Bandit is a mommies boy he loves to cuddle and hates to sit on the ground so he thinks he has to sit on everything but the ground he loves to swim
Luna loves to steal socks from the bedroom floor!! She is so sweet and silly!
Roxy is 3 months old. She has a lot of energy. She loves to go for little walks in the park.
Mousey is a certified emotional support animal but she's not an animal she's my little human she is 3 years old and she weighs 3.8 pounds. She is a dwarf so she has special care instructions we have to follow, but she is so spunky and EVERYONE adores her. She has fire in her and if we took her attitude and put it in a big dog we would have a "killer" on oud hands lol. She even talks! sounds like she's saying words whenever she's mad instead of barking she will talk lol. Whenever we go somewhere she's always walking in before me like she's a big tough dog like "nobody better touch my mama." She has been my best friend through some of my hardest times and i thank God for her.
Bailey is an energetic bundle of joy. She loves to play tug of war and chase butterflies. She is so smart and well-behaved. She has a weakness for treats and her ball.
My adopted big baby. The first year on doggie prison was hard on him. Since the day I met him we started this beautiful journey. He loves to go boating and swimming anywhere there is water. He is my side kick every place I go. Just a big boy full of love!!
Meet Harlem, a month old Bull mix puppy who is full of life and lovesss to cuddle. Harlem enjoys long walks at the park and meeting new friends. Her favorite snack is applesauce and she loveessss kisses ! She is guaranteed to make your day and has so much love to give ! Vote for Harlem and start this journey with us!
Maehem is a bluetick coonhound that truely lives up to her name. Though a loving crazy hound she can cause havoc in an instant, anywhere, anytime!
In Mandy’s free time she likes to go for morning walks, play with her squeaky toys,watch tv and playing fetch. She loves to cuddle too!
Hello this is remedy Remy for short he is a 7 lb 3 month old custom-made Shih Tzu we think. She loves our cats and people and children's. We are still learning and exploring new things come join us in our adventure.
She is a rescue dog, 50% American Staffordshire terrier and 50% rotweiler and shephard and as soon as we saw her it was instant love and we took her home. She was scared, dirty and sad. Now, after 1 year she is a happy, playful and very smart girl, it was easy teaching her obedience and tricks. She likes kisses and cuddles, she has lots of love to give.
Kody is a 15 week old Labrador retriever. He enjoys being with his humans and he loves other dogs.
She loves going to the dog park, walks, playing with her toys , cuddles , hugs , and treats .
Rowdy dances for treats and sings his mama songs everyday. He loves to grab your pant legs and try to pull you down! He absolutely loves to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos
I'm Gizmo. I'm 8yrs old. I like food, (cheese is my favorite!), herding stuff, belly rubs and long walks around the block. I dislike sharing attention, anything grooming related, hamsters running in balls, loud noises and being told "no". I will say "please" and do tricks for food.
My name is Oakley and I am 4 months old! I’m a super happy and friendly puppy, I love everyone and I love going to the dog park!
Patch loves playtime with his momma bear Lady bugs. They’re best friends and even though she is 70lbs he is the boss! This little angle is the smartest & sweetest of his kind.
She absolutely loves playing frisbee!! Walks, car rides and playing with our other doggie Princess!!
Meet Kai, a 7 month old rescue Catahoula Leopard Dog. We adopted Kai from a Military family who could no longer properly care for him. After we took Kai into our home, we realized he was limping as well as showing signs of pain and anxiety. We quickly took Kai to the vet and discovered Kai has hip issues and little to no muscle density on his rear left side, stemming from a fracture that never healed properly. He will be undergoing a Femoral Hip Ostectomy (FHO) this month. The vet stated his injuries are common in dogs who have been severely abused and beaten. It also explained Kai's anxiety. Later when trying to socialize Kai to help with his anxiety we discovered that he was extremely afraid of men. Our heart went out to Kai. We made it our goal to love Kai and give him the best chance at a normal life. Any money won will be going towards his surgery. ❤️ Please check out his GoFundMe campaign if you get a chance! Link in the comments☺️
Seven Up
I’m 16 weeks today! I’m super playful and love playing with my mom and grandma! 💕 oh I love my chew toy bones!
