Benson loves to follow you when you run. He likes playing with his toys. Benson is a very playful dog. He loves when you will do everything with him. And loves making new friends everyday! ❤️ ❤️ <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>
Hello, my name is Ivar! I live with my mom and dad in a little apartment with a backyard for me to play fetch! I love treats, cuddling with mom and dad, and using the puppy eyes on mom to get away with everything! I love to chase butterflies and belly rubs! I recently just learned how to shake too!
Cora is a fun loving pup who is her mommas besr friend!
Teedo loves going to the park with his standards poodle 🐩 buddy’s and he hate it when he’s not with me
Pickles is a sweet little puppy, who love to play, his bone is his favorite toy. He likes going outside and loves everyone
Cooper is such a loving dog! Very happy little guy! Always checking on someone if he hears you crying or upset! Loves to play, and LOVES being talked to like a baby! ❤️ He is well loved by us! ❤️❤️
Hey everyone vote for Rambo the Goodest boy sweetest soul around
My mom says I’m just the cutest momma dog pixie loves to see how fast she can tear new toys apart and play disc golf
Dozer is a loveable that wakes ya up with a smile every morning loves to be played with and chase rabbits
Cleo loves running and playing! She loves her dad the most and loves playing fetch!
Nala is a super energetic dog who loves to go on long walks.
Moo is Rileys nickname. She is a very protective pup who loves to play with all her toys. She is very loving and smart.
Gizmo is my service dog for my seizures. He likes to go for rides, swimming, and for walks.
Miley is a very playful pup who loves her mom & dad. She loves to run outside and play tug of war. Shes the sweetest baby who wants all the treats.
IN MEMORY OF MY OSCAR. Oscar was a fiesty Lil ole man. Sadly he was sick with heart worms and the time came to give him back to Jesus. 6/23/22. Rest easy Bubba Till we meet again ❤️
Kacey loves to give kisses, she is the runt of her pack! Her brother is Cheif go vote for him!
Reba is a 2 year old Golden Retriever a little to know about Reba is that her favorite thing to do is to chew on sticks. Reba loves going for car rides, being crazy and adventures in the woods .
Gigi loves walks and playing fetch!! And more than anything she loves the water!
Tucker Bleu
Tucker loves to walk swim and eat! And he is spoiled rotten and loves his sister GIGI❤️
Remi is a 3 month old Walker Blue Heeler. He loves going for walks and playing fetch all day long. He will be your best friend if you give him belly rubs.
bo loves cuddles, treats, hugs, kisses, and especially naps.
Otto loves the outdoors and herding his animals, he especially loves his people
Biggest lover and snuggle bug
Bella is such a sweet girl. She cuddles right next to her momma. She loves to cool off with her head out the window.
Two years old and full of life. Loves swimming hunting and giving you kisses!!
Nova is a Blue heeler/lab mix who loves playing in puddles, belly rubs and chasing her tail. 🥰
Hi my names nyla and i love to sleep and cuddle all day. I’m 18 weeks old and came from the dog shelter. I got adopted by my owner on july 20th and now live in a loving home. I love going on walks, playing with my toys, and wait the best part is i love to cuddle. I’m a very well trained dog and i just like to live my little puppy life 🐶
Bella is the best girl, Snuggle bug, copilot. Loves everyone and every animal. The sweetest girl ever.
Luna is full of energy and lots of love. She loves being outside and playing in water. She give hugs and lots of kisses. She’s a happy pup.
Otis loves to chase balls and bring them back, go for hikes in the wilderness , jump on trees and cuddle like a teddy bear.
Gander is such a playful boy he loves the water!
He loves to chew on new toys very spunky and loving puppy. Loves to run around the yard and chasing sticks. He’s has huge feet and very clumsy at times still getting used to them
Luchie is a fun-loving, rambunctious 2-year- old yorkie with an amazing personality. He loves his treats, playing tag, and taking long naps.
Chacho was born on may 29th he and one of his sisters were the smallest ones out of the puppies unfortunately his smallest sister like him didn't survive and passed away but chacho made we never gave up on him and here he is still going strong .more about chachos likes now .he loves to be spoiled by his human parents and loves to sleep and watch t.v. loves to play and enjoys watching cartoons enjoys hugs and like to eat also he is a very cute and small pup I call him my miracle puppy because he's still alive after being born so small.hes a blessing.
King loves helping those who suffer from anxiety and PTSD. He will always comfort you, before you even know what you’re feeling. King loves hikes, car rides, and being around friends. He loves his stuffed animals, bones and tennis balls.
Rayne hates when you are upset she climbs in your lap and kiss your forehead..she loves to play and especially loves children
Very loving boy but can and will be a pain in the butt he loves to fun and play very protective over his house and family
This is bob, his is a one year old extremely energetic and loving boxer. Bob favorite this to do is going on walk as soon as you pick up that leash you’ll see him eagerly sitting at the door wiggling his butt. When his not busying walking he has to be right where you are 24/7 wether it’s laying at your feet at the table or sitting on you trying to be a lap dog.
Bentley loves walks at the park, he has his own personal dog food made for him three times a week. He is a great listener and knows over 150 words. He loves to go with his Mom to work and meet new people in the salon. He also loves to make new friends. He knows yoga and Jiu Jitsu which he learned from a cat. Overall Bentley is a well rounded dog.
Eli loves running,outside,pools, swimming,ponds,cuddling,licking,and making a funny sound when he growls and barks, but when you leave your food to go do something you’ll come back and it will be gone, he will play every second you have time to play, he loves his mama(gracie/pomeranian),(nephew/ tojo,rat terrier/pomeranian),and his (grandpa/rocky,pomeranian) and he loves his owners💙🐾
Gigi is the best office dog a girl could have! She loves going on car rides, pup cups, and loves looking fabulous 🤗
Coopers the best ranch dog a time could have. He loves going for a swim in the river, gator rides and going for his pup cup 🐶
Sadie is the most friendly dog in the world if you have a ball your her new best friend she has 3 cats she heards around at home also fastest dog at the dog park. A vote for Sadie would be greatly appreciated
Layla was a goft to me from my mom who passed away. She was a pound puppie, that was abandoned. She was liveing on the street. I saw her picture online and feel in love with her.
She loves to play and run around outside with other dogs and loves to give lots of kiss and likes to sleep in bed with me and loves being around people and loves her toys