Baby Stories - 64


Kuro is such a beautiful lil big boy..he has a great temperament about him, he loves to play and is always ready to give you lovings ❤️❣️
Charlie is the most loving dog . He enjoys playing with his other 2 brother's and was rescued. Charlie loves squeaky toys and cuddling.
Peanut is a rescue dog from CA high kill shelter. He had only few hours before his last walk down the hallway, but his luck changed when he appeared on my Facebook page. Now he is living very happy life in CT with his sister Maya. His favorite thing to do is to bother his 72 pounds big sister. Thank you for voting for him !🐶By saving one dog we won’t change the world , but for the one dog the world will change! If he wins , he will donate all $ to shelter to help his friends , who were left behind.🐶
Siberian Husky who LOVES TO PLAY & make tiktok videos🥰
This is my eleven year old golden retriever named Teddy. He likes going on walks, eating treats, sleeping and Car rides with his Family ! He’s super cute and fluffy! He really wants to win!! Thank you for your time but Teddy as sadly been put down😭
Stella loves to give kisses and is a attention hog. When you play with her all she does is bark non stop I guess u could say she’s a talker lol
Teddy is such a lover he loves tummy rubs he also loves for u to throw his toys and will bring it to you but as soon as u go to take it he runs off with it.
Cheeto is a sweet, lazy, big baby. He’s always asleep but when he’s not, he follows his mom around everywhere.
Butterbean is something special. He’s very sweet and loves being outside and laying in the grass. He’s a handful but he makes up for it with lots of kisses
Malibu is the most loving and cuddly pup. She’s always getting into something but really knows how to work her puppy dog face so I can’t get mad
Whiskey is a sweet boy who love everyone also love to give kisses
Ugg is a sweet, caring, and love able as I call him my boy. He knows when you are sick and he cuddles with you to make sure you will be ok. He loves to pretend he has to potty so he can get a treat but I know he just want a treat. To meet him is to love him. Vote for my boy (Ugg) of course he is spoiled but I can’t help it.
Sadie Mae
Hi Sadie Mae loves her toys and be outside
We will do a vote for vote, every vote we get I’ll give you one right back ❤️ I am Loki a super playful dog who loves kids and other dogs. I love my raccoon toy who I know as my baby. I always bring it to you as a welcome gift when you enter the house.
Yadi Gus Gus
Yadi is a little spit fire with a lot of energy and spunk. He has the cutesy, most innocent looking face, but seems to always be looking for mischief.
Nala is 7 months old. She loves to be outside. She had her leg amputated when she wasnt that old.
Ammo is happy dog. He loves kids, snow, other animals, playing and spending time with Family, and loves going on car rides. He hates rain.
Myla is a 8 month old pure breed red nose pit bull puppy full of energy and life. She loves to play tug of war and go on long walks outside
Luna is an American pitbull terrier/husky mix who is the most laid back dog you've ever met. She has not met a person , child , or other dog she does not love
Alfie Is 4 year old cavachon. He's super affectionate, loves stealing his moms clothes when she's not home and laying with them, loves to play fetch with his favorite blue ball, and is the best cuddle bug you'll ever meet!
Lugar loves the outdoors!!! He loves to go camping, play fetch with sticks, chase squirrels and rabbits but most of all he loves his family ❤
Tubby is our Boston terrier shown sitting on a bench at Boston harbor. He is extremely smart and a international traveler. He also likes to walk and dance around on his back legs.please vote
Jack is such a loving dog. Rescued from a horrible home. Loves his cat siblings and is a HUGE momma's boy. His favorite toy is his ball and absolutely adores car rides.
My name is Tank, I’m 2 years old. I like peanut butter sandwiches, car rides, and hours of cuddling with my mom. I don’t like to listen to my mom but I love to play with my human sister in our back yard.
He's just the cutest thing. He's like my shadow every where I go he's right beside me. And boy does he snore. He weighs 35lb gaining 13 pounds in the 2months we've had him. His favorite food is raw roast beef and sweet potatoes. He's so fancy. Gosh I just love him.
I love to go for hikes, but also love cuddling!!
Mica is a sweet and energetic puppy who loves to play. He loves other dogs and loves playing with his doggie brothers. Mica loves napping. He has a big personality for being a small dog!
