Baby Stories - 74


Hello! My name is....BALL?! Oh no no, sorry, my name is Lance, I got a little distracted out there. My mom says I’m cute enough to win this thing! It’s been a little difficult finding out that at 4 years old I have to change up my life a little bit, you see, mom and I used to play Ball, ALOT, but because I like to use my little legs to get up high and get that ball I developed what my vet calls hip dysphasia. But don’t worry I’m still getting all the love and attention my heart can ask for 💕 anyways! VOTE FOR ME 🐾
Portia is a sweet and funny pup who loves to snuggle and play with her dog siblings.
Jax will do anything for his beloved ball. He’s incredibly smart and the most affectionate dog I’ve ever met!
Puppy is the love of my life .. She is my bestfriend and she is so loving ..she love to play with her toys . she loves her daddy she thinks he does no wrong .she is so funny . Everyone loves puppy
Frank N Beans
Frank n beans is a very sweet baby! He loves snuggles and food
Beulah loves to be by your side, a big cuddler and mellow personality 💕
Thor is a 7 year old pit who loves couch snuggles and running through the woods. He loves getting his barkbox in the mail and comes to work with me everyday.
Kind natured therapy pup in training who loves everyone and brings a smile to all he meets
Boba Fett
Hi, my name is Boba Fett but my humans call me Boba, I am a handful at 10 months old.I am smart, I can sit, lay down, shake, speak, and sit pretty. I like anything from mom and dad's hands or mouth, and my mom shares everything with me. I also like chewing on my dad's hands, and hats. I will play catch with my parents for hours, I even make my mom play while she's cleaning the bathroom. I also chase the broom and hose of the vacuum cleaner! I have a Kylo Ren stuffed animal that is the same length as I am and I like to run full sprint through the house with it in my mouth! My spot is in between mom and dad, sleeping, watching TV, and riding in the car even though I am much to big for that anymore. I love my squeaky toys, and fruit snacks! I don't like my brush, being left home alone, my harness, when ppl pretend to hurt my mom, long car rides, cigarette smoke, and fireworks!
Hi there! I am Nala. I am a blood hound and chocolate lab mix. I love playing with my brother and sister and also just observing my surroundings. I am still learning to snuggle with mom and dad as I love being on the go!
Hello all! My name is Euchre Bob. I love playing with toys, especially my bone and favorite orange ball. I love cuddling with my blankie and snuggling with my parents and siblings. Looking out the window to find new friends is a big hobby of mine. Food is my most favorite thing on this entire Earth. I help out my parents with the yard work by cutting the grass and picking up the sticks!!
Rebby Reb
Rebel is cute but don’t let him fool you!! He hold up to his name. He’s a puppy who likes to chew, play, eat and sleep. Just as puppies do :)
Poppy Lou
Hi! I'm Poppy Lou! I am almost 1 year old and so far my life has been pretty great! I am so smart and goofy. I also love the camera📸 please give me some votes today❤
Hi! I am Nautica and I am 6 months old! I am the the most happy and loving dog you will ever meet! You can’t even get after me for being naughty because I roll over on my back and beg for belly rubs when I am in trouble. I have the most cutest puppy face but don’t get me wrong, I am a Naughty Nautica. If you think I am cute, you should definitely vote for me because I already think I am!☺️
Hi! I am Bandit and I recently turned 5 months old! I am a lazy pup with bursts of excitement.😋 My favorite food is chicken and I love long walks on the beach. You might catch me napping during my free time but I can be very active when outside with mom or dad! Vote for me and let me know how much of a handsome boy I am. ( I already know it anyways😝)
Lolita is a rescue. The smallest of 4 furrkids, but the boss of all of them at 5 lb. She has had only one toy that she loves all 9 years she has been here. She is very popular in the local businesses , especially those who have her treats behind the counter. She also has over 6,000 facebook friends on her page. Any winnings go to @Santa Cruz Animal Services and @CAPE rescue.
Grimm looks like a monster, but thinks he is a lap dog.
Beane is the boss of the house and loves to eat. Don’t be late on feeding time.
Sekani is a bundle of energy and loves her zoomies. She is very close to her brothers, Bear and Rebel. They are her Lab/Shepherd mix brothers. She is loveable and loves to snuggle. She keeps us very entertained.
Neo is a crazy mix of dogs! He’s a pit Bull, boxer and lab! His energy sure shows true to those breeds lol but he is a sweetheart when it comes down to it always ready to cuddle and give loves🐾🥰 (only after a treat)🥴🥱
Nanuk is 1.5 years old! He loves to swim, play, fetch, go camping, and about anything else!
Otis Campbell
Otis is my absolute best friend. Even at 4 years old he still has the energy as a pup but definitely loves his chill time and snuggles. I adopted Otis from a rescue near me when he was two. He was a stray in Tennessee before they brought him into the rescue and when I saw him I instantly feel in love!
