Desi is a fun loving friendly dog who loves walks,car rides,playing in the snow, belly rubs ,toys,slim jims ,beefjerkey,and she loves to give kisses , but unfortunately we have little time left with her she has an inoperable tumor so we are doing fun things with her spoiling her ,loving up on her. So if you would please vote for her .....thankypu so much
Jackson is a retriever/ lab rescue. Loves the outdoors playing with his frisbee and is always close to Mama. He is truly a blessing in our lives.
Big Boy
Big boy is very energetic he's always wanting to play or wanting to protect his family he loves cuddles and loves to have close on he loves his family very much exspecully my son is his favorite out of everyone!
Leviathan has just begun his journey into being a mobility service dog. At this moment he’s also enjoying being puppy while learning being nicknamed the King of Crash by his trainer @ Venture Canine, finding his mighty man stance and trying to howl. 😁🐾
Hoy el mar esta calmado Todos esperamos pacientes, aguántamos la respiracion. Sin poder ni un segundo mas nos enrojecemos y blas el leguetaso en el agua mas grande que allan visto. Ah esperen ese es blue que de un lenguetaso convirtió en el momento mas ruidoso de todo el universo todos los peces qie contemplaban la superficie se volvieron locos y no paraban de saltar. Las personas que rojas como tomates ya no podian mas y rompieron en carcajadas. Y ahi todos contemplaron al trabieso Blue un perrito singular
Blue loves to sleep and play with toys , he is a very talkative and will keep you on your toes he is 9 months old and loves his human momma , blue is a rescue he is a bottle baby.
7 months old and Mama's little spitfire!! Energetic with a heart that knows no bounds. The sweetest baby.
She’s a very sweet, well trained good girl! She’s about 6 years old and she’s got a skin condition (that’s why her foot is red, nothing wrong and no, it doesn’t hurt her!) she’s very sweet, good with kids, and we love her so much!!
Ziggy loves traveling, going for walks and his human grandma. He does not allow her to get out of his site. Anything that is hers ends up being his 😊 and that's okay with her because it was him actual mumma who is no longer with us. Her passing effected all of us but Ziggy wouldn't eat for about a week afterwards and still sometimes acts out of the ordinary. He is my ride or die grand-doggie 💕 🐾
Hi, my name is Maverick! Can you believe someone dumped me in a ditch at Table Rock Lake at 6 weeks old. My new owners have nursed ne back to health. I have 3 other dogs and 2 awesome humans who play with me non-stop. Did I mention I also have severe hip dysplasia and will be getting new hips soon! Vote for me!
Such s loveing pup that is now 2 years old
Josie Girl
Josie girl has been through a ruff year. She doesnt see her mommy anymore we got divorced and mommy gave up on her.she had a tumor removed from her leg, she relocated with me to a new place to live. But shes strong like me and we love eachother very much.
Milo is full of energy. He loves going to “school” and playing with all his friends, big and small. He loves belly rubs and kisses ❤️
He is super energetic, loves to run and loves to cuddle. He will love you instantly and loves to get belly rubs
This little fluff ball of cuteness is just 3little over 2 months old with a lot of spunk and love to share to everyone!! She loves to play with her sister (our cat).
Rainbow is the most loving fur baby I've ever seen. She loved her unicorn & Santa plush toys. She loved hiding treats in the yard, then going and digging them up later & eating them. She was my emotional dog that helped me when I needed it. She was My best friend,, my soulmate, my everything..
Miraculously survived an attack by 2 dogs the vet wanted to put him down we refused!😪If he was going to leave us it would be at home.We had a long journey ahead but WE all did it he SURVIVED he's back to his funny, energetic and happy self ♥️
Diamond is my support dog and she is hilarious. She cries like a baby 🤣
Coco is diamond companion friend lol
Loving,gentle sock stealer
We rescued him someone dropped him off and we got him from a lady and rescued him and we love him so much he loves to cuddle he loves to play with my four kids and he loves to sunbathe in the sun ☀️☀️
Kingston is a Catahoula/Plott/Black Mouth Cur. We’re both from TX. He’s an active breed originally intended to hunt wild boar, but instead is my PIC in life and my nose. He loves to run, fetch & chase squirrels. He has the BIGGEST personality and will respond when asked a question. He’s equal parts active and cuddly. I always come to home to him snuggled in my pillows with 1-3 of my shoes, depending on how much he missed me. The best boy!
