Four year old boxer who loves cuddle and naps. Chappie also loves to jump around like a horse. Also, chappie is also known as bug eyes for his big eyes.
Nanook is a Siberian husky. He loves to go for car rides and walks. He also loves to be with his mumma. He loves to go to Starbucks and get pup cups
Bandit is a chihuahua/pit bull mix. He is 2 years old and has been the best dog ever! He loves to play with his toys, cuddle & play outside. 💙
Finnley loves banana’s, playing with his sister Remi and giving cats and squirrels grief.
Sadie May
Sadie loves to go on car rides she also has a sweet tooth don’t ever leave candy lying around shell eat it 😂.
Candy is a rescue dog that's very quiet but has a lot of love to give she makes me smile she brings lots of love to my heart I did not save her she saved me ‼️‼️🥰🐾
Farrah hugs and loves to give kisses she is so affectionate there is not enough words to describe her love she gives 💕🐾
Bruiser is a purebred beagle he likes to sunbathe and run after squirrels. 💕
Zeke is energetic, and so playful. His mom is a French Bulldog and his dad is a Rat Terrier. He loves being outdoors and loves to swim. He sleeps with me every night and likes to be covered up😂
Molly will be 11 May 24th. I saved her from a puppy mill at three weeks old. She is the sweetest girl and loves with her whole heart!!
Sadie is a mini aussie and she is the happiest playful pup ever, and she’s gonna be 2 soon!!
I’m Ace and I am a four year old Pitty. I love taking naps and adventuring with my humans.
Tucker loves to steal socks and shoes, he’s very energetic and loves people! When he’s tired all you have to do is wrap him in his blankie and falls right asleep.
Chip, aka chub head, was adopted from Quincy Humane Society about 2 years ago. He’s my best friend who talks mad shit when he doesn’t get his way (especially with treats).
I first met George when he was only 2 days old; I drove 2 hours, for I wanted to hand pick and see him in person amongst his litter mates. After 5 long weeks, I journeyed the 2 hour drive again to bring him to his new home. From that moment to now, George has been my right-hand man and loyal best friend. Through some of the happiest times of my life and the saddest, he has never strayed from my side. He greets every human and animal he meets with pure excitement and an abundance of licks to the face…🤦🏻‍♂️ I don’t know that I’ve ever known a more pure and genuine soul. He loves a good frisbee and to chase “the red dot” (laser light), thanks to his Mami (my mom). I can easily say that his Mami is his 2nd favorite person, considering I’m his 1st😜. His morning outside trip to use the bathroom is always prolonged, as he insists on sitting down for a bit to observe the birds and squirrels. His enthusiasm for observing and taking in the morning air has yet to lessen a single bit through his 8 years of life, to which you’ll find to be quite evident as you scroll through his pictures.. lol! About 6½ years ago, his 9 year old 1st cousin, Flex (black lab), came to live with us after my brother and his wife moved to California. After much debating over a truly difficult decision, they proceeded in favor of Flex’s best interest and chose for him to stay here in Arkansas, where he would be much happier with more freedom and space to play, not to mention the advantage of having his favorite cousin George by his side from now on. To say they’re inseparable would be quite an understatement. Where one goes so does the other. Anything less is simply not an option, just ask them..🤦🏻‍♂️😅 In conclusion, life has certainly been brighter (sometimes blindingly🥴) and far more fun since George became a part of it. I speak for him and myself when I say thank you for your votes and time to read our story. -Hayden
Zuko is a goofy boy who loves to go on adventures and play with his favorite people. Very good at wearing his rain boots when it’s wet outside ❤️
Roxy is such a playful puppy:) we rescued her from her past owners which we think were abusive towards her, she was very timid at first but now once she sees you she will love you and will always want your love and affection❤️
Riley was born with detached retinas she can not see very well, but she is still our best friend ❤️
Luna is very laid back and smart! Loves to hunt but hates bath times!
Oscar is playful, sweet and loves to try and chase bee’s out of his yard!
Hi my name is jake i love to go on rzr rides and play with my gf dolly until mom and dad tell us to stop. Im shy at first but once i get warmed up to you im a very loving and entergetic puppy
Jasmine likes to play all day! And run around with her brother pupino
Pupino likes to cuddle all day and go on walks!
Stache is such a good and spoiled boy. He is actually a chiweenie and if you’ve ever seen the movie boss baby, you know you can’t say it without smiling. I rescued him from the shelter and he’s never been more thankful to be as spoiled as he is.
Marcy is my adorable little (not-so-little) shep mix. This Valentine's Day baby is a spunky girl who seems to never run out of energy, goofiness, or love. In her free time she enjoys walks at the dog park, long car rides, and giving her favorite hoomans all the kisses. Show Marcy some love with a vote! 🥰
My name is Peach. My hobbies include cuddles, naps, and snacks. I love my dad and giving him kisses. When we play i like to try to bite him in the face, but dont worry.. I never bite too hard and it always makes him laugh.
Levi is 11 weeks! He’s so smart and playful! He LOVES water, when he drinks from the water bowl he attacks it and splashes it all over himself!
Rocky loves people and he loves playing. And loves life
Ollie is a rescue puppy I found on the side of the road at someone’s home. They stated they were just waiting for him to get ran over so they no longer had to care for him. When I took him home he was covered in thorn burrs and had worms! Ollie is in active recovery from heart worms. He loves to play on his ten acres of land and go swimming. He loves his little 4 lb brother even when his little brother doesn’t love him Vote for Ollie and you vote for all rescue puppies!
Ruby Mae
Ruby was adopted from Diamonds In the Ruff rescue in Missouri February 28, 2022. She has been a ball of energy ever since and has truly been enjoying and living her best life with us.
Maui is 10 weeks old. He watches out for his big sister and loves to run and play with her!
WV Coal Town Hustler is the newest member of our family. He’s very smart and very very curious. He can sit and till over and he’s house broke already! Please vote for our sweet boy 💙
I’m Beau and I’m a very good boy! I was dumped with my brothers and sisters as a pup and my mom found me and fell in love! 😍 I have 3 doggy siblings and 3 human siblings and I love all of them! I’m part husky, pit, lab and golden retriever.
Black Jack
He is always with me since my surgery on both legs. He sits in the chair with me in between my legs to make sure i am ok. He is with os buddy in crime Clyde the Doberman.
Gracie Mae
Gracie is as spunky as they come! We have the best of both worlds with her though because as much as she loved to play and run around, she’s also such a love bug!
Douglas is my sensitive boy. He loves to cuddle and be under a blanket! As you can see, he gets really excited about new toys!
Tilley loves to play and frisbee is her absolute favorite. I have stage 4 cancer and she keeps me going!!
Rye Rye loves Fluffy blankets she will roll herself into a burrito.
Tucker LOVES playing ball and making new friends!
Thalia is a very loving dog who takes to anyone. Always by your side, this little girl lives to be close
Hes 6 monthes old hes so sweet and loveing he loves kids
He’s a chew monster!
My name is Comet and I love snuggles and treats.
thor is a 7 month old American bully xl he loves to hang from a rope and sleep. he loves children and his dad ♥️
Axel is a 2 year old Frenchie who loves people (especially his momma, dads alright). He loves to sleep and cuddle and play with his brother and sister, and he loves being outside! His nicknames are fat boy, bean, potato and asshole. He is also stubborn as a mule!
Chase is a very precious boy he loves his family and fur sister and is a happy boy
Charity Ann
Charity is a spunky fun loving bassett she loves to cu#le and play with her big fur brother
Big and affectionate.... Dexter loves his family and loves to play❤️