Baby Stories - 69


Maple the Great Bernedoodle is 11 weeks old on 2/14/2021. She is fond of jumping in the water dish and depleting all the water in the tank upon the floor around her for “fun”. She likes to play tag when it’s time to get in the car. She absolutely loves the snow and would stay outside all day if I let her. She’s a cowardly little dog but getting braver everyday. She enjoys torturing her big sister by “helping” her walk outside by dragging her by her collar. She loves to make sure the cats are alive by barking insanely every time they attempt to sleep until they move. She has a favorite ferret she plays tag with daily and they both seem to enjoy running through the house like elephants until they are both tired out and ready for a nap. She is incredibly smart and even more stubborn. She likes to throw tantrums and will fling herself upon the floor and various dog beds when told “NO”. She’s sweet and loving and she will be a service dog trained to alert for PTSD, anxiety, and nightmares. She’s softer than any dog you’ve ever touched and she’s my piggle, fo’sho’.
Azulita is a vibrant girl. She loves to play with her siblings and friends
he loves hugs,kisses and running around in snow!
This rescue puppy is the most loving dog ever!
Buster is a huge family boy and loves to play with anyone and everyone.
Bandit is the son of Cooper he is a white and black fox face Parti Pomeranian that loves outdoor and is very laid back and loves the lady's. He is more shy but the sweetest boy you will meet
Cooper is a 2 year old parti fox face pomeranian who loves his mommy and everyone he meets. He loves waving at anybody he comes in contact with and loves all animals especially babies. His favorite toy is a ball and his best friend is Clyde the cat
Onyx is an amazing, out going FULL of energy black lab german shepherd. He lovey to play with his sister Ruby they are inseparable. He loves running outside, and playing with sticks!!
Torvi is out sweet Norwegian Elkhound, she is 10 weeks old and loves Kong toys. She is very food motivated and is a new brand ambassador for plantespet
Sipsy is a crazy young gal who hopes to sweep the show ring as she gets older. Right now she loves to play with her toys and her best friend, Pepe, the Frenchie
Cooper is a 1 year old Bichpoo. He loves to cuddle with mommy and play with his dog siblings Carlee and Mimi.
Burke is a corgi mix! he's 5 1/2 years old and a very cuddly and lovable dog. He loves pup ice-cream and loves to play with his best human friends. He loves throwing his treats around and playing tug of war with all his toys. He loves to howl and say i love you as well!
Judge is Pit/Boxer mix. He was found abandoned and strolling the streets in Allentown, PA at 11 weeks old. He’s been with me since 12 weeks! He loves to eat ice cubes, hop in the snow, curling up real right in bed and butt scratches. He has an older brother, a mini Australian Shepherd. Judge loves new friends and would love to be yours too!
Monty is such a handsome boy! Every time we go on walks or to the dog park he’s sure to get a compliment, and he loves it! Always sits like a proper boy and looks right at you while you speak. He LOVES the sprinkler and chasing the water. He loves all his doggy friends in our neighborhood and having puppy play dates as well. Let’s so Monty some love!
He's a wonderful old boy. He's going to be 13 in May. He enjoys cuddling, talking, sassing, and playing with his green ball. It has to be a green ball.
Ray is a 3 month old fluff ball who was born visually impaired. He is the most loving and happy dog! He loves to chase and play with his big brother Theo and he is getting around great!
Theo is such a sweet and loving dog! He’s playful and loving. He has a blind brother named Ray who he helps maneuver around the house and teaching him how to jump on and off the couch!
Skeeter is a pit bull mix with domination it wouldn't let me put that and he is outside train and very smart he is a good boy and loves to cuddle and play rough with his dad everyone please vote for skeeter he thinks he is a big baby and like to eat in a walker lol
This is Gunny, He is my friend, my partner, my service dog and my defender. I am his life, his love and his leader. He will be faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart as well as myself. I owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion. #semperfidelis #gunny
Saya is adopted and has turned into a completely different dog since her adoption almost 2 years ago. Her favorite hobbies include traveling, sunbathing, chewing bones and trash diving. She loves EVERYONE and loves to give you her "paw" and kisses 😁
Luna is an amaazing 7 month old great dane who loves all people! Her favorite pass tike is being one with the couch!
