She's so smart she likes to play with the kids an eat food
Frankie is a love bug he enjoys snuggles, chasing balls playing in the water and car rides.
Been my little man for 12 years and we have gone through every bad time as well as good he will always be my little buddy.
Jasmine loves hugs and belly rubs. She always wants to carry on a conversation with you and her favorite food is whatever mom is eating!
Goliath is almost 2! He loves playing fetch and has to be sitting on his momma.
Bella is full of energy! At almost 6 months old her favorite toy is any tennis ball!
Mya is a boxer and lab mix that just turned a year old in august. Mya loves to keep her toy boxes empty.
This little guy has lit up my life! He’s such a smart boy. He loves to give kisses and play.
Pepper is a dachshund/ black lab mix! She was rescued from the dog shelter. Pepper loves her stuffed kitty, trips to Dairy Queen, and her next door neighbors.
Nash is 10 weeks old & very intelligent. He is full of energy, like most puppies are. We taught him to sit, give paw & lay down within 2 hours. He loves to play tug of war with his tire/rope toy & loves to go bye-bye in our jeep. He's Siberian husky, German shepard, Australian shepard & Great pyrenees mix
Nova girl thinks she is a complete lap dog and loves to cuddle. Her favorite past time is to chew up every toy she has ever had. Also this girl has a foot fetish 😒 she will bite at your feet whenever she plays
Macy is a loving companion and great mother! She just had 7 puppies and doesn’t want to leave their side She loves to fetch, run and take dukes toys
Duke jr is a very protective and living baby. He is very gentle with my 96 year old grandmother and loves getting his loving from her! He is a new father and can hardly wait to see how he interacts with the puppies!
Ruckus is the perfect name for him. He is 4 years old and runs the house. He isxsweet and loves people. He is not agressive but will defend his lamb chop.
Rocky is an amazing rescue. I lost my golden a few years back on Thanksgiving and Rocky was born on Thanksgiving. I felt it was fate! He just wants hugs, cuddles,scratches and walks. He rewards you with his paw shake and a smile. ❤
Haze has beat cancer and has been my service & emotional support dog for 5 yrs now. Every one that meets her loves her, she is just an amazing dog.
Arya is a very loving and playful puppy she’s 11 weeks old she loves the attention she loves cuddles and car rides, she’s very sassy lol but she loves her people and I think you should vote for her
Finn is an amazing puppy. He is kind, gentle, smart and full of life. He recently survived Parvo and is now thriving. We love him so much.
He is an amazing lovable ball of energy that I adore.
Bella just turned 1 years today. She is very beautiful, energetic, and loves toys and treats. She is smart and fast learning.
Ragnar is a energetic but loving and sweet boy he’s wonderful with kids, he loves to play with chew toys and loves to ride in the truck
He's a little spit fire. Big personality in a little puppy body. Loves bananas and loves to play with anyone willing to play with him.
He loves kayaking and going to the beach to lay in the sun
Obi is a Catahoula Lab mix, he is very playful, energetic, and loves to snuggle.
Wrigley Aka Wrigs
Hi! I'm Wrigley, a mini Australian shepherd. I am originally from Chicago and a huge Cubs fan, hence the name! I love to play fetch, tug of war and swim. My favorite tricks are crossing my paws and playing dead. I always try to please my daddy, but I do tend to get into trouble quite a bit! Please vote for me! Woof!
Zayden is a loving puppy that enjoys playing with my children. He sweet and likes to run around the backyard. He's been a blessing to our family this past year.
Koda loves to snuggle and give lots and lots of kisses! He loves to howl and play with his toys, he loves to play with his besties like his kitty siblings. He is a very good boy and would love your votes! He is the sweetest boy.
Moose’s favorite past time is do have zoomies around the coffee table until he’s to tired to stand anymore! What a crazy pup!
Dash is a little guy but a big lover of humans, other fur babies but mostly food of any kind!
Jerry Katz Carroll
Jerry is musically named(Jerry Garcia, Dave Katz🪕🎶) Jerry is ball crazy🥎 He is so smart..loves his toys that he knows by name🐾 Such good cuddles and always there for me❤🐾💙
Gypsy is a spoiled American bulldog who sleeps all day, but knows how to party when it’s time! She’s the bestest bulldoggy ever and she knows it, and isn’t afraid to show it!🥰
Loves to fetch,will fetch his ball as long as you can keep throwing it.
Tucker is a sweet baby, loves getting belly rubs, gives the sweetest kisses, loves riding in the car and steals the heart of everyone he meets.
This is Milo! My 5 year old little boy who recently has been wheelchair bound due to IVDD! But he’s a fighter and still loves playing around with his 2 brothers !
Violet is a happy energetic, fun, friendly, loving pup 💜she Loves Loves her toys! What makes her unique are her beautiful long eyelashes that everyone falls in Love with 🥰
Owe is a one year old English bulldog she love water and the trampoline Owe has Great Dane best friend and loves to play and sleep she steals what ever fits in her mouth and takes it outside she is the best dog ever she loves digging holes and laying in them when outside we have holes from 8 weeks old to date haha
Sadie Mae
She's definitely an energetic baby she loves her toys very much she loves her mama and daddy very much she's just an amazing puppy and she learns so much every day
Boston loves his blankie, and his toy pupchino! He loves going for car rides, especially picking his kids up from school! 💙
He's a love he loves everyone he's a big kisser
Georgie is the sweetest 11 month old bully bassett. He loves everyone. His cuddles melt my heart everytime.
Luna is a black lab mix, she was found in the military training area at fort drum Ny as stray while our unit was out training . She now lives with me and is trained in search and rescue operations with our local volunteer fire dept.
Carolina Green
Everyone loves this little girl when they meet her (she goes everywhere with me), if you don’t say hello and she wants your attention she will say ru ruuuu very gently calm and as quiet as possible. She loves to play with kids and loves cats!!! Mostly Japanese chin, best dog with a very huge personality
Skippy is a lovable dog. He loves his little green tennis balls alot. He really enjoys his toy balls and has a cool personality and he loves his little bones. He likes sleeping underneath the covers he always making a tent with the covers it's so cute. Skippy loves walks and loves car rides.
Dustin is a 7 month old Black Labrador that is being raised for The Seeing Eye. The beach is his favorite place because he loves to splash and watch seagulls.
Aspen is a sweet 4 year old that I drove 10.5 hours to rescue from awful living conditions. She is my baby and she is very spoiled like she deserves.
Bear LOVES his mama MacKenzie but he is sad cuz she left for college. Bear loves massages with a massager of any kind.
Harley is a 3 year old miniature boxer from Montana. He is so friendly and lovable. He loves to run in the yard, but most of all he loves spending time with his family and friends. He is truly a blessing to have in our lives!