Baby Stories - 55


Oso is playful,obedient,loyal and just the cutest look at that face 😍
Jackson is a 3 month old Shihpoo who loves everyone he meets!
Ethel is a Potcake from Jamaica. When I rescued her she was almost feral, she would bite, wasn’t house broke, afraid of walking on a leash, hated walking through open doors and today she is a completely different dog. She has been with me since before my family and we have three now. She loves those kids with everything she has in her. We love her so much.
Squirt is an outgoing and energetic dog but does love his naps. He loves to go swimming and is a big cuddle bug. He steals everyone’s heart.
Odin is 1 1/2 years old at 5months old we almost lost him from Shari pei fever he still gets sick here and there but he is a special little man he’s my clown he does make everyone happy he’s got a Attitude in a half but always happy
Lego is a Finnish Lapphund. He loves to run around squeaking his toys. When his friends come over he can’t even contain his excitement so he talks all about it. He’s such a good boy and loves to sneak in a kiss or two while he gets pets.
Grizzly is a big fluffy goof!! Craves attention and loves love
Charlie is a loving caring pomaweenie. He loves attention and to be with his people. He is a sweet fella💗
Zeke is a 3 & 1/2 month old Belgian Malinois. He loves to learn and play with his humans. His favorite thing to do is cuddle with his 97 year old great-great-Nana, and watch Hallmark movies every night. He’s the sweetest pup ever!
Rocky is a long haired German Shepherd with a very loving personality. He LOVES the snow and to be outside, especially if there is a ball involved. He lives on a ranch with lots of other animal friends and is playful with all of them.
Ramsey is a 5 year old rescue. She loves to snuggle, annoy the cat and play with her squeaky toys. Ramsey is also an avid outdoorsdog, she enjoys hiking, fishing, camping and kayaking with her human.
Helios isnt just a pet, he is also my service dog. When he’s not working he is playing with his brother and sister, both husky’s as well. He has such a goofy personality and such a good listener. He’s a sweetheart who loves snuggling mom!
Luna is a very sweet and sensitive dog. She loves to be the boss😂but is very friendly. she’s the dominant one. She’s the leader of the pack! She loves run and snack on dog treats. She’s also a great watch dog, she’ll keep you on your toes!
Roxie is a very sweet loving dog. She’s loves squeaky toys and to play tug of war. Great alert! She’s very smart and listens well. She also loves to run.
Jeter was adopted from the shelter after being surrendered because he “was too big to fit in a purse”. His favorite past times are napping, laying in the sun, and playing with his cat friend Herman.
Zoey is a fun loving, playful puppy. She brings happiness to our family...
Zoei was rescued in June and we didn’t think she’d get too big. She is now 80 pounds, loves to cuddle, play with toys, and get treats!
Grand Champion show dog that loves to give kisses and play ball..
Registered certified therapy dog that loves working with children.
Registered certified therapy dog. Also on the Michigan War Dog Memorial Salute team.
Hello! My name is Rambo! I am 13 weeks old! I love to play with my toys and my parents dirty socks and run outside and eat all the snow! I love to sleep on the cold floors instead of my fluffy bed and go on rides! (Except to the vet) :)
Hi friends, my name is Nyla💕I’m very playful, full of energy and I currently chew on everything my favorite toy is my bone that helps my teething since I still have baby teeth. Please vote for me so my mom and dad can buy me more toys❤️
Spotty Gene Friend
Please vote for our baby!! He is full blooded English Bulldog!!He loves to eat!! Lay around please with his brothers and sisters!! He is 10 weeks old!! Him and his brother got on the cutest pet on our vets website was just love our animals and think all of them are adorable but he takes the cake!!
Diamond is the most amazing fun lovable puppy I have ever met and I love my baby with all my heart he is a registered emotional support animal
Princess is a 3 month old golden. She loves to walk 3 miles in the mornings. She is training to be a service animal. Her favorite treats are anything edible. When shes tired she wraps her entire body around our necks. And she loves cuddles!
Chloe is the sweetest most lovable dog. She loves to play with her toys and loves having her belly rubbed constantly.
Nanook (Native American for polar bear) is a fun spirited and loving pup. He loves fetch and knows several commands, including stand pretty and bump it (fist bump). He loves bringing leaves inside, but mostly, he loves being wherever his humans are ❤️
Indie is the most loving energetic pup i’ve ever met. She loves to play with her brother milo and go for walks in the woods.
