Lola is my best girl, she is so sweet but has a sassy side to her that keeps us on our toes. She’s loves naps, laying with mommy, and all the squeaky toys 🥰
Beans is the happiest and most friendly boy around! He loves to run and play and enjoys snacks of all kinds. He is the best big brother to our other dog Lola 🥰
💫 Please give Kane a VOTE to help support animals in need 💫 Raisin’ Kane- the name says it all! He’s our fun, energetic, rambunctious, and adventurous pup! 🐶 We’ve decided to enter contest with hope of winning so that in return we can use 100% of the funds to donate food & supplies to the Humane Society of South Mississippi.
Lucy is our spoiled princess. Her goal in life is to show people how much love she has to give. She loves to give kisses and hugs and is such a lovey girl. 🥰😍❤
Chief is over 8 months old, loves to play with his big sister Roxy, be outside and loves car rides. He loves everyone he meets and is pretty smart for being 8 months old.
Not only is he a handsome boy but he's super smart. Loves to help us in the kitchen with the cooking. 😃
Lucy is very loving. Wants all the attention. And is an abdolute charactor. Her nickname is Cheeseburgler. Because she always has the biggest smile on her face when you say her name. She loves everyone and like her older sister MawLee, she knows no stranger. Help us make her smile when we tell her she recieved so many votes for being such a beautiful baby.
Boomer is a all time mamas boy, he has a super fun and genuine personality and attitude of his own! He loves to relax watch tv & cuddle with his family and toys but also loves to get the zoomies and run run run! He is super friendly to all kinds of animals and people all he wants to do is play! Boomer is a foodie he loves all types of foods and snacks!! He loves to give high fives and hand shakes as well as a abundance of kisses to EVERYONE! Boomer is also a registered service dog and is trained for a number of different things that he works with and through each and every day! Thank you for reading & vote for my handsome boom!!
Ozzy is lots of muscle with a lot of love. He is the most loving, talkative boy we have ever owned. He tells you EVERYTHING. From, "I need to go potty" to "Hey, I don't care what you are doing, play with me now" and of course "I Love You". He is very active and very passionate about his siblings. He is quite the Prince in our home. Let's help him see that together. Please vote for this Handsome Prince.
MawLee is the absolute sweetest Chihuahua ever. She knows no stranger. She is always smiling. Does not bark unless playing. And her love is unconditional. She is absolutely perfect and deserves to be recognized for such well behavior. Help us make that happen.
Sugar is a fun loving Shorkie who enjoys walks, going for a ride and greeting everyone she sees.
Kissing her Prince Charming
Rex came from West Virginia where he was neglected and lived his whole life outside. he spends his days snuggling with his grammie. he loves to snuggle and bark out the window at nothing
Grace is a service dog. She lets me know when to take medicine by bring me a meficine cup. She helps wirh my husbands insulin and a perfect nurse. She is our daughter not a pet
Journey loves to run, loves camping 🏕, and most of all loves to take long naps in the sun. ☀️
Hi, I'm Kayne. I'm super loving, gentle and want all the cuddles. I love my toys and bones. Car rides are my favorite love to feel the wind in my cheeks.
K’So absolutely loves tennis balls! She will play non-stop until you give up. She brings the ball to you and sets it in front of you then backs up waiting patiently staring at the ball. She recently had a litter of 5 healthy puppies with her boyfriend, Milo, who was a Black Lab mix. She is extremely smart and loyal and loves us and her puppies much! She is the best mom dog ever!
Moo Moo
Moo moo is a little over a year old pit dalmatian mix. I have had him since he was about 6 weeks old. He was found by me on the side of the road in 20 degree weather in a cage. He loves the outdoors, car rides, walks, toys, pup cups.
He is very silly, loves to chase his own tail, his mom is his best friend
Jill likes food
She loves chasing her ball and dragging her blanket around.. Loves playing in the yard
He is a service dog.
I am a farm dog
Togo is a very dramatic dog. When you lecture him, unlike other dogs why shy away, he talks back. He loves playing hide and seek. He is at his most happiest when he goes on walks or when he is getting his belly rubs.
