Baby Stories - 60


This is Louisa and her wonderful life partner, Harrington. Louisa loves to make children giggle by kissing them and doing tricks. She loves to snuggle under the covers at night and run on the beach
Hello, my name is Jax i am french bulldog/beagle mix. I am almost 3 yrs old, im full of more energy than my humans can handle, i even ate their couch and im still here. They must really love me cause i only got talked to, no yelling no beating and they didnt even lock me up. I love my humans so much! They spoil me everyday!
Mr. Pugsley
Fun, loving, and extremly missed, lost him to cancer on easter sunday!
Brie loves to play. She’ll grab a toy and bring it over and shake it in your face.
Harley is a seven year old yellow lab. He’s the sweetest, humble, loving dog you’ll ever meet. He’s a big boy which gives us more to love. He loves to take naps, do tricks, and play outside. #rollsioux
Remi is the sweetest & energetic puppy. He loves to cuddle but he also loves to run around and play. We adopted him from the humane society and gave him a great home. He loves to play with his toys, go for walks, go to the dog park, take naps & play with other dogs.
Bernie is the sweetest boy and always so happy to see people! He loves eating his carrots and ice cubes. He loves to hangout with his cousins Cali, Dozer and Lady🐾
My name is Sophia, I love to cuddle, play with friends and love walks. My best time is when I get to cuddle in a blanket with my mommy.
Rocko is the sweetest, most energetic puppy i have known. He loves long walks, giving kisses and hugs and is known in the neighborhood as the puppy in the window ( he loves his bay window view of the street and lays there for hours).
Hi! My name is Ossie and I was rescued by my people over a year ago! I came from a really unsafe situation and never really liked people much before my people saved me and raised me to love people, outdoors, friends and chicken!!
Diesel is a fun loving mischievous good boy who is the center of our family.
This is Sharon! She is 4 years old. She has the heart of a puppy though. She loves to play Frisbee, swim around, and snuggle her sister.
This is Shya, she is 9 years old! She loves to go on long walks, go for a swim and run around with a tennis ball in her mouth
Sterling is a 5 month old Australian Shepherd. He loves playing with his older brothers Raji and Jordy. Sterling loves playing with all his toys. Most of all he loves giving kisses and snuggles to his family 🥰
This sweet ole baby girl right here just enjoys the great outdoors and loves to explore and go new places! Let’s help her explore❤️ My Instagram is @Pele_the_shrimp❤️
Sir Archer
Archer is a rescued Drever Hound, who enjoys belly rubs, long walks at the lake, and the occasional graham cracker.
Kovu Beeks
Kovu Beeks is our SPOILED chocolate drop. He is a mix of Catahoula & Lab. He’s absolutely perfect. He’s a momma’s boy, and loves running and playing with his toys. He meets no stranger, and brings joy to everyone he encounters.
I’m a rednose rescue that loves to swim and play fetch. I have good manners and I’m as gentle as they come! I enjoy naps in the sunshine and snuggling with my brother, Koa. My favorite foods are carrot sticks and grilled chicken. Car rides and kayaking trips are exciting and I am always up for an adventure!
Hi my name is Nyla. I'm a spunky 11 year old gal. I love being with my hoomans, though the whole pandemic has been the pits, I'm not complaining both my hoomans have been home and I get to spend 24/7 with them. I get "crazy" excited when I get to play with my favorite toy of all times...the BALL! I also love being lazy in the sun, laying there soaking up the rays...feels sooo good. Thanks for stopping by and taking your time to read this, please give me a vote. I hope you have a woofderful day!
Addy is a sweet puppy who’s greatest desire is to make others happy! She is very active and loves to play with Kitty. Addy looks forward to on day being a Therapy dog.
Remington is a lab/beagle mix. My fiancé and I got him from a humane society in Maine. We learned he had a hard life being a stray/abused. He’s a big baby who loves boat rides hikes and cuddling his toys.
