Baby Stories - 6


Ares is 4 months, He’ll be 5months on the 29th:). He lovesss anything that squeaks or is loud. He also loves to chew up tennis balls. He is a very energetic and outgoing yet kind and loving pup. He’s definitely a mommas boy🥰 And he absolutely lovesss playing tag with our Cat, Zekiah, Although she doesn’t find it as entertaining.
Mr. Pickles
Mr.Pickles loves his momies, going on car rides (pretending to drive) loves squeaky toys and has a friend named Elvis who he loves to vist and play with, he loves to play with kids, and have you throw his toys so he can go chaseing after them and bring them back to do it again. He has his own facebook and instgram page and he loves sleeping in bed and cuddling with his momies
Faith is my 11 week old German Shorthaired pointer! She is a fast learner, who loves being outside and playing with her 3 human sisters!
Cooper is the goofiest, most loving, playful puppy. He loves getting the zoomies and playing with his friends at the dog park.
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae is a loving Aussie, she loves to play fetch, and sure loves pig ears!
Hey, Y’all! My name is Waylon. I enjoy going to the park and playing fetch with my dad (he thinks he can throw far but really he has a candy arm. Plz don’t tell him I said that). I am somewhat of a ladies pup and my dad’s best wing man. I love to be the center of attention and give all kinds of hugs and kisses, so please don’t be shy. I also like to take long naps and spend time with my grandparents! All in all, I am a pretty great pup and will have your heart skipping a beat! Your vote is greatly appreciated. I might even let you play with my favorite toy.
Jake And Jack
Fun loving, quirky, loving Sheepadoodle brothers- too cute not to love ❤️🐾❤️
Hello! My name is pacui! I am only two years old but struggle with a bad thyroid problem that doesn’t let me eat to much and my medicine can get expensive for my mom sometimes. I also don’t have a very good heart, I have a small murmur in my heart (a hole in the heart causing the heart to loose blood and slow down) so I can get verry tired and sometimes I can’t breath very well or I fall over to faint. My name comes from my moms best friend named Paco who had passed away😢 I love meeting new friends and people, i greet them by jumping so high they catch me in their arms and giving lots of kisses! I like playing fetch with my little pink bunny and walks in the mountains (but I get tired and mom has to Carry me in her backpack.) I also love naps, but at night mom Loves that i always sleep across her neck. Other than my health problems I am the happiest and sweetest puppy you will ever meet❤️
My name is Tibet my breed comes from the country after Tibet and we were raised in the temples of the Buddhist monks. Legend says that we bring good luck to our keepers. We are prayer and meditation Holly dogs
Ajax Tucker
Ajax is the absolute best dog out there. He’s chill and really down to earth! He taught himself to kennel up, he doesn’t escape from me, he’s trained so well, and he loves hugs. When I come home, I open my arms and bind down, and say “bubba can I have a hug?”, and a hug is exactly what he gives me. And for as long as I want. He’s amazing.
Cooper is the sweetest little wiener you’ll ever meet!
Ivy Jo
We just got Ivy, she’s 7 1/2 weeks old, and let me tell you, she’s crazy!! We have a male, his name is Ajax. He is so calm and down to earth, wouldn’t believe he is a husky! Then there is her, the exact opposite of him!! Hahah. She hates the bath, she loves to get muddy, and she helps me study by chewing on my books!😉
Maggie is a stray who has survived heart worms, cancer and amazing socialization! She is the favorite of the neighborhood :) Children call out to her when she’s being walked from their homes!! They wave, too:)
Merrick is full of playfulness, especially when he’s with his sister piper. His amber eyes match his brown and white fur which is very soft and smooth. He’s very concerned that his sister might get more attention then him, so he will position himself between piper and anyone that starts to pet her. He does love her though and they are inseparable. He loves to ride in the car, and he obeys sit and stay commands very well. Maverick and his sister were rescues when they were 6 weeks old, and it seems Maverick is his sister’s protection. During the day, Maverick guards our store and welcomes guests. Once getting home he visits the horses and billy goats and does a quick check around the corrals. Then its dinner and a good nights sleep for Maverick, who stays next to or leaning on his sister while she sleeps. He loves to be loved, and in our family, he and his sister get all the love they can handle.
Nova is a spunky and clumsy Dalmatian who is full of life. She is quite possibly thee happiest dog I’ve ever known. ❤️
Even though she is 4 she still acts like a puppy. She is a mutt, but she has some pointer and terrier in her. In this picture above she is very tired and needs to sleep on her parent's bed. Please vote for Hazel.
Ace is the best little fella anyone could have, he loves cuddles and giving lots of puppy licks (we don’t even mind the puppy breath because he’s that cute) vote him up so he can continue to strut his stuff
She been a Wonder Woman battling hard to regulate diabetes & pancreatitis that started at age 3. She has spent 3 weekends in ICU & fought hard to come back to us each time. She loves her Daddy so much!
