Baby Stories - 55


Izzy is the Diva of the household. She runs the place and boy is she sassy!
Riley is a 9 month old German shepherd/ Doberman mix. She has the cutest personality. She loves meeting new people & playing with her toys. 💗🐾
Dutch is a 3 month old puppy. He likes to play with his toys,and go riding in cars.
Emilio loves running and rolling around in the grass
Loves to play, love to fetch and absolutely adore children.
Oscar loves everyone
Mia is an outgoing friendly pitbull. She loves squeakys and her brothers. She loves to buck like a bull to🤣🤣😂😂
Nutella is a rescue dog; we adopted her from a non-profit rescue organization called " Dogs and Cats of Antigua". The organization fosters strays and rescue dogs/cats from Antigua and the surrounding islands in Jamaica. Any funds that we win in contests would be donated to the organization to purchase food, toys, and preventative heartworm and tick/flea medications for unadopted strays. Nutella loves tearing apart squeaky toys, running around in our pumpkin garden, and watching Netflix marathons with Mommy.
Minnie Mimi
She came to us from a family member and is being nurtured and loved
Fluffy is my emotional support dog. I adopted him when I had stage 4 tongue cancer. I have become his emotional support human. He is my shadow. He loves going for rides in the car, playing hide n seek with his mom (me), getting tummy rubs, and eating his favorite dog treats. He is very social and loves meeting new people and dogs. Fluffy also likes wearing his dog shirts / sweaters. He has a Superman shirt, which looks adorable on him. He gets lots of compliments on his good looks and behavior wherever we go. He is a Chinese Crested / Powderpuff mix, so he is hypoallergenic, an added bonus to his cuteness. He is so soft and cuddly; that is how he got his name Fluffy. I am blessed to have him as my furbaby. Please vote for my handsome boy, Fluffy.
Kk Slider
Even though sometimes people make fun of kk because of his under bite he is beautiful on the inside. He is a chihuahua pug mix and is almost 1 years old !
Westley Morales
He is VERY energetic, but also sleeps 24/7 and Is almost 2 years old
She's the most beautiful dog in the world for me she's a Christmas dog she was actually born on Christmas morning she wakes me up licking my face when she's hungry or has to use the bathroom and love's sleeping on my chest
Lucy is a Diva. She is sassy in every possible way. She may be bossy, but she gives better hugs than her humans! 💗🐾💗
Gemma is such a sweet puppy and a great addition to our family. I have three boys and she loves playing with all of them. She loves treats & playing with her toys. Fetching her ball and catching hdr frisbee are probably her favorites!
Bailey was brought to us from a family in Dallas who had to go back to India we were so lucky to get this little guy when we did he's full of life and full of energy
He is a very sweet laid back puppy 🥰
Boscoe is a very curious and loving baby (Puggle). He is just over a year old. He loves to chew water bottles that he isnt supposed to have, golf balls, tennis balls, and loves to snuggle. He loves sleeping on his back and snores like a man. The beagle in him is strong when it comes to tracing scents.
Starr' is our pure breed Blue Heeler rescue Cattle pup from Ohio. She is a hearder, and enjoys hearding her three feline brothers all around the house.
He is a little lovely monster. 👹
Duke is a male, 5 year old American Chocolate lab, but to me he's so much more than that. He came into my life when he was 6 weeks old and has proven to be a great companion. Duke loves walks, fetch, car rides, swimming, and spending time with his 3 other doggie sibblings.
Gizmo is a long haired chihuahua. He is the sweetest, friendliest chihuahua ever. Loves people and is very social and a all around great companion.
Her nickname is donkey.
Knox loves his little sister Pebbles. He loves to sleep behind your head. When he gets really excited he zoomies around the house.
Oreo is a 9 month old pure cocker spaniel. He is very playful, spoiled, and loves his family. He chose us just as much as we chose him. Oreo is a handsome boy with merle coloring that gave him his name. He knows how cute he is and uses it to his advantage!!❤
Say hello to Mr. Wiggle Butt ! 🤣 Toby loves belly rubs & butt scratches ! He’ll wiggle towards everyone he meets ! He’s a sweetheart & everyone loves him 🥺♥️
Miley is a seven year old Chihuahua shih Tzu mix that we got from a friend when she was just 6 weeks old. She is feisty and omg does she love to lick! She is a true lap dog. We are happy to have her in our family.
Ozzie is an 11-12 year old Papillion rescue dog we adopted about 4 months ago. When we got him he was very skidish and was loosing his hair from a fungal infection and has cataracts. He is getting better and use to having a family that loves him.
