Misfit is the nephew to my PTSD service dog that was shot and killed by a cop on jan.30.24 for doin his service dog job & the cop felt threatened by him... Misfit was born on jan.15.23 and never got the chance to meet his uncle but by no means misfit has his uncle's blood running in him cuz after working with him to become my new ptsd service dog misfit just about picked up where his uncle left off by never leaving my side protecting me at all costs and most of all helps me with my ptsd shut downs and dealing with seen his uncle get shot and killed in front of me....
Wawa is an Chiweenie. He’s the bestest boy. He’s saved my life now at least 4 times. Most loyal dog breed I’ve ever had.
Luca Von Howler, he’s a very loving dog that’s super sweet and loves to talk. Will keep a conversation going for almost an hour. Very well behaved and LOVES strawberries.
Lulu is a very loyal and loving baby. She may be small but she will protect me at all costs. She has a very fun spirit and will bring your mood up just from being around her❤️
Bellucci is a very fun creative dog that gives love and affection to anything around them he's the most compassionate dog I ever had in my life everybody loves him
She loves attention and playing with other dogs
Lula Ann
Lula is a English bulldog mixed with a cocker spaniel. She may be a small dog but she rules the roost! Lula came to live with us after my gathering law passed away. She loves to be silly and play! She doesn't mind a good bandana to show off!
Oscar is a rescue dog. He is very loving and laid back. He loves be belly rubs and cuddles
Miss Kay
Miss Kay is a 10 year old tibbie. She loves treats and walks
Tank is a German Shepherd, Great Pyrenees mix. He gets him name honestly, he's at least 80 pounds right now. Tank is such a sweetheart and loves loves people! Tank was also born with 2 extra toes on each duclaw! Tank loves treats,going for walks,playing with his toys and hanging with his family. Tank is my best friend, please vote for my baby!!
Sadie is loving little old lady but has the attitude of puppy and a heart of big dog
He is fun loving dog and loves to play
🌸🩷Amber is the sweetest girl ever, she gets a long with everyone, including other dogs & cats. She will express her love & affection to anyone that will give her attention! She isn’t like any other girl around, she shows she cares when you are sad,sick or just need to have fun! She is now a senior and living past her life expectancy, she is very active and loving life! She has been the only girl in a house of 7 son’s, she gets a lot of love & attention. She is very smart & totally all girly too, she isn’t fond of getting wet in the rain or mud. Her favorite is relaxing in the warm sunshine in the summer. We adopted Amber from a no kill animal shelter ,she came from Tennessee she was the only girl with four brothers. She is definitely one special girl, we love so much!🩷🌸☀️🕶️
PLEASE Go and vote for my Favorite Precious Furbaby, Rico!! Please help him out in his first contest!! He is an 8lb bundle of pure joy. He loves to sit and watch tv, going on walks, being outside...when its nice. He hates the cold. He loves bedtime. He is absolutely perfect. I just love him!!
Ranger is an amazing rescue we didn’t know we needed! He loves playing with other dogs, chasing balls, swimming, and shredding any stuffed squeaky toy!
Hello my name is Bubba, i like to bring sticks in the house and make people step on them. I love to explore and go for runs I love when I get the zoomies I get in flash mode and i run every where you better look out cuz I’m coming in hot. My favorite thing is to help with everything I will steal the bag of parts then you have to run to get me that’s my favorite game of all times oh yeah and when it’s time to come inside I like to make my owners chase me around the yard till they give up. I like car rides I will stick my head out the window and bite the air I love to do everything with my family.
Loves people she very friendly and loves to play with kids
truman is an adorable cockapoo who loves to chase his sister around the yard! he loves his antlers and toys but his favorite thing in the whole world is his treats!
Zoey is a Sassy girl but loves to cuddle
Sandy has been threw so sk much she is 5 month okd and she wss attack by a big dig but after all tgaf she is still a happy pup who lives waljs and hufs and kisses sge is a gongetter ge tree s al ok ng with evetyone
enzo is a sweet little angel. he loves being goofy and playing with his toys. he has the sweetest attitude 🩷
Kane is a 1 year old English Mastiff/ St. Bernard and cane corso. He is a happy 1 year old pup who loves his squeaky toys , very cuddly at night and loves playing
Lacey Lynn
My Saydee Lynn after 12 years passed away my gut told me to go down to the Trumbull County Pound in Ohio and meet Lacey and I am thankful I did she took one look into my eyes and knew that i was greaving. This beautiful girl pulled me out of a greaving depression that i wouldn't wish on anyone. Lacey Lynn can tell if I am not myself she snuggled up to me and places her head on my chest to snap me out of me feeling low.
