Baby Stories - 57


Hello, I am Harley. Mom came out to meet me and it was instant love. I had some yucky worms but mom fixed it. I go everywhere with mom pretty much except for work, I hate when mom goes there she takes to long so I find something of hers and I eat it to show her. But when mom comes home I greet her every time and then we play. I love to sleep on top of mom so I know she is close. I get my younger dog sister Bella in trouble alot because she joins in with whatever I do even when I am naughty. Mom took all the knobs of that thing that gets hot and smells of delicious food, because I kept jumping up and turning them on. I eat their food if they leave it unattended. Even when it is high. i just jump on the stools to help get whatever I want. One time mom made cheese burgers ???? ???? and left them on the hot thing that smells like food, I ate more then half boy was mom mad. Mom left a pan with frozen pizza on the island and thought it was safe, ha ha ha I got that too. Mom doesn't know how I got it without pulling the pan down, but probably better that she doesn't know. I love my life and my family and if someone tired to hurt them I would get angry. ps. I hate balloons, they are creepy how they just float.
She my spoiled brat and the other half of my ❤ she beautiful and perfect in my eyes we rescued her from the side of the highway when she was 6 days old and she stole our hearts from the start!
hes a great big teddy bear!, and the love of our lives. He super goofy and loves to help with everything, hes our handsome man
Sheena is a Medical Service Dog by day and a couch potato by night. She is a hero to her human and her entire family!
Play. Eat. Love. Sleep. Repeat.
Izzy was rescued from the street of Bradenton Florida. She is simply the most loving, caring dog. With the sweetest disposition..
Diamond is so sweet, lovable and goofy. She loves to ride, eat and sleep. She is absolutely a wonderful dog🐶♥️
Slim Shady
Hi i'm slim shady ! I was born january 14th 2020💚 I am a hyper loving energetic boy! I love my mommie & daddie. My favorite thing to do is play with my stuffed animals that are 10 times my size. I weigh 9 pounds! Vote for me 👍🏽 Thank you!
Mocha is a 3 month old labradoodle. She loves to play & cuddle with her momma❤️
She Is Such A Happy Puppy , She Is 9 Weeks Old ! Loves To Play With Her Sister Riley❣️ She Bites Toes Lol , But She Soo Adorable! Loves Squeaky Toys & Running Around Outside ! & Her Name Is Based On Lion King ! “Sarabi” Only With A V !
Stewart was a rescue from pocatello animal shelter. He's my best friend. I'm on hospice and he's is now officially registered as my emotional support dog. I think we saved each other's lives. ❤️❤️
Hi, I’m Reese! I love car rides with the windows down, tennis balls and chicken rawhide bones!
Domino Capicu was born in Cape May, NJ and loves to bounce and bark. With his unique circle patch on top of his head, he came into this world standing apart from all of the rest!
Capone is the most lovable well mannered little boy. He loves his four human brothers and mom and dad. He makes our family complete but I think the cat would disagree!
I’m Sky, I love people; especially ones that give me massages, peanut butter, and let me snooze in the sun. I have a favorite spot, right behind my ears, that I like to get rubbed. When that happens, I make a funny sound, because it feels so good! I get along with the dogs and people I have met here, including respectful children of all ages. I would rather not spend my time jogging or wrestling with energetic dogs since I’m a really mellow guy. I need a house full of soft beds, people who like snuggles, and yummy treats!
Her name explains it all, she loves belly rubs the most & getting beautified
Hi! My name is Ruger. I'm a year old black lab mix with Australian shepherd. I'm a big ball of energy and i love to go explore the wood's, go for rides, I also love playing in the water and most of all i love my humans.
Diablo is 9 years old, he’s our rescue. He’s the most loving dog. He loves to go for car rides and to be outside or wherever mom and dad is. His favorite toy is his Kong with peanut butter. He’ll anything but fruits & veggies. Vote for our boy, he’ll give you kisses ❤️
My name is Darcy I love swimming and love playing with my ball outside I also love spending time with family
Ninja is a rescued Australian shepherd/border collie mix and also my emotional support dog.. He has been there for me through alot of hard times and always puts a smile on my face.. He is loving and playful. He loves to meet new friends. He also likes to be a model and get his picture taken
4 month old Boxer Mix
Mercedes is a ball of never ending energy with a hint of bossy. She loves to do aroos aroos to you if you completely ignore her. She loves to play with toys in a barkbox, car rides, and bossing everyone in the house. Being the only princess besides mom is a job she takes seriously. She loves to race and do zoomies in the morning and running circles around her older brother Cody.
