Baby Stories - 72


Seymour Butts Rollins
Seymour loves to be outside, fishing or walking the trails.
Marley loves to go swimming and play with her ball. She is a Rottweiler/Pit Bull mix. She is the sweetest baby girl ever. We call her our rotten pit.
The Best Service Dog and companion God, sent me. Educated and very social, likes to go walking by my side every day. ❤️❤️❤️
Nugget aka Nug-Nug enjoys hiking, the pool, fetch, digging, and basketball. He is very friendly and loves other animals!
Bago is a shitzu terrier mix he’s about as small as my foot loves people and is very friendly hope he’ll do well
To say the least she is a beautiful dog with 2 eye colors to describe her personality . She’s a ball of excitement and loving at the same time . She loves her bed rest and being outside just watch your burgers they might get ate . Don’t be shy go ahead and vote 💙
Bella is the sweetest girl ever. Her tongue gives her that extra cute factor too.
Kaycee loves his papa and his mommy, he loves to chew on toys and destroy his toy ropes he gets. He was meant to be a working dog(herding dog) but is working in becoming a service dog for his mom.
Speedy is fast love rubs playful and is very attentive
Quinn is my sweet princess who loves cuddles and she’s a survivor. She fought for her life as a puppy and is sassier than ever now!
Hi I’m Chai I’m a #sableaussiedoodle I’m from Atlanta 📍 I was born 4/20 😵‍💫 and I have 2 moms🌈… I’m lit
Hi I am Rollie💞 I’m a lovable spoilt dog. I love belly rubs and back scratches. I love greenies and toys.
Kipper is a blue/red heeler mix. He’s still a baby and constantly has the zoomies. His favorite thing is chasing his two sisters around the yard.
Cricket is the proverbial gremlin/street dog mix. She is a rescue now living in Virginia via Tennessee. Cricket runs (literally) a vineyard and loves yak cheese and everyone and every dog
She a sweetheart
Mr. Chase Wiggles
He is a very happy baby he loves car rides and and sneaking into bed in the middle of the night to snuggle. He's very smart and loves playing with toys
Kenai is one special boy! He loves to smile when he is happy or gets belly rubs! He is my couch potato and the biggest cuddle bug! He just turned 4! This is one of my favorite photos of him!Thank you all for the support!!
Mischief got her name because at 3 months old she not only toilet papered my entire living room but opened 11 bottles of water that were still in its case but don’t let this crazy pup fool you cause she is all heart, she acts like a mom to her mini Dachshund adopted sister…she bring Penny toys, cleans her every morning and even gives up her food. I love Mischief, she makes everything fun!
Mousse is a 8yr old Akita Mix He loves going to the park every morning and chasing squirrels! He would love your vote!
Bane is a 4 year old, purebred German Shepherd who is full of energy, love, and SLOBBER! He loves the outdoors, cuddles from mom, and playing with his 2 fur brothers!
Luna is a rescue, she is very protective and loves to play fetch with her ball! She has zoomies all day every day and loves to swim and hike!
She is a loving cuddley dog that loves treats and toys
Eddie loves catching high flying balls, loves spending time by the water with me and loves people !! Eddie’s my Best Buddy next to my twin sister. We’re the awesome 3 !! My sister and I teach Special Needs kids and he’s a Therapy dog in training.
Simba Behrens
He is the best cuddle bug ever. He stamps his feet when he can’t get his way and talks back to you
Simba Behrens
He is the best cuddle bug ever. And he stamps his feet on the floor when he can’t get his way and talks back when u talk to him.
Sir Rocco Pippins
Pip the wonder dog is a rescue he was on death row at the shelter because of his breed and condition. He has a damaged ear and his tail is broke at almost 90 degrees. He is the best dog ever. He hardly barks. The doorbell postman and Amazon delivery drivers are spied on but not barked at. He looks mean but he doesn’t even kill beetles he finds in the yard. He can destroy any toy even the kong brands are destroyed in less than 30 minutes.
