Baby Stories - 78


Roo is special, she hops instead of walking. What she lacks in walking abilities she makes up for with running, she’s as fast as the wind. We named her Roo, short for Kangaroo due to her hop. She has daily adventures that we share through TikTok videos.
Ranger loves to play outside with other dogs and with kids. He also has a love for chips and if he hears you open a bag, he will come running! Lol. In some of the pictures he is playing with his little brother Sunny!
Sunny is just a little pup who loves to play and bite everything he can fit in his mouth! He loves to sleep on the vents when the central air is on, and to cuddle with anyone who is willing! In a few of the pictures you see is him playing with his big brother Ranger!
Reno is a one year old Pitsky! He’s huggable and a snuggle bug. Running and playing is his favorite thing to do and hanging out with his little human Cecilia.
Parzival Artemis Anorak Ache
Parzival is my sweet boy. He loves to play jump rope and go for car rides. His favorite foods are strawberries and whatever mama happens to be eating :) ... He is always ready for a walk in the park or a crash on the couch watching The Walking Dead. He loves to cuddle and watch movies with me. He is my heart and I love him so much. Thank you God for blessing me with such a sweet boy. He keeps my days filled with love and laughter.
Loki enjoys walks on the beach with mom and dad, loves jumping in the waves while getting sandy, and loves falling asleep on his daddy’s pillow every night.
Bean is a 1.5 year old Morkie and has the most personality we have ever seen! She has never met a dog or person she didnt love and enjoys making videos @sweetbeaniebean on TikTok!
Cayenne Chin
Cayenne was a rescue that really saved me. She’s loving, friendly and feisty. She loves running, and giving kisses. She has a liver condition and can only eat prescription food and must take 2 meds daily for the rest of her life - but believe me she lives that life to the fullest!
Great fishing dog. Excellent fish finder
Hank is the sweetest boy! He loves kisses and peanut butter. When he’s super excited he loves to buck around just like a little bull! Hank would love for you to vote for him!! TYSM
My big baby, Keena, LOVES being outdoors, but really she doesn’t care what she’s doing as long as she’s with me🥰 on her leisure time she really enjoys a good stick to chew/ fetch!
Hey I’m Ghost a American Bully . I like to play, go to the park, get wet, play with my brothers and sister and love attention for everybody.
Mele was a rescue pup found in a cardboard box in an abandoned building on Kaua’i with 3 other pups. She’s smart, loves people, and an amazing jumper!
Pickle is 8 months old and is always excited. She models for pack leashes, her code is “ besties20” to receive 20% off your order for your pup. She has a sister lily, their instagram is @misslilyandpickle
Ka'ulu is a blue nose pitbull he loves the water no matter what type of water. He is a loving puppy for my family he loves kids and people. He loves to play and learn new tricks all the time. He loves all types of fruits.
Best dog ever. Funniest dog ever. Cutest dog ever. He’s a total goofball and is non stop energy 24/7!!! He’s the biggest cuddle bug and is the sweetest, most playful boy:)
Gucci Pucci may be small but has the biggest heart ❤️ She will do anything for chicken chewies.
Prada G
Prada is just a puppy and is a little devil right now ❤️ But like most Maltese she is a lovey.
I like to sit on the couch and watch my humans play. Sleeping is my favorite thing to do. I like to annoy my brother ninja
I love to play with bubbles and cuddle with my human siblings. I love long walks and swimming.
Im part chow and all attitude.ive never met anyone i didnt like...lets play!
My name is Roscoe and I’m a cute potato. My family loves my smushy face….people can’t help but boop my nose every time you see me. ❤️
Kenzo has a very unique and playful personality but is very much a “diva” at times. He loves attention and if he feels ignored, he lets you know by barking at strangers until they pet him… Since day 1 he has given me so much joy and has seen me through some very dark and difficult times in his short 2 years of life. Kenzo has become the BEST travel companion and I get so many compliments of how beautiful he is that photos truly do not do him justice. He is my best friend, the best secret keeper and loves to snuggle on sick days and good days!
