Baby Stories - 71


Lola is a country dog she’s as redneck as they came me .You’ll find her chasing the back of the truck when not hunting dear
Harley LOVES to play and give lots of cuddles & lovings!
Snickers is a rescue pup that doesn’t know he’s a pup. He has stolen our hearts with his playful and silly personality!
Hi, I am Cairo and I love barking at my parents when they aren’t giving me enough attention! I also love my squeaky toys and cuddles!
Sully is our miracle bulldog, who has defied the odds despite a diagnosis of pulmonary stenosis. Still going strong and healthy at three years old, after being told by numerous doctors that he wouldn't make it a year! He loves everyone he meets and brings us all so much joy! Mom can't sleep without his adorable snoring. Please vote for our sweet "Sully the Bullfrog"!!!
Katie’s middle name is Joy & that is exactly what she is! She brings so much fun and joy into our house. She keeps us laughing nonstop!
Lucky is one of a kind. He is full of energy love cuddles with mom and dad. And Love to pull all his toys out everyday and make sure not one goes with being played with. His favorite this is to do is sit and watch tv at night with mom after we go on walks. And favorite treat is a pup cup of whip cream………
Knight is a spunky, lovable baby pug. He loves to run and play. He is a snuggle bunny.
Beau is the sweetest boy, he us a snuggle bug. He loves to ride in the car. He has never met a stranger, he greets everyone with love.❤
Bruin Louis
Hi my name is Bruin Louis , I love my mum and treats
He is lucky he is so cute, because he sure is stubborn.
Molly is from central florida her interests include skydiving chasing cats and long walks on the beach.Some might call her a couch potato on her days off.
Atreyu is an 8 month old, 90 pound American Staffordshire Terrier/German Shephard mix. Atreyu is in training to become his Mommy's mobility service dog.
He like to give you love in a lot of ways. He also like to jump in top of his house and peeping thru the window😂he also like to open the door. he will do naughty stuff and then he will give you that innocent look of I didn't do anything. You won’t resist that look.
Journee is a curly fluff ball of energy😌 She constantly keeps me on my toes with a great big smile🤗 Her personality touches everyone she meets and creates a positive environment for the ones she hangs with🤍
Hi this is Willow the Pomsky💖 I love car rides with my mom especially when I get to get a pup-cup from Starbucks. I have that amazing Husky personality so I love to talk about whatever is on my mind and sas back to mom and dad🤣I also am a boat dog and love lake days🚤 plz Vote for me❤️
I adopted Marshmallow 2 years ago. She is a funny mess. She goes everywhere with me. We fossils hunt and hike. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone.
Roscoe loves playing tug of war and lounging outside, but most of all he loves playing in the snow - he’s a total snow pup!!
Rowdy is as rambunctious as his name ! He loves playing tug of war and chewing on shoes. He loves to cuddle and take long naps, he is super friendly and a great best friend !
Scooter is the cutest ‘ol man! He loves digging his way through the earth! 😂 Don’t let his age fool you. Funny to see little him pick on his bigger sister pup! Scooter will run away any chance he gets, but comes home after he’s done playing!
Judge is 7 months old. He loves shoes, apples and being outside. His favorite thing to do is chew on momma. He's a spoiled little boy and he knows it. Please help him win by voting everyday!
Teddy is almost 10 years old but a puppy at heart! I like to call her my angel because she has more patience than any living human/animal i know. She always loves being my little shadow, likes pets all day everyday, and car rides. As well as treats and cuddles. What girl doesn’t?
Lola is so loveable, acts so lady-like but is definitely our security system and always on guard 😄
Oliver loves to be chased, cuddled, and he thinks he's the toughest dog in the neighborhood and could take down any other dog 😄
6 month old who loves cuddling and playing with toys ❤️
Auggie is 3 years old and love to play with his toys and his family. He also loves to chase squirrels! 🙂
Born on cinco de Mayo this little boy is a bundle of joy! Bringing us much happiness after the loss of our girl beagle Daisy! He loves to play fetch with balls and tug of war with ropes!
She's a German Shepherd/Husky mix and she's not even 4 months old yet!
My little man is growing up fast right before my eyes! He loves doing summersaults in the grass, running after 3 toys at once (and trying to bring all 3 back at once!!), and sleeping in crazy positions!!
