Stormie is a new addition to our family and we are so happy to have her! She’s super smart (it only took 2 days for her to learn the terms sit, stay, wait, no, down, and good girl) and a very sweet, but headstrong puppy. She gets bigger every single day and is a ball of energy. She’s a super curious girl and enjoys people watching while on walks, trying to get her Pomeranian sister (who is not so energetic) to play with her, and taking naps.
Rain Fay Fields
Rain loves to snuggle!
Gigi is the sweetest dog! She always gets compliments from the vet and groomers on how sweet and well behaved she is. She is an older dog but still looks like, acts like, and thinks she is a baby. She loves food. Her favorite word is “snack” and favorite snack is avocado (in moderation of course). She’s never been a fan of toys or tv but loves walks and car rides!
Hi! I’m Valentine. I love cuddles and live up to my breed traits. I love being in a lap and follow my momma wherever she is. I’m very sweet but also the boss of my house. I have a big sister named Clementine. She is a lab and my best friend.
She was a rescue and is so smart. We rescued her when she was 9 weeks old
Zoey Mae
She is a HUGE Mama's girl and loves to cuddle...She freaks out the moment ..her mama works out the door.
He's a happy puppy that always greets you with a smile and a bone or toy or something to show you! You can't help but fall in love with his big loving eyes!! He loves to run and play tag with the big dogs and watch tv!!
Mya is a mutt, meaning she is many different breeds of dogs. She is the perfect dog as she doesn't chew, and is playful but not overly aggressive or energetic. She loves walks and she can chew up dog treats faster than i've ever seen. She loves to cuddle and is the best emotionally supporting animals ever. She never fails to make me smile
Go for car rides
Crue is always ready to play fetch. You can’t sit down for more than 2 minutes before he drops a toy in your lap and wants to play 💙🐶
Love running, playing fetch I love to cuddle and talk and talk in German husky Mix I tend to herd my family when playing or when they come home . I love to give kisses and hugs and a HUGE attention seeker I get jealous if your not paying attention to me and will nudge my nose at you for attention lol
Maverick is a 3 month old puppy who loves everyone who walks in the room. He’s very playful and is such a goofy boy.
Minnie is a blue tick beagle that loves to rabbit hunt and sleep.
She is a happy dog & she loves the snow ..
Nugget is a Husky Rottweiler breed saved from a farm. Shes a playful girl who sometimes makes the weirdest noises to get food! When its nap time shes belly up with legs spread out with a smile. She loves super tough toys and loves cuddling with her daddy
Teddy Bear
Teddy is a 1 year old lab and Pyrenees mix who loves to cuddle. He was rescued from a neglectful neighbor of our family friend after three of his siblings were run over by a car. If he wins I’m going to use the money to send him to doggy daycare so he isn’t bored when I go to school and work all day. He is such a sweetie pie and has been there for me during my biggest times of need.
Nixie is a 7 month bullpei. She loves food, especially bones. She loves to play and go on car rides for puppachino's.
Paco is a mixed Chihuahua Poodle. He is a very handsome and good boy and always look after his mama. He got a German shepherd if not Rottweiler soul stuck inside his body. Playful, love to eat and read his bible together with his sister Paquita and half sister Chloe the kitty cat. You can see more Paco's videos of bible reading on Instagram @sortaverawaty
Wrangler is 1. He loves being outside and playing with his goat friends. He also is incredibly smart and can do any trick you can think of.
Chance is 1 year old. He loves to curl up on your lap and follow you everywhere. He loves food and treats. He doesn’t like walks as he gets over heated and lays down in the middle of the side walk.
Boss is a 11 month old Great Dane St. Bernard mix. Her favorite thing to do is wrestle. She’s a big baby for sure! She loves sticks and could play fetch all day as long as you have one. If she wins the money will go to her birthday fund coming up!
Emma is the sweetest little girl. She loves to help her daddy bake homemade doggy cookies and loves to snuggle. Once a week Emma has to go shopping with her Daddy and pick out a new baby.
Sadie is a 2 year old rescue- a mix of German shepherd, Rottweiler, Parisian terroir, American Staffordshire & sporting dog. She is so sweet and affectionate, very loyal & vocal, and could outrun a horse. She is also very portable, only weighing around 37 lbs or so. She also loves her golden retriever sister, Poppy. 🤍
Poppy is the sweetest soul, truly an angel in dog form. She loves people more than dogs, and will lick you to death just to show her affection for you.
