Bella is the sweetest, smart, intelligent, loyal, obedient dog you will ever meet. She likes people and other animals. Seeing pictures of her doesn’t quite explain the beauty this dog possesses. She is an amazing companion.
shitzu mixed with poodle girl had 5 puppies she’s a great mom great watch dog she protects me and there’s babies vote for mamas
Only boy out of a 5 pup liter that came out with multi colors brown & black he’s mixed small toy breed his mom is shihpoo all black curly & dad is brown small chihuahua Taco Bell dog. Just a ball of joy🤩
I just lost my brother, Dior, so I am the man of the house…I hope I look the part. I miss my Dior so much. Love to all and peace on earth❤️
Jaeger is a redbone coon hound . He likes to sniff around all day and chase bunnies
Ozzy Pawsbourne
Ozzy is the absolute goodest boy ever
Koko is a sweet mini chiweenie, she loves cuddles and kisses but her favorite thing to do is play with her two human siblings 🥰
Loves chicken jerky and belly rubs and loves the outdoors especially watching cars go by . He's a wonderful emotional support dog not only mine but picks up easily on others emotions easily and wastes no time raising their spirits. He's definitely My Hero ☺️
Penelope was born with a cleft lip .they said so she wasn't gonna make it.i had to tube feed her.shes as fighter and her personality is so full.
The goodest 2 month old American Bully! Loves to cuddle with warm blankets and watch tv❤️
Gunner Waylon Jennings
Amazing and loyal good boy!
Bella is a sweet 3 year old German shepherd who loves the water snow and Lazer lights her most fav chasing her toy balls.
She is so loving if your having a bad day shes always there to comfort you loves going for rides and loves her treats
Cocoa is such a sweet dog! She is smart, funny, and a very good dog! She Loves people and anyone that will give it to her!
Sunny is a 3 year old staffordshire bull terrier. She is a ball of energy but a kind heart. She loves to play with toys and her sibling but most of all she loves to sleep in the bed with mom and dad. Going for rides in the truck is a close 2nd place. She never meets a stranger and loves everyone including other dog. Show her some love as she is alway wiling to give some back.
Fang is a happy boy. He’s photogenic when the right treat is in hand. He loves walks and bacon. He is always ready for the next adventure!
Nala is a 12 week old bulldog. She is very cuddly and spoiled. She loves to play and sleep. She is full of energy and a lot of fun. She is a very sweet girl
Precious is the stress reliever in the family. She's very adorable, huggable, and sweet.
Rip is a 7 month old golden retriever/hound mix. He is the sweetest boy with a lot of personality. His favorite hobbies include chewing everything he can get his teeth into, jumping on his big brother off of the couch and cuddling with his humans.
Gumbo is a 10 month old English Setter who is clumsy and dopey but absolutely loves everyone he’s ever met. Some of his hobbies are laying down to drink water for 20 min straight and protecting his humans from the vacuum.
i got nalu on thanksgiving, she loves being pampered. she is around 10 years old and i got her by saying “i’ll take that dog” at my friends house and they all told me to take her. i fell in love at fist sight. i dreamed of having a yorkie, now she won’t leave my side, has more clothes then me, and even comes to work with me. she helps with my anxiety, and if it wasn’t for her i would still be in a dark place. i love my lil nalu. if i was to win all funds will go to her vet bill.
Aspen is a blue eyed snow loving fur baby who adores her Mamma. She loves to hike, go to the park, and play with her toys. She is a registered ESA and calms all who have the joy of being around her.
Oreo thinks she's a protective lil furbaby. Get to know her and you'll see her sweetside.
Wicket is a 3 month old Cockapoo. He loves playing with his toys; his favorite is his Barkbox Chewbacca. He’s doing great at potty training and learning basic commands. His favorite treat is peanut butter gingerbread puppy treats and he loves to bark and chase the brooms when we sweep.
