Otis is 7yrs old boxer/bull mastiff very sweet. He loves to be around his people. Couldn't ask for a better dog.😀😀
Coco is an energetic and loving dog, her favorite thing to do is play catch and eat food!
Winston is 5 yrs old and his bestie is Jackson...the little Pomchi attached to his ear
Marley (aka Marvin) is the cutest litttle guy. He loves playing outside and eating chicken nuggets with mommy in his free time:))
Benji Vee.
Benji Vee is the sweetest little pup ever . 🥰🥰
The most playful, happy puppy you’ll ever meet. Full of love and energy. Caring and kind always by my side. She helped me overcome the loss of our previous dog. She’s given me nothing but love from the first day we got her.
Onyx Michael just turned 4 April 30th. He is the most sweetest and loyal dog I have ever met. He is very friendly and loves to cuddle 🥰 he can be very stubborn and hardheaded but that’s what I love about him such a big personality ❤️❤️
She will dance with me .when I look at her an say what she will howl.she gets mad if we kiss she will wine.she jumps around an chase her tail.she ready to go when she hears my keys
She saved my life and I have my bestie to thank. Nala makes sure that she does something to make me laugh everyday. She brought me back to life ❣️
Lucy is special to us her mom died after having her puppies from a heart attack to much stress on her.My mom died from complications of a heart attack my husband got her for me he said we both needed each other. Lucy loves running around outside and playing with her doggie friends .
Samson is just a big love bug. He thinks he’s a lap dog. A sweetheart.
Jazmine is our Old English Bulldog. She will be 2 years old this December. She is the sweetest most loving dog I have ever owned. She is well mannered with a great personality and good temperament. She is trained and loves doing tricks on command. We have worked hard to train and (spoil) her. Is this photo was taken at her veterinarian Christmas party "meet Santa". She was amazed by Santa and loved him very much. She didn't want to leave him. Love our big baby girl. Please vote for her!
Bitsy Pearl Joseph
Bitsy is a handful of fun, she loves harassing and playing with other pups. Loves to bark nonstop when hungry .Unfortunately she’s medicated quite a bit since being diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy.
I got my name from my human mom's favorite tv show True Blood. She's had me since I was almost 5 weeks old. I love my human mama so very much. I love my human babies as well. I enjoy my monthly bark box even more then I do any regular toys and treats. I'm my human mama's biggest support and I'm always there when she need a shoulder to cry on. I've been her best friend for almost 5 years now and life sure wouldn't be the same without her. My humans give me the best loves and plays I could ever imagine or dream of. They take very good care of me. I'm a spoiled pup and I'm proud to show it. I bark for attention from everyone and mama says I can't because it scares them but all I want is to play with thems. Please vote for me so my human mama can spoil me some more. Thank you to anyone who does the votes for me.
Tt Lee
Tt is a dog that was from a puppy mill, she was adopted and is living in a loving home 🥰
Nezuko was a gift as a one year anniversary from my boyfriend. We love her very much! She's a pitty at heart... napoleon personality for sure. She loves to play all day and loves jumping in the grass!!! Her favorite activity is to bite her daddies toes... lol.
Rosie Belle Morris
Rosie loves her toys and loves her family. Her most favorite thing is to walk right between your feet as you are walking. She loves playing with her sister, Winnie, when she comes home with her mommy from college.
Bear B
Bear B is everyone's favorite. He thinks he's a big dog, loves to play and just makes everyone laugh.
Brody a.k.a. Bobo loves to hunt mice! He is not afraid to go face first in any hole, trash pile or weeds. He may be a lap dog, but shhh....dont tell him that!
Pancake is a very energetic. She loves her cuddles with mommy 💗
Sweet Sasha, if she likes/loves/is comfortable with you, she will roll over for a belly rub.
