Baby Stories - 77


City Boy Cyrus
Cyrus is a little 2 year old Alaskan Klee Kai with a B I G personality. He spends his spare time trying to steal his grandpas food off the nightstand and poking his nose into any and everything he can get into 🌚💗.
Thanos is a good ball who loves water and his bald siblings (both dogs and our Sphinx). He also has a Bordeaux sister who he loves and rough houses it. He is an up and coming show dog for Akc who loves the attention.
Daisy is a super playful pups she loves her huuumans and her toys 💝
I got her at almost two months, she was very shy, sad and to herself. Since having her”now 5months” I let her see tons of people a day now she loves people , loves to cuddle , play ! Melly has a strong personality She’s been such an amazing pup to me. One day with her you’ll fall inlove ❤️
He loves his kitties.
Shadow is a sweet and love big ole baby who loves his Kong, his treats, and his humans💛
Guppy was rescued from a high kill shelter in Tennessee at 8 weeks of age. No dog could be more of a snuggle bug than him. Loves playing with his other 4-legged siblings. But most of all, loves to sleep in his Mom and Dad's bed. Wakes up in the morning and begins to play and give kisses. Loves his toys and treats. Love this little guy!
Foxy was rescued from a local rescue group. I got her when she was 18 months old. She is just one cuddle bug who loves her family. She loves to play with toys, loves the outdoors and is all around special dog.
Prince is the most loving energetic puppy ever !!! He has a heart patch on his side and it defines him very well. He saved me mentally and emotionally ill never give up on my boy ! He’s smart and born on my dads birthday ! He loves kids and even great with them.
My name is Oakley, I’m pretty sure I’m a human!
Gryffin is my sweet service dog! He’s does every step of life with me! Vote for him!
Skye is a very cute girl! She always wanna to tease her big brother Roku. She loves to eat too! She always want to sleeps with her Big sister at night🤗🥰😘
Kai was born October 7 2020 but when he was born he was very sick the vet told us if we hadn’t got him he would’ve died but now he is a very healthy puppy that is 8 months. He loves to play with other dogs but is shy he likes to play with his favorite toy he would even try to play when your laying down bringing the toy over to you for you to play with him.
Milo is full of energy, such a good boy, & knows every command! He’s so spoiled. He loves hikes, water, & especially his BALL! We constantly get stopped on walks on how cute he is. Also has to walk with a stick in his mouth on EVERY walk. Love my sweet boy ❤️
Her favorite thing is to wait at the front door for the mailman when he brings her bark box, she scratches at the door until I open it and bring it in for her. Then within 5 minutes she destroys all 3 toys to get the squeakers out of them. 😂
"weewee" "winfred" "winniebin" "babygirl" . i love cuddling, eating and taking my mom for walks (lol).
Guy 🐶 loves his family! ❤️ Spends his time playing with his toys and his doggie friends next door. He knows how to sit, shake, lay down and high five. He is the BEST 🥰 cuddler and also loves rides in the car 🚗
So far, Magnolia’s favorite things to do are sleep and pester her big brother Max. She’s been in our home for a few weeks now and we have been amazed. She’s the most loving and smart pup I’ve ever had!
Socks is the most loving boy who will play with dogs big and small. His favorite thing to play with are socks and his favorite thing to do is hop around like a bunny!
LaRue is the sweetest most cuddly puppy ever! She is an adventure dog and has already been to 4 states! She is a greater Swiss mountain dog living her bestest life in wine country
Benji is such an amazing dog he loves being outside and playing with his toys he also loves to get on my nerves. He follows me everywhere. He loves to sleep and eat. He’s a puppy so you know how a puppy is😂
She is a playful baby! loves to be loved by us!!! She loves to splash around in her little puppy pool! During this crazy pandemic she brought life back into our home!!
I’m just a country boy living my best life, chasing balls, watching birds, barking at my shadow, you know the cool dog things 😎
Ellie loves to swim, play with her ball, and retrieve t-shirts and hand towels wherever she can find them! She will even take a hand towel from the counter and leave the food!
Sofie is so happy
Willow Starr
Willow is a 1 and 1/2 year old silver labrador retriever. She loves going for car rides, napping with her mom, chasing her feline siblings, and playing fetch. She weighs 81 pounds but no one’s convincing her shes not a lap dog.😂💚
Buddy is a big goofy boy. He loves to lick EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. He is the sweetest boy and still thinks he's a little boy.
Hi my names Bentley— I’m a Minature Aussiedoodle! I love to run around and eat whatever I can find.
Us, Being old folks, He watches over us all the time.He makes sure we don’t fall, Removes anything in our way when we walk. He move’s his toys so we don’t trip over them.He sits down and listens to everything we say. He s just a old man in dogs body.Ha Ha
Belinda Huerta
Please vote my precious baby girl 💘, she’s very loving and playful! 💘
Just a puppy! Lola loves going for walks, playing with her human sister and giving hugs! Will eat just about anything but loves ice cream, mom’s shoes and dandelions most!
Debo is a big bully, who loves snuggling with his three human sisters and lounging in the sun. Hims the best boi
Shelby Watiker
Shelby has a magnetic personality. She is very smart, playful and snuggly. Everyone who meets her love her!
Ally loves play time with her big sister Luna and gives the best hugs to anyone who needs them. She is emotionally protective and gentle to all new friends she meets.
Cabella is almost 2 years old who loves bath time, playing with her bones, snuggling with Dad, and hunting.
Moose is the most loving, snugglebutt, lap dog weighing in at 110lbs. He doesnt realize his size, obviously.
Josie is relatively new to our home. About 3 weeks now. She is a sweetheart who believes she is a lapdog, but she’s 60+ lbs. lol she loves her toys, her sister and has lots of new doggie friends.
Roo is special, she hops instead of walking. What she lacks in walking abilities she makes up for with running, she’s as fast as the wind. We named her Roo, short for Kangaroo due to her hop. She has daily adventures that we share through TikTok videos.
Ranger loves to play outside with other dogs and with kids. He also has a love for chips and if he hears you open a bag, he will come running! Lol. In some of the pictures he is playing with his little brother Sunny!
Sunny is just a little pup who loves to play and bite everything he can fit in his mouth! He loves to sleep on the vents when the central air is on, and to cuddle with anyone who is willing! In a few of the pictures you see is him playing with his big brother Ranger!
Reno is a one year old Pitsky! He’s huggable and a snuggle bug. Running and playing is his favorite thing to do and hanging out with his little human Cecilia.
Parzival Artemis Anorak Ache
Parzival is my sweet boy. He loves to play jump rope and go for car rides. His favorite foods are strawberries and whatever mama happens to be eating :) ... He is always ready for a walk in the park or a crash on the couch watching The Walking Dead. He loves to cuddle and watch movies with me. He is my heart and I love him so much. Thank you God for blessing me with such a sweet boy. He keeps my days filled with love and laughter.
Loki enjoys walks on the beach with mom and dad, loves jumping in the waves while getting sandy, and loves falling asleep on his daddy’s pillow every night.
Bean is a 1.5 year old Morkie and has the most personality we have ever seen! She has never met a dog or person she didnt love and enjoys making videos @sweetbeaniebean on TikTok!
Cayenne Chin
Cayenne was a rescue that really saved me. She’s loving, friendly and feisty. She loves running, and giving kisses. She has a liver condition and can only eat prescription food and must take 2 meds daily for the rest of her life - but believe me she lives that life to the fullest!
Great fishing dog. Excellent fish finder