Baby Stories - 70


Prince Kane
Kane loves his num nums and he loves to sleep in mommy’s bed or with his sister Lilly
If you can't find me, look in the blankets! I love being toasty warm snug as a bug!
Izzy Houston
Izzy is an emotional support dog! She is always willing to share her love with everyone! She loves to go for rides in vehicles and play fetch. She has been a great addition to our family.
Sweet girl that loves to chase the water coming from the hose and loves her cuddle time
Sweet boy that loves playing outside in his pool, playing with his toys and his sister. Loves riding and looking out the windshield.
Dumplin is the sweetest and absolutely nicest puppy. She’s never met a stranger. She has a huge personality.
Ahkeelah is missing an eye and she doesn't let it bother her.
Buckley is very smart! He loves swimming and finding the biggest sticks ever to bring in the house! He also loves to go for a ride whether it be in the truck or on the golf cart!
Wyatt loves being out at the barn terrorizing the kitties and investigating any water he finds! He protects the hooman race by unstuffing all stuffed animals!!
Hi. I’m Lilly. I’m very energetic and love to play with my rope. I’m always running super fast and momma laughs at me.
Coco Chanel
Hello! My name is Coco and I’m a playful Shihtzu that loves running about and playing with my mom and (human) sister. My sister and I actually share the same birth date so every year we get to have a double celebration!
Chapo likes to howl like he is in the wolf pack
Sweetest most soft fluffy baby alive
I also rescued Sonny when my boyfriend & I found him tied to a dumpster as well! 💔😢 (on a separate occasion from Lyla). He is SUPER energetic & LOVES to tear apart EVERY toy I get him! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Seriously, I don’t think there’s a toy out there that this boy can’t destroy! 😅 He LOVES to cuddle & sleep in my arms, it’s the most precious thing! 🥰❤️😍 But he does think he’s a lap dog. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ He loves meeting new people & will run up to a random stranger & lick them to death! 😁 He’s a VERY spoiled boy & he knows it! He knows if he’s in trouble, all he has to do is look at me with that cute puppy face & he has me! (God, I’m so weak!) 🤣
Baloo is a sweet boy who stays close to his older sister even when it isn't fun. She is on a leash cuz she runs off. Baloo is leash free but will not go anywhere without her. He just sits there waiting beside her.
Hoss is a good ole farm dog. He loves riding in the ranger around the farm and taking long naps on the couch. He also loves toys and constantly has to have one with him.
Storm loves playing keep away from his sisters with all of his toys and treats. He loves cuddling especially with his grammy & grandma. He also loves zucchini and sweet potatos!
Tiger Lillie
Tiger Lillie who we actually call beans is the most cuddliest dog you’ll ever meet. she loves playing and mostly she loves annoying her sister clover! when she gets excited she smiles so hard it makes her sneeze. (it’s a comfort harness not a muzzle)
Clover is a sweet little chiweenie. She enjoys going on hikes and going on car rides being able to smell all the smells. she also loves wearing sweaters and going to work with her dad!
Shiloh loves to play but also loves to nap or rest with his lamb. He’s such a loveable puppy
Dolly Sue
Dolly Sue is full of energy and will play fetch all day every day! Loves playing in water and scared of her own shadow
Maxx is German Shepherd Lab Mix. He loves attention and his human sisters. They play dress up with him and he doesn't mind at all. His Nick names are bubby, and old man.
Fawkes has legs for days and can jump almost 5ft straight up into the air!
Newt is a master cuddle-er and loves to play fetch!
Braxton is a crazy obnoxious 1.5 year old. He loves to be vocal and have all eyes on him!😊
Lena is super loving, she’s so patient with her new little sister! Loves to play ball and tugging!
Monti loves his treats and enjoys his humans. Enjoys playing outside with his soccer ball and gets into just enough mischief
Drogon is a loving, smart and loyal boy. (I don’t think he realizes he is not human.) He is always smiling and is the life of our party!
She is a loving loyal dog who absolutely loves her human siblings, and especially when Grandma comes over to visit.
Zeus is an English Bulldog. Sweetest personality ever!
Jaxson is a 4 month old puppy that loves to run around but most of all cuddle!
Olive was born deaf, but that doesn’t stop her. She’s a fearless explorer and a professional snuggle bug.
Atticus is a goofy boy who is only 11 months old and weighs 160 pounds. He love his toys and loves to go on boat rides with mom and dad. He doesn’t understand personal space and has no idea how big he is. He loves to sit on everyone’s lap and hog the bed at night He is definitely a gentle giant.
Cadillac Missy
Cadillac Missy loves to see the children at the cancer center and the elderly at the nursing home. She tries her best to make them smile and fill their hearts with love and laughter
Daredevil in disguise. 💙🐾
Diesel is a standard poodle and he is 5 months old and full of energy. He's doing great with house training.
Beau is a 15 year old mutt, but that does not stop him from getting food off the counter. His sniffer is stronger than most! He loves to eat, sleep and sleep some more.
Tatum is all boy!! He’s very curious and hyper he loves to smile.
Sky Elizabeth
Sky is a bottle feed spoiled baby. She loves her human brother and sisters and would do anything she can for them. She saved my life and I will repay her for that as long as we both shall live
Dessie Mae
Dessie is the sweetest loving baby I have ever had. Her loyal companionship is the sunshine of my day. Dessie loves to run and play catch. She has one older sister that is not much fun to play with. Dessie has a smile with those eyes that lights up a room
Copper is a happy doggie who loves his people, and anything he can sniff! He especially loves toddlers! 💙
Maggie loves stuffed animals playing and chasing the squirrels
Cora Rae
Cora is a bundle of joy and happiness. She must say hello to everyone, always has a smile. She loves to show off her tricks and chases squirrels in her dreams.
Bentley is a goofy little puppy, he's a chunky little thing with one heck of a personality. AKA Bent Bent!
Sam is the messiest dog all around. Sweet as she may look, water and mud are her two favorite things! Rather she is leaving trails of water around my house, or she’s covered in mud at the dog park and begging for a bath when we get home, she is always making me smile.☺️
KyDa is the only surviving pup of Sunny who was found on the side of the road very pregnant and placed in a rescue. KyDa loves his big brothers (one with fur and the other without); loves his chew toys and to chew on shoes and socks while you’re wearing them. He’s rambunctious and the sweetest cuddler.