Hunter is such a loving dog. He loves to be outside playing in his pool. He loves go cuddle. Hunter hates thunder and rain storms and hides in the bathtub.
Stella was born on May 21st the day before me. She loves to play and swim no matter rain or shine.
He hates phones. He will moan and cry until you put it down. He is very vocal like his big brother and a huge goof.
Jax is the sweetest baby ever he love’s his mommy and treat’s!
Charlie is a sweet boy and he is protective of me. He has a big personality and has no fear. He is my ESA and he can definitely put a smile on your face. Vote for Charlie because he is so cute.
Lil Bit
My girl has the sweetest personality. She loves her bones and her clothes. She wants your votes because she’s a diva.
Waylon Bennet Mitchell-white
My Big guy is so lovable and absolutely overflowed with personality! He loves to cuddle and play catch and go anywhere dad goes. Also he sleeps with a little stuffed puppy and it’s absolutely adorable whenever he’s ready for bed he gets his puppy and goes straight to it.
Hes a sweetheart and companion for my disabled mom
This is Roxie! 🐾 Roxie is a 8 week old beagle who loves chewing on socks and tugging on curtains🤷😂
My Spencer is a goof ball. This curly pup sits on his head. Its adorable. He thinks hes a lap dog and he loves getting his "bark box" in the mail. He knows its for him.
Very playful,listens very well,very protective & loving
Boss loves to go anywhere mom does, whether it’s running, walking or doggie daycare. This rescued boy saved my life and I now give him the best life. He’s a goofy guy who will sit there and squeal if you don’t give enough pets. Everyone needs to have a boss in their life
Gizmo is a pure bred English chocolate lab.he is 4 months old now.
He likes to be outside in the sun!!! ☀️
Blitz is big love bug. He loves to play with his dad and his best friend the cat gizmo. It’s always a new adventure with this fuzzy man
She absolutely Loves to snuggle and give kisses . Zadie-Rose is very social,quiet(low) bark), and petite dog.
Gigi is a very energetic pitbull! me and my boyfriend rescued her from the SPCA and brought her into our growing family. We quickly showed her what true love was and she became attatched! her favorite things to do are play with daddy, watch tv, play catch outside, and snuggle with mommy! the biggest compliment she receives is about her beautiful eyes! definitely a lover for sure!❤️
He's Super Sweet & Very Cute He Likes To Play with his little Brother He's 3 years old & he also likes to go on walks, and go for car rides
This is my little girl Rosita Gonzales ( because speedy is a boy and his girlfriends name was Rosita ) she is a trip ! She’s a mommas girl always by my side.! Always wants to play ! And loves to cuddle and she’s got a little bit of a attitude lol! And as you can see from some of pics she thinks she’s a bird because she always wants to sit on my shoulders ! She’s lovable and ever so sweet ! Please vote for Rosie !
He likes to play with his Jolly horse ball and also loves water, he competes in AKC and UKC events and has many ribbons for himself! He loves to find deer antlers and ducks!
Gladys is a Coonhound/Black Lab mix. She soaks her long floppy ears with every sip of water and loves to eat all the dandelions she can find!
Isabel is a very playful puppy and will give you kisses, high-fives, play ball, hide-a-go-seek, and also cuddle with you. She is the runt of her litter and is 3 pounds. Healthy and happy.
Kali is the sweetest little girl. She is full of excitement and loves to watch tv. When she is not sitting on your lap kissing you then she will be playing with her siblings.
Ace is a Labrador Retriver. He was a stillborn and it took over an hour to get him breathing so he is our sweet Miracle baby! Ace loves to sleep under the couch and snuggle up in our lap!
Thor is a very loving dog. He loves belly rubs and gives hugs. Loves to cuddle, especially at bedtime. He's a wonderful guard dog as well, very protective over those he loves, primarily, his sister, Cleopatra.
Cleopatra's big brown eyes are heart melting. She can get anyone to do just about anything with those big beautiful eyes. Works great when she's begging for goodies!
Kona is our 3.5 month old terrier mix puppy. She is extremely smart and very inquisitive. Fetch and Tug of War are some of her favorite games to play
Dutchess is a babydoll. She is the sweetest dog I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and owning. She loves to play catch and learn tricks but most of all loves cuddles 💕
Stark is my 3 month old pup. His favorite things to do is sleep, play with his sister and brother, and play with his stuff donut toy. He has 2 older siblings who he loves. (Ozzy 2yo mutt) (Olive 1 year old Frenchie). He also loves belly rubs and ear scratches.
Kuvey!!! My big teddy bear!!! One word to describe Kuvey is loving!!! He loves everyone and everything!!! His favorite things to do are eat all the snacks!!, play in the water, love on everyone, and go on rides!! Kuvey has 1 baby brother who is a Duck named Muck Muck!! They have been best friends since we brought Muck Muck home!! One of Kuveys best tricks is singing along to if your happy and you know it!! Kuvey is the best doggo and would love to have your vote!!!
Bruno is the most lovable handsome affectionate boy.he loves cuddles and his toys.
Jersie May
Jersie May loves to play and cuddle up to you all day long. She’s spunky, loyal, sweet, silly, having zoomies and always wants to be the center of attention. You can get by her with out a puppy kiss!
Leia is a loving dog loves to run and play outside, loves chew toys and cuddling
My beautiful girl sassy was a rescue she loves clothes she's very photogenic loves to give kisses and loves being with her mom
Hello I’m boss, and just like my name I run the house and boss my parents around. I love running around but I do get to rough playing with my little sister. I love my little sister and brother.
Hi, my name is Brutus, I am a big baby and love cuddles and loves to play , I am a big boy and don’t know my own strength I sometimes get carried away with play I for get how big I am .
Love is a cane corso. She is very playful, and energetic. She loves other dogs, and she loves being at the park.
Neko is a lab mix, she loves babies. Her favorite activity is going to the park, and seeing all the kids there to play with.
Ava is a energetic hyper baby who loves to swim and play with her favorite toys! She loves to make new friends and gets so excited to meet new people
Adakiss is an almost 2 year old Texas Heeler! He is a cuddle bug but is also always down to chase a ball❤️
Kimbo is a 13 week old chocolate lab but also mommy’s best friend. He is a handful and chews on everything that he can get his mouth on but is a ball of love and always wants attention. He is the sweetest baby ever!
Raven is a 2 (almost 3) year old pitbull lab mix, before she was rescued she was used as a breeding dog. Now Raven spends her days playing and cuddling with mom and dog, she is insanely loving just always has to be ontop of someone licking them!
Heaven Marie
Heaven is loving, a couch potato and energized within a blink of a eye
Timber is a sweet playful boy, we rescued him from an animal shelter. He loves walks and just sitting outside watching the birds and enjoying nature, his favorite things to do is cuddling with his mom and dad and playing with our cats and his toys 💙
Nova was 2 week old when she came to us😢 Nova is a now a 6 month old Boxer/Pitbull/Chowchow/Mastiff mix😍who was born on Halloween👻 She loves her ropes, going on walks and being the boss😁
Jasper Grimila
Jasper loves taking long naps on his king size bed. He’s been let go from mattress firm for unspecified reasons but the family knows it’s because he’s been caught on several occasions sleeping on the job ,usually found on king size or California king beds. It was his lifelong passion to work at mattress firm. He has recently applied to Casper and is waiting on an interview.
Hes a clown but so mellow. Lost his wife and now a lazy dog . He only likes to play with water hose being sprayed at him
Lola is an Australian cattle dog mixed with dalmation. She had a rough beginning in life but i adopted her in February from our local shelter. Im trying to give her the life she deserves and show her not all humans are bad