Cheech is a mess! He doesn’t like toys much but prefers socks! He is a baby and is still learning but he’s ao sweet and so smart!
Bruiser loves his ball and his Mama
She is the world's biggest lover weighs 140 lbs and thinks she's a little dog
dakota is a mini australian shepherd and she is a crazy, food obsessed, adventurous pup! she loves to show off her smile and do her zoomies whenever and wherever she likes!
Chomper is a character! He loves his ball and his Mama!
Hi! Meet Chloe 4 pounds with a big attitude! She loves her family and will walk a mile on her back legs for peanut butter 😊
Ketters is named after a hockey player who used to play for Tampa! He is feisty, smart, playful, and very protective!
Kuch was named after a hockey player! He is a chiweenie and is so loving, smart, playful, and gets very hangry if you dont feed him on time!
Kodi is a crazy wild dog who loves everyone and hiking! He gets the best zoomies ever and always wants to play
Spike is such a loving dog and he loves playing and jumping he loves his family
Coco Ladybug
Miss Coco is the smartest lil girl., she loves to tell me when its time to go to bed at night... she loves to sleep with her favorite baby each night.. shes like her mamma an dislikes snow... she love eating fruit absolutely loves tomatoes..
Codey is a One year old baby, he loves puppies , cuddles, and his favorite thing is to eat and play! He loves out doors and playing with his human siblings!
Boo is very sweet and loves his mommy, he is seven years old.
I'm a pitty short fort pitiful 🤣 my breed gets a lot of lash ... But I'm just a love bug I dont play I love to sleep n eat . Oh n chase I love to chase/runn!!! I also love to climb in bed with mom&dad at 5 am every morning to lay on my mommy's feet
Loves squirrels!!🐶
Her love and dedication to me is beyond unconditional. She fills every void imaginable. She's the greatest!
Thera is a 4 month old Husky German Shepard mix. She’s adventurous, wild, clever, and photogenic!
Doobie Do
Doobie is overly protective and is very smart. He loves to cuddle at night plus my granddaughter use him for a pillow. He loves treats and will try and take food off your plate if you're not watching. He likes to toss his ball into the air and chase it around when it hits the floor. I love my boy. Everyone always compliments him on his beard i tell them he gets it from his mother.
Buster is an amazing smart dog with lots of love and kisses! He has so much energy and loves attention
Layla she is a 6 years old golden retriever. The fact that she has the greatest disposition that anyone has ever seen in a dog. She loves to snuggle so much, she is so kind and patient. And great with all other animals. She snuggles with our cat Izzy almost everyday. Should vote for her because she is dispensation is un matched. She is amazingly sweet and gentle. She is very kind and obedient. To meet her will bring you an automatic smile. There is no golden retriever like her anywhere. Everyone who meets her wants to take her home. She has the greatest personality and disposition. Very kind and gentle. Very obedient.
Brandy is she a 1 year old golden retriever she is very playful and makes me laugh over and over again, I love to snuggle with her, she loves to go for big walks, and loves to go for a car rides. She loves to hang out in the window and enjoying the breeze. She loves to go to the dog beach enjoying the swim and play with friends. I love when she’s coming back to the house and cleans her paws and she’s knowing what have’s to do. She’s very affectionate and loyal friend. I love her character. Have to vote for her because she has the best personality, smart, funny and cute. She is a miracle girl. She was the last of her four siblings to be born in complications with C-section, she’s a fighter to be by our side, to make our lives better, more colorful and happier, and to teach us unconditional love. By her character and the love she shows and gives to us and others, we know she’s a miracle soul and it means she’s have to be here with us.
Susie is the dog on bottom part of the picture. She was loving n was and always deeply cared for in my heart.
miss sadie girl is the calmest sweetest dog ever she didn’t always have the best owner but she didn’t let that affect her she will not sleep on the floor she loves sleeping in bed under the covers she loves her brother and running around and if her brother are doing something mischievous so is she. Sadie girl loves her snuggles and if miss girl loves you feel very special
duke is a sweet calm love bug he loves his sister and cuddles. Duke loves running around and exploring
rocky is the sweetest most stubborn sassy 2 year old great dane black lab mix. Rocky loves cuddling and playing with dog he loves children and best of of he is the most comforting dog if you are crying he will cuddle you and quit litterally lick your tears
Huck’s our watch pup, who keeps a close eye on the neighborhood from the cat tree in the front window. He likes everyone but doesn’t want them to surprise us so he lets us know if anyone starts up the walk. He is sweet, smart, funny and obedient. Just the best pup we’ve ever had.