She loves her toys and she loves going grocery shopping and dont forget her yummy chicken
Toby is a loving, energetic ball of fun, who loves toys, snuggles, and his little college town! He never shy’s away from getting lovings from everyone who interacts with him!
Stoney was rescued from an over crowded shelter. We thought we were saving her. She saved us. She’s sweet affectionate, and fun loving. She loves to cuddle and gives us the best hugs.
Malibu Bear
Malibu, or BuBear, is one of the most stubborn but playful puppy’s. She loves her squeaky pig toy that no longer squeaks because she broke it the first day she got it. She’s a dorky puppy who has the personality of a cat. Malibu is my safety puppy, my little bestie with paws.
Miller is a Dudley Labrador Retriever. My late boyfriend brought him home as a gift. We had him for two weeks before my boyfriend passed away unexpectedly. Miller is now 7 months old and loves to play fetch. He’s done great learning the basics of duck hunting! He adores kids and is always looking for water to play in! Miller is a very sweet, laid back, and intelligent pup!
Pepper Jack
14 year old shih tzu & toy poddle mix. Has cancer and heart problems, but is thriving as much as he can. Just focused on spending whatever time we have left with him loving and cuddling with him to the fullest
Jefe was a foster failure. He has struggled finding a home but then we fostered him and fell in love he’s such a sweetheart.♥️
Hali’a is a 3 year old pitty mix, she was adopted in 2021. She loves cuddles and squeaky toys but, most of all she loves her snacks. She will follow you around all day or cuddle up and nap all day. She can have the zoomies 1 sec and will fall asleep instantly. She is a big sweetheart.
Kazem loves to go hiking, car rides and the beach. He loves people and other dogs. He is a great encourager when someone is sad. He really knows how to cheer someone up.
gibby was found at a few weeks old april 15 2019, he was all alone next to a gas station with his diseased siblings, it was really cold and raining and my neighbor took him in, after a few days she asked me if i wanted him because they couldn’t take care of him and i said yes. he is the best thing to ever happen to me i love him with all my heart, hes my baby.
Luna is the most affectionate and happiest dog around. Her tail is always wagging and she’s always got a smile on her face. She loves all dogs and all people and will greet anyone with tons of kisses ❤️
Brandi is a rescue from down south. We believe she is a Redbone Coonhound.
I got Kiwi when he was 10 months old secretly without telling my dad (my mom was in on it) and now everyone in the family has fallen in love with him! He’s the goofiest, sweetest, and most loving dog that you’ll EVER met and I’m not saying that because he’s mine. He loves any toy that squeaks and LOVES being outside and swimming!
Dominic a sweet but too smart for his own good kinda boy. When he isn’t working on playing with his puzzle toys, he is beginning some more advance training to transition him into a service animal
Leenie is my “miracle” dog. Right after I lost my mom, I rescued her. She’s always happy and spunky, unless you wake her up, she and I have that in common. The quote “who rescued who” never made much sense until I had her. She got her name after my mother Mary Eileen, and she lives up to it! Vote Leenie! (Even if she doesn’t win, I already won the moment she came into my life.)
Maisie is a sweet girl, she’s a Cuddler and a sassy pants at the same time. Her mom is a plot hound and her dad is an Aussie doodle.. I also forgot she likes to pick on my dad, she ate his hearing aids and stole his teeth.!!!!🤣. Gotta love her for that!!
Roxy Rose
She’s only 3 months old already knows sit, stay, lay down, and is currently learning spin. She’s a cuddle lover, and loves all people she comes in contact with, dogs included. She’s a sweet girl and just wants your attention or food❤️
Paizley is a cuddle bug that loves to adventure and play all day, and even for a puppy she is willing to do anything. (Boat rides, fireworks, trails, swimming, you name it) ❤️🐕🐾
Nimue is 12 weeks old. She is a pit mixed with an American dingo shepherd. She was the runt of her litter and was the only one that has two different colored eyes. She’s sweet and loves to go on walks. She’s also a great escape artist
Oreo loves to sing to theme songs of tv shows! His favorite is law&order svu! His hobbies include chasing squirrels and belly rubs.
Frank is three and is crazy he loves to snuggle up next to you and give you kisses and he loves playing with his sister Lillie
Cupcake will be missed. She passed away at 15 January 11th, 2022. She was very sweet and gave the best kisses and was the best big sister to Bella.
Sweetest girl ever , loves everyone she meets