Baby Stories - 7


I’m a smart, playful puppy. I love playing with people and dogs too, I love running, eating and eating again , taking photos. I enjoy going to the park every morning with daddy
I’m mimi and I’m mix maltese and chihuahua. I love playing toys and love to eat everything! I love following my mother and I’m a jealous dog. I love Watching TV and bark with everything that makes sound! I love eating vegetables and fruits :). I don’t like chips because I’m a healthy living dog 🐶
Bella Dent
Bella was a rescue from Kansas where she spent her days on a logging chain and then into a metal crate at night. We rescued her on Jan 1st, 2019 and she has since become my epilepsy service dog. She may be just a tad spoiled and she may sleep in bed with us and we may play dress up but shes our baby and we wouldnt trade it for the world. Honestly im not sure if she was rescued or we was rescued when we got her. Please help our baby win this contest she deserves this and so much more for her hard work.
Kash is my playful 7 month old toy poodle puppy... Who is full of energy and attitude and loves to run around outside ! Everyone who meets Kash falls in love 🥰
She's a very playful puppy. Likes to sleep a lot. She knows sit. Loves going for car rides.
Sissy loves to beg for treats. She loves to snuggle under a blanket and sit in front of the heat. Anytime I don't feel well, she will snuggle with me and make everything okay. She is a smart dog.
Duke is a blue tick hound. He's only 7 weeks old and he was a birthday present for my 11 year old. He makes the cutest noises.
Thanos is a 13 week old Yorkie Poo. He loves treats and recently learned to walk up and down the stairs, so he thinks he’s a big boy now. He loves a good belly rub but if you do it too long he’ll start nipping 😂. He’s a sweet pup who will follow you everywhere. And lovessss being chased around after he “steals” a pair of socks from our rooms.
Leo is my beautiful 5 month collie mix puppy 😊 he enjoys days at the dog park, chasing his tail, his squeakers, and pawing for more attention. Friends and I Rescued him and his brothers from a barn, he was scared of every little thing, now just goes and chases things 😊 my little Leo the Lion.
Nola is a miniature Shih Tzu, Pomeranian and Chihuahua mix. Loves cuddles and belly rub. Hate being alone and very playful.
Hi, I’m Rosie! I love any toy that squeaks, but my favorite is my purple raccoon!! I love my human more than anything... except maybe treats. I have a ton of personality and I love to give my human lots of sass. I’m not very good at listening but I will be the first one in line to cheer you up when you fee down!! I am a collie, beagle, jack russell mix, with a even mix of all of their qualities!! I’m a little shy when meeting new people, but I’m super friendly when you get to know me!!
Im a 5 month old Bichon-Poo, I can out run most human... and I love running hills 🐶
The most quiet yorkie you’ll ever meet. Loving and kind Emotional Support Animal. Voted towns cutest !
Achilles loves playing with rope toys and his boys and enjoys meeting new people and dogs.
Savage imprinted on her owner since she was born. Her nick name is "fruitrollup" because she rolls her tongue. She is a loving energetic baby girl. Her coat is as sofy as cashmere, with beautiful waves from head to nub! She has a infectious smile that gets her noticed everywhere she goes. She loves car rides, squeeky kong balls. She loves everyone from babies to seniors.she has been a blessing during this pandemic. Her gramdma big ma has been home since the Corona started. Savage visits her a few times a week to keep her spirits up. Her Big ma will be 89 soon !
Hi I’m a dachshund/chihuahua mix, who lives in AZ🌵 loves chicken nuggets, & going in adventures with my mom❤️
Hi, my name is Mia! I am hugeeee fan of my toys and sometimes my 5month old sisters toys🤪 I especially love my giant bunny that is bigger than I am because it is PERFECT for my mid day naps! Nothing is better than mid day naps with my mom and dad though, because cuddles and warm blankets are my weakness!
Paws a 9 year old Husky. She is very energetic you’ll swear she was still a puppy. She loves to flip over and have her belly scratched by everyone she meets. She loves to lay on the couch with her favorite blanket and take naps! She is so great with kids and other animals(even cats)! Paws likes to have the last word as well haha!
Sophie loves swimming in the lake and begging for dog treats!
