Baby Stories - 66


Nyla rose 🌹 loves to play and sleep . She especially loves cuddles with her momma💕🥲
Gracie is 1 years old she is one spoiled dog . She loves to go Hiking and swimming in the river going for rides in the car. She is also very smart. Gracie has brought so much joy to my life she is grandmas girl 💕
I routinely upstage my owner on social media and family gatherings ....also my nicknames include “Woodtick” “Ivanka“ or “maplelina” I respond to all of them.
I’m a timid 10 month old husky/German Shepherd mix that had a tough upbringing, but now I’m in a new home with a new family and I’m happy as can be, I refuse to leave moms side!
“Don’t underestimate this little motor.” #BriggsAndStratton
He loves to sit and lay down for treats! He also loves to play with his big brothers!
Harper is a rescue dog. Stunningly beautiful but the reality is she rescued us. Loves the outdoors! This dog loves camping trips. Harper is 2 years old, extremely athletic, and an excellent jumper. She can clear 5 feet. Vote for Harper!
I like big mutts and I cannot lie 🐺
Hi, I’m Bodhi! I love cuddles, stealing marshmallows and Starbucks!
“One Hell of a Pup” -New York Times “Outstanding Gentleman” -Washington Post “He’s my phone’s background” -Mom “My Hero” -Spider-Man
Benedict Loki Avacado
Benny is 3 years old and an energetic little guy he loves beef jerky
Nikki’s is a little fireball!!! If she doesn’t know you she’ll bite at your feet to defend us, but if she does know you she’s your best friend !! She loves to eat anything she can & gets excited over anything!! 🐶 🦋💕
I’m Moose, and I’m the cutest pug around! I love food, it’s my favorite thing! I will be your best friend! Do I have your vote? 😃❤️
The most compassionate loving girl in the world.
Duke is a loving kind soul! He’s always happy and just loves life! He loves his ball, treats and lots of attention! Please give him your vote! ❤️💗
Hudson is 22 weeks this week! This boy loves everyone and anything involving snacks, tennis balls and lounging on the couch with his fur sister Harper. Just your typical Aussie boy with a ton of energy and a whole lot of love to give 💙
Striker loves treats and his frisbee! He is the goodest boy!
Wrangler is 4 year American bull dog, beagle, pit mix! He’s the sweetest boy, always wants to play with his favorite rope, or cuddle up right next to you. 💕
Lana is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She’s very hyper, smart, and sassy. After she plays for a few hours she becomes the perfect cuddler. Her favorite activities involve frisbee, playing with her brother, barking at strangers and splooting.
Finn, aka Mr. Finnegan, is a 5 pound 1 year old loving pup! Everyone who meets him just absolutely adores him! He's full of energy and curiosity. He hangs out at my mothers daycare everyday with all the kids and fits right in! He's the cutest little guy you'll ever see or meet!!! 🐕🐶
Mookie is a very outgoing dog. She enjoys playing with all of her sisters and loves doing tricks to show off. Mookie knows how to sit, stay, give a high five, shake, and even pray.
Bixby loves to cuddle! She also loves her human and fur siblings
Roxy is a special little girl. She loves having her belly rubbed and to be held like a baby.
frostie loves her human and fur sibilings, she is very outgoing loves to cuddle and play in the water!
Pika Lee
Pika Lee has those precious puppy dog eyes but don’t let that fool you. She’s a wild one. She like sped around the yard and the house when she gets the zoomies. She already knows sit and how to fetch but she is stubborn about where she wants to go potty! How can you ever be mad at her with those eyes! She’s a blessing to our family.
Archie loves his squeaky tennis ball, and his sister Lana. His favorite snacks are yak cheese, soup bones, and ice cubes. He’s super affectionate and will kiss you any chance he’s gets!
Pixie Lee
Shes very playful... but loving ...trys to please..
Pearl is a 1.5 yrs old. She came from Russia with her 2 siblings. Great personality, loves running and jumping outside. Her favorite treat is freeze dried chicken liver.
She tries to be the boss. She loves her toys. She is Little miss drama queen. 🐾❤
Marley Jane
Marley loves to help round the cows up! You can barely see her running across our pasture, but you can hear her!
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae has fought hard to earn her 13.5 years. She has Congestive Heart Failure and very high heart murmur. I was told over a year ago that I should prepare my self to say goodbye to her. "No Way". !! Maggie Mae and I are fighting C.H. F. Together, we were diagnosed 3 Months apart. Its just her & me and we plan to make our path here on earth together, We will continure our path TOGETHER in Heaven. 💕 🐾🐾👣👣🙏☝🙏
Rescued this sweet boy last year. He is wild, loves being outside and getting in trouble. On the other hand, he loves cuddles and being with his humans.
Miss Harley Quinn; worlds most spoiled dog! Loves to play frisbee, be included in everything you do, loves to go for rides && enjoys relaxing outside!
"When i needed a hand, i found your paw 🐾💖" Dexter is an American Akita & German Shepherd mix. He spends most of his time outside in the pasture amongst the bulls.
Luna Sky
Luna is a sweet, spunky, sassy, silly, goofy, 9 month old miniature dachshund puppy. She LOVES chicken and whipped cream. She loves to play with her toys and her cat brother, but she also loves to cuddle under a blanket and she loves everyone she meets.
My name is Luna, and i like to eat, play with my brother and sister! I get excited when i meet new people and doggies! Currently i am in doggy school so i can be ready to meet my new human brother and i cant be more than excited to see him arrive from the hospital ! Please help me get some votes.
Louie Eugene
Hi! My name is Louie Eugene. I often go by Lou Lou, Louie Gene, Big Lou, or Legless Louie. I am only one year old but have a bark of a grown adult dog. I love to play tug a war, go for walks and car rides, and chew on anything and everything that I’m not supposed to.
Mickey is a 2 year old golden and loves to swim and play. This money would be a great donation to help his surgery that he has to get!!
My name is Ava Im 1year 10months old and weighs 65 pounds, My favorite thing to do is play with balloons, go outside and play, I love going on walks and car rides. I even know how to speak, lay down, sit, and catch. I love all sorts of food(explains my weight) I was adopted when I was 2 weeks old by my lovely owners. Can I please get your vote.
Diesel is a sweet loving pup 😍 He loves people, outside, other dogs, car rides and treats 🤗 He is an registered emotional support animal and he does his job too. He knows a few tricks as well like to speak, lay down , up on back legs , kisses, sit and how to go get toy when asked of him. Diesel came into our family when he was 5weeks old. His birthday is April 18, 2020 y’all vote Diesel ❤️
Parker is a miniature dachshund and loves the water! He loves to swim and treats. Car rides are also his favorite. He is very outgoing and sweet.
Payson is a sweet miniature dachshund. He enjoys playing and sleeping for now. Such a sweetheart and very curious.
Storm Trooper
Loves to run and go for car rides! Loves to play with his sister. Loves to play fetch, especially with balls, but any toy will do. He loves water, but prefers not to have a bath. Most of all he loves carrying his blankets around the house.
Bella is a very sweet little girl very happy fun
Alaia is the little runt runt. She has a personality like she’s human. She screams and she talks back. You can make a whole conversation with her if you want to. She loves cuddles and loves giving kisses 🥰 but she can also give you dirty looks if you make her mad 😂 lol .