Gypsy is the silliest little dog . She loves her back scratched and sleepy like a person.
Miss Yobi is a 1 year old Corgi with a slight overbite that adds to her charm! She has the goofiest personality and is the sweetest girl. She enjoys spending her time out in the snow and playing fetch. Oh and digging holes in my backyard!
Gage is quite a character!! He is very loving and loves everyone he meets!! He especially loves his new brother, Hunter. They get along so well!! He likes to jump, but, I have to keep my eye on him, because it’s not good for his back!! He loves to chase balls and plays well with Hunter!!
Kayson Leo Coensgen
Just a boy who loves his naps, playing with toys, being outside, pup cups, riding in the car and being with his family. 🩵🐶🐾 Kayson says thank you all for the votes
Hunter is such a love bug! He loves to cuddle! He also loves romping with his brother, Gage!! I just rescued him in May, and am so happy I did!! He brings such joy to my life!!
This is Izzy (Isabel when she is in trouble!) She is 6 years old but still has the enthusiasm of a puppy! Her tail is like a whip and when she gets really excited she whips herself in the face. She’s the kindest, sweetest girl with the most soulful eyes and expressive eyebrows. Her favorite thing to do is sunbathe in the back yard even in the middle of summer.
Hazel is our beautiful Malinois/Husky rescue. She loves walks, zoomies, rolling in the grass, and doing tricks. She’s extremely intelligent. She knows lots of commands and even rings a doorbell to go outside. I’m so happy to have found and rescued her, she kinda rescued our family too. She is the best velcro dog! I can’t imagine our lives without her goofiness.
We call her Sqatty-Body-Dottie because she is a mini-Dachshund and low to the ground! She loves pulling our TP and chewing on our shoes. She is loved by the ladies at the USPO and they have her picture up in the Post Office. She is super soft because we feed her Lean fresh turkey with broccoli cooked in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. She loves to play, eat and cuddle.
Stella Louise
Stella Louise who has no fleas because My Mamma loves mez! Stella loves LOVE, she is a trained working animal and worked for my son Anthony for nearly 10 years; Stella came to me after my son passed away 9/9/22. At the time I didn’t know how I was going to make it, let alone with A DOG! Now I don’t know how I would’ve made it without her!
Sunni Louise
Hi everyone! My name is Sunni Louise. I am the sweetest 3 yr old golden retriever. I love to play catch, snuggle with my mom, go to the dog park, go on walks/hikes, play in the snow, play keep away, and chase my tail!
Ruby is a German shepherd pitbull mix who loves to dig in the dirt and take naps
This goofy boy loves his ball and playing with his sisters. He has such a spunky personality!
Paris is the sweetest dog ever. She loves to steal French fries out of any fast food bag.
Kaiser is always concerned about his human buddies. Always minds his manners in his efforts to remain silent knowing some humans work from home. In his free time he enjoys stretching out in his bed and catching a good football game. NFL his favorite but also enjoys college games because they know how to raise the “roof roof”.
If I accept an advance, I will ONLY return the amount I requested on the site I agreed to receive it from and ONLY for the dates I agreed to. SLOAN WOULD HAVE TURNED 3 ON APRIL 29TH. 💔💔💔💔 R.I.P. SLOAN 04/29/20-08/25/22 Sloan was a happy boy and an oversized lap dog. He loved to chase balls and chew everything in site🤦🏼‍♀️ He got along well with other dogs and loved children. He enjoyed car rides and sleeping in his Momma’s bed❤️He was a gentle giant that was scared of his shadow 😊 There is not a day passes that I don’t cry over him 💔💔💔I started these contests with him to help feed my rescues and personal fur babies. Sloan’s parents 2 of my rescues (Hank and Truffles)
If I accept an advance, I will ONLY return the amount I requested on the site I agreed to receive it from and ONLY for the dates I agreed to. Return votes are from Brandon, Logan, Sandra, Oscar, Faith and myself! HONEST EXCHANGERS ONLY!! I DO THESE CONTESTS TO HELP PROVIDE THE BEST LIFE POSSIBLE FOR THE RESCUES THAT COULD NOT BE REHOMED FROM FEAR OF THEM BEING EUTHANIZED! Any votes made prior to or beyond agreement will be considered 🎁🎁 Baby is the sweetest and gentlest fur baby I have. She turned 6 on June 28th. She is a reverse brindle. She loves to play with squeaky toys, ropes and puppies. She loves to ride in the car and go out for ice cream treats. She absolutely loves children and people but hates other dominant female dogs. So often this breed is misunderstood. Let’s show Baby Girl the love she deserves.
