Baby Stories - 72


Bonnie is full of energy and a little goofball all she wants to do is run and play!
China Renee
Hi I’m China Renee I was rescued by my moms 2 years ago from a shelter. I was really scared and abused and wouldn’t eat but now I love food and get so much love. My favorite thing is to cuddle and play with my sisters and moms.
Brownie is a 7 week old Pug-a-Pom! He loves finding leaves and branches to chew on outside. He also loves playing with his brother Phillip and wobbles when he runs since he’s so round!!
Lexi Shay
So I’m Lexi Shay, I love aggravating my two sisters and love to play. My humans doesn’t realize that I’m part human to. I enjoy sitting just like them and watch pit bulls and parolees.
Cookie is such a lover and cuddler she always wants to be right next to you. She is super smart and loves her cat brother and sister. She sure does not like the cold not one bit but she is like a little heater.
Farm Fresh Friday
Don’t mind the ear, I’m for sure all corgi! I love to play with toys, give daddy kisses, tease my sisters, and I’ve got a big bark!
Tallula Bug
Tallula loves to be the boss, go to daycare at mommy’s work, and give daddy snuggles! She also enjoys playing with kids and car rides
Sarge is one of the smartest German Shepherds around. Whether it is ringing the bell 🔔 to tell you he wants to go outside or getting his own ice cubes by sticking his nose on the lever at the fridge. 🧊🧊He is too smart for his own good 😌
Beau is the sweetest dog ever! We like to call him booby sometimes and it makes him get the zoomies, haha! He was a rescue that I found on the side of the road, he was scared the first few weeks but now he feels at home! He’s now 3.5 months old and the smartest pup ever.
Persephone Padmé
Full of energy, Miss Persephone Padmé is the light of our lives. She’s the sweetest wiggle bum that loves children and other animals of all types (especially her guinea pig brothers). Persey’s favorite toy is pink, bacon scented and LOUD! She would do just about anything for a little attention, and once you’re interested she will offer you her belly for rubs. Princess P is asking everyone for at least one vote so she can feel like a real queen.
Maxie is a sweet boy he loves his breakfast burritos and going for rides.
Tank loves to play with kids and puppies, and loves to chew on bones and is very gentle.loves to role around in the floor on his back and loves to play tug a war.
He is the most gentle quiet loving dog I have ever seen, He is a smart one and he is just so fragile in so many ways. He is a love bug with his pappy.
Lilly is sweet girl who loves cuddles and her humans.
Hank Lee
Hank loves walks! He loves to wrestle, go for rides, and loves his bones! He is so good with kids, and loves frosty paws!! Most of all loves his brother (our son) 💕
Sage is so loving.. Sage loves to snuggle and give kisses. She has always been so mellow and calm. Her personality matches her beautiful face. She is definitely my best friend!!
Sophie is a 9 mth old Goldendoodle , named after “Sophie” in our favorite movie, Letters To Juliet. Our Sophie loves to play in the grass, sand & snow. She can play endless games of fetch and do tricks! Her favorite things to do are hang out with her family in our laps and get lots of belly rubs and cuddles! But she also demands a seat at the table for mealtimes, like a human. After all, she’s a family member, too - and at 50+ pounds, she is hard to deny!
Kya is an ESA dog. (Emotional support animal) she's very quiet, rarely barks indoors, loves to use her nose to find treats. She loves everyone and is very smart. She's pretty laid back. Loves her walks, and play time. Her favorite thing is to cuddle. Wouldn't trade her for the world.
Cassie loves to cuddle and give kisses. She very active loves to play with her furry brother! Cassie loves attention & to run and play outside
Ari is a sweet loving male sheltie that loves his toys and playing fetch. His favorite food above all his bread. He is a very soft spoken gentle boy that after you win his heart he will be your soulmate.
