She loves to play and run around, she love her toys and being outside
Gunther loves big hugs and kisses all over your face. Gunther loves to yell at his human brother and try to get him to play. He tells you when he wants to go outside or if he’s thirsty or hungry. He hops around the backyard and runs full speed like he’s a little puppy! He is truly special 💕
Bella (Isabella) is a daucshund & chihuahua mix, she is the cutest little 4 year old doggo ever.❤️ she loves cuddles & loves to sleep underneath the covers with you.
Niko is a 5 month old chihuahua & jack russel mix, he loves blankets & chew toys. He has the cutest personality, if he wants a bite of your food he will give you a high five.
Snowflake is very playful n is looking for her forever home pm on my Facebook fleshia Avery if you are looking for a puppy
Archie loves to snuggle with his humans and take lots of naps!
Malla Paige
She's an American Bulldog mix that is 8 months old. She loves to play with her toys and has 2 toy boxes. Her favorites are squeaky toys and balls. She has learned to push a button that has my husband voice of "outside "to go outside to potty. She loves her daddy mostly but will sleep with her mommy most nights. Very smart and loving fur baby!!
Diamond loves lounging around and playing ball with her little brother
Bahn is such a goofball and loves his fruits and vegs. His favorite toy is a banana squeaky.
Gizmo has no tail he is a Manx cat
Hi, my name is Andy and I am 8.5 yrs young. my favorite hobby is cuddling my mama and getting lots of treats. My mama says I am her baby boy and I am a prince.
Karter is a lovable dog and he loves to play with Peyton and is really protective of her
Gotham is 3 and he is very friendly and sweet once you get to know him. He is a shoe and sock thief but he doesn’t chew them up anymore. He’s all about cuddles and belly rubs. He’s an amazing dog over all.
This is our girl Sydney 🐕 💕 she is our beautiful 8 yr old rescue puppy!!! She is sweet as anything, loves giving kisses, extremely laid back, a snuggle bug and the only deaf 🧏🏼‍♀️ member of our family. We love her so much! #GetYourselfASydney
Ellie is a crazy, loving dog! She love to play and snuggle.
Teddy is 2 years old. Cuddling is his favorite. ❤️
He loves being protector, and he is one the funniest lil guys ever, he will dance and jump like crazy when he’s super happy! Oh and now he acts like a big baby since the baby arrived it’s super cute!
Ryder is a very energetic dog. He loves to cuddle up in bed when it’s “night night time.” Ryder loves to play outside and loves to fetch his frisbee but doesn’t like to return the frisbee, he wants you to chase him around the yard and get it from him.
Hi, i’m Chelly. i’m 1 year old. I love to play all the time. I’m also learning new tricks. I taught myself how to fetch. I love taking long walks too.
Paco Taco
Paco is a chihuahua/Shih Tzu , he resides on the gila River Indian Reservation, he loves to eat sleep and play , he’s a very loving goofy boy 💕 and he’s loved by many 🤗❤️ Instagram:@kyla_paco2018
Cujo is my my name. I was named after the movie Cujo since I looked like the dog on there, but despite my name I’m the sweetest dog, Im always ready to protect my owner, and I love my butt scratches and belly rubbed. I love having my stuffed animals thrown and I’m always being so goofy.
Koda is a very loving and hyper dog he doesn’t play but but loves to catch a ball
She makes hearts melt with her puppy antics even for an older gal. Love her tons
Onyx is a sweet and loving girl. She loves playing hide and seek and gets the zoomies when she is excited.
She is a 2 and a half year old crazy fun loving dog thats thinks shes a lap dog most the time....
He is named for Sam Elliott, he was born on his birthday. He loves to play ball and howl and a commerial with an emu in it.
Missy is a ball of fire she is so sweet but never slows down!
Obi-wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi is another Christmas present, this time, early Christmas 2022. He is so loving and if he could, he would snuggle with my husband or me every single second of every day. He and my other 2 Boxers play so well together, and my other male has adopted the father role and my female has adopted the mommy role. She is very protective of him, but my male is more relaxed about him. Oh, and the ears, you just gotta love his ears, they are definitely not like regular Boxer ears. He sleeps in the bed with my husband and me at night, and he loves to lay on his back. I think he thinks he is human, he even runs around the house like he owns it, well, maybe he does...
Waddles is a Chiweenie! He loves to sunbathe and he loves to play chase and he loves when he goes on car rides! Plus, he loves to eat vanilla ice cream and he doesn't like coffee. He likes to be massage; however, he doesn't like baths.
Shadow like for play outside, he like riding, he like people! Rascal sometimes but cute 🥰
Maxie Sue
Maxie Sue is a sweet loving nearly two year old pug. She’s about to be a first time mom. She loves to play with her toys and get as much love as anyone will give her.
2 and a half year old black lab and hound mix. She’s very loyal and protective of her owners, My husband and I. She’s gentle with kids and loves to get the zoomies out of excitement. So far she’s learned how to sit, lay down, stay, speak, give her paw, fetch and swim and play in the snow! She’s very loving, beautiful and such a good girl!
My name is Benji I love giving lots of kisses. And going to get my hair done!! And my number one thing is taking a nap.
She likes attention and will whine louder and more until she gets it. Both her and her sister moan like an old man in their sleep.
This is my best friend my buddy my everything she’s a 2nd Marley and me
CHUBBY is an American Pittbull&Shar Pei mix cutie who loves to eat&chew on EVERYTHING&I MEAN EVERYTHING! He's friendly&loves to give kisses💋loves his mommy&daddy but is daddys baby boy a.k.a "DADDYS CRY BABY" LOL 😆
He loves to eat hes blind in one eye and deaf loves to give kisses and loves to cuddle with mom my and daddy
My name is Kida, like from Atlantis! I like to run zoomies in the back yard and chase lizards.
Peanut is the runt of litter she is a sweetheart please vote for my little peanut
Logan likes to eat , play, cuddle, go for rides in the car. He’s a sweet playful dog ❤️
Ares is a 4 month old pup who likes to sleep and run around the yard. He’s our little cone head man right now due to his surgery, but he’s not letting that cone stop him!!
Joan Jett
I don’t do tricks, It is better to look good!
She chases lizards and protects the pineapple
Ruby is a Beagle/ Labrador mix. There’s nothing she loves more than playing outside and meeting new people. She’ll roll on her back for a nice belly rub from a total stranger and become their best friend. She also loves going on walks at the beach, digging holes and eating treats. She’s curious, brave, silly, snuggly, smart and playful. Please vote for Ruby!
Flo loves riding in the sxs
Jethro Is just a big Gentle Obedient Dog. He Loves Training, Treats, And Snuggles. Jethro is The most sunny, outgoing, And One of the smartest dogs I have met. He also is very loyal and is great for photo shoots. I think that Jethro Deserves the world, and even if he doesn’t win, I’ll still give him my world ♥️