Baby Stories - 56


Dallas loves to run and play. He also is the sweetest and most loving baby.
Sammy is one of the most energetic dogs I have ever had! All she wants to do is play in the backyard with her green ball or with the water holes. She is truly mans best friend❤️
Nilla is the sassiest Samoyed puppy with a side eye like no other. Her hobbies include eating mulch and drinking water so fast she gets hiccups.
Mavi is a ball of energy and incredibly intelligent Abandoned in a feild, Mavi was rescued and adopted about a year ago. He is 40% Husky, 20% Pit, 18% Collie and a mix of a little bit of eveything else. He loves the dog park and making as many friends as possible.
Hi! I'm Sig! I'm 3 months old. Mom says I'm Great Dane, but I think I'm a velociraptor. I'm the cutest puppy ever! (At least that's what everyone tells me!) I like to play outside, take all my toys out just to play with them for a minute and tried to play with my big siblings!
Caroline is a very crazy yet sweet dog who just wants to cuddle and play. She is a very loyal dog who makes sure to protect her home. She loves riding in the car and playing with her brother Kilo.
Ruger is our sweet senior, he spends his days being pestered by his annoying sister Mika, and getting lovings by his family. Ruger loves for people to put their chin in the nook between his eyes he also loves his naps especially if it's on top of a human!
Cooper is very social not in a vocal way but in a way that if there was a party he would want to be in the center of it he’s a people pleaser with a ton of tricks to show off he loves his little husky sister and protects her and show her the way to dog.
Remi is such a kind and sweet little boy. He loves people , animals and minds very well. He absolutely enjoys his sand pool at his stepmoms when she is puppy sitting him.
Nova is the absolute definition of sugar and spice, she has a sweet side which involves lots of kisses but she also has a Spicy side which involves a world full of sass. Overall she is very smart and loves to chase her older brother around the yard
Mika is the most loving dog you'll meet! She's a spaz who loves naps and cuddles ❤️
Sage is your typical dopey, happy go lucky golden retriever. She loves going on hikes every morning with her daddy and wants be everyone’s friend!
Abby is a fun loving feisty little girl. She loves the outdoors and loves cuddling. She is always on the go and always getting into trouble. But who could be mad and a face like that?
Blessing is wild and she loves to wrestle. She likes being held as well. *spoiled*
Zoey has such a great personality, literally a person/cat/dog all in one. She has beautiful leaps and such a sweet soul. Goofball to the max and shows her emotions.
Mia loves to lay in the sun and cuddle up with her mama at bed time.
Very active puppy, loves playing and sleeping in her toy basket, she loves her unicorn 🦄 toy but she really loves any toy that makes noise lol, socks and shoes are her favorite sleeping toy but she can literally pass out anywhere.
Squeaky Poo Ross
Squeaky poo loves with all his heart, he thinks his 2 pound body is a rott weiler, hes very very smart, he does everything u tell him, and the most loyal animal on this earth. He loves playing, and laying around with mommy, never been outside, if he had vocal chords, u best believe he would talk. He knows his mommy is handicapped and follows her just far enough behind her so that she doesnt fall. Hes the best dog ever.
Maple is a 7 week old red merle Aussie! She loves to play with her donut! Follow her on Instagram to watch her grow @maple.the.aussie
Max loves to play with toys and loves to be outside. He also loves cuddling with his mom and and dad🤎
Super active happy mamas boy. He is a great listener and a goofball. He is such a lovable little boy.
Jazz is a very loving dog. He thinks he can talk to you. He loves his toys.
Zeus loves doing tricks and playing at the dog park. He loves people and is a lovable dog.
Jayde loves playing ball and cuddling! She also loves running and kisses!
