Baby Stories - 77


Coco loves to steal our slippers and hide under our sofa! She loves to dig and run. She cuddles when she wants to and howls so uniquely its as though she speaks. We love her!
Scarlett is a very loving and friendly dog. Her favorite hobbies are hanging out with her favorite people and going to dog parks. She also loves her squeaky toys and playing with her brother💓
Winston loves to run and play
Willow is a Diva, she’s the matriarch of the family and the sweetest girl you’d ever want to meet.
Freya never goes anywhere without her ball. Morning, noon or night!
Oakley is a 5 month old German Shepherd. He loves to play in the snow and chew on cardboard ;) Oakley is a fun loving dog with sooo much energy
Enzo is a very intelligent dog. he is only 9 weeks old and he sits, shakes, and lays down. He loves to play with his toy monkey and go on car rides with his momma (me of course). Enzo is my baby boy.
Marley Mae, otherwise known as “Moo Moo” for the adorable spotted dark brown and white coat. Her favorite treats are fresh chicken and sweet potato chicken wrapped treats! She loves doing zoomies around the house and backyard. She LOVES the backyard, especially if she can find a stick, pinecone or play in the snow!
Mr. Kai came to us as a rescue pup from a high-kill shelter in Texas to our local animal shelter where we met and made him part of our pack. Since he has been with us, he has really come out of his shell, and is a fun sweet boy who loves people, other dogs, hiking, playing with stuffed toys, sleeping, and eating chicken liver, mmmmmmmm!
Ginny Lorraine Mcdonald
Ginny is almost 7 months old. She is the sweetest girl who loves her family, loves treats, and playing fetch! She is loved by everyone
Adam is a mystery, him and his siblings were found and we have no clue what type of breed he is. He loves watching Clifford before bed and paw patrol in the morning :)
Sadie is 3 Months old, she loves to play with other dogs, cuddle, play with her toys, and play in the snow. She knows how to shake and is learning fetch!
Rocky is an Australian Shepherd, he will be a year old on February 15th. His nicknames are Rockstar and Mr. Wiggle booty. He is full of energy, loves to go on walks with his momma. He is very loving. His bones and lamb are his favorite toys. Rocky enjoys car rides and hanging his head out the window.
Primo is 5 months old and full of loving energy! He loves to run and play with his 4 year old human brother, play with his toys, and snuggle. He is the most friendly and loving pup. We are so lucky to have Primo💕
Giant teddy bear loves kids more then anything sweetest dog ever and always wants to be by your side
Chanel is a 1 year old female pug. She loves chewing her bones next to someone as she is cuddled. She gets the zoomies a lot! She enjoys company and hates being alone.
Gator Aka Bubba Moose
Gator, AKA Bubba Moose, is a Rescued Dog. From his DNA, he is believed to be Australian Cattle Dog, Rhodesian Ridgeback and Shar-pei. The Cattle Dog breed stands out the most, because he wants to "HERD" everything in site! Bikes, Fed-Ex Trucks, Amazon Trucks,.... Skateboarders,.....and so on! He is extremely loyal and just fills my day with Happiness! He absolutely LOVES to go walkies and gets quite grumpy, if he doesn't get to go everyday. He is my BEST FRIEND!
Emma Lynn
I love to cuddle with my mom and dad. I like to talk when I have to go potty. Oh and I LOVE my Kong, when my parents put treats inside it ❤️
Winnie is a little teddy bear of cutness. She has a sweet kind heart and loves her family.
Leo is a 3 month old crazy little pup, he loves food and playing
Ginger is a rescue and absolutely LOVES hugs, bathing in the sun, running and fetching sticks! She is the best dog anyone could ever ask for and has such a BEAUTIFUL personality!
She loves the snow and is very protective. She sweet and is a big food lover.🥺
She is a lovable wild child
This teddy bear loves to sleep and play with his daughter
Luna loves playing with her toys ,snuggling, giving hugs and kisses
Alexi is my therapy dog. Alexi is laid back and calm and just loving.
Tanner loves taking long naps and constant snuggles! His precious personality is one of a kind!
Birdie is the sweetest girl who loves everybody, playtime & naps. She always sleeps snuggled up with a toy. Vote for our Birdie girl! 🥰
Hi, I’m Hazel and I’m a 4 year old chocolate Havanese. My color has changed quite a bit since I was a puppy. Some of my favorite things include playing Hide N Seek with my family, exploring our local dog park and going on lots of walks🐾
This big fluff ball only wants to cuddle and give hugs. He loves his little pig friends and is one hyperactive Aussie
Hazel is a 10 year old rescue pup who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on November 22. She immediately underwent amputation and began chemotherapy. She is ROCKIN the tripawd life and is such a fighter! She wants to live! Prize money will go directly to help pay for her chemotherapy and give her a fighting chance at life!!
Carolina is a rescue dog but in reality she rescued us! Our youngest daughter is Autistic and has underlying medical conditions seizures and diabetes, Carolina was never trained to be a service dog but she calms our daughter when she is having fits and also let’s us know when she is about to have a seizure.
Huxley is a German Shepherd. Huxley loves belly scratches and chasing balls. He is a big cuddle boy and will do anything for some treats.
She’s can be a lil feisty at times when she see’s a strangers lol but otherwise she just a old pooch that loves to chase lasers and go on walks and loves her master dearly ❤️ Had her since I was 9 years old I’m 22 now 🥰Pug/Chihuahua ❤️PUDGY💜
his big sister is a german Sheppard, lucy.... charli follows lucy around everywhere, and crawls right on top of her for his safe good night sleep, adorable... he has quite the personality already
Bella Sanchez
So beautiful 🤩 and angel face , smart, peaceful, cute 🐶😍🥰🙏🙏
Serg is a 12 year old Beagle with loads of love to give! He is definitely a momma's boy- so dedicated and loyal! We just found out he has diabetes but he is such a trooper and handling his insulin like a pro <3 Please vote for my baby!
Winnie’s favorite things include playing with toys, napping, and cuddling with her favorite humans. Her best talent is bouncing a balloon in the air🎈
What can I say, I’m cute as fluff!🤪
This is Scooby he is only 1 years old we found him on the side of the road one night his previous owner left him to get hit by a car. Scooby loves to play fetch in the back yard and loves getting belly rubs. Also loves car rides and log walks out side.
I’m VERY! Playful ❤️ My favorite people are my family and Dog brothers and sisters!
Wee Wee
Ryder is a mini-doxie. His nickname is “wee wee” and he loves his Chorkie brother, Mylo.
Pip Eats with, sleeps with, and protects his toys. Where you find Pip, you will find one of his toys nearby!
This is Delilah. She just lost her brother, but she loves that she gets all of the attention and is never too far away from her mommy. She loves to talk and snuggle!
Bella is the sweetest girl you'll meet, once she gets to know you! She loves to be scratched and cuddle on the couch. She is the best friend ever!💜
Draco is a 3 month old bulldog with lots of energy. He loves to play but also loves to nap!