Baby Stories - 60


Bucky is alittle over a year old he loves to play with his toys and outside especially in the snow.
Hi my name is Bentley and I love the outdoors 💚 I love to play with other furry babies 🐾 my favorite thing to do is nap with my mammy 🥰
Hi I’m Jaeger, I’m learning to be a Service Dog for my mom. I’m a good boy mom says
LooBear is the happiest pup I’ve ever known. She is always smiling. She loves to do the Zoomies when ever she’s outside. Shelties are amazing
The sweetest and snuggliest service dog 💞
Hello my name is Ivy, I love to give kisses and to be cuddled with all day! Do you think I am a cute puppy 🐶 ?
Hi, I’m Chevy! I love to wrestle and chew on things. I am a ACD mix. I never fall asleep and keep my owners up all night. I try and wrestle them play with them but they don’t want to because they say it’s time for bed.
Hi, my name is Bear , i’m a full breed chow.. I may look large but it’s really just all my fluff, i’m only 9months old! I love to play with other cats and dogs. I know how to sit, lay and give paw. When i am done playing, i love to just relax in my extra large crate :)
My name is Precious, I am sweet, loving, caring to my pet lover Amber! I love greeting her everyday as she comes home to get spoiled with love and belly rubs! I just recently learned I don’t like the snow!! I was also a full time mom to my 8 babies!
Hello! My name is Chip! I love to take long naps with my humans and attack their toes when I wake up, I have been with them for only two days and stole their hearts, they buy me anything I want! And at only 9 weeks old I know how to go potty outside even in the freezing cold.
Willie Joe
Willie Joe is a 7 month old Goldendoodle! He loves to play with his doggy friends and most all he loves to sleep! He loves to play with cows!
He like sit in his mommy lap and play with my phone
Kevin likes to walk himself with his leash, find any sticks possible in the snow and chase around the kids. He also enjoys late night zoomies around the house and the occasional corgi sploot.
Olive is a black lab border collie mix who enjoys running through the snow or swimming all summer
Hi friends! My name is Duncan, i love chewing up everything my mom buys for me (and sometimes stuff she buys for herself) i love to play with my tennis ball all day long then cuddle with my momma at night! 🐾
Henry loves and i mean LOVES to play, swim, hike, wrestle, and cuddle of course!!! I am one big baby and just love everyone i meet. I always have a big smile on my face cause i am one big happy boy!
Hi my name is Karma . My mom named me Karma because Karma is a bitch and those that get it deserve it whether it’s good karma or bad karma . I believe my mom was given the best Karma when she found me . I live the best life with my sister and brother , on a property with 7 horses and a burro! My sister has shown me the way on how to chase the horses and make a ruckus every time we are in the barn. I’m a very good girl tho , and I Hardly ever leave the property , and I always listen to my mommy ! We go places all the time whether it’s a barrel race , to my papas , up north , you name it ! I hope I win, because my mama will use the money to help buy a trailer that we can do even more adventures in!!
I love snacks, cuddling with my mom, and playing fetch
Pepper is a true healer. If our horses step out of the stall she is at their heels. And she LOVES rolling on her back in the snow, dirt, ice lol
She loves her stuffed frog toy and loves playing in the snow.
Jaxon Riley
hi!! i’m Jax, but everyone calls me “bubby” i’m a pit/blue heeler mix! i was a rescue, and the runt of the litter and i gave quite the fight! my mom spoils me with lots of human food and i have an iron stomach. i am VERY smart and i can even say “mama” when i need to let my mom know i need to go outside. i’m very gentle and the sweetest dog you’ll ever know ❤️
Gunner is a Bluetick Coonhound! Loves cuddling, car rides, and hunting!
Hi everyone! My name is Lady and I am a 1 year old shih tzu. I am extremely outgoing and love everyone I meet! I love kisses and giving kisses back. I put a smile on everyone’s face and love seeing their happiness when I am around.
Sissy is a rescue pit Bull/pointer she just turned 6 months old !!! My fiancé and I adopted sis when she was about 8/10 weeks old She was very ill and malnourished but soon became strong and healthy! Sissy and her litter mate (bubba who was adopted by another loving family quick) were the only two puppies to serve their little even the mother passed away my aunt was sissy’s foster parent and got her when she was only about 4lbs! We aren’t sure much of sissy’s background but that doesn’t matter to us she is our little gift and we can’t wait to and continue to give her the best life ever! Sissy is growing up with her bestfriend(Snooki) they play tug a war all day and tag aha it’s the best entertainment out there !! Sissy enjoys napping giving kisses and running around in the back yard with her sis♥️
Rufus is a very hyper! Loves affection from his humans & other people! He is one spoiled rotten boy! He spends most of his time playing with toys, sleeping, and trying to get as many treats as he can!
