Annica Ray
Hi, I’m Annica Ray I’m a Schnoodle (schnauzer/poodle) puppy! I am very smart, protective, and sneaky 😊 my favorite things are socks, trash (out of anywhere/anything), and laying down with my family in the afternoon for family movie time! My owners think I’m the best dog they could ever have!💜✨
Allie loves playing fetch...she’s such a good girl and loves meeting new people and loves to give hugs.
Hi I’m Asher, I’m a red golden retriever! The things I like most are my stuffed duck and to play with mom. Mom says I’m the best boy and that I’m super smart.
She loves being outside, she loves car rides and sticking her head out the window and she loves meeting new ppl
Zero is the most amazing with babies and kids!! Gentle giant
Baby Koda
Koda is a 7 week old husky/bully mix puppers!! Koda likes playing with his stuffed teddy, sleeping in mommy and daddies lap, playing with his brother & going for car rides🐾🐶💙! He is a very kind, sweet, sleepy,happy boy🐾💙
Hi I'm Chance and I Love sitting in my mommy and daddy's lap even though I'm a BIG boy I like running and playing outside with my brother Luke.. I go play in the creek behind my house and then run and jump on mommy and get her all wet... LOL.. I was a little tot when my mommy first got me and I couldn't walk my mommy had to pack me around and take me out and hold me up so I could poddy I started getting better and I have grown up to be my mommy's BIG BOY.. I LOVE my mommy and daddy very much and hey LOVE me back.. My mommy is the best mommy ever so can you vote for me and help me win?
A bone connoisseur and professional cuddler with the wiggliest butt. :)
Ace is the most biggest baby you will ever meet ! He thinks hes a lap dog & always has to be next to mom & dad at all times ! He loves bones & anything that squeaks ! He is a really really good dog !!
Jax Pershing Kerstetter
Jax is a pure breed English springer spaniel he is 11 weeks old and loves to cuddle. Jax’s favorite pastime is making his hoomans chase him through mud puddles in the back yard and chewing on their pant legs.
Zues loves teasing the cats and belly rubs and of course his mom he will sit andshake and he loveshis squeak toys
Hello I am Riley!! I am almost 2 & I am such a good boy. I love anything active.
Loki is part husky part red wolf happiest dog i have ever owned he loves toys and to be held also enjoys bouncing around like a wolf 🐺 he is 3 years old and will talk your ears off he likes you he guards me and my fiancé’s lives with his an all around true sweetheart the money will all be used for him and his very own room
charlie love to play with his other 4 doggy siblings and he very out going. he loves to chase cats. He loves to play in water. Charlie loves literally everything
Toto loves walks and playing fetch
Miss Nova is a 6 week old Morkie, she loves to play with her Brother and Sisters, chew on tennis shoes and love on her momma!
Po Po
Po Po is a very energetic puppy, he loves to play tug of war, and is learning to chase things around. He’s a very sweet boy.
Stormy Lou
Stormy Lou is a German shepherd lab mix. Stormy like going for car rides and walks
Wesley is a goofy boy who LOVES cuddles. Personal space is not a thing with him! He loves playing with other dogs and rolling in the snow. He’s the most lovable dog!
Bear is a German shepherd border collie mix and he loves going for walks and loves people. His favorite thing is to play with his toys with his sister
Thor is a 6 year old German Shepherd, he loves long walks and chasing squirrels. He is an amazing protector and always watches my back! His favorite toys are bouncy balls and anything with a Squeaker. He loves bacon strips and milk bones!
She absolutely loves kids, she loves the outside-especially walks; she really loves car rides, and she’s very affectionate
Bart loves to go to work with me and see all the ladies at work he loves squeaky toys and he's a lover loves to cuddle
Fun loving dog!
Hes my baby boy
Sophie Grace
Sophie Grace loves her truck rides and she loves her daddy 🥰 She is the most gentle yet energetic Plott Hound ever! She is very intelligent and loves to do tricks for her treats.
