Her nick name is “Thief”, tries to steal anything in sight, and loves attention. And loves playing with her sister Maggie!
She loves having attention. She loves playing with her sister Harley. Great with everyone.
My name is Tank I love playing with my toys
My name is diesel I love playing with my toys
Tex Squeak'S Wilson
Up until October of last year he was a stray in Texas. My husband started feeding him and asked to bring him home. He was skinny dirty and needed love. He has become the best dog I could ever hope for. He’s kind , loving, full of life and just needed a home to thrive in. We love him. He’s by far given us more than we could ever give him.
Guinness is a 2 year old black lab cattle dog mix! Sweetest goodest boy you’ll ever meet!
Lucifer loves to go on walks and go to the dog park. He also enjoys cuddles and giving kisses.
My name is Polly. I'm named after the Nirvana song. And my favorite food is what ever my dad is eating. I love to chase cat. And bark at Amazon trucks.
brax is the sweetest 6 week old bullboxer pit mix. when he isn’t chasing girls with his heartbreaker blue eyes he loves to spend time with his cousins and growl at his reflection in a mirror. his favorite things to do so far are car rides, chasing his shadow, and napping with his momma. he is quite literally living his best life!
Saddie has been my rock since we met when I was 13. We ended up bonding one day over a plate of spaghetti in my bedroom and have been inseparable since. She is still a good loyal companion to me and my now 6 year old daughter whom she also loves and protects. And being a 13 year old pupper does not stop her from acting like a puppy. She has as much energy as she had when she was just a pup :) ❤️ I love this dog and I hope the public will too.
Soco loves the kids ,loves camping ,and going to play in the water! B.f.f.
Lilbit tiny dog big heart ! Guaranteed to make you smile!! :)
abbie is a 9 week old great prynees who will grow up to be a service dog right now she enjoys napping and playing with her mommy
Georgia is 1 year old. She’s a mix with English Bulldog and Doberman. She’s is the most silliest dogs I’ve ever met and has a personality like an actual person
She’s a very energetic smart and kind dog definitely loves her chew toys and people coming over to visit
Blue heeler/Pit Bull mix, Super sweet and affectionate 🥴🖤🤍
Kinsley is a fun loving quirky little pug who loves her mama’s & her squeaky toys. She loves to go on car rides and bite at the wind in her face. She is a big lover and will spend any time she can in your lap quietly shedding herself on your clothes ❤️
Smart,protective,energetic,loving,caring and sweet
Duke is a 10 month old black lab pit bull mix . He’s a big fan of playing with his lamb chops. He thinks he’s a lap dog still and loves his car rides
River is the friendliest doggy you’ll meet. He loves going to the dog park and going on car rides to Dairy Queen to get his pup cups. His absolute favorite thing to do is go swimming any chance he gets, and loves when we throw him sticks to chase after in the water.
Betty White Or Bw
Miss betty white we juat got her for our family we lost our pug of 11 years jan 11 of this year and my son was missing cher so we got him betty Betty loves him already she chases him wanting to play she loves giving him kisses and a little nibble here or there she still in her puppy stage she loves to sleep on your feet and she also loves nose hitting everything she will run up and nose plows you lol
She loves to be outside to chase squirrels and loves lamb chop toys she loves her family and is a great edition to the family
Dixie is a 4 year old pit bull mix. Dixie loves to play with her toys and loves the snow! Dixie enjoys cuddling and chasing four wheelers when it’s nice out
Vada is a very energetic 5 month old siberian husky. She loves to play in the snow and have her belly rubbed.
Odin is an 8 month old cane corso who has so much love for his family .
Dixie is a sweet energetic puppy. She loves to cuddle and give puppy kisses. Dixie loves to sunbathe and chase bubbles. She doesn’t like the rain, snow, wind, or cold.
Cooper is supposedly a chihuahua pug mix but personally I don’t see it. He is the sweetest/ hyper dog I’ve ever had and I really believe he’s the cutest dog in the whole world!!
Tucker is a sweet and gentle dog who loves being out side. He loves to cuddles with everyone. Favorite thing to do is go get Starbucks with mom and dad!
