She is one crazy pup but her zoomies are the best she can put a smile on anyones face. She loves cuddles and peanut butter. Vote for luna, she would love to give you cuddles and kisses for supporting her
Chop Payne
Chop Payne is always the most loving baby boy in this whole entire world at all times
Hera is the sweetheart of the house,she love to Lay around and take long walks outside in the afternoon and early morning..
She is a very loving puppy and has lots of personality
Cuddles was adopted from the humane society from a abusive situation and after a year of training he gave me a new start in life with my PTSD as my serviçe dog he likes to try and help make display my jewelry hold his paw on end of necklaces display my necklaces and bracelets the best friend I could ever have lives car rides chicken and cuddling
Moose is a 6 year old German Shepherd. He has a little red fur. Moose absolutely loves his tennis balls, he has probably over 100 of them! Moose loves playing fetch with his tennis balls but unfortunately he’s going paralyzed in his back legs so he can’t play fetch much anymore:(. He loves chasing lights and lasers, he gets crazy over them. Moose also love swimming in the pool, playing with the hose outside, going on walks, and wrestling with his sister. Moose also loves kids.
Ghost is a 5 year old American White Shepherd. She loves wrestling with her brother, playing fetch, going on walks, and loves swimming in the pool. She loves to be held in the pool and relax (i don’t think she’s knows how big she is haha). She’s a love bug too.
Winston loves people and dogs and eating flying dust, treats and apples. He loves to sleep on the sofa and snuggle and is an expert farter and burper 🐾🐾
Hennessey is rescue border collie mix, she is very smart happy girl who love to cuddle and steal Madeline cookies 😆 when no one is watching
Kiko is a 4 month old beauty. She loves any kind of treat and squeaky toys.
I’m a Bluetick Coonhound mixed with a Black Lab!🐶✨ Mom says I’m growing like a weed!! I’m only 8 months old & just broke 100lbs!!! I love being outside with my friends the most.🌞 I’m a super smart boy with my retriever skills and go nuts for anything squeaky!!
Tate is a sweet loving havapoo. He loves to play with his 15 tennis balls and his stuffed animals. He loves people and he is super sweet.
Tydus is a Wire Hair Terrier and Chihuahua. He is a fat boy and loves being outside running around the yard and loves laying around with mom and sleeping. His favorite thing is to role around in the dirt and play with pine cones and to bully the other animals.
Full blooded husky he’s not even a year old yet,loves to play,energetic.
Macy Charlotte
Macy is a mini long haired dachshund with a sweet and loving personality, she’s so playful and so cuddly💓, she loves to take pictures and eat treats
Wilbur is a long haired dachshund with a loving and playful heart💓, he loves treats and has two buddies gunner and Macy. He’s very sweet and happy
Tank is amazing boy he loves the snow and just always wants everyone to hug him
Bear is a 3 month old puppy! He is about 3 pounds currently. He is a shitzu pomeranian mix. He loves to play with bottles and just about anything you can think😂 of but bottles seem to be his favorite ❤️he loves to sit on your lap and lick your face a million times 😂. He loves to chase leaves whenever we are outside and loves everyone he meets!!
Rebel is a 5 year old Blue Nose Pit/American Bulldog mix. She's undeniably adorable and loves to cuddle!! The coolest thing about her, is that she was born on my birthday. She the gift that just keeps on giving! I am so blessed to have her in my life...
Max is a King cavalier mixed with Chihuahua and terrier, he has a lot of energy and loves to jump into your arms whenever he has the chance
Poppy is a 2 year old Mini Aussie, she had a big personality and loves going with you everywhere you go and loves to cuddle
Angel is a rescue dog. It is believed she was beaten at her earlier home as when she was found, she coward at every petting. It took over a year to earn her trust and now that we have, she is beyond affectionate and the sweetest little papillon ever!
Bando is the most energetic german Shepard/rotweiler. He loves treats and belly rubs more than anything. 😇
Oreo is a big cuddle bug and is always by my side. He loves chasing squirrels and running outside. He plays with my minpin, Love people and never gets aggressive. He is so bonded with me and sleeps in the bed with 2 cats and my little minpin! I've had him since he was 3 month old. Love him to the moon and back.
