Jupiter is a very big loving boy that wants everyone to to love on him. He loves going on adventures and get Treats. His favorite word out of them all is Treat, he’s a very playful big cuddly bear that just wants to play or love on
Jersey like to play with other dogs more than anything else, no matter their size.
This is Emma. She is a 9 year old Australian Cattle Dog/ Border Collie Mix. She loves people, giving kisses, playing fetch, snuggling and swimming! She is the most affectionate pup I’ve ever met. Had a bad day? Emma is here to snuggle all your sorrow away.
Maverick is now a 150 lb cuddle bug. He loves sleeping in bed and giving hugs and kisses
Shiesty is a 3 year old female brindle Staffordshire Terrier. She loves people, squeaky toys, belly rubs, & the outdoors. 🐕🐶
Easton is a 13 week old, spunky little boy. He loves when his momma gets home from work and snuggles him and makes him his favorite pup cups❤️ Easton was exactly what we needed to complete our little family!
Clyde is a owner surrender that I adopted 4 years ago. He spent most of his days being locked in a kennel for 16 hours a day. After I heard about that, he immediately came to live with me where he is 100% kennel free. He’s now allowed to lay on the furniture, sleep on the beds, actually make noise and enjoy his sweet life❤️
Penelope loves to go fishing 🎣 on our boat 🛥
She just likes to be where you are, she loves playing with the bigs dogs and lots of cuddles!
This is Hollie, and she loves treats and learning new tricks! She is a very quick learner a highly sociable dog, and is also extremely friendly. She melts our hearts with the adorable look in her beautiful eyes, a look we can’t resist.
This is Norman, also known as Norm,Normie and Stormie Normie🤣 Some of his favorite things include being around his family, squeaking Lamb Chop, playing in the hose, exploring everywhere possible, eatting time, playing with ice cubes,pouncing on leaves ( it will be interesting to see his reaction when fall really hits in MI.) He maybe calm during the day,but don't let that fool you when the kids are home he is full energy ready to play! What instantly calms Norman down is the air conditioner being on🤣 he LOVES laying right on any register vent(puts him right to sleep). For more photos/videos of this little guy you can find him on Instagram under "normanthesamoyed". Thanks for viewing 😀
Boomy is a labradane ,half Great Dane half lab .He’s the most loving ,smart,cuddly,Dog I have ever seen .He loves everyone 🖤And he’s so handsome 🖤🥰
Watson is a good-natured fellow that likes to tag along with his humans and his adorably stubborn brother, Sherlock, as they go on adventures.
Wally’s an Australian Shepherd mix pup! He loves squeaky toys and likes to go on short walks. I say short because if the walk is too long for his liking he starts pawing at me to pick him up. He’s a goofy little guy and likes to run around like crazy. He’s weird when he eats his treats too, breaking them up into tiny pieces as he gobbles it all up one by one. Overall, he’s a sweet boy.
Hi my name is Blue and I am a 9 year old Blue noise Pitbull. I love to go on walks and play outside with my friends and siblings. I love to take naps, eat treats, and enjoy zoomie time (favorite activity cause dad plays with me more during zoomie time). Thank you for your time and don't forget to vote Blue!!
Hi, my name is Jasper. My mom and dad adopted me a little over a year ago and since then my life has been amazing!! I am very hyper and love to run. I used to be afraid of toys but now they are my favorite thing. I’m a mommy’s boy for sure.
Gracie is a lovable husky mix. She is great with adults and kids and has the best disposition!
Spot is the sweet dog and the best friend anyone could have he love to cuddle and play with his brother max
Hi my name is Kenna, I am a lap dog at heart, I love snuggles and taking naps. I love anyone who will give me pets and treats🤎
Trigger is an absolute lover and hugs his mom all night long. He has learned how to sit, lay down, shake, spin, speak and is working on stay. He's a very good pup.
Hi, my name is Zoey. I’m old but spunky. I love taking naps with mom and dad, going on walks and going on drives is my favorite. I’m the only girl out of 5 fur babies so I am definitely spoiled.
Althea was rescued at 4 weeks old, found in a ditch barely surviving. I named her Althea which means to heal/healer, she warmed my heart the moment we met. She has grown into a goofy, sweet and gentle pup. She loves to run and be chased. Her DNA test proved her lineage to be Staffordshire Pitbull x German Shorthair Pointer x Boxer. A strange blend that gave her an adorable appearance and playful demeanor. She is the social butterfly of the dog park and always gets other playful dogs into the zoomies.