Jasper is a two year old Rottweiler husky mix. He is super sweet and energetic. He loves to run. He gets along with other dogs and adores his two doggie brothers.
Empress is my beautiful shih poo. She loves dresses and sardines.
Hi, my name is joline, I’m a blue heeler terrier mix, I was adopted from the shelter. I love to chase birds, squirrel, bunnies. I love to play in the water. And go on car rides. And I love to cuddle
Phoenix is a playful Pitt mix who loves to run laps around his mommy. He’s 5 months old and acts like the alpha. Phoenix was very sick the first few months of his life and is doing much better now, he’s gotten 4x bigger since he came home. He has all the energy in the world, and is a wiggly bundle of light. He loves cuddling with his daddy and playing outside with all his friends, human and animal alike.
Hemi Is a very LOVING dog, She is so sweet and playful. Her Favorite toy is my Underwear lol. She loves to run the race track in the house‼️ VOTE for HemiShmacks‼️‼️
Hello My Name Is Daenarys. I’m Turning 2 Year In Exactly 14 Days. I Love To Play and Run Around until I get tired but my favorite hobby would be eating. I love food specially peanut butter yum ! I love humans .. love the attention they give me. But I also love to talk back .
Harvey is a sweet boy we came across from a rescue group. He was involved in a criminal case where the previous owner was charged with neglect from leaving him and his whole litter in a hot car. Fortunately, him and his litter mates are all okay. He is seriously the sweetest little boy and full of so much love. He lives for the snuggles and all the love!
Lucky The Husky
Hello Everyone 💙 This Is Lucky. His A 3 Year Old Siberian Husky Who Loves To Sleep and Eat ! If things don’t go his way he will make sure he tells you. I wouldn’t trade him for anything. he came to my life in the right moment .. and everytime he knows I’m about to get an anxiety attack he lays next to me and let’s me know that everything will be ok ! I think he deserves every vote possible his such an amazing dog who loves exploring his favorite hobby would be swimming. He Loves To Eat Everything Except Vegetables, those aren’t his favorite .
I just bought this cute little Yorkie for my daughters and they just love him! His name is Millo and he is 3 months old he is so spoiled already, I think that he’s the cutest ever! 😊 He loves to be held like he’s a baby!!
Oakley Blake
Oakley Blake is a very sassy pup. She loves to stalk her toys like they are prey. She is bred to be a hunter. She loves being outdoors and swimming. She is a very sweet girl with a boat load of attitude. She loves to sleep by our heads and she loves to go to Macdonalds for ice cream. 🧡
Jax is 1 and loves his red bone, he enjoys going on walks and chasing the cats around the house! His favorite food is peanut butter and he like laying on top of you in bed when you’re trying to sleep
Khaki is a 5 year old blue nose pitbull who was attacked and bit in the eye when he was a puppy and is now partially blind. He loves to go for car rides, long walks down the road, sleeping with his gran, giving millions of kisses, going for runs, giving hugs, hiding his toys after playtime, playing with his toys ( preferably fetch ), barking at strangers, snoring as loud as he can, but his absolute favorite thing is string cheese ! He really hopes he gets your vote
Cooper is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. He loves to get kisses and cuddles from everyone he meets. He definitely thinks he’s smaller than he is because he’ll jump right up on your lap to watch Netflix with you all day
Oakley loves her belly rubs! She’s always rolling over for anyone that is around her just to get some extra belly rubs in!
My girl Remi, I adopt her when she was 7 month old and we been together forever forward. We love hiking together and seeking new adventures. Loves to chase any and every squirrel or rabbit any chance she get.
Adyi Ginger
Always Red Carpet ready to flash my baby blues!! I am a pistle full of energy and love to run and jump and play with all my puppy friends at the dog park.I have 2 older brothers at home 9 yr and 14yr..they love me but get a little snippy when i get too rowdy !!!
Coco is the most adorable puppy ever. Loves to kiss and cuddle. Enjoy naps with mama ( me ) and walk to park, he loves the slide at the park 😉
Buster is very smart.He loves to play out side if I go out with him.He loves toys that make noise and his blankets. He loves to eat.He is a mom’s boy.No one can sit beside me if he is in my Lap.He is my world.