Daisy Grace
I rescued Daisy, she was abandoned by her owners and left tied up outside. Daisy is so grateful to me for rescuing her. She is the sweetest dog I've ever met. She loves to cuddle more than anything. We actually rescued each other! She's my world! I love her sooooo sooooo very much!!!
Cooper loves all people, dogs, and animals! He’s 2 years old and full of energy! One of his favorite activities is chasing squirrels!
🐻‍❄️HOOPER💫*hope🌻Hoopy/Hoops🌈🐾girly girl💞🐾🦋🌟🕊❣️🐶(American Eskimo Dog) was my only beloved son Denver’s adorable little puppy🐶He named her after⛹️‍♂️Hoops”Swoosh”✔️because he loved basketball🏀‼️Denver🥰also called her his little🐹gerbil😂because she was so little and fluffy as a baby🐶🤣❣️Hooper💫 gave a lot of❤️‍🩹comfort🧸 & aide🐕‍🦺 after he was paralyzed in a tragic accident that changed all of our lives‼️Denver(✨forever 26 my only son☀️shine/son~flower🌻), 😭died 26 months after the💔 heartbreaking accident so then Hooper gave me help,🧸comfort ❤️‍🩹and 💓love ♥️🐾🐾 HOOPER💫also means✨Hope🌻❣️🌻That’s 💫is exactly what we all need as an 👼angel mom I truly deeply need HOPE🥀🌈🐾✨🌟💞💫our precious 🐻‍❄️Hooper💫hope🌻graduated herself December 23🎄2021 so is with ✡️Jesus ✝️giving👅💋kisses💋👅 all💗around💓especially to 🥰Denver🌻again 🌸from 🥀now to eternity 🌈🐾💞🐾💞🦋🌟🕊💋🥲❣️😭🙌✨🙏🏼✨🙏🏼🤗🙏🏼🤩✨🥰THANK YOU 💓We greatly appreciate & love 💗 💝✨💖✨♥️YOU ‼️❣️‼️
Mr. Pickles
Mr. Pickles is a Basset Hound / Beagle mix and is just the sweetest little guy!! He loves other dogs and cats and gets along with everyone. He loves treats and toys. We are not sure of his age since he was adopted in a shelter. He only has his front teeth not back because he was found living outside with no one to look after him. Please vote for this lil cutie 💓
Lia is about 4 months old and loves to play and run in the yard. She also loves to bite sticks and plants. She is miss sassy as well as the sweetest girl. She loves cuddling with mom and dad she is the best girl
This is Olaf he is pitty and dalmatian. Hes 7 years old and love all.
Freya is a 1 1/2 year old Miniature Pinscher. She love to run around in the yard and chase squirrels. Love to snuggle with mom or dad!
Nora is 12 weeks old she’s very playful, loving, and caring and the most adorable . She loves going outdoors and she loves other animals
Gigi has her moments but she’s the sweetest girl and i wouldn’t trade her for the world. She loves sleeping in and cuddling with her daddy. She loves chicken and cheek kisses.
Sir Otis Mcpickles
Sir Otis McPickles loves chasing tennis balls 🎾 chewing on bones and snuggling 😍
Oliver is a sweet handsome lil man!!
Evelyn is a beautiful little puppy I got when I first moved to Florida. We are meant to be she’s full of energy. Definitely think she’s a human. She does a lot of things that I do as a human. She has a characteristic that no one has really seen in a dog. Hard not to love 💗
Beetle Bai
Beetle is a sweet but fierce guy. Given to us when he was 1 1/2. Beetle enjoys meeting new friends on his many adventures with his Momma. 💞
Maximus is the only of 9 surviving pups that lost their mom at 2 weeks old. He has an independent personality and loves to play ball and swim. He loves sleeping on the top of our car to keep look out at night.
Honey is a sweetheart with the biggest heart. She's such an amazingly smart pup, we love her and hope you do too.
He was born with a cleft palate and it's been a hard beginning for this little guy. He was given to me and he and I have been learning together how to handle his medical needs. He's a true fighter and has such determination. He is a heart breaker.
Lily is a loving playful 4 month old puppy who loves to play with her toys and loves car rides. Her favorite treat is Pup cup from Dutch bros. She likes to be the center of attention and lets everyone know it🥰. She takes my niece's toys and binky and blankets just to show that she is the baby princess lol. We love our Lily!
Our Boy Zeus is just the sweetest and most loveable and he talks lol !!!!
This is Nugget. Nugget was a rescue dog that was lost, a baby boy that was made for our family.. He has completed our family. When we first got him he was shy, scared, and confused. Now he’s cheesing and playing with toys and loving everyday by being a part of our family!! Nugget has blessed us.