Ruger is an amazing rescue that has brought so much joy and laughter to our home he loves to fetch and gets the"zoomies" daily zipping around the house like a rocket from room to room.
Bella is a pyredoodle and loves her walks and her stuffed duck.
Sissy is small in size but Huge at heart! She hopes to someday be president of the Kennel Klub. She loves long walks on the beach, and eating Scooby snacks. Voting for her will help her in her journey to being the big pup she knows she can be!!
auggie is my sweet boy who just turned 1. he’s one of the smartest boys, but very very stubborn. he tends to act like a human, he’s a human… he’ll never fail to make you smile or laugh <3
Gracie is a 6 yr old Black Lab we rescued a year and a half ago. She is the most sweet precious loving pup. She loves to "nurse" on blankets at bed time. She was in a fire as a small pup with her Mom and siblings where she lost her Mommy and 2 siblings.
Nitro loves playing in the snow going camping an he loves rides on the 4wheeler an ranger
We adoped Luke he was the runt and they couldnt sell him. So we were so happy to invite him to join our family. He now has a new brother and sister (our other 2 babies a pitty and a blue healer) and he has lots of grandkids to play with. He loves people and toys. Hes fast very fast. Hes fun loving and were excited to be his new parents.
Thunder loves food but doesn’t always like going for walks. He like to play with his frisbee in the back yard and play with his doggie friends. He should get the votes because who could resist that face!
Chipper is a Papillon he loves to run, play and when he is done he loves to cuddle up next to his human mom and dad. He loves holidays, he has lots of outfits to match the holidays. He loves to lick anyone ears, that he likes. He will protect his human parents, with his big bark, then his little size does not matter to him, at that time he as big as a bear. He loves to eat ice cream every night before bed with his human dad.
Diesel is a sweetheart. He loves to cuddle and be with us all the time. He is a quirky puppy who we love for all his little oddities.
Harley D
Vote for little Harley bc he began a blessing for me after my soulmate passed. He is a sweet boy and loves to cuddle. He keeps Dales memory in my heart! 💜 He’s my Angel 😇
Luna Rose Wrigley
Luna came to us from Arkansas to Massachusetts. At first she was very shy but it took her no time to find her place in our family. She loves to catch balls and run around in the back yard. And loves all the attention she can get. We love her so much!!!
Stella loves long walks, car rides, and anything involving water. She is always by her mommas side especially when her momma needs her the most! She works as an emotional support dog helping with her mommas anxiety. She loves milkbones and carrying things around in her mouth trying her absolute best to hide them! She’s full of excitement and love 🤍
Chloe Loves sticks and her ball.
My name is Maya,I'm a husky and my hobbies are spending time with my family and singing with mommy,I love to talk to people and I love giving out hugs I enjoy long walks and love the beach, I'll also shake your hand and do a few tricks 🦴 my family says that they can't get a better best friend then me🐶
Kendall was found running the streets all marked up and a gashed nose. My friend found her and I decided to reduce her after I lost my dog unexpectedly about a year and a half ago. It was a sign and I knew it was my time and have another furbaby again. She loves to cuddle and is very smart. Kendall is still learning to potty train but she’s very curious and is overcoming heart and intestinal worms.. she will be fixed as soon as she is clear from worms. She’s fun and outgoing and loves other people and animals. She’s a great fit for my family. We love her!
Baylee is 9 weeks old this week and she has a personality of a human. She loves to watch tv, sleep, eat, and chase her toy duck around.
Shes an adorable rambunctious lil pup that likes to act tuff and run with the big dogs
Ruger is a Mini Aussiedoodle that loves to run around and play all day. As soon as you get home to him he jumps on you and is always there wanting you to play with him.Ruger just is a adorable and just has a great personality.LOL
Nala Marie
Nalas 12 years old. Very lovable. Loves her cheese and bones!
Tank is going on 14 years old but still flies around like hes 4. Spunky and funky. VOTE TANK 2024 MAKING PAGEANT DOG GREAT AGAIN
Bella is definitely my little/big potatoe. She is such a sweet dog that loves to pretty much lay around.
Foxy is very loving, protective, and loves to cuddle! Only dog I have ever seen that actually barks at her food while she eats it!!! Love her to pieces!!!