Hiro is a charcoal lab. His name sale is from Big Hero 6; Hiro Hamada. His favorite activities are watching his family play cornhole and napping. Hiro loves peanut butter and knows exactly which cupboard it is in.
Ava was born May 26, 2021. She has a lot of energy and love to play with her twin brother Rae and her older sister diamond. She also love to study with mommy.
Stoni-Blu is a rescue from Rowlett, TX Animal Shelter now residing in Pittsburgh, PA. We found each either when she was 5 months old. Stoni-Blu is my best friend and is fiercely loyal to all of her family and friends. Stoni-Blu understands commands in English, Spanish, Russian and a modified sign language. Stoni-Blu knows her left front paw from her right front paw. She loves to wave hello to neighbors and to the cashiers at driver-thru windows.
Apollo is a sweet boy and he loves people and loves to play with his doggie friends he is smart he knows how to spin,shake,high five and he also knows how to speak. He loves to cuddle with me and my bf. He’s just a super playful hes a 8 month old puppy
Shes such a loving and caring girl. She loves to give hugs and she loves being held.
She could swim all day and toss an ice cube around like a hockey puck
Max is a sweet boy who loves going to the dog park and making new friends!
I'm half Chiwenie half Mini Poodle MA🇺🇸 i love eat 🍖 🦴I love sunbathing ☀️and playing with my ball 🎾 4 years
Jeffy was a great dog. Very calm, loved me and just wanted to be with his family. Had the greatest personality and believed everyone was his friend. Always loved to take off and great the next person walking past his house.
Huxley is a 1 year old Cavapoo! His favorite things include: going on walks (especially up north), going to the beach and playing! He likes to play with his toys, but his favorite thing to play with is sticks 🪵 There are many times we find a piece of mulch in our house that he stole from outside 😂 He also loves to dig, he will “dig” and hide his bones/treats all the time, we can never find them! Also - Huxley is known for his “zoomies” - he gets very hyper and will run in circles around you until you stop him!
Travis is a rescue dog. He was found dumped on a trash pile with his four sisters at a deer lease. A vote for Travis would remind everyone that every dog has value. All rescues are just as lovable as any other dog and are worth saving. Please vote for my sweer Travis!
Toby was listed as a “bad dog” by the humane society. He was set to be “put down” the following week. For some reason we just didn’t see the “bad dog” and knew he has been misunderstood. We begged them to let us take him home, and after a few waivers, they agreed. He was 4 years old then, 9 now and is by far the “goodest boy ever”!
Charlee is a German Shepherd mix who is approximately 10-12 weeks old. She was initially found as a stray before being rescued from a kill shelter. She loves to sniff and see what her big brother and sister are up to (9 year old cats), but enjoys play time outside with her dad the most! 💗
Cleo’s hobbies include the doggy park, frisbee, ball, swimming, chasing the neighborhood bunny’s and cuddling with her new 4 month old hairless sister :)
Smokey is a rescue Noone wanted him but i am so glad he is with us He is a awesome dog. #votesmokey
Hello im Artemis, im a happy go lucky boy im 2 years old with the looks of a puppy and im fast as lightning. I love to play and im a mamas boy. I love going for rides while sitting in my moms lap, i think im smaller then what i am but she doesn't mind ill just give her a run for her money. I also got this mistaken identity thing going on where everyone i meet thinks im a Italian Greyhound but thats just my long sexy legs im actually a Chihuahua/ Schnauzer mix but that's between you and me thank you for checking me out if i was meeting you in person I would give you a big wet one. Don't forget to vote for me thank you.
Aloha I’m Chopper. I may look big & scary now but I’m a very playful pit bull who loves belly rubs & being cuddled. I am getting bigger by the day. And stronger everytime. I love to play with others. Enjoy taking naps. & Now I like to chew up everything cuz I can be a naughty boy at times. Not to mention when I’m very happy I wag my tail & give puppy kisses 🥰
She loves playing tag with her toy Minnie Mouse. She loves to run and go for walks. She has a great personality. When she doesn’t want to eat she Uses her nose to push it away. Commands on setting in laying down. You can’t say “go”because she knows what it means. She’s at the door jumping up and down and ready to go.
Sadie enjoys going to the dog park daily to get chased by her fellow dog friends. Sadie also enjoys sleeping, eating, and long car rides. She was a completely anxious dog when we got her. It’s been an interesting journey watching her grow and come out of her shell. 🐶