Odin is MY puppy he’s old english bulldog mixed with blue healer but everyone mistakes him to be a pit which is ok because I want a pit sooo bad. This dog has been through everything with me. I got him whenever I was at a very very low point in life and he saved me. I treat him like he is an actual baby. I am wanting to get him his service vest and training so that he can come with me everywhere. He makes me feel safe. ❤️
King was born on August the 14th 2020.. not even a week later, I was his proud mom. It was a lot of work, and sleeplessness nights, but it was worth it.. king loves to play and to run.. he always wants to cuddle with his mom, and nobody is aloud between us.. lol.. that’s the reason his name just fits him perfectly.. cause most of the time he acts like a king.. please give my baby the chance to win.. cause he deserves it.. thank you so much
Reni is a 7 month old toy poodle who loves her “digger” sandbox that her daddy made her. She loves going bye-bye and the beach where she can dig. She brings such joy to her momma.
She is a very cute and a big baby lovs kids
Crazy Cassie with her silly smile is very affectionate with her kisses. She has a special hug for my daughter where she stands up like a person to hug her then trust falls back on the sofa for belly rubs.
Maxwell Houtz
Max is a sweet, fun loving Velcro pup. He loves playing ball and “securing the perimeter” of our yard but he’s most happy touching his people or his fur sister.
Tike is the gaurdian of the house but he doesnt meet a stranger. He loves to give loving to everyone he meets. He wants you to sit down so he can giive you dugars. He looks forward every morning to taking our geandchildren to school. Thats one of his favorite things.
Chloe is the absolute cutest little dog with the biggest attitude! She thinks she is a big dig excepet when her boyfriend Tike starts barking, then she tends to be a lap dog of myself or daddy.
Thor is a 6yr old big baby ❤️🐾
Randy is a rescue so I don’t actually know his birthdate. The profile pic is a before and after. The day I rescued him and two months later. When I rescued him, his pelvis was broken in three places but today you’d never know. He is full of life and a very protective daddy’s little man…lol
Hela was born last Christmas and is a very smart good girl ❤️🐾
Sweet and full of energy
Cooper is the most loveable puppy! Everyone stops to say he looks like a teddy bear! He is smart and fully trained- he loves everyone. Brings smiles wherever we go!
Bullet is 3 months old and he loves to run around!
She’s 10 years old and she loves cows and food!
Daisy May
Daisy May is a 5 month old purebred beagle! She is very vocal, she loves laying in the sun, going to softball fields with mom and dad, and munching on pig ears. She’s brought so much joy into our lives and those around us.
Whiskey is a 8 month old American Pitbull Terrier mix with high energy. She loves to play fetch with you and always looking for your attention.
This is Luke he loves long hikes. He loves cuddling. And loves him some tug of war!
Loves frisbee .
Stitch is 7 months old and loves running around with other dogs especially big dogs he’ll have them chase him and he’ll dodge and dive under and around every small space to his advantage to keep the big dogs guessing of where he will go. After he runs he loves to cuddle up and pass right out in a nice snooze.
Emmy is an energetic pure bread, blue nose pitty who loves affection and snuggling with humans of all kind. Her favorite hobbies include going to the beach, roller blading and naps by the fire
Ziggy is our rescue baby Shar Pei/boxer, but I'm not sure who rescued who. He loves to play with his human brother & sister, loves peanut butter doggie bones. He is very curious and loves to sleep, eat, and play. He doesn't believe in personal space and is very dramatic when it comes to grooming. 😂
my sweet baby char is a very cuddly guy, loves to swim and is a hugeeeee mommas boy! his two different color eyes make him one of a kind. charlie knows sit,shake,high five, and rings a doorbell to let us know he has to potty all at 12 weeks old!
Blaze is a very friendly yellow lab he loves making friends everywhere he goes he a very handsome man who know he adorable
Ruby is red fox lab she loves to cuddle and play she is a great watch dog she also very proper lady
Zoey will be 1 year old in November. She loves playing with her stuffed porcipine, fetching the ball, but then teasing us when try to take from her alot of times. She loves playing hide n seek mommy.. and our granddaughters 3and 6.
Hennessy is a 3 month old Chihuahua who is small in size but has a HUGE personality! She loves to play catch, go for rides in the car and cuddling up with her human momma at night. She’s a total sweetheart and a little diva who’s brought so much happiness into our family. ♥️🐶