Baby Stories - 62


Daisy Mae
Hi! I’m Daisy. I’m a 1 year old pocket beagle! I may be smaller than most beagles but I’m just as loud! I love to play with my brother Buddy and I’m very attached to my dad, although I love my mom too! Please vote for me! You can also swing by and vote for my brother too!
I am a pure bred Weimaraner. I am currently 12 weeks old and full of energy! I love to cuddle up with mom and dad and annoy my sisters. I am training to be my dads hunting partner when I get older! I am a big lover!
Please vote for Darla she is 4 months old. We rescued her about a month ago. Darla is such a smart puppy. She knows sit, give paw, lay down and give kiss. We appreciate everyone that votes for her and you can vote for Darla more then once.
I was going to be put down at 8 months old for a crime I did not commit! My parents took me in and saved me and I love them more than anything! I never want them to leave me or I cry the whole time! I love to play and run and chew on sticks. Well chew on anything actually! I scare a lot of people because I’m sooo big but I just want to cuddle! I’m 1 year old now and 100 pounds! And when I stand on my back legs, im as tall as daddy!!
Loves to play in the water. Favorite thing to play with what ever she can retrieve and bring back for you to throw again. Just as stubborn as she is beautiful...
Peanut loves to sun herself outside in the summer, sit on my lap and sleep under the covers
Smith is just a ball of energy who loves to play and meet new people. He will answer to Smith, Smitty, or my personal favorite Smitty-Doo!
Tosh may be a mix but he’s all heart. ❤️ Our snuggly muppet.
2 years ago the animal shelter that found me alone in the desert said I wasn’t good enough for a home. The day I was scheduled to be euthanized, a human walked in and said I was good enough for her. Now I call that human, “momma.”
Foxxy is a trained therapy dog! She is sweet and loving to all who meet her.
Hello my name is maddy I’m a Australia shepherd with lots of love & energy! I love to go on walks with mommy & shower her with kisses because she showers me in treats! I’d really appreciate it if you’d give me a vote! Thank you have a nice day 💕
I’m around 7 months old. I love sleeping in the warmest spot I can find. I love playing outside and cuddling with my mommy and daddy. My favorite toy is my stuffed bone that is just as big as I am!
She’s very hyper! Loves car rides! She loves squeaky toys are her favorite!
I slobber on everything! My favorite toy is a little squeaky mushroom, I like to flea bite it!
She has passed away, but she still deserves to be shown off. She was such a good dog.
Miss Emma
Miss Emma is Pax's mom, She was my first Service dog. Emma is a very serious minded dog that just Loves to Play dress up abd to Snuggle all the time..
Kayo'S Iceman
What a goofy boy. His call name is Pax, and he is also my Service dog that has saved me many times with my medical issues..
Hi my name is Brewster. Im 11 years old im a chihuahua boston terrier mix. I like playing with toys like most dogs do, i enjoy sleeping and running outside freely on the farm. I love other animals, the cat especially even though he never wants to play with me. I don't like the snow it's to cold for me. I love my parents they're my favorite people and i make sure to let them know it every chance i get. I love cuddles and kisses
Ecko loves to play in the water and the snow...Her favorite thing to play with is rocks (lol) and her rope
This is boomer he is part of the family. My fur baby is the cutest little boy ever and he loves getting pets❗️
Sweetest boy on earth he is so gentle and friendly ....
Lady May
Lady May is a mountain fiest/Jack Russell! She is an energetic but well collected pup, she loves to play fetch and bark up trees. She especially loves to pester the big dogs into playing with her, but when the end of the day comes around she’s right next to you sleeping soundly. If there was a way to describe the best dog ever it’d be her♥️
She is hungry
Hi, this us Xero. He is a husky/Alaskan malamute mix. He is extremely hyper. Loves he squeaky lamb and love his cookie treats. Xero is an ESA in training an absolutely loves going out being around people as he trains.
He loves to play with his little dog pet
Pico Ortega
He is my support fur baby. He loves to give kisses. He barks at the animals on the tv. He snores louder than
Moo Mere
Stubbornness matched with Beauty ~Love Bug, Cuddle Champ Supreme!
I love our snow. I like to play with the big dogs that are twice my size or bigger. The best time of the dayfor me is when my mom let me in the bed for cuddles.
Zoey loves her treats and will do whatever she can to get them she’s spoiled by everyone and loves to give kisses.
Artemis Laghertha
Artemis loves to cuddle! She loves sharing the couch with me and also my dinners, but since manners are important, she had to learn to eat with a fork...😍
Dexter is an American bully. He is a rescue from a kill shelter. I got him when he was eight months old. he is an absolute love bug, loves to cuddle and loves to take naps!
He's so excited when we get home. Big bark when stranger at door. He protects even though he's small ! He has brought us comfort when we needed it most. Can u believe I'm 11 years old? Thank you Giuseppe the Great.
Emma’s #1 pastime is sleeping. She is a very lovable dog with a heart of gold. She loves the sun and playing on her terms. Loves going for rides in the car and is an excellent co-pilot
She is so stinking rotten. She knows how to manipulate anything she wants from you. She is a wonderful dog
She was the most wonderful dog a girl could have. She saved me from being brutally abused by a man. And she loved all animals and people. She was awesome
This is Athena. Athena was my beloved baby. Unfortunately she has passed away, but she is forever in our hearts and her memory lives on!
Hi, I’m Zeus! I absolutely love cuddles and kisses! I might look intimidating in this photo, but I’m just a big softy!
She is a rescue, she was horribly abused and breeded so her babies could be used as fight dogs. She is my ESA and the sweetest dog ever, she takes good care of me. She loves cuddles and is a mamas girl.
She does this adorable sigh/growl/hum whenever she is comfortable. She is so energetic and likes to run really fast around the house especially after bath time! She goes on her hind leggs a lot so I call her my little T-rex
Bailey Bee
My world in one big girl!!💜 The bestest friend this girl has ever had. She my k9 snuggle. She makes the bad days go away.
Leo is the sweetest boy who loves going on adventures and cuddling.
Her new toy 😍 she loves it
Bubba loves to be with me always. He won’t leave my side. But once in a while he gets a little crazy and runs around chasing his brother. He is truly a mommas boy!
Zeke is an almost 3 month malamute husky! He is the most vocal, lovable, wild baby boy we’ve ever had! he’s also extremely smart and already potty trained! He’s the absolute cutest pup
I am 3 years young, weighing 100lbs. I am a big cuddle bug that loves to run and play, tennis balls are my favorite. I love to talk, my mommies say they love my weird noises...whatever that means.
After losing our faithful boy Tank to anemia, my daughter thought the best way to heal our hearts was to bring joy back into our home! Let me introduce you to Hoss; he is a bullmastiff mixed with lab, AKA Mastador. He is the life of the home right now! He loves the snow almost as much as he loves his family! Hoss is one smart cookie! We are learning new commands, to include telling mommy “I need to go out” by using the potty door bell! Hoss is still a little shy but he will let us know when something needs our attention! I’m grateful for Hoss companionship and continue to learn more about him everyday!
Hes 8 weeks, very lovable, sweet and takes care of his sister quite well
I’m deuce I’m a bully. I have my human that loves me dear. I am happy and love my life. I play and snack and nap and play and eat and nap again. Loving bully life