Rocco loves to watch cartoons and play with all his squeaky toys he knows how to sit, and to stand!
Moose is a 3 month old Black Lab and he LOVES his sticks. He is all puppy, loves anything that breathes, and loves his long walks.
He is a loving rescue we got from Quincy Illinois, he loves his tweety blanket peanut butter and most of all us!!!❤️
He’s 8 weeks old, loves sleeping, playing outside, and hopping around after naps.
Lacy ,had to share a picture of my beautiful girl. She is a full time working livestock guardian and one of my Bestfriends ❤
Booger Ray
Booger Ray is a spoiled brat that loves being the center of attention. He lives with 2 pit bulls, a parrot, (thats hates him because of jealousy) and his humans. He also has to deal with ponies, chickens, a pig, ducks, geese, a few cats and his mom loving all of them. Thank you all for supporting this liitle guy! He really is amazing!!!
Marlin loves to play but gets tired very fast and he loves being in the vehicle or on the job site with me! He loves chewing on sticks and playing in the mud!
Roxy is a German Rottweiler, she loves to get a shower, playing ball, especially squeaker balls. She loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses. She is a very special Rottweiler dog, She loves visitors and will give an overabundance of affection. She is my companion and my best friend, she healed my broken heart from the loss of my other Rottweiler.
Zoey is very dependent and she has control of the house,couch, and bed but she is so lovable. If I don’t feel good with a migraine she lays right with me. She likes her toys and she loves to see her dad come home from work and when it gets close she’s waiting on him. She is a big girl but a big baby at the same time but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
CrowBear loves to run at dog parks, socialize with other pups, drool from excitement & be chased! He loves his peanut butter bones! Crow is A 7 month old Beagle. He hates being Alone, he travels everywhere with me, He is my side kick & the happiest dog you'll meet! His tail wags 25mph When you speak to him, & he loves nibbling on ears!!😊😊
Hi, my name is Turbo! I like going on runs especially fast ones! (explains my name) I love cuddling my humans and watching specifically horror films with them..they help me fall asleep no judging. I love playing with my other pit bull brothers and sisters at home!
Rex is super cute and super stinky!! I love him, and if u all got to meet him u would love him too <3
This is Cooper, and he is the light of my life ❤️ He loves to go hiking and he’s very well trained
Bruno is the cutest little thing! He loves to run around in the grass, and chase my chickens!!!
Chillie is a sweet little puppy, and her name is chillie cuz she can be spicy 🌶 as well as sweet!
Bruce is a 4 year old rescue with lots of energy!! He loves to run around in the yard, and play with other dogs!!!
Lucy is a baby French bulldog, and she loves her mother and her puppy siblings!!!
She is a basket of love! Has the independent lab attitude, with a hudge heart. Loves to fetch and never says no to a nap with her dog mom:)
Jake is a very loving dog, He’s good with children and loves to go on walks! His nickname is the garbage can, cause he will eat anything haha!!
Billie is a sweet dog who loves to run around and play!! He loves all animals especially kittens, and he loves to swim!!
Jojo is wonderful with children, and his favorite thing to do is to meet new friends!!! You should vote for Jojo because we need the money for a surgery, as he has gotten hit by a car 🙁
Minnie is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met, she loves children, and chasing ducks around my yard!! The money will be going towards her surgery <3
Hi! My name is Sampson Chadwick Holder! I am 1 year old. I have a whole list of things that I love do to! Some of those being barking at anything and everything, trying to get those squirrels that taunt me and my sister, Sadie, and chewing up all of my mom and dads socks!! Don’t even get me started about cats… I will chase those things forever if I get the chance.
Hi! My name is Sadie Mae Holder! I am 3 years old. I love cuddling with my mom, and playing with my brother, Sampson. Car rides and going on walks are my absolute favorite thing though.
Tucker LOVES giving hugs. i get greeted with a hug from him every time i come home. he is such a sweetheart! he loves to cuddle and watch movies. he definitely likes to explore.