Brakkin is the sweetest and coolest pup ever. This boy is my G-Pup (grandpup) Hope ya'll enjoy his photo and please send your votes for him. Have a blessed day.
Cocoa is a shop dog by day, and a sweet, cuddling, little fur ball by night. He loves his outdoor ventures and hunting..
BOOBER SELF-PROCLAIMED PROFESSIONAL NAP TAKER 😁 also loves bacon treats and play time... then a nap🙂
Takaani is a rescue, i rescued him,he had been tied to a tree in an empty lot about a yr before I was told about him.he weighed 37.8lb skin & bones ,6 months later thriving,healthy and over 100lb! Love my boy His name means wolf warrior, because he survived unbelievable conditions!!
She is so special she helps make me happy. She loves to ride also loves to snuggle she loves her cat brothers the moment you look at her you can see the smile in her eyes. You couldn’t ask for a better baby
Norman is my service dog; he enjoys running for exercise and ball for fun. If you let him he will go all day all night. He’s a smart loving dog. Please vote for him
This little guy is my best friend he’s such a protector of me I just love ❤️ this little guy plus look at his cute face omg I just can’t get enough of him or should I rephrase and we can’t get enough of each other
She is a big cuddle bug.
Jay And Bob
Jay and Bob are brothers and they do EVERYTHING together🥰 they love attention and meet no strangers. I believe chasing one another is their favorite thing aside of chewing on things lol Bob loves his belly rubs and Jay loves to jump into your arms and be held like a kid. They're so silly and never a boring moment with these guys🥰
Luna is a Belgian Malinois who I rescued at 2 months old. She was then almost immediately taken to the hospital to be treated for parvo. After a week and a half she was finally cured and ready to enjoy her puppy life.
Just a sleepy baby enjoying some sweet dreams
Nash is a very loving, outgoing, playful, and energetic 7 month old Yorkie. He loves going for long walks and rides, loves playing fetch with his toys and a stick of course!! And on the bad days Nash is always there with his puppy snuggles and kisses to cheer us up
Vitani is a very hyper, energetic, loving and loyal dog, she loves to go on walks. She loves to play, tug-of-war and fetch. She is very smart. She knows how to spin how to speak how to shake with both hands how to sit how to lay down how to play dead, and how to stay not a big fan of swimming, but she does like the shallow water, she’s a big cuddle bug and loves to snuggle or be the big spoon
Hi! My name is Axel and I’m a big momma’s boy! Mommy said I am a mix breed of Alaskan Malamute and a Siberian Husky. What I enjoy doing you ask? I love cuddles and kisses! Playing with my toys and eating yummy treats! I enjoy going on my walkies with mommy and daddy! And going hiking with them! I love playing in the snow. I’m a friendly and outgoing boy.
Hello my name is pelusa i’m a adorable white and black poodle. I love to eat yummy treats and cuddle with my sibling, i love playing with all my toys and saying hi to strangers!
Bruno is a little dog with huge personality.Big dog personality!He talks&tells you how handsome he is.Brunos favorite snack is cheese. He loves it!!! He likes to chase the Ducks which he knows he's not supposed to do after he chases them in the pond he comes to the door comes inside& goes to bed. When he goes outside you can just see him thinking do I want to chase the Ducks and go to bed today or do I just want to play outside nine times out of 10 he doesn't chase the Ducks. Hes so funny&has the cutest little face.
Sadie is a very sweet girl who will warm up to you right away!❤️
Daisy Mae
Daisy is a very energetic girl n she really enjoys making a mess! she is very loving and sweet!
Brody is an almost 5 year old mini bernedoodle. He absolutely loves all everyone and everything, he’s sweetest boy ever!
Sadie is apple head Chihuahua she loves playing with her toys she loves going for walks and going on car rides
Playful fun Dutch Shepherd (mix?). She is a rescue that chose us when we started looking for our next fur baby.