Baby Stories - 70


Lucy is a fun playful baby girl and loves to cuddle with you, she loves to sleep with her blanket and she covers her head when she sleeps.
Bentley is a wild child and one goofy pup! He loves people and toys and loves to cuddle under a warm blanket! 🥰
Molly enjoys going for bike rides and car rides. She enjoys goin chunky dunking in her kiddie pool.
Theo is the cutest guy around! He loves to eat icicles, sticks and of course treats. As crazy as he can be, he's also the biggest snuggler around!
Blue Griffin
Blue loves to watch TV and bark at all of the animals he sees! He loves walks and loves to play outside. He likes to play catch & sometimes he pretends he’s a football player and makes you chase him for his toys 😂. He is very cuddly and sweet. He also likes to climb on our black ottoman to take pictures lol. Vote for blue! He is loving, caring and playful!
Hi I'm Poppy! I love romping though the orchard and playing with my siblings. I have learned that if I stand up on my back legs my caregiver makes a funny squeak and calls me a good girl. I get to go home to my new family on VALENTINE'S Day and I am so excited. I hear that I am going to be a very important service dog for my new furmomma.
Pongo And Swain
Pongo and Swain are loving brothers! Their perfect day is full of destroying their toys, eating their dinner without tasting it, and snuggles with mommy and daddy!!
Sage loves going for car rides. Being a model for mommy 😅 and annoying her older dog brother! Sage LOVES to play in the mud and chew through every toy!
Goose is a very sweet loving boy, he loves all the cuddles and kisses he can get, even though he’s getting big he thinks he’s a lap dog. He loves going outside even if it’s just to sun bath.
Hi, i’m honey the worlds most lovable pit-bull. I’m 3 months old and i’m loving life. I love to cuddle with my toys and jump in the snow! I also love to cuddle with my owner Alexis and go on tons of walks. Vote me so I can buy some more toys!
Paisley is a Jackabee who will be turning 1 this month. I’ve had her since she was 9 weeks old. She is the most loving, playful & most friendly dog you could meet. She loves everyone & we love her with all our hearts ❤️!
Well first of all he doesn't think he is a Dog , thats right he thinks he is human, which makes him so much more funny, than he is with his crazy funny personality! Lol He is the bigest sweetheart you could ever ask for. When your in need of a friend he will be there right by your side. He loves playing frisbee, he will play until he can't play anymore! He has the best facial expressions in the world , they give you comic relief!! He is absolutely irreplaceable. He can always make you smile, even when your having the worst day! He loves going for a drive no matter how short the ride.
A loyal lover & protector. He is my service protection dog/other half. He can sniff out bombs, & narcotics, Hes trained to pull me from the water if I was ever to drowned. He can do so many other amazing things. Hes a all around amazing & loveable & wonderful companion. Hes more less a human the way he acts. Trained to Protect & Serve. Came a long way from Netherlands. Commands are in German. Loves to be very active in training. Very HOLLYWOOD he is my best friend wouldnt trade him for the world. He loves going for long walks daily & loves to be active always. #TEAMCASH
Spur is the sweetest frenchie around! She has beaten all odds fighting for her life and overcoming being paralyzed this year! She is the most caring dog I’ve ever seen!
Hi! I’m a 1 y/o Siberian Husky that likes snow days, treats, and hikes. I’m full of energy and love everyone that I see so hopefully you love me too!
Bella’s a beautiful, loving, and energetic girl. She is 7 months old and has a mixture of many breeds with at most 50% husky. Oh boy, she is very smart and loves her treats!
Copper is a very smart, energetic, lovable, protective companion. He truly is my best friend.
She is a 7 months old American bully
Jett is a great dog! He's very protective and is always by my side. He loves walks, he does well around other people, and is always eager to meet other dogs! He is my service dog and he has made my life a lot better since he became a part of my family.