Hi! My name is Beau, my sissy is entering me in this contest in behalf of my mom. I am a gentle giant. My hobbies include digging in the dirt, playing in my pool, napping with my humans, and yoga! You should vote for me because I’m awesome. 💙
Hi! My names Aspen! I’m just 5 days shy of celebrating my first birthday! I’m a hatchery dog, I enjoy daily walks to the creek, finding a stinky spot to roll in so my human has to bathe me, cuddling with my mom, and greeting all our visitors with tons of kisses. I am full of energy and sass. You should vote for us because if we win mom says I can get sooooo many goodies! Thanks for checking us out. 🤍
Jackson is the most loving little guy .he loves to play hide and seek and loves squeky toys
Piper came to us from a shelter and was really sick most of her younger year! This one year old is full of spunk and is a great family dog! She loves her toys and playing with her sisters and best friend!!
Miles is THE Ham of the party! Rescued at 5 weeks old, i bring my Mommy and Daddy to tears with my antics. I love my brother and sisters to the moon and back ❤
Miller is THE Pack Ham!!!
Bernese mountain dog Bad new jasmine passed away just wanted to show someone to her💕 miss you baby girl
Well Butch is 3 years old, but he acts like a baby. I walked out in the porch and Butch saw me and then I went inside and he would stop barking until I went outside with him. He is an amazing dog who LOVES sticks and naps. He thinks he is a lap dog. He loves his attention!
I love snacks all kinds except the green ones... I like to have my mom run after me around the neighborhood
Pepper Girl
Pepper is fun loving loves play outside loves to get dressed up like to cuddle 7/12 months loving playful 💯🐾🐾🐈
King is loyal to our family. He's a great protector and such a beautiful boy.
Porkchop is a beagle/husky. He’s very vocal and extremely spoiled rotten 🤣 He has his girl Lambchop that he takes anywhere and everywhere with him. He has a little older kitty brother named Lotus who he loves to chase around and play with. He love to go and wake his nanny and I up every morning with kisses and cuddles and his favorite thing other than his lambchop is his treats! He knows how to sit, give his paw and roll over and show his belly. He’s hands down the sweetest most handsome pup there ever was and will be.
Mila is the sweetest little bean who loves to cuddle and and chase mom around the yard!
She is a brown and blue eye beauty. Loves to play chase the ball and sometimes bring it back to you. Loves to get lots of treats and pets.
I’m a sassy girl! I’m a diva living in the country. I love play chase with my chicken friends and also having my nails painted! I’m learning so many tricks and how to be the puppy I can be! Please vote for me!!
The worlds best cuddler. Guaranteed to keep you cozy, play with soft teddy bears & eat all of the treats.
The most loveable pup in all the land. Lover of frisbees, balls & big backyards.
Chubbs is our first fur baby, house dog amd spoiled. He loves sleeping with his legs in the air amd belly rubs. He hits your hand if you stop. At 3 months he is fully house trained and learning new things everyday
Vote for me! I'm wrinkly and love to cuddle any chance I get!!! My hobby is eating baked chicken, yummy!!!🐶
Rocko is a baby pocket bully ..he is full of energy and very smart ..kid and family friendly he's so little he can't bark yet but he loves to cuddle and play and sleep ...sleep like a newborn .. everyone meeT ROCKO
bad is an awful name for this sweet boy. he has those beautiful baby blues eyes to make up for being completely deaf. hes 5 years old and loves to play outside:)
Lucky is a 2 month old beagle mix and as precious as can be. She is chilling after a playful walk in the park.
Einstein is a sweetheart that loves all the attention he can get from anyone who wants to give it! He's a playful pup and loves to fetch anything you throw at him.
Koda is a 5 year old pit/boxer mix. She’s laid back most of the time but loves to play rough. She’s very over protective over her 1 month old human baby sister, and won’t let anyone near her unless momma or daddy say that they can.
Princess is a 12 year old lab/bloodhound mix. She’s the queen of the house and she’ll make sure you know it. She loves her human baby 1 month old sister like no other, and loves to give her kisses.