Baby Stories - 66


This is my baby girl who has passed away on 2/13/21she has a sis who is so depressed walking around looking for her so we are doing it in memory of are baby girl there is a pic of her sis
Jaxx is a 10 month old Catahoula Lab mix. He has heterochromia, which means he has two different color eyes. He has black/gray Merle coat. He is so loving and playful.
Run, i love to run, can we run? I love to chase other dogs and cars down my fence line. No one will outrun me. I also love to play with mom and dad but they arent as fun as when i get to run.
Memphis is laid back puppy, he enjoys carrying his dads shoes around the house and he really loves coffee!!!
Angel is a very loving and loyal baby. She reminds me of a human,I call her my daughter lol
Balu is a fun and big Saint Bernard. He’s almost 2 years old and daily brings so much joy to me and my family!
Sweetest girl ever! Loves her squeeky toys, food.... Lots of food....sleeping between mommy and daddy and playing with her sister baby kitty!
Dixie is a very loving and playful dog , she is 9 months old and i have had her since she was 8 weeks . she loves to play in water and also has the zoomies 24/7
Daisy is very sweet and friendly. She’s very loving and never leaves my son or I when we are not feeling well. She loves to run and play with other dogs and play with toys that squeak.
Hi my name is aspen, I enjoy my family and giving them lots of love. I sit as soon as I see my snacks and get excited for my walks!
Hi my name is kona and I am a ginger husky!! I love my walks & my treats!
I’m a big lovable puppy. I may seem scary at first but don’t be alarm my white eyes just give off that look... when I see you I will give you hugs:) I love my Sunday dinners where I get wet food mixed with my dry food.. I love when my parents spoil me.. they knew I was lonely so they added a new addition to the family (my brother/bestfriend) we get along so well(; I’m always up for an adventure but I also LOVE to sleep.. and I definitely don’t like lakes! Lol
Roof’ I’m Finnegan. I am 23 weeks old. My mom also has a whole album of me sleeping in my weird ways. 🤪 I love to beg for as many treats as I can. 🥺 I am very vocal, and love to talk a lot. 🗣 I enjoy going to the dog park & playing with my friends. I tend to hide by my Dad but, most of all give my mom a hard time. Expect how can she say no to this face?! 🥺💙🐾
She’s definitely a mommas girl!! Loves to run and play!
Hi! My name is Blu! My mom and dad rescued me when I was 4 weeks, and took me in as their baby! I am extremely hyper, but I also love to cuddle. I love food! I also love waking my mom and dad up in the mornings with lots of face kisses (which they love, even if they say otherwise!)! I am 11 weeks now, and can't stop growing!
Lover of all snacks, destroyer of plush toys, queen bean
Is she an Aussie? Who knows! All we know and care about is that she’s the cutest and sweetest girl alive! She’s a ball of energy and has a personality that is as bright as fire! She was found abandoned on a stormy night (hence the name) and ever since destiny brought us together our lives have forever been changed for the better! After all she’s been through she definitely deserves your vote!
Hi i'm luna i love playing in the snow 🐶
He is a ladies man, funny, and full of kisses.
Boomer or his nickname boom, boom, he loves to go camping. When we gets home he jumps around like a Mexican jumping bean. Everyone that meats him loves him.
Rocco is 8 weeks old and has been through a lot. He had to stay the night at the vet for a blockage in his intestines. Thankfully he is well and is very playful! He loves playing with his chew toys and the kids. He is such a good boy and so adorable.
Hey everyone! Im Elliot a 3 month old pomapoo.. i am a tiny guy only going to be about 5 lbs fully grown.. i love bring around my people an my fur siblings.. my mom takes me everywhere with her as im her support dog. Whenever we are home i love to steal her socks an kill them so they do not hurt her.. she always tells me no bad boy.. but i still have to protect her from her socks..if you ever met me, id probably give you a million kisses and then some..
This is our “Fluff Butt!” He loves to snuggle and sing!!
Hello I’m Sally Mae! I love cuddles and playing fetch. I love everyone I meet. I couldn’t hurt anyone but I like to sound like will. I hate being home alone and want to go everywhere with mommy!