She likes to love and give kisses and she is so sweet
Decimus is a 2 year old Olde English Bulldogge who loves chewing on his kongs toys and pork chomp chewie treats. Cuddling is one of his favorite pass times and he is a well known personality at the local dog park. He saved his Daddy’s life in more ways than one, by giving love and affection when his heart needed it the most after losing his Mother.
Stitch has a cleft lip, he is the runt of the litter and was tube fed as a baby! He is only 2.5#. For Halloween he wore a bearded dragon costume because he’s so small he hardly fits any dog clothes! He likes to be held inside the collar of your shirt, or snuggled up against you. His best friend is my one year old son. Stitch also thinks he’s a big dog, and steals food from the huskies one piece at a time. This spunky little guy is my best pal!
Heidi Rose
My bf and I rescued Heidi from the Shelter, she was 8 months old when we got her. She is by far the sweetest girl in the world, Heidi loves to take trips in the car. Please take time out of your day to vote for my Heidi girl, it is much appreciated💛🐶.
Spike is a Japanese spitz and he loves playing with his toys and going for walks and meeting new people he is a sassy old man but loves everything!
Chance is a sweet dog with lots of energy! He loves to play and cuddle
Cooper was a rescue who joined our family on my birthday last year! He has a personality like no other. He likes to play but most of all loves to sleep!
I saved Blue from a kill shelter and he is greatest fur baby he follows me everywhere I go and he loves to go car riding.... I saved him and he saved me
Ruger is a registered service dog for his person with special needs 🖤
She came from an abuse home when I got her, she was always locked up in a kennel and she was always on a chain, now she’s living a good life with lots of people who love her, I got her last December and she was just skinny and only a few months old, now she’s a year and 2 months old
Chop is 7 months old he’s loving, silly, has the most adorable underbite, will eat all your French fries, Chapo is a big baby that likes to be held as if he were one himself.
Hades is a handsome five month old boy who is approximately 26lbs and 18" tall. He is very biddable, loving, intelligent, and loyal. Loves meeting new people, dogs, and horses. As well as all things edible. He is talkative, and has the best sweet temperament. Hades thanks you for your votes and time 🙂
Ruby is my mini poodle! She’s an emotional support animal who loves cuddles, eating, playing fetch, being outside, and stealing/hiding socks! She’s very energetic and loving! Ruby’s favorite thing is when both, my boyfriend and I, are home to play with her. She very much dislikes plastic bags and the vacuum. Overall, Ruby knows no stranger once you start petting her and is such a sweet, funny, and caring pet!
We got her from the pound when she was a year old and she’s been with us ever since, she originally was at my dads but he could no longer have her so I took her in and saved her from going back to the pound she’s the sweetest dog ever and is very clam
Remi is a playful puppy who loves running through the snow, playing with the cats and chewing on her toys!
Lucifer is my best buddy. He loves to play with sticks, squirrels, birds, and anyone else willing to play. Lucifer gives the best cuddles and loves so sweetly.
She loves attention, loves going bye bye, loves going for walk, gets excited when people come over loves her treats
Harley was given to my daughter, Mikayla, after her first brain cancer biopsy. Harley has helped Mikayla get through her second biopsy, proton therapy, and depression
Noah is an AmStaff from Freedom Amstaffs! He is looking to join the SK Family on Jan. 7th ❤️
Joy is such a happy girl (which is where she gets her name from). She has been the perfect addition to our family and is loved by everyone she meets!
Bella is the dog that even people who don't like small dogs just love her and can't get enough of her sweetness!
Simba is a year old . He is very protective but absolutely loving . He loves to play with balls . Playing outside is his favorite whether it’s tramping in a puddle of water or running around
My name is Ozzie & I am a 5 month old Chorkie. I am an Emotional Support Animal for my Girl, Vonny, she is 8 years old. Both of us have the same birthday in July. Its amazing! I love protecting her and her family! I just want to love her and keep her happy forever!
Normy loves playing with toys and making people feel better! He is a fearless protector of his “people” and he has about 80. He is addicted to sticks and running when not at work with mom.