Baby Stories - 60


Goose is a Saint Bernard and Labrador retriever mix. His favorite activity is going for car rides. He loves hanging his head out the car window, he constantly makes people smile as we drive by them. He also enjoys visiting the local horse barn
Killarney Rose
Killarney was such a pistol. Full of sass, always commanding attention when she arrived at the dog park, although, she was so shy. She could always make us laugh. I believe she was a true blessing that was sent to help out family through some trying, emotional times. When the struggles were done(hopefully, they are over) God took her home. Her work here was done…. I guess. We lost her to an aggressive cancer, in July, that came out of nowhere. It was so fast. She was only 3 years old. We will always love her dearly. This little girl couldn’t ever take a bad picture, even if she tried. ❤️🐾
Beanie loves Taco Bell and treats
Hello! My name is Dexter and I’m 1 year old! My daddy is in the Marine Corps! I love to go for walks and take pictures! I know how to sit, down, stay and give me paw as long as there’s treats😋 vote for me so I can get a lot of treatoooos!
Nala is a 3 year old Long haired German Shepherd, she is without a doubt the most loyal dog. She can be a big goof and just run around the house playing with her toys all by herself, or be the biggest cuddler refusing to leave your side. She's a bit shy at first but once she's warmed up to you you'll have a friend for life. I really couldn't ask for a better companion. She has little to no food motivation but is always happy to follow commands or learn something new just to please her mommy.
Bailey is a 11 year old Labrador and Doberman mix. I rescued her when she was 4 years old and we have been together ever since. Bailey has never been interested in toys, no matter what kind I would buy she would never touch them. She's very highly food motivated, but also a picky eater. She has always been such a loving gentle pup, who wants nothing more than to spend time with her people and go on walks or sunbathe. Unfortunately now that Bailey's older she has painful arthritis that had caused her to be a tripod (hoping around holding her front right paw up) so we started doing Cold laser therapy 2 to 3 times a week, giving her adequan canine injections once a week, and pain, and joint medication every night. Thankfully all of her treatments have been working and she's been in a lot less pain, no longer limping, and is visibly happier. All of these treatments add up pretty quickly but I don't think I need to tell any of you just how worth it it is to see your family happy and healthy.
Winston has the funniest " water boy" personality! Hes so smart for his age and we just love him so much!
Adopted in May of 2021, Kevin is one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. He’s extremely smart, knows many commands, and loves to learn. I work at a shelter, and he LOVES to come to work with me and play with his shelter friends and help socialize other dogs!
The “bestest” bigger brother to his little sister Japper 💜
Brentley is very active and love, LOVES to play fetch!! He is a picky eater but loves him some chicken jerky.
Tasha, Millie, Angel & Zoey. A unique pack of dog sisters.
Flare Bear
Flare Bear loves to play Hide N Seek, take walks. Play chase rabbits and play with his friends.
Alaska's personality is as sweet and beautiful as her looks. Inner and outer beauty 100%.
Archer is a 4 year old GSD! He enjoys playing with his little brother, chewing on his toys, and being in his mom and dads business :-)
Reneé loves car rides over the summer she got travel to to see her old owner and got to visit the river and beach. She loves to play fetch, loves to sleep under the blanket with the cat sister she has she’s love kids and loves to play with them lick them to death she is a red nose gator pit she 5 years old now and she brewing a litter of puppies as we speak come vote for her!
She very energetic, playful, luvs to playing her campaigns which are cats. She loves the outdoors and plays with her favorite toy which is a pink monkey.
Fender loves to run! He chases deer & likes to tease the other dogs with his fast lightening quick technique.
Gilly is a sassy butt, full of snorts and a lot of energy! She is animated when she gets into trouble. Gilly loves her sunshine and sunbaths by the pool. In her downtime she loves to snuggle in her bed with her stuffed Lion named "Wion."
Chevy loves to swim, fetch and take walks. She loves everyone she sees. She is very loving and loves to snuggle with her mom.
Kearney is St. Poodle she is a go getter and will talk back to you. She loves to beat up her older sisters and pins them down and sit on there head. Please Vote for me
Apollo is full of energy, is still a big baby @ 9 months and 129 lbs, and very intelligent. His huge stature doesn’t stop him from trying to be a “lap dog”. He is our world
Coco Chanel
Coco is the most loving soul mate you could ask for ! She is the best dog I have ever owned !
