Baby Stories - 67


hi i’m ruby and i’m a pup pup ! i’m 7 weeks old and a pure bred white german shepherd.. my mommy says i’m a pretty gallll .. please vote if you think the same
Hello, My name is Deuce🐶💙 I love meeting new people and fur buddies. I am 1 years old. I’m an awesome family dog, My parents love to spoil me, and I have 3 human brothers who I love so much and keep me hyper🤪
India is a one and a half year old Newfoundland that loves swimming, taking naps, the beach, sitting in boxes, taking naps, eating, going on walks, and taking naps.
Hi there!👋🏼 My name is Wrigley - I am a 4 month old redbone coonhound. My favorites are eating, howling, digging holes, rough housing & running zoomies around my big brother, and of course chewing on anything I can find😉. When I am not being a little rascal, my puppy eyes and floppy ears will make you forget any shinanigans I’ve caused! 😂
Molly is amazing and loves to take pictures and spend time with the family this was was on our last road trip!! She’s a huge part of our family and don’t know what we would do without her! She’s thinks she’s a kid herself❤️
Hi I’m Kami, I love meeting new friends (people and dogs). My favorite place is the beach and hiking trails... oh & sleeping with mom ❤️
Nick is a sweet snuggle buddy. He loves to watch animals on TV and loves the Lucky Dog show. He gets excited about someone visiting and he loves meals and will do these cute little quick circles when he gets excited
Ace is 4 years old and will be turning 5 in December. He loves to go hiking, go on walks, swimming, etc. His absolutely favorite thing to do is play fetch.
Harley Quinn
Hi my name is Harley Quinn. I'm a 150lb girl who thinks I'm a chihuahua. I love sleeping, eating, sleeping and more eating and cuddling. I love to play tug of war with my baaketball.
Sweetheart and loves to snuggle.
Hi, my names Gotti, I love to play and sleep all day :)
Cody has a unique personality. Cody enjoys prancing and stamping his paws when he don’t get his way.
This is kingston! also known as king! he loves his mommy and daddy and playing fetch outside! mom and dad just got engaged and he can’t wait to be all dressed up for the wedding! he is crazy for the ladies! instead of him being taken for a walk he takes mommy for a run instead !
Koda loves to play with his tennis balls, snuggle mom and dad, and get into any trouble he can find! He is also a recent rescue up in Alaska now living his best life with plenty of treats and toys.
Luna Ebarb
Luna is 4 months old she loves to chew on everything and loves to play with her big brother and sister and she loves to go on her morning walks
Hello everyone this is my beautiful Saint Bernard Beethoven hes 3 months extremely playful well behaved puppy I have ever had beethoven is a pure breed with a lot of potential
Meet the biggest sassiest baby you’ll ever come to know. She loves to bulldoze you with love, communicates almost with words and snuggles like no other. A vote for maya is a vote for Giant love!
Henry Albert Hobbs
Henry loves sleeping on his back.
Norman is a laid back old man who loves being told stories with all of his favorite words. his favorite thing to do is go for a walk to the park and sit on the dock looking for fishies in the water or watching the sun set. ☀️
Chicken Little
Very playful pup. Less than a year 10 months to be exact. loves her big sister Avery. squeaky toys and cuddling are Her favorite activities. She is also a amazing (And very kind) door greeter. connoisseur Of digital entertainment and doggy treats. Spends time with her favorite human cousins watching cocomelon .
Chases frogs in the backyard
Loves to cuddle
Rollie is a amazing dog,he loves learning new tricks,he loves every single he meets.he loves going everywhere.I hope u like his pics
Hi, my name is Doodlebug! I'm 15 years old and I live in Pittsburgh, PA with my pet humans. I'm sassy, stubborn, funny and loved beyond words. I make my mom laugh every day... and she gives me way too many kisses! I'm an avid Steelers, Penguins and Pirates fan. I love to cuddle and when I'm playing with my toys or chew. Thanks for reading about me! I would appreciate your vote!
Charm is the most loving , funny , playful lil fella. His name fits him totally because soon as i brought him home he was such a charming lil puppy! He just melts my heart! He loves playing with squeaky toys, sleeping and cuddling near me and eating his favorite snacks. He loves to play fight when its time for me to go to work pulling my clothes like tug of war! He is just my lil charmer! My mom has mental illness and he is a good service dog for her to cope with everyday life . Quite a companion for her.
Titan loves to let his silly long tongue show! He loves to bother his 2 sisters too!
Sweet, Active, and most loving dog. Hes very young and a great companion.
When mason was just a puppy him and his brothers or sisters were thrown out of a car window I rescued him he’s blind in his left eye mason has been the best dog that we ever had I really do love mason 💖💖
Rolex appreciates tennis balls, soccer balls, Kong balls, basketballs, etc. He rides horses, golf carts, tractors, and lawn mowers. He loves to go for walks, hikes, and be in the backyard. He also was a Novice Agility blue ribbon winner and did a tiny bit of acting. He enjoys going anywhere with me and takes up most of my bed at night with his little Chihuahua brother Chinchie. He is the kindest, smartest, most empathetic individual I have ever met. A fur earth angel and best friend.
Jury has the sweetest soul, every time she hears the song “Don’t Let Me Down” by Chainsmokers it makes her howl.
Maggie is officially AKC registered and is a Pure Bred Labrador. She loves to carry around her stuffed lion and show it to you.
Chase is such a sweet loving boy. He just turned a year old. He loves to play with others and swim. He is a water baby! Now knows a little sign language as well. He is a fast learner. He loves to play ball or chee on his bones.
O Dog
O dog is a fun loving little munchkin he loves to give people kisses and is an all around lil fur ball of happiness.
Bucky had a rough start to life, but is now the sweetest most loving boy ever.
Maggie is the both sweet and crazy at the same time. She loves to sleep, she has to be laying beside me to sleep. And she loves to play with her kong babies, she’s so cute carrying her baby around.
Jack Daniel
Jack is 7 months old. He loves to play with the other doggies I have and love to sleep on the pillow with me!
Maverick is very energetic, and he loves going on walks/hikes/swims, even car rides too. He is very snuggly and he will give you a big wet kiss!! best boy to have around and he can pose for pictures too!
Oakley is a wonderful 7 month old lab she’s full of energy!! Loves to play fetch especially if we are near a pond!! She loves to play with everyone including our other dogs she knows sit stay lay paw and speak she is such a good dog 🐶
Ella is a 4 year old white Labrador Retriever. She is the sweetest and quite possibly the laziest dog ever. She loves to play tug-o-war and fetch(although she never gives you the ball back).
Likes to occasionally dress up as Dobby from Harry Potter
Baloo is a 1 year old Newfoundland who is the sweetest gentle giant around! He loves hugs and kisses and can be a goofball too.
I adopted Phoebe from a shelter. She is a Dalmation/Boxer mix. We picked each other..she gave me a great big hug upon meeting her and melted my heart instantly. She is always making me laugh with her funny antics. I love her and her personality is one of a kind!
Bella Lou
Bella Lou is such a loving puppy who wants to be miss independent! She loves to play and run outside. She is a friendly sweet puppy. She likes to go on car rides and look out the window. She can sit and give paw! Her little innocent face makes you fall in love❤️ She is a husky/lab/and hound! She makes our world light up ❤️
Loves to bring a smile on everyone’s face