Baby Stories - 57


The goofiest dog ever, he loves everything. Especially sticking his head out the window and letting his jowels flap.
Sassy Kay
I’m Sassy Kay the Pembroke Welsh Corgi! Some of my favorite things to do is going on car rides, meeting new people, playing with my toys & so much more! I absolutely love my mom! I would love to win the contest! ❤️
Mack is the biggest sweetheart, and the fasted learner in the house! Learned all of his basic commands in one day!
People always ask to take pictures of him
My name is Abby! I’m a Vizsla! I am passionate about running & playing outside! I also love my human baby, and my sister (orange cat) Emma! And snuggling in blankets!
Happy, very attached pandemic puppy
Hello my name is Charlie Marie. I'm a Portie and love water.
Hi my name is turbo im 7 montha about to be 8 and I'm a Mastiff, black lab, pitbull, and boxer breed! ❤ I love cuddles and attention!
Izzy loves to play with her son Draco and snuggle on the couch with her people
Major loves to sleep on his back and snore as loud as he can he loves to relax but most of all he with his people
Draco is silly funny happy loyal and he loves his people and his flirt pole
Hi there friend! My name is Pickle! Momma always says I’m a handsome boy, and you know what I think I’m handsome too! I love going for rides in the car, and I love visiting our favorite stores! People always come up to me and tell me how pretty I am. Of course! I know this. I love when I see little kids in the stores with their parents! They always come up to me and give me pets! Momma says I’m being an ambassador, but I don’t know what that means. All I know is that I get the most best treats when we go to the store! I love running in my backyard, and I love to watch the birds too! Okay I think the squirrel is back. I need to go do an investigate!
He is a four old Jack Russell n he is very playful acts like a cat loves to play n run n tear up all his toys
Hey there! My name is Whiskey and I’m a rescue from western Texas. I absolutely love to snuggle up to my momma, but I cant resist adventure. Recently I just moved to North Carolina, and OH MY GOSH! So much green! I’m having an absolute ball meeting new pups and exploring countless new trails. If you’ve got a second, take that paw and press the vote button🐶😋
Hi my names Bella, I love the outdoors. I love going kayaking and riding with mom on her jet ski. Laying out in the sun is probably my favorite thing and cooling off in the pool is my second. I like playing ball and frisbee and playing with my friends. I take long naps during the day and snuggle next to moms legs at night because I feel safe. I’m a big dog but I’m scared. Please vote for me.
Jason is a big baby. He’s scared of thunder… he’s basically the chihuahua in the group because he starts shaking the second he hears thunder. Other than that he’s a softy.
Patchez loves food, he’s a bit chunky. He loves to lay on Jason’s back. He also makes piggy sounds
Maxí loves his fur brothers and sisters. Loves swimming at his Grandpaw’s house. Maxí also loves going out and supporting his neighborhood businesses.
loves to snuggle and go bye-byes(walks/car-rides)
Sam is a big baby that loves to snuggle, love and lay in the sun <3
Luna Mae
If the sun is out☀️, my tongue is out!👅
This little guy has the best loving personality. He works as an ESA but is very spoiled and loved. He is constantly by mommas side no matter what.
Luna Bella
This little girl has a heart of gold-she is a well trained ESA. She is so loving and has no mean bone in her body. She loves cuddling and giving mom kisses.
Breesy is the sweetest little thing you will ever meet! She loves everyone and everything and brings a smile to everyone she meets!
Sir Miles Alexander
Miles can't pass a person or dog without wanting to say hello and is known for creating massive toy piles because it's more fun to chew on one on top of another one. He loves smelling flowers, plants and trying to catch birds and squirrels.
Teddy is a 3 year old boy.He loves to run,and play tug of war.He also loves his piggy!He is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet.❤
Hello my name is Luna I love sleeping with my big sister at night time. When i wanna go in my big sister room i scratch at the door so she can let me in i love my big sister. In the summertime I love to go outside and run around with my family please vote for me and i will do the same for you.
Lenny ‘s loves people , playing in water, playing fetch. He’s growing really fast and love eating everything in sight 😎🍗🍖🏈⚾️👠🧦
Beans loves to chase freesbies and play with other dogs.
Baxter Blue
Baxi is a fun, loving, sometimes naughty, little love bug. He enjoys chasing flys, toys and any type of ball. This handsome guy has a majestic mane of curls and gorgeous hair as big as his personality.
She’s such a silly goose! Juno is a German Shepherd/ Chow mix. Gotta love those party hat ears, right? She’s super sweet and loving! She’s an amazing service dog and is so laid back. She loves minty dentastix.
Kiki is such a good girl! She loves her human sisters and loves any type of chew snacks
I’m a fun loving puppy who got rescued and now I go for play dates at the dog park and I have an awesome family who loves me, vote for me I love new chew toys and treats.
Cricket is floppy puppy that loves playing with her human sister!
My name is Gator. I was found/rescued and my 2 mommies adopted me! I was born with a cleft pallet even though my mom says I survived a Alligator fight(silly mom we don't have Gators here)! I love my home and playing with my brother and sisters. My favorite toy is a water bottle because mom won't let me chew on her hair. I eat like a horse and sleep like a bear! I would love to win to prove to my brother that I am truely the cutest!
Summer Goldilocks
Summer loves to sun bathe, sleep, and play. She’s such a sweetheart, and loves being brushed. She loves when she gets her peanut butter at night. Summer was rescued from a pound
Ulin loves his chicken treats. He loves to sit like a penguin. It freaks me out. He is the sweetest most loved rescue. Just look at those eyes 🥺
George is the most loving puppy.
He loves to fetch and loves to sleep
She is my Service puppy. She loves to help her mommy get through the day!!
Gizmo likes playing fetch and barking at strangers the most.
Murphy is a 8 week old miniature golden doodle who is so smart and loveable!!! He starts puppy preschool on Monday to learn basic obedience. Then he will be trained to be a service dog to assist in emotional support with anxiety and depression!!!! If you scroll through his pictures you will see that Murphy LOVES to SLEEP!!! He loves to run around and look at his reflection in the mirror as well…
This is Carter the Classy pup. He’s a 11 month old blue tick beagle who love to go play with us puppy friends, go for runs on the beach, and always has the zoomies. His favorite toy is his baby moose doll. He has the biggest personality as he is always getting into the cutest trouble. His favorite snacks include chicken and waffle treats and frozen blueberries. Hope you all love this little guy as much as I do. Enjoy!!!
Starr loves water and loves to take baths! Also she loves to run and meet new people.