Milo is always smiling! He loves to hike, swim, chew bones & sticks, chase his three cat siblings, and play fetch (and bring back the ball about half the time)! 90 lbs of pure love and fur 💛
Hi! I’m Oreo. I’m a Jack Russell and Maltese mix pup. I’m very energetic, funny and loving. I love to play with all my furry friends and humans. I’m from Randolph, MA. I love to run around and cuddle
Unlike most Bulldogs, Vinny is very athletic. He enjoys walks, running and jumping very high for his favorite ball. He’s a lover of salmon and steak. He can be stubborn at times but will do anything for a grain-free treat. sHe loves bed time next to mom. When happy he wiggles his little tail and butt in excitement. He’s very handsome and easy going.
Daisy is the sweetest pup around! She loves cuddles and belly rubs! She enjoys playing at the park and eating snacks. 💜
Harper loves to give 5’s. She also is doing very well with training, she knows her name, comes, sits, stays and gives 5’s. She is also loving playing with the 5 older Goldens.
Domino loves playing with his T-Rex 🦖 toy and rolling around in the grass. He doesn’t like peanut butter or being on his back. He’s honestly my best friend.
Charlie is almost a 1 year old birthday boy! He’s the silliest, most loving dog I have ever met. I an a traveling welder, so he and I are always moving around from state to state. He doesn’t care where we go, as long as he’s by my side he is happy.
She’s a shy sweet girl that warms up quickly. She had a rough start but is living her best life and very loved. She will do anything for a cheese stick. She enjoys short walks and long naps.
taffy is a 9 year old cavalier. she loves to go to elementary school and love up as a therapy dog to children in need. she is always playful, funny & always aims to please! her favorite treat is a plain munchkin and her favorite toy is a squirrel.
My name is Dexter, I am almost 5 years old! I loved to howl and talk all day! I love to run I am very fast! I would do anything for my humans❤️
My name is Gunner! I just turned 4 years old! I love water and swimming in my pool! I am a big cuddle bug❤️ I also am a service dog for my human🇺🇸
Balor is a intelligent dog . Balor Likes to fish, hike, and go for car rides. Balor Likes watching wrestling and performing it on the cat. Balor understands English and speaks it. Balor is also a Support Dog.
Cookie is a very lovely dog, we had her since she was 2 months old. She spreads love and takes care of her little brother Tommy, and she's happy to spread joy to you too!
Zozo is a beautiful fun loving puppy. She is full of energy (sometimes too much energy) but she’s such a sweet girl. Loves shoe strings especially when walking her on her leash, she will grab your shoestrings and trip you up. Then kisses you all over when she realized what she did. Lol
This is Naia, is the most hyper dog u will meet, she loves king walks and loves to play with her toys. If someone takes my toy I will chase you down.
Lexi is a 6 month mini bernedoodle. She is the sweetest thing and so much fun. Loves her big brother Loki and loves to play all the time. We just love her to pieces
Ziggy is a 4 month old puppy, he is full of personality. Always ready to play and give tons of love. He loves to play fetch with a rubber frisbee.
She is a 10 week old Australian shepherd/ great Pyrenees mix with beautiful blue eyes.
Angel is such a sweetheart She’s loving protective and a cuddle bug
Cali Polarbear
Hello my name is Cali PolarBear , I'm almost 3 years old unique mixed breed🐶 ( German and Anatolian Shepherd). I love things to do like Sleep😴! and love cuddles with my hoomans, scratches back door, play eat repeat😊 I love to travels, I have been to 16 States🐶I love car 🚗rides! I hate Daddy’s motorbike it’s scary! 🏍😂 I love catching frisbee and do not return to the one who threw! It’s fun😂 I have a fun and wonderful life with my hoomans. I’m can’t wait for our next trip ! 🚗 thank you everyone for your time and vote🐶 I appreciate you all.
Hello! I’m Cash! My aunt calls me Money. I’m a very loving, spunky, and happy dog! I love playing with my best friend Kilo! My favorite thing to do is play fight with Kilo, eat and run around the yard like a lunatic!🙂
Hi! My names kilo! I’m 8 months old, and I’m a Psychiatric service Dog. When I’m not being of service to my Mom, I’m a crazy and loving pup. Im very hyper, and love to run around and play with my siblings! My favorite thing to do is go on car rides with my mom to Dunkin’ Donuts to get a pup cup!