Coco is so active & fun! She loves being picked up & hugs from everyone! She’s so sweet & energetic! She loves to run & play with any/everyone!
Shadow is a Aussie, mixed with a border collie, & husky, she’s active & fast as can be, she’s off leash trained & loves her sister very much, she’s protective & doesn’t like many people but is the sweetest baby there is!
Ash is a full blood Shepsky, she’s active & friendly, she’s a lap dog (what dog isnt) despite her size, she loves her siblings & is the biggest baby we have!
Baby is the best boy. He loves his family especially his little boys. He thinks hes a lap do and koves to play fetch
Max is a very lovable dog that loves to cuddle and play with everyone even on the trampolines. He is very loyal and we be next to everyone all day long.
Paddy got her name because she was born around saint Patrick's day🥰 🍀I'm not sure about her breed, she was a stray.
Buster Whatley
Buster is a mama’s boy, he loves bacon , hotdogs and cottage cheese, but not together. He loves cats, he never met a cat he didn’t love! He isn’t fond of taking rides in the car. He’s a good boy
She is 10 months and born the day before Christmas Eve. She's lovable and as sweet as the Candy! It is her first contest or profile. Reeses loves all people and animals. She's a bundle of joy and energy like a tax mania devil. She chill when she needs to be. Pure sweetness
Penny Lane
Penny Lane is with her Big Sister Paisley. She loves her new owner 5 in a half year old Crosby James, and is very excited for this next Journey of her life!
Bella loves to sunbathe
Cooper is a Redbone Coonhound who loves to play with his brothers and sister. He loves giving big kisses and loves having his ears rubbed.
He is 14 year old he is a emotional therapy dog he love meats fish peas carrots cornbread he love kids and others animals very loving he my baby
dana is my 5 year old pitt bull, she loves walks and people
My name is Dutton, im lsid back and very friendly, i love to cuddle with my mom.
Jake is my service dog in training for ptsd, he is a pitbull mix! hes a good boy
Kimbo is always happy.. If you are ever feeling down you just have to look at him and his happiness will make you happy..
Ryno is the sweetest pit pull who is a big 9m old baby he loves his toy, play with his dog friends, loves to eat and car rides but his favorite thing to do is snuggle on mama lap cause In his head he a size of a lap dog.
Archie loves to ride on the back of my motorcycle, he loves the wind in his fur and he wears his little helmet and goggles.
Luna is an albino doberman and she loves to play. She loves to go on rides in the truck with the windows down and her head sticking out.
Cannoli loves to lay by my side and hug
She is a service dog in training she loves to play fetch and loves agility and water
Happy was abused when he was a puppy. Until my friend took him in. Then when she passed away i took him in and bring him back to life. He was very sick and under weight. Now is is a healthy Happy dog. He loves playing with his toy especially his Balls . He loves going on trips. He has his own car seat so he can look out the window. He needed me as much as i needed him. He just one big Happy dog.
Princess is so close to the PERFECT dog; it's scary. She never potty inside, she doesn't mess with anything, and when she is in public, she is on the BEST behavior. Princess travels a lot and is always dressed to impress.
Loves to play possium for his biscuits! 😂🎃❤️🌴
Maggie loves to play, she is smart and learning everyday.
Reindeer chihuahua, looks like an Italian Whippit to me! Only thing chihuahua about her is her bark! Thus her name! 😂🎃❤️🌴
Harley has always been a good girl ever since we brought her home. She has never growled or barked at any of my kids or family members.
She is such a good pup around my 3 kids and niece. She likes to do zoomies around her kennel outside with her best friend Harley!!
Ace is a tiny little boxer pup. He loves playing with his toys and cuddling
I came into my family’s life during the beginning of the pandemic and I have never been the same since. I went from being a scared chiweenie who barked and shivered at the world to a courageous and spontaneous boy! I now love to meet new people, go on lots of walks and rides, and get to experience the joy of the world around me! I am so grateful my humans rescued and saw the potential in me to be a good dog!
We rescue home her
Winston is a purebred pug and a certified good boy. He is 7 months old and full of love.
He’s a very bi-polor chubby lil confident guy. He’s very spoiled. He doesn’t like ppl just a select few. Nutt is a toy minpin ppl mistake him for a chuwawa which makes him fighting mad. He can count to 3. My lil Nutt butt is 13 yrs old. He has severe arthritis in his hips. Me letting him get way over weight didn’t help either
Sadi is a fun outgoing loving pup! She loves to play fetch and loves her squeeky toys!! Sadi also loves to tilt her head to the aide when you whistle. Sadi loves to give kisses and cuddle at night when its time for bed
Liberty is a long-haired chiweenie who loves to be in the kitchen cooking with her humans, digging in the sand, chasing kitties, and most of all eating!! Liberty was born July 4 of 2022! Liberty loves to drink espresso so much that any time anyone has a coffee cup she will dance until you give it to her! Liberty’s favorite foods include pasta, pupcups, peas and rice, and ice cream.
Vee is the sweetest girl. She loves pets and cuddles. Walks are her favorite. She loves smaller animals. I’ve had her since she was 5 weeks old. She loves to eat pancakes for breakfast, and don’t even stand in the way of her piece of chicken for dinner. Vote for Vee, you won’t be disappointed 🫶🏻 Just look at her little crooked teeth smile ❤️
Teddy Bear
He loves going on hikes and snuggling up next to you and resting his heavy head on whatever he can
As you can see she is sweet like her name. Sugar loves giving kisses. She likes all of the attention for herself. She is so playful and at the same time lovable as can be. She is a very photogenic Shih Tzu who loves being pampered.
Smart 4 year old German Shepard loves to help. Get phone get clothes out of dryer. Find my truck. And loves to learn
Shadow is very loving and he is protective of me. He loves all his toys and playing outside. He is a rescue and I promised him that I would spoil and love him to make up for his past.
Stella is a 3 Month old Black Lab Retriever. She is full of love and the sweetest girl ever. She came to our family after losing our dog Charlie from Cancer 1 month ago. She has brought so much love to us ❤️
Ualani is a fully trained pupper who loves to play fetch and has learned how to perfectly pose for photos
Poppy is almost 6 months old. She loves all family, friends and everyone! She likes to make funny combination sounds. My favorite is the yawn and bark combo.
Koa is my baby she loves to cuddle she has a very sassy attitude and she loves people and ramen noodles lol.
SWEETY is a frisky, playful, lovable, adorable puppy and at the same time is a stubborn girl with an attitude. She has a mind of her own and is just aLike a teenager. She loves or should I say she's crazy about car rides.
Porter is super loving weather hes known your forever or just met you. He loves cuddles, playing fetch and playing with his toys. His favorite snack is peanut butter right off the spoon. He will follow you everywhere to make sure you are safe. Hes a sweet boy!
Dexter's two favorite things are cuddling and treats. He loves watching horror movies with the humans. He refuses to be separated from his best friend Daisy. His favorite toy is a tiny cow he takes with him everywhere.
Daisy loves to explore but always comes back to cuddle. She loves napping on a human's lap or wrestling with her best friend Dexter. Her favorite toy is anything Dexter is playing with.