Baby Stories - 68


Sebastian is a 5 month old puppy. He is 50/50 Saint Bernard and Great Pyrenees. He’s a very sweet and sensitive little boy. He loves cuddles and chewing on everything!
Creek loves to play in the snow and is working hard on retrieving ducks for the upcoming hunting season! 🦆
Remi Girl
Remi girl loves cuddles and hangout with the horses and her parents 💕
Was was dumped as a young puppy. He was quickly swooped up into a loving foster home, where he took this photo! We call him the GAP dog!
Sammy Doodlebug
**NO ADVANCED VOTING PLEASE!! THANK YOU!!** Sammy was the sweetest and most amazing dog..he had a rough start after being attacked by another dog and they almost lost him but he fought his way back and we adopted him. He was the only dog in a house full of cats but he never seemed to mind. We sadly lost him a few years ago and now he is at the bridge waiting for us. 💔 My heart is still broken and I miss him everyday💕💜 We are trying to win to help with vet bills for his kitty siblings.😽💗
Bee is the only survivor of her litter, she was born on July 4th, 2020. She is a very happy energetic little girl who loves her kisses! Bee should be the winner because she is a firecracker! She is so outgoing, carefree, happy, and loveable! Her tantalizing eye can make anyone forget about their troubles!
This is my precious baby boy, Benji! He loves tennis balls, bacon strips, and cuddling!
Sassy and Bossy!
Charlie is 2 years old he loves to cuddle and follow me around it doesn't like to be left alone he will cry till he knows someone is around he doesn't like car rides
Phat Boi
My Phat Boi was taken to soon from us, we only got to enjoy his big character for such a short time. I'm entering contest to show my furbaby to the world. He was so perfect and had such a personality.
Hi I’m Riley. I love snacks and playing with my dog friends.
Hank is a precious Goldendoodle that loves to be anywhere his mama is. He loves sleeping, playing outside with his toys, treats for tricks, and his human cousins!
Poppy gives snuggles every morning, demands her breakfast loudly, and burps afterward. She crawls into my lap while I work, and she puts herself to bed at 9:30 pm every night (on MY pillow). I love her and her smiles!
Freedom like to cuddle with his family, run around, and play tug-a-rope. He is about 3 1/2 years old. He loves to get treats when his been a good boy and always plays nice!
Hi I’m Nicholas! I’m a cane corso that goes crazy for snow and squirrels! I live long walks and playing with my hoomans hope you enjoy my cuteness!
Victor Johnson
Victor is the nicest boy an not a mean bone 🦴 in his body. He loves everyone and everything. He hasn’t been feeling well lately. He is 13 . Please send a vote his way. Thank you 🙏🏼
Hi guys!! My name is Buck. I absolutely love to duck hunt. I have been duck hunting since i was 3 1/2 months old and id say im pretty darn good at it😏 Please vote for me🐶
Honey Bunny Bears
I come from the ASPCA and i am very freindly once i decide to like you. I love any food that makes it to the floor (5 sec rule what?),especially apples and sauces. I love a scratch behind the ears or the belly. When im cold i like to cuddle up next to you and steal your heat. I love you and hope you vote for me. Owa owa!!
Athena is a sassy little Shepard who is very small for size, 45 lbs! She loves her ball and her people! She’s silly and crazy smart!!!
Charlie is an outgoing, lovable, sweet dog. He was given to us because his previous owners couldn’t bond with him, but he cries outside our doors when we won’t let him in! He is the sweetest!
Draco is a beautiful blue merle aussie who loves all of the attention and lovings he can get.
Sky is such a pretty girl. She is full of personality and energy. She loves outside and cool weather. She loves to play with her human brothers. She loves to take car rides and go on walks. She is very loving. Thanks for voting for me-Sky
Crimson is such a good boy. He love’s to hold hands. He love’s to be inside. His favorite thing to do is take walks to the river and chase fiddler crabs. He love’s to swim and take car rides. His human brothers are his favorite people. He even smiles at us with his teeth. He thinks he is human not a dog. He is spoiled rotten. Thanks for voting for me-Crimson
Buckaro is a very loveable dog who loves to cuddle and watch movies with you but sometimes he’ll block the screen with his big head his famous on TikTok with almost a million followers and loves everyone he meets
Isabella Grace
She is a very intelligent dog. Just as a pup she has been a great companion for my anxiety. But sometimes her intelligence gets her in trouble
Juniper is a crazy wild pup who loves “going to work” with him momma. Playing a large puppy day care.
Stark loves to play in the snow, he loves his baby monkey, and belly rubs.
Denver is an adorable puppy who loves to cuddle and play in the snow...he has one blue and one gray eye❤️
Hi I’m Freddie ! I’m 1 years old and I’m a rescue pup from Arkansas. I was found on someone’s doorstep when I was 3 months old. The little boy who lived there wanted to call me “Fred Train”. My parents who adopted me thought the name was so cute it stuck! :) I’m so fluffy and funny I love to play with my rescue sibs Lucy & Chappy. I’m now a Cape Cod pup ! Here’s me on a dingy on Patuisset Island ⚓️🌊🥰🐾 VOTE FOR FREDDIE 🐾🥰
Copper loves chasing his laser, smiling, and catching snowballs and blazing trails through the snow.
Ebony is a very sweet girl that all she wants is to snuggle with you :)
Diesel is so full of life. He loves playing with his little 5 lb yorkie sister's blankie. He loves cuddles and playing in the snow. Diesel will do the cutest things like get our shoes ready by the front door when we are ready to go out. He also loves snuggling and lots of kisses. He is such a flirt with his furry girl friends.
Mishka has saved my life she is truly my best friend and just a joy. She said thoroughly enjoys fuzzy blankets, tennis balls and all of the snow
She is a long hair chihuahua and has become a great companion since i am unable to have kids. She is caring and loves to be around the sick to help them get better
His a Labradoodle his favorite thing to do is play and take walks also selfies. He loves hugs his such a sweet boy.
Hi, my name is peanut i am an indoors dog and I’ve been with my owners for six years. My owners found me and kept me, I love the sun and playing with my bestfriend jade
My name is jade I’m a Dutch German Shepard and an indoors dog, I’m always full of energy and I’m almost turning 1. My best-friend is peanut we like to chase each other around and sleep with our owner
Harley is our newest addition to the family she is about 9 months old she is so sweet and cuddly but can sometimes be a little crazy but we all love her
Riley or AKA Stink-pot is a boarder collie/Jack Rusell mix who I adopted from Help the Animals animal shelter in Richmond, IN after him and his brothers were dropped off in a box on the side of a country road. Stinker has 2 doggy brothers at home that he adores! He is a super hyper pup and LOVES to cuddle
7 month old chihuahua named daisy. and loves to go down the stairs, loves to play with our cats!
Hi I’m Kazoo. I’m a Blue Shar Pei. You can follow me on Instagram @littlekazoo
Junior loves going outside for walks , He also loves to have fun around the house and chase us as a joke 😂. And then he sleeps the whole day. He’ll be grumpy if we wake him up. 😄
Roxy is a female Beagle. She likes running, and sometime gets in the trash.
Easton is a 10 week old English Labrador Retriever! He is named after the Easton ghost bat! My daughter hit a home-run over the fence. She made a bet with her Dad and he told her if you hit it over the fence mom and I will buy you a puppy! And now we have this sweet boy!