Sora is the most sweetest, loving baby you could ever meet! She LOVES kisses💕❣️
He loves to jump high, and sit and laydown and rollover to get dog cookies.
Hi my name is Gigi-Lynn! I am a English Cream Golden Doodle, from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan!! I love running around in my back yard with my puppy friends, and going for walks at the park with my half-sibling pup George!❤️
Vinny loves watching hockey , playing outside and going for long walks !! That face what is there not to love about it !! Show him so love !!
Patches loves being playful. He loves his bark boxes. He is a very sweet dog and listens very well. He loves sleeping on his masters chest. We couldnt live without patches he is our world
Tyson is a 12 year old boxer dog/ human! He loves his brothers and sisters! Favorite things is sun bathing car rides and cheeseburgers from McDonald’s!
Scout is a fun loving, Jeep riding, Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd cross.
Emma is a very active girl always on the go. She is also the great granddaughter of Bear the Belgian malinios from Person of Interest
he’s about to be one years old , he’s a deer head chihuahua he loves to watch cocomelon and watch tv he also loves being nosey and looking at your phone while your using it , he loves the park and going for long walks with his sissy ,, his favorite food is chicken , he said to vote for him he will love you forever 🐾!!!!! he doesn’t like grocery bags he barks at them😂 , he also loves to sleep either on top of your pillow at night or cuddled up next to you under the blanket
she loves to go to the park and play with her brother remi ,, a funny story about Russia is one time she seen another dog outside and she started like almost singing at the top of her lungs to the other dog and to get his attention , she loves treats and she knows around 15 commands she’s very intelligent.she loves long walks and going on rides with her parents but she doesn’t like going on rides if we’re going to the vet 😂only the park!! and she loves baths she will literally get in the tub with you while you wash her,, she doesn’t like the smell of perfume it makes her sneeze and her fav game to play with you is tug of war and she loves to fetch ( she brings you the ball back) 🐾 she said vote for me guys pweeze 🥺
Archer “Archie” is a happy goofy boy he loves playing in the snow his lamb chop and is oj box he loves being called a good boy and poops a lot
Luke is an 11 week old purebred Australian Cattle Dog. He loves to play and take naps.
My name is crash I love to play ball go riding in cars and cuddling
Loki is such a loving goofy boy, he is so happy to see anyone he meets!
Aussie is a very smart, very vocal cattle dog. He loves his momma with his whole heart. Always by my side, I walk into another room, so does he. He waits for me when I leave, and I do believe he pouts. But,…He also can be a little grumpy, well most of the time he is grumpy 🤣 but not so much with me. He loves his stuffed donut (I replace them constantly) or many other stuffed toys. Also loves a good ol basketball that will last all of two minutes before it’s popped, but he doesn’t care, still makes him happy. ❤️
Nyla Mae
Nyla is a lab mix she is the sweetest little girl youll ever meet ive had her since she was a puppy and here we are 6 years later shes my bestfriend shes been threw it all with me
5 month old miniature schnauzer. Full energy, very smart, and very sassy!
Gus is a German Shepherd puppy who was born on March 13. He is very loving, laid back, relaxing little guy.
Hunny loves her daddy and loves being right up as close as possible and getting treats for being a good dog
Winston is an 11 week old Cocker Spaniel❤️ , His favorite thing to do is play and chew on everything 🥺❤️ Ide really appreciate it if you would vote for my sweet boy 🐾
Ari was a rescue. Her and her 9 brothers and sisters were found in a small box all piled on top of each other in a field in 90 degree weather. She is so much fun and very loving. She is 90% Bassett hound and 10% border collie. She is a very sweet girl and I couldn’t imagine life without her!
Long haired German Shepard here! Beside me is my brother Pico, who is a chihuahua! Im only 8 weeks old, i love to cuddle & sleep but i also love to play with all my siblings! Along with Pico, I also have two Saint Bernard siblings, my big brother Bowser & my big sister Maggie. Stay tuned for more pictures of my family & I 💕🐶🐾