Mango Habanero
Mango Habanero is a sweet comedian. She lives in a small beach town and helps teach fitness classes!
Copper is a Shih shu/Jack Russel/chihuahua She is extremely energetic, hard headed, and all around goofy. She greets everone with love if you pick her up she will smother you in kisses she loves kisses. I got her from my Grandfather from some good people from church she had siblings and is the runt. Shes one tough cookie. sassy too i hope you love her as much as i do.
Noodles loves to sit and watch airplanes overhead
She is super soft and super cute, and when she gets excited, she does the paw scoot.
Sophie loves to sit on the back of the Couch watch the birds and she knows she's a pretty girl
Preciouse loves to play an she loves attention from her family an others. She is very sweet an loveable. But very prtective of me an all her family. She thinks she is human. She tries to mimic us talking and dancing. She will get up on her paws an dance around with us we just more or less sway to the music to relax. She is a wonderful Girl an we love her so much.
Ana is a high energy 1 year old German Shepherd dog. She loves cuddling, following her Mom around everywhere and snacks
Playful outgoing lil pup. She believes everyone is her friend and wants to play.
Prince is a mixed breed (SHIH-CHI) Shih-Tzu Mixed Chihuahua. He is a big ball of energy please don't let his size fool you. At just 5 years old, he is very friendly with other dogs. He gets along with other people as well as children. He is just a sweetheart and very loveable. He LOVES to play all day if he could. He's my baby that I love so much. He's been my emotional support dog since 2019. He has helped me stay strong and cope with depression when I lost loved ones dearest to me. If you guys would like to show him some love, hit that VOTE button and also hit that LIKE button. Thanks for stopping by! :)
Beverly Hills
Beverly is a one of a kind long hair blue merle Chihuahua that screams valley girl and wants to star in the next Beverly Hills Chihuahua 4!!
he loves to give you kisses
Snuggles is a 5 year pug that rules our house
Sparkle loves to snuggle and play with her toys!! She goes to work everyday at F&F Bargains Oswego & Liverpool in her designer coats and sweaters 💕 She truly loves snuggles and treats aswell!
Hades loves his babies"fur toys" cares for them. He does give them "a beat down" every now and He is so gentle and friendly although he can look intimidating all he wants is belly rubs. He is the true "nanny dog."
He loves the snow, has his favorite ducky toy that’s always with him. Does not meet a stranger loves everybody. All around he is just a big cuddle bug.
Willow is always happy , she loves hugs and kisses. She is always smiling.
Rosie is also known “ Mrs.Kravitz as she is a very nosy neighbor!
Charlie is a fun loving puppy with a spunky attitude. Charlie loves to go for car rides, loves being the center of attention. Most of all he loves taking naps.
River Blue
River is a 1 year old blue beagle! He loves to cuddle, play, and steal bones from his 4 husky siblings! He loves his family, and heating pads. River has been the light of our lives! He is especially amazing with people who are sick or sad by giving the best kisses and cuddles!
Charley to me is amazing ive always had lab they were the joy in my life.ilost my one lab in june of 2023 he was 12 the longest one that lived.charley brings a certain kind of love and joy hes there for when im struggling through life he reassure me that he gets its. His love for me is undeniable he like my child i never have,.joy he make me laugh .with his silly bark and his zoomies. I never relized how fast a little do can run. His kong he loves plastic bottles paper towel roll. And me playing with him .he has brought so much joy and love to me he is my little star.
Mickey came to me when I really needed him. He is my best friend 💕
Ciara Lake Belle is my little dachshund, she is named after her mother Ciara she is very Obidiant, sassy, sweet and smart she has a brother named Pontoon River Cruise he is bigger than she is and she loves to play with stuffed reindeers.
Milo is our 3 year old Maltipom. He is mommy and daddy’s baby boy. He loves to peep through the fence and bark at the big dogs next door. He loves his belly rubs from his mom and dad.
Optimus is an eight week old golden retriever. He loves playing and getting treats for his tricks. He enjoys going on walks and hanging out with his human brothers! He is such a fun-loving addition to our family.
