She has brought our family closer together and has brought us so much joy! She acts more like a cat than a dog. She snuggles with you when she wants. She rarely barks, so when she does we all jump out of surprise. She loves protecting us from the vivacious wildlife in our yard, but will gladly greet a serial killer or thief if they have treats.
Whiskey loves to take walks, chew on his benebones, meet new people and dogs and loves belly rubs!
Wall-e And Diesel
We are very playful and cuddly. My brother WALL-E like to do high fives, handshakes, and he also smiles by showing his teeth! We really want you to vote for us because we want to give the owner the prize. If you guys vote for us will vote for you.
Ray is a 4 year old border collie, she is sweet, very funny, smart and loves being outside, eating vegetables & swimming. She’s my best friend 💛
Luna loves playing with stuffed animals
Big old bully. Max enjoys chasing squirrels a good old back scratch and not being woken up before 9am.
Gabi is our firecracker in our house! She is an Australian Shepherd/ Blue Heeler mix, which means she’s full of energy and likes to think she’s a lap dog. Her favorite things to do is play fetch with dad, and cuddle up on as many people as possible, especially mom. She has brought so much joy in our lives we ended up getting another Australian shepherd mix. Please give her all the love ❤️
Destiny Strange
Destiny's a miniature lab He's a sweetheart she loves playing with her babies and she is a YouTube dog loves to Meet My daughter at the door after school . Let's make nap times at 12 and let's play fetch
Lokie is very handsome, spunky and crazy
Anastasia is a Miniature Bully I got surprised with back in June 2022 at the age of only 5 months old. I have Bipolar 1, Manic disorder and Anastasia is the bundle of joy I needed to get through a very painful and hurtful end of the year. From time to time I have stress induced seizures and this tiny firecracker can sense when I’m about to have one. This allows me time to hurry and get positioned somewhere safely before seizing. I am training her to be my second Service Dog and she’s doing Awesome!!!
Almost 4 years old, going to be a mom this spring. Registered with the AKC, trained off-leash, therapy dog, and our best friend. She has the best personality and gives us so many laughs throughout the day! Sweetest and most friendly dog ever you’ve ever met☺️
Stella loves talking, playing and getting treats! Very friendly and VERY lovable! Stella is a gem. 🥰
Buster is 2 months old, he loves playing with his toys, he likes playing with my daughter who is one years old, and definitely a mama boy 😊💙
Loves walking, chilling with family, and meeting new friends
Beaux Jack
He loves to FaceTime . He will talk to my daughter
Tick is an English Cocker and Boykin Spaniel mix. He loves his squeaky toys, and when he is not playing with his toys he is out hunting with his companion. He is a sweet boy.
Pepper is a Llewellin Setter. She is a very affectionate and loving dog. She also loves to hunt! She loves her toys and loves her family.
She is an English Setter and loves to hunt! She is a talker, very sensitive, and loves her family.
Hi I’m Marty! I love walks and cookies. My favorite time of the day is waking mom up at 6 in the morning with cute cuddles! I am only 8 months old but very intelligent:))
Hannah is 10 weeks old and loves to chew on peoples toes!
Tiamo loves to run and play tug of war with his toys. He also likes to sit on the back of the couch, to see if a Cat comes in his yard, go for car rides and on fishing trips. Tiamo is a Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound Mix.
Wren impresses me everyday! She is such a quick learner. The first 4 days of having her she knew her name, sit, lay, rollover, crawl, and she could stay for 30 seconds. Now as a 7 month old she has learned to jump into my lap on a stool, jump into my arms in standing form, jump through my arms (through the hoop) she can spin both left and right with verbal commands! Even more impressive then all of that she is kind hearted to people and animals! She’s my shop dog at the brewery I work at and she is so good at greeting everyone with a smile and body wag! Please vote for Wren🥰
Joey Tribiani
He loves being in control and this little terror has a heart of a great dane. He just needs a win after having his sister attacked at the dog park and also battling with bladder stones
Gianna Bella
The biggest love bug around! She loves her treats and snuggles!
