Baby Stories - 61


Sweet, shy at first, the biggest cuddle buddy ever. Loves to run and play with other dogs and a big fan of treats, especially peanut butter. Also a huge ladies man😂 he will melt your heart!
Lago Doggo
Lago has just gained a little brother that has turned him into a brand new boxer! He’s really enjoying life now!
Blue loved to steal socks along with your heart! He was a great listener and always was there to lean on. He was a protector,a friend unlike any I have ever had. I could always count on him to be there by my side! He was there for me until the day he died. 🐾. 10/01/21 🐾
He likes when everybody votes for him. He likes to be carried on walks, and he likes car rides. He never makes a sound, and he gets the zoomies if he gets in trouble because he likes that too.
Super playful puppy that loves to tug on your pants and running off with your clothes
Dakota is a wild spirit! He has one of the biggest personalities I’ve ever come across. He is extremely intelligent, clever, spunky and loving. He truly is one of a kind!
Oh my rocky best doggy ever my little side kick never any where beside right next to me
He is a rescue from Kansas City! He is adorable, fun, loving, he has a awesome personality & he's super smart!
Marvel Del Mar
Marvel has only been in our family for one week and has already won the hearts of everyone he meets! He has brought joy to all of his human family and brought a new spark into his older dog brother’s life too!
Gary is a goofy, handsome boy , who loves his kids, giving kisses and talking to you when he wants something lol.
He is very playful, his favorite toy is a plastic bottle and he loves sleeping with his momma
Lexy is a very loyal dog. She loves her family. She surprised us by loving and welcoming her new puppy brother without incident. She is the best dog.
Hercules is a puppy that is so sweet. He has his playful side, yet he can be so calm. He is such a great addition to our family.
Mojo crossed over the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks ago. I miss him so much! I had him since he was a puppy. He was a sweet, fun, and loyal furry friend. He fought so hard to beat kidney disease, but in the end, it was too much for his little body. I want him to win in memory and honor of his life. <3
Quentin has a quite a challenging life in his 8 months of life. Long story short, he needed surgery when he was just 2 months old where he had around 9 inches of intestine removed. It took him a couple months to recover. He also needed to go on a special diet as he is allergic to animal protein. Through all the ER and vet visits and being sick for most of his life he has always been a happy, loving puppy. He is a great reminder to me that even when life gets hard and you are at the end of your rope. There is always something good in each day and worth wagging your tail for. He has been such a fighter through all the ups and downs. He has nothing but love to give and everyday he loves let me know he’s happy to see me and that I matter. It’s a nice reminder when I have just had worst day and I am in a bad head space. There is always a little good. I think that he is just the perfect pal this girl could ask for. I love you Quentin.
Sheila Tequila
Sheila loves people. She loves to go outside even in the snow. In the snow she shoves her head in the snow and runs wild. Please vote for the cutest pup!
Graham is a 3 1/2 month old golden doodle. He is the sweetest dog, loves to go for brisk walks and playing with the neighbor dog across the fence. He is a very social guy and loves to interact with everyone he meets.
This is my Buddy !! He loves kids , loves to play, loves to ride around and get a nice breeze of air !! He is very curious and full of adventure and silly as can be!!
Freki is the perfect shepherd who loves people, her doggie friends, and most importantly her tennis ball! Don't forget to follow her on instagram @oahu.gsd
This is Rue, she is a Border Collie/German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix. She has the most gentle, hard loving, human like soul. She can be super energetic or just sit on the couch and watch tv and cuddle. Rue loves to talk also and will even say her name, she sounds like a little Chewbacca! She’s a lover and wouldn’t even hurt a fly. Rue is the light in my life and even helped raise our newest addition to the family. Her little brother Bumi, who we got at only 4 weeks old. Rue just turned two this year and gets more and more dapples to her coat. I hope you enjoy her smile as much as I do!
Match is the older brother of his big Beagle sister Minnie; they love each other. Match is nearly 10 years old, but since becoming an older brother a little over a year ago he acts like struts around like he’s a teenager again, he’s so cute!!
Kaysha is a smart dog. She loves to give attention. Holidays she loves to be colored and to show it off. She is a 4yr standard poodle who helps me when my sugar drops below by giving licks on the face to wake me up.
Layla is a “crackhead” she makes us laugh everyday and doesn’t take no for an answer.. she’s well trained except for “her” idea of playtime that’s when she pretends she doesn’t understand human and forgets the word no.
