Baby Stories - 68


This is junior ! And he lovessss the beach his little sister Zora and eating good steaks !
Willow Rose is adventurous and never meets a stranger. She loves to share her toys with everyone. Her favorite treat is cream!
Willow is my shadow. I got this pup at 10 weeks old and she’s followed me around for the last 3 years. Willow loves to play fetch and annoy her sister, Bella.
Peanut loves cats! She’s very gentle and loves to help take care of kittens ❤️
Zelda is a chubby little pug with a love for long naps and blueberries!
Cami loves snuggling under the blanket, swimming, playing with her best friends Nula and Nemo, and she loves her zoomies! Let’s not forget her favorite toy llama, treats and belly rubs!
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Gizmo Hughes
Gizmo is an amazing half human who loves to play and talk. He enjoys babysitting his brothers Chase and DJ. Loving is his thing🥰
Cozette is the mom to Caprice and the wife to Boudreaux. She went viral in 2019 for her “French Bulldog Maternity Photo Shoot”! She was featured in People and on GMA! She runs the house and is the boss of everyone, she doesn’t take lip from Boudreaux and definitely wears the pants in the family 🤣
Boudreaux is the daddy to Caprice and the husband to Cozette ❤️ He went viral in 2019 with the”French Bulldog Maternity Photo Shoot”! He was featured in People and on GMA!!! He loves to cuddle and has to be under the covers right next to me each night on my left side with his head on my pillow… I think he is a little OCD 🤪
Hank is a mini Aussie that loves giving everyone hugs and kisses and high fives. He tries to herd all his friends. He even herds his parents at home .
Storm loves peanut butter and any tasty treats! She goes for long runs and loves to play, she hates the rain and loves her raincoat! You could lay with her all day. :)
Jonas is a lab, pit, coonhound mix that I rescued. He’s a thick, goofy boy 💙
Rudy loves swimming in the pond, chasing cows, going on his afternoon rides, & splooting🤣🥰 He has a heart pattern on his booty & a diamond on top of his head. His nickname is Rudy Tooty Fruity & he thinks he’s royalty lol.
He is such a cute puppy I love my fur baby!
Trigger is an Australian Shepherd who loves playing with other dogs. He also likes to go hiking on trails in the parks with his humans.❤️
Atia is a Leavitt Bulldog. She protects her family while loving every creature in the food chain…except for terriers and boxers. 🤷🏻‍♀️😉
Dukey Do loves stealing treats and toys from his big sister Atia. He hides them under the bed. 🙄
Nala Ann
Nala is sweet girl with a Spunky personality! Loves her family but her favorite people are kids. She loves vacations in the mountains and will absolutely great the mailman when he brings her bark-box every month. Her favorite snack is apples and peanut butter. Favorite toy, pink jolly ball. Enjoys long naps on the couch with blanket.
Canela is a Labrador pitt bull mix , she is a sweetheart! She loves to play , very friendly! Is a golden beauty in my eyes ! She is a amazing pup who loves treats and love !
Jumping for joy, Sandy loved the tall grass
Come on look at this face!!! Astro was born in a liter of 8 all named after space. He’s the sweetest pup around but don’t be fooled by his sweet look-he has a mischievous side! He’s a good boy and a great listener but he loves to test us by stealing a sock or two or running back outside when it’s time to come in! This smart pup loves giving paw and cozying up in your lap and will melt your heart with each head tilt.
Simba had a hard start in life. Not even 12 hours from bringing him home he was diagnosed with parvo. We visited him every 6 hours while he was at the vet fighting for his life. He came home 5 days later after winning his battle. He loves to chew on his big brothers ears but is also his biggest cuddle buddy. He loves big stuffed animals that squeek. There’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t find time to try to throw his whole body in his water bowl. He is in a home full of love and he has such a good personality and loves other dogs.
Chloe aka “Chlobot ” Hands down the sweetest smartest Chihuahua, well until at night when she moonlight’s as a lumberjack. Her snoring has been heard around the world (literally my friends from out of the country can hear her on the phone). She doesn’t do it often the look she gives when she knows she messed up or when I do PRICELESS. Since she is technically a “failure” (@ being a foster) so she’s made it up by being my partner in fostering and nurturing 18 other lost souls. My lil piece of spiritual pureness on earth.
Angel is such a good girl and is definitely a spoiled little puppy 🐶💕🐶💕🐶💕
Winnie is sweet, smart, and sassy! She loves the outdoors, swimming in the pond, and playing with toys!!
Caprice is a miracle baby! She was given only a few days to live and is almost now 2 years old! She has a large, inoperable heart murmur, sadly, she is terminal. However, she gets medication every 8 hours and loves life and is very happy. She was born to Cozette and Boudreaux who went viral for their “French Bulldog Materity Photo Shoot”! Caprice has a bucket list and checks off something new regularly. She is a very happy and very very spoiled little girl!!! I’ve never loved anything more and every day I get to spend with her is a blessing. I love you sweet baby girl!
She’s just a big ole baby and loves to play an loves kids♥️
Kiwi is a retired Champion Surf Dog. Was part of the team that received the Guinness World record for most dogs on a single surfboard to ride a wave. She spends her time these days chasing rats and lounging in the jacuzzi. Please vote for Kiwi
His name is Maui cause he’s gonna be as big as an island one day!
