Baby Stories - 63


CobyJack is 4 months old, silly and sweet. He’s learning everything for the first time. He’s a young pup! He loves to play with his brother Tosh the dachshund
Daisy Dot
Daisy Dot “Daisy” holds the title to be the most stylish lazy daisy carrot lovin’ girl. Daisy spends her days with her soul sister Bella the Bloodhound, eating carrots and being the best park ranger. The term “water the daisy” is known by many from her love of the water. If you water a daisy daily they will grow into a beautiful flower! She flys like an eagle with grace and carries it well
Mini loves to play with any ball! She loves to be out in the water & nature! She’s such a big buff cute baby gorilla
Maxxine Howard
My name is Maxxine, I love to greet you by licking you. I get so excited when people give me attention. I am very loveable and I love attention. I am 5 and a half lbs but I act like I am 50 lbs. Please help me win. I want to make my parents proud.
We’re so much in love with our baby girl, Sage. She loves chasing the hose water. Loves giving kisses! Her and I have snack time together. She loves fresh fruit and vegetables! And a good marrow bone.
Sky is a very lovable and playful girl! She loves to be around her mommy and loves to eat blueberry snacks. She does have a playful attitude that is too cute to handle!
Princess Leia
I got my Princess from a Breeder that told me she was too Ugly to sell......I think she is Beautiful!!!
Athena loves to play with her cat siblings mostly her brother Leonard. She loves to go to the dog park to play with her sister Oreo. Athena also loves car rides and going to walk by the lake and getting puppachinos from Starbucks especially is her sister Oreo is with us.
Oreo is 14 and half years old she absolutely loves people. Oreo is a mutt I’m not really sure what exactly she is I got her from a preacher when she was a puppy. She’s the first dog I’ve ever had. Oreo loves going on car rides only when her little sister Athena is with. She also loves going to the dog park, walking by the lake, and getting puppachinos from Starbucks.
Blacky is my alarm every morning he wakes me up every day exactly at the same time. He is such a lovely dog he loves to cuddle, he loves food and naps. He likes to give attention, loves to play with his toys. He is a really friendly dog he is best friends with my youngest 6 years old nephew! Blacky is a cute spoiled baby boy!🐶🐾
When you think of chihuahua you think of mean…well not her. She is named peach because she is the sweetest girl ever and anyone who meets her says the same thing. Peach loves car rides, treats, her toy lamb and don’t get me started on kisses!!
Charlie is a pit/German shepherd mix. His favorite things to do are play with his brothers and cuddle with his sister. He also loves to get in all the trash cans and take his treasures to the couch to chew them up. He weighs over 100lbs and we love sharing our queen sized bed with him. He is a huge part of our family and loved so much.
She 1/4 border collie 1/4 australian shephard and half black lab she loves to sit in your lap but shes also a big ball of energy she loves kids shes very gentle with them
Nala loves going on adventures. Whether it’s in the mountains or the backyard. There’s never a dull moment with this one♥️
Van Halen
Van is a 5 month old AKC German shorthair pointer who absolutely loves to hunt quail already and he is in the process of training to be a point/retrieve gun dog. He’s a mommas boy who loves broccoli, green beans and lots of cuddles!
™️ANGUS™️THE BULL Amazing Intelligent Athlete ™️5 Year old Pibbles 🐾 The most of all of those great One's lives only to please us he's just so happy and he doesn't want to STOP.. The Bullet Dog's on a 24/7 365 Mission Boundless Energy^ Think he's in training for the 2021 Dog Olympic Game's USA Sadly he's not well as Thyroid health care is the only reason why he is not able to live without Daily life depends on the STEROIDAL DRUG THERAPY he l needs Daily for the Thyroid In hopes not To Progress into 1st Stage of Cancer and other Options for this isn't to mention the result is that death can be a reality for a Dog who is too young to pass onto the Rainbow Bridge. Prayers for Him🙏 GOD HEAR OUR PRAYERS!
American eskimo and pit bull mix. Bentley is most likely doing something he’s not supposed to be.
Thor is a gorgeous pit bull mix that we rescued in December 2020. He’s such a mush, a total love bug and loves to cuddle. He’s very well mannered and a charmer! Thor loves playing with his siblings and getting belly rubs.
Minnie is an adopted Chihuahua mix who weighs 3.3 lbs fully grown. She loves food, cuddles, and naps. She wakes me up every morning before my alarm to give me kisses. She is also afraid of everything since she’s so small (e.g. twigs, leaves, the wind).
