Baby Stories - 66


Likes to occasionally dress up as Dobby from Harry Potter
Baloo is a 1 year old Newfoundland who is the sweetest gentle giant around! He loves hugs and kisses and can be a goofball too.
I adopted Phoebe from a shelter. She is a Dalmation/Boxer mix. We picked each other..she gave me a great big hug upon meeting her and melted my heart instantly. She is always making me laugh with her funny antics. I love her and her personality is one of a kind!
Bella Lou
Bella Lou is such a loving puppy who wants to be miss independent! She loves to play and run outside. She is a friendly sweet puppy. She likes to go on car rides and look out the window. She can sit and give paw! Her little innocent face makes you fall in love❤️ She is a husky/lab/and hound! She makes our world light up ❤️
Loves to bring a smile on everyone’s face
Bailey is a sweet 7 year old mixed breed rescue who loves to curl up next to her humans. She may be little but she has a big personality.
Izzy loves going for walks and playing with her toys.
Kaia Lei
My husband and I rescued Kaia Lei (formerly Sarbo) on Dec 15, 2019. She has been such a blessing to us. We feel like the lucky ones to be her Parents. She is funny, smart, goofy, spunky, and Beautiful..I mean look at those EYES! She is just the sweetest and Loves everyone 🐾💜 She is an Australian Cattle Dog/Red Heeler Mix. Please Vote for our Kaia girl 🐾💜
Jaxon Lee
Jaxon Lee loves to sleep all day & play outside! He loves his daddy & momma the most!
Sweetest baby girl!🎀
Waylon duke is a male that loves to duck hunt and play with his brother hank.
Lux is a fun, energetic, loving ball of fur. He loves to cuddle and play fetch!! His favorite spot to sleep is at the end of the bed. His favorite toy is a mickey mouse plush toy! He would love to have your vote so he can get sooo many more toys!
He loves to hang out and watch tv and when the water floods front yard he loves to romp in it all day , loves hugs and giving kisses.
Holland is my almost one year old catahoula pup. She loves to run and play. I call her my seal pup. She is a character for sure! She loves to pet you back.
Oswald is the sweetest. He hugs EVERYONE he meets. He knows over 45 words. He's a brilliant, love bug. Peanut butter Kongs are his favorite treat
He is an adorable dog love little kids sleeps right beside my nephew crib every night to protect him loves other dog he’s just an incredible dog in all
Gronk is such a love...has such a cute personality....loves to play with his toys...loves laying in the sun
Rufus is the most intelligent dog that I’ve ever had he’s smart loves the chew on everything he’s the best dog I could ever ask for 🥰🥰🥰
Wookie is a loving puppy! He loves kissing mommy for hours and play with his sister Wheezie. He loves ice cream and the beach.
Ziva the diva is a 5 year old American Akita She is a PTSD support dog. . She is my best friend and fierce protector
Oakley Rose
Oakley Rose is so sweet she loves going to the snowball stand to get her treat !!
Leia is adventurous and loves to play with friends and family
Weston is a sweet 14 week old boy who loves country music and eating leaves! He loves his new home and is adjusting quick! He always has a doggy smile on his face!
Puddin' is the sweetest little girl! Her favorite thing to do since we moved to Nevada is to search for Rabbits! Puddin' is a real people puppy and loves her human friends, even Circus Clowns! Puddin' showers everyone with lots of sweet Yorkie kisses and gentle nibbles. She loves her dog friends too, especially other Yorkie's. Like most small dogs, she thinks she's at least 10 times her size. Most of all, Puddin' loves her Daddy! She loves to be close to me, and insists on sleeping curled up, or stretched out between my legs. Puddin' has been a huge blessing in my life, and don't know what I'd do without her. Puddin' is also an excellent watch dog, letting me know if something is not right. Before we moved, she alerted me to a neighbor quietly placing numerous trash bags over the brick wall between the properties, and were filling up our dumpster. She alerted me, and led me quietly to the front door where I was able to catch the neighbors in the act! She is a dainty eater, and is very gentle with all of her toys, and still has even her first toy in almost new condition.
