Baby Stories - 78


My name is Dakota and I am a Labrador, Heeler, Husky, and Belgian Malinois mix! This means, I'm always spunky ( mom thinks I'm crazy!), am beyond smart, and love with my whole being! My favorite things are any toy from my Bark Box and anything I can steal, I mean, fit through the dog door! (Full sized pillows, blankets, clothing, I am definitely not picky!)
Thor is our two yr old puppy. Hes super playful and energetic. Hes a happy pup who just wants to love and lick everyone he meets.
Leroy is a rescue Coonhound mix from Texas. He loves to carry blankets and pillows around the house to make the comfiest bed, sticks, running as fast as he can, and eating anything!
Don is a deaf American Bully, American Pit Bull and American Staffordshire Terrier mix. He was a stray in Chicago. He is such a sweet, energetic and lovable boy!
My name is Pennie! I have a sister named Copper and I love cuddles just as much as I love to make trouble! I also like to spend my time at the beach to eat sand because I’m scared of the waves! 🌊🐾
Joseph is very playful and loving. His favorite toys are his snoopy and monkey
Roxie is my ESA, therapy dog and service dog (in training). She is my friend and supporter. This is one of many pictures of Roxie sticking by me during an injury (You can even see my cast back there)
Hi! I’m Oakley, a lot of people call me oakers. Im not one yet but I will be soon! I really love swimming, and long walks! Please vote for me!!
Fenway is a sweet and playful puppy. He is so full of evergy. He is eight weeks old and already knows some basic commands. He definitely completes our big family.
Piper is a very energetic puppy! She loves running around and playing with leaves! She likes to dig in the backyard and she loves being spoiled by her family.
Storm loves his rats and cat's
Hello, my name is Crowley. My mom named me after The King of Hell on the show Supernatural. My absolute favorite snack is chicken and my favorite hobby is disemboweling my barkbox toys. My mommy takes really good care of me despite me driving her crazy, but she clearly loves me or she wouldn't spoil me like she does. Which is why you should vote for me, so she can spoil me a bunch more!
Moana loves her stuffed animals and taking car rides. She may look like a tough dog but she is the biggest cuddle bug ever!!
Ginger is an absolutely beautiful puppy that loves people and brightens up everyone’s day as soon as he enters the room. He is very friendly and playful little pup that everyone loves to be around.
We rescued bleu when he was 9 weeks old. He was returned because he was dead. He is the best dog we have, loves to sleep, and eat all day! Literally what more could you want!
Miley is a character! He is very easy going! He loves his mommy and cuddles. Miley loves chicken nuggets, sleep, and back rubs 🐶
Lilybug is a Pitt/ boxer she loves her family and loves to cuddle,when she shakes her head she shows her smile , as a puppy she got real sick but I refused to let her go she has grown into a beautiful healthy sweet girl
Hi, I’m Hudson! I may be 160Ibs but i promise you i will fit on your lap, even if you don’t think so. I love car rides, being outside, playing with sticks and being with my best friend, Nova, who’s a cat. I also very much enjoy my soft food when my mom gives it to me, but i pout when she doesn’t :(
Dotty is a frisbee catching, 4 wheeler riding monster
Gizzy came to me at 6 years old after being a caged stud in an Amish puppy mill. He had infected eyes, ears and teeth. Several teeth pulled and lots of love later he is the sweetest little love bug! He loves his brother Teddy, tolerates his big GSD sis Shiloh and will do anything for people food.
Maddox loves his bones and his toys! He loves to run around and play fetch. He’s also a big cuddle bug 🐶🥰
Bentley likes to play tug a war and bark a lot
Angel is the most lovable dog ever she will sing to the musical clock we have, play with the dog next door she will play with anyone and share her toys! VOTE ANGEL❤
Hi Im Bailey! Im a super loving and curious Basset Hound i like to explore everything and everywhere I love pets Belly rubs and Kisses, I love all humans and Animals, I have two sisters Olive and Daisy! Im super spoiled by my Hoomans and I go crazy about treats! My secret talent is I can leak my ears after I eat 😂. I have short little legs but this chubbiness can run fast 😊 I enjoy being on guard by the window so when i see something in the back yard i run to see if it’s a new friend. And my mom somehow calls my hair Basset Hound Glitter 😜 Vote for me 😍 I’ll give you all the fur love.
Moose is a super loving, high energy puppy. He just turned one and is loving life. He have a big personality for a little dog and loves his nicknames Moosey and Moosilicous
Vanessa And Nicole
Vanessa and Nicole aka Nessa and Nickers, are Boxers and sisters. They are the funniest bunch together and love going swimming at the river, riding in car or just hanging at home.
Harley is a very hyper lab. She is so much fun. We love taking her hunting with her dad.
She is a 6 year old blue pit 💕
Whiskey Lou
Whiskey Lou is 3 months old & is a lab, pit bull, and chihuahua mix. He loves walks (without a leash), he LOVES cuddles, and loves to sleep.
Zeus is a 7 year old Dobbie. I got as a rescue. He was very skinny when I first got him and was terrified of men. He is now doing much better. He still has plenty of energy and love to play and run. Very rare to not find my with a ball in his mouth.
Isane is a 6 year old Pit/Heeler. A rescue with a abused history. When I first got her she was terrified of a ball rolling across the floor and wouldn't eat out of a bowl. She is still shy and nervous around new people, but after some time warms up. She has a scar that goes nearly all the way around her neck, from being tied up with no collar. She loves to run and play.
Beckett is the most loveable, cuddly, godsend. He came 2 days after my dad passed and he has been exactly what I needed.
Koba AKA 626 loves to snuggle. He’s one big love bug and loves his chewies.
Princess Isabell
Meet our 13 week old mastiff who just loves to play and hang out with the kids. She is their best friend and ooohh how she cries when we drop them off at school!
Harley is a 2 month old jack Russell Australian shepherd mix! She is very energetic, playful pup, and she loves cuddling! Please vote for Harley!!
Calypso is a 7 1/2 year old Blue Doberman. She loves to run, swim, training and hang with family.
Grier was extremely abused and wouldn’t walk for the first week I got him, now he runs, plays, fetches, smiles, and loves cuddling and bacon strips. He’s also a great fishing bud!
Rotweillers get a bad rep as mean dogs. Gucci is here to put an end to that notion. At first glance his size alone is enough to scare any man, woman or child. He however is the farthest you can get from scary. He loves to play, give kisses seemingly at random, believes he is a lap dog leading to a large amount of cuddling and is overall just a big goof. Gucci has managed to captivate the hearts of everybody he has met and not to mention, is incredibly hansome.
Bear is the most gentle boy. He will always make sure you are kept safe.
Leo is a very active puppy! He is turning 2 on October 30th, He would rather be outside then inside, his favorite thing to do is steal items from us humans, and the thing he hates most is not having enough attention.
Dean is an absolute snuggle boy! He loves to curl up by your feet and make sure they stay warm.
Clutch is the sweetest boy, he loves to sing every morning and he will play fetch any time of the day.
Martini is a super loving friendly pup. She may be 10 but she acts like she’s 3. She loves the water and going to work at the groomers where she greets all the customers.
Carl Beans
Hi I’m Carl Beans, I enjoy driving my mom crazy, rides in the car and eating things that I’m not supposed to.
Captain Gunner
Cpt.Gunner loves his squeaky toys and going for walks. He likes playing in the back yard, but most of all, he loves to eat.