She looks like a Saint Bernard! Not fond of other dogs but loves people
Oscar is a boy who loves to play fetch, catch the ball and play with the frisby! He loves to snuggle with his sister and his mamma and daddy 🐶
Jacky is a kind hearted loveable doggy she loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses and she is loyal as can be and she gets along with all animals including her three Cat Siblings
Hey everyone im Bella also known as Belly melly mels. Im 7 years old. I love treats. I love to chase my little sister. I also love to go on walks outside. I love snuggling with my mom. I can be bit a bit grumpy sometimes but that's ok. I really appreciate if you'd vote for me.
Daisy is nine years old. She is the sweetest chihuahua. She loves her mom and dad and of course her grandma and grandpa too. She loves to go for walks and play with her chihuahua friends Espresso and Latte. She loves squeaky pet toys and dog treats, dah! Daisy is registered as an Emotional Support Animal.
Romeo is 3 years old, he is the sweetest boy. He loves people and other animals.🩷
Hi everyone I’m Lola!! I’m a wrinkly cuddle bug who loves to snuggle! My eyes don’t work that well but I don’t let that stop me! I will love whoever chooses to hold me!
Bailey loves to play in the snow and loves to cuddle he is a very proud dog
SASSY enjoys meeting people and talking to them. Every where we go everyone knows her. SASSY loves to dress up when we are going somewhere.
Chloe is a very energetic puppy. She loves hugs, kisses and most of all loves to play.
Hi Im Bella, my dad is a chow chow and my mom is a pitbull. I am an amazing protector and lover to my family. I tend to spend my days taking naps or soaking in the sun. I absolutely love my rescue family.
Hi, my names Lupin. I am a sweet energitic boy. Who loves spending my days running at the dog bark or cuddling up with mom and my sister while watching movies. I love everyone i come in contact with
Chanel Novah
Hello, Wroof! My name is Chanel Novah! I’m an energetic, playful, loving and friendly dog! I love hugs! Half Pomeranian and Half Pug!
Bailey Dakota Bearpaw
Bailey Dakota Bearpaw is a 1yr old full of fun Teddy bear- he loves to swim and play with his big Sister Nola Raeigh- he makes friends where ever he goes. He is getting set to be trained as a service dog for his Mommy and Daddy-. Big and handsome boy is a mommas boy right at her hip all the time
Loves to chase dragonflies…
Brady is a snuggle bug that loves everyone! He has a goofy personality that makes me smile all the time!
Polo loves morning walks with his mom, he likes playing catch, and he loves to cuddle.
My baby Josey! She will always be a kid at heart. Loves her toys and giving kisses. So affectionate! Couldn't imagine life without her.
Shultzie is my miracle pup. At 1 day old he stopped breathing. I tried cpr but nothing. Holding him up to the foot of the Cross in my home, praying for his healing, he gasped a breath and is now 15 yrs old. He does suffer from seizures as a result of the lack of oxygen to his brain, but otherwise he lives a normal life. He loves to play and cuddle. When playing eye level with him, and gets excited, he play bites my nose. Wonderful, loving and gentle. In the evening, while reclining watching TV or reading, he rests his head on my ankle or places his paw in my hand. He also has the cutest howl.
Buddy Genesis was raised the first year by a bunch of younger girls whom treated him sweet. He’s now 6 years old and is not only an ESA, but also a trained service dog. His compassion and love for people and that line of work is a good fit for him. He’s actively training to be a cadaver dog, first responder psychologist service animal and can sniff out drugs like a pro. He loves to eat, work, argue, sleep, & argue. Not in any particular order.
He's a real ladies man. But his heart belongs to Lady Bug.
Hello, my name is Cora. I am 5months old full of energy but super sweet. I live in Dexter Ks. I have the best parents ever. Please go vote for me!
Special.someone put her out in our neighborhood and she took up with us it was something we needed and didn't know it
Nova is a Blue Pitbull! She’s definitely a friendly dog and when it comes to her family she’ll do anything to protect us. She’s a survivor! 🤍
Turtle comes from a herding breed, and he loves the outdoors. Its not uncommon to catch him trying to herd my chickens....or just some random leaves and tumbleweeds!!
