Baby Stories - 77


Abel is quite the character. He is the sweetest boy that loves to play and make friends with other dogs.
Hey guys! My name is Zion. I’m 10 weeks old. I love to play, eat some yummy snacks and nap! Please take a moment and vote for me!
My name is brogen I am a Chihuahua mix my mom and dad rescued me 5years ago I love to cuddle and fetch my toys
Medic is Mischievous, but very lovable, excellent with kids, people and other dogs, loves to play although he doesn’t know just how big he truly is....he thinks he’s a lap dog
Winston, the eyes of mischief with a heart of gold ♡
Hi I’m Luka I love doggie treats and like to cuddle 🐶
Bella is so sweet she loves to play. She is my world.
Cute toy poodle Leta
Louie is a lill guy weighing 3.8 lbs He has a big attitude for the sweetest dog in the world .
Roxy is a red tri mini aussie. At only 4 months old she can sit, spin, highfive, and roll over. She is an absolute ball of energy and such a cutie!
Bruno loves to run and play with his brother Louie . He also likes to eat walls and bark all day .
Crazy, but amazing he, is always trying to protect me. He means the world to me!
Coco boy one day decided to jump in my car for a better life from the street ! He save my life !
Koda is a very fun loving pup. He is definitely a love bug, and very hyper. He is a protecter of his human sister haha. Definitely a great friend and family member.
Baylor Rose
Baylor Rose is a sweet loving full of energy little girl. She loves her big brother Beau and loves to snuggle. Loves playing with kids! All around just the best little girl💕
He loves playing outside and going for car rides. 🐾 He's a miniature poodle and is almost 4 months old.
Hoss has a very loving personality. He loves to play outside. Run along side the Ranger. He also runs through the tall grass as if he were a deer! it's so funny to watch
We just got Apollo 1 week ago but he loves to go outside and play, run. One day when he was on my bed I was covered with my blanket and Apollo started to play so he though he found a toy and started to bite it but it was my toe, he was very excited about it
Snoopy's passion in life is what he was bred for, sniffing. He will spend hours following a scent around our backyard. And if he actually catches something, he sniffs it and lets it go.
He may not be the smartest dog, but he is so sweet and loves to be loved. And with the sad puppy dog face of his, you can't deny him either.
Oh, Sadie. Sadie is stubborn but so sweet. Sadie loves being the center of attention, loves meeting new people, loves car rides. Sadie is completely and utterly harmless. All she wants out of life is a good snuggle, a tasty snack, and a nice, long nap preferably outside, in the sun. ❤️
Molly has such a beautiful personality, she loves everyone and thinks she could sit on your lap. She loves to cuddle and go on adventures! Show some love by voting!🗳❤️
Lucy Lu
Lucy Lu is a beautiful English bulldog dog!! Vote for her!!
He Loves His Stuffed Animals Prince Loves Outside and being in the car he loves to be cuddled and rubbed ❤️❤️❤️ He’s a very affectionate 🐶 Loves everyone especially kids 😩❤️❤️
Beauty is a survior...we had to bottle feed her..out of 7 pups she is the only survivor and is full of spunk..she is a little over a month old and enjoys cuddling with her teddy bear...she is just a beautiful dog
Nala is such a calm dog and loves to take photos , she’ll pose for the pictures !! Very gentle girl with kids and with everyone ! She loves to play a lot with other dogs but a very loving dog ! ❤️❤️❤️
A feisty female with attitude!
Blue is a 2 year old dachshund who is very shy at first but is very playful and energetic once she gets comfortable. Her favorite game is fetch and hide and seek!
The sweetest boy you'll ever meet! 💞
Damon is a Border Collie, Blue Heeler, Boxer mix. He is 3 months old and loves to snuggle and play fetch he is very energetic and playful.
Vara is our sweet girl. She’s a pup with an older dog soul. Loves to snuggle and LOVES her food. She curls up with her fur brother who is also her litter mate. She’s most certainly a daddies girl too. Not to much of a whiner like her brother is, please give her a vote. Mix of (lab, Shepard, blue tic, pit bull, and husky. )
Tobias is our rambunctious baby boy. He loves his mommy(me) and he’s a hog with the food. He nudges him self under the covers or under our arms for attention. And uses his feet as hands when playing with us. He has a thing with my hair just like his sister does. AND is amazing with our kiddos, like a little watch dog already.
Pugglie is 8 years old, he loves being out doors and love going on walks, if he’s not outside he is sleeping or eating
My name is Nova, I am a pure bread German Short-haired pointer. Insanely smart & a bundle of energy. I may look sweet and innocent but my mommy & daddy call me their little monster. I have a bajillion toys but my favorite things to play with are slippers and my parents flip flops ! I also love going into the forbidden forest ( the garden ) for snacks ( tomatoes ). And my favorite time of all is snuggles before bed 😊🐶💫
Biscuit is a very sweet dog, intelligent and funny, loves to play inside and outside. His favorite game is fetch, and playing with his little tennis ball 🎾.
Bell Bell is such a loving, snuggly silly girl. She loves playing hide and seek and being silly. She cuddles her humans and fur sister and believes she is the size of a yorkie. She loves to come sit on my lap like a toddler would and is quick to make you feel better or check on the kids of they are crying and give them hugs and kisses. She is amazing.
He is a 5 month old chocolate Labrador retriever American pitbull mix. He is currently in the hospital with parvo and if he won this contest all the money would go to helping him
Duke is the most playful and loving dog. He loves to lounge around on the deck and play football. He enjoys chasing our 2 year old around in the yard as well .
Hi my name is Hazel, i am 10 weeks old! I am a rambunctious little pup who is still learning!
Brett Micheal
Brett is blind in one eye but he dont let it slow him down he loves to wrestle with daddy on the bed then cuddle
Grizz Monster
He opens front door to let our other dogs outside .he is so loveable and happy
Waylon is a mix of who knows what. He’s an adorable fun loving puppy and my best friend. He lost his leg getting hit by a car before we adopted him but it’s never stopped him.
Very intelligent Standard Party Poodle with an heart of gold.
Titus loves to play with his fur cousins, and meet new friends. He absolutely loves playing with toys and going outside whenever he can.
Loo is a reacue. she was saved out of the road back in 2007. we have had her since. she is the most vocal dog i have. she is definitely a lover and not a fighter. she loves all animals and people. very docile. shes a cuddler. she purrs like a cat.
Piper had a rough start in life. After being rejected by her mother at birth, Piper came to me with her two sisters. She was tube fed, then bottle fed, and after surviving that, she had a serious reaction to a hernia repair and spay surgery and almost died as a result of allergies. Piper is a medical miracle in that she should not be here, but she's a fighter. She loves her toys, and busy bones, and her family. She is a well adjusted pup that loves play, bath time, and outside time. If Piper wins, any prize money will go to veterinary care for her should she need it and part will be donated to Baldwin County Animal Shelter. Without them, I would not have this special little girl in my life.