Xyla is our SO silly, loveable girl! This is one of the many faces shes constantly giving us!
He is a smart, energetic and playful boy. He loves runs, playing with his dog friends, and playing fetch with his ball. He loves his mommy (he is a mama's boy). He loves to give kisses.
Bentley Davis
Bentley is the best little fella ever. He is so playful and happy with his tail wagging constantly. His favorite things to do are car rides with his dad, chasing squirrels and going to Brusters on special occasions for a pup cup. He is a natural born athlete and his favorite sport is tennis. He loves his veggies but his favorite is sweet potato. He has so much love to give everyone!!
Duke is an 8 month old mutt puppy who is a TERROR and i wouldn't trade him for anything. He loves to chew things up, he loves to grab things and run away from me so i chase him, he loves to hear himself bark and has no problem being sassy and talking back to me..... and i tell him all the time It is a good thing he is CUTE!!! ;)
Stanley is very loving and caring, he’s the kind of dog who will just sit on your lap and hang out
Hi everyone! My name is Fang and I’m a 9 year old German Shepherd and I love love love long naps and belly rubs. My brothers name is Kai and he needs A BIG surgery coming up later this month so I was looking to help him win the prize to put towards his expenses. Our moms love us so much and just want what’s best for us. Please help me get Kai his surgery 🥺💕
Harper Rae
Hi I'm Miss Harper Rae. I love to play and protect my family. I enjoy sunbathing every morning. I'm a sassy but a very smart girl. I enjoy going to the lake with my family on holidays but really don't like to get in the water. I recently learned I get along with ducks and chickens. I love to love!!!
He is a very loving 🐶! I always say “he is def a child reincarnated as a dog! He is smart and displays affection in the most unusual ways😂
Widgy was born with a playful retrieving drive. Don't let her small frame fool you, she's petite, but a powerhouse. Her natural talents make going hunting with her daddy and watching waterfowl the best part of her day. Swimming, retrieving, and cuddeling in bed at the end of the day is what makes the amazing dog so loved.
My name is Jax I love the outdoors and to cuddle! My parents would love to build me a fun fenced in backyard with the winning money!
Very sweet rescue dog who loves snuggling, riding in the car, and playing fetch. She and our cat are buddies and help each other get in trouble.
Leo is a 3 legged pit mix, he enjoys swimming and posing with his tongue out
Chanel is a 4 1/2 month old Japanese Chin ! She loves to play and cuddle! ❤️❤️❤️
Hi Everyone! My name is Loki and I am 14 weeks old. I am a full-bred Siberian Husky. I love going for long walks and hanging out the window during car rides. I also love to play with my mom and dad, especially in the cold weather and snow.
Journey is an extremely smart and beautiful furbaby. She loves her toys, beggin strips and humans!! Always has to have a pillow or a blanket to lay on and loves to steal your seat as soon as you get up. Lol she is def mommas buddy!!
Meet Zeva!! This girl is 7 months old - she is an American staffordshire terrier/boxer/border collie mix and she takes being her families protector very seriously. When she is not chasing lightening bugs, she is guarding the house from her shadow! 🥰
Tyra is a year in a half and is a daddies girl. She loves to cuddle and loves car rides.
Ellie is are 12 week Boston Terrier she is sweet, smart and energetic. Ellie loves to play with her toys and bite people’s toes. Ellie has brought are family so much love and laughters!🐶🥰
So blessed to have been able to rescue this beautiful, sweet pup! She's goofy, sweet and super lovable!
Max loves to play outside! He is very lovable.
Hello Friends, my name is Hudson Anakin, the Border Sheepdog. I love to do pretty much everything my human is doing, she calls me her shadow...whatever that means. Going on walks, hikes, playing with my buddies at the dog park, swimming at the lake are always a blast, but my favorite thing is to snuggle with my human. Anywho, thank you for viewing my profile. Hope to see your vote! Love, 🐾Hudson
there are no words to describe how amazing she is is I mean look at her.
This is Tank and he got his name, well for being a tank ha! He got his nails painted as you can see! He is very friendly and a big cuddler!
Cali is an All American Bully. She is a mother of 9 pups that she loves dearly. She loves water all around and loves to run full speed. She is a hand full and will give you a run for your money but she is so sweet and loves to cuddle.