Arya is smart, stubborn, cuddly, crazy, energetic, and a momma’s girl. She follows me everywhere I go, loves car rides, loves chasing squirrels, & is the best form of entertainment!
Annie Belle
Annie Belle was My Best Friend who we lost to cancer. She was beautiful,smart,loyal,loving,goofy,kind and so MUCH MORE!! She is missed GREATLY EVERY SINGLE DAY!!
Stokely is a spunky, snuggle baby. She has a diva attitude and struts her stuff. Genuine Mama's baby
She’s feisty with an attitude and loves to play
Bruno is a 12 year old boy who has a peculiar personality. He is known for whining and sharing his big puppy dog eyes. He loves rolling around on his back and playing with his toys and ball. He truly is the most amazing companion and loving furry friend!
Bear is Almost 5 years old he loves to hike, go camping and play with kids. He loves his treats, snuggling, and sleeping. Please vote for Bear
Moose is a year old rescue rotti who loves to play with other puppies and kids!! Mooses favorite show on tv is bobs burgers!! He enjoys long walks and sniffing every tree in the area!
Hello, im Nova! Im 3 months old and just found my forever home! I already LOVE the water, and im super sweet!
Blanco is a blanket "hog" dog. He loves his blankets just as much as he loves his mommy.
She loves her pool will go in it and run around the yard like a psycho. Loves squeaker toys and destuffs them. Watch out for socks because she will chew those up! When it’s feeding time watch out because she loves food!
Reina is a sweet but sassy little girl. She is smart maybe a little to smart. She loves her toys and her mommy
Hello and good luck to all! This is my baby Khaza! 3 months old and going on 30 (lol). Kha loves to go to the dog park, treat time, and just sitting out sunbathing with mom! Don’t let your fingers get too close, those teeth are no joke!! Fun fact: kha had 2 different names before I finally picked one. He’s my honey bunches of oats :))
Sopa is a 3 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, rescue. She is very spoiled and likes getting attention from everybody. She really likes play fighting with her brother who was rescued at the same time.
He loves cuddles and sleeping 🥰
Hi, all!! I’m Nash! I’m an 11 month old Aussie! My mom and dad are my best friends! I love playing with toys and being outside! Vote for me!
He came from Asia he a mixed breed of Alaskan husky some people think he's a white wolf
Ella is rescued and absolutely best dog ever, especially with kids, she loves to run and chase birds . Watch planes, go on walks
Lola is a very energetic, playful, smart and loving pup for just a young age!! She brings smiles to everyone she meets and really helped out my family for just becoming apart of the family
Rocky is a puppy full of life. Loves to play with his doggie siblings and the cat 24/7. Never thought I would have a German Shepard but I am so blessed he has become a part of own crazy family.
Milo is my big teddy bear! He is so sweet and the most dramatic dog I have met. He loves to play fetch and will play for hours if you let him. He also loves training and we are currently trying to get our akc novice trick dog title <3
Stormy is an AKC good citizen. He loves chasing birds and hunting rodents. He loves talking every night night, beaches and boats
Ivy is an AKC good citizen. She is a self taught hunter if rodent, loves belly rubs and is sweet to everyone
Car ride loving model dog!
Zoe has a hard time with her feet when she goes hiking. She always manages to get cuts on her pads so she has to relax with her booties on afterwards! She's just a clown!
Miley loves to be outside in the backyard! She also loves her breath mints and car rides!
She is a pit bull. Loves to chase sticks.
He is a Pomeranian and shitzu mix. Loves to run.
Artemis is a 9 month old Brindle Bull Mastiff who loves to go on walks, play tug of war with her humans, nap and take full advantage of the zoomies. She is a little cuddle bug and at 100lbs she is still convinced that she is a lap dog. Her favorite treat is leftover bacon and her favorite person is my 2 1/2 year old daughter.
Jackson is my emotional support dog. He thinks he is human. Loves posing for pics
Lil Rott
Lil Rott is a mix of pomeranian and yorkshire terrier. He loves cuddles with his mom, dad, and brother. He is very photogenic, but his all time favorite photo sessions are around the Christmas tree! Lil Rott got his name because when he was first born he looked like a tiny Rottweiler. He is getting older now, but still has a baby face! Please show this ol dog some love! 💙
I love to play! My favorite person is my mom:) I enjoy kicking her off the bed at night 😉 She always gives me treats and brings me home new toys (my favorite is my yellow & black raccoon lookin thing).
Stormie is a storm chasing dog, she loves to chase tornados and travel, she is fun loving and playful
Benji Altamirano
Benji is the most Loving and caring dog. He loves to cuddle. Benji is a very happy dog always smiling.
Blu is a very gentle American Bully who love to be people friendly and gentle with kids and other pets he is loved and always playfulness and caring he loves to give and show emotional comfort and support blu and our cat tiger are the best guard pet in our life is why we do our best to make the best of their lifestyle and lifetime wealth and happiness in the best of health we let our babies do whatever they want 💙 this prize can really be helpful to give my blu paper work to be our emotional support pet for us and my elderly parent do to health reasons thanks to all who committed to conferring supporting and give time need to our pets😘😘😘
Boogie Man
Boogie man lives up to his name on his free time this pup watches nightmare before Christmas. He is happy go lucky and a spit fire of energy!!!
Hey He is a black love who is sweet cute and lovely 🤍 He would melt your heart 🤍
If you met Luna, you'd think she's a human just with fur, four legs, and a tail. She goofy, playful, curious, and caring. 🐶🐕🐾😍🐾🐕🐶
Oliver is 1.5 years old. He has such a great personality and is the absolute sweetest. He truly is the best dog i've ever had.
Cooper was originally my granny and papa’s puppy until they passed away due to Covid. My granny told me that if anything ever happened, to get cooper and take good care of him. He loves to play alll day long and all night long (that’s when he has the most energy), he loves toys, he loves to ride in the car and sxs! Next stop is the beach to see how he likes the water!! 🤍
He's funny character and just his own furry guy! Not a care in the world!
Penelope Pearl Aka Pea
Pea’s most favorite thing is cuddling up with momma in the morning before ever going outside. Peanut butter is her favorite snack and she can smell it from her bed when she’s sound asleep. She is such a sweet girl and loves everyone she meets.
Loves to be pet, go for walks and loves to eat
Scarlett was born July 4th so she entered the world with a spark and that spark has been with her since day 1. She loves to make you smile even when you only feel like crying. She is still very young but has nothing but love for everyone