Baby Stories - 57


He is a very smart dog. He likes to play in the snow and ride in my truck. Likes to play will his friend windsor. He also likes alot of attention from people.
Hazel Minnie Pearl
Hazel is a sassy, smart, busy, loveable girl. She loves snuggles, squeaky balls, hair bows and her brother, cash. Her favorite thing is going to grandmas house .❤️
Diesel LOVES cuddles. He loves to lick peoples face and just be all up on mommy and daddy. He can’t help but take up over half of the bed (we have a king size bed) 😂 he is so sweet and loving! He may look tough but he is a big baby and he loves being spoiled! ❤️❤️
Malibu loves to run & swim. She especially loves people & is a very sweet pup.
I am a Chihuahua mix.. I love to play so much I even play by myself when mommy is cooking! I am 4 months and got so much energy even my dad isn’t a morning person anymore, he can’t match my energy 😉I L O V E car rides !! I do wish I get a brother soon though!! Vote for me and hopefully I’ll get one sooner than later 😁
I am Bailey. My favorite is going to daycare to play with all my friends. I’m 80 pounds at 7 months old, and overestimate my size especially when I roll off the couch. I’m just your average dog that eats, sleeps, and poops, but I’m cute doing it 🤷🏽‍♂️.
Zaddie Jo
Zaddie Jo is a Energetic sweet toy Aussie! She loves baths and being pampered every time she comes in from outside. She loves to take all her toys under the bed and hide them all from her siblings! But she does love her family!
Bambino loves cuddling up next the fire and getting his paws toasty! He loves playing with his sister and brother and eating everything in sight!
Journey was born oct 10th and is the only pup to survive. She had a long “journey” after her arrival the next pup got stuck and all were born still born after. We were able to get momma meds and well again. I couldn’t part with her after being the only survivor. Holding her daily we got attached quick. She’s becoming hell on wheels and we’re totally in love 😍
This little girl just joined our family a few weeks ago but is definitely showing her personality! She’s sassy, playful and extremely sweet. She knows how to use her puppy eyes and melt everyone’s heart very well! We are so glad she’s with us! ❤️
Tiny is a pure bred American Great Dane, he loves walks in the park, chasing squirrels, and barking at absolutely nothing
My very cute Dog lily is a very loud calico tabby, she is very dog like and very spoiled. She loves strawberries and catnip of course and hates citrus smells and perfume lol. We got her from petsmart but with that said I don’t support buying animals from petsmart! She’s my best friend and I’d love to see her win something because she is in fact THE BEST cat! I mean dog 😳
Cookie is as sweet as can be! She loves to run around and play! When she sees other dogs she cant help her excitement so she just jumps and rolls in-font if the other pup to show she wants to play! Shes likes to watch TV and to take lots of naps after playtime! Cookie is an angel!
Maybelly is a Husky Pitbull mix a Pitsky is you will!
Beau loves swimming and cuddles. He hates when daddy gets too close to mama and isn’t giving him all the attention. He’s spoiled rotten but we wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️
He is a firecracker full of energy & can ride a skateboard 💙
She is a sweetheart who loves to play catch & loves her family💜
Hi my name is Poopsie, I know my name is weird but my sister named me when she was 5. Anyway I will be turning 14 I’m getting old so I don’t do much but sleep! I loooooove sleeping! Well that’s all I have to say have a great day byeeee! Woof woof
Hi I am Tessie the most lovable beagle! I will be turning 3 years old July 4th but I don’t like fireworks! I love playing in the snow and being outside and I will never turn down cuddles! Most of all I love when my family is home with me! Xoxo woof woof!
Cash is a 1 year old Great Dane! He is the biggest cuddle bug and loves going for car rides! He is a true mamas boy but loves everyone he meets ❤️
Hi I am Jax, I am a mountain fiest, which is a squirrel hunting dog. I am very energetic, I love attention, and playing in the snow. My favorite thing to do is eat treats, sleep, and cuddle.
Hi my name is Ella you can call me El for short, I’m a little over a year old and i LOVE to play kids are my favorite! I’m a big toy lover oh and my favorite snacks are anything with peanut butter my favorite place is the beach I’d be there all summer if i had my way my mom says I’m a crazy girl but i think the word curious fits me better.
