He is a sweet boy. He loves his sleep and is the little old man of the house. He is spoiled and loves his treats.
What didn’t MJ love? From meeting and greeting people and doggos everyday. He loved going to the dog park every morning for play time and then for his pup cup after at Starbucks. Playing with his siblings both hooman and fury. To enjoying quiet time to watch some tv at times and to nap.
Maverik is a beautiful and playful puppy… “Fast as Lightning”
Cleo is a Lab / German Shepard mix. Sheloves to play ball and eat!! She also has a baby sister who she just loves🤍
Punky is a fun loving sweet girl who isnt this little puppy anymore but thinks she is as shes diving in your lap. Loves the outdoors, her humans, & her full sister Oopy Toopy
Oopy Toopy Toopy
My best friend in the world, no matter how bad of a day she will always brighten your day. Extremely intelligent, (thinks shes human) loves to impress w all her tricks. She does have separation anxiety but i guess have it also when were apart. Shes a miracle Parvo survivor & spoiled to the max.
Hermes is very loyal and loving he loves to play ball he actually uses his front and back paws like he’s dribbling it like a soccer ball. We love to watch him jump in the air to catch the ball.
Tank is an energetic, super playful pup who loves the camera almost as much as he loves food. His hobbies include playing in mud puddles, napping, and going to the dog park.
She loves everyone she meets and other dogs.
Dawson is a male Pitt terrier, he loves snacking and is a ham , he loves playing with his siblings but mostly loves his humans , he was the last born of 11 and surprised us 5 hours later when we thought mama was done giving birth , Dawson is our surprise puppy
Chloie Bean
Bean is about 3 y/o, loves babies, riding, and exploring new places. She isn’t a fan of kittens or puppies. She thinks that she has to have everything that I have, she’ll let you know when she is ready to go to bed by going into the bedroom and barking at the bed. She refuses to sleep anywhere but with me and she thinks she has to be with me at all times.
Nellie is a sweet, loving and goofy golden pup! She loves her brother and sister and loves playing with her toys!
Bocephus is a blue pit and xxl bully mix love cuddling in bed with mom and dad. And playing with dog bother and sisters. He doesn’t mind pushing them outta the way get some lovins to
Harley is a 4yr old beagle! He is very photogenic and food motivated. Harley is 60lbs a fat boy:))
Buttons loves to play outside, go on car rides especially to Chick-fil-A and barking at cows.
Bandits a full of personality Pomeranian who loves cuddling and playing ball, bandit loves the outdoors and enjoys swimming
Maverick enjoys long walks in the park, chasing squirrels & climbing on tables. His best friend is Sassy and Sassys best friend is anyone but Maverick (he's too hyper for her rat terrier personality). He is everyone's dog. He doesn't stick with one family member. He makes sure to take equal time hanging out, snuggling and playing with each one. If you come to our home you will get a full-on welcome waggin' with lots of kisses from him (whether you want them or not). He is such a love bug and brings joy to everyone he meets.
Leo is 13 wks old and loves to sleep! He follows me wherever I go and hates to me alone! He's my pride and joy. Oh 1 more thing he loves to play after a good nap!
Rico Grayson
Rico is a great family dog. He loves to chew his toys and play with his siblings. He isnt much on cuddling but when he wants some cuddling ya better watch out because he thinks he is a small baby.
Jersey is the most loving creature i ever adopted! He love cuddles friendly with any animal he is around! My best friend!
Reid is 5 years old and a very good boy! Fetch and cuddling are his favorite activities!
Capone is a pure bred ABKC pocket bully. He just turned a year old. He’s a big short big baby who’s good for cuddling. He’s my silly little big baby.
Sadie is a happy go lucky pup. She enjoys playing fetch and rolling in the grass. She LOVES the sound of her own voice. 😂😂 She absolutely adores her new family. She is sweet and sassy.
Hi, I’m Stormi the blue nose pitbull. I was born on July 30, 2022 and I am a super playful and loving puppy. Vote for me because I am oh so cute 🥰
Baby Yoda
Baby yoda likes hugs and to b extremely spoiled 🥰😍
Sock Dog..he LITERALLY ate socks when he was a puppy
Cappy Jack
This boy loves to run! A German shepherd mix, he is a very intelligent boy who knows exactly how to use his puppydog eyes to get whatever he wants.
We call her Wiggle Moon because when she's excited to see us she shakes her tail so hard her body forms the shape of a crescent moon.
Sadie loves to play catch and loves to cuddle❣️❣️ My little nickname for her is Sadie Cakes🥰😍🥰
Morgan is a golden retriever/yellow lab mix who enjoys playing in the mud, snow, and anything wet! She’s a sweet, snuggly girl, always sticking close behind her owners (they might drop some snacks!)
Ned is a snuggly beagle-basset hound-Jack Russell terrier mix. He loves baby carrots and sleeping under fuzzy blankets.
Kingdom is very sweet he was a rescue pup an he love to play he is a service pup in training an very good
Maci loves chicken express and sitting on her owners.
Hank is a fun-loving Australian cattle dog puppy! His favorite things to do include playing frisbee in the backyard and chasing his siblings Draco and Stella around the house! Hank loves goldfish and mangos, and is just the silliest and sweetest dog! We love Hank ❤️
He is a Shepard/Hound mix, loves to play and is very calm when he needs to be. Great with the Children and LOVES car rides!
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae is a fun loving, ball fetching girl that loves to give kisses 💋
Maiasaura is a super smart little girl! She’s in training to be a service dog! She loves fetch and playing with other dogs (her big brother Reid is her favorite)!
Teddy Bear Parker
Teddy Bear Parker is the sweetest! He loves playing with his mouse and snuggling is his second nature! He is 💯 daddy's boy🎃
Stormy is a sweet little girl who loves to give kisses and loves attention and who loved to be with her own she likes to cuddle and be held
Daisy is very active, loves to play and needs attention always
Sadiey is a very nurturing, caring, loving for others and beautiful inside and out.
Sincere is a very verbal frenchie. If you don’t talk to him he will surely get your attention! He loves kisses and his girlfriend is a beautiful she-poodle. I don’t know about being a grandparent yet lol..
Chief loves going on car rides, playing fetch, & being around kids! He is super outgoing.
Hi I'm Nyla, I'm a very friendly and loving pup. I'm soon to be 9 years old. I love to chase squirrels, chase my brother Rudy around, and lounge around the house. I looooove food of every kind...Please send your'll make me one happy girl ❤️
Cali is a siberian malamute mix. she’s full of life and loves her older fur siblings. her favorite thing other than sticks, is food. she’s sneeky and likes anything she can get into.
My boy Bolt loves to go to the dog park, very friendly with others! He loves to play ball and always loves to be with me! He's adorable and loving! ❤️