Baby Stories - 75


Hi! I am Sky! My Instagram is @kingsky.5 :)) I love people, friends, and family! I love making you smile and I am always here for you! Please vote for me!!
Gunnar is a Pocket Bully who has the heart of gold. He is a 5 month old, solid mass of muscle. 😂 He is going to be training to be my husbands Service Dog. 🐕‍🦺 He’s a playful boy who gets bursts of Zoomies!
Wade, a chow husky, is a rescue dog from Denver, Colorado. He walks with a limp, has had 2 ACL surgeries, survived major stomach and small intestine surgery and to top that, has canoed down the Mississippi River. He’s a trooper!
Dee Dee
I am a sweet girl that loves cuddles and when I get excited I get the zoomies!
My two favorite things are playing fetch and swimming!
Moody Pug, always gotta have it her way. Favorite toy is a lazer.
sammy is the sweetest 4 year old labradoodle there is. he loves to cuddle and will literally be your best friend from the moment you meet. his favorite snack is blueberries and mozzarella cheese ❤️
Hi Pawfriends! I’m MIA! I was found in Miami just strolling along the sidewalk as a puppy and got picked up by the BEST family! 🐾💕🌸💓🦴
Lola Piper Shields
"Her name is Lola, she's our new puppy!! She loves to play and dance around and travel all over the town!!" She is our first dog, and we are absolutely in love with this beauty!! Her owner/person, is my 5-year-old daughter Delilah, and they make quite the pair!! <3
Very fresh!
I’m from Korea! I know how to sit, fetch and give my paw. I’m potty trained and I love my automatic pet food feeder. I love it when my mommy dresses me up ❤️I’m 5 months old and weigh 2.9 pounds.
A little fireball with piercing blue/green eyes! She loves everyone, especially when they’re rubbing her belly!
Hi I'm Bandit. I'm now 6 weeks old and loving life! I'm a mini long haired dachshund with unique markings. All my brothers and sister do not have any of my colors, they are just black/tan or cream. I maybe the odd pup but I like being different!! My Favorite things to do are to play with my brothers and sister as well as take walks outside. I love snuggling and taking naps.
Hi! My name is Ruger, I’m a loving, handsome, and playful boy. I love being with my people and especially love to show off my zoomies. After a long day of protecting my home a nap or two is a must. It won’t be long and I’ll be a big brother! My people are expecting in October and I can’t wait! Thanks for reading and thanks for your vote!
He is so adorable loves to cuddle and he is very smart
Lundy is a 3 month old mini Goldendoodle! She loves belly rubs, learning new tricks, and being an Instagram bandana model! 💛
Leo is a rescue from Oklahoma City, Missouri. We were told he was part Shiba Inu and 35 lbs. My husband flew from Orlando, Florida to save Leo and drove back in a rental car days later. Leo did not stop growing until 55 lbs. We did a DNA 50% Husky 20% German Shepard. He is the most beautiful and smart dog ever. He just wants to be loved all day. 💞🐕☀️
Bella Rose
Thank you for voting for my Very sweet, loving and playful little Bella
Rocky is a little fiesty fella that just loves to have fun
Hello, my name is Zephena. My parents named me after a strong Amazonian warrior because I am going to be big! But they usualy just call me Zephi. I am 14 weeks old and 30lbs. My favorite toys are my soccer ball and my whale. I love water so anytime I'm outside I always have to play in my pool. Whats even more fun than playing in the water is rolling in the dirt but I don't think dad is a big fan of dirt. My mom takes me everywhere and I love meeting all the new people and puppies, sometimes if I'm really good she takes me to the dog park so I can play with all my friends. Will you be my freind too?
Hello! My name is Ginger- Snap, AKA Gin Gin. I am only 1 year old and I weight 9Lbs. I'm really small compaired to my siblings, but my mommy still loves me a lot. I don't like traveling much because big things scare me, but sometimes I'm okay with it when mom is there to protect me. On days I stay home I really like to cuddle with my sister in our really big bed and sometimes she likes to chase the cats. I think the cats are really scary so I always run to my mommy for safety. When the sun is shinning I really enjoy playing in my pool and sometimes I even get to play in the big pool with everyone! I love water!
Roxy is a 1 year old Anatolian Shepherd. She’s 105 pounds and about 5’7 when she stands on her hind legs. She is a gentle giant who loves going for walks, swimming, and chasing butterflies!
Truman is an outdoor loving boy. He is always on the hunt to find the best stick. If there’s water around, Truman is in it. He loves to cuddle and give morning kisses. He has many toys, but his favorite is his stuffed monkey. He takes care of him and they’ve become best friends.
