Baby Stories - 63


Chloe is a sweetheart, she loves attention. She's very active, loves to run around the house and play with daddy. She also loves to lay in her puppy bed and chew on her favorite dog toy her stuffed sloth.
Charlie is a fun loving dog that wants to play 24/7. Like most kids he can’t take no for an answer. He will jump on you, lick you, bark at you, and bites you but in a playful way. But charlie is just one happy dog and is currently 6 months old
Tobi loves to run and herd a crowd any chance she gets. She has survived parvo as a pup and is more energetic than ever. She loves to swim and take her owner on long walks. She’s a protector, cuddler, and my best friend. ❤️
Hi! I’m cooper. I was a rescue from Georgia! I’m all smiles and happiness!🐾
She’s lazy and extremely funny she loves to roll around and make faces
He’s a very nice puppy
Murphy Mr. Sparkles
Murphy Mr. Sparkles is a 7 month old Mini Goldendoodle. He is the SWEETEST little boy and full of kisses. When he’s not loving on us, he loves to be outdoors running and exploring!
Macy is a 16 year old Shih Tzu. She is so sweet and loves to be near us. She’s a strong girl and doesn’t let her arthritis hold her back.
My name is Shakespeare. I am only a baby, but working really hard to become a therapy dog that will specialize in working in trauma. My favorite things right now is to play, eat and sleep. I love playing with my toys and carrying everything I can around in my mouth. My mom tells me I am a handsome big boy.
Just throw the ball already!!!
He loves green beans he dont like his ears being touched he is half chihuahua and half yorkie his dad is full chihuahua
Hi I'm Gilbert I'm a cute man that loves playing in the snow and going for car rides everyday
Hi frens! 🐾 I’m just an Collie Australian Shepherd mix who likes snoozing and treats! 🐾
Hi, my name is whiskey I love to run with the chickens and play with mommy and daddy!!!
Daisy is a diva but also an awesome caretaker. Daisy takes care of her mommy who was a type 1 brittle diabetic. She makes sure to alert her with a high or low Blood sugar. Fortunately, Daisy’s mom received a kidney and a pancreas transplant so she is no longer working. She’s currently retired and desires to play all day and have fun with her sisters. Daisy loves to eat and sleep. She makes sure she get plenty of beauty rest. She’s a healthy Shichi. (Half shit-zu half chihuahua). Daisy is currently 13 years young and still acts like she’s a puppy. She loooves her family so very much. Her mommy takes her trips in the car because she loves her car rides. She especially love Starbucks pupachinos but knows they have a ton of sugar so it’s only an occasional treat. Her mommy does allow for the free treats they give to her though. Daisy is so funny and sweet. She absolutely adores her attention from others.
Bruiser is my 6 yr old boxer. He loves cuddles with his fur mom and his little sister Nala. He is super sweet and loving! He is playful and also protective of his family. Everyone that meets him falls in love with him! Vote for my Bruiser baby!!!
Nala is a 6 month old boxer/pit mix. She is loving, energetic, funny, vocal and all around a good dog. She loves the snow and her big brother! Vote for us!!!
Koda is my emotional support dog. Yes, he is very energetic but knows when to behave. I’ve had him for about 2 years and his favorite thing so far is to make sure I’m okay because he gets rewarded for doing such a good job and what he likes the most is his dog and cat brothers Bandit and Salem
Benji LOVES people & giving paws & kisses <3
Hank is a 1 year old English Bulldog and the most loving and care dog! He has the best personality and needs all the love!
Rylee Rose
Rylee Rose is German Shepard husky mix. She’s a family dog and a protecter. Show Ry some love ❤️
Oaklee is the most fun loving yorkie out there! Help him out with some love from all of you! 🥰
Bandit is a German shepherd / husky mix, his favorite thing to do is probably chase the cat around the house 😂, and he’s a very loving but energetic dog.
Sassy is a sweet loveable snuggle bunny. She loves being outside running and playing. She is my cheesecake thief
He’s always looking how to snuggle closer. He loves car rides and hanging out with his Indie.