Fidelis Jane
My Fidelis is the most loving dog ever. She knows the commands and she knows when she is bugging Ma! She has so much patience when it comes to her puppy sister that is just 7 lbs. She is a gentle sweetness. The highest anxiety I have ever seen. Cars are not her favorite thing but walks are the best for her
Bunkie George
Bunkie is such a character. She brings joy to my life and makes me laugh every day.
Isabelle Rae
Isabelle is a spunky almost 1 year old. She picks on her 95 pound doggy sister. She jumps around like a monkey going from branch to branch, then she passes out from exhaustion. When she is tired she is a cuddle bug.
Belle is the sweetest the most cuddly pup ever! She loves to chase and fetch any toy thrown to her and loves to socialize! She is just over a year and a half and still has so much puppy energy! Her favorite thing to do is to get her belly rubbed and play with any toy available. She truly is the sweetest!
Hi my name is tux! I’m 6 months old and I’m a rescued puppy, i love to cuddle and play with toys💕 I expect a treat everytime i come in after using the potty🐾 the votes are really appreciated:) my mom and dad wanna use the money they win to get all my shots and get me healthy again😁
Charlie is one of the sweets dogs you will ever meet. He is a rescue dog but luckily my husband and I have really helped him overcome his trauma.
Fifi is one of five rescue puppies. She is the most loving puppies on the farm. She loves to play with her brothers and sisters. She also love visiting the goats, sheep, and pigs
Tucker is 7 months old. He is full of energy and loves to play with his brother Charlie. He also loves chasing birds and really anything that flys.
Super playful but a very intelligent puppy.
She like walks but not grass she may like a little like a cat but I PROMISE she is not!!!!!
Love to chase balls 24/7
Remy is a mixed breed rescue who had a little bit of a rough start. She is approximately a year and a half. She’s learned to love squeaky toys and her other two four legged sisters and most importantly her dad. Remy loves treats, walks and naps and will cuddle up and sleep on her back like a human.
We got patches when he was only 5 weeks old a lady didn’t want her puppies anymore and was going to leave him at the river so we rescued him. He was formula fed for about 3 weeks and transitioned to kibble very easily. He loves having home cooked meals his favorite is chicken and asparagus his favorite fruit is blueberries. He definitely loves sopa and tortillas he doesn’t get that very often but it’s his favorite cheat meal lol. Patches has the coolest personality he will keep you laughing all day. He loves smelling flowers and chasing leaves that blow around. I swear he’s part cat cause he loves to climb on everything 😂. He is just a special dog and we are so lucky to have found him.
Baxter loves lazing around in the sun while munching on ice cubes. He’s also most comfortable when snuggling his mom and dad
Rosie is a 2 year old chocolate Labrador. She is the biggest of two other four legged sisters. Rosie loves car rides and munching on ice cubes. She still thinks she’s a lap dog and will cover you with kisses and love.
Bradley has been my ride or die since Day 1. My 23rd birthday. He has been through so much on this lourn Journey in life. Loved his walks and car rides daily. A mama's boy, an emotional support animal.
Very loveable, smart and much like a diva.
Ellie is a 6 year old Jack Russell mix full of energy and love! She is a friend and cuddler to everyone. She is the smallest of three four legged children in our household. She loves car rides, chasing flies, barking at fishing lures and tucking herself in her blankets for nap and bed time.
Beulah loves her twin brother and her belly rubs. She likes to shake her little tail numb. Beulah also loves to lay in the sun. Beulah is small because she doesn’t like to eat, but her brother loves to eat her food. She likes walks and the sand on the beach, although she isn’t a huge fan of swimming.
He loves the outdoors and cuddling!
Cookie is a 3 year old dog who loves two have fun and is a very interesting dog she also has a TikTok account where a bit of her life is shared @cookie_cruz1
Spot is a 2 year old pit bull who loves to play. She loves belly rubs and cuddling
Prince Charming
Loves his human family/ dislikes windshield wipers a lot!
Freyja was adopted on 5/27. She had a very bad case of demodectic mange and was pretty much bald. As she got better we grew closer. Shes helping me with my anxiety and depression and is working on her service dog certificate. She loves her outings especially the dog park and swimming/ diving
Bellla Is A very special dog! I adopted her 5 years ago. She was in a very bad place and she vame along way to be this very sweet loving dog!💜
She loves her treats