We found this dog scared on the side of a busy street with alot of hair ! We got her to get groomed and cleaned up and she looks adorable! She hates when she’s alone in the house or anywhere , I’m guessing because she was on streets 😞the first photo is how she looked when we found her
Bubbles is our momma dog Doobie is one of her puppies from her first litter. She is super loving, wants everyone to pet her all the time. She loves to chew on plastic water bottles every chance she gets. She getting older and she has been attacked twice by a big dog almost lost her the second time. But she has bounced back and loving life.
Hi! I’m Divine! I’m a super happy and calm pup, I enjoy playing with stuffed animals and sleeping under fuzzy blankets.
Bailey Boo is a great dog! He volunteeres at Arbor Trail Nursing and Rehab. He makes the residents smile 😌😌
Meet Norm, a pitbull/boxer mix with a the happiest, goofiest, sweetest personality. He is a neighborhood favorite, known for his goofy demeanor and kisses, making every stroll feel like walking into the bar “where everybody knows your name”. His hobbies include: napping, fetch, hanging out with his other dog bffs, swimming, snuggling his cat brothers, asking for belly rubs, and using his snuffle mat.
Chet is an 8 year old Shih Tzu who enjoys belly rubs, naptime, and stealing socks! We adopted Chet from a local rescue in January 2023. He has filled our home with love everyday since! 🐾
Deeto was a rescue in 2018 - but he really rescued me! He reminded me of a little man (hence the name Deetoman)! He is my everything and he loves his mama~ In this photo, He is the Captain of his ship: All aboard to set sail with Captain Deetoman!! Deeto loves to be hugged, kissed, and pampered! Contrary to popular belief that chihuahuas are not suitable for homes with small children, Deeto is wonderful with small children and allows petting and gentle hugs from children. He has never been food-aggressive - This is a HUGE plus!
Trixie is a 1 year 7 month old shih tzu x Chihuahua. She is very fun and energetic. She loves to play. She loves to cuddle. Very friendly.
She loves to play and be outside all day! Very protective over her family and absolutely loves kids .
Brutus gentle soul ‘ came into my life when my nephew needed me to take him in after he was injured with neurological damage as a puppy he’s been the best dog gentle loving non aggressive but will surely defend his stance of love for you…one of the many best dogs I’ve shared this life with
Xena is the most lovable and loyal fur baby in the world. She loves to go to the park and get pup cups. In the summer she loves to cool off in the pool. Overall she has a big personality and a lot of emotions.
He loves everything expecialy camping and his momma
Pixe is a rescue. She was given away by her owner after having her for 3 yrs. When i was handed her they gave me a torn up old toy, and said she may want this. I knew that moment she would always have as many toys ss she could play with. She is sweet , and loves to carry her pink giraffe up to bed every night . She looks for all her babies as we call them before she will lie down. They all have to safe like her, before sleeping. She is happy and fills my life with as much happiness. Im not sure who was rescued, me or pixie. She is a special little soul that loves to play with her rescue chiwinnie brother. Then she will take her one special baby and cover up for a nap. She may have experieced a loss of family and a home,prior to me finding her, but as soon as we got in my vehicle neither one of us looked back. She is home for the rest of her life with me.
Ace, He’s my very special Goldendoodle, He has the key to my heart and always puts a smile on my face and others around! Ace has an unmatched personality… outgoing, clumsy, sassy , and loving ! If you ever need a hug or even a high five come to Ace
Koda is probably one of the friendliest dog you will ever meet. He loves people, and other dogs. In short. He's an energetic, lovable fluffball.
When most people see Blue they get scared and won't come close to him, you can tell it hurts his feelings cause all he wants is love and to be played with ❤️
My very best friend, Baylor is my partner. We have traveled many miles together. He watches over me and has been there for my good times and bad over the last 9 years.
She likes running outside in the snow.
I love long walks, catching balls -and chewing on bones. I’m a good boy. I have lots of spunk
A very clingy baby who loves EVERYONE. She demands attention and must be the center of the room 🥰
Merida Kipp
Well she is a hand full, always smiling and waiting to play. Becomes really protective around her family, she doesn’t like fighting not even for play. She is my life and furbaby who without I am nothing, I hope she wins and gets to spend the money on a dog house upgrades and treats. Maybe she can meet her idols children from Togo!!
Chocolate love to bark a lot.He can walk on his back legs.I He's very funn
just a girl 🎀
Lil Girl
Lil Girl is the most beautiful, sweetest, smartest, loving little girl ever. She is very loyal and loves to snuggle, she truly believes she is human and is spoiled rotten. She has the best demeanor and disposition to her, she is kind and gentle. She Loves Big and has a big personality to go along with all the love she has she can put a smile on anyone's face.
Lake is a feisty almost one year old bichon frise born on Valentine's Day 2023. She loves walks, toys and her mommy and daddy.
Very smart lovable loves to play and very frisky she loves to eat healthy foods
Little Girl
Very lovable and smart she loves to play
Yogi is crazy, funny, and high energy dog. When you need a cuddle or a dog that will lick your tears and make you laugh, Yogi is the boy for you. From his crazy zoomie times to his bad farts and snores at night, i couldnt have asked for a better dog than him.
He loves playing with his giggle ball, then gets his zoomies on. Hes also a cuddle bug
Zoe is playful and loves everyone specially her mommy and daddy. She a sweet girl she loves cuddling and getting her belly rubbed.
She loves company .She can show me with her eyes what she wants , she loves her besr which has to sleep with us every night. She got it for a present at 4wks . All of my life I wanted apuppy for Christmas
Kofi Joe is the sweetest guy i know! He has more personality than most people i know. He is my honey dog!
Penny is a super playful and super cuddly puppy. She loves to run and chew on anything she can find. She loves to crawl in your lap and sleep until you make her get up. She is the perfect mix of cuddle and play.
I am a spunky little Pom with a big attitude. Everyone knows when I’m around I let mom and dad know lol! She is my emotional support animal I am currently trying to get her certified and if we win the money will go towards just that and to get her fixed plus any other vet bill! I love to play with my pink bone and all my squeakers! Mom gets mad because as soon as she puts them back in my toy box I pull them out but I don’t put them back so I play fetch with mom like she gets me to play with her! She is just an over all lover y’all! 🥰 thanks for the votes in advance
Kiara loves belly rubs favorite snack is bacon! Loves giving kisses! She loves going for walks and being outside!
Roxy is a loyal baby that likes to snuggle, give kisses and get treats. She is very athletic and loves to run and jump outside.
Millie loves all things dogs,humans,and her squeaky chicken(she gets a new one for Christmas every year) she loves her brother marty
She's a rescue,we have had her for 5 years now and she's the sweetest loving girl. She thinks she's a lap dog even though she's 80 pounds. She loves to play and give kisses.
Hi im lady i love to bark at the squirls running the powerlines in the mornin and snuggle and play with stuffted animals and eat pup cups and travel with mom and dad i lived a amazing life and now im in the stars watching over my brother ace and mom and dad
Marty's the most handsome loving playful boy he loves to play and get dressed up he's a goofy good boy!! Who love his sister millie
Little Boy
Little boy is a big baby with an even bigger bark. He is 1, he loves to eat and loves playing with the water hose. And he loves his blanket. Little boy is currently recovering from the hands of some cruel people, but is recovering nicely and hasn't lost his loving spirit.
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is blind but that dont stop her at all. She gets around like no ones business. She has a bossy, sassy personality and she is very loving. She loves people in general. She loves going to the groomers and getting beautfied. She absolutely loves her sweaters.