Baby Stories - 70


Zora loves to play outside and chill out on the couch. She loves playing fetch with her 4 year old human brother, as well as using him as a pillow every chance she gets! She is a loyal and sweet companion to our family!
Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley is my soul puppy. He is the most gentle, loving, soul southing dog you could ever meet. In his spare time he likes rock hunting, hearding chickens and loving his family.
Buster is such a snuggler! He's super smart like his mom and dad. Our sweet boy loves the water already and chasing chickens:) This sweet boy has won our hearts!
Kayko is such an energetic puppy that loves everyone and everything!! He is such a sweet baby.
My name is Penny! I love car rides, my toys, and going on walks with my mommy and daddy.
Daisy loves to take naps and bite your ankles but is the sweetest baby 💛
Mister bean/ beanie weenies/ baby beans was a rescue. He enjoys going on walks at the local state park, taking naps, and going for rides to get pup cups.
LOUIE IS SUCH A STRONG BOY! He just got out of surgery after braking his leg! He loves to play with his ball and play with other puppies! Now it’s hard for him to play since all his other friends are came corso’s and pit bulls but he has the attitude of a Rottweiler so he fits right in. Thankyou everyone for his votes! The money will go straight to his vet bill!
Hi! Grizzley is a pit/lab mix and very fluffy! He loves to eat and sleep like a frog.
Nova loves to play tug-o-war and chew on socks.
Rosebud was rescued from a dog hoard in Louisiana. The conditions were horrible and the rescuers needed Hazemat suits to get them out . She has been with me for almost 3 years . She thinks she is my boss .
Intelligent, full of energy. Loves playing with children. Takes commands and always protecting his family.
She has been so kind to her 3 rescue cat siblings . Scout is my Grand dog , the best kindest gentlest . Great guard dog . Loves walks and runs on the beach , she’s stares out at the ocean .
Falkor Gaya Jacob
Well, they’re a triple threat. From left to right: Falkor is the angel. He hugs. He can do no wrong. Loves every being he meets. Gaya is the scared foster, but is coming out of her shell and is showing her fun and snuggly personality. Jacob, aka Jake, Jakey and Jakofer is a weird and loving little impish man. They say every crazy pit bull lady ends up with a chihuahua mix in their lives, but don’t tell him he’s part chihuahua. Also please ignore the sleeping crazy dog lady that accidentally got caught in this photo.
Total cuddle bug who loves romping around
My name is Hope.. I’m a yarnaholic that steals mommy’s yarn and I’m not even sorry :)
Mac’s name is Lightning McQueen - he is fast and catches on to things quickly! He is happy, loves kisses and belly rubs!
Sophie is so much fun. She talks to us and loves making friends. Everyone in the neighborhood loves her. She is so sweet with our grandkids and he’s to walk over to our besties house for treats. 😊❤️🥰🤩
Stella is 9 weeks old. She loves to play and chew on toys. She’s so smart and happy. We are so happy to have her as a part of our family. She makes us smile 😊
Ace Gunner
Ace is a very energetic, funny little dog with a big dog attitude. He walks around like he is the boss dog. He loves his toys and playing with them. He doesnt like to share. Ace can be demanding at times, but loving and cuddly other times. He is a sweet boy. A mommas boy!!!
Echo is sooo spoiled! He loves to play fetch.(with everything and anything) He loves pickles! And he needs all the attention!
Skye is an 8 month old boxer beagle who loves to run and play with her friends! She’s full of life and her spunkiness rubs off on just about anyone!
Ekoh is a laid back husky, she loves dogs, humans and treats. She’s an outdoor lover and loves the water. You can catch her relaxing in the ocean, lake or pond. She loves hiking, kayaking and helping her owner catch some fish! Vote for this fun-loving, he-eyed baby! First contest ever!
Finleigh is one of the most energetic dog I have ever met. She is as sweet as she can be and absolutely loves attention. One of her favorite rubbing spots is her belly. She loves to play frisbee, meet new doggies, meet people, walk, run, and chase birds. Birds are like her favorite! Finleigh will chew anything she can get her mouth on!!
