Ceasar is my heart. He is my soulmate. I call him my soul dog. He and I have been through a lot together and have always protected each other. He has saved my life, literally. I don’t know what I will do without him.
Amy is a shitzu/pug mix. She is the funniest dog I’ve ever seen. The most cuddly and loving and sweet dog of all the cuddly, loving, sweet dogs out there, and I know there are lots! She has a bull mastiff/German shepherd brother who lets her do whatever she wants.
Nala is a Lab/Pit.Shes super smart and such a good girl!Shes my best friend ❤️She is a total attention hog.She loves her little people (my granddaughters)
Grizzly And Ash
Grizzly and Ash grew up in Boulder, Colorado where their mom adopted them from the humane society. Ash loves playing, hiking, swimming and pretty much anything outdoors with his parents. Grizzly would prefer to be snuggled up on the couch with his mom while she reads. They bring so much joy to everyone they meet and love to get rubs and cookies! They hope you’ll consider voting for them since their family sure thinks they are the cutest!
Digger is American bulldog Lab mix. He loves his mt.dew chew toy. He loves to sit on his butt in chair. He thinks he's still a pup and human.
Willow is a 6 month old husky mix. We think she might have some german shepard in her ! She has one beautiful blue eye and one brown. She has the silliest and sweetest personality ever. Thanks for voting for Willow !
Very sassy, loves the snow and my slippers!
Milo was found on the streets and was welcomed into our home. He is the bestest, sweetest boy. He loves kids and hogging the bed. He loves going for rides and never tries to get in the front seat. He's also super camera shy. I'm blessed he adopted me.
Cherokee is a pure bred AKC registered Labrador with a very spunky personality. He loves to run and play with his ball.
Morphius loves to cuddle, run in the snow, and watch Harry Potter with his Mamma!!!
Prince is a 9 month old Cockapoo who loves Food, Food, and more Food! He never meets a stranger and lovessss to play with his favorite ducky toy!
Honey Bunny is a very happy girl. She loves to lounge around and is extremely photogenic.
Best puppy ever!!!!❤️
Molly is a a golden retriever chow mix. She loves squeaky toys and cuddling with her cat sister. Molly was rescued at 4 months old from a neglectful home. She is 8 years old now and the best pupper i could ever ask for.
Jasmine Rose
Jasmine was given to me by my husband in Feb. 2021. He passed away in Feb. 2022 and she is my lifeline. She's so smart and loving but funny and playful too!
We rescued him from a shelter we found out later had been shut down before for all kinds of violations. Glad we did and he has been his funny little self since day 1. Wish we could have saved all of them.
Merlin is a farm dog! He loves his family, and to swim. Good luck all!
Leo is a Four year old AKC Registered Gsd. All he wants is love and attention sometimes he will play but he doesn’t want to be far from a human so he can get pettings all day
Winnie is a strong funny loving dog she is going through chemo and shes still tough
Remington (Remi) is a 4 month old maltipoo who loves laying by the fireplace and playing with his toys. He is sweet and loving but tough and has lots of personality. He was hospitalized for 3 days after adoption and is a survivor of many severe illnesses as a puppy.
Trevor is a amazing little pup who brings joy to anyone who meets him he is the most loving little guy
Bur would love to win this contest so she can have all of the toys and treats she deserves! Her favorite things to do are go riding with the window down, cuddling, and chewing up stuffed animals. She thanks you for each and every vote you give!🐶🐾🫶🏻
Bon-bon is an 8 week old boxer who plays hard and loves even harder. She is a real snuggler!!
Bella is a seizure Alert service animal for my husband. She has traveled everywhere with us. She is our blessing🎄⛄ Bella Loves her ball, it is her drug of choice when she's not working.
Drako loves everybody never had a dog that likes people so much he even has a rabbit as a friend
Bristolis the best and sweetest dog ever and he tried to give me his bone out of his kennel when I adopted him he's a very special dog
Nala loves playing in the snow and going for walks in the woods! But she also loves cuddling and watching her favorite show (Brooklynn 99).
Jack loves to chew up his toys me and my boyfriend get for him! Jack is the cutest yorkie I ever seen! Jack loves to play fetch and tug n war too. jack loves my boyfriend and i very much! Jack loves to take his toys on his walks too. Jack’s birthday is in November 13 which makes him a scorpio ♏️. Jack is 11 years old or 13 years old dog! Jack is a very good boy!
My name is Diesel though mom calls me “Baby” more than anything. I’m and old sweet soul, I’ve been with mom my whole life and I love to cuddle even though I’m 80lb i think I’m 20lb, but mom gets mad and disagrees. Lol I also love dog bones and lazy days around the house. Mom also says I snore like an elderly man, but I’ve never noticed. 😉 😂 🐶 🐾
Faith is a very active English Setter pup with lots of energy and love for other dogs and children, she loves to play with her toys, and loves her treats, she loves food all together lol. Faith is a happy fun loving Pup who loves baths, kisses, and cuddles 🐶
My name is cookie 🍪
Hi my name is Lilly. I am very playful, and very hyper.
Bella loves playing with every animal! but they better give her good snuggles after!
Siamon Kenny
Siamon came from a litter of 6 him being the 4th born he has 4 brothers and 1 sister . Siamon likes to be huged and lots and lots of cuddles he likes alot of attention . Siamon goes to daycare where he likes to run and play and gets more cuddles hugs . Siamon is a lil star at positive Approach his daycare.
This is princess's Gigi a little Angel 😇 but she can be nottey .She loves her brother they have a ton of fun this holiday especially running and rolling around in the snow ❄️ She loves her treats and her toys ..She is my best friend .. please vote for this angle ...
I love walks and treats, and cuddles with mom ❤️
Mowgli loves all toys and human snacks but he most definitely loves sleeping in on mommy’s bed!
Lu Lu
Lu Lu is as sassy as she looks , she likes to dig, cuddle and go zoomies !!
Elsie has the quirkiest personality. She even smiles!!
Syren is a very kind, gentle, sweet and fun loving dog. She is what we call a "mother hen". She will take any type of animal young or old, big or small and befriend them in a special way. There are four houses on our block and on a daily Syren will trot herself around to check on each house and all the occupants. She spends a little while hanging out before she goes to the next house then back home.
Rescue doggie . A little over 8 years old and is still little traumatized to a degree .
Bindi loves being outside and snuggles with family
Loki Mo
Loki mo aka mister is a sweet and lovable dog he loves his treats and squeaky toys .
Gracie is 4 weeks old and looks almost identical to her mom! She is a sweetie!
Josey is a 3 year old Bernese Mountain dog. She has the looks and personality of the dream dog. Please vote for her, its her Christmas wish this year!
Charlie love's to learn new tricks and she has a loving personality that light's up the room.
He is a mommies boy. Loyal to his daddy. Friendly to his pets (kids). Keeper of his home.