Lilly is a bright loving girl!!! She makes us laugh everyday with her playfulness!! She loves to camp and go fishing!! She loves lots of cuddles!
Maggie May
Maggie May is a fun loving energetic 9 month old puppy. She had her jaw broke at 4 weeks old by momma stepping on her but that hasn’t stopped her from living and enjoying life! She loves all animals and children of any age. She loves tennis balls and of course her squeaky toy as pictured.
Sully is the sweetest boy! He loves attention and cuddle and is never far from our feet! He adores my 3 boys and love when they play chase with him♥️🐶
Maui Blue
Maui Blue Loves playing with Raven Lenore eating alot and sleeping.He is learning to be a service dog and doing very good with this.
Smores loves to eat animals she’s a mix breed!!!
Luna is so sweet! She loves to be pet and her belly rubbed! She is nice to everyone! Her favorite thing to do is eat!! She always smiles for the camera!!!
Bondzeye is a very energetic and loving dog he loves to be around people and loved on. He knows how to sit, lay down, shake paws and give high five.
Jerry posing for his headshot!
Rose is the cutest rescue bully ever and she is my shadow. The sweetest no ears doggy.
I funny and super cuddly. I love to eat, sleep and play with my toys. I love to make funny noises but most of all I love my mommy
I am super energetic, anxious but yet lovable. I love the late summer nights by the fire. But I am definitely attached to my humans!!
Buddy loves to give hugs and dig holes in the backyard! He loves his kisses and sloth squeaker toy as well!
Tiny Beans
We adopted TinyBeans at our local animal shelter.TinyBeans loves to play& snuggle& loves giving you kisses.
Cali Marie
Cali is a rescue, we found her in the cold January 2022. She is the sweetest and goofiest puppy ever. She can be a handful sometimes but its okay! We love her <3
Luna Lovegood Gunderson
Luna is the smartest puppy I’ve ever had, I rescued her at two weeks old and bottle fed her. She is very social, and very outspoken. She has learned to tell me everything she wants, like going potty outside, to helping her find her favorite ball when she can’t find it! She’s very well behaved, and the thing is I didn’t even train her!
Lorenzo is a rescue who has come with a few endearing quirks. When he is feeling brave, he is excited to explore & see new things. He could care less about people, but you give him an opportunity to make new doggo friends & he is over the moon. This boy does not take meals for granted & does not miss a single one. Despite is mostly aloof personality, he is a total snuggle bug at bedtime. I am fortunate however, that he does share my king size bed with me. Leaving juuuuust enough room for me to sleep. LOL!
Bandits a goofy wrecking ball with tons of love for his family. When you don't find him busy playing, he's probably busy cuddling.
Indy is a 2 year old mini dachshund who loves riding motorcycles and loves to swim. He loves his toys and treats and his brothers and sisters. He is a mama’s boy for sure. He loves the beach. He absolutely loves sunbathing, sleeping and cuddling
Hi. My name is Jax. I am a 7 year old chiweenie that walked into my moms work at 6 weeks old and stole her heart. I am also mommy’s service animal. I love to ride motorcycles and have ridden over 30,000 miles. I love to swim and be at the beach. I love my cuddles and my blankets. I love my toys and treats and to follow mommy everywhere
Hi all! I'm Lily girl. I'm an absolute love and cuddler. I haven't met a living being that I don't love. I also love water, tennis balls and my favorite pig squeeky toys. Vote for me and Ill give a big smooch!
Presley was a stray found in Alabama. She loves walks, chasing vermin and hassling her cat.
Rescue from Mississippi. The perfect spirited pup, loves every one and everything.
Hi! I’m Zack! I am a 6-year-old Maltese. I love to play with my favorite orange ball, snuggle with my parents, and get belly rubs. I spend most of my days looking/greeting all of my neighbors from my window. One of my favorite things to do is go on the rooftop and catch a cool breeze. When it gets really cold I grab a pupaChino with my parents at Starbucks and try to stay warm. Life is pawsome! 🐾
Patrick was a stray found in St. Louis. He loves napping and snuggling. Sweetest boy ever.
I am 2 years old and I love cuddles with mommy and Daddy! I love playing in the water and I absolutely love my baths!
