Baby Stories - 6


This is Kylo! He is a German Shepherd. He just turned a year old in September and he is the best boy! He loves car rides, cuddling with Mom and Dad, and taking baths. He is very vocal and makes it known when he wants attention. Vote for him! He’s the cutest boy around :)
Phoebe loves tennis balls, swimming, running in the snow, bones and eating! She is the gentle giant of the family <3
He loves to cuddle , and play with the kittens ! Bozo is a rescue , he was caged bound and always tied up outside , in all 4 seasons before he was put into my care ! He is a very playful and loveable dog , he's a girls bestfriend and a forever fur baby ♥️
Dallas is a Bloodhound! He is 15 weeks old and the sweetest big boy!
Winston loves to play fetch! He can sit, shake, high five, and give knuckles. He loves to play with his humans and enjoys snuggling up after a long day of playing!
Dutton loves playing with his friends and running around the farm. Dutton got his name from the show Yellowstone! He is the sweetest and most loving dog! Dutton loves everyone and loves meeting new people!
Mina is a Dutch Shepard. Very playful, loves the outdoors and her toys!
Rip is a 4 month old mini blue heeler! He’s such a good boy! At just 9 weeks, he knew how to sit and lay down! now he can sit, lay down, high five, speak, and roll over. he loves peanut butter and riding around with his mom and dad!❤️
Amara was rescued from a shelter. We were not looking to adopt that day, but I fell in love with her the moment I held her. She loves to give kisses and snuggle on my lap.
Lily was rescued from a kill shelter. We found out about her just in time as she was scheduled to be put down the next day! She is such a sweetheart. We are so lucky to have her!
This is Bella . she is a 5 year old 3/4 bloodhound 1/4 bluetick coonhound. This amazing black beauty loves her 2 legged kids. She is actually in the picture with my 5 year old daughter. She loves her treats and lots of love! This big furbaby loves to help protect her family. And loves to pose for her pictures
Harvey is the sweetest, most affectionate pup you’ll meet. He’s so gentle with children & elderly. He LOVES his toys and plays with them ALL.
Willow is a sweet 3 month old pup! Her favorite color is green, she likes her toys spooky and squeaky and enjoys running through the fall leaves! She is a Mountain Cur and Border Collie Mix from Illinois. She has recently learned how to sit, lay down and give us her paw 🐾
Gizmo is a cuddle buddy, he loves playing tug of war with my other pups and most of all loves to eat lol
I am a very playful and goofy dog! I love taking naps and running around the house with my brother and sisters!
Oscar loves to race neighbor dog up down the fence line. He is very sweet and has the best personality he makes us laugh daily.
Hi my name is Mercedes, I love to play and go for rides with my mom I also enjoy cuddling up my moms back and I am 10 months old I also love to play dress up and make tic Tictok with my mom
Sterling is a big lover. He loves snuggles and loves to play ball. Also if there is water he is right there playing non stop in it.
Titus is a playful, excited little pup, he is 6 months old and very attached to his own (me). I found him and 6 other pups and a mother at an abandon home, so I brought them home, and me and my family took care of them, and they finally got healthy and eating right and old enough to go to homes and including the mom dog, and lucky me, I got to keep on to I already knew which one I wanted as soon as I brought them home, he’s so playful, hungry all the time lol, happy, outgoing pup, and I could t ask for a better best friend, he’s such a cuddle bug too❤️
Indigo is a fiesty bundle of joy, she spends her time playing with her fur siblings, taking naps and loves to eat! She needs your vote so mom can keep those snacks rollin in.
hi my name is mango i'm really joyful and this is my first time in a photography contest so it would be very amazing if i won and while your at it try and vote fore my daughter she princess polly
Molly The Morkie
Molly is a sassy little 4 month old Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie). She is full of personality and makes my life full of joy. She loves humans and will always greet everyone with a wagging little tail. She is very playful and the perfect version of all things puppy! I have watched her grow into her own and she helps me grow as a person every day! Please vote for us! Thank you so much for the love!!!! - Molly and Amber
I’m a very photogenic pup who loves to show my smile when I get the chance 🐶
Blu is blue heeler/beagle. Loves cuddling and running in the snow!