This is midnight! We just got her 2 months ago from a family member that recued a momma dog and had 12 pups!!!! We decided to take this sweet little girl in. Midnight is a huge cuddler and loves all the attention! She will come up to you and give you all the cuddles!❤️ We would appreciate your vote! ❤️
Franklin is the sweetest boy!! He is such a great companion and just knows when you’re upset, he will follow you around and love you until you feel better. Franklin can do lots of tricks like high fives, twirling on two paws, and handstand😊
Cookie ia a 6 month old standard poodle. She's hyper & loves being the center of attention.
TJ is a 5 month old dachshund who love’s attention and cuddles. His fav things are his squeaky toys and all of his sweaters and shirts..think he has more clothes than me🤣
Obi is an 8 month old chihuahua mix who is full of personality! He loves cuddles by the fire, his emotional support stuffed rabbit, and playing outside. His biggest goal in life is to become friends with the cats he lives with, this has been unsuccessful so far.
Tank loves everyone and will play with people, little dogs, big dogs in-between dog and cats. He loves everyone and everything and he is very fast when he runs
Lily is a beautiful loving dog 🐕❤️
Im tiny
Gus is a one in a million dollar dog. He’s truly amazing! He has adapted to his indoor city life after being an outside country dog and surviving heartworms. He’s learned to play, cuddle, and enjoy the easy side of life. He loves being the center of attention and will let you pet him for as long as your hands will let you. Don’t let his size scare you because he’s a gentle giant and he loves everyone!
Anastasia is 19mths old. She enjoys yak cheese, car rides, shopping outtings, hikes, water and playing in the snow. She is good at climbing and hurdles. she likes going to school where she's learning new things.
Vergil is a sweet cuddly boy who enjoys anybody’s company. He was rescued from an abusive family and now he is spoiled rotten with his cat brother and his mommy and daddy who give him lots of kisses.
Sebastian is 2 years old and loves to play ball and run around outside. He’s the sweetest little pup , and loves his daddy and mommy
Bailey Mae
Bailey Mae is a 3 year old Boykin Spaniel, she is full of energy and loves big!
Biscuit was found homeless, abandoned, and pregnant. She gave birth to 7 miracle Christmas pups on December 23, 2020. We kept her sprinkly daughter Sprinkles, so pls vote for her, too! She is a calm, sweet spirit but hates being cooped up! She recently had surgery and is currently being forced to separate from her own daughter. It’s really hard for her, so let’s bring in those sympathy votes!!!!!!!!
Sprinkles is daughter of Biscuit (who is also in this contest so pls vote for her, too) and has a crazy, playful spirit. She has an attraction to latte dog toys and appreciates votes. She is named Sprinkles because she is sprinkly all over. Her mom just had surgery and they have to be separated. It is SO hard for her. Pls vote!
Tazz is a wild but sweet pup he is always up to playing ball or running as many zoomies as he can around his yard. He loves his snuggles and he also loves anything food! Tazz is a very good boy who wants nothing more than to make his people happy.
Hi! My name is nautica. I am an only child, but that just means i get all the attention from my daddy. He loves taking me fishing with him, lets just say im his first mate when we go on the boat together!
My name is Baby, and i have a little brother named Beau. We are the bestest of friends, and we love cuddling with our mommy!
Axle is the cutest German shepherd you’d ever see. What drew me to him was his head tilts and his sweet eyes. He is the sweetest boy and the happiest.
Ranger is the cutest boy. He is always smiling and happy and is the sweetest. What drew me to him was the little brown spot on his nose and how his fur tries to cover his eyes.
Heiko loved everyone. His best friend is our kitty. he gets very cold after a quick potty stop in 8° temperature.