Chica thinks she’s a human and she even sits like one! 😂
Charlie Brown
Hi! My name is Charlie Brown and I’m the goodest boy you will ever meet!! I love long walks, relaxing at my favorite spot outside and taking long naps!! I love to play with my sister, or snuggle right by my parents sides. My most favorite thing in the whole world has to be plain donuts! So yummy!!!
Precious is the sweetest little girl you'll ever meet .. She originally came from a home where she was abused and neglected... She's very intelligent.. She goes everywhere with her mommy and daddy .. She really is Precious 💕💕
Rocko is the world's best cuddler and biggest lap dog! Sweetest bully around!
Truly man’s best friend.
Josy is a ball of energy and hops instead of running when excited. She has a dark eye and a blue eye but when she’s being feisty the blue eye turns red. Loves to play and fetch already. with her favorite toy, a squeaky bone.
Champ is so sweet and goofy now :) but when we first got him from the shelter he was there for a year because he was “dog aggressive and kid aggressive” but now he has a puppy brother(Wynn) who is just a year old. And he gets along with my 15 month old nephews, he was just scared and mistreated:( now he’s living his happiest life :)
Wynn is a very handsome border collie/heeler mix. He is a year Oldboy, and loves going on walks and playing with my old boy champ! He loves bacon treats and playing with babies(he’s gentle) and loves good weather. He’s a little scared of the wind and any loud noise, but the goodest boy!
Bella mostly likes to be with me and she also likes to be outside! She loves car rides and loves to go camping!
Hank is very playful and sweet! he’s also extremely clumsy and is always tripping over is big paws❤️
He loves to talk to you. He is also so smart n loveable. Hes my service dog. He really loves his treats before bed.
This is Bella! She loves her naps and cuddling her daddy❤️ She loves going to the park and meeting new friends! She’ll melt your heart!
Cocoa loves playing, fetching and running away with any and all objects! He has such a playful attitude & sweet heart.
Memphis loves to howl, play, and hide! He is calm, cool and collected. He loves just being by himself - we call him a cat in a dogs body!
Xena loves to play, nap, and be dramatic about everything! She has the sweetest soul - and loves everyone!
Charlie loves swimming, fetching, barking and taking naps. He is the most gentle, obedient, and loving dog!
Bailey is the cutest most sweetest dog you will ever meet. She loves to cuddle and give big hugs. Her favorite thing to eat is eggs and she loves to chase squirrels:)
Maggie is a mini goldendoodle who loves to play and cuddle 🥰 ❤️ She enjoys running around with other dogs and playing fetch!
Bella is an amazing dog, full of love and kindness. She loves to play catch on a nice day or relaxes in bed on those rainy days. She is now a big sister to a little pup named Lily
She is a very playful, loving, sweet spoiled girl that puts a smile on everyone’s face she meets. Please vote for my Princess!!
She is a labrabull, she is 10 weeks old, and loves to play with her big sister Bella
Dobby Albus
Dobby is small and mighty. He is a mixed breed who loves to lay by his heater and look out the window. He is a great side kick and loves cuddles. He will always bark to alert us if someone is at the door and he loves wake the kids up with sugars.
Jax is almost 3 months old. His name comes from my little brother (Jamie) and his dog (Max) that died almost 2 months ago. Jax is the sweetest little boy and loves giving kisses and being held.
Fauna Lovegood
Fauna was rescued and given lots of TLC. She is now a happy healthy pup who loves cuddles and going in walks. She has a sweet spirit!
Cooper is a luvable fur baby that loves to cuddle and spread his toys all over the house.
Bear is a 11 week old shorkie! He loves to play with his duck toy it’s his favorite! He’s very energetic but loves cuddles!
Maggie Mae
Maggie is a one year old, pit mix, rescue pup! We’ve had he since she was 5 weeks old, where she was rescued from a very bad breeding situation. She loves naps, car rides, fruit, and playing outside with her frisbee. She’s very sassy and will let you know when she isn’t happy! She does have a few health issues, but she is the sweetest girl and we couldn’t love her more🤍
Lucy is a rescue from a neglectful and abusive home. She is a pretty girl who loves to play with her stuffies and long naps. She is a gentle giant loves kids and playing with other animals
Blaze is the sweetest pup ever! He is the best bed partner and cuddle bug! His personality is the sweetest!
Whiskey is a German Shepherd part blue Heeler! She is the sweetest girl ever. She loves to go on walks, cuddle, give kisses, and eat lol
Jack is a rescue. He has bad anxiety from his parents. He loves to play ball and frisbee.
Apollo is a smart handsome breed. He loves spending time playing with his brother and sister and enjoys learning new tasks everyday.
Tank is the cutest most playful and lovable puppy!
Hi, my names Rebel! I am almost 2 years old, and I love to eat, I could eat all day long if my parents would let me. I also love being outside and running crazy with my big brother Creeker. For the most part I’m pretty laid back for being a Beagle. I love meeting new friends, Although, it takes me a little bit to warm up because I can be shy. Sometimes, I even like to bark for no reason. My brother and I like to see who can bark the loudest! Don’t forget to vote for me! After-all, I’m the bestest boy around!
oakley is a great dog, she is a very quick learner, she dislikes water a lot! she loves going on drives and even loves playing in the snow and a big fan of treats when she’s being good, her favorite thing to do is be outside running and playing she only likes to come in for the treats 😂
Apollo is German Shepherd/beagle mix. Hes almost 2 yrs old and is very hyper and friendly. He lovessss people. Loves going out doors! This pup is very happy!
Kimber is the missing heartstring, I've been longing for. She loves to be rocked to sleep.
He loves peanut butter, new toys (especially squeaky ones), beds, and tennis balls!
Bella is a 7 yr old chihuahua/cocker spaniel mix who is Riley's sister from the same litter. Bella is a very happy pup who loves to play and sleep a lot. She barks a lot at noises and if she doesnt know u she will continuously bark at u. Bella also has Epilepsy. She also only has 3 legs bcuz of her being attacked by a pitbull when she was 5 months old!
Riley is a 7 yr old chihuahua/cocker spaniel mix who loves to play but also enjoys sleeping as well as expressing his voice a lot. Riley suffers from Epilepsy and severe separation anxiety.
Booth is a Old English Bulldog. He loves every person he meets.
Hi my name is stella. I’m just to hot to handle.. i love car rides and to play with my friends. i have one blue eye and one brown eye. i mean who don’t love a blue eye.
Stella is a smart girl and the most lovable dog you will ever meet. She’s playful and will be your bestfriend through everything.
Leia is one of a kind!! she loves to play outside friendly with everyone and she’s a mamas girl. she’s always wanting cuddles and belly rubs. she’s funny and sweet as can be. shes 2 years old and 60 pounds and loves treats 🥰🥰
Leah is a lab mix puppy. She is the sweetest puppy and loves to snuggle. Her favorite toy is a stuffed duck.
Pixie was born September of 2021. She is a very loving playful girl. The pink on her face is from me kissing her🥰 She is always up for kisses and playing and eating 💖
This is gunner he is 2! Some things he Loves are running around and being outside or waking up early in the morning to be the best dirt bike dog out there where he can be with people and gets lots of attention! He loves cuddling or sitting on you when your watching tv on the couch because he always needs to be close to someone 😂 There’s some this about gunner, but he is always the happiest little pup around and Always has a little smile on his face 😙
Sassy is a pit mix. She is also a rescue. She definitely loves her humans but she is a very sassy girl who also thinks she is a lap dog.