My name is Hunny and I'm a Red Nose Pitt Bull. My exact age is unsure as I came to my forever family as a surprise. I've had a rough life, unfortunately before finding my real home I was abused and tortured and thrown out of a moving vehicle. When my Mom found me I was malnourished bleeding and had broken bones. That was almost 4 years ago and now I'm healthy and beautiful, Mom says my scars are a badge of strength and my will to survive. I now live a happy and full life being spoiled and cared for by humans that made me part of their family. I love to run and play and to take naps. Your vote would mean the world to me and my family.
Bogey is a sweet little boy who likes to cuddle and shows so much love and affection! He’s great with kids and loves to run around and play outside !
Scout is actually a world champion dog in farming dog she is a very sweet dog and is like a little therapist to me
Sissy is the most loving, loyal, and Southern sassy frassy.She knows when I don't feel good and needs to be loved and we love her back as a matter of fact everybody loves her back. Very lovable very playful. But her favorite thing to do is lay at her Grandma's house in front of the heater w her grandma. She's always all smiles.
Ozark is loveable, loves to eat, he will give you hi five amd he loves to play! If he don’t know you he will not go near you 😂 Ozark was only 8 weeks when I got him and he has grown tremendously!
Theo is a very energetic boy who LOVES to play fetch and tug of war!! He loves to sun bathe and cuddle, well more like being picked up lol !! Theo was adopted by us at 5 months and he had been the best addition to our family! From his protective to playful personality we constantly have our hands full with this puppy. He is terrified of garbage bags and speakers but loves a good song while we take him for car rides. There’s many things Theo still has to learn but we are very happy to be his parents and to have a dog like Theo!
Daisy is so outgoing and loving! She loves stuffed animals, they’re her little friends lol. She enjoys hanging out with mom and going on long walks. She always wears bandannas and has her hair in pigtails, she’s that girl! Lol
BooBoo just loves to cuddle!
Rambo is a very playful shih-tzu, but is also very short tempered, he loves squeaky toys and rope chew toys, and obviously, treats! He also loves playing with his sister, Cocoa. Sadly, he can’t play with her because she tore her ACL, and that means she’ll have to chase Rambo around, which just injures it more, I hope to win this contest so we can afford Cocoa’s surgery to fix her ACL!
Coco is a little lazy but very feisty at times. She loves attention and has to go everywhere with me. She loves hang out the window of the car with the wind blowing through her hair. She too funny and cute.
Coco loves to be outside! Her favorite things to do are playing fetch and going on hikes! She loves to play with her toys too! She’s climbed a tree before too! She has tons of nicknames too (Momo, Co, Mocha, Miss Mo, Cokie Mokie,etc.)
He was born on leap day. Hes loves playing with everyone. And he also loves stealing your ham sandwich when your not looking.
Oslo is the best boy who loves cuddles, treats, squeaky toys and long walks.
sweetie is a very friendly, and energetic dog! She loves to play with toys, eat food ( literally anything she can find ) and cuddle in the mean time. She’s not the most photogenic dog but… I think she definitely has a chance ! Please vote for SWEETIE😊😊
Pip is a wild, spazzing, loving little girl! She loves her sissy Bailey and all her toys and mommy’s shoes!
Miss. October
My name is Miss.October.
Hi my names pita. ☺️
Apache And Uroplatus
Apache loves music he is a hugger at the festivals we attend. He's a very happy loving dog. His little brother is just a baby and he really bonds with him. He started to get depressed on the off season so we got him a buddy since he doesn't get to see all his friends all year.
He is a very good dog my best friend such a great boy. He loves outside and his toys
Alfalfa love to chew in sticks, enjoys going on walks and he has to follow you everywhere
Ollie is Mommy’s shadow and is always what I call my “safe pup” no matter the animal he’s being introduced to he’s always curious and gentle. He’s been with me his entire 8 years of life and has always been the sweetest and smartest boy you can imagine even after losing an eye he’s still full of love and affection.
This is Sugar, she is a pit and shepherd mix. We’ve had her since she was 10 weeks old. She loves to sleep and cuddle. She has 3 beds but loves to sleep with her mom on the big bed.
Hes 2 and loves to play with tennis balls
My dear girl is in Heaven. I miss her dearly and would love some votes in her memory. She was a true champion of nearly 17 years. ❤️🇺🇸
Duke loves to play with his brother and snuggle with his Mommy.