Kobe got his name from the famous “Kobe Bryant.” He was born just two weeks before Kobe Bryant passed away. Unfortunately he failed K9 school because he did not have a high toy drive. He loves going for rides and walking through our neighborhood.
Callie is a rescue pup who came all the way from St. Martin in the Caribbean! Callie loves cuddling, car rides, and ripping up all of her stuffed animals!
Sofie is 6 months old and full of puppy play😁 never a dull moment
This is our girl Harley she’s 10 weeks old and is an awesome pup she loves her toys but decides to chew on dads sock instead
Hers is the goodest girl! <3
Hello, my baby boy name is Leo! He loves to play and favorite thing to do is take pictures with Mommy when we go out on great adventures. My sweet boy loves to do tricks for treats.
Blaze L
Blaze is a sweet kind golden retriever pup who is only 6 months old he loves to cuddle and be walked but he especially loves his food!!! He is very playful and fun!
Harley is a 8mo goldendoodle, with so much love to give. His nicknames are Harles & Mr. Apricot Man. He loves playing fetch & chasing leaves. Vote for the sweetest little man around!! 💙
Sophie is such a loving, smart and sweet dog who loves to learn new tricks, because she’s food motivated it makes it that much more fun for both of us ❣️
He liked to keep to himself and love his mommy
He love playing outside and with other dogs I love having ball time
Pepper was born October 19th 2019.. She is a very sweet loving and playful pup.. She loves her toy's and outfits.. She also loves playing with the cat..
Creed is the sweetest boy in the world. He has 3 sisters and a brother that he loves to play with. His favorite person is his dad. His favorite toy is a squeaky bone that he carry’s around.
Max loves car rides with his Momma, eating and chewing on anything that isn’t his, rearranges himself when he’s comfy just to get under the blankets, and is a ginormous “hooman” lover! He will smuggle you with LOTS of kisses, even with his stinky breath!
Luna was born on December 28th, 2020. She is a mix breed, jack Russell/chihuahua/dachshund. She is very spunky and is beyond spoiled already. Her favorite toys are her donut and her Lamb Chop. She loves to cuddle and give kisses! And she definitely knows when you are opening her treat bag lol.
Harlee is such a sweet, energetic girl. She loves playing in the snow and wearing her pjs!
Karma And Everest
They are mother and daughter mom is Everest black and white and daughter is brown and white they are allways together
Hi I am Georgia and I love to play out in the snow I love playing with my ball and getting attention is my favorite thing
Little Oliver at only one month old. He loves the beach and is a natural swimmer. He was born with a very special talent.. he can make anyone smile and say “awww” just by looking at him. Don’t believe me? Just look at his sweet smile💕
Maxx is the most fun loving, outgoing pup around. He loves his treats, going for car rides, and his toys especially his rope!
Bear likes long walks in the cold. He loves to run across the yard after it snows burying his nose and licking it off. He snuggles to keep you warm and hates when people cry he instantly thinks he needs to love on you.
Lucy Loo is a good girl, she loves people and other doggies, but she wants all the attention! She also loves to help her dad work on his trucks😆
Barron Jacks
Barron is the son of Dottie and Bob. Barron is 1 years old. He enjoys playing with his Best Friend Gunner. He loves riding on the golf cart at horse shows. Barron also looks forward to visiting his parents and siblings at the Homestead. He loves to play hard and nap harder! His food is scrambled eggs.
Abbie Rey
Abbie Rey loves going out to Grandma’s farm and playing with the chickens! She also loves getting her picture taken!