Baby Stories - 58


. Hi my real name is CMD but everyone calls me FatBoy. I love to eat, Treats, i have a girlfriend her name is August. I am a big baby, but dont like people in my yard then i act tough. I dont like beigning outside when its datk anymore, as i was attacked by a mommy Racoon protecting her babies. Please like my page, and i will like yours in return thank you
Roo, she's a love bug!
Freddy is a Yorkeltie. I got him during COVID-19 2020 and 5 months after my poodle died. Freddy saved me. He loves to chase the deer and birds. He loves playing outside with all his dog toys, balls and his remote control truck & helicopter.
Hi! I’m Cleo and I am the sweetest little girl. 🎀 I am a 6 month old chocolate dapple, miniature dachshund. 🐾 I love to cuddle and to chew on my many toys. I like to play fetch and tug-of-war. 🎾 I like to be wherever Mommy is and love to lay on her feet when she’s up. I have the prettiest ice blue eyes and have a super soft coat. My family is in love with me and how adorable and lovey I am. 🧸💕 My owner is a college student with an ambition for med school. 🩺 I help her when she is anxious and stressed. She takes me everywhere. 🗺 Give me a vote to support me in being the goodest girl!😇
Bella is a 2year old Yorkie she’s a playful little girl who loves her older brother Maxx.
Trunks was found abused from a previous owner and tossed with his siblings in a dumpster…he was underweight and scared…took him in and had been the best thing I could ever have done…he has been the best support dog I could wish for in getting me through my PTSD❤️
Hi I’m Remi ! I love long walks, my maw’s 👠 shoes and peanut butter .
Athena is a Huskimo and is 7 months old now. She loves to travel, go for hikes, and play with her cat siblings!
Chase loves his chew toys, and enjoys long walks! If you want him to really be your friend just give him a TREAT!
Piper is a sweet 7 month old puppy!
Mia is sweet and sassy she loves playing ball and chasing water from the water hose and loves her tummy rubs
Baxter is a cute little puppy who loves snuggles
Loves everyone and every animal, adores his humans and barks his orders and joys!!!! Enjoys a ride in the truck or a walk in the woods and playing with his cows!
Ellie Mae
Ellie was born right before the snowpocalypse of 2021 that froze over Texas. She survived on the mean streets of Austin for another 6 weeks, when I found her in a ditch with a wild pack. She’s now a prissy and pampered southern bell with a touch of the streets still in her.
Stuffing is half Bulldog and half weimaraner. He and his siblings were abandoned at 1 day old. They were bottle fed. There were 6 and only 3 survived. Couldn't live without my Stuffing!
Banxs is a super sweet swimmer! He’s a 21 week male AKC bulldog! The sweetest cutest lover!
Millie is a half Shiba Inu, half Pit bull. She's the swwetest little girl who loves to play and people s attention
My name is bruno, I love my humans, toys and playing with my older brother Dexter! I can do a cool new trick which is going into my kennel and coming back out. It’s my favorite to show off 😜 I give kisses to everyone and just want some lovin! Kisses are a must and treats are life 😍 just a 10 week cutie pie here!
Hi I’m dexter! I am a 1yr old Chinese shar pei that love playing, hates outside and being dirty but belly rubs are welcomed! I am a gentle giant with a large Heart ♥️
Kallie is a small border collie, she loves water and being outdoors, she loves cuddling with small children and protecting them while they’re outdoors. She plays lifeguard to the children when around water.
Ghost is a 15 week old purebread German shepherd puppy! She enjoys eating snacks, watching Netflix with mom and dad, and trying to swim in her water bowl! She’s pretty ferocious 😉
Bella is a very intelligent and affectionate dog. She loves to play ball, tugging and play with neighbor’s dog. She also go for long walks everyday.
