He is all about his sleep time and cuddles. From a ruff past he is now nothing but love!
Ruthie is a daddy’s girl. She loves to play with her best friend Benny. She is a Frenchie/Pug mix and is 5 yrs old.
Sweetest dog EVER! Loves car rides, going to daycare and tummy rubs!
Hes a very handsome boy & very smart & he brightens my day every time i look at him
Hachi is a big cuddle bug! He loves to eat and he’s just an amazing pup!!
Koda is a e year old GSD service dog. Koda works as mobility, mild protection, detection for C02 and brain activity. I am an amputee and so is Koda. When Koda was born his unbiblical cord was wrapped around his left back leg, and the mom accidentally ate his paw off. He now wears a prosthesis on that leg.
Pho is a retired service dog. He worked for 13 years as my mobility and detection dog. He now enjoys camping, truck rides, and marshmallows in his retirement years
This is Ember. She is 3 years old, chihuahua/pit bull. She just had first litter of babies is year. She is a proud mama as you can tell with her big smile.
Cookie is a 4 year old Jack Russell that loves to cuddle and play
Evey time he hears the Sate Farm jingle he starts howling like a wolf. U can hum it-same thing, it doesn't matter! It's the cutest!
Luna Mae
Luna Mae is a VERY spirited dog! She loves to do -zoomies- all over especially on moms freshly made bed! Apparently my moms say "I'm big"? I dont see it that way, i see it as theyre too little! I am very empathetic and love cuddles! && I love my papa (he lets me pretend I'm still a lap dog)!
Mox is a 2 year old German shepherd, he loves going on car rides and playing outside.❤️
Shes a crazy puppers that loves to run around and play but shes also very lazy lol her favorite toy is a bottle shes is 9 months old now I started contests when she was 12 weeks old and the sweetest pup ever
Hi, I’m Rocky i like to Pee and Poo everywhere i love playing with my toys and jumping everywhere. I love to play with my daddy and sometimes bite when i get excited! I don’t mean to hurt him
Sadie is the sweetest pup! loves to snuggle & play with our cat. she’s 75% Australian Shepherd & 25% corgi.💞
Hi, im Luna. I love my squeeky toys, kisses, running around , and sleeping a whole lot. I know how to sit, paw, lay down. Vote for me!!
Princess Wigglebutt
What do I say about Princess? Well, she is royalty. She prim and proper and she knows she has us wrapped around her little paw. We are here to cater to her every whim and she just has to bark, or hit her bowl. She is the owner of our castle, we just pay the mortgage, of course, what else for a Princess?
Keta has a beautiful soul she loves playing ball and swimming. She is very protective over her family and has adopted many many babies whether they be human, puppy, or kitten it doesn't matter to her.
Doodle is a very active very loving ttoodle, he loves playing fetch and loves cuddles.
Playful and only almost 8months old
Layla is a mixed breed and loves car rides, snuggles, and her (sometimes) her little brother remy
Balto is a goofy boy who loves his humans and has conversations with them. He’s also an amazing singer/howler..we call it his “Howlin’ Husky Blues”!
Remy is a pit bull mastiff and he loves playing with his toys, car rides, and his pup cups! Remy loves all people and loves his belly rubs!
Tikka loves her football, loves catching her frisbee, and snuggling
Peanut loves to cuddle and swim! He’s very protective and wants everyone’s attention all the time. He came from a nasty place and with time and lots of love he has become an amazing dog and loyal friend. Now he spends his days in comfort and full of love.
Pj is a Shih Tzu / Beagle mix. She is 8 yrs old. A momma to two beautiful doggies.
Tank is a cute 12 week old puppy who loves going everywhere with us. He is our “work dog” he comes to work with us everyday “mostly” sleeps on the job lol, he is friendly and loving and a great emotional support dog for me. If we have to leave him with a sitter he cries till we return ( we try to never leave him) he is energetic and loves everyone.
She is a very smart fur baby! She can do many tricks, and helps me with my diabetes control!
Reid is a Goldendoodle with a heart shaped nose ❤️, he loves every other animal, he’s extremely smart & likes to open doors from the outside and let all of his friends inside the house lol. He’s been my travel buddy since he was 8 weeks old going from WV-KY-CO-Myrtle Beach & back to Kentucky.
Ace is a 7 1/2 month old German shepherd/ Husky. he loves car rides, people, and other dogs! don’t forget to vote 💙
Loonah could make Scrooge himself cackle until his sides hurt!! She loves to carry her 15 Lbs bone everywhere she goes !
Teddy Bear
Teddy is a loving playful puppy! He loves going for walks and playing with his best human friends Lynnlee and Mason. He likes taking naps and zooming around the house! He’s the most handsome boy!
Opie is a lovable “mama’s boy”, he spends his days lounging and snacking but loves to run around the room after bath time.
Athena is actually a wolf hybrid. We had her embarked and she is 44% wolf. I have proof of that if anyone needs to see. She is something crazy and we love her so much. She loves peanut butter and sitting in her rocking
Penelope is a 12 yr old Dalmatian/Lab. She is the most intelligent dog I’ve ever known. She is so loyal and so loving. Penelope knows her toys by name. Her favorite toy is her Big Rope and her Gorilla. Her favorite snack is her Jumba Bone.
HE is THE UPMOST PRETTIEST PRINCESS IN ALL THE WORLD . and he is definitely not afraid to show it! He is mommas big baby!
Rafael aka Raffy Taffy, just turned 1! He loves to play, jump like a kangaroo and eat everything!
Roxi is a sassy 3 year old Siberian Husky. She loves to sleep, and is very loud and vocal!
Ruger is a 2 year old Siberian Husky. Hes a huge teddy bear. He loves to be held, chew on squeaky toys, and howl when we go for walks!
Wyatt Leroy
My name is Wyatt Leroy, I am almost 4 years old. I am American bulldog and mastiff mix. I am a large baby who think thinks I am a tiny baby. I love most veggies. My mom is my world and I am attached to her like glue
Kimber loves to hunt, play ball, and assist her owner!
Peanut is 3 now and she is super sweet and loves to meet new people
This is stitch he’s very sweet and knows his tricks by words and hand motions he’s super sweet and loves playing outside
Sam is a 4 year old German Shepard who loves to play outside with the neighbor dog, or with his toys. His favorite toy is his frisbee or his squeaky bone lol. He’s the sweetest boy, loves to snuggle (sometimes lol) He’s full of love and Sass!!! And he’s a mamas boy 🥰🐾
This girl is loyal to everyone she meets. Kiki luvs playing frisbee and she is a natural at posing for pics!
Ruby is an amazing dog. She’s so friendly and loving. She loves being around other dogs and playing on the farm. She’s very smart and loyal to her family and friends.
Journey is a little love bug that loves to snuggle. She adores playing with balls and attacking the blanket monster lol. She has a lot of love to give with her nurturing spirit but has a mischievous side that will keep you laughing at her antics.
He likes his cuddles and playing with his toys.