Silver lab who loves pup cups, a day at the lake and all humans!! :)
Cinder Sue loves to dress up and go out for long walks, she loves cats, babies and snuggles.
This is Roach! She is almost 3 years old but she was born on February 29th if 2020, making her a leap-year pup! She is an Australian or American shepard, and she absolutely loves the ball. She goes bananas if you spell the word out and loves to boss her younger "siblings" around!
He likes to have his belly rubbed and sleep on his back
Roscoe has a lot of energy. He also loves to cuddle with you. He likes to think he’s the size of a Pomeranian but is almost the size of a Great Dane. His dad is a pit/great dane mix. He’s a big mommy’s boy and the biggest baby ever. 🥰
Roxy loves going for walks and laying out in the sun! She’s the sweetest girl and a great big sister to her brother Roscoe. She’s a daddy’s girl and no one can compete with that ❤️
Wylie Kane
He is a very gentle loving spoiled boy. He goes everywhere the car goes, He loves letting his lips flap in the wind
Hi there, I’m Nyla. My moms say I’m a pretty princess girl and i love fruit and princess dresses. I like to bury my moms stuff and bark when they try to make me sit in the backseat of the car. Please vote for me. :)
Hi my name is Jack, I’m a 7 year old yorkie who loves to take naps, get treats, and go bye-byes. I love sleeping with my little legs in the air and i snore like a grown man. Please vote for me :)
Princess loving her new Blanket. She loves being outside laying in the sun and going on hikes with her Dad.
Ruby loves walks, going for car rides, and visiting her friends at the dog park! She is such a silly sweet girl who loves to cuddle!🩷🐶
Georgia Tequila Mackey
She is absolutely crazy about my kids and they are her as well! She fits right on in with the craziness of our lives and she is so content and relaxed when we are all settled. Its so cute!!
This is Bacon! The cow face, pig nose, llama ears! Hes is our perfect spotted Australian Cattle Dog, with a white swiss german shepherd, alaskan malamute, Australian Shepherd mix! He will be turning 3 this March! He is filled with so much personality and love! His favorites things are his cow, frisbee, his sisters Brat abd Bugga, and of course his HUMANS! Vote for our bacon!
Sulley is my newly acquired baby he’s so funny and loving and is always down for whatever so we love home he’s the perfect one 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍
Mr. Snaxx
Mr. Snaxx is a pure sweetheart. He was born deaf and we rescued him when he was 4 months old. He loves going for rides and exploring his surroundings. He is very inquisitive and has a great sense of smell. He follows hand signals and is great at reading lips and facial expressions. He is very spoiled and knows how to get what he wants.
He loves Wendy's baconator.
Bruno is very energetic, loves kids, loves watching tv, he is the sweetest baby.
Axie is a loving and energetic Mini Bernedoodle. She likes to meet new people and new dog friends. Also, she loves car rides and bananas! Thus, she is very sweet and my bestfriend!
Tank is a human in a Dogs body and loves sleeping on the couch
Sassy Girl
Sassy girl, is very loving and fully house trained. Grate with kids.. she dont like being alone at all...
Swarovski, Swarov as he is know was an abandoned puppy found on the streets of Juarez Mexico at just 3 weeks old. I rescued him after he was discharged from the vets after being there for 2 weeks with Parvo. He is now at 28 pounds and can't remember his suffering on the streets of Juarez. Swarov will never suffer as long as he lives.
This girl is smart as heck I say you want to go for a walk she grabs her leash plus I'm type 1 diabetic and she's never been trained but can Sense when I go low by getting up in my face crying she's awesome
Link is a 20 week old Pomsky. He likes jumping in piles of leaves, toys (especially pua pig) and laying by the cold back door
Sammy is a fun loving silly boy. Sammy loves attention and is a bed hog!! Loves people..