Brewster is a pug and part boxer, which is a Bug, he is very playful, loves running around the pool with our other three dogs, they run like lightning, he likes sitting on the windowsill inviting anyone he sees to come in to play with him, he wines makes the funniest noises and gets fed with a spoon. He follows me where ever I go. If I go out anywhere and return home he actually yells it me. He is so funny, he has to sleep with me every night under the covers and kisses me a lot. My little love bug
Reeses is the sweetest boy but always has to get his way. He loves long walks, tug of war and stealing your bed slippers. He is always excited to meet new people. Spins uncontrollably when you call him handsome.
Tyson Lynnex
In August of 2020, amidst Covid-19, Tyson Lynnex crossed the Rainbow Bridge and broke my heart. He was a head strong Alpha-male,who knew he was handsome and immediately became not just my companion but everyone's (family & friends alike) beloved pet. He is a part of my soul and will remain in our hearts Fur-ever!
Calle loves to sing and play fetch. She greets everyone, people and animals.
Kirita is a Maltese and shitzu mix and was born on April 24, 2021. She loves to play and sleep. Her nickname is baby and she gets super exited when she hears is. She also loves to sleep next to her owner and cuddle.
I love playing fetch 🏈 I love being with my family and enjoy eating!
Bella is a great pup she loves to jump around, walk on her back paws, and she definitely loves being talkative
Leilani is the sweetest little girl. She loves playing in the pool lounging around the house and playing with her big siblings.She is full of personality. And she loves snuggling with her gammy❤️
Lola is a shih tzu, and is 9 months old this month! She LOVES all people and animals and wants to be friends with just everyone. Her tongue sticks out which is one of her best quirks. If you vote for her she will be your best friend too!
Hello Honey is a one of a kind loves to dress up she has a character like no other she enjoyed her maternity shoot ❤️ This was one of her pictures doing her maternity shoot ❤️
Gunner is a 8week old German short hair pointer who loves to take lots of naps when Gunner isn’t napping he is playing with his many toys and his brothers and sisters and also loves a puppachino from time to time
Winston is my first rescue fur baby, he almost died from Parvo, his tail was broken and through the grace of god I found him,he is a healthy 2 year old and loves to play ball 24/7
GusGus is the name but you can call him Gus for short. Loves to live la vida loca, so naturally a Leo. Favorite food is chicken soup and peanut butter.
Jack Sparrow
Jack is a blue heeler and is about 2 months old! He is such a goofy little man such a spazz and a major sweetheart
rescued from gas station no one wanted him. He is about a year old. Looks Chow - German Shepherd - Rottie mix -- a great dog. Actually maybe a Black mouth Cur....
Loki loves to fetch & catch his squeeze ball. He is affectionate & loves my hugs .
Peewii is a Jack Russell/Pug mix (Jug). she is a loving fur baby who enjoys playing with her older brother Skreech, running and digging holes in her backyard and driving her mommy crazy!! Sweet but at the same time a wild child... She loves everyone and would love all the votes ❤️
Ollie loves annoying his cousins which are yorkies, he enjoys stealing balls and chewing them up and walking and hiking and just going. Ollie also loves his nana which is my mom and is very friendly even tho he looks big and tough.
Kallie loves being by my side, she is my emotional support dog other then that she loves playing with her brother and sisters. She loves her treats and walkies she also loves cat rides and if you wear a hoodie she enjoys being in the back of the hood.
Rookie is a Aussie who lives life to the fullest . He loves huggies and strawberries .
bella is a sweet easy going baby who LOVES kisses and gives them all the time.
Rogan loves his toys, treats and lots of snuggling. He is very obedient but has such a quirky personality.
Duke is a big hound and <3s to sleep
The only most loveable dog there is!! He’s got one hell of a personality! He will melt your heart ❤️