Chase is very happy go lucky dog, he’s ALWAYS smiling! He loves to “sing”, go for car rides, and on nice hot days he loves to roll around in the grass and play with his brother. His favorite snack is pupcups! And his favorite toy is an old beat up soccer ball. he has a bunch of other toys and a NEW soccer ball but he will never give up His old ball and it will always be his favorite. 😂❤️ On lazy days he loves to chill out and enjoy a ton of belly rubs, chase wouldn’t be chase if he turned down a good belly rub! FUN FACT: chase was named by my 3 year old niece who named him “chase” after chase from PAW patrol.
Taylor has the most impressive person I want to have seen in A puppy. And hes at a dead run to get wherever hes going no matter what.
Puppy is a dog with a crazy personality! He loves to swim, run around, and DIG! He really loves to dig. He loves to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. He also loves playing with his big brother chase. He almost never runs out of energy and if he could play 24/7 he probably would. He’s a very vocal pup who loves to talk (comes from his husky side) puppy and his brother chase know how to say “I love you” “oh no” and “mom”. He also really loves to sing with his brother. His fav toy is a huge indestructible ball. His favorite snack is anything bacon. Aside from the very big crazy personality he is a very sweet caring pup who has anxiety, and he hates being left alone, and he hates loud noises if he’s not the one making them 😂FUN FACT: puppy was originally supposed to be named shadow but he didn’t like that name or the other 15 names we picked out for him, He would only ever listen to “puppy”
Enzo is a loving cuddle bug who is a ball of energy! He’s protective and attentive to the ones he loves. He loves water and isn’t afraid to jump in every puddle you walk past.
Davey is so affectionate and cuddly. His favorite nap time spot is in the side of your neck. At night he likes to sleep between us and stretched out to touch both of us. He is a ball of energy and hops around when he’s excited. He has two sister cats that he plays with gently because they go after him if he’s not. He’s so friendly and melts anyones heart that sees him!
Kairo spent the first 4 years of his life on a chain until he was adopted by a loving family. He is a huge cuddle bug and loves to play fetch!
Hi! My name is Lady! I am a sweet loving little cuddle bug! I love to lay on the deck and get some sun. Running around with my dog friends at the park make me the happiest girl in the world.
Rocco is a fun, loving heckuva dude. He’s a very sassy man to say the least. He’s an amazing companion and one of the best dogs ever. His favorite past time is is going to the park to find a new corgi girlfriend to show off too!
Rasco is a very sweet and kind dog. He has very bad separation aniexty when someone leaves. But he loves his silblings who are cats.
Bear is a very family oriented baby he loves to play with his toy's and loves to play Frisbee and chase the kids. Bear is a very loving fur baby. Also bear loves treats..
She was a rescue from our local Humane Society. She’s part Golden Retriever and Border Collie. Super smart. She loves to chase her RC boat in the water. Loves all other dogs big or small. She has a pet ferret she adores. She’s great on the boat. Just a blessing to have in our lives.
Kona is a mini Pomsky mini American Eskimo mix. She is currently one year old and loves to cuddle, play and chew on everything! You can follow her on Instagram @konaminipomsky 💕
Lou is a rescue dog. He is super loving and loves to wear clothes! His favorite pair of pajamas are his ducks. He loves hanging out with other dogs and playing at the dog park!
Teddy is a double doodle and he's been the best addition to our family. He was supposed to be for the kids but let's just say he's my favorite and I think the feelings are mutual.❤️
He is such sweetheart playful little boy.
Jazz is a very playful, fun loving dog. He loves his cuddle times and he likes playing fetch with his toys. He just puts a huge smile on your face everytime you see him and he always greets you at the door letting you know how much he's missed you. He's just an Awesome, Wonderful and Great dog to have.
Duke is a riot. He loves to have fun, swim, and he loves cuddling. He’s 5 years old. With such a fun,loving, goofy, personality and we love him very much. He always brings smiles to our family and friends. We hope that he brings you a smile.
He is very energetic and playful. He also loves to hug and snuggle. He is a year n a half. We simply love him to pieces
buck is the sweetest little boy he loves cuddles playing with his toys and dog that are bigger then him and he loves ice cream 💕
Sadie is a husky Great Pyrenees mix. When we first brought her home she was malnourished, had no energy, and was filthy. Now, she is so so healthy! She loves playing with us and her big brother Zero.