Baby Stories - 54


Bentley is a rescued pup when he was a baby! He has become a HUGE mamas boy. He loves to rip up toilet paper. We call them “poor puppy toys”. His most favorite toy is the red one on his profile. He gets tucked into bed every single night, with his fan and MEtv playing in the background. He is so loving and loyal! We are beyond thankful he’s apart of our family.
Parker loves to play with his 2 human sisters. Parker also loves taking walks and to play fetch with sticks.
My mini horse is a year and a half old and 110 pounds. He's a chewer so he needs lots of toys or he takes matters into his own paws and chews everything. He's the most loveable. He loves to cuddle and thinks he's still 25 pounds and can sit on your lap
Hi my name is Koda I love to play fetch and go on long car rides with my mommies 🐶🐾❤️‍🩹
Just wants cuddles and kisses
Lola is very energetic. She loves people, being outside playing, exploring, lounging, swimming, helping dad catch fish and snuggling with mom!
Hello my name is pebbles. I love to for walks and to chew any squeaky stuffed animals. I love my belly rubs so much that i smile like this when you rub it! I also love to cuddle legs and blankies ❤
Maggie is the sweetest a lab can get. Almost 10 weeks old and is learning commands. Love to snuggle and give kisses!
Jaxon is a beautiful Blue Merle Australian Shepherd and he loves to be outside and play. His favorite game is fetch and he knows a lot of tricks- play dead “bang bang”, jump through the hoop, shake, roll over, sit pretty, spin, sit, lie down, and army crawl.
Oakley loves snuggles, playing fetch and going bye bye’s 💛
Fairbanks loves to play with his sister Nevaeh.
Nala was rescued as a baby as the people were going to use her for breeding purposes and I wanted to save her from that life and she been a blessing addition to our dog family
Lady is a boxer/Lab mix. She will be 12 years old this October and she is still a great dog!! We saved her from a pound when she was just a pup. She loves her belly rubbed and going on short walks. If there’s a pillow or blanket around, she will find it and cuddle up with it, no questions asked. Hah!
Riley’s favorite thing to do is ride on the Harley Davidson with his daddy.
Hi! I'm Birmingham but as some people call me Burr. I enjoy a good game of fetch or Tug-a-war. I will do many tricks if it means beef jerky is the treat. It's my favorite and oh so yummy! I keep my mom and dad on their toes with all the energy I have and love to play in the nearby Elk river. Making friends is always something I inspire to do even though some people think my bark is to big and are afraid of me. I forget I can be loud and furious but really I'm just a big cuddle buddy who wants more friends and treats! I love a good steak and I drool endlessly over it and beef jerky. On hot summer days you will find me splashing in the river and enjoying a cold treat. Nice to meet you. Hope we can be friends!
Hoss loves taking walks cuddling and also loves wearing his clothes
She is a rescue-saved from a severe situation…one of 3 sister and she chose us by jumping in my lap, giving me her belly and kissing my face! We were sold. She is so very loving and playful! Full of energy and wants to wrestle if she doesn’t get her two walks a day as she just can’t help herself! Be it a ball or her frisbee she is up for the game!!
Monkey is a miracle pup! She is a fighter and beat all odds against her! She spends her days being spoiled! She goes everywhere with her human mom and puts a smile on everyone’s face she meets! Monkey loves pup cups and her shark bed!!
I’m tiny bit fierce at 2.5 lbs. I love eating abd running in circles and chewing on everyone-ooops - I mean everything!
Chloe is the funniest, sweetest, sassiest Frenchton you’ll ever meet. Once you meet her you love her!! And she ALWAYS loves to cuddle!! Blankets are her weakness. ;)
Moxie is a 7 month old English Bulldog. She is the sweetest, most loving little girl!!! Her mommy, daddy, 2 brothers, 1 sister an honorary sister and a baby nephew love her sooo much. Everyone who meets her loves her. She brings out the best in everyone with her sweet, loving nature...just puts a smile on your face even when you're feeling down ❤️❤️❤️
I’m Tux. While I’m not a great listener, I’m excellent at playing fetch and love chasing butterflies. My attention span is short but…. hey, did you see that squirrel? Vote for me!
