Supreme Blue and tan Merle French bulldog Our amazing stud dog
1 and a half years old Blue fawn French bulldog female
He is obsessed with blankets, will not stop bothering you untill you let him under your blanket
He’s a Blue Nose Pit that just turned 1 January 7. He loves running and playing with the children outside. However, his best pastime is sitting on your lap and getting belly rubs, he’s such a big baby.
My family rescued Gus from a shelter right before Valentine’s Day. His breed is a Mountain Cur. He just turned 2 on New Year’s Day. He is a goofy photogenic cuddle bug and always gets compliments from his looks because he’s a very good and handsome boy. I mean look at that face!
Lacy is a good girl, we found her chain up to a pole with tar on her face n body and she was every skinny now she eating great and getting a lot loves for me n my family
For those of you who don’t know Maximus’s story here it is! Maximus was once just a four week old puppy on the side of the road. He was so tiny that at first glance he looked like a squirrel. That was until he jumped up. We stopped the car because we knew we couldn’t leave him to fend for himself. We got him home and all he did was sleep the first night. He was completely overrun with worms and scabs. We truly didn’t know if he’d make it because of how many worms he he. He was really skinny from the worms and they were taking all of his energy because he was trying so hard to fight them. With some good food, wormer, and love he fought every single last worm away. When he finally didn’t have worms anymore he was a very spunky little pup. He would bark at his toys to see if they would play back with him. He loved to run, play, and of course sleep in laps. Maximus continued to grow and more of his personality came out everyday. He is almost two years old now and doing amazing! He has a very goofy personality and loves to be with people. Loves going out in public to meet new people and going on rides wherever it may be that we go. He still barks at his toys to see if they’d maybe one day play back with him. (We don’t tell him they can’t 😂.) We have decided his birthday is July 29th since we don’t know exactly what day he was born. So he is almost two years old!! He is training to be a service dog and it is going really good. Maximus is very energetic, photogenic, goofy, and loveable. He loves toys, people, bananas, any snack you wanna give him, and loves to train!
Milo is the puppy that saved my life. I was suicidal before adopting him, but he has brightened up my life and given me company. Milo is the sweetest baby boy and he loves when I rock him back and forth in my arms like a baby!
Laddin is a Pyredor, Great Pyrenees and Lab. He’s 7 months old, loves to run, play frisbee, train and hike! He also REALLY wants his kitty brothers to love him unconditionally! His favorite treat so far is definitely collagen rolls.
This is my lovely dog Coco, she’s a rescue and she’s a pit mixed with lab. She loves to play fetch and looooooves chicken. I think she’s one cute doggy!
This is Ghost, he's from my latest litter.. he's 4 weeks old today!
Reese And Squirrely
This mother and daughter duo are inseparable!
Maize is the sweetest, most loving girl you’ll ever meet! She loves to play fetch and play with her humans! She loves ALL the attention and ALL the lovins!
Hi !!, this is rocky. Rocky is a german shepherd husky. He loves the snow, hiking with the family, and kids. He is like another sibling to me. He loves to watch tv shows with us and movies. Of course he loves to chase his tail when he’s bored 😂!! Also, when he sits he looks like a little kangaroo or donkey. He’s scared of thunder like most dogs !!
She loves running outside finding sticks. Really loves to ride in the car standing on the console. Loves treats! Very jealous big girl.
Ivy is a purebred pembroke welsh corgi! She loves going on long walkies, eating bones, & snuggling. Ivy can do all sorts of tricks including fist bumps & whisper barking! Ivy is turning 1 in March :)
Butters is a unique and very loving Lab. He hates water and loves ice which I don't understand the water thing lol.
Hello everyone. Meet 6 month old CHATA! Chata is the sweetest dog that loves attention. Loves to eat and guess what? Yuuup!!! Loves napping 😴 Chata loves fetching as well.
