Baby Stories - 73


Hi my name is Chisca I’m a friendly fluff ball that loves adventures. People say I look a lot like Gidget from the movie Pets, I’d say I agree I’m very cute and sassy.👑💖
Luna is the sweetest girl, she loves to go to the Nursing Home to visit patients and staff. Luna loves car rides and visiting with her friend Maggie.
Stella is absolutely adorable and craves every second of attention! She loves to play, chew and dig at things she isn’t supposed to 😂 but it’s so hard to stay mad at that face. She knows when she’s bad and she gives you the cutest look and knows exactly how to not get yelled at. She’s learning new tricks frequently and loves hugs/cuddles. She also loves to lay on her back so you blow on her belly like a little baby rather than giving belly rubs. Of course though, I do both. 🥰💕she also likes taking naps with lullaby music playing . 💕 sweet Stella is the cutest pet!
Echo is a blue Merle miniature Australian Shepard. She is a very intelligent, loving, full of energy puppy. She loves to play fetch, she knows how to sit for treats. She likes to give lots of kisses and cuddles. Not camera shy at all she knows she’s striking!
Maximus is small but has the biggest 💜and loudest bark lol, his best friends are black bear 🐻 and blue bear 🐻. He is so protective and loyal. He rescued me 😊🐾
Super friendly dog loved by most people. Eyes that people cant say no to, loves spending time with other dogs and people
Zee is 11 weeks old, love to chew on her toys, go for walks, swim and Paddleboard. Zee is very smart, she can sit, shake, lay, and fetch so far. She would really like to win this contest to give her more confidence! Thank you!
Ziggy loves to cuddle 🥰 and give kisses
He is a playful Morkie! He is a shy but very playful sweetheart! Loves to play with toys and kids!
Baby is a rescued dog who was abused; someone cut her tongue. She is 17 years old now and she loved to be around people.
My name is Zeus Alfonso I am here to see if I can win anything for my Frenchie cousin who is sick!!
Kylo Max
Kylo is a 9 week old shorkie who loves kids and toys!!
Riley is a 5 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi mixed with a poodle. This sweet boy has made his parents life so much better! His favorite activity is going to the dog park to see all his friends and human friends as well. He needs to say hi to everyone! He prefers to hang with the big dogs, but he also loves small dogs as well. Another activity that he loves is playing hide and go seek with his mom. Riley loves snuggling right in the middle in between his parents in bed, and wakes up and snuggles with his mom before she has to leave for work. One of moms favorite things about Riley is how sweet he is, how much he loves everyone and everything, his wiggle butt when he gets excited, how he sleeps on his back, how his ears perk up and he smiles when he’s happy, how he has to be by mom or dads side at all times, and how much he loves chicken nuggets. Did I mention how much Riley loves going in coffee runs with me because he LOVES the pup cup.
Princess is a dachshund, shih tzu, boxer mix who is 11 weeks old. She is friendly and loves to play with her owners and her cat brother who is much bigger than she is. She’s the sweetest dog 🐶
Hi my name is Mizuki I love to go on walks in the evenings and sleep 90% of the day I’m only nice to my owners but if I get to know you I might like you…might, Fun Fact! A cat attacked me and now a peace of my ear is missing
Hi my name is Finlee, I am a German short haired pointer and German Shepard mix. I love playing ball and swimming.
Tank is 8 weeks old. He loves to cuddle, play, and eat. He was the runt in a litter of 11! Tank is a sweet boy who can also be a little naughty at times. His Mommy couldn't be any happier having this little lovebug!
Hi! I'm a rescue pup living in NYC with my mom. I love every dog and person and it takes hours to walk around the block because I have to eat hi to everyone.
Shadow is a quick learner and has an adorable personality. She loves new people and out of the way for new people to pet her
Hello! My name is Mia and I’m a chihuahua rat Terrier mix! I love watching movies with my mommy. My favorite movie is Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I’m a good girl and love giving kisses. My favorite toy is a rubber elephant 🐘. Thank you so much for your vote! Woof woof!
Lulu just wants to spread some love and give everyone kisses. Her favorite thing to do is hangout in her kiddie-pool.💕
Our sweet and sassy English Bulldog is 9 weeks and a fun wobbly mess 😆
Posie is an adorable ball of energy. I was very depressed because of my cancer and so we bought Posie. She is my BFF. I have not a person that doesnt light up when Posie is around. I was not really much of a dog person until her. I truly believe she is my doggie soulmate.