Cinnamon is my best friend has been my best friend since I was 12 she’s very sick with very bad bacterial yeast infections and I can’t afford it. She’s the mama of Chole Mae and we want our playful loving sweetheart back. She’s a diva with the biggest puppy look so spoiled and a big baby she loves eating and sleeping a total dog version of me LOL she knows she’s beautiful vote for us.🥰❤️
This is my 2 year old Chole Mae her nickname is Keke and isn’t she beautiful she is so loving and playful she is my little diva all eyes on her she loves to play and eat she loves her mama and her Juju (her brother) her favorite stuffed animals are elephants when she kisses she puts both of her paws on my cheeks and she absolutely LOVES the song In my feelings by drake why her nick name is Keke! Vote for us👑🐾
Dixie Lou Who
Dixie aka Dixie lou Who from whoville. Her ears curl back like a character from whoville. Dixie was one of our sick orpha foster pups that we nursed back to health and adopted. She is always smiling, loves to learn and is super smart. She is 11 weeks old. DNA says she is staffordshire terrier, husky,malamute, white swiss shepherd and chow...the cutest orphaned mix breed from whoville!
Leo Wyatt
Leo is a 2 year old long hair dapple dachshund. I got him last year when my cousin could not take care of him anymore I am his 4th owner I’m only the short 2 years he has been on this earth he has very bad separation anxiety that I’m working with him now on. He is very loving he loves to get cuddles at night and give kisses before bed and when we wake up in the morning. He loves long rode trips he loves to ride and go shopping with momma his favorite treat is cheese but he can’t have it all the time he love to lay right on to your face so he knows u ain’t leaving him
He's the sweetest little pup and has a goofy side. He loves going on walks and loves water.
Ernie loves the doggy beach and to wear all of his costumes!
Sisters Tinkerbelle And Smiley
Picked them up together on the side of the rd probably 6 yrs or more ago and they are inseperable! Huge hearts loyal and very much our girls. Love these beautiful ladies and blessed to have them be a part of our lives🥰
Pete is a daddy’s boy but that doesn’t stop me , his mama from spoiling him, we go everywhere together and he loves his kitty Les. He is still a pup so he has lots of energy
Chief Keef
This is the goof ball of the family Chief . He enjoys doing everything you tell him specifically not to do. He also thinks he’s a 20 pound lap dog and hasn’t processed that he’s almost 100 pounds now😂
Xena Rayne
This is my sweet Xena who enjoys following me around to make sure she doesn’t miss a chance to cuddle
Pandora Lynn
This is Pandora Lynn aka Licky . Her favorite thing to do is kiss everyone and everything insight (hence where she got her nickname)
Bixby’s tail wags so hard we are afraid it’s about to fly off for hoses, sprinklers, food, toys, all people and praise.
She’s the sweetest dog that loves to cuddle.
Capone is all around PUPPY, meaning he is as much of a trouble maker as he is a charmer. Those baby blues get him out of a lot of trouble and melt my heart daily, I mean seriously, could you be mad at that face?? The answer is no you couldn't, I've tried! He is a pro a potty training now but has become a master chewer (thank goodness for his bully rope which he goes everywhere with). He loves car rides, cuddling, and wrecking havoc. He has given me all the love I could ever want and I just hope to be able to give it back to him for the rest of his life.
Brixley is just a little thing but loves to be outside and be around family
Rosie is a very cuddly and adventurous puppy who is turning 2 in a few weeks!
he loves playing ball he sits shakes and lays and loves his belly rubbed
Arson loves to go camping, swimming, and LOVES squeaky toys! 🐾
He loves to run and play with his brother. He is very gentle and loves people.
She's a 4 month old puppy found on the side of the street in SC. She's a really loving dog, who has the perfect balance of calm, and playful.
Pumba was saved from a shelter 😍 he is such a sweet and playful baby! He also loves to give cuddles and kisses 😘
Jordan is a very playful & smart yorkipoo. He's very well-mannered and doesn't let you out of his sight. He gets called a "Pup" by everyone, because he looks like a puppy. He's actually 13 years old, but you would never guess that. He is such a joy to us all.
Zeke is a handsome Boy that is full of spunk, love and determination. He loves to swim, camp and hang out with his siblings! Zeke is that all around adventurous lab.