Baby Stories - 67


Duke and his sister were surrendered while they still needed to be bottle fed. Growing up in a shelter, everything is new to him. His biggest fear is the TV!,& grass,& cars & the mail slot, to name a few 😁
Roscoe really does have the puppy dog eyes that will make anyone’s heart melt ; he’s quick, playful, goofy, protective, sweet, and so full of life. He’s truly a happy pup, but nothing makes this guy smile more than his friends, his squeaky toys, and his rope. And what he most enjoys is the company of his mom, simply sitting right next to her, or laying beside her. He’s one amazing furbaby.
Bear is 10 weeks old an very happy pup he loves to play an he is cuddly an loves to show his affection he is learning to potty outside he likes to have his bath time
Pretty Girl
Im Munchkin😍 But everyone calls me pretty girl, and its my favorite! I love to dance for treats and snuggle with mom As we watch disney and i sneak popcorn from her bowl ! Im a traveling machine and love the beach in florida and snow in minnesota! Jetsetter gogetter and cutest pup ever
Tammy Jo
Tammy Jo is a toy Australian Shepherd and full of life and energy! She loves treats (especially ice) and attition. She is a great fly catcher and diet companion (because she will talk you out of your food ). She will love on anyone that looks her way and if you don’t notice her she will make sure you do. She is quite the diva as well and can throw a fit like a toddler.
Zoey Girl
Hi, Im a sweet old lady with a couple missing teeth and a smile you wont forget. I desire for adventure! I am the head of the pack and mom has 3 other pups that i have decided can stay ! Vote for me, Old ladys are cute too
Harper Louise Smart
Harper came into our lives like a wrecking ball! She loves to cuddle and run after birds.
Beau Man
Beau Man is the James Bond of puppy love! Code named lover boy, He never misses the chance to steal a kiss from the unexpected lady. The sneaky yet suave gentlemen always looking for a chance to take a bit of your food. 😊
Hi I’m Indica and Chihuahua/Pekingese mix. My parents got me out of a cardboard box and I’m now a member of the Anderson family traveling is my favorite pastime. At 11weeks old I have been camping all over Texas and just got back from a week in Florida.
Blueberry is a 9 month old chocolate Labrador retriever! He’s sweet , so friendly! And enjoys carrots more then anything! And His favorite thing is cuddling on mom!
Hi I’m Chico! A rescue pup from Massachusetts🐾 I like chewing on things especially soft toys! I recently learned how to swim and my PAWrents think I’m a shark but it’s just to help me float! 🦈 I love long walkies and I’m so glad I found my forever home✨
Wyatt is a Golden Retriever, just over a year old and still very much enjoying his puppy years. Car rides, swimming and fetch are some of his favorite past times!
Francesca (Frankie for short) is a 60lb rescue princess! She has been my saving grace in life since she came into my home in December 2020! We’ve had some rough patches, Frankie was spayed and ended up in the hospital with complications and fluid in her lungs and belly in April. I was so afraid to lose her when I had only gotten to spend such little time with my best friend. Over the last few months we’ve grown so close, she loves camping, hiking, swimming, car rides, walks, playing with her dog friends and of course snuggles with mama are her favorite 🥰 My girl deserves a win in her life after such sadness and pain 🏆
Tasha Lynn
Tasha is our Morkie (Maltese/yorkie) spoiled princess of a family dog💗 She will be 14 years young on August 8th 2021! She may not have all of her teeth anymore, but her smile is what brings me the most happiness! On bad days, and good days she is right on your lap ready to snuggle all day long! Spoiled girl loves camping, boating, road trips, walks but staying in bed is her favorite thing of all 🐾💗 She is 8lbs of love!
Riot loves boating and cracking coconuts. He loves playing w ducklings and squirrels. Runs in the shower and waits when you say it’s time for shower. His demeanor is that of a a little puppy. He walks up to you when it’s time to get his teeth brushed. Most obedient and sweetest dog I’ve ever had.
Hi, I’m Elroy. I had a really rough start but once I met my mum it’s been steak and pup cups!
My name is Duke! I am a 3 year old blue heeler that loves truck rides, and cuddles!
Luna is a sweet little girl who rarely barks and learns easily. She can do many tricks and loves to play with her stuffed bunny and gator.
