Baby Stories - 61


Well Butch is 3 years old, but he acts like a baby. I walked out in the porch and Butch saw me and then I went inside and he would stop barking until I went outside with him. He is an amazing dog who LOVES sticks and naps. He thinks he is a lap dog. He loves his attention!
I love snacks all kinds except the green ones... I like to have my mom run after me around the neighborhood
Pepper Girl
Pepper is fun loving loves play outside loves to get dressed up like to cuddle 7/12 months loving playful 💯🐾🐾🐈
King is loyal to our family. He's a great protector and such a beautiful boy.
Porkchop is a beagle/husky. He’s very vocal and extremely spoiled rotten 🤣 He has his girl Lambchop that he takes anywhere and everywhere with him. He has a little older kitty brother named Lotus who he loves to chase around and play with. He love to go and wake his nanny and I up every morning with kisses and cuddles and his favorite thing other than his lambchop is his treats! He knows how to sit, give his paw and roll over and show his belly. He’s hands down the sweetest most handsome pup there ever was and will be.
Mila is the sweetest little bean who loves to cuddle and and chase mom around the yard!
She is a brown and blue eye beauty. Loves to play chase the ball and sometimes bring it back to you. Loves to get lots of treats and pets.
I’m a sassy girl! I’m a diva living in the country. I love play chase with my chicken friends and also having my nails painted! I’m learning so many tricks and how to be the puppy I can be! Please vote for me!!
The worlds best cuddler. Guaranteed to keep you cozy, play with soft teddy bears & eat all of the treats.
The most loveable pup in all the land. Lover of frisbees, balls & big backyards.
Chubbs is our first fur baby, house dog amd spoiled. He loves sleeping with his legs in the air amd belly rubs. He hits your hand if you stop. At 3 months he is fully house trained and learning new things everyday
Vote for me! I'm wrinkly and love to cuddle any chance I get!!! My hobby is eating baked chicken, yummy!!!🐶
Rocko is a baby pocket bully ..he is full of energy and very smart ..kid and family friendly he's so little he can't bark yet but he loves to cuddle and play and sleep ...sleep like a newborn .. everyone meeT ROCKO
bad is an awful name for this sweet boy. he has those beautiful baby blues eyes to make up for being completely deaf. hes 5 years old and loves to play outside:)
Lucky is a 2 month old beagle mix and as precious as can be. She is chilling after a playful walk in the park.
Einstein is a sweetheart that loves all the attention he can get from anyone who wants to give it! He's a playful pup and loves to fetch anything you throw at him.
Koda is a 5 year old pit/boxer mix. She’s laid back most of the time but loves to play rough. She’s very over protective over her 1 month old human baby sister, and won’t let anyone near her unless momma or daddy say that they can.
Princess is a 12 year old lab/bloodhound mix. She’s the queen of the house and she’ll make sure you know it. She loves her human baby 1 month old sister like no other, and loves to give her kisses.
Alan loves to play in the rain, cuddle and chase all the bugs and critters around the yard. He loves everyone and animal he meets♥️
Riley is a crazy puppy! She loves squeaky toys and digging holes in the backyard. You’ll often find her playing with her brother teddy or fishing with her dad. Please vote for me 💕
Ellie is a sweetheart who loves cuddles on the couch. She loves food and chewing the squeakers out of chew toys.
He is just so lovable 😍 yes he's a big boy but he's my teddy bear🥰 we can talk for hours. He loves to cuddle and lay on my feet🥰🥰 he loves giving kisses and is always wagging his tail💕💕
Hi! I’m Zoe. I am a goofy and playful puppy who was rescued 4 years ago!
Chewy is a Picardy sheepdog mix, who’s more like a Wookiee... he even sounds like one. He’s smart but stubborn! His best friend is Rey his kitty friend.
Tater, aka The Toot, is the happiest little potato. He is never sad, loves everyone, and loves to spend hours in his kingdom (the back woods). Everytime he jumps up, he toots, hence his nickname: The Toot.
Hi, I'm meliodas. My daddy calls me his pizza because I'm the cutest pupperooni pizza you think I'm cute? I hear if you vote for me it's cuz you think I'm cute. I want to tell you a secret.... ready? I think you're cute too *slurp*
Orbit is a fun loving adventurous pup that loves people and animals. He enjoys daycare and dog parks. His favorite color is red (we know this because he prefers his red harness that he selects from his tote). Orbit runs with the kids and loves to help with chores. His favorite toys are quacking ducks and he is very treat driven.