Roux is a ladies man and loves to strut his stuff. He is all about the snuggles.
Mister Bruce
Mister Bruce is a 5 month old Shepherd/Lab/Pit mix! He’s very curious and loves exploring in the backyard, to see what he can get into! When he’s not sleeping, he likes to play with his toys and lounge in the sun!
Ember is a 16 week old puppy with an old soul. She is super sweet and calm as I take her to work with me every day. She loves to play with her 4 legged siblings at night.
Titan is a full blooded red nose pit he is a wonderful dog listens really well an great with kids he is one of a kind
Stella is a 4 month Bullmastiff. She loves her Lamb Chop toy "Lamby", watching TV with Daddy, stealing shoes, and giving kisses! Stella believes she is a lap dog, which probably won't change. She is a big, silly, moose baby!
His day job is security at CCT. No entry unless given a bellyrub and booty scratches.Tony loves his broccoli and a good ol' squeaker toy when he's not napping his ruff day away!
Mushu is a mommas boy for sure! He is full of energy but loves to snuggle.
Little Man
Littleman is my son’s dog he like to eat everything he like he loves orange slices the candy he will cry for it if he see you eating it he loves to go in the car anytime any where
Reina “Queen” is 3 1/2 year old Eastern Line Full German Shepherd. She is extremely alert and always positions herself to be able to watch every angle of our yard. She is very protective of all the members of her family. She has a contestant desire to be outside and loves following us around the yard. Her favorite toy is her frisbee. We spend a lot of time each day throwing it to her!
Chewie is our special Malti-poodle with a cleft palate. It takes him a little longer to eat, but he makes up for it by zooming everywhere around the house. Snuggles, sleep, eat, play, repeat 😍
A very sweet pup who loves attention!
Parker is a 2 yr old beagle pit mix. He’s a 🐕‍🦺 service dog. Loves playing with tennis balls and his little sister Kota. He also has an underbite that makes him smile. 😊
Zoey is the sweetest German Shepherd I have ever seen. We rescued her when she was 7 months old. She is now 2-1/2. She is protective of her pack and eager to please her master. She is a Eastern Working Line long coat german shepherd. She patrols the yard with her step-sister making sure there are no threats to her humans. The way they communicate with each other is amazing to watch. They both know their jobs and work together as a team perfectly. Thank you for supporting our girls.
Jesse is almost 3 years old. We rescued her when she was 11 months old. She is the best dog we've ever owned. She is very protective of her pack especially all of the little humans. She is a Western Show Line long coat German Shepherd.. She is extremely loyal to our family. I tell people she saved me just like I saved her. Everyone who meets her adores her. Thank you for your support.
Hi I’m Nala I’m 5 years old. I’m an Olde English Bulldog, I like barking at neighbors, going for walks and sitting on everyone’s lap even though I am not a lapdog 🤣
Teddy is not only cute, but he’s full of life. He likes car rides, bike rides, longboard rides, paddle board rides, and loves cheese ♥️
Baila was rescued from a bad home situation. I named her Baila because upon our first meet and thereafter she “dances” with excitement whenever I or another friendly face sees her. She is truly the best thing that has happened to me. ❤️
She is doing great even when 2 months ago went through parvovirus and pneumonia, she kept fighting and now she’s perfect and growing like a champ. She’s a princess for sure
Magic loves to play, make new friends and cuddle. He loves traveling to different places, and states. His favorite place to be is the Carolinas. He also loves getting his picture taken❤️
The sweetest most playful dog you’ll ever meet. Loves to play with his toys. Toss him a ball and he’s all yours!
Jemma is a very loving dog who loves to cuddle, sleep and eat. Give her a treat and she’ll be your best friend!
Copper is a rescue tenesee walker coonhound & he is awsome..... Eyes are the mirrors to the soul...