Baby Stories - 56


Dozzy is a silly awesome rescued pup (4 yrs old)who loves tennis balls more than anything. She loves to sleep with her stuffed snake and cuddle with her mom and dad💜
Ralo a young stud in the making! A pied bald blue Merle is the color of his unique coat. Very playful and cheerful pup at 10 months old. 💪🏾🦍🐾 Best part about him is how sweet and cuddly he can be!
Atlas is a playful American Pocket Bully who enjoys walks, hiking, playing with his twin year old sister, and laying around for movie time with our 4 children.
Amora is a sweet American Pocket Bully who enjoys walks, laying on the air vent, playing with her twin brother, and being the best support puppy to a disabled 3 year old boy.
Max is my old man with plenty of play and love in him. Having had multiple health issues, he is still my shadow and best friend. We call him Eeyore because he just kinda mopes through his days and tries to stay away from his Tigger of a sister, Brindi who always wants to play.
Brindi is a lover. She knows when someone is hurt and lays over them or licks the area that hurts. Loves tennis balls and treeing squirrels. Most days you can find her laying in the sun on our deck. I rescued her at 4 months old after someone stabbed a pipe through her ribs and set the dumpster they abandoned her in on fire. Just an absolute love.
Dazy Loves going for car rides and exploring new places ... she also loves her Moms and family time watching our favorite shows snuggling on the couch
Ranger loves everyone! He loves to play and be an absolute dork. Typical boy!
Luna is a goofy, fun loving pup who knows how to have a good time and warms peoples hearts. She loves cuddles and giving forehead kisses to her mom and dad.
Scamp is a gentle giant, loves playing fetch with the kids and chasing bubbles!
Otis is a dog that’s all about love! He’s at my parents 40th wedding vowel renewal! Waiting for his turn to walk down the isle. He patient, mild mannered and LOVES to cuddle!
Chico And Zuma
❤️❤️❤️~~PLEASE LIKE AND/OR SHARE! THANK YOU SO MUCH!~~ ❤️❤️❤️ — Hello, Chico here!.. Most of you know me already! Well i wanted my new friend to join my contest with me! My friends name is Zuma. He’s real playful, which i’m not overly fond about, getting too old for these young pups! 😄.. Zuma is always happy, loves us all to pieces! He is 36 weeks old. Other than me, AKA Chico, I will admit, Zums’s the cutest baby pup! 🥰 If we win, any prize will be put towards a doggy day care at the hotel we run, and so the pups can get outside and have company while their families are away visiting all those ‘really strange’, “non-pet friendly” ‘attractions’ in the mountains.. (lol)..Basically our goal is a doggy daycare, or what we like to call here at the hotel, a “doggy ‘day-cation”.. hehe. Please vote for us! Chico, me and all others visiting our hotel will appreciate ANY votes you’re able to give to help us reach our goal! 🥰❤️
Bean is the kindest, gentlest lil guy. I like to call him my loyal subject because wherever I go he follows..
Lambeau is a service/working dog who loves walks, cuddles, and treats. His favorite time is meal time. You rarely see this boy without a smile on his face!!
Hi, I’m Vasco!! I’m named after the famous Portuguese Explorer: Vasco da Gama. I absolutely love cheese, and am heavily motivated by food!! My best dog friend is a Husky named Titus!
Harley is such a bundle of love! She is always a happy girl, loves to snuggle and play! We are so happy to have her in our family 💕
Penelope is the princess of her house! She enjoys long walks, rides in the car and treats!
Maya is a sweet loving husky who loves to play and give kisses and learn new tricks♡ please vote for her
Saije Rose
Hi, Saije Rose (Sage) here.🐾 My zodiac is Capricorn, January 10th 2020. So yes that means I’m one of the most spoiled pups. Hobbies are taking moms food, barking at mom when I have to fake potty so I can go outside and play with my favorite chuck-it ball. Also trying to steal a drink of moms beer. I’m trained in agility, and would love to become a show dog one day. I enjoy chasing my ball at every dog park, swimming at any lake or pool is my go to. I’m a crazy pup by day and lazy pup at night. So if you don’t mind, swipe right and vote if you think I’m cute. I love you something p”awfully.” Cheers to that, I hope you have a good day. ♥️ Saije 🐾
Indie is the most active dog I have ever had! She LOVES runs, playing with the other puppers, & doing anything she can to get in trouble.
