Baby Stories - 69


Riley has come a long way! I brought her home a month ago and she was very temperamental. Now she is as loving as can be, loves playing fetch, playing with her brother and enjoys cuddles!!!
Benny is actually a miniature Australian Shepherd. He loves to snuggle, back scratches, and being silly.🥰
Cylo is loving and kind
Simba is a miniature goldendoodle. He is close to four months old. He loves to use his paw to shake hands and loves to run around outside. He is very spoiled and loved by everyone he meets.
She is my little fur baby who acts like a toddler🤷🏼‍♂️
Addie loves car rides, swimming and loves to play
Fetty Wap
Fetty wap only has 1 eye lol that’s why his name is fetty wap Boss dog gets his way whenever how ever real bully but can be loving at night lol snores like a over weight pig
Kobe is a rare lilac, tri colored bully!! He is a son of a famous stud bigtwix in Miami 🔥
Hi this is Rosco he loves to eat everything and play with everyone! He’s 7 weeks old but growing bigger everyday! He’s very energetic he loves rope toys and fuzzy blankets. He loves to snuggle at night and go on runs during the day!
Colby is what I call the mayor he’s so friendly and loves to stop and say hi to all strangers people, animals he’s very sweet. He also smiles on command I joke he’s like buddy the Elf just loves smiling it’s his favorite.
Clyde is a rowdy little boy! He loves chew toys, squeakers, bothering his sister Chanel, and cuddling with Mom. He enjoys barking at things that aren't even there, biting people's toes, and taking numerous naps so he can stay up all night to play. Vote for Clyde!
Jasmine Anastasia
Jasmine loves her toys, she’s amazing with all children and if she really loves you she puts her face against yours 💛
Brody is a twin and he and his brother Bentley love to watch TV and play tag in the back yard .
Tina loves to play in the water!!!
Dj is a bully pit and has the kindest demeanor and so calm and sweet!! She amazing with any kids, all ages, and very well mannored!! She plays fetch and can sit, laydown, kiss, and stand pretty on back legs for treats!! My family is so lucky to have her as our own!!
Loves to be cuddling with his momma, and loves all his babies. Pedro loves to play with his ball and go on numerous car rides daily
Haileigh is a smart super feisty young lady. She enjoys hunting for chipmunks 🐿 and bunnies in her yard. Her favorite snack is cheese or veggies. Daddy is her favorite human.
Sweet and loyal ❤️
Mc Murphy
McMurphy lives to chew sticks and do the zoomies. He also lives to sleep under the covers with his humans.
He is the most ornery stubborn dog that will melt your heart
Name’s Beatrice, but you can call me Bea. I love all people and I prove it by my whole body wiggle when I meet new friends 💕
Wizzy loves hikes and swimming he also loves food and people especially if they are giving him attention
This big boy was born in November of 2017 he was born with the prettiest fur and different colored eyes!! He is also the biggest out of his 9 siblings. This big boy loves to cuddle and droooool.
Zues, he is one goofy, Handsome, not so graceful, thinks hes a cat some days i swear. Him is a lover...loves and must have all the attention.
Micro is a Shitzu Chihuahua mix. He’s almost 7 lbs! He loves to go for walks. Had no problem hiking 5+ miles.
He was rescued out of a horrific situation which I did a search warrant and removed 57 macaws that were in disgustingly filthy cages and Oliver was locked in a small closet with 18 birds and given very little food. He managed to survive until I got there with my search warrant. Please show him some love because that will also carry far and beyond to let the agencies that do this know that these search warrant matter. Because a lot of them don’t take animal cruelty seriously. I have changed law and I have written law in Washington state but just need to go for and beyond that. Let him be the poster child for getting these laws changed and all of the other States. We need to be a model for that because no animal deserves what they go through. Please vote for him for that reason alone. He’s a survivor.
Posey loves playing ball and swimming in the lake. She also enjoys being around her family and showing off all her tricks to her friends. 🥰🥰
Phelan is a very happy, affectionate and sweet boy. He loves to play with his toys and especially tug of war with his rope. He’s a bit too smart for his own good but nobody’s perfect. He will be trained as a mobility service dog as soon as I can afford it. ♥️♥️
Hi I’m Max🐶I am my mommy’s service puppy and I’m only 4 months old and 2 pounds of pure love and chaos I love playing in grass and playing with my panda bear COME CHECK ME OUT🐶♥️
Polo loves laying in the sun & playing with other animals ❤️ Also LOVES running 😁😁
Sedona Loves to chase her ball, Sleeps upside down with her feet in the air. She loves her toys, does high five, go around and many other tricks.
Shyla is a cuddly afffectionate dog, loves her treats, has a cute little dance when she's excited.
Jack Bailey
Jack is a very loving baby. He never meets a stranger
Shadow Ackert
Shadow has been going through a lot of medical bills. When we first got him, he had canine COVID, pneumonia, a fever and couldn’t walk because his legs were filled with fluids. If Shadow wins, we will be able to pay off his medical bills. He is a happy energetic little boy who loves eating shoes and rolling around in the dirt.
Diesel is a German shepherd mixed with a Labrador retriever he is really playful And he is really kind he loves a lot of cuddles and he is supper funny and cute he loves everybody mostly little kids he is a good guard dog too .
Nova is adorable and loves to play outside. At 11 weeks old she is learning to sit and shake. She is so smart! Our family loves her so much!
Jane is the most loving, friendly little girl. She loves giving kisses, snuggling, and reminds you of a teddy bear with her fluffiness!
Topaz is a loving energetic 3 year old cuddle bug she loves her toys and running on the trails❤️ She’s my little princess
Hi! I’m Blue! I love to play with daddy and mommy and all of my friends. My hobbies are playing fetch, playing tug of war, and to drink water! I’m obsessed with water! Thank you for voting for me !
Sophie was the little girl I never had. She was with me through life’s most difficult days. Miscarriages, Divorce, not one but two battles with cancer and never left my side. That’s why when she fought her own battle I never left hers. When she crossed the rainbow bridge almost a year ago she took a part of me with her. She will furever be my baby girl.
Arlo enjoys long naps and lots of cuddles
She is in training to be a therapy dog for St Jude
Likes to get into things he shouldnt.loves cats...weird...a protector and loves scratches
A lil pocket pit that loves to snuggle and has never met a ball she cant catch
Liam was abandoned on the streets when he was very young and I found him near the school where I teach middle schoolers. He’s a wire haired jack Russell mix and he has the sweetest personality on earth. He loves all humans, and he loves all of God’s creatures. He’s all about love! As you can see, he adores his stuffed animals. I can’t explain how much he means to me.
Crazy man Kota!! Loves to bark and play!
Our boy Hank (aka Hank the Tank) is our baby. He is so sweet, and is always making friends. He loves to swim in the lake is an understatement. He loves to fetch tennis balls and little footballs that light up. He also loves camping. Paws down truly all boy, and we wouldn’t have him any other way 🐾❤️