Prim LOVES stuffed animals and playing with anyone and anything. She never meets a stranger and loves sleeping under the blankets. Her icy blue eyes show just how vibrant her personality truly is!
Athena is a 10 month old beabull, she’s a cuddle bug and loves to get into trouble
Oreo is one of the smartest dog we ever own, he always want attention and loving and he know when he bad he goes put himself in time out before i tell him cage. I love him dearly!🥰
Ozzy loves to eat my sofa, stairs and shoes
Copper was a rescue pup who came to use very skinny and sickly. He has since stolen our hearts and become a permanent member of our family!
Hi, I’m Salem. I enjoy taking long walks to the fridge with mommy for snacks. I live for the finer things in life. I love belly rubs, hiking and nap time is sensational. My mommy says positive affirmations to me daily. I love to chew on lids and tennis balls. Vote for me. ♥️
Wrinkles is a 5 year old English Bulldog who loves belly rubs and being lazy!
Riley Charles
This is Riley Charles, he is the sweetest boy you will ever meet! He loves to sleep and chase lasers. He never meets a stranger!
Loves to play ball and snuggle his mama and chase his 2 cat brothers around the house.
His day job is security at Capital City Tattoo located in Concord NH. No entry unless given a bellyrub and booty scratches.Tony loves his broccoli and a good ol' squeaker toy when he's not napping his ruff day away!
This was Easter. We went to my Mom & Dad's in Mountain City, TN. She got behind me in my seat so I pulled over, put my seat back and drove home with her behind me.
Layla Marie Schwab
Layla is a one of a kind chihuahua. For starters, she does not bark and growl like regular chihuahuas. Next SHE IS SPOILED. We feed her 3 times a day all people food. A little bit of beef, chopped carrots, peas, and rice. All good for dogs overall health and joints. Next.. she is named after a very famous musicians song. The song “ Layla” by the one and only Eric Clapton. I am beyond blessed to call her my dog! Unfortunately she had a rough beginning… I bought her when she was a meer 2.38 pounds.. She was skidish, didn’t eat for almost 4 days, would not play with toys and didn’t drink water. I Thought for sure I was going to loose my new best friend. Then the miracle happened. I woke up one morning and she was drinking water and eating some kibble. Now she is happy as ever. She rules the castle of a half a million dollar house, has 4 different doggie beds threwout the house. 3 of which each have a heating bad under it on and running 24/7. Her favorite one though is her nice fluffy dog bed right by the fire in the living room. Come winter season she Deffinitely has her fair share of jackets and sweaters. And who can’t forget Halloween!! She has 2 different costumes. One is a costume of a pumpkin, the other is a yoda costume with the big fuzzy ears. She knows what she wants and Deffinitely is not affraid to not ask.. but DEMAND it… she always wins… All in all Layla is a beautiful, funny, smart and outgoing tea cup chihuahua. She is very loved here, and we are beyond blessed to have her as a family member!
Honey is the last of 3 dogs that we have brought into our home as family. She is a very loyal dog. She loves to fetch. She also puts up with me dressing her up.
Simba is a very loveable dog, he loves to cuddle & give you hugs, he is a dad of 2 baby girls, Angel & Siya, & a great parent along with their mom Nyla. He loves to play tug a war with all the girls, or relax & be held like a baby & get his belly rubbed, hes my husband Doug"s best friend. Hes also very smart & a great listener.
Java likes talking back when you say no she also likes to Hurd the horses with are other Aussies
Howdy everyone, my name is Blaze. I am a 6 month old red Merle miniature Australian shepherd. I have one blue eye and one green eye that is what makes me so unique! I love to be petted on and I love treats from my 2 legged family. I enjoy being outside enjoying the warm weather and playing with my other doggie friends.
Shes a crazy puppers that loves to run around and play but shes also very lazy lol her favorite toy is a bottle shes 12 weeks old and the sweetest pup ever
Lulu loves to sunbathe and play with her toys
Waylon is actually a bloodhound but that wasn’t an option!
Tanker is loving , silly .loves to talk to you. Loves his mammoth tire and his bulldog stuff animal.
Floki is an amazing lil dude that loves his family and will work for treats
Hello! I’m Freya! I am a Gerberian Shepsky from a wonderful pack. I am quite stubborn and make it difficult for mom to train me, but I’m learning…with the help of treats. I am very good at walking on the leash, even with all the distractions I walk right next to mom. I enjoy playing fetch and running around with my brother Titan. I also enjoy chasing after people, dogs, and everything else at the park. But my favorite thing to do is jump and splash around in my water bowl, making a huge mess for mom to clean.
