Baby Stories - 69


Oso loves his King Kong ball and loves catching it in the park. He loves to cuddle while bedtime story!!
Casper is a cat lover and his best friend is a K9 dog, walks with daily!!! He loves hugs and belly rubs.
I'm a big boy hence my name but I'm scared of my own shadow. I love to snuggle and watch TV with my mommie.
I'm a snuggler. Sometimes I'm the big spoon and other times mommie is. I snore like a 500lb man and have gas that can clear a room.
Romeo is a little firecracker. He shares our home with 2 huge 100lb American Bullies. ,but is the boss of the house. ( He like to think so anyways) He likes car rides and Vanilla soft serve icecream. Very sweet boy.
Winston is a free spirit energetic and won’t take no for an answer little boy. He loves to sleep on his back and bring you leaves when we’re outside. He loves meeting new humans and is so curious about other dogs
Bob is a spunky Goldendoodle and a little lover boy! He loves to cuddle with anyone in sight and makes friends with everyone he meets!
Majestee loves to cuddle and adore belly rubs. She enjoys playing in her backyard, running in the sun and sunbathing. Her favorite treats are toes.
Roxie is a Beagle/Jack Russell mix who is 5 years old and as much a puppy as the day we brought her home! She loves to play and cuddle with her grandma and her mom (me). She is so sweet and makes the silliest expressions. She loves her kitty sisters and her baby Berner brothers. She may be the smallest, but she is the queen!
Tucker is 7 years old, loves cheese and his mom . He loves to go on long walks!
Titan loves everyone and everything, but he loves balls and tuggy toys most of all ❤️
Jax is a nerd who is allergic to everything. But the sweetest dog ever!!!
Little Bit
Little Bit is the most unique dog I’ve ever known. She’s half Papillon and half Dachshund so she’s really low to the ground and very small but this little girl is tough! She growls at you to talk to you and she eats all of her sisters food. She makes my disabled mom, brother, David and I so happy. Her nickname is grumpy bee but her heart could warm up Alaska!
This is Tupac he loves playing outside no matter what the weather is like.. he loves eating ice and eating Cheetos but his favorite is French fries. He loves cuddles and being told that he is a handsome baby
Tinkerbell is a 16 week old yorki/shih tzu mix who loves to play outside, also she loves taking pics for her instagram tinkerbell0520_
Everyone meet Parker, my sweet handsome boy who loves giving kisses, cuddles and all kinds of treats! He’s such a handsome boy!! Vote for Parker ❤️
Has such a Spunken personally!! She adores her daddy & loves to jump around like a jumping bean!! She only weights 3lbs! She is an amazing medical dog & emotional support puppy for my self!! Especially when I go do my treatments once a week! She is very photogenic as well! She is a phenomenal emotional support puppy & medical dog as well! Very very protective of her Mommy & daddy!! She loves going on a walk , running, very cuddly and listen very very well!!! We love her to the bottom of the ocean and back!!
Bentley is a 4 year old Bichapoo who loves his people and brings them a toy every time they get home! He just lost his puppy brother a week ago and is going through a rough time.
Blaze was adopted through an amazing rescue here in Colorado! He is chill, loving, and mind-glowingly perfect in every way. He loves our girls and is extremely smart. He loves to play with his friends next door too!
Hank loves everyone and everything. He also expects everyone and everything to love him back
Wazoo the Wizard Dog just came into my life and rescued me. He loves his Moo-Moo the Moose, eating grass, playing ball and chasing the broom! At only 8 weeks old he’s already mastered sit, shake and leave it. He has the heart of a lion with the stripes of a tiger. He loves listening to his mama play her guitar and sleeping in funny positions. Vote for Wazoo the Wizard Dog 💜🐶💜
Loki is a 3 year old yellow lab. He loves stuffed animals and his daily petting sessions. He loves to run and play.
I didn't know what a Japanese Chin was until Ronin was offered to me. He was given away by a breeder who found him to be less than perfect. Ronin came to me during a time when I was very depressed and he helped me through that. He is so sweet and perfect to me.
Steele Kingsford Short
He is 6 months old weighing in at 58 pounds. He is nothing but a sweet , smart and loving baby boy!!!
Shinji is 9 lbs of pure joy. He knows no stranger. He loves playing with his ball and cat and dog brothers and sister. He loves people and is sure to put a smile on your face.
Riley is my shelter rescue. He is a very nervous and anxious guy but he is very loyal to his mom. Riley is high maintenance but truly my best friend.
This is bear he is a brindle pitbull and Rottweiler mix. He is a sweet and active dog and will do anything with you, his favorite actives are swimming, playing ball, going in the snow, going for boat rides and car rides. He also has a lazy side when you’re not doing anything he isn’t either.
Delilah loves to cuddle, she is super goofy, and really clumsy. Whenever she drinks water she likes to stick her entire head into the bowl and leaves behind a “snail trail” of water wherever she goes
I am a sassy energetic Auggie ( Corgi and Miniture Australian Shepard.
I’m a shih tzu ,Jack Russell mix. My name is sassy bear I’m a emotional service dog for depression and anxiety. Loves to be outdoors and play with a lot of toys that my mom buys for me. I am spoiled. I do sometime talk back when I don’t get my way. Woof woof
I’m Yoda, I love playing with my big brother Patriot I do. I love playing outside I do. I love going on the boat I do. Vote for Yoda you will🐶
Princess Khloe
Princess Khloe is a sweet beautiful loving dog. She’s quiet loves to dress and is always on the go.
Storm is 7weeks old but is definitely unapologetically fierce..but so darn cute..first born and only girl of 3 and she reminds those little brothers too. She likes cuddling and chewing on her teething bone.
Benny was a rescue who had it rough. We are so blessed we were able to provide him with a loving home.
I am a pure breed ! I am only 10 months ! I know how to give paw, high five, I dab my owners and I speak on command ! I love cuddles and hugs!
Mac loves to play with his mommy and daddy outside and gives the sweetest cuddles
Riley is 2 years old and the sweetest boy in the world. He loves cuddling and is so loyal and faithful. Always stands right next to you and wants to make you proud of what he does. He loves running around with sticks and catching the ball. He loves going for walks and playing with his brother Ollie.
Ollie is about to be 1 year old on the 28th of September. He loves to play with his brother Riley and go for walks in his harness. He loves cuddling and having the zoomies. Barking is his speciality to get attention but let’s be real, who would resist that face?
Well we just got home and he is very playful and he is a lovable dog and he very energetic and if he does win i could buy new toys and and possibly the vet and he loves walks
Rocky is the Official 2020 & 2021 SpokesDog for The Dog Days of Denton TX. He's prof. trained, very social, smart & lovable. He's loves attention & he's a momma's boy. His favorite thing to do is play with the hose.
Bear is a king shepherd. He loves cuddles and bones.
Patches loves Mexican food and is a very high jumper. She loves sleeping under the covers and hanging out at parties!
She is a sweet girl who wakes me up every morning by wallowing my head. No need for an alarm clock with Pie.
Emma Grace
Emma Grace is a Labrador/Boxer mix. She loves to run in the yard and chase giant balls! She never meets a stranger and loves everyone!
Little is a very loving and funny dog. That’s my baby boy‼️‼️
The best dog in the world
Bailey is a 7 year old boxer with a lot of energy! Her favorite toy is a stuffed duck. She loves to walk around the house with it all day long! She enjoys swimming, meeting new dogs/people, long walks & stealing your food.