Gronk is the most loving, goofy, playful and loyal pup. He loves humans, to go on walks, play with other pups and sniff everything. He’s quite nosey :)
Presley is a very loving and smart dog, she can give high 5s, spin in circles, shake thats just a few of her tricks. Shes 9 yrs old I got her when she was 2 months old.
Jack loves to play tug o war and take walks
Tod is barn dog by day a cuddle bug by night. He loves traveling, and going to horse shows. And yes, he probably will steal your lady 🤷🏼‍♀️
Dango is an ESA pet . Is in training for service animal for ptsd . He is a real ladies man . He loves his toys . Well behaved young man .
I love Gizmo. He’s a 5 year old husky. He loves to take his humans on walks and loves to chase tennis balls. One of his favorite things to do right now is follow his new little human around and eat the food that she drops.
Riley Grayce
sweetest soul you ever did meet
Im 1. I enjoy going to work with my mommy and daddy and playing with all my friends at the boarding kennel. I love water, my brother tut, and all my kitty siblings. Im a WILD child always on an adventure. I love my stroller, it makes me feels like a king 🤴
Scout is our handsome 2 year old German short-haired pointer who is just a ball of energy. He loves to play with his favorite squirrel and fox toy. He is a big runner. He could play outside all day if you’d let him. He’s a big old boy, but yet thinks he’s a lap dog. He’s my big old teddy bear.
He is just over a year old and a ball of energy. Also, a power napper, lol. He has this barking problem currently when he hears weird sounds (usually knocking on the door) and LOVES to go for walks. He is a snuggle bug and loves playing with the kids!
Stella Bella
She’s got a sweet temperament, loves to chase rabbits, raccoons or any other critter that dares to enter her backyard.
Aksel is a fun loving, snuggly boxer who loves his family, treats and toys! He’s from PA but recently moved to the big city of Cleveland! Quality time with his family and friends is his favorite no matter if it’s walks, jeep rides, golf cart trips or blanket snuggles! Vote for me...Aksel and click like please!! 🐾 ♥️
Cinnamon is a sweet, cuddly, baby girl who loves to snuggle and give kisses!
Scarlett is a sweet, loving, 3 year old. She has never met a stranger. She loves life.
Follow his Instagram! @itsofficialturbo , Turbo is a a male phantom poodle with one sister named Maya 🐶🐾. He loves the water and playing outside in the heat. He rarely bites ✨
Bailey is my boo boo baby, He is spoiled and loved more than i ever thought i could. Funny thing is he has more clothes than i do. He only does toys when he thinks i am not watching. Lol
Cooper was adopted from the pound, Cooper is around 2 years old full of energy and very loving. I have a 9 year old and they are best friends. So happy we could give him a happy home!
She’s such a smart girl and loving.
Ferrari North
Ferrari usally goes by Rari, Shes either really hyper or super sleepy and chill she also loves ducks
A very happy pup who loves his daddy!
Fern is a redbone coonhound who loves doing tricks with her owner! she is a trick dog, ive been on this app for over a year and just hoping fern can get some appreciation
Olive is so special she was the first out of all her brothers and sister to do a lot of things on her own she was the first to walk down stairs, and always acted as the protector of her siblings she is very adventurous, and fearless!!! At 9 weeks old she is already using the bathroom outside she is so courageous, and smart!!!!
Daisey is a sweat heart. A fluffy cuddle bug.❤🤙
Bandit is not your typical chihuahua. He does not like to dress up. He loves to play with his squeaky bird and take naps with mom.
Onyx is a 11 month old German Shepherd. He is a medical alert and psychiatric service dog in training. When getting Onyx I knew that he had something special in him. At first sight I knew that I wanted him in my life. He naturally alerts to my medical issues and makes sure I am okay. I struggle with a lot but with Onyx by my side I know I can overcome a lot. He has saved my life so many times! He is such a loving boy. He loves to lay on your lap and give you kisses. Even just looking at his smile makes my day and for others. He will also start being trained to be a therapy dog to go into hospitals and see patients and help them. The crazy thing that happened was that Onyx was born on the same day as our German Shepherd who passed away. It’s amazing and I’m so glad to have him in my life. He reminds me so much of our GSD named Baby.