Nala is a Carmel color ShihTzu and she always has a lot of energy it’s really hard to snap a picture of her so it’s lucky if I get one that isn’t blurred her favorite toy is a red squeaky fire hydrant
Hi, my name is Grace! I’m a crazy Sheltie who is the joy in my moms life. I came into the family after my mom lost her other fur baby and she says I’m her heart and soul! I love to play fetch and run through my tunnel. I’ll take a good sock over a toy, any day.
WALLY!!!! wally man loves to jump, run, and eat pup cups!!!!
Mr Eddie
Mr Eddie is my foster dog. His previous owner died in a house fire and when Eddie was being rescued he ran away and unfortunately he was attacked by a coyote. The vet thought he wasn’t going to make it but he’s a fighter and he’s doing just fine. I have no idea what kind of dog he is or how old he is. He didn’t have on a collar so I don’t know what his name was but he reminds me of Eddie Munster from the tv show The Munsters so I named him Mr Eddie. Lol He gets along great with his foster brother Oreo. He loves to eat, take naps, steal my socks, and lick my knees. Lol 😂
Mia Perry
Mia is a very loving and faithful pomeranian. She knows a lot of commands and listens to the words when she's spoken to. That itself says a lot. She is a very playful, happy, and affectionate baby. And we are thrilled to be in contests, we get to see other beautiful babies. And wish everyone good luck.
Thor is a loving energetic fluff ball who loves to go outside and play a lot! Thor enjoys going on long walks and going to the dog park and running around playing with his dog friends! Besides all of that he loves coming home and giving everyone cuddles and kisses. Oh and if you ever need someone to talk to he’s your man , he’s a very talkative man.
Gus Gus
Gus Gus is a Dogue De Bordeaux. He is one of the happiest puppies. Loves to play with leaves and sticks
She’s very playful loves going on walking love going on car rides and loves her humans
Lala was born on September 3, 2022. She was beautiful fast runs around with her head cut off like a chicken but she also is adorable.
Lola is a 7 month old puppy. She loves her squeaky toys and likes to carry them around with her. everywhere. You should vote for lola because she is the sweetest and smartest puppy i’ve ever had.
Zero loves cuddles and his toys, his favorite game is fetch! He is a semi-tricolored Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
Kodi Bear
Kodi Bear is the sweetest poodle ever. He loves to play with balloons, eating mangos and apples and of course zooming all over the house. He is my best friend and our loyal loving companion!
King Zander
Zander is a sweet Australian shepherd mix, he loves people especially children, he loves car rides, boats & planes, & going to market & the mall is his favorite,the dog park is the best & he gives plenty of kisses and he talks when he wants his broccoli & carrots!!! He can count & always know how many treats he has left!!!! Such a sweetheart & he's also an emotional support guy!!! We love Zander he is a big big part of our family!!
Rockruff Is the most amazing pup.She learns fast is a loving pup to her family. She is My Sons First pup.She is Our Special family member .she is also full of life and playful.Rockruff Curiel.
Zuzu is a 4 year old Australian Shepherd! He is as lazy as he is energetic. One minute he'll have the zoomies, the next he'll want to chill on the couch. He loves lettuce, peanut butter and doggy biscuits. You've probably heard the saying "They're all bark, no bite." Well Zuzu may bark a little, but he's more likely to lick you to death than to bite you! Haha!
Moosie pie is everyone's favorite little man! From snuggles to fetch, he pulls at your heartstrings with those puppy dog eyes and little brown nose
Champ is an energetic one year old GSD. Trails and car rides are his favorite past time. It is safe to eat fries around him but if you have a carrot and don’t share he will slowly put his paw on you until you give in 😂
Rico is a fun, energetic sweet one year old who loves to cuddle with mom and dad. Rico also love to play with his favorite shark toy.
