Hello im Harley .i am spoiled rotton by my humans .i like walks,riding ,and lots of 💘. My favorite toy is my little brother rebel.we look alot alike.
We rescued Moose from the Humane Society and made sure he has a home he deserves. He has adjusted very well, and he LOVES my kids. We are in the process of training him as a service dog for my fiance and I whom both have PTSD. He turned into more of a daddys boy, but still loves us all the same as we do him.
My name is Bailey, this was taken when I was a pup! I am 1 and a half years old now. I love to get attention from my owner and if I don't get it I can always steal socks. That usually gets him off his butt to chase me! I love going to the dog park and playing catch! I live for treats and giving kisses until your face turns red!
Kaari is a playful happy girl!! She is klutzy and a bit crazy but she is super smart and sweet❤️ She often gets the zoomies and enjoys going on long walks with her mommy. She loves all people and loves to be held like a baby!!😍🥺😩
Loves everyone!! She's such a sweet girl..
He's a ball of energy. He enjoys destroying any toy he gets. His favorite activities are cuddling and being a bit of a nuisance.
Reeses is a friendly, lovable girl. She loves to cuddle, play catch, and get belly rubs.
Roxy is seven years old. She absolutely loves to play fetch and tugawar with her toys. She’s very affectionate and loves to be petted and kisses. She’s always happy and wagging her tail constantly!! She’s a beautiful baby girl!
Chewy is nine years old. He absolutely loves to go for walks and is obsessed with his Boo toy in his profile picture. It’s the only toy he will play with. He loves his mommy and never wants to leave my side. He is a sucker for treats!! He can bark on command, sit, stand up, turn around and shake. He is very laid back and loves taking long naps on mommas bed.
Saviour is a sweet baby girl who loves her snacks and going for walks to the mail box.Belly rubs are always a must .Bathtime and groomingnarena favorite.
Juno is a rescue, we got her around 6 months old, she's now a little over a year and is amazing with not only her two feline brothers but also her human brother, my 8 year old, I can only guess she will be just as amazing with the new baby when he's born. She loves treats and walks! Snuggle bug and defo has the zoomies at the most crazy times of day/night!
Friendly, loyal, always wants pets, never leaves mommies side. He gets along with five cats in the house.
Sammy was a rescue in 2018 his gotcha day is St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ he Is a straight street dog and treated badly by humans but has become a fantastic dog in our pack of five.
Winnie Rose
Winnie Rose was named after Winnie the Pooh because our family has a tradition of naming our dogs after Disney characters and because she is so sweet. Her middle name Rose comes from Betty White’s character on the Golden Girls. We adopted Winnie from a rescue on Betty White’s birthday to honor her work with animals. Winnie has settled nicely into our family. She has quite a personality already from her howl to her love to chew on anything in her way. Every day is a new adventure with her.
He's a good protector.lover.sugar cookie eating...loves to smile
Stuart is a sweet blue eyed boy who loves dirt! He never stays clean and has an abundance of kisses and love! He is calm natured but loves to play!
Berkeley loves to cuddle and play with his friends.
Zorros almost 2 years old, he’s mostly lab but has short haired pointer and hound mixed in somewhere, he loves playing outside, he likes to play catch the duck, he’s a well mannered boy and living the best life he can.
Louie loves cuddling and barking at any noise that is made. He is a great watch dog, Louie loves going on walks and having people chase him when playing!
Louise loves to love. 🐾💕🐷
Kimber likes to play with the kids take there socks an toys an then run from them she makes it a game she likes to be carried like a baby
Midge is a cute Chihuahua who loves being carried, playing fetch and snuggles. Sadly she has passed due to cancer in the bloodstream, she is missed dearly and would love to win 🙏❤️.
Queen loves to play and have fun she will chase my kids around the yard all day and she will even chase after a squirrel
Loves playing with others and enkiys walks a happy dog
Reba is a Cavalier King Charles Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix (Cavapoo). She loves sleeping all day.
Bosco is 3 years old!! He loves walks, playing in the snow, his toys, and giving loves! He loves all animals and most definitely kids! Please vote for Bosco❤️
Karma is 25% German Shepard 25% husky and 50% Elkhound she is almost 1 years old she loves to play outside and play with her sister and brother
Tucker is 11 weeks old and he is a sassy smart boy! ❤️
Coco is a sweet mischief little girl
Copper likes to play outside, eat and enjoys being cuddled.
Baby Girl
I was born with out any eyes. I love to run, jump, and play. My favorite time is when it snuggle time with my mommy. I am now in training to be my mommy's service baby. I can do anything any other fur baby can do.
Lulu, the sweetest dog, was being fostered by me and i couldn’t give her up. I love her. She was abandoned and the shelter found her. She is protective and very playful. she’s very goofy too
Gus is a Heinz 57 rescue from Texas. He’s 10 months old. Enjoys walks, swimming, playing in the snow with my brothers and sister, and whipped cream from the fridge!
Buddy is very lovable, fun and loves to play! He loves his mommy very much and follows her everywhere. Buddy is very funny and loves to run around and play ball.
Diva is almost 6 years old. She & her sister, Eva have been eith us since they were bout 6 weeks old. Diva is a Chihuahua/ Jack russell terrier mix. She is so smart that I dont think she thinks she is a dog! She loves attention & posing for photos. She missed her calling cuz she is smart enough to be in comercials & magazines! Vote for Diva!
Miko’s Besty is a cat name Salem
Hes the most friendly loveable dog youll ever meet loves to play ball and is full of energy .
He loves to cuddle has the cutest little face and such a big heart .
Cocco sweat and loving baby girl. She loves to give hugs and kisses. We enjoy going outside playing in snow, she love to run and jump and roll around in the snow. She just turn 2 years old on February 22,22.
Bleu loves his best friend Buddy. He loves to play with cats kids and is friendly to everyone he meets. He is funny and crazy just like his mom.
Snooki Loves Everybody & Very Photogenic & Very Comical. She Understands Every Word you say when Talking to her. Extremely Affectionate, Loyal, & Loveable.
Rosie's DNA test results were 32% German Shepard, 24% Pit Bull, 15% Great Dane, plus a small percentage of several other breeds. A mutt at her best.
He loves to pull he’s mamas hears and run all over the house. He is super intelligent and active. Adorable and sweet little puppy.
Benjamin is a two year old Texas blue lacy game dog. He is vey strong agile and highly intelligent. True working breed dog.
Boomer is a big goofy bloodhound he loves treats and loves to sleep and play
Loves to play fetch and cuddle! He has brought so much joy to our home!