Baby Stories - 65


Eastwood is a fun loving pup who loves to play. He gets nervous around other dogs, but after a bit of time, he opens up and plays with them!
hiii i’m gizmo , i’m the biggest love bug !! i love to take naps i won’t trade it for the world. Mom & Dad said i should be a soccer player since it’s my favorite thing to do
Born 12/10/2020 loves to play, run around, and loves to give kisses. Snoopy is the biggest snuggle bug ever. Loves people and other dogs.
Evie Mae
Evie Mae is a very loving furbaby that was rescued from a puppy mill last Dec, she loves to have her tummy rubbed and give you kisses. She has alot of love to give and loves to be on my lap and sleeps with me evwry night and is very protective of me. She is house broke and gets so excited when she gets her treats. Ive taught her ro walk backwards 4 to 5 steps back for a treat. Shes brung joyment into my life and i know shes happy and feels safe now from the life she had before she was rescued. Shes my furbaby that i love very much 🥰
Brio is a smart, fun loving Shepherd/Husky that we adopted from a flooded area in Texas. Brio has a forever home with us! She loves running in the backyard, playing with her brother & sister tugging on the rope. Brio has a sensitive side & is always snuggling in the evening before bed.. ❤️🐾
Our little ball of energy ... so loving but super protective. We love out buster bear
Hey I’m skipper! I just turnt 3 years old and my mommy took me to Dairy Queen and let me eat a yummy pupcup. I still like to eat the carpet, stuffed animals, my bed, rope toys etc. Mom and dad don’t like that but I’m only having fun. I love to play with my Kong’s toys. My mom gets them cuz I can’t chew them and eat them. I love going on walks, playing with my tennis balls, eating bones (I LOVE BONES), and snuggles.
Rosie Rae
Rosie Rae is a 5 month old Pomeranian. She is rowdy and loves to chew up anything in her sight.
I love running around the house. I also love eating yummy
Beanie is a very special girl. She has never met a person she didn't absolutely love. Her ability to act according to my emotions makes her unique. Loves her ball more than anything, and every night before she settles between my feet, she has to play a quick game of keep away. Of course, once she gets it, she has to return it immediately to my hand for more play. She is my whole life, and I am so so blessed to have her as my friend.
Blaze is 10 weeks old, he is a pitt/ mastiff. He is very energetic, and is very well at his training. Also, VERY good with the children and cat.
I am a chocolate tri American bully with a remy bloodline.... I love to eat play run around I like cuddling with mom and watching cartoons favorite food is chicken with a sprinkle of garlic followed by rice I like to chase squirrel and leaves ..... I’m very quiet but could be up to something
Georgia Belle
Georgia Belle likes short walks, mostly just across the street to sniff around and end with a good treat. She adores children mainly because they feed her snacks.
Tedy is a cuddler who loves to play. She loves to be held like a baby.
Cooper is a very active boy, he loves attention and love! His favorite thing to do is play fetch with his daddy and tug of war with his bestie Katie. Cuddles and snuggles are definitely accepted and given with him and dont forget his kisses and hugs!
Katie bug loves to curl up under a blanket and snuggle with mama, but she also loves playing with daddy and best friend Cooper. She loves chasing the ball and trying to catch birds and squirrels, she never quite catches them though so no worries she just wants to play with them 😁
Rio is a little ray of sunshine with a beautiful and happy personality.He loves the snow and water and most of all life. He brought us so much love after we lost our other beautiful Golden in December to cancer.
Nessie is a wild soul. She is thought to be a mix between a corgi and aussie/lab. She definitely has the energy of an Aussie and the heart of a corgi. She is the sweetest girl with the most sassy attitude. This girl loves to run and swim and is always down for food (just like all of us girls are!). She is the definition of “I didn’t rescue her, she rescued me”! You can’t help but smile at her loud smile! Please show her some love ❤️
Always has to have something in her mouth/Loves Attention/Likes to cuddle/An escape artist
Bogey is named after his owner’s golf strokes. He is a very energetic black golden doodle
Boston Bleu
Boston Bleu loves to play in the snow with his best friend Dixie! He also loves to wear stylish outfits and rip up every toy in sight! Boston love to give kisses and he make a new friend with everyone he meets! Let’s help vote for Boston so that he can have some more friends!🐶💕
Hi, I’m Lilly!! I am super energetic and love to be with my mom and dad, they give me all the treats in the world. I’m always so happy and love playing hide and go seek with my parents. Did you know I can actually smile? When mom gets me all worked up I tend to lift my lip a little bit and show her my teeth!! Vote for me if you think i’m cute :)
Loves food and the outdoors!
Apple loves to chase after toys and play with her older brothers.
