Harper is an Australian Shepard Bernese mountain dog mix. She is very outgoing and loves all people & dogs! She also loves ti high five ✋
AKC registered German Sheppard. He loves his stuff hedgehog and his raw chicken at dinner time. He is a big baby when it comes to cuddles or being away from mom and dad. He is going to be a future mustang rider.
She is the sweetest, loyal shepherd I have owned. She loves any ball and will play til your arm falls off. And goes everywhere my husband and I go. She is a wonderful mama of 2 liters of puppies (22 total). And I love her so much.
Free spirited basset hound 🌻
Curly is 6 months old. He is trained and loves to play. Curly loves to run around the yard, and be chased. Curly loves other animals, and loves getting station. Curly is the sweetest boy ever. he’s the most cuddly boy, he just loves to cuddle and get all the love.
Tyrone James Dingle The Ill
Layla is a very energetic puppy who loves belly rubs, squeaky toys and playing fetch. She is also a diva puppy who loves being in charge.
Baxter Red
He loves his puppy more then anything. He loves to sit on mommy’s lap when he’s sleepy. When he rides in the car he will only sit in the front seat.
She loves her momma!
If you.judge Jax simply by his incredible looks alone you do yourself and him a disservice. He has boundless energy but a soft side that loves to cuddle. He loves all people but his family he loves the most. In his own endearing way he waits by the door and greets them with an infectious excitement that leaves the recipient with no doubt that his family is his greatest love? Spend 5 minutes with Jax and you have a friend for life, a loyal companion and a lot of joy to come.
Ares is such a big, doofy, super clumsy, fat headed, dopey, baby. He ALWAYS thinks he needs a snack and ALWAYS thinks you have one to give him. Resulting in getting your hands slimmed whenever you go to pet him. He LOVES a good head and jowels massage which leads to him snoring. Snoring that could wake the dead and rumble the floors like an earthquake. One thing is certain... he loves his humans and would protect them at all costs. Show him some love. 💘
Taco is very loving.Loves to play with his toys and cuddles.
Maverick was adopted at our local shelter. He was very sweet and chose me. Since adopting him I am exhausted but he is happy!
We just added Blossom to our family a few days ago. She loves cuddles & her kitty sister, Sprout. She’s a Mama’s girl but loves her whole family & is a sweetheart! 🌸💕
Jackie Blue
Jackie Blue loves following Kyra everywhere she goes and barks constantly if she leaves her side 🐾💙🥰
Knox is a fun, adventurous Mini Bernadoodle! He loves playing with his brothers and his pup friends! Knox enjoys sunny days at the lake and golf cart rides. He is always ready for food and enjoys playing with all his squeaky toys. He is for sure a friend you can count on and he completes our family.
Spirit is my 7.5 yr old diva that I adopted on 7/10/22. She is the sweetest baby and loves people.
Bella Grace
Bella is an avid duck retriever who loves a good snack followed by a nap 💗
I enjoy peanut butter, treats, car rides and my favorite ever, naps!
Mandi-jo Possum
Mandi-Jo Possum is very protective of Kyra and always gets her way, due to the fact that she’s extremely spoiled and knows it 🤣💙🐾
Dolce is patient, has a calming but delightful disposition. Loves people & kids, meeting small dogs and taking long walks.
My name is Kami. I am very loving an spoiled. I love kids an enjoy dressing up
Keia is 15 months old. She is full of energy and loves everyone! 💕
Athena is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd. She loves walks, the dog park, and taking naps with momma. She is a great guard dog. Her favorite activities are playing with her sister and relaxing.
Zeke is an almost 3 year old German Shepherd who loves his humans and all children. He recently just welcomed a new German shepherd sister who he is madly in love with! He has such a personality and is so loving! He always has a big ol’ smile on his face. Bring him on a walk or give him a tennis ball and he’s the happiest dog you’ll ever meet!
Merlin,is a one year old blue tick beagles, that has nothing but love to give.
This is Ripple! He is a 10 month old Lab puppy! He loves to retrieve and swim in the river! Ripple knows how to speak, shake and give paw as some special tricks! Ripple is a duck dog in the making and the quickest learner! He loves to snuggle his mommy after working sessions!
