Oaklie Mae
Oaklie is a pomsky australian shepard. She is one years old. She is very energetic, and loves to play fetch. She loves to cuddle & play with her dad and siblings. She loves to go for car rides and visit grandma
Loves to cuddle under the blankets with you and loves to have all your attention. Loves to bring his toys to you to play and loves Cheetos.
Zero the Shepsky is the best boy. He wants nothing more than to sit as close as he can to you, play with his siblings, and to chase every squirrel that has the misfortune of ending up in our yard. He is the smartest dog I’ve ever had and if he wants something he will find a way.
Finn is not a mixed breed he’s an american leopard hound! he loves to talk! all. the. time. hes a very picky eater and hates fruits/veggies. he always wants attention from anyone in the room. and if he doesn’t get pets he yells at you until you pet him. he loves his sister and will make friends with any dog willing lol. he loves children but doesn’t quite understand how much bigger he is than them. the pic is from his birthday and he got to pick his presents at the pet store. he is very spoiled and very loved!
Lucy Lou loves to give kisses, also she’s the best snuggler around! This is Lucy’s first winter, she absolutely loves it! We rescued her from a dangerous household when she was just 6wks old. She was such a sweetheart, and still is! She’s growing into a lovely well behaved dog! She’s a fast learner, and she’s great around other animals and loves people, especially children! And loves car ride. Her favorite time of day is breakfast, lunch and dinner, and of course snack time.
Echo Lynn
Echos almost 2 years old, loves playing outside, loves ice cubes and her blankie!
Just a cute dummy girl living in a kitty cat world. Shepherd beagle mix who has 4 kitty siblings so she thinks she is a big cat 😹
Callie May
callie loves playing outside but she loves naps more! her favorite treats are frozen veggies and blueberries. shes little but always protects her mama as well as her home!
Ladybird is Ziggys baby sister , she’s very sweet and other times she is running off the walls or beating her sister up . She loves the beach and taking all the toys and hiding them under the bed . She also loves snuggles
Zara is a crazy, wild and lovable girl. We adopted her from a shelter, so she still has a long way with learning her boundaries! But she is the sweetest and most sassy pit. She loves toys, playing, and jumping right into her new bed for naps 💙
Ziggy is our baby , she loves cuddles and visiting lakes and the beach with her sister . She loves running and peanut butter and forehead kisses
Apollo is a lab pit mix.
Ellie Mae
👉👉 THIS IS ELLIES LAST CONTEST. PLEASE RETURN ALL ADVANCE 👈👈👈My precious little Ellie Mae crossed the rainbow bridge December 6th. She was shown so much love from all around the world❤ We thank you all for your love and support that you have shown us over the past 2 years. ❤ Ellie Mae is my 5 year old princess. She has a bad liver which causes her to have seizures. She loves her stuffed animals and snuggling in my pockets 💝
My name is Blu. I’m super mellow but I love to give my mom a hug when she comes home from work. I also like to talk to her from time to time. My best friend is a little feller. I act like I’m annoyed by him most of the time. But let’s face it, when I’m not by him I’m upset. I also loveeee to play in the snow. I’m one of the sweetest doggies out there.
Buddy is a great dog he's loving loyal and very energetic he's the all American dog
Hampton loves to play fetch, loves baths and runs like a maniac 🤣❤️
Rommel is sweet and loving ,he loves his family ,cuddles and attention.he love playtime outdoors,loves to be silly with you,he watches after his family and home. I like to read your about stories , i find some has my heart and needs some extra <3 and give you votes. I can do vote exchanges with another platform.
Molly was my mother doggie but mom passed going on 2 years ago molly was in a wreck on June 29 of last year and she had a dislocated hip a laceration from top to bottom of the same hip punctured lung but luckily she survived it .molly is so sweet and loving
Zeus is a very loving giant cuddle bug. But very protective over his momma. Spends free time napping and playing.
Hi, meet my Doghter Dutchess. A Maltese/Yorkshire mix, who thinks she bigger than the 5lb dog that she is! ☺️ She’s loves cuddles and treats. Oh and tearing up paper towel! Lol
Zara loves her toys and loves to cuddle on the couch.
Nova is so spoiled and she knows it. We love her cuteness so much. Such a small dog with a huge personality. She is very sweet and loving
15 year old girl. Blind and deaf but she still has her wits and gets plenty of love. She passed away on 1/12/2023. She will be missed and was my first dog. She was our families first dog. We love you Latte, you have brought love and happiness everywhere you went.
