Agustina came into my life as an stray dog, since then she became the joy of my life. She is the sweetest, most playful and loving companion ever. Agustina loves her toys, car rides, walks and zoomies. Her best friend is a French bulldog.
Oakley N Sophie
Sophie was a rescue she was very aggressive towards other dogs. I never thought she would end up pregnant well she did. I kept two of her puppies Oakley and Costa. Costa had to be given to one of my best friends. Sophie is blue heeler and terrier. Sophie is the sweetest most loyal animal I’ve ever owned. Oakley was her runt she is very loyal and protective.
This baby is more than just a dog . She is my world ! I am battling cancer and she has been my rock ! She is by my side showing me love and companionship . She has no idea how I fight this disease because of her love ❤️
Beau is a fun loving pup who loves to play and give kisses!
Loki is a Shepsky, like his brother Thor! He loves cuddling, chewing on anything made of wood, chasing his brother, and stealing toys 😂. Vote for this cutie!!
Thor is a Shepsky (German Shepard/Husky Mix). He loves giving hugs, wrestling with his brother Loki, talking, and hunting for bugs!! Vote for this cutie today!
Mimi Jane
Mimi Jane wants to spend every minute of the day with us. She loves going for walks, playing with her toys and most all golf cart rides around town.
Lucky Boy
Lucky is the craziest boy around. He loves car rides, loves his family, and a very happy and spoiled boy.
Cash spent most of his life in and out of the pound til he found his fur ever home with us august 1st, 2018. His life is now spent trying to figure out the best place to nap ❤️
Bambi is an apple head chihuahua she only weighs 4pounds she loves to snuggle and is the sweetest baby ever
The cutest, and most playful boy. His butt wiggles when he gets excited!
Chloe is so sweet she is just amazing she is my (ESA) emotional support animal and she is very good at helping me with my PTSD and anxieties she lets me baby her and put bows and clothes on her she is such a good tooper im one lucky doggie mom to have her she is my best friend <3
This is the sweetest most patient girl!! She is ours sons BFF ! She knows when he needs and best way to help him with his Autism and anxiety 💙
Ollie is a 4 month old 'schweenie' dog...a mix of a Shih Tzu and Dachshund. He is very loving and wonderful to come home to after a long day.
Ghost is my ESA. He went through basic and advanced obedience training and is very highly thought of. He is a big teddy bear. His days consists of going to the dog park to hang out with his buddies, hanging out with the horses we own, and snuggling with his stuffed sloth :)
Kirby, originally a southern gentleman, now a Cheesehead. Loves to chase rabbits and squirrels. His favorite pass time is food. He is very food oriented.
Soren loves balls and will break the squeaker in 10 minutes!
Axl Rose
Axl is a very good pup. He loves to chew an dig holes in the yard. He goes every day with his daddy to feed the goats and chickens. Spends the day with his Grammy while daddy is at work. Wakes up every morning at 6:30am goes outside to pee then has his breakfast and wakes the other 3 dogs by barking till they get up. Axl also loves going for rides in daddys truck and loves visting his uncle Josh Aunt Leighanne and cousins Jayce and Titan every weekend. He also loves to play with his brother Oakley when Mommy brings him over.
Tucker is a 7 month old pure breed German Shepard. His parents are from Bosnia. Tucker loves to swim, go for hikes, playing frisbee, and of course loves chewing on socks! He is a very energetic pup who loves all the attention! Tucker knows how to shake hands and speaks back when you say “I love you!” Tucker loves spending time with other dogs and gets along with everyone! Tucker is a wonderful, sweet, loving boy who enjoys being attached at the hip especially when you are making food ❤️
Shadow is a pug Pomeranian and very playful he love cuddling and is very energetic
Scrappy Doo
Scrappy doo is the most loveable and cutest pup there is very smart and he will grow on you
She’s a very sweet girl and loves lots of attention! Athena is always up for a swim, run or fetch! She’s also wonderful with animals of all sizes❤️
Kobe Joseph Carroll
Kobe is easy going and loves to be the big brother in the house. Kobe plays with his sisters and likes to chase zombies out of the yard.
