Xanna Grace
Xanna was just recently adopted and struggling with anxiety. She needs lots of patience and love. Thus far, she is adjusting to her forever home with minimal redirection. She's very smart little one year old that is misunderstood for the breed. She's a cane corso mix. Please vote for my new fur baby!
Parker Pitt
Parker Pitt is 21 month old champagne Pittbull I adopted from TX. Adjusting to Brooklyn wasn’t easy, he had to learn to walk down stairs, he never was walked on a leash, he jumped when he heard traffic, and he chewed up my NY Giants cap. (Cowboys fan 🤦🏻‍♀️) He was “rehomed” a few times because he had a penchant for destruction. My guess is he liked it at the shelter cause there were lots of dogs and that’s all he ever knew. Everyone sent him back. But his plan backfired because I was going to make him love me if it’s the last thing I did. Doggie day care, a good trainer, and lots of patience, and repetition and now he is still crazy not as much. And he loves me. His likes: peanut butter frozen kongs, 12 inch bully sticks, steak cut up in small pieces, puzzles, dogs, human women, and my arm Pitt.
Rocko Ramirez
Rocko is such an amazing, silly and loveable pitbull! He’s very protective of his family and loves to be around his family! He loves playing catch and loves all the kisses and cuddles! All votes will greatly appreciated!
Vadey just turned 14 on 10/12! Please help me wish her a happy birthday! Every day is a blessing with my girl! ❤️🥹❤️🐶❤️ Vader is a small Beagle with a big attitude. She is the queen of her crew of three pups, including Shakespeare and Hamlet. She misses her sister, Brooklyn, every day. We lost her suddenly this July, shortly after she celebrated her 9th birthday.
~ Bella ~ is a very 🫶 loving dog 🐾
Bandit loves people and toys! Lots of toys!
Hercules is such a good boy hes always so happy when i get home he jumps an flips like wilbur from Charlotte web.
Diamond is very sweet, lovable, and adorable! She’s very feisty and talkative but overall a sweet puppy! She loves to play, cuddle, and enjoys her naps! She loves chicken nuggets and treats! She gives the best kisses and will love you to death!
Copper James
This is Copper James♥️ He is a papillon. He is very out going and loves to go everywhere with me🥰 He is loved very much ♥️♥️ Vote for me and I’ll return the favor!!
Prada is a mellow, lovable German Shepherd/Rottweiler. She is a soon to be mom to German-Rott-Beagles (if you’re interested in a puppy text 618-974-9099 please.) Prada loves to dig holes and run around her big yard. Prada treats and protects her toys as if they are her babies.
Baby was adopted around a year ago to live in her furever home. She loves digging holes and cuddling as if she’s a lap dog. She knows how to shake and give high fives. Baby smiles when she gets into trouble.
Poochie is the closest thing to a human youre ever gonna get. He fully understands everything i say whether its to him or another human! Hes a couch potato whos wise beyond his years! Love this cuddle bug!
I dont know whether this boy is a dog or a fish! He loves swimming in our pool everyday! Hes an awesome swimmer! He also enjoys horseplay with his older brother, Poochie, the great dane.
Wyatt is a German Shepard black lab mix and he is a cutie and is my best friend in the entire world!
Toby is a very energetic sassy chihuahua. He loves attention and makes the cutest pictures. Toby would love your vote!
Rosco P.
Rosco is 7 months old. He is a Black and Tan Old Fashioned Long Eared Coon Hound. Rosco is currently in training to become a therapy dog. He has a wonderful personality and LOVES everyone! Rosco is hoping to bring joy to many people.
Kilo is the sweetest dog. He loves to lay on the couch, go for walks and aggravate the cat. He loves to give hugs and loves to talk back.
Queen is 4 years old and she is a blue and white pit bull terrier she’s very sweet loving loves bones 😂 she’s gorgeous and is very picky about her food only lamb and beef. She’s a great companion and a very protective
Diesel is about 3 years old, and he is the biggest baby ever. He likes to fetch his ball, run, and lay on the couch! He knows how to shake and give high fives.
