Duke is 8 months old. Very goofy loving puppy He loves balls!! Hates being alone.
Nova is my 3 month old Siberian Husky. I’ve had her since she was 7 weeks old. She is currently finishing her house training, so she can start her service dog training to be my care animal for my seizures. She’s a very loving and argumentative pup who speaks her mind and loves attention.
A very sweet dog very funny personality
Midge is a rescue. That won my heart. She thinks she’s a big dog lol but man has she stolen my heart.
Max is 2 years old. He likes to run and play all day and night. He loves treats!
Maggie loves her toys, playing with empty water bottles in a sock. She’s a drama queen. Brings so much joy to the world
Lila is a sweet girl. She loves people and other dogs. She loves kisses and gives lots of licks. Big cuddle buddy.
Roscoe is the sweetest Bullie dog. He loves to sit on your lap, he thinks he is a lap dog. He loves going camping .
Ava is smart and funny. She carries her food bowl and throws it at your feet when she is hungry.she lives to play ball.
Hes very silly ,he keeps me laughing all day ,he is smart and sweet ,the best dog
Panda has always been mommy and daddy’s little man , i was blessed to get him when I did when I was getting out of a bad situation 8 years my ex wouldn’t let me bring my dog back to Vegas with me I was heart broken and panda filled that void in my heart again. He loves to give face baths to his dad and loves to snuggle on mommy’s lap all the time
She loves playing and is very lovable and she is so so so so smart
Coco Moe Little
He love to walk outside and snuggles play with his toys and very friendly with people
She is sweet and full of love and kisses!!
Bosley Oswald
Bosley is my "rainbow baby" born after the death of my "heart dog" of 15yrs (Brodie) He is a fawn Boston Terrier but we refer to him as a Boston Terrorist lol. He's smart but stubborn and ridiculously funny. He's braver than he should be at just 12lbs and LOVES to snuggle (once he's done harassing the other critters in the house)
She is a red nose brindle pit and loving caring baby girl love her family
Brutus is a sweet family boy he loves he’s family!! He loves rides in the car and he loves to go swimming
Lexi plays a LOT and loves her siblings. She's always excited to play.
Copper is such a loving 6 month old puppy. He loves belly rubs and cuddles, he loves to play and he is amazing with Children. Copper is such a good puppy.
Sammy Mylove Spriggs
Sammy is the little boss of the house, he loves new toys from the store,and dearly loves his grandma.
Hello my name is Grifter. I was different than my siblings being white so nobody but my mommy wanted me. I love going to the dog park and getting McDonald's water cups. If I were to win I think I would get lots of treats and toys. Thanks again Grifter
Dental greenies and his bone!
Extreme cuddler
Jack loves toys especially his jolly ball he runs around the back yard with it he loves other dogs especially small dogs and also cats
This is my bud for life. I adopted him from a shelter in Caruthersville was at the shelter for a year before i adopted him. Chase not only will steal your heart but your pillow too ! Chase loves cookies (which are dog treats) Pets Giving high fives Baths Snuggles and his squeaky toys!
Dakota has turned out to be a great dog. His first year he put me through the winger but with discipline and love he has become a awesome companion.
Woof! My name is Champ and I’m a survivor of abandonment and was run over as a pup. My humans say I’m special and tell me what a “good boy” I am all the time. I am about four years-old in humans years, and I love celebrating my birthday because I get double the presents at Christmas! Some fun facts about me are that I enjoy long walks on the beach and have this innate ability to guard my humans with my eyes closed while lying on the ground.
Storm is a very loving, and spoiled baby! She loves to play tug with her tire, along with being cuddled!
Yoda got his name from Star wars of Course. When he Was a puppy he had the biggest ear and still does.
Bailey is happy puppy & love to play with her best cat friend, loves to sun bath, dig holes in the yard and hanging out with her pet mom and dad. Good, she just loves her scrambled eggs and puppy kibble.
Im Diva. I love my family and going on car rides. If you mess with my momma, you mess with me.
Nala is a sweet and talkative little girl. She enjoys swimming and playing with her brother.
Hello my name is Bud! I was given to my human from my grandmas friend. I am part black lab and part german shepard. I love going on walks and playing in the lake. I'm 5 years old but I feel like im still a puppy! I like to rough house with my brother rascal and zooming back and forth down the hall. My nickname is nub
Cooter is a rescue dog. I’ve had him for about 5 years now and when I got him they estimated he was about 5. His is the most loving boy ever. He also thinks he is a lap dog when he clearly is not. He loves to jump and play with his daddy and is very protective of his mommy. He loves to go on walks to watch the sunset. He also absolutely loves all treats and all the cuddles and sleeps. His favorite thing to lay with is his giant teddy bear.
Hello my name is Rascal. My mom rescued me two years ago and it was love from the begining. I love to run free outside and I like to "herd" my siblings. I love my family with all my heart. Some of my favorite hobbies are playing soccer and frisbee, and of course relaxing in the tub! My favorite holiday is winter. I love snow! My nickname my family calls me is chicken baby cow, because I look like a cow and my family loves cows 😊
Charlie is a sweet dog. He is a Chihuahua Dachshund mix. He recently lost both of his human parents and I am happy to take over for his care....
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose is a catahoula and is super sweet and loyal and protective of the whole family great with kids
Hi! I’m cruz I love to jump in water and play in mud. I can’t go anywhere without my tennis ball. My favorite food is anything my mom is eating of course. I follow my mom anywhere she goes and never allow her any personal space.
Diana is a 10 yr. old search and rescue bloodhound trained to find lost pets in California.
Pepper Potts
Pepper is a six year old bloodhound trained to find lost pets in California. She is a trailing dog trained to follow a specific scent.
benji is a saint-Bernard/coonhound mix! he’s super playful and loves treats! he loves going outside and loves cuddling oh and he loves stealing your socks ❤️😂
Hello! My name is Jensen! I love to run around and chase laser pointers. Carrots are my favorite vegetable and I love to hog my mama's bed!
Moose is a life saver.hes a great traveler.took him with me to south Dakota. It was the best trip ever.hes my companion, guard dog, best friend,room mate, the apple of my eye.
Jake is very active and love going on walks with his mommy , he also loves play time with his siblings such a happy fur baby ❤️