This is Lucy! She’s a Beagle & BassetHound mix. She’s very cutesss if you couldn’t tell!🥹
Gaston, loves to go out side and get messy he loves his little squeaky duck toy
Hidie is a wonderful and beautiful blue Wimeraner, she loves to run and snuggle. She is about 2 years old and has 3 other dog siblings
Odie is a shorty Jack Russell terrier he is full grown. Odie loves to play slobber ball , he loves to go for walks. He is a year old he loves kids and anyone who will play with him. He loves other dogs and playing with them. He loves his cat Cry baby ❤️
Kenny is the sweetest boy ever . He absolutely loves everyone . He loves to run around and play and gets along with every doggy he meets
Neko just turn 12 is our bby boy growing with us it was a blessing taking care and been by our side that all i would ask hes a big boy..
Luna is a Blue healer she will be 2 years old July 4th she loves playing ball,loves working with her mom & dad
Ellie is the best companion, who recently had a very unfortunate surgery we did not expect. In recovery now, she is such an amazing, energetic, ball of love!
Coco is an amazing friendly and joyful girl shes so friendly and caregivers to other person and annimal. She loves to play and run like a horse 🤣we love her
Lady Bird
Lady birds is a Majestic Tree Hound, she loves tennis balls and to play fetch. She loves to play with her ducks and kitten, she is very smart and likes to climb trees. Lady Bird is 2 years old and is 120 pounds, she loves to cuddle and to be pet she is such a big sweetie!!
Greta loves swimming, playing with fetch & car rides. She was abandoned and is now spoiled to death❤️
He's my best friend he's a good boy he don't eat no stranger he loves everybody and his awesome dog he's my best friend my service dog my everything it went for that baby boy I wouldn't be here today you save my life no times
My Rockie is a combination of sweetness and feistiness. He loves to bathe in the Sun and steal your shoes when you are not looking lol ;).
Ty Hill
Ty is a lovable and very energetic. He loves going gor ride in the car, he loves going to the park and enjoys his toys and snacks. Also loves to cuddle up😁❤️
Draco kicked out of his original owner's home along with his mom and siblings. His mom and siblings were ran over and killed. He was the only dog left. Someone brought him to my fiancé job and he brought him home to me. Draco is a loving puppy. He loves to eat Gravy Train and drink plenty of water. He loves to chew on plastic bottles for fun. He loves being outdoors and exploring the yard. He love being around me. He loved sleeping on my chest when he was smaller and we would take naps together.
Bear is such a good and big boy as you can see🥹He likes chewing on human hands that are just trying to pet him and his puppy breath is to die for!!!
Midnight is a very energetic border collie/corgi who loves to run and act crazy. She has a personality that makes people either love or hate her mainly love and she loves cuddles.
Buddy Michael
Just such a good and grateful boy so much love 🖤❤️❤️
Iva-nna is a black Labrador mix. She likes going outside to play. Also she LOVES food.
Willow is a 4.5 month old smooth fox terrier breed. She is extremely smart. She is a beautiful dog.
Snickerdoodle is a Pomeranian Poodle mix with AKC certification and was born on September 7, 2023. We met Snickerdoodle at Petland in Houston, TX, and fell in love with her at first sight. We brought her one on November 23, 2023 at ten weeks old, and she was acclimated in no time. When she isn't vying for cuddles from my wife, Dana and myself, she is attempting to love up to (torture) her brother, Oliver, a Pomeranian Chihuahua mix. She likes getting into everything, and for such a young puppy, making everything in the house smaller than her, a toy to play with. Mischief and Playfulness are her best qualities.
Chuca belongs to a career Army Soldier who can’t wait to get home and play with her. She loves Amazon boxes, chasing tennis balls and her Uncle Dave.
Nasty Boy
He likes to do tricks play on tire swings and he loves to to talk to you .
This is our fluffy girl, Marci! She loves to wrestle with her Frenchie brother, Remy & her orange brother Leo!! She loves all her toys, and you will always catch her napping with her tongue out. She is the sweetest girl!
Hi my name is Buddy and I am a mini Labradoodle. I am 4months old playful, lovable & I love to cuddle. My Daddy is Leo the Blue Labradoodle with me in the picture, we love to play & I love him very much.
Bronx is a 1 1/2 month old German shepherd! He loves playing tug of war and playing in the dirt. Most of all he loves naps!
Baxter is a silver beagle. Baxter is a very smart hunting dog. Baxter sniffs out the sents of the animals. Baxter loves to cuddle and love to run around and jump.
Sheba used to have an abusive owner (which I will not name because of security reasons). I got her for my birthday about a year ago and she was really scared to first meet everybody in my family. She has now adjusted around us and is a bundle of joy. She loves playing with our other dog peanut. (Including stealing his toys). She loves interacting with people, such as cuddling, or playing. I love her in our family and she is so so sweet.
Hi I’m Finnley! My mommas call me Finn, Mr.Finigin and good boy! I really love treats and belly rubs! Oh and don’t leave your shoes out those are really fun to play with!
Lucky is turned 13 this March and likes to eat and sleep all day.
Stormy Bandit
Stormy Bandit is 13 yrs. Old. He lives to race & chase in the backyard & fetch tennis balls & sit in our pool deck to be tge yard guard 💂 & watch the world go by
He’s got two speeds…go go go & stop!!!!
Lexie Lynn
Lexi is it 10 year old Chihuahua mix that I gave my husband about 5 or 6 years before he passed away, she enjoys going for walks and barking a lot LOL, and one of her favorite pastimes if she finds one is chasing mice! LOL
Rogue is a 2 year old Cane Corso. She listens to many commands. She developed a corneal ulcer that ruptured before her eyes opened which caused her to lose sight in one eye. She doesn’t even know that she should be able to see out of both eyes. Her best friend is a cat. Crazy huh? Rogue is a gentle giant.
Lil Bit
Lil Bit is fiesty loves being outside and playing with her brother... Lil Bitb is a Chiweenie
Bubba enjoys being outside playing with his favorite toys and his sister.. Bubba is a Chiweenie...
Meet Chesney, the friendliest pup on the planet! With a heart as big as her appetite for snacks, she's everyone's best friend. 🐾🥰
Soda is a vary friendly dog that love to have all attention on him
Mr. Peanut
Mr. Peanut is the sweetest man on the planet, he ran the streets at one point he was too man in charge until he gave up his position to spend his days in a comfy bed getting spoiled
He is an amazing dog he is so lovable n playful he loves to have his belly rubbed
Hi im maverick! My mom adopted me as her first baby! Im so very spoiled and love the homemade dog treats she makes me to keep me happy and healthy :D
Captain is quit the Alpha drama king lol he’s not shy to tell you how he’s feeling , he lOVES leaves and playing outside ANYTHING that involves outside . His favorite treats anything duck and sweet potato anddd samon flavored . He knows he’s a handsome boy with his sky blue eyes .
He is very cute and troublesome i dont care about the money i just want to show him off !!
Daisy Mae
I’m DaisyMae I love playing with squicky toys and just running around
Ruby loves to lay on the couch, go for short walks and she loves going to hockey games 😊