Contessa Chika Chiquita
ChiChi is the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet! She loves to play with her big sisters and go to work with her mommy. You can follow her on Instagram @Contessa_Chika_Chiquita
Welcome to our family TONY
Asher Akela
Tons of energy and loving. Loves kisses and playing. Goes through toys like water
Kodak loves hanging out with his people loves to cuddle and just loves all the snacks he can get he looks forward to bed time every night so he can get on our bed prop up on his pillow and watch tv with us he is such a sweet soul and a great doorbell lol!
Asher Akela
He is full of energy, very loving and smart. He gets along with everyone and likes to chew toys to pieces. He is a fast learner and loves to play.
This is Luna 🐾 She is full of energy, she loves her squeaky toys. Luna loves going to the dog park and she loves to chase birds. She's also the best cuddle buddy !
This is Lola 🐾 She's super energetic, she loves going to the dog park. Lola loves squeaky toys and she loves playing with her Kong toys. She's very loving and loves to cuddle.
The Littlest Satan
Satan is a happy little ball of energy that is always up for a good romp around the yard, meeting new people and animals, and morning cuddles! He loves his herding ball, food, and playing with horses and alpacas.
Hi I’m Bando, I’m almost 2 months old and I love outside time and playing with pine cones!! After you vote for me… Check out my big brother Ace and vote for him too
I’m Ace or Acey Poo as mommy sometimes calls me. I’ll be 6 months soon and I love running around and jumping on mommy. Check out my photos from 1 month to now. After you vote for me… Check out my little brother Bando and vote for him too
My name is Eugene, I am a mixed breed. I like sleeping, playing with mom and dad. I love toys with sounds. My favorite treat is the Oinkies chicken flavor. I love going out with mommy specially when she buys me food and toys.
Kingsley is a happy little 3.5 lbs. guy. He enjoys mealtime, playing with his furbrothers, and sleeping in blankets.
This is my puppy Xilo, he is currently 4 months now. I found Xilo at Venice beack in CA! He is a very playful boy and loves his bestfriend/Brother Symba (Cat). He makes alot of noise lol but you have to love him
Hi! I’m Lulu Belle, and I am an Australian Labradoodle! I'm 3 years old and love belly rubs!
Molly is a rescue we have had for 2 years, she had brought so much joy to our family I feel as I have 4 kids now not 3. She loves to run around outside and play with the cats , she loves her toys but her favorite thing to do is lay on daddy and give him kisses when he gets home from work.
Roscoe is a Thai Ridgeback , he's very fun , energetic, loving. He is very attached to kids always happy love to play has a lot of energy. He is 1 years old a big baby he is. Very smart dog and definitely a cutie, he always gets a lot of attention everywhere we go from people when we go out for our daily walks
Kaylee Loves to Sleep! She loves playing with her toys and with her mommy and daddy. She loves Peanut Butter and Bones! She likes to watch Tv and She Loves her belly rubs! I love Turkey! I have a sister her name is Lily.
Hi My name is Lily, I Love to run around and play. I am a Boxer mixed with rat terrier. I love my bones! When I drink water I’m loud 😁 I have a sister her name is Kaylee. I love to sleep a lot and steal food xD I love going outside and running around also. I can run really fast!
Spencer has been the best emotional support dog I could of ever gotten! He has been my biggest supporter. He loves going everywhere with his mama. He loves squeaky toys and going to dairy queen mama and most of all he loves laying by my feet when im studying or sleeping by my side!
George is the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. He’s smart, playful, and loves snuggles! He can do sit, paw, lay down, spin, and come. George is friendly and loves everyone he meets.
Coco is a lovable, crazy chihuahua-poodle.
Fredy is a good boy, he loves to play and has spazz tastic moments😁😂
Emotional support caring puppy who loves to give kisses! You can see him digging through his toy box to bring you one of his favorites!
Winston is a catahoula leopard dog who is full of energy! He is mine and my fiancé’s first baby & is spoiled to death! 😊 it is definitely his world and we are all living in it!