Sir Toodles Ingram
He's a very sweet baby he wakes me up with kisses every morning. He plays fetch and jump rope.
Venus a really sweat 1 year old puppy, that is really protective over her family. She loves attention and lots of belly rubs. She is really gentle and loves being around little kids and playing with them. She is full with bunch of energy, and enjoys a peace of meat here and there. She loves doing tricks for some treats in return.
Cooper is an adorable black lab with a goofy personality hes a poser when it comes to taking pictures
Tucker is a crazy ball of energy that loves nothing more than playing with his humans and going for walks. He can spend all day barking at squirrels and birds in his backyard.
Luna is a vary friendly dog she don’t bark she’s quiet and loves people and other animals she is one of a kind vote for Luna you won’t be disappointed
Hi! My name is Honeybear🍯🧸.. I am a Cavapoo puppy. My mother is a cavalier and my dad is a toy poodle. I love to play and cuddle! 🤍🤍
Lucky is the most loving, sweet big baby you would ever meet I love him so much 💙💙💙
Jersey May
Jersey is the most loving, caring puppy you’ll ever meet. She loves squeaky toys and loves new friends!!🥰
He loves giving kisses, he’s a very energetic dog and just wants to be by your side 24/7, loves being outdoors and chasing his favorite football , he’s my biggest reason to why I plan to study to become a neurologist veterinarian, he had seizures as a young puppy, and learning that he couldn’t get the help he needed because the nearest person who could was too far, set a goal in my mind to help others in need.
This is Reese, she is a 1 1/2 yr old Aussiedoodle! Although she is shy she loves being by my side all day! And she loves to play with kids!! And loves getting the zoomies!
She is sweet at home and spoiled loves belly rubs very protective loves chasing squirrels lol. Very scares of people she don’t know
Koda is a sweet cuddle bug. He loves to play, run, and chew his favorite plaid Christmas toy but mostly he loves to cuddle on the couch or bed with mom or dad all day and all night 🥰
My name is Ollie. I love to play catch and run obstacle courses in the yard. I love to talk and cuddles are my favorite🤍!
Shockey Layla River
We created one page for all three of our babies, it’s easier to control/ vote for all three together. All our babies are adopted and are each unique and very loved. We hope you vote for us. Likes and gifts are welcome.
Introducing Cinnamon! She is known for her little whimpers and her iconic barks when she wants a treat. We have had her for about 5-6 months and each day has been a adorable adventure. Nini as we call her loves to destroy her toys, go to the park with her two mommies, and cuddle.
Attention! 📣📣📣 we want to THANK EVERYONE FOR ALL THE SUPPORT FOR DIESEL LAST CONTEST ♥️ For those who we owe votes to please messenger me on messenger when your contest will be a week or 2 before it starts . Loretta Roache on messenger 📣📣 😭This contest will be in ‘Memory of Big Daddy Diesel’ Diesel passed away on December 23rd , he had a stroke in his sleep that effected part of his brain . He wasn’t able to move I had to make the hardest decision in my life . Diesel is the one that started Mountain Ridge Malamutes . He will always live in my heart forever. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑DO NOT ASK FOR ADVANCED VOTES WHEN YOU KNOW YOUR NOT GONNA RETURN THEM!!!!! I’m sick of LIARS!!! AS SOON AS YOUR CONTEST IS OVER YALL DELETED IT SO DONT WASTE MY TIME !!!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🛑Attention!!!!! DO NOT ASK FOR ADVANCED VOTES IS YOU HAVE NO INTENTIONS OF RETURNING!!!!! 🤬🤬 IM TIRED OF DISHONEST PEOPLE!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Please click the like button down below 🐶 Diesel is an alaskan malamute and such a love bug. He loves everyone he meets and wins there heart over. If you want to follow him on YouTube his channel is Mountain Ridge Malamutes.
Zoey Lou
Zoey has been in shelters 3 times in 11 months. We got her just before Christmas, she now knows several tricks, including ringing the jingle bells hanging from the front door handle when she wants to go outside to potty. Guess that's one decoration that will stay up all year.
Scooby is 11 weeks, He is very active, loves kisses, and very loving, he loves to go on runs and walks, loves to play with everyone and gives the best cuddles and knows how to cheer you up when you’ve had a bad day.
Papo is a very happy dog he love to play alot with his toys he was gonna die i save his life
He is such a sweet, goofy, loving pup. He is a quick learner and love kids💙
Angel is like our child she is very lovable and very qiet natured she won’t eat dog food loves pork chops and sausage 😂😂😂😂
Mia loves car rides, her family, and tennis balls!