Looch is a very good boy that enjoys hiking and playing with his hedgehog toys! His favorite season is winter because he can shove his nose in snow piles and run around. He has lots of energy but at the end of the day he enjoys cuddling up and watching tv.
Denali is so energetic and he can’t get enough of all of his toys. The excitement is the best part. Being outside is his favorite place to be!🌻☀️
Brutus is a big ball of goofy and love!
This little babe loves to play with his fur brother and loves to cuddle! We are most excited to see all the cute new faces on here😍
Nina is a 2.5 year old, Olde English Bulldog. She’s a gentle giant who LOVES squeaky toys, ice cubes and naps!
She loves running around. Shes a very hyper pup. Shes less than a year
Biggie Smalls
Loves playing with his best friend belle, the ragdoll. He’s a lover and a protector all at once. His personality shines through like the brightest star 🌟
Skyra is a beautiful but mischievous girl. Loves the outdoors and is mesmerized by the snow. Her eyes win your heart ❤️ Trust me, she is not miss innocent lol
Jake is deaf. He's learned many hand signals, yet "stay" eludes him. He loves to play with his basketball and going for walks.
The sweetest rescue 💓
Moose is a very happy and healthy goberian pup! He is just over a year old and loves to chew on his sticks and play with his friends!
Molly Mae
Molly Mae is a beautiful Golden Retreiver, who was given to my husband by a breeder as she wanted her to go to a disabled veteran as a companion! She is a great addition to our family and as you can tell, she is not spoiled!!! Please vote for our precious girl as she is definitely a beauty! She loves to ride on or in anything to include golf carts!
Azul is a sassy, mischievous husky! She’s adorable and always gives everyone a good laugh. Vote for this adorable girl! Thank you 💕
Zuko is 9 weeks and full of personality! He is the goodest boy and one day will be a service animal. Vote for Zuko and his hard efforts! Thank you 💕
Logan Bear
Hi I’m Logan! I love tennis balls and swimming. I’m a mamas boy for sure. I’m very laid back and enjoy binge watching Netflix with mom and dad!
Liberty Love
Hi I’m Liberty (Libby/Birdie) I love snuggling with mom and annoying my brother Logan. I’m a cute little girl with lots of attitude! I look like an angel but looks can be deceiving hehehe follow us to see our adventures! IG Logan_and_liberty
Hi I’m Mickey I’m a pug and I will be 1 on the 20th of April my mom got me when I was just 6 weeks old I love my sister mini we love to play I’m a bit special though but that’s okay cause it doesn’t change anything I love to play with my sister and also like going to the beach and on walks my mom wanted to put me on here with my sister to help her out I love my mom and dad.
Karma aka “baby nugg” thinks she’s a 5 pound lap dog. She loves playing in the snow and snuggling with her mom. She is full of personality 💞
Benji is the goofiest boy! He loves hiking, playing in the snow, and going for rides! He loves playing fetch and is the best catcher🎾! His favorite food is peanut butter🥜 and bananas🍌! He is so smart and knows many tricks!
this is hazel and her sister raven :)
Oso is a 20 week old German Shepard mix. He loves to play in the snow, go on walks, and take naps.
Daisy is a sweet princess. She loves to play soccer and run around with her brother. Her favorite thing in the world is spending time with her mom and dad.
Charley girl is the sweetest pup! Learning commands and full of spunky energy. Loves to cuddle and thinks she’s a baby at times!
Husky, Shepherd, Wolf mix. He’s a big ol’ teddy bear. One of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met☺️
Archie is a fun-loving and wild 1 year old who loves swimming, hiking and chewing everything in site 😄
Sable is 8 weeks and is my world!
Chubbs loves to play. He also loves his family, we have 4 boys and he loves them deeply. Chubbs is also very smart, he loves for us to name a toy and he goes and gets the right one every time. He also loves car rides! He also loves to be outside. He is a Whippet/Pit mix. Go vote for our boy!
Hemi is a very hyper 2 year old husky, loves to play out in the snow and going for walks. Loves to cuddle and play with his toys.