Baby Stories - 61


CUTEST DOG ON THIS PLANET!!! Likes Lisa Vanderpump’s dog show
Kona is a rambunctious 7 month old puppy who loves to play, cuddle and especially eat. When he was 3 months old, he had a hard time perking up his ears so we taped them to give him a hand. Needless to say, those gorgeous bat ears are up today and always alert!
Rescue dog, Distemper survivor (head tilt). Sweet, lovable, happy little furry baby who has gone through a lot in her short time alive.
Harley May
Harley May is 80 lbs of pure love, joy, & affection!
Big baby ! She likes to chase rabbits and is very smart
She’s not your typical Springer spaniel. She’s 5 years old, but still has her adorable puppy face that we all love. You rarely see her without her tail wagging and holding something, whether it’s a stick, tennis ball, flower pot, or my sock.
Dakota absolutely loves snow and always wants to find the biggest stick to prance around with.
Athena is the sweetest girl who loves water, kitties, tennis balls, and people.
Meika is by far the most loyal dog I’ve ever had. She’s very stubborn but very lovable.
Hunter is the sweetest most loving lap dog! All he wants to do is love up on you! He loves to play fetch with his favorite ball and loves so go swimming!
I love her, she’s my entire world.
Cloth is the happiest, most loving, best dog in the world! He loves just cuddling by my side.
Lucky is super energetic and loves playing. He curls into a ball to sleep most of the time. He loves the water and digs in it all the time!
She loves to play with her brother Lucky! She is a loud player, with her tiny bark. Her whole butt wags when she is happy, which is all the time!
Hi my name is Hazel and i’m a morkie. I’m very playful and love interacting with everyone! It would mean so much for you to give me a vote :)
The Dude Mystic Blue
The Dude abides❣️✨
Kane is 90lbs pitbull who loves taking naps on the couch and playing with his dalmation little brother. He is completely oblivious of his very large and heavy size but nothing beats the cutest smile he gives when he's on our laps. He is a whole lot of love and such a character! He's also always up for having his picture taken ❤
Jasper Dalton
I love toys chewing my parents and treats.
Hi everyone, My name is zimba and I’m 2 years old. I love love love food. I love being outside even though it does get hot. I love winter it’s my favorite season. I can be shy at first but then I get used to anyone and I like having fun. I’m very very playful☺️
Bailey is an energetic, loving, fun personality kind of gal. She loves her Kong ball and pulling dad around on his roller blades to get some of that energy out. She is obsessed with following mom around the house and playing with her sister maya the cat :)
Natty is an adventurous, squirrel chasing, water loving Mini Aussie.
Hi I’m Mocha! I love swimming and playing with my human sister. I would love it if you took just a second to give me ONE vote. :)
Tucker Finn
Tucker Finn is a rescue beagle from Frisco, TX! He is 3 years old and has earned his Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog Novice titles. He is on his way to becoming a therapy dog! There’s nobody as sweet as Tuck Finn!
Mighty Mojo is ONE SMART DOG... Just look at "that face"...Could be captioned the "beetlejuice"...:-)
This is lily she loves playing fetch and obsessed with throwing mowed grass.She loves watching the sims and she’s a big goofball.
Maverick lives for long games of fetch and night time snuggles <3
Bandit is a chiweenie; chihuahua and dachshund breed mix. He very playful. His favorite things to do is dig and chasing birds, squirrels, and rabbits around the yard. When he is not doing that he loves to cuddle and take long naps in the sunlight.
Ottis is an energic, playful, wild, german sheppherd/lab mix. He is huge weighing around 80lbs and he is only 1 and a half yrs. Old! He thinks he is a lap dog lol. He is very protective and loyal.
Sassy, spoiled, and beautiful 😇
Zeus is the SWEETEST thing you will ever meet. He is just so kind, polite and CALM surprisingly. He is so eager to please. Zeus sees a trainer three times a week and already knows his basic commands and is potty trained finally! He absolutely loves people and wants to meet and greet all dogs and even cats. I am humbled to call him my first dog baby
Gracie is an energetic chocolate lab. She has a 9 month old sister Abby who is a black lab. She’s very smart and sassy!
Ollie is such a cheerful dog. He loves cuddles, playing fetch and lots of treats. And most of all he loves belly rubs.
He is super loyal, loves to play with his little brother, thinks he is a lap dog, and wants to cuddle 24/7
Diesel is 2 years old and is the smartest dog I’ve ever had! He is outgoing, strong, loves to play in any form of water and is goofy about stealing everything that his mom has had her hands on!!! This boy captures hearts!
Lynx is an Elhound, Collie, Blue Heeler mix and is always surveying the property for squirrels & lizards 🙃
Coast was rescued from South Carolina 1week ago and became an instantly PERFECT fit to our family! She is sweet, sensitive, and a great cuddler🥰
Bayleigh loves to play fetch and loves to cuddles! He’s such a lover!❤️ He loves to go on car rides and explore!
The runt of the litter outgrew her siblings and all expectations.
sassy but very sweet and such a love bug
Mando is a 5 months old 60lb ball of love! He loves cuddling i’m your arms on his back and adores walks on his harness!
Athena Grace
Athena is a very sweet girl and she loves sleeping and being held.
Percy Alexander
Percy is a very playful dog and he loves treats and going for walks at the park.
Dixie is full of energy and loves to snuggle. She is a rescue and the best dog ❤
I’m old and cranky need some help fellow fur balls
She’s sweet and very playful and loves to snuggle under the covers with you she loves all toys and enjoys getting treats she also greets you with a full body wiggle and lots of kisses she loves her pups too a mother of 6
Kota loves car rides and chasing birds outside. He loves going on short walks. Most of all he enjoys sleeping and cuddling.
Hi I am Louis, I love being pampered and of course getting a pupachino. You can always catch me either snuggled up in a nice blanket or in the car going to the next horse show.