Baby Stories - 65


Hi I’m Oliver! I’m a 6 month old Mini Bernedoodle. In my free time, I enjoy going for long walks, sniffing everything at the dog park, napping, wrestling my older sister Lola, and modeling bandanas for Golden Pup Threads.
Tucker loves all human and doggy friends. His favorite thing is car rides!❤️
Finn has personality plus. He is full of energy, a little mischievous, loves toys, standing on his back legs dancing and jumping on our other dogs. He is also very sweet, affectionate and has added so much joy to our family.
Nevaeh Berdoodle literally stopped breathing 4 times when born. My granddaughter feel in love with her. Because we were able to revive her we called her Nevaeh which is Heaven spelled backwards. She is now 4 months old and is perfectly healthy. She loves going to the stores and taking walks.
Storm is 2 months old she’s very loving and playful
Denali loves to play and eat ice cream. He’s a giant goofball
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Wanted Criminal
he is approaching. run.
Maple is teething, but doing very good on her training not to "teeth" on the hoomens. Its summer here so she doesn't really snuggle yet, but she does love a good chest scratch and belly rub. So far hasn't destroyed any of her toys and seems to want to save the toys our husky does chew up 🤣 shes new to us, but already a huge part of the pack ❤
Novas super silly and she lovessss playing outside
Zara is a 3 year old female. Zara is so loving, she likes to play outside, catch and fetches! She loves treats, shes loves Car rides, loves people & babies. She is very sassy and always full of energy & loves everyone. Like, share and comment! Thank you ❤️
Meet Buster he is a 2 old. He loves meeting people, loves car rides, loves his toys, cuddle time,his walks/runs,of course love his treats. His favorite thing of all is when the whole family is over and he can see everyone and play with everyone get all the attention.
Gypsy was roaming around the streets in a small neighborhood. She would growl and snap at anyone who tried to come near her. She was scared, hungry, and dehydrated. I work at a veterinary hospital and we got a call that Gypsy was in the backyard of a vacant house. My coworkers and I went out to see if we could help this poor pup. As the growling, snarling, and snapping continued; I sat down beside her and had everyone else move away. I kept talking to her in a calm voice trying to gain her trust. As soon as I was able to put a leash on her, she immediately clung to me and wouldn’t let me out of her site. She went home with me that night and has been with me ever since. This dog knew every single command, very well trained, and was even potty trained. I posted for a year and a half trying to find her owners, but unfortunately was never able to. She has now become a huge part of my life and NEVER leaves my side. I have a one year old daughter and never once has she became aggressive toward her. In fact, Gypsy will not leave my daughters side if I am not around. This dog has been my saving grace and has become more of a daughter than a dog. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. ❤️
Huddy is a champion snuggler and inveterate lizard chaser. He lives for both the beach and diving for ice cubes. Seagulls are his nemeses. He can often be found sleeping on his mom’s feet or begging for just one more ice cube.
Murph is an adorable Ruby Cavalier puppy with a white tuft of hair on his chest, a little tail that never stops wagging, and a penchant for chasing tadpoles in the creek and giving kisses.
Rogue is a rescue pup who was diagnosed with puppy strangles . After a long treatment regimen, she’s on the road to recovery and is a loving ball of energy❤️
She is 5 months old and loves to play with her best friend Bonnie the cat.
Millie is a 10 month old bernedoodle. She is very loving an wants cuddles all the time. She loves her stuffed animals toys a lot when it’s time to play. Playing ball is super fun too.
Cocoa is a ten year old pug who enjoys cuddles and following her best friend (owner) around!
Hurley is a Chorkie. He loves to eat pretty much anything and lay on the back of couch all day and look out the window. His most favorite thing to do is sleep tho! He has the best snuggles!
Akira is a 2 yr old shiba Inu who was recently diagnosed with a heart defect and heart failure and needs a pulmonic valve balloon VALVULOPLASTY or she only has less than a year to live. She loves playing outside and with her sissy chihuahua chloe!! Please pray for Ms. Akira! 💙🙏💙🙏💙
Karma is a little lover who just wants to snuggle. She loves playing with her older brother Storm and napping on the couch. She is truly the best!
Noah Laboy
Noah is a special dog he's a mixed border collie from Puerto Rico to and extremely intelligent and with an amazing heart that loves everyone and all pets. He follows comands loves to take baths and enjoys playing outside with his toys also very protective with his family.
Noel Laboy
Noel is a 3 month Vizsla mix puppy from Puerto Rico he loves to play a lot with his family. He's house broken , he quickly learned how to potty outside. And he's teething so he's a little biter 🤣
Bailey is the sweetest soul. She is such a blessing and joy.
Zara is one year old pit bull and Rockweiler mixed. Loves to lay in the sun to eat her treats. Please vote for my granddaughter 😘
Josie is the princess of the house. She has a fiery temper and throws tantrums (just like her mom lol) when she doesn't get her way (which is NEVER) She's all muscle so she's my little bulldozer
Joejoe loves to be right by my side. He's 11 years old and has been with me since 4 weeks. He's my protector.
Riley was part of the 70+ chihuahua breeder dump that occurred in June between Omaha, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri. He was very fearful of people, noises, the outdoors, of anything. He has developed in to a very loyal, loving companion who has to be with me 24/7. It's been 5 weeks and he is still making very slow progress with going outdoors. Any little noise or movement and he standds on my leg crying, wanting me to pick him up. He has the best appetite I've ever seen, weighing in at 13 pounds! He loves to run and play chases with me in the house!
Blue is a border collie and loves tennis balls
Maximus is a loving and caring Labrador. He goes by Max, Maxi-poo, max attack. He lived to play fetch, swim and chase his chihuahua siblings for fun. Max brings joy and smiles to those around him.
Nala is the sweetest dog I have ever owned. Loves to snuggle and is by my side 24/7. She loves the outside and helping in the garden.
Bella is a sweet loving deer head chihuahua! She is spoiled rotten & knows it! LOL! She loves to travel & ride in the car💕
The goofiest dog ever, he loves everything. Especially sticking his head out the window and letting his jowels flap.
Sassy Kay
I’m Sassy Kay the Pembroke Welsh Corgi! Some of my favorite things to do is going on car rides, meeting new people, playing with my toys & so much more! I absolutely love my mom! I would love to win the contest! ❤️
Mack is the biggest sweetheart, and the fasted learner in the house! Learned all of his basic commands in one day!
People always ask to take pictures of him
My name is Abby! I’m a Vizsla! I am passionate about running & playing outside! I also love my human baby, and my sister (orange cat) Emma! And snuggling in blankets!
Happy, very attached pandemic puppy
Hello my name is Charlie Marie. I'm a Portie and love water.
Hi my name is turbo im 7 montha about to be 8 and I'm a Mastiff, black lab, pitbull, and boxer breed! ❤ I love cuddles and attention!
Izzy loves to play with her son Draco and snuggle on the couch with her people
Major loves to sleep on his back and snore as loud as he can he loves to relax but most of all he with his people
Draco is silly funny happy loyal and he loves his people and his flirt pole
Hi there friend! My name is Pickle! Momma always says I’m a handsome boy, and you know what I think I’m handsome too! I love going for rides in the car, and I love visiting our favorite stores! People always come up to me and tell me how pretty I am. Of course! I know this. I love when I see little kids in the stores with their parents! They always come up to me and give me pets! Momma says I’m being an ambassador, but I don’t know what that means. All I know is that I get the most best treats when we go to the store! I love running in my backyard, and I love to watch the birds too! Okay I think the squirrel is back. I need to go do an investigate!