Baby Stories - 60


She loves to go to the dog park and she loves to play tug a war.
Juppie was adopted from Harvey’s Hope Animal Rescue who saved him in Texas. He loves to earn treats while learning new tricks
Hi I am Harley. I am a sassy puppy named after my Daddy’s motorcycle. I am a little bit of salty and sugar. I love my brother Rowdy and my best friends Carlos and CoCo.
Retired K9 Tango served the Town of Newport in DE for 3 years before retiring in 2019. Tango was and still is an amazing ambassador for the breed!
Abbeygail And Thumper
AbbeyGail and Thumper are Brother and Sister. We love each other very much! We do everything together. We love treats, riding in the car, but most of all we love our Mommy and Daddy!
Gizmo was found on the streets and my daughter took her in, she had many issues and even bolted again and we found her 3 days later after running across one of the busiest streets and through coyote alley.... she fills our home w happy and you can feel her amazing personality in our home! She was a gift to us all! We love her so much and didn’t even know we needed her but we sure did!!!! She is a so funny and cute!!! All personality and love!
Hi everyone ! My name is Emma, I’m a 3 pound Shitzu-Chihuahua! I just turned 8 years old in May! I love going for rides, getting Pup-a-chinos at Starbucks, and taking naps!
Shiloh is 11yrs old & a sweet, gentle girl. She loves with the sweetest, softest kisses ever, & thinks she’s a lap dog. She was found in San Antonio, TX as a puppy running around the campus of SACC. People were stomping their feet at her to chase her away. I knelt down and called her over and it was love at first kiss. She had no collar, and was covered in fleas, ticks and skin mites. I took her to animal control to see if someone had posted her as missing and looking for her since she was so sweet. They scanned for a microchip but she didn’t have one. I left her there and said I would love to foster if nobody claimed her. She ended up coming home with me a week later & became a foster fail after my husband met her and adopted her the next week. She had knee issues from the beginning and shortly after, she had to have both knees operated on to replace the cruciate ligaments in each knee. She has been lucky to have her fur sister Sandy, who recently chose to make her journey over the rainbow 🌈 bridge & older fur 🐱 brothers Pouncer,🌈, & Blazer. She has traveled with us from TX to Tennessee, then to Hawai’i where we stayed for over 5 yrs, then we all took a flight to Cali & a had an adventure driving cross country with our fur babies & daughter, who Shiloh watches over and sticks closely to. Shiloh is very patient and tolerant of her new baby brother climbing all over and pulling her fur and tail as he tries to get up to walk and play with her. She will forever be our ‘Sweet Girl’.
Sabella is a sweet lovable girl who loves her toys and especially her bones she's shy but will love you all day for scratches and belly rubs!!
Cain enjoys playing with his sister in the creek and belly rubs
Snoopy is the most adorable dog on the planet! He brightens everyone’s day when they meet him. He is my precious angel! 🥰
Bandit is an awesome rescue pup. He is half Australian Shepherd and half mutt. He is super lovable, playful, and loyal. 💕
Spunky loving goofy guy, that follows his momma everywhere. He loves laying in his pool and playing with his big brother deuce the pit bull. ❤️
Wentworth is super playful and very much an emotional support animal. He licks his humans’ tears as they lost a husband/dad.
Nova loves to swim and go on the boat. He’s very friendly and loves to play with other dogs and people!
Nala lives in Alaska with us and Chewie. You can buy votes??? Just like Joe Biden?
Shasa loves being the diva she is🥰 she loves to pose for pics and a very playful outgoing little girl
3 month old Labrador puppy, lives in Louisiana
Lolli is a Shihtzu and is 2 years old. She carries a sock around with her all day (loves "sake") and enjoys trying to keep up with her big brother who is a 7 year old Australian Shepherd. Lolli likes playing with frogs, bird watching, and being held. Every afternoon around 3 PM she goes from a nap into hyper mode and runs around the house with a ball or toy as fast as possible for about 5 minutes until she rouses her siblings to play with her. Lolli has a sweet personality, loves to cuddle, and is straight from God! Cuteness overload all day everyday with this sweet baby!
Phoenix has such an amazing personality. Hes fun, happy,playful and attentive. Smart and loves learning new things.
Elsie Mae
Elsie Mae’s favorite pass time is float in the pool. She enjoys homemade fish biscuits and watching mom make them. Elsie Mae thinks there would be world peace if everyone owned a bulldog and rubbed its tummy for 15 mins a day.