Yeti is a very vocal blue eyed sheltie. He enjoys ripping apart toys and playing hard. Ceiling fans have always been a toy he tries to capture. Although a Yeti, he is a boy with a heart full of love and family adventure.
Jerzy Pebbles
Most lovable personality adopted this Tom cat Fritz as her baby she cleans him nurses him and snuggles with him like a loving mother.
Eddy is a 9 week labradoodle. He did great on the car ride home from Alabama and enjoys playing tug, eating lots of treats, and running and sniffing around the backyard. He wears Mom out so they both enjoy naps after a long play session.
Nela is such a diva .. she loves dressing up and playing with her friends.. she is loud and very vocal for a pip squeak. She is very talented as well ..
Leesi is a Shetland Sheepdog “sheltie”, that loves food. Her daddy is the “apple of her eye”. She loves going for rides in the car or into any doggie friendly establishments. She is a spit fire as well, full of spunk and attitude of a true diva.
Buddy is a clown .. always stealing covers and i call him my wreaking ball . His best friends are way smaller than him and he is very kind to them . Buddy loves riding in golf cart and running around pool table wirh his toys .. also he loves baths and showers i no cause he knows when im taking them and he bust right in . He is very loving..
He is the sweetest but laziest dog you will ever meet. He loves to chew on water bottles and cuddle with you all day. But he could also play with you for hours on end!
My name is Khloé Chanel and I love to run around and play with my toys, my favorite color is pink and I’m sassy.
Kevin is a character who loves his mommy, toys and pretty girls. He thinks he’s a tough boy, but he’s also very cuddly. He’s my best friend
Hi bevo is a very well listener and loves to play his favorite games of tug with a super long rope and we can never forget about his favorite treat pupperoni! Bevo’s favorite trick is to play dead and he loves to run Bevo is a blue pit bull.
Loki is 15 weeks old he loves to play with his toys, he loves his cuddles with his human. Vote for Loki his cuteness will win you over.
Saty Bug
Saty bug is a blue pit bull. He LOVES to snuggle and is all about a belly rub. Belly rubs are a necessity!
Hello, My name is Charlie aka Bean! I am a floofy 7 month old Maltese, who loves to cuddle and play with toys and my brother Odin. Please vote for me!! 😁💕🐶
Izzy is a heeler mix pup thay loves rolling in the snow and cuddles.
Misty is a 3 month old Silver Labrador Retriever, she is already training to be a Bird dog, and she loves fetching and retrieving her birds.
Paladin is a Shetland Sheepdog who lives in South Dakota.
Chomper is a 6 year old Shorkie (Shih Tzu/Yorkie). He LOVES cheese! He got his name because we would blow in his face and he would try to eat the air! He’s a loving sweetheart and loves to greet people with a booty wag and a toy!
Zoie is 5 years old her dad is a pug Pekingese mix her mom is a Pekingese and a Shih Tzu mix she's the most loyal loving caring furbaby ive ever raised she was bottle feed at 2 weeks old and everybody loves her ! She loves to show off after she gets her bath and cut its so sweet she comes in and runs straight to daddy to show off her new look !!!
Sadie loves eating pup cups and playing in the snow. She can be mischief sometimes but is very loving!
Sweetest most adorable dog I’ve ever had.. he never fails to make us giggle. Ok
Fun loving, cuddle bug, energetic 14 week old silver lab. Greatest addition to our family.
I go by davey for short. I love showing people how happy I am in my new home. I was rescued 2 years ago by my parents.
Said is actually a pitsky. She is inlove with the snow!!
Hi! Kobe is a 3 month old Blue Nose Pit Bull and the sweetest puppy ever! Kobe was named after Kobe Bryant. He loves to cuddle, take naps, and play outside with his friend Moana that lives here as well and is also a Pit Bull. Kobe absolutely loves to meet new people and wants all the attention he could get lol VOTE 4 KOBE!
Jack daniels is so adorable and loves his cuddles is the sweetest boy and a lady killer 😎