Charlee is the sweetest rottador puppy ever. She loves people and pets. She's curious and courageous. She's training to be a therapy dog.
Zeus Garcia
This is the most amazing dog. He loves with all his heart. He makes you laugh when you need to laugh. When you need a bestfriend he's right there.
We adopted Skye and her mom from the local animal shelter. She is the product of unfortunate backyard breeding. She is a mix between boxer and miniature husky.
He’s the gift that keeps on giving!! He loves people and he is wayyyy too curious about squirrels. Loves going for his daily walks- a champ at getting in at least 3 miles all before 730AM. Also loves running laps and having zoomies outside!
Tucker Lee
I got Tucker in hopes of bringing joy to My husband who was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Never expected Tucker to be so perfect for the job. Tucker became More then a emotional support animal he became a distraction from the stress of the cancer and cancer Treatments he also became A buddy and family and My husband seems to glow When Tucker is near. Tucker isn't just a dog but Our hero. We love u Buddy
My baby duke is a sweet and handsome little boy he is a service dog. If u vote for me I will give u a virtual kiss thought the phone.
Liam is a very loving and attentive dog. Loves going to the park and car rides.
Cinnamon is a very loving and gentle dog. Almost like a human. Is a therapy dog and loves adventures.
Hank is my 5th and favorite son❤️❤️❤️He was also Sloans dad. He was my 3rd rescue. I’m unsure of his actual birthday so he celebrates mine on January 11th but his “Got You” date is 05/04/19. Hank is absolutely the best boy in the world. He’s smart and listens to everything I say to him and is very protective over me.
Cache is a happy go lucky dog who loves to play in the river and with his friends at the park. Some of my favorite things are chuck it balls and tug ring
Angel is chill until she sees a squirrel then she goes crazy.
Charlie loves big hugs and very protective.
Leia loves to go on walks. She will grab her leash, I put it on her and she jumps. When outside she attacks the leash, chews it and runs in A circle.
Macy is very sweet, intelligent, and loyal. Macy rings a bell to let us know she has to go potty. As heartbreaking and heartwarming as it was, Macy help to cover her brother's burial site with dirt. She is the best girl.
Daisy is our new boxer puppy. She is very playful and loves to chew. 😜
Bondo is very spoiled, he is a Poma poo and rules our home Bondo also loves the camera He loves his pet monkey and it goes everywhere with him at all time
Silas is a Mini F1 Irishdoodle. He only barks at the doorbell or certain sounds on the TV, never at other dogs or people. He's a shy sniffer, that I think, knows how handsome he is. Oh, and he can stand on his back legs FOREVER. Just like a circus poodle!
My Lucky is a love bug and such a good boy ! He makes everyone smile when they meet him . He loves being outside and lounging in the shade
Welcome to Moe’s Moe is a 9 year old American Bulldog Mix with Pit What’s there not to love about him he love’s everyone and everything he loves the outdoors and cars rides
Koda is your typical husky who loves to play ball and finish off with a puppy ice cream. He loves puppy nap time and likes to be vocal from time to time. Vote for Koda because he is a lovable pup who loves everyone 🤗
Loves to swim, play with his siblings, and the biggest cuddle bug.
The best rescue dog ! Loves to take care of foster kittens like they are his own.
Loves to play fetch, and cuddle with her siblings
Hello everyone my name is Barkley I love to run and play, take long naps with my mommy and daddy, I will play with just about anything you give me, and I absolutely love spray cheese! I even have my very own can, I am very kind, and love to give lots of kisses.
Jax is 4m old and is a love bug! He’s so sweet and has to be touching you when he sits or lays by you :) so adorable
SmokeyJoe is 11yrs old loves his mommy unconditionally, going for walks, camping, biking, playing with his toys & of course taking naps! 🤩🐾
Heidi loves playing and loving on her cat brother. She loves car rides and sitting outside at coffee shops with her mom and enjoys her pup cup.
Hi Everyone! My wife and I adopted Zeus by accident last July 19th this year. We went to the shelter to adopt a different dog, unfortunately the dog is not a dog friendly(we have 2 shih tzus’s). Zeus went home with us instead and since then, we couldn’t be happier. He is the happiest dog we’ve ever seen. A lot of people misunderstood Pit-bulls but we can say that they’re wrong. Pit-bull’s are affectionate, adorable, amazing, friendly and most of all, they are very loyal. We are a proud owner and friend of a Pit-bull terrier and we couldn’t ask for more. Please help us make ZEUS’a wishes come true by your likes 👍 & shares. Thank you 🙏🏼.