Hi I’m Duke!!! I love going on hikes! I love pup cups! I’m literally the most dramatic biggest baby there ever was! I love mom and dad and loves snuggles! When I was a pup I had parvo and thankfully the vet saved my life I’m a strong little booger!
Hi, I’m Willow! I am almost 3 years old. I am spoiled rotten! I love to run, play with my toys, cuddle, and eat all of the snacks in my house.
Olive is a 2 year old deaf sheepadoodle. She may not be able to hear, but her sense of smell and problem solving abilities is out of this world! She has the goofiest personality (if you can’t tell from this goofy picture). She makes me laugh on a regular basis & we love her very much!
Hi my name is Copper, like from that movie ya know. Well that’s what my momma says anyways. If you have the treats i will pretty much do anything you say. Momma says i’m a good boy and i’m her favorite baby, but shooo my brothers and sisters can’t know that. She’s my favorite hooman too though.
Georgie is the sweetest little baby.
He is my 80 pound lap dog
Leo is a mix breed chiwawa and dachshund. In other words he is a Chiweenie. A breed that started in the 90s. Hes a bundle of joy and a lovable lap dog, he loves a lot of attention , and also loves to chew on socks after he gets the zoomies.
Bella Mae
Hello, My name is Bella Mae. I am 5 years old. My mommy is my best friend. I love my furless brothers and sister and my toys and cookies. I enjoy snuggle time with my mom and dad and just living my best life in my forever home with people who love me.
Hi, I’m Zues! I’m 3 years old, I’m a reverse brindle. My family loves to spoil me! I love cheese, barking for fun, playing with my rubber chicken & annoying my sister. Oh and I also like staring at my mom until she gets angry or thinks it’s cute. My brother taught be how to high five! Although I do get on my family’s nerves sometime they still love me! So please do me a favor and please vote for me! Love Zues <3
Brewster is very playful, he’s 7 months old. His favorite thing to do is play fetch with his ball, he loves to play with his companion Bubbles. And they lay together and dog talk.
Willow is a Pure bred Catahoula Leopard . She 2 1/2 born on Saint Patrick’s day! And Such a whittle sweetheart ! She loves to snuggle and working from home with me. She loves meeting new people and loves attention! She’s my best friend 💕
Gizmo is a min pin chihuahua mix and loves to play tug of war. He is definitely tiny but mighty. Gizmo is a loving dog that will give anyone kisses.
Logo loves to pretend to be a gardener, run around the dog park, and cuddle with his fur brother.
Buddy is a very loving, caring,and very passionate dog. He can still your heart away with his drop dead gorgeous eyes and sometimes ears. He is a service dog. Buddy loves to always play with you, some of his favorite toys are golf balls, bouncy balls, ropes to play tug a war and last but not least old socks tide in a knot.
Buddy is a very sweet and happy mixed breed dog. He loves hunting, swimming, and running. He is not a big fan of UPS, Fed-Ex, and mail carriers. His bark is so strong and loud-not something we expected from him but he definitely alerts us. He is a great dog!!
She is fun and very hardworking dog. Always looking out for deer, squirrels and birds. She always sits by the grill to watch the grilled food whenever we are grilling.
Hi mine name is Repo I love everything an love life my owner spoiled me a lot I love him
Kobe is the sweetest most loving dog! He loves taking walks, training with his daddy & his bones!
Carly was a rescue whom was full of every worm possible, but not heart worms. Thank Gad for that. She weighed 14lbs when I brought her home. Within a week she gained 10ths. The first time I got onto her about something she jumped onto the couch, tilted her head, and proceeded to talk back to me. I have never seen a dog with such expressions. She has a skull marking on her ear. We call her our Princess Warrior.
Mr. Beau, BoBo, Boby, spoiled doggo, he has many names! One thing that always remains the same is his ability to bring happiness into my family (and chaos). He is the sweetest, but most energetic dog you could ever meet. Vote for Beau!!
He was a rescue, from what the rescue could only assume, a dog fighting ring. He is very loving and protective of me. When we come home he generally has a toy in his mouth. It is so cute. I am so happy that his ears and tail were not cropped. When he runs one ear will stand straight up, and his tail makes a question mark shap. We love him dearly!
Khloe Aliyah
Who rescued who?
Nash loves to play fetch, give hugs, and he’s the sweetest pup you’ll ever meet!