Hello, my name is Kayce John (yes, after kayce Dutton my mom is a freak, she also named our cat “teeter”.) Before i was known as duke while i stayed a couple nights at the Huntington cabell Wayne animal shelter where my mom fell head over heels within 5 mins of meeting me. I’m not a very picky eater i will eat whatever you put at my feets. A couple of my favorite things to do are lay on the back of the couch and watch the cars go by, shread my sisters toys (and mine) but hers first. I LOVE to sleep. My mom lets me sleep in the bed with her every night and i don’t get up until she says let’s go. I’m sure she’ll keep you updated with everything here.
Rosie loves to play. She loves to cuddle. She is scared of khaki pants and flip flops.
Nobody loves an adventure with a good nap afterwards like, Archie! He is a true velcro dog in all the best ways and hates being away from Mom & Dad. His stubby tail only wags up and down which leaves anyone who meets him cracking up! He loves his two kitty sisters and is the best boy 🧡
Isabella or Bella for short loves to sleep and cuddle. She is very talkative when she is outside but very harmless
Sasha is a mixed breed! Shes fun loving and Engegtic. She loves playing with her toys or just laying around
Hello, my name is ice but my mom likes to call me maxi,poop,sweetie girl and princess. My favorite thing is when Gigi and poppy bring my brother and i new “yummies.” My favorite places to lay are on the cool couch, on the front porch in the sun, or on my moms temperpedic mattress when she forgets to close the gate. Anyways, that’s a little about me, i hope you enjoy the pictures my mom bugs me to pose for.
Frankie J
Frankie is the sweetest dog.He had a baby raccoon for a sister. He loves kittens all people especially kids. He pulls the neighborhood kids in their wagon. Checks any bags that come in the house for candy. Twizzlers&starbursts are his favorites. Loves to go to the river or the beach!!! Hes my boy FrankieJ!!!
Luna is actually going on 11 weeks, is a Sharpei-Pit mix. She loves to cuddle and chase you.. She loves to go for feet. She is just now finding her voice .She loves tummy rubs, and stealing her uncle bos Dog food and chasing him around. She is a very playful people dog. Her momma passed when she was 5 weeks old ,and had to start the weening process , she is just a little small due to that fact but shes catching up fast!!! We love her personality
Amelia A Millia
Amelia A Millia enjoys attending church, listening to telephone conversations, playing, shopping, and watching television. 🐕🎀👑👸💋
Radar cam to me 11 years ago, off the streets of Harrisburg pa. He was emaciated, covered in fleas, feces and skin on bone. His beautiful brindle coat was dull and matted with a tarry substance. He was passing paper plates, cany wrappers and such in his stool. His eye sockets showed, he was that thin, could count every rib. I do not know his history, but i do know this...... i needed him more than he needed me. He has never ever, bit, chewed, git in trash, taken food, nothing, he has been perfect, loves all people and animals. He has a quirky, scream like a girl habbit when he plays with his logs, yes logs, thats what he will bring you when you tell him, go find a stick, lol. Radar is my entire world, my best friend, my ride or die. Hes perfect!!! Arthritis is trying to take over, and if he wins, it will cover alot of adequin shots for him, or a set of wheels, to help him to get around. Thank you for reading Radars story, and best of luck to all the beautiful bBies in this contest.
Tootsie was adopted from a high kill shelter in August of 2022. She spent the majority of her life in the shelter. Her and her brother was dropped off at 6 weeks old and stayed until she was fostered at 6 months (brother was adopted before her), and two weeks later adopted by us! She is rambunctious, loving, and oh so curious. She loves people, and all other animals. She loves car rides, playing with her sisters, doggie day care, looking at the deer on the way to day care and just relaxing and letting it all hang out. This baby has probably hundreds of dollars of toys in the toy box and her favorite thing to play with is a Gatorade bottle!
