Ditzey is a sweet puppy. She loves to play with her sister Cher. The girl can eat . She also loves to cuddle and chase her tail.
Rok-Weiler is a 3 month old puppy. His daddy was just killed by a hit and run truck so he was sad for a lil while. He had the best dad dog ever that loved him very much! Everyone thinks he’s a Rottweiler but he’s actually not. He is a mix of Australian Cattle Dog and Black lab/Pit mix. He’s very sweet and loves to cuddle!
Harleigh loves to play fetch. She is such a loyal companion, and we love her to pieces!!
Lil Dude
I am a disabled pup 2 1/2years old, when I was 7 months old I got hit by a car and was paralyzed from the waist down- I was never supposed to walk again my family worked with me and did water therapy and now I can run play an do whatever I want pretty much!!! I love playing with my siblings we have 9 of us in the house my family loves dogs very much I am my mommy's favorite!!!!
He loves being outside and being with his family
Saylor Blu
Saylor Blu my side kick and protector! Unconditional love from this girl. She is a bit bossy and very competitive. She does not like to lose and she pouts if Sarge beats her when racing for a ball.
Apollo is a big lover. At nine months old and 104 lbs. he still believes he is a lap dog. Our family loves our big gentle boy.
Eslie is a 3 year old chihuahua, yorki, wiener dog. She’s very sassy and yells to let you know that she wants something. She loves playing fetch outside and is very fast! She has to be laying underneath the blankets at all times! She has so much personality.
He is very lovable he loves long walks in the park
I’m a lover not a fighter 🥰
Monte is about to be 8 years old. He is my biggest support system and best friend. He loves cuddles, kisses, treats, and walks. He started having seizures but the medicine he’s on is helping lower the amount he has. He is healthy and happy!
Meeko loves to be a lap dog. He is friendly and loveable
Benjamin Buttons
Benjamin is my world, he helps thru the rough days and helps me celebrate the good ones. He's always working as my ESA and he loves to wear clothes. To know Benjamin is to love him.
Bonnie is a emotional support dog , that was rescued she is very sweet and caring she will always be by your side now matter what.
Miss Paisley May is 8 years old and the biggest sweetheart you will ever meet! She truly is the best dog I could’ve ever asked for(: She very much enjoys taking naps and just being the lazy butt in the house
He’s the best sweet 16 gift a girl could ask for…so soft, fluffy and cuddly
Knox is 6 months old ! He loves kisses ! He loves to play with his toys but most of all he loves to be held all day by mommy
Jax is the biggest gentle giant you will ever meet! He's his mommy's shadow and absolutely LOVES meeting new people and doggy friends to play with!
She has a few different smiles and we like all of them. Her and Pepper Cheeny are inseparable they’ve been together since they were pups. Shes the brains and he’s the clumsy brawn.
Pepper Ron Cheeny
We moved out of town and into a rural community recently so the pooches can have more space to move about freely. We received a knock on the door soon after moving in from a young kid wearing a Batman costume (wasn’t Halloween). He stared up at us with a frown and said “pepper Cheeny stole our ball !” Pep wasted no time getting to know the neighbors. For the first month, until we got him broke from ball thieving, we were buying a bag of new balls every week for the kids to replace the ones he popped, ate, hid, lost , or tore to pieces. Pepper had to learn the difference between kick ball and keep away which he’s since overcome. And you’ll always find him with his best friend orbs. They’ve been together since they were pups.
Buddy is a recently retired service dog, who serve for 12 years. He is protective, lovely and like to play and beign spoiled.
Hey my name is Oreo! I love playing ball and love making new friends! Love to snuggle, watch movies and absolutely love treats! Please vote for me or send me treats I would love both
Addi is a German Shepard mixed dog. She is 3 years old. She loves playing with any toy you give her. She loves playing fetch. Shes mommas baby girl ❤️🐶 and yes she is wearing my sun glasses 😎
Starlyn Rose
Hello this is starlyn Rose she is Chihuahua and Dachshund. She loves being outside playing in the snow and mud. She loves attention
Luna Kay
Luna is our big 110 lb gentle giant! She loves to give hugs and hide her toys.
