Baby Stories - 68


HawkEye loves to please and most of all play fetch with his frisbee and swim with his family!!
He is a funny guy likes water unless it’s a bath. Is very treat and food motivated but tells you when he’s hungry he will paw at the fridge when it’s time. He also has his own mini van that he cruises around town in. Loves walks in the park. He also loves his squeaky toys especially his piggie!
Daisy is my little Darling! She loves to run! And i would put her up against greyhounds! She may not w9n, but she'll give 'em a run for their money! She's a very sweet girl who shows her affection with kisses, either right on the smackers or in a passing flico on the back of the leg. I love her. Vote for her!
Gryff is a free spirited pup! He is a big mama’s boy and goes everywhere mama goes. He loves playing with his cat brother & sister. Gryff loves long walks, fast runs and cuddles!
Cosmo is a 4 month Newfoundland male he loves to be with his family and loves the water and food
Ariel is a Catahoula Leopard mix. She has the bluest eyes that at times seem as though they are white instead. Energetic & constantly on the move to find something to get into.
Hercules loves to run and play on the farm, ride in the truck and most of all loves to spend time with papaw!
Dugan loves to give hugs!
Blazer is pretty new to the world. He loves to eat apples that fall from the tree and chase his big sister Brinlie.
Lilo has had a rough first 9 months of life. She has been really sick and could barely walk for almost 2 months. She is now on the mend!! She is a rescue and we love her to pieces!!!
Mackie boy is so sweet and calm. He like to chill and relax he is definitely a cuddler. He is always laying down sun bathing or next to you or on you. He is the most chillest dog ever very laid back. Once in awhile he has no choice but to play with his sister because she harasses him lol. But for the most part he is so sweet.
Zamora Amora
Zamora Amora is free spirited, she is so loving and outgoing. She runs up to everyone in excitement and ready to play. She love all her toys and wants to play fetch all day. Silly girl never knows when to slow down and take a nap. She is so caring she is definitely the one to light up your day. She makes everyone smile.
Carlie loves to play with all her bark box toys and cuddling with her mommy.
Cece is 4 years old and loves to play with her cow friend Barbara! She is very energetic and loves to do the Zoomies! She loves to snuggle up next to baby sister Oakley and mama.
Jet spent his first year as a show dog, but got an inch too tall to compete! He is just under 17” tall at 21 lbs. he’s softer than cotten and is always amenable to cuddles! He’s speedy as ever as he can outzoom anyone we know! He has an incredible vocabulary and his favorite words have to do with food !!
Wilson named after my favorite Seahawks player Russell Wilson 💚💙 Wilson is full of energy, sweet, loving and loyal. GO HAWKS
Gertrude is a Snorkie. She came to rule our house when she was 5 weeks old. My husband was not pleased with me but after a 5 hour trip home she had him firmly wrapped around her little paw! She weighed 1/2 pound!! She is now 4 years old and the Queen of our house!! She is now 11 pounds and should weigh 8 so we are on a diet!!
Copper is 14 year old Cockapoo who is my shadow. Love cheese, and being with his family.
She loves to run the woods and ride around in anything. But when it’s nap time. There is no stopping her
Percy Poulter
Percy came to us almost 1 year ago as a rescue. Percy had been through several foster homes and had had a rough go of it. He had a UTI and wounds that were healing from some sort of attack. Percy had us at hello, we were instantly in love. Since then, Percy has had stomach surgery, horrible allergies that he has to be medicated for, and we recently found out he has dysplasia in his shoulder that he also now takes medication for. Percy is a true underdog story because his comeback is incredible. Despite his various struggles, Percy is the epitome of inspiration. He doesn't give up! His spirit is strong and full of light and life. He is funny and sweet and so protective. He loves people (even though he can sound a little scary sometimes) and he is learning how to love other animals. Percy loves to chase bubbles, play in the yard with his brother and take long naps with mom and dad. We hope you enjoy him as much as we do.