A shelter pup that tested positive for parvo 3 days after I brought her home, who know is living her best life. Nova’s favorite things are fetch, cuddling under the blankets with mom, and bugging her sisters.
My best friend Gentle Giant Loves to cuddle Loves new friends Loves walks
Hi my name's Sid! My favorite things to do with my mama are play fetch, go on car rides & play in the water! I'm full of energy & love giving kisses 😘
Jojo is a pug chihuahua mix. She loves to cuddle all of the time.
Atlas loves to play ball and talk to Mommy.
Oliver is a spunky, lovable, mama’s boy with a heart of gold! He loves to play outside with his herding ball, but at the end of the day he is always excited to snuggle into mom for some cuddles.
Miss Sophia just turned 2 in sept she full of energy gets the zoomies all day she such a lover and will lick your face off
Marshall just turned one in September he is such a goofy boy
I’m Yukon!:) I mostly enjoy nudging my ball around the yard or playing with my brother I’m said to be a pitbull but we think I’m a mutt!:) if I win I’m gonna donate food to the shelters
Hello I’m Atlas . I’m actually a valley bulldog which is a mix of a full blooded English bulldog and full blooded boxer . Most boxers snore but praise the lord I don’t and my life expectancy is longer due to the fact . I love wrestling and playing with toys but not as much as I enjoy car rides and rocking my dads pair of Oakley’s . I sleep in a king size bed with a electric blanket when it’s cold , yes it’s on . I have a two bedroom house and my dad lives with me . Yes I might be spoiled lol
Roxie is named after a beloved tiger shark in Hawaii. I met Roxie at a parking lot of Taco Bell on thanksgiving 2019, haha no worries she was a rescue and that’s just where we decided to meet. Stars aligned due to special circumstances and I’ve had her since. She’s sensitive, and loves to be close preferably laying onto of you. She is scared of strong waves, and hasn’t caught any squirrels but she is determined and won’t give up.
Tilton is a born Model ( he dresses up and poses in any position) yet he was bred to hunt. He does this on the side! He is perfect split between masculine & Femine ( for a neutered male!😝
Akila was 1/3 of her litter mates that was abandoned in a warehouse. She was 5 months old on her Gotcha Day! She likes ALL food and digging into her water bowl. She huffs & puffs when she is exhausted.
Milo is what we believe as a Bo-Jack. A mix between Boston Terrier and Jack Russell. We adopted Milo in September from No Paws Left Behind Rescue in NJ. He’s a little over a year old but not exactly sure how old. His wide puppy eyes had us. He’s energetic, loves chasing squirrels, playing with his toys and wresting with his new sister Maggie, our Boston/Frenchie mix. He’s little Houdini as he’s figured out how to climb the gate in the house. He figured out to push out our 6 ft fenced gate in the yard enough to squeeze through making us reinforce the gates with more locks. He’s curious and loves the freedom to go out in the yard through the dog door to wait for squirrels or dig holes. At night he cuddles with us on the couch and likes to sleep under the covers in the bed. Milo has fit in perfectly in our home and we are so grateful to have him as our new addition to our family.
I’m a handful at time, I love going on adventures, I’ll never leave daddy’s side. I’m a protector.
Hello my name is Chevy! I have a brother named Buddy he is an older dog. I love to keep him Young and running around, chasing me. I love to put my owner's socks in my mouth and run around so they cannot catch me. I am also a escape artist, I love to run through the doors and get free when I can. It's a good thing I always love going for car rides, they get me every time with them. I will literally bark at a leaf falling in the yard. Also if there is any other animal in my yard I will make hi bark so loud and so much that they won't want to come back. I am a great guard dog. I also will let anybody pet me and say hi, I love the attention. Vote for me because my owners would buy me all the good boy treats!🐕
Thor loves water and his favorite orange toy he loves to cuddle and lick everything and he likes to follow his mom and dad around everywhere
Bear is my best friend. He is very loving and playfull dog with lots energy!!And loves his Coca-Cola!!