She loves her toys and loves to give kisses
She is a lovable and playful girl and she is the ki d of dog that will let u cry on her shoulder she loves all the attention she can get
While Anubis may look fierce he truly is the sweetest dog. His best friend is his kitten, Peanut. He LOVES his ball & hiking almost as much as he loves snuggling with his humans. Anubis is working on breaking the stigma associated with his breed one meet and greet at a time.
He's a fluffy bundle of love& kisses. He likes turkey legs & chasing his rescuedsister Carmel. Loves to ruñ alot also.!
Hi friends, My name is Bentley and I’m a Pomchi! I am four years old and I love cuddling, belly rubs, my toys and food! I also love the beach 🏖️! Thanks for voting🐾
He loves playing outside with his fur friends, he loves kids, he’s a goofy but sweetest boy you’ll ever meet😊
Dobee is a hoot when he gets excited he runs through the house 100 miles an hour he's the sweetest baby ever and knows how to get what he wants
Buddy's a 1 year old pure English bulldog!! He is so loving and loves to cuddle ! He plays with his ball and his toys all the time. He is a great companion and a peefwct best friend.
Loves being outside and cuddles 💗🐶
Hi I am Ruby Q. I am a rescue puppy mill momma. I think I am a princess. I love my new life and when I go to the dog park every human wants to take me home. Sending my cuteness your way!
He is 3 years old and loves going on walks and rides in the car. One of his favorite things is chasing the waves at lake CDA. He also has one blue eye and one that is half brown half blue.
Apache is a 4month old floppy eared goofball! His best friend is 12! He is the biggest whiniest dog ever!!! Especially if his kid isn’t loving on him constantly Lol but we wouldn’t trade him for anything. He’s learning fast even though he is your typical basset. Thank you for the love!
Karma is an amazing soul. She loves everyone, especially children. She will take love anywhere she goes. She loves her treats and loves to chew on bottles, the local community loves her so much they have treats behind the counters at the stores. She is also and ESA for her mommy.
Pepper is the sweetest dog in our house. She loves cuddles and would watch over grills and barbecue. She’s very protective of our house and very social with other dogs😃
Hi I'm Jake I like to play I like to cuddle. I also like to be around my owner She pats me she loves me And she cares for me but she has a cat cat and dogs and cats don't get along but I think we get along real good go ahead vote for me
Milou Bear
This is Milou, he was rescued from a shelter!! He loves to shake your hand and give you hugs!!
Lulu is honestly the best dog you could ever ask for. She is so sweet, loves to cuddle, never barks at stuff except for when I come home, is so easy going she never gets upset with anyone not even little ones who are tormenting her, all you have to do is snap your fingers and say hey and she stops what she is doing. She even looks both ways before we cross the street. Her only naughty delight is chasing bunny rabbits!!! She doesn’t hurt them or even try to catch them she just loves chasing them lol. She comes running back with a big smile on her face!
Durning the day most absolute favorite thing to do, is play fetch with her bacon flavored ball ! At night you can find her all snuggled up with mom & dad ! Her best friend is her sister the cat. *Side note* she loves getting her picture taken 💜
Lucy is our sweet little touch me not. She does not like anyone in her bubble but loves to cuddle close to her people. She is our sweet soul. She tilts her head, scratches the blanket and looks at us with her puppy eyes asking to be touched/petted. One funny thing about our girl is she is scared of flies inside the house but will chase them outside.
Freyja us a cookie monster. She brings me a toy and she expects me to insert a cookie in the toy's mouth!
Luna was named after Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. She is an adventurous dog. For fun, she likes to hike, camp, swim, & travel a lot. Luna loves kisses, cuddles, &,hugs from friends and kids. She loves to eat, but can be a picky eater from time to time. She prefers to eat chimkin and loves chimkin liver.
Max loves his toys, loves to play in the yard and go for car rides . He’s the best companion ever .
Full of life and love to give to anyone willing to offer a pet. My favorite thing to do is sit on mom.
Big Girl
Worlds biggest cuddler, loves to play with her cows and chase after skunks🦨 she also loves riding on the tractor and sleeping all day
Loves to play catch and cuddle!