I’m 75% poodle and 25% golden retriever! I’m almost 5 months old and I already know how to sit, shake paws, stand up on hind feet (beg/sit pretty), lay down, and fetch! I love playing fetch with my tennis ball with mom, cuddling my stuffed bear, and pestering my sisters! I sleep through the nights and am the bestest good girl! 🐾❤️
Lucy Lou
Lucy love to snuggle and eat peanuts.She is a family dog and likes to play fetch with her ball.Please vote she has a messed up leg and has to get surgery on it :(
Rigg’s is named after Riggs Field in Clemson, SC. We call him the Prince because he is so regal and demands the spotlight as you can tell from his picture! Lol He loves to cuddle and let’s not forget to mention his love for toys. His best friend is a Saint Bernard! He tells her everyday, I’m going to grow up to be as big as you!
The day I rescued Mocha, I fell in love. Not just for her looks, but for her unique personality. She is half Belgian Shepherd and half Husky! She loves to cuddle right on top of me every night. She’s very protective. Always ready to play. She knows when your sad and does everything she can to cheer you up. She loves to boop your nose. She’s forever my best friend.
Nala loves going on walks with friends! Her favorite treats are pumpkin treats! And she loves feathers in her hair!
Laney loves going on adventures, running outside and swimming!
Skip is a high energy, fun loving dog. He loves to zoom around, chew on his favorite bone, and get ice cream. He loves snuggling, car rides and chocolate chip cookies (the dog cookies).
I got Cash as a little 9 week old, 9 lb puppy who had just been rescued off the streets in Arizona with his two brothers. This big guy is the shyest, sweetest (and sleepiest) boy you’ll ever meet. He is also the biggest mamas boy there is and loves all the cuddles he can get.
He is a shih tzu, yorkie, and moltesse mix. He’s adventurous and a very curious little guy. He likes to run and eat ants that he steps on. He’s such a fur ball
Nala is a spoiled little pup and enjoys floating the river in her own tube and sleeping with her paws straight up!
Buddy is an snuggly little guy, he loves going for car rides and finding his next adventure. He doesn’t realize he’s a dog, as he has to join us every night at the dining room table. He weighs in at a whopping 5lbs after a good day of dog cookies and a puppuccino from Starbucks.
Pepper Fiona
Pepper Fiona loves belly rubs and cuddling. Her favorite human food is peppers. She loves to be carried around in her dog carrier and receiving lots of attention. Pepper Fiona is the sweetest little baby you will ever know. Vote Pepper Fiona! If you love Pepper Fiona,I would love to hear your thoughts! "#votepepperfiona"
LuLu is a burst of energy from the minute she wakes up until she puts herself early to bed. She loves the water!!
Maggie is the diva of the house. She rules the roost. She loves to ride on the boat.
Pepper is a rescue dog. She loves to go camping and chase squirrels with her sisters.
Hi friends! Let me introduce you to Arlo J, also known as AJ. The J in his name stands for Jacks, my boxer of 11 years that passed this past March. Arlo is the newest addition to our little family and we love him with everything we have. Arlo loves the golf course, playing with his big sister Luna and biting his parents ankles. Arlo is our pride and joy. We appreciate your votes ❤️
Skye is a 1 1/2year old Lab/hound/dalmatian mix! She is very adventurous and a very loveable dog. She has an amazing personality and is just a beautiful girl😊
LILO is a very smart little girl with a big personality ♥️
Gidget Collins
Gidget is the smarts, biggest, tiny dog ever! Lol She will brighten up any room she comes into. She loves all animals and treats them all the same. She is the best of friends a girl could possibly ask for. Her favorite place to go is dog beach in San Diego. She loves the water! She love hiking! She loves Slim Jims. But there is nothing she loves more then her mommy Kanesse.
Ellie is a 7 month old Catahoula Leopard Dog (not a listed breed) Mix. She is a Psychiatric Service Dog in Training. Ellie loves to run, swim, and play with her tennis balls when she is not working or training. She is a AKC Canine Good Citizen working towards her AKC Canine Good Citizen Advanced. She loves to cuddle and give kisses. She is a heart stealer and if you could meet her she’d steal yours too!!
Brody aka Big Kahuna is just that! Fun loving pup with no fear! Big dog, small dog, he’ll be sure to make a friend.
Harley is a spunky 14 yr old guy! He loves chasing his toys and telling us what to do LOL. He knows when it is time for breakfast/dinner and WILL NOT let us forget. He is our little bow tie guy.
Raider is a gentle goofball. He loves to play with his toys and smile for the camera.
River is a rescue! He is the sweetest and most loving dog. He is very protective over our family. We love him so much, he has brought so much joy into our lives!