Charlie is a pit mix and he is full of love and life! Loves playing with his tennis balls and chasing the kids around, absolutely loves the cat and loves to be held and loved on! He’s a good boy with the biggest heart❤️
Kensie Jane Holly
Kensie is a beagle, rottweiler, & black lab mix. She is almost 4 years old & spoiled rotten! She loves scrunchies & tennis balls! She almost ALWAYS has the zoomies. Her favorite snack is raw carrots🥕
This is mocha she lovess cuddles with mom and playing tug a war. She loves being outside and going on adventures. Love car ride and eating lots of food 🥰
Ellie loves to play and stretch and have someone with her while she’s eating , very loving dog
Sunny loves to cuddle with mom and go for rides!!
Pepper Joe
Pepper loves to go on walks and adventure outside and especially loves to dig holes and eat sticks!
This is Boomer! He loves to chase his ball and Bark at deer in the front yard, and the chickens next door! He loves his family and protects them very well!
BLEU is just about 5 months old he loves playing with his brother which is a English bulldog and oh how he loves to run and his over excitement and drooling for car rides he is German shepherd chow chow also we saved him he had parvo as a baby and almost didn’t make it
I got my Addie girl when I was 19 years old. She was just 4 weeks and the runt of her litter, she pranced over to me and I picked her up and she proceeded to sleep on my chest for two hours. I knew then she was going to be my girl. She likes cuddling with me and walks on the beach because my girl LOVES to swim and play fetch in the water.
This is Tia! She loves her treats, snuggles, & loves posing for the camera!
Kuma is still just a baby, but she won our hearts with those heart melting brown eyes. She is just a sweet little girl who loves to play and nap 😊
Tucker is a bundle of joy who loves to run and play all day long. He also loves cuddles and belly rubs
My name is kaos and I’m a big ol baby I am my mommies fav
She is the most loveable baby she thinks she is human and loves to give kisses
Hi I’m Zoey G. I was adopted from a shelter by my best friends. I’m extremely sweet despite the scared looks I get as a pitbull terrier. I’m always down to cuddle and will never deny a milk bone treat
Chloe is full of energy and love. She has two older brother Dutch and kimber who she loves to play with during the day and snuggle up to at night. She loves anything she can chew on and anything she can eat.
Duke is 8 weeks old and is full of energy, he loves to run and play with his toys but has to take naps in between🐶😊
Kip is the happiest blue heeler you'll ever meet! Loves to play fetch, love on her kids and play in the water!
Pete is a sweet loving boy who loves nothing but cuddles and play time!
I HAVE NO AVAILABILITY ON ANY SITE Leila is the sweetest, most energetic, playful, psychotic, loyal, loving and beautiful Baby Girl❤️❤️❤️ I have had her since she was 4 months old and it has been a wonderful 4 years. She loves all animals (except cats) and humans. She loves to play tug of war with her rope toys or anything else she can grab on to and loves to ride shotgun every time the wheels move. She is a pillow hog and loves to sleep with her head on my pillow. She is not my dog, she is my daughter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Boomer loves his family, he is old but young at heart! He loves cuddling up close to anyone who comes his way!
She is perfect in every way, she is a psychiatric service dog and the light of are life.
Syren loves her toys. Syren loves the river swims in the summer!!
Zoey is a energetic puppy, she loves spending time with family and friends. She loves meeting new play mate's!
Sabine is another sweet pup, she spends her days lallygaging in the grass, she loves her brother Baxter with all her heart, and she loves treats.
Baxter is the most sweetest boy with a caring heart, he is a rescue; he loves ducks, and his favorite toy is a plush duck
Maggie is a 8 week old labradoodle, she loves playing & sleeping. She loves her brother & sissy 💙
He is a very photogenic dog with I love he is a big bother to our lil indie baby he is her Bodyguard
He loves cuddles and playing with his brother Thanos and his human brothers
Honey is a little over 5 weeks old. She loves to cuddle. She just figured out how to run. She’s being potty trained. She loves to play. She howls so loud. We love her so much!
harley is a very loving puppy. she will lay with you and give you cuddles and kisses. acts like a human. she listens very well. full of energy. loves to play fetch. she loves to go on car rides. she loves playing in the water.
ScoobyDoo always has his ears like this when he hears something Scooby ears go up like this
Aubrey is a mastador, half English mastiff & half lab. Aubrey has a very goofy personality & absolutely loves attention & cuddles! Whenever she has the chance she will cuddle with you or make you pet her!
Our Dixie loves loves loves cuddles and meeting new people and pups! She’s very playful & loves to play in water! She’s also very protective over her sweet baby human sister & has to be at her side at all times!
Chico is an Italian greyhound. He came to us as a rescue dog, but really he's rescued me. He knows when my seizures r bad and getting ready to happen. More than that he is one of the most loving and loyal babies I have ever had . I'm so lucky.
This is my baby! Piper! I’ve had her since she was just about 10 weeks old. She is 6 years old. She loves to dig holes in the yard when she’s not digging she loves to lay in the yard and relax in the sun! Almost as much as she loves long walks in the nature parks. she loves to burrow under the blankets and cuddles up with mommy and daddy every night! She is super friendly and loves everyone!
Henry loves to play, anything that speaks makes him happy! He’s obsessed with giving hugs & being loved on.
A very sweet and lovable pup. She loves to run, jump and play with other animals. She loves to be babied at bedtime.
DIXIE is a boxer/bulldog she loves to sleep and eat and she is a big baby
She likes watching the cats play
This cutie pie is literally a saint. He’s never did any wrong. Has the most adorable face with his little tongue hanging out. He absolutely loves to be baby talked. His favorite special treat is chicken nuggets and he loves to watch tv animal planet preferred.
Tanner is a 3 month old spunky Liver/Tan Parti Mini Schnauzer! He lives in beautiful NW Montana only minutes from the mountains🏔When he’s not running around like a crazy pup outside, he’s super cuddly and loves to snuggle. Tanner has brought so much joy into our lives in such a short period of time💕
Henry is just a baby at 7 weeks old he loves playing with his kitty brothers and taking naps
He loves rides in the car he is 8 he also loves outside
Trish will do anything for a treat. She loves all her toys and treats them like her babies.
Bailey is the most wonder dog and cutest cudler and playful dog ❤️
Simba is a very loving, beautiful,but stubborn dog who loves kids, and going for walks