Charcoal is a mean young man is 1 1/2 years old! He loves treats, and he’s mean if he thinks you’re getting his food!
Persephone is our diva girl! She loves dresses, bows and getting her nails painted. She loves to be outside tossing a ball around or findin sticks. She also sleeps like a human; in bed, on her back and tucked under the covers.
Hi my name is Charlie! I'm 8 months old. I'm a Golden Retriever! I love playing with my tennis balls 🥎 and going on car rides with my mommy and daddy! I like to greet people with my chew toys. I get the zoomies after playing in water!
Stitch is 3 months old. His favorite things are food his brother and the outdoors! If Stitch could have his way then he would either sleep or play outside all day 🤣
Fender is a fun loving pup. He loves getting his nose kissed, walking on the beach, and getting lots of rubs. If you were to meet Fender you would instantly become his best friend. He loves everyone
Maggie is so beautiful and very loving.
She is very loving and playful yorkie she likes playing going on walks and she is great with my grandson and love giving kisses and love cuddling and going on trips and loves riding in a car
Chuck is the sweetest boy you will ever meet! He loves water and is obsessed with the sprinkler and rocks. At night when it is bed time he has to be sleeping under the covers. He is my best friend!
He loves to play ball and hide his dones
Elvis is the world biggest HAM DOG! He has NO FEAR OF ANYTHING and I only wish I had his TAKE ON THE WHOLE WORLD ATTITUDE! If another dog comes into his home, he is kind and shows other dogs how the doggie door works, where the water and dog food is, and share his toys with all
Captain Crunch
I am 5 months old and love to play, dig big holes, play with my mommy, toys and trying to be a show puppy!
This is our sweet Toby. He is a Pomeranian/Papillon mix. Toby’s favorite things to do are to go on walks ( and pee on EVERYTHING), chase after tennis balls, and to supervise whoever is cooking. If something drops he will not miss it. 😄
Lobo loves to play ball and play ‘Don’t touch me” with his live in dog friends. Always ready to protect his Mama.
Marty does nothing, but bring people joy. When we are on walks strangers smile ear to ear when they see him! He is the sweetest, most loving boy I've ever met lol. He loves to play especially with toys 2 times his size hehehe.
Cookie is a Stafford Shire Terrier. She loves people and her tail never stops wagging. She loves laying on her back so she could get her belly rubbed.
Very funny and smart puppy. He loves People and loves to play. Very sociable and loving.
Boris is a very sweet gentle boy,he's always snuggly w his mommy when she's not feelin well!!.he's an easy goin chillaxin pug!!!🐾💜
Hes a momma baby he has a cleft lip and only o e nostril when he smells you he tickles you he knew how to get his bird (his chicken)he could go outside with no leash and not run away if i told him daddy's guna put you in the corner he knew what that meant and would come running to his momma because he knew i wouldn't let him be put in time out he slept with his momma same spot every night he was my baby i miss him terribly he passed away in August this year he suffered from seizures due to his condition from the way he was wen he was born but he lived 10.5 years the vet said he wouldn't live long at a month old he only weighed 9 ozs but when he passed he weighed like12 lbs there will never be another like him and hell never be replaced hes in gods hands now
Sasha is a 1/2 Greyhound 1/2 Chihuahua rescue from Puerto Rico. She loves to play, run, and catch the ball in her mouth. She also sleeps in funny positions and uses her voice to express her feelings. She is also sneaky and likes to steal things.
This is my rescue dog who was left outside 24/7 :( She loves to cuddle and be lazy all day ❤️🐶. Not sure what I would do without her ❤️❤️❤️
Millie is the definition of “happiness.” She is full of joy and loves everybody and everything. Millie is also a service dog; she’s able to detect irregular breathing and gives comfort if her mommy has a panic attack. Millie’s mission in life is to make everyone smile!
Cameron is a sweet older chap who loves quiet evenings in front of the fireplace and long walks on the beach.
He loves chasing cars and swimming in his big water bowl
She loves her car rides, going to play disc golf and chasing her squirrels
Ms. Willow is the sweetest pup you’ll ever meet. She loves playing outside & being at the beach, she loves the water! She has a bestfriend named Jake, who is a 2 year old English Setter. Her favorite snacks are carrots & pickles. She loves cuddles & giving kisses. Her favorite thing to do is to ride shotgun in the car!
She a very playful puppy. She enjoys walks outside. She love playing catch with the kids.
Commander Ghost
He is a coon hunter and makes his daddy very proud. Ghost loves to show new pups how to work and how to have fun doing it . He is the sweetest hunting dog and loves rubs and kisses . He has one of the most beautiful howls when he opens up on a tree. He is a lover and a fighter.
Sadie Lou
Saide loves EVERYBODY. As soon as she meets you she wants belly rubs. Her favorite things are naps, treats, and baby talk . Shes a lazy girl but still gets her zoomies every now and then. She a protecter and loves all animals!
Meekos favorite things are mommy , cuddles , birds , truck rides , and playing frisbee with dad. He’s is the toughest but most loving dog .
Bear is a loving puppy who enjoys to run, play with his toys, and most of all he’s loves to cuddle. He is not only or best friend and the baby of the family he’s our heart ♥️
Sabbath loves anything and everything that walks, whether on two or four feet. He’s beyond smart and knows how to please.
He loves to cuddle,he prances when he walks cutest thing ever. His eyes are so handsome you cant deny him and he loves kissed and tummy rubs. He just an amazing dog. He doesnt like playing fetch just like playing with his human and during having the zoomies.
When ball is life!!!!
Dante loves his Family he is sweet and very playful. He loves playing with balls and is a really happy puppy.
Harley is a full blooded schnauzer. He was rescued by my brother. My brother gave him to me. Harley is highly temperamental. He’s a survivor. His highest instinct is to protect. He also loves all the cheese 🧀 you will give him! I love my Harley❤️
Lilly is a bright loving girl!!! She makes us laugh everyday with her playfulness!! She loves to camp and go fishing!! She loves lots of cuddles!
Maggie May
Maggie May is a fun loving energetic 9 month old puppy. She had her jaw broke at 4 weeks old by momma stepping on her but that hasn’t stopped her from living and enjoying life! She loves all animals and children of any age. She loves tennis balls and of course her squeaky toy as pictured.
Sully is the sweetest boy! He loves attention and cuddle and is never far from our feet! He adores my 3 boys and love when they play chase with him♥️🐶
Maui Blue
Maui Blue Loves playing with Raven Lenore eating alot and sleeping.He is learning to be a service dog and doing very good with this.
Smores loves to eat animals she’s a mix breed!!!
Luna is so sweet! She loves to be pet and her belly rubbed! She is nice to everyone! Her favorite thing to do is eat!! She always smiles for the camera!!!
Bondzeye is a very energetic and loving dog he loves to be around people and loved on. He knows how to sit, lay down, shake paws and give high five.
Jerry posing for his headshot!
Rose is the cutest rescue bully ever and she is my shadow. The sweetest no ears doggy.
I funny and super cuddly. I love to eat, sleep and play with my toys. I love to make funny noises but most of all I love my mommy
I am super energetic, anxious but yet lovable. I love the late summer nights by the fire. But I am definitely attached to my humans!!