Hello everyone
Perry is one of the boys. He likes to play with toys that are way too big for him and knows when its time to eat! He can hear the clink of his dog bowl from a mile away!
She likes car rides and she is a good dog and she like to go for walks to
He like to eat and sleep and go for walks outside
Roxie is a sweet girl who loves to cuddle an sleep in your lap
I am a New Years boy filled with lots of energy and love!
Jasper will always be my best friend and the love of my life. He loved to hunt for munks in my yard and loved to hear you are my sunshine. He is now waiting for me at the rainbow bridge and I have a piece of my heart missing until I see him again..
She loves to play with toys and her best friend jasmine
Shadow is a 5 year old female Lab/Doberman. She is full of energy always ready to play ball. Which is her favorite activity. She is a funny, quirky, loving pup that will definitely put a smile on your face. She loves people and wants to greet everyone we encounter. She is a big snuggler but kind of a bed hog. She is very smart and always ready to please.
Harley loves her toys and getting treats.
I am the king of the house....well heside my himan dad. I love to play with squeaky balls and cuddle with my mom. Mom is my favorite person and i love when she takes me to work with her.
My favorite person is my human sister Isy. I help take care of her. I love cuddles and attention and like to take naps in the sun.
Fidget Jerome
Im the biggest puppy of my litter. 11lbs. I love to have rhe zoomies in the house and hide in places my family cant find me. I like belly rubs and my big dog brother Henry.
Henry James
Im a big boy! 150lbs...i liek to think im a lap dog though. I love ear rubs and treats. I am a very lovey dog and like attention.
Shes 12 weeks old. Shes very loving and loves to play! Shes ADORABLE 😍 She also loves to cuddle
I love car rides and playing with my brother Franklin the cat. I like to go visit grandpa.....him, my mom, and aunty Atty are my favorite people.
Hi everyone! Wiley loves playtime and attention from anyone. He also is a big fan of cheese and chicken. Make sure to vote and check out Wiley's YouTube channel called: Wiley PJ. Thanks again!
Mattie Lynn
She’s our 3 year old boxer our fur baby. She’s the sweetest & gentlest fur baby. She has the biggest personality.
Koda Bear
Koda bear loves to cuddle and definitely a camera model. She maybe small but she has a big job. Please vote for this cute
This is angel she is my handicapped mothers emotional support dog, she stays by her side every day n is her best friend. She has helpped my mom overcome so much, from not being able to move her arms n legs, to learning to walk again after her stroke. Angel is my moms whole world. Idk what she would do without her <3
MyiLee is pitchow. MyiLee is about 2years old she grown up with my daughter since she was a baby. MyiLee is mom to spot & Max. Loves kids animals
Max is pitchow/husky he is spots older brother. He also super sweet and big trouble maker lol. Loves to have fun
She is loves chasing lizards!
Spot is pitchow super fluffy and super sweet he loves playing in dirt with his momma(my daughter).
He is very sweet and he is a emotional support dog
Lilith is a two month old Purebred lab <3
Suga Momma
Suga momma is a very loveable female dog . she likes to give alot of loving also she likes to talk sometimes. My son was living with me and suga momma talked to him alot
Granddady is a very friendly dog good with kids . and people he likes to dress up and get his pictures taken
Fefe is the best emotional support dog anyone could ever have. However, she believes that i am her emotional support person. She fills my life with love and joy everyday, she stays by my side, watching over me letting me know if anyone is outside if I move she moves, she watches my every move, jumping up even if I'm just readjusting myself . She loves her belly rubbed, sits up to beg n twirls n is the best snuggler, she's afraid of storms n gets under the covers as soon as she hears thunder, but if u cover her head, she thinks it's ok. I've had many pets, but this one stoled my heart the day she was born. My mom was in the hospital at the time, n each day I'd come home crying, she'd crawl up to my sholder n snuggle up to me n give me kisses to make it all better, she has the most awesome healing kisses <3
Raptor loves to play and talk to us. Raptor loves to play with balls and play tug of war. Raptor has learned how to get ice from the refrigerator ice maker.
Hooch always looks sad but is such a happy boy. Hooch can open sliding glass doors. He loves to let the grandbabies ride him like a horse. Hooch loves to be called Monkey face
Marshall is a very happy 3 year old Weiner dog/Boxer! He loves the beach and his doggie friends. Loves going for walks and playing with his family. He is definitely a one of a kind dog.
I love to run and roll around.💖 even though im a pound dog I am very energetic 🫐
I love to give kisses and cuddles💕. I love dressing up and strutting like I’m on the runway 🐕
Maximus Webb
I love my momma I give her kisses every day I’m such a good boy my mom says u think I can win?
Bailey loves long walks, she loves her stuffed animals and peanut butter bones. She is a goofball and loves car rides.
Timber’s got his pig ears on
Aspen is an 11 week Old Pitbull mix and she is very sweet but yet very much a spit fire as well. Loves being outside exploring new things. Loves to snuggle at bedtime.
Ozzy loves playing with rocks at the river. He's very loving and protective
Molly loves to play with rocks in the river. She's very loving and protective
Piper’s first 9 years were spent as a breeding mama in a puppy mill. She was rescued by some wonderful people who convinced the owner of the puppy mill to turn her (and some other dogs) over to them rather than euthanize the dogs that were no longer profitable. We were so grateful to be able to adopt her six months later. Piper still has issues, it's likely she always will, but she has absolutely found her bark and she has without doubt, become the boss! She's slowly learning how to be a dog and to trust other people. Her favorite person is my mother and her most favorite things are food (particularly treats), scritches (especially belly rubs) and being outside on cool, crisp mornings. She's now 13 years old and is bossy, funny and an absolute joy. She makes us smile every single day. We love you so much, baby girl!
Tiffany is a very smart and calm dog she doesn't hardly ever bark
Timber is all smiles and loves cuddles and his toy duck.
Kokoh is the sweetest dog i have ever met. She has a mind of her own. How can you say no to that cute face.
Mr. Maxx
Playing ball Watching squireels
Goose is a Pitt/Boxer mix loves kids and he is so very gentle and loves to cuddle
Titan is a big baby that loves everyone and getting all of the attention and a good treat!
Rocco Lee Avery
… Rocco is by far at this point in our relationship, the SMARTEST and most Loyal best friend I’ve had in many years… He loves walking and running, almost as much as he likes sniffing and ,.. well u know “marking!?” Things along the routes we take… he is highly intelligent.. showing signs of progressive learning abilitiy. Such as spelling ..!?? I couldn’t believe it at first either… but rather than say the word “walk” when discussing an outing with another human being we decided to spell it ,due to the excitement that instinctively drives every movement of his being when Said word was spoken. But it took only 3..or 4 spellings of the word “walk” before he cracked that code. My great and grand fathers were known as “mule skinners” meaning they did their agricultural work using miles as the primary source of energy provided for the daily workload. As a boy I remember the commands my grand father used in communicating with his mules.. HAW or HAUL(I use haul)= left turn .. where GEE= right turn… well after starting roccos training of walking with out a leash ,..I jokingly started using these commands going he would catch on , Mostly just for my entertainment purposes…. But low and behold .. He is getting the hang of it rather quickly… He has surprised me in all the ways a proud dog dad could ask for… and my gratitude is for him… He truly is … my BEST friend.. Ryan Squirrell Avery