Boo is a Viszla, she’s funny and crazy. She loves country and running through orchards
Frankie is very playful and full of love. Her favorite things to do are play with her older pup sister, play soccer, and sneak treats.
Rhino The Dino
Rhino is a dog that catches everyone’s eye. The lady’s love his sweet gentle personality, and the guys love his size! Only 7 months old weighs in at 140lbs and still growing. He is the perfect example of the breed.
Ryker is a very active little dude. In fact so active, he broke his leg at 5 months old. He has made a full recovery, and we are back to hiking and having fun!
Loves to play with his puppy brother, Hank.
Berkley is a two year old mountain curr Pitt mix that we rescued off the streets of Mississippi. He is now a spoiled boy with his own bedroom and as many toys and treats as he wants. He loves to lay in front of the fan.
Virginia love her toys playing foot ball and will not go to sleep at night without her belly rubs…
Loves to play and run around the house with Bella
Jaxx is such a sweetie and he loves attention and chewing on golf balls.
Trooper is a blue eyed cockapoo. He is the sweetest little boy around, but loves loves loves to eat anything he can find, which has caused him to already have a surgery to a plush dog toy that was stuck in his intestines. Loves snuggling therefore doesn’t understand personal space :)
Bella is a rescue dog she was used as bait as a puppy but we was able to rescue her in time! We’ve had Bella going on 4 years now she is sweet and loving and the most wonderful dog I have ever owned !
Nova was brought to us by her previous owner who no longer wanted her she’s sweet and outgoing loves to play! She has found her furever home with my wife and our kids and other animals
Cooper is a 4 month old Liver color mini schnauzer!! He is rambunctious and definitely has an amazing personality. He loves 16oz water bottles to chew on. He loves to run!!!
Full bloom personality! She loves to hug her humans, play with squeaker toys and antagonize her doggy and human brother! She is the “bad” kid for sure!!!! But loves like no tomorrow.
Ruby is a loving and playful girl. She loves meeting new people and new furry friends. She loves going to the beach and going on hikes and is always down for a swim. She is so friendly and would love your vote ❤️
He loves his ball squeaky toys and to lay on my legs when he sleeps.
Hes a very exciting dog , its nonstop playing with him . Hes only 8 months and a big body baby already . Hes very protective of the babies like he will literally protect them before I even get the chance & he loves the outside 💙
Halseys an almost 6 month old pup! Had her first haircut in this photo. She’s a playful and hilarious puppy.
Sonny is my families protector ! He loves playing fetch and throwing fits when not acknowledged!
Sully The Big Blue Monster
Sully is the most rambunctious bully ive ever met. If he aint jumling on you devouring you with kisses , he more than likely is doing flips outside! Sullys favorite treat is ice cubes or popsicles !
Tilly loves cuddles from her people
Koda is the most sweetess and loving dedicated puppy. Koda loves his parents. Koda is 10 months old and keep being amazing everyday!
Hanky boy loves cuddles with his momma, chasing his kitty brothers around the house and howling with the neighbors pup!
Milo loves to run around outside...especially with the kids. Hes 7 months old. His favorite thing to do is play tug of war with his dad. Hes super smart an super cute!
Ruger may only have one eye but that just makes him cuter! He is currently in training to become my therapy dog. He enjoys his treats, cuddles and playing with his sister!!
Jakey is 15 years young!! Still going strong. He is a lab mix. We rescued him as a stray dog. He has a lovely story how he really rescued us. He loves Nilla wafer cookies and loves everybody and everything! He has a cat sister and two guinea pig sisters whom he loves dearly and they love him too. Babies love to snuggle him too. He allows them to play doctor or dress up or whatever they wish. The best dog with the utmost patience.
He’s the cutest cocker boy around!
Nala’s breed is actually a mini Aussie. She loves the outdoors and lays in the grass listening to everything. She is a super fast runner and she chases squirrels and birds all the time. Nala loves visitors and loves giving kisses. Everyone always says, she is so pretty and talk about her beautiful eyes.