Daisy May
Daisy may is a pup with her own personality and even qhen she has you in loved with her cuteness overload she is a sassy mouthly little pup... But she loves to be loved and give hugs...
Blessing C Francis
Blessing is truly her name sake she is so loving has the best personality she loves to play fetch ,play Frisbee at the beach .
Hello this is jaxx, hes a super silly little guy with conjestive heart failure. Up until we found that out , he had been my service dog for the past 8 years, and my best friend.
Zia Gurl
She love people she is just a people dog she loves to chase any kinda rope and she has her daddy she is so spoiled,,,,and she loves to go fast in her truck
A sweet dog, She loves to cuddle likes to play and take out for walks
This is Leia aka Lee, shes so smart, she hunts anything, LOVES outside, chasing things and catching things, but ALSO so sweet and loveable,
Rigby is the chillest boy on the play ground. Often referred to as the “Owen Wilson” of dogs. Rigby has spent his whole life on the beach and makes even hottest of babes swoon. Not only does Rigby’s charming demeanor find him all the females he desires, but he also has a soft spot for small children and disabled vets. Being the ultimate emotional support buddy Riggs or Rigby to be sauve. Has always been a true lover boy. He spends his days rich in children’s arms or chasing his labradoodle girlfriend Bimi.
My baby girl princess is 6 months old, she has seizures and broke her leg. Through all her ups and downs she’s a happy lovable puppy. Princess loves to play with her toy babies and run around doing zoomies. She loves to stick her tongue out and smile for photos and cuddle.
Shammy (as we nicknamed her) loves to cuddle, very playful and way to smart. She barks only at doorbell rings, even if its on TV, its very funny to watch. Truly our bedt friend amd perfect addition/fit for our family. We take her with us every we go if possible.
Miss Stella
Miss Stella is a loving, protective very sweet and well mannered. She is very smart and personable.
Bodhi loves the snow, swimming and moms socks! He is the sweetest soon to be 1 year old who loves to give kisses! He loves the dog park! Bodhi is a german shepherd great pyrneese mix we adopted from the pound at 7 weeks old. He is just now learning his protective instincts & his control over the infamous “pyr paw” where he will use his paws to knock phones out of hands or to grab your hand and guide you to pet him.
Diesel is a bloodhound, he loves being outside and loves to climb on kitchen counters! He is getting bigger each and every day
He’s almost 11 years old but I’ve taken great care of him over the years so he stills acts and looks fairly younger. He loves to swim, he loves to hunt, and he loves fishing. if even sees you in just a camo shirt he thinks it’s time to go lol He loves swimming so much that he tries swimming in the mud holes when it rains (it’s just something you’d have to witness). When we’re fishing every time a limb goes by he thinks he has to grab it so when I’m paddling the boat he decides to grab limbs and not let go😂 He’s been a great companion for all of these years. He may be getting old but his spirit doesn’t skip a beat
Kota Renae
Kota “Koty” is a husky pit who is 7 months old. She loves to steal socks and the hearts of those who have ever met her. She’s full of attitude until you put a treat in her sight.
This is my service dog Dakota he helps me with my anxiety and my depression and he helps me dill with my health problems and he makes me not lonely he keeps me company and he is my little buddy and I love him very much he loves me and I love him he helps me since my mom passed away on March 16 , and he helps cop with everything I been going through lately.
Kofi Joe
Kofi is the epitome of all we should each aspire to be!! He is kind, funny, caring, curious, and the best friend to all my grandchildren. He loves to chase matchbox cars! He LOVES to share food and snacks with his mommy. He is a bed hog, he is a watch dog, and my sweet puppy son! He knows my lupus is acting up before i do. He stays right next to me. You could never convince my Kofi Joe that he is a dog, just a boy in a fur suit. He is a momma's boy! He has more personality than most people! Believe me when i say, you would LOVE him! Everyone does.
I’m Polly I live in Colorado and I have older brother name Lenny me and him are bonded love my new family they bring me so much joy I love all types of weather bring it on I’m ready I love everyone maybe you’ll see me one day just give me lots of pets 🥺❤️
8 week old frenchie im energetic little guy i love my sqeeky toys and im a Dads boy big time! 💙 my eyes are ocean blue so thats where my name comes from and that im a blue merel..please vote for me ty wif awww my loves🐾 💙
My name is Roxie! I am a fun, loving Siberian Husky! I love the beach, my toys and traveling with my mom and dad!!🐾💕
Dakota loves to fetch. He loves to chew and eat everything and anything! But more than anything he loves to ride the tractor!
