tons of walks.
Tiktok dog! Also know as feia
Zoey is a very active dog. He wants to play a lot specially with my tubby cat Zohan. His favorite toy is a squeky dinosour.
Toby is a very energetic pup and has a big appetite. He loves to play fetch and loves kids. He likes to bite toes and something socks. He is our “big” protector.
Lincoln is a mutt, he has lots of interesting breeds in him! he loves sticks and squeaky toys!
Echo is an amazing pup...He is 100% my support dog. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is such a lover and a lap dog.
Sadie Girl
Sadie is such a sweet crazy girl who loves chasing squirrels 🐿
Bella loves herding horses and cows back in to there pen and she’s very protective over you
Hi my name is Ares! I am named after the god of war and dads favorite artist. I am a 4 month old blue whippet currently living in Tucson, Arizona. I love to play tug a war, lay in the sun, nap in my cave bed and snuggle. Please vote for me. Thanks for visiting my page 🐾
Theo loves to play tug of war and play with his paw friends!
She loves her ranger rides and sleeping!!
Miranda is one year old maltipoo,she is very playful and She loves going on walks
Harley is a 3 year old beagle who loves playing with his owner along with his toys. He enjoys swimming in the pool as well