Odie is a very sweet, active Treeing Walker Coonhound and he is an amazing family dog. He is loyal to his family and loves romping around in the woods. He loves to play tug and keep away. Odie is a special dog, who has done some incredible things. He protected someone who was in a domestic violence situation...I have never been prouder of him. We were staying at a hotel, I heard thumping and thought it was kids playing until I heard yelling. I took Odie in the hall with me to check it out and knocked on their door. The woman answered and was holding her mastiff back, Odie protected me from the dog who was honestly just scared. We later found out that her boyfriend who had left, was kicking her in the face. Odie did not leave her side until the paramedics took her away. He is a great big brother to his baby sister, has always been my best friend.
ChewChew is an amazing service dog.He is the better part of my life.He brought me back from ptsd,and makes life so much better.
Hi I’m Cozmo! My dad named me because he loves the universe! I’m the smartest boy ever! I love my big brother Diesel and can’t wait to show the world how much love I can give ❤️
She’s an Awesome American Bully Female My best girl she is so smart loving as well. LOVES HER BELLY RUBS !
Manson Aka Guero
Manson AkA Guero is XL American Bully Recently had an Embark test done. He has a clean bill of health. Fun fact in dog years he is 1 yrs old but in Human years he is 17yrs Old !
Dopey is very affectionate to everyone he is an oit going lil turd. He loves his babies as i call them which are any lil stuffies that have squeakers. He lwts you know when he wants food and water and he will tell you when he wants his treats. He is definitely an ultimate companion he is my safety zone and he is well aware of it. I dont know what i would do without this lil brat. He is the most cutest of all things...
Crue Ella
Crue is a 4 month old Dalmatian. She loves to roll in the mud right after bath time, and running around the yard. Her favorite toys are a burlap chicken and a lamb chop squeaky toy that no longer squeaks. She loves most food including pickles and apples and playing with her human siblings.
I love to chew bones, destroy stuff animals and lay with my momma❤️
Hi, my name is Bella! My owners recently adopted me into their home! I love playing with my older sister, following my owners around and taking toys from my sister
Hi, my name is Lynn! I’m a golden retriever/ Labrador retriever (can you believe I’m actually 75% Golden Retriever!?!) I love laying in my recliner, playing fetch with my owners and going for walks
Daisy is a human sized 2 year old Bouvier Des Flandres AKA A Giant Teddy Bear. She loves attention and will follow you all over the house like a “magnet dog.”Daisy likes to go on walks and meet furr friends. She loves squirrel and bird sighting. She is such a cute fluffy gentle girl. She is the best pawsome puppy you could own
Dolly is a fun loving goofball who spends her time splashing in puddles, barking at her own shadow, traveling, and most of all relaxing with her family around the campfire!
Angel Clary
My name is Angel but everyone knows me by “Shug”. I’m definitely a daddy’s girl but my mama is pretty awesome to. I’m so spoiled it isn’t funny but I would trade it or my life for the world. “You want a treat or you wanna go for a ride” is my most favorite things that my parents ever say to me ❤️
Aspen is a beautiful well trained boxer mix, She is full of emotion and love. She loves to help round up our chickens and nap
I’m Luna and I’m 4 months old. I have a ton of energy and love playing fetch. I can run for hours. I am into everything and my mom says it’s like living with a toddler.
Hank loves to cuddel he loves to play and he is a very good listener. Behaves well... he likes to play with the cat the most.. he definitely loves to eat lol... hes the best dog i ever head!! And he is a ppl lover...
Helen loves to be with her mom, her brother and her dad. Helen is a one of a kind pitbull and the very first pitbull ever to become a service dog. She is very good at what she does as a service dog. She services everything except for being a seeing eye dog but I do plan on extending her training more. Everyone who has ever met her has fallin in love with her. She has changed a lot of minds about pitbulls one person at a time. She's just the sweetest pitbull you'll ever meet. That's why people should vote for her.
Hello my names milo, I absolutely love to play with all my toys and bark at cats. I like to run off when I get the chance but I always come back. I don’t like cuddling to much but I do love to go on rides.
Hello I’m Bella and I absolutely love to cuddle and give puppy kisses. I love to go for walks, rides and runs. My favorite thing ever is camping.
Hello my names Boston, I love to think I’m a lap dog, and I’m the cutest and biggest puppy ever. I absolutely love walks, runs and rides. My favorite thing ever is camping.
This is my sweet little baby girl, Oreo. She passed away last month unexpectedly. She was the sweetest and most loving companion ever.
Lincoln is a 150 gentleman. He loves long walks in the neighborhood, drooling all over his moms clean anything, playing with other dogs and a good armpit scratch. He’s always the center of attention anywhere he goes. Esp with his moms
Buddy is an energetic dog. Loves the water but also loves nap time.
Lucy May
Hello! My name is Lucy May and i am a pure bred 1 year old German Shepard. I love swimming, playing fetch, playing with my friends and cuddling my parents 💜
Hi my name is max from Montana. I love to attack windshield wipers and i have plenty of energy!!
Kane is a pitt/hound he is very lovable and doesn’t meet a stranger.. He loves his squeaky toys and loves attention he is a big baby
Ozzy is 9 month old puppy who is so full of energy. He loves playing with his stuff animals and his step brother, Mickey. They are the best of friends and has hours of playing tug of war. He has the sweetest disposition one could want.
Ruger is a yellow lab he will be a year old on the 16th of March! Ruger loves doing tricks and is a very active pup!
Luka is a Pomeranian mixed with a Husky. He is 5 years old
He is the Lover boy❤️
We call her Izzy bizzy because she is the busiest dog We have ever had she’s the sweetest most loving dog in the world she’s learned so quickly. She’s a German Shepard lab mix
Ella Faye
Ella is a super sweet, energetic 3 month old lab! Who is spoiled to no end!❤️😍 Help us get her in 1st place!
meg is almost two years old now. she loves naps & ice cubes. also loves to eat, i dont blame her though
He Is protective and a couch potato loves attention loves his treats
Loves to run, play with his toys, and snuggle. He is learning many new things in the world.
Mav loves playing in water, playing with his best friends Honey & Marley, and sleeping!!
Harley is still a pup she loves to play but very hiper she is a sweetheart she loves attention.
Rascall is specail he is my emotion support dog he loves walks and playing outside he is a shitzu mixed with pekingese. He is almost 3 years old and very sweet loving dog
Bailey Godbey
Bailey was named after Dr.Miranda Bailey from Greys Anatomy
Rosco is a sweet little 4 year old chihuahua from Vermont. He loves to cuddle, run and give kisses. GOT TREATS?! AND LOTS OF LOVE? Oh and that lampchop...she's my baby!! GOT SUNSHINE 🌞? I'M IN IT!!!
Loki! I am a mini golden doodle who lovessss toys and cuddles. I love going outside with my mama and running around like crazy. I am apart of slytherin house, but I’m not evil despite my name I swear!
Chip loves toys and walks!
Hazel loves going for walks and loves to snuggle ❤️
Midi is a 11week old long haired Rottweiler who loves his family. He loves to play with his toys. He sleeps on his back with his paws up. He is just the cutest ❤️❤️
Loves to hunt Grouse and Pheasants
Bandit is a blue heeler
Boomer is a Minnie Aussie crossed with a corgie.