Jax is a wiener/husky mix! he loves running and playing! he’ll bring you his toys to play with! Most loving dog and the goodest of boys!
Winston will be a year old on the 10th of September! He is the most loving and smart doodle there is and I wouldn’t trade him for the world! I’m thinking of changing his name to “Home Depot” so he will come 100% of the time when I call him! 😂
She is a 10 month old lover. She loves to talk, play, go to the beach, and going for car rides. She is just the sweetest ball of joy who wins everyone’s attention. She is loving her life in Oregon🧡
He loves to give kisses 💋
Rescued from the local pound on 8/27/22. Very sweet girl that needed a loving home to we're she is now.
Dusty is a Rat terrier/chiwinnie and he likes to play bit an loves long walks on the beach! He sure could use $2000!!!!
Kolt is a very loving playful long haired German Shepherd. Kolt is 16 weeks old and already sits, stays, lays, and plays ball. He is a very smart puppy!
Hi my name is bella i am 1 yrs old. I was just rehomed with my new family as my old family could no longer keep me but its ok i love my new family they have plenty love to go around i have new hooman siblings who play with me i give them lots of kisses and make sure they are ok. I plan on using the money i win to help with animals at the our local shelter and to get the rest of my shots! thank you for your vote
Emma Grace
Mille is our new 13 week old Havapoo pup. She is such a good little puppy! She loved squeaky toys and to cuddle with her family. We are so in love!
Firebaugh Puppies
Cute puppies, very personable and will make you 😊 Please vote for them. Sully, our male Boston is so chill and loves naps. Poppy is super fast, she's my firecracker! Full of life and every day is an adventure with her. Growler is super tiny and cute. Very lovable and gives lots of 😘....
My Bella girl is a sweet loving girl. She loves kids. She is 5yrs old and she has the energy of a puppy! Love her to pieces!
My best friend the sweetest girl. Loves everybody she meets Smart and beautiful
Jake is an amazing puppy and loves to play around with our other dog. When Philly is laying down Jake will wait to climb on the couch then Superman off onto Philly to play. It’s amazing how they play.
Oliver loves to give kisses and play with his squeaky toys. He has an older sister and brother and he loves to run and chase them. He's a sweet boy and is very smart.
Jada is a beagle mix shes about 16 weeks old. We got her from a rescue. She has 2 other sisters who has been adopted as well. A very happy and playful pup. Love to cuddle with her momma💜
Bowie is a mix Pomeranian, poodle, Jack russel terrier!! He has personality of all 3!! He is super energetic and playful and has such a big personality!
Piper is full of energy always keeping me on my toes but she will also stop to pose for a picture
*Mary* she’s The best dog you could have she’s a big kisser And a good cuddler
Brandy is one amazing puppy!! She's 3 yrs old and loves playing with her toys, running around jumping over snow and long walks. We rescued her from a shelter in Long Island 2 yrs ago. She didn't have the best life she was attacked and dragged by another dog which her bark is finally coming back. She's the love of my life. She's a Rhodesian Ridgeback she's the most loving caring puppy you will ever meet!! She has some stomach issues so if we win it will cover the vet bills! I love her so much please vote for her ❤️
Lottie loves to go out and meet new dogs and people alike. Very treat driven (her favorite is peanut butter flavored anything). She’s a sweet girl that wins over every heart she passes by.
Max is wild and easy but oh so sweet and snuggly too. He’s silly and is the best mapper. He’s just the best.
Princess Coco.
Shes a AKC Register Pug, i never was into dogs period but she came in my life that was that. Im so in love with her " PRINESS COCO Made me a dog lover instantly. True meaning of DOG LOVE!!!!!
He is a 2 month old puppy who loves everyone he meets. He is a non aggressive dog, who likes to growl at you when you tell him no, but in a funny way. He is a sweet boy who wins the heart of everyone he meets. He loves physical contact, but with his mom the most. Marvel is a smart puppy who learns new things everyday and is loving his life here in Las Vegas ❤️
Hi! I’m Lady! I love to chase squirrels, play, I also love to eat! I love attention and I love scratches.. Please vote for me!!!!!!
