She loves to cuddle, treats, snow, plying in water, and playing with her brother!
Sadie Mae
She is pure champion and loves to catch and play ball. Loves her family
he is so spoiled. he loves walks. ice cream. and also LOVES attention.
Jasmine is a calm puppy until my son comes in then shes an all different puppy. She knows who her owner is forsure. Shes loveable but likes to nibble at the ankles and bit the toes.
Hi! My names Rocky. I’m an 8 week old German Shepherd/Husky mix. My favorite things to do are harassing my two big sisters, Winter and Storm, and stealing my moms shoes.
Presley is a energetic pup who gets the zoomies pretty often! She loves to snuggle her mom and dad, and whip her toys around! Running around outside with her frisbee is her favorite! She always expects a nice treat when she comes inside after her walk and playtime! Bath time isn’t her favorite but after the bath is go time to running around like a crazy person!
Magnolia is a 6 month old Golden Retriever. She loves being CRAZY! Her favorite things are her family, being outside, and sleeping! Magnolia would love your votes!💕🐾
Hi this is Stephi.He is six months old very cute,sweet and,full energetic puppy 🐶.He love new toys and play outside with 🏈 🏀. He love being around me and my kids 😍.His mom is Eskimo and dad is puddle. He is Eskipoo🤩🎊. We just love 💕 him unconditionally 😘😘😘.Now he is my 3rd baby.😍Feeling so great full to having him in my family.
Tiny Beanz, big world :) Favs: 🎾,🥩,🐿
Sadie has 2 personalities, she can be so sweet and loving and like a switch being turned on she goes crazy. She is very fast at running and loves to play
Hi! I’m new here! My name is Maisy and I’m a 8 week mini golden doodle! I have been a very good girl sleeping through the night and playing all day! I know how to sit and was potty trained in 2 days! My parents think I’m adorable and such a good pup! I hope you all think the same to help me in this contest! Good luck to all the pups! Love Maisy the mini golden doodle!🐾🎀
Lucy is very funny. She keeps her sister Sadie on her toes. She acts like her mother
Rubble is spunky playful dog who loves to run around outside and play chase the kids around the house he is such a sweet baby that loves to cuddle and give lots of love
Bosiv loves to play fetch, go on walks, play in water. He loves attention and to give kisses. His favorite foods are pizza, jerky, and pumpkin pie.
Remi is the smartest baby I've ever had! She loves to play and loves to snuggle and give big wet kisses 💋
Freya is a spunky little pittie we adopted due to her owner passing away. She is an absolute lovebug who loves to cuddle and give kisses 💋
Duke is very smart he barks when he wants out very cuddly dog he was my moms dog we lost her back in October hes been thru alot. He loves his new family alot
She loves the beach playing with friends and family and howling in the hallway she loves treats and her bed
Buddy Rose
Buddy Rose is such a lover boy he likes to show off and pose for pictures and lovers getting his hugs and kisses 💋 from people. He is a sweetheart when he sees someone crying he will lay next to them and put his 🐾 on your lap like he is saying i am here to make you happy and everything is going to be ok.
Hubbabubba is a rescued dog. He loves ice cream and his favorite thing to do is snuggle. He is a sweetheart
Maggie Pie
Meet Maggie! She is the laziest 8 month old Choclate lab puppy you will ever meet! She enjoys sleeping with stuffed toys and chasing ice cubes around the floor. She is definitely a couch potato who doesn’t like French fries!
Bitty is a cuddle snob, loves to play. Not a mean bone in her body. She"s a foodie at heart as snacks are top of her list.. Loves to be around everyone and lets you know she is there.
When you play tug of war with Paisley she makes the cutest faces and noises ever. My heart melts for her everytime
She loves to wake her daddy up in the cutest way by being very vocal while nudging him awake
Whiskey is my sweetest boy! He thinks he is a lap dog and is instantly anyones best friend. He loves big and is a mommas boy 100%! He enjoys chasing his friends at the dog park and playing with his toy pig.
This is Bronco, he is an Australian cattle dog (red heeler). He is full of energy and loves to play with his older brother Chip. He loves to be outside and go for walks. His favorite toy is his tire. And his favorite snack is a pup cup from dunkin!
Blessed is a dear head Chihuahua with a unquie personality. She is 2 1/2 yrs old. She has birth marks on her hip dark brown in color which is ironically shaped like a smiley face. Shes a puppy I rescued from a horrible situation she was 4 months old she loves to play and taking walks is her favorite thing to do
Penelope loves to run and play, especially with her green plastic dish… she also loves pizza , and macaroni and meatballs every Sunday being the great “ ITALIAN “ that she has become!!! And she gives great kisses!!
Farley Beans is a 3 month old Boston. He is as wild as you would imagine. He tries to love his big sister Pepper, but she can only tolerate so much puppy time!! He keeps our household on its toes! He loves to play with his giant Christmas pickle, loves stealing kisses every chance he gets, and loves to hog all of the dog beds!! Also, everything is a game including how much food he can steal from his big sister. One day he will be a distinguished gentleman, but it will take time and patience.