Moonie is our sweet, loving rescue. She adores her family and gives the best cuddles.
Luke is a sill dog who is loyal to his people. His favorite thing to do besides sleep, is sing to the Liberty Mutual commercial
She is so playful loves her Family and is loved so much!!
Layla’s a American bully, purebred show champion blood line. Loves playing with kids and riding in the semis. Has the zoomies through the day and loves attention.
Mitzy is a little dare devil. She loves her cuddles and she loves playing tug a war . Always looking to get into trouble;-)
Cleo is the sweetest. She's a two and a half year old American pitbull. She loves her treats and cuddling under the blankets. She's your best friend when you're upset and when you have food in your hand 😅 MY BEST PAL CLEO❤️
Grady is an apdoption baby! He is 12 years young! He is a couch potato but he LOVES Frosted Flakes! He is a sweetheart with lots of love to give!❤🐾
My name is Archie, and I'm a chugg. I love to take long walks in the woods and sniff everything I can. I love playing with all my toys, even if i shred them apart. My favorite treat is peanut butter on my snack mat.
Poppa is a service dog that serve his disabled Veteran owner for PTSD. In his free time he love to go to dog parks and to be spoiled. He is always gentle with others while playing.
Atlas is just a sweet, spoiled boy made of floof. He loves his mom, any toy that crinkles, and playing in the snow (and not always in that order). He’s very high energy and one of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever meet.
Doug is a rescue dog, he is a Beagle/Chow mix. He is a glorified loaf of bread and just the best little man!
Hi, I'm Bucket! Mom and dad rescued me from the shelter after my previous owners surrendered me. That's okay though now i have siblings to wrestle and my sprinkler! I LOVE the sprinkler!
She's my little spit fire! Very active and loves doing zoomies around the family room! I'm lucky and blessed that I get to bring her to work with me, we get alot of bonding time!
Luna Boo Von Nightmare
Hello all! I'm Luna Boo Von Nightmare but you can call me Luna. I'm a sweet and often fiesty PomChi (Pomeranian Chihuahua) from eastern Washington. I love snuggles, naps and biting Big toes! So watch your feet's when I'm ready to play. Im just about 5 months old and won't get much bigger than I am now. I fit into my mom's purse and love going on adventures to the grocery store and grade school to pick up my big sister. I may be tiny but I dominate even the biggest scariest pups around. My best friends are a red nose pitbull named Bear Bear and a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named widow. Everyone who meets me falls in love! And even tho my mom isn't too thrilled with all of the attention I bring to our outings she's always happy to let my fans come and say hello.
Sebastian is a 6 year old chihuahua born July 23rd. Although he's at a whopping 6 pounds he sure loves to act like a tough guy and give you sass until you scratch his little belly and then becomes your best friend! He enjoys pet store runs with mama to get spoiled and treated after with puppy lattes from Dunkin 🥰
Keno is a 8 year old female fawn chihuahua. Her birthday is January 17th. She enjoys chasing crunchy leaves, laying in fresh warm laundry and conversates with you whenever her back legs are stretched out lol. Her #1 favorite thing to do is give lots of wet kisses and cheers you up when having a bad day 😘
Boo Bear
No New Exchanges Sorry I CANNNOT ADD ANY New Vote exchanges Please. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I am maxed out. Thank You Boo Boo is my BFF, he is 8 years old and loves barking at squirrels, back scratches and treats.
Hi my name is dukie!! I love my sticks and going for long runs next to my dads razor. I’m a very playful boy and I love cuddles
Lucky is a very handsome gentlemen that loves to play outside and when the snow comes his little heart melts for it
I’m very energetic and love to play with my brother petey!
The biggest baby in the world!!! 😍😍😍 loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy!