❤️🐾 I have Henry (a cane corso) & Barkley (a Shitzu).Once i told them to get their shit off the floor,they have a toy basket.Henry picked Barkley up & dropped him in the basket🙃
Maximus Prime
Meet Max, our lovable gentle giant with a heart as boundless as his energy. Picture a bull in a china shop, but instead of havoc, he's spreading joy, especially when he's romping around with his beloved ball. Belly rubs? He's all for them. Kisses and cuddles? He can't get enough. But wait, there's more - Max is an outdoor enthusiast. Come rain or snow, he's out there, living his best life with the zest of a true nature lover. And when it comes to food, oh boy, he's an epicurean of the canine world. Give him a pup cup or a sizeable meaty bone, and watch his eyes light up with gratitude. Goofy yet sweet, he may clown around, but make no mistake, he's a fierce guardian of those he holds dear. Max isn't just a dog; he's a four-legged bundle of love and loyalty. BTW, Max has agreed that if he wins, that he will donate the winnings to homeless animals. He will most likely buy his sisters and niece some treats first.
Chloé Chantel Morales-jones
Chloe was just born in November of 2023. She is crazy and rambunctious. Yet she is sweet and very gentle.
My name is buddy im pug / bug a a service dog my owner has seizures
He is a rescue. My wild child and I love him dearly. My little jumping Bean
Hey 👋 hi 👋 hey 👋 names mouse🐀 but like im not so tiny im kinda a gigantic goofball🤪 I love love love the snow, it tastes like miracles and sunshine! My mom and dad love to spoil me and i love to get spoiled. I get to do whatever i want because lets face it im the bestest😁 Mom says im the most smart dog but dads always calling me durpy... i dont know what that means but im guessing he agrees! Im the smartest most durpy pup and im loving life!
Louie is sweet and kind he loves kisses and his pillow !
Cinnamon is a 3 month old Sheppit ( a mix between a full Blooded American Pitbull and Full Blooded German Shepard) she loves to play with her brother Spot who is a pure breed American Bulldog and her sister Becca who is a mix between lab and another breed. She loves to cuddle and is always posing for pictures, loves treats.
Lefty was given to us as a newborn puppy a couple of days after our dog had passed away and he was such a blessing getting us through that tough time. He’s the most loving little boy.
Dazey is a 10 month old Boxer. She enjoys walks, snuggling and giving kisses!! Her favorite toy is a ball of any sort!! She's very energetic and very affectionate.
Moon Pie
Moom Pie is a guard dog, emotional support animal and best friend to everyone. She is always alert and looking out for others. She is a rescue animal who saves other animals from harm. A friend to dogs cats birds deer amd mans best friend.
My Nella is a beautiful red Shiba Inu pup! She’s got sass and class, and is photogenic just like her mama! Nella loves to smile at the camera as you can already tell, so please let’s show Miss Nella Bean some love and give this princess a vote! 👑
Coco Stella
Coco Stella is almost 2! She is the sweetest girl! Her favorite things to do are playing with her brothers and sister who are labs! Although she’s only 18 lbs she’s the boss! She also enjoys watching TV and cuddling with her humans! She loves too dress up and have her picture taken! She’s sweet and playful with a little sass too!
Beautiful little apple 🍎 head bout 2 months old
Georgia is a new momma of 7pups. She loves her babies and her treats. She was rescued from the desert. Georgia's pups have all been adopted and she is so happy, shes gaining her regular weight back and looks forward to no more pups. As of October of 2023 Georgia and her son Hunter found their forever home.
Odin is a rescue i couldnt resist hes a whole lotta dog with a handsome face i could not resist he loves to run just run and play with his bff Bullet Thank You for your vote and have a great day always Odin!
Jax is 7 years old now. He has had a rough life, Jax has seizures and is blind. Most of the time he is a happy boy that likes treats, belly rubs and spending times with his family.
Lucky Jack
Lucky Jake is very lucky and he is all ways trying to help u no matter what you are doing he must help he is also the only survivor from his litter
He loves bacon. He knows some of American Sign Language. He was named from character in Star Wars.
My personally is one of a kind. I’m sweet as can be or rip my wee wee pads when my momma leaves - it depends on the day and how much I’ve played. Momma says my middle name should’ve been ‘mischievous’ (but I'm really an innocent angel). Please vote for me, a Louisiana native shaking things up here in NY 🐾💕
Moomoo just turned a year old! She is such a sweet girl! She is a good listener and loves to play ball!! She also loves to sleep in your arms! She has a spot on her side that is shaped as a heart and each time she grows it gets bigger
He's sweeter than a snicker 🤭
My name is Diesel I'm a 5 month old English Cream Golden Retriever and 35 pounds already. I love bandanas, toys, treats and of course my Daddy! My parents say I'm VERY spoiled but who could tell this face no? Exchange votes anyone???
I adopted Bo he was an abused dog i got him when he was 2 He has done really well with all my grandchildren and other animals he is a sweet dog that loves hugs a blessing my bestfriend!
From a chubby ball of golden fluff to a beautiful, graceful, and elegant looking 🐶 I love Treats and 🎾🎾
Piper is a Belgian malinois and she is a trained seal dog. She is about 3 yrs and my family's dog from California.
Layla Jane
A real lady. Gives great loyalty. Layla Jane loves to cuddle and loves getting company.
Yoda is a two year old canine terrier and yorkie terrier mix. She is a rescue who spent the first year and 9 months of her two years of life in a kennel. She is still adjusting to her new found life not being locked up and having a loving owner whom dots on her every day. Yoda wants nothing more then to have her sister Kisses play with her, but Kisses is stubborn and wont play. Yoda loves barking at anyone who walks thru the door. Yoda hates the rain and refuses to go potty inside the gate if her apartment complex and makes her owner take her for a walk . Her ears are the reason she has the name she does.
Lil Girl
Lil Girl is the sweetest little puppy, with her gentle eyes and playful spirit. She has a natural charm that enchants everyone she meets. Lil Girl's adorable wiggles and loving nature make her a standout in any crowd. She spreads joy wherever she goes, and her radiant personality is sure to light up any room. With her irresistible cuteness and heartwarming presence, she truly embodies the spirit of the perfect puppy pageant winner.
I adopted Lily from the shelter last year. She a tripod which means she only has 3 legs.
Billie Jean
Billie Jean loves going on walks and meeting new people, she is the biggest cuddle bug and loves being tucked into bed after getting her Pajamas on..
Maya is an energetic playful pup who loves to play tag a war and run at the dog park with her doggy friends.
Cletus is a service dog at Nelson Avenue Middle School. He takes care of 500 kids a day and also 100s of veterans a year. His favorites pass times are paddleboarding and sledding.
Atreus is a 6 month old blue nose pitbull, he’s an emotional support puppy. He loves to play outside go for walks, he loves to cuddle with mom & dad, he loves to play with his uncles. Atreus is the most playful loving puppy EVER! He’s my baby for sure! I hope you all enjoy him as much as I do! 😊
Brewster loves to drink puppy milk and eat puppy food.
He is a lovely dog,he’s friendly,he runs around the house like a little tazmani
Jasper is our fun loving mini poodle who gets very excited when playing in the snow!
I just recently passed away at 14yrs old and my mom and sister entered me here to honor my memory. I was a fun little guy. Full of spunk and goofy!
Lady is an old girl she loves snuggling she loves her stuffed dog named Phil. You should vote for Lady because she is loving and she doesn't have much time left sadly.
Willow is a 5 month old pomsky. Her eyes and color are beautiful. She loves to play fetch and steal socks. Also she is a fluff ball of energy and personality. She is very lovable.
Patches is my autism service dog. And helps me out a lot. He loves peanut butter, and getting to play with his friends.
He has the biggest personality ever! he's a little monster that has high energy. he loves treats & his cat siblings.
Chanel is my Psychiatric service dog and is the best dog I know 😁
Kisses is a five year old chihuahua who's number one thing to do is giving kisses. Kisses favorite food include sour Gummi worms, Cookie Crisp cereal, bananas and apples. Kisses is a registered service animal who was trained to sense when her owner displays signs of an oncoming asthma attack and to comfort her owner when her anxiety and stress levels are high. Kisses go on walks with her owner and her little sister Yoda but kisses doesnt use a leash except when necessary. Kisses is loves to play with her twnnis balls and tug of war with her rope, and she loves to to take off woth her owners socks and hides them to play hide and go seek. Kisses is super fast when she get a case of the zoomies.
I AM CURRENTLY IN CONTEST GIVING RETURNS AND ADVANCES POST LINK AND YOUR MAX PLEASE. CONTINUE RETURNS THAT WERE NOT FINISHED PLEASE. ONLY HONEST SERIOUS VOTERS.THAT WILL RETURN NO EXCUSES...THANK YOU TO ALL THAT SUPPORTS MEECHIE!! IF I AM INVISIBLE you can messenger me @ Tonya Brown Keith Same profile..Meechie is a rescue that is absolutely loving intelligent, and is my grand dog that is emotional support for my granddaughter.He definitely stands up to his job. He loves to go to the park and play Frisbee and run through the leaves If you liked my Hazy you will love Meechie. Please give him a like.
Babygirl Gizmo
She's my Emotional support girl. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here on this earth. Her personality is something else, she understands what I say, can talk with her eyes. Loves to ride on the Harley, has Goggles, helmet and leather vest. She sees me getting ready and she gets all happy won't let me outer her sight. If she gets out before I'm ready, she'll be sitting on the Harley waiting. She has a sweatshirt with best dog ever. No truer words were ever said!
She loves any kind of baby,human or animal,eating and cuddling close.