Leela Jane
LeelaJane was a beautiful furbaby.. she sadly she lost her life to cancer back in October a few days after her 12th birthday. She is Soo deeply missed every day. She fought for eight long months after she was diagnosed,
We have been rocking together for 3 years so far, she has overcome fear of people approaching and has shown great progress in her training, she is a certified service dog, who takes her job seriously, she’s fun, gets along with most dogs, she is around cats, n she’s learning to be around children. She’s a happy dog her favorite is the dot(cat laser). Quick learner n highly intelligent. If she wins it will be greatly appreciated
Becky with the good fur! This little girl loves being the life of the party. She will not be ignore loves to participate, and being involved in everything. Super curious loves the pool. She truly knows how to have fun!
Kobe enjoys walks on the beach taking photos and cruising with his family!!💞💕
She’s a spunky little puppers! And overall just pure adorable
✨Oliver is Very energetic loves to play with his brothers have fun and enjoy life also disc golf and yuki treats😊💖✨💖✨💖
Masha is an intelligent, loving little comedian who gets along with everyone and everything !
The Brothers
These two love swimming running playing fighting snacks trips toys people and animals they also love their brothers and all our family they are amazing 💖
Maggie is a rat terrier mix and she loves cuddling, kisses, and clothes
Tank loves cuddles!! He loves to play and he loves his humans! His favorite place to relax is right in front of the fire place. Tank has a tiktok and he loves to be on camera! Tank is so adorable and his wrinkles are my favorite. He loves everyone. Tank is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet!
Axel is the most cuddle bug you’ll ever meet. He craves attention 24/7 and boy does he love to play all day long 😂
I love it when you call me big Pierre.
Quincy love attention, and he is a Dallas Cowboy fan!!💙💙🐶🐶🏈🏈🏈
Sven is a good boy who loves following my kids around the backward and his favorite food is chicken
Our Sadie girl loves to go riding any time of the day! She loves going outside and playing with dad & mom every chance she can get. Sadie is one of a kind!! She’s the sweetest lil dog
Goose is a rambunctious ball of fur. He loves playing with other dogs
Daisy is a 5 month golden retriever! She is lazy and also very snuggly. She loves to be outside and she loves the snow
Dipsy is 10 weeks old, she loves to play with her toys, along with her brothers and sisters, shes full of life, well entergic, friendly, soft furr coat, shes such a beautiful, loving, laid back, mellowed, chillen, and has a mild high drive kind of puppy, and she loves playing outdoors!!
Paislie is a cream golden retriever puppy that is an energetic ball of joy who loves her treats, playing fetch, learning new tricks and snuggling!
Biscuit is a 1 year old Sheltie who enjoys doing tricks and is extremely athletic. He is such a lovable dog and is very playful with other dogs on our block.
Duke loves playing with his toys specially his football he’s just a great dog
Maya is the best dog, she loves kids and protects them, she loves running playing and bringing joy to our family…..
Kevin is an old lady pomerianian who enjoys short walks, jumping in the snow like a bunny, eating her weight in treats, and getting her little sister in trouble.
Holly is a snuggly and gentle girl! She loves to cuddle up on the couch and take naps! She is full of energy when playing with her brother and loves tug of war!
Hunter is an energetic and handsome dog! He loves to play with his sister Holly and run around the yard! He is a great cuddler and loves to give kisses!
Weezy Woo
She is a apple head very loveable likes to play and cuddle with her momma
Petrie is a lover of all animals cats birds and even lizards . He’s a lover and definitely got some sas and attitude . He is playful and sweet and loves string cheese🙃
Auggie is a cute cavapoo! He immediately stole our hearts with his big personality, his need to be close to you, and his cuteness! He loves his toys (you will always catch him with one in his mouth), leaves (especially on walks), and making new friends!
Dexter is a playful ladies man, he loves interacting with people and he loves belly rubs and playing with his favorite toy,Touchdown he loves to play football and get a touchdown 🤣
Cricket loves to play with little round candies like M&Ms, Skittles and enjoys chasing birds, rabbits and other small game. She is quite the little adventurer! She loves taking a bath and if you're not careful, will jump in with you if you're in the shower just to get wet. Sometimes she will jump repeatedly like a spring and can scale a 6ft fence without touching it if motivated enough. If she decides she can't jump over the fence then she'll climb it. She likes to climb! She is also a registered service dog. Serving as both a emotional support and regular service animal for both me and my husband to assist us when our PTSD has been triggered. She has been specially trained and knows how to perform CPR by giving chest compressions and dial 911 in an emergency. She is highly protective of her family and those she loves. She enjoys hunting and killing mice and rats. She doesn't know she's a Deer Chihuahua. In her opinion she is a big dog like a Pit Bull. She has been know to battle dogs much larger than her and is very agile and quick on her feet. There have been a few times she has taken on a German Shepherd and nipped it multiple times in a matter of a couple seconds while running circles around it. Cricket is a very fast runner despite her age. Sometimes I call her my little roadrunner.
Vexie loves bathtime and riding in cars
My dog Jupiter is a very smart and loving dog he loves to play and eat his treats he likes giving and getting affection I couldn’t ask for a better dog he’s loved by all that comes into contact with him please vote Jupiter #1 thank you in advance for everyone voting I deeply appreciate it :)
Chewy definitely wasn’t named chewy because he doesn’t chew. He looked like a baby chewbaca from star wars when he was little. He loves to play with his toys and his sister’s Gypsy and Tootsie. Running around the yard and house like a mad dog 😂😂❤️
He's 12 weeks old and a big old goof! He already knows a bunch of tricks and is scared of cars
Axel is a 3 year old Frenchie. He loves to play but most importantly he loves to nap with his mommy and daddy. Axel loves to eat mash mellows and he dances for treats!
She's a Smart, quick learner and Loyal Big Baby Girl! Definitely the easiest, most quietest and so chill! Loves the outdoors/indoors and loves rest ❤️❤️
This is my sweet boy Shadow! we got him at 5 months old and he was sick when we got him. but he’s all better now! he’s such a cuddle bug and he loves his belly rubs
Toad is the funniest dog. He loves his squeaky toys. And he loves to give you a big oh smile
Bruno is a wildly character but with a heart of gold. He is a German Shepard/ Husky mix breed. He loves long walks and jumping in puddles. The occasional nose dive into snow and chewing leaves are his favorite hobbies.
Hurting driving and always gotta be with u
Happiest pup EVER! Loves treatos and going on long hikes!🐾🐾
Taco is one of a kind! He lives life the way he wants all the time being silly sweet and crazy baby boy!
He is my guard dog! He barks at all the dolphins and manatees that happen to swim by (fortunately for us, they ignore his barks)!!
No words to describe this guy! Too smart
Gypsy loves everyone and everthing except gophers. Although she lives digging and trying to tunnel to them. She loves playing catch and play with her brother chewy and sister tootsie.
Oakli is a F1B standard golden doodle. He was born on 11/5/22 and is now 8 weeks old. Oakli loves to cuddle and sleeps right on my head at night. He loves going for walks and exploring new places. Oakli loves playing fetch and already knows the commands for this game. He is a very smart puppy and has been doing so well here with us at his new home. Oakli loves the attention from anyone and everyone humans and animals.
Jake has been in the semi since he was 6 weeks old he loves going out site seeing and being with me loves to play while I’m trucking down the road..Jake is a service dog and my little protector he’s so loveable
Tucker loves to play with his red ball and always be with his family ❤️