Chubbs is the most lovable dog! He is very protective when it comes to family. Wherever you go, he will follow behind you. He loves to tan in the sun, he knows how to give paw and lay down. He loves his Milk Bone treats! He will out run you in a race. He loves car rides. He is the most enjoyable dog you’ve ever seen!
She loves to play fetch
Adonis was a rescue puppy now he's happy and healthy and a loving home
Sable is a border collie chocolate lab, loves her squeaker toys, swimming pool and chasing her balls. She is smart and blazing fast. We have nicknamed her the fur missile the way she runs and jumps through the air after the ball.
Marley is a 12 year old lovable pug. She loves to sleep, have treats and snore. She has a new sister puppy and is extremely patient with her. Please consider voting for Marley ❤️
Roo was adopted from Puerto Rico and got her name because she hops around. She loves her sister Marley who is a 12 yr old pug. Roo also loves to run and play with her 2 Uncles (dogs)Roo has learned to sit and give both paws. She is a happy energetic puppy . We hope you vote for us .
Say hello to ARCHIE, the happiest little pig butt boy! He loves to chase rabbits and follow his mama around! He is a working man and is at the shop most days but sometimes he works from home, those are his favorite lazy days! He enjoys sleeping, car rides, and hanging out with friends!
Tilly Mae
Tilly came to us after we had to let our other sweet girl, Bella, cross the rainbow bridge on 4/8/22 following her battle with cancer (she was 11) and leaving behind her brother. We knew Buster needed a friend so my husband found this lil girl, and well, the rest is history! Buster on the other hand, well, he’s still not to sure about her!😂
What can I say she think she’s an angel. But she’s a terrier.
Daisy is half chihuahua and half schnauzer. She is the sweetest and playful dog. We love her tons! ❤️❤️
Indy is a blue pit. She gives the best cuddles and loves to lick!! when your sad she’s knows and she will comfort you ! she is my absolute bestfriend !!! she has so much energy and loves to play outside !
Hello friends! My name is Kenya, but I have many names. My humans call me ya-ya, Ken. And my personal favorite kenny baby boo boo bear. I am 9 years young! I love my tiny humans! I also love to run and jump in my gigis pool in my free time. I give the best kisses and I am a loyal girl!
She's a very lovable Great Pyrenees and loves everyone! She truly believes the chickens should stay in the coop! Lol She does let them roam when no one else is in the yard though. Her favorite place to play is in the bathtub. Doesn't matter if there's water in there or not!
Pixie is a sweetheart who loves to cuddle and follow mom everywhere. She enjoys sunbathing and car rides. She’s 11 years old with tons of love to go around.💙
Chrissy Snow
What can i say about Chrissy...she is a handful. She loves her toys and her sisters. She gives loves alot and wants it in return. She is very smart..she rings her little bell with ner nose when she needs to go out.
Jellybean loves hanging with his brother Teddy Graham. He loves playing with his squeaker.He is 2 yes old. He is a sick dog and was told to put him down by 3 different vets. But I couldn’t do it. He is a very happy, energetic and man can he run. He loves sitting and sleeping with his girl Jazmin.
She loves to hunt... ride ....swim ...shes a beast
Pollyanna is such a sweet little girl...she loves to eat and
Teddy Graham
Teddy loves to play with his brother Jellybean. He is 2 yes old but acts like an old dog. He loves to sleep. When he is not sleeping he is chewing on his rawhide. He loves car rides and his girl Hailey. He loves cuddles and giving kisses.
Winston is the best dog ever. Evening zoomies ... playing with toys...and just being with his people
He is very vocal about getting his way and hates being left alone!! He loves to chew on everything!!!
Dooley is the sweetest boy ever! Loves to cuddle! Loves to go for rides! 100% loyal! He’s one of a kind…. And he’s all mine!❤️
Timber is a miniature Aussie. She is what they call a red Merle. She is my best friend. She is extremely smart, friendly, playful, and very quick to learn new things. She loves to tease me with her toys, by trying to stick her toys in my mouth when she wants play. She is always trying to protect me and very well trained living in my house. I have a bell on the door she rings whenever she has to go out. Her greatest enjoyment is spending every minute we have together just being by my side, lol, even when I’m getting a shower, she thinks she needs to sit in the tub, and I guess watch to make sure I’m ok. She’s just to funny. She truly makes me feel so loved, and I’m great full everyday that my daughter and grandson helped me find her, and made her a part of my life and family. I would be lost without her.💝
Mini yorkie, very mellow and cuddly. She is my esa.