My sweet Jaxs is a yorkiepoo. Jaxs is a very unique dog. He’s full of love, very playful, spoiled, and just sooooo adorable. I’m more offf a video type of pup mom sooo we don’t have lots of photos😟. But vote for my unique boy 💙💙
Katara is super energetic and loves to keep me on my toes! She enjoys going for walks and playing with her favorite blue stuffed toy. She is the sweetest and is super smart and surprises me with something new everyday!
Ren loves playing fetch, playing with his human brother, Sammie, and chasing around the neighbor dog.
Gino Bambino is a little stinker! His favorite food is spaghetti! He enjoys chasing his brothers and his cat friend, Monkey! He is obsessed with Watermelon, and dreams of owning his own watermelon farm some day. 🙂
Harley loves cheese....his favorite activity is chasing butterflies in the yard and eating them. (Yuk) He catches an occasional bird as he thinks he is a hunting dog. Big dreams for a little man! He also loves kisses and bacon!
Ares is a very good listener. His favorite toys are his frisbee and his tennis balls, which sadly we can not throw anymore due to his spinal disease and arthritis to his spine. Hes very loving and loyal.. hangs on to every word you speak.
Bentley is my oldest pup..He enjoys chasing his stuffed beer mug and waiting for the Amazon truck! His favorite food is watermelon and cheese...and he snores!
Pluto. A happy wild adventurous dog who never gets enough of life. He loves car rides and whip cream. He will do ANYTHING for some food lol. He is the sweetest hugger ever. Hes hot a smile that will light up your day.
Luna is a loving puppy who’s very energetic. She loves playing dress up and socializing with other animals.
Rascal was abused and left for dead at a bad shelter located in the city dump.. he was next in line for the kill shelter and he was dirty hungry and covered in his own poop and his hair was tangled and overgrown. We rescued him from that shelter 2 DAYS before he was sentenced there. He’s 9 years old so he’s a senior rescue dog. He loves people and is a great service dog. He’ll protect anyone and loves to eat scraps. He’s just a big cute potato. Please vote for him!
Sadie Grace
Sadie is my service dog, she’s the most loving and faithful dog I have ever had. She has helped through a lot of health and emotional trials in the last 4 yrs. she helped me get through chemotherapy and radiation. She is definitely a gift from God.
Zaria is our fun loving furball child. She is very protective over our son. She loves togo for walks and play with her bal or her watermelon. She loves to talk back like a toddler
Hello I am Stella :) I am a mystery breed, I also love my toy Mystery Machine (for all you scooby fans). I love going for hikes and also love to chew everything, but I’m cute so it makes up for it. My best friend is an Iguana named Spyro. She doesn’t like to play tag though. 🦎💖
Hi! My name is Dozer! I’m a very sweet, very loving man! I like to lounge around and hang out with my mom! My favorite thing to do is roll over and get belly scratchies! ❤️
Latte is a Great Pyrenees guardian dog. She loves belly rubs and loves treats. She’s cuddles and a great protector for our home.
Chica is an energetic little girl whose favorite activity is chasing the chickens!
Hector is a 10 week old black Labradoodle He likes stealing his sister Harkey’s toys from her . 😁
My name is Koda Kumar Young and I am 5 months old, I love the treats my mommy gives me and I love playing with my ducky toy it drives mommy crazy when I make it squeak a lot... I may be a little bit of a bad boy sometimes but mommy still loves me... I am learning how to jump up on mommy's bed I just can't get up there cause her bed is too high, I can jump outside but can't jump up to get mommy her bed is comfy 😂
Casper is 4 months old.He is very sweet .He's also very energetic loves to play tug a war. He loves being outside going for walks.He is already potty trained.He knows the basic commands sit,paw and laydown.Casper loves to cuddle.Casper is very very smart to be 4 months.
Hello, my name is stacks and I am a big momma's boy! I love to wake up my every morning very early to go and play. When she and dad don't wake up I will go find a toy and run in the room and jump on them doing a happy dance. My favorite days are when they take me to go play with all my friends because by the end of the day I'm exhausted and just want to sleep. I love car rides but hate it when I can't go on them when mommy and daddy go to work. I want my mommy to just stay home with me every day.