Hi everyone, I’m Snoopy Lee Baker. I’m a 7month old Chiweenie mix with Maltese😊. I love to play fetch and chew up all my toys. I also love to follow my owners everywhere they go. 🐶❤️ Please vote me!
My little Drifter. She has defied the odds more than once. She is the only survivor from her siblings that didn't get parvo. She was bitten twice by a copperhead and survived being hit by a car leaving her with a broken front leg and spinal cord injury giving her partial paralysis. But my tough girl has fully recovered and is full of life and love.
Hello, my name is Luna! I am a very loving black lab who loves to play with my toys and run outside. I will lick you to death before i think you’re a threat:)
I am a senior dog that was in a shelter for 3 years, i was about to be put down but these 2 wonderful young girls came and showed me there was hope. I love my people, they made sure i was comfortable in my first month adjusting which was very hard for me. I love my food. My favorite place to be scratched is behind my ears. I love rubbing my face in the carpet with my butt up when im very happy. I love interacting with people and getting attention and scratches. I am camera shy because i fear im only being photoed to be put up for adoption again. I love playing fetch with my people. My all time favorite thing to do is go for car rides with the windows down and listening to rascall flatts. I frequently get spoiled every time im in the car with pup cups or ice cream. I dont get brain freeze and love to show off how much ice cream i can down at once and have no problem.
Winnie is a Boarder Collie Corgi mix. She loves bones and belly rubs. We adopted her from Noah’s Hope Animal Rescue.
hello, my name is wero and i like to chase squirls, i’m about 5 years old and chicken is my favorite snack. i love going on walks
hi my name is bella and i really like playing with squeaky toys, i’m also a very sweet dog
hello, my name is tejano, and i love playing outside and my favorite activity is swimming, i know a few tricks but i am still learning, i’m about to turn 1 years old. i am also a very playful dog and my mom adopted me from texas.
Hi I’m Cash. I’m actually a maltepoo (Maltese and poodle) I love cuddles🥰 Riding in the car🚗 being lazy😝 I love my bones 🦴.. but I love my momma the most ❤️
River is 5 weeks old she will be going to a great family soon and we are going to miss her spunk and her love to play but sometimes she just wants to lay down and be beautiful and bat her eyes she is a wonderful little girl
Rosie is such a love bug! Loves to cuddle and chase a soccer ball ⚽️ ( yes the ball is bigger than her)
Blu is an Australian cattle dog or Blue heeler. He is super athletic and loves to play with his ball outside. He will kiss you to death and give you the best snuggles
Chloe is a Pomeranian Yorkie mix. She loves attention and will give you cuddle until you can’t take anymore. She is super funny and has a great personality
My name is Mötley. I have a best friend named Crüe. I am a little over 18 weeks old. I love my mum snow and treats. I’m so vocal sometimes mum tells me to shhh while she tries to sleep.
My name is Remy Marie Poquette. I am about to be five years old in April. I love walks, stuffed animals, water, & any kind of food! I think I am human 90% of the time!
Hi my name is bear! I love going on walks and playing ball with mom and dad. My favorite thing to do is play with my older brother gus and chew on water bottles!💙
Chase is a sweet 14 week old pup. He loves playing with his brother Tracker. He is super shy and loves to cuddle.
Tracker is 14 weeks old. He loves to play with his brother Chase. Loves to play hard and sleep hard.
George is the sweetest!! He has helped my family in so many ways!
Playing ball
Melon is such a pretty bulldog catahoula! She loves to chase bunnies and squirrels. She always wants to sit up front in the car and go on roadtrips.
Toby loves to roll up in the blankets like a burrito 🌯
Willow is an outgoing, fun, loving puppy. She loves going for rides, getting pup cups from Dunkin’, getting treats from dad, and of course belly scratches.
I love my toys, cuddling and my bed!