Bosco loves to be around his humans! He loves snuggle time and playing with his toys! He especially loves to play around in the snow ❄️
My name is duke I am 5 years old I love to chase rabbits although I’m a little slow I try my hardest i love to play and run around with my sisters but my favorite part is feed time and all the treats a love my mom gives me
Elsa is a 3 1/2 year old pit bull. She is a mommy’s girl! Elsa loves to cuddle, run around the back yard and get cookies. Elsa is the sweetest most loving dog. Elsa likes to carry around shoes or her daddy’s hat when she gets excited, but she NEVER chews on them! Elsa is a calm, sweet dog who is very in tune with peoples emotions. Her mom would love to get her the proper training to be a therapy dog to go to hospitals and nursing homes to bring joy to those in need.
Nala is a 4 year old pit bull. She was adopted in 2017 from Strong Island animal rescue league at 4 months old. She is a sweet, laid back, dog who loves to sleep. She is a great listener and loves to keep her mom and dad happy. She loves to eat snow and run in the sprinkler.
Hey everyone! My name is Ruger. I am a 6 month old black labradoodle. I love retrieving and going EVERYWHERE with my momma. I am being trained to be her service dog (working on that) I enjoy running and playing in grass. I think i am the cutest boy :) I am so sweet and loving!
Hello everyone! My name is Scout, I am almost 1 year old. I love to play with my ball, chase birds, go on walks and just be outside! Thanks for visiting my profile & voting for me! :)
Elsie loves playing
I’m Chopoh! Yes, like El chapo but I promise we’re not related! I am kind of like him though ~crazy~ I like to play with my big brother who does not want to play with me, run laps around my house, play with my bark box toys, and cuddle with anyone who will have me. I turn one in March and thanks to my family I have a great home! I was rescued! Puppy see; puppy do!
Charlie was known to be the runt of his liter and I always say that is the reason he is so perfect! My boy is ten years old and is full of love, recently charlie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia but since he is considered a senior, that is to be normal. He loves his monthly bark boxes and then loves to destroy his toys minutes after opening his box. If there’s anyone I would want to see live for eternity it would be my precious old man🥰🥰
Rosie is a 7 year old who loves to sleep and snore all day. She is friendly to everyone. She loves rubbing her face in the snow becoming a snowball.
Hi! My name is Gimpy Roxanne, I'm 9 years old but still as young as ever! My mom rescued me when I was 2 years old, and I've been living it up ever since! My favorite thing to do is bask in the sun and snack on treats. I was born without one of my paws but that doesn't slow me down at all, I hope you'll vote for me!
Max is a 6 yr old Lab and Shepard Mix! He is so friendly and though he looks intimidating, he wants to be everyone's friend.Sadly he suffers from Epilepsy but is a good sport with taking his medicine! We adopted him at 4 months old and he is the love of our life!
Olivia loves fishing and deer shead hunting. She likes to play with her little sister angel in the pool we have amd chew on bones together ❤
Natty is the smartest and most lovable furbaby ever! She is spoiled and treated as if she were my actual child. She recently got diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. If I was to win this contest, the money would go towards her last emergency vet visit.
Hi! My name is Diesel! My parents call me Baby Diesel or D. My favorite things include going camping, running for the ball, playing in the snow and playing with my friends that are boxers. I love getting cuddles and I love giving kisses. I know many tricks including saying please and I love you and back talking. I also know how to shake and sit pretty. Please show me some love and vote for me in the pageant!!
Riggs is a very busy boy❣️He loves all his toys and the yard light posts❤️
Eastwood is a fun loving pup who loves to play. He gets nervous around other dogs, but after a bit of time, he opens up and plays with them!
hiii i’m gizmo , i’m the biggest love bug !! i love to take naps i won’t trade it for the world. Mom & Dad said i should be a soccer player since it’s my favorite thing to do
Born 12/10/2020 loves to play, run around, and loves to give kisses. Snoopy is the biggest snuggle bug ever. Loves people and other dogs.
Evie Mae
Evie Mae is a very loving furbaby that was rescued from a puppy mill last Dec, she loves to have her tummy rubbed and give you kisses. She has alot of love to give and loves to be on my lap and sleeps with me evwry night and is very protective of me. She is house broke and gets so excited when she gets her treats. Ive taught her ro walk backwards 4 to 5 steps back for a treat. Shes brung joyment into my life and i know shes happy and feels safe now from the life she had before she was rescued. Shes my furbaby that i love very much 🥰
Brio is a smart, fun loving Shepherd/Husky that we adopted from a flooded area in Texas. Brio has a forever home with us! She loves running in the backyard, playing with her brother & sister tugging on the rope. Brio has a sensitive side & is always snuggling in the evening before bed.. ❤️🐾
Our little ball of energy ... so loving but super protective. We love out buster bear