Elvis was alone on the streets when I found him. He and Duke (my other dog) bonded instantly and I knew I had to adopt him when no one claimed him.
Hank is a whoodle who is energetic and loves to play! He is about 4 1/2 years old he is very soft and loves everyone!
jasmine not with me anymore i had to put her to sleep
Hi my name is zean I love the snow and the water. My favorite thing is playing ball outside
Hi I’m Bonnie i love to go on runs and tear my couch up so I’m hoping to win so i can get an obstacle course!!! 🙂I’m a sweetheart and deserve everything coming my way:)
My sweet baby Dru came from a rescue and was afraid of everything at one point. I've worked with him for many days and started to see this beautiful, clumsy, and smart dog come to life. He has been quite a character and Anubis has taken on his big brother role.
Isis is my pack leader and is always by mommy's side. She is obsessed with her pet cat Cleo and gives her nothing but love. Isis and Anubis are both 2 currently and siblings.
Anubis loves to go on adventures and such a cuddle bug. He can climb trees, of course to be nosey to see what the neighbors are doing. He loves any toy that crinkles and is in love with his mom.
Pistol is the sweetest loving dog in the world. He is almost 14 years old, loves the sun and blankets. He is my retired service dog. I am a Veteran.I love him with all my heart
Miss Molly is a Black Lab- Beagle mix and is just the most quietest dog. She’s got a wild side when she’s outside and a soft cuddly side when inside. She loves to run after squirrels and watch out the patio window🤍
Colt is an outgoing, fun, sweet dog. He is my Service Dog. I am a Veteran and I am so in love with my best buddy. He is my rock and very cute!
Hi everyone, this is Zoie. Please vote for her 🐾❤️She is a 4yr old mix of border collie & lab. She is a rescue from Texas. It was puppy love at first sight, I adopted her when she was 4 months & she became my A#1 sidekick. She's smart, fun, cute, energetic & loved at her forever home, in NE Ohio.
Diva is a husky mix with German Sheppard we adopted her when she was 8 weeks old from our local dog shelter diva is very sweet dog loves cats and small dogs she loves to be silly likes to be outside and play with sticks
Hank is a duck dog and training is expensive! Help him win for advanced training opportunities!!
My handsome man <3 very cuddly, no idea what kind of dog he is though! XD he's a very strong mama's boy, he doesn't like other cats, dogs, or people, just wants me, him, and a lot of food!
Mama has never once been a mother, however, when I rescued her, we thought she was pregnant, and so that's how she got her name! Someone had stuffed her in a pillow case and clipped it shut with a chip clip, then abandoned her outside of a store :( she is safe, now, though! Very sweet and shy girl, has a strange love for the bathroom and watching human activities like doing the dishes
Rambo Littlebuffdude Mason
He's a little survivor of parvo at 7-8 weeks old and make it through it...He loved his toys and to play ball and he loves to eat he loves food food food food food... He has so much personality... Playing ball has to be his most favorite thing besides licking your whole nose off... He's my amazing best friend... I prayed for my little therapy companion and God gave me Rambo...Never knew i could love this little man so much...
Loveable very protected of me playing , running and gives alot of coco kisses.. listens well sometimes lol loves to cuddle vote for coco
Max had a very rough beginning and came to me in horrible condition. After many years he is now healthy and very happy. He is going blind but you wouldn’t know it by how much he loves to play and run with his brother!!
Strangest husky I've ever met. I know he's a husky, though. He rolls over for belly rubs, howls in the middle of the night, jumps on people when they walk in the door, and is very husky-like in his behaviors.
Pinky-Lee had parvo as a baby and has a birth defect with his mouth however, we beat the parvo and he eats just fine even though the vets said he should be put down!!! That’s my fiesty boy!!!
Maxx is a fun spunky rambunctious little Schaunzer. With a bubbly personality he likes to hop to his destinations and sometimes run and slide. He loves his puppy food and drinking plenty of water. He likes playing with his toys. His favorite chew toy is his giant rope! He likes to run and play in the grass and chase butterflies. He enjoys getting his hair done at the Cornerstone Vet & Beauty Parlor. Maxx is very smart and healthy. He knows when he needs to potty and isn't afraid to ask you to grab the door. Hes the upmost southern, furry, four-legging gentleman.