Baby Stories - 72


Wiggles will be turning 9 years old on September 11th. He is an old man dog that loves to sit in the window and guard the house.
Piper will be 3 years old on December 14th. She loves to sunbathe and chase chipmunks. She is currently recovering from CBLO surgery due to tearing her ACL in both her back legs, surgery on her other back leg is in 2 weeks. As of right now her days consist of sunbathing and naps 😆
Bentley is an energetic puppy and loves to play outside! He enjoys playing and nap time, take your time and vote for little Bentley 🥰
The biggest cuddle buddy
My favorite maple syrup. She’s stuck to me like syrup and is the most goofy pup I know
Sophie is such a cutie, calm Mannered, loves her family and her mr piggy toy 💕
Marley loves to bite toes 😂😂😂
Ruger loves to play. He’s very energetic and is very vocal when he plays. He constantly makes us laugh at the silly things he does. He lives his toys and is very smart. He’s a great addition to our family 🐶
Brody is a big ole baby who’s favorite activity is eating! Followed by swimming, riding in the jeep with the roof off and snuggling! He loves kisses and butt scratches!
Abby is my 8 month old Pomsky. She enjoys walks and running through the woods. She loves bones. Shes spunky and full of energy. Loves the water and sun bathing in her little pool.
Bella is my 3yr old Pom, she enjoys long walks, watching deer out the window, playing fetch with her ball, and cuddles. Shes a little teddy bear
Gizmo is my 12 yr old Pom, he enjoys long walks, his treats, belly rubs, and cuddles.
He loves to play and snuggle with his daddy. His favorite toy is a talking Mr. Bill toy.
Tucker’s the sweetest boy. He loves his treats, his toys, and most of all his car rides with the windows down and his head out the window !!
Indiana Bones
Indie (We call him that, his full name usually means he's in trouble.) is a very good dog, a very fast learner too. He absolutely loves people, just today (The day I wrote this) he got to go into a store. While he is hesitant at first, He is a friendly dog. He tried to go up to everyone to sniff them and say hello. Indie, unlike his sister Emma, isn't very fond of peanut butter. He'll eat it but only because he's jealous and doesn't want Emma to have it all.
Emma is a great dog, However she isn't too social. We are working on getting her to be more people friendly but the pandemic makes this hard on us and her. Emma loves peanut butter. If she sees you with the jar, she'll stare at you. It's great. Despite being a bit unfriendly, She hasn't attacked anyone and we do plan to send her to an obedience school when we can afford it.
Princess Dalayah
Dalayah loves to be rubbed and played with. She’s a sweet bundle of joy. She enjoys walks... the park... the wilderness and thinks she a huge dog! She sings and dance but she best at modeling
Bronx Carr
My name is Bronx Carr I’m from Dallas, Texas and I love my family.
Dante is a 1 year old rescue and has learned love to it's fullest, creating everyones favorite cuddle buddy. His favorite hobbies involve birdwatching in his favorite chair and playing "the floor is lava" with his mom. He loves food but gets mostly excited about ice cubes and REALLY freaks out over a carrot. Honestly even though he is a rescue I'm pretty positive he saved me.
Hunter loves going for walks, eating ice cream, and spending lots of time in the snow. He would live outside if he could! You should vote for Hunter because he is such a teddy bear and has the sweetest eyes - one blue and one green. His birthday is on September 8th - the day before the contest ends - and this would be the best gift!
Charlie is a lab and german shepard mix, he likes to relax in the pool, he loves to give hugs, loves and cuddles, he loves his naps and snacks! He's a sweet boy!
Nova is a playful dog see love her toys and treats
She loves to get her belly rubbed
Dex is a fun loving puppy, he’s only 6 months old. He loves his mommy and daddy and walks and peanut butter bones
Lola is a papillon. She would like to win so she can buy her 3yr old mommy a new prosthetic eye.
Hi I am Bruno, I am a nice caring sweet dog. Mommy wants to spoil me with goodies if I win this contest. and take a little getaway trip. I am one years old. I love my mommy Chastity and sandy they take such good care of me. This will mean the world to us, to take a trip together. Please pick us. This will mean the world to me! Paw paw 🐾
A big guy with a big goofy personality! Our favorite past times are swimming, sleeping, and going for a car ride. Head tilts are my specialty and I’m always down for a nice walk.
