Coco is a very active fiesty little dog who is sweet as can be. He is my granddaughter's boy and they totally adore each other. He can't stand when she leaves room and doesnt take him too, he stands at the door and whines until she comes back. She was gone for a week in December and he grieved and tears ran out of his eyes. I felt so sad for him, when she returned he was beside himself with joy and refuses to leave her side. She has to tote him around even in the house. He is her very best friend.
Pippy is a sweet gentle dog who loves to ride in the car. He was my husband's buddy before he passed and used to wake him each morning by sticking his tongue in husband's mouth which he hated dogs around his mouth. He is fun and loves to play tug of war and he loves to talk in the morning. He wakes my granddaughter and me by grunts, groans, vocal noises and we do back to him, and he continues for about 10 minutes. He is our special sweet friend.
Rose is full of energy and loves her baby and she really loves her belly rubs.she is quite the character
Tripp is a rescue dog… he loves his backyard. Hanging out with fun people and he is my alarm clock for getting up and taking him on a walk, which he loves as well.
Cry-Baby is 16 wks old. Her mommy is a chihuahua and her daddy is a toy fox terrier. She is beautiful w/ a beautiful attitude also. She loves to bounce...alot. She loves to ride and she loves everyone 💕 she meets
Shadow is our curious little bean who is full of life! We adopted Shadow from a rescue that saved her from being a bait dog. Shadow has already learned the most important lessons, what being part of a family is and unconditional love!
Lenox is a mixed breed rescue dog from the St. Louis area. She loves to play tug of war.
Duke is a 13 week old walker coon dog lad mix very smart and loves long naps on dads pillow lol
She’s a puppy at heart and definitely a mommas girl 🥰
Zeus is a big ol teddy bear he loves giving kisses and playing with his toy monkey.
Molly loves snow, water, giving hugs, stealing ALL the blankets, and trying to carry things way bigger than her.
Pinky is the most lovable snuggle buddy ever! She is a sponge for attention and loves her treats.
Kendall is lovable protective Shepard that loves people, playing ball, long walks and swimming and jumping off the diving board:) !
Roman Jr
RJ is a big goof! He loves to play and snuggle, he is nothing but a big baby. He was a rescue at a year and a half we’ve had him for five years and he has shown so much love.❤️
Piper Rue
Piper rue was just born a month ago and she grew up around people that didn’t take care of her also she didn’t get milk from her mommy . So we took her from her momma and her sisters and brothers but I’d wish we could have token all of them even the mamma . Now she’s so chuncky and loves her food and water .she loves to pee and poop on the pee pads . She loves to play with her best friend / brother . He takes it easy on her loves it . She loves to run and she knows how to sit /sit pretty . She’s very excited in the mornings and every time we come home from work . Very loveable .
Archie is a spit fire! He loves to give his pitbull brother a run for his money! He is a big baby, very jealous, he wants all the lovin!
Our wolf looking german shepherd. Shes very mystic.
KoKo is an 9 year old Chihuahua. She loves her mommy. She likes going bye bye in her bag, & loves getting Scooby Snacks for being a good girl. She loves cats & being next to mommy 24/7. She howls for Taco Bell.
He is 16 and he still looks gorgeous!
Freya Máni
Freya is a pocket pittie and 60 lbs of nonstop energy. She loves to hike, snuggle, chase birds, and lick toes. She loves her fur siblings and is an absolute mama’s girl. Give her any kind of food, and she will be your bestie for life.
Floki Mortimer
Floki Mortimer is a 4 year old goose in a pit body. He loves his people, his fur siblings, and cuddling on the couch. He is a big potato with legs and would rather be in your lap than anywhere else.
Arya Maisie
Arya was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoma and passed away in early March. She loved her family, her dog siblings, and her cat siblings. She never met a stranger and loved to go on hikes with mama. She was perfect for lack of a better term.
Hercules likes to naw on his big bone mom got him,carry around his favorite blanket for his naps and gives the best doggie hugs!
Sarah is our wild child puppy. She is the only one of the three puppies that survived that her momma had. She loves play wrestling with her dad and taking naps cuddled up on my hip
Miles is a Rescue he loves Other dogs, kids, Toys, Car Rides, walks and sleeping
Envy was the sweetest pomapug she was loved very much and was taken way to soon she was only seven and a half i miss her so much please vote for my baby
I love sharing my toys and tricks with my family! I just love them so much. And every other human on the planet. I love everyone!! And toys. Oh and swimming!
I am the ultimate Barkuum! I like barking at the tv, eating, chasing my house mate India around and attempting to play tug-of-war with her (even though she’s like 10x my size)
I frequently need mom to rescue me from the upstairs because I think it’s my personal play area but can’t make it back down the stairs myself.
Bert is a Silver Lab, he's a natural ball fetcher since 10weeks and loves the beach!!
Rocky is a little spunky German Shepard full of energy and lots of love!
1/2 English bulldog 1/2 Labrador
Fresa Rex Rose Flower Teady
There are more of them but these little puppies are sure the Little troublemakers🤪
Dory is a two year old toy poodle she is A LOT of fun she might be getting older but she likes pets treats and love She has always been such a great puppy!😍
Axl loves to play ball and chase his brother around ❤️ He also loves his foster siblings and would like to donate his prize to the rescue that saved him ,big fluffy dog rescue, if he wins 🥰
Luna is our family member. She is a pomsky dog.Even do she doesn't speak, her behavior is showing exactly what she wants,what she likes,and everything she needs .Her love to everyone of our family members is just so pure.
5 month old female German shepherd
Flint is a pit bull assume mix who came from a backyard breeder in Tennessee! He has liver disease and vestibular disease and is the happiest boy!
Lil miss Piper Roux is full if sugar and spice lol she is so feisty for her size she thinks she runs the house lol!!
Nova is a Pit Mix pup who loves to play fetch and tug of war with her humans.
Coco Pups
She is lovable sassy and playful! Loves naps and walks.
Ekon is 10 year old rescue. He was dumped on the side of the road and had to have his eyes removed. He is healthy and happier than ever now and nothing stops him!
Scooby is 3 years old and full of energy. He loves toys & he loves to swim!!
Sandy is the sweetest girl. She is 3 years old. We rescued her as a puppy in Florida. She loves treats and bones and loves snuggles.
Shaggy is a 1 year old golden retriever mix. We rescued him as a puppy. He is super energetic and loves to give kisses.
My Z is now in heaven miss her every day i wrote this 6 momths ago>>After my mothers funeral we were traveling back home, exhausted we pulled over in a abandon orchard. Sleeping by a rusty old water tank we heard a little puppy. Investigating further we found the mother beside the tank dead you could tell she had been there for a while. We ended up luring her out with a cheese burger. Even though we had full house with 4 dogs at home we knew that this was no coincidence. What are the chances? We Called her Zena warrior princess for surviving by herself. I believe things happen for a reason. Zena has been the best companion. She is such a family dog and brought us together and made us a pack. We are forever grateful that god has graced us with Zena. Unfortunately my friends time is near and we are greatly saddened. She's my best friend, what I will do without this dog I do not know.
Athena is a German Shepard/ Rottweiler mix. She loves playing ball, cuddles and swimming in the Lake.
Ellie is a special dog, she has Addison’s Disease and is such a cuddle bug.