Acer is my little sweet baby. He’s a couch potato & loves cuddling his mamma! He doesn’t like being told no, & he’ll let you know. He’s VERY talkative.
Remi LOVES water more than anything. He constantly tries to jump in the pond at the house and plays with the other dogs! He’s very active and loves playing.
Tayleigh Tater
She is energetic mini dachshund, loves to play and have fun . She has never met a stranger .
Callie Mae
Shes always looking for love and she loves to play outside she is really smart and knows some awesome tricks
Fiona loves treats, cuddles, burping, snorting and farting.
Tito, tito mcfrito, cheetah, taquito….this boy came into my life when I needed him to. He has been the best part of 2021 for my family and has brought smiles back to many of us when we couldn’t find a reason to smile. He is my little wiggly butt of joy ❤️
He loves to play and thinks he needs to follow me everywhere
My sweet copper came into our lives in January when he was 5 months old. He is spoiled and loved unconditionally!
Winston "Tank" is a true character. He makes us laugh on a daily basis with his crazy faces. This particular day, he found a pacifier and decided it was his turn to use it. Winston is a blue French Bulldog and is 3 years old.
Coco was a pound dog.. she loves running free on our ranch and especially WATER.. it could be below freezing but she will be in the cows water. She loves her life!
Juliet is the sweetest dog anyone can have , she will love anyone she meets.
Holly likes to scream, when you touch her, or get close to her. She screams...
Cowboy is a big sweet baby. Alway curious and ever obedient he protects our family.
Yeti loves making new friends and loving on people and other dogs. He loves to talk all day long, go on hikes, take baths and play in the water and always makes sure to wink at you. Yeti would love to win this contest so he can get some new toys and make a donation to his friends at the shelter who haven’t found their forever home yet.
Bandit is a 5 year old black boxer, he is very playful and loves his family, Bandits favorite thing to do is sleep, eat, play, go for car rides, and go for walks. Bandit has been part of the Benthin family for 5 years now. Bandits favorite snack is cheese, he is a very big and muscular dog. Don’t let bandit fool you he looks and acts like he is 1 but he’s 5. Give bandit some votes!!
Jaden Joy
Jaden Joy loves playing with her friend JJ (Jesse James). Loves her chew toys and her collection of stuffed sloths!
Kopper is a Australian red Merle Sheppard. He is a friendly, fun and energetic dog. Very smart and loves his treats and loves his toys! He is protective of his family and his best friend is Maverick a golden retriever across the street! Kopper has been a joy to our family and we love him so much!
Meet Murphy! A silly, mouthy, lovable big ole boy who loves to hike and get everyone’s attention. He is our adventure baby!
Mario is the best big brother. Over the years, he has welcomed a Pitbull, Teddy bear pup, 2 ducks, and recently a Yorkshire into our home so sweetly. He always looks out for his little brothers and sisters. He's a sweet boy and loves to cuddle, go on walks, and is always up for a treat!
Caesar is everyone’s best friend. He loves crossing paths with the kiddos on his early morning walks. He loves car rides, especially if we’re heading to the beach. My sweet gently giant
She’s the sweetest craziest little girl! She’s full of so much energy and she loves to play with our cats and our older dog. We call her baby brat lol.
Amaia is a sweet loving chiuaua. She loves walks, cookies, playing with her brother atticus, most of all she loves to snuggle with her mamas.
Apollo is a baby all around. He’s a 2 year old rescue who had a tough life and somehow still is the sweetest dog in the world. He would love you vote for the cutest and sweetest boy as his mommy tells him daily. ❤️
Zarina was a rescue dog she is 8wks old. She is a Yorky and Shih Tzu mix, they say she might be a Toy. She loves to cuddle and give tons of kisses. She always want to play with everyone and chew on fingers. Zarina would love your vote!