Emma is smart, stubborn & loves to eat almost as much as she loves me. She is 16 yrs young and loves daily walks. She is my greatest source of love, unconditionally. I cannot get too far away from her, bc she always wants to be near me. Emma is a hero. In 2010 a man forced his way into my home and attacked me sexually and physically. He threw me in a room, my hands were tied, and he tied wire to the doorknob to keep me from escaping while he stole my car to get ropes, to tie me up and kidnap me. While he was gone, Emma came to the door where I was locked up and cried for me. That gave me the courage to try and break out of the room Because I never want to see her hurt or sad. I had to take the risk that he wasn’t there. I could not tell because he had the music blasting. If he had caught me trying to break out he would’ve beat me more, but I had to get out and rescue myself and my fur baby. I pulled hard on the door knob and each time I did the speaker wire he used around the door knob stretched a little more. I finally broke out and called 911. If not for Emma, I would not have had the courage to do that. She is forever my hero....all 18 lbs of her! She has changed my life for the better, then, and in countless other ways.
my name is Gizmo I like taking walks and going on adventures with my Mommy I like going to the dog park and playing with all the other dogs I love belly rubs,cuddles, and kisses and I'm very smart for my age. And treats I forgot to add I love treats ☺️
Spike wuves people & thinks he needs all the attention he can get hehe🥺💕 He loves going on walks an chasing squirrels!
Moose is an awesome protector of his home and family. He loves to play frisbee and belly rubs. Oh and peanut butter sandwiches
Yoshi loves too play with his brother who is a cat! He loves being outside and just doing doggie things he loves his pigs ears and ropes !
My little Penelope is 3 years old. She is a Chipin which is half Chihuahua and half Min-Pin. She loves to cuddle and play with her toys ❤️
Boomer Franklin Johnson
Boomer is a little yorkie full of personality. He loves loves back scratches. And chicken beef jerky. He’s a sweetheart.
Not even a year old yet loves to chew on everything she can and loves to cuddle and sleep ❤️😊
My old man he’s 11 years old and he still acts like a puppy he loves to play and he loves to sleep ALOT! And he loves his humans more than anything ❤️
Muffin is a Border Collie, Blue heeler mix. I got her when she was two months old through a Facebook ad stating, “ must get rid of today or I’m taking to the pound” She was 1 out of 8 puppies. As soon as I seen her picture on Facebook I knew I had to save her. She loves to have her belly rubbed and hates the vacuum! She loves all of her siblings too, especially the lizards.
I am about 3 months old.. And love to learn new tricks for treats. I am a really good puppy.
Our first Lilac Tan Pointed Dane and he makes #8 in our pack
I’m A happy Merle frenchie. I bring so much happiness to everyone around. I love to play and cuddle even more. My best feature I’m told is my eyes..
Chip loves to smile😀
Milo loves to snuggle with his mommy and his daddy. He loves he squeaky squirrel named Harry and loves anyone he comes in contact with. He rarely barks and loves his sisters
Kevin is a snuggle bug... He loves playing with his brother and sister.
Our sleeping 💤 beauty.
Hello my name is King I lost my daddy a little over 7 months ago he was hit and killed on his motorcycle now it’s just mom and I but I still smile for her 🥰
Sebastian is a 9 month old Great Dane puppy. He is currently being trained to become a service dog for his mommy who is paralyzed. His favorite things are his mommy, toys that crinkle and treats especially bacon. His newest trick is turning on the faucet to get himself a drink and then turning it off when he is done.
He is silly kid friendly adorable puppy
Scarlet is such a sweet and lovable girl. She loves all her fur sisters. She loves being around tons of people and other animals. Scarlet loves to let loose and just run...
Lucy loves her Momma & her Chiweenie brother Sammy the most. She loves to climb in her Mommy's hoodies instead of wearing her own clothes. She does not like to be separated from her Momma and her Momma feels the same about her.
Blaze was born to us and stoled our hearts at her first breath! She is sweet and cuddly and every bit the Scaredy-cat Scooby-Doo makes the Danes out to be. She is 100 lbs at 6mo old
Rumble is my first Great Dane is is just over two and the smartest, most loyal, energetic yet cuddly dog I have ever by owned by
Saydee loves adventures and car rides! She also loves to take naps with dad! Always has a smile on her face
My name is precious. I was a pound puppy. I was brought in with two broken bag legs. One was so bad they had to amputate so now I’m a tripod. That happened when I was about 3 to 4 months old.I’m a black lab rot
Poppy is a sassy 3 year old who loves peanut butter and playing tug of war. She is very over protective of her family and loves belly rubs.