He's afraid of birds flying over his head when he is outside.
Starr loves attention and laying in bed with me 🥹☺️
Pebbles is a lovely poodle and she never meets a stranger . She goes everywhere i go and never barks at anyone. She loves attention and to be loved on .
She is an amazing dog. We have only had her since September but she's such a good girl!
I adopted Taz from the Humane Society of North Texas in March of 2022 when she was 2 months old. She is playful and very very loved, and wants to share those feelings with other pups at shelters. Please help her win and the prize will be given to the Humane Society of Young County in Graham, Texas!
Mocha is the sweetest girl. She is full of life and love. Mocha enjoys belly rubs, playtime, going to the park, shopping with mommy, car rides, cuddles, treats and bacon.
Warrior is a hound mix he is playful and energetic he's only nine weeks old looking forward to this wonderful journey
Vote for Bruno because he’s a sweet little guy and he’s handsome!!
Whiskey girl is a 13 year old rescue born in a shelter that still acts like a puppy and likes to sleep all day
Benny is a cute little vizsla and loves to run at the dog park
Roman is 2 years old, accomplished the AKC good k 9 citizenship class and loves watching TV while having no concept of personal space
Myracle is a very fun loving dog. He is our miracle when he came to live with us. It was literally the best thing that happened to my husband I. Myracle loves running, playing and just chasing after squirrels, he loves grabbing our socks and running away with them. Please vote for my Myracle! It would be greatly appreciated.
Thor is 1 year old , he a Frenchy and he love stick
Remy is my daughter in law comfort animal
He is a giant love bug. He always has to be by my side giving me loves and making me feel calm.
Coco is Humble, loves people, and her treats are Slim Jim's.❤️
He’s a sweet, smart, shy Border Collie/German Shepherd mix that steals your heart upon first greeting.
Maizie is a Blue Lacy/Heeler mix. She’s very vocal and playful, but also very protective of her property. Maizie is trying to help her pawfriend, Ahole Eddie, raise funds for other animals in need.
Bacon is a fun, active, loving, protective, extremely intelligent 2 1/2 year old Shepweiler.
Ollie is an anxious chocolate lab! He always has to have a toy in his mouth, preferably pillow or tennis balls. He LOVES playing fetch! He is a huge people person and loves making kind friends!
Arko loves to get comfy, play with his toys. He is a unique dog, he loves to brush his teeth, and he loves to dress up. His all time favorite toy is his ball.
Wonderful, playful, entertaining.
Muneca Chanel
She's absolutely adorable she goes shopping with me she does not need a leash she walks by my side she makes people feel better they love holding her she loves giving hugs and kisses she is a doll
He is the most affectionate puppy I ever had. He loves to give you kisses and to be kissed. He loves to play. He is very smart. He learns quick. He is family and I love him very much
Hi!! My name is Ryker, this was my first Christmas!!!! My mom was surprised I kept the antlers on… but I kinda liked them. I love ice cubes, pup cups and my mom. I love the snow too. I like to eat it, my mom says not to eat the yellow snow though but I’m not sure why.
Lily joined our home May 15th, 2023 and she has been nothing short of an angel. She was found on a mountain local to our home with 2 other dogs, 1 of which did not survive and the other was adopted. This picture was taken 1 day after we officially adopted her, and she continues to smile at us. She loves cuddles, loves toys and will play with herself by throwing the toy up in the air and jumping around, and since we’ve had her, she is a food-lover - including whipped cream right out of the can. Lily is a sweetheart and i couldn’t imagine life without her
She's curious pretty very playful
Rufus loves to ride in the car, especially if there is a pup cup in it for him! He likes to cuddle with mom and dad and his little Beagle sister
Old yellow ain't got nothing on Stevie,once u meet him you'll have a friend for life the best dog in the world
Leo is a Newfy who loves cuddles, swimming, and playing fetch. He's the sweetest gentle giant you will meet. Weighing in over 140lbs. He's donated blood 🩸 to save a fellow dogs life and really is an amazing furry family member.
Lady is a 1 year old Australian shepherd. She loves to run on the farm with her four brothers, and be the leader of the group! She is super sweet and the best snuggle bug.
She is very playful and loves to bite on her chew toys. Although she’s partially blind she still gets along with her sister Mila!
Jake is 14 yrs old Blue heeler mix. Old man Jake. Sweet dog and patience with child and children with special needs.
Hi my name is Daisy! I am 2 years old and I’m a ball of energy! My favorite thing is to play fetch with my mom. I love to get the most tastiest treats(only if mom says I’m good of course). In the summer you can find me all over the dog beach making new friends and playing in the water. If you vote for me I will show you all of my favorite tricks( sit, turn around, wave, high five, crawl and so many more). So please vote for me! P.s yes that is a birthmark on my head!
Reigney saves my life everyday, please vote for me
Bandit should win the Pageant Dogs Photo contest because he has his dog bakery, called Bandits Barkery. Has his own website, and in 2 local stores. He’s an entrepreneur who loves eating Brussels sprouts and his veggies. He just learned how to swim! He is mom’s best friend & everyone in Tampa knows Bandit by name 🥰🐶 His Mohawk gets so many compliments and constant attention everywhere we go. He also lets me dress him up in any outfit and rocks whatever I put on him like a stud! He loves sticking his head out the window on car rides. Also, thinks he’s human. He knows sit, stay, lay down, high five, shake, and will do anything for a dog treat & house trained!!!
Dexter is a goofball, he's very smart. He loves running around in the snow and sticks his head in it. He has a lot of toys that he loves to play with especially his lambchop squeak toy. He also loves to play ball.
Bruno is a very smart and loving dog. He knows the names of his toys. He loves to ride in the car. He can also say , I love you.
Sansa is my rescue baby from PR! 5 years ago she was saved from the hurricanes in PR and was brought to me! She is my happy place , the most adorable and loving dog I’ve ever had and she always knows how to make me happy when I’m sad 🤍 all she wants is love.
Kali loves to get dress and ride around all day if she feels Like it ❤️😂😘
Ace goes by many different names; Mr. Man, Mr. Ace, Ace Man, Ace Boy. He is our Gentle Giant … weighs 102 pounds and looks “intimidating” but is the sweetest pup ever! He loves his walks, car rides, going to work with dad, & going to visit his Gigi.
Zoey is our 4 year old rescue. She is the sweetest, smartest and loving dog ever.
Nova is a spunky 1 1/2 year old English shepherd! She’s a big ball of mush and energy, Nova keeps us on our toes everyday! See adopted her from the shelter and it turns out per a DNA test, she’s a purebred english shepherd! Nova is insanely smart and wants to learn new tricks everyday!
Molly May
Molly is such a sweety very loving loves treats a very precious little girl belongs to my sweet friend pam adams
he likes his treats first thing in the morning