Lola Loves everyone. She is such a sweet gentle girl.
Sofie is so happy
This is my handsome baby boy Draco. He is a Pit Bull, Labrador mix. He just turned 1 years old. He’s so sweet and would never hurt a fly. Draco is very playful and loves to be outside. He loves to give love bites on your arm and his most favorite thing ever is to get booty taps. He’s spoiled and loved by everyone!
Oakley is a 3 month old fun loving puppy. She loves going on walks and playing outside. Her favorite toy at the moment is a tennis ball❤️
Ima a micro frenchie I may look 👀 small but I sure don’t think so !!!
Charlie loves playing with his toys and getting cuddles with his mom! He loves going to the dog park, and going to see his grandparents, where he gets spoiled! His favorite food is pizza scraps. He enjoys family time, and loves little kids!
Skyzul is the light of my life! He is such an energetic dog, he loves exploring outside and treats! He is a very good listener and loves to play with other dogs!
This is my handsome boy Ridge! He is the biggest cuddle bug ever! He's definitely a mama's boy. Ridge likes to go on his humans canoe and watch us fish. He loves to go hiking and shed hunting. Anything that has to do with the out doors Ridge is there!
Gabe is an very fun ,loving Siberian husky ! He loves adventure! He takes care of his mama and knows when I am down ! He is very loving and protective! Gabe loves to ride in the truck with the window open ! He loves people !
Peanut is a year old, loves to play with other dogs, bones, and outside time! Loves to check on her baby brother and give him kisses. She energetic, but very sweet. She loves to play fetch!
Milo is a precious (almost) 1 year old shitzu. He loves everyone and has never met a stranger! This puppy has the most energy and wouldn’t hurt a fly…. But be warned, he may lick your face off!
This is Willow, she is a Rottweiler, Chow Chow Mix and she is a little wiggle butt who she loves belly rubs and being Chili man’s sidekick, she is the smiliest happiest little short rotty❤️
Chili is the sweetest boy ever, he is a Dingo/Rhodesian Ridgeback with the funniest personality ever, he loves to give face kisses and love bites on your arm and his most favorite thing ever is playing with the ball! ❤️
Diesel is a very friendly and loving dog, he loves to be outside to enjoy the weather🌞 or he can cuddle up on a rainy day🌧
EMMA (Everything My Mama Adores) Emma was the runt of a litter that was at an animal shelter in Georgia. All of her siblings had been adopted, and she was all on her own. We took her home with us, and she moved with us to the great state of WY four years ago. She is the sweetest, most spoiled diva of a dog. She actually poses for her pictures.
Maggie lives to play w her babies..She’s kind and gentle and greets everyone with a butt wiggle.
Zues is part lab part Dane. He is a little over a year old. Loves to be held (thinks he is a chihuahua). Loves to swim in our pond and run as fast as he can go (we have clocked him at 30mph). He is sweet and goofy. He is not a dog he is a baby and he knows it
Hey guys this is zinny! She is a basset hound who loves cuddling, sleeping, and playing with her brother!! she is a doll baby and the only thing better than her personality is her ears🥰. she loves going to the park and on car rides, show your love for her and vote!!
Harley is a 9 month old Labrador retriever, she is very playful and the sweetest dog. She loves to snuggle with her stuffed animals and her mamma ❤️
Princess Kiwi Wigglebottom
She’s my dream come true! I’ve always wanted my own corgi and I hit the jackpot when I adopted her. She’s perfect in every way and will always be my Princess!
Hi! I’m Luna!🐾 I am a 3 year old Frenchie girl, who was born Denver, Colorado 🏔. I now live in beautiful sunny SoCal!☀️🌊I love naps, belly rubs, and treats- oh and tennis balls… I LOVE TENNIS BALLS!🎾💕
Atlas was rescued from the Navajo nation 3 months ago, he had no hair when I got him. He was underweight. He is now thriving. He is very loyal and loves to cuddle.
Denali Doodle Roo
Denali is a sweet girl. Sweetest pitty ever. She loves her brothers and the magic word to get her excited is COW!
I'm not sure where to begin about Sugar. This little 37 lb sassy bulldog, is the boss of the household. She has many nicknames like Butt Butt, Tig, Stinky & more. After 12 at night, she's a complete physco, she gets the zoomies like non other. She loves to be a big badass trucking dog when she gets to ride along!