Baby Stories - 74


Loves his toys!
Draco is a Pit Bull and German Shepard mix!! He’s very energetic and loves to give tons of kisses!! He’s a super chewer and always has to have something to chew on! Loves running
My name is Jaxson! But you can call me Jax! I AM LIVING THE AMERICAN DREAM!! I am a ball of energy Who needs all the attention on me, I love to chase my tail, play with toys and play with my sister jazzy. but don't let my energy fool you! I am A full blown baby, I love to cuddle and stretch out with mommy every night after my long walks!
Lady Di
Lady is a rescue. She's a boxer and bloodhound mix. Such a sweet girl with a hard start in life. She's extremely smart and VERY opinionated. BUT she knows she's daddy's little princess
Hi!!(: My name is Quinn! I like to suck on my tongue when I’m asleep, play with my mom and dad, and eat moms shoes! Please vote for me❤️
My name is Max and I enjoy boat rides and my mom is my best friend.
Louis will be 3 months old on September 4th! He loves to give kisses and cuddles! Louis is very smart and learned sit, stay, wait, paw, lay down and speak all by 2 months old! He loves to meet new people and new animals!! His favorite place to go is Petco!
Leroy is a lab husky mix that likes to sing like choobakha and eats everything!!!! He sits, shakes, and high fives....and he can silent bark!!! The worlds best cuddler!
Sunny Hauf
She is fun and loving and she loves to sleep on her back, her favorite thing to do is run as fast as she can outdoors.
Just a puppy doing puppy things. :)
Mya is a sweet older lady... She's a lazy dazy dog with lots of love to give anyone once she meets you. Loves to sunbathe & play with kids/toys. And she's always down for treats! She's the queen of the house!!
Sage is 2 months old and LOVES to nap. She’s a beautiful dog and very intelligent. She loves playing with other dogs and kiddos as well 🥰 Her favorite toy is her deer antler 🤪
Theo is a mix of Lab & Pit Bull Loves to be outside playing ball or with the kids. He's like having a 2yr old around. Lots of energy during the day & big baby at night. He's a mamma's boy!!
Loki is 90% chihuahua and 10% pug we thought he was German Shepard for sure but no he’s pug and he is really supportive and fun and loves to rip paper and cardboard up
Talofa my name is Levi I live in the cold country city of Kamuela hi and I love my family. I love going on walks at the park, playing with my fellow little cousins and most of all I am a cuddle bug and love to take long naps under the shade. I’m just starting to learn and develop other skills but I am 7 weeks old and love my family so much. They love my snuggles and I can sometimes get my way with them if I just give them those puppy dog sad eyes.
Amira loves being outdoors, running wild and chewing on anything she can get her paws on. Still a puppy in training. She has made many friends already and is super playful with both kids and other dogs.
Simba is a Shih tzu White Siberian husky mix that loves to have fun, great with kids, very intelligent and fast learner!
Toby is the sweetest, most gentle boy. His favorite place is by my side. He is a trained therapy dog and truly is a girl’s best friend! ❤️
Koda is a sweet and very special boy. He is the great grandson of the official Lassie #8 (Howard) with direct lineage back through all the previous Lassie’s, with the exception of Lassie #1, Pal, who never sired any litters. Koda is playful, curious, and extremely intelligent. He will be trained as a therapy dog. ❤️
Hes wild by day and a love at night..loyal and brings much love and companionship
Hi! My name is Tex! I’m a 3 month old Rottweiler puppy with the most spunky personality you’ve ever seen! You’ll usually find me playing with my cousins Nova and Aleigha at the dog park or on petco trips. If I’m not doing that, i’m probably hanging out the window on a truck ride!! My all time favorite toy is a stuffed Rottweiler that looks just like me!
Athena is a rescue from the humane society. She’s a lover not a fighter. She’s a bit of a klutz but so happy-go-lucky about life nothing keeps her down. She is an adventure dog. She’s happy doing anything as long as she has us with her.
Hi I’m Bailey! I may be big but I am just a puppy! I love my family and my big sister Bella (even though she doesn’t like to play with me) I love playing with my squeaky toys and cuddling with my mom!
Hi I’m Bella and I’m 11 years old! My hobbies include sleeping, getting special pets from my owners, and most importantly playing fetch with my tennis ball!!! I may be old but I can play just like a puppy!
Kirakis loves to chew on ice and cold carrots. She wakes up at 4:00am on the nose every morning. She hasn't met another dog that she can't get along with. She is super social. Such a sweet girl.
Mabel is a 4 month old Neopolitan Mastiff/Cane Corso mix rescue puppy. She (and her litter mates) were orphaned by their momma and bottle fed from birth. She is a whopping 62 pounds at 17 weeks and learning new things every day. She loves to play tug of war with her giant English Mastiff brothers and snuggling with her human momma when she’s sleepy. All in all just a precious, thriving giant little puppy ❤️
Gilmore’s a male Labradoodle just turned one years old. He’s a water boy and is the sweetest pup. He loves people and loves to play with kids.
Brooks is a Red Lab ready to hike, play, swim, and just be a puppy! Loving the outdoors and learning so much!
Lola Jean
Hyper pup but love my lazy time🥰
Jasper is an 8 month old Boston terroir, German Shepard and pit bull mix! He love to play and run around outside and watch the birds! He is a big cuddle buddy to! He says vote for me so I can get all the treats in the world!
Hi my name is Jasmin! but you can call me jazzie! im a sweet girl, I love sleeping and I cuddles but I'm a boss when I need to be! i love food and stuffed animals! my brother Jaxson is my best friend I love to play rough with him!
Buster is full of Life, from the moment he wakes up till the time he goes to bed, he makes me laugh. I got Buster for and emotional support Dog, He wasn't Trained but he cheers me up on a Daily Basis, He loves his treats and squeaky toys..
Obi is a California pup straight outta San Diego. He was born on May 4th, 2020 and lives happily with his mom Jackie. Obi loves playing fetch, chasing his curly tail, and giving loving kisses to everyone he meets. He hopes you’ll vote for him!
Our spunky little girl likes to wrestle her big German Shepard sister.. and win
Clayton loves to chase his cat best friend TidBit! He also loves to spin in circles chasing his own tail! Clayton will run to bed if you tell him it’s nap time he loves to snuggle with his mom! His least favorite thing is being told no to human food!
Saddie Ann
Saddie Ann is full of energy but enjoys her down time
Jovie is 12 weeks old and is a Shi-poo.. she loves to cuddle and has lots and lots of energy.
Wiggles will be turning 9 years old on September 11th. He is an old man dog that loves to sit in the window and guard the house.
Piper will be 3 years old on December 14th. She loves to sunbathe and chase chipmunks. She is currently recovering from CBLO surgery due to tearing her ACL in both her back legs, surgery on her other back leg is in 2 weeks. As of right now her days consist of sunbathing and naps 😆
Bentley is an energetic puppy and loves to play outside! He enjoys playing and nap time, take your time and vote for little Bentley 🥰
The biggest cuddle buddy
My favorite maple syrup. She’s stuck to me like syrup and is the most goofy pup I know
Sophie is such a cutie, calm Mannered, loves her family and her mr piggy toy 💕
Marley loves to bite toes 😂😂😂
Ruger loves to play. He’s very energetic and is very vocal when he plays. He constantly makes us laugh at the silly things he does. He lives his toys and is very smart. He’s a great addition to our family 🐶