Hi my names dolly im pretty smart i play fetch and i love playong with the other 4 dogs in the house until mom amd dad tell me to be quite cause i make all kinds of wierd noises
Daggie And Panda
Panda is the pesky one and daggie is the sweet one she loves sleeping on your neck or put her face on your face while sleeping.
Xena is a Daniff ( Great Dane & Bull Mastiff mix) She is a playful loving puppy with a sassy personality. She has doubled in size in the last 2wks. She plays as hard as she can then passes out like a Lil baby🤣. When we brought her home she settled right in like she's always been here.
My beautiful dog is amazing hi like play with the toys
Hi i’m Gus, I’m a bit sassy and i like to talk back. I’m more of a leader than a follower regarding my size.. I tend to demand things when ever i want and I even sleep in a tent!!
This is Hailie shes just over a month old she loved being outside and cuddling also loves car rides and the race track!! She is great with kids and loves all the attention!!
My Clara is a sweet heart. My boyfriend is a mechanic and she follows him around all day working. She loves cuddles and is a very spoiled princess
Hi, I’m Lucky! I’m a 12 year old mutt, but my vet thinks I’m a German Shepard and chow mix. I love to sleep most of the day, but when I’m ready to play a nice stuffed squeaky toy is just what I need! I love to roll outside I’m the grass when it’s warm out and go for car rides to get paw-benders with my mom. My parents spoil me pretty well 😉 I’m my moms shadow and cuddle with her every night!
Jax is very high maintenance. He loves to escape to adventure. He is red colored with one eye brown the other half blue half brown. He loves his belly rubs, and being outside playing fetch. He’s spoiled he’s another one of my kids.
Duke is very energetic and playful dog! He likes to go to work everyday with dad and loves playing fetch.
We rescued Baxter back in Southern California, he was thrown out from a car in the freeway, he went through 3 surgery and it’s a miracle that he was able to walk. We don’t know exactly his breed is, he is now approximately 9-10 yrs old, he’s a sweet sweet boy and likes sniffing, singing (yes he sings) and just an all around guard did. Loveeeee him soooo much❤️ My baby boy Baxter ❤️❤️❤️
Eagle is the sweetest dog ever.. Everybody loves him. He loves to play ball and he loves to be loved.
Scout And Jax
The picture says it all. Brother and sister, best friends, attached at the hip. Scout is an English Springer Spaniel and Jax is a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. They lay together constantly, protect each other and keep each other busy. ❤️ Their bond is absolutely precious.
Ozzie is a German bull mastiff pitbull mix. He loves to cuddle and sleep in my bed. He is a certified service dog. He loves walks and treats. He is a kisser and a loving dog. He loves everyone and other dogs. His best friend is my parrakeet Stevie. Please pick me. He will melt your heart
Easygoing, laid-back boy who loves to go on walks, talk to other dogs and play fetch with the tennis ball. Has some pretty cool tricks like “up” where he sits up on his bottom and balances without his front paws. He’s just a cool, calm & collected dude.
Absolutely LOVES water and dipping her floppy ears in the water bowl, will always win staring contests and can jump higher than her human parents.
Bella is a playful, energetic and love. She loves everyone she meets and wants nothing but to play and snuggle with her mom.
She is a very loving an caring dog. Loves to cuddle and sleep. Will take naps anytime of the day.
She is the most loving dog I’ve had and loves her two shitzu brothers and acts like she is a lapdog herself. Beautiful smart young lady.
I named her penny because she’s black she’s a baby right now but I love her so very much super hyper loves to cuddle and kiss 😚 but I love ❤️ her so very much
Domino is a lovable big head energetic lil guy but u gotta love him 🥰
Po is just the sweetest old man. He came to us as a 12 year old owner surrender. I knew we just had to make this giant guy part of our family. He spends his days laying at our feet, begging for treats, nudging family members for scritches, and sniffing the flowers. Everywhere we go, Po gets all the attention. He is definitely one of a kind!
Max is my lighting love bug!! Just watching him run, play and jump gets me exhausted. LOL🤪
Mini is a goofy, fun loving puppy. She had a rough start to life, but is now flourishing as part of our family. Her favorite things in life are running in the forest, bones, stuffies, nom noms, and children!