Outlaw is 7 weeks old. He like to play and sleep lol
hi my name is Cooper or my mommies call me buddy. i’m a big cuddle bug but I love to play, i'm over a month old and i’m a mixed breed of a cocker spaniel and a boxer
Zeke is the most lovable, silliest, playful guy who likes to sit on the top of the couch. Loves to sit on your lap, play fetch and cuddle anyone who needs some ❤️
Darling Duchess
Duchess my Shih tzu was my 1 eye wonder dog that I adopted from Craigslist at approximately age 7. She was abused by former owner's 2 dogs causing her to lose an eye. She even became my emotional support dog as I had trauma in my life too. Despite what happened in her past she loved dogs & kids. She lived another 6 yrs with my 3 kids and I spoiling her rotten. She passed away this May in my arms from old age & arthritis. We love and miss this happy pup❤️
Milo came from the humane society.. we adopted him for my birthday last year. We can't be happier and neither could he. Hes gonna be 8 September 29th. Milo loves it here. Very spoiled and loved . We (he) appreciates all who votes.
We rescued Bowie from a kill shelter and fell in love with him. We named him after David Bowie. He is the sweetest, goodest boy. He has 2 puppy siblings and 5 hooman brothers and sisters. We love you, Bowie!
Lola is a great dane, red nose pitt mix. She'll be 3 years old in October. She loves playing in the yard with the water, going to the beach, and going everywhere with her mommy. She loves her blanket and chew toys. Shes such a delight to my life and those around her. She still acts like a puppy loves to play. I couldn't imagine life without her.
Hi my name is Bleu, I am a labordane! I am almost 7 months old, and my favorite thing so far is going on walks and to the park with mom and dad, and my new sister Eeyore.
Super sweet boy that loves to chill with his family and is always up for a ride in our airplane.. he is a purebred good boy!!!
Hi I am Eeyore a blue heeler mix! My family just adopted to be a service dog for my dad who has seizures and Tourette’s. My favorite thing so far is belly rubs from my mom and dad and pestering my older brother bleu!
Chubs AKA Chubby loves long walks on the beach, eating anything and everything mama will feed him, and playing with his brother. Although he weighs about 80 pounds he thinks he is a lap dog and must be snuggling ontop of you at all times.
Leo’s a very picky puppy, he likes digging in the dirt and chewing on his brother bosleys ears, he spends most of his time sleeping and he has to be little spoon when he’s asleep, Leo hasn’t found his howl yet so when he tries he just whines. He just started learning how to growl so it’s the cutest ever. He loves to wake up around 6:30 every morning and cry until I’m awake, when he’s eating he will grab one piece and walk away from the bowl, every single time…
We adopted Apollo when he was 10 months old. His passions include swimming, car rides, visiting Grandpa, going to the flying field and pup cups. He is truly our fur baby who doesn’t think he is a dog.
This is in memory of my sweet Izzy. She was deaf and suffered of seizures and loosing her a month ago broke my heart she was 5 and so full of life. She was my dancing sweet snuggling dog. Run over the rainbow 🌈 bridge 08/06/2022
Just a Covid puppy living my best life! My favorite activities include, going through the drive thru, anything with water, and eating ice cubes! Vote to get my mom through college🥳
Tucson Natasha came to us as a 6 week old puppy. She was born in a house around the corner from us. Tucson was 3/4 German Shepherd and 1/4 Rottweiler. The daddy was a K-9 German Shepherd officer from a neighboring town. Tucson loved to go traveling around in the back seat of my Mom's station wagon. She also loves Dairy Queen ice cream and T-BONZ treats. She would do silly howls. She was my walking buddy but as she got older it was painful for her to walk and was on medication for that. Then she couldn't walk. We took her to the veterinarian and they had to bring a rolling table out to the car to bring her inside she was that bad. I was thinking they would just up the medication for her arthritis and her hips as it turns out she had lymphoma 😭😭😭😭. I asked my veterinarian would she make it to Christmas and sadly the answer was no my veterinarian said let her have whatever she wants at that moment with my veterinarian saying that I burst out crying I don't know how I stopped. With that information and it being November we went and got a Christmas tree decorated it for her because she loved laying underneath it. December 17th my son called me and said that she would not stop howling I needed to hurry back home to give her her medication I called my veterinarian told them what was happening and no medicine would have stopped what was to be. With her last breath she raised her head and laid her head on my mom's foot she loved my mom so much. September 23rd 1998 December 17th 2013 15 years old. If Tucson was to win any money it will be so her feline sisters and brothers can go to the veterinarian and so I can pay on the house and my medical bills. SHE loved kitties she even loved their food LOL. She would bark at the kitties outside as she was wagging her tail. Thank you for voting for Tucson ❤️OUR PUPPY LOVE ❤️