Hes a pure siberian husky with a lot of energy and loveable. He loves to dig and eat the garbage if we dont put it up lol .
He is a very sweet, lovable outgoing boy! He loves to hop an jump around! He’s just a laidback, cool dog!
The littleone is scooby thisbisva betternpic of himbhe loves to cuddleband give kisses
Axle is a hairless breed from Mexico. He is the second fastest xolo in the nation. His favorite pastime is playing frisbee with his mom . He has his on wardrobe of over 300 outfits. He has two siblings , Bourbon and Bentley
Millie was rescued after being starved, tortured and emotionally neglected. She has been the best thing to ever happen to me. Throughout all her hardships she’s become the biggest shining bright light in my life and I truly believe she saved me the same way I saved her. She deserves the best vet care in the world to fix the scarring she has on her body and ears. This money will go to fixing the scars that show even though her scars in the inside have all but disappeared! She’s the most amazing loving doggie in the world and deserves to be saved fully! People even say she looks like a girl version of scooby doo! <3 Vote for Millie! This way we can let her know that she will always be beautiful and loved no matter what awful things have happened to her. She truly saved me. I want to do the best I can to save her <3
Scooby is a sweet heart dog, a very loving and loyal to us! He likes to be around with us, he doesnt want to be alone he feel secluded. When he wants to pee he would go straight to the sliding door and given us a decent bark that means we have to open the sliding door for him. He’s very protective and intelligent dog. He likes to lick and kiss my husband face but not at me I am not allowing him🐶but We all do love Scooby🦮🦮🦮
Remi is very friendly and loving and she loves to eat everything she sees mommy eat
Jewels is never afraid to try new things!
Cayde Six
THIS GUY NEEDS EYE SURGERY! Meet Cayde-6! He's a 50/50 mix of Boxer and Great Pyrenees and is 3 y/o. Cayde was diagnosed last month with UDS and autoimmune disease that attacks pigmented parts of the body and we are hoping to win him some money towards his vet bills. After having went to the ophthalmologist they've decided that he needs both eyes removed. Our family is devastated. Cayde-6 is the sweetest most loyal dog I have ever had. He's such a protector and a big baby who wants to snuggle all the time, which is fun since he's also a big dog, usually weighing around 90-100lbs. Thanks in advance to anyone who voted for Cayde as anything he would potentially win would be going straight towards getting his eye surgery. Cayde was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called Uveodermatologic Syndrome (UDS) and has lost 100% of his vision. We are trying to raise money to get the eye surgery he desperately needs. Please consider voting for Cayde or visit my daughter's TikTok @StephanieMarty1 for more info on Cayde and his GoFundMe Page.
Chewbacca is a multipurpose service dog that loves herding cows and chasing balls on his days off.
Nugget is such a good boy, he’s so energetic and fun to be around!
Smokey is a German Shepherd/ Labrador Retriever mix He is currently 10 months and was just adopted on 10/14/2023! he was left at the shelter unfortunately.. but lucky for us he came into our lives and for that we are so grateful to have him in our lives. He was destined to be a part of our family & he is the missing puzzle piece in our lives. Smokey is a very sweet boy who loves to cuddle and loves belly rubs❤️
Her favorite toy is her tennis ball. A little lover who loves her family. She loves to watch birds outside the window sitting on the fence.
Jenni will be 1 year old this month! She is a good girl with alot of energy.
Luna is a Official Pup Cup Tester for Scooters. That is what her bandana says. She also loves them. She loves her baby, my 2 year old daughter.
It's all about the ball, and she can run like a cheetah
Kenosha is a Eurasier\Border Collie mix who is 10 month old. She loves to run & play in the Colorado Mountains! She mostly loves love, even with her best buddy Friskie her cat. ❤️
Enegetic and inquisitive
She is pure grace and elegance. Loving and sweet.
Charli saved me she has been my support I almost lost my life from severe seizures and she has been by my side every min. .she is the love of my life
Max loves any squeaky toys. Car ride and walks are his favorite!