Baby Stories - 73


Vote for nell! She is a big teddy bear, cuddle bug, loves the outdoors, camping and spending time on the couch watching Grey’s. She’s super photogenic and her personality is loyal and loving. For every vote, she’ll give you a paw-five or a hug; whichever you prefer. ;) thanks pals!
Koko is my love, we have to be together all the time or we get separation anxiety, she is my little road dog sticking her head out the window and loving it. She is spoiled rotten and knows it, she is so sassy she shakes her head no and does head flips with attitude. She loves to play and go bye bye!
Winston is such an energetic dog. He likes plowing through snow banks with a sticks and he loves to go swimming! He always puts a smile on every persons face when he meets them :)
Teddy was sent to me when i needed him most. I make sure he has the best life. He loves to go swimming.
Fortune Cookie
Fortune is a 1 yr old pup. She is my world. I have a disability and she is being trained to help me.
Ronan is the most easy-going puppy I have ever had. He loves attention and always wants to please. When hes around, you can't help but smile. Hes such a big mushy love 💙
Krytpo is a big couch potato who loves to snuggle
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is scrappy red & a very good boy! He’s been all over the U.S he’s truly a pup of the people, always smiling & having a groovy time! Chuck enjoys singing, witty banter, going to church & also table scraps arnt so bad. 😄 furthermore he is more then happy to share a treat with you & if you have something he would like he will say please. This pooch has a lot of personality! ❤️
Evie Louise
Evie is a smart, cuddly and playful girl. She loves hopping through snow that’s way too deep for her legs, snuggling with her cat siblings, and stealing the hearts of everyone that meets her. 💕
Ronald is the sweetest and most loving dog! He loves to play ball. He thinks he is a lap dog and loves to cuddle. He will lay on anything soft and furry!
She loves to swim and hang out with her doggie friends!
She is a big baby shes so loveable and the best cuddler
Oakley is a German Wirehair. She enjoys doggie ice cream, fishing in the boat, and walks.
Bentley loves the snow more then anything and just wants all the love. He loves adventures and playing with all his friends.
Napa is full of spunk and enjoys getting to beat up on her brother. She is not afraid of anything and just wants to explore the world.
Gotham loves his family. He loves walks, Home Depot trips and FOOD!
Mabel is a huge sweetheart of a bloodhound! She loves to give slobbery kisses and hugs and play with her best friend Layla ❤️
Hello everyone my name Sony also known as Papasshhh✨Im 2yrs old almost 3! I’m the most Loving 🥰 playful pit bull you could meet ✨💙🤎🐶
Nator was my amazing and adorable pup. He was the sweetest thing ever. He passed away at 4 months old..i don’t know if I was still allowed to post but I’m in this for more than just the money. I want the work to know Nator was adorable and sweet just how I did.
Sunshine is a one and a half year old Dogue de Bordeaux or French Mastiff who is spunky and loves running around our backyard no matter what season of the year we are in. She loves her treats, food and all her humans! Don’t let her grumpy face fool you she is a very happy little girl!
Kane is a lab shar-pei dog. He’s just the happiest boy. With the prettiest brown eyes🥺🤍
Chasey loves to take care of his feline kittens, play ball, swim, and snuggle.
Harley loves food, cuddling with all humans, and napping in sunny spots.
Max is a very energetic, crazy loving pup! He recently celebrated his first birthday on the 11th of January. He’s very shy when it comes to new people but once he gets to know you he won’t leave you alone!! He has this energy that can cheer you up no matter what mood you’re in. And you just can’t forget about this goofballs ears. He always knows how to put a smile on your face
Zar is a very fun loving happy dog. He loves to go for walks but he also loves to eat. He doesnt give kisses but he loves to give hugs. He has the softest kindest eyes and he’s just the sweetest
Jojo is a Australian cattle dog! She loves to run around the yard and have fun. She has so much energy and is definitely crazy!
Red is a red bone coon hound! He loves to cuddle and give kisses!
Lili is a baby! She likes to be held 24/7 like a baby being burped. She’s very spoiled. She has lost her hearing but still plays and runs around with her other little fur brother Jax and the kitties. Her favorite toy is a giraffe.
Linus is the best dog ever he is playful and loves socks as you can see in the picture he has his beloved sock in his mouth. While I was sick with COVID he stayed by my side to help me get well.
This is Turbo, he loves to play tug a war with anyone he meets! He also has plenty of energy to play fetch and learn new tricks!
Not voting in this contest. Will be back soon. Thanks for all the support.
This boy is so smart!! He is simply amazing, and loving!!
Annie is a smart, beautiful and curious girl. She just turned 2! She loves to swim and be outside. She also loves to ride in the golf cart. Thanks for the vote💕
Weezey is short for Louise, she was adopted on January 24, 2021 from Passion House in Main. Wonderful breeder. (It's all in the name ) Weezey is full of love and kindness. She loves to play ball and chase her brother and snort . Weezey is flashing her baby blue eye just for you. Please Vote and Help us raise money for those less fortunate. For the ASPCA
CeCe is full of energy, and she just loves the fresh Vermont Snow! She will play fetch until your arm gets tired. And then, she can be a little love-bug. She has quite a personality, she already loves to go for walks, she loves the dog park. I think CeCe is an all-American pet, she loves family, she loves the outdoors, she loves everyone! CeCe is a Vermont country puppy full of enthusiasm and always ready for an adventure.
Cotton Bud
CottonBud is loving, gentle, kind, and tolerant. He is a Poodle and Pekingese mix called Peekapoo You would never know he was not a puppy anymore with the way he loves to run, play with his toys.
He is peculiar to say the least, loved to play, gentle and sweet!
This sweet boy loves his toys, his momma, and his brother and sister. He is always happy and has the cutest personality.
Meet Caesar! He is a 2 year old red nose pit bull, who clearly has a passion for fashion🤩 He’s so patient, sweet, and sometimes wild!
Shaq is the biggest sweetheart and thinks he’s a lap dog. People come over scared of him and leave wanting to take him home with them.
Remi is a 8 month old Great Pyrenees. She loves to run around and play in the snow, cuddle with mom & dad and watch tv, and is fond of babies♥️ Please show us love by voting for our little polar bear!
Xena loves to play outside and go swimming she also knows plenty of tricks her favorite is play dead. She also loves to cuddle.
My name is Rockie and I am 11 months old. I am full of energy and keep my humans on their toes. I play hard and then crash harder. I love to snuggle when I get tired. I have mastered how to sit, focus on my human and target items to get treats!
Romeo is a 6 month old pomsky. He is such a lover boy and loves attention. A little ball of fluff lol full of energy.
She is a 4 month old shepsky. She loves to run around doing zoomies and making everyone laugh. Hard to be mad with this cute face around.
Korra is a sweet & super smart little girl! 💕