Sandy is sweet & sassy with an attitude. She’s 13 yrs old and was found as a stray wondering the streets of Tennessee until we adopted her. She thinks she’s the queen of the world and we give her nothing less!
Axel is a 3 month old Siberian husky he is full of love cuddles and of course energy! He loves snuggling up with mom and dad after a long day of running around either outside or thru the hallways of the house he has one speed and if he’s not running he’s not moving.
Grizzy Bear
I adopted Grizzy and her brother Bruno from a located shelter after they were transported from California. Grizzy is a Presa Canario and she weights around 90 pounds. She is the most gentle dog for her size, as you can see from the chihuahua cross puppy sitting under her. #Rescue if Grizzy wins the picture contest the money will go back into the rescue. Check out the rescue on Facebook @ Rail Tie Ranch and Rescue. You’re supposed is appreciate 💪🏻
Sloan Ann
I got sweet Sloan when she was only 5 weeks old and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since. She’s a sweet sassy Chorkie with an attitude. She thinks she’s the queen of the world and I give her nothing less!
Truffle Shuffle
Truffle shuffle is a pit/cattle dog mix. He spends his day playing frisbee and tanning on the porch. He loves hiking and going to the beach. Truffle can sing, dance and know many commands. He is friendly and polite. He is good with all dogs and types. Just a Santa Cruz pup living his best life.
Queen is a sweet lil girl, my little escape artist who loves to snuggle
Remmy was an owner surrender and she’s the sweetest baby ever, such a happy smiling girl
Strider is a sweet cuddle bunny who can be quite the goober. Hobbies include eating drywall, swimming, and playing with his sister.
Rider is my puggle. If she could speak she would tell ya she is the most ferocious pup to ever guard her neighborhood! But really she melts in anyones lap for a snuggle or a treat..just don’t tell her I said that! 🤫 🥰 She wouldn’t dare lose her top dog status at ensuring the intruding bunnies, leaves & vehicles stay away!
Zoey is a 10 yr old puggle. She has been with me since she was 9 weeks old. She loves playing with her toys and a laser. I truly couldnt asked for a better pup.
My name is Strider! I come with lots of kisses and loves! I love to be a part of everything you do. I will follow you around and act silly to make you laugh. Vote for me, Strider!
Iris is a hyper but sweet blue heeler pup! She is living her best life with her 3 dog sisters and human family! She loves to play with ice cubes.
Hi! I’m Helios! I am almost 7 months and still growing, I have learned quite a few tricks and I have a sister and a older brother. I love to roll in the grass and I loved the snow when it was here. I learn new things everyday and my parents love me very much!
Hi My name is DaVinci. I am a two year old brindle Shichon. I’m very unique and my mom calls me a work of art. I was born with eyes that include all the colors of my fur. My brindle coloring is in the shape of wings and a heart on my back. I am a cuddly wuddly bear. My favorite thing to do is look out the window allllllllll day and watch people and cars go by. Please send me love with your votes.
He is the cutest ever and he loves me and guards me all night while I sleep. He doesn’t even sleep until the following day!
Wendi is going to be 3 this month (July 2021). She’s been with us since she was 8 weeks old and has been my emotional support pup through and through. She’s very loving, never barks (we actually thought she couldn’t bark because she didn’t until after she was 2), she takes on a caretaker role to our 3 young kiddos and is so very patient.
Vader Star
I'm am 11 week old Morkie who's a ball of energy that loves to terrorize my sister Onyx (go vote for her too), but I love her and my family all the same.
Artimes And Diamond
Our names are diamond(white pup)and Artemis(black and tan pup) we love to go on long walks, we love treats, and naps.
Colt is all about those summer vibes. When he’s not chasing his friends around the ranch, or out running errands with mom, you can find him lounging in the pool. He’s living his best life out here in sunny California! 😎🐩
He loves swimming at the beach . Also loves going to Chick-fil-A for nuggets an fries 💕
Moose is the sleepiest dog there is! He loves his momma, his stuffies, and ice cubes! If he’s not asleep on the couch, he’s asleep in our bed!
Nova Blue
Nova Blue is a tiny boxer, with a big personality. She loves to play and snuggle. 💕
Eli is a blue bully and is the sweetest old man you’d ever meet. He’s around 8 years old and still the most lively, playful dog. He absolutely loves playing tug of war and especially getting cuddles. One of his unique tricks he can do is say “mama” and “i love you” <3