Sage is such a spunky & energetic pup! She is 9 months old and absolutely loves running and four wheeler rides! I adopted Sage from a rescue near me that rescues dogs from kill shelters! She is a Blue Heeler/ Beagle mix! She loves all people and animals and absolutely adores her big brother Otis!
Copper is a American English Redtick Coonhound .He is 4 months old he love his toys and his bully sticks. He loves wrestling with us . He also lives people and people food 🤣.
Princess Kiyoko
Hi my dogs name is Princess Kiyoko she is a Pomeranian, female and she is 5 years old although She used to be a show dog she doesn’t obey all time we still love her to death and wanna give her a chance to win, I wish good luck to everyone in this pageant and congratulations to even be here your dog is adorable and they have a chance just like kiyoko Even though kiyoko didn’t win the first two times we entered who cares this chance never runs out no matter much many times you lose you don’t really lose you still have V a chance and you still have your dog that’s way more then enough bless the dog for even being there for you and a chance is more then enough and I hope it is for you too again good luck I wish you the best in this contest!
Hi my dogs name is kodi he is a Pomeranian, male and He is 3 years old although He might not be a show dog and obey all time we still love him to death and wanna give him a chance to win, I wish good luck to everyone in this pageant and congratulations to even be here your dog is adorable and they have a chance just like kodi Even though kodi didn’t win the first two times we entered who cares this chance never runs out no matter much many times you lose you don’t really lose you still have V a chance and you still have your dog that’s way more then enough bless the dog for even being there for you and a chance is more then enough and I hope it is for you too again good luck I wish you the best in this contest!
Rico loves chasing birds and doing tricks his best friend is Chewy his partner in crime
Captain loves EVERYBODY, he’s such a sweet, loving boy. He absolutely loves our daughter who is 2 1/2 years old. He is pretty lazy and sleepy most of the time but has some quick bursts of energy. He loves chewing on his antler and cuddling with mama and daddy.
Hi I’m Roscoe. I’m 4 years old. This past year I have been battling a brain infection and other medical issues. I love life and my mommy.
Chocolate Tuffy
she's my heart.. rescued her she was just 3 wks old.. soldier girl 100% she's coming out of ACL ones shes been strong..hasn't whined one time since. this pic is her birthday..7 yrs now. was NOT easy to get this pic. bribed her w piece her cake lol
Charlie is a sweet stray who was abandoned with his 2 siblings who sadly had passed before anyone had found them. So you could say he’s a very lucky boy. He is a wild man who loves to play and get all sorts of love. He’s definitely one “cheesy” boy as you can see😊
Ellie is a 15 week old bi-laterally deaf Boston Terrier. She may not be able to hear with her ears, but she will hear you with her heart 💜
Gunner is a 9 year old shih-tzu male. He goes by Gunner the one eyed wonder puppy though. He loves walks, cheese, and his mama!
Vinny loves hanging out with family and other family dogs. He is an Olde English Bulldog.
River is a 1 yr old chocolate lab, he’s very attentive and loves the water. Also loves helping his Dad on the boat!
Pebbles is the best suggler! She loves under the blankets and farts! Its the cutest and hilarious!
Sully is 4 months old and loves his brother Max! He cry’s if Max is not near him. Sully loves to run and play with his squeaky duck!
Moose is an 11 month old puppy with a lot of energy. This is a picture of him with his new blanket.
Luna is a 1 year old rescue pup. She breaks the rep on an American Pitbull Terriers reputation! She is the sweetest dog and once you meet her you instantly will fall in love. She loves to sleep, play tug of war, and cuddle. She loves everybody she meets and gets along well with other doggies. Luna is a big sweetheart ❤️
Pimpster likes to chase cows and roll around in the grass.
Grace Fawn
Our Grace is our 6 month old French Bulldog born right in Swanton, Vermont. She loves to run, play, cuddle, ride, swim, and play with the kids. She is full of personality and sass.
Little Bit
Little Bit is a rescue from Morning Meadow Animal Rescue. He was adopted two years ago and has brought much joy to our family.
Draco is a Great Dane Imported from Poland. He lives a pampered life, he thinks every dog and every person is his very best friend! He absolutely has never met anyone he doesn’t love ❤️ and he thinks he’s a horse too! He’s a funny boy that loves the show ring! He’s my best friend and the biggest blessing of a family dog we could ask for!
Rudy is a happy little boy. He is very active & always into something. He is very loved! 💗
Hi my names king Leonidas! I’m a very good boy! I just beat mast cell cancer! I love cookies and human food like turkey and broccoli! I also love all sorts of fruits and veggies. I love to snuggle and give mamma kisses. I love walks with my daddy. I’m the sweetest pit bull in the whole world.
The most energetic and pretty girl Rescued from Suncoast Animal League. She now is a Dog Therapy Dog for Pet Partners.
Sticks, tennis balls, flying sky raisins, and water