Tripp was shy, you couldn't even tell he was around. I only had him a month, he was born in December. A few hours ago he passed away in my hands and arms from having a seizure, that i didnt even know he had.
He’s very calm for what he has to deal with Luna. He loves and I mean loves squeaky toys in our household that’s all you’ll ever hear.
She a little butthead but we love her, she has a big personality and a big attitude and she loves her rope that’s 10x her size and drags it everywhere.
Paisley is a fun loving energetic bloodhoud puppy who loves to play outside. She also really loves taking her naps.
Daisy Mae
Be lazy on the couch and set on someone’s lap , for an old dog (13 years old ) sure is spunky !
Molly Duck
She loves to watch Tv (Football) has to have her own blanket when she sleeps 😁
Lady lives to be out side and loves to hunt! She’s is always looking for something to get into when she’s out side. She love to take naps and play with the kids
Diesel loves to play out side and loves to play in water. He loves being around kids and playing with everyone. But he really loves his nap time with his papaw.
Ella Spots
Ella was a sweetheart. She’s not with me anymore but I wanted to show everyone how precious she was.
Midnight loves to cuddle and play in the water, he is very kind and friendly to others around me and my wife, loves other dogs, his favorite toy is his lamb chop stuffed animal he howls when it squeaks and he brings me up when I'm down all the time.....
Tucker is a boston terrier/pug mix and is the sweetest and cuddliest pup in the world. He loves eating whipped cream and trying to eat dandelions. He gets the zoomies any time he is told he is getting a spankin’ and will circle around the apartment for hours until he makes us forget why he was in trouble in the first place!
Cash is a goldendoodle, he will be 2 years old in June. He is the most playful and sweet dog ever! He loves meeting new people.
Justice loves to sleep in my bed and also is very gentle towards kids.She is also very mindful and loves to play outside and sun bathe.
Athena loves to play and jump around. She also loves to sleep on top of me while I'm trying to watch t.v. She loves when I come home and bring her treats.
Bandit loves the farm life,chasing birds ,running the grass pasture and mist of all he loves to do the husky talk.
Cali is a 2 year old golden doodle and the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet! She absolutely loves everyone and everything! ❤️🐶
Mocha is a Brindle Pit & Black Lab mix ! He loves ice , steak , & cheese ! He loves to play in mud puddles & burry his nose in snow 🥺 . He is still just a puppy , but he’s calm most of the time . His nickname is Loca Mocha !
This is Mr. Indy, he is a precious boy who looks just like his momma that loves belly rubs, running, playing with a ball and being clumsy trying to bring a new stick he found that might be his new friend 😂. He loves laying next to me in the grass and gives little kisses and smiles ❤️
This is cookie she is about 8 months old. She love playing outside, swimming, road trips and she loves fishing. She is attached to the hip all the time.
ace is a energetic crazy fun pup, he loves to play outside and also loves to think he’s a lap dog, he’s my bestfriend and he’s the best dog in the world.
Stella Rose
This sweet little Gem, we got her from a shelter. She was two months old! Had spent her entires life behind bars, poor baby. We seen her one day doing our pet the pets day and we fell in love with her. She is so loving and playful and a perfect addition to our family!
Waylon is an exceptionally smart puppy, while he still loves to pee in the house, he loves us so much more than that lol. He loves to run and play, and his favorite thing to do is eat!
This is my baby boy GUERÕ. He is the sweetest pup. He loves to cuddle. Cant stand being away from momma. He loves eating and always has the zoomies. He protects his baby cousin. They are always together. (Little black pup in one of the pics)
Freya is a 18 week old Labradoodle/Goldendoodle. She’s got the most energy ever, she loves to play with her toys, she loves treats, and she loves sleeping.
Chevette Rae
Chevette Rae, a happy nonstop going pup. Who’s shy at first but get to know her she’ll never leave you alone. Loves adventures of all kinds. Nature walks are her absolutely favorite. She’s a lover of all cats and all dogs.i must say if it wasn’t for her I don’t know who I’d be today 💕she truly completed my mental state.
Brought him home from a very abusive home
this is asher! he’s our shy baby! he loves to snuggle and love all over you when he gets comfortable! he loves treats and to play just like his brother ace!! they are our sweet rescues who completed our family!❤️
Peanut loves to run fast. He loves to play with Oreo his sister pup. He never gets tired of laying in my lap.
Midnight she is sweet and loving
I am a crazy lil boy. I love to chase the big dog Sasha & my brother around the yard. My favorite toy is sticks sticks and sticks. I am a very spoiled boy who loves to sleep above my mummas head on her pillow. I go to work every day as a cable dog. I like to bark at the turkeys & chase them off cuz I do not like them in my yard.
3 month old beautiful American bully. Rayven is a big ball of loves an kisses. Learning more an more every day.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce is an average 9 month old boxer who loves toys, bones, and of course his favorite...pig ears. He would rather be picked up like a baby than walk😆 VOTE FOR BATDOG.
Princess Ana
Princess Ana is a loving, caring, ball of energy.
Marley is a happy, go lucky, curious ball of fun, that just wants to play all the time.
He likes to run and play. He is supper energetic and like to play with other dogs.
Maggie loves to take pictures and dress up she loves to play and she loves everyone shes a princess
Zoey is simply a lover. Loves everyone. Loves Belly rubs. Loves to smell the fresh air. Loves winter in New England.
ace is our big gentle giant! he loves to play but loves to snuggle more! he gets so excited to go outside and play everyday for hours until he falls asleep out there lol! ace is also a huge fan of his treats and will talk your ear off if you mention treats! vote for our big love bug!😊
Sharpie is the sweetest and most lovable dog ever. She is being trained to be a service dog and is doing well. She was rescued from the local shelter. She loves running around outside and cuddling with her mommy.
Queensland heeler coon hound mix!
Shes a very sweet girl, her favorite thing is her many toys she likes to choose from to play with.
Rogue is one of a kind. He is a damoranian 1/2 Pomeranian 1/2 weener he loves his lil friend Aries who is the hampster in this picture. He loves swimming an spending time being lazy in the sun. He also loves spending time with our other dog ketchup. They are great buddy's. Rogue loves whip cream he will do so many tricks an talks for whip cream
9 week old Aussie/collie mix full of energy and puppy kisses. He loves to run and play. He’s a very loyal pup who loves to follow & stay by my side.
Raina is our 3.5 month old Blue Merle Aussie. Although she is fairly new to us, we already love and adore her SO much. We knew from the moment we saw her that we had to have her. Raina loves nothing more than running around in the yard with you and fetching her toys when you throw them, playing in the hose, and playing with her brother Bandit. She is such a smart girl she has already learned sit, lay down, shake, go to bed, and we are working on stay. Vote for Raina!🙂💜
Gracie Reign
Gracie loves going swimming. She will jump in the pool and swim around without touching the edge and then climb out the ladder when she is done.