Roux loves to stay right by your side no matter what! She loves getting pets and kisses!!
Huk is an amazing dog who loves to go and do anything with you. Although he does love to sleep all day!
Elmer Bear
Just a little gentleman Has a big heart So lovable
Buddy is a super happy , super friendly , very active little boy that loves to play .
Minnie May
Minnie is so loveable loves to give kisses
Kya loves her walks and to see other dogs and people,she also loves her sister and mom and dad.She is a snack lo er for sute!
Luna, is a crazy, goofy, outgoing little girl she’s a rescue and you would never know that she was to this day she came along way, and I’m very proud of her
full blooded siberian husky multi colored eyes
Playful high energy puppy almost a year old is a australian retriever mom was a mini golden retriever and dad was a mini australian shepherd
Arlo is very loyal and loves to talk in conversation.
Pancho is one of a kind he's a tricks or dog he he's being a circus he walks on his hind legs he'll come to you he's very well-trained as well he was with Lacey and they both were tied and chained to the ground when I had got them and I had to cut the the collars off of them because the colors were invented inside the dog's necks and they both are rescued and they both are healthy now that's a big update from what they used to be that they used to be scared of humans and now they just are the most loving animal God could ever ask for he's very well trained he goes and does tricks on his highlights too and they both are great train you tell him to get in the cage to get in the cage if you want them in the cage there's not really much to say except my animals are very well taken care of
She came from abusive home the people that had her left her there to die she was chained to the floor and she turned her whole life around she knows every trick in the book she spoiled she's 10 years old I give her anything she wants she's very spoiled she dances for her food too
Queen Narnia
I saved her from the bad situation the owners that had her physically abused her and then they were turned up put her in the washer and drown her but what I can say about her she turned her whole life around she knows every trick in the book she gets on her life she dances for her food she's a beautiful dog I love her to death
Not much I really can say about them cuz they haven't opened their eyes yet
Very intelligent is smart when I tell him to go get me a drink from the fridge he goes and gets me a bottle of soda or juice and brings it to me without popping it or breaking the bottle
These are all different puppies from my litter in my pups I have all of the names some of them don't have names they are the greatest pups very smart intelligent
Luke is a gentle giant. He is the sweetest boy for his size. He loves people, all children and other animals. Luke goes to work with his Dad every day at our business and people come in just to visit Luke. He also spends 6 mos a year at our RV in Cape Cod. When he hangs out the window the way he does riding around people there know him by name and give a shout out to him.
Ava like to playing with her brother,and she like walks in the summer not to much in the winter. She like to lay in front of space heater when it's cold and loves cuddle with her human momma at bed time .vava loves loves attention.
Precious is the name that says it all with this sweet little 5 lb. teacup yorkie ! Every bit as cute as can be.
She loves to chase. Chase the ball, her sisters, her shadow. She is so fun loving and smart.
Ogden “Oggie” is a playful, sassy goofball that loves cuddles and belly rubs. I call him my 60lb lap dog❤️
Dexter is a lovable black German Shepherd he loves to play ball loves barking and howling when the reminder to feed goes off and loves to watch TV and say hello to every dog he hears or sees
Bama is our sweet baby boy. He's full of energy and very loyal pup. He loves tracking and playing with sticks.
Shes a sweet and lovable girl.Very easy going and laid back and loves to snuggle
Marley is a very energetic and loving puppy. He loves to cuddle and give kisses and he believes he is a lap dog. He loves to chase rabbits and his older brother Bailey. His favorite treats are peanut butter and the cat’s food.
Hope is a miniature Yorkie who loves snuggles and her treats! Her favorite toy is a ball which she will hide all the time.
Kaizer is a growing pup full of personality! He loves his older sister, Lady, who he looks up to. He prefers to be exploring what the nature provides him. His favorite things to do are dig, roam, play with his sister, and swim in the pond. He never leaves his owner side going for long walks.