Baby Stories - 71


Bronco is mixed with Shar-Pei. He is very alert when my anxiety attacks comes along.He is very comforting when I am upset.even when I am about to get mad he has my attention. Its as if he can sense my feeling before they come out. He comes to me letting me know he is there for me. He makes me sit with him so I can focus on my breathing. Everywhere I go he is on alert to protect me. Rosco is very protective over my children and my girlfriend. He loves going on walks to the park. No matter how cold it is his head is out that catching some fresh air on car rides. He loves the sun on sunny days. He also let me know which humans are good and which ones I should stay away from. He is truly one of a kind and i couldn't imagine life without him
He is the most hyper but cutest thing u will ever meet :) vote team Bentley
Jäger is a purebred Great Dane. He loves the outdoors and his toy shark!🦈 🧡🐶
His name fits him well as he is a Prince and a very spoiled one at that lol! Prince is very smart, protective, curious, loveable, playful, and loves to go on car rides! He loves being pampered and being the center of attention. He is my other half, my buddy, my friend!
Princess Rose
Little miss princess rose witch is a Rhodesian ridge back who loves her three children. She loves to run as fast as she can , until it’s time to 🛑 then 💥 lol she hasn’t figured out how to use her brakes. At the end of the day she has to cuddle up for a little while with everybody because princess rose thinks everybody needs love at the end of the day from her
Kira is a momma's girl. She's also the only other mom in the house, so she treats the baby human like hers too. She loves to stretch in her yoga poses and dives into the covers whenever she can snuggle with us. If there's not room, she'll make sure that there is. Her sister (Roo) and brother cat (Binx) do not particularly like it, especially if they're getting the attention. 😄🐾
Loves kisses and pets as well as chewing up toys and causing mischief. Will do a trick for a treat.
Bear is a mixed breed, 11 month old pup. He turns 1 on Valentines Day. He’s part Chow Chow, German Shepard, Black Lab, Siberian Husky, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He loves causing chaos and being the center of attention. Rope toys are his favorite and he’ll eat everything and anything you give him (except carrots.)
1 year old, 150 pound, Caucasian Ovcharka! He loves walks to the dog park, swimming, car rides and salmon (kitty sister🐱) This time of year he loves digging through mounds of snow and then laying in it until he’s completely invisible! Thanks for the vote !💖
Loves to listen to you talk to her. Loves to play fetch and go hiking
Roo loves to go for hikes. She wasn't sure about when Mom and Dad brought home a tiny human because she couldn't throw the ball at 2 days old, but now she's become her snuggle buddy and best snack sharer!
Rylo is 3 months old and very energetic love ice cream and like to eat a lot . He’s a smart puppy like to play he’s learning fast
He is so sweet and intelligent. A very loving little guy ❣️
Major is a big Goof who loves to eat , chase the kitty and play with his friend Moose.
Critter loves the beach, nuggets, and his siblings! He is fun, spunky, and full of attitude!
Fenwick is a very spunky and adventurous pup who loves to hike and cuddle
Xyzal loves to play with you her best friends. She absolutely loves eating her apples. She just about melts everyone’s hearts.
Hudson loves to play outside with his ball. He will fetch forever! He loves to ride on the tractor and chase the squirrels.
Lady is a rescue that is 8 years old. She loves everyone and everything. She goes to puppy paradise. And loves to lay next to you.
Hi! I am a Chihuahua from WI! I love tummy rubs and i am super fast 💨
Baby is a beautiful Belgian malinois who wants to be super active but has a high level heart murmur. She will require surgery very soon! Please vote to help my parents out! This was my veteran Fathers Christmas present!
My rocky is a super high energy lover boy! He loves to snuggle and give kisses! He’s also the best big brother to his best friend Stoney the cat!
Licorice loves eating sticks, socks and napkins. His favorite thing to do is shut drawers and doors left open. He likes to play with his boy and stare out the gate looking for his friends.
Rocky is a 7yr old American Bully who loves his family and brother Shadow! He loves walks and bottles!
Ruffles is a 50lb almost two year old Great Dane and Pitty mix! She loves her tennis ball and water!
Honey is a mini apple head chihuahua who loves barking, going out, and being funny. Despite her epilepsy and collapsed trachea she pushes on forward every day making the best of every minute!
Stella is a Siberian husky only 13 weeks old !! She’s a big baby ! She loves to play in the snow and with her favorite toys.
Hari Lou
Hari couldn’t be any smarter if she tried. She’s amazing with kids, and she loves to run!!
She loves treats, and she loves to cuddle! She’s such a silly and smart puppy!
Ted is one of a kind fluffy dog who loves to cuddle and run on walks he is 5 years old and would appreciate if you gave him a vote!!
Bird dog by blood 🐾❤️
My sister in law got her a new dog and so I saw that she was a very pretty breed so I looked and looked and begged my mom to let me get myself one and I searched for only a day or two and saw a girl with a full litter of Australian Shepard’s and I headed to the woman’s house at around 1-2am. I took him home and named him bub after my brother that Ive called bub for my hole life I’ve recently taught him how to sit and lay and shake the next trick on my list is to speak
Kylo is an Agouti Siberian Husky! He is a very sweet boy and playful at heart, with a little bit of attitude if you don’t give him enough attention!
This is my beautiful girl Violet! Give her some votes! She loves to play, and is so sweet!
Hello my name is peanut🥜, I'm a 6 year old pomeranian🐶. My favourite thing to do is Sleep😴! I love cuddles, pets, scratches, basically any form of attention.😊 I have kitty siblings 🐈, they always run away💨, but I just wanna play! My birthday is 4/20/14. I love car 🚗rides! I have a few favorite toys. My 1st is my yellow ducky 🐥 2nd I would have to say is my monkey🐒, he rides on my back through the house. My humans think they own Me.... but really i own them 😂! Best believe I get to go into the store 🛍 always getting new toys! Well thats a little about me ty for reading and voting for me 😊
Puppy is the love of my life .. She is my bestfriend and she is so loving ..
Wesley loves to play with his toys. He absolutely loves running laps around his yard. Loves eating his puppy ice cream. Wesley is one of the most loving and caring dogs out there.
Sarge is a momma’s boy who loves his squeakers and taking hikes in the woods!
Moose is a Plotthound who is a wee bit special but she tries her best everyday.
Liz is a chocolate lab. She loves going on walks, swimming, and playing with her humans
Zella is a Black pug, 10 years old, very playful, lovable and Snores very loud
Oscar is a 10 year old dapple grey dachshund. He is happy as long as you have a warm lap to lay on and loves playing dress up. Even if dad hates it
Luna is a spoiled rotten 3 year old Husky that we rescued for being put to sleep. She loves chasing squirrels, tormenting the neighbors dog and howling all the time
Kluey is a ball of joy baby girl who is about 4 months old. She loves chases her friend Muffin the cat, and playing with our three little boys. She loves every person she meets. She’s the kindest little thing I’ve ever met.
Rocky loves cuddling and being very protective over mommy and daddy. His favorite toys are dinosaurs. Loves playing in the snow.