Milo is an australian shepherd husky mix! He loves going for runs on the beach and playing hide and seek. His favorite treat is chicken. He is the biggest cuddle bug and wants everyone we see to give him some love.
I enjoy the simple things in life, napping all day and eating my moms snacks 🥰
Just like his name, Whiskey is smooth but can also pack a punch. Whiskey is relaxed and very laid back. He loves cheese and tug-o-war. Whiskey is a giant mama’s boy and given the nick name Bubbas Baby. Whiskey loves car rides and the snow.
Neilaa D'
I saved her from going to the pound being killed just for her breed been part of our family for 7 yrs now we love her very much she loves being apart n participates in everthing lol
Ace is the sweetest boy I’ve ever met and is the biggest lap dog I’ve ever owned ❤️
Skyy Sweetness is such a loving girl. She is in training to be a therapy dog due to her calm and helping demeanor. Skyy is scared of a lot of things and has earned the nick name chicken. Her favorite things are a pink rubber chicken and the snow.
Ollie has the biggest personality. He loves to talk back and is just the funniest lovable dog.
Grace is 6 years old. She is a mixed breed with half Australian cattle, a quarter Pembroke corgi and 12.5% American pit bull terrier. She is smart, fiesty, funny and loving. She loves to be around her family, playing with her squeaky toys, or sleeping.
Annie is such an energetic dog. She acts as if she were human some days! She loves being outside chasing all the squirrels! She loves playing with her chew toys, those will last maybe a day. And she LOVES her doggy ice cream! So all the votes and money we can get from this we are going to use towards getting all the doggy Ice cream for her!
Bear is a loving dog he thinks he’s a lap dog he loves kids and to play
Layla is a drama queen she thinks she should alway have attention and if u don’t give it she will sit there and stare at you until you do
This girl has only barked one time - to warn me of a bear coming into the campsite! She loves to hike, watch the neighborhood through the window and doze in sunny spots.
He is a clown he will always make you laugh no matter what he does.
Hello! Biscuit Is a bloodhound! He loves peanut butter & chicken. He is a mama’s boy but loves his dad just As much ❤️
Remi is almost a 2 year old German Shepard, with tons of energy and love. Remis favorite toy is a jolly ball or water jugs.
Belly Joe
We rescued Belly at 8 weeks old. We had just lost our 19 year old Jack Russell and the house felt lonely without 2 dogs. My manager, from the restaurant I worked in before my liver transplant, called me to see if we could rescue him. His mom and dad split up. She didn’t want the dog and he moved in with his sister who buys into the hype that pitties are aggressive child eaters so he had to find him a new home. We went to see his old dad the day after we got the call and it was love at first sight. We brought him home that day. He’s a big, muscular dog with a very loud bark. He is all a big puppy. He just turned 3 in July 2020. His favorite human food is pizza bones (pizza crust), cheese of any kind, and fruit... especially bananas. He loved to play fetch with his ballls and tug of war with his rope. He’s such a good boy!
My mom named me after the 🌿 Herb 🌿 because she knew from the start I would be what saved her from all the negative energy that surrounded her and I’ve done just that. I love everything and every one. My wiggle butt and loud yowls will brighten anyone’s day. I love face kisses and butt scratches but what I love most of all is cuddling with my mama and playing tug of war with my dad. Car rides are life and I love to adventure with my sister. I love to hangout with new pals and see my aunties and uncles. I’m ✨sensitive✨ and whenever I feel like something is off I will tell you. I’m special that way.
Olive Jane
We rescued Olive Jane at 8 weeks old. Her favorite things are playing with her Bark Box Super Chewer toys, snuggling with both me and my husband. Her favorite human foods are spaghetti (she is a pro at eating off a fork) and pizza bones (the crust). She just turned 7 on 1.9.2021. Her birthday was sometime in early January, so we celebrate her birthday on my birthday. She has been my ESA since my liver transplant on 5.19.17. She is very protective of me. She’s the light in my heart.
Laska is a dog who still thinks she is a puppy, and she is! Just a very big one who likes to cuddle and be a lap dog. She loves to give hugs when she greets you and is very loving.