She loves to cuddle loves car rides
He likes to play with his toys that sqeak he loves to cuddle he loves car rides
Sheba is a rescue baby.(dog)found her on the side of the road. She must of been to old for them so they decided to put her out😞I’m so glad I found her but really I think she found me❣️She is a blessing. Sheba is the most wonderful dog I’ve known💕I want to wish everybody best wishes in the up coming contest. Thanks to everyone that voted for her it was appreciated more than you know
Hello everyone my name is Gracie, my parents adopted me when I was 7 weeks old at the pound. I love to eat & take naps.
Loves to play with his lil lamby. Loves to do zoomies around the house! But he's just a sweet lil boy
Calvin was our foster fog untill we decided to adopt him. He is so sweet and loving and I'm glad he's ours.
Slick is a English Bluetick. Slick loves to run and play. He will out run most dogs. He is a big cuddle bug and loves attention from people he knows. He is all about pleasing his master and loves to hunt. He is one of the hardest working dogs I have ever worked behind. I have to decide when he has had enough because he would go till he drops. He is my world and is loved by many people that know him.
Finn is a loving, happy and ever smiling pup. He has the 6th sense of caution and protection developing as he gets older. After adopting him at 2 months we had a few health problems which kept us in and out of the emergency. Now he is a healthy 9 month old pup who loves his toys, his cat brother and to run!
Hi, my name is Koki! I am a Chinese crested powder puff. A year ago I was adopted and I can’t imagine a world without my human best friend. I’m a picky eater so I’d rather have a belly rub. Unless the treat is jerky. Then I’ll have both of them.
Chevy is a tiny fireball! He loves playing- A LOT, and his favorite toy to drag around is his pickle toy. He absolutely adores people. The only naps he will take are right in my lap. He is such a sweet boy :)
Ty Ty
Ty’rone aka TyTy is a 4 week labahoula! He is a firecracker! But can also be the biggest baby! He loves running around chasing his toys or his daddy’s feet!
Dragon is the best boy, he love snow and car rides but nothing beats playing catch with a frisbee or ball
Tanner is a loving dog loves people cries when people come toward him wants to play enjoys his family enjoys friends loves playing at doggy daycare. He’s a great dog.
Kira is such a loving fun dog! She loves to go on long walks, play fetch, she especially loves playing hide and seek with us on those rainy days when we have to stay in. She has her own personality and she loves meetung new people always wants someone to say hi to her when were on walks!!
Koko is autistic
She is a very beautiful coated xoloitzcuintli she loves to explore and take long naps ,likes to cuddle but also enjoys to have her alone time she likes playing with toys and thinks that is funny to steal shoes
One of a kind, beautiful soul
Mila was the kindest, sweetest, loving dog you'd ever come across. Her energy and athleticism was second to none..Her spirit will stay with me forever.
Hi i’m Millie! I’m a 3 month old Sprollie! That means i’m half Border Collie and half English Springer Spaniel! Im very energetic and love playing with my brothers and sisters, I do also I love to cuddle!
Faith is our brown eyed Pomsky. Yes, most have blue eyes which makes her special to us!! She is VERY inteligent and very in tune with our families emotions, a bit hyper, has a super sniffer and is a Zoomie Master. Our small dog pack brings great joy to many as they all are funny little class clowns.
Creamy loves to smell flowers on her daily walks.
Jack loves to dress up, he is a lady’s boy and loves to be filled with snuggles and kisses!
Papo is a very happy dog i save his life he was gonna die.. He love toys
My Dougie baby loved to cuddle and sleep all day❤️ loved looking at the beach❤️ and loved to talk back❤️ rest easy Dougie, mommy loves you from here all the way to doggy heaven❤️ thank you for showing me unconditional love! -A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”
Loves everyone
Schnauzer Mix. Sweetest baby on earth!🐾 Loves: ❤️to run 6 miles with her momma every other day. ❤️cashews & jelly. ❤️to cuddle with mommy on the couch. ❤️to visit grandma and get extra treats.
Im a fun, really energetic, loveing, happy puppy. I love to cuddle when im tired. I love to give kisses then run away and ry and play. I love all my stuffed babies and i sleep with favorite teddy.