Baby Stories - 7


👑King DeDe is the biggest baby ever he loves to play with other pets has a heart of Gold loves kisses loves his head rubbed loves to go for walks and play with all his toys he's the best dog I've ever had and he brings pure joy to my Heart and life and love and laughter 💕😘💖🥰😘💞💖I love you King Dede 👑💖👑💖👑💖👑💖👑
foxy loves eating the snow, and playing with her buddy💖
Mia is my angel, she was abused by her first owners, this is her third and last home!! we adopted her on September 29th, 2021.. since then, she brought light and love to my home.. she's our spoiled baby girl, her personality is amazing! We really love her
Flats is a very spontaneous little chewuawa, He loves to play with his brother Rascal. They love playing tuck a war
Jaxs is a 3.5 year old collie lab mix! He’s the best dog I’ve ever owned and is my little adventure buddy. We go kayaking hiking camping together allll the time! He’s also the most affectionate snuggle bug I’ve ever had as well.
This beautiful boy was on his last leg with a nutrition absorption issue, but we solved his riddle and he is living his best life again at 8 years old.
Sir Arlo Scruffington
Arlo is an 8 month old bundle of energy and snuggles! He loves the water and going on hikes! He’s very dramatic and requires non stop attention and excercise!
Chungus loves to chew on everything and is a cuddlebug.
Ruby Roo
Hi 👋 My name is Ruby Roo and I am almost one ☝️ years old I have been through a lot in my short life I saw my mom and my family get hit by I semi and I went into a shelter and I got adopted by some one who abuse me badly. But my owner I have now found me and saved me and I couldn’t be more happy to have the friends and family she put me in❤️
bella is a 13 year old pug who just hd polymetria surgery she is doing well. she is beautiful and so smart and loves sitting by her fireplace
Baby Gus is an 13 week old Golden Retriever puppy. He loves watching the live action Lion King, collecting sticks, playing with his brother, and eating snacks. He is goofy, slightly dramatic, extremely smart, and just an overall joy to be around.
Darla is my little angel. She is actually a labahoula, (lab and catahoula mix) She is so sweet and loves to snuggle. She dosen't like to be cold. She is quite a little mischievous one too. She dosen't like to be left alone. She needs to know where i am at all times. She is our little Darla Girl.
Dozer is a 9 year old cane corso, even with his older age he loves to play tug of war and show his younger brother diesel he isn't a push over.
Diesel is a 2 black lab carahula curr mix that is full of energy, take this boy to the lake and he will swim for hours! Definitely his favorite place to be if he isn't playing fetch with his boy.
Stormy is smart, loveable and always wants to be with his family. His best friend is his adopted brother Snow which weighs 148lbs and Stormy will sit on him play in his fluffy tail. Stormy is adopted and is mostly minature Doberman Pinscher and Chihuahua. He loves treats and loves to ride.
Saba is the sweetest little girl! She’s a pit with a heart of gold. She loves everyone and her babies (stuffed animals). ❤️
Bella is a playful Lab who loves her tennis balls.
Honey is a pure princess! Her favorite activies are running and tearing up cardboard boxes.
Bailey the Love Bug, a Frenchton, loves skateboarding, sitting by Tampa Bay, snuggles, treats and her boyfriend, Taco (another Frenchton). This photo was taken just after our recent move to Tampa Bay. The happiness with the his love was written all over her face the day of this photo
She is sweetest little girl🐾She loves the outdoors!!
Clover is very photogenic, loves to smile and run around to get his jumpies out!!!
My son chico is the light of my life .he loves his mom and dad very much.
Lucy Lou
Lucy is a very energetic girl. She likes to get herself in trouble by taking her human siblings things and chewing them up. She loves to cuddle. Lucy joined our family almost a year ago and it’s been an adventure. We love our Lucille Louise.
Razor is the cutest, most playful, loving dog in the world. His Favorite Things Are squeaky toys, puppuccinos, and going for car rides
She is nice when she wants to be but very playful and likes to bite a lot 🙂and loves tennis balls for some reason.
Bear Bear
He is the sweetest he loves everybody he loves to give bear hugs and he makes a noise like a bear everyone adores him he loves to play fetch..
My 6 year old Golden that loves cuddling and taking naps! He is obsessed with destroying stuffies and his favorite toy is a tennis ball of course.
My 11 year old Golden that still looks and acts like a puppy! He gives the best cuddles and is the sweetest boy!
Sometimes I’m Acehole but sometimes I am calm and sweet! I am actually a very cuddly well behaved husky. I do not bark and I look out for my order brother.
Cleo loves to be outside ..she loves to play catch
I love to play outside with my chew toys.i love to play with kids when they come visit me. You should vote for me cause I need more chew toys ♥️
Akiri is 3 yrd old, a big sister to mochi! Very smart! She is also a red stumpy tail Australian cattledog.
Mochi is a two year old husky. Very sweet much like his name! Goffy and a great brother!
Mole exterminator extraordinaire
Working cocker who loves the water
Im a dog but sound like a pig! Im a big baby and love my mom
Cooper is a very loving pup and loves to play with his dog toys no matter day or night if i get up to go into another room he's rt there with me he is already learned to sit ,shake and lay he is now learning to do high five and he loves all animals plus hes just so darn cute ...
Bailee Mae
Bailee Mae is a rescue pup from a puppy mill. She is actually a Yorkshire /Dashaund mix. 8 yo Queen of the house.
Barron will sneeze on purpose, over and over for a specific reason. He does this get my attention when I haven't noticed he wants something from me.
He loves to jump like a bull very loven dog
Buddy is the walking definition of a gentle giant. He weighs over 110 lbs but is as kind as can be. He absolutely can’t resist a treat and loves to sleep. He is a great boy.
The reason to vote for Petunia is because, well just look at her. She is the çutest by far.
Rosie is just a joy to have in our lives she is 3 months old palm and lovable and very entertaining to watch her play
Rocky is 3 months older very energetic & loves our dog we white lab they get along great. He loves the snow saw 1st snow couple weeks ago & loves going on long walks & loves his food
Minnie Mouse
Minnie is 14. A senior. She is a mamas girl. She is full of spunk. She still enjoys her walks and sniffing out everything that has walked the street. She loves mashed potatoes and kisses.
Chloe is all puppy. She spins until she is dizzy and falls down. Everything to her is either a play toy or something to shred. She potty trained herself at 8 weeks old. She prefers to sleep alone. Her best friend is another male chihuahua I have named Snoopy. Chloe is the only dog I have that enjoys sitting in the recliner and will watch a entire movie with you..
Sissy is smart. She hides her intelligance very well. Her favorite person is me her mom. She follows me everywhere. She doesnt play with toys. She prefers to play with her other siblings. She is a perfect specimen for a long haired female chihuahua.