Bailey is a very energetic 7 month old pup, who likes to stand on his house and dig for hours, sweet, fun loving boy.💙
Pebbles is a one year old miniature dachshund. She loves to play, eat, and play more! She always wants to be by your side and follow you around! She loves to play/ bother her big sister Pickles (on the right)
Everest will be 5 months old Saturday, she’s good with kids, very playful, loves water bottles and squeaky toys, and such a loving dog! She’d steal your hearts the minute you lay eyes on her 💓
HII my name is shorty and i am a 7 year old chihuahua/shih tzu, my owner rescued me when i was 5! Im a bit of a diva when it comes to how i eat, i dont like any dog treats, im more of a spaghetti-o's type of guy🤪 my favorite activity is rolling around in the sand in my backyard and afterwards lay down on top of the couch watching my crime shows! I love putting on diffetrnt outfits and dying my mohawk different colors, its fun just like my personality 😊
Daisy is an 8 week old Pitt/Mastiff who loves to cuddle and is doing great with all the new things she is learning!
Zoey is the sweetest, most caring dog ever! She loves going for walks and loves carrots as treats! You should pick her because she loves everyone she comes in contact with and is a happy girl!
Hello everybody! Major is our newest addition to our total of 6 fur-babies. Major is such a sweet boy, he loves to cuddle, sleep, play with his siblings, and treat time is his favorite time of the day. He is potty trained for the most part, knows sit, lay down, and shake (give me paw)... what a smart boy! 🐾💙
This is Ranger! We adopted him in January 2020. He is almost 2 years old. He is Siberian Husky/American Staffordshire mixed. We heard he was in a bad situation and he had hip surgery to repair an injury. When we met him, he was limping and our hearts broke for him. We just fell in love with his face. He is such a good, happy, loving, affectionate, playful pup. He always wants attention, cuddles and loves his toys. He makes us laugh all the time. He's healing our broken hearts from us losing our 1st Husky.
This is Dixie! She's an adventurous, fun loving, 1 year old mini Aussie. She loves hiking, going to the dog park, car rides, walks, and most of all, snuggling. She gets lots of attention wherever she goes due to her unique coloring and heterochromia!
Cutest thing around loves taking you on walks trained very well for how young he is and so happy and energetic with lots of kisses !!!! Getting so big and is an angel listens so well does so many tricks loves going to work playing and skateboarding❤️
Chinook is an adorable mixed breed puppy her colors remind me of a wolf and she is such a sweetheart.
Henry ia a very cuddly, fiesty, silly puppy! He loves to zoom around the back yard, head out on a walk, or just curl up next to you on the couch. He loves to playfully bark, howl, and chase a ball or find a big stick!
He likes to hunt ducks, chicken is his fav. treat, he LOVES to play outside, and he loves to swim. You could say he’s an outdoor dog.
Deezel is a 4 year old chihuahua that loves people (very rare)! He loves cookies, going for walks and his momma!!
Xammy is the sweetest, smartest, stongest pup ever. He is my best friend and so loyal. I had alot of health issues and because of Xammy's love, i am alive today
Agnes has changed my life for the better and absolutely loves playing with all her friends!! She just loves to play and be loved!!
Oxford Aka Ox
Mabel is a sweetheart, She loves to snuggle and rub noses. Mabel loves her toys and her kitty siblings. She loves to run outside and play with sticks. She loves kids and visits everyone in the neighborhood for belly rubs. She’s a loving sweet soul.
Chloe is a 3 month old puppy, she is mixed with German Shepard,huskey, and golden retriever she is the sweetest little baby (until she gets into my plants of course lol) she lives in a home with me and my boyfriend and her sister,she loves to play and sit outside and fallow me wherever I go
Bear is a 1 year old long coat German Shepherd Dog. I got him at 6 months to be my PTSD service dog and he’s literally saved my life and brought so much love to my family. Winning the money would be amazing to help with his SD (service dog) training, which was put on pause due to job loss and Covid-19.
Ivy has tons of energy and her favorite hobbies are snuggling and shredding her toys. She loves carrots and chasing rabbits.
Gatsby is the sweetest & happiest boy ever! Fe makes a friend out of everyone he meets ❤️