Penelope is a very sweet and loving baby! She loves to snuggle and loves play time with her big sister Emmy Lou.
Emmy Lou
Emmy Lou loves her humans! She gets very excited and she’s very energetic. She loves the water!
Bud loves his toys, scrambled eggs and him mama.
Teddy is such a loving sweet PROTECTIVE boy!! Truly a best friend
Harley is our “water” dog! He loves splashing, playing and swimming in his pool! This picture of course was taken in a snow bank where he was swishing around in circles! He still thinks he’s a lap dog; loves to play fetch, catch his bone and overall genuinely the best thing that’s happened to us! He can high five and dances with you too!
Pickles is a very happy and playful puppy! She loves to chew her blanket. She loves to play tug of war with her rope and is learning so quick! She loves attention the most.
Mochi is the most friendliest dog you’ll ever meet! Mochi loves to eat and play fetch. He also loves to lay on his back on a chill day. He always smile no matter what. He will give you the funniest disappointing look when you are eating and don’t give him food. Another funniest thing is he loves to sit in a baby swing and start swinging. He loves to swim, every time we go to anywhere there is water like the lake, he would automatically jump in and start padding. He also loves the snow and go sledding down the hill. He loves riding on the scooter on a hot day. He also loves playing with his brother Kolby! He loves Pup cup from Starbucks. He always remember what pup cups looks like from Starbucks and he always look forward to it when we go get coffee from Starbucks! Mochi is the sweetest and caring dog. We call him our receptionist at work, he would go up to each client to say hi to them. He loves to travel, and he have travel to the east and west coast of America and love meeting new friends. He have also travel to mountain Rushmore.
3 month old Australian Shepard/Golden mix. Very playful and a little imp. Pic is her learning to know how run rides are
Sweet, smart and playful Asker is still a puppy but she learns quickly and loves her Mama. Cuddles are amazing!
Diesel loves to snuggle with his mommy & daddy !! His favorite thing is sitting and giving mommy paw ! He loves getting groomed, and playing tug of war with daddy !
Hello! I am Rex and I am an English Bulldog. My parents think that you all should vote for me because they think I am also the best dog around. I am a little bit different then my brother who’s name is Spot and is an Australian Shepherd. I am a little more laid back. I like to eat, sleep, and be loved on! I do enjoy running around in the yard and wrestling with my brother, Spot!!
Honey likes watching tv catching her ball snuggles with her dad and looking though shopping bags 🛍
Silas is a very friendly rescue. She loves playing tug of war, and cuddling.
Hi! My name is Nala! I love fetching my tennis ball, swimming, and playing with my brother Barrett
Hi there! I am a Miniature Australian Shepherd and my name is Spot. You all should vote for me because my Mom thinks I am just the best dog around! I am super smart and love to play outside!! I love when my Mom throws the frisbee for me. I love a game of fetch! Some of the tricks that I know are sit, lay down, roll over, & I recently learned how to spin. My Mom often times likes to make me do tricks to earn my treats.
Haven is shy and quiet. He likes his kennel and finds comfort with his blanket.
Bright is outgoing and very energetic. Friendly and always wants to play.
Oggi's mom is an english bulldog and his dad is a pug. Oggi loves to play, sleep, and eat. While he suffers from seizures, he still lives life to the fullest and gives us so much love.
Oakley absolutely adores people and of course being at the river is her favorite place to be!
Hey! I’m Lenny, I love to have snacks such as cheese balls! I love to play in my kiddie pool and go on runs. I also LOVE laying in the grass
Such a happy, gentle dog! She loves cuddling, swimming, and going to the lake!
Loki is a little spit fire who loves to scold and tattle on his brother and sister!
Hi my name is Loki, Thank you for coming to my page! Here’s a little bit about me.. I love walks,treats, cuddling with mommy and daddy, I’m playful I love my rubber bone, and hanging out with my little sister Fallon❤️ I’m 2 years old and my mommy and daddy rescued me from a shelter❤️ I’m hyper but also calm I love giving kisses and meeting new people!