Bailey is SUPER loving with a very exciting, sometimes crazy personality. He loves being outside in the car, pulling us down the street, or just sitting outside for hours. More than anything he LOVES his treats begging from everyone in the house if one doesn’t have any, he’ll move right onto the next!
Hi everyone! My name is Luna and I am 3 years old. I’m a pitty mixed with some bulldog; that’s where my pouty face comes from. My favorite things in the world is taking naps, eating and taking the white stuff out of those soft toys! Mom doesn’t seem too happy when I do it, but she keeps buying them so she must not care that much! My favorite time of the year is summer because I love the water and I LOVE to swim!
Maggie May
Maggie is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She was rescued off the street in December 2017. She loves to do tricks and take long naps! She will do anything to get your attention and pets which includes howling at you since she is part husky 😂
Chase is a sweet, cuddly baby who gets separation anxiety when your gone for too long. 😂 so there’s never a moment where he’s not close by!
Diesel is one of a kind. He has his own unique personality and loves to play with his German shepherd sister Oakley
Oakley is such a sweet lovable girl! She likes to play ball and cuddle!
Hi my name is Shanghai! My real name is actually Ninja of Darkness Shanghai! I was a breeding dog until my momma adopted me. I am an almost 9 year old Shetland Sheepdog that absolutely loves his momma. I have several siblings; Malibu, Moxie, Zoey, Drake, and Black Beauty. I really do love my cat siblings and they love me for my fluffy fur; it keeps them warm. My sister Malibu can get on my nerves sometimes but I really do love her. I love all my siblings but not as much as I love my momma!
Oscar is 6 weeks old and is a Golden Retriever! He likes to sleep and chew on his sister callies tail🧡🐾
Willow is a 4 month old golden retriever, she loves her playing outside and playing in the water. She loves to be next to momma 24/7, and loves to play with bouncy balls.
This fun-loving girl is a snuggler and all around baby doll ❤️ She loves playing with her "Hedgie" (hedgehog) and "Piggles" (the pig that oinks!). She's quite laid back except for bouts of ZOOMIES!!!
Dobby is such a loveable boy he gives lots of kisses. Dobby loves playing fetch with a ball and playing with his calico cat sister.
Smart and energetic,Very alert and friendly
Lakota is a 12 year old husky who’s still crazy as ever despite his age. He had a scare of cancer a couple year ago but he kicked it’s tail. Lakota holds a special place in my heart
Bella is a 7 year old German Shepherd who loves to go for long walks and cuddle
Jasper is a 15 month old service dog in training. He loves to play fetch and be with his handler (me)
Ragnar is an 8 week old Husky who is a love bug that was born on Valentine’s Day. He loves to cuddle and play with his other animal siblings. His favorite things are to give gifts of leaves and rocks to his parents and roll in the mud.
Bella Boo Whipple
Bella is our Baby. You can tell by the way she likes to lay on Dad and be rocked to sleep. She is 2 1/2 years old and a big wooping 4 lbs. We wouldn't trade this little girl for anything in the world! She is our little shadow. ♥️
Moon is an Old English Bulldog, he fits the “old” part of his breed, because he lovesss to nap, but don’t let that fool you because he also loves running around our neighborhood & is known as the “neighborhood dog”!
Winston David
He loves to cuddle, at his convenience of course, and he loves to chase his ball around the yard. He is the sweetest old man you’ll ever meet 🤍
Daxter is a Australian husky mix… Ausky.. he is 13 months old and the sweetest most lovable pup I’ve ever owned.
She is the best dog ever she plays and has fun with her 5 kitty friends in the house because sometimes she thinks she is a kitty!! She loves to go on car rides with mom to pick up her brother and sister
Leo is the sweetest little boy who loves tummy rubs, crinkle toys, and sittin on his bar stool watching his mommy cook!
Frances Aka Baby
Baby is a fun loving, free spirited little female. She loves playing with sticks of all kinds.
Maggie is a rescue labrador retriever 💜 she loves to play and be by your side constantly
He’s dead but still a cutie 😩
Dixie loves car rides chasing her pack she’s come along way she’s 6 months so smart and sweet she loves cuddles and kisses she IS MY PROTECTOR
Lincoln loves going outside to play fetch! His favorite thing to do is sleeping on the couch.
Tia is a good ole dog she is around 14 years old and a very nice pup.
Airborne is an Australian Shepherd Collie mix. Hes my bestfriend.
She is a pit bull/Australian shepherd/border collie but she’s a great dog so joyful to be around She’s a mammas girl but is also my best friend Service Animal
This is Georgie, he’s a mini Australian Shepherd. He loves to play with anyone and everyone, he loves taking long naps and of course treats!
This is Whiskey, he’s a shi-poo. Shitzu & toy poodle bread. He is the sweetest little baby, and lovessss cuddling and sleeping on my UGG blanket that he blends into!
Sadie is half shihzu half yorkie. She is very smart and loves to fetch. You will ware out before she does.
Luna is 10 weeks old. Her personality is the funniest. She will play like a cat, act like a cat. She loves to try to play with her cat brother and sister (Kurama and Harley). She absolutely loves her human brother, sisters and absolutely loves her human momma n daddy. When dad comes home she gets super excited and will run straight to him even if she was sound to sleep. Luna is very smart, loves to play, eat, cuddle, sleep.... 🥰
Massimo is a spurt of love. He just had his very 1st Easter and is looking for some more Easter lovin 🐣🤍
Colleen is a rescue pup. She brings nothing but happiness to her family with her endless love and cuddles. She loves to give kisses and play outside. She walks gently on a leash and loves to watch the birds and squirrels in the yard. She is a fearless girl that is always looking to for adventure💓
Ellie is a rescue that was surrendered multiple times before finding her furever home with me in 2018. She has completely changed my life! She just celebrated her 6th birthday! She is full of energy and loves squirrel and bird watching! 🐿🦆🐦 She has such a personality and is my best friend! Ellie would love to win this contest because she thinks she needs more toys and treats! Isn’t she the cutest?! 🥰🐾
Minnie likes cuddles she likes covering up with blankets she loves to get kisses and hugs and she loves going outside and sitting in the window
Bella is my newest addition, shes a 9 week old pure bred Mini Dacshund. Shes my little peanut and always has to be near us, she's amazing with my other girls and she stole my heart instantly
Yumi is my pure bred Shiba baby, shes the sweetest and most playful girl ever, but also can be very stubborn lol. She knows what she wants when she wants
Biggie Smalls
Biggie loves playing with his big brothers Bo and Duke (German shepherds) and taking rides to get his pupicino from Starbucks.
Ernie likes to cuddle up on the couch and sleep. He is a very playful dog and calms down when you show no interest in playing
Chunk is almost a year old and already over 100 Lbs
Hello my name is Remington I love to play constantly and give you an attitude, Much love
Teddy enjoys spending time outside, especially in the snow, playing fetch, going on car rides, and running around!
My dream breed a Rottweiler. Xena celebrates her birthday February 13th. She is a smart, fiesty little girl that is such a quick learner. She is so spoiled and enjoys playing with her humans and cuddling with her big Rottie sister. I can’t wait for y’all to watch her grow. 😘 We would appreciate your votes for this growing bundle of joy
Mazie is a golden retriever who is almost a year old. She loves to cuddle and stick out her adorable tongue! Hoping she can win your hearts the way she won mine.