Bailey is always on her best behavior out in public. She was meant to be a companion dog and I'm so happy she's mine. I don't know what I would do without her.
Shes very protective and she absolutely loves me and my grandma she plays with the 6 other dogs i have when they are in a playing mood. She knows how to sit when she gets a treat and she can also tells us when she needs to go outside and when we ask her if she needs to go out she will speak!!
Bella Bug Bone
Bella is a beautiful wife to Elvis Pugsley, mother and grandmother to many pugtastic pugs! Bella and her mommy are so close that Bella aides her mommy as a service animal letting her momma know when her sugar is low! As her mom I honestly don’t know what I ever did to deserve to be loved by her!
Silver Lab with a spunky attitude. He loves to snuggle. And loves to eat all things in sight. He’s still just a baby. He’s a very handsome man.
I found trinity 4 years ago running in the street and tried to locate an owner. It no one was looking for her. She may be the best thing that ever happened to me with her warm eyes and huge personality she is impossible not to love!
Chance is a Boykin spaniel - He loves to go duck hunting and he loves the woods, he is very friendly and loves kids!!
Gizmo is a boxer mix, he was born in Tennessee and came to Ohio after his previous owners didn’t want him anymore. I adopted him last year he is 2 years old. He loves going for walks, playing fetch and cuddling with his mom and loves belly rubs and treats. He might Look like he’s aggressive but he’s just a big teddy bear and always wants to be with u.
She likes to fart a lot 🤣
Mico is a catahuala bulldog. He is very loving and caring. He is very active and at night he loves to snuggle with momma. He is definitely a great addition to my family.
Ruby was purchased when I was at one of my lowest times, I had nothing and no one. She changed my life completely and is absolutely my best friend, always will be. She’s named after my birthstone and I definitely see our connection. She loves to play fetch and go for car rides. She also loves to care for people, she acts like such a rescue dog it’s amazing. She can be instantly anyones friend and loves everything. Doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She’s definitely the dream dog to have, I really hope she wins this because she deserves every ounce of it.
Jax likes to go for rides to grandma’s and chase rabbits in the yard. He loves to play with his favorite toy a frisbee.
Winston was adopted July 2022. We have loved watching his personality come out and watching him grow! His favorite things to do are play fetch and run!
Our sweet Cheech is so playful and loving! He loves to eat snacks, go on rides, go to grandmas, and play with his bestie Frank! Cheech is also our little warrior he beat parvo when he was just 12 weeks old!
Samson loves to play with his sister Luna, treats and lots of bones! He is the best with kids and thinks he is a lap dog!
Meka's is a 9 month old bull terrier. She's super sweet and energetic. Likes cuddles and walks.
Snickers gained her wings and crossed the 🌈 bridge last year. She was 17 yrs old. THE most loyal friend I've ever had. I miss her.
Joker is simply the BEST boy ever! Almost human! Love him SO much!!
He’s a big baby and loves to play. He likes to swim and go to the beach. Elvis loves car rides especially the car window. He’s a big lug. He spends his days sleeping and watching tv with his fur brothers.
This gal is the most EXTRA pup you'll ever meet! Her personality is just unmatched!
Smile for the picture
Diesel is a redbone/bloodhound/mastiff mix. He loves to swim and trail anything that'll run! Spoiled big baby!
She love chicken She have a funny personality She a Scorpio ♏️ She very chill and relax Very friendly And she love the attention 😍
Timber Of Ampola
Timber was rescued from our local shelter 9 months ago. She is 1/2 belgian malinois 1/2 basenji, very bold yet very quiet, very lady like. I’m so lucky to have found her and haven’t had one single regret that I brought her home. Timber enjoys playing fetch and tag (she always wins at tag). Timber loves meeting people during our walks and loves playing with every dog she meets at the local dog park. My only regret is that there’s not more dogs just like Timber because so most people that meet Timber want to take her home.