He love the outdoors, he is very a sweet boy, he loves cuddles and high 5's. I have baby blue eyes and love to talk to u. But dont leave me alone to long i really start to miss u.
Chico love to play ball, snuggle and get belly rubs.He is very friendly and loves to give kisses.
Jack Jack
Hey my name is JackJack I’m a 1 year old Pitbull/lab mix
Seamus is a 2 y/o German Shephard. He is ADA certified Psychiatric service dog. He's also the face for Panther Leash, a Combat Wounded Veteran owned and operated business that makes custon leads/leashes for K9 officers and their handlers. Instagram @undercover_k9_seamus @pantherleash
Romeo is the sweetest boy & after a tough start & ending up in a shelter, we adopted this angel & he is living his best life ever. He is loved and adored everyday of his life!
A 12 year old Chow adopted from a rescue after her owner past. Spent her whole life in a kennel and now knows a life indoors and a loving family. Raider is her BFF🐾 Join with our code A3632 and get 1k in free votes
Coby loves to chase balls. He is smart, and loves to cuddle. Since my husband passed, he has filled my days with laughter and joy. He has filled such a void, and makes me smile when I am at my saddest.
Not your typical Chi-boy, Fez brings nothing but wags, hugs and happiness to everyone he meets! Don’t let his 3 pound body fool you though, he is fearless and tussles with his pit bull brother all day ❤️❤️
Wade Ryan
Wade Ryan is a mini golden doodle. He loves to play fetch with his ball, zoomies, collect shoes! He is such a lover!
He's got a toy chicken And he loves it he cannot go to sleep unless this he has it with him.
Miss Stella
She loves to play ball.
Frank is a carefree and loving dog that brings joy and happiness to people of all ages. He loves children, long walks, watching his favorite dog shows on tv, and hanging out with his best buddy Oz.
She is a cuddle bug!!! Loves her momma so much she rarely leaves her side...
Barry loves to play fetch, play with all his toys until they are ripped to shreds.
Stella is 10 yrs old. She loves treats, sleeping next to her momma and loves her tummy rubbed. She is also a singer however she only sings to Earned The Weekend Shes my best friend , ive had her sence she was 1. Shes been my ride or die every since. Stella also loves the blow dryer lol
Lucky is full of life and super charming! He is protective and keeps us safe from the leaves that blow in the wind and grass that moves in the yard. He’s funny and so sweet! His favorites are his hedgehog baby toy, duck treats and his people. He’s so happy when all his people are together!
Dallas is a shelter dog from Texas. He was shipped into of the shelter in south Florida. I took one look at him and fell in love. I did not know anything about him. But I certainly found out. He was horrifically abused. He has overcome his fear with love and trust
Axl is a mix breed of Boston terrier, French bulldog and pug. He is three and an half months old and is spoiled rotten. He loves to be held and plays a lot.
He like your attention love playing basketball
Neo is a Alaskan malamute who love to play putside. He is super energetic and loves playing with his sister. He loves cuddles and going for rides in the car.
Gizmo is 7 years old she loves to shop and loves to stay in my shirt
Rooster loves to play in the snow, at the farm. He also is very energetic, loving, and has a personality that everyone will love:)
Loves to go bye bye. Loves to cuddle. Loves all other dogs
Scout Ripton Ockenfels
Scout is a beautiful female Aussie shepherd and Ripton is her baby brother mutt. Both saved doggies Nana loves dearly
Cash is 7 years old. Hes the best dog ever!!
Coco is super shy at first but when she warms up she is electric. She loves to play with toys or her sister. She is super loyal and a super cuddle bug.
Raider is a 1 year old ball of fluff that loves to play with kids. His hobbies are going for a car ride to the dog park, playing in the snow and watching EVERYONE. He is quick to sit, give a high 5 and get a belly rub.💙🩵💙 Register for kingpet dot com with my code and get 1000 free votes A3632
Percy is my best friend. His favorite things to do are going on walks, playing ball and swimming.
Bud is a chihuahua/pomeranian mix. He is a sweetheart and just wants to lick you until you are soaked. He loves playing with his brothers and sisters and is waiting for his first taste of snow. He has a sweet personality and just starting talking and has a howl at times that is so funny.
Bruce is a loudmouth and always talks back when he doesn't want to do something! He's trained and helps with anxiety while also hunting raccoons as he was born to do. He's a silly boy and always makes me feel better.
I got him 2 years ago. He's around 13 years old and his name was Salchicho which I changed to Sally as it's just less of a mouthful. He likes sleeping, supervising, and just being cute! He is sweet but a little grumpy old man and definitely has his fits when he misses a nap or meal time!
Stevie is a 3 year old Siberian husky. She really love to go on long walks or hikes and enjoys playing tug of war and sunbathing outside.
She loves to sleep!!
Henri is a fun, entertaining and funny character! He is all Aussie from his wiggly butt to his antics that keep my heart filled with joy and love. His favorite things are his doggy friends, scrambled eggs and Parmesan cheese. He has his own chair and is often referred to as Prince Henri
Harlee Quinn
Harlee Quinn is a foster fail. She came to us with 2 broken back legs and yet she was doing her best to walk on them, one hip out of socket and the other badly mangled. Two surgeries later and one less leg, she is truly loving the Diva life.
Lil D
Lil D was a puppy when he found us. He was a stray that made our home his. He was a puppy that was dump in the desert. He has been a true blessing to our family. He loves all kind of toys and he loves to make friends with other people and dogs. He loves to go camping and love motorsports. We are an off road family and he loves it. He also loves his big step brother which is a big male Doberman named Ace.
Toby is a scrappy terrier mix that loves kisses, chasing squirrels, playing with his toys, and helping his dad work at home.
He is 15 this year and has recently passed.
Bullet is one of the most affectionate puppy. He loves to play and take naps on his grandpas lap. He is truly a blessing!!
Beautiful, photogenic, she loves her family
Eeyore is American Pit / Great Dane. He is absolutely very funny! He is very loving and such a sweet boy. He loves to be loved on and shake. He also LOVES to play fetch and tug-a-war. He LOVES his toys. He is definitely mommas baby boy❤️ His growl is a pur lol and it’s funny because he sounds scary and looks intimidating, but really he’s very sweet. He loves to play in the sprinkler. He thinks he’s a small dog in which makes things funny. He tries to bite the air coming out of the blow dryer😂 He’s super smart! He also sits like a human lol
GuGu is the lovebug of shih tzus. Very tenderhearted and loves his lap time. When he does his zoomies he does a bunny hop! So cute! He is the prankster of our fur babies.
Gabby is the sweetest girl❤️. She loves doing her own thing but at night time she is ready to cuddle up in the bed with me. Her favorite thing is zoomies in the back yard and car rides. She enjoys playing tug a war with a toy.
Gus is all boy lol and in to everything. He loves taking off with my croc sandals, he loves lots of toys and playing with his brother & sister. He is a very personal dog. Loves his lap time.
Chump is Min Pin / Jack Russell Chump is very sweet and lets you hold him like a baby. He LOVES to swim at the river(forever and he has to be on a leash lol) He smiles often and sometimes his tongue will stick out the side 😂 If you laugh at him or just laugh in general, he chases his tail lol.
Fran is an angel🩷 She loves you to cuddle with her and is a total lap dog. She loves car rides, and her daily brushings.
She loves attention
Capone loves walks with his mom the most.