My name is Addalynn but I go by Addie for short. Many people I call friends know me for my wiggle butt that goes a thousand miles a minute, gets my whole body wiggling!! I love to play and if you will play with me, I’ll forever be your best friend! My favorite toy is tug of war!! I know I’m strong so I take it easy on you..most of the time. My human rescued me from deplorable living conditions and I just love her so much! I tell her loudly all the time! I love to nap with my human and lay my head so I can feel her heart, I’m pretty sure it beats for me! I haven’t been trained to task to anxiety but my human has noticed I do, we are a complete match. She does so much for me I’d love to be able to repay her somehow, everyone tells me I’m so cute and adorable!
Jenny is my absolute best friend! She is 1 years old! She loves to Chew on sticks and dog holes and eat dirt! She really loves to wake me up EVERY morning at 6:00 a.m. on the dot with kisses! Vote for my girl!
Muffin the border terrier lives in colorful Colorado with her family. She enjoys napping, soaking up the sun shine and providing love to everyone in her family.
Miley will give you a bunch of kisses and cuddle all day long. She loves to play with her toys and chew on everything!
Rosie is a crazy girl with a huge Personality. She lives with her sister (lady) who she loves very much except when she steals her bones 🙈
This is Toby, he is the old boy of our pack. Despite him being close to 13, he still manages to keep up with the pups. Toby LOVES playing fetch but not near as much as taking a long nap. Vote for this handsome fella❤️
Harley is an energetic husky mix that loves to run in Colorado’s snow and enjoys exploring the mountains. Her beautiful blue eyes and soft coat are just part of her charm. This little girl love the out doors and her zoomies.
Stormin Norman is what the people call me. I’m a 6 month old bernedoodle and according to my mama, i’m the most handsome man she’s ever seen. I love when my zoomies kick in and i get to run laps with my big sissy.
This is the Bailey Beaut. Bailey is about a year and a half old, and her energy never runs out. She loves to run/play, and will do absolutely anything for her toy fish. She’s always the last one stirring at the end of the night but never misses out on cuddle time. Vote for Bailey❤️
Piper is a 3 year old German Shepherd who loves nothing more than playing fetch and cuddling up every moment she can. She’s known as “Princess Piper” and she lives up to the name👑 Vote for Piper!❤️
Rosco is a loving blue eyed “beagle” that absolutely loves people and attention. He loves to watch movies and run on the farm !
Cash is a Goldendoodle/German Shepard mix He is absolutely brilliant, loving, playful pup!! While he’s a giant, dog he thinks he’s a tiny lap dog like his brother Spencer and best friend Jax 😂😂
Charlee is a nine month old beagle jack Russell mix! She loves snuggles with any human being and loves to play with animals of all kinds. When Charlee isn’t inside finding every toy she can possible throw in the air, she’s enjoying the woods and nature🥰 vote for Charlee and she will be so so grateful😇
Charlie is a 11 almost 12 year old yorkie, who loves to sleep ALL day long and likes to keep part of his tongue out whenever he can.
Sarge is 3 years old. He weighs about 135lbs. He is super handsome, loyal, and friendly. He is a huge baby that gets along well with other dogs and loves going on walks My best friend❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Meaka is a snow loving Husky! And big sister to a little boy and a little girl. Recently she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and rejected her rabies vaccine, that caused her body to begin attacking itself. She’s had little improvement, but we are hopeful she is on a long road to recovery! Winning could help us pay for her medical bills. ❤️
Big Teddy Bear!
Zeus loves to go for car rides, he really loves to go for runs. Vote for Zeus as he loves to go to the pet stores and pick out all his own toys and treats.
Piper is a smart little girl. At just 6 weeks old she understands how to use her piddle pad, shes learning how to shake "hands" and we hope to teach her how to "talk" with buttons. She also loves attention!!!
Bud passed away in November. He was very sweet and loved to cuddle. He was photogenic, so I have a lot of photos like this.
She's sassy and adorable....
Puta is bullypit mixed only 3 weeks old.
Hello I’m 5months old and am full of energy. I love to go on car rides and go for long walks. I love being outside and playing with my ball
Josie is 3 years old and she is a black lab mixed with a dachshund. She is the size of a dachshund with a fur coat like a lab. She loves to sunbath outside, cuddle, play with her toys, go for car rides, and nap all day. She’s spoiled to pieces and loves her humans. ♥️
He is my first dog and i tell u i have 2 boys was a hand full and milo is no different he is like my child the love and affection he brings is unbelievable such a smart dog oh only difference he loves to chew lol
Momo is 10 years old and he likes to be outside and inside too. He listens to command like sit, stay, shake and his good in finding rats. His a character sometimes but he will surely protect the house.
Marney is a 8 month old chiweenie she has a huge personality but a even bigger underbite!!
Ayple Dayple loves her cuddles and kisses ❤️ I’m part husky , shepherd and pit 🐾
Hi guys! I was born deaf but I listen more than most. I’m a big boy now, but I loves all the attention I can get.
Gator loves going for car rides , eating peanut butter , & getting butt scratches. he’s a big sweet baby i even added some baby pictures of him 🥰
Cupid is my shadow, following me no matter where I go. His favorite game is catch, if he was bigger he would be a world class Frisbee dog! His favorite toy is his baby lambchop.
Paisley is a 3 year old yorkie terrier mix. She lost her 12 year old brother last year and we rescued our pit mix London. Paisley and London are now inseparable and the best sisters.
Zeva loves pizza , mcdonald’s , & car rides. she hates baths
He has a weird fetish for bottle tops from Coca-Cola bottles! And he loves his ball!!!! He’s always up for playing with either or both! He Can be dead asleep to the world And somebody can open a Coke and he hears the sound that it makes and he’s up ready to go!!!!! I swear it’s like crack to him! (Just a saying I really don’t give him crack) Hes an old dog but still young at heart!!!
Dora loves warm blankets.
Our little Lulu Is the love of our lives ❤️. She saved us during the pandemic. She is the sweetest snuggle bug around and loves to hide in her blanket !!!
Max loves his blanket and playing with his balls
Winston is 4 months old super sweet loves his dragon toys! He also loves to hike and take baths. He is also a cuddly buddy at night!
Eevee is our rescue! She hates thunder storms and loves taking naps in the bathtub 😂 I guess if there's ever a real bad storm, she'll be in the right place hahahaha
💥🚨PLEASE LIKE MY PAGE 🚨💥Luna is a lovable puppy who loves her mommy and sister. She is like my sister. She thinks she is a human. She likes to walk around free outside.
My little Winnie girl is the cutest little pie ever. She is one of the most innocent and pure souls you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. She is in love with going on walks obviously and playing with her toys. Also her kisses have magical powers
Little Miss Diva!
Sweetness! So loving!
Elliot (stink) is a very sweet boy with a huge loving personality. He loves playing and giving love to anyone and everyone. He loves the snow and the water and will make any lake his bathtub😂
Meet Brandi 🐾 She came from Florida and had 4 siblings. She stole my heart with her sweet face when I met her at the rescue. She’s smart, playful and oh so cuddly! She’s a bright light in our world ❤️❤️❤️