If I accept an advance, I will ONLY return the amount I requested on the site I agreed to receive it from and ONLY for the dates I agreed to. I DO THESE CONTESTS FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF FEEDING MY PERSONAL AND RESCUE DOGS AND PROVIDING THEM WITH THEIR NEEDS. I DO NOT BUY MYSELF A WIN, I RELY ON DEPENDABLE EXCHANGERS!! PLEASE DO NOT VOTE MORE THAN THE AGREEMENT!!! I HAVE LIMITED INTERNET CONNECTION NOW AND CAN ONLY VOTE 50 VOTES PER SITE!! IF YOU VOTE MORE, IT IS ON YOU, NOT ME. I got Truffles in January 2020. She was approximately 11 months old and had been used as a fighting dog. She was the most vicious dog I had ever seen and I thought she was going to eat me up when I tried to get her. One bag of dog treats later she was licking my face off🤣🤣❤️❤️ She still acts up when we have company but is the sweetest girl ever to her human family. She doesn’t care for other dogs much but has a few she has warmed up to the last 20 months. She is absolutely gorgeous now that she has weight on her and she has so much love to give to her human family. She is very loyal and protective.
If I accept an advance, I will ONLY return the amount I requested on the site I agreed to receive it from and ONLY for the dates I agreed to.I will only vote 1 day if I don’t see any return votes. Post your votes on my wall. ANY VOTES MADE PRIOR TO OR EXCEEDING AN EXCHANGE AGREEMENT WILL BE CONSIDERED GIFTS!!! Hank is my 5th and favorite son❤️❤️❤️He was also Sloans dad. He was my 3rd rescue. I’m unsure of his actual birthday so he celebrates mine on January 11th but his “Gotcha” date is 05/04/19. Hank is absolutely the best boy in the world. He’s smart and listens to everything I say to him and is very protective over me.
If I accept an advance, I will ONLY return the amount I requested on the site I agreed to receive it from and ONLY for the dates I agreed to. Cane is my “dream dog”. I never thought I would actually own one but, through no fault of his own, it happened ❤️❤️ He is 1 year old this month (May)and the sweetest boy ever! He is a gentle giant and is happy just being close by. He hates being alone and has the worst case of separation anxiety I have ever seen. Just ask my Christmas tree and snowmen 🤣🤣
If I accept an advance, I will ONLY return the amount I requested on the site I agreed to receive it from and ONLY for the dates I agreed to. Once again, it is only a win IF you win more than you spend 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️Leila is the sweetest, most energetic, playful, psychotic, loyal, loving and beautiful Baby Girl❤️❤️❤️ I have had her since she was 4 months old and it has been a wonderful 5 years. She loves all animals (except cats) and humans. She loves to play tug of war with her rope toys or anything else she can grab on to and loves to ride shotgun every time the wheels move. She is a pillow hog and loves to sleep with her head on my pillow. She is not my dog, she is my daughter ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Huero lost his daddy last year in May and he just lost his big pet brother in June and he has had a lot of losses but he still loves to play with mom and makes friends easily and he is a good boy and is a great protector 💙 ❤️ he is 💪 at heart and he love's deeply...
Roxie Leanne
This is our Roxie Leanne, she is our 4 year old english bulldog, shes spunky in everyway loves to loay around and just be a homebody.
Loba is a loving pup. She loves to sleep under the blankets or right up on your neck.
Princess Little Toot
She is very out going .She loves to play ball outside , go riding, and go shopping. She bring so much joy to people when she out . They just have to come over to see her and just love on her. She has that personality that just stand out to people. She is very loveable and she dont mine give you kisses .
Tucker Bo
Tucker Bo is a 8 week old purebred Golden Retriever, he is 1/2 lover boy 1/2 wild man & 100% SASSY! He would love to win 1st place! Come vote for him! 💙
Snoopy loves pizza crust... he enjoys snuggles!!💖🐶