Hi I’m Max🐶I am my mommy’s service puppy and I’m only 4 months old and 2 pounds of pure love and chaos I love playing in grass and playing with my panda bear COME CHECK ME OUT🐶♥️
She’s the youngest beauty of the pack, and a goofball (see other photos) 😉
Gotti is an XL American Bully! He’s a beautiful chocolate ghost tricolor, with a loving face 🤎🍫
Modie is our first baby! I can’t wait to see him grow! Vote for my baby pls! Xoxo I appreciate your vote! Thank you for the love 🥺💖
Mollie has been in my life since 2017, she has moved with me 3 times and been my rock 💗 she is so sweet and loves her momma and sister Piper! She loves to cuddle and play with her stuffed toys!
Aspen is a very goofy and playful puppy. He loves playing tug of war and watching over our baby kittens
Maggie is the daughter of our other 2 schnauzers. She only likes her people and is called killer dog by my nephew. She is the best cuddler in bed and loves to play with her Dad whose is 3 times her size. She is the most precious to those she loves. She's fixing to have a birthday and she was the last little puppy born to her momma. Even though she's a rascal I wouldn't trade her for anything❤️❤️
Bubby enjoys chasing deer on the farm. He watches over our 11 cats and makes sure they are safe at night by sleeping outside of the cat condo.❤️
Duke loves to play in the water, eating treats and long walks ❤️
Roxy Red
Red is a true athlete. She enjoys swimming, running and playing tug. She is very energetic and loves to be with us wherever we go❤️
Lolli is a rescue from our local shelter. She loves swimming and chewing on her Benebone. She also enjoys naps with her dad❤️
Kane loves playing with his red Jolly ball and he learned to swim last year, so he enjoys swimming and fetching.
Athena loves to cuddle and give kisses.
Harley loves cuddles and his pool!!
My bestest friend is my brother Teddy the golden retriever. I love my toys, going swimming, numnums and getting lovies from me mommy🐾❤️
Norie was named after 3 friends of my husband and I had passed away. We see little traits of each of them in him and he’s helping to keep their memory alive. Norie loves to play with his brother Oakley and sister Daisy. He enjoys naps, playing in water and snacks!
Willow loves being outside in nature, at six months old, she’s discovering her world and learning her way. Zoomies are done a couple times a day, because she can’t contain her joyful happy self. But most of all, a snuggle with mom is her favorite.
She is very gentle loving and sweet. Cant do without her. Mommies little shadow.
Ash will be one soon. He love to play n eat. He ❤️‘S his belly to be rubbed. Ash love kids and will make sure they are not getting into anything.
She’s a fiesty young lady who loves short walks to the fridge and a good ear rubbing.
Always smiling and ready for adventure! Loves his brother, cooler temperatures and chicken!
Gracie Mae
Gracie is a Shetland Sheepdog, Sheltie for short. She is a working breed that usually help herd animals. She takes caring for people seriously, she is a kind gentle soul that is full of pep. Her favorite activities are meeting new people, running as fast as she can, agility training, and belly rubs. She follows the children and myself everywhere we go. She loves her daily brushing and is one of the best breeds for children to own. Please vote for her!
Wayne is a smart, yet stubborn Pug. He’s full of personality even though he doesn’t like to move much. You know what he’s thinking just by looking at him. Somehow, believe it or not, it’s easy to have a full on conversation with him. He loves to sit on the front porch in the sun. He hates it when children fight and slam doors and will yell at you until you open the door. He’s not big on dieting and has a large craving for cat foot. Especially, wet cat food. Wayne has always been very protective of his family, especially when it comes to other dogs. However, He does very well with cats. Cats love Wayne as he knows how to respect their space and keeps dogs away from them. Wayne’s top priorities are Food, family, and sleep, and maybe even a little porch time. He will never, AND I MEAN NEVER, put a leash on and go for a walk. He will look at you like you have lost your mind. He will share a bag of popcorn and watch any movie you pick. He might pass out and snore very loudly though!
He’s obsessed with our cat, they are already the best of friends.
Cash was adopted during covid as a puppy. He was neglected and underweight. The novelty wore off and the expense was too much for the family. The rescue organization rescued him back. We were the lucky ones who now grew our family with this beautiful fur baby!
Tessie is a very focused bunny chaser, bossy and stubborn, toy obsessed, social distant, over protective little monster who is a Florida Sun goddess. She is happiest to run outside all day every day and chase chipmunks and red squirrel. When she loves you, she really loves you. Cutest expressions that gets her away with so much
Maggie is going on 11 years old and the best dog a girl could ask for. She recently went blind 2 years ago after being diagnosed with Cushings disease and SARDS, but that hasn’t slowed her down one bit. She may not get to catch balls like she used to, but she still has the heart of a lion and acts as if she’s still a playful pup at times.