He's the sweetest dog I've ever had his best friend is a cat and he's smart as a whip sometime it's like having two cats other times it's like two dogs
Zola is a 4 year old GSD. She LOVES to play ball, it’s her favorite thing in the world. She also loves some good cuddles and belly rubs.
Hamlet is a 5-year-old Jack Russell terror (yes, I spelled that right) who has perfected the look of innocence. He loves to chew on fleece blankets and talk to anyone who will listen. This little guy will steal your heart with his hound dog eyes!
Hi! This is maize, she’s a spunky lil girl. She loves to play outside, eat dinner, & watch the fish swim in the tank. She is just the smartest girl and knows sit, down, & paw at 13 weeks!
Henny is a little snuggle bug! He fills our lives with more love and joy than we could have ever imagined! He adores his “lovey” and blankey. He has a hilarious personality and has the cutest little snores. His favorite place to be is outside! His favorite food is pumpkin purée and is known for it being on his nose 24/7 no matter how many times you wipe it off😆
Zahara is a 1 year old micro exotic bully. She’s a very goofy doggy and love her 1 year old bestfriend baby Felix. Zahara loves walks and running around. She’s the sweetest dog that loves all people and other pets!
Pablo Escobar
8 month old chi puppy by day, Columbian drug lord by night.
Rebel Jose
the prettiest boy ever !!
Samuel Lee
Hi, my name is Samuel Lee but Sammy for short I love to play with my squeaky toy and play with other animals I love to sit on daddys shoulder like I'm a parrot i love to play with mommy and bite her I also love to try and eat catfood even though I know I'm not supposed to mommy and daddy spoil me they take me everywhere with them.
Nike is a 7 week old Chihuahua/ Miniature Poodle mix. He is as sweet as he looks. He loves his neck snuggles and lounges out on his back on the daily. He is super affectionate with lots of licks, kisses, and playfulness. He is extremely smart so far! He loves his Gumby stuff toy… it’s his bestie! Come give this fella some love by voting for his cuteness! Thank you!
Pretty Girl
I was lost from my humans for a year, safe with another family who found me. I somehow miraculously found my way back to my original family after being gone for so long. My mommy wants to share me with the world and let owners know to never give up on finding their fur babies! I’m 6 and a half and full of love. I even have two heart patterns on my fur and nose to prove it! Please vote for me!
Freida is a playful puppy and loves everyone and every dog!
Daisy Mae
Daisy Is a cute Shih Tzu who lives on a 50 acre farm. She loves to play with other dogs and loves to run! Please vote for Daisy ❤️
Hi, my name is Medusa I am a 9 week old puppy. I love to chase leafs, and love to cuddle. You should vote for me because I am the cutest puppy out there.
Sparky is a Jack Russell and beagle mix. He’s a playful, loving, and handsome dog. He loves laying in the sun, playing outside, and loves to steal everyone’s socks! He definitely needs as much attention as you can give him, but what loving dog doesn’t.
My Christmas day Red Heeler ❤️
Hi my names Goose! Or you can call me goosers, that’s what mom calls me. I’m a chocolate Labrador. I log running around and finding the biggest sticks to chew on. I like to go hunting, playing with kids, and exploring. Although I am a lab, I’m not such a fan of baths.
Luna is a very loving and kind dog. She loves to be cuddled with and have all the attention! BUT…don’t let her eyes fool you…. She does love to escape!
He's a fearless, loving, playful and protective 7 month old pup. Loves being outside and herding everyone he can! Really enjoys playing with his big "sister" Tango (our 3 yr old dog). Cuddles are the absolute best and boy, does he LOVE giving the best puppy hugs!
She loves to play she is the most best friend you could have she sticks right by your side through good and bad
He is the cutest puppy he likes to talk and bark plays with toys .
Lil Man
lil man is an outgoing pup he love to explore he loves car rides and he loves to protect my ducks from the other dogs he may be a little but at some points but he’s still the best dog and I would hate to lose him
Bonnie is a little tornado. She gets the zoomies then wants to take a nap. She is so loved and so pretty🥰