Long walks , sleeping in , cuddling with dad and 🐿
Milo is a very energetic puppy, he loves chewing on shoes and digging in the dirt.
Sammie can sit, dance, lay down, speak, and whisper. This little girl has to be the center of attention. She’s spoiled rotten!
Nala is a three month old miniature schnauzer puppy. She loves dogs and peoples. She is working towards being a therapy dog 🐕
Duke is the greatest dog I love Him so much!! He is a miniature labradoodle. He is 12 years old and so he is getting a lot of old age problems and it’s sad but this makes me love him more and more everyday even though he can be grouchy.❤️🥰
Tucker is a very independent boy. He loves to go swimming, chasing his ball and playing with his best friend Hank.
Onyx is a beautiful puppy that is 7 months old and full of energy. He catches the eye of every person who sees him with his dashing good looks and friendly personality. You should vote for him because he would greatly appreciate it and its never a waste to have faith and hope into such a beautiful well taught puppy
Luna is a sassy, spunky, couch potato who loves to argue with her mum and cuddle with her dad!! She loves getting a bath , going for rides, and going on walks. Overall, she is the most loveable creature on Earth!!
Hugh is a 14 month old Dane who loves kids, cleaning up after meals and being with family. He is patient and loving.
Doge is a dog he likes to do things that dogs like to do
Lily is a Malshi and loves playing fetch and cuddling.
She loves to learn! She can sit and stay and we are working on paw!
Hi I’m Pepper! I am a basset hound and boxer mix! My birthday is October 17th 2015, that means I will be 5 years old this year!!! I love to play fetch, take walks, play with balls, sun bathe and cuddle. My favorite food is PIZZA! My mommy got me a sister this year and I couldn’t be any happier!
Dean loves long walks on the beach, his hedgehog toy, playing with his friends, and digging holes!
Most energetic and loving dog you will ever meet. When you see her she most likely have her ball in her mouth waiting for you to kick it
A 3yr old beagle who will always be a puppy & pig at heart. Sleeps in and goes to bed early 😴 And honestly will be one of the happiest animals you’ll ever meet.
I love my new forever home and my new brother. I definitely keep my humans on their feet and greet them with a lot of excitement and love. 💕
This little wiggle-butt is the best boy, just enough precious mixed with "Dennis the Menace"!
Bella loves to play and gives everyone kisses.
Hi I am Tobin, I was a rescue dog..I like cuddling,sitting on your lap and long walks!
Hi I’m Sophie! I am a pure Bred German Shepherd Puppy. My birthday is June 26th 2020! So far my mommy has taught me how to sit, lay down, fetch, swim and also walk right by her side. I love all kinds of toys but my favorite thing to do is play with my Big Brother Pepper! I love being outside but not too much on hot days so I know I will love fall and winter!
Lucy loves to run and play and she also loves her family she loves to cuddle with you when it’s night time you should vote for Lucy cause she’s the sweetest and the most lovable puppy 🐶💕
I’m a pretty dapper pup. I love wearing clothes and hats so my parents dress me up often. My favorite things are cuddling on the couch, swimming in the lake and meeting people and other pups. So, if you see me around, stop and say hi!
I’m Gia and I’m a 7 year old chocolate lab who is soon going to have a little brother crawling around soon. I love my mom, taking long naps, swimming in the pool, and sun bathing !
Colby-jack is a half shit zhu half miniature pinscher. He loves swimming. He loves raW hide donuts and hes a cookie seaking missile. He bsrks but doesnt bite. He loves running at the park and eating the cheese he is named after ♡ hes my emotional support animal and hes been to 17 states in the usa ♡
Daisy is still a young pup! She loves swimming, napping, playing with our other dogs, and hunting! She has a way to make people smile and when she’s in trouble or caught doing something wrong she loves flashing her teeth ❤️
Lady loves to play fetch, she loves to dance and "circle" for treats. She is 8 years old and our Angel.
Baby Girl
She loves to cuddle on the couch (or body slam) smooches, morning walks to Starbucks with mom for a pup a chi no, car rides.
Midge is a really old soul. She loves to stash her treats and sleep all day. Even though she is toothless, she wont think twice about trying to bite somebody on their ankles
Ruby Rose Neally
Ruby is very playful. But she is very loveable. She knows when your sad, hurt or feeling under the weather she gives you her attention to let you know she's there for you.
Libby is a big ball of energy. Her life revolves around her "babies" (squeaky toys), water and treats. She has learned how to "speak" (huge mistake), sit, shake, lay down and crawl. She loves to be loved, but most of all, she loves belly rubs.
Chisum thinks he is a human. He will back talk you if he isnt getting his way. He will do his own tricks he has learned for hunan food. Chisum must have his morning coffee with Coffeemate every morning. He will not let you forget either.
Kota loves to be the center of attention. So why not give her the chance to be.
Sadie likes cuddling with her toys
Bentley is such a sweet loving dog he loves to run and play fetch and he loves to give kisses he’s 4 years old and acts like a 1 year old pup ❣️💙
Hi! I’m Mozart! I’m very loving and a very crazy dog! I loves to sprint around the yard and sit on your lap! You should vote for me cause i’ll give you lots of kisses and entertainment! Bye friend, Mozart 🐶💚
Rue is our little sour patch girl. She is the sweetest and sassiest little girl who loves cuddles and her unicorn.
Abel is quite the character. He is the sweetest boy that loves to play and make friends with other dogs.
Hey guys! My name is Zion. I’m 10 weeks old. I love to play, eat some yummy snacks and nap! Please take a moment and vote for me!
My name is brogen I am a Chihuahua mix my mom and dad rescued me 5years ago I love to cuddle and fetch my toys
Medic is Mischievous, but very lovable, excellent with kids, people and other dogs, loves to play although he doesn’t know just how big he truly is....he thinks he’s a lap dog
Winston, the eyes of mischief with a heart of gold ♡
Hi I’m Luka I love doggie treats and like to cuddle 🐶
Bella is so sweet she loves to play. She is my world.
Cute toy poodle Leta
Louie is a lill guy weighing 3.8 lbs He has a big attitude for the sweetest dog in the world .
Roxy is a red tri mini aussie. At only 4 months old she can sit, spin, highfive, and roll over. She is an absolute ball of energy and such a cutie!