Adopted from the local shelter this September. He came in with a burn on his back and has since recovered. He is very happy to have a home of his own
She absolutely loves swimming, she waits by the door and when the door opens she runs and jumps into swimming pool.
Sofia Maria
Sofia Maria loves to play, she even knows how to amuse herself. She is my sweet loving girl. I can’t help but to love her, just one look is all it took to get hooked😍
Bruno Junior Mulet
Bruno Junior is a 3 month old Miniature Australian Shepherd. He has the most beautiful smile and he absolutely loves to play fetch. He loves to run but mostly that we try catching him. He loves to play and give kisses to everyone. He is our most precious blessing!!
Ruger is an 8 month old bull mastiff lab mix he loves to chew every single toy to smitherines , he’s very anxious, and love his mom and his dad and I’m pretty sure he’s just as much of a homebody as us too.
Lola is very talkative and she mimics sounds. She makes monkey sounds. My husband says "Hey Monkey-Butt," and she says "Hoo, Hoo, Hoo" like a chimp. She also says "uh-huh" If you ask her if she's hungry or needs to go outside, she'll tell you by saying "uh-huh" She's smart and sweet and loves everyone. Truly the best doggo ❤ I have ever had.l love this rescue. She's actually a Reagle. Half purebred Rottie and half purebred Beagle. The purebred Rottweiler got out and "sullied" the man's beagle and he wasn't happy and turned them all in to the pound. We got the best most loving and sweetest dog out of his perceived horror!
Josie is 13 weeks old and us a Shitzu and German Shepherd mix. She loves to be outside and loves to play.
Flower is a terrier mix! She has been by my side for over 7 years. She is my absolute best friend and I love living life with her.
Hemi is a great chocolate lab!!! he loves to play and be loved on. Very energetic and LOVES birds!! 💙💙💙
She loves the water, very stubborn but loves the attention!!
Bella is a big ball of energy who's favorite past time is playing tug with anything and everything.
Ace is 7 weeks old. He loves chew toys and playing outside!!
Hi! My name is Ruger. I love to go explore the wood's, go for bye bye rides. I also love playing in the water and most of all i love my humans.
ThIs is Laya my little Sour Patch. She’s a 6 month poodle/terrier mix puppy. She’s amazing with her sassy personality.
Memphis Belle
Belle is a 3 year old Australian Shepard mix. she loves to play with her big sister, her toys. she hates baths, and will walk on water if you take her to the lake.
Faye absolutely loves to play fetch, swim, and cuddle! She loves to be dyed because it gets her so much more attention! She is very loved by her mama who is a dog groomer and she gets to go to work with mom!
I'm very affectionate and give lots of kisses. I'm a goofball and extremely smart and learn very fast! I love my mommy and daddy very much. I give them never ending hugs and kisses when they get home from work. I also love my baby sister who's a rabbit and her name is Baby I love to share lettuce with her! I'm very energetic and crazy, but I keep mom & dad laughing regularly!
Tolstoy is a heeler mix who is obsessed with playing fetch. His favorite toys are sticks and rocks, rubber balls are a close third. He loves the beach. His favorite way to make friends is during fetch by taking his ball to strangers feet after his owner throws it. He gets super excited when he hears people call him cute and will immediately run up to them so they can pet him.
This is Sophie. She loves to chew on her toys and cuddle in her free time. If you ask her to go for a ride shes in the vehicle before you can even blink. She also makes sure the yard is always squirrel free. Every morning she trots herself to her Grandmas for a morning milk bone. She's the baby of the household and makes sure everyone knows it.
Bentley LOVES car rides, going on hikes and sleeping in!
Buster is a sweet boy that LOVES to play fetch. He loves is Nana for that anyone and he never meets a stranger!
Zeus is such a rambunctious Puppy and has been an absolute amazing addition to our family. He loves his children! He knows so many tricks and is great at learning new ones. Zeus has many nicknames but usually goes by ZuZu! He loves playing in water and even likes to blow bubbles! He has been extremely well behaved with his mommy lately who recently had surgery.
This is Louisa and her wonderful life partner, Harrington. Louisa loves to make children giggle by kissing them and doing tricks. She loves to snuggle under the covers at night and run on the beach
Hello, my name is Jax i am french bulldog/beagle mix. I am almost 3 yrs old, im full of more energy than my humans can handle, i even ate their couch and im still here. They must really love me cause i only got talked to, no yelling no beating and they didnt even lock me up. I love my humans so much! They spoil me everyday!
Mr. Pugsley
Fun, loving, and extremly missed, lost him to cancer on easter sunday!