This is Lakes. She is a 3 year old Lab! She loves people, eating weird treats like tomatoes and carrots, cuddles and swimming! She is the most affectionate and sweetest baby girl ever!
Livi was the only puppy to survive from a litter of 6. She is playful, cute and very smart. She loves to run and go on long walks with mommy and daddy.
Cavapoo mix 13 week old.
Versace is a 4 month old boxer who loves play dates and endless amounts of love and attention
Junior is a husky/lab/pit mix. He is playful, sweet and lovable. He loves people and is super friendly and loves to play and run.
Willow loves running and playing outside with her brother. She is one of my emotional support dogs since the loss of my son last year. She loves to cuddle with you and sleep in your lap
Scooby loves to play outside with toy balls, run around, and playing with his sister. Scooby is one of emotional support dogs since the loss of my son last year.
Gomer Pyle
Gomer Pyle, my I can’t live with you couldn’t imagine life without you boy. You are my wild child, troublemaker, mom obsessed, part dinosaur, thinks your a lap dog cuddle bug, who loves nothing more then spending days snuggles with mom on the couch, destroying anything in his path, playing with his brother blue and proving everyday why his name is Gomer, because he is a Gomer!
Odin is a Siberian Husky who loves cuddles, digging and anything that crinkles. He's about 4 months old and already has paws the size of my palm!
Apollo is a Siberian Husky who is a little over a year old. He loves running, shoes and squeaky toys and can jump really high!
Oliver is my heaven sent baby boy as 2 weeks prior to finding Oliver's breeder my previous pug past away and i had said if it's meant to be from heaven above I'll get anther pug and 2 weeks later i found Oliver's breeder, Oliver hadn't been born yet but 1 week after meeting them Oliver was born so I've known Oliver since he was in his mommas belly
Paisley is a 4 year old German Shepherd, who has been by my side since she was 6 weeks old, she has been such a blessing and lifesaver to me as I went through a very rough spot in life! She has such a huge heart, she loves everyone she meets and absolutley loves kids and has such a motherly instinct. She is very protective over her me (her mama) and her home. She loves to be outside and loves to play in the water and the snow.
Izzie came to us as a foster, and won our hearts and her forever home.
Though she is small, she is fierce! Lola is a wonderful foster sister to all her foster siblings that come through our home.
Raina is a 5 mo. old German Shepherd who loves all people, kids, dogs and especially her hoomans! Her favorite game is tug of war and she loves to run and be chased. She is also obsessed with ice cubes! 🧊 🤣
Frankie And Bentley
These two are two peas in a pod! They love to play and sleep!
Loki's a college dog, spends his days walking downtown Ann Arbor and educating himself! Help him get his degree, vote!
Oak Ridge Oakley loves to play fetch and play with her Beagle brother Trapper. She loves to snuggle with the kids and gets lots of kisses. She makes our family whole!
This beautiful, feisty girl loves to play. She enjoys her toys, running around outside, frolicking in the rain, splashing in the water, walks, and playing with her friends.
Chase had a sad story. All his life he was locked in a cage and starved. He was starving not only for food, but for love, exercise and a normal dog life that he deserved. One day Chase managed to eat through his metal cage to escape. At that point his owners were fed up with him and dropped him off at the dog shelter. He was 4 years & two months old. He didn’t know what life had to offer. I originally went to the shelter to see a beagle they had available but when I got there, the beagle was spoken for. I went to see other dogs and I saw the sweetest Siberian Husky. He greeted me with a single look. I asked to see him and the lady that worked there warned me and said his previous owners said he is a terrible dog. Are you sure you want to see him? I looked at him and my gut said he was a good dog. I could feel it. I said yes! I want to see him. We went into a room to see the dog. The whole time I was with him the lady was telling me a list of complaints the previous owners had. But I saw nothing but a perfect, beautiful, sweet boy. I told the lady I want him. She was shocked. She said well they also have a lot of hair that will get all over everything are you sure? I told her I have no doubt in my mind he’s the one. His original name was Kaiser. But that name was retired to get rid of old memories from his previous life. My daughter named him chase after the paw patrol dog. He had to get dental work and a lot of medical treatment because he was in such poor condition that the owners left him in. He is now a happy healthy dog. Chase is living his best life and he couldn’t be happier. Everyone in the neighborhood loves him, and at the dog parks too. 😇