Dixie plays peek a boo when you ask her if she wants to play boo boo boo she covers her eyes until I say I’m gonna get that belly then she rolls over 💖
Charlie is a Red Heeler and Aussie mix!! He’s very energetic and loves to give tons of kisses!! He’s a super chewer and alsways has to have something to chew on! Loves running and playing outside, and loves to be in the water!!!
Bella Grace
Bella is 3lbs. She is a lap dog and loves attention ( but only when she wants it ) she loves to lay in the sun by the front door and outside. Shes very much a diva and lover her clothes. Her stroller is her favorite thing to ride in. Shes a snuggler at night too!
Dolly Rae Thorpe
Hi my name is Dolly Rae Thorpe I love my brother Toby Theo thorpe he’s a beagle. I have a sister Layla that lives close to me I love going to see her! My favorite hobbies are running and biting my brothers legs. I also like playing in water and sleeping I love my mom and dad so very much I sleep right in between them with my favorite blankie I can’t go to sleep without.
This is Duke, Duke is a 3 yr old American Staffordshire terrier/Pitbull/Lab mix and he is the biggest baby has to always be by his mommas side duke loves to play with his toys and play fetch he is just a silly goofy boy but his most favorite thing to do is to be cuddled up with his mommas
Lucaya is a wolf shepherd mix she likes to dig dens under our deck and run around the back yard as much as she can. She is 14 years old. We went to a wolf sanctuary and she smells and has the same mannerisms as the wolves
Narco LOVES drooling everywhere for any reason. He has no concept of personal space which means this 80lbs dog believes the perfect spot to sit is your lap. Narco is the youngest of his brothers and his I’m a baby behavior shows a lot. Narco loves to chase rabbits and this tends to get him in trouble. He loves going to the neighbors yard to run up and down the fence with their dogs. He brightens everyone's day with his constant puppy confusion and unending love
My name is Dixie! Im a sweet girl. My mom works hard to train me so I can do awesome tricks for our friends! But what she really wants is for me to be a threapy dog! I want to be someone's hero! I love children and hoomans all together! She would love for me to visit hospitals for children, elders, and our veterans! My Dad is a police officer and one day hes going to need my help to make him feel happy when he is unable to do it himself! I want everyone to be happy and I hope my goofy pictures put a smile on your face and a vote!
She is one of the funniest dogs you will ever meet. She is a free spirit who loves chasing squirrels and will run so fast she stumbles on her front legs. She loves snuggles under the covers at bedtime. She loves playing with her 2 cat sisters. She will steal your heart with those big brown eyes and heart of gold.
Hello FurFamily! Im Maggy! 🐶I'm 4 months old. I'm very sweet and very playful. I love dressing up too! 💃
He maybe a chow but he's super loving and caring and really smart
Layla is a 2 year old Rottweiler. She’s such a playful dog. she loves taking walks and going on car rides! She loves taking pictures!
Niko is a very loving dogg...loves the outside and his other furry playmates...i absolutely love kids including my sister kaylee
Knight is my little hoarder. When something goes missing I just look for it in his bed. He is a happy little puppy! He loves barking at people he knows for no reason. He makes the cutest weird noises. He is a character to say the least. He is my Knight and shining armor.
He is a very play ful dog loves kids and loves walks and his love to cuddle his 1yrs old
Leia is a loving and very affectionate dog. She enjoys naps, snacks, and fetch. Her eyes lights up any room and my everday. 🐶❤
Domino doesn’t know what sleep means. She has the tendency of finding news ways to wake me up. She has found the most effective way is by a wet willy. Looking at her face how can someone get mad?
World meet Leilani. She is the happiest sassiest corgi of the pack. She’s my ride-or-die, my partner in crime and the goodest doggo there ever was. Leila loves all other dogs and absolutely loves letting little kids rub her belly. When she isn’t riding shotgun in her booster seat in what has become HER Jeep, she’s captain of my paddle board, rolling around in warm grass or cold snow, lounging belly up or splooting flat on the floor -corgi style- She always has a smile on her face and is absolutely fascinated by anything that can fly.
Luna is a beautiful, mixed lady. She was abandoned by her previous family and we were happy to take her in! She is lovable, mellow, and happy. She LOVES belly rubs and going on walks. We are happy she is part of our little family!