"Meet Cleo, the pup with a heart as golden as her fur. With her boundless energy and love for life, every day with Cleo is a tail-wagging adventure. From her impeccable grooming to her calm and assertive demeanor, she's not just man's best friend, she's everyone's! Whether she's charming the crowd with her obedience or simply cuddling up for some love, Cleo embodies the spirit of joy in every paw print she leaves behind. Vote for Cleo, the pup who's not just good – she's gold-standard great!"
Violet Barner Johns
Violet is a special girl she is a rescue she was badly mistreated.but now she's a star ⭐⭐✨ coming around being the most special girl ❤️❤️💞 ever.shes high spirited and loves everyone.she said vote for her she will give u a vote for Violet she's a princess 🤟🤟🤟⭐✨
Mister Bullwinkle
Mister loves playing ball
Olivia Faith
Olivia FIth is one the sweetest, smartest and adorable 2 year old pup you would just love her… Very Special 💕💕
He hates bathing, going potty in the rain, and the garden hose, but he does not hesitate to jump in the lake or river to get his ball. He will do that for hours without getting tired. I tried to get him in the bathtub by putting his ball in the bathwater, but no luck, he wouldn't even come close to the tub. It takes two people to give him a bath. He definitely is a rascal!
Puppy is the sweetest boy who carries his hedgehog wherever he goes. He LOVES his cookies and says "i love you". Im so happy to have Puppy as part of our family.
Russell it’s great lovable and an amazing companion to my wife. He loves to play with his toys 🧸 Loves food and it’s very well train. He is definitely a winner 🏅
Lyric is a 2 year old Siberian husky! She is definitely a princess and her signature “princess trot run” is so cute. She loves to play tug of war and fetch. She’s a little quirky and will touch toys to your back if she wants to play!
Hi. I'm Chevy and I'm a 7 year old Chihuahua. l love treats especially bacon flavored. I also love belly rubs. I'm very spoiled and l love my mommy and she loves me.
Arizona is one of the sweetest dogs anyone could ever meet. She is also crazy, but she just acts like her owner 😜
I am the absolute BEST doggie!!! I love to chew up my toys, sunbathe, and greet friends with a warm, loving welcome when they visit. I also enjoy sleeping and following my Mom around EVERYWHERE she goes! My favorite treat is a Pup Cup!!! 🤩 Vote for meee 💜
Brew creates the spotlight wherever he goes! This lovable, attention-seeking, cuddly dachshund enjoys “stealing” underwear, socks and clothes and hiding them in obscure places. But don’t worry you’ll find your items when you least expect it. Brew captures many hearts and would love to capture your vote!
He loves car rides or go bye bye He is always happy when i come home , he also loves to cuddle, he loves to get a bath and loves slim jims and new squeaky toys..he also loves to wear doggy outfits ❤️ 💕
Coco is a 1 year old Goldendoodle puppy that loves anything that squeaks and kids. She's the most calm dog that loves my Granddaughter, Harmony always has her doing something as you can tell from the pictures.
Ahsoka is a very sassy and independent 4yr old girl. She LOVES to go for walks. She can catch a frisbee like a champ! She is the best!
Zeke is always happy and always smiling. He loves to play fetch with the tennis ball and frisbee.
Kobe is my longest relationship, I have had him going on 10 years now! He is the light of my life; smarter and better behaved than some children! Im pretty sure he thinks he is a human and only wants to be included! Kobe is seriously the best dog, my true companion in this crazy world! 😀💜🐕
She likes to go outside and run around. When she wants a treat or some attention she will stand on her hind legs and walk around and when she gets a treat while she's standing up she will raise her front paws and move her paws like she is saying thank you.
Fifi is the leader of the pack! Out of her 3 siblings, she is the oldest, at being 12 years old! She loves anything that has chicken in it!
Levi is a LOVEBUG! He has 3 sisters that he takes care of no matter what. His favorite snack are biscuits and most of all, PUPUCHINOS!
Leila just turned a year old on January 10th! She LOVES cuddles and is overall super active. Her favorite snack are buttermilk biscuits.