Mopha Steel
He loves all animals his best friend is a cat he loves his pup cup fm the pinecone snow cone stand but he loves his human
Bruce is a one of a kind dog he is full of life very fast learner very lovable he loves this Stuffies
cain is my best friend, he has been with me his whole life. cain just turned 13, but the way he runs around with his friend henry you would never realize he is that old. cain is my forever baby
Lilly is a jack Russell terrier mix she a very sweet cuddly girl who also loves to play with other dogs and is a great emotional support puppy and has the biggest smile
Basil is a sweet girl who loves to chase, well anything she thinks that she can catch. She is also a snuggler and loves to eat!!
Choppo is our silly goofball. He loves to snuggle and his favorite toy is a stuffed taco!
Rockie is our sweet Catahoula Leopard dog mix. He loves adventures outdoors and curling up with us in bed.
Sif was ordered to be put down because the puppy mill she was born on couldn't sell her. Thanks to an employee with a big heart she was saved, but he couldnt keep her either. Thats how she became ours! And she is the missing piece to our pack.
She loves to chill in your lap and play with our other animals. We saved her from a family that didn't deserve her. She loved toys and to jump in her water bucket.
Mimi is my service dog that helps me when I have trouble breathing
Buddy is my service dog that helps me when I have a seziure
Peanut And Tickle
Loves treats,playing and watching TV
Sadie loves to be yourself
Nikita Bella
My beautiful baby girl she is only 6 months old she loves other dogs and playing with her favorite toys but her favorite thing to do is sleep on her blanket
Shes loves everything ,and everybody. Her blue eyes captures your heart.
Tobie loves romping in the back yard with his girlfriend Pitbull, Hannah. He loves playing with the cat in the house and going for fides. He also wants attention
Ellie loves to play and she’s very hyper for her breed… all about playing and digging up my backyard!!
Patrona is such a sweetheart she loves everyone she loves to play ball and she loves Belly rubs
Odie is all puppy. Playful, clumsy, lovable and at times a little gremlin but we change a thing.
Coco is awsome she’s super curious and loves to play fast! She’s has a unique confident smile and she’s my coco loco
Kobe is not your average Boston Terrier he is not a licker and he doesn't like to be cuddled. He is full of energy and doesn't like when his owners leave him because he loves going bye bye too. He is always is up to playing no matter what time it is.
Minnie is so full of life, shes a very happy pup and loves to lick you till are soaked. You wont have a bad day with her around. Just look into her big brown puppy eyes and your heart melts.
Rusty is a loving dog. He loves to play soccer and he loves to cuddle. He is 10 years old.
Dodger, a 18 month German Shepard mix dog, was a semifinalist in the Best in Ears category in the 2022 American Rescue Dog Show. But besides his crazy ears, he loves going to Dodger games with as my Service Dog, he enjoys putting a smile on people’s faces working as a therapy dog and he loves to play frisbee.
She is a 3 year old genius, and she talks...and it's not the fact that she is my best friend and daughter, who I just so happen to be able to communicate with thanks to her gift of "canine speech", it's "HOW" she talks! You know that old saying , "it's not what you say, it's how you say it!"..well, THAT IS HER LOL...which is freaky, cause that is something only people who care about psychology and human interaction are known to comprehend and communicate. She's very emotional, and an amazing actress, and her voice is louder than mine and I'm an opera singer. I guess it is fitting, we are both Capricorns lol
Fin is full of energy and kisses.. The best pup I’ve ever had.. He loves his friends the kitties 🐈
Scout Ronaldo
Scout is a happy, healthy Aussie; loyal to his #1 little lady Miss Nutmeg Sinclair.. a father of 4 gorgeous pups, and now an uncle to 3 adorable kittens.. he’s had to give up the outdoorsy life a little this year to stay closer to home for the babies so he could definitely use a little recognition here for his loyalty and love of his family🫶🏼
She's such a love bug, and loves to carry her leash in her mouth as we're going for walks, it's so cute.....she has a very big personality and gets a little mad at mommy when I leave for work, she's so excited to show me that when I get home... I love my baby Maya aka lil mama❤️
Dippy is silly, playful, and she is lovable.
She very smart and loving
Mr. Zane is a sweet silver lab baby boy. Best friends with his boys (my children) and loves to chew on everything right now. Loves being a model and visiting people at my office. Such a beautiful soul inside and out.
Mason is a very loveable, goofy dog. He loves riding in the car, putting his head out the window. He also loves his floppy toys, the bigger the better in his world. I am so glad we found each other he makes me happy and I feel less lonely with him in my life.
Gunner is the biggest chicken and scared of all nosies. He is a giant teddy bear and loves to be petted and loved on. Please give us a vote.
Hi, I’m Mia! I’m a 1.5 year old toy Havapoo that loves exploring and being with my family!
Opal is an 9 month old corgi. She has many nicknames that include waffle, potato, pope, dope, and any carb related food. Her favorite activities include playing fetch, walks, meeting new people and eating as many treats she can get.
Mason is a rescue that we adopted when he was 10 months old in 2015. He is extremely smart and never needed training. He loves going on walks and hanging with his friends.
Omg addi is such a princess! Her nickname is additude. Lol. she loves to cuddle. Enjoys her treats "a little" to much. Haha. She has come along way since i adopted her when her owner passed away! I love this little girl
Buddy is so out going! Loves to play ball, easy treats, do tricks. He loves to be right beside his best friend- me. Lol. This little guy has been my rock. I love him so much
Yodi, is a fun loving companion. He loves to play fetch, snuggle, and love on his best friend-ME. He has a lot of of energy, but also alot of love. I was truly blessed when I received this bundle of joy in my life. Best of of all he was born on my birthday.
Brooklyn is an American bully who is the sweetest and most loveable dog ever. She is smart and listenes very well. She is fear with kids💜
Ginger is very loving and loves to cuddle . She is picky for foods and is nice to other animals
Sugarplum Princess
She is the most loving and outgoing baby ever! She is always by my side helping me with my anxiety and depression! She loves playing with her bother and sister! Sugarplum loves being with me everywhere I go! Her favorite thing to do is snuggle up close to her mommy and get belly rubbing!
This is one handsome boy ! He’s super friendly likes to cuddle, he loves to be chased ( I think we all do in life) He’s got a few tricks up his fur , if you come with treats he will show you what he can do !
Peaches is 10 months old. She loves to run around in the yard and chase birds.
Zoey is a happy dog. She loves to play with her toys and go for long walks. She loves people and other dogs. Loves to go for rides in the car.