Benny loves to cuddle & to play fetch . Very protective of his mama & loves to play with other dogs 🐶 🥰
Rocky is a Great Pyrenee! He is 9 months old. Yes I said it. 9 MONTHS OLD! he is huge ! Very very fluffy! Very lovable and very sloppy🤣 He loves to cuddle and he really loves to grab your attention by jumping on you lol. He is always curious of meeting new furry friends. Loves to play. His just a big baby. He also has 6 toes on back of his two feet. Very cool! Very nice and sweet. Your vote means a lot to both of us!:) Thank you<3
Yogi is a rescued Australian shepherd cattle dog mix! We didn’t know what we were missing until he came into our life; from his wild and spunky personality to his loving and cuddle bug moments. He loves all the attention & definitely lets you know when he wants it 💙
Simba is almost gonna be 2 years this November.. he is my life .. he loves to cuddle a lot.. helped me through my depression..
This little babe has a HUGE personality and loves to dress up in her leopard harness and bows almost as much as she loves sleeping in her pink fuzzy bed💕
Hi my name is Diesel and let me tell y’all i run my parents world! I want my parents to give me a sibling but Dad tells Mom that we aren’t ready but i just don’t understand. But anyways I love to play catch, go on drives and mostly cuddle with mom! i am now 6 months old and know almost every trick in the book. i hope y’all think i’m as cute as my parents do💓
My name is biskit. People also call me bissy or bissy boo. I enjoy the outdoors and getting into all kinds of trouble.
Kobe is very outgoing and loves to play! He also loves to snuggle and give lots of kisses
Ranger Danger
Very playful and hyper
Chance is a playful 6 month who loves toys & shoes! He is very active & loves to play. He’s mommy’s best friend❤️
Zoe is the sweetest dog. She loves cuddles and scratching her belly on the carpet.
Tony Stark and Super Cooper are Great Danoodles aka Great Dane/Poodle This is a pic of Tony Stark and his brother Super Cooper, they’re hero’s of course. They are the neighborhood mascots and keep an eye out for our elderly neighbor and of course all the little girls our street is full of. They have no idea they’re not one of our grandsons and have a great time swimming and sliding and doing everything a human boy should do. We would be lost without these two handsome men.
Im the youngest of the pack! But full of energy! Loyal to my humans!
He loves being a gentleman and loves to play with leaves and his ice cream stuffy and loves to give kisses he is a mommy’s Boy
I Love my Hoomans💙💙
Gideon loves to snuggle and cuddle while giving lots of kisses. He shows his love but resting his head on your chest while deeply staring into your eyes. Watch out for your chicken nuggets! He loves some good chicken nuggets!
Loves to play
Molly is a fluffy very loving Bichon frise her favorite activities include, playing basket ball, going on drives, and begging for more when you first meet molly she might be a little shy at first(As she suffers with anxiety) but it will take no time for you to win her heart and be loved forever by her she’s so sweet!
Miss Magnolia is as brilliant and beautiful as she is sassy. She loves to talk up a storm, go for long walks, and get belly rubs.
Chloe' Breeland
Chloé smiles for pictures. She wants to work on tv, so she can buy different vehicles because she loves to drive. Chloé is the bestest friend anyone could have!! I think I need her as much as she needs me. Chloé snuggles in my blankie when it's time to go night night.
Sookie likes to spend her day eating and sleeping. She occasionally likes to go on walks but when she decides she is done, then she is done. I’ve had to carry her like a baby many times back to the house!
Merle is a very social little boy. He lives to go out to eat. He loves bunnies and car rides the most!
I got deno from a home that fighting dogs and he always getting attacked. Now me and boyfriend are giving him a loving home and he so happy and loves to play with his toys and cuddle in bed with us
Mocha is a very energetic pup who LOVES attention and to be cuddled!
Harley very loveable & gives tons of kisses. He also likes to argue with daddy for his treats.
She is a shichi mix. Lovees to play
Tiny is 2 years old hyper dog he loves to be outside and he can do flips
Zeus is my Bestfriend he just passed away 10/27/2020. He wasn’t even one years old yet he passed away due to cardiac arrest. He was such a good Boy. Forever in my heart ❤️
Charlie is an energy filled pup. He loves to play fretch and pretty much anything that involves running. He loves to bring you his toys to play with him. But under all that energy charlie is the BIGGEST snuggle bug. Everytime someone curls up charlie is there. Youre never alone with this dog and he alwayd wants you to be apart of what hes doing.