Lola is one of the smartest dogs and loving souls i have ever known. We found her on the streets as a puppy in a town in Sonora, Mexico. She was hungry, dehydrated and full of fleas and ticks. She insisted on being with our family, so i insisted on getting her home. She is so loved by our whole family!
Apollo C.
Hello! My name is APOLLO C. 🦊 I am paralyzed with my back legs and have to wear a diaper all the time but Mommy loves me no matter what! My mom rescued me almost a year ago. I just turned 5 this year but i wasn't born this way. It's okay....I still run and play. I hope to buy a new wheelchair with any prize money! 💝 I am half Maltese & half Pomeranian. A MaltiPom or a Pomtese? 🤷‍♀️ Thanks for reading this and showing some Love. We entered late in the game so we are trying hard! <3 Thank You for your support! My Mama loves me and so do you! 🥰 THANK YOU! #ApolloCandMamaBAdventures
Prince has a very interesting personality. He LOVES to play with the laser pointer and loves watching me play on my computer or just watch tv? Lol If I don’t give him attention he nibbles on my hair.
Jessie is one of three fur babies. She is the ring leader even though she is only 8 weeks old. She has shown her two older brothers who is boss. Her brother is Sheriff Woody so naturally we chose her name accordingly
CobyJack is 4 months old, silly and sweet. He’s learning everything for the first time. He’s a young pup! He loves to play with his brother Tosh the dachshund
Daisy Dot
Daisy Dot “Daisy” holds the title to be the most stylish lazy daisy carrot lovin’ girl. Daisy spends her days with her soul sister Bella the Bloodhound, eating carrots and being the best park ranger. The term “water the daisy” is known by many from her love of the water. If you water a daisy daily they will grow into a beautiful flower! She flys like an eagle with grace and carries it well
Mini loves to play with any ball! She loves to be out in the water & nature! She’s such a big buff cute baby gorilla
Maxxine Howard
My name is Maxxine, I love to greet you by licking you. I get so excited when people give me attention. I am very loveable and I love attention. I am 5 and a half lbs but I act like I am 50 lbs. Please help me win. I want to make my parents proud.
We’re so much in love with our baby girl, Sage. She loves chasing the hose water. Loves giving kisses! Her and I have snack time together. She loves fresh fruit and vegetables! And a good marrow bone.
Sky is a very lovable and playful girl! She loves to be around her mommy and loves to eat blueberry snacks. She does have a playful attitude that is too cute to handle!
Princess Leia
I got my Princess from a Breeder that told me she was too Ugly to sell......I think she is Beautiful!!!
Athena loves to play with her cat siblings mostly her brother Leonard. She loves to go to the dog park to play with her sister Oreo. Athena also loves car rides and going to walk by the lake and getting puppachinos from Starbucks especially is her sister Oreo is with us.
Oreo is 14 and half years old she absolutely loves people. Oreo is a mutt I’m not really sure what exactly she is I got her from a preacher when she was a puppy. She’s the first dog I’ve ever had. Oreo loves going on car rides only when her little sister Athena is with. She also loves going to the dog park, walking by the lake, and getting puppachinos from Starbucks.
Blacky is my alarm every morning he wakes me up every day exactly at the same time. He is such a lovely dog he loves to cuddle, he loves food and naps. He likes to give attention, loves to play with his toys. He is a really friendly dog he is best friends with my youngest 6 years old nephew! Blacky is a cute spoiled baby boy!🐶🐾
When you think of chihuahua you think of mean…well not her. She is named peach because she is the sweetest girl ever and anyone who meets her says the same thing. Peach loves car rides, treats, her toy lamb and don’t get me started on kisses!!
Charlie is a pit/German shepherd mix. His favorite things to do are play with his brothers and cuddle with his sister. He also loves to get in all the trash cans and take his treasures to the couch to chew them up. He weighs over 100lbs and we love sharing our queen sized bed with him. He is a huge part of our family and loved so much.
She 1/4 border collie 1/4 australian shephard and half black lab she loves to sit in your lap but shes also a big ball of energy she loves kids shes very gentle with them
Nala loves going on adventures. Whether it’s in the mountains or the backyard. There’s never a dull moment with this one♥️
Van Halen
Van is a 5 month old AKC German shorthair pointer who absolutely loves to hunt quail already and he is in the process of training to be a point/retrieve gun dog. He’s a mommas boy who loves broccoli, green beans and lots of cuddles!