Pearl is the most loving and loyal dog, and loves giving lovies!!!
Hello my name is Sam I was attack by a larger doggie 2 yrs ago. I had my jaw broke and my left foot. I’ve had serveral surgeries due to complications. But I’m a tough little guy and doing well now.
Hi, my name is Smoke! My mom and dad call me smokus pokus. I have so so so much energy, I just can’t help but catch a case of the zoomies. I love toys, but especially tennis balls. I like to give high fives and sometimes hugs, too ❤️ I LOVE eggs and peanut butter, but more than anything I love my mom and dad.
Tequila Rose
Tequila loves to play with her Jolly Ball, constantly chasing it around the yard. She also enjoys lounging in the bed and taking naps!
Luke is a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. He loves being outside on a warm day, watching the children play and the occasional slice of bacon.
He is very energetic and full of love and very playful. Loves to get in your lap and is a great companion. He loves to run and jump. He is a great guard dog!!!
Hi my name is Bear! I was recently adopted about three weeks ago and I am super excited about my new home! Between you and me I am super spoiled and wanna look at this cute face I get anything I want! I love to play! I will do spins for my snacks! And my favorite thing I like to do is lay down and cuddle with my mom!
He’s wild, free, and a sure fire mamas boy! He loves going to work with dad, “babies”, peanut butter, car rides, and his Hooman sister!
My name is Cedar but my mom calls me Cedar Weeder Pumpkin Eater. Haha I am 5 years old. I love to play outside. I love to chase our chickens around the yard and of course I love to snuggle and take mid day naps with my mom.
My name is Rozy, I am almost 5 years old. My family rescued me about 3.5 years ago. I was at a puppy mill before they found me. I love them so much. I like to run and play with my older Aussie brother. I like to snuggle with my mom.
Missie loves to dress up for the holidays, she loves playing with her sister and her toys she thinks she is still a young dog.
Elsa is a very playful cat also a lap cat. Loves cuddles and full of energy
he’s not small
Hi im Rebel! Im a very sweet energetic playful girl! I love my mommy, daddy and grandpa! ❤️
She loves to play with her toys. She is so smart and knows how to sit & stay & wait for treats. She loves her time with Daddy when he gets home too. She gets the zoomies all the time and boy can she burp 🤣 she is defintely a little character.
Saran is so sweet and always wants to be under your feet. She knows how to use those puppy dog eyes to her advantage!
Hello, my name is Riley Blake. I have been with my parents since I was 6 weeks old! They rescued me from the shelter so I’m pretty spoiled! My most favorite thing to do is wrestle with my siblings! I love to be the protector of the house. I would love to win! Please vote for me. Love, Riley! 🐾
Cinder is a fun, loving energetic baby. She was the runt of 11 but has not let that slow her down.
Hello, my name is Rafe Tyler. I have been with my parents since I was 8 weeks old! My most favorite thing to do is be the annoying little brother to my big sister Roxie. We are best friends! I’m not a fan of the car so much so mom lets me run around in our big yard! Im just 6 months old and 80 pound already! I would love to win! Please vote for me. Love, Rafe! 🐾
Hello, my name is Roxie Mae. I have been with my parents since I was 7 weeks old! My most favorite thing to do is cuddle with my mom and dad! I love to go to the dog park and have pup cups I just turned 1 and I would love to win! Please vote for me. Love, Roxie! 🐾
She likes to swim, go riding, walking, loves to cuddle, gives kisses!
Jaxsen loves to go bye byes to do errands with mommy, the bank is his favorite to get a treat, and Royal King to get stocked up on his goat milk and raw food
Vinnie is a loving and very cuddly corgi! He loves his sweaters and love playing with his little/big sister Maggie!!
Haru is our old man the shelter guessed at being a husky and akita mix. He's a big couch potato and his favorite toy is a stuffed hedgehog!
Wrinkle is our girl we got as a puppy from the shelter. She is a total daddy's girl and loves napping in funny positions and wrestling her brothers!
Maggie is a golden/collie mix! She has a ton of personality and a lot of energy. She loves playing with her big/little corgi brother. Maggie will be 3 in June!!