Kaliber is a 3 YO belgian malinois and kelpie mix. He was rescued from the streets of Aruba at 4 months old and flown to the US to be welcomed into his new home. Kal has had many journeys and discoveries. He has much more to explore ! All cash winnings go to Kal for new toys and hiking gear !!
Kimber is a 2 years old she a English coon hound. Kimber loves to run and play and especially loves to aggravate.
Chibs is a lab pit mix who love his stuff toys. He cuddles and love getting in your face when you lay down. He is shy until you get to know him then he lets his personal out. He is a morning dog that is when he is the most energetic.
Bolt loves playing outside going on car rides and loves cuddles he’s almost 2 very sweet and playful
Star is a 9yr old dachshund/Bassett hound! She has been my rock since a pup. She loves the outside and loves playing with kids. She is known for being the star of the party anywhere we go ❤️
Jenkins Dale
Jenkins is a 3 year old Basset Hound. He loves his toys and a comfy bed to sleep in. He’s such a snuggle bug and absolutely loves his little sister!
fur baby. Will me 2 years old on March 23rd. Kronos loves taking naps, destroys all his toys, loves jeep rides & walks, eating half of my meals everyday & drooling. Sweetest dog, not a mean bone in his body. Loves playing & giving kisses. My 116 pound lap dog. 🥰
Kasper is a very loving playful puppy that loves attention...he loves chewing up his daddys shoes and being fed Ice cream with a spoon...
Hunni, is a Great Pyrenees and Husky mix. she is a rescue dog, and brings so much joy to my babies, and our family!❣️
Weddo loves his mommy....he is mommys Roll-Dogg...he love corn tortilla Chips....
Cora is a Chihuahua/ Jack Russell mix. She is the sweetest little girl! She loves her chew toys and playing with her best friend, Pete, a rescue pit. She loves to give kisses!
Berkley is super sweet and very smart! She is perfect addition to our family!
My name is Harley and I love my momma! She's my best friend. I like to go on car rides and mom always lets me sit up front. I love UT football, just like dad! And the Atlanta Braves! I'm a real chicken wrangler too! Those pesky birds think they can outsmart me, nay nay! Not this boss dog! Daddy tries to steal mommas kisses and it makes me super jealous! Those kisses belong to me! We like to play fun games together too. He tries to cover me up and I pounce the covers! It's a lot of fun. I do not like paper plates! Those things are of the devil himself! Chase (my brother) thinks it's funny to chase me around with them. But one day, oh one day, I'm gonna get that boy!! And then I'll have the last laugh! But I do like to hang with him while he plays his video games. He's really good at football. Momma says I'm precious. And beautiful. And she's not wrong. Momma's never wrong. She sneaks me goodies when dads not around. And we have the best talks!! Some say I'm a lucky gal to have such a great family, but I say, my family's the lucky ones....they get ME!!
Millie just loves everyone. She is very well known to even have grumpy doggies even start to be nice. She loves to be the center of attention and definitely knows how to get it. And she loves to go shopping and her favorite nummies.
Kash is a very playing lovable puppy. When he’s not sleeping, he’s playing. He loves to eat & just loves his big brother an sister, he thinks they are his chew toys. He has to sleep in my bed at night or he will wine. He’s just the cutest ever ♥️ Ps. He’s a Great Pyrenees & lab mix.
Princess is my life saver she also helped me thru my cancer was by my side every step of the way!! She loves to talk to you when ever she wants something. She loves to sleep under the covers with me when it’s bed time!!
Alfie is our baby. He loves to play with his human brother and sister and he loves to play with his brother Oreo which is a Guinea Pig. He loves to go outside, eat apples, and french fries. Alfie also loves to go on car rides, boat rides, and camp with his family.
My names bear, I’m the fluffiest, happiest dog ever and I love treat and car rides!
Hello my names Miley, everyone calls me smiley Miley. I’m the happiest puppy you’ll ever meet. I love treats and going on car rides. My owner is my best friend! A unique part about me is that I have a smiley face on my back made out of fur.
Luna is a 7 month old German shepherd pup she’s super talkative, loves to play, and is in training for a service dog anything will help.
Roscoe loves everyone he meets. He’s the chill dog that loves laying on the bed watching tv and just being with his humans. He keeps a watch on his kids and loves playing chase in the yard with them but is also so gentle with the babies. We belong to him. He’s our baby and we couldn’t love him more.