Jaxxie boy has a happy go lucky personality. He is deaf, but it deosnt hold him back from anything. He loves everyone except for his shadow, and he doesnt understand why the puppy in the mirror or his reflection in glass doesn't come to play!! Jaxxie boy loves to snuggle with his mommy, eat pickles & Popsicles & watch his puppy friends on Instagram @Jax2theMaxx007
Lady is a rescue. She had puppies and previous owner threw her in the streets. We rescued her from a great animal shelter in NJ. She loves sleeping with us and snuggling. She licks her mouth when she wants a treat She is a wonderful dog She is a Pit mixed with Boxer- two of my favorites. Such a good girl. Will be 4 years old in February. Love her so much!
Libbie is energetic spunky girl that loves her family !! She loves play time and her belly rubbed !
Bleu Raz Berry
Bleu is adorable, smart, and energetic. He’s very loving and the cutest puppy ever.
Petey is a miniature dapple dachshund. He is 6 years old. Full of energy. Is spoiled rotten and must have his blanket to sleep. He adores his mom and loves treats.
Hazel Lois
Hello! My name is Hazel Lois. From what I am told, I am named after 2 Grandmothers. My momma says I am her Golden Beauty. 😍 When you come to visit, I will Greet you with a present (toy) and Roo Roo you with Tail Wagging Love! Things I LOVE are Bark Box ( Huge Fan), dancing with my daddy(almost as tall as him on 2 legs), riding in the ALWAYS have to jump in the Lake..and Most of all..I LOVE MY MOMMA!!! I am almost 4 yrs old. My profile pic is of when I first met my aunt, Miss Ava Belle. She thinks she's Bigger than me and therefore Bullies me..LOL..but..when she's ON!! If you will, Please like my wall. Good Luck to Everyone in a Contest and have Fun!!! Thank you in Advance for All the Exchanges, Advances..but Most of All...All the Kind Words!! It means alot to my Grand!! ♥️ #MayyourdaybeBlessed💜💛🙏
Zeke is our 12 yr old rescue dog. We know his time is limited so we are always taking his picture. Zeke is a daddy’s boy who wants to be anywhere his dad is.
She’s a babe. A doof. And love bug. And a big baby.
Amazing Gracie
Bones-treats-cookies- and lots of love makeup our lovable ball of fluff, the one and only Amazing Gracie! Her favorite pastime are wresting with her sister Daisy dew, going for walks and being cute 🥰. She is very loyal and protects her mommies from the dreaded mail man every morning. Having graduated puppy school with the highest marks, she is incredibly smart. Amazing Gracie has our hearts and I’m sure she has yours too! ❤️
My name is Rogue and I’m as strong and fierce as the super hero I’m named after! I love everyone I meet but love a comfy La-z-Boy even more!
Say hi to Luna! She’s a big ball of loving energy! Her pretty blue eyes will have all the dogs in the yard staring! She loves to run, dig holes, and cuddle up next to everyone. She’s such a smart pup! We are here just to interact with you and all your pups as we wish you’d do the same with us! If we win, we are choosing to donate all earning to the Cystic fibrosis foundation to help support Lunas favorite tiny human battling CF! 💜
He’s a spunky, outgoing pup. He keeps us on our toes. He’s full of energy but loves his cuddles at night.
Lola Bunny
Lola Bunny was named after her awesome ears! (And my love for space jam) She was found on a street corner and after months of trying to find her original owners we adopted her and couldn’t be happier! She is the most lovable appreciative dog out there and brings so much energy and happiness to our lives! If you like kisses she’s your girl! She doesn’t exactly understand the words “personal space” because she thinks she’s a 65 pound lapdog but that’s okay! She recently just had a liter of 8-she mated with my male dog -bear- who she is madlyyyyy in love with - 2 days before she had an appointment to get spayed. Everything happens for a reason because we were able to keep 3 puppies from the liter and the rest went to amazing homes!
Zook is a 3 year old German Shepherd. She is extremely affectionate and hilarious. He smiles when you ask him. It’s sooooo funny!!
Don’t poke the bear! He loves the beach, head scratches, long walks, the grass, the hose, ropes, dish towels, eggs, balloons, the pool, being chased after for a toy, balls, his family & Lola Bunny! He loves to be the center of attention but also needs his personal space from time to time. He’s my best friend and I wouldn’t trade him for the world!
Luna Skye
Luna Skye is born into a liter of 8 all named after space. Skye was the last born and we saved her life! We had to Resuscitate her after birth because she wasn’t breathing and we weren’t giving up! Now she is a healthy strong Feisty little girl! She may be small but she always gets what she wants!
NASA is part of a liter of 8 all named after space. She is a sweet little girl with so much love to give. She may run away from you at first but once she warms up it’s kisses for daysss. Her nickname is bandit because she’s a sneaky one - although she never gets in trouble because she’s too cute she knows just how to butter you up after a sneak attack. hide your shoes there’s a bandit on the loose!
Echo is 6yrs old ,her favorite thing to do is swim. She also dives for rocks and has started fish watching.