Baby Stories - 72


Stevie is an Australian shepherd that loves to play with friends. She loves to swim and spend lots of time with her family. She is one of three aussies in our house. Stevie is the sweetest girl ever and has the biggest heart ❤️
Meet Lucky! He is a german shepherd-chow chow, and is about 2 years old. He is the sweetest and chillest dog I have ever met. He is down for everything, baths, car rides, you name it. He doesn’t like to play with toys very much, however he does like chasing squirrels and cuddling
Hi, I’m Remy. Some of my favorite things to do is going to work with mum & play fighting with my big brother Ryker. Vote for me!
Capone M
Capone M is a lovable puppy that cuddle with me so I don’t get depressed and crying so he help me get threw every day and night that comes and go because I truly truly am lost 😞 with out my mother!
Sir Winston Chiphill
Winston is our sweet 4 year old JRT. He loves playing with his toys and always keeps us busy. He is my daughter’s protector and BFF. He came into our lives just when we needed him. ❤️
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Nalla likes to go for walks, play with her other doggo friends, and loves to cuddle. Her favorite thing to do is jump into bed if the other person gets out of bed to keep the person in bed company.
She loves fetch, snuggles and walks in the woods!
Kobe is the most adorable dog ever! Not only is he a frenchie but he’s a XTRA LARGE frenchie❤️ He’s so silly, fun, loveable, and very playful! Help him win this contest!
Will eat your lunch, even if your name’s on it!
Hello🐾 My name is Mabel Ann and I am a 4&1/2 month old German Shorthair Pointer! My mom says I have the quirkiest personality, I’m a big snuggle bug, and a very smart little girl! I already have potty training down, I can sit and lay down, and I come when called, we’ll most the time!😊 But over all mom says I’m a good girl and I’m very happy pup!
Energetic, playful and so much fun
Panzer is a retired Sheriff K9. Due too injury the dept decided to retire him. I was just his favorite groomer and we grew a bond. So I was able to bring this gorgeous boy home to a family life...
Bentley (Boo) loves his hedge hog, his moo moo, and any human food that’s not green🍕🍔🥪 He sleeps in bed, under the covers, with his own pillow🤦🏼‍♀️ He is scared of most everything, but don’t tell him I told you…
Cash is a 15 week old Black Labrador Retriever who recently survived an unfortunate case of Parvo. While he was sick, I made the mistake of telling him “if you get better I don’t care if you eat the whole couch!” Well, eating my couch since his recovery has been one of his favorite things to do. He is obsessed with swimming and playing in the baby pool, so much so that he has now decided when I call him to come inside, he’ll just lay down in it and refuses to come in. He is the son of my 4yr old black lab and 3yr old chocolate lab. To say the least, he’s a handful of “trouble” but super cuteness at the same time! I’m beyond thankful he survived that illness because he is such a joy to my life 🐾💙 I hope his cuteness puts a smile on someone else’s face as well 😁
Kook enjoys snuggles, going on walks, and car rides with the windows down. He also loves terrorizing our cats! We haven’t had him too terribly long so he still has more of his personality to reveal to us bet we couldn’t be more excited for it!
Hello! This is Lynxon he is a Pomeranian. He loves the outdoors and walks. He also enjoys playing with our cats Luna, Levi, and Loxley.
Betty White
Betty White came into our lives in August of 2021! We fell in absolute love with her the minute we saw her. She loves ice cubes, cuddling, and playing fetch! She’s super sweet and will give you all the hugs and kisses in the world!
Poppy has been the most amazing friend ever to enter my life. She is a rescue and I thank my start every day that we found each other. She has a heart of gold and her alter ego is the vicious reflection you see in the water.
Daisy is the most gentle girl. She is very timid, yet protects her humans! She likes to lay by herself, but when she wants attention she knows how to get it, those puppy dog eyes get us every time! If you know Daisy, you love Daisy!
Everyone meet Iris! Our 2 year old pit bull terrier! We recently adopted her and she is loving her forever home! She loves to play fetch, is so loving, loves to cuddle up in a blanket and belly rubs are her favorite! She’s been through a lot in her first two years of life but through it all she is the sweetest girl and most importantly she is safe 🤍
Benjamin is a corgipoo who loves wrestling with his kitty brothers and long walks. He is an amazing cuddler and vicious guard dog.
