Pearl is a very sweet old lady! She is 10yrs old. She is very active and loves to go to the park! She loves to play tug and show you a gift when you get home.
Duke loves cuddles, loves his baby sister, and loves to play outside with his friends.
He loves to play! He loves to run around in the back yard! He loves to play in the snow! And he loves everyone!
💠🗨️ Anyone interested in exchanging 10 votes a day, everyday, please let me know!! **Serious applicants only, please?! ❇️This little pup is jam packed with personality and loads of energy! He loves spending time with his mommy and daddy, chasing his tail and playing with all of his toys! His favorites are his stuffed monkey and his ducky. He also enjoys being sneaky and playing tricks at times. When not playing with his toys he is almost always giving love and cuddles! He has to be the center of EVERYONE'S attention and he demands it!! He can brighten any mood and always has us smiling and laughing at the quirky and sweet things he does. There is never a dull moment with Scooter around!! 🐾Nicknames include: Scoot, Bub, Stink, Scootie Butt & Turkey/Turk. 🐶 Favorite Food: Twinkies 🐶 Favorite (Annoying) Quirk: Attacking the broom & destroying the dirt pile. 🙄🙂 & getting in the bathroom trash. 🐶 Favorite Prank/Trick to Play: Taking things he thinks you need so you will chase after him for it. 🐶Biggest Dislike: He hates rugs on the floor. We can't keep one down longer than ten mins. before he drags it away. 🐶Best Quality: He is the sweetest most lovable and loving dog you'll ever meet! 🐕🐾Our little Scooter Ace is one of a kind!
Yoda is the best dog ever and he does not like water but really enjoys bones and running and playing with toys
Hunnybun is 12 years old. She has the heart of a lion. She stood up to a black bear for our family.
Roxie was a Pitt Bull, Terrier, Lab, and Whippet mix. She had mental health issues and was a rescue. Despite what Roxie been through she was still a loving and caring dog. She passed away in 2018.
Jheenga is a sweet boy who just wants to spread joy!
Eelichi is a fun loving pup who loves to explore and get in trouble!
Moka loves to sit in the rain with her little rain jacket on and play with her bestie Sugar, she likes to think shes a queen 🤦‍♀️ But she is!
Beau is the most sweet dog you’ll ever meet, he LOVES strangers and will want you to pet him and love him. He loves to play with his little brother Dasher too. Hes a big goof ball who loves the water hose.
Scoob LOVES water and I mean he LOVES!! it, anytime he can he will run to our pond and swim in it 😅 He’s really Loveable and goofy with a TON of energy!
Leo Loves being outside and playing with sticks or going to dog park.. also playying in the ocean
Hami is an attack dog who leverages all 15 of her pounds to lick your face and force herself into your arms. She’s an aggressive lover and is constantly playing with her toys.
Winter loves to play soccer and LOVES giving hugs
He is a rescue and just loves to cuddle. He has been in the system for 2 years and loves his peanut butter and hugs. He has finally found his forever home!
Canela is a blue-eyed pomsky 💙, I call her my mini wolf 🐺. She is super friendly, sweet, energetic, and goofy. Loves going on awesome PawVentures!🐾
Melo is bilaterally deaf but responds to hand signals.
Chico loves his cuddles and thinks hes a lap dog, he loke to play tug of war with his sister's and loves his belly rubbins
Remi will round you all up by your heels to have you vote for her!
Marvel is a silly little boy who loves to play and enjoy pupcups. He loves ice cubes and his daddy. He goes bonkers when he sees him lol.
Hilo is a mini pin. He lives with his little brother kona boy, very intelligent and learns tricks and commands very quickly. He is a loveable & obedient member of the family.
Kona Boy
Min pin from Hawaii. The runt of the pack but has survived parvo and has become a very cute & healthy little 1 year old boy, he is very strong and intelligent, born December 30th 2021 He is very well trained and super playful.
He is a pitty mix,we rescued him 3 yrs ago, he is the most loveable goofball ever. He loves play stick with daddy and loves the snow( I don’t but he does) he loves catching snowballs
He is a very spunky dog with alot of personality.
Lily is 8 weeks old, she is a mix of Jack Russell, Chihuahua, and Dachshund. She loves to play and cuddle.
Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear, is a (Brown & White) Siberian Husky, four months old, and is ALWAYS smiling! He's always excited to see his humans, and LOVES meeting new people! He is as smart as they come, but he loves kisses, treats (of course) and rough housing with his brother Yoshi. He's stolen our hearts, and I couldn't imagine even a day without seeing his beautiful face, smiling up at me! I know your vote would bring a smile to his face as well! 💗
Yoshi, is a beautiful (cream colored) fun loving, goofy, (at times a little ditzy) four month old Siberian Husky. He's got a sweet and gentle temperment, and is always so patient! Especially with his brother Yogi Bear. He's a snuggle bug, and enjoys play time and treats! We feel so blessed to have him in the family, and we wouldn't be complete without him. Your vote would mean the world to us! 💗
Molly is the newest addition to our family.
Jojo is quite dog he don’t bark or bite people he is the best dog anyone can have pick him to win this
Loves to play and wear her clothes!! She’s so loving and very sweet!!
Santino is 6 yrs young and loves playing hide and seek with his human sister. He loves cuddling and sleeping under the covers close to me. People sometimes ask me if he is real or a stuffed panda bear (when his hair is all grown in).
Nova loves to chase her tail and play in the winter snow.
Sugar Momma
She is the most is very sweet and she also loves everyone gets alone with other dogs
Winston loves his squeaky toys. In fact he has one for every mood! A blue bone when he’s happy, a duck when he’s tired, and a Santa for when he’s upset
River is about four months old, he loves playing outside, he bunny hops when he’s excited, and loves anything he can’t eat!
Fancy is the most precious Dalmatian you’ll ever get to meet, she loves to sing along to her favorite movie 101 Dalmatians- ironic I know.
Deebo was produced right here in Southern Oregon. Hes the next big stud at Bully-King Kennel . He loves everyone and is the star of the show wherever he goes.
Beautiful feisty twins
Mochi is a Maltese-Yorkie mix, he loves treats and being with his family 24/7🤣.
Supreme Blue and tan Merle French bulldog Our amazing stud dog
1 and a half years old Blue fawn French bulldog female
He is obsessed with blankets, will not stop bothering you untill you let him under your blanket
He’s a Blue Nose Pit that just turned 1 January 7. He loves running and playing with the children outside. However, his best pastime is sitting on your lap and getting belly rubs, he’s such a big baby.
My family rescued Gus from a shelter right before Valentine’s Day. His breed is a Mountain Cur. He just turned 2 on New Year’s Day. He is a goofy photogenic cuddle bug and always gets compliments from his looks because he’s a very good and handsome boy. I mean look at that face!
Lacy is a good girl, we found her chain up to a pole with tar on her face n body and she was every skinny now she eating great and getting a lot loves for me n my family