Baby Stories - 67


Follow me on Instagram @Ajtheminiaussie Hi! I'm a cool doggo with a bunch of toys and treatooos! The hoomans call me A.J. (ACE JR) all the time, so I guess that's my name. My mom says "ahht no" a lot, so that must be my nickname. Mom said she named me after my big brother, who I never met. Apparently he lives in doggo heaven now and mom misses him lot. Mom tells me I'm so much like him, that it's weird. I'm very smart. I know lots of things, like how to sit, jump, lay down, roll over, say please and love you, dance(spin) and bang(play dead). My most furrravorite thing is being with my mom! She's my emotional support Hooman because I get terrible anxiety when she leaves me. I like to run with big dogs at the dog park, chew bones, do tricks for treatoooos and get bellyrubs. My favorite motto IS, "Throw me to the wolves, and I'll return leading the pack!" Okay, gotta go!! My hooman just yelled, "wana treat?".
She likes chasing cows and running along the snowmobile
Milo is a rescue dog. When we got him he was so scared and now he is the most loving, outgoing, happy go lucky dog you will ever meet. His favorite thing to do is look out the window and wink at people. He love to play and go on tons of walks.
Tiktok dog! Also know as feia
Zoey is a very active dog. He wants to play a lot specially with my tubby cat Zohan. His favorite toy is a squeky dinosour.
Toby is a very energetic pup and has a big appetite. He loves to play fetch and loves kids. He likes to bite toes and something socks. He is our “big” protector.
Lincoln is a mutt, he has lots of interesting breeds in him! he loves sticks and squeaky toys!
Echo is an amazing pup...He is 100% my support dog. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is such a lover and a lap dog.
Sadie Girl
Sadie is such a sweet crazy girl who loves chasing squirrels 🐿
Bella loves herding horses and cows back in to there pen and she’s very protective over you
Hi my name is Ares! I am named after the god of war and dads favorite artist. I am a 4 month old blue whippet currently living in Tucson, Arizona. I love to play tug a war, lay in the sun, nap in my cave bed and snuggle. Please vote for me. Thanks for visiting my page 🐾
Theo loves to play tug of war and play with his paw friends!
She loves her ranger rides and sleeping!!
Miranda is one year old maltipoo,she is very playful and She loves going on walks
Harley is a 3 year old beagle who loves playing with his owner along with his toys. He enjoys swimming in the pool as well
I’m spunky, fun and full of energy! I love to play “soccer” in the living room and try to hold as many toys in my mouth at once!
Ella is our trouble maker, but she loves to cuddle! We also rescued her from a home that did not want her. She suffers from major separation anxiety, but that is okay because we work with her, and love her!
We rescued honeybee for a shelter, she was a lost dog. She is about 4 years and is our most loyal dog! She is very quirky and proper! And loves chasing her tail.
Milo is half Siberian Husky and half Pit Bull Terrier. He’s in love with squeak toys and people in general. He’s a sweet boy who loves to play tag with the kids and fetch.
Daisy was born on Thanksgiving. She loves to play.
Aria is a character loves to play and cuddle sometimes I forget she’s even a dog she acts like a person most days 😂🥺❤️
Capone is a very happy yet energized dog. He is a year and 9 months. He loves playing w his other furry siblings and playing tug w his rope
Bleu will put a smile on anyone's face! He's fun, loveable, and full of energy. If you get close enough, he just might kiss you!
Odin is a gentle little giant. Beautiful teddy bear with a lot of love to give ❤.
Penny aka Penelope Von Whippersnapper. Penny does not know she is a dog. She likes to be known as a fur-person. She loves to cuddle and watch TV. Her favorite show is the Kids Baking Championship. Penny loves to dress like a diva and definitely has a diva attitude.
Smart goofball boy that loves everyone. Little sneaky loves to steal things out of mine or friends purses especially tic tacs , gum , and mints
Hi! I’m locks, I am 4 months old. I love to play with other dogs and lay in bed with mom and dad. I also like to drive my mom crazy when she takes me to work with her💕😌
Bentley is a Pyrenees Bernese mountain dog, he turned one june 26th, 2020. He loves going to dog parks and meeting new doggies.
Butler is a rescue pup all the way from Alabama! (we live in upstate NY) He's a southern gentleman who loves to cuddle, he LOVES the snow and playing in water. He is strong and loving and I can't even remember what life was like before him!
Gizmo is Yorkie and Maltese mix. She is fun, lovable and playful❤️
I love to play & run around! I love all toys but my favorite is a ball or a stick! I love cuddles & to swim! But most of all I love my mom!
Cute and loving. Adorable looks. Loves to play.
Remi loves her family and playing ALL day. She loves playing with her friends Brody , Piper and Annie. Remi enjoys watching animal planet and videos on TV you tube with cats and bunnies. Most of all she loves cuddling and going for car rides. ❤️
Ollie is 3 months old and loves to play outside. He likes to play Fetch with literally anything
Agador Spartacus
Agador is our cute chug. Lovable from day one. He like pinecones, but only if they have been stepped on. His usual playtime starts at 11pm which involves bringing every single toy to us one by one. We can’t picture our lives without him.
Huntley likes to play fetch, pretend he’s a herd dog to the other animals and follows his mom around like she’s his queen 👑
This is our 2 year old fur baby Nitro. The princess, as we call her, or "pretty girl." Her money will be used to get her a new jacket and booties, and of course some new toys/treats.
Gabby is a 5 year old maltese who loves to snuggle, go for walks, ans play with her tiny tennis balls. She is a sassy little girl.
Hallie is a spunky 5 month Bernedoodle with a personality out of this world!!
Arthur was born in Sebastapol, California and since birth he has resided in Florida, New York City, and currently Los Angeles, California. He is a 2 year old miniature Goldendoodle who loves running outside, eating chicken chips, going anywhere and everywhere with him mom, and LOVES to socialize with people! Arthur is full of personality, and lights up every room he enters. Arthur's brother George is his best friend, and he enjoys traveling to his Gigi's house to visit George when his schedule allows it. To know Arthur, is to love him. Arthur has never met a stranger and will love you until the end of time.
Miko is and American bull dog mix pit. He will talk to you with sound. He lives food when he hears someone cooking or unwrapping something with food in it he comes running. He will give a paw so he can get a treat. What he likes the most is being outside all the time if he had it his way he would love to live outside.
Callahan Lee
Callahan was adopted from a shelter when he was 7 months old. Even though he’s almost 7, he still acts like a puppy.
Our sweet f1 brindle goldendoodle Bonnie!! She is such an amazing sweet girl!!
Griffin Reagan
Griffin is the sweetest wee dog. He loves to snuggle, especially if you carry him in your shirt, or a pouch. Griffin loves to run and play with his old brother, Callahan Lee.
Our handsome boy!! He is an f1b phantom goldendoodle!! Such an amazing boy!!
Moana is a very energetic, loving, and sweet beagle! She loves the snow, hugs, kisses and of course treats! Moana will be 7 months old on February 11th.