Baby Stories - 78


Paladin is a Shetland Sheepdog who lives in South Dakota.
Chomper is a 6 year old Shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie). He LOVES cheese! He got his name because we would blow in his face and he would try to eat the air! He’s a loving sweetheart and loves to greet people with a booty wag and a toy!
Zoie is 5 years old her dad is a pug Pekingese mix her mom is a Pekingese and a Shih Tzu mix she's the most loyal loving caring furbaby ive ever raised she was bottle feed at 2 weeks old and everybody loves her ! She loves to show off after she gets her bath and cut its so sweet she comes in and runs straight to daddy to show off her new look !!!
Sadie loves eating pup cups and playing in the snow. She can be mischief sometimes but is very loving!
Sweetest most adorable dog I’ve ever had.. he never fails to make us giggle. Ok
Fun loving, cuddle bug, energetic 14 week old silver lab. Greatest addition to our family.
I go by davey for short. I love showing people how happy I am in my new home. I was rescued 2 years ago by my parents.
Said is actually a pitsky. She is inlove with the snow!!
Hi! Kobe is a 3 month old Blue Nose Pit Bull and the sweetest puppy ever! Kobe was named after Kobe Bryant. He loves to cuddle, take naps, and play outside with his friend Moana that lives here as well and is also a Pit Bull. Kobe absolutely loves to meet new people and wants all the attention he could get lol VOTE 4 KOBE!
Jack daniels is so adorable and loves his cuddles is the sweetest boy and a lady killer 😎
Louie is my best friend he is a very sweet and a playful dog 🐕🐶
He is a sweet dog My best friend
Chloe Mae
Hi!! I’m Chloe I love my momma and daddy so much i tend to get crazy sometimes and, i like the think i’m a big dog and play with my best friend Pharaoh!
Trusty is a mixed breed rescued from the shelter. Trusty loves shrimp and cuddles in the bed.
Coco is a sleeper . Loves all the attention & weight at 1.3 pounds . He’s small but with a huge heart .
Uga is an nine month old English mastiff. He loves food, snuggles, watching the Georgia bulldogs play, and naps!!! Any prize money earned will be going towards the price of his classes to become a registered therapy dog for the community ❤️
He’s half German shepherd and half husky! He’s a very well behaved dog and loves the snow💙 and he has recently had surgery!
Bart is a very active out going dog, he loves other dogs but he sure is a loud one. He loves being outside and loves playing in the snow. He loves his mom and dad, he’s very protective of us and my son ❤️
Hi!! My name is Kato😊My nickname is Kato Potato. I love to be outside, play fetch, play with all my toys , and do tricks for treats. I love playing with my other doggy friends!!
Hi!! My name is Clark 😊 I love to be outside, play fetch, play with all my toys, and do tricks for treats. Mommy says I’m a good boy so I’m getting a human in March 💙👶🏻
Daisy is a super cute fun and loving little girl. She has brought so much joy to our lives. She loves playing with her toys and chasing the cat.
Blue Jean
Blue Jean is very outgoing dog. Alway wants to play it could be a human or another dog that girl is always up to chase a ball. She is super loving. Know when her mamma needs her the most! 💕
Bella Rose
BellaRose is such a pup and people person there has never been a pup or a person she has not loved. She loves traveling with her mama, hiking, playing in the snow and boat rides!
Aurora is a rescue! She absolutely loves everyone, especially kids!! She loves going for walks and going out to work with her dad!! She is definitely a mommas girl though!
Luna is an outgoing, hilarious, hyper girl! She is a daddy’s girl for sure!! She absolutely love bones, going for walks, cuddling with dad, and playing fetch!
Bella enjoys hiking and evening walks with her hoomans, she also loves doing tricks and earning treats. Her favorite toys are tug ropes and rocks!!! She is really loved and spoiled my her hoomans.
Mia is a 9 week old Mini Aussie who loves to retrieve and have her belly rubbed. She has already learned the commands sit and come and potty trained in just 2 days. Mia is a special little girl and a certified ESA pet to boot. Life is happier with the love of our baby!!!
Indi loves to run and tug. She gets a huge smile on her face that brings joy to everyone. She is also very well mannered. She can perform multiple tricks l such as shake, bark on command, play dead, and many more.
Hoosier was named after the racing tire! He loves being around the race cars, running around in the woods, and cuddling. His favorite toy is a squeaky duck that’s longer than he is.
Dunkin is a 10 week old lab mix that was just adopted this week. He loves sticks, cuddles and chasing the cat. He is a sweetheart. Melts your heart❤️
Brownie was adopted from the county shelter when she was approximately 2 years old. She is now 10 and living a great life with her two buddies Sweetie and Sadie. She loves walks, but that is about it when it comes to exercise. She is happiest just having someone love on her.
Tulsa Mae
Tulsa Mae is such a loveable sweet girl. She is such a mamas girl❤️ She likes to play with other dogs but sometimes she just likes to be alone. She likes playing in the snow! Tulsa Will be 1 years old on March 29th.
Jessie is a corgi-pit bull mix. He loves chasing cats and playing with his sister cat.
Rocky is a shihtzu who loves pets and playing! His favorite things are ear massages, chewing his NylaBone, and playing with his friends.
This is Moose! He is a fun loving adventure dog who loves road trips and long walks down a mountain trail with his human!
Lady is the most love bug ever! Right now she has a spinal injury that is preventing her back legs to work. We are working on getting her back on her feet so she can follow me around everywhere! We are missing that! Please vote for this lovable baby!! ❤️🐾 Expenses will be going towards vet bills and of course her favorite treats!🐾🐾
He is a friendly dog. He also love chicken with a piece of cheese 🧀 And a belly rub
A super adorable littel ball of ears that runs through the house to give her naps
Cowboi is the most loving dog with a big sense of humor he likes playing pranks on the other doggies and loves his toy raccoon he’s had since he was a baby
Burlington is both deaf and blind but she sure is the sweetest!
Kane loves to snuggle and lay in the sun :)
Bruno loves everyone.. he loves to play with everything that are not his toys including all kinds of shoes but crocs are his favorite. He absolutely loves other dogs but he gets confused when it comes to children. He truly is a crazy puppy but don’t let him fool you he’s a snuggle bug.
I love to play with other dogs and I recently played in snow for the first time and LOVED IT. My favorite thing to do at the house is play with the cats. I will be turning 1 on March 17th so this would be an awesome early birthday gift!
Leo is a 3 month old beagle who love playing with all his friends!
Bennett Cash
Bennett is a 3 yr old aussie! He loves car rides and walks. His favorite thing to do is race when wheeler around the field!!
Kirby Dean
Kirby is a very goofy, very mouthy 1 year old aussie pup! He loved the beach and playing in the water and loves making new friends🥰