Baby Stories - 70


Ariel is her own pup! She is loving, and shows concern and care when your sad or just not having a good day. She loves Cheeto puffs and sleeping in the bed. She loves playing outside and giving kisses. You should vote for her because on a rough and cloudy day she still brings the rainbow! 🌈
Rex is a mix of German Shepard and German Shorthaired Pointer, he is 14 weeks old and very smart, and loves to chew on is spoiled and very loved!
Biggie is kind, she loves to meet new people, and she likes to smile and give kisses
Bandit came to us from Texas. He is a super sized bed hog with a heart of gold. Go big and go home❤️
Tucker is a Yorkiepoo who loves to be around anyone. He loves snuggles and belly rubs and is the cutest boy ever 🥰
Aries is a 9 month old Miniature Australian Shepherd with a ton of energy and is filled with so much love. He attacks with kisses and loves to smile when he meets you. He loves meeting new dogs as friends and gets along with everyone he meets:)
This is arrow!💕 he loves swimming,playing,rolling over, and sticking his tongue out little ways😂💕💕💕💕
Eco is a German Shepard and blue healer mix. We got her on August 21st and she is an amazing smart dog! She was born on June 23 of this year. She is very active and young!
A sucker for belly rubs and terrified of thunder. A baby with a heart of gold.
Aries she is very playful and full of life
Hello my name is Aria! I’m a energetic 2 year old chow chow, silky terrier mix! I love eating ice cream with my Family and French fries for a treat! I take care of my baby brother who loves to get into mischief. I also love snuggling and playing outside with my Brother, sister and parents!
Indi is a beautiful , playful , frisky pomsky pup ...
Bunny is very happy and energetic and loves to play! She enjoys spending time with her owners and long walks on the beach.
Scout is an 11 week old English Springer Spaniel. He is sassy and full of life. His freckle face and peanut colored eyebrows melt my heart.
Binky is a puppymill rescue so running free is his absolute favorite thing. He just loves to run for the sake of running! When i got him he was skin on bones and smelled awful. He is the most affectionate and devoted dog I've ever met
Sadie And Aurora
Sadie is an American Labrador who enjoys swimming at river, she will even dive to the bottom.
Finn is a farm-to-city mini australian Shepherd! He loves peanut butter, new people and belly rubs. He’s only 11 weeks old but has brought us so much joy 😇
Bear is a big dummy and sits on our other dog all the time 😂
Cletus has the perfect shape heart ❤️ patch on his side that’s different color than the rest of him and a tiny blue dot in one eye which makes him very unique and I’d like to say the sweetest of all 😘
Bella is a chunky playful puppy. She loves sleeping in her fluffy bed. She likes to be cuddled.
Little Hemi is 10 week old puppy . loves to play outside. He is a sweet heart. Tricks are sit, paw and is fully potty trained
A beautiful Yorkie. She is so happy and friendly, loves to play a lot with people and other dogs🐶
Bullet loves kids, walks, chase and his toys. He has the most fun with water hoses and sprinklers and has a blast chasing the kids around the pool.
She's an actual human trapped in a Yorkie-Pom's body🤷🏾‍♀️lol
Miss Letty is a sweetheart! She loves to swim, go to the beach, take walks and car rides and loves her stuffed teddy bear!! She is Newfoundland/cane corso mix. Please feel free to make Letty’s 1st doggie pageant a success.
Kona is such a love, she hasn’t found a human she doesn’t like! She loves to go on walks and playing with all her toys. Kona still has some of her puppy energy, but is learning more and more everyday how to be the best girl she can be!
Max is 10 months old and has sooooo much energy but still loves his nap times!
Koda is a 4 month old border collie male. He loves to swim, preform tricks, and play with toys! You should vote for him because he’s a very good boy, and will use the money to buy more necessities for him!
Dobby is every dog’s best friend. He loves to play with all dogs, any shape or size!
Thanos wants to play fetch with the ball all day every day. Never gets tired!
This is Chewbacca he is a therapy dog but he is turned into a multi therapy dog for our business. He has been bringing smiles to people‘s faces throughout covid. He is five years old and extremely smart and has a big heart to go with him! ❤️
Our boy Barkley was born Friday Sept 13th last year, we got him from a rescue just prior to him turning 8 weeks; we would love a birthday vote for him. We are bias in thinking he’s crazy adorable but he always attracts new friends by being called a Pete look alike from the little rascals movie, he loves all animals and people. We got lucky with this fur baby
This is Kiah she is 6 months old and loves to run,play,eat and sleep she is the sweetest dog you will ever meet and she hopes that you vote for her!
Ginger is almost 3 year old Cockapoo full of life, energy and love! Family member always told us to send her photos into a magazine since she is so adorable so I figured I’d start here. Please vote for her ❤️
Belle is our 2 year old Australian Shepherd /Chocolate Lab who is an absolute sweetheart, extremely smart and is the best companion you could ask for. My girlfriend and I would be lost without her.
She is the happiest of dogs. She smiles all the time, loves to play frisbee, and has never met a stranger.
Eli absolutely love hot dogs , we all swear he’s part human. He loves the outdoors and loves his dad.
Lola is a 3 month old Boarder Aussie, She is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. She’s so full of life and happiness and she loves to play ❤️
Luna is a 1 year old German Shepard! She is filled with so much spirit, and is the cuddliest giant! She loves to go on car rides, swim and hikes! Wherever her humans are, you will find her right by their side! 🐾🥰
Piper is a very playful 5 month old German Shepherd. Her favorite thing to do is play ball🎾. She enjoys going for walks and spending time with her family.💖
Sophia is a outgoing, and loving German Shepherd. She is playful and loves kids.
Rollie is a caring dog.He loves people.Rollie like belly rubs,and also like to lern new tricks.He loves to chew on everything.he super active too. I hope u like him as much as i do.
Mia is proof that big things come in small packages. She is 2 pounds of fluff, fun, and love! Her favorite soft ducky toy never leaves her side. She loves every person and fur baby she meets. She is very playful and loves to bring blades of grass and flowers as little gifts!💕
Mercy is a beautiful sweet rescue who loves to cuddle
Kaiser was a very good dog, he was very old but acted like a puppy all the time. He loved cuddles and was very protective. He was a dog I could call my best friend.