We got Scarlett from a lady that rescued her from a breeding farm. I remember how it was a huge deal when she would do as much as wag her tail! Now, she is a happy dog, who is a little chubby, because my grandmother secretly feeds her table food. Scarlett is a little wierd though. She doesn't bite, nip, claw, jump, bark, yap, or do anything that Chihuahuas are known to do. I really love that about her!😁
She’s a free spirit that loves morning runs and playing on the beach.
Hi, I’m Riley! I’m an 11 year old lab/boarder collie mix. My birthday is in may and I’ll be 12😳 I’m very calm, loving, gentle, and the best dog in the world! I love my mama, daddy and my sister the most and I love anyone who wants to give me attention. My favorite thing to do is sleep on my comfy bed, take baths, and go on car rides. Everyone please vote for me❤️
He’s a rescue pup. Name is not official. :) This is the first photo we have of him. We are picking him up 2/20. We’re so excited!
She is an energetic, fun loving ball of sweetness. She enjoys spinning in circles for her favorite treaties and playing with kitty siblings
Brooklyn is half Dutch Shepard and half German Shepherd. She loves playing in water. Loves digging and loves watching Harry Potter. She loves playing with her older brother Max. She loves cuddles and kisses. She loves car rides she has her own car seat she also love pupchino‘s from Starbucks.she loves her squeaker stuffed animals and she loves playing with her human cousins.
She’s sassy, spunky, and a big love bug.
Alara Boreealice
She is a silly little girl who lives chasing her tail. She is in training to become my service dog for seizures also. She loves to cuddle and go for car ride!!
Daniela is a puppy full of energy, she loves running around & playing with her toys. She loves having all the attention on her! For being two months old, she’s beyond spoiled!
Gunner is an old soul in a puppy’s body. He is loving, silly, super smart and loves to love life! He brings joy to everyone that he meets.
Mirah is a white Siberian Husky. Mirah loves to sit and shake paws for treats. Her favorite toys are her rope and tenis ball. Mirah is not only adorable but sweet and smart!
Please vote for me and help with my uncontrollable addiction to cheese! My mom says I have to help her out with this problem!
Dodger is a 10 week old Golden Retriever and German Shepherd mix! His favorites activities are to play fetch and watch TV. He is very intelligent, already knowing how to “sit” and “shake.” Dodger says thanks and would appreciate your vote! ♥️
Full Blooded Australian Shepherd. Loves food and wiggling his little nub of a tail
Full Blooded Dalmatian. Loves his squeaky toys. Thinks he’s a lap dog
Chiweenie/Shitzu Mix Hyper Dramatic
Kaia is very lovable, energetic, fast learner, and very playful. She loves attention. She is a Shih Tzu mix. She loves going for walks. She is a very curious dog. Any new sounds, she wants to be picked up to see what it is (from blender, popcorn maker, etc).
He loves to chew on ropes and water bottles, running and jumping in the snow HUGGGGGE cuddle bug.. nothing but love from my wiggle butt
Lulu Olive Valentine Emmylou
Lulu aka "Porkchop" is a rescue from @HomewardTrails. She is the perfect mix of sassy and sweet and loves to cuddle!
Honcho very loving. Like to all day play!! Has great energy!! Kid friendly. Very calm and quiet. His also cute as a button!!
Nova is two months old and she recently lost her eye but she doesn’t let that get in her way!
Zoro is a very energetic, loving, fun 11 week old puppy. He loves playing with our kitty the most, they are always together! He’s very protective of his human brother and sister already and loves playing for hours. 💖
Hello! My name is Zeus I’m only 5 months old!! My sister & I are HUGE brats!! While she sleeps under the bed taking care of the monsters I’m cuddled up warm underneath the blankets w/ mom & dad teehee:) but she soon finds her way up on the bed and then we’re all squished! Lmao. We follow our mom everywhere she goes and always keeping guard while dad works! We may seem scary at first but we’re really just lovable and live for the attention!