Cosmo is a pitbull mix. He loves his brothers (other dogs in the house). Cosmo is very energetic and loves cuddles. ❤️
Boba Fettch
Hi I’m Boba Fettch!!! Can you guess who I’m named after? I am currently 9 months old and live in Pennsylvania. I love playing with any toy I can find, going bye bye, playing with other dogs, and cuddling with my humans. I have big beautiful eyes and I look handsome in bow ties. If you vote for me, I’ll be your furever friend ❤️
She will not give up her bone!
Hi, my name is Bryndal. My mommy wanted to name me after the color of my coat! I love playing in lakes, creeks, and to catch snow balls. I also enjoy car rides, and chasing a vehicle and a 4 wheeler across our field. Please vote for me because I just want everyone to love me.
doodle is going to be 5 years old in June. I adopted him last year from the Marion County Humane Society in Fairmont, WV. He is the sweetest boy! He loves children, walks, car rides, cuddles, being tucked underneath the blankets, and much more! His favorite snacks are peanut butter and green beans. Doodle also loves his stuffed toys and balls, as well as chewing on milk jugs! He is very loving and has the squishiest face. In other words, go ahead and do your thing and vote for Doodle!
Scout Treat
Hi my name is Scout & I am a two year old brindle chocolate lab! I love to play in the snow with my favorite toy duck! My favorite thing to do is annoy mom & dad with my zoomies and throw my soggy duck on them!
Cooper is a 1yr old Chocolate lab; who loves to swim, play with his toy pig, and cuddle! Please vote for Cooper❤️
Agusta aka Gus Gus was 4 months old who passed away 3 weeks ago from internal bleeding from something he was born with. He loved to play with his cat brother and blend in with the snow when he played outside. Rip my baby boy!
Hi my name is Loki. I’m a sweet 10 month old German Shepard puppy who loves playing fetch and getting belly rubs. I recently lost my brother so sometimes I’m very sad but cuddles make it better! Please vote for me.
Jamison is a spunky black Labrador. He loves his people. He likes to play fetch, loves the water and is such a happy pup.
Bear is an adorable male black lab; he loves to play ball and run around in the yard 💙. Please vote for Bear, he’ll really appreciate it.
Athena enjoys her favorite stuffed lamb she’s had since she was a small pup, and trying to take on her older brother, Apollo.
Chandler is a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. He has a big personality and a lot of energy. He loves to play fetch and enjoys his walks.
Easton loves long walks and laying out in the yard in the sun!
Auggie is actually Boston Terrier/chiweenie! His mommy is a Boston!! Hes the cutest happiest little guy on four short little legs!! Hes always ready for an adventure or a good chase after his boys on their dirtbikes!! For as short and little as he is hes pretty fast 💙
Lady is a Chihuahua and Jack Russell and she always has a lot of energy. She can be annoying but she looks so peaceful when see sleeps.
Rex was a stray when I found her and she was so shy at first but I loved her with all my heart and whenever my brother will mess with me, Rex will try and bite him. She was my little protector.
Hazel is an absolute cuddle bug ! when she’s not hanging out with her humans inside she’s outside running around !
Sanchez is a loving “ dog “ that loves belly rubs and tuna and long walks on the beach
Hello! My name is Coco, and I am the most adorable, smart, playful Labrador Retriever around! I love children and other dogs too! I love going on walks and playing in the snow, my most favorite thing ever is when I receive treats for being a good doggo. Most importantly i am in the process of becoming a registered therapy Dog. I will then go to our local nursing home and spread positivity in many different ways! If you vote for me I would greatly appreciate it. Have a wonderful day!
Millie loves to play with her toys, take long naps and most of all cuddles!
Bailey is a 7month old Black Lab/Pitt/Shepard mix. We did a foster to adopt, I knew I was keeping her before we even got her. We 💖💖💖 her to pieces. She loves to play fetch, go for walks, and learn tricks!
Ponch is a fun energetic sassy little dog he’s not afraid to tackle you if you take his toys
Snoop is a very fun and nice playing puppy who loves to eat Cheerios. Snoop is very smart it’s almost as he’s human, he will jump into the bathtub and turn the water on all by himself and lay there as the water runs on him.
Daisy is 1 years old and the biggest sweetheart there is. She loves toys but only to remove all the stuffing because all she wants is to get to the squeaker.
Hi my name is Murphy! I love playing in the snow. I have 3 human sisters and a human brother. My best friend is a 16 year old chihuahua.