Hello! I’m lobo! I’m about 3 months old and I’m the cutest but craziest pup there is. I love playing with the big dogs and I think I’m a big dog!
Natalie Reece
Natalie came into our lives at 5 months old since then she has been our little drama queen! She is very mischievous and hyper but loves to boop noses with mommy!!
Luna Tuna
Hey, Im Luna--lover of outdoors and all things adventurous! Although frequently misunderstood, I am the biggest sweetheart. Check me out on IG #lunaworldwide2019 and watch me grow to conquer the world one adventure at a time!!
Apollo is our lazy but full of life baby! He is almost 4 years old. We had gotten him from the shelter the day he was to be put down and since then he has been our cuddle bug!
My name is Zoey!! I love pets, fetch and my doggy friends from the dog park! My Mama says I’m a such a sweet girl, she gives me tons of kisses and treats! You could say we’re BFFs!!❤️
Hi! I'm Chesty! My mama says I'm a sweet yet sassy boy who loves snuggles, anything I can chew on, especially water bottles and she says I'm really smart (whatever that means). She gives me lots of kisses when I do what she wants and she takes me for car rides everyday ❤️ I'm always happy and stuck like glue to my Mama and Daddy. They're teaching me all kinds of new things and give me yummy treats!!!
Pretty Boi
Pretty boy is so sweet, loving and loves to flash them puppy dog eyes. You'd be amazed how delicate he is when you give him food by hand. He is full of energy and runs around the yard like he's at the racetrack, when he's done playing he just wants to cuddle. If he thinks you've been gone too long, when you get home he barks like he's talking to you, wanting to know why you was gone so long & where you been, all while giving tons of kisses! Absolutely loves his Sister. Acts like her body guard & curls up with her when she lays down. 1/2 Tennessee Brindle Pit Mix with 1/2 Daschund. Turns 1 Nov.8th, 2022.
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Milo is agua dog he loves to swim and jumps very high and he also dives for the ball He is the best swimmer ever!! Lovaable and so smart
Smooth like whiskey…his coat is extremely soft. Those baby blue-gray eyes are so expressive and the personality to match the name. Definitely packs a punch, warms your heart and was worth the wait. I waited a while and finally have this little goober to love.
The most playful pup who loves to chew on her bone and play fetch!
Dog is the most lovable dog that I have ever met. He’s just a giant teddy bear.
Kilo also known as Beaner loves snuggles, playing outside and eating all of moms shoes. She is the biggest snuggle bug ever!
Max is very protective and he loves his family. He is lazy and will warm up to you quickly.
Luke believes he is a baby. He likes to be held and cuddled all the time!
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae is a very smart and active dog. She loves to play with her chew toys and ropes. Daisy does great on a leash and without. She howls like she’s trying to talk to you, gives you paw and sits for you. She loves to sit and swing on the front porch swing. If you tell her to give you kisses she will! Her most favorite thing is swimming, she absolutely loves the water!
No other way to describe her than “Sassy Pants”
Duke is a very playful puppy! Loves to sleep right next to you ! Loves the outdoors !
Scooter loves to run with his puppy cousins, play with all the crinkly toys, and have all the cuddles from his humans.
She is a 4 Month old puppy and loves to give kisses! She loves to play and has her own Instagram! @puppers_mercy. Mercy is a model at heart
Zoë is a dawg
Sadie is a cute puppy who loves going on long walks. She's terrified of thunder storms and doesn't like getting annoyed by her sister, Willow. Every night, Sadie looks forward to sitting on the couch, cuddling with her loved ones, and watching tv together. Even though she can only do paw, we spend hours trying to teach her to do tricks!
Morty loves to play with his best friend Greta Rose and his big brother Puddy
Obelix is a 22 month old Newfoundland. He is a big lovebug and yes, he drools ALOT...and we don't mind one bit. He loves walks, hikes and water of course, but most of all, he loves his family.
Hi. I’m Covid. I am the sweetest pitty u will ever meet just don’t mess with my momma and my brother and sister. I know no stranger.