Cookie is an absolute riot if for some reason your not paying attention to her she uses her paw and taps you harder and harder until you look at her! She was the last of six puppies born and the only white and tan (lemon beagle) she likes to get real low and creep like a cat and attack her mom even if her mom is looking right at her. They have a stare down!
Leader of the pack!
Loves to cuddle!
Oh My Golly Miss Molly
She is a 3 year old English Bulldog who loves everyone she meets. Molly loves to travel, play ball and loves her little daschund sister Lucy.
Remi short for Remington Steele, like her unique color. Remi is a Silver Lab puppy. She loves to eat Blueberries, Ice, lots of treats for tricks. At three months she sits, fetches, shakes, stays, and Sleeps. She is a joy, and welcome addition to a home with two other fur babies.
Stevie (named after the great and wonderful Stevie Nicks) is a miniature dachshund. She may be tiny but she is mighty! Weighing in at a whopping 9lbs she thinks she is the biggest and toughest bodyguard out there. She has been raised around daycare kids and has to be one of the most patient dogs I've ever owned.
Paris is a loving and friendly dog. She loves affection, attention and absolutely loves to go on car rides. She knows how to sit, lay down, speak, give high 5 and roll over. She’s a really good girl and loves kids.
Zoela’s got style, spunk, and is a neighborhood favorite! She’s a rescue that’s had a tough start but has blossomed into a beautiful ball of happiness.
Hello! My name is Nala. I am a Cane Corso and I am 1 years old. I love going to the dog park and dog beach. I enjoy the water at the beach, but hate taking baths. People are usually scared of me, but I could never hurt a soul. I also love sleeping 💙
Belle is my sassy little pug. Her favorite thing to do is watch tv with me. I think she is addicted to Korean soaps!
Coco is my special needs dog. Her hind legs are partially paralyzed but she is always happy to go for a walk regardless.
I am a sweet 14 weeks old Jackapoo, that loves to play and give everyone I meet kisses and maybe some nibbles 😂
Buck is a happy dog, too stinkin cute with the fluffiest, fullest tail up on his back, loves sharing our watermeon bites & walks with his dad. ❤
He’s my loyal boy, he is so energetic even at 10 years old. He can shake paw, lay down, stay & come on command. Best Dog son ever! 🐶 Plus, he’s phenomenal at frisbee!
❤️❤️Thank you everyone for voting for Trevor 🥰 We appreciate each and every one of you! May God richly bless you all. Return Votes (200 votes) start for Brooklyn March 2022. 🐾🐾❤️. Return (200 votes) start Paisley February 2022 🙏. 🐾🐾Congratulations Oliver!!♥️ ____________________________________ Trevor is a lovable puppy with a big heart willing to please and play. His graduation day was a joyful event with plenty of doggie treats. His favorite thing to do is search for small perch sticks outside and bring them home. He’s got quite the collection. 🙂Trevor is very adventurous with a great passion for travel. He’s a great little buddy during our (VGH) outreaches. Trevor enjoys giving hugs to everyone. ♥️🐾. ____________________________________
Cash loves to retrieve in the pond and play with his stuffed panda & duck! He is so sweet!
Coco P
She’sa diva that loves kids real food an running so hyper an full of life
Naty Perez
Naty is my precious 2 years old Maltese furry baby. She is very particular and funny. She loves her mommy and her brother Walle.
He’s only 4 months old. He loves all dogs and people. Already showing his intelligence as he is half border collie and half Australian shepherd! He will obey in any way for treats, already has learned his name and a two year old human brother is his right hand man!
I love walks with my dad and i am very spoiled! Loved by all so click my vote button and lets do this together. Come join the #dfam
Haze is in LOVE with water and outdoors in general! He’s the best boy in every way 🥰
He is a happy puppy that’s so care free and brings a lot of joy to our lives!! I have literally had him since birth and can’t imagine life without him! His favorite things to do is play at the lake and to annoy his fur momma lol!! He looks up to our Boston Terrier as his grandpa lol!
She loves walking and rolling in the grass she loves cuddling with momma and is the biggest mommas girl in the world💜she is very photo genic if you couldnt tell😂
Stanley is a sweet boy who loves to cuddle and chase rabbits.
Gibbs is a Boxador (boxer/labmix). He loves sun bathing. Some of his favorite things to do are; chasing lizards, tug-o-war, long walks, plays with my three boys, and eating snacks! He is a very well mannered dog and a great friend!