Apollo loves to play with his sister Aphrodite (a kitty) , he loves meeting new people and doggy friends. Almost every week he plays with his cousin Viva. He enjoys walks around the development and playing non stop. He likes apple slices and banana treats. He loves to cuddle and play non stop.
Luna is the most playful and loving dog you will ever meet. She loves people and anyone who will just sit and love on her. She LOVES her toys and her treats and she also loves getting belly rubs.
Ellie is the sweetest, most loving girl. She’s always so happy; I mean just look at that face. She loves to sleep all snuggled up on my chest. Her favorite games are tug of war and fetch. Her favorite snacks are Greenies, and of course Peanut Butter.
Hi, my name is Theodore but I like to be called Thor sometimes. My favorite hobbies include making new friends, running around outdoors and playing tug of war. I enjoy sun bathing whenever i can get it due to how the weather is like in portland. It mostly rains I'm not a big fan of rain to be honest, but I do enjoy a quick dip in the water.
Shikimaru loves to play fetch or just lay around and sleep with his buddy Itachi.
Tucker loves to play, and is the sweetest little giant. He loves to play with little pups, laying down so they can feel comfortable and being oh so gentle. He's got the biggest heart and wants to convince everyone to be his best friend!
Miss Portia is our newest addition and Brutus’ girl! She is 9 months old and our 2nd Cane Corso, her Daddy calls her “Ms Sassy girl” she is full of energy and spunk and loves our Brutus.
Our big boy! Brutus is our 3 yr old Cane Corso who is the most gentle, kind giant you will ever meet. But do not be fooled by his kindness and gentle ways because in a heart beat he is our protector.
Our old man! Jericho will be 8 this year and he’s our English bulldog who is full of character! In his later years he has become your typical grumpy old man, mixed in with the characteristics of English bulldogs.
Jack is a French bulldog who loves showing his affection! He has the cutest snores and he's very active. Jack absolutely loved going on ATV rides.
Rocky is an Australian shepherd mix who’s favorite pastimes are chasing the ball, running around with his humans, and carrying around his stuffed toy. He never runs out of energy or love
Dunkin Hines
He loves running around, snuggling into blankets, squeaky toys of any kind
Adorable 3 year old Shiz Zhu who loves being on everyone’s lap!
Rue Murillo
Rue has the kindest soul. She is a 3 month pit and has so much love in her heart. Her favorite treat is pup cups! She listens to all commands for a pup cup! I consider Rue to be in the “teen” stage as she talks back! A lot… She is so loved and has so much love to give!
Hi I’m Ember! I am a 4 year old Orange Wooly Husky. I work hard as a service dog for my mum who suffers from anxiety induced epilepsy, I take my job very seriously! I love to sing when I’m being silly, and can even match pitch. I can sense when others are anxious and help by giving tons of affection and kisses. Fun fact- I was raised by cats! I am a dominant and confident lady, but am always submissive to kitties, they are powerful and fast🤪
Ghost is a rescued mixed breed, mostly Australian Cattle Dog and Boxer. He likes to put his front paws on your shoulders while you scratch his belly, and he LOVES to chew. On everything - even his own tail! He’s a cuddle bug and a mommy’s boy ❤️
Maggie is the sweetest and listens very well.❤️ Saying her name is a automatic heel.
Lila is the sweet dog she loves to play fetch says I love u and even sit pretty. To get her hair done she love to run wild and free she had a ruff puppy start and almost died due to a parasite but we beat the parasite and she is the only one in litter that survived out
Wynonna Darling Lufkin
My sweet girl just turned two!!! She is the most playful girl and is a lover through and through. She loves seeing my niece (they’re the same age) and takes every chance she can to sneak her some kisses. Recently she got a fur baby sister and they were instantly inseparable! She is my very best friend.
Ginger is beautiful inside and out. The sweetest, smartest, most loving dog I’ve ever had, and I’ve had lots. She’s a total shopaholic. She loves to go shopping because everywhere she goes, she steals everyone’s hearts. There are several stores we go to where the staff stop whatever they are doing to play with her. Customers everywhere gush over her. She is also very compassionate. If I accidentally lock my cat in the garage, she barks wildly until I let her out. They are besties. I thank my lucky stars that I rescued this amazing pup! BTW, she donned this shawl herself. My little diva.
She is a “movie” dog. Everything you could want in a puppy she has and does!
Jada loves long walks and playing with other puppies. She also loves belly rubs!
He's wild and loves to play outside, he also love to sleep all day
copper loves belly rubs and running around in the yard!!
Hazel loves to play fetch, although when she brings her toys back she has a bit of trouble letting them go. She loves this ducky toy and this cookie toy the most. And she loves chicken jerky. She has a few tricks up her sleeve as well, she knows how to shake, sit, open doors, and she loves to cuddle.
D O Double G
Is my service dog for my seziures and my emotional support dog he is a awesome boy...loves cats toys thinks he is human
Kyro is an Australian shepherd who loves running around and playing with other dogs. He's three and a half months old, and is a little timid. He's a fast learner and loves eating just like me and you.
He loves to play ball and bring it back.
She’s a fun loving jack Russell, Chihuahua mix puppy
What can I say about Eva? Well she is loves to cuddle, she is a quick learner, and definitely a sassy pup! She is a 10/10 clinger and has no problem letting me know what as soon as I am more than 6ft away. Eva is truly my BFF.
I’m a sweet smart but kinda goofy, big, floofy girl. I’ll be one’s years old in April. My mommy and daddy are my biggest fans. My favorite toy is my rope!!! 🐻‍❄️
Rock O
He is a puppy he will be starting puppy class soon so he can be a therapy dog
Cooper loves long hikes in the woods and long naps on the couch.
Cooper came to me as an angel when my dad passed. He has helped mt tremendously. He is truely my angel
Koda can be too smart for her own good sometimes. She has quite the spunky personality, and has on more than one occasion been referred to as more cat like or more human than dog. She loves puzzles, chewing her bone (specifically antlers) being brushed, and going on walks.
Super friendly super energetic always alert playful always chilling with me
Brodie had a tumultuous start to life, but he found his forever home with me. He’s incredibly smart and high energy. He loves all things that can be fetched, hiking, the water, and his people.
Jaeger Manns
I had broken my leg once and the entire time that, I limped she mocked me and also limped. 😆
Hi. My name i scraps, i love to play ball, and chase cats
Ginger is sweet, playful and loving puppy. Who loves to explore and learn new things. Enjoys meeting new people and other four legged furry friends.
He my best kind and loving! Once you meet Karo it’s guaranteed you’ll love him too !
She loves her neighbors and loves her walks.she loves singing.she loves her Christmas movies. She is sweetheart she loves being around her human moma.she loves to watch lucky dog.
Winston loves to be loved! He wakes up ready to play. His favorite is chasing his big brother, Chandler. Winston is goofy, LOVES bacon, and above all, the sweetest!
Duke was an rescue, somebody abandoned him . He is such an good dog. He love to cuddle. He is the best dog!
Aya is our princess. She love jewelry lol.She is a militaries service dog.