Ellie May
Ellie loves Cuddles as well as cats even though they don’t always love her. She enjoys chasing the frisbee even though she doesn’t understand she has to pick it up and bring it back she just puts her paw on it and runs away.
Angel is a Christmas Angel! She is Beagle-Australian Sheppard- “Bossy” and Boston Terrier! She has personality plus.
She loves to cuddle with her sissy and she is definitely a mommy’s girl ❤️
Bizzy is his name. He’s a very Bizzy body dog. He’s active. Love to play and bark. Love to go play at the dog parks. He’s very protective of his owner and loving at the same time. He’s spoiled rotten. He likes to chew and tear up his toys 🙄😩. It’s his first time entering a pageant. He’s very thankful for your votes and he likes to steal my car 🚗 🤣
Buddy is an 8 year old male chihuahua and he is a service dog trained for multiple things. Buddy is a goofy, cuddly, fun loving dog. He loves his family, other animals, and little kids. Buddy likes to be sassy especially to his mom. Buddy is a cuddlebug and can never get enough cuddles/loves. He loves running outside, going on adventures, and going for car rides. His favorite place to go is the mountains. He loves broccoli, cheese, eggs, peanut butter, and any kind of meat. Please vote for Buddy; a senior who is a sweet service dog full of life
King is 18 weeks old. He is super loveable and energetic. Dont let that innocent face fool you, he loves finding new thing to chew around the house. He also loves sleeping on his back and play fighting with his mom (who we also have) He is apart of our first litter and it has been so amazing watching him grow and form his own personality. Such a sweet and calm tempered boy. With those beautiful blue eyes, whats not to love 💙
Samson is the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet. He makes the cutest noises when he gets kisses and belly rubs from mom and dad. He truly is a big baby! He is 5months old and weighs 72lbs. Loves to take naps and cuddle with his blanket 💕
Albert is a beautiful 5.5 year old service dog. He is a black lab. Albert is very out going and loves life 🦮. Please consider voting for him.
Fun and outgoing
Rainie is a malinois/husky mix she loves kids and other dogs and is a people pleaser she knows how to shake, spin and play dead. When she wants attention she'll talk and swipe my phone with her paw for attention.
Mayven is a Pitbull Boxer mix. Although many people see pitbull and get worried Mayven is a snuggle bug!! She loves everyone and everything (except frogs) lol!
Daisy is such a sweet baby girl. Daisy strives to get the most cuddles! Shes loves the water, well the dirt too!
Oak is as strong as a tree:) This puppy boy is full of cuddles and curiosity. He loves the forest and water.Hes a love bug
Holly is a spicy red head who knows what she wants! If shes not swimming or running through fields shes cuddling her humans:) Holly has a sweet soul and shes full of love!
charlie is a runner, a track star if u will. she loves to fetch and play with her tweetie. she’s the sweetest girlie
Zora loves to play outside and chill out on the couch. She loves playing fetch with her 4 year old human brother, as well as using him as a pillow every chance she gets! She is a loyal and sweet companion to our family!
Ziggy Marley
Ziggy Marley is my soul puppy. He is the most gentle, loving, soul southing dog you could ever meet. In his spare time he likes rock hunting, hearding chickens and loving his family.
Buster is such a snuggler! He's super smart like his mom and dad. Our sweet boy loves the water already and chasing chickens:) This sweet boy has won our hearts!
Kayko is such an energetic puppy that loves everyone and everything!! He is such a sweet baby.
My name is Penny! I love car rides, my toys, and going on walks with my mommy and daddy.
Daisy loves to take naps and bite your ankles but is the sweetest baby 💛
Mister bean/ beanie weenies/ baby beans was a rescue. He enjoys going on walks at the local state park, taking naps, and going for rides to get pup cups.
LOUIE IS SUCH A STRONG BOY! He just got out of surgery after braking his leg! He loves to play with his ball and play with other puppies! Now it’s hard for him to play since all his other friends are came corso’s and pit bulls but he has the attitude of a Rottweiler so he fits right in. Thankyou everyone for his votes! The money will go straight to his vet bill!
Hi! Grizzley is a pit/lab mix and very fluffy! He loves to eat and sleep like a frog.
Nova loves to play tug-o-war and chew on socks.
Rosebud was rescued from a dog hoard in Louisiana. The conditions were horrible and the rescuers needed Hazemat suits to get them out . She has been with me for almost 3 years . She thinks she is my boss .
Intelligent, full of energy. Loves playing with children. Takes commands and always protecting his family.