Busta is a 3 month old tri-color American Bully. He loves his two human brothers and playing with them. He also loves going for rides especially for coffee runs with momma to get a puppichino. His favorite past time is napping and he loves to cuddle however he snores like a hog! His favorite place to go is the doggy park where he enjoys making new friends of all species. 💙
Rosie is nothing but a sweet heart she’s all bark no bite 😂 she is great with kids and even though she’s too big to be a lap dog she doesn’t care
My name is Brinket and I am almost 6 years old! I love snuggles, treats and watching the Office! Please vote for me!
Daisy Mae
She's a power chewer ,door dasher, tiny attention hogging coddler,who won't eat her food out of a bowl
Bella Grace Skipper
Says Grace and Loves to Eat ! Very Playful she loves her Mom and Dad! She was born March 27, 2020, she is a protector and service dog she gives you breathe....when you are not breathing good she licks you and makes sure you Ok.. now if I can train her to dial 911 that would be Awesome!!!
Hello ☺️ guys Fiji is A teacup Pomeranian He’s currently 3 months old and weights 2 pounds He loves being outside rolling in the leaves 🍁 and running around under my bed 🛌. Thank you for stopping by 🙏🏽
Lightning is a two year old Silver Lab. He is very energetic but also loves to cuddle up in the couch. Any won money will be donated to our local animal shelter.
Aramis is a lover,player,and snores extremely loud. She's very protective, barks at the wind if it blows to hard.
Tank is a 5 month old American Bully XL. He loves to play outside and sleep.
Minnie is a Velcro dog and is glued to our hip
Riley is a purebred German Shepherd from Arizona. We drove there and brought him home at 9 weeks to good ole Northern Michigan. Riley enjoys playing with his sisters, playing frisbee and going for walks. He loves meeting new people and enjoys going to the pet store! A vote for Riley is a vote for all the good boys! 🙂
This is Lily! She just turned 5 in September. Lily loves going to the beach, she is very spoiled and gets to watch the sunrise every morning there. She LOVES her walks around the neighborhood. Her favorite toys are stuffed animals and small toys that squeak and fit in her mouth so she can carry them around. She is the best behaved dog and always listens. I love her so much!!
THIS CONTEST IS FOR A CHARITY TO HELP ANIMALS IN NEED. Our mission is to help animals in any way we can! Vote for Harlee ❤️ Harlee is so sweet! She loves to play with big dogs, the bigger the better! Harlee thinks she’s the boss..She’s right! 🤷‍♀️ Every human she sees she needs to say hello. 🤣 She’s not a morning doggy... she buries her face into the pillows so she doesn’t see daylight 🤣Then when she’s ready she does her stretches and gives me a morning hug by wrapping herself around my neck and gives me lots of kisses. If Harlee wins we are donating all of it to animals in need ❤️ Please vote for Harlee Thank you!
Tyson is an amazing family protector. He is a gentle soul and loves his human brother and sister!
Auzzie Dogbourne
She is 11 years old loves dressing up. Riding in dads trucks eating French Fries and pizza and getting lots of love 💘
Mabel is a 4 month old chocolate lab. She know the “tricks” sit, paw, lay down, she is learning to catch treats when tossed to her. She LOVES any kind of treat she can get her paws on. She like to go on adventures in the woods. She also really like to find dead wood so she can tear it apart😂
Shorty was born July 23rd, she came into our lives when most needed. My other dog of 6 years had passed away in August. Shorty is adventurous, loving, and rowdy for sure. She loves to be around her big sister Ella ALWAYS. I love her very much
Izzy is the sweetest little gal. She is so protective of her family. She loves chasing around her favorite ball and loves car rides. Give this sweet little gal a vote, Izzy would appreciate it ❤️❤️
Samson is the most playful and loving pup you could ever meet. He loves to be active and also lay around if needed. He’s a pup who loves his toys and treats and this money will go all into him. Thank you so much.
Hello All—my names Hank! I am 8 months old, weighing around 55#. I LOVE being outside, watching birds fly, going on walks & bringing firewood inside. I love chasing my brother around the house and going for car rides. I had my first snow day & that was FUN! I wish you all the best! 🐾🐾
Dazzle Lever
Dazzle is Very Loving, Funny, Sassy, She Always Gives her family Her All..