Chewey ADOPTED US! We went to the Animal Shelter in Walla Walla Wa. looking for a sweet dog to adopt. As we walked through the Shelter, Our little Chewey Dog was the ONLY one interested in us! He jumped up in his pen as we walked by and started "talking" to us. Ok! We're coming home with us! He has loved my husband and I, and we have loved him ever since we brought him home!
Jiggy is an eskimo mix. She is 11 years old with a lot of energy and loves to run wild. She enjoys naps and going on hikes.
He’s just such a fun loving spirit who wouldn’t hurt a fly and just wants your love and votes!!❤️
I'm a sweet girl who loves treats and lounging around! At first I can be a little nervous but once I open up I will give you all the love in the world. Treats are the way to my heart but my beautiful personality will be the way to yours!
Ginger Is a gentle sweet loving little angel. she is Pomeranian & Chihuahua
Hi I’m Mia! I have 3 sisters that help mom and dad spoil me! I love to eat, sleep and lay in the sun. I wonder around snorting like a pig and snore louder than anyone else in the house but I am loved and spoiled!
Ned is short for Ned the cuddle dog. He’s seven months old and loves being at daycare with his best friends and playing in the pool. He loves to cuddle. Neds favorite things are his toys, going to the woods, staying by his dads side and learning new tricks.
Rocky is a Wolf-Malmute hybrid. He is loving, gentle and protective of his family. Not your average dog. Rocky is one of the most outgoing and handsome dogs.
Whiskey is almost a year old! He is such a lover and crazy boy. He loves sticking his tongue out and making goofy faces!
Lucy Lou
Lucy Lou here and ready party I love to play, dance, and give kisses
Daisy loves to be cuddled. But in her true heart, she is a Kleptomaniac. I had to remind her that she was not rescued as a seeing eye dog....which means i am not blind which means when you try to sneak out with the 5 foot Ipad charger... I See You!!😍
Hi, I’m Nymeria which means warrior queen! I am a year old maltipoo. I have a brother named Milo🐱 and a sister named Stevie🐱( yes, after the singer Stevie Nicks). We get along pretty well, except at times when I get over excited and hear mommy and daddy saying “NO” to me. I love my walks, going to the park and making friends. My favorite pass time is chewing on things. Although I have a zillion toys I prefer daddy’s and mommy’s shoes. Ok, that’s it from me. Make your vote count. PS: in my opinion all the dogs here have won, aren’t they all cute.
Is king of his house, he thinks he is the best at his job.
She is named after the rum from Turks and Caicos. She is super playful and so sweet. Just got her yesterday!
Charlotte is a gorgeous 5 month old Borador full of energy! She is the best girl ever! She has 5 Hooman siblings and loves running With them and playing in her pool
My name is Stella, I’m a Yorkshire Terrie Teacup. I weight 3 pounds :) I live in Staten Island, New York. I love eating treats, hoping and having dance parties with my mom! I love going on all the adventures with mom.
Hi, my name is Diesel! I am an adorable Shepherd Husky mix. I was born in Webster, Florida and now I live in Walpole, Massachusetts. My family is thinking of relocating to Florida soon! I’m excited to see what my future brings! :)
Frankie is a mini dachshund that is very rambunctious, loving, and ornery at times. He weighs 6 pounds and is almost 5 months old.
Jaxson loves to play in the water sprinklers, run wild and free, and make friends with all animals and people.. he is very protective of his family.. but is a big ok mommas boy..
Duke and his sister were surrendered while they still needed to be bottle fed. Growing up in a shelter, everything is new to him. His biggest fear is the TV!,& grass,& cars & the mail slot, to name a few 😁
Roscoe really does have the puppy dog eyes that will make anyone’s heart melt ; he’s quick, playful, goofy, protective, sweet, and so full of life. He’s truly a happy pup, but nothing makes this guy smile more than his friends, his squeaky toys, and his rope. And what he most enjoys is the company of his mom, simply sitting right next to her, or laying beside her. He’s one amazing furbaby.
Bear is 10 weeks old an very happy pup he loves to play an he is cuddly an loves to show his affection he is learning to potty outside he likes to have his bath time
Pretty Girl
Im Munchkin😍 But everyone calls me pretty girl, and its my favorite! I love to dance for treats and snuggle with mom As we watch disney and i sneak popcorn from her bowl ! Im a traveling machine and love the beach in florida and snow in minnesota! Jetsetter gogetter and cutest pup ever