Remi Marie
Remi is a sweetheart who loves to play and snuggle. She is a rescue furbaby and is loved more than words can say
Bull is more of a one person animal he is always attached to me and he spoiled rotten. And he a dog particular to liking certain people.
Rescued her from an abandoned litter. She is a sweetheart and has changed a lot of peoples mind on her breed rep!!
Ruger is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Cur. He loves to play with his humans and nothing makes him happier than to run.
She is an amazing pup.she is smart and loyal and personality for days
Raelynn is a Beagle and Basset Hound mix. She loves to play and wrestle with her siblings. Nothing makes her happier than a good chew toy and to run.
Cammy is a NKC Registered American Bulldog. She is almost 4 months old and very energetic. She is very smart and super loveable. Anyone who meets her loves her
Petey And Gracie
Petey is a mix of hound and something. He is the absolute best dog. He loves to play and adores all things big and small. Gracie is a lab mix. She us the most beautiful girl ever. Gracie loves attention and getting dressed up in clothes. They are rescues and best friends.
Willow is a Labrador Retriever and Great Pyrenees mix. She loves to play and wrestle with her siblings. Nothing makes her happier than a good belly rub or squeaky toy.
Emma Lu
She is the sweetest old soul. My girl is 18 1/2 ❤️🙏
Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse is an out going playful and very vocal dog. And has an attitude that will keep u 😃 😀
Dozer is a laid back fun loving dog very friendly. Love other animals and people ❤️
Rare rescue of Boykin Spaniel. Bailey the Boykin is always wagging her crazy tail and loves running and chasing everything out of our yard 😂
Yorkie poodle mix who is spoiled by his mom and loves going to the beach and going in the water 🌊❤️
Luna Bailey
Luna is a dapple mini dachshund that is very sweet and cuddly but she can also be very rambunctious.
Luna is a sweet Husky mix that loves snuggles with her kitty bestie and splashing around in the lake.
Kilo loves all the attention all the time but overall he's just one of the boys!!!💙🐶
Gabby Lets Go Sanchez Ayala
Hello everyone, I am a 14 week old German Shepherd/Labrador. I am in training to be my momma's service dog. I love my chew toys and riding with my momma everywhere she goes. I'm a diva in heart.
Santino loves to snuggle up under your neck and be lazy with you. He also loves Fetch! His fav toy is a pumpkin so Halloween must be his favorite holiday like mine! He’s very sweet and silly and hops around like a bunny when he’s excited!
Major Weenie
Hey my name is major and I’m major danger , I like walks in the park , I never run off because I love my mom!
A crazy loveable mix of red heeler(paws) and pit. She’s brought nothing but joy and loves to play attack with her older sister lady.
Brody Loves To Give Love, Loves To Take Hikes All Year Round, And Loves Going On Car Rides and Boat Rides. What Brody Loves Most Is Dog Treats LOL. Vote For Brody Because He Has A Humble Heart And shows it everyday By Being A GOOD BOY❤️!
He loves chicken and his favorite toy is a small squishy ball that he also sleeps with
Finigin is as sweet and social as he his big! He loves everyone he meets, is SO gentle with all critters, and loves his hoomans 💕
Zeus forgets he’s a 50lbs big baby so he looks forward to seat on your lap 🐾🐾♥️
Eva is one of the smartest dogs I have ever had. She loves people, other animals not so much. She has brought many smiles to my face over the years and I am so very thankful that my friend, Stephanie, gave her to me many years ago.
Bailey is a paper chewing , shoe stealing sweetheart!
Tank isn’t your average French bulldog. He’s 15 months old, 53 lbs & a French bulldog micro pitbull mix. He’s the sweetest baby ever. 🥰
Dakota loves to play with stick and ask for treats!
You know she's the cutest puppy you've ever seen. Puppies do puppy things but this one is learning very quick and she is going to be a beautiful service dog.. Vote for her she could definitely use the prizes..
Roxie loves to play with socks and sticks and give you lots kisses!
Canela is a tiny Queen with a big attitude. She acts like a big dog she’s not scared of anything but she’s very sweet when she wants to go for a walk 😊 she wants to play all day 🔥🐾🐾 Chihuahua
Zeus is a big baby he’s 1yrs old and thinks he’s a lap dog. He forgets he’s about 50lbs 😳 he just likes to feel the attention ♥️🐾🐾
Joey is a 13 year old cockapoo. He Loves to snuggle and play with his toys.
Likey loves playing fetch He loves belly rubs He’s very intelligent He’s the sweetest most loving dog in the world He’s very spoiled He has a wonderful personality He is also comical and makes you laugh He’s the best🥰❤️🥰🐾
Daisy is a crazy cunucu from Aruba that loves playing fetch, chasing her brother around, and cuddling with her humans. And she absolutely loves her treats!
Hi my name is Arlo I am a brown brindle frenchie! I enjoy snuggling up with my momma for movie nights and going to get pup cups from baxters coffee!
Adorable and loving
Kita is a rescue… I don’t know her age, guesstimating a year and a half… my dog Kwe passed away January 22nd 2022. I went to a physic to see if she was ok. I was devastated and broken hearted, Kwe was my ride or die, Mommas girl! The physic kept telling me she got a vibe that Kwe was going to come back to me. Two days later a friend sent me a link to a rescue dog named Kita, I opened the link and saw a clone of Kwe. Kita healed my broken heart 💔 I believe Kwe sent Kita my way. Absolutely love her!!!
Hope was a runt out of an accidental litter… she definitely has a loving personality already at only 8 weeks old; she took to me right away as well as my friend… she loves people and giving puppy kisses; she also loves to curl up and lay her head on your feet
He is the sweetest most playful puppy!!
Roxy is a fun loving baby girl. She loves to go on long walks and playing with kids. She loves to give kisses.
Our dog Chase has returned home safely and I am so glad here to find out he was in the woods with his buddy the calico cat but yes he is home
Chewie is a 7 year old yorkie. He is fun and energetic and is sadly blind in one eye. Chewie is known well as Chewbear and is everybody’s best friend!
Memphis is a 5 month old black Labrador. She loves being outside, being with her other dog friends & showing off all of her tricks! She knows sit, stay, paw, two paws, lay down, spin as-well as other paw! She loves snuggling with her mama at any given chance! She also loves to grab and deliver my packages for me! 🫶🏼
He loves his balls loves to cuddle will through a tantrum when leaving the house just wants all the love in the world
Bear is an English shepherd mix / Rottweiler Goin on 3 months old.