My sweet Lain is a almost 3 yr old german shepherd who enjoys long walks and a good rubber ball
Hellwo, me Axel. I am 1 years old. Me luv to pway fetch and catch.🎾 I luv swimming in poonds and lakes, oh and muuud poodles! Bones are me fav, so tasty!🍖I don’t know wat tis long hairy ting is connected to me butt, but me wike to chase it! Pwease vote for mee. I woof the attention!!🐾🙂
Oscar is our 1 year old English mastiff! He currently weighs about 150 pounds and GROWING! Oscar absolutely loves car rides, loves doing goat and chicken chores with dad and loves to snug up on the couch in between both mom and dad! Oscar is also getting his first human baby sister in May and we can’t wait to see how he’ll adapt to being a protective big brother! He would love your vote!
when river was just a pup she got parvo. it was a slow process but she fought hard everyday through it. now she is a happy duck loving dog<3
This sweet sleepy little guy is now a 120 pound “lap dog”. He love attention and will do anything for it!
Mocha was the most amazing mixed breed we could have asked for. She bonded with our daughter and was her best friend for 7 years. We lost mocha to cancer last year and will never be able to replace her.
Roxie was adopted from an animal shelter in Buffalo. She's a sweet and Sassy girl
Please vote for our dog Starr loves her toys, going on walks, spending time with family and also loves her animal friends outdoors! Starr is well obedient and trained to give high 5's and when asked if she is a good girl she loves to blink at you. Please vote for our loving dog and help us win this in PA...thank you from us and Starr says Ruff-you all❤
8 weeks old Chihuahua rat terrier mix. I'm a little chucky puppy. I have two brothers Coco and Ace that i love playing with. I love my momma, momma Nicole, and grandma. I spend my days playing, go outside, eating, and sleeping.
Zero is very loveable and likes to play with his toys
He is a loving puppy. He loves to run around the house and play with his brothers
A Beauty!!
She is so small full and full of energy she's a bit stubborn but always the first to meet you and always the first to eat
This little cutie has brought so much fun and happiness to our house she is a fireball of energy she has her own unique personality which makes us laugh especially her facial expressions
Bo Wolfe
Bo is the most loving dog anybody could have. He loves to go outside and play and loves his cuddles.
Asia Wolfe
Asia love love love food and her toys. She’s love to sun bathe and go for walks
Charlie Girl
Charlie girl was laid to rest yesterday! We miss her! Love you!
This is Phantom! Hes a husky with lots of energy and loves to play!
Pippi is a black tri american bully, loves to play out side, and with her tiny humans. Loves to get treats and especially loves playing with her brother and sister.
My name is Atreyu and I came from a puppy mill. My mama didn't know what those were when she adopted me but now she educates anyone who will listen! Puppy mills are horrible places and I'm so glad I don't live in one anymore!! I am just over 12 years old and my mama adopted me when I was 4 months old. I am a total mama's dog!! My favorite activity is snuggling and napping next to mom. I am still getting used to my (little but bigger) sister Athena. She doesn't understand yet that I'm smaller than she is. She gets a little ruff sometimes but mama protects me. I love car rides, kayaking and hiking. Please vote for me :)
My name is Athena and my life started out a little ruff. I was left in a kennel on a back porch when animal services found me. Then I was rescued by my mama from a kill shelter when I was about 8 weeks old. They think I'm a black lab/terrier mix. I'm almost 10 months old now and love my new life! I love to splash around in the water, go on hikes and snuggle with my mom and fur brother. My favorite toys are Nylabones and sticks. I am full of energy and spend my time napping, playing and going on outdoor adventures. I am doing very well with my training and everyone tells my mom what a girl good I am! Please vote for me :)
Thor is a 1 year old golden retriever who is super smart and loves to play and fetch!
Hi I’m Snickers! I am a lab , husky , Australian Sheppard , and a ridgeback mix always ready to play ! My favorite things to do is play with my toys and dog holes
She hates peak a boo . Just say the words and she goes crazy. She is also very social loves all the dogs at the dog park.