He’s such a lovable and sweet boy, he loves to play with all his toys and socks too 💚💚
Duke loves to cuddle with dad! And play with his brother in the kitchen. He loves to go outside and go on car rides for pup cups🥺
Hi I'm Huncho I love naps & going to the river ...
Bella loves belly rubs
Our Maximus is a lover, the best cuddler around! He's very sweet and calm, loves to play and chase bunny's. He is such a joy and we love having him in our family!
Taco came to our life at the right time. He is a rescued dog from Tijuana. When we adopted him he had a fractured wrist and is now fully recovered. He brings alot of Joy to My Family and to all that have the pleasure to meet him.. I taught him how know to say I Love You ..
Ferris is the dream puppy his dad has always wanted and completes our new little family with his goofy, cuddly, and very puppy personality!
She’s the sweetest puppy’s ever all she wants to do is play and see everybody she love family and loves eating
Oaklee loves her momma and the outdoors!
Skyy is 4 months old. Very playful, loves to be rubbed and held.. Already chases cats 😅
This is Belle. She loves to play outside and play with her little sister Gracie. She is 8 years old but would think she’s still a puppy with her energy and love she gives!
Meet Pudge. Born December 1st 2022 very sweet boy. He is part lab and husky and great Pyrenees. Loves kids and loves sleep lol. Vote for this cute ball of chubbiness
She loves to try and move branches that are twice her size and gets so mad when she can't...
Hi I'm GG , i love to cuddle, i love to roll around in dirt or water , i really love treats and my human says i learn very quickly
Turbo lives up to the name, he loves to be active and run around, he's very smart and loves to play with any toy you give him, he also loves pets
Cactus Henry
Cactus Henry is a smart, full of energy little boy who loves everyone and has never met a stranger. He loves to play with his toys and eats pepperonis
My name is ranger I am 6 years old I am playful and lovable
Everest is a full blooded Siberian husky. He loves to chase the kids around the house play tug a war with the other dogs. When it snowed he loves rulling around in the snow. He likes to eat and chew on things right now. In his tired moments is when he is loving and wants to be cuddled like a baby
Jake is the sweetest boy, loves cheeseburgers, and his favorite thing to do is go to work with his mom everyday. We had to choose “mixed breed” because his breed isn’t an option. His mom was a shiz shu and his dad was a bulldog so therefore he is a bulls**t 🤣
Leo is 11 months old he loves to play and cuddle sometimes he thinks hes part kitten lol ... just just knows how to brighten up your day
Sky is 3 months old and loves to play and fight with her brother
P Diddy
Poppy is such a sweet dog and is a great playful cuddly dog!
Juniper is an English Bull Terrier, also commonly known as the target dog🎯 or frankenweenie! She came all the way from Missouri to Pennsylvania📍. This girl loves to play tug of war and fetch, loves to snuggle but only when she wants to, & is a zoomie queen 👑. I will say, she is the most stubborn dog I have ever owned, but she is so smart already at 3.5 months! She has got so many quirks that if you met her you would fall in love, immediately. Juniper has a heart of gold & is loyal to those she trusts. Bullies are the best!!! ❤︎︎♍︎
Piper is a standard poodle who is 4 months old. She is very smart and a cuddle bug
Lexi is 2 year old standard poodle. She loves to run and play with her toys. She is full of energy!
She amazing to have in my life she came in my life to be my emotional support she likes to play with her cat and she likes to talk a lot She is a Black and Tan coon hound and likes to play in the snow and and she likes to play with her sister who is my husband service dog and a brother name paco and two cats angel and Bella she 8 weeks old
Lily loves sleeping with her toy monkey. She enjoys a game of catch with her tiny ball, although she is still working on bringing the ball back. Her favorite snuggle spot is between a neck and back of sofa.
Ellie “Beans” is a German wire haired pointer, beagle, and rat terrier mix. She enjoys being outside and butt rubs. She LOVES playing with balls 🎾 and getting into mischief 😈
chocolate lab mixed with pitbull and tons of love🥰🥰♥️