Ruby is so sweet and playful and not a shy bone in her cute little body! She loves squeaky toys, chasing our cats and relaxing on the deck.
Kane is the sweetest 8 month old ever! He is such a goof ball and loves too cuddle and give lots of kisses. He is also the best big brother to his new fur sister 💕
Chanel is one of 7 puppies. She was born with a lazy eye and no one wanted her. She is the most hyper of the girls and the most beautiful. She is 5 months and is starting puppy school. She keeps up happy.
My name is Taki - I was one of 13 pups born in June. My poor Mama died when I was 8 weeks old so now i am taking care of of my “human mama”. Not sure who needed each other more- me or her😊 I’m doing all I can to be the best pup!
Hi, I'm Captain! I'm a spunky little corgi who loves to run and swim! My favorite game is frisbee and I'm an absolute cuddle bug. I love treats, any type will do, but you can always catch me on the beach or in the woods keeping fit! Believe it or not, I'm a show dog, too! Who says that pretty dogs can't have fun?
Hi y'all. I'm living the best of life in Upstate NY but I was originally a 'bama boy. I love the outdoors and taking rides and playing with allmy toys and ice cream sandwiches.
Hello friends! My name is Lucy and I am 8 weeks old. I Love to snuggle and lick mommy’s face and bite on daddy’s ears. I love my chew toys and sleeping in between mommy and daddy at night. I know I am VERY spoiled. Thank you for voting! 💕
Miss Molly
Miss Molly is the sweetest little girl. She is the apple of her momma and daddy's eye. She is almost 12 years young. This last year has been tough on her. She tore her acl in oct,then in jan was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and enlarged liver, and july had surgery. She is one strong fighter. She has surprised everyone. If you met her you wouldnt know she was so sick. She is So smart too. Will growl on command while wagging her tail. Doesn't have a mean bone in her. She loves sunshine, treats, going for rides , and nap time. Gets extra excited to go to grandmas house.
The sweetest dog knows no stranger. Loves her toys and car rides.
Liliana Rose is such a sweet loving caring family dog ! Everyone gets so excited when they get to see Lily , she gets so happy when her friends come to visit...(not to mention she has a lot lol). she will cuddle with you love you and most of all be your number one best friend<3 Liliana is a one of a kind baby✨
This is Kash Man aka Kash Money he is the beat thing in life so playful and love to cuddle he’s the best thing in the world!!
Hi I’m Odin, An 9 week old Belgian Malinois I love ball, squeaky toys, Grass hoppers but most of all my mom! I’m originally from Tijuana Mexico, sent to California then my mom and dad saved me and moved me back Ohio where I get the absolute most love!
This is Zaydo! Hes such a big baby and he LOVES sticks ! He loves all of his siblings , and he is a protector. As well as a support animal . Zaydo also has half an ear ! Blue and white ! Vote for ZAYDO !
bruno is the sweetest english bulldog with the cutest underbite
Barney loves to snuggle and slerp on your pillow. He loves all fruits and veggies. He is currently recovering from surgery to remove MCT's. He is the sweetest dog ever.
Gemini is the sweetest most loving dog. I am literally fighting in court to keep her. The town has voted to have her live anywhere but Dover. She is being discriminated against and if you meet her you would fall in love with her...
Haus is an Olde English Bulldogge. He tries hard to be a good boy.
Molly Lane
Molly Lane is an outgoing, fun loving, kiss giving boo boos bear! She loves bath time, eating and playing with her Sissies.
Thomas is a cuddly little protector. He loves the warmth so he wear clothes alot. His favorite pass time is sleeping.
Tucker is a Bluetick Coonhound (they didn’t have that so I chose the closest to him lol) He is a very hyper and happy boy, even with his sad eyes 😉. Tucker is 1 year and 3 months old. He loves squeaker toys and anything that makes noise! lol Vote for Tucker :)))
Nova was a Rescue puppy and is growing each day with love! She loves wearing outfits and cuddles and believe it or not BATH TIME
Lovable and sweet with a whole lot of energy.
Poochini is an amazing therapy dog that goes everywhere with me. He is my assistant at my caregiving jobs and can detect seisures and other medical issuees and alerts me.