Midnight is 2 years old. She is a complete cuddle bug. She lays her head on your shoulder like a human when being affectionate 🥰
Very playful, can do numerous tricks. He’s two years old, he’s a Great Dane, boxer, German Shepard mix
My sweet Scooby was rescued from a puppy mill.He is curious and skittish around strangers but a real professional for photos.Hes always posing for me hes so easy to capture.Scooby is a sweet dog and like Ace his brother is also my emotional support dog. Scooby is loving and caring and also loves to be right by my side.Hes my lovey🐶💙
Apollo is the most loving dog ever! He’s 5 years old and I’ve only had the pleasure to have him for 1 year hopefully many more! His first mama had to find him a new home, because it was her time to go to heaven! She chose me as his new mama I’m very proud to have this beautiful boy!!!
Kain is a pit bull boxer mix Now I know why pit bulls are misunderstood It’s how you raise them .kain is super loving and friendly he likes to go for walks and tries to walk me because he thinks he’s king of my house but he’s learning I just rescued him 2 weeks ago he knows sit and shake right now but he’s super smart
Bruno is a sweet puppy who loves to play. Feel free for any exchanges or advancements
Hi all! I’m Bleu, a blue harlequin Great Dane. I may double in size every week,but I think I’m small. I sometimes identify as a cat 🤷🏼‍♀️I’ve been Known to meow in my sleep, and even mastered the silent tiptoe. what can I say, my brothers and sisters are cats and they teach me everything lol. I like to fall asleep pacifying on their ear, especially Lokies ears, he’s pictured here with me. He might just be my very bestest friend. I get in the smallest ball so I can sit on my moms lap… ok, maybe just my head fits but I try. I love my car rides, but can’t keep my eyes open 😴. My favorite treats are dry freeze duck hearts and chicken feet, yum yum! I’m also a little bit of a sports fanatic. I may be partial to softball and soccer thanks to my human siblings. My favorite toy is a skunk! I picked him out myself and carried him to the checkout counter… we’re pretty tight, he comes everywhere with me 😉Well, until next time, I’ll talk to y’all on the flip side, and don’t forget to vote for me! ✌🏻
Kip loves to cuddle and to jump up and down!
Acer was named after Batmans dog my son named him after we rescued him and he was literally in our shadows.Through the years Ace has protected me and has never left my side he follows me everywhere. Recently i was diagnosed with neuropathy and Ace became my emotional support dog.We are inseparable. He is my 💙
Luke is a very lovable dog he will let you pet him you got to let him sniff you before you let him so Can’t get used to you he’ll lay his head up against you and love all up on you he’s an amazing dog overall but he can be a Butthead he loves cuddles and he is such a great support dog he was my fathers best friend and was going to become a service dog but unfortunately my father passed away too soon
He is my best friend he has helped me so much with my depression and anxiety! He is the most loving dog he likes to cuddle and loves giving hugs! And he is great with kids and he is very protective and a really good watch dog he is just amazing in every way!!!
Shadow is amazing boy. He loves to run the backyard and enjoys being in the water. Hes also a cuddle bug!
Murray is blind and old he is a rescue , loves car rides and ice cream
Finley is a beautiful, friendly, smart girl! She loves the beach, playing ball and the snow! Vote for Finley, as she is the most gorgeous girl in RI!
Ox loves hot dogs . He will dance for them .
Hank is a year old and is very loveable. He never meets a stranger and absolutely loves children and treats
Oso is a lover boy. He wants nothing more to be in your lap or held like a little baby. Want to see him go nuts? Just bring out the laser pointer and watch the craziness ensue.
Hank Ledoux
Hank Ledoux is a funny, playful dog. Loves to go in my truck with me every where. Loves his kitty Johnny Cash. Will growl playfully at me and nudge to keep getting his tummy rubbed.
He was born an amish pup. Now he gets to run and play in 2 big back yards. Hes a smart entergetic boy. Hed love to win so he could buy a sled to pull this winter!
Cause hes the greatest dog in the whole world and i love him
Rocky is the smallest pet in the house but thinks he is the boss of the other dogs and cats too. He is a little cuddle bug! He is always happy. He is my baby boy and my pride and joy!
Hello, I'm Nala. I'm an Australian Shepherd. I'm a very energetic puppy. I like going on long walks, playing with my toys and i like going for car rides too, especially because sometimes i get pup cups💛
Saylor is 5 months old and full of zoomies and curiosity! She loves to root in things and play with her toys and snuggle🐾❤️
Gabby is the most loving and playful baby girl. For being four years old, she is the equivalent of a toddler. Gabby has her own bed, her own couch, and is basically the princess of the house. She loves her purple bone, her teddy bear, being covered up with blankets and snuggling 💜
Hello everyone my name is Violet. I was a shelter dog but not anymore thanks to my new mom and dad. I am very smart, loving and goofy girl. Shelter said that I am Duch Shepherd Husky mix. If u guys think I might be different breed let me know in the comments. I love to spend time with my family go for walks and training.