Major Chaos
Chaos has such a sweet disposition, but like his name, he really enjoys getting into things! We named him after the Tervuren that went in after Osama Bin Laden... i am retired military and was inspired after reading about this breed. He is being trained as my service dog. He is great with our children, shares his toys with our three year old son. He loves going to the dog park and playing with anyone who will play with him. He also loves his stuffed animals, and takes each of them to bed with him at night! We hope you vote for him, he truly is our most beautiful dog!
He is in training to be a service dog. Very caring and passionate dog
Princess Pig
Hello I am Princess! I love to run and play with my humans and sqeak my pig toys! I love to lick and play keep away with my tennis balls!
She is 2 years old, she is the sweetest and most loving pup. She is my ESA and always here no matter what. In worse of times she makes you laugh and smile (:
Hi my name is junior, I was given to my mom by an older gal. She found me in her field with burns all over my body and my mouth taped shut. My mom took me in and gave me all the care I needed to be healthy and feel so so loved! Her purse is my favorite place to be if not you can find me burrird in plush blankets taking one of many naps of mine. My mom is really trying to save up and get a much needed dental for me! I unfortunately need all my teeth removed.
Hello. My name is Justin. My mom drove 4 hours to meet me at a shelter knowing she wanted to take me home no matter what! We met and she instantly made me feel loved and wanted. My last owners just didnt want me anymore so i feel very loved in my new home. I love blankets and being as close as i can be to my big brother Jake. I love sun bathings and going on car rides as long as I have a warm lap to sit on!
Hi! Im jake from state farm, or just jake! My mom got me for free off craigslist when I was just about 1! Im afraid of fireworks and ruined my last owners house so my mom has worked with me to accommodate all my fears. I love cuddling and my teo chihuahua buddies! Swimming is my favorite activity, im great at diving and grabbing sticks from underwater!
My name is bean, I am a Snow White multipoo 🐶 I have a fun, lively, and dorky personality. Please vote for me! ❤️ Good luck everypup!
Hi I’m alphaa & I’m just a puppy I am a Labrador mixed with a husky 🐶 my mum & daddy adopted me from a family who use to abuse me and feed me things they weren’t suppose too😢.. ever since mum and dad came into my life I am now healthy ❤️ And now I get To chew up all there sandals and toys they spoil me with ❤️ I’m a cry baby and I like to whine when nobody rubs my tummy , vote for me so I can get all the cuddles in the world and get all the toys I need ❤️
hey i’m beau! i’m playful and crazy! vote for me!🥰
Nico is the sweetest, but yet the craziest pup we have. He is the one that like to be so instigating...he hides from the other boys and then pounces them like he is a cat.. he loves to snuggle between my husband and myself like he is a little human. We all remember the movie Gremlins...Nico now has a white stripe on his head that makes him look like Spike when he is not so happy😀
This little 9 pound ball of fire is one of the cutest guys around, but don’t let this handsome face for you. And with the flip of a switch, he turns into instant Devil dog.😈
This gorgeous big boy was a death row rescue at one of the local shelters…… Please help us show him some love. ❤️❤️❤️
Bear is a sweet and loyal dog. My kids all love him and adore him. He loves to cuddle and lay with us.
Lil Man
You can always find Lil man napping somewhere he’s always in the craziest places. He’s so sweet and loves to snuggle. He loves snack time more.
Loves to eat and sleep. Favorite thing to do is give cuddle and kisses!
Ace is so sweet and lovable. He is always ready to give u some puppy love. Ace will always put a smile on ur face.
Hi, my name is Axel. I am a panda German Shepard. My favorite thing at the moment is crinkle and squeaky toys. I am scared of everything, including the bark of other dogs and run to my mom’s feet!
Harleigh is an aussiedoodle. She is the smartest, sweetest little girl. She loves to play and loves the outdoors!
Dazzle was rescued from a drug house in Tennessee. She had a rough beginning, but is living her best life now. She has an older brother, Drake the cat & they play all day long.
Prince Oscar
Prince Oscar is very kind and loving. Prince is a very strong pup, 5 days after I purchased him I found out he had pneumonia, it was heart breaking but throughout that whole process he was really sick but always had a loving and playful spirit. He is now doing great and very healthy. He wakes up each morning and gives Mommy and Daddy kisses to wake us up. He cuddles to go to sleep. He very much loves his doggy sausage treats. We play hide and go seek which he’s very good at finding people lol. In all I never meet the sweetest pup in the world.
Hi i am sparky a crazy puppy who is about to turn one and loves to chase cats please vote for me as a birthday gift.🐶🥳😁
A very sweet and friendly pup! He gives the best smooches and so I would say he’s a great stress reliever! He loves to eat and will never ever miss a drop/spot of his milk. He’s my hero when I get attacked (jokingly) by my boyfriend. Lol. He’s very nice with kids. 😋