Duke is a very spoiled dog!! He is terrified of his own shadow lol. He loves ice cream and barking at deer.
Meika loves watermelon on a hot day and she loves making new friends.
Codi River
Codi is a husky and river is a Cataluna they are my fur babies 💕💕
Straight from the Houston animal shelter euthanasia list, I present to you - The best boy in the whole universe, keeper of the bones, the brindle barbarian himself: ARNOLD!
Zeus is a 3 month old pit, he loves to play with his toys and bite at your feet so u can drop your house shoes and run.
Fynley is a Blue and Tan dachshund with a playful personality. He loves playing with his toys, sunbathing outside, going on walks and going to daycare to see his friends.
He’s the funniest boy! Like a little human with the biggest loving heart! He’s brought so much joy to our lives!!
She's a Shit zu Boxer Loves to play Loves her famly
Teddie is an emotional support dog that just came into our family today, he is so unique with his white hair and little brown beard. He loves sitting in my lap and that's his favorite thing to do.
Loves going on walks, and being my shadow everywhere i go!
Legend enjoys long walks & naps with his dad, playing with his siblings ( taking all their socks and balls) & family road trips! He is the best at giving sugars 😘 & boogers and is the biggest and sweetest mammas boy in the world!
Meet Thela the most playful and cutest little girl her story is a special one but I think this pic says it all!
Sadie is a sweet pup who loves cuddles and her brother! She loves high fives and loves to play in puddles. Sadie loves to sleep on her back and snore like a freight train! She is sweet and loves attention!
Milo loves to be outside! Enjoys swimming, boating, camping and most of all sitting between his humans enjoying massages and treats♥️
Jonah is a 6 yr old Shih tzu that we adopted 2 months ago. He is very lovable and is always happy.
Ringo is a loving, playful pup! He is a st. Bernard/Lab/Mastiff mix! He is about a year old and doesnt realize how big he is! Ringo is sweet and loves cuddles and bones.
Meeko is a very energetic Jack Russel.He made our family so happy.I am a mom of three and I got meeko after the passing of my baby brother ever since Meeko has comforted me in my grief and my children adore him.Meeko is our heaven sent angel 😇
He loves eating my glasses and chewing on daddys arm. Loves his 6 siblings until its treat time then baby Satan shows his face lol
Her birth may be June 2nd, 2022, but as fur parents, we got her August 6th, 2022! Out in the world, she as shy as she can be around people. At home, she is stubborn mc sassy pants! She loves to play rough with daddy and cuddle up with mommy for naptime! After her naps, she has the craziest zoomies running into rooms and sometimes walls. Lily absolutely loves her lambchop and ducky.
I adopted Marley in April and she has quickly become my best friend. We have driven the entire east coast together and spend a lot of the time playing tug at home. She just recently turned two (Aug 25th) and is an amazing dog/companion/family member
Clarke King
Clarke is so lovable. He gives you his eye look and you will just melt.
Willow is a Australian Shepard Black lab mix. She is a spunky dog full of love and attitude. She loves attention more than anything and she loves her stuffed animals.
Miss Mia is very sassy and she loves her fashion and coffee 🐶❤️
Hello I'm Sassy, I'm one of the 4,000 rescued beagle's. I love my new home, all my toys and my blanket and most of all my momma. I love to play and when I need a nap, I absolutely love to get belly rubs and snuggle 🥰
My best friend Elijah!! Hes a full blooded border collie, hes registered under the amaerican border collie Association, he just turned 5 this year, he loves kids, and to run around, he loves water, he loves his toys and evening walks! Hes a happy boy! He’s everything i could want in a dog hes so smart, loving, and loyal, couldn’t ask for a better companion!!!!
Skip is a pure breed Blue Heeler. He is full of energy and loves to ride and play with his cat siblings. He is incredibly smart and currently training to be a service dog to my disabled veteran husband.
Rose loves to play with her big brother buster and terrorizes her so siblings (cats) she is sweet but distructive . She's a puppy but will be soon be bigger than her brother because she is a german shepard
We found Luna as a stray a few weeks ago. She is so sweet and full of life and energy. She loves tug of war and fetching balls.
Lily is a 11 year old weiner dog terrier mix, who was rescued as a puppy after being seen thrown over a 6 foot fence, she is the apple of mommies eye and love getting pampered with her as well.
Parker is a wire haired pointing griffon. He is super sweet and loving. He enjoys swimming.
Asher is a rescue ...I rescued him he rescued me...He's my world...
Chad was adopted in 2021. He has been apart of our family since. He’s the biggest baby ever! Loves cuddles, hugs, and kisses. Treats everyone that comes through the door like he’s known them forever. He doesn’t bark unless he knows something shouldn’t be there. And his favorite snack is peanut butter.
Texas Terror!!! Frenchton, (Boston terrier) (French Bulldog)
Max doesn't meet any strangers he loves full attention and 100% of his daddy's love he loves licking the earlobes and tip of your nose he is a 5 yr old well mannerd shytzu he is his daddy's baby 100 %
Smith And Wesson
Smith and Wesson are such sweet boys. They are very close; when you call one they both come up to you. Smith loves to play fetch with Daddy and cuddle by Momma. Wesson is definitely a kids dog and loves his parents...most of all Daddy cuz he rough houses! Smith and Wesson watch over Momma when Daddy is away at work. They have a pet rabbit named Bugsy Malone. Love treats, car rides and watching TV. Cops is Smith's favorite. Wesson just likes TV in general. Please vote for us!
Josey is a little fur ball with lots of energy!
Dixie likes to play with roped toys she likes to be held with a blanket she is very sweet and loveable and thats why you should vote for dixie she is a beagle and red nose pit bull
Theodore, Theo for short, loves to be outside, and playing with his toys! Most of all he loves to cuddle up under the blankets and take a nap!
Kardi B.
Kardi B is my teacup poodle, she's so sweet & Classy! She's the Queen of all Poodles! She loves to dress up & get her hair blowed out & of course her nails done. Pink is her favorite color. She loves to be rewarded with treats & she will let you know that she wants one by twirling around in a circle. She's Kardi B! She's the baddest Poodle around.💪🥰🐩😍🦴
This is my girl Nala. She’s a border collie Great Pyrenees mix. She’s a hunter for crickets and likes to have people conversation. Nothing is better then a Super Chewer toy in her opinion!
Blake is very lovely, he loves snuggles ,ice cream , 😍he goes crazy on car rides ,my baby Blake snore like an old man 😂he is my life saver, my son he is my world.
He loves cuddles with mom and being a goofball
Lily is the most lovable little girl. She loves it when big and little people stop to talk to her. She brings out so many big and little people smiles in her travels. Two and a half pounds goes a long way! 💗
MY BABY BOY DIDN’T MAKE IT. HE PASSED WHILE I WAS AT WORK TODAY 💔💔💔 R.I.P. SLOAN 04/29/20-08/25/22 I usually do these contests to help buy food for my 19 rescues but I found 2 fist size knots on Sloan and need to get him to the vet. Please vote! Sloan is a happy boy and an oversized lap dog. He loves to chase balls and chew everything in site🤦🏼‍♀️ He gets along well with other dogs and loves children. He enjoys car rides and sleeping in his human’s bed❤️He is a gentle giant that is scared of his shadow 😊
Grizzly is known for looking old but this guy is only 5 months!! He is such a intelligent boy he knows all his tricks and a protective boy over his mamma!! Grizz is mixed with almost every dog you can think of. He loves attention from anyone and any kind of animal!
Savanah unfortunately crossed over the rainbow bridge a while ago. We miss her terribly and hope to see her again in afterlife