Baby Stories - 79


The doctor will see you now!
Binx is a lovable, playful, 5.5 pound 2 year old Yorkie poo. He is taking behavior classes and has won a game of musical chairs while in class! (Because he intimidated the bigger dogs!) What he lacks in size, he makes up for in personality!
Gizmo is like my baby!! He used to go everywhere with me. He always knows when I need comfort. He's one of my best friends!
Little Miss Eevee loves to play and give lots of wet kisses!
Myia is an Alaskan Malamute , she loves running and playing with her friend Max our quarter horse. Please vote for this sweet lady and give her a like 👍 down below please 😘😘😘
She’s playful she loves her dog toys she loves running and playing with loved ones
Atom loves walks, food, and snuggles. He is a huge couch potato with a big heart! He also loves his sister 💕
Reece is a service dog in training; he’s so smart and loves learning agility as well as hanging with his mom and following her every move!
When Pinto was a tiny puppy he was brown and white and looked like a little pinto bean! He’s a very friendly little guy who gets into so much mischief, and I let him!
Fidget is a nice and loving puppy who loves running around and barking. He is happy to greet people in the morning and he loves naps. He is very hyper and he is a verrry cute puppy
Stella Sue
Stella is a 3 year old rescue pug! She has some adorable quirks and loves to explore and snuggle with her big brother!
She loves to run, she loves to hop in the shower with me. She loves to play with her siblings, and loves to give kisses
Lucille Aqua Tofana
Lucy was born from a neglected mother who was rescued by Grandma. Mom had three pups and Lucy chose us from the beginning, following my oldest around.
Biscuit loves to sleep,eat,lay in the sun and get all the attention he can❤️
Hemlo Friends! My name is Pohaku. I am from the beautiful island of Oahu. My name in the Hawaiian language means "Rock". I was given this name because since I was small, I have been strong and solid. My nickname is "Po" for short. I was born in March of this year. I love people! I enjoy playing and getting pets from everyone. My favorite pastime is attempting to steal my mom and dad's food, and forcing them to chase me around the house to get whatever I shouldn't have in my mouth out of it. 😂 I am a little mischievous but a total sweetheart. I am a little potat with a big spirit. Please vote for me!
Bullet is a good natured, active pup who loves people and other dogs. He loves to be outside especially with his humans. His hobbies include cuddling, chewing on sticks, running around the yard, and playing in the dirt.
Milo is the perfect companion! He is smart and never wants to leave my side!
Sage is a cool, calm, and sometimes crazy “little” 15 week old puppy. She is Great Pyrenees and Shar-Pei mix. She loves children, birds, pig ears, and playing with her rope toys! This girl is working hard to be socialized with other dogs, but is a bit hesitant due to being bit just the first week we had her by an unleashed dog. She’s back in action and doing better than ever! AND JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE!!! 🐶😍
Eevee is a little goofball who love tug-a-war and running around at the dog park. She has never met a human or dog she didn’t love. Plus, who can deny that cute smile?
Zoey LOVES the sun and playing in the water! She is always full of energy and loves people. Cuddles and naps are required!
She is a fun loving toy chewing wild child who loves nothing more than to get the zoomies in the yard.
Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets. She's our precious girl that loves running and playing and stealing the ball from her sister Yanna!
Winnie is a w month old Aussie. She loves to run and play with all of her toys. One of her favorite things to do is learn new things and please her mommy.
Poppi is the happiest girl on the planet. She loves her toys and always has to have one near by or in her mouth. She is always shimming ans shaking her butt! Love my PopTart!!
Emmy was rescued from the shelter. She had matts ticks and fleas. She has seizures. She is deaf and partially blind. Nothing slows her down. She loves going to the dog park. Going to the store to pick out new toys. She loves to eat purple grapes . Orange chicken and ice cream also cherry coke. I try to get her to eat healthy but emmy is emmy she will get what she wants out of the fridge and cupboard or off the table. She sleeps in bed with her mom on a pillow in her night gown she chases her tail. She is perfect in her own way.
Aspen(AKA Gator) loves to be in the water and taking rides in the truck! She is the sweetest and such a loving dog!
Zoe will be 15 on July 4th!❤️❤️
Zane turned 13 yesterday!!! He’s such a happy boy!❤️
Innocent face but only listens to his dad
Cody is an entertaining and energetic little guy but he loves to cuddle and give sweet kisses! He’s protective and loves his Nila bone and laying on his leather chair! He is cute not only because of his little face but his big heart of gold he loves every one he meets and you can tell he will do what it takes. To make you smile!
Lola is our gentle giant and a real head turner when we go out. She is also a therapy dog.
Wheezy is an 11 year old emotional support animal that was found last year in January. He enjoys long naps and busy bone treats.
Lucca likes long walks on the beach and lots of cuddles from his family and friends. He's a genuine ginger guy with a golden heart, and he understands 5 languages! Lucca takes commands in English, Japanese, French, Italian, and ASL. He loves face hugs and can do a mulitude of tricks (ex: yoga streches by name and standing straight up). All in all, Lucca is a one of a kind dog with a lovable attitude and a truly one of the bestest friends you could ever ask for.
She’s an American Bully, bred for greatness! She is a collar model for the collar company “My MadcoW” and looks so good doing it!! She loves her jolly ball and flirt pole 🖤
Quinn is a Great Dane and St Bernard mix. He loves his squeaky toys and bones more than anything in this world. He loves to go swimming and to the local dog park to meet humans and other pooches. He’s about to be a big brother and cannot wait to bring his little sister home, but he’s definitely gonna be jealous of his new baby sister❤️
Trixie is a therapy-dog-in-training, who enjoys spending her days at the middle school campus where her human “mom”works as a 5th grade science teacher. She gets along well with a variety of household and exotic pets, including a pair of ferrets who put up with her enthusiastic pouncing. She recently had her first experience on an airplane to and from Tucson, AZ and was an exceptional passenger. Trixie is very obedient and is accustomed to dressing up in adorable clothing and accessories, which only adds to her adorable puppy persona!
Jesse loves her twin sister Bella more than anything. And loves to smile for cheese 😁
Baby Axel has brought so much joy to our family. He’s a punk for sure but so so sweet. 🥰
Browzer loves to sing! He’s so full of life and definitely mommy’s protection
Fitz is a four month old velociraptor disguised as a cute puppy! He’s extremely intelligent and loves lots of attention. He loves going on long walks in the morning with his human dad but his favorite thing to do is stealing socks!
Navy Blue
He is so cute knowing hes not suppose to be on moms just love him
Tommy The Cat
Tommy is a amazing cat, I know this is a dog contest but i just had to make him a little profile
Flexy Rexy
Flexy loves to play and everything in his path he is so funny chases vacuums a d brooms. Barks and greets people who visit and you must be adressed. Or will come Say hello with licks and lots of happy barks. Lives for pampering from mommy. Loves to be groomed.
Very sweet and fun-loving. She loves playing in water and with her fur sisters! She’s always being silly and so happy.
Blaze is an English creme golden retriever that is obsessed with his younger sister Kali and ringing his doorbell to tell me it’s time to go outside to dig up my entire lawn
Big Blue
This large-but-loveable military furchild has more frequent flier miles than most people! He’s lived in Croatia, Italy, Hawaii, and now South Korea!