Trudy Patootie
Trudy Patootieis a 9 month old mini schnauzer she loves playing with her Cat brother Sapphire and dog brother Jack the Jack Russell. Trudy loves playing fetch with her toys. Trudy loves to run. Trudy is in training to be therapy dog.
Bunny is almost 5 months old he likes to take naps and cuddle. His favorite toys are tennis ball and aerosol bottle cap.Thanks!
Bennie loves people, naps, and eating socks!
Marley Moo
Moo Moo is a big play baby, always has a stick in his mouth. Loves cuddles, gives hugs and kisses. He is very goofy, and i wouldn't trade him for the world. He is my shoulder to cry on and my best friend.
Bailey was a hurricane puppy down south. My fiancé and I happily adopted her, however she came with many health problems! After many vet appointments and emergency admits, Bailey is now healthy and happy; our wallets, not so much! Voting for Bailey could make a huge impact for all of us! Thank you!
My top three favorite things in the world would have to be belly rubs, peanut butter, and definitely pooping in the ocean. My mom would say I nap 90% of the day, but I call it beauty sleep.
Haunchie is a 6 year old full blooded boxer he’s amazing with little kids and absolutely loves going outside and running and playing ! And he’s always down to be rubbed or cuddled with ❤️
Fin Lee
Fin lee is a very vocal chorkee he loves to run and cuddle he eaither sleeps with his mommy or his sissy ❤️
Luka was my sons dog. My son passed away last year at a young 35 yr old age. Luka has been a good companion for my husband and since our misfortune. She gives us the drive and exercise we need at our age. Such a loving girl. She is 7 years old, bless her
I’m Paisley! I like to fetch sticks and balls and then cuddle with my momma and daddy! I have a sister and a brand new brother!
Ember is a 6 month old German Shepherd who loves people and other animals! She has the funniest personality with the cutest face! She loves to be carried around like an infant and could lay in the sun all day with the wings blowing in her face. She also could float in the water all day long if she could!
Bear loves swimming, deer antlers, and retrieving.
Lily is an energetic, loving dog. She loves playing with her best friend Blue, a 6 month old kitten and running super fast in laps outside. She loves everybody!
My name is Rona. I love to play fetch and tug of war. Belly rubs and ear scratches are my favorite. I enjoy going on walks and making new friends!
Paris Marie
Paris Marie is a happy 6 month old standard poodle 🐩 she’s full of charm, and has never met a stranger. She doesn’t let the fact she’s a girl stop her from running w/ the big boys. Mud is on the top of her list of things she enjoys playing in.
Rosey is a fun loving 15 week puppy. She is a fast learner and enjoys human interaction
Tarot loves playing with balls, sticks, and socks. His favorite snacks are bananas, peanut butter, and tangerines.
It’s buster’s 7th birthday today! Wish him a happy birthday by voting! Please and thank you!
Buttons, a 9 month old malchi. He is affectionate, fearless, loving and goofy. He loves being the center of attention and is always ready to play.
Hops is a fur ball of energy! He loves to be chased, belly scratches, apples, and most importantly, his mommy!!! Hops is sweet as can be, and includes all the dogs in his play dates.
Adélie here! I’m named after the Adélie penguin because of the spot on my chest. I was rescued from Louisiana during the hurricanes and love rolling in the grass on a sunny day!
Energetic, and playful loves cuddling with her mommy or daddy.
Hi I'm Moby! I'm a Southern boy who moved to Rhode Island! When I'm excited I grab my favorite toy and wiggle my butt while letting out the cutest "woooo". I love to try sticking my body as far out of the car window as possible, the water, snuggling, playing fetch, and agility! You see, I didn't start out loving life like I do now. I was so scared of humans I was reactive towards them. I found my way to my foster mom, where she told me to let down my walls and trust her. From that point on, my life began to change for the better. I thank my foster mom a lot for all the love and hard work she put into helping me open up... but she tells people that it was me who put in all the work! She guided me and I followed her lead! I guess you can say We make a great team!
Kitsu Aka Kitty
kitty is a sweet shiba puppy who loves to show off her teeth with a smile 😸
Leo is an amazing puppy when he first arrived he was very scared of what the world might be but with support and love he is now a happy and very friendly pup !! Even tho he is going to grow over 110 pounds he will always be my little fiesty pup. Leo loves to play and take long naps: five months old and already rocks my world. 🐕🐕🐕