Snooki aka miss sassy she loves to play catch and sunbath in the summer ! She is very active 8 year old and loves spending time with her mom dad and new sister (sissy) they are two peas in a pod and do everything together ♥️ Snooki hates the bows but knows mom loves them so she keeps them in for a few pictures ♥️ No matter what time of day or who you are Snooki will always greet you with a toy she carries them around like her little baby and always has one by her !
Jack is a rescue. He loves to travel, eat potato chips and play with kids! His favorite place to go is the dance studio.
Milo is trained to do many tricks including high fives and telling secrets. Truly a loving amazing fur baby
Hello! My name is Chloe and I am a 4 year old beagle! I love playing with my friends Kiela, Daisy, and Buddy! My sister tells me I’m a trouble maker, but how could you be mad at this cute face. <3
Mud, balls, and squeakers are his favorite activities, especially when he gets to do all 3. When’s he’s not outside he’s zooming around the house with his best pal stuffed mouse. ( we are on # 9... I think) He enjoys morning snuggles with mom and evening wrestling with dad. What more could he ask for?? Oh yea anything bacon flavored!
Big Show
He is a wonderful kind gentle soul. Loves cats and kids.
3 year old frenchie/micro bully rescue because of her cleft lip since the breeders thought she wasn’t good enough. She loves to snore, eat, get pets from everyone and go for rides in the truck
Willow Mae
Willow is the absolute best when it comes to tracking! She loves being outside, and is quite adventurous. She spends most of her time squeaking all of her toys and learning new tricks. She has one crystal blue eye and one brown eye. She is a Catahoula Leopard pup!❤️
Kooper is our playful little pup who is full of energy and love!
Lil Girl
She loves ball, if I’m up cleaning or cooking she thinks it’s time to go play. She also loves to go everywhere, I grab my keys she’s at the door.
Hi guys! My name is Jax and I’m 7 months old! I’m super sweet, love to play outside with the big dogs like I’m one of them, tear up anything I can get my teeth on, cuddles with mommy and daddy, and I love Cheetos and anything sweet!
Beau is an English/American Labrador Retriever. He loves swimming in the river and playing fetch endlessly. He also loves cuddles and snoring loudly.
biggest goofball
Sonny is cuddle bug but he has a huge attitude, but he’s a good boy overall:)
Trouble Love
Trouble love is such a sweet heart!💙💙💙 if you ket him he will lick you face clean off. He is very food motivated and especially loves cheese! He has so many friends every where he goes.
Hi! My name is Jagger, and I’m from New Jersey but recently moved to North Carolina and love it! I love going to the dog park, getting pup cups with mommy, hiking with daddy, going to dog daycare at The Barker Lounge, playing with my toys, and watching TV!
Rueger was a bait dog in Georgia and was rescued after all hope was lost . He’s been through so much pain but will bring you so much joy . The cuddle bug .
Western likes to sleep all day and go crazy a night.
Pablo loves to cuddle and gives plenty of kisses. He also loves carrots and plays with his toys.
Ziti is the newest addition to our family and fits right in. He loves his big sister Charlie so much. He loves to snuggle up in her cage with her and drink out of the water bowl with her. He recently discovered his love for leaves under the snow and brings them in as gifts. He likes car rides with his sister and sleeping in the bed with his dad! He is so full of character and love already and he’s just 9 weeks old!
Sadie Mae
I’m Sadie Mae. I’m a 6 month old Labrador Retriever. I love to cuddle and give kisses! I’m most happy when i’m on adventures with my mom, we go all over and I get to ride shot gun! My favorite foods are Chickfila nuggets and Dunkin’ Dounts pup cups ! I love to play with my rope and my kitty cat best friend Stella.
Charlie is full of personality. She is sassy, outgoing, playful, hungry, and runs the house. She is such a queen and is so loved! She loves playing in the snow, going for runs, and drinking lots of water! She also enjoys ripping rope toys to shreds and leaving the mess all over for everyone else to play with too!