Rigley loves to chase leave jn the yard and loves to give kisses to everyone.
Milo is a 6 month old Cockapoo who loves everyone! He is a very fun caring puppy who loves to play and be loved
Bentley turns one on March 26, 2022. He is the sweetest emotional support dog & loves all the cuddles. He loves to go to the dog park, go for car rides, and go for long walks on trails 💙🐶 Please vote for Bentley-Boo!
Daisy May
She’s a very big drama queen when it comes to drama please vote for my daisy may
Duke is a very lovable dog ,he’s loves to cuddle when ever yours sad !
I got Layla from my brother. A friend of his pulled up at a convenient store to get A sprite, and he heard a puppy crying in the garbage dumpster! Layla and her brother and sister was in there. Layla was on her death bed, and her siblings was already dead. Long story short I took her! I had just buried my 10 year old blue Chihuahua two months before. I was so depressed and hurting,. I had stayed in my bed for two months. But Layla brought me out of depression the day I received her. I took her Lil sick self to the vet, and her blood count was 26 she was full of worms. She was knocking on heavens door. And now she is a healthy 2 year old. She is my best friend and my heart. It takes a demon of a person to put puppies in the garbage dumpster to die. God is really going to have a vengeful day with whoever did this to 8 week old sick puppies. I just want to give Layla the best life possible! My sweet baby girl! Mommy loves you Layla!
Cali is a very sweet but energetic girl that will keep you laughing! She most definitely loves mom the most❤️
Hopers was a very loving and playful doggo! If I win all the money will be donated to our local animal shelter here in clay county IL
My name is Stoker! I’m 10wks old and mom already has me super spoiled. I like to go shopping at the pet store, and I really love to learn for those tasty treats mom keeps hidden. My favorite toy is my fox that mom gave me when I first met her, we can’t leave the house without foxy. My most favorite thing to do is cuddle up in moms arms and and fart on her while I snore. I’m really a good boy, my mommy tells me this daily. If you vote for me, mom says for every 50 votes, I can go shopping for a toy! Hook a brother up!
He is such a good boy.He loves playing with kids.He can do lots of tricks.Ao vote for my Boy
Jaxx is a HUGE mama's boy. Wherever I go, I end up tripping because he literally is my shadow. He is just always so happy and lovable. Jaxx also enjoys "playing" catch with his sister....he understand to bring the ball back. He is too funny.
Xeena is extremely smart (to smart for her own good). When she gets bored or hungry, she will open the fridge and help herself. She has such a personality and always knows what to do if I am having a bad day. Xeena especially loves playtime with her brother Jaxx and is always up for chasing playing tennis balls. When it's naptime, she likes to snooze in her recliner upside down. In My opinion, she is the definition of the perfect fur child.
We got Luca as a rescue dog back in 2020 he’s about to be 5 years old and he was our first dog of 3. Luca is a full blooded Siberian husky and loves the dog park and his bunny stuffed animal. He’s the most loving dog ever and he loves cuddles and his two sisters. He is our only male dog and out numbered by all the girls in our house but we don’t love him any less.
I am almost 2! I just recently got promoted to big sister! I love to run around with my ball and go for walks. I’m not much of a kisser or snuggler but I like to show my affection in my own unique ways. My most favorite thing ever is SNOW!
I am a 4 month old Goldendoodle! My favorite thing to do is to hangout with my big sister Willa! I also love to snuggle with my family but at the same time I love to run around and play with all my toys!
Hey! My name is Oliver, my parents call me Ollie. I am a 10 month old aussiedoodle! I love going on walks, cuddling with mom & dad and going to the dog park! I smile & tilt my head for almost every photo ❤️ I can’t wait for my own backyard!!
Aleu is a super smart almost 3 month old Alaskan Malamute! She loves her lamb chop toy and playing outside. She is super silly and hilariously clumsy. She has “four paw drive”, but not “four paw stop” 😂
Luca is our 3 month old ball of fire ☄️ he’s very spunky, playful, & full of energy. He has a big sister that he loves to annoy as much as he possibly can & is spoiled to death 😂❤️