Bella Rose
Bella Rose is a 7-year-old Jack Russell terrier that we rescued. She is a playful loving and all around funny dog.
Willie G
Willie is a fun, loving, and crazy guy. He enjoys taking himself on walks, playing with his cat friends, and getting lots of love. Who wouldn’t love that face?
A sweet and cuddly water sign puppy ♋️, he loves to have his tummy rubbed and give kisses 🥰 obsessed with eating chicken and playing
Bubba was incredible little guy. He lived on a sali boat with ys for 4 yrs moved ti land he was a great pet. He passed away in Aprip and we miss him dearly he never conplained he was the greatest loveing little guy he passed at age 17 yrs old
When Bear isn’t trash can surfing for left over pizza, he’s cuddling up with you, and licking your tears until you smile. He’s the sweetest pup in all the land, everyone who meets him loves and remembers him ❤️
Mango is a calm, loving 4 month old pitbull who I saved from Aruba at the end of July 2022! He loves going on hikes, eating snacks, car rides and playing with friends! You should vote for Mango because he's adorable, friendly and the perfect rescue pet!
I am a happy Yorkie and Chinese Crested mixed female dog. I am super picky with dog food but I love green bell peppers and pears. I am super social, I absolutely love people and little kids. I enjoy travelling by car anf visiting our family in Texas.
He loves to cuddle with mom 👩 and loves his belly rubs Jude likes walking n occasionally running but not always he also likes to chew his kong ball and my pillow 😆 but I love my Jude he's the best 💙 ❤️
Randi J loves naps, blankets, and peanut butter. She has the biggest eyes and she loves kisses and hugs. This sweet girl unfortunately has a broken knee and has to get surgery so whatever she wins will go towards that <3
Winnie.... full of love and wonder! She doesn’t run, she bounces! Her favorite things are toes and shoes!
My name is Peewee and I am a 14 year old who loves baby carrots and cuddling on the couch!
Rizzo James is a sweet boy who loves to love. He loves to lay in the sun and play! He is a big goof.
Baby Mama
Baby MaMa is my baby
Chico Cinderella
Chico is a gentle giant, weighing over 100 pounds. She loves to play and would rather have love than treats. She is always smiling.
Well there wasn’t a option but benji is a Presa Canario not a Cane Corso He loves walking 🐾 Treats 🥩🦴 Playing fetch 🎾 Protecting his family 💙 Being a bug a boo 👻 He’s turning 6 months on Oct 11th 🥳
Hudson is a 13.5 week old, 30 lb. Golden Pyradoodle. Hudson is currently discovering what its like - dipping his toes into lake water and getting the zoomies! He LOVES to find the air vents in a home and lay his naked belly over them just to cool down! The best thing we are discovering about him - He loves everyone he meets, including all other dogs. He is such a fast learner and sweet soul.
Bailey is a playful, lovable puppy who loves to play outside, with her frisbee and ball!! Bailey can jump really high and lives to spin and do tricks!! She loves cheerios, peas and carrots!! When I come home from work she will jump up into my arms!!!
Scrappy Doo
Scrappy Doo is a rescue pup. He ❤️ his kitty brother and Sister also rescued.
Carmel is an energetic, sweet, gentle little baby. She is a corgi/Jack Russel mix. She loves playing outside and swimming in any body/form of water. She also has a cat friend named Kitty that she plays with and gets along amazingly together!
Hi guys I’m named after“Master” Chief in the video game Halo. I love going on walks with my momma, dressing up. My favorite toy is a pink flamingo. And my favorite color is pink even though I can’t see it. I’m blind in on of my eyes since I was attacked last year. I also have a k9 tooth that’s completely sideways. You should vote for me because it will help my momma and daddy take me to the vet and get my tooth and eye checked out.
Arian loves to cuddle and be wrapped in his blanket. He loves attention and always has to be touching you. He loves any toy w a squeaker, until he doesn't lol He had a stroke back in April and pulled through. These babies have a bad rep, but they are so loyal and loving!! ❤️
Bria loves to play frisbee. She is very playful and loves everyone except Zoe next door.
He's a wolf/ pitbull mix and the biggest baby. He never wants to be away from his sister.