Baby Stories - 68


Patches loves Mexican food and is a very high jumper. She loves sleeping under the covers and hanging out at parties!
She is a sweet girl who wakes me up every morning by wallowing my head. No need for an alarm clock with Pie.
Emma Grace
Emma Grace is a Labrador/Boxer mix. She loves to run in the yard and chase giant balls! She never meets a stranger and loves everyone!
Little is a very loving and funny dog. That’s my baby boy‼️‼️
The best dog in the world
Bailey is a 7 year old boxer with a lot of energy! Her favorite toy is a stuffed duck. She loves to walk around the house with it all day long! She enjoys swimming, meeting new dogs/people, long walks & stealing your food.
Howl you doin’!? My name is Milo! I’m a Labrador Retriever and Plott Hound mix. I am very friendly! I love running around outside, playing in water, and taking naps! I would be pawsitively over the moon if you voted for me!
Blue is a BIG Australian Shepherd weighing 80 pounds at only 9 months! He helps us herd cattle on the farm as well as protects the farm from wild animals.
Bjorn is protective over his family, he loves giving high fives, he loves his little brother 💕
Frankie is a little dare devil...he’s not afraid of anything. He loves to cuddle with Mom and Dad and play with his other fur siblings.
My name is Chumley, I am a 3 year old English Bulldog. My pawrents rescued me in April. I love morning cuddles with my mom and dad. I help mom water the flowers by drinking from the hose. I like to sit on the couch and watch tv with my mommy and daddy. My favorite thing is to play with my all the toys my pawrents got for me and nose kisses from my daddy and mommy
Toby is a shih-tzu/poodle mix that loves to play fetch. Take off with his daddy's shoes when he gets home for work. He loves to fall asleep with his ball in his mouth! Toby is an awesome fur baby with so much personality
Roxy is a 2 month old puppy. She loves to get our shoes out and play with them. She loves to play outside.
Jack is a fun loving happy go lucky little man. He is half shih tzu half some kind of terrier, I’m guessing a cairn terrier. He is the perfect combination of intelligence and happiness. He loves to play, go for walks and cuddle
Hannah hasn't been ours for very long but she fits like she has always been ours. We love our protective girl. She sure can look scary but deep down she is a big snuggle bug. She LOVES her daddy, is scared of brooms and often snorts like a pig.
My name Yoshi I love playing with my 4 big brothers. I’m a loving and laid back puppy and love being out doors and riding in the car with my new family ❤️🐾
I am a rough and tuff girly girl combined.Once I get outdoors I let my ears down and run a muck I love the water and my daddy says all be a good duck dog one day lol.I love to give kisses and cuddle up.
Whinnie is a very energetic dog and loves to be outside and she is very loving. When she gets very excited she turns into a wiggle butt and can’t stand correctly she loves hoping onto our coach like a bunny and jumping right back off. she loves going for walks and running around our backyard. she’s a very good dog and listens very well!
Callie is an 8 month old Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. She loves hiking, car rides, playing with her toys, and cuddles.
This is Scout! He is an American Staffordshire Terrier Husky mix. He is a ball full of energy and loves to play with his kitty siblings! He has a sneaky side to him and likes to get into mischief when mom and dad aren't home!
Cookie is very friendly she loves to play
Odysseus Bearius Maximus Mckenna
Odie Bear 🐻 his eyes say trouble but his look says cuddle. I live with my brother Winston. I love belly rubs and chasing rabbits. Vote for me!
Attila is a super entergetic 6 year old! He loves to run and play, but he’s partially deaf and partially blind so we have to be careful playing.
Hi my names Freyja! I love giving good morning kisses and playing outside. Steak is life! The water sprinkler is my nemesis and chest rubs is my weakness. I think you should vote for me because that sprinkler has a secret weapon called “the water bill” and I can’t seem to protect my humans from that.
follow me on tiktok @diego_dog. I am a cute and funny dog who loves to give kisses 😘
Varricks the name! I’m also told I’m can be “something else” at times when I trip over my paws. When it come to food I’m not picky I become a vacuum and help my sister clean her plate. I think you should vote for my so I can help my humans gets more steaks and treats for us, something they call spoiled and I like this so called spoiled.
Bella Luna
Bella Luna is an adorable and lovable 6 year old Lab who loves going to day care to play with her friends. She loves to chase a ball and to go swimming!
Farley is very energetic and has a crazy personality... He loves to stay under the covers ... His nickname is RotoRooter bc he roots himself under the covers all the time....
Harley loves to play and Loves his afternoon walks at the park ... He def has my ❤️... as well as all my animals do!!!
Athena is a loving, adventurous and curious puppy
Kester is a 14 week old English Cream Golden Retriever. He is very friendly, full of energy, and curious about everything going on. He knows how to stay, sit, give his paw, lay down, crawl and twirl on command. He loves playing and sleeping beside his 3 year old best friend Noah. ❤🐾
Apollo is a rescue, and he has grown up to be my service dog. He save my life everyday!
Bella is 1 years old and 9 months. She loves treats. She also likes to run and play. Most importantly she loves belly rubs and to be cuddled.
Hi, this is Buddy! He is a mix between an Australian Shepard and Jack Russel Terrier. You can call him Treats-sensei! He's my golden-eyed surprise. He enjoys walks, tug-of-war, taking up all of the room in dad and mom's bed, pizza crust, and doin' his parent's a heckin' good time. Please vote for my sweet little boy!
Squirt is quite the character! His personality is one of a kind. He loves to sing to the theme song of “Two and a Half Men” and “Law and Order” when either of the shows come on TV. He switches his tone to the tune from high to low pitches. Squirt loves to chase the lawn mower whenever the yard is being mowed even though he’s half the size of one but he is terrified of the vacuum. Squirt loves car rides. He watches your feet on the peddles..gas..break..gas..break as if he knows where our destination will be by the route taken to get there. He is the happiest boy his wiggle butt proves it because his butt never stops wiggling. He is full of love and affection and so well mannered. Everyone loves Squirt and Squirt loves everyone!
Sasha loves to cuddle, take walks, she’s a dancer, loves to give kisses and lots of beauty rest.
Bronx is a fun loving dog, she enjoys running around outside and sleeping next to mommy❤️
Moe is the most loving wonderful boy! As a foster first we couldn’t part with this wonderful dog ....Unfortunately Moe lost his brother at 5 unexpectedly.. Moe went through a rough time! He loves to give kisses and is the best friend anyone could wish for! We are so lucky to have him ... who rescued who?
Hi there, my name is Lana’i and I am a feisty 3 month old pitbull husky mix! I love to hike and swim in our local dog beach! I occasionally get zoomies around my house at 6am and 10pm while my parents are trying to get some sleep!
Cash loves to chew..on anything and everything but she’ll give any of her toys away for a treat. she loves to cuddle. there’s not a second you’re not sitting down and she is not on your lap chewing on a toy. she’s a blessing💙🐶
Splash is our border collie mix! We rescued her from some people that we found later abused her and didn’t take care of her very well! She is now living her best life with her other doggie sister Letty!! She loves chasing things in our yard and her favorite game is “what is it”? She loves car rides and walks!
Nessa is a pittie! She is a wonderful dog and she loves people! She is an amazing girl! She loves to lay beside me and play! She is very loving!
Orbit is a service dog in training, when he is not 'working" he loves to play catch, play with his sister and jump the waves.
Hi! I’m Simba and I’m almost a year old! I love having cuddles and love stealing my mommies shoes😋
Aurora is a ball full of energy at 9 months old. She loves to play with her brother Orbit, especially at the neach